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Fuelling the great British tea break since 1837.

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I love this time of year. The blossom is out, the sun is peeking through the clouds and there is a happy vibe going on thanks to the anticipation of summer just around the corner. The next couple of months are exciting, and profitable times for the industry. Two May bank holidays, followed by Father’s Day, present an opportunity to increase trade and revenues, and generally have a good time! See our feature on page 22 to see how you can raise dads’ spirits on the big day. With 77% of customers looking for al fresco dining, it’s time to dust off that BBQ and get grilling! Read our feature on page 12 for tips on what to cook and make sure your outdoor area is ready for action. Take a look at our features on for some helpful hints. The warmer days and lighter nights draw in customers looking for a cool, refreshing drink. Cider continues to grow in popularity - especially flavoured cider - so read our feature on page 19 and stock up! Cocktails are great for this time of year especially over bank holiday weekends when everyone wants to go out. Create a cocktail menu and make sure you provide pitchers - a real-time saver during peak periods - and even a 2FOR1 deal during quieter times. Gin’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and with a gin and tonic being the most popular gin-based cocktail in the world what better way

to celebrate this than during World Gin Day on June 10? The event, held on a Saturday, presents an opportunity for outlets to celebrate gin - and drive sales. This global event is getting bigger every year and no matter how big or small your contribution is, you can have such a fun day, so make sure you do something. I know the Take Stock team will be indulging in a glass (or two)!



Over the next couple of months make sure you don’t neglect your nondrinkers. Whether it’s through choice or because they are the designated driver, adults who aren’t drinking alcohol still want the same attention to detail and choice when they are out. Our feature on page 27 shows how to make the experience premium, as well as addressing sugar concerns. Finally, many thanks for the continued support from our FeedYourEyes followers who now not only post on Twitter but Instagram too. The quality of the photographs is amazing - clearly we have some David Bailey’s out there! They are great, so please keep snapping!

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New What’s

May - June

Max Attack

Zero Alcohol Britvic has announced an

In response to the growing consumer

exciting new flavour -

trend towards moderate alcohol

Pepsi MAX Ginger - the first cola and ginger combination to hit the

consumption and the resulting demand

UK market. Tapping into current consumer demand for big, bold and

for great-tasting alcohol free beer,

interesting flavours, MAX Ginger offers a distinctive taste of refreshing,

Heineken has launched 0.0. Supported

no sugar cola, paired with invigorating and warming ginger.

by a £2.5m marketing campaign,

Packaging in a distinct black and golden bronze the

Heineken 0.0 is brewed using only natural

product is available in 330ml cans, and 600ml, 1.5L

ingredients; contains just 69 calories and

and 2L bottles and the launch is being supported

has a taste defined by refreshing fruity

throughout June and July by an outdoor, digital and

notes and soft malty body, balanced

TV campaign. With Pepsi Max Ginger delivering on a

by a short aftertaste. Stylishly packaged

crucial attribute for soft drinks consumption - great

and available in 330ml bottles and cans,

taste with no sugar - the new addition is primed for

Heineken 0.0 is an ideal offering for


health conscious younger consumers

and normal beer drinkers wanting a high quality lager, but without the alcohol.

Marylebone Magic

Veal Zeal

In the 18th century, where Marylebone High Street currently stands there once sat one of the fashionable ‘entertainments’ of London - Marylebone Pleasure

Chef Professional is constantly striving for culinary excellence

Gardens. Marylebone Gin harks back

- believing the best can always be better. That dedication has

to that era and utilises the floral

led to the launch of an enhanced flavour Thickened Veal Jus.

botanicals associated with those

Developed by experienced chefs for Chef, the revitalized recipe

gardens in its creation. Distilled

has reduced tomato and white wine to increase the roasted

in London in a small pot still,

meat taste and an improved texture with less visible particles,

Marylebone’s 13 botanicals - juniper,

leading to smoother mouth

coriander, grapefruit, chamomile,

feel and greater versatility.

lemon balm, lime flower, orange

Giving busy kitchens the

peel, lemon peel, liquorice, orris root,

closest flavour match to

cassia bark, cloves and angelica root

scratch-made but in a

- give it a delicate, complex nose,

convenient format, Chef

bursting with floral overtones. Bottled

Thickened Veal Jus is

at 50.2% ABV, it’s the perfect balance for the botanical

available now in re-sealable

mix and adds great depth to the spirit and a beautiful

tubs that allow up to 15L

warming finish. Previously only available through Selfridges,

of Jus to be made, simply

Marylebone Gin has now been released to the on trade -

by adding cold or boiling

a brilliant addition to your gin portfolio.



Desperado Nights Desperados Dos, a light and dark tequila flavoured beer, has been launched by Heineken. With a higher ABV at 7% and smaller serve size in 250ml bottles, Desperados Dos has reduced carbonation, making it smoother to drink and perfect for moving the tempo from early evening into night-time. With a multi-million pound investment into the brand this year, Desperados Dos will be highly visible to target 18-24 year old consumers with a nationwide campaign including out-of-home, digital and point of sale.

Pepped up Perrier With consumers increasingly looking for healthy options in the grab-and-go arena, Perrier’s launch of a new look 50cl PET bottle range couldn’t have been better timed. With Perrier original already established as a significant player in the sparkling water category, the new flavoured waters - Green Apple and Lemon - expand the range’s appeal and provide a natural, premium alternative to soft drinks. With no sugar or sweeteners, all natural ingredients and just two calories per 50cl, Perrier’s new range offers consumers the ultimate in healthy refreshment - something that will be reinforced over the summer by significant media activity.

Lime Time Pernod Ricard’s Absolut range has long set the bar for premium quality flavoured vodkas and the range has just got bigger, with the addition of Absolut Lime. Coming almost 30 years after the launch of Absolut Citron, the new flavour perfectly complements the range and gives mixologists yet another flavour with which to create classic drinks with a refreshing twist. Made entirely from natural ingredients, Absolut Lime has no added sugar, making it perfect for use in ontrend skinny cocktails. Mix 50ml with 200ml of soda water or tonic for a low calorie cocktail, or as part of a fresh take on a ‘Mule’. Available in 70cl bottles at an ABV of 40%.

Sauce-O-Mat Kraft Heinz’s Sauce-O-Mat system has established itself as a top choice for high footfall eateries looking for a cost effective front of house sauce dispensing solution. The system’s small footprint, ease of use and ability to dispense a maximum of 30g per pump makes it a really attractive self service proposition. And now there are three new flavours in the range: Classic BBQ - a sweet hickory smoked flavoured sauce; Garlic - a deliciously creamy sauce mixed with a combination of garlic and chives, and the long established favourite - HP Sauce. All available in easy to fit 2.5kg pouches.


New What’s

May - June

Roe & Co

J.J Whitley Nettle

Diageo has returned to the Irish whiskey category, with a new brand and distillery in the country’s capital, Dublin. The new premium Blended Irish Whiskey - Roe & Co - is a 45% ABV non chill filtered blend of hand selected Irish malt and grain whiskies that has been aged in bourbon casks. Diageo say it has the signature smoothness of Irish Whiskey with real depth of flavour that’s a perfect harmony between the intense fruitiness of the malt and the mellow creaminess of the grain whiskies. Diageo’s new St. James’s Gate distillery is scheduled to come online in 2019, until which time Roe & Co will be made from a blend of whiskies sourced from other distilleries - the blending being overseen by master blender Caroline Martin and her team to create a whiskey that’s perfect in a cocktail, with a mixer or on its own. Roe & Co‘s launch will have a particular focus on the on trade and specialist retailers, keen to tap into Irish Whiskey's position as the fastest growing spirit in the world at this time.

Healthy Hydration Britvic’s new Robinsons Refresh’d range - all made from naturally sourced ingredients - is aimed at busy consumers looking for something different in the ready-to-drink arena. A blend of spring water and fruit, Refresh’d is available in three flavour combinations: Apple & Kiwi, Orange & Lime and Raspberry & Apple. Free from added sugar to ‘deliver a refreshing burst of flavour’ there are just 55 calories in every 500ml serving. With Robinsons branded products found in at least four out of ten households, this is a great opportunity to offer a trusted brand to consumers wanting healthy hydration - the fastest growing segment in soft drinks. Refresh’d is available in single 500ml PET bottles and the launch is being supported by a dedicated marketing campaign that includes TV, out-of-home, digital and sampling activity.


The J.J Whitley range has a new member - Nettle Gin. Joining the stable of London Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin, Potato Vodka & Rhubarb Vodka, this variant further explores the flavours of traditional English country gardens and hedgerows, but with a modern twist. Fantastic alone or as a long drink, J.J Whitley Nettle is distilled in the heart of the UK at 38.6% ABV, using traditional British ingredients. Offering premium quality at an entry-level price point, the gin has heavy herbaceous aromas that open out in a fresh, light, zingy kick, bound together with a gentle sweetness. Then, as the freshness of nettle disperses, the palate is left with an unmistakable and somewhat nostalgic finish of a classic gin. The perfect serve is a Hatton Garden Iced Tea. Fill a highball with cubed ice, and add 50ml of J.J Whitley Nettle Gin, 50ml of freshly brewed green tea, 25ml of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup. Top with soda water, stir and garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon wedge.


five to

new look &



100% natural

Fresh new look, taste and feel. So we think it’s time you stocked up and had sales to feel good about.

275ml Still & Bubbly Glass Bottles


100% natural, and never any added sugar.

Always 100% Natural

Never Any Added Sugar

drink good.feel good.

Time to Make a Grilling

If you have the barbie going outside all day, it will attract customers wanting to eat out of normal dining hours and groups of

From burgers to steaks, ribs to kebabs, barbecue cooking is versatile, delicious and a great way to drive revenue and increase profit during the warmer (and hopefully sunnier) months.

friends who want a lazy day socialising.

Light it up! Now is the time to dust off that BBQ and

Beat the burger

get your al fresco menu sorted! Brits love

You can’t beat a good burger. A trend that

a barbie so make sure your outdoor area

keeps growing, burgers are perfect for a

is in an inviting, clean state. If your garden

substantial quick meal or a lazy lunch.

furniture is looking shabby then invest in

Whether it’s meat, chicken or a vegetarian

new, or give it some TLC. Make sure you

option, a burger’s appeal is universal and

have ordered plastic glasses - pints and

you are onto a winner when you feature it

halves, and remember wine and soft drink

on your menu.

glasses - and made a rota for additional staff when you are planning to host a BBQ. Thanks to our unpredictable weather, parasols, marquees and patio heaters/heat lamps are a worthwhile investment, and to keep your customers warm and toasty, blankets add an extra special touch.

“Everyone wants to know how to cook the best burger; juicy on the inside, crispy on the out and oozing flavour,” said David Fernandez, head chef at Stock Burger Co. in Brighton, operated by Kew Green. Here’s his secret… •

piece of meat is crucial. Do your

BBQ days

homework and find the best one -

The May bank holiday weekend, Spring bank holiday and Father’s Day are the perfect occasions to serve barbecued food.

‘just anything’ will not cut it! •

Burgers should contain 31% fat - fat is crucial in a burger because

However, once the summer is here why not have a regular BBQ? Barbecue food is

it not only helps with the cooking

quick and easy, so it is perfect for families

process but develops flavour.

who want a stress-free meal, and will free up time in the kitchen during busier days.

Buy the right cut - a quality


The right size is crucial - form your patties into 170g (200g at the most)



portions. This is the perfect size for a burger. •

Cook for 6-8 minutes - a burger should be cooked medium; juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Flip every 30 seconds, then let the burger rest for 5 minutes before plating up - this stops the bun from going soggy.

Breadless burgers A burger (meat and vegetarian) can be a meal in itself thanks to the delicious, rich toppings and sauces - especially with a side of chips - so why not offer a bunless option? This not only works for those trying to cut back on the calories but it’s perfect for those following a gluten-free diet too. Pax Burgers in Huddersfield offers a Go Breadless option - a patty sandwiched between two big baby gem leaves.

Get seasoning If there’s one thing every chef needs to beef up their barbecue season, it’s a trolley of flavourings for instant on-trend appeal - and extra profit. Customers now have access to new flavours like never before, so the challenge for operators is to stay ahead of the game and find new and exciting ways to tempt a nation of foodies craving flavour adventures. Seasonings help bring menus to life and, thanks to their easy-to-use appeal, are the perfect choice for barbecue food as they allow you to add a premium price when added to

said Steve Love, principal research chef

to use as a dry rub or as a marinade for

at McCormick. Old Bay Seasoning is a

meat, chicken wings, fish and vegetables

versatile and iconic all-rounder; packed

before they hit the hot coals.

with celery salt, pepper and paprika it offers a tasty, soft, smoky aroma with a

Get saucy

mellow spice to help upgrade a burger

Soy sauce and teriyaki sauce make

or complement a grilled salmon and can

the perfect

be added before, during or after cooking.


Upgrade your barbecue condiments

to barbecue

by adding it to dipping sauces and


mayonnaise, too.

Versatile and easy-to-use, they

Spice it up!

can add flavour

Thanks to global cuisine, customers’

to an abundance

taste buds now crave more hot and

of dishes such as

spicy food. Schwartz Sriracha Seasoning

chicken or pork

can transform any dish into a sizzling

kebabs, sticky ribs,

sensation. With its garlicky, vinegar

sausages, pulled

notes and hot finish, it is more versatile

pork, chicken

than a ready-made sauce, and simple

wings, lamb steaks,

Safe Cooking The Food Standards Agency's (FSA) advice is that the safest approach to cooking burgers is to ensure they are cooked thoroughly all the way through and not served rare - unless you have a ‘validated and verified

meat, fish and vegetables.

food safety management plan’ that makes sure you

Instant Americana

are sourcing meat from premises approved to supply

The appeal of Americana foods is still

minced meat intended to be eaten lightly cooked or

going strong. “Adding an American-

raw and the correct internal procedures for handling

flavoured seasoning to seafood, chicken,

this meat. For safe cooking, a minimum of two

meat and vegetables not only keeps your

minutes at 70°C is recommended to kill bacteria.

menu on-trend, it enables you to charge

For more information

a premium price and increase profits,”


r u o v a l f e h t p u n Tur e l b a t r u o y n o

As a business you’ll want your customers to see the quality of your offering front of house. What better way than to offer them products from a brand they already know, trust and would choose on the table.* @KraftHeinzFSUK *Cambridge Direction: O.L v Brand tabletop Study, 2016

e stock ad_Mar17 21x260.indd 1




veggie bean burgers and prawn and scallop skewers. The list is endless!

Marinade tips

Super sides

Fernandez. Stock Burger Co. in Brighton

Make sure you have a wide selection of sides on your menu. From a selection of chips (see our feature on page 30)

By Steve Love, principal research chef at

offering sides like mac ‘n’ cheese, corn


on the cob, onion rings, slaw and salad

Marinate meat for at least 2 hours - there is no hard and fast rule as it depends on the item you are cooking

will help raise revenue. Skinny fries are

Marinate seafood for 15-30 minutes

The little ‘un’s

Never re-use a marinade; they carry bacteria from the previously marinated raw meat. Even if you are using the marinade as a baste, stop well before the end of the cooking process otherwise you will simply be basting raw liquid over cooked meat!

“If you keep the kids happy then they

always popular, however sweet potato fries are the winner at the moment.

has its own children’s menu - a replica of the main one but serving 85g burgers cooked well done. “The kids menu is a big source of business for us. Popular with families and children’s birthday celebrations, children especially love our ‘Build Your Own Burger’ section which they have a lot of fun with.” David Fernandez shares his best BBQ recipes...

will keep on coming back!” said David

Marinades David Fernandez at Stock Burger Co. recommends these: •

Chicken: buttermilk, chilli sauce and a choice of your favourite herbs

Pork or lamb: cumin, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, coriander, chopped onion, crushed garlic, smoked paprika and lemon


Vegetarian: Portobello Makes 4



4 x 85g Portobello mushrooms

1. Remove the skin from the mushrooms, place

40g fresh thyme

in a baking tray and sprinkle with olive oil,

2 garlic cloves

thyme (or herb of your choice) and garlic

Olive oil

2. Pre-bake on each side for 8 minutes at

4 brioche buns

160°C before transferring to the barbecue for

200g halloumi

a further 2 minutes on each side

Iceberg lettuce

3. Grill the halloumi on the BBQ for 1 minute

120g garlic mayonnaise

each side and toast the brioche buns

120g caramelised onion

4. Place a crunchy leaf of iceberg lettuce on

1 beef tomato, sliced

the bottom bun, add 30g garlic mayonnaise

12 gherkins, sliced

followed by the mushroom, halloumi, 4 slices of pickle, 1 slice of tomato and the top bun





















7/1 - are 0 sho the ppers y bu are yin • Win g frolookin mo e is a m youg to re £1. • New than Lag 1bn ? buy win




er, catego e Wa ter, ry in and Cof Con & Chi brande fee ven & Ene ien le - d win are rgy ce – wor lead es – from Drin ing ks th the Aus gro tra wth lia,

Arg World ent ina

Tip sho s and ppe Ide as rs


the for • ‘Me con you fid r sto Con al for enc as veniencTonight e to re to the spe give per e and ’ is a • Lea win fect nd hug mo e e pur 82% rec rn the cha of shooccasio re se gra omme bas alon ppe n for ics & evepes and nd and abo gsid rs see e foo ryd var ups ut key ay ell d wine drin ietals you win king for BBQ sho e type ppe s, nigh rs s to – ts in, great gift s R MO







Brought to you by





Free Wine category advice on your smartphone to maximise your wine sales



Vegan: Quinoa, Tofu & Wild Rice Patty


Makes 4


INGREDIENTS 50g quinoa, cooked 50g wild rice, cooked 50g tofu 1 tbsp caramelised onions ¼ garlic clove

1. Soak the cashew nuts for 2 hours, remove the water and blend. Add lemon, chilli and olive oil to emulsify

1 beef tomato, sliced into 5 pieces 1 garlic clove 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tsp oregano

30g chickpeas

METHOD 1. Boil the quinoa and wild rice separately (according to instructions) and leave to cool

2. Combine grains, tofu, caramelised onions,

METHOD 1. Marinate the tomato with the garlic, olive oil, sugar, balsamic vinegar and oregano

2. Place on a baking tray and bake for 40 minutes at 140°C. Allow to cool

garlic clove and chickpeas. Press together into patties and reserve

3. Grill on the BBQ for 6 minutes each side

CASHEW NUT CREAM INGREDIENTS 180g cashew nuts ½ lemon, juiced 8g chilli 1 tsp olive oil

METHOD 1. Grill the buns and spread a good spoonful


of the cashew nut sauce and a sprinkle of watercress sprouts on the bottom bun

1 vegetable, fat-based brioche bun Vegetable fat, for buttering 2 slices vegan cheese 3 red onion rings Watercress sprouts, sprinkle

2. Add the grilled patty, vegan cheese, roasted tomato and onion rings and serve

Meat: Pulled Oxtail



paprika and juniper berries and continue to braise for 1 minute

1.8kg oxtail 2 large onions 2 carrots 1 celery stick 2 garlic cloves 200ml red wine 50g tomato paste 20g juniper berries 2 bay leaves 15g smoked paprika 60g olive oil

2. Add the red wine, tomato paste, water, oxtail and salt and cook on a low heat for

1. Braise the vegetables in a large pan over a medium heat until soft and brown, add the

2 1/2 hours

3. Once cooked, the meat should fall off the bone easily. Discard the vegetables and juices (which can be used to make a nice beef stew!). Shred the oxtail carefully, getting rid of any bones




Cider Time Summer’s on its way and with the warmer evenings and long weekends, customers will be enjoying relaxing in beer gardens; BBQs (see our feature on page 12) and eating and drinking with friends. And for many, the summer drink of choice is cider.

commercialisation manager at Diageo.

Cater for every kind of drinker

According to Diageo, growth within

Heineken’s research points to cider falling

this year,” said Katie Hunter, innovation

the on trade is being driven by new generation flavoured cider variants (£122m in growth), with traditional apple

continues, with total

recommendation is that operators have ciders available that satisfy consumer

and pear ciders in decline - a pattern that

demand for:

we are seeing reflected in the off trade

Traditional cider: names like Thatchers,

too. “With the launch of our flavoured

Westons and Strongbow

Smirnoff Cider and Pimm’s Cider ranges,

Super premium and flavoured ciders:

we are matching our innovation to this

brands like Stassen, Smirnoff Cider, Old

trend to help licensees maximise the

Mout, Rekorderlig and Pimms Cider Cup

category’s potential,” added Katie. “We continue to see innovation as a key growth driver in cider, as consumers look

“The renaissance of cider

into distinct categories, and their strong

Modern craft cider: Orchard Pig, Hoxton, Caple Road and Orchard Pioneers

for more interesting and exciting flavours to try.”

cider in the on trade seeing both volume and value growth (£41.9m) and it’s set to be another strong

And that’s a position confirmed by Heineken whose innovation focus this year is the artisanal cider segment. “In many ways, it’s similar to craft beer in that


people are interested in the source of the

for the

fruit and the people who grow it. It’s a


category where people like things to be complicated and exclusive,” said Emma Sherwood-Smith, Heineken’s cider brand director.


Tips to Maximise Sales Once you’ve organised your range, drive sales by: •

Events - cider is well suited to summer events such as barbeques and sport screenings, so make sure you tap into as many of these occasions as possible. Or what about holding a cider festival? Tastings - offer tastings, especially with your guest ciders.

Range - ensure that you stock a variety of ciders with different flavour profiles to cater to different palates.

Staff training - run tasting sessions with staff so they can provide customers with recommendations based on their needs.

Maximise fridge space flavoured cider is in growth. Tap into this opportunity by increasing the total amount of fridge space dedicated to your fruit cider offering.

Innovation - research shows frequent cider and craft beer drinkers are more likely to experiment. A top tip is to place new products at the top right hand side of the fridge - it’s where the eye is drawn when customers are looking.

Have draught ciders available - only 13.4% of the on trade stocks draught flavoured cider, despite the fact it grows incremental volume. Don’t lose out!

Promote - behind the bar, around the walls and on table. Don’t forget to broadcast your cider range on social media too.

Formats - stock a range of different formats - as well as draught, have bottles and cans - so you can tap into every occasion in your pub, whether it’s relaxing, more up-tempo or outdoor.

Sources: Volume sales, Nielsen Scantrack, off trade, latest 26 weeks to 03.12.2016, CGA On Trade Data to 3.12.16



of cider sales are in the packaged category

5.8% YOY - draught ciders growth

30.2% YOY - the growth of

flavoured cider



Cheese is bought by over


Seasonal Cheese? Get on Board! Like fruit and vegetables, cheese is seasonal, so you should adapt your menu to suit customer requirements throughout the year. Think... Salads


• Blue cheese with walnut and avocado

• Greek feta with fresh garden peas and fresh mint livens up a quiche or use it to make a pastry-free frittata.

• A French Bistro - hard cheese (a tasty cheddar) with thick cooked ham • Goat’s cheese with raw beetroot • Shropshire Blue, orange and spinach • British Brie, new potatoes, fine green beans, olives (served warm)

Sandwiches • Sliced ripe Camembert with sliced tomato, rocket or basil drizzled with French dressing on a baguette • Goat’s cheese with roasted vegetables and sweet chilli jam on malted seeded bread

• A traditional Ploughman’s is served with mature cheddar, so swap this for a tangy Wensleydale or Lancashire. Or for a complete spin, make the dish a Mediterranean version and use buffalo mozzarella, ciabatta bread, continental meats and mostarda fruits. • Three cheeses work well for a cheese board; a blue or goat’s, soft and creamy Camembert or Brie and the popular hard cheese Manchego. Liven it up with unusual garnishes such as olives, pickled walnuts or gherkins. Dried fruit works well too.

of British households

Cheddar is the UK’s

favourite cheese


of adults respondents said that cheese is their favourite food Cheese should be served at

room temperature

• Wensleydale cheese, rocket and mayonnaise on a ciabatta

Summer cheeses are richer because the pasture is greener

Cheese and wine pairings Cheddar

Cabernet Sauvignon


Sauvignon Blanc or New World


Champagne or White Burgundy



Blue cheese

Sauternes or Riesling

Goat’s cheese

Chenin Blanc or Sancerre

*Source: British Cheese Board


Give Him Whisky for Peat's Sake! Father’s Day on 18 June is now one of the on trade’s busiest events. And as the event is all about raising a toast to dad then what better way than with a whisky! Straight, mixed or as a cocktail most dads like a drop or two of the ‘water of life’. Take Stock spoke to Aly Mathers, World Whisky Day 2017 Ambassador to get his advice on what to offer on the special day…

What to serve? Bourbon: Maker’s Mark

Blended Scotch: Johnnie Walker Double Black

This Kentucky Straight Bourbon stands out against other American offerings you can find on the shelf for being reliably soft, sweet and enjoyable. Maker’s Mark should be enjoyed on its own or in a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. It’s easydrinking style and full flavours make this the perfect drop for any dad who enjoys all things stateside.

As a blended whisky its style is both rounded and smooth, but the flavour here is bolder than the standard Black Label due to having a higher percentage of Islay malts in its profile. Don’t be put off by the smoke though, as those malts have seen the inside of heavily charred oak casks, meaning there’s a deep sweetness here too. Think sweet, sticky barbecue sauce and you’re on the right track.

Unpeated single malt Scotch: Tamdhu 10

Irish: Bushmills 10-year-old Ireland’s first official distillery produces triple-distilled malt whiskies, meaning they are a little lighter in style than their Scottish counterparts. This 10-year-old malt from the country’s most picturesque distillery is matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks, giving a complex and layered flavour. Imagine floral honey, milk chocolate and green apples joined by warm gingerbread for extra spice and depth.

An excellent choice for someone who likes a robust, sherrymatured Speyside malt. What Tamdhu has done incredibly well here is balance flavour and style in equal measure. Dried apricot and raisins with fresh vanilla cream combine in the mouth with cinnamon, nutmeg and sticky toffee pudding, creating a very satisfying dram. Plus, the bottle will look great on your shelf.




Peated single malt Scotch: Laphroaig 10

Japanese: Hibiki Japanese Harmony

I’ve always had a soft spot for this peat monster from the west. In my experience, anyone who enjoys strong flavours in food will also enjoy a classic Islay malt. With this dram you’re hit with briny seawater, savoury coastal notes and wet, claggy, medicinal peat. At the same time, I’ve always found a huge amount of sweetness in Laphroaig too, coming from the American oak casks in which the spirit is matured.

There has been an influx of Japanese whisky to our shores which are definitely worth exploring. This is probably the softest whisky on the list, making it the perfect all-rounder. For the novice, it’s fresh and easy going, while for the aficionado it’s a deeply layered, elegant offering. Flavours include fresh pear, orange blossom and vanilla with a long and flowing finish.


World Whisky Day

To mix or not to mix? That may be the question, but there is no right or wrong answer. Whisky needn’t be approached with a precious attitude ­- there’s any number of potential long drinks to suit dad’s taste. Try any of the following: •

Soda water


Ginger ale

Tonic water

The global event on Saturday 20 May invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life across the world. It recognises all types of whisk(e)y and encourages everyone to join in the celebration of this incredible spirit. For more information or to discuss a partnership, contact

Food pairings Whisky does great when paired with food. It’s all about looking for comparing and contrasting flavours. Don’t just look at the obvious flavours though - think outside the box!

Fruity and floral whisky - Lowlands

Rich and spicy - Speyside

Buttery and sweet - Highlands

Pair with Tropical and citrus fruits, delicate fish dishes, grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, salads

Fruit cake, red meat stews, roasted meats, rich desserts, mature cheeses

Pastries, sweet pies, ice cream, milk chocolate, caramel

Recipe suggestion Melon, prosciutto and salad with a basil and lemon dressing

Lamb tagine with caramelised onions, olives and dried apricots


Maple pain perdu with vanilla ice cream

Celebrate Independence Day

this 4 of July with our th

American Greats

Brooklyn Gin Super premium smallbatch gin made in New York. The flavour is fresh and complex, with juicy citrus notes that enhance both classic and contemporary gin serves.

Buffalo Trace Using the finest Kentucky and Indiana corn, selected rye and superior malted barley, which is gently aged in new American oak barrels to create a perfectly balanced flavour of sweet, oak and spice, leaving a long, smooth finish.

Southern Comfort The taste of whiskey made comfortable - a sweet, smooth and delicious gateway into American Whiskey.


Tito’s vodka

Forged during one of the coldest Canadian winters on record by blending smooth Canadian whiskey with sweet, spicy cinnamon. Best served straight from the freezer as a shot.

America’s Original Craft Vodka. It’s distilled 6 times, using old fashion pot stills. Made using 100% corn, every batch is taste-tested to ensure, each bottle tastes as smooth as the next.

For more information on our award-winning portfolio of brands please visit



Keep Dad's Spirits Up Thanks to innovative twists and bespoke drinks, a cocktail on Father’s Day can be a perfect way to make the occasion truly memorable. Take Stock asked Tom Hodgkiss of Hi-Spirits for his thoughts about the best cocktails for any Father’s Day celebration...

What are the cocktail trends we’re likely to see this year?

But it’s a great looking drink. Simple can often be best.

The premiumisation of products being used, adding quality and value to the drinks. There are also growing numbers of health conscious consumers, so we’ll see many more ‘skinny’ cocktails. Finally, there’ll be continued interest in the authenticity and provenance of the spirits being served; people love to buy into where products are made and their history.

What makes a good Father’s Day cocktail?

What’s your all-time favourite cocktail and why? The Negroni. It is easy to make with equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth. They can be drunk at any time, for any occasion. Apéritif or digestif - either is fine with me!


Something that contains their favourite spirit and perhaps relates to their personality. Nothing too complicated is advised, and in my experience men tend to prefer shorter cocktails of a dark colour and not too sweet - so not a Cosmopolitan or Strawberry Daiquiri! An Old Fashioned, Manhattan or simple Whiskey Sour are popular.

How would you encourage more cocktail sales? Ask your customers what spirits, mixers and flavours they like and create a drink

specifically for them. Advertise your cocktails through blackboards, posters and table talkers, and think about offering a price offer or food pairing deal.

Cocktails for Dad Amazing Grace

Glass: Highball

Gin is as popular as ever at the

METHOD 1. Fill the glass with ice and add all the ingredients

moment, with G&T still the number one favourite. Amazing Grace is a twist on the classic to make the perfect fruity spring cocktail.


The Boulevardier

Glass: Coupette


Originally created by Harry McElhone at his Harry’s New York Bar, Paris, for his loyal customer Erskine Gwynne; editor of Boulevardier magazine, this recipe replicates a Negroni but substitutes the gin for bourbon - perfect as an apéritif!


1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice


50ml Scapegrace Gin Fever Tree Tonic Water Dash rhubarb bitters 2 orange wedges

25ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon 25ml Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth 25ml Campari Dash Peychaud’s Bitters Orange zest 1 maraschino cherry

2. Churn the liquid in the glass with a bar spoon

3. Add more ice if needed and garnish with orange wedges

2. Stir the ice with a bar spoon in a circular motion until the liquid roughly doubles in volume 3. Strain into a coupette and garnish with orange zest and a maraschino cherry



Rethink Your Drinks Demand for no and low sugar drinks has never been higher, fuelled by consumers wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and government intervention - targeting obesity - which aims to remove 200,000 tonnes of sugar per year from the UK diet by 2020 according to new guidelines released by Public Health England. The demand is there, so how best to capitalise on it?

Drink habits are changing The Soft Drinks Levy, effective from April 2018, will impact upon drinks with sugar content of 5% or more and current media publicity is already focussing consumer attention on how much sugar some drinks contain.

What are manufacturers doing? Manufacturers have recognised that the last thing non drinkers want is to spend the evening drinking sugar filled soft drinks and fruit juices. There has therefore been a whole raft of new no and low sugar product launches.

Allied to this, ever increasing numbers of drinkers are making choices based upon the provenance and healthy living credentials of what’s on offer. Indeed, for Millennials, wellness is a daily, active pursuit. Together, these influences are creating a ‘perfect storm’ for brands and operators who do not have a

What can you do Provide a great experience - people want


of consumers are actively cutting down on sugar

to socialise and have fun, so give them a great choice and experience by: •

Provide choice - have POS and blackboards dedicated to no and low sugar choices.

Display - have a dedicated area behind the bar where you display all your no/low drinks options, as well

comprehensive range of no/low sugar drinks available.

as the range grouped together in a chiller. •

Drink menu - have no/low sugar drinks grouped by category on your drinks menu: plain and flavoured waters; juices and soft drinks. And don’t forget to have premium options - consumers are more than willing to pay extra for something special.

Cocktail menu - your cocktail menu should include low/no alcoholic variants, in addition to exclusive mocktails to avoid non drinkers feeling that they are not being


- Proportion of consumers who think the choice of soft drinks in the on trade is too narrow


- the decline in sales of full sugar soft drinks

catered for.


Provide calorie information something a number of outlets have recently adopted.

Use the best quality - use top quality glassware, branding and interesting garnishes like sliced grapes and ginger, candied fruits, cinnamon sticks and star anise, as well as the classics. Think about using local fruits and herbs too - they add a special touch that customers will appreciate.

Innovate with ice - Frozen fruits and herbs in your ice cubes are appealing, cheap, easy and fun!

Food pairing - Have no/ low food and drink pairing suggestions on your food


menus. •

Train your staff - Research

- the increase in low calorie cola sales

by Britvic shows that 64% of consumers are likely to order a soft drink special if recommended by


staff and 60% would order a second drink if given great service. The perfect serve is

- the increase in low calorie options in the same period



- the percentage who would consider a mocktail if offered Sources: Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2015, CGA Research


©2017 The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved. COCA-COLA, COCA-COLA ZERO, TASTE THE FEELING and the CONTOUR BOTTLE are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company.


Stock up NOW

Chips Away! Chips are one of the most frequently ordered items on a menu. Served as a side or a stand-alone snack, they have come a long way since Charles Dickens described them as ‘husky chips of potatoes, fried with some reluctant drops of oil’ in 1859.

Chips on the menu Offering chips with a dip or topping can make a satisfying meal by itself. Come Fry With Me in London’s Covent Garden offers chips with toppings of meatballs and mozzarella cheese or sprinkled with BBQ seasoning and topped with pulled pork.

There is so much potential in the

customers willing to give seasoned chips

versatile snack and by bringing some

a try* and one in three prepared to pay 20

BeFries in Brighton has only been open

excitement to your chip offer, you will

pence more for them , you should have

nine months and is already going through

draw in more customers, increase sales

a seasoned chip offer on your menu.

300 kilos of potatoes on a busy Saturday.

and drive profit.

Chip Seasoning from Schwartz is a well-

“We produce a really crispy shell that stays

balanced blend that includes paprika,

crispy with a soft and fluffy centre,” explains

garlic, onion, salt and black pepper.

Chan Beevers, the co-founder.

Mix it up


When it comes to chips, everyone has their favourite so give your customers a choice and offer a variety of the following: • Chunky (handcut) chips • French fries

Why not offer a takeaway option for your chips?

• Skinny fries • Curly fries • Sweet potato fries

Cash in your chips Get seasoning Sprinkling some flavour onto the beloved chip will give you the opportunity to create a premium snack. With 70% of




Homemade chips can be a real draw and a good way of giving your menu a point of difference

The restaurant uses a Belgian method to create chip perfection; Agria potatoes handcut to 12mm thickness and double cooked. Its most popular sauces are peanut

should be soaked in water for 30

satay and garlic mayonnaise. “Chips are

minutes to an hour, which will help

universal and appeal to everyone - they are

to remove any excess starch and

part of our national identity,” adds Chan.

will help the chips cook evenly and

“And because we are a repeat business we

not colour too quickly. Drain and dry

focus entirely on one product and try to

before cooking.

make it as good as we can.”


Get frying - the most important bit! Cook the chips first at a temperature of 160°C to cook the potato through.

The perfect chip To achieve the holy grail - the perfect crunch on the outside yet soft and fluffy inside - you need to choose the right potato and get the cooking technique spot on. From twice or triple-cooked - sometimes in different temperatures - frying in beef fat or sunflower oil, to cooking in small batches and boiling in salted water pre-frying, there are many theories on how to cook the perfect chip.

Allow to cool before cooking them at a second, higher temperature of 5.

Oil choice - vegetable-based oil or beef dripping is recommended, however, it is down to personal preference.

A healthy option? indulgence - there are plenty of ways to

is paramount,” says Andy Gray, trade

appeal to customers who are watching

marketing manager for Seafish. Here are

what they eat:

his steps to chip perfection:

• Bake instead of frying • Switch vegetable oil for olive oil


Potato choice - this will often be dependent on the seasons and what is the best quality available, but Maris Piper is usually the potato of choice for chipping. However, many people will have their own preference.


Chipping - once peeled, potatoes should be chipped and trimmed to

of customers are willing to give seasoned chips a try

190°C which will crisp them.

Chips don’t have to be an unhealthy “When making the perfect chip, preparation


• Change regular potatoes for sweet

1 in 3

will pay 20p more for seasoned chips

87% of the UK population love chips

potatoes (higher in fibre and vitamin A, lower in calories) • Serve homemade ketchup rather than bottled ketchup so you can keep the

*Source: Toluna June 2015

sugar content down - or offer low sugar ketchup like Heinz's new variety

be equal sizes in length and width (perhaps 1 to 1.5cm thickness). This will ensure that the chips will all cook at the same rate. 3.

Let them soak - chipped potatoes


Instantly add flavour and profit to your dishes

NEW Old Bay Seasoning

Chip Seasoning Premiumise your chip offering with this seasoning blend including paprika, onion and garlic

Easily cater for the growing American trend

Why not try...

• As a tasty rub for meat or fish

Why not try...

• Charging a premium for seasoned chips vs. plain

NEW Sriracha Seasoning

Fajita Seasoning

A sweet, sour heat with a distinctive garlic kick in a unique dry format for ultimate versatility

Ideal for all types of Mexican food

Why not try...

• Blending with lime and oil for a spicy, tangy dressing

• Making your own, fresh sriracha sauce – one jar makes up to 13 litres!*

Why not try...

100% of chefs that use Schwartz would recommend it!^ Mix




Please contact your wholesaler for more details. Based on 25g of Schwartz Sriracha seasoning per litre. ^Cambridge Direction Research, 100 chefs, 2016.





Super Food Beans and lentils are not just for vegetarians. Versatile, healthy and great value, they can make the perfect accompaniment for a number of main dishes; served warm or cold. So why not be adventurous and start cooking with pulses?



Red kidney, cannellini, borlotti,

Available all year round, the most common

chickpeas, butter, haricot, black...the

are brown, red and green lentils, with puy and

list is endless!

yellow becoming ever more popular.

Menu ideas

Menu ideas

Borlotti Bean Purée

Anchovies and fresh herbs

Simply add seasoned cooked lentils

In Italy, borlotti bean purée is served with roasted pork. Mix borlotti beans with garlic, olive oil, red onion, and a dash of balsamic vinegar, season, then blend until smooth. The purée also works well spread on crostini and topped with parma ham.

Add anchovies, chopped fresh herbs

on the side to soak up the richness

and freshly ground pepper into

of the dish.

White meat, veal, pork and ham in a creamy mustard sauce

cooked lentils, taste, season and serve garnished with olives. Sausages, meat and fish Soften a chopped shallot in olive oil, add crushed garlic and finely chopped/

Pasta e Fagioli

thinly sliced bacon (or lardons). Stir into

Make a classic pasta e

cooked lentils, adding chopped fresh

fagioli (Americans call

parsley, salt and freshly ground pepper.

this ‘Pasta Fazool’) with

Serve with sausages, meat or fish.

onions and garlic fried in olive oil, tinned tomatoes, borlotti beans and a small pasta such as macaroni or conchiglie. Soups Most chickpea soups, whether spicy Spanish stews or rustic minestrones, call for whole chickpeas. For a more delicate, velvety soup, try puréeing your chickpeas in a blender and sieve before serving for an extra smooth texture. Popular dishes Channa masala is a popular Punjabi street food - a bright orange red chickpea curry. Onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, chillies and spices provide the base, with ‘amchour’ powder dried unripe mango - giving the dish its characteristic sour note.

Main Serves 4 Preparation time: 6 mins

Chilli Lentil Salad with Goat's Cheese By Carol Ridehalgh, chef at Glenapp Estate, Ayrshire

INGREDIENTS 200g puy lentils 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed ¼ level tsp chilli flakes (or to taste) 1 tsp cumin seeds or ground cumin 200g firm goat’s cheese

METHOD 1. Rinse lentils, put in a pan and cover with 3 x their quantity of cold water. Do not add salt 2. Bring the water to the boil and cook for approx 20-25 mins

3. Taste (they should still have a little “bite” to them) and stop cooking by draining and running cold water through the sieve. Drain well 4. Soften the onion in olive oil and add the garlic, chilli flakes and cumin seeds. Add to the lentils and mix well. Taste and adjust seasoning 5. Put into an ovenproof dish (or divide into individual ones) crumble over the goat’s cheese and bake at 200°C for 5-10 mins until cheese has melted 6. Serve with crusty bread

Sources: Cooks & Co, Carol Ridehalgh





Steven Smith Steven Smith is the chef-proprietor of the Freemasons in Wiswell, Lancashire. Nestled in the Ribble Valley, the award-winning country pub adds a twist of contemporary creativity and flair to dishes to create a memorable gastronomic experience. What is your career history?

already scooped number one pub in the Good Food Guide 2017 and come fourth in the UK’s Top 50 Gastropubs - so we’re not

I trained at Blackburn College and then got my first position as pastry chef at the Feildens Arms at Mellor. From there, I moved on to junior sous chef at the Forest at Fence, chef de partie at The Box Tree in Ilkley, senior chef de partie/junior sous chef at Stanley House Hotel in Mellor, sous chef at Gilpin Hotel and Lake House in Windermere and then back to Stanley House as head chef before taking over the Freemasons in 2009.

doing too badly!

Was that your goal? You don’t necessarily set out to win awards but it’s always a nice achievement when you do, as it shows you’re on the right track! It also pushes the Freemasons out further afield, introducing us to new customers. We often meet new customers who have

Who has been your biggest influence?

sought us out on the back of an award win and then become

When I first started out, it was Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay. But, as time went on, I started to admire Sat Bains, Brett Graham and Tom Kerridge. They’re more chefs that I admire, as opposed to role models. At the Freemasons, we try not to model ourselves on anyone and we’re doing what we can to create a unique environment.

repeat visitors, so we appreciate the role awards have to play.

How did your love of cooking develop?

trained on our wine list and can advise on the right wine to

I worked part-time in a kitchen in my final year of secondary school. I really enjoyed it and felt it was an avenue to explore. Once I got involved in cooking I never looked back - there isn’t anything else I could imagine doing and enjoying as much!

& Wine Club with Master of Wine Miles Corish, which is really

How important is food and wine pairing? Really important. Different ingredients and flavours really impact on how wine tastes and it can really make a difference to your meal if you choose the wrong wine. Our staff have been fully complement your dish. In addition, we run a monthly Food popular.

Do you BBQ during the summer months? Yes, we have an annual summer BBQ which is incredibly popular.

What fuels your creativity?

Our best selling dish is our Queenie Scallops in their shells, with

We get a lot of our inspiration from the local area, which is absolutely beautiful, and of course seasonal ingredients. I have an enthusiastic team of five who are keen to experiment with flavours and have created some absolutely fantastic dishes such as our Suckling Pig with Hoi Sin sauce and our Pigeon with XO sauce. Fusing English and Asian flavours has been really successful for us and gives us a lot of scope to try new things.

garlic butter piped in - cooked straight on the BBQ.

Does the Freemasons have a signature dish? I wouldn’t say we have one signature dish. Our menu is filled with signature dishes - all of which have been inspired by the pub itself, Wiswell village, Lancashire and indeed the North West.

Tell us about the Freemasons...

It’s such a beautiful part of the world, there’s so much to take

At the Freemasons we offer customers a culinary experience second to none, in a cosy, inviting pub atmosphere. The pub has so much to offer - it’s in a beautiful location, it is really warm and inviting, but allows us to provide private dining rooms and up to 83 covers. Our à la carte menu is home to classic Freemasons’ favourites; our seasonal menu offers excellent value at lunch and early supper featuring the freshest flavours and we have a tasting menu too. We never sit still at the Freemasons. I’m always planning for the future and looking at ways to improve our offering and bring in new customers. We are hoping to get planning permission on a kitchen extension and also some bedrooms which I believe would make a big difference to those travelling from further afield.

inspiration from! A couple of dishes we’re working on for the

What awards have you won?

go shooting and play golf.

summer menu include a heritage tomato, English mozzarella and caviar dish and we’re also working on a Morecambe Bay sauce, which will bring together all the small fish that come out of Morecambe Bay during the summer, such as red mullet, baby crab and gurnard to be served with a lovely piece of cod.

What would be your last meal? Believe it or not, beans on toast!

Any hobbies outside the kitchen? I love walking my English Bulldog Bam Bam who is very much part of the Freemasons family. And when I have the time, I like to

Advice for aspiring chefs?

We had a fantastic year in 2016, winning Best Food Pub in the Great British Pub awards, retaining our place as number one pub in The Waitrose Good Food Guide and moving up to 25th place in the Square Meal Top 100 Restaurants. And this year we have

It’s important to stay grounded, work hard and have a good attitude. Don’t be too eager. Put in the hard work first and you’ll get the rewards.


*Neilsen 2016 RSV data

Baked to delight

Three favourite baked snacks from the UK’s No.1 savoury biscuit brand, available now on quick-serve pub cards.*

stock up today!



Snack Attack For many, May signifies the start of summer. Nights are lighter and warmer, bank holidays allow for long, lazy weekends, and licensed premises are filling with customers wanting to enjoy themselves in the sunshine, with friends and family. In anticipation of this, your cellars will

traditional types and flavours available.

and those watching the calories; sharing

doubtless be well stocked with all of the

The same goes for nuts - ready salted

bags are a must for couples and groups.

wines, beers, ciders, spirits and mixers

and dry roast are essential, but stock up

your customers will demand. But have

on flavoured ones too. And don’t forget

you got your snack offering sorted?

to add some fruit and nut, and seed

Snacking is a significant area for adding

mixes for healthy eaters.

Experimentation is the order of the day,

Tom Kerridge has recently been quoted

taste buds. Things like chilli peanuts,

as saying that popcorn and pork

jalapeĂąo pepper flavoured crisps and

scratchings contain fats and fibre that are

sour cream and chive pretzels can be a

good for us, so demand for these snacks

real talking point, and quenching the fire

are at an all time high. Get them on your

created by some of the more extreme

shopping list too!

flavours can only be good for wet sales!

Core range

Pack sizes

Gluten free

Everyone has a favourite savoury snack,

Provide your customers with a good

With an increase in the number of people

so make sure you have a wide range of

range. Smaller bags are perfect for kids

who want to eat gluten free - ensure

revenue, and with a little effort it can be another way to stand out from the competition and charge a premium whilst doing so.

Image courtesy of

What to stock...


Flavour rocks! so stock varieties that really tickle the

Making snacks more visible can increase sales by


- Newfoundlanders call

up to 8%

you’ve something to offer them. KP’s O’Donnells crisps are a premium snack that enables you to cover the gluten-free base in style.


pork scratchings!

of snack options and let customers pick their own combinations. You can feed hungry customers when your kitchen’s closed - with little staff training required - and the sharing experience will keep customers coming back for more.

Drinkers are opting for premium drinks, so capitalise on this by offering premium

Display and marketing

snacks. Carton pack snacks, ridged and

Research by Him! indicates that by simply making crisps, snacks and nuts more visible, you can increase sales by up to 8%, so show and tell the world what you’ve got. Dedicate a blackboard to your snack varieties. Have guest flavours. Offer deals - a sharing pack plus two single bags at a discounted price provides the kids with a pack each whilst mum and dad get to share.

deli style potato chips are an upmarket option and really complement a cocktail or good glass of wine. Cater for clients who are prepared to push the boat out for something special.

Innovate Beer, cider and whisky flights are commonplace nowadays. So, why not

to replenish from larger bags, but allows

And lastly, get some help. Talk to your supplier and take advantage of the POS and advice that’s out there. Look online too - initiatives like KP’s Perfect Pub are great resources for helping you get your

you to charge a premium. Create a list

snacking offer right!

offer a snacking flight? Putting a selection of different snacks into bowls on a tray not only allows you


The Lowdown on Upselling Research by wine service educators Veraison, undertaken during 2016 demonstrated that while 42% of diners would be inclined to buy a bottle of wine based upon a staff recommendation, over half of the same audience felt that staff in restaurants and bars didn’t know enough about the wines on their listings. Small wonder then that for many, a glass of the house wine is the safe option! Getting customers to opt for a more expensive, better quality wine should therefore be everyone’s objective, as not only will the customer be getting a superior product, your margins will be dramatically improved too. Here's how to make a difference:

House wine

Wine lists •

Categorise wines by country

Include a brief, clear description e.g. Gavi - a crisp, dry and nutty white wine from the Piedmont area of Northern Italy - a perfect accompaniment to rich seafood

nt Excelle

Have upsell options e.g. good, better and best options

Don’t forget to include sherries, dessert wines and port on your listings

Offer good alternatives to the readily available labels

upsells include:

The cheapest wine shouldn’t be your house offering

Choose house wines that reflect the character of your establishment and explain why on your listings




Saumur Brut or a Crémant de Loire

Remember that with lower priced wines, paying 10% more gets you much more than that % in quality

Pinot Grigio

Spanish Albariño



Ask your supplier about bespoke labels to enhance your house wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Argentinian Torrontés

Offer house wine by the glass, half bottle and bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon

Spanish Rioja

Pinot Noir

Italian Cirò




On your menu •

Include a wine or sherry pairing with every dish

Clearly indicate which wines are available by the glass

Match your cheese board and desserts to ports and dessert wines

Staff training Staff should be comfortable about discussing your wines with customers. This is critical to your success. •

Hold regular tastings alongside the dishes each wine best complements

Provide staff with a one sentence description of each wine - ask staff to learn them

Hold regular prize quizzes for food and wine pairings, upsell options and wine descriptions

Run an incentive for non-house wine sales

Make sure there is always a ‘wine champion’ on-hand to answer any detailed wine questions

Put notes on order pads to prompt staff to ask ‘which port?’ when customers are ordering a dessert

Encourage staff to offer their own experience e.g saying “I love this wine with that dish” has real power when talking to a customer who has asked for advice

ourites et the fav g r fo ’t n o D rch tegy resea CGA Stra owing as ‘must ll has the fo d every bar: in h e haves’ b co • Prosec agne • Champ non Blanc ig v u a S • • Merlot io rig • Pinot G • Rioja Zinfandel • White • Rosé


INTRODUCING NEW BAILEYS ICED COFFEE The latest innovation from Baileys, the world’s #1 selling Liqueur brand 1 Revolutionising the Iced Coffee category, growing at 44%2 New Baileys Iced Coffee cans available in Latte and Mocha flavours


Please drink responsibly. 1: International Wine & Spirits Review, 2014. 2: GB. Nielsen Total coverage, defined iced coffee brands, value sales, weekly data to 13/08/16.



A Better Brew Out-of-home tea and coffee sales continue to rise. Take Stock shows you how to add value to the humble cuppa to make it a premium brew.

Time for tea Tea is still the most popular drink in the UK. Reflecting this, the out-of-home tea market is worth £3.4bn - with cafés seeing the largest profit of £790m according to a report by Tetley, and with the speciality tea category growing 2.8% last year and pubs reporting sales of £76m, tea is a strong choice for any outlet.

and silky bags, tea served in teapots with China cups will leave a lasting impression with the customer. “If you have space for drinkers to sit inside, loose leaf gives a better tasting brew and creates a more eventful experience,” said Holly Bowden from Brew Tea Company. “The biggest drinkers of loose leaf tea are 25-34 year olds* who want products with provenance and story, and have a keen eye for good

tea goes well with Asian dishes, and the different black teas available can be mixed and matched with plenty of cuisines. Plus, everyone loves chocolate so why not do a tea and dessert pairing too? According to research from Mintel, afternoon tea is now a growth market for pubs so why not experiment and offer it on a Sunday to attract families or perhaps on quieter midweek days?

value as opposed to the cheapest price

All in the name


What to stock

The out-of-home tea market is worth


Tea sales in pubs have grown to

£76m Make it memorable

Customers tend to stick to the blends they know, so have confidence in the amount of blends you stock. A selection of black, fruit and green teas is essential, however overstocking on trendier brews may be detrimental to your profit. “Operators who choose to stock a vast range of blends inevitably see repeat purchases of familiar blends: English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green Tea,” added Holly Bowden. “This isn’t surprising, because these blends form the bedrock of everyday tea drinking, while trendier blends like Chamomile trail behind as a tiny proportion of the market.” Get the most out of your tea menu by keeping it simple and doing it properly.

Be creative Food pairings, ice tea and cocktails are

Make a customer’s drinking experience

all ways to add imagination to your tea

more memorable with a speciality tea.

offering and will help to expand your

Whether you are a small café or a large

menu. Why not have a tea and dish of

pub stocking a selection of loose teas

the day on your specials board? Green


Using the correct words will engage customers. Using simple terms like ‘cup of tea’ or ‘decaf’ instantly devalues your menu. Stick to using authentic language like ‘English Breakfast’ and ‘Decaffeinated Tea’. It may only seem like a trivial change, however it will make all the difference and help premiumise your offering.

81.5% of buyers will opt for the most valuable product rather than the cheapest option available to them Sources: Tetley, Mintel, Novus Tea, Brew Tea Company, Researchers at Manchester Business School

Coffee break

for a more memorable drink. And to

With 72% of out-of-home hot beverage

serious about coffee, have a specials board

purchases being coffee* we are a

with your coffee of the day, or any special

nation of caffeine drinkers. Thanks to

offers you are running.

demonstrate to the customer that you are

the dominance of coffee culture, the appeal of this on-trend drink has now spilled out from the coffee shops and the coffee market is generally experiencing unprecedented growth as consumers expect the same quality and taste in pubs, bars and restaurants. “Taste, value for money and cleanliness are the top three consumer drivers for purchasing coffee,” said Lynn Little, Nestlé professional standard ingredients lead. “When it comes down to it, the quality and taste of the coffee earns repeat customers.”

Top drives when buying a coffee • • • •

Quality Taste Location Convenience

Be flexible Make your coffee offering available all day - not just during your eating hours - and provide a ‘to go’ option. This will entice customers ‘on the run’ to come to you for their drink first thing or late afternoon, and cater for customers who don’t have time to sit and drink their post-meal coffee in-house but would happily take one away. “Consumers are no longer sticking to traditional eating and drinking patterns,” said Lynn Little. “They seek coffee experiences wherever and whenever they want them. This means that coffee solutions need to make it faster and easier to get great coffee on the go.”

have a shelf life of 18 months.

pairing. Adding a complimentary cookie, brownie or even a branded chocolate bar with your coffee will not only increase a customer’s satisfaction, but encourage them to a repeat visit - especially if you

Syrup infused coffee is growing - and the trend looks likely to stay. According to Tate & Lyle Sugars, 42m cups of espresso-based drinks are sold every week in the UK - a quarter of those served with syrups. And over the last year there has been a 21% uplift in the consumption of syrups* used as an addition within popular coffees, so adding a Vanilla Latte or Caramel Coffee Frappe will complement your menu. “Beverage syrups are particularly popular among younger female coffee shop drinkers,” said Nick James, Tate & Lyle Sugars EU marketing controller.

still want the same care and attention as given to alcoholic drinks. Outlets need to take their coffee seriously and have the following options available: cappuccino, latte, espresso and flat white. Having a choice of milks, syrups and extra shots remain top of consumers’ wish lists and serving it in a bigger cup or offering a choice of sweet toppings will make

Lyle’s® extensive range of beverage syrups

Coffee and chocolate are the perfect

The trend to drink less alcohol when out

who opt for an alcohol-free beverage

looking to extend their menu.” Tate &

they are gluten free, certified Fairtrade and

Sweeten up your profits

However, research* shows that customers

syrups are a big opportunity for anyone

A perfect pairing

Make it special

an opportunity to boost their coffee sales.

a higher price point, so it is clear to see that

are readily available in a variety of flavours;

alternate your offering.

provides pubs, bars and restaurants with

“Today’s generation is buying more and at

33% of consumers buy coffee out-ofhome at least

4 times a week

66% of consumers would be willing to pay


or more for a great cup of coffee in a pub or bar

“The quality and taste of the coffee earns repeat customers.” *Sources: Kantar Worldpanel OOH coffee report 2016, Allegra World Coffee Portal on behalf of Tate & Lyle Sugars, 2015, UCC, Allegra, WCP - William Murray Eating Out Report, Allegra Report, 2016

Lynn Little, Nestlé professional standard ingredients lead


OUR SYRUPS ARE CRAFTED TO COMPLEMENT With a taste that consumers love, a quality suitable for professionals and from a brand committed to ethical sourcing, our range is the perfect accompaniment to your hot and iced beverages.



Tate & Lyle® Vanilla Syrup

1 x 750ml

Tate & Lyle® Caramel Syrup

1 x 750ml

Tate & Lyle® Hazelnut Syrup

1 x 750ml

For the full flavour range, please visit





(Appleton White)




GARNISH 2 Lime Wedges

GARNISH Lime Twist and a Lemon Wedge

PREPARATION: Glass : Collins Garnish : Lime and Orange wedges with a mint sprig Ice : Cubed

PREPARATION: Glass : Old fashioned Garnish : Dehydrated orange circles Ice : Cubed

THE SERVE Southern Comfort 50ml Lime juice 10ml Top Pepsi Max

THE SERVE 50ml Wild Turkey 101 2 Dash Angostura Bitters Either Pepsi Max Syrup or Topped with Pepsi Max

RATIONALE: The sweetness of a dark rum perfectly complements Pepsi Max’s citrus element, which is further enhanced by the squeeze of limes as a garnish.

RATIONALE: White rum is a more delicate flavour than your usual rum, so combining both the lemon and lime we offer a softer citrus note, which combines perfectly.

Pepsi Max has a combination of citrus, caramel and vanilla taste cues which compliment alcoholic serves by extracting not only the taste of the alcohol but also the taste of the acidic garnish found with a cola serve.

maximum taste • no sugar

Feed Your Eyes Winners

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Mix it up We’re on th e lookout fo r the best mixolo gist... Tweet us yo ur best drin k @TakeStock Mag #mixo logist

Rory Lovie @chefrorylovie

Head chef at Bridgeview Station, Dundee - Scallops, Great Glen venison, chorizo & peas

Dane Shelton @dane.shelton

Head development chef at Rhubarb Food Design, London Lamb rump, spring roll & goat’s cheese

George Dack @ChefDack

Head chef at Warwick St Social, Norwich Pistachio, local rhubarb & ginger




Premium Serves After beer, spirits are the second largest drinks category in the on trade sector, worth £5.98bn*. Then, consider that over 70% of spirits are drunk with a mixer, and you can see how getting your spirits and mixer offer right for your customers can substantially improve your revenue stream and profits.

Perfecting your offer is essential, especially when industry research has shown that over 30% of people haven’t chosen

What factors have contributed to the success of premium mixers in the on trade? •

Much of the demand for top quality mixers can be put down to Fevertree. They were amongst the first to argue that if a cocktail is made up of 50cl of spirit and 200ml of mixer, it makes eminent sense to use the very best mixer ingredients possible.

This consumer awareness has been picked up by brands like Schweppes and Britvic, whose ranges now offer a premium taste at a competitive price point.

Presenting a customer with a drink accompanied by a bottled mixer (rather than draught), gives an impression of quality. It’s a premium customer experience that they’re

what to order when they walk into an outlet. Take Stock asked Diageo about the market and key ideas for success. What factors have contributed to the continued success of premium spirits in the on trade? •

Consumers are going out less often, but spending more on each occasion.

experiences that they have. In the on they can’t replicate at home. •

Consumers are interested in provenance, ingredients and stories behind products and brands. They are also seeking options that offer some form of customisation and

What kind of role do you foresee premium spirits playing in 2017’s summer sales? What steps can operators take to encourage consumers to trade up at the bar? •

personalisation. Licensees are able to satisfy this demand by using mixers to create any number of cocktails; long, short, still, fizzy, pink, green, hot or cold, to drive footfall and spend in their pub or bar.

54% of customers agree that premium spirits brands are a sign of a quality outlet

65% of people agree that they would be willing to pay more for premium spirits

Over 33% of people agree that they would buy a premium brand if recommended to them, so it’s really important to stock a combination of premium and non-premium brands.

willing to pay extra for.

They are seeking value from the trade this is about experiences that

In spring/summer 2016 rum sales were up 2.4% year on year, Smirnoff was the number one spirit and Pimm’s made up 43% of speciality spirits sales. We are expecting 2017 to be just as successful because:

Premium spirits are in 11.5% growth and now account for 1 in 6 serves in the on trade

Luxury vodka sales are up 28.1% and premium gin 29.7%


What’s the growth potential of spirits? The figures are staggering. •

If every licensed outlet in Great Britain sold four more spirit drinks per day this would be worth £439 million in total category sales per year.

are more likely to experiment by trying something new - making them a prime target for selling a spirit and mixer to. What’s more, customers are more likely to choose their drink at the bar - so make sure staff are trained to confidently communicate the range you have available.

Top tips Diageo’s on trade consultant Rob Poulter has the following tips for licensees wishing to maximise profits from the spirit and mixer/cocktail opportunity: Offer choice - Accommodate customers who actively seek new and innovative cocktails and those who stick to their favourite cocktails by ensuring your menu offers the traditional favourites as •

If every licensed outlet in Great Britain traded five existing customers up by £1 - from a standard to a

well as unique and alternative options trends are taking off.

Upsell - A quarter of cocktail drinkers

would be worth £219 million in total

now opt for premium options. Take

category sales per year.

advantage of this and increase your premium offering, positioning your

regularly review their range to ensure they are capitalising on new products and innovations. Have lead in, premium and super premium spirits in each category and a comprehensive range of bottled mixers - especially in the popular 200ml size.

premium cocktails as the go-to

Know the trends - Eliminate preconceptions - as male customers now account for nearly half of those drinking cocktails, tailor your serves to appeal to both genders. Ensure there is a range of cocktails on offer, from beer/smokyflavoured cocktails (e.g. Old Fashioned) to fruity/berry flavoured cocktails (e.g.

Train. Research demonstrates that

Ice & garnish - Get your ice right. Using part melted cubes is unacceptable and detracts from the whole experience. With garnishes, think outside the box. Freeze herbs and fruits in ice; use local produce; pick complementary flavours - orange zest is brilliant in a

frequent cider and craft beer drinkers

G&T for instance.

facings to draw the customer’s eye to certain lines.

Visibility. 38% of consumers admit that visibility influences their decision. Keep the bar clear and clean so as not to block the view of the back-bar fridge. This should also be a consideration when positioning POS - obstructing the fridge will only hide what you have on offer.

bottle and pour just under half the mixer in, leaving your customer to add the remainder, to their taste.

Food pairing - Adult consumers enjoying dinner. Offer and position a selection of cocktails as an after-dinner option, especially coffee flavoured cocktails such as the Flat White Martini with Baileys.

Promotions - Attract frequent and

Layout. Position premium mixers at the the profit margins they offer. Try multiple

When adding a mixer, use a chilled 200ml


Strawberry Daiquiri). top of the fridge and make the most of

glass, decorated and iced as appropriate.

increasingly drink cocktails while

mixer to a cocktail for example - this

Range. Licensees should ensure they

with their chosen spirit, in the correct

for example ‘herbs’ and ‘savoury’ flavour

premium spirit, or from a spirit and

What are the top tips for promoting spirits and mixers?

Perfect serve - Present your customer


infrequent cocktail drinkers by ensuring you run regular promotions which appeal to over 75% of cocktail consumers. Sources: CGA MAT 28.01.17 & 27.12.14, TNS Omnibus Research 2012, CGA Peach BrandTrack, July 2015, 8 CGA Mixed Drinks Report, April 2016

Country Focus:


A few years ago it seemed that the only white wine anyone was drinking was Chardonnay. With the name of the grape being so easily recognized and pronounced, continued success seemed assured. However, it’s fashionability perhaps became its undoing, with a great many wine drinkers adopting the mantra of ‘A-B-C' - Anything But Chardonnay! Today within the trade, there is a feeling that a similar scenario is happening within the Italian wine market - with Prosecco and Pinot Grigio dominating the listings. Indeed, for many on trade wine merchants the two ‘P’s’ currently make up nearly 90% of Italian wine sales. Now, whilst these wines have undoubted qualities, Italy has a great wine making heritage and there are many others that deserve to appear on your wine lists. Take Stock recently discussed the situation with John Mansfield of The Society of Vintners. Here are his thoughts and recommendations. It is true to say that Prosecco and Pinot Grigio have been huge successes within the on trade, and I don’t see that

situation changing overnight. However, there are factors that will affect the

should offer really good examples of the two ‘P’s’, backed up by a wider range of

market that operators should be

Italian wines. Here are some examples:

aware of. Firstly, with Prosecco, the sheer volume


being consumed in traditional markets and increasing demand in the USA and

Entry - Nua Prosecco

Far East - is putting supply under strain, leading to rising prices and some decline

Unique presentation, with classic Prosecco notes - however, not in a bottle

in quality. The authorities have increased

you’ll see in supermarkets.

regulations surrounding pure Prosecco, but at the same time they have had to allow increased proportions of other grapes, simply to meet demand. Secondly, customer awareness of Pinot Grigio and keen supermarket prices results in a good return in the on trade becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, the perpetual drive towards lower prices inevitably impacts on quality - cheaper bottles will lose the typical bright, lively, fresh acidity with flavours of nuts, pears and melon of a classic Pinot Grigio. The result? Consumers find themselves less than satisfied. Italy is the home of some great wines and what is good, is that consumers are aware of that. The trick for outlets is to capitalise on that awareness. My recommendation is that operators


Upsell - Famiglia Pasqua Treviso Prosecco Extra dry (even dryer than Brut) - which gives the extra flavours in this wine the chance to develop.

White: Entry - Cortestrada Pinot Grigio A blend - like many Pinot Grigio’s on the market - which is reflected in the wholesale price. However, unlike many, this combination of Pinot Grigio and Garganega really works. It tastes great. San Georgio Pinot Grigio It is important to have a Pinot Grigio on your list, however go for a quality 100% Pinot Grigio. The difference at trade cost should be around 50p more than a less expensive ‘blend’, but the



depth and intensity of flavour will mean your customers get much more from their wine - and if eating, the meal it’s accompanying.

Upsell - A Valpolicella Ripasso is a great choice. However, for the Mansfield household, we look

Upsell - Famiglia Pasqua Passimento


A wine made from the traditional

no further than a


Easy drinking, round and soft, and goes

A big, serious wine for fillet steak or game. The grapes of this wine are harvested in the first two weeks of October and are traditionally dried on straw mats (though nowadays more technical processes are employed to minimize risks of ruining the wine), before being pressed. The water loss really intensifies flavours and results in a wine that’s often over 15%, with a legal minimum of 14%. This is a ripe, raisiny, full-bodied wine that’s usually not released until at least five

beautifully with burgers or lasagne.

years after harvest. Absolutely glorious!

Or, for lighter foods like charcuterie and


Valpolicella method, where the grapes are partially dried before fermentation. That drying period - of around 30 days - leads to about 30% water loss from the grapes, giving the wine a particular concentration and intensity. There’s a Passimento red from the same house, too.

Red: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Medium bodied with lots of black cherries, bramble fruits, herbs and violets.

salads: Cortestrada Sangiovese A deservedly popular, commercial level red. Lighter bodied with a pale colour, this wine offers herbs with notes of cherry skins, baked raspberry and pomegranate.


School Chef of the Year sponsored by

Interview with Tracy Healy –

Representing Yorkshire & Humberside region 2017 LACA School Chef of the Year winner Winning dishes: Lamb Kofta with coconut rice served with flatbread and mint salad Rhubarb Fool with Ginger Crunch

Q. How did you feel when you were announced as the 2017 LACA SCOTY winner?

A. Well I couldn’t believe it at first and it was mental with everyone screaming around me. My feet still haven’t touched the ground.


Were you nervous about cooking at the final?

A. Not really as I’m used to cooking for 280 kids every day so cooking for 4 in the same timeframe was manageable. Surprisingly, I felt quite calm.

the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ so of course I had to make a dish using rhubarb. I used the judges feedback from the previous rounds to improve the recipes for the final and I kept amending them until I was happy with the end result.


Why are school lunches important to children?


When you see what some people are putting into packed lunches (basically sandwiches and crisps) it’s always the same. Whereas when they have a school meal, it Have you made the dishes for anyone cab be so different. The plate should look else? so colourful and help the kids get a range of foods and nutrients. Oh yes, my family have had it a number of times as my husband What’s the name of your school, how particularly likes the rice. I made the menu for school lunch and the feedback from the many children do you feed and what are the most popular dishes? kids was very positive.

Q. A.

Q. What made you enter LACA SCOTY

Q. A.

I work at Ravensthorpe School in West Yorkshire which has approximately 400 this year? How did you choose your menu? children, of which 280 have the hot school I was at the LACA conference last year meal option. They like everything but the The main was Lamb Kofta and cherry and went to the SCOTY stand where I favourites are lasagne and pizza. We will tomato skewers. The reason why I chose it spoke to last year’s winner, Kath Breckon. have up to 7 choices in one day so they was because meatballs and kebabs are She told me about the wonderful things have a big selection to choose from, similar already a favourite with the kids at my she’s been up to since she won and so I to when adults eat out for lunch. applied and here I am! school so I thought it would be good to The kids are a lot more adventerous now merge them. Also, I find that children are and are willing to try different cuisines. I What does winning mean to you? more likely to eat cherry tomatoes if they’re always make new dishes with different cooked rather than raw. My son wouldn’t It’ll be a whirlwind year with great ingredients to encourage them to eat eat raw tomatoes but he would if I cooked opportunities. I want to take my time to see something they wouldn't normally try. them. what’s suitable for me and basically, enjoy For the dessert, I’m from a region called the experience.

Q. A.


Q. A.

To find out more details about entering the 2018 L.A.C.A School Chef of the Year competition email or call 0800 742 842. ® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All rights reserved.



The War on Sugar New guidelines released by Public Health England (PHE) have called on the food industry to try and help reduce the amount of sugar children consume. With a third of children leaving primary school overweight or obese - a health problem that’s likely to carry on into adulthood - and tooth decay on the rise, PHE wants 200,000 tonnes of sugar to be removed annually from the UK market by 2020. “This Government believes in taking a

The School Food Plan sets out the

common-sense approach to improving

standards for all food served in schools.

public health and that includes changing

Launched by the Department for

the addictive relationship our children

Education, it has become mandatory and

have with sugar,” said public health

aims to make it easier for school chefs to

minister Nicola Blackwood. “Many

create imaginative, flexible, nutritious and

companies have already taken impressive

tasty meals every day.

steps to rise to this challenge but it’s important that everyone steps up.”

Take Stock brings you some tips on how to help fight the sugar war in preparation for the new September term...

Inspire them The challenge is to get children to eat

Dessert prize at the LACA School Chef of the Year 2017. He conducts blind taste tests with pupils from his school council to gauge their reaction to reduced-sugar dishes. “My carrot muffins contain half the sugar content of normal muffins and our pupils are surprised when I tell them that it’s the carrot that helps to sweeten it. It was the same with the butternut squash cake; not only had most of them never seen a butternut squash before but they didn’t realise a vegetable could be sweet.”

Have control

Kochakkadan from Marston Green Infants

Children need sugar, carbs and protein in their diet, however it’s about monitoring the amount. It is OK for them to have treacle syrup pudding and custard if it is the correct portion size. Half the battle when reducing sugar is to manage

and winner of the Highly Commended

balance and portion control.

more fruit and vegetables. “It’s all about introducing new products to children and if there is a fruit or veg they don’t like then hide it in something,” said Jose Davies




Be creative

substitute sugar. “We invited the parents

If you’re struggling for ideas, visit the The

in for a taste test to show them what

School Food Plan website which has a

dishes had been tweaked and ways they

hub of tried and tested recipes. These

could do the same at home,” explains

include vegetables and fruit that can be

Michael Goulston, mobile catering

used in place of sugar and other natural

manager, who cooks the same meals for

sweeteners such as milk; it’s just about

his own children at home. “So far, the

experimenting and trying out different

reaction has been positive with pupils

flavours until you find the one that works.

hardly noticing a difference.”

A sweet tooth Sadly, no chef is going to solve the sugar addiction overnight and children will still crave sugar. The answer? Give them a healthier version of the pudding they love! Lots of school chefs now only use a third of the recommended sugar in chocolate pudding, so children are still getting their sugar fix but at a lower level. “When I bake I reduce the amount of sugar a recipe says it requires, because I know with some things it won’t alter the taste,” explained Tracy Healy, head chef at Ravensthorpe Junior School in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and LACA

Incorporate lower

lemons, limes, watermelon, cantaloupe melon, blackberries, raspberries or kiwi to add natural

School Chef of the Year 2017. “It’s all


about common sense.”

Go natural


sugar fruits, such as

Fruit Cobbler By Premier Foods, Education Solutions Guide Makes 10 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes Allergens: may contain sulphites INGREDIENTS

Incorporate lower sugar fruits, such as


lemons, limes, watermelon, cantaloupe

Opt for ready-made sauces and

1kg tinned apples

melon, blackberries, raspberries or kiwi

products with a lower sugar content.

200g blackberries, washed

to add natural sweetness. “The key is

The McDougalls range is naturally low

450g McDougalls Scone Mix

to educate children about sugar, and to

or lower in sugar (per 100g as bought).

encourage them to eat more fruit and

Heinz has launched No Added Sugar

vegetables where natural sugars can be

Beanz and Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt

found,” said Jose Davies Kochakkadan.

Tomato Ketchup.

Twice a week Ravensthorpe Junior

175ml water egg wash (optional)


School serves 50% fruit-only based

Sugar-free days

1. Mix the apples and blackberries and place

desserts. “Apple Crumble and Eve’s

Think about having a sugar-free day

into an oven proof dish

Pudding are both made with apples so

in school. Promote the event with fun

provide a natural sugar,” added Tracy

posters and on the school website and

Healy. “However, it is our Pear and

make sure the teachers are participating

Chocolate Pudding that is the children’s

too so they aren’t even allowed sugar in

favourite - and they are none the wiser

their tea or coffee! Ravensthorpe Junior

that it is a ‘healthier’ choice!”

School in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire holds a ‘Sugar Smart Day’ when the

Educate them

only desserts available are sugar-free or

Peartree Spring Primary in Stevenage has

contain a natural sweetener; one dessert

been taking part in a trial, courtesy of

option is cheese and biscuits or yoghurt.

Hertfordshire Catering Ltd (who prepare

“At first the children missed their regular

its school menu), to see if children are

puddings but they soon got used to it,

able to notice the difference in sugar-

and now they don’t even think about it,”

reduced meals. The company is cooking

said Tracy Healy.

2. Make a soft dough with the McDougalls Scone Mix in a bowl and knead until smooth. Roll to 13mm (1/2) thickness and cut into rounds using a 5cm (2”) cutter 3. Place the dough mixture on top of the fruit, brush with beaten egg and bake at 220°C for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown 4. Serve with Bird’s Reduced Sugar Custard


dishes (mains and desserts) from scratch to establish where it can reduce or



Sign up now at UK and ROI catering establishments and their employees aged 18+. Employees must seek their business owner’s permission. Register at and accrue points via (up to) three nominated participating customer accounts that can be redeemed for rewards against stipulated points. Points available in relation to purchases of participating Unilever Food Solutions products through nominated participating wholesalers. Retain copy invoices as proof of purchase. Internet access and further purchase required. Subject to availability. The Scheme and membership registration commences at 9:00 GMT on 1st March 2016. Accounts or any outlets that have a direct relationship with Unilever Food Solutions are excluded. Participation at Unilever UK’s sole discretion, who reserves right to alter, withdraw or terminate at any time upon reasonable notice to members. All entrants deemed to accept and be bound by terms and conditions. Full list of rewards, further information and full terms available on Promoter: Unilever UK Limited, trading as Unilever Food Solutions.




Chocolate Pear Pudding By Tracy Healy Serves 12



150g flour 134g margarine 21g cocoa powder 80g sugar 5g baking powder 2g bicarb 3 eggs 300g tinned pears (finely chopped)

1. Drain the pears and purée half 2. Cream the margarine and sugar, then add the eggs, puréed pears and dry ingredients. Mix until creamed

3. Slice the remaining pears into your tin and top with the sponge mix

4. Cover with foil and bake at 180°C for about 45 minutes or until cooked through

5. Serve with custard or a scoop of ice cream


Ginger Crunch & Rhubarb Fool By Tracy Healy Makes 4




INGREDIENTS 200ml whipping cream 200g tinned/cooked rhubarb

30g flour 20g sugar 11g margarine 15g syrup 1.5g ginger 1g bicarb 20g shredded wheat 1/4 orange

60ml condensed milk

METHOD 1. Whip cream until it is stiff then add the condensed milk and whip again. Finally fold in 1/3 of the rhubarb

METHOD 1. Mix all the ingredients together to form breadcrumbs

2. Bake for around 10 minutes at 180°C until golden

TO ASSEMBLE In each serving dish layer up the rhubarb and ginger crunch with the rhubarb fool mix. Top with the remaining crunch and zest of 1/4 of an orange. Chill until ready to serve



Y M T O G HAND E S FU I“ ’V e h t o t s e m o c When it

e b o t s a h . .. t I H C N U CR

e h t o t s e m o c t i When

It has to be


NYCH... Bags More TM CGROU e b o t s a E h N A t I D H s p V S o o ’ H e r o M F s “I g Ba U s p o o H Y M T O G E V ’ I e h t o t s “ e D m S o N F When it c U A L H L e b o t s a h . ” .. t I H C N CRU K UP TsOC S It ha OW1 ! N P U e b K o t C O T S e h t o t s e m o c t i n Whe W1!



Game Changers Britain’s pubs and clubs have long been synonymous with games like darts, dominoes and skittles. However, an increasing number of outlets have turned to technology to provide entertainment to customers of every age group to help fill their venue.

Advertise the fun Use social media and POS to publicise your event - and to profile each evening’s winners or star turns. They’re sure to share with their friends, guaranteeing extra publicity.

What’s available?

The cost

Electronic systems are available from

Systems are available on subscription and

numerous companies that allow

providers are able to customise what’s

operators to run a whole range of

available. So, for instance, if you’ve got a

activities, including:

multi-national clientele, your karaoke can


feature songs in a variety of languages

Encourage people to come back by introducing incentives such as prize rollovers, a free drink for the person generating the most likes, surprise raffles and ‘Boozy Bonus’ quiz questions for

Quiz nights

from Arabic to Zulu.

regular attendees.


Race nights

Bring in the trade



Food & drink

Open the Box

Casino nights

How does it work? A console behind the bar is linked to the outlet’s sound system and TVs, meaning that events can be run without the need to bring in additional equipment and third party operators - an immediate cost saving.

The console is typically part of a rental package that includes technical support and regular online updates, so things like quiz questions remain topical. Depending upon the deal, consumables like bingo and quiz cards are provided, and with systems like the Redtooth Keypad Quiz,

People are increasingly looking for venues where they can eat, drink and be entertained. Capitalise on this by offering sharing buckets and pitchers - perhaps offer 2FOR1 on quieter nights. Have fun, quirky names for cocktails to inspire customers to order them, such as ‘Legs Eleven’ for your bingo night or ‘Dancing Queen’ that would work for karaoke nights. Since people won’t want to leave the action, make food accessible and easy to eat. Meals in baskets, pizzas in boxes and popcorn cones are easy to serve, consume and tidy up! Have special offers on food and drink pairings - a bottle of wine and basket style meals for two for £10 or have ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and offer a discount on specific drinks.

hand-held keypads allow up to 20 teams to compete against each other.


Team games Run regular events where teams can compete against each other and friends can meet and enjoy the competition. Make it easy for newcomers to join in by having a table or two where strangers can meet and compete.

Know your audience Make sure every event is accessible to the range of your customers; appropriate age-range of karaoke songs, topical and local quiz questions or easy to understand games. Above all else, make it fun!


SCJ catering for all your homecare needs

AVAILABLE FROM YOUR LOCAL DEPOT DCS Group (UK) Ltd, 1 Timothy’s Bridge Road Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 9YL, England

Telephone: (01789) 208000 | Fax: (01789) 208073 Email: | Website:



Summe r Spor ts

mas Christ ing Plann

n Autums Menu

Plan Ahead Summer sports A summer of sport can help you raise revenue. What to do • Decorate your premises with flags and bunting for popular events like Wimbledon and the Tour de France • Have themed menu specials such as strawberries and cream or a wine of the week to represent the country of the sport being played • Show popular games during quieter times - for example the first game for England and Scotland in the UEFA Women’s EURO is on Wednesday, 19 July • Have a ‘Welcome back the Premier League’ party

Sporting diary • 1-23 July: Tour de France • 3-16 July: Wimbledon • 8 July: Rugby Union, third Test

Planning ahead is crucial if you’re to maximise the sales opportunities presented by key events on the calendar.

the perfect opportunity for you to trial demand for a ‘roast every day’ • Have a vegetarian roast option - they love the trimmings just as much as meat eaters • Offer a smaller portion option for those adults with little appetite. Children’s portions too • Have a doggy bag option available • Suggest a bottle of wine to complement each roast or add a list to your roast menu

Bonfire Night is a family-fuelled celebration, and landing on a Sunday this year will give outlets the opportunity to hold an event on the actual day, or the one before.

Plan your Christmas menu - food (don’t forget vegetarian, vegan and free-from) and drinks (alcohol and non alcoholic)

Promote your menu and events via social media, website and inhouse, and make a member of staff responsible for updating them

Make sure your booking service is efficient, easy and accessible - online or telephone

• Sticky toffee apples and bonfire toffee will please children - and adults!

Recruit staff - temporary or permanent good staff will be snapped up quick, so don’t lose out

Health & safety guide

• Only use category 3 shop bought fireworks

Check that your music license is up-to-date

Dust off your decorations ready to ‘deck your halls’ anytime after Bonfire Night - keep your theme traditional with trees and tinsel or minimal and modern

What to do • A firework display

• 20-23 July: The Open

• Serve quick and easy food like hot dogs and burgers, or go for a one-pot dish like chilli

love nothing better than a good old roast dinner. What to do • British Roast Dinner Week presents

Festive thinking

What to do

• DJ or live band

Once the temperature drops, customers

• Don’t burn dangerous rubbish such as aerosols, paint tins or foam-filled furniture

Remember, remember...

• 16 July-6 August: Women's Euro 2017

Autumn menus

• Have buckets of water and sand to hand

Christmas is the biggest event in the calendar, and because for some the festivities start in November, now is the time to get cracking.

• A bonfire (if applicable)

• 26 August: Challenge Cup final

• Have manned first aid posts and make entrances well lit

• Create signature ‘ad-on’s - giant Yorkshires, a unique gravy or a complimentary bowl of crispy roast potatoes

• 16 July: Formula 1 - British Grand Prix

• 12 August: Premier League starts

liability with your insurance • Notify the local police, first aid service and local fire and rescue service

• Ensure the spectator area is cordoned off and customers are safely away from the fireworks display or bonfire • Check you are covered for public


Get Organised We've picked out some of the best regional and national events so that you can plan well in advance. Don't miss out!

Yorkshire When



3-6 Aug

Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival

9 Sept

Malton Harvest Food Festival

17 Sept

Cottingham Food and Drink Festival

22-24 Sept

Holmfirth Food & Drink Festival

22 Sept-1 Oct

York Food & Drink Festival

1 Oct

Beverley Food & Drink Festival

Hardwick Hall Food Festival

Malton Food Lovers Festival

Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival, Nottingham Castle

Derbyshire When



12-13 Aug

Bakewell Baking Festival, The Showground

30 Sept-1 Oct Hardwick Hall Food Festival

Nottinghamshire When



12-13 Aug

The Nottingham Food & Drink Festival, Wollaton Hall

26-28 Aug

The Big Bake, Newstead Abbey

16-17 Sept

Festival of Food & Drink at Clumber Park

11-14 Oct

Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival, Nottingham Castle

21 Oct

The Bramley Apple Festival, Southwell




Glasgow Where



4 Aug

Science Lates: Taste, Glasgow Science Centre

3-4 Sept

Let’s Eat, Glasgow

20-22 Oct

BBC Good Food Show, Glasgow SECC Centre

London & South East When



8-12 Aug

The Great British Beer Festival, London Olympia

19-20 Aug

Maldon Smoke & Fire Festival, Essex

19-20 Aug

Cheese and Chilli Festival, Winchester

26-28 Aug

Wimbledon Park Food & Drink Festival

26-27 Sept

Street Food Live, ExCel London

26-27 Sept

Restaurant & Bar Design Show, ExCel London

6-8 Oct

Hertford Food & Drink Festival

Clitheroe Food Festival

The Great British Beer Festival, London Olympia

Nelson Food & Drink Festival

Ireland When



25-27 Aug

A Taste of Donegal Food Festival

Lancashire When



12 Aug

Clitheroe Food Festival

20 Aug

Fylde Coast Food & Drink Festival

26-28 Aug

Bolton Food & Drink Festival

7-10 Sept

Guy’s Oyster Festival, Garstang

15-17 Sept

Ramsbottom Food Festival, Ramsbottom Cricket Club

16 Sept

Nelson Food & Drink Festival

17 Sept

Burnley Gin Festival, Burnley Mechanics

22-24 Sept

The Ormskirk Beer, Food & Wine Festival

30 Sept

Blackburn Street Fair


the disposal of food waste is one thing, working to those standards can be quite another. “Infestations can not only cause serious illness, but could also lead to a damaging loss of reputation, sales and taken to the extreme, closure.”

What a Pest Outlets are being called on to review their waste control in a bid to keep pests at bay.

often much to be done to ensure compliance with the regulations and an appropriate level of protection. “Setting the standards for issues such as

Disposal of waste Vital to minimising the threat of disease and infection, waste disposal is one of the most neglected areas of the food industry,

The Facts

and sadly, a common source of problems. As a result, pest experts are calling on operators to review their procedures and put measures in place to prevent an infestation. “The disposal of food waste is an area

Infestation can: • • • •

where environmental health professionals continue to see major issues,” said Dee Ward-Thompson, of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). “Pests such as rats, mice, ants and flies will quickly collect

• • •

where waste food is left hanging around and infestations can rapidly take hold; without being easily detected.”

• •

if the building structure is inadequately proofed.

Help prevent infestation by: Store waste correctly Dispose of waste regularly Contract qualified technicians

If you suspect infestation:

And once there is an infestation, they can easily get into other areas of the premises

Cause serious illness Ruin your reputation Cause loss of sales Lead to closure

Deal with it as soon as possible Take a note of pest sightings Call an expert as soon as possible

Food Safety Act and Food Hygiene Regulations lay down general

When do they pest?

requirements for all operators and the

BPCA says there’s little margin for error. Mrs Ward-Thompson added: “Large companies will generally have effective

Rats and mice - colder months Beetles, bugs, ants and flies - warmer months

pest control systems in place, however, among smaller food premises there’s


The BPCA says pest management in restaurants, commercial kitchens and even hotels should not only be designed to prevent pests, but also reduce the conditions that help them to survive if they did become established. “All pests are looking for food, warmth and shelter and the problem is that it doesn’t take much food, in the case of a mouse just a few grams a day, to sustain an infestation,” said Mrs Ward-Thompson. “But if waste is stored correctly, and disposed of regularly by contractors, pests simply can’t get at it and the potential for a problem is greatly reduced.” Businesses which suspect an infestation of any kind should deal with it sooner, rather than later - perhaps taking a note of any sightings and calling in an expert to tackle the issue. However, the BPCA insists it’s far more efficient, and often more cost-effective, to take out a contract with a professional company before any problems arise. “Properly qualified technicians will ensure food premises are as protected as they can be and are likely to combine expert advice with a review of a company’s procedures,” added Mrs Ward-Thompson. “Pest management should not be a simple box-ticking exercise and every business handling food needs to ensure controllers have the right credentials. “Operators who insist on membership of the BPCA are on the right track as every member is required to hold key qualifications - an initiative that delivers vital peace of mind. “They’ll also hold appropriate insurance allowing them to work safely at any kind of premise and will have been assessed on a regular basis to ensure they provide a thoroughly professional and consistent service.” Businesses can find a qualified company in their area by using the Find A Pest Controller search tool at



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