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My idols are Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich. – Lindsay Zasada My hero / inspiration / role model is my mommy dearest. The reason for that being she’s one of the strongest women I know. Not only did she leave her homeland (Dominican Republic) at the age of 13, but she also lost her mother due to cancer at the age of 16. I can’t imagine a world without her, and she is so incredibly empowering that I can only hope to be as strong as she is. – Michelle Santos My Hero is my dad, Michael Ogden. Words can’t describe how much he means to me! – Michele Ogden My inspiration is my Mom! She was a single Mom, who did it all, and did a great job at raising 2 kids on her own! She is and

always will be my rock because no matter

inspiration is my Mom, Dottie. She spent

King) – Jasiel Guzman My Role Model/

what she is always there for me! She has

the majority of her life ighting the same

Hero/ Inspiration is my grandmother. –

taught me that it is good to be strong, but

battles as many of our clients here, and

Anthonie King My hero is Jane Goodall.

also okay to ask for help when needed,

has proved to be a “tough cookie”. The

She had a dream when she was a child to

and she taught me to do what I want to

choices I make in life are always made

go to Africa and live with the monkeys,

do and never limit myself because others

with the hope that I will make her proud.

and then she did it. Jane is a brilliant

may not approve (like when I was on the

Although she’s no longer here physically,

scientist whose research still in luences

wrestling team and some did not approve

she is still my guiding force and I still

the way we understand our world, our

of a girl on an all male team, my Mom was

strive to make her proud. – Melissa

ancestry, and our primate cousins. Jane

supportive and proud of me). I love my

LaCount My favorite personal role model

studied chimps but in doing so she

Mama. – Nicole Coonly I don’t have a

is my grandmother, my sister inspires me

learned what it means to be human. Today

speci ic role model. However, I’m inspired

and my mother is my hero. My favorite

she is a great humanitarian who speaks



work role model is Maisha. My heroes

for those who have no voice; animals and

who shows these two characteristics

are Ray and Ron and my inspirations

people alike. – Jess Lehsten My mother



are Andrew Mattle, Mike Lee and Andy

is hands down my hero, inspiration,

inspires me! – Maisha Drayton My

Kiener. – Cord Stone Simba! (from Lion

and role model. – Mindi Mietlicki







milestones Birthdays

Jacquelyn Dixon – March 6 Kimberly Barber – March 8 Siobhan Fitzgerald-Cushing – March 11 Carrie Sentz – March 12 Theresa Shankland – March 12 Rashida Williams – March 13 Nichole Frank – March 15 Patricia Hopkins – March 17 Mindi Mietlicki – March 18 Kaitlyn Cieri – March 20 Andre Dixon – March 20 Theresa Woehrel – March 20 Kate Gallivan – March 22 Siobohn Moley – March 23 Johanna Aponte – March 26 Joshua McClain – March 27 Cord Stone – March 28 Diana PaƩon – March 30

Anniversaries James DeGarmo – 1 year Jasmine Massenburg – 1 year Kelly Ann McNees – 1 year Ashlee Rudolph – 2 years JusƟn Azzarella – 2 years Melissa Lacount – 2 years Tayrin Torres – 3 years Kelly Craig – 4 years Angela Palmer – 13 years

Your ConƟnued DedicaƟon and Hard Work Are NoƟced and Appreciated - Management Team

connections MARCH 2014 PUBLISHER/LAYOUT John Carocci EDITOR Kimberly Harding CONTRIBUTORS Maisha Drayton, Sheila Marcheson Christopher Miller

I don’t know any jokes… he h kind of bees make milk? “boo Tariq (my 10 year old) told m the cannibal get when he show late? Answer: The cold shou Did you hear about the hipste He drank his coffee before it A blonde brunette-challenged luck, so she decided to go door of town looking for odd jobs. A

he - Jasiel Guzman What o-bees” - Mindi Mietlicki e this: Question: What did wed up to the dinner party ulder. - Maisha Drayton er who burned his tongue? was cool. - John Carocci person was down on her r to door in the rich section After nearly two hours with

no success, she finally found someone who needed work done. “Well, my porch needs painting,” said the man. “Tell you what... I’ll give you $300 if you paint my porch.” The blonde brunette-challenged person agreed, and the man gave her paint and supplies to get the job done. A couple of hours later, she rang the doorbell again. “I’m done!” she said cheerfully. The man, confused, looked past her at the still shabby and peeling paint on the porch, and was just about to say something when she added “oh, and by the way it’s not a Porch, it’s a Ferrari.” - John Carocci

As many of you already know, May 10th is the 22nd Annual AIDS Walk! I’m proud to be your Captain, and there is still time (and room) for you to join the team! We are already 36 people strong, and would love to have an army of advocates walking! The 2014 Team Evergreen is all about making a statement. I hope that you’ll come out and represent for the Association, and bring all the energy and mayhem you can possibly stand! I will be full out (it’s all I know how to be) sporting some kind of costume… I hope you’ll join me! If that’s not your style, slap on a tee shirt and sneakers and do you! Let’s raise this cash! Yours in Awareness,

Maisha Captain Maisha

Congratulations to the Healthy Adds Up prize drawing winners: 1st Prize – Cooler, Goodies, $50 Visa Gift Card – Gloria Kornowski 2nd prize – $25 Visa Gift Card – Shari DeMarco 3rd Prize – $20 Regal Gift Card – Lavine Corp

Watch for more wellness programs to come!

“we’re only human”

March 2014 final  
March 2014 final  

The March 2014 issue of Connections, the official employee newsletter of the Evergreen Association