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Wellness Center staff and clients are once again raising fresh vegetables in the garden at the edge of the parking lot. Crisp, delicious lettuce is already being harvested, and soon there will be peas, cucumbers, tomato and even eggplant. The vegetable garden is a great way for the Nutrition Services Program to teach Wellness Center clients how to grow, harvest and cook with fresh vegetables, and it turns out we have a green thumb or two in our midst! Stay tuned to Connections for updates from the garden!

Birthdays Charell Elliot - July 12 Raymond Ganoe - July 14 Gary Williams - July 15 Keisha Leavy - July 19 Gloria Kornowski - July 19 John Carocci - July 21 Andrew Mattle - July 24 Cheryl Brunetti - July 26 Cecil Sutton - July 29

Anniversaries Patrick Hildenbrandt - 1 year Jamila Banks - 2 years Pratheep Sakas - 2 years Thomas Place Jr. - 2 years Tara Grier - 2 years Mindi Mietlicki - 4 years Marcus May - 5 years Dale Kingston - 6 years Norma Bocanegra - 7 years

Your Continued Dedication and Hard Work Are Noticed and Appreciated! – The Management Team


Prevention Counseling AT EVERGREEN HEALTH SERVICES by Kate Gallivan

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~ Lao Tzu You may have seen this slogan around our agency — maybe on a coffee mug, a t-shirt or a poster. It has become a mantra for the work we do, and an important message for the people we serve, especially those who want to make changes in their lives. One of our services, Preven on Counseling (also known as CRCS — Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services), is designed for people who want to change behaviors that are pu ng them at risk for ge ng or transmi ng HIV but are having difficulty making those changes. Four staff in Evergreen Health Services currently offer this service: Jenn DeMarsh, Johnny Mora, Cathy Alvarez, and Ashlee Rudolph. Preven on Counseling is also available now at Community Access Services (formerly Alianza La na) and the Pride Center. Preven on Counselors work with clients to iden fy behaviors they want to change, establish goals and iden fy ac on steps toward accomplishing them – literally, one step at a me. A Preven on Plan is developed and the counselor’s role is to assess the client’s progress in comple ng ac on steps and reward their accomplishments. Clients can work on goals and

ac on steps related to: • Their physical and emo onal well-being • Taking HIV medica ons correctly and consis tently to decrease viral load • Building stronger, more honest and sa sfy ing rela onships • Ge ng substance use treatment to regain health, employment, and rela onships • Alterna ves to high risk ac vi es • Disclosing issues such as HIV status, sexual orienta on, or drug use to partners, friends, or family members • Dealing with s gma of HIV Experience has shown that people who are most successful in this kind of program are those who want to change and have already begun to make posi ve changes in their lives. O en they are working with other staff in the agency, and the Preven on Counselor becomes part of their care team. We all know that making posi ve changes can be difficult but, with the right support, it is possible and it all begins with a single step. For more informa on about Preven on Counseling services at EHS, contact one of the staff listed above in the Center for Behavioral Health. C

STI Screening Now Available at Evergreen Health Services Did you know that the Buffalo region has one of highest rates of gonorrhea and Chlamydia infec on in New York State? While the rate of sexually transmi ed infec ons (STI) has decreased na onally, we con nue to see escala ng numbers of new cases in our region. In response, the New York State Department of Health has made funding available to increase access to STI screening across the state. Evergreen Health Services is now offering free screening for Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea four days and one evening a week. Heather Kollatz, RN is working in the Center for Behavioral Health conduc ng screenings on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. STI screening on Tuesdays con nues to be provided by a nurse from the Erie County Health Department. STI screening is conducted on the 1st floor in our HIV tes ng center. No appointment is needed. Our new hours for STI screening, HIV tes ng and very soon, Hepa s C screening are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (last pa ent taken at 3:30) Tuesday: 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm (last pa ent taken at 6:30) Pa ents who test posi ve for any of these STIs will be offered treatment on site for a fee of $10. Free treatment is s ll offered by the Erie County Health Department for those who cannot pay the $10 fee. We are grateful to all of the staff in our pharmacy and Evergreen Medical Group for working with us to make this important service available. If you need any further informa on, please contact Kate Gallivan at 847-0315, ext. 3424 or via email, C

That, as a rule, it generally does not snow during the summer season in Buffalo. Matthew John Pasquarella Vice President/Corporate Compliance Officer

I love home-grown corn… Andrew Mattle Vice President for Behavioral Health

I get to see my kids play the sports they love. My son plays baseball and my daughters play softball and they also do cheerleading. Johanna Aponte Community Services Administrative Assistant

I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible during the summer season. Whether it is riding my bike around the city, casting my fishing pole into the lake in hopes of catching a fish, hiking through our beautiful wilderness here in WNY, or tending to my vegetable garden, I enjoy feeling the summer sun on my face. This area has a bounty of natural beauty and recreational opportunities and everyone in WNY should take advantage of it! Pick up an oar and canoe through some of our vast waterways, or lounge on one of our beaches and soak up some sun!! Whatever your pleasure, take advantage of WNY’s activities while you can! Lindsay Zasada Wellness Center Administrative Assistant

My birthday Keisha Leavy Housing Services Coordinator

I like being able to go hiking and swimming in Zoar Valley -- one of my all time favorite places! If you like the outdoors and haven’t been there, it is a must! Ask me for directions if you need them. Kathryn Diebold Niagara Falls Care Coordinator

Landscaping; I love to work in my garden, as well as spend as much time as possible with my granddaughter when I can. Elisa Luciano Intake Specialist

Summer nights on the patio with family and friends! Melissa Lacount Care Coordinator

I like the fact that the trees and plants are fully matured and colorful. Kenneth Lewis Medical Care Coordinator

It probably has been answered before, many times, but here it is – Not having to shovel any damn snow!! Trish Hopkins Exchange Worker

Riding around on my boyfriend’s motorcycle and getting burned at the beach! Mindi Mietlicki Care Coordinator

There are so many beautiful inspirational places in Buffalo to enjoy the summer, even at work where imagination and creativity allow us to make use of the office supplies. Johnny Mora Prevention Counselor

Sitting in my backyard, watching fireflies on a warm summer evening while enjoying a glass of cold lemonade. Kimberly Harding Executive Assistant

I like being able to travel to women’s football games to see my girlfriend play. Also, sitting outside with a cold drink and aspiring to a skin color other than polar bear white. Susanna Cardoso Outreach Specialist

During our summer season, I love going to the Erie Basin Marina. Shannon Bryant Transportation Services Coordinator


the July 2012 issue of Connections

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