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& Welcome

Welcome to the July/August edition of Take Stock. Finally summer is upon us. And, if you feel like you have waited a lifetime for it, then you’re not alone!

School holidays, sporting events, weddings and the tourist trade - all provide fantastic opportunities to make your business shine - even if the sun doesn’t! The appeal of al fresco dining is all the rage, but make sure you and your staff are on the ball with food safety. It’s not a nice thing to think about, but sadly, at this time of year, cases of food poisoning soar. Make sure your summer dining is trouble free by checking out the FSA site ( for some useful food safety advice. A pint in a beer garden may be what all your customers (and us here, stuck in the office!) crave at the moment but as we well know, your business head is already thinking, and planning ahead to the chillier months. For some food for thought, we have features on game and top roasts. The Glorious Twelfth (August 12th) marks the start of the shooting season, and with game becoming more popular, it’s

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a must for your autumn menu. And, on page 27 we tell you about the nation’s most popular meal - roast dinners - and also how your business can get involved in British Food Fortnight; the national celebration of our food and drink. What you serve your customers to drink is equally as important as what you feed them. Our bumper Cheers section focuses on everything you need to know about the on-trade and what drinks you should feature on your bar menu. As usual, we want to thank all our FeedYourEyes entrants. We are being spoiled by the creative dishes coming our way from our Twitter followers. And now with the super support of Premier Foods, RH Amar and Kerrymaid the winner of each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking - and start snapping! On behalf of the Take Stock team and Today’s, we hope you manage to soak up some sun this summer - but don’t forget the suncream!

Tracy x 3



Not only does the warmer season lift everyone’s mood, but this busy time provides the perfect opportunity to boost sales.




Glorious Twelfth

Fire Safety

P45 - P66

Straight Drinking





Retro Desserts


In this issue Snacking Success


Maximising Mini’s

In Good Spirits? 59

Pump Up The Volume 1

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11 Wild Venison Carpaccio with

Shiso Ceviche

Pickled Ginger and Greens

23 Lobster Thermidor

14 Crumbled Bacon & Cheese

25 Treshnish Rack of Lamb

Melt Burger

Persian-Style with Jewelled

14 Thai Pork & Lemon Burger


15 Pulled Pork Sliders Garnished

31 Pineapple Upside Down

with Cheese


17 European-style Ploughman’s

33 Lemon Meringue Pie

21 Wild Mull Sea Trout and

15 21








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In this issue Snacking Success Maximising Mini’s Pump Up The Volume



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Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

1 x 5kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant

1 x 2kg

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

1 x 2kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant

1 x 1kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant Sticks 50 x 28g Cadbury Highlights Sachets

*Nielsen, MAT October 2013. OV9473

30 x 11g

Calendar July-August

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12 July

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12-19 July

12 August

The British Open 1-5 July



3-5 July


14-16 July

Olympia, London



14-15 August


23 July-2 August


4-26 July

Tour de France

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28-29 July


11-12 July


31 August


New What’s






Vimto has given its ready to drink

With recent allergen

‘MiNiS’ range a revamp – in time for

legislation and demand

the busy summer season. The new

for free-from dishes

250ml bottles feature resealable

at an all time high, it’s

sports caps, making them ideal

vitally important that

for rehydrating thirsty children,

chefs know exactly what

whilst the bright new packs clearly

is in the products they’re

communicate the drink’s healthy

using. Recognising this,

‘No Added Sugar’ credentials,

Knorr has launched a new

something busy parents will

gluten-free gravy, backed

appreciate. Launch of the new-look

up by a nationwide educational

packs will be supported by a £6.5m

campaign. Manufactured using a gluten-free

multi-media advertising campaign

production process, the gravy aims to give chefs

in magazines like Now, Company and Hello!, as well as online across

uncompromised taste and ease of use.

sites like

More details at

Putting on the Ritz Ritz, the world’s number one savoury biscuit brand, has launched Ritz Crisp & Thin to tap into the growing demand for savoury snacks, backed by a £10m brand marketing campaign that includes TV and OOH activities. Scored ‘outstanding’ in independent taste tests, Ritz Crisp & Thins are available in four popular flavours - Cream Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Red Chilli and Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Available in both 30g single and 100g sharing bags, Crisp & Thin are an ideal addition to your snack range, and perfect to meet both entertaining and on-the-go occasions.




Demand for gluten-free continues apace, with research showing 59% of customers want to see more such options on menus (Toluna, Feb 2015). Tapping into this, Provena has added Instant Oat Meal sachets to

Soup Solutions

its existing range of top quality Gluten Free flours, bread & muffin mixes and larger format Jumbo Oats and Mueslis. Produced

Want to offer hot food but only have limited space? Maggi has

from certified 100% pure

Vegetarian solved the problem!

gluten-free oats, there

Maggi Kettle Cook Soup is ultra easy to prepare – simply empty

are two flavours available

a packet into a soup kettle, add four litres of water and heat.

- Raspberry and Apricot

Three varieties are available: Mediterranean Vegetable, Woodland

Mushroom and French Onion, and all are suitable for vegetarians. Meeting Responsibility Deal 2017 Salt Targets, Maggi Kettle Soups 742 842have no added MSG, artificial colours or preservatives and are HVO free.

Ideal for breakfast buffets in hotels, B&Bs and other they are a great way to

prepare with the minimum of facilities.

keep gluten-free customers

For more information visit

of NEW Maggi Liquid Concentrates.

portion packs.

catering establishments,

Bursting with flavour, these are scratch quality soups you can

Take Stock readers can get a free sample

– both in easy serve 40g



Get Oaty!

Perfect for marinating, dressings & dips, stir-fry’s and for that extra flavour boost before, during and after cooking, it’s gluten free too! For your FREE sample call 0800 742 842 or visit

Nairn’s, the market leading manufacturer of

Perfect Balsamic

oatcakes, has developed a foodservice/catering range of products in both wheat-free and gluten-

Filippo Berio has launched a

free formats. The range

new two-litre bottle of their

includes a wide selection

balsamic vinegar, specifically

of oatcakes, oat crackers

for foodservice. Produced in

and biscuits, as well as snacks and gluten-free porridge pots.

Modena, Italy, the vinegar is

Aimed at the estimated 6.5 million “wheat avoiders” or, as

made from specially selected

Nairn’s classes them, “healthy lifestylers”, these portion packs

grapes and traditionally aged to

are ideal for both sweet and savoury offerings. And being

ensure smoothness and flavour.

prepacked there is no risk of cross contamination; so now

The classic, light sweetness

there is a hassle-free way to service a customer base that

makes it an ideal ingredient

many have historically been wary of providing for.

for salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Try it drizzled over

At less than 50 calories per biscuit, Nairn’s Gluten Free

parmesan cheese, fresh fruit

Biscuit Breaks are an ideal treat and taste great.

and ice cream too!

For further details on any of these products or to arrange samples contact


Wild at Heart Game is healthy, versatile and can be locally sourced all over the UK. With grouse being the first game bird to come into season on the 12th August (Glorious Twelfth), why not begin with this tasty bird and take it from there?

Wild, natural and free range, game generally has stronger and more distinctive flavours than farm-reared meat and poultry, and is an increasingly popular choice on menus as an alternative to beef, pork, lamb and

Tips for cooking game

The season

Start simple - cook something like a

· Grouse is the first game bird to come

roast pheasant before moving on to

into season on 12th August (Glorious

more ‘gamey’ species such as grouse,

Twelfth) and it ends on 10th December

hare and pigeon.

· Partridge starts 1st September and ends

chicken. Pigeon, rabbit and certain

Take care - be careful not to over-cook

varieties of venison are available all year

the more mature meats like grouse and

round, but it’s during open season when

venison. They can be tougher and drier if

game comes into its own with copious

cooked quickly at a higher temperature.

amounts of pheasant, partridge and

You must always know the age of the

grouse on offer.

game as older beasts, just like mutton,

Low in cholesterol and high in protein, game is generally free of steroids or antibiotics so are some of the healthiest meats available.

need to be treated with a little more care.

Ways to cook grouse · Flash fry in a hot pan (1 minute on each side) and then put on a slow half

Jack Knott from Game-to-Eat, a

hour cook at around 100°C. Then allow

campaign dedicated to promoting wild

to rest for 10 minutes. The resting is

British game meat, said: “The restaurant

essential, to allow the meat to relax

scene and celebrity chefs is where game is really exploding. There has been a change from roast pheasant, partridge and grouse to more exciting products, like squirrel pie. People are hesitant about cooking game but if you take a bit of time

· Another option with grouse or partridge is to crown the bird, keeping the breasts on the bone (adds flavour) and do the same technique just reducing the cooking time by 15 minutes

and do your research, it can be great fun and enjoyed by all.” From partridge carbonara to pigeon fajitas, game can now be a regular on your menu.

The restaurant scene and celebrity chefs is where game is really exploding. Jack Knott, Game-to-Eat


1st February · Pheasant is 1st October to 1st February · Sika Deer (Stags) 1st August to 30th April source:

There are

250 grouse moors

in the UK

Grouse season lasts

16 weeks



Wild Venison Carpaccio with Pickled Ginger and Greens by Carla Lamont, Ninth Wave, Isle of Mull

Serves 4

INGREDIENTS 450g venison loin steak, in one piece (start a day ahead) 1 tsp vegetable oil

Petals from 4 primroses

2. Wipe off the venison loin, reserving the

40g gari (pickled ginger)



the venison on each side for 3 minutes (it’s a


cylinder so roll it over three times to cook it all)

3. Heat the vegetable oil and when hot sear


1 mandarin orange, juice and zest


60ml rice wine vinegar

125ml soy sauce 60ml sake or mirin 2 tbsp light brown sugar 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp fresh ginger, minced ½ small onion 120ml mandarin (or fresh orange) juice To season black pepper

¼ tsp powdered ginger 1 tbsp dark soy

6. Remove the venison from the marinade and

4 Sichuan peppercorns, crushed

keep it well wrapped in the fridge (it will keep

½ clove garlic, minced

for 24 hours)

7. Blend all the dressing ingredients together

½ tsp honey

and mix the salad


8. Dry the venison off and thinly slice the


cylinder into rounds of 3-4mm thick

Dot wasabi paste


20g sesame seeds

2 tbsp cress or bean sprouts

5. Once cooled, cover and refrigerate for 4-7 hours

10ml sesame oil

SALAD 200g mixed leaves (rocket, mizuna, mibuna)

4. Remove from heat and submerge in the marinade


30g bamboo shoots, julienned

1. Blend all the marinade ingredients in a food

30g red pepper, julienned

processor and submerge the trimmed venison

30g yellow pepper, julienned

loin in the marinade, cover and refrigerate

Petals from 1 marigold



To serve, place salad down one half of each plate and add dressing. Fan one quarter of the venison slices on each plate and add wasabi. Garnish with flower petals, sesame seeds and gari

Kerrymaid Original Slices and Grated really top the lot, unbelievable melt, amazing taste and delicious texture

BBQ Ben Bartlett Celebrity barbecue chef and head of the British Barbecue Association, Ben Bartlett, has teamed up with Kerrymaid, the professional dairy range for chefs, to create brilliant summer barbecues inspired by Kerrymaid products. Ben’s top tips for a great barbecue include: Less is more. When it comes to your menu, choose four or five great dishes and do them really well – customers will appreciate this simplicity of choice Customise for success. It’s estimated that 95% of burgers are sold with toppings, such as cheese. They’re a very simple way to add taste as well as profit.

For recipes please see

Try something new. Ben suggests a spray of unsweetened apple juice on any barbecued meat to keep the meat moist, as well as encourage that all important caramelisation for an amazing taste.

The professional dairy range made with Irish craft and charm that delivers the creamiest flavour and texture to your dishes every time.

For more information, contact Customer Services W: @KerrymaidDairy



Say “Cheese” Summer’s here and customers are looking for something new and exciting for their al fresco eating experience. But many are also creatures of habit, liking to experiment but also being reassured with the sight of favourite ingredients and menu options, albeit with a twist. Brand manager for Kerrymaid, Grace

prime poultry, fusion and slow-cooked

colour. They also improve the structure of

Keenan closely monitors trends and

trends is essential for keeping menus

the burger when served in a bun – great


fresh and contemporary, and to keep

taste, less mess - and by being easy to

consumers returning again and again.

hold, you can upsell by partnering with beverages or other products.

“Burgers of all varieties remain at the heart of any barbecue menu, but consumers

We’re also seeing named ingredients such

want a selection of great toppings to

as chipotle and roasted black pepper

Of course, if you don’t want to use slices,

choose from. Then we’re seeing more

being featured on menu descriptions as

we’ve got Kerrymaid Grated White or

and more menus with low and slow

a method of creating premium barbecue

Red, which provide a more even melt

flavours such as pulled pork and slow

offerings. And food provenance is

than standard cheddars, leading to less

cooked brisket. These cheaper cuts of

increasingly becoming an important

oiling out and giving a more visually

meat offer great profit potential – just

qualifier in consumer purchase decisions,

appealing end product. This can enable

slow cook at first and then finish on the

so offer regional or local produce as a

the creation of a wide range of dishes,

BBQ for that wow factor.

strong additional selling point.

from dips and sauces to coleslaws and relishes. With a great melt, taste and ease

Chicken remains one of the most popular

And don’t forget the cheese! A massive

options, and the US smokehouse flavour

95% of burgers sold in quick service

is on-trend, as is the move towards a

restaurants are served with cheese so

fusion of sweet and savoury options with

make sure that’s one of your options.

Many operators are sticking with what they know, but giving it a modern - and sometimes unexpected - twist, such as authentic peri-peri chicken with tequila for extra flavour. Being aware of these

the perfect addition to any professional kitchen.”

For more information on Kerrymaid

sticky barbecue glaze chicken bringing spice, depth and sweetness to plates.

of use, Kerrymaid Grated and Slices are

Our market leading Kerrymaid Original Slices offer the creamy flavour of real Irish dairy in an easily served slice-onslice format. They’re consistent in melt and taste, and give barbecue burgers an appetising visual appeal with their golden


visit or call 0800 783 4321. For seasonal recipe ideas, commercial kitchen know-how and foodservice marketing tips, follow @KerrymaidDairy on Twitter and join in the conversation.

Recipes courtesy of Ben Bartlett, celebrity barbecue chef

Crumbled Bacon & Cheese Melt Burger

Thai Pork & Lemon Burger

Serves 4

Serves 4

INGREDIENTS 4 Kerrymaid Original Slices 300g lean minced pork 10g mint, finely chopped 10g granulated sugar 10ml light soy sauce 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 lemon, freshly squeezed 8 lemongrass stalks Pinch salt and black pepper

METHOD 1. Place the pork, garlic, mint, soy sauce, sugar and lemon juice in a large bowl and season

2. Mix well and divide into 4 burgers. Mould each one into a ball around the lemongrass stalk

3. Barbecue the burgers on a medium heat for 6–8 minutes on each side

4. Top with a Kerrymaid Original Slice

A massive



4 beef burgers

1. Blend together the Kerrymaid Grated Red,

4 Kerrymaid Original Slices

cherry peppers, black pepper, garlic powder,

4 rashers smoked back bacon

cayenne pepper, mayonnaise and chill for 2

113g Kerrymaid Grated Red


57g cherry peppers (if jar – drained and

2. Place the burgers on the barbecue

of burgers

finely chopped)

3. Grill the bacon until crisp

sold in quick service

½ tsp black pepper ½ tsp garlic powder ¼ tsp cayenne pepper 100g mayonnaise 4 burger buns

4. Place the burgers on the bun, and top with a Kerrymaid Original Slice

5. Then, spread on a generous amount of the mixture and top with a crumbling of bacon


95% restaurants are

served with




Pulled Pork Sliders Garnished with Cheese Serves 12

INGREDIENTS 3–4 kg (6–8lb) pork shoulder on the bone 50g (2oz) yellow American mustard

2 tsp cumin

meat to a cutting board. Using two forks, pull

4 tsp black pepper

meat apart into shreds, discarding any fat or

1 tsp cayenne pepper


4 tsp celery salt

8. Place in a bowl and stir in the barbecue sauce


9. Spoon the meat mixture onto bun bottoms.

1. Combine all the pork rub ingredients and

Top with Kerrymaid Grated White and add the

store in an air-tight jar

bun tops

2. Rub the pork shoulder with mustard 3. Use a spice sprinkler to coat the outside of the meat with a generous amount of pork rub

100g general pork rub

4. Indirectly smoke the meat at 110°C (230°F)

100ml rapeseed oil

for 8 hours, turning every 2 hours so no side

100ml apple juice

gets too much heat

300ml barbecue sauce

5. Mop the meat with an equal mixture of

20 slider buns or small round dinner rolls,

rapeseed oil, apple juice and a tablespoon of

split and toasted

the pork rub

For garnish Kerrymaid Grated White

6. The pork is ready when the internal

8 tbsp smoked paprika

temperature is above 85°C (185°F)

4 tsp onion powder

7. Cover and rest for 1 hour. Then transfer the

4 tsp garlic powder


“With a great melt, taste and ease of use, Kerrymaid Grated and Slices are the perfect addition to any professional kitchen.” Grace Keenan, Kerrymaid


VERSATILE SEASONINGS Truly authentic American flavours Seasonings can be mixed with oil or water to use as a marinade before, or to baste or sprinkle on during cooking Adjustable grinders can be added before, during or after cooking to achieve the perfect flavour intensity

ADJUSTABLE GRINDERS Montreal Steak Seasoning on a rib eye is a match made in heaven!

In research, over 80% of chefs would buy Grill Mates* *Kadence Research 2012


WATCH OUR GRILL MATES MASTERCLASS VIDEO scan me For more information and recipe inspiration visit



Twist on a Ploughman’s A Ploughman’s lunch may be a retro classic, but it’s still a popular choice for many. Light and tasty, this typically English

Broughton Hall, Yorkshire. “Cheese, ham

potato and parsley salad with mustard

dish is best served with a pint of beer and

and bread go so well together but there is

and cider vinegar dressing, creamed

eaten outside in a (sunny) pub garden.

nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit!”

cheese pot and roast plum halves.

But you don’t have to stick with tradition

She suggest serving a couple of options

For The Continental, try a platter with

- typically bread, cheddar and pickle - for

on your menu this summer - The English

the following: small baked camembert or

this menu winner.

and The Continental.

brie, parma ham wrapped breadsticks or

“A Ploughman’s is relatively easy to do

For The English she recommends a

pitta bread, sliced figs and caramelised

and with the mix of flavours is a great

platter of the following: pulled glazed

onion marmalade.

dish,” says Gail Pizer, head chef at Utopia,

ham, toasted sourdough slices, chunky

European-style Ploughman’s by Gail Pizer, head chef at Utopia, Broughton Hall, Yorkshire Serves 1

INGREDIENTS 1 feta and sunblush tomato scone 50g Yorkshire fettle cheese or other

it resembles fine breadcrumbs

3. Add tomatoes and crumble in feta cheese, mix lightly

cheese of your choice

4. Mix eggs and milk and add enough

25g olives

to the mixture to form a soft but not

½ marinated roast red pepper

sticky dough

Few dressed rocket leaves

5. Turn dough out and pat to a

2 slices parma ham

thickness of about 1/2 inch. Cut into rounds with a 21/2 inch cutter


INGREDIENTS Makes 9 450g self-raising flour 4 tsp baking powder 100g butter 2 tsp dried oregano 125g feta cheese 100g sunblush tomatoes, chopped 2 eggs

6. Place on trays, brush with remaining egg mix and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown

To serve, place scone at one end of an oblong platter, with a slice of Yorkshire fettle cheese inside. At the other end, arrange peppers, a dish of olives and parma ham. Garnish with rocket leaves

285ml milk

METHOD 1. Grease a large baking tray, preheat the oven 200ºC

2. Mix flour and baking powder, add oregano and butter and combine until


Photo by Dr. Sam Jones




Carla Lamont Carla Lamont owns the Ninth Wave, an award-winning seafood and island game restaurant on the Isle of Mull. Along with her fisherman husband Jonny they have created ‘hedonism on a plate’ with their decadent 18-seat restaurant. The winner of the Highland & Islands Restaurant of the Year 2013 and runner-up SLTN Restaurant of the Year 2014, Ninth Wave is open from May to October. To capture the essence of the wild and wonderful Island, Carla wrote her debut book, The Ninth Wave - Love and Food on the Isle of Mull. What was your inspiration behind Ninth Wave?

When did your passion for cooking begin?

Jonny was catching all this incredible seafood and it was being

At home. Our entire life revolved around food. My mum was a

trucked straight off to Spain (today, 95% of what’s caught is still

great cook and her mum was before her. Food was the main

exported). There were few places in Mull that actually served fresh

family focus; if we weren’t buying it we were cooking and eating

seafood, and those that did didn’t have sea urchins or octopus

it! My first love was a lemon meringue pie baked by my mum.

on the menu. I thought it was such a shame that locals and

Only six years old, I remember sneaking into the kitchen before

tourists were missing out on all this local fabulous seafood; so we

breakfast and eating it - it was definitely worth the trouble I got

decided to change that! Drawing on inspiration from restaurants

into! I now do a deconstructed lemon meringue on my menu

in Canada, childhood memories and the great produce available

and it makes me think of my mum.

on this wild island, Ninth Wave was born. That was six years ago

Any tips for cooking seafood?

and we’ve not looked back since!

Pick the freshest seafood you can get and try not to overcook

How do you source your ingredients?

it - something most people do. For example, with langoustines

All of our produce is as fresh as you can get it. Jonny goes out

all you have to do is heat up a sauce on the stove and when it is

mid morning to fish and whatever he catches is on the menu that

hot put the langoustines in for three minutes. You don’t have to

evening – served by him in his kilt! We try to grow as many herbs,

fry them beforehand. This way, they will be cooked to perfection;

fruits and vegetables as we can. I pick my spinach an hour before

soft and melt in your mouth – just the way seafood should be.

it is served, my herbs minutes before dinner. There is always

People always cook it for far too long. Most recipes say to cook

meat on the island, especially beef, slow-grown lamb and lots of

lobster for 20 to 25 minutes but I cook them for just seven and

game. In fact, our venison and lamb have a unique, tastier flavour

it makes a big difference! The second you overcook seafood it

because of what they eat from the shore-line. I make my own

just turns into rubber so be careful with the cooking time and

chocolate, sorbets and ice cream and use the award-winning Mull

follow your instinct. I think people know more than they give

cheese. As much as possible is sourced locally.

themselves credit for.

Which chefs inspire you?

How do you choose the menu?

I like over-the-top people so Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet restaurant

We offer the option of three, four or five courses. All start with

in Shanghai is just amazing. The whole experience is like a

a soup or oyster course and end with coffee and chocolate. We

fantasy as over a 20-course avant-garde set menu your food

don’t have a huge selection of main courses, as I prefer to offer

is united with visual technology. I love it! And for traditional

more small ‘tasting’ dishes and have therefore planned the menu

culinary greats, never overlook the Roux brothers.

to mirror that. The menu changes daily and is written around what is caught and available, but lobster and crab are always on.

What’s your career history? I started working part time at a pizza place when I was 14.

Hobbies outside the kitchen?

Once I left school, I worked in as many kitchens as I could to

I’m a keen pool player – although I don’t play as much I’d like.

get hands-on experience, eventually building up to being a line

I write poetry, love to read and as a Steampunk enthusiast - it’s

cook. I worked at the Executive House Hotel in Victoria and the

where Victoriana meets sci-fi – I host lots of costume parties.

former Rattenbury’s Restaurant in Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

When the restaurant is closed, I do marketing for it, experiment

My colourful landlady (who impersonated the Queen of England

with new menus, dry seaweed, forage and plant the garden. And,

and travelled the world!) found out through her worldly contacts

if I’m lucky, I go on culinary travels!

that Argyll Hotel on the island of Iona, on the western coast of Scotland, was looking for a meat cook. She knew I had a passion

To win one of three copies of Carla’s book tweet #NinthWave @takestockmag by Aug 31

to travel, so I applied – and got it! I loved the place so much that I stayed, met my husband and moved to Mull.


GREAT CHEFS ADORE IT “ Speyside Glenlivet gives me the exceptional purity I trust to complement the flavours I’ve worked so hard to create.” MICHEL ROUX Jr. Maître Cuisinier de France & MD at Michelin two star Le Gavroche

Sourced from the highest naturally occuring spring on the Crown estate of Glenlivet. Prized by the most select establishments for its unusually low, balanced mineral content. Perfectly STILL and Lightly SPARKLING are available in understated 330ml, 500ml and 750ml glass bottles.

IT’S THE UK’S NO.1 CHOICE* STOCK UP AND START SMILING AT YOUR SALES FIGURES • More people buy Highland Spring than any other bottled water brand in the UK** • Pure spring water drawn from protected organic land in Scotland • Sophisticated and premium bottle design, perfect for on trade occasions

*Zenith International UK Bottled Water Report 2014, plain **Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 14.09.14



New Tastes of Britain

British Food Fortnight (19 September - 4 October) is the biggest national celebration of our very own food and drink. Two chefs share their favourite recipes using some of the finest British ingredients... whatever British produce they have

Held in the autumn to coincide with

positive impact on sales - one restaurant

traditional harvest festivals, British Food

increased sales by an astonishing 300%

Fortnight is organised by Love British

one year. The event gives you the

‘British Food Fortnight’ logo or put a

Food, and is an opportunity for the

opportunity to attract new customers and

Union Jack on menus or around your

industry to come together and promote

increase spending from existing ones.

premises and give customers discount

the benefits of buying and serving food

How to get involved

vouchers for a return visit

from our home-grown larder.

Why take part?

· Set yourself a target of putting five locally sourced dishes on your menu

Whether you are a large brewery chain,

· Experiment with new dishes, create a

hotel or independent restaurant, taking

‘Chef’s Special’ or even run a special

part will help to increase your sales.

‘British Food Fortnight’ menu

Promoting the event is proven to have a

· Contact your suppliers and get

· Promote your participation using the

· Get staff to promote the event to customers and encourage them to order British · Be impressive and customers will remember you and return - this will help boost Christmas bookings

Wild Mull Sea Trout and Shiso Ceviche by Carla Lamont, Ninth Wave, Isle of Mull Serves 2


1 sprig dill, chopped

and whisk well until the sugar is dissolved

1 kabosu (or lime), zest

2. Taste and season if desired

2 kabosu (or limes), juiced

Leave to rest for 10 minutes, covered, in the

Handful dry flaked sea lettuce


1 radish, sliced

4. Mix in the mouli and drain off excess marinade

230g sea trout fillets, skinned, boned and

80ml rapeseed oil

diced into 1cm cubes

Handful shiso and land cress

Small handful rocket, washed 20g mouli, diced 1 small shallot, peeled and finely chopped 8 shiso leaves (or mix of mint and basil), finely chopped

3. Add trout and mix well into the marinade.

15g palm sugar, finely grated

METHOD 1. To make the marinade, place all ingredients except trout and rocket in a non-metal bowl


To serve, place rocket leaves in a martini glass or bowl and place trout mix on top. Garnish with shiso, radish, land cress and kabosu wedges



“A fantastic British dish that most chefs have their own version of.”



1 750g cooked lobster

1. Take all the lobster meat from the claws,

1 large shallot, finely chopped

(any head juice can be kept for the sauce). Slice

Lobster Thermidor

25g butter

tail meat and claw meat and place into tail

600ml fish stock


by Jon Fell, head chef at Muncaster Castle Estate, Ravenglass, Cumbria Serves 2

100ml double cream

2. Melt butter and sweat shallots. Add brandy

100ml dry white wine

and reduce

1 tsp English mustard

3. Add fish stock, white wine and half of the

1 tsp Dijon mustard

cream, boil and reduce by half. Add the rest of

Splash brandy

the cream and simmer until you have a thick

Squeeze lemon juice


30g cheddar, grated 30g parmesan, grated 30g parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil, finely chopped

4. Whisk in two mustards, lemon juice, cheddar, herbs and any lobster head juices

5. Set your grill to high. Gently spoon the sauce over the lobster, sprinkle on the parmesan, and grill for about 3 minutes until the sauce is golden

Serve lobster thermidor with a rocket salad and steamed new potatoes. It doesn’t need anything else




Treshnish Rack of Lamb Persian-Style with Jewelled Rice by Carla Lamont, Ninth Wave Serves 4 LAMB



1. Rinse rice in cold water then bring to the boil

2 racks of Treshnish lamb, French-trimmed

with all the ingredients

4 tbsp pomegranate seeds

2. Stir, then cover and turn heat to low. Cook

1 garlic clove, thinly sliced

for 10 to 12 minutes

METHOD 1. Preheat oven to 220ºC

“The middle-eastern ingredients in this recipe make our local free-range lamb sing.”

325g fresh spinach 125ml yoghurt 125ml sour cream 1/2 tsp sea salt Pinch of black pepper



2. If you are using a fatty lamb rack, the fat cap


must either be rendered fat down in a frying

(A Persian take on pesto)

2. Fry onions in a dash of olive oil until

pan on low until most of the fat is melted off, or

2 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped

translucent. Add garlic and cook for a further

trimmed to a suitable thickness

2 tbsp mint, chopped

minute. Cool

3. Score the fat lightly in a criss-cross pattern,

2 tbsp Asian basil, chopped

but without cutting through to the meat

1 small garlic clove, minced

4. Place the lamb in a roasting tray and spread

1 tbsp pomegranate molasses

a generous tablespoon of golpar paste over it

1 tsp agave syrup or honey

5. Roast for 15 minutes for rare, or 20 for

40g walnuts, chopped

1. Steam spinach for 3 minutes, allow to cool

medium-rare. After 10 minutes, cover with tin

half tsp ground Golpar (hogweed seeds) or


ground fennel seeds

6. Once cooked, leave to rest, covered, in a

To taste sea salt and pepper

warm place for 5 to 7 minutes



1. Using a pestle and mortar, grind herbs,


garlic and walnuts to combine

250g basmati rice 500ml water 1/4 tsp salt 60g barberries (or dried cranberries)

2. Add other ingredients and mix. Season to

3. Add onions and garlic to yoghurt. Add sea salt and pepper and mix

4. Squeeze water from spinach and chop, add it to the yoghurt and mix

To serve, carve the lamb to give each person two or three cutlets. Spoon the rice onto warmed plates and arrange the cutlets on top. Garnish with a teaspoon of spinach booraniyeh, golpar mix and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and rose petals



1 tsp butter


1/4 tsp saffron threads

(A creamy yoghurt and garlic dip)

Pinch sugar

60g sweet white onion

2 pinches dried rose petals

1 tbsp olive oil


Being known for great roasts brings in the bookings. Make your roasts famous, win £10k of PR.* GLUTEN FREE

Enter our British Roast Dinner Week competition at *UK bona fide caterers 18+. To enter complete and submit the entry form on or e-mail your responses to Closing date: 16 August 2015. Prizes: 1 x ‘Winner of the Best British Roast Dinner’ title including £10,000 worth of PR, a day with a pub consultant and 6 tubs of KNORR® Gravy Paste and 6 COLMAN’s® English Mustard. 4 runner up prizes; including 3 KNORR and 3 COLMAN’S® products. See for full terms.



A Toast to the Roast The humble roast dinner is still the number one menu choice in most pubs. Serving the nation’s favourite will put your business on the map, bring in the bookings and ultimately help cook up even tastier profits. With British Roast Dinner Week on 28 September to 4 October, Take Stock

· Take good quality pictures of your roasts and upload to your website

shows you how to get the most out of

· Social media is a must. Use Twitter

your roast - and you don’t even have to

and Facebook to post menu ideas,

wait until Sunday to serve it!

promotions and pictures · Capture your customers’ contact details

Stand out from the crowd · Share the story of the meat you serve. Is it local, free range or Red Tractor? · Celebrate the game season (see our feature on page 10) by offering partridge or pheasant as an alternative, or some local venison · Bring the roast with sides to the table to

and if they are happy to receive emails, send regular updates and even a ‘host a roast’ voucher for their birthday

What makes the perfect roast? Three slices of meat, three roast potatoes and two Yorkshire puddings.

make it more of a sharing experience;

Get involved

let them carve and serve themselves

· Enter the British Roast Dinner Week

· Make veg a hero too with delicious

competition to be crowned the

side dishes of braised red cabbage,

UK’s best roast dinner.

cauliflower cheese, gratinated leeks or


baked fennel · Brits love gravy! Not only does it have

·A  ndrew Fishwick, owner of London gastropub the Truscott Arms,

to be as tasty as the roast, you need to

Maida Vale won in 2014. The title

serve plenty of it!

helped increase food sales by 50%; it now serves 400 covers every

Spread the word


· Keep your website current with regular

1/4 choose

a roast over any other dish

1.2 billion


are eaten in the UK

every year Almost half

want to see

a roast on the menu every day

menu updates


Feed Your Eyes Our Twitter followers have done it again, sending us dozens of photos of stunning dishes they’ve created. The quality and range of submissions continue to dazzle and impress us. As always, it was a tough job whittling them down to the top five for each course. Thanks again for all the amazing entries, please keep them coming to #FeedYourEyes. And a huge thanks to our sponsors RH Amar, Premier Foods and Kerrymaid, because now the winner from each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. The competition is hotting up!

Starters Dominic Powell @powell_ - Exec utive chef at Fish at 85 , Cardiff - Sautéed garlic razor clams, summ er vegetable dre ssing

ates - Senior sous Lee Coates @Lee Co ttingham - Goats No n, chef at The Walto itage tomato, her , am cre curd, basil ice ic strawberry balsam

ysbistro - Chef at Noel Keane @darc , Kerry - Carrot & Darcys Bistro, Tralee beetroot salad

William Grub b @willyjjg18 74 - Pastry chef at The Pl umed Horse, Ed inburgh Ham hock, sw eetbread, terri ne, braised beluga, lentil s & puffed po rk skin


Tom Mackins @ChefTomMackins - Head chef at Falmouth Bay Cafe , Cornwall - Olive oil poached sea trout, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli and radish

Mains Adam Church @ChefAdam Church - Head chef at Franks Steakh ouse, Northampton - Roasted seab ass, hot pickled vegeta ble remoulad e, saffron mayo, gremol ata, baby leave s

Dan Watkins @danchef

82 - Head chef

at Rural Kitchen and Bla ckthorpe House, Suffolk - Native lobster , crispy claw, miso glazed chicken thigh, gem, carrot and passion fruit

Luke Daniels @che

_Rawlings_ Jack Rawlings @_Jack Coutts, London - Junior sous chef at beer battered ée, Roast skate, herb pur k yol egg shallot & cured

f_luke1 - Chef at

Weston Hotel, Sca rborough - Duck breast, beetroot, cha rred carrot, orange, apple, cauliflower and asian spiced jus

Simon Ashb urner @sim on_ashburn - Executive er chef at ISS de fence, Surre Confit, pickle yd, tartare of mackerel w sea herbs & ith buttermilk sn ow

Desserts - Head ameverett203 Sam Everett @s t, Rochdale an erside Restaur chef at The Riv baileys d an el lice, caram - Chocolate de

r1chance Tom Sturman @davo nsleydale School, We at er nag Catering ma ms and lemon Leyburn, Yorkshire - Pim

ice cream


patro rniechef - Chef Ernst van Zyl @E ter Bit ge , Kerrid of The Lord Clyde & rpone, grapefruit sca ma te, ola oc ch coffee

Craig Skinner @skinna86 - Head chef at Maison Mes Amis, Chesterfield Classic créme caramel


- Sous chef and Tom Genty @GentyTg Mulberry Tree, acting head chef at The Kent - ‘banoffee’

The Winners Lee Coates


@Lee Coates

Senior sous chef at The Walton, Nottingham - Goats curd, basil ice cream, heritage tomato, strawberry balsamic


Sponsored by

Dan Watkins

Winner MAINS


Head chef at Rural Kitchen and Blackthorpe House, Suffolk - Native lobster, crispy claw, miso glazed chicken thigh, gem, carrot and passion fruit


Sponsored by

Tom Sturman



Sponsored by



Catering manager at Wensleydale School, Leyburn, Yorkshire Pimms and lemon



Welcome to Take Stock’s regular patisserie section!

Desserts Through the Decades You never forget your favourite childhood dessert do you? So it’s no surprise that retro puddings are making a comeback. More and more chefs are rediscovering old-fashioned sweets made by their parents or grandparents and putting them on their menus. To help more chefs take advantage of this dessert revival,

all remember from our childhoods,” said Sarah Gray, channel

Premier Foods has released a ‘Desserts through the Decades’

marketing manager at Premier Foods. “The recipes are ideal

guide. This provides an innovative twist on the most popular

for creating excitement within the upsell opportunity that the

desserts from the past 80 years - so you can serve up baked

dessert occasion creates. The guide also provides top tips on

treats just like granny used to!

how to make the most of the recipes with twists and tricks to

“Our new ‘Desserts through the Decades’ guide brings an

provide variety which will help drive footfall among both new

aspect of fun through a nostalgic look back at the products we

and existing customers.”

Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Louise Wagstaffe, culinary advisor for Premier Foods Makes 12 portions Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes

INGREDIENTS For greasing butter 35g sugar 14 slices canned pineapple in juice 100ml pineapple juice 180g glacé cherries 600g McDougalls Plain Sponge Mix 200ml water

METHOD 1. Pre-heat oven to 200°C. Grease two 9” wide, 8-9” deep cake tins (neither loose-

bottomed nor springform) and sprinkle each

for 4 minutes on medium speed to create a

with sugar then arrange the pineapple slices to

smooth batter

make a circular pattern

4. Pour half the sponge mixture into each tin

2. Fill each pineapple ring with a glacé cherry,

carefully so as not to move the cherry-studded

and then dot one in each of the spaces in

pineapple rings in the tins; the sponge will only


just cover it, so spread it out gently

3. Whisk McDougalls Plain Sponge Mix, add

5. Bake for 30 minutes, then ease a spatula

the water and pineapple juice and mix for 1

around the edge of the tin, place a plate on top

minute on low speed. Scrape down and mix

and, with one move, turn it upside down


T&L AD Professional Pastry Chefs tell us they prefer Tate & Lyle Caster and Icing Sugar* * Based on research carried out by MMR Research Worldwide for Tate & Lyle Sugars in April 2014, out of 202 UK-based Pastry Chefs interviewed, 68% used Tate & Lyle’s Caster and Icing sugars for baking.





Alfred Bird invented the original homemade Bird’s Custard Powder in 1837

Lemon Meringue Pie by Louise Wagstaffe, culinary advisor for Premier Foods

Win Tea At The Ritz Premier Foods is running an online competition giving chefs and caterers the chance to win afternoon tea for two at The Ritz. Simply download the Desserts through the Decades guide from their website, by 31 August 2015.

Makes 24 portions Prep time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Ambrosia was first founded in 1917 as an infant nutrition company

2. Divide pastry into four, roll and line four 18cm/7” pie tins. Bake blind for 20 minutes or until cooked

3. Blend Bird’s Lemon Filling Mix with 1.15l cold water. Bring to the boil, stirring


continuously, and simmer for 1 minute

500g McDougalls Shortcrust Pastry Mix

4. Pour into baked pastry cases and allow to

100g caster sugar


170ml water 1 packet Bird’s Lemon Filling Mix 1.15l water 1 packet Bird’s Meringue Mix 160ml water

5. Add 160ml water to the Bird’s Meringue Mix and whisk on a low speed for 1 minute

6. Increase to a high speed and whisk until mixture forms soft peaks. Add the 220g caster sugar and blend on a low speed for 1 minute

220g caster sugar

7. Divide the meringue between the 4 pastry cases to cover the lemon filling. Create a peak



1. Pre-heat oven to 170°C. Mix McDougalls

8. Cook for 40 minutes at 160°C

Shortcrust Pastry Mix with 170ml water to make a dough. Rest for 10 minutes then roll out


“It’s all in the name”

“Tetley Tea! ”

Studies show that serving a branded tea can increase out-of-home tea sales by up to 76%* That’s why you need to offer the strongest tea brand…Tetley Tea! With the highest brand awareness**, and drunk in over 9m UK households***, Tetley is the nation’s most trusted tea brand.****

Tetley One Cup 2 x1100s

Tetley Tagged Envelope 250s

Tetley On The Go 300s

The perfect tea bag for outlets serving more than 30 single cups, mugs or teapots per day, stored in bulk in a re-sealable pack.

Easy-to-store, easy-to-display self-merchandising carton, ideal for hotel, guest house and self-service environments.

The complete takeaway format, containing 300 double-wall insulated cups, spill-free sip-lids and drip-free drawstring tea bags.

Stock up today on the Tetley products your customers know and love! To learn more about the Tetley offering and for advice on tea service, visit

* Tetley U&A Study and Microtestfrom Research International ** IPSOS Brand Tracking, Oct 2014 *** Neilsen Data, 2014 **** Marketing Week, 2014



Teaching Tiny Tummies

School bells will soon be ringing to announce the start of the new academic year. But while education is paramount to a child’s development, what they eat is crucial too.

A healthy guide

And, in an effort to make sure our youngsters have a healthy future, caterers and suppliers are working together to give them

Premier Foods is launching a ‘Back to School’ competition

the best start with healthy, well-balanced meals at school.

and has partnered with the children’s charity Kids Company to launch a recipe guide, which will also include information

Educate them

on helping to spot signs of malnutrition amongst children in schools. The guide will offer tips and advice on nutrition for

During British Food Fortnight (19 Sept-4 Oct), there will be

caterers, teachers and parents, malnutrition awareness and

events to educate young people about British food, with

recipes. Kids Company receives food donations from across

schools incorporating cookery and food-related topics into their

the country that their volunteers turn into nutritious and

curriculum. The aim is to make sure the young are aware of the

filling meals, catering for over 13,000 hungry and vulnerable

diverse and delicious food that’s available, and who sells it.

children each month. They are experts in helping overcome the constraints that school chefs and caterers can face.

What you can do · Offer your kitchen facilities to your local school as a venue


for a cooking lesson or a demonstration

- Visit

· Help kids learn about food by hosting a British Food: True or

- Choose items from the list of 10 prominent ingredients Kids

False Quiz or give them factsheets about some of the dishes

Company receive via donations and combine with at least

on your menu eg what ingredients are in it and why they

one of Premier Foods kitchen cupboard staples, such as

are good for you

Bisto, Homepride, McDougalls and Ambrosia, to create an

· Child-friendly promotions will encourage parents to bring

innovative dish

their children - and return

- The five winning recipes will win £100 worth of high street

· Offer smaller portions of dishes on your menu rather than a

vouchers and have their recipe featured in the Premier

kids menu and offer a ‘try it’ plate

Foods Back to School guide launched in October

· Create a budget-conscious version of one of your dishes

- For more details, T&Cs and to submit your recipe entry visit

that would be suitable for a school caterer, and produce a

recipe card to show it to teachers, parents and students


McVitie’s Family Circle

Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese

Crawford’s Minipacks

Perfect for hospitality and workplace catering

Perfect for restaurants and hotels

Perfect for hotels and cafes


STOCK UP TODAY United Biscuits

Your route to snacking success



Fire! In the good old days, fire and rescue authorities would proactively involve themselves with public businesses to ensure a valid fire certificate was in place. However, since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, that has changed. And now, responsibility for complying with the order rests with the ‘responsible person’ or anyone who has a degree of control for the premises/business.

Take Stock shows you how to be fire safety conscious...

What do you need to be aware of?

It is important to remember that fire risk assessment (FRA) is a continuous process and as such must be monitored and

Fire and Rescue Authorities enforce the law, so The Regulatory

audited on a regular basis. New and existing control measures

Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes you responsible for

should be maintained to ensure that they are still working

taking steps to protect the people using your premises from the

effectively i.e. Fire Alarms/Smoke Detection.

risk of fire.

You can pass this requirement on to a competent person within the premises or an outside specialist company.

What legal obligations do you need to comply with? You must comply with fire safety law and, as far as is reasonably practical, make sure that everyone on the premises, or nearby, can escape safely if there is a fire. As the ‘responsible person’ you are required to assess fire safety risks and put in place measures to reduce the risk of fire and protect people from harm. Under the order you must carry out a fire risk assessment and make an emergency plan.

What is a fire risk assessment and what’s involved? · Identifies fire hazards · Identifies and evaluates who might be at risk · Evaluates the risks and looks at ways of removing or reducing them · Records significant findings and ensures you have a plan and staff training in place · Reviews findings when necessary



Introducing MAGGI™ Liquid Concentrates • Unlike bouillons, instantly disperses to make 34 litres of stock using hot or cold water • Versatile - can be used at all stages of the cooking process • Available in 5 flavour variants


BEFORE COOKING Mix into Dressings & Dips




Finishing Drizzle


Final Coating

Soup/Sauce/Broth Base

Flavour Boost

Stir Frying

0800 742 842 | | Assisting the amazing since 1883


® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S. A. All rights reserved.



What is an emergency plan?

and sufficient instruction on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard them

This is specific to your premises and details the pre-planned

and other relevant persons on the premises. All staff identified in

procedures in place for use in the event of a fire. It must

your emergency plan that have a supervisory role (such as fire


marshals) should be given details of your fire risk assessment

· Action on discovering a fire

and receive additional training.

· Warning if there is a fire · Calling the fire brigade

How can a business access training?

· Evacuation of the premises (including those particularly at

There are a number of companies offering certified training,

risk), places of assembly and roll call

much of it on-line. The best offer tailored packages, allowing you

· Liaison with emergency services

to select how many staff you want trained and how much of the

· Identification of key escape routes

necessary record keeping they handle for you. Always make sure

· The fire fighting equipment provided

the company you work with is RoSPA and IFE certified.

· Specific responsibilities in the event of a fire · Training required

Cost and frequency of that training?

Regardless of the type of premises, the order applies to virtually

Training doesn’t have to be expensive. As a guideline, OTC

all and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open

Online Training Courses Ltd typically charge:

space. A FRA and the action you must take to make premises safe are a

(Per Staff Member)

(Per Staff Member)




Fire Marshal

From £99 - £180

From £140 - £200+


Fire Extinguisher Training

From £65 - £140

From £100+


In small premises, an emergency plan may be as simple as evacuation of the premises and calling the fire brigade as outlined in their FRA. In large premises, it may be a complex management document detailing fire fighting, phased fire

Certified Online course

(Per Staff Member)

of a pub with bigger occupancy, the basic rules remain the same.

Full day course

Basic Fire Safety

legal requirement under the order and although fire safety may be easier to manage in small premises such as an office than that

Half day courses

On average, an online training course takes one to two hours

alarms/evacuation, calling the emergency services and defining

and can be completed at the users own pace, resulting in less

the roles of specific people.

disruption to the workplace than external training. Any training should be easily understandable by staff, explain

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

the duties and responsibilities of staff, be repeated periodically where appropriate and also be: – Provided to all new employees

Failure to comply with the order may initially result in an

– Provided when employees are exposed to new or increased

enforcement notice being issued by the fire authorities.

risks i.e. change of responsibilities

However, placing one or more employees at risk of death or

– Provided when there is an introduction of new work

serious injury in case of a fire is a criminal offence in itself! In


such cases the authority could prosecute in the courts, which can result in unlimited fines and up to two years in prison.

Fire safety is just one of many safety issues a business must address to minimise the risk of injury or death to staff or the public. But, unlike most of the other safety concerns, it is fire

What training do employers need to give employees?

that has the potential to injure or kill large numbers of people very quickly.

The responsible person must ensure that all employees are provided with adequate safety training and information

Our thanks to for help in

about the risks in the premises and should include suitable

this feature. Visit their website for more information or to sign up for a free trial.


NEW, Individually Wrapped POLO� is a perfect complimentary sweet for your business

Available in either refreshing clear mint or fruit - with a variety of fruit flavours; blackcurrant, orange, lemon, lime












and strawberry


Big Boys TOYS

WHAT IS A DRONE? A pilotless robot that flies via remote control. Used mainly for military activities, weather reporting and search and rescue. Now, the hospitality industry is using them for aerial photos, shooting videos and to serve guests!

Drones are taking off in a big way. Take Stock looks at what you need to know if you’re contemplating one for your business...


“Aerial photos and videos – especially when it comes to weddings – will make a real point of difference for your guests, making it a unique experience,” said Phil Horton of flycamera. “There is nothing to stop anyone going out and buying

If you are going to fly your own drone here is what you must do n The drone has to weigh less than 20kg

a drone but getting CAA approval can be expensive and rigorous, so it’s advisable to employ an experienced company who will take care of everything for you.”

n Avoid flying it within 150m of a congested area without Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission n Stay at least 50m from people, vehicles, structures and buildings that aren’t under your control n Respect peoples privacy n Mustn’t fly above 400ft n Have visual line of sight of the drone at all times, which for larger drones the law deems to be around 500m from you n If you are charging guests for the use of the drone, for example at their wedding, then you need to apply for a CAA Exemption, which involves tests to ensure that you are a competent operator n Make sure all guests are informed of flight times and agree to being filmed n Keep well away from power lines and guest’s heads!


TOP FLYERS 3D ROBOTICS SOLO Brand new and claimed to be the smartest drone ever, it makes it easy for amateurs to get professional quality aerial shots and video. Prices from £700, excluding Go Pro camera.


Getting going

The £350 Bebop, with built in camera, provides decent quality

On-board computers in both the controller and drone link

filming on a budget.

with Wi-Fi to allow operators supreme flight control, whilst novices will appreciate the ability to use an app on their

Getting going

mobile devices to pre-programme flight plans that the drone

Load Parrot’s Freeflight app onto your tablet or smartphone, use the drones own Wi-Fi to link up and then on your device choose between tilt, virtual joysticks, or tilt with independent use of the

will follow automatically, courtesy of the in-built GPS tracker. Press a button and away it goes! Flying power

camera. Once that’s done, off you go!

Solo’s video game style controller gives full access to GoPro

Flying power

camera controls in flight (a first) and ‘Smart Shots’ technology

With a spare in the pack, the battery allows a c. 10 minute flying

offers you the ability to set the camera to stay focussed on an

time and range is around 250m. Thanks to a three-axis digitally

object whilst the drone orbits or tracks an object. There’s also

stabilised 14-megapixel camera with 180-degree fisheye lens,

a ‘Selfie’ setting where with the tap of a button the drone will

what you can capture in the 8GB of in-built storage is certainly

take off with the camera pointed at you, fly up and back to

good enough to share with friends and family. You can even use

capture your surroundings and then fly back and land. Save

the Wi-Fi to stream live pictures to your device whilst flying.

onto your phone and share!

DJI PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL The professional level drone has a top quality fully stabilised 12.4-megapixel camera that offers auto exposure, time lapse and single or multi-shot photos. It starts at £1,150. Stream live The video camera can stream live 720p HD from the drone direct to the controller, thanks to the DJI Lightbridge image transmission technology used by professional cinematographers, whilst at the same time storing everything on up to 64GB of SD card. Flying platforms The controller has been engineered specifically for flying camera platforms; everything links to your mobile devices; intelligent batteries let you know in real time how much power is left and a worry-free GPS autopilot system not only helps you fly, but can get your drone back to you at the push of a button. Range is up to 2000m and flying time over 20 minutes. The piece de resistance It has visual positioning technology too – meaning you can fly indoors and close to the ground, helped by visual and ultrasonic sensors that scan the ground for patterns, thereby enabling it to identify its position and move accurately! Source: Phil Horton of


pub_flyer_v2.indd 1

10/02/2015 11:37


The brands customers love to buy

TRADITIONAL TASTES. Customers adore the much-loved taste of Golden Wonder crisps and Mr Porky’s ever-popular Prime Cut Pork Scratchings












FINER FLAVOURS. They’ll really appreciate the flavor of our Real crisps range, our Marmite crisps and our best ever Mr Porky Pork Scratchings

PICK OF THE PACKS. It’s hard to resist the delicious Jonathan Crisp range and Mr Porky Finest Quality Pork Scratchings

With something to tempt every type of customer, Tayto’s brands are a great way to drive incremental sales and deliver strong margins.

GIVE ‘EM WHAT THEY WANT For further details please contact Neil Sturgess – 07918 733220 / email

33593 Tayto Take Stock FP AD 195x280mm_AW.indd 1

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In this issue Snacking Success Maximising Mini’s Pump Up The Volume 45





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Sporting Events TAKE STOCK


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Special Olympics, World Games, Los Angeles

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28 July-1 August

29 August

Tour de France



3-5 July

Glorious Goodwood

Challenge Cup Final, Wembley

RACING F1 - British GP

30 July-2 August

28-30 August




Womens British Open, Turnberry

The Ashes

8 August

31 August-13 September

13-19 July




Premier League starts

US Open, New York

8 July-24 August

British MotoGP, Silverstone



Olympia, London


8-11 July 26TH EALING BEER FESTIVAL Walpole Park



Maximising Mini’s Pump Up The Volume53 47

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From the

Disaronno Devil’s Sour Mix Cellar! Disaronno claims that the secret formula of its

amaretto flavoured, bittersweet liqueur has remained Legend has it that Casillero del Diablo

unchanged since 1525 – and the Italian 28% abv

wines were stored in the devil’s cellar to

‘Originale’ has become a favourite in cocktail bars

protect them from thieves. Luckily, South

(and homes) across the globe.

American wine specialist Concha y Toro (CyT) has managed to find a way to bring these wines to our shores, turning it into the fastest growing top 10

Now, the makers have launched Disaronno Sour Mix in an easy-grip speed bottle, allowing bartenders to create a tasty, thirst-quenching drink that perfectly blends flavours of lemon and lime with the almond and vanilla of the liqueur.

wine brand in the

Feedback from consumers who’ve tried the new

UK in the process!

combination has been overwhelmingly positive – a

There’s a fresh Sauvignon Blanc – perfect with

full 86% said they love the taste and 83% promised to keep ordering it. Find out more at

chicken or fish; a light Chardonnay

by no means least,

Hobgoblin Gold

the Casillero del

Wychwood Brewery has launched Hobgoblin Gold – a combination

Diablo Cabernet

of no less than six hop varieties, with an infusion of wheat and

Sauvignon red,

malted barley that gives a perfectly balanced taste. Needless to say,

which is the UK’s

there’s a huge hop punch too!

for pasta and risotto dishes and, last but

No.1 best selling Cabernet.

including the female market. To maximise awareness, Wychwood

Chilean wines

is supporting the launch with eye-catching POS materials and a

are experiencing

comprehensive media campaign across trade and traditional media.

4.3% growth and CyT are running promotional events in the run up to Halloween – so

The brew has been developed to appeal to new, younger drinkers,

They’re also making innovative use of social media with the launch of the Hobgoblin’s Taste Finder iPhone & Android app – featuring details of permanent stockists – as well as activity on Twitter and Facebook.

get stocked up!

Get some in, before the Hobgoblins get you!




Smirnoff No.21


Created in 1864, Smirnoff No. 21 vodka is the number one best selling premium vodka brand in the world. And now it has a whole new look!

Products with

What’s inside the bottle needs no introduction. The grain-based,


triple-distilled, 10-times filtered spirit is famous for a taste that combines tones of light lemon balm with a cedar spiciness – a combination

Maxxium UK’s award-winning range of spirits has been

that’s seen No.21 become a favourite

complemented by a number of new additions, including two

for drinkers in over 130 countries.

whiskies matured in American bourbon casks.

It’s the outside that has changed -

Bowmore’s Small Batch whisky is exclusively matured in first

Diageo giving their flagship vodka

and second-fill ex-bourbon casks, then married together

a look that has real ‘stand-out’

giving it a distinctive taste of citrus, gentle saltiness, coconut

presence behind the bar or in a retail

and vanilla.


Triple distilled Auchentoshan single malt hails from Clydebank,

The updated look and feel is being

Glasgow and has sweet aromas of bourbon vanilla and

reflected across all promotional and

coconut with layers of zesty citrus fruit.

POS materials and serves to give

40% abv, the malt’s refreshingly smooth taste to the tongue,

a more modern feel to the bottle,

ending with a hint of spice saw it win silver at the 2014 IWSC

whilst at the same time giving due

awards with a rating of outstanding.

deference to Smirnoff’s 151 year

Visit for more details of these and


other premium spirits

The best has just got better!

19 Crimes In 1788, there were 19 single felonies in the UK

Launching this September, 19 Crimes aims to

punishable by transportation, including bigamy,

challenge the wine status quo, tapping into a

assault with an intent to rob and impersonating

consumer demand amongst 18-34 year old males

an Egyptian.

for masculine, unique and sophisticated brands

In the ensuing 80 years, 162,000 convicts were

that stand out from the crowd.

sent to various Australian penal colonies, in the

A black frosted bottle sets the tone; convict

process helping create what is now a fiercely

John O’Reilly features on the label and each

proud, independent and life-loving country.

cork will have one of the 19 crimes printed on

Now, in celebration of the rules these convicts broke and the culture they built, Treasury Wines has announced 19 Crimes – a 14% abv red wine, which is 57.1% Shiraz, blended with Cabernet

it. Real presence, which will be backed up by POS material, and a digital campaign to drive awareness, including Available for pre-order now from your suppliers!

Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot and other 2014 reds.




Our new glass bottle range in 330ml* is now available and includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and 7Up Free The redesign of the Pepsi bottle was inspired by original heritage bottle and 7Up is now a classic design with a premium label

Pepsi is worth a £ billion+ in the UK1

Low calorie options are the biggest opportunity, they under-trade in Leisure but are driving growth.2

Best tasting in their categories Vs their competitors3


*Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max are also available in 200ml bottles, perfect for mixing with spirits. Source: [1] Canadean Total Coverage Q2 ‘14. [2] Source: CGA brand index, total on premise, low/no cal % value/volume share, 52we 21.02.2015 (Low cal 25.8% of value, +8.5% growth vs full sugar +1.5%). [3] Pepsi: Qubiq quant blind taste test June 2013 (n=200 Nat Rep sample). 7Up: Qubig online, March 2014, blind taste test, all 7Up variants vs all Sprite variants.



Straight Drinking The adult soft drinks sector is growing. Consumers spend ÂŁ27.5bn on drinks when socialising. 15% of sales can be attributed to soft drinks, according to research by CGA and a survey by the Office of National Statistics revealed one in five adults are now teetotal. Thanks to health conscious consumers, a growing aging population, sober social occasions and changing tastes, there now is a big opportunity to boost sales with your straight drinking selection.

51% of mixers are drunk

Reasons for straight drinking

without alcohol

n A culture of health among 35+ n More people conscious of calories n Consumers looking for inspiring drinks outside flavoured carbs n An aging population, with changing tastes n Social occasions not all revolving around alcohol

Source: Schweppes




What to order Pepsi Max – the no-sugar cola meets

or preservatives it contains added

the needs of those looking for less sugar

vitamins. It is sweetened with naturally

and a great taste and is ideal with food or

sourced stevia, a plant leaf extract.

as a mixer. Available in 300ml and 200ml,

Targets 25-35 year old females who are

the new bottle is a dynamic glass design

looking for a tasty alternative to water.

inspired by its heritage.

Purdey’s – a unique blend of botanical

7Up Free – a great refreshing taste

extracts with vitamins, spring water and

and no sugar, it’s available in a heritage

fruit juice it’s delicious and caffeine-free.

style 300ml glass bottle. Premium, yet

The brown glass bottle wrapped in silver

informal, it is designed to target females

foil is aimed at 30-40 year olds.

within a food focused environment.

J2O Spritz – targeted at 25-35 year

Coca-Cola Life – a third less sugar

olds who are looking for something a

and a third fewer calories than regular

bit different and are prepared to pay

cola, it is sweetened with a blend of

for it. More sophisticated and lighter in

sugar and naturally-sourced stevia leaf

taste than the core J2O range, it will be

extract. Targeted at 35-55 year olds, it is

available in 275ml bottles and in Pear

available in glass contour bottles with

& Raspberry, Apple & Watermelon and

green branding.

Peach & Apricot and is designed to be

Lipton – the refreshing blend of tea

served chilled in a Champagne flute.

extract and fruit juice offers consumers

Schweppes – two new low-calorie

something a bit different. Launched with

flavours have been launched, aimed at a

33% less sugar and a new glass bottle in

‘new generation’ of consumers aged 35

peach, it’s the perfect partner for a meal

and above. Grapefruit & Blood Orange

or on its own.

and Lemon & Elderflower contain 20

V Water – a sugar-free choice with no

calories per 100ml, making them one of the lowest calorie drinks in their category.

artificial sweeteners, colours, flavourings


7 in 10

on-trade soft drink occasions

involve food


of soft drinks are consumed

by women Adults over 35

are drinking

mixers without




Snacking Success Snack sales can have a major impact on your bottom line, be that through direct sales or as part of a value add proposition. However, with over 600 types of bagged snacks currently available in the UK market, it can be tough deciding what to stock and how best to then maximise sales.

Core range Everyone has a favourite flavour of crisp, so make sure you have all of the traditional tastes available. The same goes for nuts – ready salted and dry roasted are essentials you ignore at your peril, as are quality pork scratchings.

Pack sizes You know your clientele, so buy accordingly. Lots of families with youngsters coming in? Make sure you’ve got a selection of single bags as asking children to share a pack is often a recipe for arguments. Couples and older families? Larger pack sizes have real appeal here.

Be adventurous People like to experiment, so offer them

are prepared to push the boat out for something special.

Gluten free There are so many people out there who want to eat gluten-free – so make sure you’ve got something to offer them. KP’s O’Donnells crisps are a premium snack that enables you to cover the gluten-free base in style.

Display and marketing On average, 50% of customers look to buy a bagged snack when visiting a pub or bar, but so often what’s available is hidden away. Research by Him! shows that by simply making crisps, snacks and nuts more visible, you can lift sales by up to 8%. So show the world what you’ve got.

something different! Jalapeno Pepper

Dedicate a blackboard to your snack

flavoured crisps? Chilli peanuts? Sour

varieties. Have guest flavours. Offer deals

Cream & Chive pretzels? Marmite flavour?

– a sharing pack plus two single bags at

There’s a huge range out there, so get

a discounted price lets the kids have a

some whacky alternatives in!

pack each whilst mum and dad get some

Up-market offerings If you’re selling premium drinks, offer premium snacks. Deli-style potato chips and carton packed snacks are a classy way to snack whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine. Cater for clients who

peace and quiet. And lastly, get some help. Talk to your supplier and take advantage of the marketing tools and advice that’s out there. They care about your snacking success.


CAMRA Club The Campaign for Real Ale has been around since 1971 and is now the largest singleissue consumer group in the UK. So when out of 28,000 possibilities they named Wortley Men’s Club as their National Club of the Year, Take Stock went to find out more. Situated in the heart of a pretty south

says Theresa. “We’ve around 650 members

Yorkshire village, Wortley Men’s Club

- 200 or so who come in regularly - and

occupies what were once the Earl of

the committee is really supportive, which

Wharncliffe’s reading rooms. Fed up with

means we can concentrate on looking

having to share the Wortley Arms pub

after the day-to-day running of the club.

with rowdy American soldiers stationed

Annual subscriptions are just £15, but

around the village during WWII, the Earl

as our prices are around 15% less than

transformed the rooms into a club on

elsewhere around, regulars soon get

22nd December 1945 and it’s been a

that back.

haven for drinkers ever since.

We focus on making regulars and their

First impressions are good: a sweeping

guests feel at home, and the club is

drive, tended lawns and a nicely preserved

available to hire for parties and meetings.

stone and externally timbered building

So, for instance, we’ve two shoots that

with parking behind. Ducking through the

meet here on Saturday mornings. We

entrance you’re immediately into a large,

lay on bacon sandwiches and coffee -

comfortable lounge, with a cosy bar area

setting them up for the day – and then

off it, whilst through an open doorway

they finish up here, swapping stories and

a snooker/games room with proudly

comparing ‘bags’.”

displayed trophies beckons.

Nigel and Theresa get members in by

However, it’s the warmth of welcome

running a quiz at 9.30pm on Thursday

from steward Nigel Pickering and his wife,

evenings and a cash prize draw on

Theresa, that really sets this club apart –

Saturday nights and Sunday lunchtimes,

something CAMRA fully recognised when

plus snooker and darts competitions.

making their decision. “We’ve been here since 2004 and love it,”

“It’s full on, but hugely enjoyable,” she adds.




Wortley is a great place to live. The

“I then deal directly with the breweries,

couple work closely with the church,

helped by the fact that we sell quite a bit

local shops and their neighbours - the

– 310 brewers barrels last year,” he adds.

Wortley Arms’- to run events that benefit

“Winning this award has made my life a

both residents and visitors.

bit more difficult, as I’ve been inundated

“In mid July (17-19th) we’ll be running our annual beer festival, where people will be able to sample around 40 beers and 10 ciders,” explains Theresa. “Then

with breweries calling to ask if I’ll feature them in the club, or during the beer festival. I’m not complaining…it’s a nice problem to have!”

we’re planning a Brass Band Festival

And top tips for success? “We try hard

on 6th September and are looking at

to make our customers feel welcome,

the possibility of running a Christmas

comfortable and relaxed,” says the couple.

market. We also support the Yorkshire Air

“We listen to their suggestions; serve

Ambulance – donating £9000 over the

them the very best and never stop trying

past three years. Come and join us!”

to do better. We want them to love the

Providing and serving the best real ale

club as much as we love working here!”



is a passion for the couple. Success in

On 22nd December 2015 the club

One of Britain’s most notorious

winning CAMRA’s National Club of the

celebrates the 70th anniversary of its first

highwaymen - John Nevison

Year is clear recognition of their hard

licence. The Earl of Wharncliffe would be

- was born in Wortley in 1639.

work and dedication.

proud of his legacy.

Reputedly nicknamed ‘Swift Nick’

“We dedicated one pump to cask ale in

For more information visit

by King Charles II after he rode

2007 and have never looked back,” says or call

Nigel. “We’ve now got four plus a craft

0114 2882066

non-stop from Kent to York so as to establish an alibi for a robbery he’d committed, he became

cider, and we change what’s on offer every two or three weeks.

famous for his gentlemanly

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord is what we’d

anyone but the rich.

conduct and refusal to take from

call our resident beer and then we have

After numerous run-ins with the

regional and local guest beers – so

authorities and an escape whilst

right now you have a choice between

on his way to be transported

Ringwood Boon Doggle, Spring Bank

to Tangiers, Swift Nick’s luck

from the Small World Brewery at Shelley,

finally ran out in 1684 when he

West Yorkshire and Chantry Brewery’s

was sentenced to death for the

Diamond Black Stout, plus of course more mainstream brews.”

murder of a constable. He was

When it comes to choosing the beers

now famous as the home of the

that the club will run, Nigel says he keeps

annual York Camra Beer & Cider

his ears open as to what’s new, gets great


hanged at the Knavesmire, York –

input from his regulars and suggestions from CAMRA members too.


KP’s Best Selling Must Stock Range The No.1 Ridge Cut crisps brand*

The UK’s favourite Snack brand**

Gluten-free premium crisps


*AC Nielsen Total Market 52 wks to 25.09.14. **600 nat rep sample, adult snackers Dec 14 TNS †AC Nielsen Total Market 52 wks to 21.06.14

The leading nut brand† in the UK



In Good Spirits? If you were asked to name an alcoholic spirit, there’s every chance Gin or Vodka would spring to mind. They’re firm favourites with drinkers everywhere. But do you know how they’re made and what makes them different. Here’s the lowdown…

Vodka Records of vodka production in Russia and Poland date back to the 9th century. The name stems from the Slavic word ‘voda’, meaning water or the Polish ‘wódka’. Demand saw cheap, lower grade vodka being made in thousands of distilleries across Russia - often from potato mash – and an epidemic of drunkenness so bad that the production and distribution of vodka came under state control! The 1917 Russian Revolution led to many vodka makers fleeing the country, taking their expertise and recipes with them. In the 1930’s, one such exile set up the first vodka distillery in the USA! His name? Vladimir Smirnov! Vodka is made by the distillation of starch or sugar rich plant matter – most commonly fermented cereal grains, sugar beet or potatoes. Grapes, molasses, soya, rice and even wood-pulp can be used too!

distillation of English spirits. Thousands

If a customer is willing to spend money

of distilleries opened and gin sales soon

on a quality gin or vodka, it doesn’t make

exceeded that of more expensive beer and

sense to pair it with an inferior mixer.

ale, gin even being given to some workers

Since launching in 2005, Fever-Tree have

as part of their wages!

pioneered a whole new mixer category

By the 18th century, drunkenness, vice,

using the highest quality, hand-sourced

madness and death caused by drink was

natural ingredients, making tonic and

rife – perfectly encapsulated in 1751 by

mixers an ingredient in their own right.

William Hogarth’s ‘Gin Lane’ – estimates

Fever-Tree’s range uses perfect carbonation

of gin production in London at that time

which consists of smaller bubbles for

being 14 gallons for every adult male.

a smoother and more intense taste. By

Government legislation and licensed

replacing cloying saccharin sweeteners

retailers under the supervision of

and artificial preservatives with natural

magistrates led to respectable firms

botanicals and flavours, Fever-Tree has

embarking upon the production of gin,

created delicious mixers that have been

leading to it becoming the high quality

designed to complement and enhance

spirit we have today.

the world’s finest spirits. Their belief is that

Gin is produced by distilling a fermentation of grain with flavouring being added

if three quarters of a drink is mixer, then it should be the best.

through the use juniper, plus as many as

The quinine in Fever-Tree’s tonics comes

ten other ‘botanicals’, including coriander;

from the last remaining plantation of fever

angelica; citrus peel; cinnamon and

trees in East Congo. Their classic Indian

nutmeg. Every producer has their own

Tonic it is mixed with eight botanicals,

Distillation and filtering can see the final abv

secret recipe, which is why there’s such a

including rare ingredients such as marigold

of vodka reach 96%. As such, most vodka is

choice of gin flavours.

extracts and hand pressed orange oils from

diluted with water prior to bottling!

London gin must be distilled to at least 70% abv, must not contain any artificial

Gin The earliest confirmed date for the production of gin is the early 17th century – in Holland – where it was sold as a medicine under the name jenever. British troops fighting during the Thirty Years War were given ‘Dutch Courage’ to

ingredients, can not have any flavours or colourings added after distillation and can only contain a minute amount of

Tanzania. Simply put, by using botanicals which are the same high quality as those used in premium spirits, their mixers enhance rather than mask the gin and vodka in long drinks.

sugar. Whilst London gin can be produced anywhere, Plymouth gin has to be distilled

See over the page for some fabulous

in Plymouth.

Fever-Tree drink ideas and then email to ask about their free bespoke gin & tonic menus...

fend off the damp and cold.


When William of Orange came to the

A good mixer is absolutely essential to

English throne in 1689 he brought

making a good drink and should no

in statutes to actively encourage the

longer be considered an afterthought.





Tanqueray No. Ten

Gluten free. Distilled in France from French grapes.

Small batch gin using fresh citrus fruits (grapefruits, orange and limes), camomile flowers and other hand selected botanicals.


Super premium!

Dutch distilled in a copper ‘ketel’ for the smoothest possible finish. Available in Oranje & Citroen flavours too.

Tanqueray London Dry One of the world’s most awarded gins. Distilled four times

Russian Standard Vodka

using juniper, coriander, liquorice and angelica botanicals.

Distilled in St. Petersburg. Russia’s No.1 Premium vodka.

Moscow Mule A Moscow Mule is a buck or mule cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime served in a copper mug. It became popular during the vodka craze in the United States in the 1950s. The name refers to the popular perception of vodka as a Russian product.

INGREDIENTS 200ml Fever-Tree Ginger Beer 50ml vodka 10ml fresh lime juice Fresh mint

METHOD Pour vodka over stacks of ice in a tall glass. Add fresh lime juice and chilled Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, then garnish with fresh mint.




Fever-Tree’s Gin & Tonic A quintessential British long drink that dates back to the 1800s when it was first invented by the British Army in India. Such a simple drink to make but it is utter perfection when done right and a huge disappointment when not. A classic, clean, crisp drink.

INGREDIENTS Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water 50ml gin 4 large ice cubes Lime curl, it’s the oils you want not the flesh (or a slice if you really must)

METHOD Using a large wine glass or a tall, slim glass, add the ice first then pour over the gin of your choice followed by Fever-Tree Indian tonic water. Finally, add the curl of lime, running it around the rim of the glass before dropping it into the drink. Make sure you are quick when adding the garnish as you want the fizz to tickle the nose (as you smell the aromas of G&T). Drink and enjoy.

Fever-Tree’s Ultimate Summer Cup

Mediterranean Fizz

One of the most refreshing summer drinks made with a gin-based fruit cup and award winning ginger ale.

INGREDIENTS 200ml Fever-Tree Ginger Ale 50ml gin 4 large ice cubes To garnish strawberries, mint, cucumber and citrus fruits

METHOD Pour gin and Ginger Ale together over a glass full of ice and plenty of fruit.

A twist on the classic vodka & tonic, this drink is made using FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic Water. The subtle floral flavours and the gentle bitterness of the natural quinine are a perfect combination for your favourite vodka.

INGREDIENTS 200ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 4 large ice cubes 50ml premium vodka Lemon thyme or curl of lemon peel

METHOD Fill a large wine glass or a highball with plenty of ice. Pour in your vodka and top up with a chilled bottle of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and garnish with a sprig of lemon thyme or a curl of lemon peel.




Maximising Mini’s After five straight years of declining wine sales in both the off and on-trade, there’s growing evidence of a fight back.

However, we also know that many people who’d like a glass of wine at home are put off from opening a full-sized bottle of wine, either because they don’t want to be tempted to have a second glass or they’re not going to be able to finish the bottle before it’s past its best. Our single serve bottles are therefore the perfect

Research from the Wine and Spirit Trade

answer to that dilemma – which is why you’re

Association (WSTA) published earlier this year

seeing many more off-trade sites offering a

showed that post the 2014 budget, volume

selection of our minis, with Hardys Stamp

sales in the on-trade were down just 2% -

Shiraz/Cabernet, Echo Falls White Zinfandel and

the lowest annual fall in five years - and,

Banrock Station Colombard/Chardonny being

encouragingly, overall values were up by the

top sellers.

same percentage.

We’re also seeing increasing numbers of

Much of that stabilisation can be attributed

restaurants and bars stocking minis – and

to scrapping of the alcohol duty escalator,

profiling them on their wine lists – top sellers

but the wine trade has also been helping

being Hardys VR Merlot, Echo Falls Chardonay

itself, with new offerings, competitive

and Jack Rabbit Sparkling White.

pricing and innovations like wine on draught.

That’s because single serve wines are easy to stock, they look great on a shelf or in a glass

And at the other extreme to draught

fronted fridge and they’re just so easy to serve.

wine, there’s been much activity in the

Twist the screw top off, pour some into a nice

field of single serve ‘minis’, be they red,

glass and leave the customer to top up at their

white, rosé or sparkling.


Tom Joyce-Brown of Accolade Wines

You’re guaranteeing the wine is in perfect

explains the thinking….

condition; it’s faster than doing wine by the glass

“We know people love wine. It remains the most popular drink for restaurant goers and a recent YouGov poll for WSTA revealed that 8 out of 10 respondents had

as you don’t have to use a measure and there’s no risk of that half finished big bottle going off. And customers like them too, not least because they’re in control of what they drink.

drunk at home - with red wine, white wine

We’re convinced single serve wines will continue

and lager being the most popular alcoholic

to see real growth, which is great news for




On trade-On tap-On trend! Frizzante 1754 comes in 20 litre single use kegs. Once opened, this sparkling ‘Taste of Veneto’ Glera grape wine has a life span of one month and runs through your existing cooler. Plus all these benefits: • No waste on half sold flat bottles • Easy to install • Unique selling point to your customers • Easy to serve • Fantastic profits • Makes many great cocktails

20 litre keg serves 160 x 125ml glasses

Buy 3 x 20 litre kegs and get this eye catching silver font + free glasses

For further details please visit or speak to your Today’s Wholesaler



Nordic Noir It’s hard to image TV these days without dramas like ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Borgen’ – we just can’t seem to get enough of them. Yet go back four years and most of us had never heard of Nordic Noir.

Now, tapping into this love affair there’s a

with our product and gave us a marketing

new beer – Kolson Export.

hook that we felt would have impact with consumers in the demographic we were

Based on an old Nordic recipe, but


refreshed for contemporary drinking tastes, this premium 5% lager offers a

Rowley continued, “We’re all massive fans

clean, crisp taste for publicans and the

of the Nordic Noir film genre and really

public alike.

identified this as one of the Nordic regions’ great exports. The trademark dark thrillers

An exclusive deal with Today’s sees the

with their heavy mix of crime, politics,

beer available in bottles and kegs through

judgement and retribution are regularly

the on-trade, as well as in cans for the

drawing massive UK viewing figures. They

off-trade. And it’s just the start as Kolson,

seem to have tapped into an eager vein

aided by internationally recognised

with British viewers. Our aim is to forge a

Master Brewer Anders Kissmayer, is

long-lasting relationship with filmmakers,

currently working on additions to the

actors, production companies and the

range, including flavoured lagers and

region they represent, thereby boosting

Nordic Noir - a 6.5% abv dark beer.

interest in both the films and our beers.

Consumer marketing will be supported by sponsorship of Nordic Noir films

We’re excited to be launching Kolson

working closely with Arrow Films

Export to both the on- and off-trade, and

and events like Nordicana - bringing

to be bringing Nordic tastes to an ever

two great exports from the same

wider audience.”

region together. If you’re a fan of Nordic Noir, this is the Stewart Rowley, Kolson’s managing

beer for you!

director, is clear about the association: “As a Nordic lager, we were looking for a

For more information visit

sponsorship initiative that really aligned


Pump up the Volume! The papers are full of doom and gloom about a possible Prosecco shortage, fuelled by reports of a poor 2014 harvest and soaring demand. However, the picture won’t be at all clear

that consumers are opting for brands

wine that gives great profits and makes

until later in the year as some experts

they know and trust, the top beneficiaries

selling by the glass a doddle.”

are predicting a 2015 harvest up 7% on

being internationally recognised brands

So, the message is clear. Don’t stress

last year and brokers won’t be releasing

Laurent-Perrier, Moët & Chandon, Perrier-

about the future. Stock up now – the

details of what stocks they’re holding

Jouët, Veuve Clicquot and, of course,

market is fizzing!

until August.


What is totally clear is that demand

With sparkling wines, value for money

for Champagne and sparkling wine

allied to industry innovation, are drivers

continues unabated. The Lanson

– something Marcus Hilton of on-trade

International Champagne Category

supplier Prosecco 1754 firmly recognises.

Report 2015 found that Champagne and sparkling wine are registering volume growth in the on-trade of 4.9% and 15% respectively.

“Having been in the on-trade for years, I know how important it is to offer customers great quality at a competitive price,” says Marcus. “That’s why we started

In the off-trade the figures are even more

directly importing Prosecco from the

startling – with sparkling wine increasing

Veneto region of Italy, which we now

by 25% in value and volume in 2014,

supply to over 200 bars across the UK.

primarily driven by Prosecco, where volume was up 61% in value.

“Dealing directly we can supply our on-trade customers with a 100% Glera

Lanson’s report also gives interesting

grape Prosecco with a delicate, crisp,

insights as to what is behind these

clean taste at a really competitive price

impressive growth figures.

for a 75cl bottle. We’ve also got Frizzante 1754 - our draught sparkling wine in 20

With Champagne, sales in hotels and restaurants are doing especially well, and wine bar sales are up 37.5% in value over 2014. There are more and more

litre non-returnable kegs. Pop the keg into your cellar, connect up with a Celli coupler and pipe straight to the bar top through your existing cooling system.

consumers buying Champagne outside of formal occasions, especially where it

“No empties to get rid of, no half used

is available by the glass. It’s also apparent

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Take Stock Magazine - July/August 2015  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Take Stock Magazine - July/August 2015  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Profile for thefabl