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It might be really obvious or it might not. You might not even realise that you are sitting on a really interesting story. Sometimes, people see the story but they might only tell half the tale. Or they don’t tell it very well. Often, people say too much and the important message gets lost.


At the fabl, we find your story. This involves getting to know all about you. We begin to gel with your brand to find out everything there is to know about you, your customers and your competitors.


We know that ideas that gel with people are always






we have chosen three clients who have all experienced significant growth through working with us. They come from completely different sectors.








Wren Kitchens Wren. The UK’s number one retail kitchen specialist The story of Wren Kitchens is nothing short of a phenomenon. Although Wren’s founders had kitchens in their DNA - the same team ran Hygena QA back in the 1970s - at its launch in 2009 Wren was a late entrant into a competitive fitted kitchen market dominated by giants B&Q, Magnet and Wickes. Wren had to be different - and it was. It had invested in state-ofthe-art manufacturing plants, amazing designs and an ambitious expansion plan. Its founding principle was to make fabulous quality, British manufactured, fitted kitchens affordable for everyone. In 2013, we began to work with Wren to tell its story.


Our strategy was to demonstrate in all marketing materials that Wren offers customers more - more value, more service, more choice, more quality. In The Big Book of Wren Kitchens - a 212-page manual that helps customers buy the kitchen of their dreams - we combined an editorial approach with a catalogue. This positioned Wren as a kitchen expert, understanding what the customer wants and being on their side in the complex and costly decision-making process of buying a kitchen. As well as beautifully showcasing the range and all key messages, The Big Book gelled with customers nationwide and created a real point of difference for Wren. It is regarded as a game-changer in the industry and was reprinted three times. Since then we have worked with Wren’s marketing, training, senior management and recruitment teams - developing and telling its story externally to customers and potential customers and internally to employees to introduce new ranges and processes, manage change and increase productivity.


Linda Barker We also helped Wren develop and launch its exclusive Linda Barker brand with a glamorous logo, brochure and colour card.



Wren Infinity Understanding Wren’s ambition and executing this across multiple channels - from ads and advertorials to showroom point of sale and posters, training manuals and customer service emails - has made this a successful and exciting partnership. In 2016, this partnership took a step further when Wren raised the bar in the fitted kitchen market and launched the Infinity Collection. Infinity is the largest and most diverse range of kitchens in the UK with thousands of styles, unit sizes and special feature units that means a customer can have a kitchen that’s virtually bespoke at a fraction of the cost - a dream come true for many homeowners. With £50 million of investment and manufacturing expanded to three sites covering a total of 1.5 million square feet, Infinity was a massive step for Wren - and the industry.


The fabl was involved in the development of the Infinity brand from the beginning with our ‘Dream, Explore, Discover’ strategy. We created the brand logo - an elegant yet approachable ID that incorporates the Wren icon in an organic way - and the campaign line ‘Every Kitchen You’ve Ever Dreamed Of’ to reflect that Infinity gave customers the biggest possible choice yet remained affordable. Selling that choice was a challenge for staff so part of the pre-launch strategy was an internal brochure to gel with Wren’s showroom sales teams. ‘Every Kitchen You’ve Ever Dreamed Of’ provided the perfect springboard to showcase the fabulous kitchens and was used in the launch ad campaign and advertorial series. Along with ’Dream, Explore, Discover’, it was also used in showrooms nationwide. A stunning launch brochure took the brand a step upmarket with beautifully textured matt stock and fabulous renders enhancing the customer experience. The navigation, content and copy was as warm and approachable as ever to appeal to Wren’s core



demographic. The combination of internal and customer facing communications with clear messaging boosted Wren’s sales teams’ selling confidence. If they believed in the product, so would the customer. With a print run of 250,000, followed by another run six months later, the Infinity brochure has been an outstanding success for Wren, as has the entire launch. A perfect example of finding another story for Wren and making it stick. Wren is now the UK’s number one kitchen retail specialist and we are immensely proud of this achievement and the part we’ve played in it. Since becoming its marketing partner, Wren’s network of showrooms has grown from 17 to 61 showrooms and counting. Along the way, we have told Wren’s story consistently and creatively to internal and external audiences in brochures, point of sale, ads, brand logos, training manuals, annual reports, customer service communications, advertorials and promotions. For both us and Wren, it is an ongoing, phenomenal story.


Wellocks Wellocks. The perfect example of brand growth Finding the best seasonal produce from unique suppliers in the UK and overseas is the cornerstone of Wellocks’ business, earning it a solid niche in a competitive market. To achieve its ambitions of becoming the market leader in supplying fresh produce to the hospitality sector, Wellocks turned to the fabl in 2014 in order to help them tell their story. Our strategy was to take Wellocks’ approach to sourcing and delivering ‘perfect ingredients’ and turn it into an adventure. We created ‘The Search for the Perfect Ingredient’ positioning Wellocks as expert explorers and product pioneers - and inviting customers to share in the exciting journey of discovering a new product - be it a humble spud or spectacular strawberry.



To help the story stick, we created a new website for Wellocks illustrating the ‘search’ on the home page and showing the journey from field to fork - including miles travelled. Reflecting the high-quality and exclusivity of the products, the website includes beautifully crafted copy, animations, illustrations, eye-catching imagery, engaging content and videos of various searches. It also features a graphic of owner James Wellock catching a welberry Wellocks’ logo - beneath a tree. Customers - including top chefs - also feature in videos cooking the ‘perfect ingredients’ delivered to their door fresh from the farm.


The ‘search’ strategy builds anticipation for new and seasonal products ahead of their arrival in the warehouse, increasing demand and desirability. It has also raised the premium perception of the Wellocks brand in the market and we have continued to develop this online and off to appeal to customers who demand high quality products and services. The Wellocks tree logo - designed and illustrated by The fabl - now graces the side of dozens of Wellocks trucks - from compact Mercedes Sprinter vans to massive articulated lorries - making a powerful mobile brand statement on the move or parked outside top restaurants and hotels nationwide. We have created stunning packaging for Wellocks products increasing their desirability with chefs and providing lots of shelf appeal. The ‘Search for the Perfect Ingredient’ is a brand story which has stuck - and literally branched out. In 2016, Wellocks launched a range of super exclusive products called Special Branch, The fabl



designed the logo - an elegant titanium and black stylised version of the Wellocks tree - as well as a range of exclusive packaging for products from top producers around the world and Wellocks’ partners. We have helped Wellocks gel with its customer base on social media, through PR, direct and e-marketing. Most recently we supported the launch of its live stock online ordering system, a first in the foodservice industry. From a small family business, Wellocks now employs over 400 staff delivering over 300 metric tonnes of produce a week nationwide from four distribution hubs. Its customers include over 1,500 top hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, and leading chefs such as Michael Wignall, Simon Rogan and Daniel Clifford. In 2015, Wellocks was ranked in the Investec/Times Mid-Market 100 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies in the UK.


And it shows little sign of slowing down. Having just completed the renovation of a 20,000 sq ft building adjacent to its Lancashire HQ to serve as a new food preparation centre, its continual expansion is evident. In May 2017, Wellocks was named one of the fastest-growing SMEs in the UK in the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain’. Wellocks demonstrated sustained revenue growth over a three-year period and outperformed its competitors to make it onto the list. The company’s revenue grew from £32.6 million in 2014 to £46.2 million in 2016. For Wellocks, Storygelling was the perfect ingredient to help their business grow; elevating the Wellocks brand into something extraordinary.




Toolally. Nought to Vogue in six months. Toolally is a colourful, British jewellery brand. Its growth in a very short space of time has been phenomenal. This can be put down to a combination of two things: one, it is a brilliantly unique product with a great story to tell. And two, it has completely embraced StorygellingTM.



Toolally’s products aren’t about playing it safe - and neither is the brand. It wanted to make a bit of noise in the fashion world. It was brave. It wanted to grow and be famous. With the fabl’s help, Toolally achieved its goal incredibly quickly. Toolally approached us right at the very beginning. We developed the brand’s identity and a strategy to woo and wow the fashion media and potential customers based on its core values; the brand is direct, fun, celebratory and confident. We nurtured and developed its unique tone of voice, one that perfectly reflects its single-minded approach to colour and boldness. We created an e-commerce website, a lookbook, print ads and a social media campaign.



After just six months, Toolally was getting noticed. It was approached by Vogue to create an 80s inspired piece for a fashion editorial with model Lara Stone which was being shot by photographer Mario Testino. This was pretty big news, to say the least. Brand Toolally officially launched at Stylist Live weekend in 2015. The response from both the public and the global fashion industry was remarkable. With one pair of earrings being sold every three minutes during the show, it was clear that this was a brand experiencing extraordinary growth. We continued to tell its story and gel with its growing audience. To date, we’ve created three lookbooks for Toolally and the increasing confidence of the brand is expressed in its increasingly bold product design - and a more confident StorygellingTM approach and tone. The fabl has helped Toolally expand its customer base and drive product sales via e-commerce with monthly email campaigns and competitions. We helped grow its followers across social channels. And when people said, ‘Help! How do I wear statement earrings?’ (as they do) we created a handy book called The Toolally Triangle, which told the story and took the mystery away. The target audience loved it. So did retail giant John Lewis. It wanted to be part of the success story and Toolally launched nationwide in seven stores. Before long, the raspberry and mandarin Fans became their top selling earring. This year, the store has more than doubled the number of designs it is stocking and is extending the range to more stores including its Heathrow airport outlet. As of Spring 2017, the brand is in negotiations to launch at Macy’s New York. Independent stockist numbers have tripled and online sales are almost doubling month on month.



At Toolally we make no apologies for colour. We celebrate the bold and the gorgeous. For us, it’s elegance with an edge.

Our designs look back to iconic shapes of the past and forward to imaginings of the future. We never play it safe, we just play. And the statement we make?

Wear our earrings, then decide what to wear with them.


Toolally is one of those brands which is constantly moving, refining and developing. Recently, we helped it create a range of beautifully colourful silk scarves, along with a fabulous range of luxurious leather bags. Our work with Toolally reflects a creative, collaborative process. Fashionistas have said that it doesn’t get any bigger than Vogue. We have shown that it does! When we say that StorygellingTM can help your brand grow, Toolally is the living, thriving proof.


as you can see

is not just a one trick pony for one type of brand. This is because a great story can always be found no matter who you are.


c our team of


a single-minded proposition and a simple, memorable idea


If you think that your brand has great growth potential we would love to chat. You can reach us through the usual channels.

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The fabl has been instrumental in Toolally’s tremendous growth. By crafting great content combined with gorgeous designs, we’ve been able to present ourselves as a global brand from day one, opening up doors for us that take other brands years to connect with. Rachel Peterman, Toolally Sales Director

Working with the fabl is a pleasure. Our website and our vehicles are admired by everyone who sees them and the new brand the fabl created for us truly reflects the quality of our special produce. I believe that the team at the fabl understands Wellocks, our business and our goals - and they can help us to show the world what we stand for. James Wellock, Wellocks Foodservice Managing Director

The fabl is much more than an agency to us - they are part of our team. They understand our products and the service we offer and share a genuine passion for our business. The quality and creativity of the work they produce constantly surprises and delights me. Richard Walker, Wren Kitchens Senior Vice President of Marketing

Nesfield House, Broughton Hall, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 3AE 

 01756 636777

 @wearefabl

Storygelling - Helping Brands Grow  
Storygelling - Helping Brands Grow