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The days are getting longer and the sun is finally starting to stream through the clouds which only means one thing spring is here! I love this season. The industry is getting busier thanks to all the trade events and important calendar dates that can pull in customers and make this a successful and profitable season. And what better way to start than with Easter. Early this year, the four-day holiday weekend is a prime opportunity to charge premium prices and reap some cracking rewards just three months into the new year. Our feature on page 13 shows you what menus to create, what drinks (alcohol and soft) to serve and how your business can make the best of it. The changing season means a change in menus. Asparagus is one of our best home-grown products so now is the time to get ordering. Read our feature on page 25 to get some insights and ideas on how to use this versatile, delicious superfood. And talking of superfoods, customers are now craving lighter, healthier dishes. A major food trend is free-from as gluten-free diets are increasing as well as vegetarianism with people choosing to eat less meat when dining out. Our feature on page 27 gives some tips and advice on

free-from menu planning which, as we know, can be a challenge for some chefs. Before we know it, summer will be here, so to help you plan ahead we have features on EURO 2016 and Father’s Day. Both money-making opportunities if done well. At Take Stock, we appreciate how hard you work and know that you really deserve your days off! So, in our Time Out feature on page 65 we have listed some of the best horse racing days out for you to escape the kitchen. Even better, we are giving away two tickets and overnight accommodation to the Crabbie's Grand National Ladies Day on Friday 8 April - so, go on, take a gamble and enter! I hope you have noticed that Take Stock is getting bigger and better and that’s all thanks to your support. So, if there is anything you want to see in here, please let me know. But for now, on behalf of the Take Stock team and Today’s we hope you enjoy this issue.

Tracy x


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Get Cracking for Easter

Raise the Bar with Premium Spirits

Asparagus Tips


tickets to the Crabbie's Grand National

POS Pointers

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EVERY ISSUE 7 Calendar 8-11 What’s New 30-31 We Grill - Anjula Devi


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RECIPES 15 Dunking Doughnuts with

22 Beef Brisket Chilli

Chocolate Custard

28 Gluten Free Indian

22 Slow-cooked Beef Brisket

Chicken & Chickpea Curry






Calendar March-April



ExCel, London

UK's largest foodservice & hospitality event


















Round 5


CHAMPIONSHIPS Lee Valley VeloPark, London


The University of Warwick




1820­ APR

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8-­9 MAR

HOTEL & CATERING SHOW Bournemouth International Centre







29­ MAR

12-­ RBS 6 NATIONS 13



Round 4




7-­ 10

15-­ 18­




Manchester Central



US MASTERS Augusta, Georgia





Turn to page 27 for our free-from feature

The Old Truman Brewery



New What’s


Smokey Sauce Summer’s just around the corner and thoughts are turning towards summer flavours. It's the perfect time therefore for the launch of this brand new BBQ sauce from Heinz. Smokey, rich and aromatic, with just the right amount of sweetness this versatile sauce can be used as a marinade or straight onto cooked food for a

Winning Weetabix!

blast of BBQ flavour. Available in 220ml plastic bottles, ideal for foodservice.

Voted Cereal Product of the Year, Weetabix Protein Crunch is now available to foodservice operators.

milk contains 12g of protein

Dormen Delivers!

compared to 6g from a large

Halo Foods has been producing

egg; making the cereal an

the finest snacks for over 25 years.

attractive addition to your

Passionate about innovation and

breakfast range.

taste, they’re uncompromising on

Targeted at consumers wanting a breakfast cereal that complements a healthy and active lifestyle, Weetabix Protein is high in fibre, low in sugar, salt and fat, and fortified with iron and vitamins. Available in original and chocolate flavours, a 40g serving with 135ml of semi-skimmed

quality and detail. Now, new to their

Weetabix Protein will be

range are four premium savoury

supported by £1.3m of

snacks, all supplied in large format,

ATL advertising in April,

re-sealable doy bags that allow them

further driving demand and

to be stood on a shelf or counter for


maximum visibility.

The four varieties are: assorted and


salted Dormen Connoisseur’s Mix in a 750g bag, spicy Deluxe Japanese rice crackers and Fiery Chilli Crackers - both in 400g bags, and Dormen Roasted & Salted jumbo peanuts in

Chips Away!

800g format. Perfect for foodservice, these snacks are a great way to satisfy the increasing demand for

Consumer demand for something

The blend of paprika, onion and

different when being offered chips

garlic is easy to use, suitable for

as part of a meal is on the rise, with

vegetarians and at a cost of around

operators able to leverage their

2.4p per serving, a truly cost effective

price points through clever

way to generate incremental

use of different types of

profitability. For a limited time

presentation and taste. Now

UK caterers can get a free

spice experts Schwartz have

300g jar to try.

made available their Chip Seasoning in a 300g jar that’s perfect for foodservice.

Visit www.chipseasoning. for details


upmarket snacking experiences.

Going Green

Monkey Business Celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year and Chinese

Johnnie Walker’s Green Label is back - which

cultures ‘Year of the Monkey’ is Johnnie Walker’s Blue

will come as great news for the fans who have been demanding its return for quite some time. A perfectly balanced blend of four 15+ year

Label. Limited to just 1,350 bottles in Europe, 43% ABV Blue Label is a blend of Johnnie Walker’s rarest whiskies. The nose is mellow,

old single malts - namely Isle of Skye ‘Talisker,

rounded, with a dry smokiness mixed with

Speyside ‘Linkwood’ and ‘Cragganmore’, and

raisin sweetness. Taste is hazelnuts, honey,

‘Caol Il’ from the Isle of Islay, Green Label

rose petals, sherry and oranges, followed by

delivers all the character of a single malt

kumquats, aromatic smoke, sandalwood,

but with greater depth and a wider flavour

tobacco and dark chocolate. The finish is


rich and uniquely long with sensations of

Tasting notes from Johnnie Walker Master

smoke and pepper, ending with a touch

Blender Jim Beveridge talk of intense aromas

of spice.

of crisp cut grass and fresh fruit with wood smoke, pepper, deep vanilla and sandalwood and a depth of character that just isn’t

A luxurious looking white gloss bottle with blue and gold accents gives Blue Label real presence and the launch is

possible from one malt whisky alone.

perfectly timed, as demand for super-

43% ABV, Johnnie Walker Green Label is

premium and ultra-premium whiskies

best served neat or over ice.

continues to drive the whisky category.

Get an Edge!

Purdey’s Edge. Packaged in a distinctive black bottle,

Purdey’s silver bottled Rejuvenate is an

berries and snakeroot, wormwood and hawthorn

Edge has all of the benefits of Rejuvenate, but a totally different taste thanks to a combination of dark

established name in the world of energy drinks,


its combination of vitamins, botanicals, sparkling

Edge launches this month, supported on social media

spring water, apple and grape juice making for

via #ThriveOn. Harness the dark power of nature

a drink that reduces tiredness and fatigue, while

with Purdey’s Edge.

supporting the immune system. And now there’s

Zoolander Special

Pizza the Action!

With Zoolander 2 set

And now there’s a new Chicago Town pizza that meets School Food

to be one of 2016’s blockbusting films, Cîroc’s Special Edition #BlueSteel is a fun ‘must have’ in every bar. With a name that references film character Derek

Kids love Chicago Town - it’s the nation’s favourite pizza brand. Standards that gives a real ‘takeaway taste’ while offering reduced salt and saturated fat. Generously topped with either Cheese or Ham & Pineapple, there’s no need for school caterers to add anything. Cook from frozen until the tomato sauce stuffed crust has risen and turned golden brown, slice and serve. And there’s no worry about pre-preparing as the pizza holds for 45 minutes when cooked.

Zoolander’s infamous catwalk pose, and a £1.5m

The product allows

media and PR campaign, the launch of Blue Steel will

operators to offer a high

further Cîroc’s position as the fastest growing super

street brand that children

premium vodka in the UK. Interest in the film is intense

recognise from home - and

- the trailer shattered comedy records for the most

to compete with food outlets

trailer views in a week - 52m of them - and there’s

outside school. POS support

massive social media activity including #BlueSteel, so

is available too.

stock up now. Available in 70cl, 1.75L and 3L formats.

Call 0113 823 1400


for a free trial


New What’s


clean and odour free, but saves you money at the same time. The

Shake to Wake

‘ecobug’ is a combination of an extra strong urinal cap that acts as a

Following the successful launch late last year of Orangina

simple dosing system, allied to a high performance washroom cleaner.

in a 250ml glass bottle, there’s now a new addition

Easy to use; simply turn off the water supply and place the cap in the

- Orangina Light. Both drinks feature branding and

urinal. The dosing system uses bacteria which are slowly dosed into the

packaging developed specifically for the on-trade, and

pipes, breaking down uric acid salt and out populating existing bacteria

contain real fruit juice and orange pulp. Orangina Light

that give off unpleasant odours.

has the same zesty aroma, with softer bubbles and less

Waterless Washrooms! Diversey has launched a new product that not only keeps your urinals

No water needs to be flushed into the urinal and each cap lasts around 30 days. Used in conjuction with ecobug High Performance Washroom Cleaner - a versatile cleaner that can also be used to clean floors, walls and other surfaces surrounding urinals, you have an environmentally sustainable washroom solution that keeps your urinals looking pristine

sweetness making for a subtler, lighter, more grown up taste. The new bottle allows operators to inject a little theatre when serving. Simply ‘shake-to-wake’ and pour. Life is flat unless you shake it!

and your washroom looking and smelling great.

restaurant’s overall hygiene, including sanitary standards in the kitchen

Oak & Cola

and prep areas, it’s vitally important to make the right impression.

Bacardi has established their American Oak aged and

charcoal-filtered Oakheart spiced rum as a standalone

With a 2012 survey by Harris Interactive reporting that 88% of people who visit restaurants believe that restroom cleanliness reflects the

brand, complete with a new look and feel. Aimed squarely at male legal drinkers in the up to 25 year old category, Oakheart is being supported by marketing activity that ties in with audiences interest in watching sports. A range of POS material is available, focussing on getting sports watchers in pubs and clubs to switch from beer to Oak & Colas at certain points of a game, be that half time, substitutions or shoot-outs. Posters and table tents allow bars to offer Oak & Cola half

A Monster Breakfast

price or bulk buy deals, there’s signage

Honey Monster Puffs have undergone a change, now boasting

carriers and drinking vessels.

for a dedicated Oakheart bar area and Oakheart-themed sporting gifts, drinks

25% less sugar, the delicious sweet taste being preserved thanks to 20% more honey than the previous recipe. Low in fat, low in salt

events ahead, Bacardi Oakheart is

and free from artificial colours and preservatives, Honey Monster

perfectly placed to add excitement and

Puffs are a great source of fibre, vitamins

incremental sales to clubs and bars

and iron. Enabling you to cater for all

across the land.

kinds of customers at breakfast time, the

new recipe Puffs are available in both


25g and 900g pack formats.

With months of televised major sporting


Light Ginger Halewood International has announced an addition to their portfolio - Crabbie’s Light Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Containing half the ginger of Crabbie’s Original, the new addition provides a more versatile option for consuming chilled, straight from the bottle with a wedge of lime, or as a mixer substitute when paired with whisky, rum, gin or vodka. Targeted at the 25-35 male and female demographic, Crabbie’s Light is fermented for six weeks and has an

Dunicel Reversible 2 in 1

ABV of 2.8%. The taste is clean, sweet, fresh with

Eco-conscious, reversible Dunicel® tablecoverings reflect

warming ginger flavours perfectly

the growing trend for versatility. You get two on-trend

balanced with hints of citrus fruits -

colours for the price of one, enabling you to change your

and with 50% less ginger, the lighter taste allows for greater food matching possibilities. Crabbie’s Light comes in a nectar coloured 330ml bottle designed for on-trade outlets, embossed with the distinctive Crabbie’s elephant and a light blue label that provides stand out in any fridge or shelf.

mood to suit the occasion, trend or season. Available in four colour variants and perfect for full service restaurant and hotels, Dunicel reversible is the only single use table covering on the market. It’s UK compost certified too! Strong enough to last a full service, and perfect where storage space and laundry costs for traditional covers is an issue, this is an excellent and cost-effective solution that ticks all the boxes for

creative table setting in every kind of restaurant.

Baking Essence The proliferation of baking programmes on TV has seen a rise in ‘home baked’ This is great news for

Professional Pastes

producers of high quality

The British love affair with exotic flavours continues to grow, with over

baking essentials such as

4,500 Indian restaurants in the UK, Japanese cuisine being promoted

Tate & Lyle. Now McCormick

by rapidly expanding chains like wagamama and itsu, and spicy

have their Camp Chicory

chicken experts Nando’s growing at 12% just last year.

offerings in foodservice.

& Coffee Essence available to operators. Complete with easy to open lid, the newly-designed plastic squeeze bottle takes away back of house breakage concerns and is easily stored, while the contents deliver the taste and flavour that generations of users have grown to love.

Recognising these trends, Knorr Professional has launched three new professional pastes, giving chefs the ability to quickly create authentic tasting dishes in a consistent and cost effective way. The Butter Chicken paste is a great base for creating the mildly-spiced curry sauce Murgh Makhani that has its roots in Punjabi cuisine. The Teriyaki sauce can be used with a whole range of proteins, including

Perfect for tiramisu or coffee and walnut cake, used

chicken, beef and salmon and is right on trend with the use of Teriyaki

as a flavouring in sponges, in hot and cold drinks,

sauce up 82% in the last two years. And finally there’s a Piri Piri paste,

over ice cream and in icings, this iconic brand is a

superb for chefs wanting something on the menu to satisfy fans of

baking essential!

this spicy flavour, be that on roast, skewered or chicken burger.




A Cracking Celebration The first major holiday of the year, Easter offers the opportunity to increase sales and drive profits. According to the Greene King Leisure Tracker report, Brits spent the equivalent of £87 per person on eating out in April 2015 - and Easter was the main driving force. The only weekend to be straddled by

weekend event and that draws them

two bank holidays and falling at the start

in. From music to Easter egg hunts we

of a school break, the family-orientated

work very hard to make sure we give

event can be really lucrative.

our customers exactly what they want.

Take Stock spoke to Vanessa Gray, owner of the free house village pub The Cock at Roade, the Roade House Hotel, Grays deli and coffee shop, and The Old Crown in Ashton, Northamptonshire, about how to drive Easter trade.

Know your customers We are very interactive with our villagers. Thankfully, it’s a sociable village but we make Easter a fun, family-orientated

And because it’s happening right on their doorstep, our customers remain loyal and stay put.

Menu We never create a whole new menu - a good old roast with all the trimmings is still the firm favourite for Easter Sunday in both pubs, and we always make our desserts Easter themed. We serve miniroasts for the children and those with a little appetite, and bizarrely, although


£87 per person

spent on

eating out

in April


beef and lamb are plate pleasers, people

popular and we also have a variety of

want turkey too - it goes down so well!

speciality beers. One that is selling very

We put mini eggs into our desserts - Eton

well is TEA by Hogs Back Brewery - and

Mess topped with them is always

the men don’t feel as guilty ordering TEA

a good seller.

at the bar!

Soft drinks


As well as low-sugar fruit juices, we’ll be

At The Cock we have a massive beer

serving fancy milkshakes to make the

garden with a play area so the minute

selections a bit more fun and special!

school breaks up I advertise a tea of

Stacked with crushed ice, we’ll be filling

chicken nuggets, chips and beans to kick

them with milk and chocolate - we may

start the Easter break - and let parents relax

even blend in some mini eggs!

while their children play outside. We have

Checklist Know your customers Menu Soft drinks

a band on, Easter egg hunts, bouncy castle,

Adult soft drinks

colouring and bonnet-making to name a

Adult soft drinks

few of the activities!

Our coffee shop serves fruit and herbal teas, plus popular flavoured coffee like gingerbread and hazelnut. So, for Easter,

Hotel deals

we’ll be taking inspiration from the coffee

We always push deals for the hotel. It’s a

shop and serving our coffee of the week

prime opportunity to get guests to stay

in the pubs: caramel waffle coffee. A firm

three nights, if not seven! Afternoon

favourite, you place the waffle on top

teas are back on-trend again and we

of the cup and the steam from the

charge £25 a head for two. As well as our

coffee melts the caramel to make it

normal afternoon tea, we’ll be serving a

go all gooey. Delicious!

chocolate-based one for the event. From

Alcohol Entertainment Hotel Deals

white chocolate truffles, to chocolate


cake and hot chocolate it will be really,

As usual we’ll be serving lots of wine,

really sickly but I’m sure the hard-core

especially Prosecco - the world has gone

chocoholics among us will love it!

mad for Prosecco! Our craft ales are very




Garlic & Tomato Bread

Italian Soave, Chianti or Berliner Weisse Beer

Lamb Kebabs

Médoc or Abbey/Trappist Ale



Roast Turkey

Unoaked Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Côtes du Rhône or Berliner Weisse Beer White Rioja, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Blends or Vintage ale,

Lamb Shoulder Hotpot



Doughnuts with Custard

Moscato d'Asti, Sweet Cider or Fruit Juice

Eton Mess with Mini Eggs




Sweet treats


Easter equals chocolate. And because the holidays mean family time, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase sales and benefit from the high demand for your dessert offering. The purchase of cakes in the UK is highest among parents according to Mintel, and Almondy’s own out-of-home research reveals that customers are 22% more likely to eat sweet treats when dining with children. Head pastry chef Ellen de Jager from Jersey's Michelinstarred restaurant Bohemia shares her three egg-citing treats that are quick, easy and an alternative to the usual Easter ones...

Dunking Doughnuts with Chocolate Custard from the Menu Solutions Guide by Premier Foods Number of portions: 10 Prep time: 35 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes

For the kids: Rocky Road


Total time: 3 hours 15 minutes

330g warm water

An easy and delicious recipe that kids love, but with

70g caster sugar

an Easter twist. Mix melted chocolate with mini

Sunflower oil for coating the tray

marshmallows, digestive biscuits, dried fruit and mini

Caster sugar for rolling/coating

chocolate eggs. Leave to set for 3 hours, then dust with

500g Ambrosia Custard (ready-to-use)

icing sugar.

100g dark chocolate, melted

500g McDougalls Soft Bap Mix


For adults: Chocolate Croissants

bowl fitted with a dough hook. Blend in the warm water and

Total time: 35 minutes

mix on a medium speed for 6 minutes

1. Lightly oil a tray. Place the bap mix and sugar in a mixing

Perfect for a mid-morning snack this is great for the adult

2. Divide the dough into 30g pieces and mould/roll each piece

chocoholics! Make or buy readymade croissant dough

into thick ‘sticks’, then place on the oiled tray roughly 2cm

and stuff with cream or caramel eggs.


For the healthy ones: Chocolate Bananas

for 10-15 minutes or until the dough has risen and doubled in

Total time: 40 minutes

180°C for approximately 5 minutes, turning occasionally

3. Leave to prove in a warm place (covered with a damp cloth)

Some customers want to indulge at Easter but still keep it slightly healthy - so these are the perfect choice. Cover a sliced banana in melted chocolate then put in the fridge to set.


4. Twist each piece of dough so it ‘knocks back’. Deep fry at 5. Remove from the fryer onto kitchen tissue to drain off the excess oil, then roll in caster sugar and place to one side

6. Combine the warm custard with the chocolate and serve with the warm doughnuts (3 per portion)

with sandwiches or offer a portion of chips for a reduced price.

Best butties Sandwiches served in a butty shop or in a deli should now blossom beyond the white slice. Sourdough is the new trend with customers wanting to try the different varieties on offer; especially fruit, but you should also offer multi-grain bread containing oat flakes, pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds, and different rolls and cobs. Offer a choice of open sandwiches too as although customers love bread, they may want to go easy on it if they are calorie counting!

Breaking Bread

Make some dough Advertising the breads you have on offer will lead to more sales. Have a bread of the week or a bread menu in prime position in your establishment - or outside on a board if possible - so your customers can see and choose the

With a huge variety available, use bread to boost your business and see your profits rise.

bread they want.

Gluten-free The fastest growing product in the baking industry, it is crucial you have

“There is nothing better than a fine selection of artisan bread rolls,” says Mike Holling, of the Craft Bakers’ Association and judge for the Tiptree World Bread Awards. “Multi-grain or seeded rolls and cobs are the trend at the moment; served with either poppy seed or sesame dressing or just dusted with flour.”

this as an option on your (bread) menu. From baguettes to soft rolls to muffins and wraps, the choice is endless and something you should be offering.

Types Sundried Tomato & Basil Ciabatta Great for ‘tear and share’. Mix up your dipping oils and don’t just play it safe with olive oil and balsamic - be

Bread basket


Complimentary bread baskets may be

Refresh your bread baskets with more

considered old fashioned but they are

than just a plain roll - mix in a variety

seen as a welcoming touch of hospitality

of flavours like sourdough or a grained

so may encourage future visits. To

loaf served warm with a herby butter. A

cut cost and waste, only serve one on

fun way to incorporate bread into your

Sourdough (whole grain or rye)

request or ask customers if they would

starters menu is with a bread and dipping

Works well with any favourite sandwich

like one once they have placed their

oils board. You can be as creative as you

filling and can be sliced thick or thin


like, from simple olive oils and balsamics

depending on the customer’s preference


to tzatziki and spiced tomato relish. If your dips are simple, seasoned breads are a good option, but be careful not to combine too many different flavours.

Ciabatta with herbs Perfect with soup instead of an ordinary roll

Walnut rye bread Perfect for a classic mature cheddar sandwich or as a mid-morning snack, toasted and oozing with butter



Ciabatta and toasted panini are still a

Great for 'tear and share', works well

menu favourite so if it ain’t broke don’t

dipped in flavoured oils or dips

try to fix it! But perhaps try different

Onion loaf

flavours of breads to see if there is any

Very versatile, it goes well with soups

interest. A meal deal always works well

and salads, and ideal for a sandwich





WON Help us celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday and raise a cuppa in her honour. As part of the celebration in June 2016 we’re giving away thousands of prizes to help the UK celebrate in style. Find your scratch card inside a pack of PG tips 1150’s and enter online at to see if you have won. T&Cs apply

UK bona fide caterers 18+. To enter, visit and enter the code revealed on scratch cards inside promotional packs of PG tips tea 1150s to find out if you have won a prize. The prizes available are 2 nights’ accommodation in London for two people including Aƒernoon Tea at the Ritz and dinner at Roux at The Landau, 500 100% Irish Linen Aprons, 450 Limited Edition PG tips Cup & Saucer sets, 1000 Reusable Shopping Bags, 1000 Engraved Cake Cu‘ers and 4000 100% Co‘on Tea-Towels. Retain scratch card as proof of purchase. Entries open 28/03/2016 and close 31/07/2016. Limited to 5 prizes per establishment. Visit for full terms and conditions.

Last year, 1,291 members joined Chef Rewards and in just four months they claimed: over £5,000 worth of high street vouchers, over 75 iPads, iPhones and iPods, more than 20 knife sets, chef jackets and kitchen equipment, and chocolate!

Return of the Rewards

And this year, the rewards on offer are: Kindles, iPhone cases and covers, Xbox, chef jackets, knife sets, vouchers and gluten-free colour coded kitchen equipment.

How do you join? · Visit to register · Nominate a preferred wholesaler - a choice of three is

The UFS Chef Rewards scheme is back and up for grabs! Bigger and better than before, the award-winning scheme encourages chefs to turn the products they love into rewards they’ll love even more.


· Continue to order any of the products in the scheme through your wholesaler as normal

· Once you have enough points they will automatically be submitted into your Chef Rewards account and available to spend

By simply registering online, chefs will redeem gifts when

Are you eligible?

they purchase one of the following products - Knorr Gravy Granules, Professional Jelly Bouillon, Paste Bouillon

· Must work at a UK or ROI catering establishment · Be 18+ · Membership must be against the trading entity, not the

& Concentrated Sauce, Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, Meadowland Double & Professional, and Flora Original or Buttery - points will be transferred via a nominated


wholesaler into their Chef Rewards account to be redeemed

· Must have employer’s permission · Must not have a direct relationship with Unilever Food

on a reward of their choice.


· Members must provide an account number for each nominated wholesaler to identify them





What is it? • Brisket comes from hard-working lower chest muscles • Must be slow-cooked to tenderise • Rated the tastiest cut by chefs

A Meaty Business Pulled pork is a menu favourite. With sales rising 19% between April and June last year according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), it’s clear the trend for American gastro is here to stay. But now, shredded pork has a rival: beef brisket. This traditional cut may have been around for ages, but thanks to our

How to cook

Best sides

appetite for US-style smokehouse BBQ

The natural fat in beef brisket makes

meats, it is smoking hot right now. Cost

it ideal for slow cooking in an oven,

effective, it is a meat that can be left

barbecue or smoker. It takes a bit of

to slow-cook with little fuss and easily

work, but cooked right, the texture and

• Brioche rolls

reheated making it a perfect option for

flavour are worth the effort.

• Fries

“It is quite a tough cut and needs a lot of

• Slaw

“Beef brisket is a go-to meat for many

cooking and care. How easy it is to cook

chefs because it is cheap and tasty, and

will depend on what you plan to use it

• Onion rings

a good cut that can be used in many

for,” adds James.

all menus.

different ways,” explains James Hudson, head chef at the White Hart, a Young’s country pub in Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire. “We’re constantly finding new ways to cook and serve it - and it always sells out. That’s the appeal of brisket;

“But it is definitely a cut of meat that

• Corn bread

• Pickles - fried pickles • Corn cobs

you cannot rush. Low temperatures and

• Boston-style beans

slow cooking are a must. If it's cooked

• Mac and cheese

too quickly or at too high a temperature, you’ll be found out!”

• Steamed greens

taking an old cut and making it new.”



Slow-cooked Beef Brisket by Andy Bacon, culinary development innovation manager for Kraft Heinz Foodservice Europe

INGREDIENTS Dry Rub - Put your own signature taste on the


Use some of the cooking liquor

24 hours in advance

to add to baked beans along with

2. Wash and chop the vegetables (skins and

some fried smoky bacon and onions

leaves are fine) and add these to a suitable

for a ‘Boston-style’ beans dish.

heavy-based roasting tin or slow cooker

Towards the end of the cooking,

3. Place the brisket on top of the vegetables

uncover the meat and brush with

and add craft ale until it is just touching the

BBQ sauce. Repeat this process as

bottom of the beef brisket. Add the cider

many times as you wish.


For a true authentic American

beef by blending a mix from a selection of, or

4. Double wrap/cover the tin with foil ensuring

all: paprika, smoked paprika, onion powder,

there are no gaps and slow roast at 125°C for

garlic powder, chilli powder, mustard powder,

4-7 hours, depending on the size of the joint

ground cumin, ground black pepper, sea salt

- if using a slow cooker, cook on a medium

(smoked is great), ground bay leaf, cayenne

setting for approx. the same amount of time

pepper, thyme, rosemary, granular molasses


1. Season the rolled brisket with your signature dry rub - this can be done up to

smoke-house experience try smoking low and slow over a mix of charcoal and wood for anything up to 15 hours, depending on the size of the cut. Perfect served with BBQ sauce for

5. Periodically check the meat has sufficient

a classic American dish or for a

liquor around it. If needs be, top it up

smoke-house style meat platter

Onion, carrot, celery & garlic cloves

6. You will know when the meat is cooked as it

serve in brioche rolls with slaw

Splash cider vinegar

will pull away easily

and pickles.

Rolled beef brisket, upwards of 2kg Craft ale of choice



1. Place the brisket into a tray, season and

1. Place the oil and all dry ingredients into a

pour over the stock. Cover with foil and cook at

thick bottomed pan, warm slowly until a paste

about 210°C for about 4-5 hours or until the


beef is pull apart tender

2. Add all the diced vegetables and the brisket

2. Once cool, pull the beef apart into shreds.

and mix well until all evenly coated with spice

Dice the shreds a little but not too much as you

and add the tomatoes

should have good large pieces of beef CHILLI

4. Add the last of the ingredients, mix and


place into a casserole dish. Cover with foil and

1kg red pepper, diced


Beef Brisket Chilli by James Hudson, head chef at the White Hart, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire Serves 12 BEEF BRISKET


3. Bring the beef stock to a gentle simmer for 10-15 minutes

cook for at 200°C for 11/2-21/2 hours

2 red chilli TO SERVE

1kg white onion, diced 1kg beef tomatoes, diced


25g paprika

12 tortillas

30g cayenne

1 pot sour cream

25g salt

Fresh coriander

15g cracked black pepper

5 ltr vegetable oil

10g cinnamon

1kg rice

10g ginger powder


10g thyme 15g coriander powder 2.4kg tin of chopped tomatoes

3kg beef brisket whole

400g tomato paste

2 ltrs beef stock

2 tbsp English mustard

Salt and pepper

5 tbsp brown sauce 2 x 800g tin kidney beans 50ml olive oil

1. Warm the oil to 190°C and carefully place a tortilla in. Using a ladle submerge the tortilla and shape around the ladle. Cook until golden and keeping its shape

2. Cook the rice until tender, strain and place equal amounts into the tortilla bowls. Top with chilli and sour cream and garnish with coriander


We’re so convinced our new table top Barbecue sauce is going to be your new best friend, we’ve put it in lights. Not only does ‘Barbecue’ remain the fastest growing flavour trend on UK menus*, when you choose Heinz you’re also choosing your customers’ favourite.

WE’RE PROUD TO BE THE UK’S NO.1 BARBECUE SAUCE** Discover just what it takes to be ‘fluent in Barbecue’ at

Technomic 2015 Nielsen ScanTrack, WE 5/12/2015





with the number one UK produced bottled water

Our distinctive glass range – including 330ml and 1 litre, still & sparkling Source: Zenith Bottled Water Report 2015



Top tips: 1. Don’t overcook 2. Add dressing just before serving to avoid losing colour and texture 3.Don’t cook in iron pots it will lose its colour and gain an off-putting iron taste

temperature must be at least 10°C before

Health benefits

ready to crop with the plant then being

According to the National Restaurant

conditions for a sweet British asparagus

Association, more than seven in 10 adults

are partly exposed to sunshine, sandy soil

want to eat healthier meals when dining

and good drainage.

out. Asparagus is low in calories and fat,

it can grow, so if it’s been a warm spring then asparagus spears are available in late April. Asparagus growers down south will harvest their crop first, cutting in mid-April, with the growers further north starting a few days later. After planting, it takes two years before asparagus is productive for up to 20 years. The ideal




Menu ideas ~ Breakfast ~

Scrambled eggs topped with asparagus spears tossed in butter OR FOR THE KIDS

Lightly butter asparagus spears instead of soldiers to dip in runny, boiled eggs

~ Lunch ~

Asparagus, bacon and poached egg salad with a mustard dressing OR

Asparagus soup

full of fibre and packed full of vitamins.

Time to cook

It’s one of the best sources of folic acid

Asparagus is traditionally served steamed

in the vegetable world, is a fantastic

or lightly boiled, but it can be blanched,

anti-inflammatory food and helps aid

sautéd, stir-fried, barbecued or roasted so


get inventive with your menus. You can’t

How it’s grown


The home-grown ‘super food’ is packed with nutrients and bursting with taste - so it makes the versatile veg perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner!




The British asparagus season is from April to June - although it traditionally begins on 1 May. The short season runs for just seven or eight weeks so make sure you stock up and add this healthy and delicious vegetable to your menu.


Best of British


4. M  ention on your menu that it’s British asparagus - customers love to know they are eating home-grown produce

go wrong with steaming - it is by far the quickest and easiest for a busy kitchen

We may grumble about our weather,

and will still deliver a flavoursome dish

but our climate allows asparagus stems

full of nutrients. Just place the asparagus

to develop slowly, producing a full,

spears in a steaming basket with an inch

sweet flavour and a fine, tender texture

of water underneath, then cover and

quite unlike any other crop. The soil

steam for three to five minutes.


~ Dinner ~

Asparagus, tomato and mozzarella pizza OR

Pan-fried fillet of beef with roasted asparagus and red pepper and horseradish hollandaise



When you spend time making your signature gravy a real talking point, isn’t it great that every guest can enjoy it?




® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All rights reserved




Getting Free-from Right Whether it’s a gluten, dairy or meat-free diet, consumers want - and in some cases need - more food establishments to take on board diverse dietary requirements and alter their menu accordingly. It could also be good for business. Coeliac UK claims that the industry is losing £100m a year in lost covers from people with coeliac disease who require gluten-free dishes when they eat out.

Make it special “A survey conducted with over 3,000 people with coeliac disease highlighted that they still feel that eating out is a lottery and that many eating out establishments lack knowledge and understanding about offering safe food,”

need of improvement should encourage

Here’s a few gluten-free tips:

the operator to look hard at their sites and

• Use corn flour or potato starch for

of HospitalityGEM. “However, the identification of staff training as an area in

how team members are briefed on this

thickening, ensure stock is gluten free,

important aspect of food service. It should

and use gluten-free flour in coatings

be part of any induction and also revisited

said Kathryn Miller, Coeliac UK head of

regularly as menus and teams change.”

food policy. “Awareness of gluten free is increasing, with the market growing year

Make it work

on year. For caterers willing to go the

Labelling food free from certain allergens,

extra mile and provide gluten-free options

meat or gluten on menus or packaging

there is a clear business benefit.”

reassures and shows customers they can

So how can the industry do better?

eat without fear of cross contamination. Making simple substitutions to ingredients can increase the options available on the

• Ingredients such as; meat, fish and poultry, fruit and vegetables, pulses, beans and rice, milk, cream and eggs are naturally gluten free. Some processed meats are not gluten free • Gluten-free grains to experiment with are: quinoa, buckwheat and millet • Control cross contamination risk in the kitchen by using clean or dedicated utensils for gluten free. Clean surfaces

menu. These simple steps can make a big

before preparation and ensure gluten-


free ingredients are stored, sealed

confident when eating out, through

To develop gluten-free menus or dishes,

or away from gluten-containing

clearer communication about ingredients

there are many alternative products

ingredients like flour

and a greater range of free-from dishes,”

and ingredients that chefs can use as

says Steven Pike, managing director


“It’s clear many operators are doing what they can to make consumers more

• Train staff in knowledge and production of gluten-free meals


Allergen Legislation On 13 December 2014 the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation came into force. It requires food businesses to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged, in for example catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars. Source:

“We’re seeing a huge rise in ‘flexitarians’ or ‘meat-reducers’ - in fact, recent figures from Mintel showed 35% of Brits are now identified as ‘semi-vegetarian’,” says Will Matier, managing director at Vegetarian Express, supplier and consultant to the catering industry. “Quinoa was big news last year and is continuing to be a staple on menus thanks to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the fact it is naturally gluten free, low in fat and high in protein.”

• Visit for more info or get involved with Coeliac UK’s

due to be popular this year. “They are a

Awareness Week 9-15 May 2016

quick way of adding nutritional benefits

Source: Coeliac UK

Education sector

to dishes - simply toss on top of salads and soups or stir through a winterwarming porridge,” adds Will.

MAGGI has launched the Gluten Free ®

increasing gluten intolerance or diet choices of children and young adults. It includes gluten-free sauces, advice on how to avoid cross contamination, hints and recipes. “Catering for intolerances is one of the biggest needs to emerge in recent years so it’s vital that chefs get their offering spot-on so as not to alienate people,” says Jason Rodriques, MAGGI® brand manager at NESTLÉ

Gluten Free Indian Chicken & Chickpea Curry From MAGGI® gluten free challenge brochure

Challenge brochure to help caterers in the educational sector respond to the


Other grains, such as hemp seeds, are


of the population believe they have a dairy intolerance


Serves 10 primary school aged pupils

INGREDIENTS 1tbsp vegetable oil 2 onions, diced 3 cloves garlic, crushed 150g mild curry paste 15ml Maggi Chicken Liquid Concentrate 600g chicken breast, diced

“For the majority of chefs, lack of time

500g Maggi Rich & Rustic Tomato Sauce

is one of the biggest issues they face

400g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed

and many don’t have the resources to produce multiple sauces and gravies from start to finish. So, when it comes to catering for vegetarians and those with allergies, chefs are increasingly turning to the convenience of ready-made sauces and gravies, which can cater to a range of dietary requirements in just one pot." MAGGI® has launched a Gluten Free

1 in 6

Going meat-free With studies finding that vegetarians are less likely to be obese or diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes it’s no wonder more consumers are opting for meat-free diets - or just having less of it when eating out.

150ml natural yoghurt 40g coriander, chopped

are softened and beginning to brown. Add garlic and cook for a further 2-3 minutes

Potato Flakes and Gluten Free Coconut delicious, gluten-free meals.

140ml water

of the population 450g brown rice consider themselves METHOD to have a food allergy 1. Heat oil and onions in a large saucepan over a medium heat. Cook gently until onions or intolerance

Vegetarian Gravy, Gluten Free Mashed Milk Powder Mix to help caterers produce

60g Maggi Coconut Milk Powder

35% of Brits are semi-vegetarian 28

2. Stir in curry paste and chicken liquid concentrate and cook for 5 minutes, add chicken and cook for a further 10 minutes

3. Pour in tomato sauce, chickpeas, coconut milk powder, water and three-quarters of the yoghurt. Simmer for further 15 minutes

4. Cook rice accordingly 5. Just before serving stir in coriander 6. Drizzle over remaining yoghurt and serve with rice




Anjula Devi Anjula Devi runs an Indian cookery school at Hampton Court in Surrey. Concentrating on traditional Indian food, she holds seminars for the foodservice industry to educate chefs and brands how to cook Indian food. She also appears regularly at other cookery schools including Leiths School of Food and Wine and the Angela Gray Cookery School. Her debut book Spice of Life is out in 2017. Where did your love of food come from?

understand what each spice delivers. For example, brown mustard seeds contain a little heat and cumin has a hint of salt. There are not as many rules as you would think in Indian cooking, but creating the correct balance of spices is crucial. Experiment and don’t be afraid!

Food was just a way of life for us. Growing up in Southall, West London we never ate processed foods; everything was made from scratch by my dad - the culinary genius. Our neighbours initially disliked spicy food, but dad won over their palates and friendship - with his delicious curries. Dad sourced all his ingredients from our back garden or the local greengrocer. He was amazed and intrigued by all the produce on offer - he’d never seen celeriac or broccoli before! By the age of 10 I was his right hand man in the kitchen. I still use the pestle and mortar he gave me for my tenth birthday.

What’s a good menu suggestion? Punjabi lamb chops using the spices fennel, fenugreek leaves, brown mustard seeds, cumin and nigella seeds. Then add a little garlic, ginger, fresh green chillies, mint leaves, fresh coriander and some raw papaya skin as a tenderiser. Remember that the papaya does not start to tenderise the meat until it connects with heat. Serve with crispy bombay potatoes and kachumber salad - a vegetable salad using tomato, onion, cucumber and cabbage seasoned with a zingy, tangy, slightly hot chaat masala.

Tell us about your book... Dad just wanted everyone to taste his food. He wrote down a lot of the recipes which he and I created, and I promised him that one day I’d get it published - I’m just sorry he isn’t around to see it. The book is about how Dad and I loved cooking and experimenting with spices, honing in on and fine tuning recipes which had too many spices and overpowering flavours. Dad came over here in 1963 and loved how he continuously came across British produce he’d never seen before. That’s how he created delicious dishes like chicken and plum curry and rhubarb and potato - they shouldn’t work but they do!

What fresh herbs should every curry have? It is not just about coriander, we use other herbs such as dill, mint, fenugreek, curry leave and tulsi (ocimum sanctum), which is often referred to as ‘holy basil’ and often used in cooking for it’s medicinal properties. Curry leaves are one of my favourites as they add real depth to fish curries and are great for tempering lentil dishes. Try adding dill to a potato dish as an alternative to coriander leaves.

Is traditional Indian food healthy?

Can you BBQ Indian food?

Yes! Unfortunately the Indian food we see being served in many restaurants is not as healthy as it could be. The Indian diet is filled with vegetables, lentils and pulses and little meat. If you visited an Indian household you’d see little or no cream, and we often use jaggery which is unrefined sugar cane. Chapattis are the staple in most Indian households and naan bread is rarely eaten. When cooked properly, Indian food is very good for you, thanks to the vegetables and spices. For example, turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a very strong antioxidant.

Indian food is great to put on a BBQ. It is worth investing in a tandoor - especially for pubs that want to offer al fresco dining in the warmer months - because it cooks food quickly with little fuss. Chicken marinated overnight is a good one, lamb kebabs marinated in Indian pickling spices like fennel, nigella seeds, cumin, brown mustard seeds and fenugreek leaves, mixed vegetables marinated in kiwi and a pinch of asafoetida or a big pot of well-flavoured lentils. The options are endless!

What advice would you give to a non-Indian chef who wants to put curry on their menu?

Why do you think authentic Indian food isn’t being served?

That they can, in time, produce a traditional, healthy curry in less than 30 minutes. The most important thing is to balance your spices and how you cook your onions. For a lamb or chicken curry you have to cook the onions down to the point of being caramelised and dark in colour; this gives the curry the richness it requires. For a fish curry you cook the onions quickly, and only let them brown slightly. In some cases you can replace onions with leeks. You can also make great Indian dishes without onions, by using a spice called asafoetida (a tree resin). When plunged into hot oil, it gives a dish the taste of onions and garlic. Before you create a dish, taste each spice so you can

I think some chefs are nervous that the British and European palate won’t like it and fall into creating what they think the UK clientele would like to eat, rather than what they were taught to make. I’d like to see all chefs make Indian food as it should be, they would be pleasantly surprised how well it is received - especially today, when health and diet are at the top of most people’s priorities. If a chef puts maa choliyan di dal, cooked long and slow without butter and cream on their menu they’d be amazed how many people would enjoy it. Indian food is a true labour of love. Like anything in life, the more effort you put in, the better the result will be.


Olive Life Whether they’re on a pizza, in a salad or served as the perfect accompaniment to pre-dinner drinks, olives are a versatile little fruit that consumers can’t get enough of. Take Stock finds out more about how olives are grown, what makes them so healthy and some ways you can make the most of this ancient favourite.

From the Med to the plate

A healthy option

Olives have been enjoyed as a snack for centuries. The bible

With consumers becoming ever more health conscious, it’s

mentions an olive tree and the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and

worth keeping in mind that olives are a healthy alternative

Romans all gave thanks to their gods for this productive tree

compared with many other snacks and appetisers. Samantha

and its versatile fruit.

Higgins, from the UK’s largest importer of olives, RH Amar, says: “Olives are packed with cholesterol-busting mono-unsaturated

The majority of olives eaten in the UK come from Spain or

fats, antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. What’s more, their low

Morocco but they are also grown in France, Greece and Italy.

carbohydrate content means they contain far fewer calories than

Spanish and Moroccan olives are generally smaller and often

many other snacks like crisps or nuts, so are perfect for those

used as ingredients in stews, salads and as pizza toppings.

following a calorie-controlled diet.”

Greek olives are larger and it’s often these you might spot at a deli counter or served as a bar snack.

There’s so much goodness bursting out of every little olive. Each one contains:

• high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids • calcium and iron • vitamins A, C and E • natural anti-oxidants • omega-3 essential fatty acids

How are olives grown? Most of the olives we eat are green or black and the colour of an olive usually depends on how ripe it was when it was picked. As it ripens, the fruit changes colour from pale green, through rose and violet, to aubergine and finally black.




They are harvested between October and December (the harvest starts in Spain and ends in Greece). Once they’re harvested, they need to be cured before they’re eaten as freshly picked olives are very bitter and completely inedible.

Natural vs oxidised There are two ways to produce black olives - they can be ripened on the tree or picked as green olives then put through an oxidation process to turn them black. The back olives found in the UK have usually been oxidised rather than left to ripen on the tree. Natural black olives have a higher oil content, giving them a more mellow flavour and softer flesh. You can tell a natural black olive by its grey, dark brown or purple flesh, compared to the black flesh of an oxidised black olive.

There are around

800 million

olive trees in the world producing

7.8 million metric tonnes of fruit each year

80% of all UK olives are grown in Spain or Morocco

How can you use olives? One of the best things about olives is that there are so many ways to use them. From a delicious salad nicoise, to comforting olive bread and bar snacks, here are a few firm favourites:

Pasta sauce

Stuffed olives

Give tomato-based pasta sauces

Experiment with a range of

a kick by adding black olives,

fillings for green olives including

chillis, capers and anchovies.

the traditional pimento peppers,


anchovy paste, garlic and chilli or something more adventurous

Finely chop pitted olives and a

like sundried tomatoes, feta

little garlic. Process until smooth,

cheese and jalapeno peppers.

season, add some olive oil to

Save time by buying pre-stuffed

loosen and lemon juice to taste.

olives from Cooks&Co.


At the bar

Crush black olives and cherry

Bowls of marinated mixed olives

tomatoes and spread on toasted

work well as individual portions

ciabatta rubbed with garlic. Top

or sharing using cocktail sticks.

with rocket and a drizzle of olive oil.

7.2 million

tonnes are used to make olive oil and

600,000 tonnes become table olives


Ambient olives…with extra appeal etiser or snack. Ideal for pub & restaurant menus as an intro, app Available in 1kg:

MARINATED Mixed Greek with Oregano

STUFFED Garlic Jalapeño

Crushed Chilli & Herb

Sun-Dried Tomato Feta Cheese

Wide neck opening for ease of use

Only need to be refrigerated after opening

Antipasto Mix

Re-sealable screw top – no need to decant once opened

1kg size – convenient, less wastage and easy to store in fridge

Cooks&Co olives have been packed at source using premium ingredients Great visual appeal – in a mix of brine with oil, giving the olives a shiny, appetising appearance and seals in the flavour Long shelf life (18 months from manufacture and 2 weeks from opening) Mammoth or Colossal olives used – providing great flavour & size

Feed Your Eyes Our Twitter followers continue to dazzle and impress us with the range and quality of each dish created.

Mix it up

As always, it was a tough job whittling them down to the top five for each course - which can now be viewed at Thanks again for all the amazing entries. Keep them coming to #feedyoureyes. Congratulations to our winners. You’ll each receive a £50 Amazon voucher thanks to our sponsors RH Amar, Premier Foods and Kerrymaid.

We’re on the look-out for the best mixologist... Tweet us your best dri nk @TakeStockMag #mixo logist

Noel Keane



Head chef, Eabha Joans, Listowel, Ireland - Mousse of confit wood pigeon, chocolate & cherries


Sponsored by David Pigram

Winner MAINS


Head chef, Inn or Out Events, Surrey Quays - Confit halibut, fermented garlic, micro carrot, crispy chicken wing and sea beat


Sponsored by Mark Ramshaw



Chef/owner, Feast For The Senses, Stow-on-the World The Lemon: parfait, jelly skin, lemon thyme meringue, almond & limoncello


Sponsored by 35





-T R A D E •

Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos was founded by Concha y Toro in 1996 and has its headquarters in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is the most prestigious wine growing region of Argentina and one of the world’s Wine Capitals since 2005. Trivento is the perfect wine for opening with friends and family; a chance to get together, socialise over food and drink good wine.

ArgentinA Argentina is one of the world’s major wine producing countries. Home of the Tango, king-sized steaks and footballing wizards, its main grape growing area around Mendoza is bordered by the mighty Andes mountains, which provide fantastic cooling breezes and mountain meltwater to sustain the vines’ growth. The second largest country in South America, Argentina has produced wine for centuries, but it is the rise of Malbec especially in the past 15 years which has really put it on the world wine map.

for more information visit: Source: *IRI Value Sales 52w Oct 2015



Marvellous Malbec Like Prosecco in the sparking wine arena, Malbec is a ‘must have’ on every wine list. Customers just can’t get enough of it, and wine quality is getting better and better. Here’s everything you need to know about this wine list winner…

though it can be found in limited volume elsewhere, where it’s sometimes labelled Côt, Auxxerois or Pressac. That decline is mainly due to Malbec’s grape - Vitis vinifera’s poor resistance to disease and pests, and a severe frost in 1956 that wiped out a significant part of Bordeaux’s vines, never to be replanted. However, France’s loss was Argentina’s gain, as their Malbec had become a mainstay of that country’s wine production. Indeed, today, Argentina has around three quarters of all the hectares of Malbec in the world, aided by the grapes love of high elevations, hot days and cold nights. For that same reason, Malbec is increasingly to be found in other South American countries, Chile being a prime example.

History Malbec was once grown in 30 different departments across France. Nowadays,

Taste and colour

the majority of France’s Malbec is to be

Argentinean Malbec is a deep purple

found in and around Cahors, a small

velvety red that is almost opaque.

town in the south west of the country,

Tannins are ripe and there are bold and


Top tips


Argentinean Malbec is a deep purple red that’s almost opaque. Look for a bright magenta rim in the glass - a dead giveaway you’ve poured a Malbec!

17th April is World Malbec Day!

Join in the celebrations and drive sales too with: • Wine tastings

• Malbec displays • Promotions

Argentina’s top rated Malbec’s hail from Mendoza’s high altitude wine regions of Luján de Cuyo and the Uco Valley. Located in the foothills of the Andes, some of the world’s top winemakers have vineyards there.

• Making Malbec your wine of the moment!

rich fruit flavours of damson, plum and

Heavier Malbecs

black cherry. Look for varying degrees

13.5 / 14% + ABV

of tobacco taste too, the intensity

• Steak!

depending upon how long the wine has

• Roast beef

• Venison

Cahors Malbec has firmer tannins with

• Ostrich

higher acidity that leads to a taste of

• Buffalo

black pepper, spice, garlic, leather and

• BBQ meats, especially with chilli

been oak aged.

raisin. French Malbecs tend to age longer than those from South America.

Food pairings Lighter Malbecs • Beef brisket

• Charcuterie

• Chilli con carne

• Bolognese and Italian meatballs

• Burritos and fajita

• Steak and burgers

• Terrines

• Medium hot curries

• Dishes with beetroot and/or lentils


• Tangine of lamb

• Grilled endives

• Green and red bell peppers

French Malbecs • Slow-cooked leg of lamb

• Stews

• Confit of duck

• Cassoulet

• Duck

• Pheasant


Serve up happiness More adults are eating out more often, and spending more money per month* We have a fantastic portfolio of soft drinks to help you maximise your soft drink sales! • Coca-Cola is the number 1 selling soft drink in the on trade** and tastes great with food! • Appletiser is 100% juice and counts as one of your 5 a day! • Schweppes Sparkling Juice Drinks are a great tasting low calorie juice drink*** • And Schweppes continue to be the best selling range of mixers in the on trade!** *Source: M&C Allegra Foodservice, Eating Out Panel Q3 2015 **Source: CGA Licensed Report, MAT Volume Sales to w/e 03/10/2015 ***Schweppes Sparkling Juices only 20KCAL per 100ml ©2016 The Coca-Cola Company. All Rights Reserved. Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, the Contour Bottle Symbol, the Lippincott Ribbon and Choose Happiness are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. Appletiser is a registered trade mark of SABMiller International B.V. Schweppes, the Fountain Device and the 196 Graphics are registered trademarks of Atlantic Industries.

and receive a




Distinctive fresh pear, creamy with subtle oak flavours and a long smooth and mellow finish.

Silky smooth, revealing layers of sherry oak and cinnamon with a rich lingering sweetness.

Richly delivers luxurious dried fruit, baked apples and dates. Overlaid with elegant oak notes.



Positively Premium The on-trade spirits market place is buoyant, thanks to a massive rise in sales of premium spirits. Figures Universal Marina, Crableck Lane, from CGA showing Studio MAT20, volume and Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO31 7ZN value growth for 12 months ending 29 t: 023 8098 3870 November 2015 prove the point. e: w: Project: GLENFIDDICH



Malt Whisky

Job description:


Premium Vodka

Premium Gin Finished size: A4 of spirits drinkers 7044 would rather Our go ref: to Golden Rum the pub than Approved drink by: Spiced Rum at homeMICHAEL STEWART

Date: 15/2/2015

Imported Whiskey

+ 5.5% Volume

+ 10.2% value

+ 9.2% Volume

+ 17.3% value

+ 25.5% Volume

+ 35.7% value

+ 18.8% volume

+ 30.5% value

+ 18% volume

+ 23.7% Value

+ 1.3% volume

+ 8% value

Here’s how to make the most of this side of your business.

Spirit consumers spend


more per head on liquor than drinkers in other categories

Be inspirational! Customers want to be inspired and have an experience they don’t get at home. So, have a high quality spirits and cocktail menu that incorporates:

• Beautiful drinks images - people shop

with their eyes!

• Detailed drink descriptions - to aid

consumer choice

• Transparent drinks pricing of the

finished drink

• Not too much choice - to speed up


decision making and make it easier

for your bar staff

Pole Position Premiums

Stock a range and show it off! Core range

Johnnie Walker Red

Havana Club

• These are your best sellers and

As the only whiskey that can be served

The essential ingredient

as a mixed drink without losing it’s

for an authentic tasting

character, Johnnie Walker Red label is the

Cuban mojito, Havana Club

perfect introduction to whisky drinking

three year old is the lead

for new consumers.

in to a range of top selling

highest volume spirits

• Place where highly visible - near

the till and in a central position

• Ensure they’re accessible, for

instance on your speed rail

or on optics

premium rums. Tanqueray Dry Gin The #1 Zagat rated gin for

Premium range

a gin and tonic, Tanqueray

• Have higher quality offerings for

is one of the world most

awarded gins, and perfect for

each of your core range

• Give choice by including flavoured

drinkers wanting to step up

from Gordon’s.

varieties, ‘new players’, local and

Jameson St Patrick’s day, Father’s day, Any day. Jameson’s is the world’s best selling Irish whiskey and an essential behind any bar!

seasonal offerings - such as sloe

gin in winter

• Make a display of these, so

Hendricks Gin

customers can scan from the core

Boasting a 47% growth in 2015

offering up to your Premium

on-trade volume and sales value up


51%, Hendricks Gin with its infusions

• Have serving and cocktail

of Cucumber and Rose have obviously

captured drinkers attention.

suggestions immediately available

Ungava Distilled in Canada with six rare botanicals from the Canadian Arctic, Ungava is a new player in the Premium spirits arena; it’s unique taste proving

Leverage the ‘premium’ impression

Chivas Regal

Showing off your premium spirits

Scotch whiskies and matured for at least

offerings can have a halo effect on

12 years, Chivas Regal’s smooth taste has

every element of your business. Make

an ever-increasing fan base.

attractive to new and

A blend of many different malt and grain

the most of this by

seasoned gin drinkers alike.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Triple distilled and

• Promoting premium snacks on


One of the world’s best

bourbon barrels, Capt

• Have premium offerings on your

known vodkas, Absolut

Morgan Spiced rum has

food menu - to allow ‘treat

have developed a wide

established itself as a

ourselves’ customers to indulge

range of flavoured vodkas

leader in the premium

that are perfect for making

category. Perfect for

innovative cocktails that

cocktails, or over ice in

appeal to drinkers of every

a classic rum and coke.

your drinks menu

themselves • Have a premium spirits champion

on duty to advise customers and

promote all your offerings


• Use POS material outside your

business to advertise your

‘pºremium’ credentials


of spirits are drunk with a mixer - a bars most profitable sell

matured in charred oak

Ketel One Vodka Dalmore

Voted #1 by bartenders around the

With an age range

world, small batch Ketel One is Diageo’s

that includes ‘The

top performer in UK on-trade sales

12’, ‘The 18’, ‘The 25’,

and market growth and a favourite for

‘Cigar Malt’ and ‘King


Alexander’, there’s a Dalmore whisky for every occasion. Stock the range and let your clients taste the differences.




It’s a

Mini Revolution Demand for single serve ‘minis’: red, white, rosé or sparkling goes from strength to strength, and it’s a brave outlet that doesn’t have a selection on offer.

Why you should stock a range of 187ml bottles:

need to estimate how many glasses

• You can experiment with a big

are left in a bottle

range to find the wine styles and

brands that appeal best to your

customer base.

• Serving smaller format bottles is quick

and convenient, as nearly all are

screw top. Simply select the right

glass, open and pour. No corkscrews.

No measures. No mess.

• By not having to open a 75cl bottle to

serve a glass of wine, you avoid the

risk of unsold wine oxidising/going flat.

• No opened bottles to be stored. No

need to keep track of how long a

bottle has been opened.

• Back of house stock takes up less

storage space.

• Front of house displays on the shelf or in the fridge look great and take up

less space too

• Sparkling wine mini-bottles create

theatre when being opened at the bar

or at the table.

• Stock investment for a wide range of

wines is lower, so you have a nice

wine list without breaking the bank.

• Stock management is easier too - no

Why customers like smaller format wines: • Health conscious drinkers know

exactly what they’ve drunk.

• Temptation to finish the bottle is removed.

“It’s important to offer a wide range of great tasting wines in the smaller sized bottles that more and more customers are asking for.” John Mansfield, The Society of Vintners

• Groups can choose wines to suit

individual tastes.

• The small screw top format lets

consumers take unfinished bottles

home easily, so they can buy one late

on, in the knowledge it won't be

wasted • Lower cost compared with full

sized bottles means people can more affordably experiment with wines

across a wine list.

• Diners can choose wines to suit

different courses.

• Guaranteed freshness - wine is

always in perfect condition.



*Source: CGA GB On Trade to 28th November 2015, Volume and Value



Top Marques for Cask Ale Cask ale is the only beer category which shows a growing market share in the UK. While we let this startling fact settle for one moment, read on to discover why joining Cask Marque can make all the difference to sales... What’s the big pull? The real bonus for licensees is that cask ale is a premium experience which cannot be replicated at home. Research shows that cask drinkers are affluent and they visit pubs more often. So that makes them the ideal customer, right?

The facts and figures speak for themselves: • 61% of cask drinkers are from the

demographic group ABC1 and spend

£967 a year in pubs

• They’re more than twice as likely to

get to the pub once a week or more

• 71% are prepared to pay more for a

great quality beer

• The value of the cask ale market is

a whopping £1.8 billion - and it’s

estimated that it will be worth

£2.3 billion by 2020*

A sign of quality

and test your ales on sale. Each will be marked on temperature, appearance, aroma and taste. If all is well in your cellar, you’ll get a Cask Marque plaque, framed certificate and point of sale materials. Your pub details will also

Cask Marque is an independent

appear on Caskfinder, a free iPhone/

accreditation scheme, which recognises

Android app which lets tens of thousands

pubs selling great quality cask

of customers find you on the move.

conditioned ale. The Marque is awarded to licensees rather than the brewery and displaying the plaque outside

88.6% of licensees said having the award has helped increase sales

Get social We all know the power of social media

Celebrate your success!

and so do cask ale drinkers. Tell the world

One of the best ways to involve those

how proud you are, not just on Facebook

who might not have considered cask, is

and Twitter but in the more traditional

to hold a beer festival - see our feature on

areas such as chalkboards and fliers.

page 52 for information and tips on this.

Taster notes add gravitas to your offering

This encourages trial and lets people see

Once you’ve completed the application

as does Try Before You Buy - preferably

that the pub really is the only place to be

form, an independent assessor will come

with bespoke sampling glasses.

when it comes to cask ale.

your premises, on your menus or on advertising says straight away that you mean business when it comes to beer.

How do I gain the award?

*YouGov survey for the Cask Report July 2015




Source: CGA Brand Index 31.10.2015


TRIck' S D A P


Drink Jameson responsibly



Get The Message Across Around 60% of customers are undecided as to what they want to order when they walk into a pub or bar. It is for that reason that suppliers make available Point of Sale Material (POS), either for free, or at special rates.

Put POS where it will be seen • At the bar, most attention is

restricted to around one metre either

side of the till, so POS at eye or waist

level works best.

• If you have a longer bar, repeat

your POS display at key focal points,

as people tend to register three

metres at a time. They naturally look

to the right first too.

• On the back bar use special displays

Here is Take Stock’s guide to

- especially if you’ve got an event or

getting the best from POS.

new product that you’re promoting.

• Wipeable posters above gents'

urinals are brilliant for promoting

your events, special promotions and

occasions. • Don’t forget your menus! Make sure you’ve got drinks suggestions

alongside your dishes…and food

and snack offers on drinks lists.

• Keep your POS up to date and get rid

of old, dirty or damaged material.

• Use A-frames, chalkboards and

posters around and outside

your outlet to promote products,

special offers or events.

• On the bar, branded drip trays, beer

towels and ice buckets are great for

promoting your products. At the

table, use wine lists, wobblers,

tent cards and beer mats to generate



uinness word and associated logos are trademarks. nness & Co. 2015





Get your snacks out front

It’s great to have a bespoke children’s

Brands like Walkers, KP

read by your smaller customers!

blackboard with these deals on too just make sure it’s low enough to be

and Tayto have a solution for every outlet, allowing you to maximise visibility and sales. They’ll help you decide upon the right range and produce display units, tent cards, beer mats, posters, and blackboards,


so you can show what’s


bar and any special deals

available behind your you’re running.

Talk to your wholesaler They’ll be happy to give you ideas, tell you what POS material is available and put you in contact with the right people.

POS occasions Sporting events like rugby and EURO 2016 are perfect for running promotions on food and drink - but people won’t come if they don’t know what you’re offering. POS inside and out will get the

Cocktails & mocktails

message across.


People love cocktails, be they alcoholic

Special days like St Patrick’s Day and

or not. Grab customer attention right

Father’s Day need celebrating. Use POS

from the outset with a blackboard of

well in advance to promote on-the-day

Make the drink you’re

suggested cocktails - eight is more

deals on your premium spirits range,

than enough for starters - reinforced

wines and beers. Food deals too!

serving look appealing by using the right glass - there’s

by on-bar and on-table cocktail lists. Don’t forget to promote your deals and

New product launches

glasses available so no-one

‘Happy Hour’ events too.

The level of brand support for new

is in doubt as to what’s

Children’s deals

a wide range of branded

being drunk.

products has never been higher. And it’s not just POS. Brands are also helping

If the kids are happy, parents will be too.

with suggested serves, food pairings,

Specialist supplier

Reinforce your businesses child friendly

pub game ideas and give aways. So, talk

credentials with POS that includes soft

to your supplier!

allows you to mail order a

drink and mocktail suggestions, plus

wide range of glassware,

deals on drink and snacks combos.

barware, branded clothing and outdoor equipment, from over 50 beer, wine and spirits brands.


KP Snacks is serious about working with our customers to help identify the right range for them and make a positive difference to their snack sales, which is vital in today’s competitive environment.



AC Nielsen Total Market 52 wks to 21.06.14 **600 nat rep sample, adult snackers Dec 14 TNS †AC Nielsen MAT 03.01.15


CGA Food Service sales data 2014.

ing e lead KP - Th and in nut br K * the U

nells O’Don free n - Glute nack s s m u premi

We offer a one-stop snacking solution with an extensive portfolio of leading name brands including favourites such as McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, Pom-Bear and KP Nuts.

oops Hul a H No.1 ’s The UK snack** t a e fun to

’s - The McCoy e cut g d i † No.1 r r and b s p s i cr

Research supports consumer opinion that a significant portion of outlets have room to improve their snacks range . ††

There are a staggering 600 types of bagged snacks on the market so deciding which ones to stock can be a tough business decision. Whether you are on-trade or off-trade, and whatever your outlet type, size or location, we are committed to working with you to make the most of your crisps, snacks and nuts sales potential and help your snack sales thrive!

KP’s Perfect Pub is a category-driven programme which will see the leading snacks brands working in partnership with pubs.


UT SNACKING SALES! Consumer research shows that on average 50% of customers look to purchase a bagged snack when visiting a pub or bar‡.

KP Snacks Perfect Pub programme has identified the perfect snacks range and merchandising solutions to meet the needs of varying pub types and customers, including its new O’Donnell’s range – delicious handcooked, gluten-free crisps.

...and you should acheive your share of those sales. The right You r ange for Core Range

Premium Niche 6 lines

O’Donnells Salt & Vinegar

O’Donnells Cheese & Onion

Penn State Pretzels Sour Cream & Chive

Traditional 7 lines

McCoy’s Cheddar & Onion

McCoy’s Salt & Malt Vinegar

Big Hoops BBQ

McCoy’s Cheddar & Onion

KP Salted Peanuts

O’Donnells Salted

KP Cashew Nuts

McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak

KP Dry Roast Peanuts

McCoy’s Salted

McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak

KP Chilli Peanuts

Brannigans’ Roast Beef & Mustard

KP Dry Roast Peanuts

McCoy’s Salted

KP Salted Peanuts

McCoy’s Salt & Malt Vinegar

Extended Range

McCoy’s Mexican Chilli

McCoy’s Sizzling Prawn

KP Chilli Peanuts

McCoy’s Mexican Chilli

Penn State Pretzels Original Salted

Brannigans’ Smoked Ham & Pickle

KP Pork KP Cashew Big Hoops Scratchings Nuts Salted

KP Salt & Penn State Penn State Vinegar Pretzels Pretzels Sour Peanuts Original Salted Cream & Chive

McCoy’s Sizzling Prawn

KP Chilli Peanuts

KP Pork Scratchings

Family 9 lines

KP Salted Peanuts

Pom-Bear Original

KP Cashew Nuts

Penn State Penn State Pretzels Pretzels Sour Original Salted Cream & Chive

Skips Prawn Cocktail

KP Dry Roast Peanuts


CGA Peach Consumer research 2014.

Big Hoops Salted

Big Hoops BBQ

Beer Festival Run Your Own

Interest in cask ales and traditional ciders is at an all time high. So how better to put your venue on the map as a beer drinker’s haven, than to run your own beer festival? Take Stock asked beer festival veterans Nigel Pickering of Wortley Mens Club, South Yorkshire and Lynn Green of The Crown Inn at Belton for their top tips…

Getting started • Involve your regulars. Their contacts

will be invaluable.

• Don't go too big. It's better to sell out

than be left with a load of beer.

• Try and link the day to a local event

and if it’s a summer festival, before

the school holidays start.

Beer & cider selection

you need to provide these? If you’re

planning a marquee, get it organised

as size and position will determine

how many people you can serve.

• Leave yourself at least six to eight

weeks to get organised.

• Start with a one-day event. Once

you’ve established yourself, word of

• Decide upon a venue. Are there

mouth and local demand will tell you

if you can go bigger.

facilities such as toilets or will


• Venue size will dictate how many

beers you can feature.

• Get beer ideas from your regulars and

your local CAMRA branch.

• Have a selection. The Crown Inn’s first

festival seven years ago had just nine

beers and two ciders. In 2015 this had

become nine ciders and fourteen real




“Our festival has definitely brought new people into the bar. It was the talk of the village for weeks and interest in our beers skyrocketed!” Lynn Green , The Crown Inn

• Organise tasting notes and/or signage

Have something different for the

'Beer Tickers'

simply hand over at the bar. This

speeds up service and means you can

use volunteers to serve too!

sale. • Set up a sales till so visitors can buy beer tickets which they can

• Get in sufficient half-pint plastic

glasses and have plenty of bins for

discarded empties. You need to

keep your festival tidy.


• When choosing the beers, try to have

a nice mix of styles and strengths

Nigel’s advice is to have around 50%

to 60% of them Pale, Blonde, and IPA

for each of the beers and ciders on

• Decide what entertainment you’re

• Sort out food. Doing it yourself is

couple of Stouts, Porters and ABV’s

a massive job on top of running the

above 5%, with the rest traditional

festival, so talk to your locals - they’ll

bitters. He looks for something a bit

tell you where the best hog roast;

different or seasonal for the ‘Beer

mobile fish & chip or pizza people are.


• Do a deal with your chosen food

• The same goes for cider. Have a

provider(s). Rent them a pitch or

agree a percentage of their takings.

range of styles and sweetness levels.

• Offer more than beer. Single-serve

• A bouncy castle for the kids is great -

Prosecco, wine, Pimm's etc. are easy

to serve and profitable.

• Book local groups for entertainment.

and cheap to hire.

• Don’t forget soft drinks for the kids

Middle of the road to start, then up

the tempo later on.

and non-drinkers.

• Get casks delivered at least three days

• Ask a local farmer or haulier to lend

before and make sure the ale within is

you a curtain-sided trailer that can act

in peak condition.

as a stage.


• Advertise well in advance. • Use local radio, put flyers into local

shops and takeaways and get your

regulars to tell the world.

• Link your festival to a local

charity. They’ll spread the word and

be a great source of volunteers to

help on the day.

• Put up signs on routes around the

festival to attract/direct visitors -

but make sure you take them down

afterwards. • Think about selling beer tickets

ahead of the event and encourage

advance sales by offering a discount.



going to offer for every age group.

Style at 4% to 4.5% ABV. Then a


• Be organised • Get your beers in situ and conditioned well in advance • Have reserve supplies • Keep the site tidy and toilets clean • Pray for good weather • Have a good time!

• Tell your neighbours and local police

what’s happening. Invite them too!

• Ask locally to borrow tables and

chairs. Your regulars can be a big help

here. • Organise the bar area - which can be

as simple as table-tops on old barrels.

• Borrow or hire cooling equipment,

taps, jackets, drip trays etc.

• Get power and lighting arranged.

“If you choose a local charity to support, you’ll have no problem getting volunteers to help.”

Beer & Cider Festival is 1-3 July

Nigel Pickering, Wortley Mens Club

Festival is on Saturday 16th July

This years Wortley Mens Club 2016.

The Crown Inn Beer & Cider from 2.30pm to the early hours!


A New Flame

Cooking with charcoal in specialist ovens is setting the UK’s restaurant scene alight.

The short answer, is yes. Mibrasa are

Kitchen space is key. Ovens need to

seen by many as the charcoal oven

be sited under an extraction canopy

industry leaders, so we gave expert Neil

as they emit carbon monoxide, but

Mantle a bit of a grilling. He pointed out

because they don’t require gas,

that no matter what size of restaurant or

electrical or water services, this gives

kitchen - the right equipment, correctly

you a certain amount of flexibility.

Grilling and cooking food over natural fuels is nothing new. Natural fuels have been around for as long as man has been cooking. Smoky, rich and complex flavours clearly lie deep within our psyche. We all know that a charcoal oven or grill comes with a certain amount of theatre - and this plays a large part in food presentation, but is it as easy as it looks?

installed will serve you for many years

Appliances which are designed to burn

to come.

solid fuels need to create and maintain

The first question you might ask yourself is what do you really want to get out of your charcoal oven? Do you want to create a new menu around it, or add flavour to your current one? This should help you decide which size of oven to go for. Primarily, a charcoal oven should be seen as an intrinsic piece of equipment and not just a fringe one. It is hugely versatile and will produce excellent results on all types of meats, fish and vegetables - even desserts. Solid fuel appliances generally use wood, wood pellets or charcoal to create the heat output required. Depending on their origin and quality, each of these fuel options will burn at different temperatures and create diverse flavours.






high temperatures, so they are naturally

When sourcing a new oven, take the

heavy - therefore suitable lifting gear

time to see one in action. Well-made

needs to be considered. A smart move

equipment will last for years and will

would be to position your oven so it is

continue to retain all-important heat

in view of the restaurant, as an actual

and subsequently flavour. Ensure the

flame really brings the whole customer

door correctly meets the cabinet and

dining experience to life.

that there is no cooking smoke escaping

Is it safe?

from the front. Above all, taste the food that a charcoal

An enclosed charcoal oven should be

oven creates. You’ll see how earthy,

treated with the same respect as any

complex flavours can be created with

piece of hot cooking equipment. The

greater consistency - the cornerstone of

chamber can reach temperatures of

any commercial kitchen.

over 450°C so care should always be taken. Well-constructed ovens such as

Get grilling!

the Mibrasa will retain heat and outer

Apart from the added flavour and

surfaces will become warm but not

theatre which comes with charcoal

dangerously so. It is also important to

oven cooking, you’ll notice much

note that existing floor surfaces should

speedier cooking times, increased depth

be strong enough to support the weight

of flavours and a much higher retention

of the unit.

of juices. Many people think that such

Generally, cleaning the oven is not difficult. Just be aware that the oven operates at such searing temperatures it is advisable to allow the embers to fully cool before removal and cleaning.

What can it do for me? There has been a huge change in the restaurant sector. Historically, a large proportion of sales were in traditional open grill Greek and Turkish restaurants. But when new equipment came onto the market, many diverse restaurants,

an oven is only suitable for meats, but



the possibilities are endless.

Fuel for thought There are many fuel options available. Having tested many types through the Mibrasa oven, it’s clear that you get what you pay for. Cheap charcoal will burn quickly which leads to more frequent topping up, so you’re using more of it. Therefore, a good mid-range product will give you a suitable burn time with less replenishing.

from top-end Michelin-starred

Here are just some of the delicious

establishments to grills and steakhouses

dishes that can be created quickly and

came on board.

easily in your charcoal oven.





Kenco Westminster Filter Coffee


Kenco Italia Coffee Beans


Kenco Sustainable Espresso Coffee Beans


Kenco Smooth Roast Freeze Dried Coffee


Kenco Rich Roast Freeze Dried Coffee


Kenco Decaff Tin


Eco Kenco Refill


Kenco Smooth Roast F Dried Coffee Sticks


Kenco Decaffeinated F Dried Coffee Sticks


Making great coffee since 1923, every cup of Kenco helps coffeegrowing communities earn more and live better

At Kenco we believe that great quality coffee comes from caring about the people that care for the bean

Follow their story at




Euro Euphoria EURO 2016 kicks off at the Stade de France on 10 June.

the last May bank holiday is out of the

A whole month of football not only allows football fans to live, breath and talk football, it is a prime opportunity for operators to score too!

website, inhouse and word of mouth

way, you need to start promoting your EURO plans via your social media, via staff. Speak to your suppliers for POS and pre-order your beer buckets and extra ice.

The tournament starts on Friday 10


nations are on Saturday 11 June.

Customers are coming to watch the

occasions. Why not have a bit of fun and create a theme mocktail list for

match they’ll be quick and easy for bar staff to pour.

to be standing queuing at the bar and missing that crucial Rooney goal! Make sure you have plenty of beer buckets and also pitchers to make cocktails or bar, but if you put an offer on pitchers you’ll sell more as your customers will think it’s them getting the good deal.

Food Most matches kick off at 2pm or 5pm - prime eating times - so make sure your kitchen is fully staffed and prepped ready for the increased footfall. Why not offer a temporary snack menu too that works outside your normal menu? This would fit well for the 5pm and 8pm


games as customers may want to eat

From a free pint with a meal to 2FOR1

Be on the ball

are willing to splash out on special

children and if you mix them up pre-

June and finishes on Sunday 10 July. The first matches featuring home

soft drinks and fruit juices as parents

and Red Card Ribena will be fun for the

Pimm’s. This not only saves time at the


Make sure you stock up on bottled

them? Penalty Punch, Free Kick Fruity

footie so that means they don’t want

Take Stock shows you how to get the best result for your business.

Children’s drinks

drinks during half time, offers are a great way of attracting trade and they’re likely

Get organised. The last thing you want

to return to the bar without an offer

your plans getting is a red card! Once

once the final whistle has been blown.

pre or post match. Plus, snacky, finger food is quick and easy to prepare, takes minimal fuss to serve (bar staff can do it if waiting staff aren’t working) and the style of food often makes for bigger orders and allows you to justify higher menu prices.


Finger Food • Hot dogs - Choose from the

frankfurter varieties and top with

the classic ketchup, mustard and

fried onions or be adventurous and

opt for mac 'n' cheese or bbq pulled

pork. Serve in a bun or bread and

offer sides of sweet potato fries

• Nachos - Cheesy or with a Mexican twist, nachos are a great single or

sharing option

• Pizza - Single slices or a full one,

pizzas are quick and easy and a firm

favourite among young and old.

Offer different sizes for children and

adults • Chips - Customers still love the old

favourite! From curly fries, spicy

wedges or just plain old thick-cut,

they can be served with cheese on

top or kept simple with ketchup or

BBQ dip

• Burgers - From a classic to a cheese

and bacon, offer a variety of buns

from brioche, gluten free to a plain



Bar snacks Make sure you stock up on your bar

Wales v Slovakia

Saturday 11 June, 5pm

England v Russia

Saturday 11 June, 8pm

England v Wales

Thursday 16 June, 2pm

Russia v Wales

Monday 20 June, 8pm

Slovakia v England

Monday 20 June, 8pm

Poland v Northern Ireland

Sunday 12 June, 5pm

Ukraine v Northern Ireland

Thursday 16 June, 5pm

Northern Ireland v Germany

Tuesday 21 June, 5pm

Republic of Ireland v Sweden

Monday 13 June, 5pm

Belgium v Republic of Ireland

Saturday 18 June, 2pm

Italy v Republic of Ireland

Wednesday 22 June, 8pm


Thursday 30 June - 3 July, 8pm


Wednesday 6 July & Thursday 7 July, 8pm


Sunday 10 July, 8pm

snacks. From crisps, pork scratchings and nuts these snacky faves will be flying off the shelf faster than Theo Walcott’s penalty kick. With crisps, stock plenty of sharing format bags as research shows more than 1 in 3 people are now eating a large bag by themselves in one go!

In 2014 there was an

86% rise in hot dogs on bar menus






Don’t bury your head in the sand! Get your auto enrolment solution for just £495 today! Get started today, visit us online:








Sm Mr. John




Smith Mr. John Street 1 Sample y Cit Smith D AB12 3C

Please note that Todays Group are merely passing on information received from third parties in connection with possible options in respect of important issues such as Auto-Enrolment pensions. In passing on information, neither Todays Group nor its associate companies are providing advice regarding pensions nor giving any form of financial advice to its partner companies or their employees. If any individual wishes to receive advice regarding their pension, you should contact an Independent Financial Adviser




Workplace Pensions New legislation states that by October 2018 every qualifying employee should be offered a workplace pension. This is the responsibility of the employer, which means all businesses with one or more employees need to have access to a qualifying automatic enrolment pension scheme to be compliant. Process

















299.20 169.84 48.00



PAYE Tax e Insuranc National Pension



Year To Da


This Perio

s Pay Total Gros Tax Gross for for NI Earnings

2000.00 2000.00 1997.00

16000.00 s Pay TD 16000.00 Total Gros Tax TD 2394.60 Gross for TD id 15976.00 pa x Ta for NI TD 1358.72 Earnings e TD nc ura 48.00 Ins National C) TD (Inc AV Pension

Net Pay


What is automatic enrolment? Recent legislation has stated that qualifying employees now have the right to contribute to a pension and automatic enrolment is the way to do that - known as the ‘workplace pension’. The government has made it the obligation of the employer to provide access to a workplace pension and make it available to all their eligible employees earning £10,000 or more, aged between 22 and the state pension age and who are a UK resident.

For some, the scheme can seem

When does it get enforced?

daunting - even scary - with most

By 1 October 2018, all employers in the

operatives not having a clue where

UK will have to have the system in place.

to start. Take Stock spoke to Jon Lee,

Before then, each employer has a ‘staging

director of Pumped Business Solutions

date’ - the date they must have it set up

(PBS Ltd) who specialise in introducing


on-trade operators to the workplace

Last August all employers received a

pension scheme at an affordable level.

letter notifying them of their ‘staging

He explains all about automatic

date’, these dates have been going in

enrolment; its importance and why it’s

waves across the country depending

something you most definitely should

on the size of business and number of

not be putting off.



What’s the cost? The fear among business owners - especially landlords - is that implementing the scheme will cost them thousands of pounds. The reality is it won’t; as long as they don’t leave it until the last minute. NEST, the free government scheme, lets them set it up by themselves. It relies on the employer reporting to the pension regulator and completing ongoing assessments of the workforce as well as calculating contributions, but in reality how many people will do that? We work with an automatic enrolment operator who can set the system up for as little as £495*, plus a monthly £5 per person per month for completing the ongoing assessment. * Payment dependent on staging date

How does it work? The employer will fill out an application form acknowledging who they are and who needs to be added to the scheme. They submit the application to the enrolment operator who then starts the process of automatically enrolling qualifying employees and invites the other workers to join.

What if an employer doesn’t comply? I can’t stress enough how important this is. It’s the law. Non-compliance is taken as seriously as tax fraud; with fines up to £10,000 a day - even prison in some cases. And just to be clear here, it’s the employer’s responsibility to auto enrol their qualifying workers into a pension scheme, not the employee.

When should an employer start setting up? Ideally they should get the ball running now. The sooner the better, really. The government recommends that you start to set up the scheme well before your staging date - 12 months if you can. That way any complications can be sorted well in advance and not last minute, as the staging date is the date your system should be live not the date you start working on it. So if your staging date, for example is July 2017, then you should start it July 2016 at the latest.

What happens if they leave it until the last minute? I appreciate that July 2017 seems so far away and therefore a lot of on-trade employers will be thinking they have plenty of time (especially if they only have four or five members of staff it affects) and won’t see it as a priority but it is. There are two ways you can do this: early staging for less money, or late staging for more money. I tell all my members to ask about it and get quotes, but in truth if you leave it three months before your staging date it is going to

Who is eligible? • Full-time employees • Earning £10,000 or more • Age 22 to state pension age • UK resident one month if the employee chooses to leave the scheme they can opt out. Every three years the employer has to

cost you more.

re-enrol eligible workers back into the

What if the staffing situation changes?

their job and finds new employment, the

pension scheme. If an employee leaves

If an employer is aware that one of their members of staff is leaving or planning to leave in the near future they still have to set the scheme up based on the number of staff currently in their workplace. If an employee leaves their business they can take their pension (money already collected) to their next employment, where in turn, that employer will also have the scheme set up. That’s why the scheme has been set up, to make sure every employee has a pension. Easy!

How much does an employer have to put in? If your staging date is up to 30 September 2017 the employer has to contribute 1% of their employee’s salary - with the employee doing the same. So, as an example, if an employee is on a £12,000 salary both the employer and the employee would each be contributing £10 a month. It then changes to 2% contribution by the employer and 3% by the employee from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018.

new employer has to automatically enrol them, if they qualify, into the scheme but the same option applies should they wish to leave. Remember, not only are you fulfilling a legal requirement to set up a work-based pension, but you are enhancing your workers' benefits package. For more information visit and download the easy to understand info pack, or call Pumped Business Solutions today on 0800 050 2626

* The above details are current legislation, all figures in the examples quoted are exclusive of tax and for demonstration purposes only, figures are correct at the time of printing but are subject to changes in legislation. “Please note that Today’s Group / Take Stock are merely passing on information received from third parties in connection with possible options in respect of important issues such as auto-enrolment pensions. In passing on information, neither

From 1 October 2018 onwards * the employer will pay 3% and the employee

Today's Group nor its associate


regarding pensions nor giving any

Does an employee have to join the scheme? Up to 30 September 2017 it is compulsory that the employer enrols the employees that qualify into the scheme, but after


companies are providing advice form of financial advice to its partner companies or their employees. If any individual wishes to receive advice regarding their pension, you should contact an Independent Financial Adviser”.

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from the kitchen

The Crabbie's Grand National on 9 April has become a national treasure. The greatest show on earth, it is supported and watched by those who love a flutter and those that do it on this day only. Over the page are other popular race events that will pull in the punters and keep the bookies busy.

CRABBIE'S GRAND NATIONAL When: Saturday 9 April Where: Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool What’s on: Take your place for ‘The Grandest Show, The Greatest Drama’.


The world will stop in its tracks, as 600 million people watch live on television 40 horses and jockeys line up to race the legendary and notorious course.

Take Stock is giving away 2 tickets and overnight accommodation to the Crabbie's Grand National Ladies Day at Aintree on Friday 8 April 2016. Visit

And thanks to the Grand Opening Day two days before and Ladies Day on Fabulous Friday the excitement and suspense will be building - and you can be part of it!

Entries close on 19 March 2016 and the winner will be drawn at random and notified.


So, go on, take a gamble and enter!

LADBROKES ST LEGER FESTIVAL When: Wednesday 7 September Saturday 10 September Where: Doncaster racecourse

What’s on: It marks one of the most historic racing events on the calendar; a perfect chance to impress guests with VIP hospitality..

CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL When: Tuesday 15 March Friday 18 March Where: Cheltenham Racecourse What’s on: The finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the highest racing honours, their reputations and

Photo by John Hoy

QIPCO 1000 GUINEAS DAY When: Sunday 1 May Where: Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket What’s on: The Sunday concludes the QIPCO Guineas Festival with even more top quality racing and awesome on course entertainment.


ROYAL ASCOT When: Tuesday 14 June - Saturday 18 June 2016 Where: Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire What’s on: With 300 years in the making it’s an event like no other.

THE APRIL MEETINGS When: Wednesday 13 April - Thursday 14 April Where: Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire What’s on: Gives you the chance to enjoy two weekday fixtures

INVESTEC DERBY DAY When: Saturday 4 June Where: Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey What’s on: With winnings of £1.325m, it has one of the biggest stakes in UK racing, and remains the one race that everyone wants to win

WELCOME TO YORKSHIRE EBOR FESTIVAL When: Wednesday 17 August Saturday 20 August Where: York Racecourse, York What’s on: Our oldest, richest, fastest, and most famous races provide sporting excellence combined with fashion and fun over four fabulous days.


® Registered Trade Mark of United Biscuits (UK) Limited. * Source Date: Ac Nielson Up to 1/02/2015 MAT/Total Coverage.


We have a love affair with biscuits, with more being consumed in the UK than any other country. United Biscuits is the UK’s No.1 biscuit manufacturer* with an unrivalled portfolio of products to cater for the Foodservice sector. Consumers expect to have the choice of trusted brands such as McVitie’s, Jaffa Cakes, Go Ahead, Jacob’s & Mini Cheddars.




Bank holid ay

2nd & 30th May

Queen's 90th bir thday

Father’s Day 19th June

12th-15th May

Plan Ahead With two bank holidays, Father’s Day and the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations to look forward to, it is vital you plan ahead for driving uptake and sales. Father’s Day is now considered to be a

not only advertise this well in advance but

bigger event than Mother’s Day and one

show them! Knowing whether you are

of the on-trade calendars busiest events.

showing the games may be the decider

The two bank holidays always bring in

in whether Dad - or anyone else football

customers and thanks to the Queen, you

mad - comes to you or stays home.

have chance to boost your business even

Stock up

And if the British weather holds out then

From alcohol to soft drinks, the last thing

all three events could be even more

you want to run out of over these events

profitable than expected!

is drink, so make sure you place an order well in advance! It’s better to be safe than sorry so if you are worried about being

A BBQ is a great way to bring in trade,

left with surplus stock, stick to bottles and

but with our luck the heavens are likely

cans as far as possible.

to open. Don’t let it put a dampener on

not be your cup of tea to decorate your premises, but punters love it. Ask your supplier for plenty of POS items to help get you and your staff in the spirit.

Stand out from the crowd From discounts and entertainment to themes and locally sourced produce, extra effort and detail will make sure you stand out from the crowd. If you have a band playing make sure the time is clearly stated, or why not put on karaoke? It’s

the days and have a backup plan. That

Bar variety

way, customers will still flock to your

Make sure your bar menu caters for

establishment regardless of whether

everyone - not just the drinkers. All three

the beer garden is open or closed. Be

events will attract children, tee-totals,

optimistic and advertise the BBQ and any

designated drivers and grandparents. To

entertainment you are hosting - but state

prevent these getting bored or restless

that if the weather changes it will still be

and wanting to head home, get creative

on or something else in its place.

with your alcohol-free menu. Get

Get sporty

A fun pub equals a busy pub. It may

decorate and spruce up your premises to

more with a four-day planned event.

Be weather ready!

Get the right atmosphere

together a themed Mocktail menu - you can adapt this for the children too (see

Father’s Day and the second bank holiday

our suggestions on page 57) - and make

weekend both land on two crucial

sure you have herbal and fruit teas, plus

football events: EURO and the Football

fancy coffees on tap too.

something young and old enjoy. If you are using locally sourced ingredients on the BBQ or even as a one-off menu, shout about it. Have a theme-special offer on; two free pints for Dad when you order food, or free ice cream for kids if a family of four order a meal over the bank holiday weekend. Make your business the place customers want to visit - and stay.

League play-off finals, so make sure you


Advertise In the run-up, promote everything from your menu to your entertainment through social media, website, word of mouth, in-house posters and staff - even an A-board out front with your listing and offers on works well. Promoting well in advance will also stop any clashes with local business.

A royal celebration


Care home residents love an excuse for a party or specially themed meal occasion - especially as many of them will be of

Father’s Day Menu

an age with the Queen. Sue Dunk, editor of Care Home Catering, suggests the

following tips to make the celebration go off with a bang! • Make the celebration a street party

theme complete with Union Jack

bunting, tablecovers and napkins.

Have platters of traditional party food

such as sausage rolls, sandwiches,

vol-au-vents, cheese & pineapple

sticks and old school desserts like jelly and ice cream, blancmange or trifle


Moules marinière

Muscadet or Picpoul de Pinet

Belgian White Ale

Prawn Cocktail

Sauvignon Blanc

German or Belgian Wheatbeer


Beaujolais or Pinot Noir

Trappist Ale

Fillet steak

Roija or Portugese Douro

Porter or Stout

Sea Bass

Chablis or Provence Rosé

German Pilsner

Mixed BBQ Grill

Shiraz or Malbec

IPA or Amber Ale

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Tawny Port

Ginger Beer or a Dark Lager


Alsace Riesling

Dunkel or Sweet Cider


Dark Sherry or Madeira

Cherry Ale or Guinness

• Serve a quintessentially British cream

tea, from pretty china teapots

• Make a birthday cake which can be an

afternoon treat for the residents

served with a cuppa

• Jugs of Pimm's or fruit punch will be

well received. Or cider, perry or ale

with lower ABV's

• Have a sing-along with the old time

music favourites and get residents

to dress in their Sunday best and

invite friends and family.

See May-June edition of Take Stock for more details on care home catering




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Take Stock Magazine - March/April 2016  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Take Stock Magazine - March/April 2016  

Take Stock Magazine provides news, features and business boosting ideas for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Profile for thefabl