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“It wasn’t until I came to Walker’s that I became the person I didn’t even know I was.”


Each day at Walker’s starts with the promise of learning. We have created a school where girls are bold and joyful as they revel in being themselves. Walker’s girls have the integrity to pursue excellence, the courage to learn from failure and the creativity and conviction to pursue their goals. They value community and know how to take action that impacts their world. This is what it means to be a leader. Everything we do is designed to teach girls to take advantage of every opportunity — in their education and in life. I know from my experience as a college professor at Brown University that graduates of all-girls’ schools are more likely than peers from coed schools to speak up and pursue their passions with confidence. We have an extraordinary faculty, beautiful campus and the vision to offer an education that is truly transformational. The work we do is a calling. Come visit our campus and meet our students; sit in on a class and explore the arts, athletics and community initiatives at work in our Centennial Center. I trust that you, too, will be called to join us.

Dr. Meera Viswanathan Head of School

Dream, Create, Lead Embrace Your Full Potential For generations, young women have come to The Ethel Walker School to embrace their full potential in a community that cherishes learning and curiosity. On our campus, Walker’s girls grow in their confidence and in their sense of higher purpose. They flourish — with each girl knowing that she will become the person she is meant to be. Experiences and challenges that motivate girls to achieve their best happen in all aspects of school life. Walker’s girls confidently forge their own paths and lead with integrity.

Attend Walker’s and be the leader of your own journey.

“Walker’s is a place for girls to thrive in all aspects of life. We gain the confidence to make a lasting impact wherever we go.”


Grades 9-12, PG Upper School

Grades 6-8 Middle School

60% Boarding 40% Day Upper School


Student to Faculty Ratio


Faculty Holding Advanced Degrees


Total Enrollment


Students of Color


Faculty of Color


International Students Upper School

WHO WAS ETHEL WALKER? Ethel Walker was a trailblazer and tenacious champion of women’s rights. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, she founded The Ethel Walker School in 1911 to ensure that girls were prepared for the intellectual rigor of top-tier colleges and equipped as leaders to make a difference in the world. More than 100 years later, Ethel’s vision of a school that allows young women to engage in lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity continues as a central theme in the mission of the School.

Inspiration Academics to Inform Your Future Students acquire, analyze, apply and integrate knowledge, allowing girls to take intellectual risks and discover their unique talents and aspirations. In an ever-evolving world, Walker’s prepares young women to design their own futures and be ready to boldly encounter careers and civic challenges that are not yet known. In every arena, campus life focuses on the acquisition of skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration, leading to individual success.

Walker’s girls are multi-dimensional. Every student embraces a unique collection of activities that define her individual interests and passions. As girls participate in all aspects of student life, they are mentored by dedicated faculty, coaches and school leadership to be successful and fulfilled.

Enhancing the Curriculum Intellectual life is structured to leave room for exploration. Students and faculty share in experiential learning both on campus and in the world. LACUNA (noun): a gap; an interval In the winter, the entire Walker’s community engages in a week-long Lacuna, a break in the typical schedule, where students choose special classes based on their interests. These unique mini classes, some co-taught by students and faculty, provide new opportunities to learn outside of a traditional classroom setting and structure. Some courses take students out into the community to explore new topics and ideas. GLOBAL EXPLORATION Walker’s makes it a priority for girls to develop an international perspective. Girls engage in courses with a global lens and participate in travel abroad programs and exchanges. Recent trips include China, Australia, the Dominican Republic and Panama, where students studied tropical ecology, engaged with scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and performed community outreach programs. ACADEMIC SUPPORT The Academic Support Center is for all students who wish to enhance their academic performance and develop effective study habits and strategies. A variety of systems are in place to ensure that each student’s academic success is fostered, including the development of individualized plans to address areas of need.

“I’ve always loved to learn. Walker’s teachers celebrate and encourage that.”


Combining Rigor and Curiosity Advanced Courses Walker’s advanced courses stir genuine excitement about learning, create real-world connections and allow for the exploration of ideas. Our master faculty design a robust offering of advanced courses that stretch students to become reflective, analytical thinkers who are motivated to direct their own learning. By designing our own advanced curriculum, we can offer a wider variety of subject areas without the confines of a culminating standardized test. Students are prepared to take AP exams if they so choose. Advanced courses are offered across all disciplines. Here is a sample: · ADVANCED ENGLISH: LITERATURE AND MEDICINE Students examine the role and image of doctors, illness and healing in literature. The class reads works by and about doctors, and also examines poetry, fiction, drama, nonfiction, television and film. · ADVANCED ECONOMICS Students explore the basic principles of macro and microeconomics using American and international current events. · ADVANCED CHEMISTRY The equivalent of a college-level introductory course, this class emphasizes the advanced topics of equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics. · ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY This social science elective encourages students to think critically, synthesize current research and develop a deep understanding of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

Signature Courses Walker’s offers unique courses that combine direct action and experimentation with the opportunity to design real-world solutions and gain hands-on experience. · TROPICAL ECOLOGY Students learn about the unique and fragile ecosystems of the tropics, paying close attention to the incredible biodiversity, current events and conservation efforts. · VISITING WRITER SEMINAR Students are immersed in the study of a contemporary writer, who then visits to provide writing workshops and master classes. At the end of each semester, students collaborate on a final project in which they publish a class anthology of original work, inspired by the work of the visiting writer. Recent visiting writers include Naomi Shihab Nye, Anne Fadiman and Aimee Nezhukumatathil. · INEQUALITY IN THE UNITED STATES Students study social systems of inequality and investigate the structural, interpersonal and social dimensions of oppression. · EQUINE SCIENCE This intense biology class encompasses the anatomy and physiology of all the systems of the horse, nutrition, toxicology, parasitology, health management, neonatology, epidemiology and sports medicine. · HONORS BIOCHEMISTRY Students join other high school and college students from around the world to crowd-source the development of new antibiotics through a series of studentdriven experiments. This course is part of an innovative program at Yale University.

Capabilities FLUENCIES Digital, financial and rhetorical DISCOVERIES Sustenance and sustainability INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND PAID INTERNSHIP AGENCIES Swimming, first aid and self-defense SELF-SELECTED CAPABILITY A unique fluency, experience or agency chosen by each student Collectively, these capabilities allow for challenge and failure by encouraging girls to be confident and resilient, and to embrace a growth mindset.

Disrupting Gendered Mindsets Why do female students tend to become less vocal as they progress through school despite success? Why do girls often steer clear of certain areas and disciplines? While myriad factors are at work, the key question is: What can schools do to address this disparity and support girls to fulfill their great promise and potential? The answer is — reimagine girls’ education. With the support of a prestigious Edward E. Ford Foundation Education Leadership Grant, Walker’s Capabilities Approach Program seeks to disrupt the gendered mindset into which girls are socialized. The capabilities approach represents the development of a constellation of skills, interwoven and foundational. The goal is functional mastery of each skill with the assumption that all girls can achieve proficiency through support and collaboration. Girls learn resilience, teamwork and the understanding of the role of failure as an intermediate stage of the learning process. · DIGITAL FLUENCY Today, the acquisition of a wide range of digital skills is necessary across all disciplines. As early as 6th grade and up through advanced courses, students are immersed in projects that require coding. Our dean of academic technology and innovation explores with students a range of digital fluency topics including creating your digital footprint, digital citizenship and differentiated learning styles. One group already well-established in these areas are Walker’s Wirecats, the first all-girls robotics team from New England to compete in the FIRST FRC World Championship. · FINANCIAL FLUENCY Historically, women lag behind in the acquisition of financial fluency resulting in women owning and managing fewer assets. One way our students gain an understanding of personal finances and investing is through our signature community partnership, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. In addition to providing a very important service to the community, our girls study for — and pass — an IRS training program which allows them to prepare personal income tax returns for low income families. This real world activity is enhanced with elective classroom work, giving students a first-hand look at the complexities — and understanding — of personal finance and investment. · RHETORICAL FLUENCY Having the confidence and skill to speak eloquently and convincingly in front of an audience, and ensuring that your ideas are heard, are skills that all Walker’s students develop both inside and outside the classroom. Classroom work, community partnerships and affinity groups are just a few of the many stages on which you can safely test — and hone — a wide range of rhetorical skills. · DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND SOCIAL JUSTICE By using the Capabilities Approach to enable all Walker’s students to develop a variety of capabilities, we also address divergences in backgrounds and preparation, offering a foundation for all Walker’s students to flourish as well as develop their cultural competence as global citizens. You will learn, live and grow with people of different ages, interests, nationalities, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religious traditions and political affiliations. Multiple classes and activities are offered where girls improve their knowledge and develop their desire to shape a society that is more equitable for all. Walker’s is a member of SPHERE, a consortium of 11 independent schools who collaborate on becoming and remaining culturally diverse, inclusive and responsive environments for teaching and learning.

Make a Difference Community Partnerships Walker’s Community Partnerships Program allows students to understand the critical role that service organizations play in making a positive impact on our community — and ourselves. We cultivate community engagement that emphasizes meaningful relationships to benefit others while activating personal growth. Walker’s girls gain worthwhile skills and broaden their perspectives as they provide valuable services. Some initiatives are ongoing, while others change each year in response to student interest.

Highlights include: · VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE (VITA) Since 2017 our students have been IRS trained to be personal income tax preparers for low-income filers in the greater Hartford area. To date, our students have secured more than $600,000 in tax refunds and earned income tax credits for families in our community. · HORIZONS AT THE ETHEL WALKER SCHOOL Our program is the nation’s first all-girls Horizons program, providing six weeks of summer enrichment for underserved students who attend Hartford public schools. Walker’s students serve as teaching assistants to more than 100 girls in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. · HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Each year during spring break, Walker’s students participate in new home construction as part of this international program. Most recently these service trips have been in West Virginia and Texas. · CONNECTICUT WOMEN’S EDUCATION AND LEGAL FUND Walker’s students participate in writing and delivering testimony related to specific bills for this nonpartisan organization which advocates for women and girls, especially those who are marginalized. · SPIRITHORSE THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER As sidewalkers and instructors, Walker’s students help children with disabilities experience the joy of horseback riding. · SELF-DIRECTED PARTNERSHIPS Upperclasswomen design self-directed service projects in areas that align with their interests. One student, an avid dancer, designed a creative movement class for children ages three through seven with special needs.

“Through community partnerships, I developed relationships with people whose experiences are different from mine. It’s a gift to learn new things while helping others.”


Lifelong Impact of All-Girls' Education At Walker’s, young women form a strong sense of self and a resilience for new experiences. They discover passions and build proficiencies that will serve them for the rest of their lives — in college, careers and as community leaders. Experienced college advising faculty know students well and support each girl through the college search on her way to meeting her unique aspirations. Our graduates have been accepted to selective and highlyselective schools, including: Amherst College Auburn University Berklee College of Music Boston College Boston Conservatory Boston University Brown University Bucknell University Carnegie Mellon University College of William and Mary Cornell College Dartmouth College Duke University Emory University Fordham University George Washington University Georgetown University Harvard University Johns Hopkins University Maryland Institute of Art McGill University Middlebury College New York University

Northwestern University The New School, Parsons School of Design Princeton University Smith College Southern Methodist University Texas A&M University Tufts University University of California University of North Carolina University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of St. Andrews University of Virginia Vanderbilt University Vassar College Washington University of St. Louis Wellesley College Wesleyan University Yale University

Girls’ school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in science, math and technology compared to girls who attend coed schools. Students at allgirls’ schools who expect to earn a graduate or professional degree. Girls’ school graduates who say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at coed schools. Source: National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

Where are our graduates now? After graduating from Brown University in 2017, Jacinta Lomba ’13 was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in Brazil to reduce the impact of the Zika virus. While pursuing a bachelor’s at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Morgan Locandro ’16 completed a co-op internship at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. After graduating from Harvard University, Lauren Nicholson ’14 joined Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division, where she designs the stories and strategies to help people harness technology in meaningful ways.

Artistic Connections Pursue Your Creativity With an abundance of opportunities to produce and perform, students pursue their creative passions and develop leadership skills through dance, theater, visual art and music. Master classes with visiting artists expand these opportunities. At every level, our program emphasizes skill development and self-expression under the guidance of experienced artists who are also talented teachers.

Key Program Disciplines DANCE · Modern · Ballet and pointe · Jazz · Tap · Cultural dance forms · Improvisation and composition · Dance Workshop (Varsity level company) · Dance Ensemble (Intermediate level company) VISUAL ARTS · Art History · Drawing · Painting · Photography · Printmaking · Sculpture and 3D Design · Ceramics MUSIC · Choir · Gospel Choir · Grapes a capella · Chamber ensembles · African drumming · Group keyboard · Group voice (Voce Felice) · Harmonious Bells · Orchestra · Private lessons offered in voice and instrumental music

THEATER · Performance Fundamentals · Acting · Musical Theater · Winter Play · Spring Musical ARTISTIC SPACES · Two dance studios with sprung floors · Black box theater · Proscenium theater · Art studio and ceramics studio · Photography computer lab · Two art galleries · Choir/music room · Four music practice rooms · Chapel with an Aeolian-Skinner Organ

The Grapes Our accomplished a cappella group and its student directors compete and win awards, bringing home the Gold Citation: Best in Show and Outstanding Student Directors awards in a New England invitational.



Whether you are a novice or advanced musician, you can choose from a rich variety of musical courses and performance groups. Our musicians participate at the highest level, earning accolades from regional and national competitions. A music major is available to students for whom music is a particular passion. Private lessons are offered in voice and instrumental music.

The visual arts meet the need for personal expression while giving the community a chance to view original works on display in galleries throughout campus. Students can choose to explore a variety of media or focus on particular areas of interest. Our award-winning artists are recognized by regional and national organizations.

Actors Actors and theater technicians learn the fundamentals of performance and the technical aspects of theater and apply what they know to produce annual school productions. Recent performances of Rent, Chicago, Hairspray, Sister Act, Into the Woods, Jr. and She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition have enthralled audiences and invigorated a love of theater. Walker’s theater program takes students to Broadway where they interact with Broadway cast members and industry professionals.

Dancers There are dance classes available for every level of experience from the most advanced to those who want to explore. You will be challenged to grow technically and creatively, and will have multiple opportunities to showcase your abilities. Each fall, winter and spring, students present dance concerts to the entire School community.

“Performing at Walker’s lets the world see me for exactly who I am.”


“Here, you are not told you are a ‘good athlete for a girl,’ you are just a good athlete. Athletes are empowered to stand up against the stereotype that women can’t be athletic.”


A Competitive Edge Walker’s Athletics On the field, in the pool and on the court, girls set ambitious goals, act with integrity, hone their talents and work together to achieve success. We offer a variety of teams at competitive levels, including both varsity and junior varsity teams. Walker’s competes in the Founders League, an association of independent schools. In addition, we are members of the Western New England Preparatory School Association (WNEPSA) and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC).

Sports Offered FALL Cross Country Field Hockey Riding Soccer Volleyball

WINTER Basketball Riding Skiing Squash Swimming

SPRING Golf Lacrosse Riding Softball Tennis

Facilities THE CENTENNIAL CENTER By seamlessly integrating athletics, academics and the social dimension of life, the Centennial Center emphasizes healthy habits and wellness to reflect the ways girls learn and live. It includes: · Eight-lane pool · Double gymnasium · Four squash courts · Team rooms · Two dance studios with sprung floors · Fitness center · Health and wellness center · Social and community gathering spaces ATHLETIC FIELDS AND COURTS · Two turf fields for field hockey and lacrosse · Three grass soccer fields · Two softball fields · Seven tennis courts

Beyond Walker’s Athletics is an integral part of our girls’ experience. When young women train and compete, they rise to new challenges, step into leadership roles and emerge physically and intellectually stronger as individuals and as team members. Varsity athletes go on to represent Walker’s in Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 college-level sports.

Schools where Walker’s alumnae compete include: American University Brown University Delaware State University Dickinson University Endicott College Hamilton College Haverford College Iona College Johns Hopkins University Merrimack College

Michigan State University Muhlenberg College Nichols College Rochester Institute of Technology St. Michael’s College Sewanee: The University of the South Siena College Skidmore College

Stonehill College Southern Methodist University Swarthmore College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Trinity College Wofford College

“Walker’s equestrian program has challenged me and nurtured my passion for riding. Our on-campus barn allows me to start or end my day on a horse which has helped me to build confidence and enhance my Walker’s experience.”


Excellence for More Than 100 Years For more than a century, riding has been part of daily life at Walker’s. We offer a best-in-class equestrian program led by nationally-recognized trainers, with on-campus facilities that are among the best of any school in the country. The program provides an extraordinary preparation, for both riding and life, with an emphasis on horsemanship, teamwork and personal growth. Riders of all levels are supported and students develop their riding skills at an exceptional rate, competing successfully at local, national and international levels.

Key Program Features · National competition in the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL · Local and regional competitions including Vermont, Lake Placid, The Hamptons, Saratoga, HITS Saugerties, Tryon and Spruce Meadows · Fall competition in the Medal, Maclay and USEF Finals, as well as New England Equitation Finals and CHJA Finals · Hosting site for fall and spring USEF-rated competitions · Middle School and Upper School IEA teams · Year-round training and showing · Three lessons per week · Horsemanship and equine care classes · Train on your own horse or one of our many school-owned horses

Facilities · · · · · · ·

On-campus, state-of-the-art equestrian center On-campus boarding for student-owned horses Indoor arena with top performance footing Three temperature-controlled tack rooms Heated wash stalls Outdoor 175’ x 350’ sand arena 14 individual paddocks with all-weather footing and Nelson automatic horse waterers · 175-acre campus with access to trails and turnouts

Sisterhood Fosters Leadership At Walker’s, you will become part of an empowering community where girls lift each other up and forge lifelong bonds. Formal and informal opportunities for peer-to-peer leadership are abundant throughout campus life. Upper School student government, the Big 7, offers elected positions where girls can explore what it means to represent constituencies. In addition, students can choose from 60 clubs to cultivate their interests and develop their talents. The Walker’s community is united by the school’s many cherished traditions.

Traditions SUNS AND DIALS SPIRIT CLUBS Each member of the Walker’s community is assigned as either a Sun or a Dial, unifying our community through good-natured, spirited rivalry. MOUNTAIN DAY Each fall, the entire school celebrates the start of the new school year by hiking together to the summit of Talcott Mountain followed by a picnic lunch on the Centennial Lawn. HOLIDAY RIDE Following holiday vespers and banquet, students, their families and alumnae gather at the barn for hot chocolate to watch equestrians illuminate the evening while enjoying seasonal music by our a capella group, the Grapes. DOGSWOOD DAY Each spring, Dogswood Day festivities kick off with a procession by the seniors and a Maypole dance followed by field day competitions between the Suns and the Dials. The community raises the winning team’s spirit flag, which will fly proudly until the next spring.

Clubs include:

Student government is elected by the student body and exists to promote unity, establish a cooperative atmosphere and serve as a vehicle for the expression of students’ opinions. The Upper School’s Big 7 works closely with the Dean of Students on issues related to both the residential and day communities, as well as extracurricular programs.

Beaver Brook Bulletin Bio/Science Club Black Student Union Caribbean Club Classics Club Cooking Club Daemon Art & Literary Magazine Debate Club Drama and Theater Tech Club Environmental and Sustainability Club Flight Club French Club Future Business Leaders of America Garden Club Irish Club Improv Club Jewish Ethel Walker Students Justice League Latin American Student Organization Mario Kart Club Mathletes Model United Nations National Art Honor Society Pepperpot Yearbook Save the Strays SHINE Squirrel Club Stock Market Club The Asian Club Triathlon Club Wings Writing Fellows Young Democrats Young Republicans

Campus Life Throughout campus, boarding and day students come together to study, talk, meet and have fun. Popular gathering places include the social centers, the library, the quad and Abra’s dining hall. Boarding students take pride in demonstrating their independence while surrounded by friends and faculty who come to feel like family. Weeknights after study hall, dormmates often play board games and enjoy home-baked treats. Movie marathons and karaoke nights always add to the fun. Day students enjoy the full array of campus activities, arriving for breakfast and staying through dinner, for a full day of classes, arts, athletics, activities and bonding with friends.

Both day and boarding students participate in the Weekend Life program, including travel to diversity and leadership conferences and to hear speakers at universities in the area. We host cultural celebrations and celebrate each other’s traditions. We visit peer schools and invite them to join us for events on our campus. We also explore the local area: sporting events, fairs, concerts, museums, laser tag, escape rooms, ropes courses, shopping and movies! When students are interested in an event or activity, we do everything we can to work it into the schedule.

Designed for Girls A Middle School for Grades 6-8 Since its founding, The Ethel Walker Middle School has been a special place for bright and curious girls. Its size and thoughtful curriculum foster a sense of belonging while also establishing a strong educational foundation that students take with them throughout Upper School and beyond. During this stage of adolescence, middle school students experience rapid changes — intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. The middle school curriculum is designed to include hands-on enrichment and peer-to-peer role modeling supporting girls in achieving healthy social and emotional growth.

As the only all-girls middle school in central Connecticut, Walker’s attracts families from as far away as the New Haven area, Litchfield County and the Glastonbury/Hebron area. The Middle School offers a day program for girls in grades six through eight along with a boarding program for girls in grades seven and eight and daily bus service from Greater Hartford.

A Sense of Wonder

The ability to be fascinated instills intellectual development.

A World of Possibilities

“What if...� is one of the most valuable questions a student can ask.

A Warm Community

The sense of solidarity and sisterhood is what makes the Middle School an effective place of learning. In an environment free from the pressures that often exist in coed school, girls can be themselves.

Academics Emphasize Opportunities The small class sizes create classrooms where every voice is valued and strengthened. Teachers recognize each girl as an individual seeking to fulfill her own potential. We emphasize hands-on learning with connections to the larger world. We also incorporate women role models naturally into our curriculum, so that today’s young women can expand their vision for themselves and be inspired by those who paved their way.

“My teachers care about me and challenge me to do my best. It’s not just the teachers who support me — we all support each other.”


Curriculum Overview MATH Students who begin with us in sixth grade complete Algebra 1 by the end of eighth grade. Advanced courses such as Geometry and Algebra II are available for qualified students. SCIENCE We build a comprehensive understanding of the natural world and scientific processes. Data analysis and scientific communication skills are emphasized throughout. WORLD LANGUAGES The program begins in sixth grade with a course on the foundations of language, which includes an introduction to Latin and its relationship to English. In seventh grade, students select French or Spanish and, by continuing their studies in eighth grade, are able to continue on to Spanish 2 or French 2, or take Latin 1, in ninth grade. ENGLISH Walker’s students read critically, write convincingly and learn to express themselves powerfully through engagement with literary works that reflect a broad range of voices and experiences. Girls can expect to write and read all genres of literature. HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE Students explore the past from the dawn of human civilization through contemporary cultures, including events that shaped American identity. Through a thematic, experiential approach, girls develop their ability to think critically, analyze information and express their ideas both in writing and in speech. STEAM Each year girls explore areas of STEAM in an entirely hands-on, project-based approach that builds confidence in problem-solving and fosters collaboration, creativity and communication.

Involve Yourself in Campus Life

Athletics Middle School girls take full advantage of our first-rate athletic facilities to learn goal-setting, teamwork and healthy habits. Seasonal team athletics include: field hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, skiing, lacrosse, tennis, softball and riding.

The Arts Integrated into the academic day, dance, theater, music and visual arts classes foster creativity and the joy of self-expression. Middle School girls perform in their own theatrical productions and have the opportunity to join Upper School girls for dance and musical performances.

Service & Sustainability We engage in a variety of activities to connect girls to ideas and purposes that are larger than themselves. Middle School students explore global consciousness, maintain an organic community garden, mentor younger girls, participate in student government and implement a variety of initiatives that benefit others. In recent years, students have served Simsbury Social Services, Gifts of Love and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center with food and book drives.

Emerging Leaders Middle School students benefit from leadership opportunities in student government, classroom discussions, in athletics and the arts. They enjoy a variety of social events designed especially for grades six through eight. Students are fully integrated into Walker’s traditions, interacting with Upper School girls through school meetings, community events, arts performances and service activities. They bond with each other through milestone journeys, such as overnight wilderness excursions and class trips to Boston and Washington, D.C.

Imagine Yourself Here And begin your story at Walker’s! Walker’s has a strong reputation in three areas: high academic standards that stretch students and motivate them to direct their own learning, the spirit of our all-girls’ community and the individual attention we focus on our students. At Walker’s, girls use their voice, take risks, try new things and make lifelong friends. We invite you to tour campus, sit in on classes, meet current students and faculty, and explore how you can become a student at Walker’s. We also believe that the cost of independent school education should not be a deterrent to families and encourage you to contact us to discuss tuition affordability.

Contact us today!

The Ethel Walker School is an independent, college preparatory, day and boarding school for girls in grades six through 12 plus a postgraduate year. Since 1911, The Ethel Walker School has excelled at preparing students to make a difference in the world. Members of this diverse community are dedicated to scholarship, the arts, athletics, wellness and service. The satisfaction of achievement and joy of friendship are fundamental principles as the School empowers girls to lead with integrity, respect, confidence, courage, conviction and a love of learning.

230 Bushy Hill Road · Simsbury, CT 06070 · (860) 408-4200 The Ethel Walker School admits students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other schooladministered programs.

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The Ethel Walker School Viewbook 2020  

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The Ethel Walker School Viewbook 2020  

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