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We are excited about a special event planned with the touring cast of the Lion King — a cabaret performance at the Katharine Cornell Theatre at the University at Buffalo North Campus. Tickets are on sale for $20 each, but agency employees and clients can get tickets for $10 each! There will be light refreshments and a raffle at the event, along with a great opportunity to see the singing and dancing of some of today’s top performers. Best of all, the money raised through this event will be shared between Evergreen Health Services and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. There is no limit on tickets - bring as many of your family and friends as you like! You can pay by cash, check or credit card. For tickets, print and complete the form in the email Kathy Oczek sent to staff on September 26.

the Connections question - WHAT ...Was Your Best Childhood Present? My best childhood gift was a brand new blue Schwinn bicycle with twin baskets in the back and those colorful tassels that hung from the handlebars. Not only was that my first brand new bike, but that was when I discovered there was no Santa Claus – I was 12 at the time! [I had heard my parents putting the bicycle together]. I know it sounds corny, but times were different back then. I sure loved that bike, and I rode it everywhere. - Trish Hopkins The original Fisher-Price Main Street — I loved being in control of who would get mail from the postman, get to go to the barbershop or doctor, or would have their building saved by the fire department. I remember that my Matchbox cars and the Little People from my Fisher-Price Sesame Street and Camper were, unfortunately, not high on my list to save from imaginary fires and disasters. (I have issues—I know…) - Kimberly Harding One of the best gifts I received was a pony. I was about 13 and on my way to my aunt’s home to celebrate my mother’s birthday. My mother had decided to stop and see a pony that was for sale for $10. The pony had a bad temperament and was old, quite sickly, and skinny. My mother spotted a much nicer pony in the pasture and made an inquiry. The bottom line, it

became mine—for $10! Her name was Blossom and we rode everywhere. I taught her to jump, we’d ride through thick brush and woods, country roads, and highways. In fact, after riding her to a horse show, we rode home in a huge downpour and lighting storm. I couldn’t open my eyes because the rain was coming down so hard and it stung my eyes. She, however, never flinched, and knew exactly how to get home. Blossom was so tame, she used to climb onto the porch and want to come into the house. I owned Blossom for about 3 years before growing too big for her and sold her for an Appaloosa gelding. - Gary Williams Growing up as a child I wasn’t allowed to celebrate any holidays because of our religion, so there weren’t many gifts. I would have to say the best childhood gift I ever received were my four younger siblings. - Sheila Stephens

Birthdays Matthew J Pasquarella - 10/1 Norma Bocanegra - 10/1 Cortney Anderson - 10/04 Lizzie Vazquez - 10/5 Lisa Schult - 10/9 Courtney Coburn - 10/11 Justin Peglowski - 10/11 Sally Burns - 10/14 Richard Baer - 10/15 Jane Safford-Cameron - 10/17 Erikka Hill - 10/18 Mark Schnitzer - 10/18 Nicole Coonly - 10/21 Wanda Jimenez - 10/31 Cornelia Meredith - 10/21

Anniversaries Carly Kane - 1 year Yeaben Gompah - 1 year Avaleir Encarnacion - 1 year Sarah Mutch - 2 years Sheila Marcheson - 3 years Sally Burns - 5 years

Your Continued Dedication and Hard Work Are Noticed and Appreciated! – The Management Team

A Honda mini-bike on my 13th b-day. - Matthew John Pasquarella My best childhood gift was… wait for it… the PXL 2000! It was a video camera that recorded actual video on regular old cassette tapes! It was a complete failure! My parents and I returned that thing at least twice… but it was the thought that counted! - Maisha Drayton


On October 12 at 7:00 p.m., enjoy an amazing dinner on our beautiful waterfront at the historic Buffalo Yacht Club (One Porter Avenue). Black Willow Winery will be providing their wine (and expertise) for this event.

The Menu Hors D’Oeuvres Soup Course Green pea soup with grilled prawns (or without prawns for vegetarians) Soup Course Wine Black Willow Trilogy White Entrée Tenderloin of Beef with Port Wine Demi-glace and Gorgonzola Cheese -orEntrée Stuffed Portobello Mushroom (vegetarian) Entrée Wine Black Willow Trilogy Red Dessert Italian Lemon Cake with layer of Mascarpone Cheese topped with Powdered Sugar Dessert Wine Black Willow Odin’s Nectar Reservations $55 per person $45 per person with a group of four or more

October 2011 Connections  

The October 2011 issue of Connections.

October 2011 Connections  

The October 2011 issue of Connections.