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January/February 2014

2013 Annual Luncheon Review

Waste Not, Want Not!

Tackling food security

Sweeter Times for frozen desserts

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Fresh and frozen vegetable sorting from Bühler. Bühler’s optical sorting solutions are suitable for both small and large scale vegetable processors at any stage of the process. The SORTEX range is equipped with advanced technologies including custom built visible cameras, enhanced InGaAs technology and unique PROfile (shape) technology, delivering an outstanding performance in the removal of discoloured or misshaped product, extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) and foreign material (FM). Bühler’s optical sorting solutions are designed to maximise the yield and improve product safety and quality, meeting the increasingly demanding standards of food safety and cleanliness on a global scale.

Visit us at the 2014 BFFF Conference, 20th February 2014. Buhler Sortex Limited, 20 Atlantis Avenue, London E16 2BF, United Kingdom, www.buhlergroup.com/optical-sorting

Innovations for a better world.

The Bulletin















Dear Members, Happy New Year and welcome to the January/February edition of THE BULLETIN. To kick off 2014 and celebrate the more positive economic vibe in our economy, we have a sweet story about recovery in the frozen dessert category and cool innovations powering the ice cream sector. For those of you who entered our Annual Awards, we say thank you for getting your submission in on time and wish you the very best of luck. Our team is hard at work sifting and collating entries and the level of innovation and sheer variety of products is impressive. Inside this issue, you’ll find a jam-packed celebration of our Annual Luncheon held in November. I am sure it will bring back many happy memories for those of you who attended – and whet the appetite of those who sadly missed it. Don’t worry if you did, it’s on this year’s calendar for November 25. Another event not to be missed is next month’s BFFF Business Conference and Exhibition on February 20. Book now and give yourself a happy date in the diary to beat the January blues. Happy reading and here’s to a prosperous 2014.

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The Bulletin

Preface by Brian Young, Director-General

New Year New President New Challenges 2014 is likely to pose many challenges for the frozen food industry, as indeed every previous year has, but this year’s biggest challenge will be how we deal with the improving economy.

FOODSERVICE MEMBERS, HOPEFULLY, at long last will be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, whilst those in retail will be considering how growing consumer confidence might impact retail sales and how they need to respond. At the BFFF, we start the new year with a new team and a new structure. However, the values that we hold most dear will remain unchanged. Providing outstanding service to our members, a great range of services, superb events, fabulous networking and influencing, and helping to protect the interests of our members in the frozen food industry will be at the heart of everything we do. We also start the year with a new president


and on behalf of the BFFF, I’d like to say a big welcome to Peter Allan, general manager and director, Cargill Meats Europe. I’d also like to express our thanks and appreciation to outgoing president Nick Shaw, group commercial director, Westbridge Foods. For the past three years, Nick’s contribution has been invaluable and his commitment to our members’ interests has been outstanding. Whilst change in life is inevitable, we have not been making change for change’s sake. The changes that we are making will help the BFFF achieve even better service for our members and be even more effective at promoting and protecting the interests of the frozen food industry.

Rising issue of food security Over the past five years, the BFFF promotional campaign has worked hard to prove the case for frozen in terms of nutrition, cost and quality and we’re starting to see big improvements in attitudes - not least from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver. FOLLOWING THIS, THE next stage of the campaign aims to highlight how frozen can help with a major issue facing our industry: food security. As ever, the food industry is facing a wide range of pressures and issues that can impact on both profit and legislation. Whilst it is often not seen as priority number one, the issue of food security is perhaps one of the most significant long-term issues we face. The key question here is: how will we continue to produce enough affordable food to feed everyone in the face of rapid population growth and climate change? Back in July, the government launched its response to this issue in the form of a £160 million Agri-Tech Strategy. This plan, if successful, will overhaul Britain’s food production industry by bringing together science, farming and food production to develop a joined-up response.

However for this initiative to achieve success, it is vital that food manufacturers, brands and retailers engage with the strategy.

FOOD WASTE A major factor in achieving food security, and one on which our industry can have a real impact, is food waste. Research shows the average UK household throws away £500 worth of food every year at home. This makes up 50% of the £23 billion worth of food and drink we waste annually, more than half of which could have been eaten. But food is also being wasted in foodservice, in factories and before it even leaves the field. Challenging weather conditions in recent years have meant that prices and availability have fluctuated massively. With the heightened challenges of food production and soaring demand, surely it is irresponsible for the UK to continue to waste significant amounts of food at almost every stage of production and consumption?

THE ROLE OF THE INDUSTRY This year, BFFF is turning its attention to the role frozen food can play in the food security debate and how the food industry can make changes which will help us to continue feeding the nation beyond 2030. Some solutions are very much in the hands of retailers. For example, one option would be to do away with irresponsible discounting. However, I believe that frozen food can also play a key role. As we know, freezing food when crops are in abundance and at their peak means they can be stored without losing any nutrients. Farmers won’t have to waste excess good quality food simply because the consumer doesn’t want to eat it that week, as it can be frozen for consumption at a later date. We are commissioning research that will help us to prove this as we take our campaign directly to government and to help change behaviours across the food industry.


50% OF THE





The Bulletin

(from the left) Becky Dobb, Charley Price and Kate Miller.

BFFF 2014 Events and Opportunities BFFF Business Conference PLACES STILL AVAILABLE Book now to ensure your place at this ‘not to be missed’ industry event at Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwickshire on February 20. “All of the great and good in one room on one day!” Please contact Hazel Cranidge on 01400 283090 or email hazelcranidge@bfff.co.uk

BFFF Completes New Commercial Team Two new recruits have joined the BFFF’s commercial team recently Becky Dobb and Charley Price. BECKY JOINED IN November as membership manager. This is a new role designed to build closer relationships with members, address segmental gaps, explore new commercial opportunities and more proactively manage member benefit schemes. Becky will also be member’s main contact for the Annual Awards. Charley joined in early January as events manager. Initially, Charley will manage the Gala Dinner Dance, Annual Luncheon and the Business Conference and Exhibition, which has grown year on year. They join Kate Miller, who came on board last year as The Bulletin magazine’s advertising manager and main point of contact for all event advertising. Together with commercial assistant Jilly Wallis they form the new Commercial Team, managed by Graeme Day, head of commercial. Jilly celebrates her 10th anniversary at BFFF later this year. 6 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Graeme Day says: “I am sure you will all join me in wishing our new recruits every success in their new roles as part of the BFFF team.” The Commercial Team is looking forward to receiving member news and press releases during 2014 for The Bulletin. Graeme says: “We will be reporting on all frozen food categories, many with features and will continue with our directory of services for associates. Please continue to send editorial to bulletineditorial@bfff.co.uk for us to include in The Bulletin and on our website. For all advertising opportunities, please contact Kate!” BFFF is also looking to widen its social media presence to help spread the word about all the good work the industry does. So please find and follow BFFF on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Gala Dinner and Annual Awards Hilton on Park Lane For those companies looking to join us at the Gala Dinner Dance on June 12, we will be launching ticket and table sales in early March. Many thanks to all of the companies who submitted entries in December for the 2014 Annual Awards.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities If you are celebrating an anniversary, launching a new product, or looking to refresh a new brand, BFFF would love to talk to you about how it can help you maximise this opportunity to promote your products or services. Please call Graeme Day on 01400 283090 or email graemeday@bfff.co.uk Kate Miller on 07933 704270 or email katemiller@bfff.co.uk

Authentic, Innovative, Premium... DiSotto. Made with premium ingredients, these products are the basis of an exceptional menu with great presentation and plate appeal. Supported by a dependable delivery service, a modern infrastructure, friendly Telesales and an experienced Field Sales team, we offer a service that works to support you. Point-of-Sale, menus and advertising material are also available, to ensure that sales opportunities are maximised. As part of our ongoing commitment to the highest possible standards, DiSotto are pleased to have been awarded BRC Accreditation for our state of the art production facility giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in our service and multi award winning products.

26 Park Royal Road, London NW10 7JW Telephone: 020 8965 1853

fax: 020 8965 4355

email: sales@disotto.co.uk



More Sides at Aunt Bessie’s AUNT BESSIE’S IS expanding its range of frozen vegetables with four new sides to spice up roast dinners: Large Breaded Mushrooms, Roasting Carrots, Button Sprouts and Special Vegetable Mash. Made using only quality natural ingredients, the new products combine taste with convenience. The Roasting Carrots and Button Sprouts are enhanced by their own unique glaze of honey and ginger, and thyme, sage and nutmeg respectively. The new Breaded Mushrooms and Special Vegetable Mash provide the perfect premium accompaniments for a special roast.

All three products are priced at a RRP of £1.79. To reflect its premium offering, the Special Vegetable Mash will have a RRP of £1.99 for a 450g pack. For more information, visit www.auntbessies.co.uk

James Turton, commercial director, Aunt Bessie’s, said: “Consumers are constantly looking for the perfect accompaniment for their roast occasions; something that is that little bit special without them having to dedicate the time and effort to achieve it. Our new products are a convenient and simple way of bringing a touch of roastiness to any meal time occasion.”

The Bulletin

Faggots In Foodie Makeover SNOWBIRD FOODS HAS given a 300-year-old recipe a gourmet taste, texture and aroma makeover to create a faggot fit for the most discerning 21st century foodie. Traditionally made from pork ‘lights’ and other offal, Snowbird’s new faggots are only made with fresh pork liver, prime cuts of pork meat, rusk, sage and a secret mix of herbs, spices and seasonings. The result is a 30g faggot that is 65 per cent pork and liver, with a moist, open-textured centre to perfectly complement a crisp, golden-brown casing. Roy Anderson, sales director, Snowbird Foods, said: “Our bright ideas product development team has taken a traditional concept and given it a gourmet twist to bring it up-to-date, and added to that the appearance and convenience of a fully-cooked product that can quickly be heated straight from the freezer.” For more information, visit www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk or call 020 8805 9222

Button Sprouts and Roasting Carrots are available in 500g packs, while the Large Breaded Mushrooms come in a 350g serving.

Gourmet Rolls For Hot-Dogs KARA HAS LAUNCHED a gourmet hot-dog rolls range to satisfy demand for the nation’s fastest growing menu item in the casual dining sector. Hot-dogs are featured on 85% more menus than in 2012-2013, according to research. Kara’s rolls, which include glazed and glazed poppy seed, are designed to help caterers in the fast casual market significantly improve 8 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

their hot-dog offer. Natasha Quinn, marketing manager, Kara said: “How Kara has approached gourmet hot-dog rolls is to look at the way that the market is developing through American influences and an increase in restaurants which are positioning hot-dogs as a premium menu item, and create the perfect, brioche-style carrier.” Kara, the foodservice bakery brand of

Fletchers Group of Bakeries, has focused on a brioche-style bun range that offers a lighter and sweeter eat with the glaze taking it into the premium category. The rolls are unsliced, contain no preservatives, flavourings or hydrogenated fats and are frozen at the point of perfection to lock in the flavour. For more information, visit www.karafs.co.uk or call 0161 351 2358


The Bulletin

3663 Named Number One Green Wholesaler 3663, A LEADING foodservice supplier, won gold at the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) Awards 2013 making it ‘Green Wholesaler of the Year’.

tight contest, particularly its systematic engagement processes with suppliers through Sustainable Futures Partnerships, and with its own staff via its Sustainability Conference.”

The accolade is testament to 3663’s corporate, sustainable and environmental achievements over the past year.

3663 has launched a wide range of ‘green’ initiatives and results include reducing its entire CO2 emissions by over 18% since 2007, collecting over 2 million litres of customer cooking oil per annum to power its biodiesel trucks and overall fuel saving of 3% across 35% of its fleet through a new Telematics trial.

A statement from the judging panel noted: “A very impressive record of environmental awareness gives 3663 the edge in a

Partner Logistics Award Win

L-R: Simon Nicholas (business manager, Hays Logistics), Jon Miles (head of UK operations, Partner Logistics), Jim Steer (president, CILT)

Birds Eye Pea Tracker

FROZEN WAREHOUSE SPECIALISTS Partner Logistics won the prestigious ‘Warehouse Operations’ award at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s (CILT) Annual Awards of Excellence 2013. Partner Logistics won the award for the design, build and operation of the UK’s largest frozen food warehouse in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire that services leading names in the frozen food industry such as Lamb Weston, Birds Eye and Pinguin.

BIRDS EYE HAS launched a Facebook app to allow shoppers to track their peas from field to freezer. Birds Eye’s Petits Pois Traceability Facebook App works via a unique code on each pack of Petits Pois that, when entered into Facebook, reveals the peas UK origin and their journey from being picked in the field to being frozen in less than two-and-a-half hours. The new app celebrates Birds Eye’s heritage of over 65 years growing and harvesting peas, and documents the military-style operation involved in the quick freezing process. Alongside the traceability option, the Facebook app will showcase exclusive video content demonstrating how the peas are grown, quality control processes, special photography of the pea harvest and factory freezing processes. Facebook users will also be able to navigate

Ian Crawford, group commercial director, said: “Our corporate sustainability and environmental objectives are a core element of our business focus. We have taken steps to reduce our environmental impact as well as helping to make it easier for customers to manage theirs. The improvements we make year-on-year are benefitting our customers, suppliers and employees alike - especially in how we source and deliver our products.”

Jon Miles, head of UK operations, Partner Logistics said: “We are thrilled to have received this award from CILT in recognition of our contribution to Warehouse Operations. It is testimony to how our people go the extra mile in order to provide the best service and standards for our customers, as well as showing commitment to sustainability whilst providing end-to-end supply chain solutions.” For further information visit www.partnerlogistics.eu

through the app even if they do not have a code and a social sharing functionality will enable users to promote the tracker on their social media pages. Matt Blackmore, senior brand manager, Birds Eye said: “We are hugely proud of the way in which we grow and harvest our peas – and work hard to ensure our product is the best it possibly can be. We wanted to share this story with our consumers and create understanding of the incredible journey our Petits Pois go on before they reach people’s plates. It’s been great fun creating this app and we hope people enjoy learning more about where their food comes from and the care and commitment that goes into each pod.” For further information visit www.facebook.com/birdseye THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 9


The Bulletin

Breakfast Best Profit Booster

POTATO PROCESSING COMPANY, Aviko, is encouraging caterers to make the most of the buoyant out-of-home breakfast market and begin preparing for Farmhouse Breakfast Week (FBW) from Sunday January 26 to Saturday February 1.

‘Industry-First’ for Sharp and Osprey Deepclean

Brown Bites help operators stay one step ahead of the competition. Its Premium Hash Browns are larger than average, making for improved plate fill and profits for caterers.

While FBW organisers estimate that 47% of the population regularly skip breakfast, 64% of those that do start the day with a meal favour hot food and hash browns, along with beans and eggs, according to Aviko’s own research.

Research by NPD Crest reveals that the number of out-of-home breakfast occasions has surged by 8.4% in 2012, to 1.14 billion – in contrast to lunch and dinner, which suffered declines of 0.9% and 1.5% respectively. As a result, breakfast is proving to be the most lucrative meal of the day.

With such a huge demand for product innovation in this sector, Aviko’s frozen Hash

For more information on Aviko, please call 01442 239 536 or visit www.aviko.co.uk

SHARP SYSTEMS, MANUFACTURER of stainless steel food processing equipment and OspreyDeepclean, industrial dry steam cleaning specialist, announced a joint venture to produce food processing equipment with built-in cleaning, believed to be an industry first. Research and discussions with major food manufacturers have shown there is significant interest and a clear need for machinery that can clean itself and reduce machinery downtime. Factory trials are now being sought with existing and potential new customers in most product categories where hygiene, streamlining and total cost of ownership are paramount. For more information, visit www.sharp-systems.co.uk and www.ospreydc.com

Bühler Wins Berry Farm Deal FOLLOWING EXTENSIVE TRIALS on the sorting and quality control of delicate raspberries and blueberries, frozen fruit producer Curt Maberry Farm has chosen the Bühler Group’s SORTEX K2A optical sorting technology. The sorter’s integrated soft landing kit was a major factor in winning the contract because it ensures that fragile frozen raspberries and blueberries remain intact throughout the sorting process. “A major problem for frozen raspberry processors is the fragility of the product, once frozen,” said Stephen Jacobs, Bühler’s fruit and vegetable global product manager. “Depending on the variety, fruit 10 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

breakage levels can be as high as 10% going through standard sorting equipment.” For further information, contact Stephen Jacobs, product manager at Bühler, by telephone 020 7055 7799 or email stephen.jacobs@buhlergroup.com

AT A GLANCE 3663 Number One

Place for Growth PLACE UK, ONE of Britain’s leading fruit growers, IQF suppliers and food processing plants, is expanding with the acquisition of Phaseolus, suppliers of IQF beans and pulses. Having worked closely together for over 10 years, Place UK and Phaseolus have developed a strong business partnership. Both will continue to run as independent companies.

Tim Place, managing director, Place UK, said: “We believe this will strengthen our joint opportunities for growth in a number of areas.” For further information call 01692 534213, email info@placeuk.com or visit www.placeuk.com

3663, a leading foodservice supplier, won gold at the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) Awards 2013 making it ‘Green Wholesaler of the Year’. 3663’s achievements include reducing CO2 emissions by over 18% since 2007.

Partner Wins Award Partner Logistics won the prestigious ‘Warehouse Operations’ award at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Annual Awards of Excellence 2013 for its frozen food warehouse in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Birds Eye’s Pea Tracker Birds Eye launches a Facebook app that lets shoppers track the peas in their pack via a unique code that reveals their journey from actual field to freezer.

Breakfast Best Profit Booster

Ticco Says


TICCO FOODS IS to distribute modern gourmet Spanish food from Your Tapas Company in Galicia, North West Spain, in an exclusive deal. Known as ‘Yatecomere’ in its native Spain, Your Tapas Company specialises in manufacturing innovative products for the foodservice industry such as high quality, authentic tapas to save customers time and simplify operations. Ticco, one of the UK's leading specialist foodservice groups, will initially offer Your Tapas Company’s speciality items such

Iberican Ham Croquetas, Wild Mushroom Croquetas, Cuttlefish in Squid Ink Croquetas and aromatic Tiger Mussel Croquetas. Ticco Foods distributes to wholesalers, independents and national groups in the restaurant, hotel, pub, travel and leisure sectors. Gianfranco Perri, sales and commercial director, Ticco Foods said: "As a specialist foodservice supplier, we always look to work with producers with the same values as ours, and who put quality, passion and innovation at the heart of everything they do. We were very impressed with the quality and taste of Your Tapas Company's produce, and look forward to providing the foodservice industry with some of the best tapas in the world." For more information visit www.ticco.co.uk or www.yatecomere.es

Aviko is encouraging caterers to make the most of the breakfast market and celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week from January 26 to February 1.

J-V for Sharp and OspreyDeepclean Sharp Systems and OspreyDeepclean have formed a joint venture to produce food processing equipment with built-in cleaning facilities.

Bühler in Berry Farm Deal Frozen fruit producer Curt Maberry Farm has chosen the Bühler Group’s SORTEX K2A optical sorting technology following extensive trials.

Growing Place Place UK is expanding with the acquisition of Phaseolus, suppliers of IQF beans and pulses.



The Bulletin

BJP Drug Driving Test ALTHOUGH CONVICTIONS FOR driving under the influence of drugs are at their lowest for years, drug and alcohol misuse remain a problem. Drug and alcohol misuse continue to cost employers through absenteeism, reduced productivity and, more critically, by increasing the risk of accidents due to impairment.

Observed collections and a tamper-evident device mean the test is almost impossible to cheat and most results are available in less than two minutes. BioSure (UK) is also able to offer assistance with policy writing and implementation, certified training and confirmatory laboratory analysis.

To tackle the issue, BJP Enterprises Ltd has produced ToxSure, a rapid, cost-effective, oral fluid test that can detect drugs and alcohol.

For more information, contact Jude Ashworth at jude@bjpenterprises.co.uk

Yearsley Food Unite Online ONE OF THE Yearsley Group’s trading divisions, Yearsley Food, has launched its new website, an online information resource for all the group’s trading companies; Belfield, IcePak and Yearsley Food Sales. With a simplified main menu, users can immediately choose the division relevant to them and access company details, marketing materials and contact details where required. The press section provides an at-a-glance review of food related news, whilst the CSER section details how the company is working to become

more sustainable in all aspects of its operations. Jonathan Baker, commercial director, Yearsley Food said: “The company continues to grow and expand, despite the current financial climate. The launch of this new food website is just another way in which we are taking the company into the future, re-affirming our position as one of the UK’s leading Frozen Food Suppliers.” To view the new website, visit www.yearsleyfood.co.uk

Six Awards for Snowbird Team SNOWBIRD FOODS HAS scooped six awards including four golds in two prestigious BPex competitions and a certificate for technical development in the food processing competition. This continues a run of success that saw Snowbird collect no less than 14 awards in 2011 and 2012. Roy Anderson, sales director, Snowbird Foods said: “A BPex gold is always a hugely important accolade to win because the standards are so high, so to collect four golds in one year is 12 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

a tremendous achievement for the Snowbird team.” The wins follow hot on the heels of Snowbird Foods’ management buyout by joint managing directors of the company, Albert McGovern (left) and Philip Paul (right) seen celebrating their success along with Roy Anderson. For more information, visit www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk

New Date New Look



HOTELYMPIA 2014, RETURNS to London’s ExCeL this April with an exciting new look and a new date in the spring diary: April 28 - May 1. This year the event will have a new four-day format and occupy one extended, single access hall. Leading industry experts including Tom Kerridge, Sir Terence Conran, Tom Aikens and Phil Howard are booked to appear and The

Innovation Awards will also make a welcome return. The show will also see the launch of Waste Works, a new co-located event focusing purely on suppliers of waste solutions and services for the hospitality sector. Toby Wand, managing director at Fresh Montgomery, the show’s organiser, said: “For almost 80 years, Hotelympia has retained its place as the biggest, most comprehensive tradeshow for the hospitality industry, always building and evolving. This year, we are upping the ante again, putting innovation in design and technology at the heart of our offer, creating what promises to be the most relevant and comprehensive visitor experience yet a true hotbed of innovation.” To register, visit www.hotelympia.com

Great Taste Golds for Paramount PARAMOUNT 21 HAS won three gold and one bronze award at the Great Taste Awards 2013 for its Melted Cheese & Beer Croquette, Mexican Mini Fishcake, West Country Lemon Sole & Asparagus Fishcake and Coquilles St Jacques. Paramount entered six products to the 20th Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, which attracted 9,700 entries from 2,100 producers. Sue Cullum, sales and marketing director, Paramount,

Greene King Crowns Atlantic

said: “We’re constantly keeping our eyes on changing food trends ensuring we are offering luxury, premium quality to our customers. We’re delighted to win these awards, which is recognition of the hard work and dedication that goes into making superb food.” For more information visit www.paramount21.co.uk or www.greattasteawards.co.uk

ATLANTIC FOODS GROUP received one of the top awards at this year’s Greene King Food Supplier Awards. Greene King, one of the UK’s leading pub retailers and brewers, recognised Atlantic Foods for the excellence of the cooked poultry products it supplies to Greene King’s nationwide chain of over 2,000 pubs. Edward Baker, managing director, Atlantic Foods Group said: “The last 12 months continued to be challenging for operators and suppliers due to both the economic and geographic climates and we are therefore delighted that Greene King has chosen to recognise the efforts Atlantic Foods has made to maintain the highest levels of product quality during this period.” For more information, call 01252 846500 or visit www.atlanticfoods.co.uk

AT A GLANCE Ticco Says Hola To Tapas Ticco Foods is to distribute modern gourmet Spanish food from Your Tapas Company based in Galicia, North West Spain, in an exclusive deal offering speciality items such Iberican Ham Croquetas and Wild Mushroom Croquetas.

BJP Launches Drug Screen Kits BJP Enterprises Ltd has produced ToxSure, a rapid, cost-effective, oral fluid test that can detect of drugs and alcohol with most results available in less than two minutes.

Yearsley Food Unite Online Yearsley Food has launched a new website for its trading divisions: Belfield, IcePak and Yearsley Food Sales.

Awards for Snowbird Snowbird Foods has scooped six awards including four golds in two prestigious BPex competitions and a certificate for technical development in food processing.

New Look for Hotelympia 2014 Hotelympia 2014 returns to London’s ExCeL this April with a four-day format from April 28 to May 1, and appearances by celebrities such as Tom Kerridge.

Paramount’s Great Taste Paramount 21 has won three gold and one bronze award at the 20th Great Taste Awards for its Melted Cheese & Beer Croquette, Mexican Mini Fishcake, West Country Lemon Sole & Asparagus Fishcake and Coquilles St Jacques.

Greene King Crowns Atlantic Atlantic Foods Group received one of the top awards at this year’s Greene King Food Supplier Awards with recognition for the excellence of the cooked poultry products it supplies to Greene King’s nationwide chain of over 2,000 pubs.





“Best Networking Event On The Calendar!” We were very pleased to have the company of so many of our members when over 900 guests gathered at the London Hilton on Park Lane for the BFFF Annual Luncheon on Tuesday, November 26 2013. THE LUNCHEON HAS always provided a terrific networking opportunity and this year was no exception with guests from the retail and foodservice sectors representing well over 300 companies. Our thanks to those companies who have emailed to let us know that they enjoyed the day. Also, thanks to all those companies that have completed our survey with such positive comments such as, “Again this year an excellent luncheon and the best networking event on the calendar,” Howard McEvoy, chairman, McEvoy Foods International.

Nick Shaw, on the terrific job that he has done over the past three years. Peter also welcomed Tim Render of Defra, Andrew Rhodes of the FSA, Nick Ratty of HSE, Melanie Leech of the FDF and Carrieanne Bishop of LACA, along with top table guests from the trade press and other influential bodies. Peter also congratulated and welcomed the newly-appointed committee members: Coral Rose of The Country Range Group on being elected to the Wholesale Distribution Committee and Beatrice Schwencke of Freiberger being elected onto the Technical and Legislative Committee.

During his speech, our new President, Peter Allan congratulated immediate past-President,

Peter also congratulated James Lambert of R&R Ice Cream and Kamal Basran of The


Authentic Food Company who have both been awarded OBEs for services to our industry. Anthony Marshall, executive chef at the Hilton, and his team provided another superb meal. Our thanks to the chef and his team for continuously striving to push the boundaries of banqueting cuisine. After enjoying the meal Dennis Taylor kept the audience entertained with stories about his home and the world of snooker. I’d like to give a special mention to our sponsors who supported the event magnificently.

BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013


Our sincere thanks to Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists who very kindly sponsored the President’s Reception this year, enabling us to extend hospitality to many influential organisations and companies that were present on the day. We also thank Via Coldstores for sponsoring the audio visuals. Our thanks too to Iceland Foods, Central Foods Group and Tipiak for their continued generous sponsorship. It’s fantastic to have the support of such companies who enable us to provide topclass networking events. We were also able to make a surprise presentation to Tony Wheatley of Royal Greenland who retires in the New Year. We wish Tony and his family a very happy future.






1 The ballroom 2 Brian Young, Director-General of BFFF, Dennis Taylor, celebrity Speaker, and Peter Allan, newly appointed BFFF President (l-r) 3 Thank you to Central Foods and Tipiak for their continued sponsorship of the Coffee and Chocolates Course 4 Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists kindly sponsored the President’s Reception this year and shared a table with Browns Food Group, Ministry of Cake and Shropshire Trading 5 A warm welcome to our Seating Brochure sponsors - Iceland Foods Ltd 6 Welcome to the Iceland TV star, Malcolm Walker (c) with his guests Nick Canning and Brigid Davidson Stuart Hancock of Via Coldstores (c) - sponsors of this year’s 7  audio visuals - with all their guests which included Rick Bestwick, Fletchers, Birds Eye and Bakkavor 8 Always lovely to see our friends at Pelican PR - Rachel Ferguson and Jane Worsdall(l-r) 9 Dennis Taylor entertained members and guests

We’ve had great feedback from members regarding the Luncheon and it’s good to hear you all had a great day. Thank you for being a fantastic audience and entering into the spirit of the occasion. In the year to come there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and exchange views with other people in the industry and if you haven’t yet booked your place for the 2014 BFFF Conference on February 20, then I would encourage you to do so. Many of you have enquired about next year’s Gala Dinner Dance so you might like to make a note that the date is Thursday, June 12.

be gathering at the Hilton on Park Lane on Tuesday, November 25. I will look forward to seeing you there.

Graeme Day Head of Commercial

Last but not least if you enjoyed this year’s luncheon and want to come again, we’ll all THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 17

A word from BFFF’s new President Peter Allan, general manager and director, Cargill Meats Europe paid tribute to the job done by his predecessor Nick Shaw, commercial director, Westbridge Foods Group, as he undertook his first official duty making the welcome speech at the Annual Luncheon. Here’s the edited highlights for those of you who missed it. I AM DELIGHTED and proud to be elected as the President of your Federation and I promise to do my utmost to serve the BFFF to the best of my ability. 2013 will go down as the year of ‘horsegate’. The effect on the frozen supply chain, along with the media attention on the food industry has resulted in reduced consumer confidence. All players in the supply chain are now re-examining how consumer confidence can be restored, how supply chains can be made more secure and radically reviewing our approach to preventing food fraud. BFFF are working closely with Leatherhead Food Research, BRC and others to help set appropriate standards. At long last the green shoots of recovery for the economy are beginning to be seen, but household budgets remain stubbornly challenged with disposable income still severely reduced and the coalition struggling to make dents in the huge budget deficit. A recovery can’t come soon enough for those operating in foodservice, whilst the retail market has become accustomed to the benefit of hard-pressed consumers turning to frozen. Both sectors will be facing the new challenge and planning how to deal with the new market conditions. The BFFF is also changing and embarking on a new strategic direction. Over the past six months, some difficult decisions have been taken in preparing ourselves to move into a new five-year planning cycle. The Federation is committed to modernising and to building on the momentum that has been achieved in recent years. The Committee structure as we know it today is under a fundamental review. The Executive Council 18 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

and our sector committees are considering plans to completely revamp our committee structures by moving to a modern Board of Directors structure. We hope to sign off these proposals, complete the necessary legal work, and be in a position to consult with you in the spring of next year. I assure you we will always put our members’ interests at the very forefront of our deliberations. Our aim is to be the ‘go to’ trade association for all those involved in the cold chain and for key opinion formers. The promotional campaigns we launched this year have revolved around two significant projects: the launch of CoolCookery.co.uk and the work by Chester University and Leatherhead on the retention of anti-oxidants in fruit and vegetables. The latter has been a major piece of research. This research has shown frozen to perform significantly better than fresh in retaining those crucial anti-oxidants in 66% of the tests for fruit and vegetables. This report will now be considered for a scientific peer review and presented at a nutrition society conference. BFFF also embarked on another new project this year, becoming the first trade association to take advantage of forming a primary authority relationship with Wakefield Council and Cambridgeshire County Council in food labelling, food safety, health and safety and weights and measures.





10 Peter Allan, the new BFFF President, delivered his first speech 11 Colin Griffiths of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists welcomes Ali Hannaford of Paramount 21 12 Peter Allan (l) and Brian Young (r) thank Martin Sumner (cl) and Colin Griffiths (cr) of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists for their sponsorship of the President’s Reception

BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013

President’s Reception sponsored by Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists




13 Tony Wheatley of Royal Greenland shares a joke with Brian Young, BFFF 14 Martin Sumner of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists shares a toast with Ray Perry of NewCold (l-r) 15 Simon Breakspear (l) and Ray Hingle (r) of Central Foods with sponsor of the Coffee and Chocolates Course Anne-Marie Beguin of Tipiak 16 Full house at the President’s Reception 17 Presentation to Tony Wheatley (l) on his retirement early next year from Royal Greenland by Brian Young (r) 18 Dennis Taylor with Liz Douglas of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists Cheers from Golden Valley 19 

16 This is a fabulous new venture for BFFF and will offer our members assured guidance in a number of key areas for their businesses. It is a bold and progressive move and is part of our outstanding technical, legislative and health and safety service that we provide to our members. BFFF continues to strongly represent our industry and we have strengthened our Brussels horizon scanning by joining up with our partners in France to use a local consultancy to provide a bi-weekly update of all activity taking place in Brussels regarding the cold chain. This is a useful new tool to help in our radar scanning of things that might impact our members’ businesses.

The last year has been highly successful for BFFF with a record number of new members. Our third Business Conference was also a fantastic success and the fourth Business Conference is likely to be an even bigger, better and more rewarding event and I would urge all members to book their places as soon as possible. Our committee members work tirelessly on behalf of the industry to ensure that we prioritise those issues that are most important to our members and I would like to take this opportunity to offer my thanks on behalf of our members for their outstanding contribution.






in full swing 21




Is the frozen food industry ready for the revision of the EU F gas Regulation?


Cedric Sloan, director general, FETA -the voice of the HVACR industry The BFFF is an active member of the UK Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB), which is following the developments in Brussels very closely. The compromise solution expected in 2014 will be based on an inevitable, but managed, phase-down of the availability of HFC refrigerants across all applications, but the importance of refrigeration to the food chain has been an important argument in convincing member states to resist extreme legislation proposed by environmentalists. BFFF and its ACRIB colleagues, such as FETA, will play a key role in helping members to implement what is anticipated to be an acceptable regulation. 20 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014


BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013



“The Annual BFFF Luncheon is an invaluable event for the industry.” David Nickisson, chairman & managing director, Nicco Foods


20 Members laughing at Dennis Taylor’s stories and jokes 21 Dean Anderson and Dave Brighton of Blue Castle Energy (l-r) 22 Paul Barrington and Emma McNish of SFC (Wholesale) Ltd with Tony Dumbreck of Innovate Foods (l-r) 23 Peter Allan delivers speech and a smile 24 Paul Murray of Lyons Seafoods, John Wilkinson and Mark Jones of Bernard Matthews (l-r) – Happy Birthday Mark! 25 Stephen Waugh of Ardo welcomes all his guests 26 The top table amused by Dennis Taylor’s antics 27 Welcome to The Authentic Food Company 28 Zera Remtulla of Laila’s Fine Foods 29 Tim Scarborough of Compleat Food Ingredients, Karla Larsen and Andy Stephens of Scelta Mushrooms (l-r)


“The BFFF luncheon never fails to deliver. For the past seven to eight years I have been in attendance with both suppliers and customers and the overall organisation of the day has always been excellent. A great event for networking and entertaining your key customers!” Steve Hall, commercial manager, Direct Table Foods THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 21

Table Talk 30



30 Graeme Day, BFFF, welcomes all his guests including new members Barclays

31 Bill Wadsworth of Greggs, Professor Sam Millar of Campden BRI and Andrew Rhodes of the FSA (l-r)

32 Direct Table Foods entertains their guests in style 33 New member – Leatherhead Food Research – table hosted by Tony Hines MBE

34 Roy Anderson hosts the Snowbird Foods’ table 35 Kepak (Cork) welcome their guests 36 Welcome to new members - Macphie of Glenbervie and Freezeserve 37 Jim Forsyth hosts the Norbert Dentressangle Logistics’ table 38 First luncheon for Visual Seafoods – we’re so pleased to see you all 39 Woodward Foodservice and guests


What are the biggest challenges in the food sector over the next 12 months? Professor Sam Millar, director of technology, Campden BRI


I envisage two areas being a focus for the food industry in the next 12 months. The first will be ongoing preparation for compliance with the Food Information for Consumers Regulations which take effect from December 2014. The second is development of broader risk management approaches, such as TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Point), to ensure food safety and authenticity.

BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013

“The BFFF lunch and dinner are one of the events of the year in the frozen food industry. A great event with lots of key players from the industry.” Tim Clifford, sales director, Goodlife Foods




A year on from ‘horsegate’, are we learning the lessons effectively? Andrew J. Rhodes, chief operating officer, Food Standards Agency


There are many lessons that can be identified out of the horsemeat incident of 2013 and many of those cover facets of the food industry that are well known, but came together to create the particular circumstances that we saw in early 2013. The one lesson that is different is the spectre of horsemeat itself. It is easy to pretend it was obvious or logical but obsessing about detecting horsemeat will not take us far – we need to be fretting much more about other opportunities for fraud and seeking those out. Complex supply chains, prices and global trends might not help but they do not stop us thinking. As with horsemeat, the fraud does not have to be likely – it only has to be possible.


“How lovely that there is an event like this. Sit down meal that you can network, and you are able to hear what you are saying to people. This must now be the best event in the yearly calendar. Wonderful location, easy to get to. Very well done to the BFFF.”

Table talk

Colin Griffiths, president, Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists





“A great event for the sector and an ideal opportunity to catch up with old contacts and make new ones.” Mark Dodds, marketing manager, Roythornes Ltd



BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013


40 Warm welcome to new members – Beechdean Dairies 41 Jo Hancock hosts the BFFF Health and Safety Working Group Table with new member to the BFFF team, Crystal Holmes 42 Carrieanne Bishop of LACA and Christopher Sturman of FSDF 43 Phil Eccleston and guests of Golden Foods (Europe) 44 Eurofrigo, Forresters and JLT Specialty share the fun of the day 45 Grocontinental raise a glass to their guests 46 Raising a glass – Stephenson Harwood, Lakeside, DFDS and Scelta Mushrooms 47 Welcome to McEvoy Foods International 48 New members Way Forward Technologies share the table with The Big Kitchen and Orchidwood Mushrooms

46 47

As the economy picks up, how will logistics companies cope with the increased traffic congestion? Chris Sturman FCILT, FRSA, chief executive, Food Storage & Distribution Federation Traffic congestion continues to wreak havoc on well-planned delivery schedules, especially during bad weather, or by traffic accidents. Collaborative relationships with customers, real time online communications and operational flexibility through the use of sophisticated Transport Management Systems and GPS tracking will, as ever, be key success factors to address congestion problems. One major lesson learned from the 2012 Olympics, particularly in food logistics, was the use of night-time delivery using quiet vehicles and equipment. This needs to be pursued. A second will be the increased use of urban consolidation centres, increasing distribution vehicle efficiency as well as trunk utilisation.


“As a new member to BFFF the opportunity to advertise our company and new structure was first class, accompanied with the additional opportunity to network with key personnel across the food industry. Great event to ‘kick start’ a new business.” Brian Pound, director, BJP Enterprises


Table Talk 49


49 Good to see such a great turn out from the Technical Committee, hosted by Su Dakin 50 Our new President’s company – Cargill Meats Europe look forward to his speech 51 Charlotte Ashton and Charles Green of Grant Thornton 52 Foodnet enjoy the day with their guests 53 Michael Bennett (l) of Pelican PR, Dr Geoff Spriegel of Leatherhead Food Research and Ali Hannaford, Paramount 21 54 SNG Seafoods, Roythornes Solicitors and Company Shop share the laughter 55 Welcome to Goodlife Foods 56 Martin and Matthew Sykes with all their guests 57 Louise Spillard of IGD, Nick Shaw, immediate past-President and Professor Paul Berryman of Berryman Food Science (l-r) 58 MDC Foods wine and dine in style


52 55


BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013

What are the biggest challenges in the food sector over the next 12 months? Dr Geoff Spriegel, chief executive, Leatherhead Food Research There is little doubt that the major topic of concern over the last 12 months has been the horsemeat issue. This has alerted the manufacturers and retailers of food production to the complexity of global supply chains and the risk of adulteration - intended and otherwise - and consequential impact on their brand integrity. This extends into the more exacting field of Country of Origin labelling and the expectation of consumers on the provenance of food.




What are the biggest challenges in the food sector over the next 12 months? Louise Spillard, commercial director, IGD


The economy is showing signs of recovery, but food businesses cannot afford to relax. Relentless pressure on household budgets has forced shoppers into defensive mode and this will not change soon. Food businesses will need to be smart and innovative in order to grow. Price and promotion alone will not excite shoppers - today’s marketplace is transparent and such activities will be matched quickly by rivals. Instead, businesses must deliver what rivals cannot: better experiences, more distinctive products, more robust ethics. Doing this requires deep knowledge and co-operative working, sustained over a long period, to deliver a compelling package for shoppers.


Table talk 59





What are the biggest challenges facing the seafood industry over the next 12 months? Seafish believes seafood integrity will be a key issue for the seafood industry in 2014. Though a widely used and often confusing term, here it refers to provenance of product and its compliance with regulation. The challenge for businesses is to produce seafood with integrity and be able to verify any information or claims associated with that product. Recent media attention has focused on species mislabelling and economic integrity and we are working with industry on addressing these issues. In particular, Seafish is developing a one-stop shop covering the development of good practice guides to explain what businesses should be doing on a number of different integrity issues. Furthermore our regulation team is developing guidance on changes to labelling rules which take effect from December 2014. 28 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014


We thank you all for such great support

BFFF Annual Luncheon 2013

How do we get more young people to come into the food industry? Melanie Leech, director general, Food and Drink Federation


The food industry offers young people a fantastic range of well-paid rewarding career options. But not enough of them know this - we need to promote our industry more effectively and transform the outdated picture many people have of food manufacturing. Our best advocates are young people themselves – that’s why FDF’s careers campaign ‘Taste Success’ is based on young employees telling their story. We also need to work directly with education and training providers if we are to recruit the talent and skills we need. The new masters degree in food engineering at Sheffield Hallam University is a great example of this - creating a course supported by industry directly including through bursaries, which will deliver employmentready graduates into highly skilled roles.

66 59 Chris Bates and Andrew Murray of new member company, Atlet 60 & 61 CP Foods out in force 62 Dr Paul Williams, Seafish, Alastair Salvesen CBE, Dawnfresh Seafoods and Graham Jukes of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (l-r) 63 Graeme Day, Frank Brake, and Andy Kemp, 3663 (l-r) 64 Lutosa enjoy the day with their guests 65 Nigel Broadhurst (l) of Iceland with guest Nicola Conway and Tarsem Dhaliwal (r) also of Iceland 66 & 67 Yearsley Group 68 Vince Craig of Meadowbrae Technical Services, Nick Ratty of HSE and Tim Render of Defra (l-r) 69 Melanie Leech of FDF and Brian Young, BFFF








HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS Bühler Sortex Ltd. 20 Atlantis Avenue, London, E16 2BF

EMAIL sortexsales@buhlergroup.com


WEBSITE www.buhlergroup.com/optical-sorting

TEL 020 7055 7799

TEL 020 7055 7777

YOUTUBE www.youtube.com/buhlergroup

EMAIL stephen.jacobs@buhlergroup.com

criteria to meet the most demanding customer specifications, for safe and clean produce, free of defects and foreign material.

new sorting technologies through its intensive and continuing research and development programme. The company’s contribution to the efficiency, productivity and profitability of food producers worldwide has been recognised by six Queens awards gained between 1968 and 2011.

FAX 020 7055 7700

SUMMARY OF COMPANY & SERVICES THE BÜHLER GROUP has amassed 150 years of experience as a technology partner, for plant, equipment and related services, with industries ranging from the processing of basic foods to the manufacture of advance materials. For Bühler and its customers, food safety couldn’t be any more important. In recent years, food safety has faced unprecedented scrutiny from legislators, the media, public and others. Consumers seek to know where their food comes from and how it has been produced. SORTEX technology is designed so that produce may be sorted by colour, shape and other 30 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Our comprehensive range of optical sorters will operate at various stages in the processing line, to identify and remove imperfections and contaminants, from insects to glass, wood to plastic and shells to stones. It achieves this for a wide variety of foods - maximising safety, quality and profitability. Bühler has always been at the forefront of sorting technology, consistently pioneering

KEY CLIENTS THE BÜHLER GROUP provides industryleading optical sorting solutions for processors of grains, beans, pulses, spices, nuts, rice, vegetables and fruits, as well as non-food products such as plastics and has done so for over 60 years. We have installed over 25,000 machines for customers worldwide, including those in the dehydrated, fresh and frozen food industry. Over 10,000 employees are located in sales and service centres in every continent, supporting customers in more than 140 countries. One such customer and fellow BFFF member is Pinguin Foods, who offer a wide range of high

quality vegetables and convenience products for the retail and food service industry. They have 13 production sites across Europe and produce over half a million tonnes of frozen vegetables per year and pride themselves on producing high quality vegetable products and customer satisfaction. They have worked closely with us for a number of years, in order to achieve the best quality possible. Bühler understands that processors face many challenges. One such challenge is the risk of contamination in fruit and vegetable product lines from foreign material and extraneous vegetable matter (EVM). The danger can come

from insects, vermin and animal droppings, as well as minute sticks, stones, pieces of plastic, cardboard and metal fragments. Paul Spurrell, Pinguin’s Project & Utility Services Engineering Manager said: “We have invested in multiple SORTEX sorters, which are installed on various lines and at different processing stages. They use the most advanced technologies, such as enhanced InGaAs and PROfile shape recognition which minimise waste and deliver grades of the safest and purest product.”

A Bühler SORTEX optical sorter adds value to produce and increases profitability while protecting brand reputation by maintaining consistent quality. It provides visually appealing produce of uniform colour; eliminates product liability issues caused by hazardous and other foreign material; removes the inefficiencies of hand sorting; increases productivity through automation; selects perfectly shaped items and improves quality control using statistical tools. After sales service & support means that the sorters keep working and paying dividends every hour, every day.



electrical contractors

Downtime is your enemy! Improve reliability, cut costs and get the job done right ‌. MEC Electrical Contractors has over two decades of experience in the installation, testing and maintenance of HV and LV power and distribution equipment. Power and distribution equipment can deteriorate and become less efficient over time. Regular testing and maintenance of this equipment ensures that any deterioration can be detected and corrected before it affects any productivity or worse causes equipment failure. Managing your business assets through maintenance is a cost effective solution, as replacing any equipment due to failure can mean a large upfront investment and higher costs overall. It is also a legal requirement of all businesses to effectively maintain all equipment and is defined in the Electricity at Work Act 1989. At MEC we can offer a flexible and cost effective maintenance service to specifically suit your requirements. Our maintenance offer includes:

Transformer, HV and LV switchgear maintenance 24/7 emergency call out Preventative and reactive maintenance Short term maintenance schedule or retainer contract available We offer bronze, silver and gold maintenance packages so no matter what maintenance you require it can be tailored within one of our packages

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MEC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS CONTACT DETAILS HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS Sheffield: 41-53 Carlisle Street East, Sheffield, S4 7QN REGIONAL OFFICE BIRMINGHAM Unit 1, Forge Trading Estate, Mucklow Hill, Halesowen, B62 8TP TEL Sheffield on 0114 272 0833 Birmingham on 0121 503 0035 WEBSITE www.mec-contractors.com KEY CLIENTS CARGILL MEATS WINCANTON LOGISTICS HEINEKEN TULIP FOODS KEY PEOPLE MANAGING DIRECTOR: Phil Slater COMMERCIAL MANAGER: Kevin Simmonds BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER: William Hair

SUMMARY OF COMPANY & SERVICES THE LIST OF customers shown here, plus the likes of Morning Foods and the Shropshire Wholesale Meat Company, are among a raft of our clients who know that a reliable, efficient power source is a business-critical asset. They rely on MEC to maintain and test their essential electrical systems, ensuring installations meet the highest standards, from the start. We understand that you need absolute process continuity, with the least possible downtime. High quality power keeps your machines running to accurate specifications, reducing variables such as temperature and speed, with maintenance scheduled to fit with your production timeframe. Our regular equipment checks save companies like yours thousands of pounds in ongoing operating costs, ensuring machines are running at peak efficiency with the least possible wasteage. We also spot wear and tear at an early stage, reducing the risk of breakdown and failure, which can have catastrophic consequences for your business. MEC offers a cost-effective, expert service, from maintenance and testing through to complete design, installation and commissioning of HV and LV electrical distribution and power equipment.

OUR CORE SERVICE INCLUDES: • T ransformer services including isolation, maintenance, breakdown, repair and testing • I nstallation of all energy management equipment including low loss transformers, voltage optimisers, voltage stabilisers, harmonic filters, power factor correction, UPS systems and power generation •H  V and LV distribution equipment, cable installation, jointing and testing, break down and repairs • S ubstation services including HV asset management, partial discharge testing, protection grading and design. Installation services including cabling, erecting, testing and commissioning, maintenance plus overseas substation services • Power supply networks up to 33kV • Project management • S ingle or term maintenance contracts available for all LV and HV equipment. MEC Electrical Contractors, based in both Sheffield and Birmingham, with key support from Slaters in Newcastle, brings together some of the most experienced and skilled electrical engineers who specialise in all your HV and LV power and distribution needs. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have worked with clients including food manufacturers and processors, independent power providers, world-wide hotel groups plus household name and SME companies across the commercial, industrial and utility sectors. Contact one of our fully qualified engineers in Sheffield Office on 0114 272 0833 or Birmingham on 0121 503 0035, or email us on sales@mec-contractors.com. For more information visit our website on www.mec-contractors.com THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 33

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art heated cold store cabins and the industry’s most ergonomic working environment combine for optimum performance during the whole shift. Want more heat from your cold store operations? We’re happy to support.

Higher cold store performance and lower costs of operation? Get it all together at atlet.co.uk




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SUMMARY OF COMPANY & SERVICES Atlet is part of the UniCarriers group, a worldwide manufacturer of MHE. IMPROVING THE PROFITABILITY OF YOUR MATERIAL HANDLING To us, business is personal. Everyone at Atlet is personally committed to the success of your material handling. We are one of Europe’s leading forklift truck manufacturers and material handling experts, and are committed to improving the profitability of your material handling. From our sales team, analysing and diagnosing your logistics situation, to our

Service Engineers, making sure your forklift truck fleet is fit for action at all times. All based on your unique situation.

96% and the Ergologic multifunction control lever further reduces RSI risk by providing an ergonomic and balanced driving position.


The electrically adjusted floor, sculpted seat back, weight sensitive seat suspension, tilting seat and driver operated powered battery change are all features that make the Tergo the world’s most ergonomic reach truck.

The Atlet Tergo family of reach trucks represents a coming together of operatorcentric ergonomic features, all designed remove the negative effects of repetitive strain and fatigue.

Atlet forklift trucks are produced at our production plant outside Gothenburg.

The unique mini steering wheel with floating armrest reduces RSI, across the shoulders, by THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 35

Fast forward to the future of cryogenic freezing and chilling at Visit us 014 2 x e d Foo 370 Q d n a t S Introducing the newest additions to the CRYOLINE® range from BOC. CRYOLINE® CW Multi-purpose IQF freezer using patented CRYOWAVE technology. • More flexibility to run multiple product lines through one freezer • Better quality IQF with less product dehydration • Product yields up to 99.5% due to a faster freeze forming a rapid crust Ideal for diced products, seafood, fruit and vegetables. CRYOLINE® XF The innovative new high-performance spiral freezer from BOC. • Capacity to rival mechanical alternatives • Dehydration levels 80% less than mechanical spirals • 50% smaller footprint Ideal for bakery, meat protein and prepared foods. Visit the website www.BOConline.co.uk/food or call the food team on 0800 111 333



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the CRYOLINE® family of freezers. Delivering highly efficient cryogen and airflow technologies, CRYOLINE® freezers offer a number of advantages including high freezing or cooling capacity within a small footprint, increased production rates, increased product yield and improved product quality.

spiral, IQF and higher capacity freezing and chilling requirements.

SUMMARY OF COMPANY & SERVICES BOC IS THE UK’s largest provider of industrial and specialist gases with many years of practical experience and expertise in the field of cryogenic freezing and chilling. In today’s competitive climate, food manufacturers need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Cryogenic freezing solutions from BOC help you to maximise production efficiencies whilst minimising production costs with a range of gas supply solutions and

At BOC, we help our customers to create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantage and hence greater profitability with customised services and professional support.

The CRYOLINE® freezer range has recently expanded and now offers solutions for batch, inline (including delicate products),


Labelling and Safety Solutions

Two unique NEW Solutions from ASG Services New to our range of solutions for the frozen and chilled foods industry include the unique Silverback PO+ cold store labelling system and our UV instant cure line marking system.

Silverback PO+ Cold Store Labelling Can be applied at temperatures down to -30oC and remains effective down to -50oC

Silverback PO+ is the answer to the perennial problem of labels which don’t stick at low temperatures. Printed onto a blended polyolefin material – a blend of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). The labels are specially coated to ensure maximum quality laser print verification.

No show through – consistent scan guaranteed Easy backing removal – allows for quicker installation More durable to minor impacts Thicker 100mic material allows for easier installation Proprietary silver coated reverse that is 100% opaque, allowing re-labelling over existing – a major time and cost saver

UV Instant Cure Line Marking Solvent free - Zero VOC emissions Can be applied in temperatures as low as 26oC Instant drying - ready for use within a few hours First eco-friendly line-marking solution to the market Completely odour free

ASG Services Unit 8 Easter Court • Europa Boulevard Westbrook • Warrington • Cheshire • WA5 7ZB ASG Services – a trading division of Westbrook Industrial Limited

T: 01925 710923 F: 01925 712966 W: warehousesafety.co.uk



ASG SERVICES LABELLING AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS CONTACT DETAILS ADDRESS Unit 8 Easter Court, Europa Boulevard Westbrook, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 7ZB WEBSITE www.asgservices.co.uk

KEY PEOPLE TEL 01925 710923 FAX 01925 712966

CHRIS HOPKIRK MOB 07814 244817 EMAIL chris.hopkirk@asgservices.co.uk

SUMMARY OF COMPANY & SERVICES ASG SERVICES, a trading division of Westbrook Industrial Ltd, provides the widest range of warehouse safety solutions for all industries, including rack labelling and ID systems, machine guarding equipment, safety signs, floor graphics, barrier systems and protective equipment, and offers a range of products designed specifically for use in the production and distribution of frozen and chilled foods.


UV LINE MARKING Of particular interest to companies operating in low temperature environments, UV line marking from ASG is the first eco-friendly, instant-cure line-marking solution available on the UK market. Solvent-free, instant-drying with little odour and zero VOC emissions, it can be Many years of working with national and applied in chillers or freezers at temperatures international distribution companies has as low as minus 26°C and is durable and highly resulted in an unsurpassed wealth of experience resistant to tyre marking. Traditional epoxy which puts ASG firmly at the leading edge of the floor coatings require up to one week’s drying warehouse safety systems market. time in a chiller and cannot be applied in a freezer, whereas ASG’s professionally-installed UV coatings cure instantly and are ready for To ensure that customers receive the most use within a few hours - a major benefit. appropriate equipment, a team of experienced engineers carries out detailed site surveys to design precisely the right solution - which is LOW-TEMPERATURE LABELLING Newly developed by labelling experts, then manufactured and installed by ASG’s own highly-trained installation staff. Avery Dennison, Silverback PO+ features freezer-grade permanent adhesive technology allowing labels to be applied at temperatures down to minus 30°C and remain effective to minus 50°C. The labels are 100% opaque, allowing re-labelling over existing - a major time and cost saver. By developing innovative products such as UV instant-cure line marking, low-temperature labelling and back-of-rack netting, ASG Services has become the leader in its field. THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 39


The Bulletin

Less is More

Almondy Mini Desserts

Having indulged with nostalgic puddings over the past few years, consumers are turning to miniaturised, lower calorie and single portion desserts as acceptable regular treats. Could this be the trend that brings sweet times back to a beleaguered category? WHEN IT COMES to sweet things in the freezer, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. Last summer’s fabulous weather boosted the ice cream sector: for the year ending September 15, 2013, the value of the ice cream market was around £823 million having grown by 5.8% (Kantar Worldpanel). The confectionery/ desserts sector, however is a different story. Although no longer in the decline of 20092011, it grew just 1.8% from September 2012 to September 2013 to reach £272 million. Sales remain below 2009 levels.

So what is the sector doing to boost its fortunes? During the recession, if consumers splashed out on a dessert they turned to nostalgic puds. Although this trend hasn’t disappeared, consumers are now looking for more acceptable regular treats and the industry has responded with a flurry of mini desserts, share plates, lower calorie and single portion puddings. Miniaturisation and sharing desserts also allow chefs and caterers to maximise profits by reaching out to those customers who believe they are “too full” for a regular dessert.

Gemma Young, product marketing manager, 3663 said: “The current economic climate as well as the increased focus on the health agenda led by government initiatives are two really key examples that are influencing consumer buying behaviour, with some consumers looking to save money or watching their weight. Operators and suppliers are reacting to these developments in consumer behaviour. They are innovating and tapping into key trends of healthy eating, sharing and scaled down desserts - in a bid to show customers that indulgence doesn’t always have to be a guilty pleasure, and to allow caterers to capitalise on the profitable opportunity desserts can offer.” THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 41


The Bulletin

increase in experimentation with ingredients, cakes and individual sweet tarts in the wake of popular TV programmes such as the Great British Bake Off. I predict that the future of desserts will go back to the traditional based puddings, cakes and patisserie but with a modern twist such as unique presentation, interesting ethnic flavours or unusual concepts and props such as a pipette to inject a certain Heston Blumenthal interest into the dessert.”

3663 supplies leading brands as well as a selection of high-quality own brand products to approximately 60,000 foodservice customers. It has developed a range of frozen mini dessert platters such as the Mini Classic Tart Selection (see above), which includes a Rich Chocolate Slice, a Glazed Apple Slice and a Citrus Lemon Slice. It can be served as a mini dessert or mixed and matched to offer ‘a trio of desserts’ ideal for sharing or perfect for those who want to indulge but eat less.

Bite-size desserts and in particular traditional individual shortcrust pastry cases are a growing sector for independent coffee shops, according to Pidy UK. Demand for its versatile pre-baked frozen tarts, exotic and unique flavours and colours is on the increase.

To inspire caterers, Pidy has created a range of seven sweet crumble toppings (see below) such as meringue crumbles, shortcrust crumble, American cookies crumble, which can be sprinkled onto sweet tarts, brownies or mini souffles.

Robert Whittle, general manager, Pidy UK said: “Zen-shaped flat-walled edged pastry tarts have become very fashionable in hospitality and bakery offerings. There has been an

For lovers of Ice Cream

Only Amore... Exclusive to the Amore di Gelato range

Grape & Amaretti Amaretto A unique combination of white grape dairy ice cream and red grape sorbet with pieces of real grape

A light amaretto dairy ice cream with bite sized pieces of amaretti biscuits

Our ice creams are made with fresh cream and only the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world, combined with our experience and expertise our flavours deliver a taste which is true to the source and possess smooth and refined textures.

Ice Cream you'll fall for...

E R C O L A N O ( U K ) LT D . contact : info@ercolano.co.uk


Tipiak UK took advantage of the miniature treat trend with its pre Christmas launch of two new products, French Macarons (see below) and French Mini Pâtisseries. Anne-Marie Beguin, senior national account manager, Tipiak UK, said: “We noticed there was a gap in the frozen party foods offer for premium festive products and we were convinced we could fill that gap thanks to Tipiak’s years of expertise in sweet and savoury canapés.”

Innovation is at the heart of Tipiak’s strategy. The 12 French Macarons and 12 French Mini Pâtisseries are presented on a black tray protected by a plastic film and packed in an attractive box. For Almondy, co-branding and leveraging health trends is helping it grow its dessert sales. Almondy’s range of almond biscuitbased desserts (see below) includes toppings of well-known brands such as Toblerone and Daim.

Almondy is also capitalising on the fact that it range is naturally gluten-free. This market grew by an impressive 18% in the last year alone (Kantar Worldwide July 2010-July 2011), and is forecast by Datamonitor to grow to some £234m by 2014. Almondy’s research, conducted in July 2013, highlighted the profit opportunities offered by the sector, with 36% expecting to pay more for gluten-free products.

Andrew Ely, managing director, Almondy said: “The beauty of Almondy is that it comes pre-cut and a single slice defrosts within 10 minutes making it ideal for operators, as a fast service and minimal waste is the key to commercial success. With more and more casual dining chains using confectionery brands on their dessert menus, operators can harness that same brand appeal with Almondy.”

I am pure enjoyment in every way because … … I am made of more than 70% fruit and baked with delicious crunchy Cripps Pink apples.

faction? ipe for satis And our rec bined edients com gr in t es b e h T for ship and love an m s ft ra c t with fines er! ’s erlenbach detail - that We use only natural flavours – no added preservatives, no added hydrogenated fats or oils and no artificial colours. For more information please contact erlenbacher backwaren gmbh Mr. Martin Loweth UK Sales Manager +44 (0)78 7962 3846 Martin.Loweth@de.nestle.com www.erlenbacher.co.uk

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2014 24–26 March 2014 ow Sh k Food & Drin in Birmingham E251 Hall: 6, Stand:

07.01.14 14:10



The Bulletin

All-Year-Round Ice Cream Following last year’s bumper summer, ice cream manufacturers have set their sights on sunny sales all year round with new flavours, portions and products designed to position it as snack for all seasons. FOR THE YEAR ending September 15, 2013, the value of the ice cream market was just over £823 million having grown 5.8% in value over the previous year (Kantar Worldpanel). Whilst sunshine does boost sales in the UK, growth in the sector is now being driven by innovation within the impulse category, ice cream snacks and mini formats. For retail and foodservice, this represents a good margin booster providing a trade-up on price and driving category value. Mars Ice Cream has taken advantage of this with the introduction of its Mars and Snickers Minis. Dubbed its biggest innovation in a decade, Mars says the minis have introduced almost 300,000 incremental buyers to the

brand. James Hay, senior brand manager, Mars Ice Cream said: “The trend for snacking and sharing has continued to grow in 2013. This new trend is having a large impact on the frozen desserts market where it is being replicated most significantly within ice cream.” Mars mini formats have been central to the growth of the Mars and Snickers ice cream brands, which have performed especially strongly growing by 21% and 24% respectively in the past year (SIG Extended Snack Outlets, 16 w/e 18th May ’13, Value Sales vs year ago, compared to 2012). Freezer promotions such a night-in meal deals of pizza and ice-cream can also grow the impulse buy sector, according to Mars, and high in-store visibility helps retailers capitalise on snack positioning. “The outlook is a very positive one for the ice cream category as a whole and in particular for Mars Ice Cream in 2014. Ice cream is now the third largest category for in-home treats behind chocolate and chilled desserts and the impulse category continues to boom - with two Mars Ice Creams sold every second in the UK, all-year-round snacking on ice cream is a trend that is taking off,” said James Hay. The potential for increased ice cream sales also exists in foodservice if caterers innovate. According to Menurama, Summer 2013,


ice cream is the most frequently featured dessert on menus however it is often the most boring choice with limited flavours and little or no enhancement. Innovation is at the heart of Ercolano Ice Creams and the success of its Amore di Gelato premium range. Its ice creams such as white Grape flavour and Amaretti Amaretto are super premium and tailored to UK tastes. The brand has been developed to liven up menus and meet the discerning needs and cost points of chefs and operators in UK foodservice. Gemma Young, product marketing manager, 3663 said: “Chefs and caterers can add value by enhancing an ice cream dish with a range of accompaniments such as sauces, fruits, chopped nuts or even sugar-spun baskets. By adding such impressive accessories, ice cream can be transformed into an impressive looking dessert and can therefore command a higher price. Ice cream also works well with a range of desserts including cheesecakes, tarts, pies, gateaux and puddings. Its long shelf-life and non-seasonal characteristics means it’s the ideal freezer staple for any chef or caterer.” “Constant innovation and flavour development has helped to boost overall ice cream sales. We have over 30 different ice cream flavours, including Bubble-gum, Candyfloss and Honeycomb,” she says.


The Bulletin

Written and compiled by Health and Safety manager, Joanna Hancock

Keeping Youth Safe The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revised its guidance on young people at work, including a new section with particular focus on work experience. THE NEW INFORMATION aims to help organisers and employers put in place simple and straightforward processes for arranging and managing work experience placements.

With the aim of “cutting through bureaucracy”, the HSE points out that under health and safety law, work experience students are employees, and should be treated no differently to other young people the organisation may employ. The HSE says, “If you are advised to do something that is contrary to, or goes beyond, this guidance you can question it by contacting HSE’s Myth Buster Challenge Panel.”

Red Tape Report Tangles Issues A new governmentcommissioned report entitled ‘Cut EU Red Tape’ outlines 30 proposals to promote enterprise and sweep away “burdensome rules”, including certain health and safety regulations. THE DOCUMENT, PRESENTED by its authors, a group of business leaders, to the weekly Cabinet meeting in Downing Street, highlighted the “30 worst threats to small firms”. ‘Cut EU Red Tape: Report from the Business Taskforce’ targets “problematic, poorlyunderstood and burdensome European rules”, 46 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

The information is presented under categories aimed at: n schools and colleges n work experience organisers n employers (the placement providers) n parents, carers and legal guardians n students and learners The guidance also outlines the key steps to take if an employer has never employed a person under 18 years old before.

Commenting on its publication, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) said the report was “wrong to label health and safety as a threat to small firms”. which it says slow production, job creation, sales and innovation and leave Europe trailing behind international trading rivals. One of the report’s recommendations is for small businesses in low-risk sectors to be exempted from keeping written health and safety assessments. The report claims that removing the requirement to write down risk assessments could save businesses across the EU some €2.7 billion. The report also focuses on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regime, claiming that costs associated with the system are excessive and hit small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) disproportionately hard.

Richard Jones, head of policy and public affairs at IOSH, said the report failed to make clear that small firms in the UK, employing fewer than five employees, are already exempted from keeping written risk assessments. He added, “It’s important to remember that health and safety failures in the UK cost society a staggering £13.4 billion per year, double this once you take into account the cost of occupational cancers and property damage. In this latest report, we’re concerned that once again health and safety is misunderstood and wrongly labelled as a hindrance to business — whereas research shows that positive feelings about work are linked with higher productivity, profitability and worker and customer loyalty.”

HSE Food Industry Case Study

Visiting Driver Crushed by Trailer

This case study outlines the prosecution of a tobacco company after a lorry driver was killed when he was crushed by a rolling lorry.

SUMMARY The heavy goods driver was collecting a loaded trailer from the tobacco company’s site. He intended to attach the trailer to his cab, but as he was doing this the lorry gradually rolled forward, trapping him between the front of the vehicle and a building. He suffered fatal head injuries. The HSE investigation found that drivers working for both companies did not routinely apply the trailer brakes to make sure the vehicles were safely parked. Some drivers had not been properly trained or assessed and no checks had been carried out to monitor the use of trailer brakes in the yard. Both companies had identified the risk to workers but had failed to implement appropriate control measures. Their method

of working ignored published safety guidance, which meant that drivers, other employees, visitors and third party contractors were all at risk.

ACTION Both companies pleaded guilty to breaching sections 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The logistics company was fined £80,000 and ordered to pay costs of £31,000. The tobacco company was also fined £80,000 and ordered to pay costs of £35,800.

ADVICE Following sentencing, the HSE Inspector said: “This case was prompted by the tragic death of the driver, which could have been avoided had the companies involved ensured that all drivers routinely followed a safe system of work. “In 2008/09, 12 workers in the haulage industry died at work, while a further 1,500 were seriously injured. All haulage companies should know that it is their responsibility to check on safety practices and make sure drivers are following the right procedures.”

Call for Member Health and Safety Stats 2013 FIRSTLY WE WOULD like to thank all members who contributed to our Health and Safety statistics last year. Around 60 members confidentially shared their accident data with the BFFF resulting in excellent benchmarking statistics for our industry. We would like to now collate our members’ Health and Safety statistics for 2013 and we would welcome as many BFFF members as possible to take part. Each participating member will receive a detailed comparison report for their company’s use. Feedback from members has shown that they have found the comparisons a very valuable health and safety management tool within their businesses. All members’ data is managed confidentially within the BFFF offices, so please feel free to take part. If you would like any more information, please contact: Emma Cranidge on emmacranidge@bfff.co.uk THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 47


The Bulletin

Written and compiled by Technical and Legislative manager, Su Dakin supported by Crystal Holmes, Technical Assistant

Winning The War On Waste WRAP releases new research revealing improvements in levels of household waste and highlighting areas for increased efficiency at home and in foodservice

Business Can Help Consumers Cut Food Waste

drink annually; the equivalent of six meals every week for the average UK household.

New research by WRAP, the economy and resource efficiency organisation, has revealed a substantial reduction in the amount of household food and drink waste arising between 2007 and 2012. However, the research also highlights the scale of the opportunity remaining.

WRAP is working on the full implications of the research, and we can expect to see a further report from them in spring.

The research revealed that in 2007 a staggering amount of the food and drink brought into the home was being thrown away. By cost, the largest food groups wasted were: n Meat and fish (17%; £2.1 billion). n Home-made and pre-prepared meals (17%; £2.1 billion). n Fresh vegetables and salad (14%; £1.7 billion). n Drink (10%; £1.3 billion). n Fresh fruit (7%; £900 million). However, despite the significant drive to reduce food waste, UK households are still throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of household food and 48 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Clearer labelling has already been identified as a key “opportunity” for improvement, as just under half of avoidable food and drink waste was classified as ‘not used in time’. Improving shelf life to give people longer to eat what they buy was also pinpointed as an opportunity for the industry. The research indicates that there has been a particular lack of waste reduction in meat and fish and identifies an opportunity to provide clearer freezing and defrosting guidance as well as smaller pack sizes. This is where frozen food has a really great story to promote since frozen has a much longer shelf life. The full Household Food and Drink Waste report can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/ q4unymq Waste in the Hospitality and Food Service Sector An overview of waste in the UK Hospitality and Food Service sector has also been released by

WRAP. The report says that 920,000 tonnes of food is wasted at outlets each year - 75% of which is avoidable. The opportunities for the sector to improve are also highlighted. WRAP suggests that 21% of food waste in the hospitality sector is from spoilage, 45% is from preparation, and 34% is from consumer plates. The WRAP report recommends pieces of research that highlight the opportunities to reduce waste and save money, through waste prevention and increased recycling. It proposes that a 5% reduction in food waste across the hospitality and food service sector by the end of 2015 could potentially save business £250 million over the two years. In June 2012, WRAP, supported by the UK government, launched the voluntary Hospitality and Food Service Agreement. It hopes that, with strong support from the sector, the financial and environmental benefits can be realised. BFFF signed up as a supporter to this agreement, so if you would like to find out more, please contact Su Dakin by email at sudakin@bfff.co.uk The overview of Waste in the UK Hospitality and Food Service Sector report is available at: http://tinyurl.com/qbqntmb

Final Countdown To Label Change With less than a year left to change all Labelling Help Sites food labels, are UK companies ready? ALTHOUGH THERE REMAINS much to be THE UK IS now into the last year of the three-year transition period for the majority of the new labelling rules that will change all food labels across Europe. EU Regulation No. 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers (EU FIC) was published and could be applied from 13 December 2011. However industry is only now really starting to get going on the mammoth task of making the changes. One reason is that interpretation to date has varied widely, and clarity on the actual requirements has been very slow in coming. The new Regulations apply to all foods as sold to consumers and as supplied to caterers; there are information requirements for business-to-business transactions, for non pre-packed products, those packed for direct sale to the consumer and for those products sold remotely via the internet. The new rules have an impact on every aspect of food labelling, including: n Date of Freezing for frozen meat, meat preparations and unprocessed fish n How information on allergens must be given to consumers; this is different for pre-packed and non pre-packed foods

n A minimum font size for mandatory information n Nutrition information becomes mandatory for most pre-packed foods n Specific composition rules for minced meat, declaration of water content and for the use of the word “formed” n Declared weight of ice glazed frozen foods such as vegetables and fish must be net of glaze n Existing national rules on the composition of ice creams will go, as will the derogation on the individual date marking of iced lollies n Rules on voluntary front of pack nutrition labelling; the prescribed format changes Be aware that areas in the Regulation become mandatory at different times: n 1 January 2014 - rules on the composition and labelling of minced meat are applicable n 13 December 2014 - general labelling rules n 13 December 2016 - mandatory provision of nutrition information for most pre-packed foods. If you provide this on a voluntary basis it must comply with the new format from 13 December 2014. Any product placed on the market before 13 December 2014 can continue to be sold until stocks are exhausted, regardless of how long a time period this is. This is good news for frozen food that, because of its very nature, has a long shelf life.

clarified, we are starting to see guidance that can be relied upon by businesses when making their changes:

n In early 2013, the European Commission published Q&A guidance on EU FIC and we are expecting this to be extended in early 2014: http://tinyurl.com/aqhu79o n UK National Guidance has been published for comment and Defra has assured us that business can use it with confidence. Find it on the BFFF website: http://bfff.co.uk/technical/guidance/ n FoodrinkEurope, the European Umbrella Association for Food Producers, recently published its own EU FIC guidance: http://tinyurl.com/ppe4osx n In the UK, the British Retail Consortium has published advice on allergens labelling of pre-packed foods: http://tinyurl.com/ohzrcqo n The Department of Health has published guidance on both the voluntary ‘front of pack’ nutrition labelling scheme: http:// tinyurl.com/kld25bo and mandatory nutrition labelling: http://tinyurl.com/ pehxpo7 BFFF has assisted Defra in the writing of the national guidance and we continue to work with our Primary Authority Partners in Cambridge to give participating members of our Primary Authority scheme advice on EU FIC that has regulatory backing. If you are interested in joining the scheme - the latest new benefit offered by BFFF to members details can be found on our website http:// bfff.co.uk/members/primary-authority/ THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 49


The Bulletin

New Year, New Members BFFF starts 2014 with over 300 members - and more are on the way.

BRITISH FROZEN FOOD FEDERATION welcomes three new members to start 2014: FLM Food Ingredients, ISD Solutions and Applied Data Corporation. Our latest new member in the food sector is Holland-based FLM Food Ingredients. FLM is a partner in industrial IQF and preserved mushrooms in pouches, cans and buckets, tailoring products to meet customers’ needs. ISD Solutions is one of the UK’s leading

specialist sub-contractors with a long and successful track record in the development, construction and maintenance of cold stores, firewalls, data centres, clean rooms, singleenvelope, external industrial cladding and doors. Applied Data Corporation UK Ltd and its InterStore software suite is a global leader in Food Item Management, hosting labelling data to any mix of labelling scales and printers, managing recipes for instore produced items, controlling shrink and maintaining perpetual inventory of saleable items and ingredients. As the UK’s frozen food trade association, BFFF has over 300 members comprising producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, brokers, retailers and related associate businesses. This unique and substantial

membership spans the entire cold chain from large companies to SMEs. Membership provides an excellent opportunity for frozen food companies and associates to gain awareness at both commercial and legislative levels and also to understand how BFFF is promoting the industry. It offers a range of membership services and benefits which are offered impartially to each individual member company. If you can recommend any companies that you feel would benefit from membership please contact Becky Dobb on 01400 283095 or email beckydobb@bfff.co.uk To find out more about BFFF’s new members, read the New Member Profiles on the following pages.

Featured Members ASG SERVICES


see page 51

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see page 54 www.vocollect.com





ASG SERVICES LABELLING AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS ASG Services, a trading division of Westbrook Industrial Ltd, provides the widest range of warehouse safety solutions for all industries, including rack labelling and ID systems, machine guarding equipment, safety signs, floor graphics, barrier systems and protective equipment, and offers a range of products designed specifically for use in the production and distribution of frozen and chilled foods. MANY YEARS OF working with national and international distribution companies has resulted in an unsurpassed wealth of experience which puts ASG firmly at the leading edge of the warehouse safety systems market. To ensure that customers receive the most appropriate equipment, a team of experienced engineers carries out detailed site surveys to design precisely the right solution - which is then manufactured and installed by ASG’s own highly-trained installation staff.



Of particular interest to companies operating in low temperature environments, UV line marking from ASG is the first eco-friendly, instant-cure line-marking solution available on the UK market. Solvent-free, instant-drying with little odour and zero VOC emissions, it can be applied in chillers or freezers at temperatures as low as minus 26°C and is durable and highly resistant to tyre marking. Traditional epoxy floor coatings require up to one week’s drying time in a chiller and cannot be applied in a freezer, whereas ASG’s professionally-installed UV coatings cure instantly and are ready for use within a few hours - a major benefit.

Newly developed by labelling experts, Avery Dennison, Silverback PO+ features freezer-grade permanent adhesive technology allowing labels to be applied at temperatures down to minus 30°C and remain effective to minus 50°C. The labels are 100% opaque, allowing re-labelling over existing - a major time and cost saver. By developing innovative products such as UV instant-cure line marking, low-temperature labelling and back-of-rack netting, ASG Services has become the leader in its field.

Address: Unit 8 Easter Court, Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 7ZB Tel: 01925 710923 Fax: 01925 712966 Website: www.asgservices.co.uk

Contact Chris Hopkirk on: Email: chris.hopkirk@asgservices.co.uk Mob: 07814 244817




GOLDEN VALLEY Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists (GVPS) - sponsor of the champagne reception at this year’s BFFF Annual Luncheon - has already established itself as one of the leading suppliers of film to companies across the food supply chain. BASED IN GLOUCESTER, GVPS (who were awarded British Retail Consortium Accreditation in Storage and Distribution in 2012) supplies a range of innovative products to make wrapping more efficient, safer and less damaging to the environment. The most recent additions to the GVPS range are two new types of pallet wrap which will save users money on each pallet that they wrap. Available exclusively through Golden Valley, the wrap – designated the Carbon, Alloy and Fusion33 ranges – are offered in both handand machine-applied versions. Golden Valley say that using the new films allow a typical palletized load to be wrapped for around 10p less than when other wraps are applied. For any company that wraps 500

pallets per day this would equate to a saving of £13,000 per year. The wrap’s strength comes from the innovative chemical compounds and the ultra-modern manufacturing technique used in their production. Carbon and Alloy are made from a blend of Octene and Henxene polymers and are produced using state of the art extrusion machinery which enables a seven layer bonded pallet wrap to be produced whereas traditional films have only three layers. Despite being a thinner material than old style pallet wrap, the new Golden Valley Carbon, Alloy and Fusion33 wraps offer exceptional strength and puncture resistance which means less wrapping is needed to achieve optimum palletized load stability.

Address: Units F & G Stonedale Road, Stonehouse, Gloucester GL10 3RQ Tel: 08456 434 405 52 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Mob: 07919 911160 Fax: 08456 434 406 Email: enquiries@gvps.co.uk Website: www.gvps.co.uk



VOCOLLECT Helping you run a better business.

Vocollect by Honeywell is the leading provider of innovative voice-enabled workflow and data collection solutions that help companies with mobile workers run a better business. TOGETHER WITH A global team of over 2,000 Vocollect Certified Professionals, Vocollect enables companies to save more than US $20 billion annually by further optimising operations, improving business decision capabilities and delivering the industry’s premier worker experience to nearly one million mobile workers who process more than US$5 billion of products every day in challenging industrial environments. Vocollect Voice communicates with warehouse staff through headsets and wearable mobile computers, leaving their hands and eyes free to focus on the various warehouse

processes and achieve targets faster. Our voice-enabled technology can dramatically increase performance, which in turn helps you to improve business efficiency and reduce operating costs, with worker productivity boosts of up to 35%. Warehouse workflow errors are also reduced by up to 25% and operations are better equipped to support industry best practices. To find out more about how Vocollect can help you run a better business see: www.vocollect.co.uk, visit our YouTube channel: youtube.com/VocollectEMEA

Tel: 01628 552 900 Email: voc_emea@vocollect.com Website: www.vocollect.com

Youtube: youtube.com/VocollectEMEA Twitter: @VocollectEMEA_N




ISD SOLUTIONS ISD Solutions is the UK’s leading


specialist sub-contractor with a

With a full range of design, installation and manufacturing services, ISD provides the complete solution for the installation of temperature controlled envelopes at distribution centres for major UK supermarket chains, food supply logistics, food manufacturing companies and many other organisations involved in food processing and packaging.

long and successful track record in the development, construction and maintenance of cold stores, firewalls, data centres, clean rooms, single-envelope, external industrial cladding and doors.

WHAT MAKES ISD SOLUTIONS DIFFERENT Early involvement, from design right through to practical completion, often working to tight work programmes, allows ISD to bring its years of experience and wide skill base to projects. This ensures immediate benefits in greater cost and timing efficiencies.

Coupled with its financial strength, stability and wealth of experience in delivering highly complex projects, ISD Solutions confidently offer a complete composite solution to a world-wide client base, unparalleled by any other specialist sub-contractor in the industry. HIGH LEVEL OF ACCREDITATION ISD is committed to continuous improvement and achieving the highest levels of accreditation in the cold-store-construction market sector investing in high quality training and development for our valued staff to ensure awareness and compliance with the latest statutory and legal requirements.

With strong support built from close relationships with major suppliers of insulated panelling, complementary products and ancillaries, ISD can offer unbiased, independent advice to clients, un-paralleled by any competitor.

Address: Unit A 125, Business Park, Llanthony Road,Gloucester, GL2 5JQ Tel: 01452 520 649 54 THE BULLETIN I JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Fax: 01452 301 910/01452 312 684 Email: sales@isd-solutions.co.uk Website: www.isd-solutions.co.uk

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 2014 24th - 26th Mar Foodex

NEC, Birmingham www.foodex.co.uk

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Gran Via Exhbition Centre, Barcelona www.alimentaria-bcn.com/en/

12th June

BFFF Dinner Dance & Awards Evening Hilton on Park Lane, London

28th July

BFFF Seminar - Introduction to BFFF Hotel Mercure, Windsor

11th - 13th Feb

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show NEC, Birmingham www.acrshow.co.uk

28th Apr - 1st May Hotelympia

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BFFF Seminar - Introduction to BFFF

6th - 8th May

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Brussels Expo, Brussels www.seafoodexpo.com

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Frozen & Chilled Golf Day De Vere Golf and Country Club, Grantham 01206 273815 margreaves@btinternet.com

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25th Nov

BFFF Annual Luncheon Hilton on Park Lane, London

12th-13th Mar Wabel Frozen Summit Paris www.wabel.com


24th - 26th Mar

22nd - 25th Mar

NEC, Birmingham www.foodanddrinkexpo.co.uk

Excel, London www.ife.co.uk

Food and Drink Expo

IFE 2015



E 4 IN 01 EL Y 2 AT A D M G 1 N RI IL SP APR 28


At Hotelympia meet over 1,000 exhibitors displaying the latest new products and widest range of innovation to benefit your business. In 2014 the event presents a new spring dateline, an array of inspiring speakers and the latest in food & drink, catering equipment, decor and design, tabletop, technology, and waste management solutions.

REGISTER AT HOTELYMPIA.COM/BFFF If you are interested in exhibiting at Hotelympia contact Andrew Pantelli T: +44 (0 0 207 886 3055 E: andrew.pantelli@freshmontgomery.co.uk Images: citizenM London Bankside & ME London

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The Bulletin - Jan/Feb 2014  

The exclusive magazine for members of the British Frozen Food Federation.

The Bulletin - Jan/Feb 2014  

The exclusive magazine for members of the British Frozen Food Federation.

Profile for thefabl