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The Etsy Market is a series of virtual shopping events that pop up across different cities around the world. Some events are run by groups of Etsy sellers, directly sharing their creativity with their community. Others are run by us, with the goal of celebrating incredible makers. Either way, you’re sure to have an incredible, inspiring time!

Welcome to The Etsy Market Live On June 14-15, watch as talented sellers take us behind the scenes to show us how they work—and share some DIYs. Ready to go inside their studios? Click here to browse the upcoming schedule, set reminders, and get notified when the makers go live. The event is currently available on the Etsy app for US based, iOS users. Are you browsing on a desktop, or outside of the US? You can still check out all of the great products available right here in the The Etsy Market lookbook!

Tall Hardwood Vase MelanieAbrantes

Car Play Mat SOhandmade1

ColdGold Alaina Knoxville, TN

Periwinkle Statement Earrings

“I believe in simple, functional, and durable design. Inspired by geometry and clean lines, Cold Gold is crafted to look modern now and into the future.”

Aquamarine Earrings Stud Set

Long Chunky Statement Earrings in Marigold Leather

Leather Wristlet Keychain

szkloglass Lauren Las Vegas, NV

“My husband and I met working at his uncle’s stained glass shop, which is where I learned and fell in love

Amber & Pale Yellow Glass Modern Vanity Mirror

with glass…”

Circle Mirror with Brass Detail

Stained Glass Humpback Whale with Mirror Moon

Large Stained Glass Moon

CalhounAndCo Kerry Brooklyn, NY

“Our products are designed with a little bit of humor, cozy weekend vibes, and the intention of spreading a little more kindness in the world. We're inspired by community, friendly faces, interesting places, and spending Saturday mornings cozied up with a cup of coffee.”

Tropical Throw Blanket

Peace Sign Knit Throw Blanket

Insect Inspired Printed Tea Towel

Insect Inspired Fine Art Print

Butterfly and Moth Multi-Color Tapestry Blanket

ClarkandTaft Silvia Austin, TX “Ever since I can remember, I've sketched designs and made things by hand. It's more than my talent or gift. It's my calling. Back in Bulgaria where I was born, there's a fun tradition that takes place as soon as a child can walk. She's directed to a low table with various objects on it that represent different professions.

Weekender Bag

Whatever object she picks out supposedly determines what she will become when she grows up. I made a beeline for the thread and the needle! To this day, nothing is more deeply gratifying than to make a concept come to life as a physical product created by my own two hands.” Personalized Leather Key Clip

Personalized Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Personalized Workshop Apron

littlegoodall Molly McKinney, TX

“I created Little Goodall in 2010, when my two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats. I found a creative solution by making him a wool lion coat to reflect his personality and his love of adventure - being a lion made wearing a coat fun! Soon he wouldn't leave home without it and wore it rain or shine.”

Luxe Lion Wool Toggle Coat

Grey Wool Bunny Coat

Merino Wool Lucky Llama Coat

Flopsy Bunny Coat

Baby Fawn Merino Wool Coat

essaraiceramics Collin Santa Fe, NM

“I create every piece to order here in my warehouse studio in New Mexico where all porcelain pieces are wheel thrown and hand sculpted. Essarai Ceramics opens a door for the whimsies, wonders and curiosities of our childhood to re-enter and re-inspire,

Andromeda Mug

enriching our lives through reminders that decorate one’s home. Each piece is handcrafted with water, clay, hands and heart; each piece of wood, crystal or notch carved and strategically placed by Fate, where all things eventually fall into place.”

Sterling Silver Wanderer Pendant

Aura Rainbow Mug

xoelle Laura Baltimore, MD

Black bow tie for math teachers, geeks, & smarty-pants

“I'm Laura and I think we can agree that bow ties are rad. I hand design, cut, sew, and package each bow tie in Baltimore, MD with my own two little hands. Each bow tie is made with love and retains a sense of history & whimsy. Bow ties for all!”

Velvet strawberries bow tie

3d glasses bow tie

Pretzel self tie bow tie

SOhandmade1 Sarah Woodstock, NY “So Handmade's unique line of interactive, portable toys came as a solution to my own dilemma: how to keep my toddler's toys contained while running errands? Frustrated by finding a stray car at the bottom of the diaper bag one too many times, I knew there had to be a better way. Unable to find the products to solve this I developed a practical and unique

Wanderlust Adventure Wallet

solution. I called on my background as a textile designer to create engaging graphic designs, which have a beautiful aesthetic but also leave plenty of room for toddlers’ imaginations to roam. The concept is simple: give kids real toys they can play with anywhere, and make them easy to transport and keep together.” Car Play Mat

Dad Train Tee

Dinosaur Playmat with Wooden Dinos

MelanieAbrantes Melanie Oakland, CA

Cork Modern Planter

Working with a variety of unique materials, Melanie strives to create products of the highest quality that are equally beautiful and functional. Through the technique of lathing, she turns simple pieces of solid wood and cork into one-of-a-kind bowls, vases, planters and objects.

Big Bread Board

Tall Hardwood Vase

Watercolor Marais Vase

shopcandiceluter Candice Cedar Rapids, IA

“In 2014, I began creating one-of-a-kind designs using remnant scraps of wood and fabric from my home studio. What started as a hobby continued to build momentum…” Modern Mirror Half Circle

Macrame Wall Hanging

One Modern Mirror "Glissando Fringe" Half-Circle

Modern Mirror "Glissando" in Edged Finish-Gold

Half-Circle Fringe Mirror: "Aria-Duet"

thewhitepepper Christina Forest, VA

“For as long as I can remember I've been in love with all things vintage, especially those groovy items from the 60's and 70's.

Vintage Brass Seashell Door Knocker

My mother and I used to spend hours combing through antique stores and junk shops and I'm pretty sure that's what sparked my interest. What I sell is what I love...I hope you find something that you love too!”

Vintage Green Glass Candle Holder

Vintage Floral Folding Knitting Basket

art2theextreme Nicole Noblesville, IN “My name is Nicole Lewis and I am the founder and crayon artisan from Noblesville, Indiana behind Art 2 the Extreme. Art 2 the Extreme® specializes in customized and personalized crayon design for your gifting needs. Our Original Rainbow Crayons® are multicolored, uniquely shaped crayons that encourage creative thinking and imaginative making outside the traditional crayon box.

Original Rainbow Crayon® Stix

Art 2 the Extreme began as a side hustle to supplement my income as an elementary art teacher. At the time, I was looking for ways to recycle left over crayon bits while creating a fun and functional crayon. I had several students who could not hold a traditional crayon and my adaptive art supplies helped solve several problems I saw in my own classroom.”

Rainbow Crayon Holder

Personalized Name Crayon

Rainbow Crayons for Kids

SomeDayPaperCo Steph San Diego, CA

“After working with couples one-on-one to design custom wedding invitations

Minimalist pocket wedding invitation template

for over seven years, I decided to open the template shop. It's always been a dream of mine to provide high quality, modern, and fun wedding invitations without the larger investment of hiring a designer.”

Save the date template

Romantic pocket wedding invitation kit

chicmamajewelry April Fort Worth, TX “I started making jewelry shortly after my first son arrived. Our son was born at 31 weeks and weighed 2 pounds and 7 ounces. He spent 58 days in the NICU apart from us and there were some nights we wondered if we would ever get the chance to welcome him home. During his stay in the NICU, I began creating jewelry, and mind you I had never done anything like it before. I wanted something with me when we were apart that symbolized our togetherness.

Personalized Name Necklace - Family Necklace

I started researching hand stamped metals. It became therapeutic for me and I started to give these necklaces to other NICU mommy friends, and they all loved them! I enjoyed seeing their expressions and the joy it would bring to them. Word spread, and a couple months later I opened my Etsy shop.” Personalized Ring - Stackable Name Ring

Handwriting Necklace

Personalized Ring Dish

rdceramics Ryan Highland Heights, KY “I began my exploration into creating functional pottery in 2007. I am a full-time website developer, but always have enjoyed focusing on creating practical & functional artwork in my spare time. After learning and experimenting with various techniques in hand-building, wheel-throwing, and firing methods from multiple mentors, I decided it was time to start selling my artwork in 2015 so others can enjoy and appreciate these unique pieces for Ceramic Shot Glass

years to come. My work is designed to be simple, lightweight, comfortable, and appealing to the eye with my various selection of colorful glazes. I enjoy making everyday dishes, such as mugs, cups, bowls, oil bottles, and spoon rests.”

Speckled Ceramic Shot Glass

Two Tone Ceramic Spoon Rest

Brown & Light Green ceramic mug

PetiteFlowersStudio Gladys and Giulia Allentown, PA

“We began our business as a creative outlet and each piece of our artwork is proudly done with attention to details. We love being a part of our customers' special dates and milestones!”

Welcome Bridal Shower Sign

Cupcake Topper

Mimosa Bar Juice Tags

Miss to Mrs Banner

circuitbreakerlabs Amanda Washington, D.C.

“I just graduated with a PhD in Chemistry, but love to make jewelry. I started making circuit board jewelry a good number of years ago, when my brother dismantled his computer. I was fascinated by the range of colors and Gold Atom Mini Anatomical Heart Circuit Board Framed Art

components within the case of the CPU. It was only a matter of time before I combined them with resin to create geeky jewelry and accessories.”

Mini Saturn Circuit Board Framed Art

Custom Circuit Board Nameplate Sign

Circuit Board Ornament State Pride

WindingWickCandles Tiana Dallas, TX

“I create unique hand poured candles. I love to create fun designs that not only look awesome, but smell great as well!”

Eucalyptus & Mint Candle

Cinnamon Chai Candle

Just Peachy Handmade Dessert Candle

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Candle

MAWSUPPLY Norman and Rachelle Houston, TX

“We specialize in providing our clientele with an array of unique, beautifully aged, one of one pieces that suit the style driven male and

Man and Woman Signature T-Shirt

female. We are MAW SUPPLY, and we do the dirty work... so you won't have to.”

Akoma Ntoso MAW T-Shirt

Hand-Dipped Incense