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Wise up on Food Waste Top Tips for your Kid's Menu

We Salute the Great British Sarnie!


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Hi &

welcome... This issue is packed full of delicious recipes

With the school holidays just around the

and inspiring features to kick start your

corner, we’ve also pulled together some

summer season’s profits. Unless you’ve been

delicious recipes to feed hungry, little ones

hiding in a cave, you’ll know that one of the

that are designed to keep them - and Mum

season’s highlights is the World Cup. Before

and Dad - happy and coming back for more.

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MAY/JUNE 2014 - £3.00

The clocks have gone forward, the days are longer and there is a general feel-good buzz in the air (and in the Take Stock office!), as we welcome summer with open arms.



you make plans to screen the games, check


out our feature on p45 to make sure you

Take Stock celebrates May’s two bank

have the correct licenses in place. The last

holidays with the flavours of summer in our

thing we want you to get is a red card!

Patisserie section. Patrick Ryan, an up-and-

Wise up on Food Waste Top Tips for your Kid's Menu

We Salute the Great British Sarnie!

coming artisan baker, who we also grill on If you have outdoor space, this is the perfect

p20, shares his yummy recipes for Lemon

time to put it to good use. Even if the sun

Passionfruit Tart and Raspberries and Cream

isn’t shining, customers will still flock to a

Chiffon Sponge - traditional tastes your

beer garden. So check out p46 for our guide

customers won’t be able to resist.

to going al fresco. And if you’re thinking about making your establishment dog

We all love a good sarnie, so in celebration of Sandwich Week, we hail the great snack with a few new twists on some old favourites.


Location courtesy of The Bull at Broughton, Skipton

Let’s have some summer fun!

friendly, our guide on p47 could help you make up your mind.

Sumptuous Summer Sweets

Until the next time,

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Food and Drink Cold and Colder - Frozen Desserts


Perfect Patisserie


Forever Summer


Delicious Doughnuts


Anyone for Tea?



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Three Cheers for Cider


Mixing it Up


Let’s Get Fruity!


Features Best Butties


Honey, I Fed the Kids!


Bonny Scotland


Staffing up for Summer

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Feed Your Eyes


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Let Me Entertain You


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Going al Fresco

Walkies! Big Boys Toys - On Ya Bike! Food for Thought

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Recipes Aromatic Chicken and Zingy Salsa


TTK Veggie Special Wrap


Hot Salt Beef


Sticky Mango Chicken


Aubergine Parmigiana


Cod Popcorn with Cucumber and Potato Salad 17 The Ultimate Scottish Prawn Cocktail


Loin Of Wild Highland Venison with warmed Angus Balsamic Raspberries


Puff Candy Meringue


Strawberries and cream


Lemon and Passionfruit Tart


Raspberries and Cream Chiffon Sponge


The Definitive Doughnut


Summer Punch



Calendar 5 11-17 May























THE CRAFT GUILD OF CHEFS AWARDS 2014 Westminster Park Plaza, London



MAY JUN 12-15 12 -13 Jun

















23 -6








The Stock Market:

What’s new for May & June

Coffee Culture


atthew Algie has launched five

Reid, commented, “Over several years, we

distinct new hand roasted coffees:

have spent a great deal of our time travelling

Crafty Little Number 1, Newton’s

the world to build strong relationships with

Apple, Finca las Lajas, Costa Rica, Raja Batak,

some fantastic farmers. Each of our hand-

Indonesia and Gatomboya AB, Kenya. The

roasted coffees celebrate an individual farm’s

coffees are a collection of highly prized

unique terroir through carefully developed

micro-lots, each of which has been carefully

and evolving roast profiles.” Matthew Algie

selected for its superior quality and unique

coffee is ethically sourced and traceable.

flavour profile and packed in triple-walled laminate packaging with one-way valves to

For more information visit

seal in the freshness. Technical director, Ewan

A Vibrant



eineken is meeting the growing demand for more premium drinks and spirit beers (speers) with the

launch of Desperados Verde - a premium

Get Meaty! TSC Foods has launched a range of ‘Bang on Trend’ Pulled Meat products for foodservice. Available in three varieties - Pulled Pork in a Smoky BBQ sauce, Seasoned Pulled Pork Shoulder and Pulled Beef in Guinness, the full cooked ranged is ideal for many menu solutions including sandwiches, burgers, pizza toppings, pie filling or for adding to a

of mint and lime. The drink, with its lighter, sweeter taste, has been developed to appeal to young drinkers, both male and female. Lawson Mountstevens, managing directoron trade, Heineken says, “Desperados Verde has been launched to keep pace with the expectations of young adult drinkers, offering them a sweeter taste and helping them create the desired impression at social occasions. We are confident that the new flavour will help the brand stay fresh and relevant to

chilli or bolognese.

its growing army of loyal consumers, while

For more information visit

the Beer category." It is available in 08 TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE

lager flavoured with tequila and a big twist

actively recruiting more new drinkers to 330ml bottles.

Seafood Appetisers

Making Cider



eineken has expanded its Moderation portfolio with a range of new lower-alcohol ciders under

its Bulmers brand. Bulmers Cider Five Fruit Harvest and Bulmers Cider Indian Summer have ABVs of 2.8%. The Bulmers Cider Five Fruit Harvest is light and refreshing and made with a blend of five late harvest fruits; apple, pear, plum, quince and grape. Bulmers Cider Indian Summer is a unique cider with a subtle spice, made with apples, a hint of ginger and cardamom. Both ciders will be sold in 568ml single bottles.


edar Bay Grilling Company has

frozen pan-fried or in the oven. Produced in

launched two new salmon products.

Canada they are distributed by DJM Food

Salmon Burgers and Salmon Rissoles

Solutions. The Salmon Burger is packed in a

both use 100% Atlantic salmon and have

40x90g and the Salmon Rissoles in 40x25g.

been seasoned with light spice to enhance the flavour. Perfect for the bbq or oven, the

For more info visit

Salmon Burger can be cooked from frozen.

With a meaty texture that’s moist and juicy, it delivers a similar bite to hamburger - but with lower saturated fats and less calories. Salmon Rissoles are a new twist on the traditional fish cake and ideal for an appetiser, starter or bar snack. Made with whole chunks of salmon, peppers, onions and panko bread crumbs, they hold together and can be cooked from

Time for Tea


estiny Foods has added two new

Dried Tomato & Olive Focaccia and Ham &

products to its range. The Tea Time

Cheese Strombolini. Supplied frozen, these

Selection Boxes feature English and

can be kept chilled for up to 10 days before

French inspired desserts. The English box has

use. Bryan Jackson, Director of Sales at

Mini Tea Time Filled Scones, Ascot Brownies

Destiny Foods, says, “The Tea Time Selection

and Mini Bakewell Fingers, while the French

Boxes seemed a natural progression given

one offers desserts such as Blueberry

the current trend for afternoon tea, and our

Frangipane, White Chocolate Delice,

exciting new partnership with Boboli has

and Macaroons.

resulted in a range of snacks that are both unique and delicious.”

Together with Italian bread-maker Boboli, Destiny Foods has created a range of Italian

For more info visit

breads and hot eating snacks such as Sun TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 09


Best Butties Everyone loves a sarnie. Whether it’s the good old traditional white slice, a fancy wrap, a warm baguette or a toasted ciabatta, they’re a guaranteed menu pleaser.


ver 11.5 billion sandwiches are eaten each year in the UK with chicken being the number one

filling. Served as a light snack or a meatier meal, our craving for the bread-based treat is far from being curbed. In honour of British Sandwich Week (May 11-17) on page 13 we salute the buttie with some inspiring ideas - a spicy twist on a chicken filling and a delicious veggie wrap.

Top five UK fillings: 1) Chicken 2) Cheese 3) Egg 4) Ham 5) Prawn


Like Love Chefs who like butter, love Meadowland* Use it for cooking, baking, frying and spreading. A 250g pack could offer great savings in the kitchen.** What’s not to love?


72% vegetable fat spread

Source: April 2013 Research. 100 operator s testing Meadowland Professional 250g. 100 testing Lurpak Unsalted Butter. Blind. Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs. ** Savings vs. butter, based on Unilever Foodsolutions RRP per Meadowland Professional 250g compared to average 250g butter prices of the major wholesalers Source: JagMR published prices from 23.11.13 to 22.02.14. *


Aromatic Chicken and Zingy Salsa by Susan Yarnell at A Great Little Place, Southport

Ingredients Wholegrain bread Butter Chicken sliced Mayonnaise 3 tbsp Harissa 2 tsp


Ingredients Tomatoes chopped Spring onion chopped Coriander chopped Lime Juice

Method n Stir harissa into the mayonnaise and add the sliced chicken n Combine salsa ingredients together n Butter bread, and layer sandwich with chicken mixture on the bottom and salsa on top. Season

Taste of Tradition: Hot Salt Beef The old tradition of a salt beef sandwich

head chef at the Brass Rail, says a Salt

is still a firm favourite - and no-one knows

Beef Sandwich must be served on rye

better how to serve it than Selfridges’

bread, with lashes of hot juicy salt beef,

famous Brass Rail restaurant which literally

topped off with a slather of mustard of

sells tonnes of this juicy delicacy. Its main

your choice - with a whole sliced pickled

carver, Saj has been carving beef with

gherkin served on the side.

Selfridges for over 33 years, and it is his expertise that ensures each and every bite is as succulent as the last. Mark Taylor,

TTK Veggie Special Wrap by Peter Brennan at The Terrace Kitchen, Easington, Durham

Ingredients Flat Bread White rice 75g cooked Sunblushed tomatoes 50g Feta cheese 25g Almonds 25g toasted Baby spinach handful Yoghurt, mint and cucumber dressing (to taste) Olive oil 2 tbsp Season to taste

Method n Toast wrap in a pan n Remove to plate and pile on ingredients n Drizzle with olive oil, wrap and enjoy!


Honey, I Fed The Kids According to a survey by Organix, four out of 10 parents eat out once a fortnight or more with their families. But gone are the days when chicken nuggets or fish fingers will suffice. Children’s menus are changing as parents demand healthy and nutritious food - and kids become more sophisticated. Demanding More The ‘Out To Lunch’ campaign and survey conducted last year found that 66% of parents think the food provision for children in restaurants is not good enough. Joanna Lewis from the Soil Association, a charity campaigning for planet-friendly organic food and farming who carried out the survey, said, “Restaurants need to raise the bar and listen to parents who are saying they want fresh food not ready meals for their children, and the same kind of variety you’d expect as an adult.”

Kid-size meals

or parmesan on a piece of grilled chicken, don’t put lots of herbs or salt and pepper on it because that’s when dishes come back,” he said. He also urges restaurants not to offer children bread and if an adult is having three courses, then the kids should too.

their own right is key – whether it’s waiters speaking directly to them or getting them involved in making their own food. At Jamie’s Italian, they get children to make their own salads. This not only gives them one of their

Children like to be adventurous and Italian

means there are more likely to eat it.

or Chinese food is ideal. Italian food is so versatile and kids love pasta and risotto and vegetables. Chef Theo Randall suggests incorporating courgettes or tomatoes in a pasta dish and children will eat it. His partner, Mark Hix says, “Chinese food is always good, certainly for their taste buds. The flavours

(but in smaller portions) is the latest trend -

are interesting and not the kind of thing you

but remember to adjust ingredients to suit

would eat at home.”

their sensitive palates. Chef Theo Randall, says, “Whether it’s just tagliatelle with butter

five a day but ownership over their food

Tips for Kids n K  eep it transparent: no secret or extra ingredients, just serve what it says n Don’t garnish the dishes with pepper and herbs n Keep sauces and dressing separate n Serve smaller portions and let the child ask for more

This recipe is by celebrity children’s food expert, Annabel Karmel


Serves 2-4

n Pour over chicken and marinate for at

n Mix together the mango chutney, sugar, lime juice, soy sauce and some pepper least one hour, turning occasionally


n Pre-heat grill to medium high, drain

Chicken breast 2 cut in half

marinade from the chicken and reserve

Mango chutney 2 tbsp

n Place chicken on baking tray and grill for

Dark brown sugar 1 tbsp

about 6 minutes

Lime juice ½ lime

n Remove chicken from grill and spoon over

Soy sauce 1 tsp Spinach 100g washed Mango ½ large, peeled and chopped Dried cranberries 40g Toasted pine nuts 1 ½ tbsp (optional) Vegetable oil 3 tbsp Balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season 14 TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE

Remembering that children are people in

World foods

Offering children the same food as adults

Sticky Mango Chicken

Involve the children

sauce. Return to grill for about 3 minutes or until the chicken is turning golden and cooked through

n Mix oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar together for the salad dressing. In a bowl, combine the spinach, mango and cranberries and toss with the dressing

n Sprinkle toasted pine nuts on top (if using)


Perfect for kids who want to try Italian food

Aubergine Parmigiana by Marcello Tully, chef at Kinloch Lodge, Isle of Skye

Serves 4



Butter 20g

n Make tomato sauce. Combine butter and

n Heat oil in frying pan and fry the aubergine

oil in a heavy-based saucepan. Heat until

for 3-4 minutes on each side. Remove and

foaming, add onions and sweat for

place onto kitchen towel to drain

2-3 minutes

n Layer half of the aubergine in a small

n Add garlic, tinned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes

casserole dish, pouring over some tomato

and tomato puree. Cook for 5 minutes

sauce and add a sprinkling of parmesan and

n Crumble stock cube and add to the pan

mozzarella. Repeat with rest of aubergine,

with oregano, sugar and a pinch of salt and

sauce and top with cheeses

pepper. Bring to the boil

n Cook in oven preheated to 160°C/gas

n In a jug, dilute cornflour with water before

mark 3 for 25 minutes

Sunflower oil 15ml Onion 100g finely diced Garlic cloves 2 crushed Tomato purée 14g Tinned tomatoes 385g chopped Vegetable stock cube 1 Dried oregano ½ tsp Tomato 190g roughly chopped Water 30ml Sugar 3g Cornflour 9g Fresh basil 10g chopped Salt & pepper to season Aubergine 580g Sunflower oil 50ml Mozzarella cheese 80g grated Parmesan 80g grated

stirring into hot sauce. Reduce heat and simmer gently for 2-3 minutes. Add most of the freshly chopped basil

n Slice each aubergine into 4 pieces lengthways. Season each slice with salt and pepper

To serve n Serve immediately with steamed green vegetables or salad. Recipe courtesy of Great British Chefs. Visit their site for more delicious kids recipes TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 15

Maggi solutions for you MAGGI® Gravy Mix

MAGGI® range of Simmer Soups

Serving suggestion

Its thick consistency and roasted meat flavour is ideal to create speciality gravies

Serving suggestion

1 tub serves 26 litres

- Range is Responsibility Deal Salt compliant - Vegetarian gravy also has no added MSG or artifical colours - Available in 3 variants - Original, Golden and Vegetarian

MAGGI® Demi Glace

Serving suggestion

- Provides healthy option on the menu. - Enjoyed by all age groups - Can be served as a light lunch or starter - Available in 8 variants

1 tub serves 200 portions

MAGGI® Béchamel Sauce Mix

Serving suggestion

To accompany meat dishes, use MAGGI®Demi Glace. Rich brown sauce for pies, steaks and casseroles or preservatives

Now with no added MSG, MAGGI® Béchamel Sauce Mix provides the great taste and thickness you would expect from a homemade sauce.

- High yield - 16 litres per pack - Vegetarian - HVO free

- High yield: makes 13 litres per 2kg pack - 43% cheaper vs leading brand per litre made up* - Simple to prepare with water

For more information visit or call 0800 742 842


Cod Popcorn with Cucumber and Potato Salad

by Luke Tipping, executive chef, Simpsons, Midlands Serves: 4

Ingredients Plain flour 150g Baking powder 2 ½ tsp Milk 125ml Cod fillet 200g boneless, cut into 1cm cubes Shallots 2 chopped Spring onions 2 chopped Vegetable oil 1l Salt & pepper pinch Potatoes 4 large Buttermilk 2 tbsp Cucumber 1 peeled and cut into ribbons Mayonnaise 2 tbsp Chives 1 bunch, chopped

Method n Prepare cod batter by mixing flour, baking powder and milk. Whisk until it forms a thick pancake-like batter

n Add diced cod, shallots, spring onions, salt and pepper to mixture. Fold together and put to one side

n Rinse and scrub potatoes. Make cylinder shapes using an apple core

n Add potatoes to large pan of boiling, salted water, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat until almost cooked. Drain carefully

n Heat deep fat fryer to 150°C n Using a teaspoon, put cod in hot oil and cook for 3 to 4 minutes until golden

n Remove cod and drain on kitchen towel n Combine potato and cucumber together in a bowl. In a smaller bowl, mix the mayonnaise, buttermilk and chives and pour over potato and cucumber

To Serve n Arrange cod popcorn on plates and serve with the salad Recipe courtesy of Great British Chefs.


Bonny Scotland! In July, thousands of athletes will compete in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. In honour of the 12 days of sport, we thought we’d give you a taste of Scotland. Jacqueline O’Donnell, chef/ patron (aka Big Sis) of The Sisters Restaurants in Glasgow, shares three recipes that could make your summer menu a medal-winner.

The Ultimate Scottish Prawn Cocktail “This dish is something to behold. With the

n Place lettuce in centre of individual


coast in easy reach, I can get my hands on

plates with 3 prawns on top, followed by

the finest seafood our island can offer,”

the cocktail sauce

n Finely grate lemon zest, juice of lemons

said Jacqueline. “I love the prestige of the

n Garnish with cherry tomatoes and

Scottish lobster, however, give me a dozen fresh Scottish langoustines - still nipping - with a spoonful of bloody Mary cocktail sauce anyday!” Serves 4

Ingredients Scottish langoustine 16 Little baby gem lettuce 1 Cherry tomatoes 1 punnet, diced finely Cucumber ½ finely diced

Method n Cook the langoustines in their shell in boiling water for one minute. Cool in shell at room temperature. Peel, leaving four unshelled 18 TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE


n Finish with one whole langoustine

into a bowl

n Juice lime into a separate bowl n In a non-reactive bowl, mix 3 tbsp of lemon juice, 2 tbsp of lime juice, and lemon zest with all of the remaining ingredients


n Add more horseradish, lemon juice, or


be refrigerated for up to a week

Lemon 2 small Lime 1 small Ketchup 1 cup Chilli Sauce 1 cup Prepared White Horseradish 2 tbsp Vodka 2 tbsp Sherry 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp Celery salt 1/8 tsp Mayonnaise 6 tbsp

celery salt to taste before serving. Sauce can


Loin Of Wild Highland Venison with Warmed Angus Balsamic Raspberries “This recipe signifies wonderful Scottish

Serves 4

produce at its finest in a society where


we want our food quickly, as it is ready in under 15 minutes,” said Jacqueline. “This is super healthy and sings from the rooftops of first class quality venison roaming wild around the Highlands of Scotland and the finest berries in the world. The balance of rich game complementing flavourful raspberries and a cheeky wee drizzle of balsamic lifts the whole dish. It’s my idea of an exceptional quality meal in an instant!”

Saddle of Venison 900g Olive oil 1 tbsp Salt & Pepper to season Balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp Scottish raspberries 250g

Method n Cut venison into four portions and rub each with a little oil and season

n Heat oven to 200°C. Seal venison in a pan and then roast for 6 minutes

n Allow to rest for 6 minutes in a warm place n Shake raspberries over venison and drizzle with balsamic

n Serve with a rocket and spinach salad

Puff Candy Meringue


Ingredients Egg whites 4

To serve n Once the meringues are ready spoon a good quality ice-cream in the centre

Caster sugar 100g

n Sprinkle with crushed puff candy and

this dish has remained on the menu for


over the top

nearly 17 years - and I daren’t take it off!” said

n Whisk egg whites and add sugar gradually

Jacqueline. “It was created after I ran out of

to form soft peaks

ingredients for another pudding and with the

n Fold 1 tbsp crushed puff candy through

“Sweetie puff candy is an old fashioned favourite in Glasgow so it’s no surprise that

components I already had, the Puff Candy Meringue was born.” Serves 4 to 6


Ingredients Puff Candy Sugar 4 tbsp Golden syrup 4 tsp

n Spoon mixture onto some greaseproof paper about 6cm diameter and bake for 40mins at 150°C Gas Mark 3 until chewy in the middle


Ingredients Light Muscovado Sugar 100g Butter 100g

Bicarbonate Soda 1 tsp

Double Cream 100ml



n Boil sugar and syrup together until light

n Boil the sugar, butter and double cream

golden and remove from the heat

n Quickly stir in soda until frothy and pour into greased tray and leave to cool

heat 1 tbsp per portion of sauce and pour

and simmer for 2 mins in a high-sided pot as this mixture will boil up quite high

n Store in a jar in the fridge (this will keep for 3-4 weeks) TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 19

We Grill Up-and-coming artisan baker Patrick Ryan, 29, runs bakery and bread school The Firehouse in

Delgany, Co Wicklow and on Heir Island in Cork. His debut book is Bread Revolution and he starred in the BBC2 programme ‘The Big Bread Experiment.’

You’re passionate about baking - especially bread. Why is it so important to you? Convenience has become key these days and that’s resulted in fewer people baking. The bread we eat has changed so much


from what bread really is and what it used

spoon - and that's the bit I remember the

to be like back in the day when people,

most! If the next generation don’t bake

like my gran, used to bake all the time. But

then that family tradition will be lost. We

it’s not just about the health benefits of

need to show younger people that baking,

homemade bread but the nostalgia too.

especially bread, is simple.

Whenever I watched my mum or gran bake I'd ask to lick the mixing bowl or the

WE GRILL How old were you when you started baking? I have a degree in corporate law so baking was never the long term plan - it just kind of happened! When I was 19, while still at NUI Galway, I spent the summer on the Greek island of Paros and I got a job in a beach bar and a restaurant. It was my first taste of working in a kitchen - and I loved it. So, I came home and finished my final year and then enrolled on a two-year cookery course in Galway where I did a five-month placement at the Radisson Hotel. I soon found out that anyone working with food has to have a passion for it because there are easier ways to make money!

Tell us about The Firehouse? I’d already set up The Thoughtful Bread Company in Bath with Duncan Glendinning which we made into an award-winning bakery, so I decided to head home and start my own revolution here. I set up a bread-school on Heir Island in Cork during the summer of 2012. The idea was to do a one-day weekend course for about six people. It took off more than I ever thought possible and by the end of the summer more than 60 people had been. Since then, we’ve added Sundays and we are fully booked until October. We then opened The Firehouse Bakery and cafe at The Delgany cafe in County Wicklow, where our speciality is

You had a taste of TV on the BBC2 programme ‘The Big Bread Experiment’. What was that? It was a three-part series that tried to reunite a community by getting them to start up their own bakery. Myself and Duncan were there to offer the professional help and I’m pleased to say it was a great success. It was a bit daunting at first being on camera but I soon got used to it and would now love to do more!

sourdough bread. I now work there during

Best food you’ve eaten?

the week and go back to the school on a

It was in the Japanese restaurant Azuma in


Sydney. The flavours in the dish were simple

What was it like training under the guidance of Michelinstarred chef Kevin Thornton at Thornton's Restaurant in Dublin? Working for Kevin was hard work but an honour. He raised the standard of what Irish food is and helped lay the foundations upon which I base myself today.

Favourite Irish dish? Anything slow cooked, like plate of beef or shoulder of lamb, or any seafood would be perfect especially lobster, oyster and crab.

What foods/ingredients could you not live without? At the moment I’d be lost without flour!

What is your long-term goal? I’m aware it’s a good time for bread at the moment so ideally I’d like the bakery to grow into a brand. I think young people should be encouraged to cook and bake more at

but tasted amazing.

school and in college - and be encouraged

Favourite place to eat?

16-year-old self what to do I’d say learn to

When I was in Bath, it was The Fox at Broughton Gifford, in Wiltshire. It’s really good pub grub, like comfort food, that uses local produce. Its Sunday roast is delicious -

to work in the food industry. If I could tell my cook - the girls love a guy who can cook! Tweet us @takestockmag to be in with a chance to receive a copy of his book!

served as a whole joint which you share with your fellow diners.

Do you have any hobbies Do you think programmes like outside of the kitchen? the ‘Great British Bake Off’ have I used to play rugby but now I don’t have helped baking become popular? the time. I still follow it and also Liverpool Absolutely. Everyone can relate to it and

Football Club.

it’s making baking more popular, which can only be a good thing. The final last year was viewed by 9 million people and had more viewers than the ‘Champions League’ coverage and ‘The X-Factor ‘which just shows there is growing interest in baking.

Earliest food memory? At my gran’s farm in Laois, Ireland eating bread, butter and jam. The soda bread and jam were made by her and although so simple, absolutely delicious. TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 21




® Registered Trade Mark of United Biscuits (UK) Limited. * Source Date: AC Nielsen up to 30/11/2013 MAT/Total Coverage.


United Biscuits is the UK’s No.1 biscuit manufacturer* with an unrivalled portfolio of products to cater for the Foodservice sector. Consumers expect to have the choice of trusted brands such as McVitie’s, Jaffa Cakes, Go Ahead, Jacob’s & Mini Cheddars.




Less is More Miniaturised, lower calorie and single portion puds are making it a sweet time for frozen desserts.


he tough economic climate coupled with a greater focus on health has led to a shake up in frozen desserts.

This has resulted in a flurry of mini desserts, share plates, lower calorie and single portion puddings that will not only satisfy your customer’s cravings but your bottom line too. Allowing the customer a treat without the guilt appeals to those watching the pounds and counting their pennies, and tempts those who believe they are ‘too full’ for a regular dessert.

Proof is in the Pudding n Add value - and profit - by serving a scoop of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt with the dessert n Gluten-free desserts are ideal to satisfy this rapidly-expanding market and those who’ve opted for the diet for a healthier lifestyle n Frozen desserts save time, labour and cost n Suitable to serve as an all-day snack Photo credit: Almondy mini desserts TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 23

The nation’s favourite tea for drinking at home

Easy-to-carry polybag

Ideal for large catering outlets serving more than 30 cups per day

Tetley has the highest UK household penetration of any tea brand

The perfect product for serving a single cup/mug or a single teapot

It’s a proven scientific fact that we eat with our eyes, given that how a dish looks is usually the first sensory criterion by which we judge it.


o now you’re a pro, enter your best shot

our Feed Your Eyes champs until the next

into Feed Your Eyes and show off your

Take Stock comes out. Winners are given

culinary and photography skills.

certificates and go on to a final where all the year's winners are judged against each other,

We’ve pinned the most appetising photos on

the top dish being awarded with a set of

our Take Stock Pinterest board under Feed

Dick Knives.

Your Eyes - Starters, Feed Your Eyes - Mains and Feed Your Eyes - Desserts. To see them,

Congratulations to the winners from last

simply log on to Pinterest and type in Take

edition! Steve Barringer from St Helena

Stock magazine.

Restaurant, Bedfordshire for his lobster, crab, tomato and lemon starter, Yusuf Lovett

Each issue, our creative team picks the

from The Duck Inn, Norfolk for his main of

starter, main and pud they’d most like to eat,

venison haunch, ragu and carrot, and Stosi

based purely on how they look in the shot.

Madi from the Parkers Arms, Lancashire for

The senders of the chosen photos will be

the chestnut dessert.

Send your photo to us on Twitter @TakeStockMag with #FeedYourEyes.


n - head yjimystephe henson @mat Matty Step Smoked tle as wc Haggerty, Ne chef at Pan lemon, kled fennel, eradish, pic salmon, hors y skin isp cr & pers keta roe, ca watercress,

e - sous tschneid @janbre Crab, chneider ts y re re B ur Jan or, S hott Man te gs na an L ra d pomeg chef at celery an chicken, ed ok sm


Simon Martin @El_B arto - sous chef at The Grandison, Bramfield - Beetroo t carpaccio with beetroo t meringue, apple, hazelnut, and waterc ress

Jon Rober t Fell @jo nfellchef at Stella - head ch ef Park Hou se Hotel, Lobster ra Cumbria violi in a hot and so ur broth

Ben Ha ndley @ BenHan patron dleyCh at The ef - ch Duck In ef/ quail eg n, Sta gs nhoe Scotch

Robin @R obinMcC 12 3 - chef at Turnbe - Lamb an rry d peas

George Dack @Chef Dack - chef at The Last Wine Bar, Nor wich - Pan fried hali but, cauliflower textures and pearl barley sala d

ma - head dge @GavinGroo Gavin Groombri - Fish and le ast Royal, Newc chef at Cafe chips

Mairead McCarthy @knoxy2day - pastry chef, London - Carmelised white chocolate, amaretti and plum

head chef at f_swifty Ryan @Che old ham - Cotsw anor, Birming Hampton M fle uf tr d an tcorn chicken, swee

Bjorn M oen @th ehartinn North D - The H evon art Inn, Panfried micro-he duck bre rbs and ast with a rosehi p foam

Geraldine Gay @Geri1984 - sous chef at The Bridgehouse Hotel, Dorset - Pistachio cake, poached pear, blackberry ice cream

and ginger beer gel

hef - head chef at Kit Davis @KitDavisC castle - Orange Bos l, Hote on ingt Well the ge salad oran cheesecake, Cointreau, and twiglets

Stacey Barn ett @PastryS tacey - past chef at Long ry shott Manor , Surrey Coffee and walnut soufflĂŠ, Mille feuille

nedy0 - executive Rob Kennedy @robken ary Academy Milit al Roy the of chef Biscuits Sandhurst - Coffee and


The Winners Ben Handley @BenHandleyChef

Chef/patron at The Duck Inn, Stanhoe - Scotch quail eggs

Winner MAINS

Robin @RobinMcC123

Chef at Turnberry Lamb and peas

Geraldine Gay @Geri1984

Sous chef at The Bridgehouse Hotel, Dorset - Pistachio cake, poached pear, blackberry ice cream and ginger beer gel






Welcome to Take Stock’s regular patisserie section! Sponsored by Tate and Lyle and inspired by our loyal Twitter followers, Perfect Patisserie brings the latest trends, recipes and ideas to keep your business sweet. To celebrate the beginning of summer we’ve brought you some traditional tastes that will tempt your customers, and in honour of National Doughnut Week we salute the doughy delight. The British summer weather may be a let down, but your desserts don’t have to be! Enjoy!



Essential Tools of the Trade

4 x 3KG

6 x 2KG


4 x 3KG

x 600 x 1000

Find our products and recipes on Tate & Lyle Sugars is part of


Forever Summer


very season has its traditional tastes and the gentle sunny days of the British summer conjure up thoughts of sweet times at picnics in the country, tennis at Wimbledon, and bank holidays at the sea-side.

Fresh fruit tarts and sorbets, light as air sponges and strawberry shortcake are the flavours of summer - and ones that will keep your customers coming inside for a seasonal treat no matter how much the sun is shining outside!

Strawberries and Cream by Andy Chan, 2013 winner of the South West Chef competition, sous chef at The Castle in Taunton





Double cream 280ml

Butter 150g

Semi skimmed milk 70ml

Plain flour 250g

Caster sugar 50g

Caster sugar 65g

Gelatine sheets 1 ½

Sugar 10g (to dust top of the shortbread)

Vanilla pod 1 (scraped)

Egg 1, small Strawberries to serve


Mint leaves to serve

n Bring the milk, cream, sugar, vanilla seeds


and pod to a simmer

n Place the gelatine sheets in cold water

n Rub butter, flour and sugar to form yellow

and leave to soak for three minutes


n Once gelatine sheets are soft and the

n Whisk egg, add to mixture and bind to

cream mix has simmered, whisk together and

form dough

pass through a sieve

n Leave to rest in fridge for 20 minutes and

n Pour into moulds and leave to set in the

cut into shapes

fridge for 4 hours

n Cook at 160°C for 10-12 minutes until golden brown


Ingredients Caster sugar 50g

n Dust with sugar and place on a resting rack

To serve

Water 100ml

n Dip panna cotta in warm water and pull

Glucose 1 tbsp

away from mould

Strawberry puree 250g

n Gently shake out and place just off centre of the plate

Method n Bring the water, glucose and sugar to boil, then whisk in the puree

n Pour into an ice cream machine and churn till semi frozen. Place into the freezer and leave for 4 hours

n Ball the strawberry sorbet and place in between the panna cotta

n Cut strawberry, place in and around the sorbet and panna cotta

n Place shortbread and mint around and finish with a bit off strawberry coulis



Hea lthier recipe ideas? Healthier ideas? Just add Dr. Oetker Just Oetker Wellcare Jams 16155 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam 16159 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Raspberry Jam 16163 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Blackcurrant Jam 16136 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Marmalade

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Wellcare Jelly & Desserts 16039 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Orange Jelly 17039 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jelly 54165 Wellcare Reduced Sugar Strawberry Dessert

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For more information and recipe ideas, simply call Dr. Oetker Food-Service on 0113 8231400 or visit


Raspberries & Cream Chiffon Sponge by Patrick Ryan, chef at The Firehouse, Delgany, Co Wicklow and Heir Island, Cork Ingredients Plain flour 225g Baking powder 20g Salt pinch Caster sugar 250g Lemon 1 zest and juice Eggs 6, separated - yolks and white Vegetable oil 120ml Caster sugar 50g - to be used with the egg whites Whipping cream 100ml Raspberry jam 100g Raspberries fresh, handful

Method n Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Mix lemon zest and sugar through the flour

cake ring and bake for 35 – 40 minutes

n Add egg yolks and lemon juice

n Once baked, remove cake and invert cake

n Place all ingredients in the bowl of a mixer. Using the paddle attachment, mix on a medium speed and pour on sunflower oil slowly until fully incorporated

n In a clean separate bowl, whisk egg whites with 50g of caster sugar to form soft peaks

n Fold the egg whites into the cake mix.

Lemon and Passionfruit Tart by Patrick Ryan

the oven to 170C. Place the cake mix into the

ring immediately onto a clean baking tray and allow to cool

n Once cake has cooled, cut in half lengthwise. Spread one half with raspberry jam and cover with whipped cream

n Sandwich the second layer on top, dust with icing sugar, decorate with fresh

Grease and line a 10-inch cake ring. Preheat

raspberries and serve





Plain flour 300g

Lemon 3

Caster sugar 100g

Passion fruit 3

Butter 200g diced

Caster sugar 175g

Egg yolks 3

Egg 2

Vanilla extract 1 tsp

Unsalted butter 200g

Cold water 2 tbsp


Method n Zest and juice lemons. Place into a

n Sift flour into a clean bowl and stir in sugar

saucepan along with the pulp from three

n Using fingertips, rub in the butter until

passion fruit and caster sugar. Bring to the boil

mixture resembles fine bread crumbs

n Whisk eggs in large bowl with remaining

n Add egg yolks, water and vanilla to form

sugar until pale and fluffy. Pour hot lemon

dough into a ball

and passionfruit juice over beaten eggs

n Wrap in cling film, refrigerate for at least

n Return mixture to saucepan and bring to

1 hour

n Roll out into a 9-inch tart case (or 8 3-inch individual tart shells) and blind bake in a preheated oven at 180ÂşC for 18 minutes - and a further 10 minutes without lining/

a gentle boil, whisking constantly. Remove from heat, add butter and stir until smooth

n Leave to cool for 10 minutes then pour into the blind baked pastry case. Allow to set before serving

baking beans



Delicious Doughnuts! Who doesn’t love a doughnut? Ring shaped, solid with jam or simply glazed, the deep-fried doughy delight is a hit with customers young and old. With National Doughnut Week (10 - 17 May), this is the perfect time to let them indulge - without the guilt!


ere’s a few doughnut varieties to

Doughnut sundae: Use a doughnut as the

help you mix it up and not get

base for an ice cream sundae

doughed down.

Churros: Long, ridged sticks of dough fried

Cruller: A twisted fried doughnut, either ring shaped, or a long straight strip Paczki: Flat, round and glazed, this jam-filled doughnut is of Polish origin with a richer dough than normal Cider: Apple cider in the batter mix along with cinnamon and nutmeg, then coated in sugar or cinnamon-sugar

until crisp and sprinkled with sugar. Plain ones are served with thick, rich chocolate sauce for dipping Loukoumades: Deep-fried dough balls popular in Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, served in a sweet honey-based or sugar-based syrup Beavertail: A wide, flat doughnut rolled out and stretched before frying, and then smothered with chocolate

If you want to stick to tradition, Andy Chan, sous chef at The Castle, Taunton shows you how to make a classic doughnut.

The Definitive Doughnut

Method n Heat milk to room temperature n Mix yeast, flour, butter to resemble a

Makes 25

crumb mix


n Add salt, caster sugar, and then eggs

Milk 250g full fat Fresh yeast 15g Strong bread flour 500g Caster sugar 40g Butter 60g room temperature Salt 8g Eggs 2 medium

and milk to form a dough

n Knead dough for 5 minutes until doubled in size

n Roll out and cut into 30g pieces n Put on a lightly floured tray and spread each one out

n Pre-heat deep fryer to 180c and fry for

Cinnamon 15g

1 minute until golden brown

Sugar 75g

n Remove and dust with half sugar and half cinnamon mix


Anyone for Tea?


Like the Sunday roast, afternoon tea is a British tradition which has grown into a hugely profitable market.

Fun fact We owe the origin of afternoon tea to a young Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford.


Here are the Tea Council’s top tips:

tea is now an incredible 25% of a hotel’s

n Promote it - Make it clear on your

turnover. No longer just a treat for grannies

website that you serve afternoon tea. Make

or overseas tourists, tea time has blossomed

the offer prominent as customers don’t want

into an experience for everyone; from

to trail through looking for it. Include imagery

families and hen parties, to business

and details so they know what delightful

colleagues and young women looking for

treats they will be eating

an alternative way to socialise.

n Twist tradition - Make your own mark.

n Menu - Be insightful and knowledgeable.

Sketch in Mayfair, London serves vegan

Don’t just write sandwiches; describe each

and nut-free afternoon tea plus gluten free

ccording to research by the United Kingdom Tea and Infusion Association (Tea Council), afternoon

With our love of tea growing, the refreshing brew is now being marketed like wine with a tea type or blend to suit every taste, budget and occasion. Simple, yet effective, serve afternoon tea properly and you could enjoy a year-round profit boost. Crumbs!

At the time, it was common to only eat two meals a day (breakfast and dinner). Weakened and irritated by hunger pangs, Anna started to make time for tea and a snack each afternoon - and an English tradition was born.

one, say if you’re using local produce or if

options alongside its traditional one

you have given a traditional sarnie a unique

n Training - If your staff know the correct

twist. The more the customer knows the more impressed they’ll be – and likely to return or recommend

n Seasonal - Change your menu to suit the seasons. If a customer returns, they’ll be disappointed to be served the same thing again

teas to serve, it will make all the difference to customer experience and is just as important as bar staff knowing about wine

n Themes - Wimbledon teas, summer teas and Christmas afternoon teas are extremely popular - get the Christmas one on your menu by Autumn at the latest TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 37


Must stock item: • World Cider has grown by circa 500% in the past 4 years. World Cider is projected to grow by a further 100% in the next 2 years 2 • Grow your world cider sales with New Zealand's number 1 packaged cider 1 • Founded in New Zealand in 1947 and available in 3 exciting flavours

So stock up now! GET THE KIWI TASTE FOR ADVENTURE 1. AC Nielsen Total Scanned Data (NZ) MAT to 01/12/13 2. IRI and Internal HUK forecast

Established in Nelson, New Zealand. Made in the EU.


Three Cheers

for Cider Nothing beats an ice cold cider – fantastically refreshing and crisp, it has summer written all over it. One of Britain’s oldest alcoholic drinks the fruity favourite is now a fashionable tipple. Make sure you’re stocked up so your punters thirst is well and truly quenched this season.

Enjoying a boom Cider has seen a revival over the past few years thanks to constant innovation and product development, and is seen as the drink of the future. According to Mintel, sales of cider have increased by 32% over the past few years and an explosion in growth is predicted. Not only a fashionable choice, it also enjoys an even gender split. As Simon Russell from the National Association of Cider Makers notes, “Cider is enjoyed by men and women equally as well as a broad

action with weird and wonderful new flavours

cider. “When looking for good matches go for

including strawberry and lime, pomegranate

the same territory approach as wine drinkers

and rose ciders. Traditional apple ciders

and try pairing food and drink from the same

will always be big sellers but Chris Jowsey,

region," she says. For example a Somerset

trading director of Star Pubs & Bars says

cider would go well with a dish that's strong

offering them alongside new ones is key.

on cheddar or try some Gloucester Old Spot

“As a starting point you should offer popular

sausages with a Gloucestershire cider.

choices – an original cider and then new and interesting flavour variants to satisfy cider drinkers’ ongoing desire for experimentation.”

Food & Cider

Top facts n 45% of all apples in the UK are

demographic in terms of age.”

Cider is great with food. Peter Mitchell, a

Leaders of the pack

appreciation, suggests matching cider with

n It is naturally gluten free

fish dishes. Fiona Beckett, who runs the

n If you double distill (i.e. distill cider),

Fruit ciders in bottles are the best sellers, with the past year seeing sales of 68.2% on value and 67% in volume. Apple cider pioneered the category, then it moved onto pear, but now every fruit is getting in on the

cider maker who offers courses in cider

website, says cider goes well with dishes based around chicken, pork (belly in particular), ham and bacon, and adds if a dish goes well with

used in cider making

you get calvados

n There are 480 active cider makers in the UK

Chardonnay, it will also sit nicely with a fruity TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 39

Mixing it up! There is nothing nicer than a cooling beverage during the summer evenings. But whether your customers’ tipple of choice is a G&T or a lime and soda there’s an increasing desire amongst clientele of all ages to have something different to dally with - and more brands are offering alternatives to the norm.


ccording to Gabriel David, founder of Luscombe Drinks, the percentage of adults who don’t drink alcohol is as

high as 30% so Take Stock shows you how to mix up your drinks range to make sure all of your customers’ thirsts are slaked - and their taste buds challenged.

Give your drink a boost!

Try the following mixes:

Spirits are always crying out for different and

Vodka with Raspberry & Orris: best served

Luscombe’s Sicilian lemonade works well with

unique mixers. The traditional combinations

over ice with a twist of orange

Mediterranean flavours and its lime crush is

- gin and tonic, rum and coke, whisky and

Gin with Cucumber & Apple: gives tonic a

ideal with Mexican food. Its apple juices are

dry ginger - will never disappear, but exciting alternatives are vital to shake things up. Gloworm mixers from Boost Drinks are sugar and taurine-free, but have enough caffeine to give drinkers a satisfying energy shot.

run for its money Rum with Pear, Spice and Lime: a spicy change from cola

Mouthwatering mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, can spruce up a pre-dinner drink

Fizz it up!

and let the tee-total customer ditch boring

Adult soft drinks are a dynamic and growing

a night on the tiles. And then there’s energy

sector in the market and businesses need to realise their importance. Just because some customers don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean they should miss out on exciting drinks! For food-matching, offering a non-alcoholic drink with food is key but it has to be premium.


good with pork and chicken dishes.

pop and indulge in something classy during drinks. These are ideal for customers not wanting to drink alcohol but still want to party all night! But be sure to offer versatility and different flavours. For more information visit


Let’s Get Fruity! Summer is in the air. And as the season changes so does your customers' thirst.


hether you are showing the tennis or hosting a wedding, a chilled glass of alcoholic summer fruit punch is a perfect addition to your bar menu and a

guaranteed crowd pleaser. And thanks to ICB, you can offer a low-cost alternative and boost your margins without sacrificing on taste. Just add lemonade and fruit to Jeeves and your customers will be wooed by this simple, but moreish quintessential British drink.

Recipe for a refreshing summer drink n Pour one part of Jeeves into a jug one third full of ice n Add three parts of lemonade and slices of peach, apple, orange, strawberry and cucumber n Add sprigs of mint TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 41

“It saves me time and effort. I’d recommend P&G Professional products to anybody.” Debbie – Hotel Cleaner

P&G Professional Disinfecting Sanitary Cleaner removes soap scum 5 times faster than the leading competitor* After 2 wipes

After 2 wipes

Key competitor

P&G Professional

Find a distributor on *Tested on glossy blue ceramic tile with greasy soapscum dirt

Staffing up for

Summer Summer’s nearly here, and if you’ve not sorted out your staffing, you need to get a move on!


t’s a difficult balancing act, making sure you’ve sufficient resource on hand to keep kitchen and front of house running

smoothly to cover staff holidays and the extra trade – without breaking the bank.

Help yourself by: n Having a wall planner clearly showing who’s on duty, and when, with all holidays clearly marked

n Set a deadline for how much notice an employee needs to give when wanting time off - a month notice isn’t unreasonable

n Ask your permanent staff if they have family or friends who’d like to earn some summer money. But remember to factor in any time you may need to train them up

Listen to the experts Agencies like Chefs Jobs UK and Cummins Mellor are invaluable resources for getting temporary and full time staff. Here are their tips:

n Arrange temporary cover as early as possible - it’ll be too late once the busy period starts

n Look after temporary staff and they’ll stay with you throughout the duration of the summer - this prevents wasting time and money on new recruits

n Issue contracts highlighting hours, pay rates, holiday pay entitlement and pension contributions. Be clear on things like travel expenses and wages payment schedules (weekly or monthly) to stop any grievances with the employee once they have started

n Get staff who handle cash, keys or are in a position of trust CRB checked

n Provide a thorough induction - an employee needs to know everything from where to find the napkins to where the toilets are

n Include/inform all temporary workers in any training, benefits, or permanent roles you are recruiting for and ensure they are being paid the same amount of pay as a permanent employee

n Staffing agencies offer security and less hassle because they do all the hiring and firing. And, if you’re not happy they will replace staff immediately

n Always inform the agency if there is any chance that the temporary worker may be taken on for longer or even permanently Visit: and


Take Stock looks at two upcoming issues that will soon affect your business; waste management and entertainment licensing

Waste not, Want not! Make sure you don't bin the new rules on recycling.


ince the beginning of this year,

The government is taking things seriously,

6. Make sure you’ve got the correct

all Scottish businesses have been

with DEFRA committed to working with all

collection arrangements in place for

required to 'take reasonable steps' to

businesses, including waste management

unavoidable waste

separate out four recyclables for separate

companies, local authorities, re-processors,

collection - paper/card, plastic, metals and

waste producers and the Environment

7. Look at how much of your waste can

glass. Businesses in non-rural postcodes who

Agency towards achieving the goal of ‘Zero

produce more than 50kgs/week of food

Waste to Landfill’.

waste have also been required to handle that waste separately.

So, what does this mean for your business? Take Stock asked Andy Coultas of waste

Penalties for transgression are severe. ‘Any

experts Procuria for his advice on what

business that fails without reasonable excuse

businesses should be doing to be compliant,

to comply with the duty to recycle shall

here are his suggestions:

be liable to a fine of up to £10,000 upon summary conviction.’ And next year that legislation is coming to the rest of the UK, effective 1 January 2015. An addition to the Environmental Protection of England and Wales Regulations 2012 will mean that all generators of waste will need to comply with this legislation by: making arrangements for separate collections of waste paper, metal, plastic, glass and, of course, food.

be recycled and check if that volume has a value you can recoup. For example, if you have waste cooking oil, Procuria can get you 20 pence a litre - and provide collection barrels/bins if required 8. Work out what kind of waste contract you need 9. Start waste reduction and recycling initiatives straight away

1. Look at where all your waste is coming

10. Speak to and work with specialists to

from, and seek solutions to prevent it

make sure your current waste service is

2. Check your waste data regularly,

providing the best value, including basics like

to identify significant changes in waste

appropriate bin sizes, numbers of bins, and

production, so you can see how the change

collection arrangements

has occurred

Above all else, make sure you know your

3. Check your current waste contract and determine how much it’s costing you 4. Check that the amount you need collected annually matches what you’re paying for

legal responsibilities – and then make sure your staff know too! New year’s day 2015 is closer than you think – so act now!

5. Set priorities to prevent or reduce waste

Just for you from Procuria Procuria is offering a free site survey to readers of Take Stock, to ensure you’re complying with legislation and have the necessary legal documentation. For more information and advice on all of its waste management and recycling services, contact Procuria on 0845 300 9027 or check out its website,



Stock Exchange

Let Me Entertain You Whether you’re hosting a wedding or showing live sport, entertaining your customers during the longer and (hopefully!) warmer spring and summer days will increase income. Music alone boosts a bar’s wet sales by

licenses cost from 18p per day but final figure

The World Cup - You may need to apply for

£100,000 a year, according to CGA Strategy.

depends on business type, size and activity.

a one-off Late license (£21) as some games

But before you rock that DJ or buy a spanking

Spinning the Decks

new plasma TV, your profits will slump quicker

DJ’s have to have their own Pro Dub license.

than a drunk at a wedding if you don’t have the necessary licenses.

Pump up the volume

This isn’t your responsibility when hiring one for an one-off event but if you employ a DJ then it is. Pro Dub licenses work according to

will be screened past the 11pm deadline. Check with your local licensing department. Music - If you have a TV you also have to inquire about what music license you need.

how many tracks a DJ downloads.

TV licenses cost £145.50 and covers up to

or play music from the TV you need, by law to

A Year One, Level One tier license starts at

or screen. You pay £145.50 for every extra

have a music license.

£212.77 (+VAT) to copy up to 5,000 tracks.

Whether you have a weekly disco, a jukebox,

In addition you must have both PPL and PRS

15 units - one unit covers an individual TV five units.

There are 3 types of licenses:

music licenses if a DJ is to play music in your

Falling Foul

n PRS (also known as PPS) is for music

venue. If they screen music videos then a VPL

If it can be shown that a premises has played

license is also needed.

music without the correct licenses, then

played through radios, CD’s, MP3, computer speakers, internet, music on TV (including an advert) and live performances

What’s on the Box

n PPL - recorded music or music videos,

You need a license to cover any TVs or large

including on TV or radio music

screens in your premises; a residential license

n VPL (operated by PPL) - if you’re showing

won’t cover these.

music videos to a public audience Sport packages - Terrestrial TV is covered To stay within the law and play copyrighted

by your standard TV license but any sport

music you will need to apply to both PRS and

shown on satellite TV requires the correct

PPL and get a license from each. If you want

commercial agreement with either SKY or

to show music videos, you will need a PPL and

BT Sport.

each organisation listed above can claim an estimate of those ‘missed’ fees or you could face civil action for copyright infringement and an order to pay damages and costs. You can be fined £1,000 for not having a TV license.

VPL. Licenses cover 12 months. PPL and PRS



Going al Fresco Winter weather may have been a wash-out but our desire to head outdoors hasn’t been dampened.


s soon as the first rays of sunshine peek through the murky clouds, customers will be itching to get into

a beer garden for a pint or a meal. Eating al fresco boosts customer’s spirits - and your profits. Here’s how you can make the great outdoors even greater.

Maximise outdoor areas Whether you have a beer garden or patio, you should maximise your outside space whatever the size as it could provide an additional income stream and boost your wet sales. Mintel found that on average, outside dining areas increased beer sales by 10-15%. All you need is suitable furniture and some shade from the sun - or rain! The Yard Bar and Kitchen in Cardiff has an outside temporary bar which holds DJ nights in the summer. “We found we were losing money with too many customers queuing so the outside bar relieves the main bar and generates more money as people sitting outside can use it rather than going inside,” says assistant manager Janine Johnson. 46 TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE

The trusty BBQ


Two in three adults ate food cooked on a

The Saddle Inn near Preston has introduced

barbecue last year, according to Mintel.

picnic baskets for families to enjoy in the

National Barbecue Week starting May 27 is

pub grounds. For just £25 they provide a

the perfect time to dust down your barbi and

family of four with a bottle of beer, small

kick off the summer tradition, getting you

bottle of wine, two fruit shoots, crisps, fresh

ready for this season of sport. The Yard Bar

fruit, baguettes, potato salad, coleslaw and

and Kitchen runs barbecues when the rugby

home-made biscuits. “The idea was to relieve

is on and its last one made £900 profit in

the bar and catering staff of work during busy

four hours.

periods but the picnic baskets have quickly

Get cooking Chefs can take some pressure off the kitchen by cooking outside. Rotigrill offers a selection of products, including hog roasters and stainless steel rotisseries complete with skewers and kebabs. “Our products give a competitive edge by supplying a see and smell experience - diners can see and smell the cooking," says owner Colin George. Pizza ovens are another novel way of cooking outside and create a real point of difference.

become a success story in their own right,” licensee Graham Rowson reveals.



A dog is a man’s best friend. So, it’s no surprise that customers now want their furry friends beside them when they nip out for a pint or even have a week’s holiday.


he trend to make establishments dog

doors to meet him," says Mop Draper, owner.

friendly is on the up, increasing 6% a

"It was the busiest it had been in years." Mop

year according to a Euromonitor report.

organised Sunday dog walks from the pub followed by a roast, and now The Compass

The hotel chain Hotel Du Vin has been dog

is marketed as the dog-friendliest pub in the

friendly for over 20 years (it stopped a few

New Forest.

years ago but had so many complaints from dog lovers that it reverted back!) and Best

According to Common, "The Food Standards

Western even has a phone line dedicated to

Agency rules are that dogs are allowed inside

dog owners to book rooms. Visit Cornwall

any catering establishment at the discretion of

has just launched a ‘Dogs love Cornwall’

the proprietor, as long as they don’t go into the

campaign so dog owners can now search

kitchen itself."

for dog friendly pubs and restaurants on the county’s website. Wightlink Ferries,

dog owners called Pawprint.

Here’s what you need to do to make your establishment dog and people friendly:

"Some hotels charge £10-£15 a night for dogs

n There is no legal requirement to advertise

which operates services to the Isle of Wight, produces a travel guide to the island just for

to stay and, while that’s a tidy profit for them, it’s also a price dog owners are willing to pay to take their best friend on holiday with them," explains Jane Common author of Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain and editor of the dog travel website

n Think about a separate room for customers with dogs so this doesn’t put off customers who are not necessarily dog-lovers

Welcoming dogs has turned the fortunes of

n Make sure certain bedrooms are allocated

photograph of our Jack Russell puppy Boris on our Christmas message in the local paper and suddenly customers were flooding through the

Constable and Robinson.

discretion of the owner

n Most places allow dogs in the bar but not

closure in 2011 due to slow trade. "We used a

in Britain is out on May 15, published by

your business as dog friendly but it’s at the

The Compass Inn in Winsor after it was facing

Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays

in the restaurant for dogs and that customers without dogs are aware of this

n You’ll need big outdoor bins for poo bags and plenty of water bowls available TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 47



With the Grand Depart of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire and longer, lighter days here at last there’s never been a better time to get out and ride. British cycling has been enjoying an upsurge of success thanks to Olympic and Tour de France triumph. So, to keep with the patriotic theme our resident lycra expert Martin Kersey - a qualified mountain bike leader and former bike mechanic - gives you the low down on three British bikes to tempt you out of the kitchen and onto the open road.

Boardman Road Sport 2014 - £499 Chris Boardman’s range of bikes has gained a reputation for both performance and great value. Solid, comfortable and specced with reliable components that won’t let you down. The range includes; mountain, commuter, road and cyclocross bikes at just about every price and most have a women’s specific version too. The Road Sport is very versatile, capable of a work commute, blasting out big miles



on your day off or even a Sportive event, it has eyelets on the frame which allow for fitting mudguards and a pannier rack for light touring if you so wish. It has a lightweight aluminium frame which features curved seat stays designed to flex and improve comfort. Comfort has also been considered with the 25mm tyres, rather than the usual 23mm. The seat features a decent amount of padding and there’s plenty of spacers to enable you to get the handlebar height just right. The 16-gears will help get you up all but the steepest of hills and the Tektro dual-pivot brakes provide plenty of stopping power for on the way down.




Hoy Shizuoka .001 City Bike - £550

The Hoy range has been designed to be

The frame gives a zippy ride and eggs

above all else, fun. Sir Chris Hoy set this as

you on to go faster, luckily there’s a set

lat-bar bikes, sometimes referred

the most important aspect before his bikes

of powerful hydraulic discs to ensure you

to as urban, commuters or hybrids,

were designed, because he wants more

come to a swift and controlled stop.

eschew the traditional drop bars to

people riding bikes. Distributed by Evans


allow a more upright riding position. A flat or straight handlebar reduces the

Cycles, its staff are trained to be specialised

Although it only has eight gears, the ratios

“Hoy bike fitters” making sure you leave the

have a reasonable range suitable for

store with the bike set up perfectly for you.

commuting or a leisurely ride. If you want to

number of hand positions you have; drop

up the pace, or go touring upgrade to the

handlebars have 3 - the tops, the hoods of

The Shizuoka .001 is the cheapest in a range

Shizuoka .003 which has an extra chainring

your brake levers and the drops for when

of four city bikes and is designed to be

up front and a 10-speed wide range cassette

you’re putting the hammer down or trying

versatile. It features a lightweight, triple-

at the back. The .003 also has a full carbon

to reduce the impact of headwind. You

butted aluminum frame and fork, enough to

fork which is lighter and stiffer, and will

can add another position to your flat-bars

take on rough roads, towpaths and gravel

absorb more imperfections in road surface.

by adding bar ends which can assist on

tracks - although you’ll want tyres with more

climbs or just let you change position for

tread on if you’re venturing off the tarmac

comfort reasons from time to time.

regularly or in muddy conditions.

The tyres are a generous 32mm wide and along with the natural flex of the steel frame and fork allow the bike to easily absorb the bumps and potholes of poorly surfaced roads and lanes. The Madison Prime seat never leaves the rider sore and the Hayes disc brakes give you plenty of stopping power, whatever the conditions and, even if you are fully loaded up for touring. A tough 32-spoke wheelset keeps everything rolling straight and true. And now to the hub gears; technology has moved on since Sturmey Archer 3 speeds and the Shimano Alfine hub has proven

Genesis Day One Alfine 8 - £999

Reliable and versatile the Day One will

itself to be a reliable and efficient drivetrain

take whatever you throw at it. Part of

in recent years. The eight ratios are spread

the “Urban Cross” collection, it’s low

quite widely and give a similar range of gears

maintenance, adaptable, and perfect as a

to the Boardman. You can even change gear

Genesis is part of a much bigger family

bike for all seasons.

when you’re stationary unlike on a traditional

of brands which include, Ridgeback and Saracen who have been making hybrid and mountain bikes for over two decades, and

derailleur set up. Featuring a Reynolds steel frame, disc brakes

If you hanker for more gears or have a

and an 8-speed hub gear the bike can stand

bigger budget then there’s a higher spec

is stocked by many independent bike shops up to plenty of neglect and abuse so it’s suitable for commuting, touring or even light and the Evans Cycles chain. off-road duties.

version with an 11-speed hub, an electronic shifter and a lighter steel frame available for £2,199.




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And finally...

Fresh and Fabulous Take Stock’s very own Victor Meldrew, David Jackson, reflects on his salad days…


’ve just had an enjoyable evening

the world, sliced and diced. Hardly inspiring!

down and agree a supply arrangement with

with business colleagues at a Brazilian

Whilst an out-of-season salad may not be

you. What’s more, you’ll also get inspiration

restaurant. The conversation was engaging,

the easiest to maintain, or be top of your

for new menu ideas – using seasonal

wine flowed, and copious amounts of meat

customer’s requests, whether you serve a

vegetables that truly taste of something. And,

were both served and eaten.

complimentary side-salad or one as a main

if you make a song and dance about the fact

course, the same amount of care should be

you’re using fresh, local ingredients, you’ll

The one element of the evening’s

given to it as everything else which leaves

probably find you’re suddenly getting in

entertainment that was really disappointing

the kitchen. And that’s especially true now

fresh, local customers!

was the salad. Green and vegetable-looking,

summer’s here and demand for healthy menu

yes. But also totally bereft of taste and

options is at its peak.

Now, I maybe a salad snob, but I know what I like. Salads with a dressing of say olive

substance – not to mention eye appeal. One solution to ‘tasteless’ salad vegetables

oil, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar are

And that got me thinking about how often

would be to buy organic. Now, I do accept

delicious, and one of my favourites is fresh

I’ve had a really good salad whilst eating out.

that in the past anything vaguely organic

leaves topped by crumbled goats cheese,

Sadly, the answer is, not nearly often enough.

typically came with a price tag to make the

carpaccio of beetroot and walnuts. Delicious,

eyes water, but that is no longer the case.

interesting - and simple.

This prompted me to take a closer look at

Demand for organic and other taste-filled

what’s out there. Plastic bagged and gassed

vegetables brought a whole raft of producers

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for salads

rocket at an astronomic price, pre-washed

into the marketplace – and they’re still there.

to be fresh and fabulous. So chefs, hop to it!

greenery and carrots from halfway around

Most (if not all) are more than willing to sit

After all, we’re not rabbits. TAKE STOCK MAGAZINE 51


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Take Stock Magazine - May/June 2014  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Take Stock Magazine - May/June 2014  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

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