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July/August 2013

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BFFF 01435 - 3663 Layered Chocolate Orange Truffle Torte



Best New Dessert and Gold Winner! Our awards and endorsements speak for themselves.

To find out more about our own brand frozen products call us on 0870 3663 000 or go to www.3663.co.uk 02 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013




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01323 - 3663 Somerset Brie & Beetroot Chutney Tart

B8939_Jan 2013

Our awards and endorsements speak for themselves. To find out more about our own brand frozen products call us on 0870 3663 000 or go to www.3663.co.uk



2013 WI






2013 WIN

01335 - 3663 Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding






05498 - 3663 Herb Diced Potato



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07113 - 3663 Seafood Chowder

The Bulletin

The Bulletin Awards Issue



Dear Members, On behalf of the BFFF, I am delighted to welcome you to the all new Bulletin magazine which the fabl has given a fantastic makeover. This 76-page bumper issue contains all of your regular Federation news plus the results of the BFFF Annual Awards 2013 and coverage of our Gala Dinner Dance attended by over 800 members. Over the next few issues, the Bulletin will continue to evolve and we’d love to hear your feedback. Happy reading!
















The Bulletin is published bi-monthly by the fabl, for the British Frozen Food Federation. the fabl is a marketing and publishing agency specialising in strategic brand development, design, engaging content creation and innovative, cross platform delivery. British Frozen Food Federation Registered office: Warwick House, Unit 7, Long Bennington Business Park, Main Road, Long Bennington, Newark NG23 5JR A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales No: 7687541 T 01400 283090 www.bfff.co.uk Director-General Brian Young Bulletin Editor Graeme Day Assistant Candy Hardy Contributors Lynn Carr, Jilly Wallis, Joanna Hancock and Su Dakin Advertising Manager Kate Miller T 01780 763841 M 07933 704270 katemiller@bfff.co.uk

Graeme Day, The Bulletin Editor

The fabl Nesfield House, Broughton Hall Business Park, Skipton, Yorks, BD23 3AE T 01756 636 777 www.thefabl.com Managing Director Mags Walker Editor Sarah Hardy



Annual Luncheon Tuesday, 26th November 2013 London Hilton on Park Lane

The BFFF Annual Luncheon has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious networking events in the frozen food calendar, attracting buyers from both the retail and foodservice sectors, as well as those companies supplying essential services to the Industry. The 2013 event is set to be yet another ‘not-to-be-missed’ occasion for our member companies and their guests. The Luncheon will provide an ideal opportunity for members to network with existing and potential customers. BFFF will also be providing hospitality to an impressive line-up of guests from the many organisations with whom we work on our members’ behalf.

To book you ticket, please contact: Jilly Wallis on 01400 283091 or email: jillywallis@bfff.co.uk To place an advert in the Annual Luncheon Seating Brochure, please contact: Kate Miller on 07933 704270 or email: katemiller@bfff.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you there! 04 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013


The Bulletin

A 5-Year Strategy BRIAN YOUNG Director-General

Reflecting on what the BFFF has achieved over recent years, I decided that now is a very good time to think about where we are today, where we may want to be in the future and then prepare and plan for it.

BFFF TODAY BFFF is now a company limited by guarantee although our rules, governance and how we are organised are pretty much the same as always. Our product offer, our communication, our networking, our commercial activities and our financial performance have all been markedly improved and continue to develop.

A consequence of the more proactive approach taken has been the perception that the traditional contribution of the committee structure has been impacted and to some extent marginalised.

n Providing membership benefits - a mixed bag with the energy scheme working well but other initiatives failing. An obvious area for improvement

If we examine our current strategic pillars I would offer the following assessment of where we are today:

n Providing networking opportunities our major events perform very well and the addition of the business conference, regional and supplier seminars and the marketing, health & safety seminars has greatly improved our reach with members both regionally and by functional disciplines.

n Promoting the interests of our members this area has improved enormously and is now recognised as being a vital part of what BFFF has to offer. n Protecting our members interests - our health and safety service has developed significantly whilst our technical and legislative service has subtly changed emphasis to much more actively engage in influencing and lobbying with real success. n Addressing industry key issues - current projects include considering being the first Trade Association to enter into a Primary Authority arrangement, exploring better provision of foodservice market data, promoting increased use of bar codes in foodservice and agreeing with industry guidelines on working at height on refrigerated vehicles and trailers.

n Generating sufficient financial income through increased membership, reduced establishment costs, improved sponsorship and new activities, we have significantly improved the underlying profit ability of BFFF. The surplus is being invested in very strong PR activity which then creates a virtuous circle as our members see the results of the PR activity, which is readily available for members’ use, as being a very significant membership benefit. This helps gain and retain members. Overall significant progress has been made and feedback from our members either through our annual survey or through direct contact has been extremely positive.



BFFF IN THE FUTURE n BFFF will be: professional, proactive, commercially astute, influential and in touch with the heartbeat of the industry. n Recognised by members, influential bodies and other opinion formers as a ‘go to’ trade association. So how do we get where we want to be? Let’s look at what our key activities would be and how we might deliver them: Promoting frozen food This should be the bedrock of what we do and should enjoy a consistent adequate financial investment. The 5-Year Strategic Plan assumes a £75,000 annual budget. That is sufficient, in my opinion, to be able to maintain a healthy amount of industry-positive PR. Protecting the industry We are currently considering, and are very likely to embark upon, forming a partnership 06 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

The Bulletin

agreement for food labelling, food safety, and health and safety with a number of local authorities. We are likely to be the first Trade Association to do so and the impact on protecting our members’ interests, the extent to which our members embrace this and the subsequent impact on our resources are unknown at this stage. However, I believe it will create an opportunity to enhance BFFF’s ability to protect our members’ interests. What is very clear though is that Su and Jo are working at full capacity. The strategic plan assumes we need additional resource to be able to continue with and enhance our much greater influencing activities which we are now actively engaged in. Providing membership benefits We have one highly successful scheme and the trick now is to understand why that works and what else we might do that fits the bill. We will look at other Trade Associations who major in this area to create a better understanding and then, after careful

consideration and discussion, either selectively expand what we do or concentrate on the limited number of schemes that add value. Addressing key industry issues This strategic pillar is the area that may need to change the most. If we accept that we need to modernise, the most obvious route is through changing the committee structures that we currently use and moving to a modern style of management. This will be covered later in the article. Networking events We will build on our foundations and fine tune, refine and develop our offering in line with needs identified. This will continue to be a core activity and the Business Conference will be brought in house. Raising finance BFFF finances are in good order and the proposed plan allows the Federation to continue a minimum £75,000 annual promotional campaign for the foreseeable future with the offices owned and cash reserves adequate.

up for agreement by the membership. Legal advice will be sought and a detailed timetable will be proposed including full consultation with the membership.

members. They will be responsible for ensuring that the look and feel of all communications with members is modernised. They will also be tasked to develop more effective procedures and methodologies.

Create a new commercial team The new structure will have a head of commercial, an events manager, a membership account manager and a commercial assistant. The benefits schemes will be brought into this area as well. The membership manager would target building much better relationships with key players, addressing segmental gaps, exploring new commercial opportunities and more proactively managing the benefit schemes. The events manager would look after the Business Conference as well as the Gala Dinner, Annual Awards and the Annual Luncheon. Support technical and health & safety

ACHIEVING OUR GOALS: KEY TASKS Create a modern management structure BFFF is to be managed by a board of directors who consult up to 6 times a year, mainly by tele-conference, and supported by special interest expert groups. Expert groups would include the current Technical and Legislative group, the Health and Safety group, the PR expert group and might also include a PIB and a Wholesale group. The Director-General will provide appropriate papers for discussion for the board meetings including finances, papers from expert groups, commercial updates, and so forth. The board will comprise a Chair, Vice Chair, Chair of Technical and Legislative Group, 3 producer representatives, 3 wholesale representatives and a retail representative. Board directors would be able to serve for a maximum of 5 years and elections would be held annually at the AGM. New detailed rules covering all aspects of how BFFF will be governed will need to be drawn

Add a resource to support Jo and Su. The proposal is to appoint a graduate trainee to spend his or her time supporting both but also, depending on how the primary authority evolves, to have some additional specific duties. The trainee would support the technical workload and not provide admin support that will still be required. The role could involve research, contact with other organisations, some drafting of current technical papers, and some project work. Redefine support services The current admin support team will remain unchanged but their duties will be redefined. The preparation of papers for the management committee will replace the current quarterly activities, support of the expert groups will be allocated, improved financial reporting will be developed, more proactive use of the website will be fostered, and the quality and effectiveness of our networking events (outside of the three main events) will sit with this group. The admin support team are custodians of the PR campaigns and will have responsibility for how we make best use of them for our

We will also strive to make better use, for our members, of the invaluable market stats we have, the promotional campaigns material we hold and the terrific database that we keep. Summary BFFF is progressing well and has made great strides forward in recent years to get closer to members, to promote the industry more proactively, to influence and lobby more effectively whilst growing membership and its financial performance. The main recommendations in this article simply suggest we build on the momentum we have achieved by modernising to make BFFF even more effective. We will begin discussions and debates with appropriate committees in our September and November meetings and hope to have a formal proposal ready for consultation with the membership in early 2014. The commercial restructure is underway and we hope to have the new team in place by the end of the calendar year. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Executive Council.

“We will build on our foundations and fine tune, refine and develop our offering in line with needs identified� THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 07


Fifth-time sponsor Yearsley champions retail innovation 2013 STARTED WITH the unveiling of a complete re-brand for all business divisions which now trade as Logistics and Food, including new logos and vehicle livery. New websites including a new corporate site and logistics site are also now fully up and running. Following the successful purchase of the 42,000 pallet automated store at Hams Hall late last year, July saw the opening of the Northern retail consolidation centre at Heywood. The capacity now stands at 55,000 pallets, which will increase to 80,000 sites on full completion. This is the first Yearsley site to utilise PAS cart automation, helping speed up the customer ordering process, streamline picking and increase productivity. There will also be environmental benefits relating to the reduction in use of electricity from lighting and reduced door openings. Total capital investment for the past 12 months is now over £35 million, and is in line with its strategy to have a network of class leading facilities nationwide.


Yearsley Logistics is committed to sustainability and has in the past year implemented management systems for reducing waste road miles and installed energy efficient LED lighting and doors within most of their cold stores. Over £8m in total has been spent on renewable energy including the installation of solar panels at 8 of its 13 sites. Yearsley Food put its first Urban Trailers into operation during 2013 in a bid to further reduce the carbon footprint from its nationwide operation. The trailers allow for increased load fill, reducing the number of journeys required as well as enhancing manoeuvrability in town centres. They also carry a new livery as part of the recent corporate rebranding which shows the new logo and highlights just a handful of the product range available which includes over 1500 different frozen food lines. The food division has won several major contracts boosting revenues significantly. Following on from this, it has committed to

Yearsley Group, the frozen food specialist, has again demonstrated its commitment to the frozen food industry by sponsoring the BFFF retail awards for the fifth year running.

re-branding its own label range of vegetable and potato products in the Cream of the Crop brand. Since the acquisition of IcePak just over 2 years ago it has focused on bespoke products from quality suppliers to ensure reliability of stock and the quality of product. It now imports from over 25 countries. Commenting, Managing Director, Harry Yearsley said; “It has been another exciting period as the company continues to grow and expand, despite the current financial climate. We passionately believe in the future of the frozen food industry, and will continue to invest significantly in technology and innovation taking the company forward and re-affirming our position as one of the UK’s leading frozen food companies. Looking to the future we are pleased to have just been awarded planning permission for our new Peterborough site. This marks the next step in the growth of our network of cold stores in the UK and development at the site will likely begin in 2014.”



The Bulletin

Locking In Healthy Antioxidants THE LATEST SCIENTIFIC study commissioned by BFFF has indicated that frozen foods may contain higher levels of some antioxidants than their fresh counterparts. The results of the study, which is the first of two stages of our antioxidant research project, investigated the nutritional content of the most commonly bought supermarket fruit and vegetables. Scientists analysed evidence from 17 tests conducted in the study and established that in 12 cases, the frozen fruit and vegetables had higher nutritional levels of antioxidant-type compounds - including Vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein and carotene.

Following the research, scientists at Leatherhead Food Research recommended that frozen food is as effective as fresh in providing antioxidants needed to maintain a healthy diet. Over the last two decades it has been widely reported that antioxidants in the diet can help to keep the immune system healthy by cancelling out the cell-damaging effects of free radicals. Author Dr Rachel Burch, researcher at Leatherhead Food Research, says: “These results demonstrate that frozen can be nutritionally comparable to ‘fresh’ produce. We must disregard the mistaken opinion that ‘fresh’ food is always better for us than frozen food.”

Brian Young, BFFF Director-General, says: “As we know, fast and highly organised methods of harvest to freeze have evolved with the express purpose of minimising nutrient losses. In contrast ‘fresh’ food has been shown to spend up to a month in the supply chain of producers, wholesalers and retailers before consumers have access to store and prepare them. “This research, along with the results from the second stage of the project, due in August, gives us independent scientific evidence to debunk existing misconceptions over the nutritional quality of frozen foods.”

Ice to Tea You IN MAY, BFFF Director-General Brian Young led a panel of experts judging the first BFFF Premium Frozen Product Student Challenge. The event, at University College Birmingham, saw eight students on the culinary arts and NPD courses, present their Premium Frozen Product in a bid to win. Recent years have seen a rise in premiumisation on the frozen aisle with many of the major retailers relaunching their frozen sections. The BFFF project was launched to demonstrate the premium NPD potential in the frozen industry and promote the wide range of new products available from frozen. The eight student finalists presented their take on a Premium Frozen Product and a top three was chosen by the judges who were looking

for creativity, innovation, market research and practicality. Products included a dramatic croquembouche, an unusual alcoholic ice lolly and shot combination, and a luxury prepared dinner party package, which included Beef Wellington and truffle-infused potatoes. After much deliberation, the judges awarded first place to student Sumaiyah Patel’s herbal tea cubes. The tea cubes spice up the everyday cup of tea with locked in flavours chosen for a warming afternoon tea or for cool refreshing summer ice teas and cocktails. Brian Young says: “The standard of the entries was high across the board and the innovative and luxury concepts the students presented were all fantastic.

“We chose Sumaiyah’s tea cubes as they ticked all the boxes for this challenge; they were new and innovative and demonstrated some of the really interesting products that can be achieved in frozen. They highlighted the locked in flavour message and they are, above all, practical and simple to produce on a commercial scale.” Sumaiyah’s tea cubes just pipped a Chinese, Korean and Japanese fusion banquet meal, featuring stuffed cuttlefish and tea smoked eggs by Rita Sze, and a multi-layered, flavour explosion ‘sense-a-dome’ which included chai ice cream and popping candy from Ayaan Nur. THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 09


The Bulletin

Contract Catering Still in the Doldrums SOURCE: HORIZONS

The latest data supplied by Peter Backman of Horizons shows that the contract catering sector is still bumping along the bottom at best. Between 2009 and 2012, the number of contract catering outlets, the number of meals and the value of food purchases have all declined. Food and drink sales have shown a very marginal increase but a reduction in real terms.

LOOKING AT OUTLETS first, the numbers have fallen by just over 1,000 in the past three years with by far the biggest reduction being in the education sector. The number of meals served in the education sector remains unchanged; the only sector showing a serious decline in meals served is healthcare.

Frozen foods account for 16% of all food purchased by contract caterers in 2012. The healthcare sector, which includes hospitals and care homes, continues to be especially reliant on frozen foods which accounted for about 21% of this sector’s food purchases in 2012.

Food purchases in 2012 are slightly down on 2009 in real terms having fallen by 1.7%.

Food and drink sales have declined in real terms by about 4% over the three years,

equating to £104 million. We shouldn’t forget that contract caterers do not solely rely on sales to customers but also receive income for onsite services. This helped to grow their turnover more than their sales. Contract catering will continue to be squeezed for the foreseeable future as the government keeps a tight grip on the public purse and disposable income continues to be hit.

For full definitions of these sectors go to Horizons website www.hrzns.com. Go to “Resources” on the top bar and click “Definitions and Methodology”















844 197 208 93

851 171 205 92

308 37 66 37

116 31 46 21

299 67 56 27

128 36 37 7

TOTAL 1,343 1,320






n Food purchases fell by 1.7% in real terms compared with 2009 while the numbers of meals fell by about the same amount, indicating that the amount spent per meal has remained stable over the last few years n Frozen food accounted for 16% of all food purchased by contracted caterers in 2012 n The health care sector – including hospitals and care homes – continued to be especially reliant on frozen foods; they accounted for about 21% of this sector’s food purchases in 2012 n Chilled long-life foods accounted for 16% of purchases in this sector and fresh foods (chilled-short life) were a further 34% of the total


in millions







2,236 256 350 123

2,393 222 333 122



n Over the three years from 2009 to 2012, food and drink sales fell slightly – by £104 million or -4% in real terms

n Staff catering account for just under half of all meals served by contract caterers

n Contract caterers do not solely rely on sales to customers, they also receive income for onsite services (such as cleaning and concierge services). This helped to grow their turnover more than their sales THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 11


The Bulletin

American Diner-Style Chicken FOR A TRUE taste of the USA, Plusfood UK Limited has launched an American Diner chicken range consisting of American Battered Fillets, Southern Fried Fillets and Crispy Battered Chunks. With retro fried-chicken restaurants the flavour of the month, the American Diner range, made from 100% chicken breast meat, will be a hit with customers looking for a fast yet authentic dining experience. Quick cooking - from freezer to plate in minutes - the American Diner range has been designed for the fast, casual market to help kitchens match the speed of front-of-house

computer systems and keep customers happy. Highly versatile, the American Diner range is easily customised for use. For starters, sharing platters, mains and takeaways, American Diner Chunks and Fillets are perfect. Suitable for buffet and self-service, the range is a must for on-trend event catering and banqueting.

with hash browns, maple bacon and an American mustard mayo with a tossed salad and slaw or serve it in a ready-to-go wrap. Crispy Battered Chunks - served with BBQ or sweet chilli dipping sauces or as part of a delicious American-style salad - are perfect in a snack box with fries.

Plusfood UK’s menu suggestions include the Ultimate Chicken Burger: Serve American Battered Fillets in a fresh deli bun, with a light pepper mayo, crisp lettuce, tomato and a rich BBQ sauce, along with fries. Or dress it up with a topping of buffalo sauce, mixed greens, tomatoes and chilli jack cheese. For a taste of the Deep South, plate a Southern Fried Fillet

Produced by Plusfood’s plant in Europe using its own poultry, the American Diner range is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is available in 90g/125g cases. For further information, please contact Plusfood UK on 01908 685008 or visit www.plusfood.co.uk

Danish Pastries Get Fruitier Custard Lattice and Raspberry & Custard Lattice. One of the UK’s leading speciality bakers for retailers, wholesalers and the foodservice industry, Lantmännen Unibake says the sector has grown by 25% powered by the ‘traditional’ fruit and custard craze, and has outstripped sales of teacakes or mince pies.

TO SATISFY DEMAND for the nostalgic combination of fruit and custard, leading bakery supplier Lantmännen Unibake UK has launched two new Danish Lattices under its Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry brand - Apple & 12 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

The two new products are made with 24 layers of light and flaky Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry and high-quality fruit fillings. The Apple & Custard Lattices are made with UK-grown Bramley apples with 55% fruit in the apple filling and real vanilla extract in the custard. The Raspberry & Custard Lattices are made with 50% fruit in the raspberry filling and real vanilla custard for an authentic, high-quality taste. Products are supplied ready-glazed for immediate baking straight from frozen and

come in cases of 45 x 100g units. Baking takes 18 minutes; ready-made and bagged white icing is supplied with each case for a professional finishing touch before serving. Claire Warren, Senior Marketing Manager, says: “Innovation is crucial to retailers and wholesalers making the most of the bake-off and bakery categories. By capitalising on the opportunity for bakery favourites, which has seen growth from fruit-filled products and classic flavours, the new Fruit & Custard Danish Lattices are set to deliver in terms of incremental sales and look likely to become a firm favourite within the bake-off category.” For further information, please contact 01276 850 500 or visit www.lantmannen-unibake.co.uk


NEW Apple & Custard and Raspberry & Custard Lattices Premium fruit and custard fillings wrapped in 24 layers of light and flaky Danish pastry. These modern classics have been developed to tap into consumer trends and deliver profitable growth.

To find out more contact us today! Call 01276 850500 or visit www.lantmannen-unibake.co.uk

A product brand of Lantm채nnen Unibake UK THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 13


The Bulletin

Real Nice Lollies

Bangers with a Spicy Sizzle SPICE UP SUMMER service or a BBQ with Snowbird Food’s fully cooked and frozen Pork & Spiced Chorizo Sausages and watch sales sizzle. Targeting the mid-spend profit sector restaurant, Snowbird Food’s new sausages join a growing range of products that will heat for service from frozen in seconds in a microwave or in minutes in an oven. Packed into beef collagen casings, these speciality sausages are oven-baked to a golden brown in the factory before being individually quick frozen. Weighing in at 50g, they contain diced chorizo, a seasoning of smoked paprika, salt, black pepper, ginger, parsley, garlic and a pork content of 80%. 14 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

Snowbird Food is the market leader in fully cooked and frozen sausages, which offer foodservice a fast and safe way to serve the nation’s favourite bangers. Pork & Spiced Chorizo Sausages make a spicy centrepiece in a summer BBQ or to serve alongside potatoes (including mash), fried and boiled rice, pasta, noodles, mixed vegetables, salads and in casseroles. Snowbird Food’s Sales Director, Roy Anderson says: “Our special chorizo is an ideal solution for those restaurants looking for a sausage that is so different, their outlet will stand out from the crowd and attract repeat business.” For more information, call Roy Anderson on 020 8805 9222 or visit www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk

REAL NICE ORGANIC ice lollies are 100% pure organic fruit with nothing added, and that includes water. These award-winning ices are the UK’s only organic smoothie ice lollies; all fruit used is Soil Association approved and they contain no added sugar, water, additives or preservatives. Dairy free, they are made with whole fruit in deliciously blended purees. Winner of the prestigious Great Taste Award for two years running, the Banana and Raspberry Organic Smoothie lolly also won a coveted one-star Gold Great Taste Award. Now available from Ocado, Real Nice lollies can be bought in multi-packs of two Banana and Raspberry flavours with two Mouth-watering Mangos for a healthy and delicious treat for your customers this summer. Crystal Procter-Tarabanov, Founder of Real Nice Organic, says: “In 2013, our customers want a healthy alternative for their family and Real Nice Organic offers them a premium product that tastes delicious.” For more information, email Crystal on crystal@realniceorganic.co.uk or call 020 8274 9259. www.realniceorganic.co.uk

Sunshine Trio THREE OF ERLENBACHER’S most popular classic cakes are now available in individual servings. The eye-catching Sunshine Cakes come in Apple, Chocolate and Strawberry & Rhubarb flavours and offer a convenient, stylish serving option. For a taste of summer, the Strawberry & Rhubarb serving contains pieces of real fruit

mixed through the delicate sponge and dusted with icing sugar. The Apple Sunshine Cakes include sweet apple slices and caramelised butter crumble; the Chocolate version is laced with chocolate chunks.

and oils or added preservatives. The cakes come deep frozen and can be served immediately once defrosted. A box of Sunshine Cakes contains three trays with 12 cakes per tray.

Made in line with the erlenbacher quality philosophy, the cakes contain no artificial flavours, artificial colours, hydrogenated fats

For more information about the Selection Range, please contact: www.erlenbacher.co.uk

Summer Flavours for Ice Cream Lovers THERE’S NO BETTER way to improve a summer menu than with a few cool desserts. Ercolano UK Ltd has launched two new ice cream flavours which fit the bill perfectly.

The two new flavours, Grape and Amaretti Amaretto, branded Amore di Gelatto, join the company’s range of super premium ice creams. The new Grape flavour is white grape ice cream with small pieces of fruit in the mix, combined with a red grape sorbet swirl. This light ice cream is perfect served as an after-dinner dessert but will also be popular as a stand alone refreshment during the day. The Italian inspired Amaretti Amaretto is based on the almond-flavoured liqueur and makes an indulgent and sophisticated dessert for warm summer evenings. It contains traces of crispy mini amaretto biscuits and almond macaroons with hints of apricot. Ercolano is a family run business with over 60 years experience producing ice cream and it

uses only the finest ingredients such as fresh cream to ensure the most desirable tastes and textures. The new flavours come in 2.4 litre packs and are available through regional wholesalers. For more information, visit www.amoredigelato.com or call Mike Godwin on 07860356349 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 15





FROZEN MUSHROOMS AND MUNG BEAN SPROUTS Scelta Mushrooms BV | Heymansstraat 35, 5927 NP Venlo, The Netherlands | T +31 (0)77 324 10 20 F +31 (0)77 324 10 29 | E sales@sceltamushrooms.com | www.sceltamushrooms.com

BFFF Members Update Seminar October 16, 2013 Building on our very successful regional seminars we will be holding the first BFFF Members Update Seminar on Wednesday 16 October at the Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire.


Heritage Motor Centre Banbury Road Gaydon Warwickshire CV35 0BJ

SAVE THE DATE BFFF CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2014 The annual Business Conference, our fourth, will take place at Chesford Grange Hotel on Thursday 20 February 2014. SPEAKERS CONFIRMED INCLUDE: Peter Franks, MD, Dr. Oetker (UK) Ltd, Oliver Cock, MD Commercial, Compass Group UK & Ireland and Peter Allan, GM and Director, Cargill Meats Europe. We are also welcoming back economist Dennis Turner and Ed Garner from Kantar Worldpanel.

www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk WE ANTICIPATE around 60 to 70 attendees and 14 to 15 exhibitors; and for those arriving the day before, there will be a pre-event meet up. All attendees will be provided with name badges and the delegate list will be circulated before the event. Presentations from BFFF will include an update on Technical and Health & Safety news. Keynote speaker is Chief Economist Roger Martin, who was a big hit at BFFF’s first two conferences. The seminar will also include a 45-minute tour of the Heritage museum. The reception and exhibition will start at 9am, followed by presentations and lunch at 1.30pm. After lunch, the exhibition will continue, along with more networking opportunities.

For ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, this is a great opportunity to promote your products and services. The cost to exhibit is £300 + VAT per table. Or be a MAIN SPONSOR; the cost of sponsorship is £1,000 + VAT and includes exhibition space, pre- and post-event publicity on BFFF’s website and in The Bulletin, branding on promotional material PLUS a five-minute speaking slot included within the main presentation. With only 14 table-top exhibition slots available, please book your place now; positions will be given on a first come, first served basis. Tables will be set up in the same room as the food and presentation.

Please contact Graeme Day if you want to exhibit or be a sponsor, and Hazel Cranidge if you wish to attend.

graemeday@bfff.co.uk hazelcranidge@bfff.co.uk or call 01400 283090

Conference themes will include consumer confidence levels, and supply chain ownership following the horsemeat scandal. There will be question and answer sessions during panel debates and the very successful Exhibition will offer unrivalled networking opportunities. We anticipate 250 delegates consisting of producers and wholesalers, and some retailers. Both conference and exhibition provide a great opportunity for associates and producers to promote their products and services with all the ‘great and the good’ in one room on one day!

For anyone associated with the frozen food industry this is THE business conference. Book your place now! Contact: hazelcranidge@bfff.co.uk

Welcome to the World of Pizza!

What would you like to eat today? Pizza, pasta or a snack? Freiberger is internationally one of the largest and most innovative producers of frozen and chilled convenience products. From concept to recipe – and straight to your freezer. Together with our customers we develop tailor-made, high-quality products for the food retailing industry worldwide.




The Bulletin

Foster Crowns ‘Chef of Tomorrow’ FOSTER REFRIGERATOR HAS named the winner of its ‘Chefs of Tomorrow’ competition, following a hotly contested final at City College, Norwich, with judges including Tim Maddams, Head Chef at River Cottage Canteen. Winner Chloe Friend, a VRQ Level 2 student from City College, earned the judge’s praise for her menu of corn-fed chicken with asparagus tips and morel vin-juane, and a chocolate Norfolk strawberry fondant dessert. Her prize is a four-day placement at River Cottage HQ along with new Foster Refrigerator products, worth up to £2,000, for her college. Judge Tim Maddams said: “All the entrants cooked really well and I have been truly impressed with the quality of cooking on show; but Chloe really shone. The produce she selected showed-off Norfolk’s best, and showed us a lot about Chloe’s talent as a chef - well done!”

Yearsley’s Own Fabulous Baker Brothers YEARSLEY GROUP COMMERCIAL Director Jonathan Baker and a team of 10 riders that included his brother Richard Baker raised over £35,000 for charity in a 9-day cycle challenge for Parkinson’s UK. Covering 909 miles in total from John O Groats to Lands’ End, the intrepid team scheduled a pit-stop at Yearsley’s Bristol Depot en route. Jonathan Baker said, “Over the past 30 years I’ve done various things to raise money for charity, including running marathons, triathlons and

More than 35 young chefs from across the region took part, representing City College, the College of West Anglia and Cambridge Regional College. During the final, Chloe and fellow finalists Daniel Freear, (VRQ Level 1), College of West Anglia, and Lee O’Neill (VRQ Level 3) student, Cambridge Regional College, were given 1.5 hours to make a main and dessert on a budget of £10; extra points were awarded for using sustainable, local products. Norfolk-based Foster Refrigerator launched the competition to recognise and develop talented young regional chefs and is now considering a national version. For more information on Foster Refrigerator and River Cottage, please visit: www.fosterrefrigerator.co.uk www.rivercottage.net

Photo caption: Jonathan and Rick Baker pass Yearsley depot during John O Groats to Land’s End cycle challenge

other organised bike rides. Doing John O Groats to Land’s End was my brother’s idea, to mark his 50th birthday and was a massive physical undertaking, especially when I broke my hand with 6 weeks to go.” Heywood-based frozen food specialist Yearsley Group, has more than 1,200 employees, and 13 depots across the UK creating a national cold chain network. Richard Baker works for Yearsley subsidiary, Lucky Red.

Royal Launch for Oakland Foundation REDDITCH-BASED OAKLAND International’s charity and community work got a royal stamp of approval from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal who officially launched The Oakland Foundation in June. Set up to incorporate all of Oakland’s CSR activities, the Oakland Foundation supports the company’s four core initiatives of Health, Nutrition, Education and Sport to help underprivileged children in the local Redditch and Bromsgrove communities. Oakland International, a multi-awardwinning food distribution specialist, also hosted a Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Business Symposium that the Princess visited. The Princess met volunteers from Oakland International, local charities supported by the Foundation and representatives from Oakland’s longstanding CSR community-based initiatives before unveiling a commemorative plaque.



The Bulletin

Faroe Joins Bakkafrost Group Grimsby-based Faroe Seafood UK Ltd has merged with Bakkafrost Group, the largest farmed salmon company in the Faroe Islands, and growth of the salmon market is now top of its agenda. TORKIL DAVIDSEN, HEAD of UK Operations, Faroe Seafood UK, said, “We are looking forward to a successful future because we now have stability and a security of supply which was not always there before.” Faroe will now focus on premium frozen salmon portions (skinless, boneless and vacuum packed), as well as fresh whole salmon and fillets. Davidsen added: “Frozen salmon portions are our great strength, so that will be the emphasis in the future. We sell direct to our customers in the UK, which include wholesalers and cash and carry outlets. But we are also looking at working more with the home delivery sector, which is showing

impressive signs of growth in the UK, and we have not ruled out entering the retail market at some point in the future.” The company, which recently rejoined the BFFF, will continue to be based in Grimsby; Faroe Islands’ fish is mainly brought into the UK via the Humber port of Immingham. With fresh salmon prices rising, the company plans to offer customers’ stability by fixing prices on long-term contracts. Faroese salmon is renowned for its exceptional high quality. Bakkafrost plans to increase salmon production, efficiency and quality.

Currently 18,000 tons of the company’s total production is made up of finished products for purchase in shops and food stores, a figure it plans to increase to 30,000 tons, approximately half of Bakkafrost’s total volume of farmed salmon. Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen, who recently unveiled a £20-million home-based investment programme, said: “We are thinking far ahead into the future and we plan to be at the vanguard of the industry in the next 10 to 15 years. The goal is to continue to be as competitive as possible throughout the group.” For more information, contact Faroe Seafood on (298) 55 55 00

Bühler Takes Lead in Food Safety Technology THE BÜHLER GROUP, a global leader in optical sorting solutions, has developed a new weapon in the war against mycotoxins in food, which threaten food safety, quality and consumer health. Launched in June, the new SORTEX A MultiVision is the company’s most advanced high-capacity optical sorter. Equipped with industry-leading custom-designed Multivision camera technology, it delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology. The SORTEX A can pick out blighted products in high volumes at high speed and remove them from a range 20 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

of foodstuffs; such as mycotoxins as sclerotia from sunflower seeds, vomitoxin from wheat, fusarium from barley, ergot from rye, and aflatoxins from peanuts and treenuts. It excels at processing challenging food categories such as dry products - nuts, seeds, coffee and grains. “Mycotoxicology is currently a subject of international importance. With the increasing incidence of mycotoxins in the food chain toxic to humans and animals - processors of a wide variety of foods, all over the world, are seeking more reliable sorting solutions. They need to remove these defects cost-effectively so that their commodities will meet the safety

standards demanded of them,” explained Bühler SORTEX Research and Development Director Matt Kelly. The SORTEX A will also help food companies meet the growing aflatoxin challenge. Bühler can reduce aflatoxin levels in corn to well within acceptable limits - and does it consistently. Bühler’s SORTEX A uses four wavelength technology [visible and infrared] and PROfile [shape] detection technology to identify defects not possible with RGB technologies. For further information contact: Faisal Baig, Product Manager, on (44) 20 7055 7791 and (44) 788 3076 111 or email faisal.baig@buhlergroup.com

Casual Dining Trade Show Signs Big Brands NEW TRADE SHOW Casual Dining, to be held at London’s Business Design Centre on the 26-27 February 2014, has signed up major brands Kimbo UK, Unox UK, Cheese Cellar, DiSotto Foods, Magrini, Catering Design Group, JDM Foodgroup, Halton Foodservice, and True Food International. Casual Dining is the first dedicated trade exhibition for the UK’s fast-growing £6.6 billion casual dining market. The event is being organised by Diversified Business Communications, the company behind the award-winning lunch! show. Casual Dining’s Group Event Manager Chris Brazier said: “With new exhibitors coming on board each week, our visitors will enjoy an unrivalled showcase of innovative products.” The casual dining market has enjoyed strong growth compared to other areas of the hospitality sector. Managed pub restaurants, for example, now hold a 22% share of the UK’s

eating out market (up from 18% in 2008); a figure foodservice analyst Horizons forecasts to rise to 26% by 2016. lunch! returns to the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, on 26-27 September 2013, for its sixth event and will feature over 270 exhibitors (up 15% last year). lunch! has seen visitor numbers grow from 2,197 to 4,403 since it launched. Confirmed exhibitors for 2013 include Equip Line, Impress Sandwiches, Delice de France, Cafe Deli Wholesale, Odysea, Tayto, Bagel Nash, ABDA, Tudor Tea & Coffee, The Food Doctor, Magrini, Wrigley UK, Simple Simon Foods, Delifrance UK, Freshfayre Chilled Foodservice, First Pack, Crown Foods and Warbutons. For more information, contact Chris Brazier, Group Event Manager, on 01273 645123, email cbrazier@divcom.co.uk or visit www.casualdiningshow.co.uk

Lidl Picks SSI Schaefer A global leader in the supply of logistics and material flow systems, SSI Schaefer manufactures a wide range of products and solutions from plastic storage and transit containers to high-bay warehousing systems. For Lidl, SSI Schaefer supplied a high-bay racking system with five aisles and around 15,000 pallet storage spaces, plus a Schaefer Tray System (STS) with 16,000 storage positions on five storage levels. Photo caption: Harrie Swinkels, Managing Director of SSI Schaefer Noell GmbH (l), Sebastian Stegeman, Head of the Intralogistics Division, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (r)

SSI SCHAEFER HAS expanded the logistics centre of food retailer Lidl in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany with an automated picking warehouse equipped with a Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) System.

The new system now guarantees optimally packed pallets for safe transportation and fast unloading at Lidl stores. The solution is modular and scaleable and can be extended ‘virtually without limit’. For more information, call 01264 386600 or email: solutions@ssi-schaefer.co.uk www.ssi-schaefer.co.uk

AT A GLANCE Seafood Merger Faroe Seafood Ltd has merged with Bakkafrost Group, the Faroe Island’s largest farmed salmon company. The Grimsby-based company now plans to offer customers longterm salmon contracts at fixed prices.

Foster’s winning chef River Cottage chef Tim Maddams and fellow judges named City College student Chloe Friend winner of Foster Refrigeration's 'Chef of Tomorrow' competition. Friend won 4 days training at River Cottage and Foster Refrigeration goods for her college. The competition may go national in the near future.

Lidl picks SSI Schaefer SSI Schaefer has expanded the logistics centre of food retailer Lidl in Kirchheim, Germany with an automated picking warehouse equipped with a Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) System. The high-bay racking system has five aisles and can store 15,000 pallets.

Royal Approval Award-winning Oakland International got the Royal stamp of approval by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal for its international charity and community work after she officially launched the Oakland Foundation.

Reed Bordall wins Tesco award Pioneer of refrigerated double-deck trailers, Reed Boardall has been named ‘Fresh and Frozen Foods Haulier of the Year’ by Tesco. The North Yorkshire company has the UK’s largest fleet.



The Bulletin

China’s Trillion-Dollar Grocery Market IGD’s top 10 global grocery market ranking 2012 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2016F Rank NOW VALUED AT US$1 trillion, China is the world’s biggest food and grocery market, according to latest figures published by IGD. It’s expected to increase by 50% by 2016. The top 5 global grocery markets by 2016 will include BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and be worth just over US$3 trillion in total. Ranked second is the US with a market that’s predicted to hit US$1.1 trillion in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% between 2010 and 2012, accelerating to 4.7% between 2013 and 2016. By 2016, India is expected to be third-ranked with a grocery

market valued at US$566 billion, with Brazil fourth at US$468 billion and Russia fifth at US$467 billion. By 2016, the top 10 global grocery markets will have a total value of approximately US$5.7 trillion, offering huge opportunities for food and consumer goods companies seeking international growth and painting a positive picture for the industry globally. For more information, contact retailanalysis@igd.com or call (44) 01923 851 954 www.igd.com

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



China US India Brazil Russia Japan France Germany UK Indonesia

1082 940 408 375 329 314 284 271 243 168 4414



China US India Brazil Russia Japan France Germany UK Indonesia

1582 1118 566 468 467 423 302 297 278 247 5748

Values quoted are nominal, reflecting differing inflation forecasts at market level. One trillion is one thousand billion. Forecasts are at constant exchange rates based on 2012 actual exchange rates.

Powerstar Success in Spain POWERSTAR VOLTAGE OPTIMISATION systems manufactured by EMSc (UK) have enjoyed a successful first year in Spain, represented by Madrid-based distributors, Efirenova. EMSc’s International Business Development Manager Paul North (pictured left)and Group Marketing Manager, Nick Lee, recently visited Efirenova to conduct product training and meet customers. Powerstar is the market leading 22 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

voltage optimisation system, popular in the food industry amongst others, because of the savings delivered on electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity bills. Powerstar averages savings of between 12% and 15%, with payback periods of 3 to 5 years. Efirenova is well known as Spain’s market leading company in the field of energy saving solutions, and specialises in offering consultancy, engineering and energy services.

First Kosher Food International Trade Show Launch PARIS WILL SEE the launch of the first international Kosher food trade show from May 14 to 15, 2014. The KOABIS show aims to meet growing demand from retailers and consumers for quality, certified products that guarantee food traceability in terms of ingredients, production tools, processing and packaging. KOABIS is being organised by Kosher and Halal consultants HAKOA, who offer a wide range of services in the food industry. It expects to sign over 150 exhibitors of Kosher certified products from the US, Israel, Canada, Europe and South America and attract 5,000 international visitors such as retailers, traders and caterers, importers/exporters,

wholesalers and distributors. The US is the biggest market for Kosher products with 12.25 million consumers and a turnover of US$13 billion in 2012, that’s grown 15% per annum since 2004. In Europe, the market is estimated to be worth €4.5 billion. Organiser Oliver Princ, who created the show, said, “KOABIS is a targeted food show, concentrated on two days which guarantees to the exhibitors maximum efficiency.” For more information, contact Oliver Princ on (30)6 64 94 51 or email oprinc@hakoa.net www.hakoa.net

Total Foodservice Scoops Two International Awards CATERING WHOLESALER TOTAL Foodservice triumphed twice at the International Safety Awards 2013 for its rigorous approach to health and safety. Total Foodservice scooped the prestigious company award which recognises proven commitment to workplace health and safety - and its health and safety representative Radoslaw Kozlowski was named International Health and Safety Champion. Total Foodservice’s Managing Director, Simon Howarth, said: “These two awards are representative of how forward-thinking we are as a business and how much confidence all of our workforce have in each other and the policies we have to ensure they remain in a safe working environment. To be able to say we are an international leader in health and safety will also give our clients further confidence in our products and services. It’s a truly remarkable achievement and I’d like to thank the whole team, including Radoslaw, for their efforts.” Kozlowski beat 500 nominees and collected his award at a gala dinner along with his colleagues at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. The award recognises his success

in developing a nearly hazard-free working environment by focusing on a number of safety features and checks. He said: “I couldn’t have done this without the absolute support of my colleagues. My motto is: See it, Own it, Do something about it! (Sod for short) - all my colleagues are ‘sodding it’ now, but there’s always room for improvement!” Total Foodservice is a 4th generation family foodservice business serving the North of England with frozen, chilled and ambient foods as well as non-food and cleaning products. It operates from two depots based in Clitheroe in Lancashire and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. The International Safety Awards, now in its 55th year, is open to organisations of all sizes across all industries and seeks to promote high standards of health and safety management practice in order to prevent workplace injury and ill health. Such incidents cost the UK economy upwards of £13 billion per year, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

AT A GLANCE China tops grocery market China’s food and grocery market is ringing up sales of over US$1 trillion, making it the biggest in the world. The US is ranked second; by 2016, Brazil, Russia and India will join them in a global top five.

Cycling to success Yearsley Group Commercial Director Jonathan Baker raised over £35,000 after a nine-day cycle challenge. Along with his team of 10, the keen riders covered 909 miles from John O Groats to Land’s End in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

Spanish triumph Energy saving solutions Powerstar voltage optimisation systems manufactured by EMSc (UK) are celebrating their first successful year in Spain, where they have been represented by Madrid-based distributors, Efirenova.

Award-winning Safety Catering wholesaler Total Foodservice scooped two awards at the International Safety Awards 2013. The family foodservice business proved their commitment and forward-thinking to health and safety by picking up the prestigious company award as well as employee Radoslaw Kozlowski being named International Health and Safety Champion.

Just desserts! Swedish baker Almondy is helping caterers cash in on its popular pudding by launching merchandise to display and help promote its almond biscuit-based tarta. It was rated one of UK’s top five frozen desserts by The Grocer in 2012.

For more information, contact 01254 828330 or visit www.totalfoodservice.co.uk THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 23


The Bulletin

Almondy Helps Caterers Cash In

SWEDISH BAKER ALMONDY has launched a new range of free point-of-sale material to help caterers cash in even further on one of the UK’s top five frozen desserts, according to The Grocer 2012 product survey. Caterers can liven up their displays with a

wooden Swedish flag, large and small posters, wobblers, window stickers, tent cards and small decorative Swedish flags to promote the almond biscuit-based tårta (or cakes), firm favourites among consumers. The range includes versions with the co-branded Daim and Toblerone confectionery toppings. Andrew Ely, Managing Director, Almondy, says, “Last year, Almondy increased sales by a recession-busting 42.7% bucking the general downward trend (-2.9%) in frozen desserts, so it is clear that our tårta are already a big hit with consumers who have made it the UK’s fastest-growing frozen dessert. But to make the most of this opportunity to drive sales, operators need to ensure that customers know that Almondy is on the menu and this is why we have created our new POS material to support our foodservice clients - research shows that 50% of customers would buy

Almondy if they saw it on a menu, so claim your kit now!” Almondy’s tårta are gluten free and Halal approved. The Almondy with DAIM will also appeal to ethical consumers with its new Rainforest Alliance Certification. The expanding gluten-free market now worth £126m and caters for 11% of the UK population. The frozen tårta are pre-portioned to help reduce wastage, have a freezer to fork time of just 10 minutes, with a chiller storage life of seven days. Almondy is available from 3663, Brakes and all good frozen food wholesalers. To request your free POS material, email alex@jellybeancreative.co.uk with your name, business address and Almondy POS in the subject heading. To find out more about Almondy please call 01604 858 522 or visit www.almondy.com/uk

Reed Boardall Named Tesco’s Frozen Foods Haulier of the Year FROZEN FOOD STORAGE and transport specialist Reed Boardall has been named ‘Fresh and Frozen Foods Haulier of the Year’ by international retailer Tesco. The awards are designed to recognise outstanding performance by the company’s suppliers and service providers. Reed Boardall, based at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, operates a single site cold storage operation with a capacity of 142,000 pallets and services the nation’s supermarkets with a fleet of 160 refrigerated, low-emission trucks delivering up to £5 million of food per day. The award citation - signed by Will Langham, Tesco’s Primary Manager for both fresh and frozen foods - praised Reed Boardall for excellent service and singled out the company’s use of high-capacity double-deck trailers. Reed Boardall pioneered the use of refrigerated double-deck trailers almost 20 years ago and now has the largest fleet in the UK. Because packaged frozen food is rarely weight-critical, 24 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

these trailers have two floors, the upper one of which can be raised and lowered, thus allowing two levels of pallets. This means 53% more product per load can be carried than in a standard refrigerated trailer, making them more environment-friendly. Will Langham said: “These awards recognise suppliers and service providers who show themselves to be constantly striving to give Tesco and our customers the best possible service. Reed Boardall’s team has done that and has also been proactive in extending the use of highly-efficient double-deck trailers into our frozen food distribution centres. We congratulate them.” Tom Cassells, Managing Director of Reed Boardall Transport Ltd, said: “It is great to receive this accolade from Tesco because our two most important goals are giving outstanding service to our customers and minimising our environmental impact. “We aim to tick all the right boxes to help

our food manufacturing customers, as well as their customers - supermarkets like Tesco - achieve their own service and corporate responsibility goals. This award shows we are getting it right consistently and we’re very proud of that.” For further information visit www.reedboardall.com

Double-decker: One of Reed Boardall’s pioneering two-level refrigerated trailers, which carry over 50% more packaged frozen foods than a standard trailer, meaning fewer journeys and smaller carbon footprint. Tesco has named Reed Boardall its ‘Frozen Foods Haulier of the Year 2012-13’




“ Too good to miss”



Well over 800 members and guests gathered together for a great night of entertainment on Thursday, 13 June at the Hilton on Park Lane for the BFFF Gala Dinner Dance and Annual Awards 2013.


he opportunity for networking always has great appeal to our members and the reception rooms buzzed in the early part of the evening as members and their valued customers got together. We’re grateful to all the guests who have given such positive feedback in praise of the event, both at the event and afterwards. Thank you very much for your feedback. Nick Shaw welcomed our members and their customers on the last dinner dance with Nick as BFFF President before Peter Allan of Cargill takes over the reins at the AGM in November. We’ve had fantastic support for this occasion, not only from members who booked early in the year, but also from those companies who 26 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

have shown their additional support through sponsorship. We’re very grateful to our five sponsors who made such a fantastic contribution to the occasion and enabled us to create another evening of prestige and entertainment that befits the reputation for which this event is renowned. Our thanks to Sam Browne Foods who once again sponsored the cabaret, which this year was provided by the very entertaining London Community Gospel Choir who put together a very contemporary set that encouraged guests to get to their feet and fill the dance floor - the first time that’s happened before the dessert course! Freiberger once again sponsored Rollacoaster who started off

the evening’s music after the awards presentations and still had a packed dance floor at the end of the evening. It was certainly an evening to be remembered, not least for the energy shown on the dance floor when hundreds of guests danced non-stop to the fabulous Bogus Brothers - back by popular demand to give us their lively renditions of some dancing favourites. It’s such a good feeling to see everyone enjoying themselves so much. Thanks for being so enthusiastic. You certainly have the reputation for entering into the spirit of the occasion and surely there can be no other audience that enjoys dancing as much as we do.






1 Rollacoaster fill the dance floor 2 First class cabaret from the London Community Gospel Choir 3 Jenny Wilson and Nicky Dixey of 3663 4 Sponsor of the cabaret, Sam Browne Foods gets the party started 5 Goodlife Foods joins in the fun 6 Awards sponsor, David Richardson with wife, Theresa, and David Sola of Houlihan Lokey (l-r) 7 Andy Kemp of 3663, Antony Bennett of La Tasa/La Vina and Gary Emery of TSC Foods (l-r) 8 Dancing the night away

We are also grateful to the sponsors of our Awards for supporting us in our recognition of new product development in the industry. Our thanks go to NewCold who sponsored the Catering Sector and to the Yearsley Group who sponsored the Retail Sector for the fifth year running. Your support makes a big difference to the Federation’s work in running the Awards and your generosity is very much appreciated. Thanks too to Iceland Foods for their continued sponsorship of the seating brochure. Lots more to follow in this Bulletin about the Awards, but I must thank all the audience present on the night for showing their partisan spirit in such a positive way. That’s just what we want - audience participation. Thanks to

all the winners for their positive reactions. Congratulations to all the Gold Award winners and also to those companies who achieved Silver and Bronze Awards. It takes a team of people to achieve successful products and all the winning companies should be justly proud of their success in an awards scheme that attracts so many entries. We are so grateful to all our sponsors for enabling us to create such a memorable occasion. It was certainly an evening to be remembered not least because it was my last occasion. To those many, many people past and present who have supported the events, awards and all the other work I have been involved in on behalf of BFFF, a big thank you from me. It has

been a pleasure knowing you. I wish you every success in your business life and, more importantly, at a personal level I wish health and happiness for you and your family in the future. I am sure the next BFFF Dinner Dance will be just as enjoyable for you all, so put the date in your diary now - it’s the second Thursday in June...Thursday, 12 June 2014.

Lynn Carr Commercial and Business Services Manager THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 27



12 11

Great night, great entertainment 13






9 Sponsoring the Retail Awards for the fifth year, Harry Yearsley and guests 10 Laila and Nazir Remtulla of Laila’s Fine Foods Ltd 11 Raquel Morrison, Jan McKee and Lisa Butterworth of Dr Oetker (l-r) 12 Nigel and Beverley Broadhurst of Iceland, sponsors of the seating brochure 13 Hannah Stone provides music whilst we dine 14 Aisling Kemp and Nicola Mills of BAR Foods (l-r) 15 Sponsors, Sam Browne Foods with MRC The Flava People 16 Sponsor of Rollacoaster band, Freiberger raise a glass



17 A warm welcome to NewCold, sponsors of the Catering Awards 18 Lynn and Alf Carr 19 Rachel Ferguson (l) and Harriet Rodgers (r) of Pelican PR with Gary Scattergood, Food Manufacture 20 Nick Shaw, BFFF President, welcomes all guests 21 We certainly danced ‘1000 miles’ for the Bogus Brothers! 22 Nick Shaw, BFFF President, with his wife Sharon welcome guests to the Champagne Reception





Table talk 1




5 1

Toast to Icefresh Foods


A warm welcome to ABP Food Group


Asda Stores entertains its guests in style

4 & 5 Young’s Foodservice is out in force 6

Brian Young, BFFF Director-General announces the winners


McCain is certainly ready to party



8 9


Karro Foods is out in force - enjoying the evening


Food Team International ready to dance the night away

11 & 12 Stephen Waugh and Simon Hurran of Ardo welcome all their guests 13

Celebrating the night together are Freeworld Foods, Grant Thornton, Innovate Foods, Kepak and Dawn Meats Crosshands


Partying the night away - Lyons Seafoods






Table talk




18 15 Oak Farm Foods enjoys the evening with their host Ann Tysoe 16  Kate Miller of KLM Media and Mags Walker of the fabl join the BFFF Team 17  Pinguin Foods ready to party 18  Warm welcome to Lakeside Food Group 19 Jim Forsyth raises a glass to his guests of Norbert Dentressangle



20 Brian Young welcomes BFFF guests to the Director-General’s table 21 Smiles all round from Golden Foods and guests




22 Peter Denolf of Snack Food Poco Loco, Mags Walker of the fabl and Elizabeth Garrity of Topan (l-r) 23 Raised glasses from Plusfood 24 Looking splendid - Goodlife Foods 25 BRF UK, IMCD, Via Coldstores and Topan are ready to set the dance floor alight! 26 Great smiles from Ticco Foods 27 Entertaining together - Pidy, DiSotto and Scelta Mushrooms 28 Nick Shaw welcomes guests to the President’s Reception







Table talk 29



29 Smiles all round from Whitby Seafoods 30 Woodward Foodservice parties in style 31 Paul Dunne entertains guests of Mostell Foods 32 Lana Parakhomikene of Westbridge Foods and Andy Thompson of Greencore 33 Dr Oetker enjoys the evening 34 Warm welcome to Classic Cuisine 35 Nick Shaw, BFFF President welcomes guests to his table







37 36 Ali Hannaford welcomes all her guests on the Paramount 21 table 37 Lucy Stoutt and Richard Murphy of Woodstock Foods LLP 38 Freezeserve, Green Isle, Karro, Frank Dale and erlenbacher - sharing wine and laughs 39 Sharing the evening - Ercolano UK, Sea Products International and Golden Valley Pallet Wrap 40 A welcome toast to Cargill Meats Europe 41 Mars gets ready to party the night away




42 BFFF Team wishing everyone a fab evening



RETAIL and the

winners are... A TRIUMPH OF TASTE 2013 Director-General Brian Young introduces the winners of the BFFF Annual Awards 2013 Retail category OVER THE PAST 26 years, BFFF’s new product awards event has become the ‘Oscars of the Frozen Food Industry’. This year’s Annual Awards and Gala Dinner Dance attended by over 800 guests at the London Hilton on Park Lane was a triumph of taste, quality and innovation The awards reward and recognise the terrific quality and product development in the frozen food market during the past year - and the winners of both the Retail and Catering Award categories didn’t disappoint despite this being a testing year for the food industry. This year’s Retail Awards celebrate the particular success the frozen food sector has enjoyed in these difficult economic times as consumers appreciate benefits such as value, superb quality, minimal waste and locked-in goodness. 36 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

Showcasing all of these benefits is the Retail Product of the Year for 2013 - M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies from Daregal Gourmet. Many people leave their jars of herbs in the cupboard expecting them to be as good as they were when they bought them, but the simple truth is they’ve been deteriorating and losing their flavour from day one. It is no surprise, therefore, that this truly superb product from Daregal, highlighting locked-in flavour was rated so highly by discerning consumers. Consumer panels throughout the UK judge the Retail Awards, rating products for appearance, taste, innovation, packaging, preparation instructions, likelihood of purchase and value for money. The frozen food market has been the consumers’ friend for over 5 years now, consistently showing value growth and outperforming all other grocery sectors, a trend that looks set to continue. Sponsored by the Yearsley Group, leaders in frozen food and logistics, the 2013 Retail Awards also honoured Iceland and Aldi, plus producers Coppenrath & Wiese, Kerry Foods and Greencore Frozen Foods.

The frozen food retail market, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the year to the 17 March 2013, is growing by 4.5% year on year in value terms and frozen remains the fastest growing sector in grocery. The sector has enjoyed 25 quarters of annual value growth out of the past 26 quarters. In the past year the frozen sector out-performed all other sectors in the grocery market. As the economy bumps along the bottom and household incomes continue to be very squeezed, there is every prospect that the frozen food sector will continue to be the star category of the future.

Sponsored by

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 RETAIL Awards Results

Retail Product of the Year M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies by Daregal Gourmet Ltd

Best New Fish-Based Product

Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns Iceland Luxury 12 King Prawn Combo Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Fish Pie

Aldi UK Iceland Foods Ltd Fullers Foods International Plc

Best New Poultry-Based Product

Iceland Luxury 18 Duck Duo M Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek Pie Creamy Chicken Masala

Iceland Foods Ltd Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Iceland Foods Ltd

Best New Pizza, Savouries and Savoury Bread Product

Asda Chosen by you 4 Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings Asda Chosen by you Stonebaked Double Pepperoni & Chorizo Pizza Asda Chosen by you Extra Thin & Crispy Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza

Greencore Frozen Foods Freiberger UK Ltd Freiberger UK Ltd

Best New Meat-Based Product

Sainsbury’s Pub Specials Slow Cooked Beef in Red Wine Asda Chosen by You 2 Bistro Steak & Ale Pies Easy Carve Boneless Breaded Gammon Joint

Kerry Foods Oliver James Foods Ltd Iceland Foods Ltd

Best New VegetableBased Product

M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies M Morrisons Chopped Garlic Bannisters’ Farm Littl’uns 6 Small Baked Jacket Potatoes

Daregal Gourmet Ltd Daregal Gourmet Ltd Farmhouse Potato Bakers Ltd

Best New Ice Cream/ Ice Cream Dessert Product

Gianni’s Ice Creams Deluxe Gold 3 American Peanut Gianni’s Ice Creams Deluxe Gold 3 Latte Macchiato Gianni’s Ice Creams Deluxe Gold 3 Creamy Caramel

Aldi UK Aldi UK Aldi UK

Best New Dessert/ Confectionery Product

Conditorei Patisserie Selection Conditorei Bailey’s Profiterole Gateau Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Apple Pie

Coppenrath & Wiese (UK) Ltd Iceland Foods Ltd Coppenrath & Wiese (UK) Ltd

Details compiled from entry forms



Freiberger One of the world’s leading manufacturers of frozen and refrigerated pizzas FREIBERGER IS THE largest producer of pizzas for the Own Label market in Europe, with three factories in Germany, one in Austria and a chilled pizza factory in the UK. Utilising the latest technology, the company is a one-stop shop for any retailer looking for a category approach to their frozen pizza range. With significant investment over many years, the company is now able to offer a comprehensive range of pizza base types and toppings, with over 1,500 recipes. Freiberger has been in the UK market since 1994, giving it significant experience in UK taste, which ranges from simple Margheritas to Sweet Chilli Chicken or Red Onion Marmalade flavours.

Testimony to its skill lies in the 11 awards it has won at the BFFF Annual Awards including three Golds. The company recently won The Grocer Gold award for Own Label Frozen Pizza with an Aldi Margherita triple pack pizza, against competitors selling at much higher retail prices. Freiberger’s recipes are all clean label with no additives, colours or artificial flavours something that the company believes resonates with today’s consumers looking for good wholesome food to feed themselves and their families. Over the last few years, it has reduced the salt content of all pizzas, and is proud to have achieved 2012 targets in 2011.

Freiberger was a proud sponsor of the Rollacoaster band at the BFFF Gala Dinner Dance and Annual Awards 2013. www.freiberger.de

Sam Browne Brings on the Cabaret ESTABLISHED IN 1999, Sam Browne Foods, based in East Yorkshire, manufactures globally procured meat and poultry in a variety of formats and flavours to meet the needs of customers in retail, manufacturing and foodservice. The company offers a wide range of products and creates bespoke to order. It is BRC accredited, and a member of BFFF and the British Sandwich Association. This year Sam Browne Foods has expanded its factory, adding a new cold store, offices, and production space. This nearly doubles the capacity of the factory, and enables the company to continue an expansion programme. Sam Browne Foods was a proud sponsor of the cabaret at the BFFF Gala Dinner Dance and Annual Awards 2013. Director Tony Worthington, said: “Sam Browne Foods is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of service, innovation and production within the cooked, flavoured 38 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

meats and ready meals sector. We fully recognise the important role that the BFFF plays in the industry and are very pleased to support the BFFF by sponsoring the cabaret yet again at this year’s dinner dance.” www.sambrownefoods.co.uk

BFFF Annual Awards 2013

RETAIL Awards Product of the Year

HOT WIN FOR DAREGAL GOURMET CHILLIES Daregal Gourmet scoops Retail Product of the Year 2013 for its M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies

DAREGAL GOURMET DELIGHTED this year’s consumer panels with its superb range of frozen chopped herbs, a winning substitute for the tired, old, flavour-losing herbs in a jar. The M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies, a 75g-container of frozen, ready-to-use, chopped red chillies, was the standout Gold winner in its category and worthy Retail Product of The Year 2013.

when they bought them but can often be months or years old - the simple truth is they’ve been deteriorating and losing their flavour from day one. It is no surprise, therefore, that this truly superb product from Daregal, highlighting how all the flavour is locked in for a considerable amount of time, has been rated so highly by discerning consumers.”

The range of products, which included Silver Award-winning Chopped Garlic, really hit the mark as far as consumer judges were concerned, offering an innovative fresh-fromthe-freezer substitute and superb consistency for just £1.35 a pack.

According to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel (up to mid-March 2013), the retail frozen food market has grown by 4.5% year-onyear in value terms; frozen remains the fastest growing sector in grocery. Driving growth is the value that frozen food offers - a benefit for consumers during difficult economic circumstances - the increasing quality of the products available, minimal waste and locked-in goodness. As it becomes the consumers’ friend in these really difficult times, BFFF believes it is destined to enjoy even more growth in the years ahead.

Brian Young, BFFF Director-General, says, “The Retail Product of the Year is a truly outstanding product and highlights the locked-in goodness of frozen. Many people leave their jars of herbs in the cupboard expecting them to be as good as they were

Retail Product of the Year M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies by Daregal Gourmet Ltd

Retail Product of the Year Martin McIlroy (cl), Daregal Gourmet Ltd and David Bartle (cr), Morrisons receive the Retail Product of Year Award from Harry Yearsley (l), Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF


Darégal Gourmet wins BFFF Retail products of the year 2013 Over the last 25 years, the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has run its prestigious Annual Awards for new products, which have become known as the ‘Oscars of the Frozen Food Industry’, as they reward and recognise high quality product development in the frozen food sector throughout the year.


Darégal Gourmet with its partners Fuller Foods PLC (A specialist frozen food operation successfully supplying both the Retail and Food Service markets), are pleased to have won the prestige awards in conjunction with Morrison’s PLC. The relationship between all three reflects all that is good in terms of supplying the discerning consumer. Culinary innovation, combined with efficient supply chain management and a retailer who knows it customers helped ensure that not only was the gold and silver awarded within its category but also the coveted Retailer Product of the year Award was won by the Chopped Red Chilli. The 13 TH June, Darégal Gourmet wins not one but THREE BFFF AWARDS


Darégal group is the world leader of aromatic herbs. Its global mastery in agriculture and processing allow us to select the best raw materials for our range of products. The exceptional attributes of our herbs, visual, aroma and flavour are the foundations of our products. These unique and differentiating qualities provide the consumer with an ingredient to use in any culinary dish. Ready to use and available all the year, frozen herbs meet the consumers’ expectations for taste, freshness, and culinary experience.

SILVER Harry Yearsley of Yearsley Group, Martin McIlroy of Darégal Gourmet, David Bartle of Morrisons and Nick Shaw (President BFFF)

DAREGAL GOURMET LIMITED – www.daregalgourmet.co.uk

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 RETAIL Awards Best New Fish Based Product ALDI CAME UP trumps again with another excellent fish product to take the Gold Award. Aldi Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns are peeled raw jumbo king prawns in a protective ice glaze. Retailing for £1.99, the product was top of our consumer panel’s voting. The Silver Award went to Iceland for its Luxury 12 King Prawn Combo of 6 butterfly prawn toasts and 6 torpedo king prawns, with a sweet chilli sauce, all for £3. Bronze winner was another Aldi product: Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Fish Pie by Fullers Foods International.

Gold Fish GOLD Paul Cunningham (c) of Aldi, receives the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Fish SILVER Alastair Crimp, Iceland Foods Ltd receives the Silver Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

Bronze Fish BRONZE Dan Hobson (r) and Paul Cunningham (c) of Aldi receive the Bronze Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

WINNER - Aldi Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns

Image for illustration purposes only


BFFF Annual Awards 2013 RETAIL Awards

Best New Poultry Based Product ICELAND SCOOPED THE Gold Award with its Iceland Luxury 18 Duck Duo, a luxurious, innovative duck duo from the Iceland luxury range. Retailing at £3 consumers will be delighted with its 9 duck pancakes and 9 oriental duck pyramids which are a delicious duo of hand-tied hoisin duck pancakes and crisp oriental duck pyramids with an aromatic sauce for dipping. The Silver Award went to the Morrisons’ new M range - Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek Pie. Retailing for £2, the mouth-watering pie is made from shortcrust pastry filled with chicken, shredded ham hock and leeks in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with a puff pastry lid. Bronze winner was Iceland’s medium-hot Creamy Chicken Masala.

Gold Poultry GOLD Corrin Lawson [c], Iceland Foods Ltd, Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Poultry SILVER Leanne Walters (c) & Lee Harding (r) of Morrisons receive the Silver Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of the Yearsley Group

Bronze Poultry BRONZE Corrin Lawson of Iceland Foods Ltd receives the Bronze Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of the Yearsley Group

WINNER - Iceland Luxury 18 Duck Duo

Best New Pizza, Savouries & Savoury Bread Product ASDA CHOSEN BY YOU products collected all three awards in this fiercely competitive product sector. Clearly the Asda Chosen by you message and process is reaping rich rewards. Gold winner was 4 Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings made by Greencore Frozen Foods. Retailing at just £1, it’s ready baked and made with dripping and free range eggs. Silver and Bronze Awards went to pizza products produced by the extremely innovative Freiberger UK Ltd. Double Pepperoni & Chorizo Pizza picked up the Silver; Bronze went to sister product - an Extra Thin & Crispy Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza. Both retail for £1.50.

Gold Pizza/Savoury GOLD Kate Pearson (cl) & Juliette Protheroe (cr) of Greencore Frozen Foods receive the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Pizza/Savoury Bronze Pizza/Savoury WINNER - Asda Chosen By You Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings 42 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

SILVER/BRONZE Matt Whitwood (c) of Freiberger UK Ltd and Phil Padgett (r) of Asda receive the Silver and Bronze Awards from Jonathan Baker (l) of the Yearsley Group

Best New Meat Based Product KERRY FOODS WON the Gold Award under the Sainsbury’s Pub Specials range for its Slow Cooked Beef in Red Wine with Gratin Potatoes that retails at £3. Silver Award winner was an Asda Chosen by you product from Oliver James Foods. These 2 Bistro Steak & Ale Pies also retail at £3. Bronze winner was Iceland’s Easy Carve Boneless Breaded Gammon Joint retailing at £3.50.

Gold Meat GOLD Mark Boyle (c), Kerry Foods receives the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Meat SILVER Andrew Berisford (r), Oliver James Foods receives the Silver Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

WINNER - Sainsbury’s Pub Specials Slow Cooked Beef in Red Wine

Bronze Meat BRONZE Andy Hornsby (r), of Iceland Foods Ltd receives the Bronze Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

Best New Vegetable Based Product DAREGAL GOURMET DELIGHTED our consumer panels with its superb range of frozen chopped herbs. The Gold winning product was M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies, frozen ready-touse chopped red chillies in a 75g container for £1.35. Replacing the tired, old, flavour-losing herbs in a jar, these new products from Daregal really hit the mark as far as consumers are concerned. The Silver Award was won by Daregal’s Chopped Garlic in the same M Morrisons range, also for £1.35. Bronze winner was Farmhouse Potato Bakers Ltd with its Bannisters’ Farm Littl’uns 6 Small Baked Jacket Potatoes for £2.

Gold Vegetable GOLD Martin McIlroy (c), Daregal Gourmet receives the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Vegetable SILVER David Bartle (cl) & Leanne Walters (cr) of Morrisons & Martin McIlroy (r) of Daregal Gourmet Ltd receive the Silver Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

Bronze Vegetable BRONZE Farmhouse Potato Bakers Ltd

WINNER - M Morrisons Chopped Red Chillies THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 43



*Laboratory Tested

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 RETAIL Awards

Best New Ice Cream, Ice Cream Dessert Product ALDI SCOOPED ALL three awards in the incredibly competitive ice cream sector. Gianni’s range of Deluxe Gold ice cream products trounced the opposition, with all the products selling at £1.49. In a tough contest, the Deluxe Gold 3 American Peanut took the Gold Award. This vanilla-flavoured ice cream has hazelnut sauce covered with a milk chocolate flavoured coating and peanut pieces. Silver Award went to the Deluxe Gold 3 Latte Macchiato ice cream. Bronze winner was the Deluxe Gold 3 Creamy Caramel. The consumer panel’s choices revealed that despite the rotten economy and the awful weather, indulgent premium products are driving the sector forward.

Gold Ice Cream GOLD Dan Hobson [c], Aldi UK Foods receives the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Ice Cream Bronze Ice Cream WINNER - Gianni’s Ice Cream Deluxe Gold 3 American Peanut

SILVER/BRONZE Dan Hobson (r) and Paul Cunningham (c) of Aldi receive the Silver and Bronze Awards from Jonathan Baker (l) of The Yearsley Group

Best New Dessert, Confectionery Product COPPENRATH & WIESE took the top awards in the dessert category with its Conditorei range. The Gold Award was won by Conditorei Patisserie Selection, a dessert eater’s delight of 10 individual portions of different tortes, cream cake slices, sponge rolls and delicious tartlets for £4.50. Silver Award winner was a Conditorei Bailey’s Profiterole Gateau for £5 at Iceland. Bronze winner was an Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Apple Pie for £3.99.

Gold Dessert GOLD Robert Thomas, Coppenrath & Wiese (UK) Ltd receives the Gold Award from Harry Yearsley (l) of the Yearsley Group and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Dessert SILVER Corrin Lawson, Iceland Foods Ltd receives the Silver Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of the Yearsley Group

WINNER - Conditorei Patisserie Selection

Bronze Dessert BRONZE Robert Thomas, Coppenrath & Wiese (UK) Ltd receives the Bronze Award from Jonathan Baker (l) of the Yearsley Group


CATERING and the

winners are...

A TRIUMPH OF TASTE 2013 Director-General Brian Young introduces the winners of the BFFF Annual Awards 2013 Catering category FOOD SERVICE HAD a challenging time over the past year with disposable incomes squeezed and consumers forced to economise every way they can. As a result, the foodservice sector had to be even more ingenious, inventive and in-tune with consumer needs to tempt them to pay for food outside the home. It’s a great testament to our foodservice members that they’ve once again come up with the goods in producing a fabulous range of new products. These awards reward and recognise the terrific quality and product development in the catering frozen food market during the past year. Sponsored by NewCold, which specialises in frozen food supply chain solutions and automated warehouse services, the Catering Award was a hotly contested 46 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

competition with many entries. Those that finished up in the winners’ enclosure were outstanding, so particular praise goes to the Catering Product of the Year for 2013 - Delice de France’s Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty. Delice de France responded to an emerging demand for international flavours with its exclusive launch of Levi Roots’ pasties earlier this year. Mintel research has revealed that over a quarter of consumers are trying to be more adventurous with their pie and pasty consumption, having eaten five or more different types of pies and pasties in the past year. Other catering Gold winners included 3663, Brakes, Daregal, KK Fine Foods and TSC Foods. The category was judged by representatives of the Craft Guild of Chefs. These uncompromising experts were impressed by products that take the labour out of prestigious dishes. Frozen foods, with their established logistical benefits, continue to gain higher acceptance

in commercial kitchens through clever innovative ideas in both recipe formulation and preparation functionality, and product sector insight. Information from Horizons Foodservice shows that the foodservice market is now worth £2.2 billion. Whilst foodservice has suffered significantly during the recession, some sectors of the market have continued to prosper with fish and chip shops being one of the big winners. Also, quick service restaurants have seen significant growth whilst hotels and corporate entertaining have endured a tough period. The products entered into the Catering Awards once again demonstrate the ingenuity, resourcefulness and determination of the industry to always meet and exceed consumers’ aspirations regardless of the economic conditions.

Sponsored by

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 CATERING Awards Results

Catering Product of the Year Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty by Delice de France Plc

Best New Starter/Buffet/ Appetiser Product

M&B West African Chicken & Peanut Soup Pacific West Chilli Mango Prawns MSC Wild Alaskan Salmon Mojo Nuggets Coup de Pates Shrimp in a Potato Shell

TSC Foods Ltd Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd Three Oceans Fish Ltd Delice de France Plc

Best New Accompaniment/ Potato/Vegetable Product

Chopped Basil Herb Diced Potatoes Roberts Yorkshire Kitchen 4 Homestyle Yorkshire Puddings

Daregal Gourmet Ltd 3663 Greencore Frozen Foods

Best New Main Course/ Meal Centre Product Traditional-Style Cuisine

Pulled Pork Ask Lamb Casserole DMG Slow Cooked Belly of Pork

Brakes TSC Foods Ltd Dawn Meats Group

Best New Main Course/ Meal Centre Product International-Style Cuisine

Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles Seafood Chowder Kung Po Chicken

Brakes 3663 The Authentic Food Company Ltd

Best New Meat-Free/ Vegetarian Product

Asparagus and Pea Girasole Somerset Brie & Beetroot Chutney Tart Vegetable Chow Mein Roasted Vegetable Makhani Asda Café Boston Bean Pie

Brakes 3663 Brakes The Authentic Food Company Ltd Oliver James Foods Ltd

Best New Multi-Portion Product

Chicken Panang Butternut Squash and Sage Bake Lamb Kofta Rogan Josh

KK Fine Foods Plc KK Fine Foods Plc The Authentic Food Company Ltd

Best New Bakery/Pastries Product

Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty Nestlé Lion Mini Cakes Millionaire’s Shortbread

Delice de France Plc erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH Country Choice

Best New Dessert/Ice Cream/ Confectionery Product

Layered Chocolate Orange Truffle Torte Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding Florentine Cheesecake

3663 3663 Delice de France Plc

Details compiled from entry forms



BFFF Annual Awards 2013

CATERING Awards Product of the Year

JAMAICAN TWIST WINS FOR DELICE Delice de France wowed judges with its innovative twist on the old favourite British pasty to win Catering Product of the Year 2013 for its Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty

JUDGES FROM THE Craft Guild of Chefs fell in love with this product with one saying, “Visually a good product. Good shape and colour. Very good pastry with a well-balanced filling. Very good.” The pasties are available in both chicken and beef variants, and both consist of light puff pastry filled with tender meat, red peppers, tomatoes and Jamaican jerk seasoning and offer a contemporary alternative to the traditional British pie. Mintel research reveals that over a quarter of consumers are trying to be more adventurous with their pie and pasty consumption, having eaten five or more different types of pies and pasties in the past year. Isabelle Davis, Brand Communications Manager for Delice de France, says, “As a nation, we covet spicy world food and Caribbean is incredibly popular at the moment. By adding the new Levi Roots’ pasties to the range of offerings, outlets can create an interesting point of difference to appeal to the everchanging consumer palate.”

Catering Product of the Year Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty by Delice de France Plc

The past year has been challenging for the foodservice industry with disposable income being squeezed and consumers looking to economise wherever and whenever they can. As a result, the foodservice sector needs to be even more ingenious, inventive and in-tune with consumer needs. Brian Young, BFFF Director-General, says, “It’s a great testament to our foodservice members that they’ve once again come up with the goods in producing a fabulous range of new products. Delice de France have responded to an emerging demand for international flavours with their exclusive launch of Levi Roots’ pasties earlier this year.”

Catering Product of the Year Martin Sturgess (cr), Delice de France Plc, receives the Catering Product of the Year Award from Lee Maycock (l), Craft Guild of Chefs, Bram Hage (cl), NewCold and Nick Shaw, President, BFFF

The BFFF Catering Awards were sponsored by NewCold which specialises in frozen food supply chain solutions and offers state of the art, large scale automated warehouse services, as the centrepiece of its scope of supply.


Darégal Gourmet wins BFFF Catering Gold Award in 2013


Over the last 25 years, the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has run its prestigious Annual Awards for new products, which have become known as the ‘Oscars of the Frozen Food Industry’, as they reward and recognise high quality product development in the frozen food market during the year. These are challenging and difficult times for the food service industry with disposable income being squeezed and consumers looking to economise wherever and whenever they can, requiring the food service sector to be even more inventive and in-tune with consumer needs 13TH June 2013, Darégal Gourmet wins best new Accompaniment For Foodservice/Catering with their Frozen Basil BFFF AWARDS

!"#$ %









Flat parsley

Spring onion








Chopped red onion

Chervil Coriander Dill Ginger

Darégal group is the world leader of aromatic herbs. Its global mastery in Agriculture and processing allow us to select the best raw materials for our range of products. The exceptional qualities of our herbs, visual, aroma and taste are the foundation of our products. These unique and differentiating things provide the caterer with the ingredients to use in a wide range of applications. Ready to use and available all the year, frozen herbs meet the caterers needs for taste, freshness and cost effectiveness without compromising their customers culinary experience.

Curly parsley Garlic cloves Sliced shallot

Jonathan Barker of Yearsley Group, Phil Giles of Darégal Gourmet

Jonathan Yearsley group and Phillip Giles of Daregal Gourmet DAREGALBarker, GOURMET LIMITED – www.daregalgourmet.co.uk


BFFF Annual Awards 2013 CATERING Awards Results Best New Starter, Buffet, Appetiser Product TSC FOODS SCOOPED Gold with its stunning new starter M&B West African Chicken & Peanut Soup. This highly innovative product wowed our judges who described it as, “A very good quality soup. Great idea. Great texture, robust and full of flavour. Good colour. Will suit most palates.” Joint Silver went to Pacific West Foods for its Chilli Mango Prawns which represents a good sized prawn with a good kick of chilli, and to Three Oceans Fish for its MSC Wild Alaskan Salmon Mojo Nuggets that have a golden citrus and garlic coating with golden breadcrumbs. Bronze Award winner was Delice de France with its Coup de Pates Shrimp in a Potato Shell.

Gold Starter GOLD Gary Emery, TSC Foods, receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Starter JOINT SILVER (TOP) Ben Ingham (l), Eric Rose (cl), Nick Baker (cr), James Semple (r) of Pacific West Foods (UK) receive Silver from Mike Young (c) of NewCold (BOTTOM) Geoffrey Druce (c) and Tim Rose (r) of Three Oceans Fish receive Silver from (l) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Starter BRONZE Mike Young (l), NewCold, Martin Sturgess of Delice de France Plc (c) and Piet Meijs of NewCold (r)

WINNER - TSC Foods M&B West African Chicken & Peanut Soup

Best New Accompaniment, Potato, Vegetable Product DAREGAL GOURMET TRIUMPHED with its highly innovative Chopped Basil, from the frozen herb range which was also a hit in the retail category. The catering judges from the Craft Guild of Chefs loved this product with some applauding the great colour, others loving the concept and the convenience; one said, “It was a great delivery of flavour”. Silver Award went to 3663’s Herb Diced Potatoes, which is perfect for the education, healthcare, business, industry and pubs sectors and meets the Department of Health salt targets for 2012. Bronze Award was won by Roberts Yorkshire Kitchen 4 Homestyle Yorkshire Pudding from Greencore Frozen Foods.

Gold Accompaniment GOLD Martin McIlroy (cl) and Philip Giles (cr) of Daregal Gourmet receive the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Accompaniment SILVER David Wood (l), Jenny Wilson (cl), Nicky Dixey (cr) and Pam Maclean (r) of 3663 receive the Silver Award from (c) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Accompaniment BRONZE John McInnes Smith (r) and Kate Pearson (c) of Greencore Frozen Foods receives the Bronze Award from (l) Mike Young of NewCold

WINNER - Daregal Gourmet Chopped Basil THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 51

Award-winning chefs. Award-winning recipes. Every one of our dishes is created by our award-winning chefs using authentic ethnic ingredients - then frozen with great care.

To find out more about The Authentic Food Company visit www.tafc.com

June13 Half Page BFFF ad.indd 1

28/06/2013 10:38

Our new Mini Cakes are real treats, because … … they combine well-known and loved flavours, with the erlenbacher quality.

eb_AZ_Lion_GB_BFFF.indd 1


13 SIL 20

For more information please contact erlenbacher backwaren gmbh Mr. Martin Loweth, UK Sales Manager +44 (0)78 7962 3846 Martin.Loweth@de.nestle.com www.erlenbacher.co.uk



Our mini cakes have great flavours and are perfect little “in between” treats.

24.06.13 10:01

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 CATERING Awards Results Best New Main Course, Meal Centre Product Traditional-Style THE GOLD AWARD winner this year went to Brakes for its Pulled Pork product, a slow-cooked pork dish with a light bbq marinade. Perfect for caterers to add their own twist to, serve in a wrap or offer as an alternative to a traditional burger. Our judges agreed with one saying, “A good product, nicely shredded with just the right amount of dressing. Good texture and flavours.” Silver Award winner was Ask Lamb Casserole from TSC Foods for its nice lamb flavour and good variety of ingredients. Bronze Award winner was DMG Slow Cooked Belly of Pork from Dawn Meats Group.

Gold Main Traditional GOLD Sam Douglas, Brakes receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Main Traditional SILVER Gary Emery of TSC Foods receives the Silver Award from (l) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Main Traditional BRONZE Dermot Slade (l), Alejo Desprats (c), and Shaun Scally (r) of Dawn Meats Group

WINNER - Brakes Pulled Pork

Best New Main Course, Meal Centre Product International-Style THE GOLD AWARD winner was Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles from Brakes. The chicken strips come with egg noodles and a sweet chilli sauce with very innovative packaging. Our judges were bowled over by this product; one said, “Great idea and marketing. Packaging a fab addition. Flavoured well with a good amount of meat content.” Silver winner was 3663’s Seafood Chowder containing fish, mussels and pancetta, launched as part of its ‘around the world’ campaign for the London 2012 Games and perfect for gastro pubs and restaurants. Bronze Award winner was The Authentic Food Company’s Kung Po Chicken.

Gold Main International GOLD David Innes of Brakes receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Main International SILVER David Wood (l), Jenny Wilson (cl), Nicky Dixey (cr) and Pam Maclean (r) of 3663 receive the Silver Award from (c) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Main International BRONZE Sanjay Sighat (l) & Nik Basran (r) of The Authentic Food Company receive the Bronze Award from (c) Mike Young of NewCold

WINNER - Brakes Sweet Chilli Chicken THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 53

BFFF Annual Awards 2013 CATERING Awards Results Best New Meat-Free, Vegetarian Product IN A STUNNING category brimming with innovation, the clear winner of the Gold Award was Brakes with its Asparagus and Pea Girasole. Aimed at the profit sector in foodservice, it consists of a sunflower shaped egg pasta parcel with an asparagus and pea filling. One judge said it had, “Good texture, flavour subtle and nice, good component to the sauce. Colour and shape good.” Winning a Joint Silver for its Somerset Brie & Beetroot Chutney Tart was 3663. The tart, endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, is part of its British Range made from at least 65% British ingredients. Sharing Silver was Brakes with its Vegetable Chow Mein. Bronze was also shared this year between The Authentic Food Company for its Roasted Vegetable Makhani and Oliver James Foods for its Asda Café Boston Bean Pie.

Gold Vegetarian GOLD David Innes of Brakes receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r), President, BFFF

Silver Vegetarian JOINT SILVER (TOP) David Wood (l) Jenny Wilson (cl), Nicky Dixey (cr) and Pam Maclean (r) of 3663 receive Silver from (c) Mike Young of NewCold (BOTTOM) Mike Young of NewCold with Brakes’ Joanna Brett, Samantha Douglas, Heidi Easby, Adam Martin and Vanessa Foord (from left)

Bronze Vegetarian JOINT BRONZE [TOP] Sanjay Sighat (l) and Nik Basran (r) of The Authentic Food Company receive Bronze Award from Mike Young (c) of NewCold [BOTTOM] Andrew Berisford (r) of Oliver James Foods, receives the Bronze Award

WINNER - Brakes Asparagus and Pea Girasole

Best New Multi-Portion Product KK FINE FOODS PERFORMED superbly by winning both the Gold and Silver in this highly competitive category. Gold Award winner is KK’s Chicken Panang, served in partnership with Virgin Trains, and consisting of tender pieces of slow cooked free-range chicken thigh in a spicy red Thai curry sauce with onion, coconut and nuts finished with Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves. Silver Award winner was its Butternut Squash and Sage Bake made from a rich slow roast tomato sauce interleaved with delicate butternut squash topped with a rich creamy spinach, ricotta and Cheddar cheese sauce finished with breadcrumbs, pumpkin seed, pecorino regatta cheese and sage. Bronze Award winner was The Authentic Food Company’s Lamb Kofta Rogan Josh.

Gold Multi-Portion GOLD Paul Chittenden, KK Fine Foods receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Multi-Portion SILVER (from left) Gordon Mills, KK, Ruth Powell, Marstons, Mike Young, NewCold, Paul Chittenden, Stuart Davey and Samir Edwards of KK


Bronze Multi-Portion BRONZE Sanjay Sighat (l) and Nik Basran (r) of The Authentic Food Company Ltd receive the Bronze Award from (c) Mike Young of NewCold

Best New Bakery, Pastries Product HIGH QUALITY AND intensely competitive, the bakery sector was won by Delice de France with its Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty. This superb product, named Catering Product of The Year 2013, consists of light puff pastry filled with tender meat, red peppers, tomatoes and Jamaican jerk seasoning - a contemporary alternative to the traditional British pie. The Silver Award went to erlenbacher Backwaren for its Nestlé Lion Mini Cakes, a chocolate and caramel experience with crispy topping of Lion Pops and chocolate-coated wheat beads. Bronze Award winner was Country Choice’s Millionaire’s Shortbread.

Gold Bakery GOLD Martin Sturgess, Delice de France Plc receives the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Bakery SILVER Bernhard Neumeister of erlenbacher Backwaren receives the Silver Award from (l) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Bakery BRONZE Stephen Hatton of Country Choice receives the Bronze Award from (l) Mike Young of NewCold

WINNER - Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Chicken Pasty

Best New Dessert, Ice Cream, Confectionery Product 3663 TRIUMPHED IN this category winning both Gold and Silver for its delicious desserts. Taking the Gold Award was its Layered Chocolate Orange Truffle Torte, made from crisp chocolate crumb, layered with a rich chocolate orange truffle, topped with a dark chocolate marquis mousse and a caramel mirror glaze. The judges simply loved this product; one said, “Rich, smooth, light and a delight! A good glazed top. Portion size spot on.” 3663’s Silver winner was a Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding from its British Range - containing at least 65% British ingredients. Bronze Award winner was Delice de France’s Florentine Cheesecake.

Gold Dessert GOLD Jenny Wilson (cl) and Nicky Dixey (cr), 3663 receive the Gold Award from Bram Hage (l) of NewCold and Nick Shaw (r) President, BFFF

Silver Dessert SILVER David Wood (l) Jenny Wilson (cl), Nicky Dixey (cr) and Pam Maclean (r) 3663 receive the Silver Award from (c) Mike Young of NewCold

Bronze Dessert BRONZE Mike Young (l), NewCold, Martin Sturgess of Delice de France Plc (c) and Piet Meijs (r) of NewCold

WINNER - 3663’s Layered Chocolate Orange Truffle Torte THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 55

Award winning family favourites Multi award winning Yorkshire puddings, proudly brought to you by Greencore

f ou Bee en by Yector s o h C r Asda etail s Gold fo ping in the R ip r D

IN MADE Bronze f or R SHIRinE the Foooberts 4" Hom YORK d Se est rvice se





Greencore are proud to announce their success at the recent BFFF awards, winning Gold and Bronze One-stop shop for all your Yorkshire pudding needs Contact us for further information: Retail: Andy Lowe / 0113 297 6000 / andrew.lowe@greencore.com 56 Service: THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 Food John McInnes-Smith / 0113 297 6000 / john.mcinnes-smith@greencore.com

Celebrating the

Industry Winners

Leading the way THE AUTHENTIC FOOD Company (TAFC) swept the board at this year’s awards with four recognitions. Established in 1985 and one of the leading suppliers of quality frozen ethnic ready meals in the UK, TAFC achieved Bronze Awards in the catering section for Best New Main Course for Kung Po Chicken, Best New Meat Free Product for Roasted Vegetable Makhani and Best New Multi Portion Product for Lamb Kofta Rogan Josh. Iceland was also awarded a Bronze for TAFC produced Creamy Chicken Masala in the retail sector. Managing

Hot stuff!

Triple winners BRAKES BRILLIANCE SHONE when it became the only company to scoop an impressive three Gold Awards. The food

PACIFIC WEST SHOWED it was on fire (again!) after scooping Silver for the second year running in the Starter/ Buffet/Appetiser Product Category for its Chilli Mango Prawn. In this competitive environment, Managing Director, Eric Rose said innovation and quality continued to be the keys to success. Crediting the achievements of the award as a global team effort, as the idea came from Australia and was developed and manufactured in Malaysia, he added: “We will continue to offer our customers new products every year.”

service supplier had its Pulled Pork named as Best New Main Course / Meal Centre Product Traditional Style Cuisine category, Sweet Chilli Chicken Snack Box won Best New Main Course / Meal Centre Product - International Cuisine, and in the Best New Meat Free / Vegetarian Product category, Brakes Asparagus & Pea Girasole came up trumps. Its Vegetable Chow Mein Snack Box picked up Silver. Heidi Easby, category merchandising director, said: “Quality food is the foundation of our business. We are dedicated...to meeting the ever-changing and diverse requirements of our customers so we are delighted to receive recognition for four of our new products. This is a fantastic achievement and a glowing endorsement.”

Director Nik Basran said, “We are immensely proud of all the BFFF awards we have received over the years....and delighted to be walking away this year, with awards across more categories than any other supplier.”

Perfect puds THE TASTY TEAMWORK of Greencore and Asda got the judges drooling over their award-winning Yorkshire pudding. Chosen by You 4 pack of Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings triumphed Gold. The new recipe combined with real beef dripping, developed by the leading manufacturer of convenience food and the supermarket chain, proved a hit with Asda shoppers - and the judges! Nigel Whittaker, Commercial Director at Greencore, said: “We are delighted with this win. It clearly demonstrates the continuing and collaborative working relationships we have with Asda and how a quality product with a clear target audience will help develop a category”. For more informations please visit www.greencore.com THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 57

Rising to the top LEADING BAKERY MANUFACTURER and foodservice operator Delice de France triumphed for the second year in a row, winning four awards. The Levi Roots’ Pasties won Gold in the Best New Bakery/Pastries product category, The Florentine Cheesecake took Bronze in the Best New Dessert/Ice Cream/Confectionery product category and The Coup de Pates Shrimp in a Potato Shell canapé won Bronze in the Best New Starter/ Buffet/Appetiser Product category. And to top it all, Delice de France was also presented with the prestigious award for Overall Catering Product of the Year for the Levi Roots’ Chicken Pasty. Isabelle Davis, Brand Communications Manager, said: “We are very passionate about our products and a huge amount of dedication and research goes into ensuring that they are always of the best quality and in tune with what our customers and consumers are looking for....to encourage them to return again and again.”

Roaring success THE MOREISH AND delicious LION Mini Cake had the judges’ mouths watering when they crowned it with the Silver award. The erlenbacher chocolate and caramel treat, which consists of a moist muffin base covered with delicious caramel cream and coated in nougat cream, finished with a crispy topping of Lion Pops and chocolate-coated wheat beads, is part of the delicious frozen cake range, and is ideal for snacks.

For more information please visit www.erlenbacher.co.uk


Doing it for the kids! TEA-TIME TANTRUMS may soon be a thing of the past if Bannisters’ Farm has anything to do with it. The family business, based in Yorkshire, was inspired to produce Little’uns, a box of small jacket potatoes perfect for tiny appetites, after listening to their own little’ uns! Zoë Bannister, Commercial Director for Bannisters’ Farm, said: “We were inspired by our own needs as mothers of young children, as our larger baked potatoes were realistically a little too big for their smaller appetites but our children loved the taste and the speed with which they could be on the table.” And it’s clear the young ones know what they’re talking about after the product picked up the Bronze award for Best New Vegetable Based Product! For more information visit: www.bannistersfarm.co.uk

Celebrating the

Industry Winners

Just desserts! PROVING THAT THE customer’s sweet tooth is now leading them down the frozen food aisle, Coppenrath & Wiese dedication and hard work in a competitive market has paid off after winning brand and private label awards in the Best New Dessert/Confectionary Product category. The Gold Award was given to the

patisserie selection, for its delicious favourites, which include 10 individual portions of different gateaux, Cream Cake Slices, Sponge Rolls, as well as delicious Tartelets. And, the Coppenrath & Wiese Baileys Profiterole Gateau’s exclusive product with Iceland, took Silver.

Food glorious food! A FUSION OF African flavours helped fresh food company Glorious! Foods beat its competitors to a top award. Nominated for Best New Starter/Buffet/ Appetiser Product, it’s West African Chicken and Peanut Soup scooped Gold after spicing up its popularity amongst customers by making the former limited edition now a permanent, key seller. For more information visit www.gloriousfoods.co.uk.

Freiberger’s Pizza Triple FOR THE 5TH year running Freiberger has won recognition for the quality of its products in the BFFF Awards 2013, winning Silver and Bronze for two Asda own label pizzas. Silver winner was the Asda Stonebaked Double Pepperoni and Chorizo, made with a hot pressed Stone oven-baked base to give a thin crispy centre and a soft defined rim, and topped with a natural Tomato sauce, good quality Cheese and mix of Pepperoni and Chorizo.

The Bronze award winner was for an Asda Sweet Chilli Chicken on an Extra Thin base - this is a very thin pan baked base topped with a Sweet Chilli Sauce, Cheese, Chicken and Peppers. Richard Harrow, Managing Director, Freiberger UK, said, “It was good to receive recognition with awards such as the BFFF and The Grocer, which supports the work we continually do with the quality of own label products. We are also seeing consumers vote with their wallets with ever increasing sales”. THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 59

Celebrating the

Industry Winners

Total dedication EIGHTEEN MONTHS OF intensive re-thinking and strengthening paid off for Oliver James Food Group. The Midlands-based total menu solutions manufacturer went home with two awards in the Catering and Retail sectors, proving its continual dedication to delivering industry-leading meal solutions. Managing Director Kevin Morel commented: “We are

very proud of our culinary heritage, and believe these awards are fair recognition of our continued commitment to provide innovative and distinctive products, delivering superb taste and flavour profiles, underpinned with our reputation for quality and consistency.” The new-found success comes hot on the heels of other high-profile awards it received for its Steak Pie and Bistro Steak and Ale Pie.

No calling time on this! KERRY FOODS FETCHED a gold award for its ‘Sainsbury’s Pub Specials’ Slow Cooked Beef in Red Wine with Gratin Potatoes, in the Best New Meat-Based Product category. The product is one of a range of six meals launched in Sainsbury’s in August 2012 by the consumer foods company and is currently the top seller within the range. Jessica Dennis, Category Manager at Kerry Foods, commented: “The team worked hard to develop a premium tier that is at the right level to appeal to frozen meal shoppers. Pub Specials aren’t trying to be anything too fancy, but offer mainstream recipes that could be found at the local pub.”

Sweeping success

KK FINE FOODS’ passion for bringing meal solutions to the food industry has clearly paid off after it gained Gold for its Chicken Penang in the Best New Muti -Portion category. Identifying with the customer’s taste buds has proved a success with its Butternut Squash and Sage Bake scooping Silver in the same category. “I’d like to see KK as the first port of call when our customers are looking for new products,” said Commercial Director Samir Edwards. “I’d like to think that if people are looking for a meal solution, KK is at the top of their mind”. For more information please visit www.kkfinefoods.com


Six of the best for Aldi ALDI HAS RAISED the stakes this year and won six awards at the BFFF Awards 2013, including two Gold, one Silver and three Bronze. Its Gianni’s Ice Cream Deluxe Gold American Peanut took home a Gold award, closely followed by Gianni’s Ice Cream Deluxe Gold Latte Macchiato, which won Silver and Gianni’s Ice Cream Deluxe Gold Creamy Caramel won Bronze. Aldi also won a Gold award for Specially Selected Raw Jumbo King Prawns and Bronze for the Specially Selected Luxury Apple Pie and the Specially Selected Luxury Fish Pie. Tony Baines, Managing Director of Buying, Aldi Stores UK, said, “It’s a great privilege to be recognised in this industry and to have won these awards. We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality frozen goods at the lowest prices and will continue to do so.”


The Bulletin

More New Members We are delighted to report that eight new companies have recently joined BFFF. THEY ARE: Ice cream producer Beechdean Dairies Ltd, ready meal producer On the Menu Ltd, cryogenic equipment and gas supplier BOC Ltd, HowarthLynch, a tax consultancy firm specialising in R&D tax credits and relief, SGS (UK) Ltd which specialises in inspection, verification, testing and certification services, Blueprint Automation which provides solutions in automated packaging, Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists Ltd which provides pallet wrapping solutions, and export specialist Masande. This continuous recruitment illustrates the range of services being offered to BFFF members and to new companies who are joining to access the benefits. If you can recommend any companies that we should be talking to about membership, please let Graeme Day know on 01400 283092

Featured Members

BOC see page 63 www.boconline.co.uk

Sharp Systems


see page 64

see page 65



On the Menu Ltd www.onthemenufood.com Blueprint Automation www.bpa-flexolutions.com SGS (UK) Ltd www.sgs.co.uk Golden Valley Ltd www.gvps.co.uk Beechdean Ltd www.beechdean.co.uk

Gressingham Foods see page 66 www.gressinghamduck.co.uk

BJP Enterprises www.bjpenterprises.co.uk






THE FUTURE OF QUALITY PRESERVATION BOC is the UK’s largest provider of industrial and specialist gases with many years of practical experience and expertise in the field of cryogenic freezing and chilling IN TODAY’S COMPETITIVE climate, food manufacturers need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Cryogenic freezing solutions from BOC help you to maximise production efficiencies whilst minimising production costs with a range of gas supply solutions and the Cryoline® family of freezers. Delivering highly efficient cryogen and air flow technologies, Cryoline® freezers offer a number of advantages including high freezing or cooling capacity within a small footprint, increased production rates, increased product yield and improved product quality. The Cryoline® freezer range has recently expandedand now offers solutions for batch, inline (including delicate products), spiral,

IQF and higher capacity freezing and chilling requirements. At our state of the art trial facility at BOC’s Food Technology Centre in Thame, Oxfordshire we run tailored trials on a range of our freezing and chilling equipment to help determine the most efficient solution for our customer’s requirements. At BOC, we help our customers to create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantage and hence greater profitability with customised services and professional support.   To find out how BOC can assist you, please contact our dedicated Food Team.

0800 111 333 www.BOConline.co.uk THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 63



SHARP SYSTEMS For over 20 years Sharp Systems have been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning streamlined and hygienic equipment for the UK’s leading food businesses WE DELIVER BESPOKE ingredients processing and product handling solutions always with total cost of ownership in mind, working with major FMCG companies and owner-managed businesses alike. We are recognized for our exceptional approach to quality, based on our skilled workmanship and superior attention to detail. We are dedicated to delivering beyond our customers’ expectations with the supply of precision engineered stainless steel equipment across the UK. Sharp Systems experienced workforce will work closely with you to achieve your required results within an agreed timeframe and budget.

Contact: Paul Sharp Address: Sharp Systems Ltd, Hamburg Way, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2ND


Tel: 01553 775050 Email: paul@sharp-systems.com

We fully understand and adhere to the necessary working practices in frozen, ambient and chilled environments both in high care and low risk. Our range of equipment includes examples of the following: n Vibratory Graders, Feeders and Conveyors n Elevators - Including our latest Spill Free Elevator n Washing, Blanching and Cooling n Bespoke Processing and Handling Systems

Tel: 07767 218208 Web: www.sharp-systems.com



HOWARTH LYNCH Based in Sheffield, Howarth Lynch is a tax consultancy firm specialising in Research and Development tax credits, relief and the new ‘Patent Box’ tax relief. We can very quickly identify definitively whether a company is eligible to claim for

OUR PRAGMATIC AND practical approach enables us to maximise a claim and submit the necessary paperwork in an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) friendly format. The process is perceived as challenging, however, our tailored approach combined with our expertise in assisting many different types of business in all industries, ensures seamless liaison with the tax authorities.

Our 100% track record is a direct result of our robust reporting model, developed over the last 12 years. This underpins our ability to provide exactly what HMRC require, query free. HMRC Benefits are often received from within as little as 4 weeks from submission of the claims.

these valuable reliefs

For more information please visit us online: www.howarthlynch.co.uk Email: chris.wright@howarthlynch.co.uk Telephone: 07956 021796 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 65



GRESSINGHAM FOODS & GRESSINGHAM DUCK A family business founded in 1971, we take our name today from our best selling product the remarkable Gressingham Duck®, a unique breed renowned for its superior taste and higher percentage of breast meat. FROM OUR RED Tractor assured farms based in beautiful East Anglia we are the only company in the world licensed to produce the unique Gressingham Duck®, and although today the range of fresh and frozen poultry and meat we provide has grown, to many we remain ‘the Gressingham Duck® people’. The Gressingham breed came about when the small but flavourful wild mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck giving a meaty, succulent duck with more breast meat, less fat and a rich gamey flavour. This reputation for exceptional taste has made Gressingham the duck of choice for most major UK retailers and many independent stockists and specialist butchers, as well as being featured on the menus of top restaurants nationwide.

Address Head Office: Gressingham Foods Loomswood Farm Debach Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 66 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

and Norfolk. Our ducks are reared free-toroam in light airy barns with access to water for bathing, as well as natural light, fresh air, fresh bedding of straw every day and continuous feed and fresh water throughout the day. We believe this is best for the health and welfare of our ducklings and far better than leaving them exposed to harsh variable weather conditions and higher mortality rates, especially in Autumn and Winter (remember, ducklings are different to chicken and turkey in that when they hatch they do not have any feathers, just ‘duck down’, which keeps them warm but does not protect them from wind and rain).

We breed, hatch, rear and then prepare the Gressingham Duck® by hand from farms here in the neighbouring counties of Suffolk

Gressingham is investing in marketing to promote the ease and simplicity of cooking duck, and new products with contemporary sauces to attract a new generation of duck consumers. All packaging carries simple ‘1-2-3’ cooking instructions on front of pack.

Head Office Tel: Switchboard: 01473 735456 Sales: 01473 734200

Redgrave Tel: Switchboard: 01379 897500 Sales: 01379 897520

Web: www.gressinghamduck.co.uk



BJP ENTERPRISES BJP Enterprises Ltd is jointly owned and run by Brian Pound & Jude Ashworth, with a combined UK food industry knowledge & experience of over 65 years.

BJP ENTERPRISES LTD comprises: Continental Seafoods; Continental Food to Go; Continental Deli; Continental Diagnostics. All elements of our business source quality products from fully accredited factories around the world. We can offer: n Current spot buying prices / Long term contract pricing n Full container deliveries / Full or mixed pallet deliveries Continental Seafoods is the trading division for both fresh and frozen fish and seafood products, globally sourced - Prawns and Crayfish in Brine, Value Added Shellfish, King Crab, Madagascan Wild Prawns, Fresh and Frozen White Fish, Warm and Cold Water Prawns to name but a few.

Brian Pound: brian@bjpenterprises.co.uk Jude Ashworth: jude@bjpenterprises.co.uk www.bjpenterprises.co.uk

Continental Food to Go comprises a range of products destined for the FTG arena within retail and foodservice - Value-added meat, poultry and fish and seafood. Continental Deli specialises in chilled Mediterranean Antipasti to supply to both the retail, hospitality and catering markets - Paprini filled with cream cheese, Grilled Artichokes, Red & Green Diabolos. Continental Diagnostics is a division devoted to drugs of abuse and alcohol testing kits - oral swab test kits; ideally placed for the food manufacturing and logistics industry regarding drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace - safe, dignified, easy and quick to use, results within 10 minutes, no outside agencies involved, and also extremely cost effective.

Mobile: 07979 525422 Mobile: 07974 213550 Office Fax: 0800 242 5290 Office Tel: 01772 653236 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 67

For frozen & chilled food distribution across the UK we’re the only ONE you need!


ONE Company... ONE Network... ONE Advantage... We deliver throughout the UK mainland from our own network of 8 chilled and frozen food depots, so you and your customers can be sure of the same unrivalled levels of service, whichever Langdons depot is handling your valuable food product. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Tel 01278 411 114 Fax 01278 454 832 sales@langdons.co.uk www.langdons.co.uk


The Bulletin

HSE Food Industry Case Study

Unguarded Cutting Machine Led To Worker Tragically Severing Fingers


This case study outlines an incident involving a bacon curing company that was fined after an employee lost three fingers when his hand became trapped in a packaging machine.



The employee was walking through the company's curing department when he saw bacon joint packs falling to the floor from the cutting unit. In an attempt to prevent this, he stood to the side of the conveyor, leaned over and put his left hand into the cutting unit. However, the machine was still switched on and his hand became trapped between the machine and the cutting blades, resulting in the loss of three fingers up to the first joint.

The company pleaded guilty to contravening Regulation 11 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay £31,000 costs.

An HSE investigation found that the company had not ensured that effective measures were taken to prevent access to dangerous parts of the machine, namely the cutting blade, by the provision of guarding to prevent access to the cutting unit. Other similar machines at the site were adequately guarded. A guard was subsequently fitted to the machine following the accident.

ADVICE The HSE Investigating Inspector said: "This incident was entirely preventable. The company had failed to prevent access to dangerous parts of the machinery that led directly to the employee’s injuries. "Lessons need to be learned by employers to ensure that potentially dangerous machinery is suitably guarded and that their workers are aware of the risks involved when working with these machines."


depots at

Lockerbie and Grantham


The Bulletin

Employers Kept in Loop HSE makes a u-turn on occupational disease reporting The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced it will retain the requirement for employers and duty holders to report occupational diseases under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR). THE SAFETY watchdog had initially proposed to remove the requirement for bosses to continue to report occupational cancers, diseases attributable to biological agents and six short-latency diseases in the workplace. However, following the public consultation exercise, which started in August

Don’t Miss the Signs BFFF members need to be aware that EU legislation standardising workplace safety signage across Europe is now law in the UK. UNTIL JANUARY THIS year, EU legislation only promoted the use of internationally recognised symbols on safety signs. All that changed when the standard - ISO 7010 - became the EN 7010 and what was a recommendation became written into EU law and, by extension, UK law. The EN 7010 replaces the BS 5499, the previous British Standard on safety signage.

and ended in November 2012, the HSE has decided to reverse its plans. The reform of RIDDOR initially arose from the HSE’s ‘fundamental review’ of the regulations, which was recommended by the Young Review in 2010 and endorsed by the Löfstedt Review in 2011. The HSE’s decision was welcomed by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), which had opposed the original HSE plans, citing its three main concerns as focusing on the following: n A lack of surveillance data for epidemiological purposes, i.e. if employers and duty

Martyn Lowe, QESH Advisor at Slingsby, explains: “The motivation for these changes is that every country has a growing population of non-native speaking employees so text-based signs, or those with unfamiliar pictures, might not be understood.” The legislation aims to create a universal safety language that doesn’t rely on words and uses refined safety pictograms that are less ambiguous than those previously used on safety signage. Signs may still use text but the pictogram must comply with EN 7010. “Standard signs featuring highly comprehensive symbols will be used on all signage throughout Europe,” says Lowe, “so an emergency exit sign in Birmingham looks exactly the same as it would in Budapest.” Please note that it is not necessary to immediately replace all signage (despite what suppliers of safety signs might say!) but members are advised to follow our tips below.

SAFETY SIGN TIPS n A balanced approach to replacement is needed based on what is reasonable and proportionate in terms of risks, costs, money, time and effort vs. the benefits.

holders did not have to report incidents of occupational disease there would have been no data available and therefore no real understanding of the number of people exposed to dangerous working environments. n A lack of intelligence for HSE inspection, because removing the requirement to report occupational diseases would have left the HSE without valuable information. n The message to industry about priorities, arguing that the removal of the requirement to report diseases would have sent an incorrect message to industry about how HSE perceives its importance.

It is sensible to have a strategy and plan that you can work to and can demonstrate evidence to enforcing authorities such as the fire service. n The need for signage is identified through the risk assessment process so it is wise for a competent person to revisit and review any risk assessments that cover signage. Responsible persons must implement the program of change. n Signage relating to higher risk issues should be replaced first e.g. fire fighting/ alarm/evacuation. n In practical terms, the risk in some places may determine the time scale to be 12 months or more. In high-risk workplaces it might be sooner. Whatever is decided it should be substantiated and recorded as part of the formal health and safety management arrangements. n Signs bought in the last few years may already be EN 7010 compliant as most manufacturers have been producing signs to the standard for some time. THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 71


The Bulletin

Non-Approved Additives Transition Phase Ends BY SU DAKIN

in other foods. Amongst the concerns are additives for use in meat preparations and meat products, treated as two separate food categories; the permitted list for meat preparations is considerable shorter than that for meat products. The consolidated approved list is available on the European Commission Website: tinyurl.com/lkn8mw2

European legislation governing the

The European Additive Regulation is enforced

use of additives in food was laid down in England by the Food Additives Regulations 2009; with parallel but separate regulations in 2008 in Regulation (EC) No. 1333/2008. LITTLE CHANGED AS the annexes detailing the permitted additives and their conditions of use, in particular the categories of food in which they were permitted, were not published at the same time. In the meantime the previous directives on sweeteners, colours and miscellaneous additives have continued to apply whilst the European Food Safety Authority carried out a scientific review into their use. This work was finally concluded with the 2011 publication of Annexes II and III in Commission Regulations 1129/2011 and 1130/2011. Since then there has been a transition period to allow the additives no longer approved to be phased out. The new requirements applied from 1 June 2013; though foods that were legally produced before this date can continue to be marketed until their durability is reached. Numerous concerns have been raised on the requirements of the new Annex II as it is very specific about which additives are approved for each food category. Primarily these are about additives that have previously been used in a food group but are not on the new list; though they remain approved additives 72 THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013

in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) now proposes to revoke and remake all legislation covering food additives, flavourings, enzymes and extraction solvents into a single consolidated statutory instrument. The FSA has also produced draft guidance to compliance on the additives regulation, on which it is currently consulting. The consultation, which closes on 15 July, can be accessed along with the draft guidance through this link: http://tinyurl.com/mgqngyo

One additive around which there appears to have been considerable confusion is E500 sodium bicarbonate and its status in processed fishery products after 1 June.

The situation, as confirmed by FSA remains unchanged: n No additives (including the Group I additive E500) are allowed in unprocessed fish, except for those additives listed in Annex II under the conditions listed and in the products specified. As E500 was not previously allowed in this category there is no change to the current rules. n All Group I additives (as defined in Commission Regulation 1129/2011 including E500) are permitted in processed fish and fishery products including molluscs and crustaceans, up to the maximum levels specified. Again this represents no change from the previous requirements. The Thai authorities have recently issued a statement confirming that E500 cannot be considered a processing aid in fishery products destined for the EU - this is of course correct when it has an on-going technological function in the product - such as water retention. However the notice can also be interpreted to mean that E500 is no longer permitted in any fishery product for the EU. This is not the case: E500 can still be used in processed fishery products but must be labelled. E500 can also be used in unprocessed fishery products when it can be categorically demonstrated that they are destined for processing into a processed fishery product in which the use of E500 is legal; but again the additive must be labelled as an ingredient.

Moves to Cut UK Food Waste MPs on the International Development Committee (IDC) have published a report on Global Food Security and are calling for concerted action to curb food wastage in the UK and to encourage consumers to eat less grain fed meat.

THE REPORT ALSO warns of the impact of biofuels on food security and calls for both the UK and EU to take action on current biofuel usage targets.The report recommends a number of measures and these include urging the Government to set national targets for UK food production and retail sectors, with clear sanctions for companies that fail to meet them. The MPs assert that agriculturally-produced biofuels have a major detrimental impact on global food security by driving higher and more volatile food prices. They confirm that EU targets requiring 10% of transport energy to be drawn from renewable sources by 2020 are likely to cause dramatic food price increases. In response, the IDC calls on the UK government to revise its domestic Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) to exclude agriculturally-produced biofuels and push for similar reform of the EU target. You can download the report from: http://tinyurl.com/kdjfjuc.

Meanwhile WRAP consumer research has confirmed that pubs, hotels, restaurants and QSR could save around £722 million a year by preventing food waste. The research, launched at the Unilever Food Solutions sponsored WRAP event ‘United Against Waste’, shows that around 53% of consumers would like to see more choice in portion sizes and 44% stated large portions were off putting. The most wasted food is often the side dishes of chips, vegetables and salad, so businesses could save money by asking whether these are actually wanted or by making them smaller. By taking some simple steps, the research indicates significant opportunities for food service businesses to:

12th on the list of priorities whilst in 2013 it has shot up to joint first. At the event, it was suggested that food waste arising from an out-of-home meal is 5 times that generated from in-home dining. To help support caterers, WRAP has produced an on-line resource pack for the hospitality and food service sector which gives a summary of the research and practical solutions. Over 150 companies have signed up to the WRAP Hospitality and Food Service Agreement launched last year. This is a voluntary agreement to cut food and associated packaging waste by 5% and increase recycling to 70%; BFFF is signed up as a supporter.

n Reduce food waste n Save money n Give customers what they want n Reduce their environmental impact

The research, resource pack and more information is available on the WRAP website: http://tinyurl.com/kqe78c9

The research also demonstrates changes to consumers sustainability priorities when eating out: 2009 research put food waste

For more information, contact Su Dakin at the BFFF Office or email Sudakin@bfff.co.uk THE BULLETIN I JULY/AUGUST 2013 73


2013 Sep


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5th - 9th

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8th - 10th Speciality & Fine Food Fair


Cologne, Germany www.anuga.de


BFFF Member Update Seminar Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire

Olympia, London www.specialityandfinefoodfairs.co.uk

18th - 19th

Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Exhibition Peterborough Arena www. tcsandd.com


11th - 13th

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show NEC, Birmingham www.acrshow.co.uk


BFFF Business Conference & Exhibition Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth

Nov 13th - 15th


FHC China 2013

Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China www.fhcchina.com



Hilton on Park Lane, London

BFFF Annual Luncheon



Hilton on Park Lane, London

BFFF Dinner Dance & Awards Evening

Your Cool Partners at the Gateway to Europe

Eurofrigo B.V. www.eurofrigo.nl

Thermotraffic Holland BV www.thermotraffic.com

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You need stock to sell stock. Our massive, high-tech facility enables us to deliver retail frozen foods nationwide, in exactly the volumes you need: large or small, or both. Reed Boardall supplies whatever you need to stay in stock round-the-clock. We call it constant replenishment. You’ll call it service like no other. The Reed Boardall Group, Bar Lane, Boroughbridge, North Yorks YO51 9NN Tel: 01423 321322 Email: jrae@reedboardall.com


Reed Boardall

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The exclusive magazine for members of the British Frozen Food Federation. Read by in excess of 2,500 industry leaders, decision makers and b...

The Bulletin July / August 2013  

The exclusive magazine for members of the British Frozen Food Federation. Read by in excess of 2,500 industry leaders, decision makers and b...

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