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2 Sections Issue 51 Volume 51 • ber Saturday, Decem


21, 2013

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NDSU Riders

Tri-State Livest

ock News Saturd ay, April

season stron

named reserv e high-point

12, 2014 D1

North Dakot equestrian teama State University’s finished its regula show season r as reserve high-p the Zone 7 Region 3 oint “I am extrem team. team’s perfor ely pleased with the mance this year,” Tara Swanson, the team’s coach. says had a fairly young “We team, but they and inexperienced growth throug showed remarkable hout the course year.” of the Four members of the team partic pated in the iZone nal competition 7 Region 3 semifiMarch 29-30 Texas A&M at West Unive Texas. They compe rsity in Canyon, ted in prelim rounds March inary vanced to the 29, and all four adfinals the follow ing day. ished many times establ NDSU team markets. He has placings at semifimembers and their the region’s cattleeditor, Hereford America iss, knowledge on nals r is a wealth of horses. Photo by Jill Hotchk Hailey Aagar were: and Reva, S.D., ranche Wadena, Minn. d, a junior from auctioneer and ry’s most elite purebred bulls - first in beginn world-renowned indust horsemanship er Lynn Weishaar, as well as the for feeder cattle Janna Rice, record prices ts a junior from Maddock et - repor third in mark the weekly ship l market advanced horsemanfascin ation . to compare crucia .. challe nge and week.Linde Ashley each paper you love, and ll, a senior Solway, Minn. alist You do what be given the data in the - seventh in open from r and Staff Journ manship,tehonora hope is to horseso do we. Live- ble menti your | Managing Edito toier again Tri-Sta HEIM prem it to n’s STAD to do on in reinAccording ing er Morris By CARRIE opportunity , S.D., the regio foundCami nings in St. Onge Tri-State Livestock News morrow. stock News’ built ugh, a junior was Slauba after its begin you have al- Hallock, the paper Wolford, Minn. - seventh in intermfrom The fact that ring alf a century continues to look forward. on the issues that matter. delive ate se of to horsem ate Lives tock edianship and focused se we make it our business ses to relowed Tri-St part of this on the premi etRice ag publication news and Aagard a becau succes ected to our roots Black will is timely markthe News to be cers. Interc remains connbecome “what ranchers read” . Your successes become our produ ollegiain Horse advance to last 50 years, Show Assoride, for the We gional cattleciation barns te nNation ege. ghout the region t information to share. Tri-State has ’s auctio privil throu a al S.D., barns Horse n marke Show in early May in Belle an honor and ng more than Hills, and burg, cers and auctio h for giving us news and is Harris nothi Onge, Sturg four to listen to produ seePa. Members of somehow. hope for thank you enoug bor, con- St. he wereThe the first team NDSU’ and we can’t on, some way, l in this to be a good neigh their spots cur-members earned Pictured (from left) s equestrian team display at the g their hand- soluti the news Fourc e semifi on sharin are team membe crucia the of are nals provid deals ing to value by first or the plac- Courtesy photo rs Janna Rice, ribbons they received at via the it is. You make stick to them. Neighbors tssecond ck is not tinuing the Zone 7 Region at the Zone Cami Slauba you need to t repor gion marke feeders, aucyou 7 Reugh, Hailey Aagard vor. Your livesto 3 regional champ information 3 semifin Teams are assign ess. We rent The ranchers, other small shakes and l source of and uences. endea and Ashley Lindell al competition in Texas. - ionships held at the Unive r the conseq fam- only your annua ed randomly a successful businseek out , and coach Tara rsityA12 one of the three 50 Years on Page of Wisconsin-R - SeeFalls tion barns and comprise the No matte of daily source run you Swanson. “The semifinals tions your that on semifinals. Each to iver but March e genera stand 2. dividual class r, under riders fought inin to gain businesses that not only feed You build know an honest incom has 18 qualifi ation, humo hard determ ed riders. agains their spots in the of pride, frustr vity, beauty, displacings amoun ination and a treme cattle industry are the life- ilies that you t tough compe When tion, creati says. “These individ tition,” Swanson couldn t of talent in their rides,ndous the world, they unities that day’s work. m, you create a educa and I ’t uals be more proud proble comm a showe d poise, cover blood of the of nation what –NDSU Ag Commthem.” ✦ make this great unications







ts in cattle co

ws and marke itment to ne

mm 50 years of co


over : Beef trends consumption Conception to changing discusses the Darrell Hoar cattle breeds Great PlainsNews (TSLN) coverage area face of Upper Livestock es, I pon-

five decad ct. over the past wski ity of the subje By Jeri L. Dobro ock News dered the enorm e of back issues to startfor Tri-State Livest Lacking an archiv out a timeline arizing study, I roughed did a bit of online task of summ and 1963 ate in Assigned the Tri-St ing trends in the beef breed

g research. Amon I s, other thing the learned that Here Amer ican , ford Association the first breed of its association ed kind, was found that in 1881, and red the first pureb


and Bull buying lth using a wea on of informati A5




r 55th Wrangle ls National Fina Rodeo

Shepherd’s Christmas reunion


nds of Ranch ing Perfor sale to be Apr il 26 in Fort mance horse Collins, Colo .

the U.S. was born in ial inSimmental calf result of artific in 1968 – the be, semination. those facts may Interesting as a resource that exg Color what I wasn’t findinThe ession from ado State Unive progrprogram horse rsity ord Heref plained theApril minan tlywill host a horse predo sale 26. . The sale will s herds once were Picket itous Angu be at the B.W. to the now ubiqut Equin

Darrel Hoar



entury past half-c Le ge

Christmas of this yesterday in mn week’s colu

BEHIND THE CHUTES Spotlight on Brianna Williams



S A B

•Learning pedigr ee research metho ds Jerry B Black, •Writi e Center, in DVM, Wagon Land & lins, Colo. hound AQHA A2 -Fort Col- alog notesng substantive, top-notch catRanching Herita cat Sciences Livestock, Chair in Equin - See Beef on Page Dear Friend e If a horse ge Breeder. s: is nominated When this sale or enrolled, at least some •Mark Schedule: ago, none could started nine years indust eting and promoting been made intoor all payments have a horse have foresee ry event Saturday, April dicted where specific indivi the program for that it stands today. n or pre19, 9 a.m. – Wagon dual. Find more hound Land The sale itself - matio & •Inter Competition Livestock Co. Student the n about this great prograinforreputation, and has grown in size and buyers acting with consig nors and AQHA’s websit m on we are proud Friday, April marketplace e. of the positio Our buyers Mills Consig 25, 5:30 p.m. – Purina understand Change, of course n it holds. nors’ Accommodat consignors suppor this, , is inevita SIDE ions: Saturday, April Dinner Regarding t this, and our our OUT Host sor committee this sale, howevble. 26, 9 .a.m – adviadvi Horse takes pride in constant remain Sale “Choi Hotel – Hilton Fort Collin er, one Preview & 1 LE s: the this. We constantly ce Hotel for CIRC p.m. – Horse Lunch will portan challenge ourselv Sale Unive Colorado States ce of the studen paramount im- ensure be available rsity’s Friend es to tered their ts’ partici meani and and growth Buck s and Famil pation and ngful participation ca- 425 W. by the CSU . Annual ies” they consistently Prosp Meat Judgi Team What really on New ng fortcollins.h ect 970-482-2626 www. rise to the test. Thus, our Ballmatters in this sale and the View the 2014 not what is be somew measures of success may horses Sale Catalo hat different Eve bring, but what who the studen g at Yearts’slearn. from others http:/ /webd oc.ags ci.col Catalog: evaluate the ostate .edu/ equin e/Web B10 While everyo results and progre -LOR -Cata The online of a horse sale. ss www.pdf log-20 14B6 ages and high-s ne may talk of aversale catalog version of the 2014 Natur is the hands-on ellers, the real value is smoot ally, we want it would like to available now. If you education they to run hly, and receiv If you are intere receive. Student Exper e a hard copy, please call 970-49 and buyers to for consignors to sell young iences: sted in a specifi obtain horses 1-8373. •Those first few c value. at good a CSU horse that is being traine rides in a trainin class d by student, please g Online biddin Still, the educat contac Snyde g now availa ble: Register to and their experi ion of our students forma r at 970-491-8547 for t John bid more in- SWB •Observing young ences are the tion. Auction here: online through real, horses in a new long-term payoffs for environment http: //csuequine. buyers, consig auctionserve ors, the indust nn ry and the studen Ranching herita Thank you for ge ts. challe nge Many of our •Realizing the Horse transp continued suppor your consistent and are consigned horse day-to-day work ortation: prep 29 young eligible, nomin t of our studen s to our progra If you plan sale horses ts and in the ated m. to purchase AQHA Ranch or enrolled and need a horse ing Heritage transportati Challenge progra on, please browse throug m. To be eligib h our list of horses must le, equine available have been bred transportatio by an n companies. ✦ –Colorado State University

SAMPLE OF OUR TSLN SPECIAL EDITIONS: 1-877-347-9100 • 14 January 23, 20

12:30 p.m. MST on, Neb. k Auction, Gord Gordon Livestoc

ls Sell

Horse owners


of: sons AsSelli springng rapidly approaches, Dustin South Dakot No Question 802 Oedekoven, a • Liscoveteri owner r 0035 state narian

s to prevent thes Scale Crushe, rreminds horse Final Answe 171 Bul SAVNEW ings Marcy spread of equine y Upwar.d 307R • ge Sledge Olds • 139 Yearl Sitz(EHV) hammer S621herpesvirus Tom & Kim Marc SPECIAL SECTION 31 Two-Year• Baldrid EHV has 10277 hammer103-9 historically 1 Herd Bull • Sledge SitzinDash been ers Diamonds and found intliner • Marcys 09 (308) 638-7587 the Dirt is 2021 itted transm zon Freigh South Embla betwe or: Hoffy’s Heif RedlanindAgriculture enaly • Conne Three forms horses in close Dakota, marcycattle@hot 449 Guest Consign Angus & BWF heifers Women contac the diseas aly Consensusof7229 Connetory, Game e areDay recognized: respirat. reprod • GDAR l 734 uctive ercia and Marcy GDAR form isOscar 110 bred comm the most comm neurologic. The respiratoryGeorge & Ann No Question Lisco to on, with ing, bred symptoms of nasal discha coughcough One load AI (970) 204-1134 tive form causes rge and a high fever. The om reproduc msn.c abortio ucn in mares. Horse owner marcylivestock@

to prevent EH

V infection

with the neurol cluding suppor ogic form, treatment is limite tive care, antivir d, in- as every flammatories al drugs and . anti-in- to visit three months. Horse owner Prevention of s are encouraged with their veterin EHV begins with arian to determ nation progra plan. Horse owner ine a vacci m best s can minimize a solid biosecurity implementing Oedekoven strongsuited to their individual vaccispread of a new horses or 21-day isolation policy whenEHV by planners of equine ly encourages organi needs. zers and returning horses adding erinar events to seek Buckets and to y professional the established herds. other vet s for guidance advice of vetvention. Horses horses or groups items used to feed on disease preand water that pre of have horses been seven days or disinfected regula should more than 90 vaccinated less than rly. Horses with be cleaned and may be days prior to known exposu sulting their s are encouraged to contin at fever higher an event or re veterinarians risk should stay at recent to consid for spread conon ways to protecue con animals. The Vaccines effecti home. B E E F protoc & B U Seration I N E S of S standard ing EHV. In addition virus health livestock. Affect has no effect on people t their reproductive EHVve in preventing respira ols requir ement tory and addres should be developed or other be ed horses develo prior to the event s, coordination administered are widely available and s potential isolati p high fevers and may die. should as to , directe lose on dures and d narian. Often Once a horse by the owner quarantine procein case of an this is infected ’s proce with horses that means at least twice everyveteriFor more inform outbreak. ation, travel to events year, secont rol.shtm#horses. visit: boostered as often aa ✦ –S.D. Animal Industry Board


January 31 - February 9, 2014

AGPride 2013




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