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Your Continued Dedication and Hard Work Are Noticed and Appreciated! – The Management Team

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Lehsten, who completed the required training to become our newest HIV Test Counselor. We are so happy to have her on our testing team!

The Connections Question

What is your go-to place for comfort food? Shannon Bryant My “go-to” restaurant for a good meal is Prospero’s Restaurant. I love all their dishes… it didn’t feel right to pick a favorite! Josh McClain Santasiero’s on Lafayette and Niagara is a great go-to option for Italian American comfort food. The menu is limited and payment is cash only, but anything with their red sauce on it is worth eating, especially the chicken or eggplant parmigiana. Sun Food Market at Austin and Niagara (in Black Rock) offers an impressive variety of Asian foods: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese. The Burmese fish soup and tea leaf salad are my favorite items that I’ve tried so far. And, the Wednesday night buffet at India Gate on Elmwood, near Forest, is a great way to make it through the middle of the week. The buffet is always somewhat different and always delicious. Kimberly Lombard In Jamestown? This is a no brainer. Forte - small, dimly lit, cool kid atmosphere, local artwork, eclectic food, sushi, local beer. $12 gets you steak, potatoes, salad, bread and a local fun draft beer. Since I don’t eat beef, I get the Pacific Rim Tuna

Crisps: sliced sesame tuna steak on crispy wontons with cilantro lime Asian slaw, Wasabi cream sauce. Plus, this committed establishment plans their vacation AROUND Dining Out For Life so they can be sure to participate! Tamika Adams My ‘go-to’ restaurant would be Pano’s on Elmwood. I have been going there since I was a freshman at Buffalo State. Way back then, Pano’s was open-late night, and I could get chocolate chip pancakes at 3 a.m. My palette and budget have matured since then. Although the menu changes often, my favorite appetizer is the stuffed banana peppers (Hungarian Peppers), stuffed with Hungarian stuffing, blue cheese, asiago, parmesan, mozzarella, and steak. My favorite entrée is the mahi mahi served over jasmine rice and capers, topped with an orange beurre blanc sauce. If either item is still on the menu, I would recommend them both. Johnny Mora Hutch’s Restaurant is my favorite one, where I enjoy Jambalaya. One can have a half or full portion, it’s serve over pasta instead of rice. In Louisiana they’d call it “Pastalaya” (see next page for more)

(Comfort Food continued from previous page) Kevin Bidtah Papaya - Fiery Udon with Chicken. Bada Bing – the Bing (steak) sandwich. Gary Williams Mythos on Elmwood between Bryant and Utica is my favorite “go-to” restaurant. Their Chicken Souvlaki is THE best in town. It’s the most tender, almost like it’s been pressure cooked, when it’s merely been marinated and grilled—and you get a generous portion—I usually have to take leftovers home. Maria LoTempio Shango. Everything is amazing! Tiffany Macauley If you are looking for some homemade Italian comfort food La Bella Sicilia’s is your place. They are located in Cheektowaga off Genesee between Union and Harlem. I went there last week with my two children and my bill was $24.95. The pizza is delicious and the antipasto is out of this world. They are known for their chicken parm dinner with ziti. Dining in you get endless, warm bread and butter as well. The atmosphere is small but cozy and very kid friendly. For those who enjoy Italian Garden’s “homemade” food, I challenge you to try La Bella’s and experience real, authentic, homemade Italian food. Tara Grier La Galera, Niagara Falls, best dish: California Burrito supreme.


Helpful Information fro Do You Have Questions About the Types of Foods to Include in Your Diet? • Do you frequently eat at “fast food” restaurants because you don’t have the time to plan a healthy meal for lunch or dinner? • Do you find yourself feeling more tired or more energetic after eating certain types of foods? • Do you find your mood sometimes being affected by the food you’ve eaten? • Are you considering a new diet but don’t know if it will work? On-Line Nutrition Consultation Is Available Through the EAP Website The on-line Nutrition Consultation service is provided by a Registered Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist. It is designed to promote wellness and reduce the risk of chronic illness through consultation and education about healthier food choices and improved eating patterns. *Because the focus is on wellness, this service is not appropriate for individuals who need medical nutrition therapy to treat or manage specific illnesses. This service is also not intended to replace medical treatment, nor to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. It is always recommended that you routinely consult with your own physician for medical concerns. To Submit Your Questions About Nutrition, Visit The EAP Website www.cfsbny.ort/programs/eap Click on Employees, Family Members User Name: cfseap1981 Password: eap4you Click on “On-line Questions & Answers About Nutrition”

om the Employee Assistance Program Having Trouble Balancing Work-Life Concerns? In addition to the consultation, counseling and referral services provided for general personal and/or family concerns; your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) also provides free and confidential consultation and referral assistance for the following work-life concerns: In-Person Consultation Services Budgeting - A financial counselor with experience in money management and credit counseling can help you or a family member develop effective strategies for managing your personal budgets. Nutrition Concerns – A Certified Registered Dietitian can provide you with professional consultation regarding nutrition concerns you might have about the effects of certain foods on your energy level and/or emotional state and the pros and cons of some of the more popular diets. You may also visit the EAP website to submit questions about nutrition.

Telephone Consultation Services Legal Concerns – Need legal guidance about separation/divorce, contract disputes, or property transactions? Your EAP can connect you to a local attorney, who can answer some basic questions about legal issues and also provide free, confidential consultation and referral assistance. Child Care Consultation – Your EAP can help you get information about the types of child care options that are available in your area. We can provide suggestions for evaluating the quality of a childcare provider.

Eldercare Consultation – Need assistance in making decisions about care and resources for an ill or elderly relative? Your EAP can provide support and guidance in identifying the various types of care available (home care, nursing home, etc.) as well as information about respite services for you and your family. Alzheimer’s Care Consultation – More focused information/support to assist families caring for a loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Buffalo/Erie County: (716) 681-4300 Outside of Erie County: (800) 888-4162 Click on Employees, Family Members User Name: cfseap1981 Password: eap4you

Connections November 2011  

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