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From Editor's Desk Making Ideas Happen Technology has taken over the world. IoT, Cloud Computing, IT Consultancies are the next niche for any start-up. Innovation is the need of the hour, breaking stereotypes is what counts the most. With technological advancements, the extensive use of AI and analytics in almost every field, it has forced the people to get out of their comfort zones, and present something new to the world. Over the decade there have been countless innovations in computer technologies. Cloud computing, an absurd term a decade ago, has today become the necessity of every organization. Not just those, but better security solutions, have also emerged. Read the stories of such trailblazing, innovative companies, who have presented the world with their different and exceptional services. Read the stories of entrepreneurs who have brought up uniqueness in different fields. Stories of entrepreneurs who have given a different touch to the otherwise traditional and straightforward services and presented their clientele with innovative services. The second issue of The Enterprise World, Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019 features insights of the industrial development of Kansas City, the city of jazz. Explore the city and know more about its culture and traditions. Know the truths about cloud computing and also know facts from around the business world in the special feature of Fact Page. Featuring for the cover story is Atempo, a globally renowned data protection and management software vendor. And many more companies who have pioneered in the field of cloud computing industry. Providing unique and creative solutions to the companies is FluidX Creations. A premier security solution provider, Praesidio Group, and, any such more trailblazing companies. In the interview with The Enterprise World, read the exclusive dialogue with Victor Ruiz of actiMirror and Deepak Vijayraj of Unite IT Consulting. The key to keep moving is to keep innovating. Have a good read!

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his issue of The Enterprise World, Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019 features, Featuring for the cover story is Atempo. Atempo is a globally renowned data protection and management software vendor. In an era of high redundancy and clouddelivered services, the emphasis is less on protecting on-premise applications and systems. But unstructured data levels (ďŹ les, images, emails...) continue to rise exponentially and this data needs to be stored locally or remotely. The challenge is not only to protect this data but move it, copy it and synchronize it. Simplifying digital transformations for SAP Solutions is Approyo, a company enabling customers and partners to unlock the full potential of SAP cloud technologies and achieve their business goals. The company is a leader in virtualization for high-end computing, providing higher performance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to companies

focused on SAP. Understanding these modern needs of web development is FluidX Creations. It is a new-generation, award-winning IT Consultancy based in India, which is solely dedicated and committed to providing creative solutions. With their quintessential cyber solutions is Nucleon. Nucleon is a company that provides other organizations of all sizes with technologies that will complement their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive. With their innovations in the epidermal radioisotope therapy sector, OncoBeta is providing patients of NMSC with easy and painless treatment solutions. They specialize in the development and commercialization of state-of-theart, innovative therapies utilizing epidermal radioisotope applications. With an extensive risk, security, consulting and management experience, Susanne Skov Diemer

founded the Praesidio Group, a professional security company who has the knowledge of various parts of Security, intelligence, investigations, Risk and Crisis management but at the same time understand discretion and are trustworthy. Today we are becoming increasingly used to apps and smart speakers to control our connected devices. So why can't we just talk and text them directly? With a vision of humanizing the technology, UIB is changing the way all of us communicate with their connected devices and AIpowered assistants. In an Interview with The Enterprise World, read about the journeys of actiMirror and Unite IT Consulting.

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tempo is a globally renowned data protection and management software vendor. For many years their Time Navigation (Tina) solution has protected thousands of customers worldwide enabling them to journey back in time to recover data – systems, applications and files- from any point in the past. Tina continues to thrive but Atempo is today shifting emphasis from backup to global data management. Why? In an era of high redundancy and cloud-delivered services, the emphasis is less on protecting on-premise applications and systems. But unstructured data levels (files, images, emails...) continue to rise exponentially and this data needs to be stored locally or remotely. The challenge is not only to protect this data but move it, copy it and synchronize it. This is where Atempo’s Miria takes the stage. Miria manages new and evolving storage needs as well as the obsolescence of existing storage facilities. Companies can now choose between new generations of NAS, object storages, or specific file systems, either in their data center or in the cloud. One of the key steps in these storage redesign projects is the migration of existing data to new storage environments.

“We designed our Miria solution while listening to our customers and technology partners. Many had problems migrating or protecting large amounts of data in heterogeneous storage, such as NAS, object storage, or specific file systems, in their data center or in the cloud. They wanted to be able to protect, archive, move and migrate data easily, with great scalability and flexibility without impacting their production. Miria fully meets these needs by 10

offering a powerful solution that can handle heterogeneous environments and large volumes of data.” said Hervé Collard, VP Marketing at Atempo. Petabyte-scale levels of data are reached and exceeded by a growing number of organizations. Research, fintech, IoT, space, petrol and gas exploration are just some of the sectors creating thousands of terabytes of new unstructured data every day.


Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we will see data volumes rise from 33 zettabytes today globally to 175 zettabytes in 2025 (Source IDC). That’s a 61% year-on-year increase and just storing this amount of data will be a genuine industrial challenge. It is a challenge that Atempo is already meeting full on. Extracting value from unstructured data, machine learning and AI will be at the heart of many business drivers. Ensuring big data is available for analysis and value extraction will be crucial for many enterprises. Handling data in the petabyte, exabyte and zettabyte era will require innovative hardware technology, from silicon chips to network layer and storage management. It will also require software to protect, move, synchronize and copy billions of files and petabytes of data both locally and remotely, including to tape which will continue to be a August 2019

reasonably-priced target for offline or nearline data. The cloud cannot handle all requirements alone and there will be a hybrid element to future storage needs. Atempo commercializes three variants of their Miria platform: 1. Miria for Migration – Atempo has many customers who fairly frequently change or upgrade their NAS. They require Atempo’s services and software to transfer their data without any downtime or data loss during the process. Rapid and secure, Miria for Migration cuts the time to switch storages to a minimum. One example of a migration project involved migrating almost 3 PB of data and approximately 650 million files for a US Defense provider. The task consisted of migrating data between two different vendor storages with complex clustered nodes. The final incremental synchronization could not exceed 48 hours. Atempo managed and implemented the whole project in under 3 weeks. 2. Miria for Backup – Let’s cite the example of the www.theenterpriseworld.com

University of Lausanne (UNIL), a major Swiss education and research pole. UNIL research staff generates billions of small and large files. In total, UNIL needs to back up data from two replicated Isilon NAS to an EMC object storage. Miria and its scalable data moving capacity today manages several petabytes of data. Rapid backup times and conservation of access rights information are vital to this customer. Miria covers all bases and ensures file-level recovery as well as disaster recovery in a single tool. No other data movement company was able to come close to Atempo’s response. 3. Miria for Archiving - Free up space on the most efficient and expensive primary storage and preserve digital assets over time. Miria for Archiving addresses archiving needs of all sizes up to exabyte levels. Atempo recently completed a major project with DiRAC (Distributed Research Utilizing Advanced Computing), a British supercomputing facility for theoretical modeling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy, cosmology and nuclear physics. The project was to archive several 11

COVER STORY petabytes of HPC (High Performance Computing) data for their UK research departments. Atempo is not resting on its laurels. The company has recently opened an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation and Research Center in Orleans, France. The research lab, Nextino, will concentrate on analytical support, machine learning, deep machine learning and AI for data management, protection and migration solutions for large and very large data volumes. “Nextino’s objective is to prepare future solutions by developing high valueadded software components which will help customers achieve significant productivity gains, simplify user experience, assist them in the decision-making process, increase security and guarantee the confidentiality for their data”, declared Bernard Peultier, Nextino’s COO & VP Innovation.

Digital data is the most precious asset in the 21st century. This strategic asset is stored and processed in systems comprised of sophisticated, complex and diverse applications and storages. At Atempo, we see data as being in permanent mutation, much like a natural ecosystem; a concept which seems more appropriate than that of the environment so frequently used in IT. In much the same way as a natural ecosystem, the quality of a data ecosystem is measured by its capacity to evolve over time, maintain equilibrium, resist outside aggression, and recover without delay. “Atempo takes care of all your data protection and management needs. Miria is a go-to solution for all sectors and industries because no-one will be able to avoid investing in tools for managing massive data sets” affirms Luc D’Urso.

Luc d'Urso – Chief Executive Ofcer Graduate of ESCAE (Business Administration School), Luc d'Urso began his career at the European headquarters of Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America), based in Geneva (Switzerland). In the Marketing Department, he worked in the Aerospace and Armament markets. An entrepreneur at heart, Luc then pursued his career in the sports industry where he developed the Mistral windsurng brands, the Reex water ski and the Lacroix snowboard brands, before co-founding in 1997, the telecom operator Futur Telecom (MVNO) which he sold to SFR in 2007. In 2010, he founded Wooxo, French software solutions dedicated to the protection of computer data. In August 2017, in partnership with Cyprien Roy, he acquired ATEMPO, the European leader in data protection, from the American group ASG Technologies, and then acquired Synerway.


August 2019

2019 Ford EcoSport Built to Outsmart the Competition www.ford.com

Interview with The Enterprise World


obile applications are the software applications that run on the smart phones, making the user experience easier and friendly. It is necessary for the retailers or any other company to have a mobile application, more so, one whose user interface is friendly and easy. This enables the customers to browse through the application easily and know more about the services of the company. With the emergence of AI, almost all the companies have come up with their mobile applications, and to make the customers’ experience more relevant, Victor Ruiz, CEO & Executive Member of the Board of Directors came up with actiMirror. Let us know more about this venture in this exclusive interview with Victor Ruiz.

Victor Ruiz CEO 14

1. Give us some insights on the foundation of this enterprise. actiMirror is the result of two visions: on one hand, my co-founder Fulvio envisaged a solution for retail and hospitality using smart mirrors to attract consumers’ attention wowing them with unexpected content and adding value to the customer’s experience. And, on the other hand, my vision to gather and analyse consumers’ behaviour data to enable real-time personalised experiences and

August 2019

The Smart Mirror Authority provide insights for our initial B2B customers. We both were determined to improve usually boring Retail experiences and – after a couple of dinners in Milan – we took proactive action putting our ideas together and co-founded actiMirror. 2. What was that one thing that was kind of a hard nut to crack? The MVP. Our idea was outstanding and we made sure we put together the right ingredients to make it happen. We had an experienced and very global executive team. We managed to attract a high-profile Advisory Board. We had Seed money to start. We were able to design and manufacture greater mirrors than our competitors at more competitive prices. And so on. However, the challenge remained: how to best integrate and pack the software and hardware into a holistic MVP that would make instant sense to the market, and eventually to our grandmothers? We always strove to develop our MVP in a manner that could be understood by the general market, but the sheer amount of possibilities and product features made it challenging. Also, which verticals shall we focus on? Lucrative B2B


with long lead times, or faster B2C with lesser margins? After listening to the Voice of different Customers, few product iterations, and some POCs (Proof of Concept projects), we developed an attractive MVP that was intuitive and got instant attention from brands and retailers. Essentially, our smart mirrors are similar to oversized cell phones offering: • A scalable open platform actiMirror allows a wide variety of customised Apps and UXs (User eXperiences) in the same intuitive way we use mobile phones • The Power of Digital - Artificial Intelligence + Data gathering and Analytics insights + Cloud Management System + Open platform to deliver a holistic Omnichannel Ecosystem • A perfect mirror- essential in most lines of business, particularly Retail, and instrumental to attract customer attention. • Truly scalable price point • Innovative in-store Customer Journeys - actiMirror integrates a wide variety of sensors in its mirrors (in fact, more than an iPad or a phone). The sensors gather data and interact with customers in realtime providing a resounding wow experience.

3. In the words of Freddie Mercury, “When the whole idea of Queen was to be original” How well does it go with your enterprise? Our team is very creative and sometimes it feels that we have enough ideas to last us for the next 300 years. We are not familiar with the dynamics of the music industry, but in ours over and above originality a company must deliver scalable innovation one step at a time. actiMirror is 80% software and 20% hardware. Mistakes on the software side can be relatively easily resolved, but mistakes on the hardware side can be very costly indeed. Hence, as much as we try to be original, if originality does not bring scalable dollars those projects won’t see the light. 4. What are the products or services that the company focuses on? We have established that actiMirror has the leading product offering when it comes to B2B Retail. And the company is now launching products in the Fitness and Smart Home (Real Estate) verticals. Fitness We have partnered with a key industry player to gamify exercise


Interview with The Enterprise World with the target to make it as addictive as computer games. Now, one can train or compete with others in real-time from the comfort of their own home or from gyms and hotels. Smart Home We are about to launch a very scalable waterproof range of smart mirrors that can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. featuring: • Infotainment functions: music, news, calendar, weather, etc. • Personalised Health functions: blood pressure, weight, etc. connected to other devices • Home Automation controls: lighting, curtains, aircon, mood scenarios, etc. 5. How do you make sure there are no set-backs? And even if there are how would they not hinder the growth? Using four key ingredients: • Open Communication • Trust • Respect • Diversity There is not much more than that. If the team will trust and respect each other, then people feel empowered to raise the hand when facing a setback to ask others to help. Of course, everybody has their own KPIs, but the main KPI for the team is to continue being the number one Smart Mirror provider out there. With Open Communication, Trust, Respect, and Diversity nobody has time for feeling down if something goes wrong. 6. It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? By being active part of the race attending seminars; by having a very seasoned Advisory Board who comes with truly incredible


suggestions; by being public speakers to evangelise our industry; by engaging with other entrepreneurs that have nothing to do with our business model and openly ask for their ideas/suggestions; by asking REALLY difficult questions, by partnering with the best-in-class; by having a diverse team with different and complementary points of view, and – most importantly – by attracting top software talent and keeping an eye on those (who may not yet know it) but will soon make themselves available to join an innovative company like actiMirror. 7. Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views In my opinion Constant Vigilance should neither be a need nor a strategy. Competition will inevitably come with great ideas, and that is good. Competition will always develop this feature, or that sexy product, or penetrate a specific vertical. Always. And we should always be grateful for that because it keeps making the general public aware about smart mirrors. Because it keeps evangelizing what we do well. 8. Executive Leadership- what are the aspects of it and how do you work on it? (Simply, what are your responsibilities as an owner?) People often think that CEOs are always busy doing a very eclectic array of things. And, whilst it is true that one has to keep an eye on everything and be able to discern where opportunities lie, what to develop, which market not to penetrate, etc. my primary responsibilities are: • Strategy, Business Development and Sales: 50% time • New and Existing Investors Relationships: 30% time

• Talent Acquisition: 10% time • Making sure there is enough money in the bank: 10% time 9. Employees are the backbone of any company. How do you maintain a healthy work environment? Open Communication, Trust, Respect and Diversity, PLUS one more essential extra factor: By attracting top key talent with low egos. When a company nurtures an atmosphere of best-in-class engaging brains with clean low ego souls, the whole team naturally focus in Innovation, Creativity spurs, and people look forward to coming to a dynamic place to work. 10. The show must go on, what do you plan next? We are developing an impactful modular platform for B2C and Real Estate that will democratise smart mirrors for the general public. This project is the pinnacle of several years of actiMirror AI + Automated Data Analytics + Apps development + Cloud + Content Management + Hardware, etc. put together with several partnerships we have established over the years. In essence, the product is a smart mirror for home use, adding under the same modular platform a set of incredible features and functionalities such as AI personal trainers for fitness, an AR cosmetic ecosystem, and a bunch of other exciting modules. Apologies for being succinct, but this is as much as we can disclose at this stage about this very scalable project.

August 2019

PROTOTYPING and the ease of it


n the manufacturing of a product, it has to go through various steps to finally be presented to the masses. There is initially the paperwork, where all the probabilities of the product working are tested, and then there is the prototyping of that product. A prototype can be considered as one of the most important steps in the manufacturing of product. Each of the products has certain target audiences and is set to relieve their pain points in some or the other way. To see whether the product is as effective in real life as it is on the paper, prototypes are made. A prototype is a sample or the mock product of the actual product the engineers wish to build. This quick model explains the actual plans for the final product. If the plan works successfully on the prototype, steps are taken to build the final product. Also, if there are any changes to be made, the first experiment is done on the prototype. The advantages of prototypes are that it helps in reducing the time www.theenterpriseworld.com

and costs involved in making the actual product. Prototyping will help the manufacturers to improve the specifications needed for a product, and all other requirements in the product. With prototyping, one can understand and predict higher costs needed for the actual product, or the changes that will have to be made, or little hurdles one might face when building actual product. With a prototype, there can be alterations made in the model easily. When that product is put to test, the customers can share their immediate feedback and according to that, changes can be made in the model. The most important thing prototyping helps with is that it eliminates any miscommunications or misunderstandings that might happen in making the actual product. So, prototyping is considered as the most important steps before building any product. It eases the further process and helps to build a better product.


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Simplifying Digital Transformation for SAP Solutions echnology is rapidly changing and impacting business in new ways. If companies aren’t adopting new technology, they are losing ground and not innovating. The SAP landscape continues to evolve and SAP customers need to keep up with these changes.


“Our Mission is to enable Customers & Partners to unlock the full potential of SAP Cloud Technologies to achieve their business goals” – Christopher Carter CEO Approyo. This Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company provides SAP solution technology to the clients. The company is a leader in virtualization for high-end computing, providing higher performance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to companies focused on SAP. Their executive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, and cloud services, have helped them to develop the right solution for their customers. Christopher M. Carter, the CEO of the company works with 18

businesses all around the globe assisting them in their journey to the usage of Big Data in the forms of Hadoop (Cloudera and Horton work’s) and SAP HANA. Mr. Carter has been in the “Big Data” industry and the SAP industry for almost 25 years. He has been nationally recognized by The American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World, Cloud Expo and more. The company offers the following services to its clients: SAP HANA, SAP, Big Data, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud, SAP Leonardo, SAP Consultation, SAP Hosting, SAP Migration, IoT, etc. Helping customers move to SAP HANA has been one of the most prominent services of the company. This introduction of SAP HANA inspired the CEO, Chris Carter, to create the Approyo. SAP HANA is a big data platform that allows customers to manipulate and design the available data specific for their business needs and help gain better insights into their company’s functioning. Approyo has been built upon the premise of making the SAP HANA easy, flexible, and cost-effective onboarding solution for companies.

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that lets you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy. With the help of SAP HANA, companies can process large amounts of data with remarkable speed. It has helped the companies to drive with greater efficiencies through existing processes and helped them enable innovative analytics, cloud, and mobile applications. Approyo Cloud Ignite has been one of its flagship services. Ignite encapsulates HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package, with companies having the freedom to either uses the entire package or only those components fit for their specific purposes. Ignite delivers your team the solution you need and the services to enable continuous and effective use of SAP HANA to meet the strategic and daily needs of August 2019

Christopher Carter CEO

Chris’ Vision • His vision is to make Approyo the most customer centric SAP HANA provider in the market place. • With consistent communication and support, and the business leadership of Chris, he is making Approyo and their SAP HANA solutions easy success. • Instead of educating clients, he has partnered with them and helped them grow based on Approyo's SAP cloud solutions. www.theenterpriseworld.com


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

We want to get customers into an SAP solution most quickly and effectively

business operations. The Solution provides the services and tools that enable you to minimize the cost and risk associated with having the HANA systems up and running. The SAP ecosystem is changing rapidly, and the customers have become even more tech-savvy. Customers are becoming smarter with the amount of information that is present on the internet. Just a few years ago, cloud technologies were new to the customers, and they had to be informed about it, but today, the cloud has become an important aspect of the customers’ everyday strategies. So now instead of educating the clients about the cloud, companies are looking for options for moving SAP and other legacy systems to the cloud in an effective manner.

few years with the deadline looming. Approyos team of SAP experts has been growing at a rapid rate. This being the foundation of the company, it will continue to grow in the coming years to meet the needs of the customers and the market. The adoption of SAP HANA and S/4HANA continues at a rapid pace. The question isn’t “if”, it's “how” I move to SAP HANA. Is it a simple upgrade or is it a total migration?

The goal of the Approyo has been the same from the start; to be the most customer-centric SAP HANA provider in the marketplace. And for that, staying up to date with the changing technologies and the client needs, play a key role. With that, consistent communication and support are also important. Considering these goals, Approyo has been working on providing its customers with the most effective solutions.

The team at Approyo brings years of SAP experience. That experience is the foundation of Approyo and allows it to help companies of all shapes and sizes to implement these new and exciting SAP solutions. Companies need to embrace a digital strategy and SAP solutions powered by Approyo allow companies to take the steps to fully embrace the digital world. In addition to this world class expertise, Approyo’s speed to market makes it stand out in today’s world. Approyo can have an SAP HANA solution in the cloud up and running in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks compared to the competition. This allows companies to see the benefits right away and not struggle through the initial set up phase typically association with SAP hosted solutions.

More companies are expected to move to SAP HANA in the next

How Approyo is making SAP easier?


You’ve heard the phrase, “Bacon makes everything better” Approyo takes it one step further, they make your SAP Better! Approyo makes it easy to manage, upgrade and migrate to your SAP environments. Approyo gives you solutions like• Certified SAP Partner • Enterprise Ready • Zero Calories • Scalable and Reliable • Global Team of SAP Experts • Never too crispy • Simple Cloud Migrations • Fast Implementation • Dependable Support All these making SAP solutions by Approyo better than Bacon. They have been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious 12th-annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. Grow your business now with the SAP S/4HANA. Their SAP Basis support service comprises management, monitoring, and support for customer’s SAP application, where this infrastructure can be hosted in their cloud or any public cloud solution. The key benefits of this support system are that you don’t need to hire, train or retain SAP staff; it helps you to stay focused on your core competencies, you can also reduce the costs with predictable SAP support costs and improved operational efficiencies.

August 2019

AsiaPay enables merchants to securely accept most popular digital payment methods from credit cards, internet banking and more on a single platform.




Country operations and payment processing.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006 and certiď€ ed 3-D Secure vendor.

Anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready, real-time consolidated reports, big data.




Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers.

High service uptime of 99.9%+ and high performance.

Local account and risk operation support as well as 24x7 technical support in 15+ countries and regions.


Upshot Metros



The City of


August 2019


ansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri in the US. This city of fountains was founded in the 1830s as a port of Missouri River. The Kansas modern city encompasses an area of about 826.3 km sq. and is the third-largest city in the state of the US. Most of the Kansas City is within the Jackson County, but some of its portions are spread in the Clay, Cass, and Platte counties. The city consists of many neighbourhoods, which include the River Market District in the north, the 18th and Vine District in the east, and the Country Club Plaza in the south.

Most of the economy of the city was based on the Stock Yards that traded cattle, sheep, horses, hogs, and mules. The Kansas City metropolitan area situated on the border between Missouri and Kansas at the confluence of Kansas and Missouri Rivers was in the early days, a strategic point for commerce and security. Later on, this area played a major role in the westward development of the United States. The economy of Kansas City is an influential, large and important aspect of the development. The Kansas City metropolitan area has many factories, manufacturing plants, and it also has the international trade zone and also more foreign trade zone space than anywhere in the nation. The geographic and population centers of the US lie within 250 miles of Kansas City. This benefit www.theenterpriseworld.com

has made the Kansas City metropolitan area as the hub for intermodal transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Although the Kansas City is historically known for the distribution of beef and the large rail network, the other major industries in the city include distribution, education, health services, manufacturing, professional business services, and warehousing. The government is the secondlargest employer in the city, which is then followed by professional and business services, education and then the healthcare services. In the manufacturing industry, the major employers are Hallmark Cards, which was founded in the Kansas City in 1910, the Harmon Industries, Inc. founded in 1946, manufacturers of railroad signal and communication, traffic control signals, etc. Many of the companies have now made announcements of expanding their existing operations to the Kansas City metropolitan area. Today, new developmental projects for the city worth $4 billion are planned. Since the 2000s, more than a $500 million have been invested to improve the infrastructure of downtown residencies. Also, new residential development is being promoted, and new bonds are made to improve the aging infrastructure of the city. The local economy of the city has managed to remain steady, which is mostly because of the diversity it offers in industries and how it has not stuck to a particular industry. 23

Upshot Metros also famous for its lip-smacking BBQ. You will find Arthur Bryant’s The city of Kansas is often Barbeque, which is easily the local abbreviated as KC, where the favourite. The other equally great abbreviation is usually used to refer barbeque joints include Fiorella’s to the metropolitan area. The city is Jack Stack Barbecue and Gates usually nicknamed as the ‘City of Bar-B-Q. Fountains’. Exploring Kansas City

The visual arts have been the heart of the city of Kansas. From the famous painter Thomas Hart Benton to Walt Disney’s first-ever animation studio, to the Hallmark’s headquarters, visual arts have always played an important part in the art and culture of the city. This importance of the visual arts in the city would be incomplete without the mention of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This art museum is a renowned institution that has been a staple of the city since The Great Depression. The museum has a collection of artwork which encompasses more than 5000 years of history from all over the world. Performing arts is another important aspect of the arts and culture of the city. The Kauffman Centre for Performing Arts gives the audiences an experience of contemporary opera production during its season. The city of Kansas is a cluster of small neighbourhoods, like the Power and Light District, the 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District, etc. The Power and Light District has a very live and hipster vibe to it, where one can enjoy good food with great ambiance, the nightlife of Kansas City. At 18th and Vine, here is the American Jazz Museum. The Jazz Museum has an interactive nature and one can learn about the history of Jazz. What goes perfectly with Jazz music is some hot and spicy BBQ. And Kansas City is no short for that. Apart from Jazz, the city is 24

August 2019



Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

The Elixir of Creativity ven for the smallest businesses to grow, one needs to have a good website. With the world going online, a good website is the key to attract a customer base. Having a company website is a single most effective and inexpensive way to advertise your company. The top benefit of a good website is you can reach several people very easily. A website is an extension of your company and your brand; you can build brand awareness easily with the help of the website. You can present your products and solutions in detail; in other words, your website sells for you.

“We believe that it’s very important to develop a website that’s creatively appealing and at the same time informative, catering to the needs of all types of visitors.”

Understanding these modern needs of web development is the Mumbai based company, FluidX Creations. FluidX Creations is a new-generation, award-winning IT Consultancy based in India, which is solely dedicated and committed to providing creative solutions. It is a small team of young professional developers and designers that are dedicated, having expertise in offering quality rich services.

When one starts a venture, different from your competitors, you always wish to stand out and show originality in the market and not just a copy of some established brand. The same goes with FluidX Creations, when they started they just did not want to be another agency, they wanted to create a different impact on the market. Their way of working and quality of work has what made them different from others.



Gaurang Sudra, the founder of FluidX Creations, who is a computer software engineer, has proven experience in the Computer Software industry and Entrepreneurship. He has associated with few start-ups as a team member and active member of few local start-up communities to gain and share the insights and is looking at building the best products of tomorrow that can give better human experiences with technology.

And to come to this stage, there are always different hurdles one needs to conquer. As every business faces, FluidX Creations has also faced some challenges at the beginning like hiring good resources to get better leads. Setbacks or failure are inevitable in life, no one is perfect and we all fall into hard times at some points of time. We learn from our mistakes and train ourselves to overcome the challenges we face. It does not affect our growth but we take it as a stepping stone to a journey where we want to be. In this competitive market getting trusted retainer clients is the most important thing. The technology industry is constantly evolving, with new products and features being released faster than ever. This has become a very crowded market with lots of competition in the market. From day one FluidX team has started with the goal to be away from this ratrace and stand out to be the best in the thing they do. All this change is exciting, especially for the innovative companies behind today’s latest technologies. However, it’s also incredibly challenging to keep up with August 2019

Gaurang Sudra Founder & CEO

Gaurang's Vision • As the founder of FluidX Creations, it is his role to provide and strategize the roadmap for the services offered by the company. • Being obsessed with quality, he wishes to provide the best services to his clients. • He is solely dedicated to providing his clients with the most creative solutions. www.theenterpriseworld.com


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

At Fluidx Creations our goal is to develop technically complex yet elegant and intuitive web development solutions

cutting-edge competitors, cybersecurity issues and a changing regulatory landscape. In this competitive market, constant vigilance is more of a need that can be strategized properly to make the most out of it. In our daily operations, we face a lot of challenges and threats which need to be monitored and be well prepared for any situation that can affect our growth or productivity. FluidX Creations offers custom services based on clients’ service requirements and what is well suited for them. As target clients are small to medium-size enterprises, the team consults them to understand how getting digital can grow their businesses. Fluidx Creations provides services like: • Web Application Development • Software Development • Cloud Application Development • Cloud Strategy • Cloud Implementation • Digital Marketing Fluidx Creations is the name that you can trust when it comes to building websites with great features and spectacular designs. A Well designed website is 28

therefore integral to anything digital. A good website design needs to be visually appealing; navigation friendly, highly content rich and above all, search engine optimized to attract & retain visitors. Fluidx Creations team ensures that your website works for your business. Mere presence is no presence on the web; users should know your existence, visit your website, appreciate you and translate to leads or sales. “As an owner I always lead from the front by taking action, demonstrating what needs to be done and keeping my team organized to make sure we’re all on the same page and contributing equally. I’m great at delegating and finding the strengths of other team members. I try to give each person a chance to do what they’re best at and create a team effort that delivers a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Basically, as an owner my main responsibility is to make sure the company runs smoothly and ensures the growth of the company”, says Gaurang Sudra, the founder of FluidX Creations. When it comes to creativity, and delivering the best services to the client, you need an equally passionate and committed team.

For the FluidX Team, the challenge is not only to build an environment where employees feel happy, encouraged and accepted but become more productive. They have an open culture that helps in clear communication and forms trust. Also, they don’t follow the corporate employee hierarchy. Another thing is that they have flexibility in a culture that allows work from home or flexible timing which allows them to expand their talent based irrespective of their location while increasing their loyalty. In the technology industry, you need to keep learning. The FluidX Creations team is constantly evolving and adopting new technology and adding new services to its services catalogue. The company is currently working on some in-house blockchain projects and soon will be adding it as one of their services. Their mission focuses more on enhancing the growth of customers business by providing them with the best possible web solutions, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of FluidX Creations, understanding all of the clients’ needs and to provide them with the best feasible solution for their business needs, and to be the market leader in providing better web solution. With a vision of running the business keeping the business ethics in mind, FluidX Creations team is providing the best web solutions to its clients.

August 2019

MOMENTUM True Wireless

A new dimension in wearable sound Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and reďŹ ned design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Quintessential Cyber Solutions


t is the era of Tech-Mech, everything is online, and we can only thank God that the presidencies still carry out paperwork. All the data is now on the cloud storage, digitalization has taken over. What we are looking for in the future is robots. So much has changed over the years. But we do have a question now. Paperback, although tedious to handle, could be protected. There are safety vaults to keep the documents and what not. But now that the data is on the cloud, who is keeping it safe up there? Never worry though! Brainstorming solutions to all sorts of problems has always been the expertise of engineers. A new era demands new technology, and likely, this new technology demands new security systems. The data stored on the cloud cannot be protected just by little passwords. It needs something greater, and likely, the solution was just around the cornerCybersecurity. Cybersecurity or IT security is the protection of data that is stored on the cloud from any kind of breaches, or theft. This field has a growing importance in today’s world, what with the extensive use of IT in every sector. And with this scenario in mind, Nucleon was founded by veterans in cybersecurity, with more than 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the cyber security market and its weaknesses. The company was started in 2009, and since then it has been researching and developing products that will finally help the organizations deal with the cyber-attacks using the best technology available.


The Trailblazing LeadersYossi Accav, and Roy Heller, all of the experts in their fields came together in 2009 to start with this new venture of Nucleon. Intending to provide the companies with better cybersecurity solutions, Nucleon is built on innovative technology that gives organizations the ability to block cyberattacks based on predicting where cyber-attacks are going to come from and block the threats before they try to breach the network. Mr. Roy Heller is the company’s Sales Executive. He has an extensive International and local experience specializing in the field of Cybersecurity and Information Security. His core professional skills include B2B Skills, Business/Trade Development. He is one of the founder members of Nucleon, and is the Director of Sales there. Nucleon is a company that provides other organizations of all sizes with technologies that will complement their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive. Nucleon uses the wide network of the patented technology, called as the polymorphic sensors. These polymorphic sensors are constantly active and collect information about the cyber-attacks happening all around the world. Using these tools and methodology, Nucleon can predict the threats. Now, all of this data is transferred to a secure cloud, and then sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and some other methods are used to identify the details about the attack. So, to put it in simpler words, Nucleon can autonomously learn about cyber attackers and

August 2019

Organizations world wide are looking for innovative ways that can help them protect against cyber attacks and stay one step before their adversaries, by providing innovative patented cyber technologies based on proactive approach Nucleon solutions helps organizations to face threats and deal with them successfully like never seen before

Roy Heller COO of Nucleon Cyber block them before they are targeting the clients. Nucleon Clients Use CaseWell, Nucleon provides companies and their clients with the best technologies to protect their cloud data. So the large companies, governments, hospitals, banks and even all small organizations are their easy customers, who seek high-quality data protection. So is it just for the bigger enterprises? Well definitely not! Anyone can use threat intelligence, even home users. However, when using new technologies, people need some expertise. This is observed more in the start-ups and the SMBs. So to make the process easier for them, Nucleon has built a dedicated network called cybercure.ai, Cybercure provides simple feeds of indicators that can be used by other firewalls/ids/endpoint security devices and does not require special configuration. Nucleon offers all the products and services related to cybersecurity. These include: • Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds - a constant


feed of threats relevant to specific clients and reverse reconnaissance technologies that fit for enterprise networks and other sensitive networks that needs to be highly secured. • cybercure.ai - a simple, open source version of simplified cybersecurity feeds for SMB and home users. cybercure.ai blog and podcast are very popular due to the fact they bring current subjects of cybersecurity for non-technical people. • iccin.com - ICCIN is a network aimed for governments in which they can participate for free and receive alerts about cyber threats. • Threat Predictor - an on-premise appliance that can filter out bad traffic in real time and make sure the network is safe. How are they changing the cyber insurance market? Just as we have health insurance, cyber threat companies provide their users with cyber insurance. Nucleon has partnered with its European partners and has built offerings that will allow any business size to be insured for cyber incidents and implement sophisticated cyber security appliance that will stop threats


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

automatically and be managed remotely. The newbies on the track, the first time users of Nucleon, are provided a complete package which allows them to in addition to being insured, also get the most advanced cyber software to defend against threats and also have everything manage for them so the businesses can continue focusing on what they do. Aiming to be a better cyber threat intelligence company, Nucleon is providing the organizations with better protection for their data, using tools based on proactive cybersecurity. These proactive tools will complement the other cybersecurity tools of the companies like the firewall, together making the cybersecurity stronger.

Notable AchievementsNucleon is now one of only 20 companies on the watch list of the Judges in the Most Prestigious Awards for Cybersecurity Companies Who Have the Potential of Being Valued at $1B. Nucleon was competing against many of the industry’s leading providers of cybersecurity products and services for this prestigious award. The term “Black Unicorn” signifies a cybersecurity company that has the potential to reach a $1 billion dollar market value as determined by private or public investment and these awards showcase those companies with this kind of incredible potential in the cybersecurity marketplace. Nucleon is the first company to offer targeted actionable cyber intelligence services with 0% false positives and reverse reconnaissance products that prevent hackers gaining unauthorized access to networks and servers. Nucleon patent pending technology provides cyber intelligence for organizations at all sizes, complimenting existing cyber security tools and enables organizations to defend against new and emerging threats based on unique A.I and Machine learning algorithms. Using Nucleon any size of organization can implement proactive solutions that includes detection and prevention of the most advanced threats that other tools on the market fails to stop. “It’s exciting to see Nucleon making it into a very select group of 20 companies we plan to keep an eye on and continue to watch in 2020, receiving the Notable Mention award in our first annual Black Unicorn awards,” said the Judges


August 2019

POLAROID EYEWEAR Get ready to see the world through new eyes www.polaroideyewear.com

Interview with The Enterprise World

Unite IT ConsultingThe Leading Smart City Solution Provider Deepak Vijayraj Managing Director


efore DevOps, there were different teams in an IT company which were responsible for development of applications. These teams were in charge of gathering requirements for development of the business and accordingly program software and writ codes. DevOps has been able to address these basic challenges with the establishment of cross-functional teams, which share the responsibility of work and maintain systems that run software. With the use of DevOps, one can improve their collaboration between the stakeholders.

Deployment of this technology has helped systems work efficiently, and has also helped in improving organization and people. Technology has been working well for the clients, and in this interview with The Enterprise World, Deepak Vijayraj unfolds the journey of Unite IT Consulting. 1. How did you get the idea or 34

concept for this company? Unite was formed for the purpose to make a difference for customers, people, and the environment. The company believes that it’s more about improving organization and people, and getting technology to work better for clients. If customers have a challenge dealing with disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things Sensors, Big Data or Analytics, Unite is committed to help these organizations to face those challenges. It is the one stop IT firm that can join the dots of various technologies and provide a complete solution to customers. 2. Tell us more about your journey. It’s been an awesome journey over the last 1 year, where we have been able to help 2 of the Big 4 banks with their DevOps & Cloud strategy to get their products to market faster. We have also been involved with Australian

Government’s “Small Business Digital Champions Project” as an official Corporate Partner. 3. Can you brief us about your education and achievements? The visionary and founder of the company, Deepak Vijayaraj, Managing Director at Unite has over 17 years of experience in IT industry. He has donned many hats in various roles including Technical as Cloud Solution, Architect/DevOps, Consultant and Management role as Program Manager at various companies like Amazon - Australia, Mercedes Benz – India and Cognizant-India. 4. Taking this enterprise further, was it easy or a catch-22? Though we are doing well in DevOps & Cloud Consulting, we have been facing challenges to enter into the Smart City project space, as there is very less scope and opportunities for a start-up company to prove and provide services in this space. But, things August 2019

are improving and with time we are committed to establish ourselves as a niche player in the Smart City project space. 5. What services does your company provide? Unite is providing Strategy & Advisory to companies on driving the setup of smart infrastructure to enhance connectivity, liveability, productivity and resilience. Following are the products Unite has currently : • DearBlue Water- Mobile application to monitor beach quality based on real time data received by IoT sensors in the beaches. • Asist- Single touch device for seniors and people with disability to call their caregiver at a touch of button in case of emergency. This IoT device can also place a call automatically to 3 persons, in case of a fall or heart beat slows down. • WoWCustomerXP -A suite of products in partnership with Freshworks to provide a 360 degree experience for customers throughout their journey with the company from Marketing, Sales and Support. The company has a range of professional services as below: • Cloud services including Architecture, Migration of workloads from on premise to cloud and ongoing Support, as well as setting up direct physical connectivity from Datacenter to other Public Cloud provider Data center. • DevOps Implementation for startups to enterprise organizations to get their product quickly and beat the competition. • Microservices Development based on technologies like API and Docker. • Support customers to build Data www.theenterpriseworld.com

Lake, Data Management and Analytics. • Smart City Strategy, Advisory and Solution Integration in below areas using IoT sensors. 6. What are the key strengths of your company? Being a young company, Unite has already achieved some of the milestones like • Proud Corporate Partner for the Australian Government in their “Small Business Digital Champions Project”. • Supporting Partner for SmartSat CRC to help build Australian Space Industry. • Representing the IoT Industry on the Technical user group of “Australian Smart Communities Association”. • Taking the lead of setting up LoRaWAN network (The Things Network) in Western Sydney area, that helps local communities enjoy the benefits of a free network for IoT devices that will provide data and help to maintain safety, wellness and protect environment. • Recognized as “Top 10 Smart City Solution providers” and as “10 Best IT Consulting companies”. • Part of start up programs of CSIRO and Western Sydney University. 7. New era demands new methods. How do you cope with that? IoT sensors running on Cloud infrastructure will be the big thing in technology. These two technologies help in build robust, reliable and secure framework for collecting data from different areas of the community and help make informed data driven decisions for a safe, secure and healthy feasible community. 8. What is one thing you do that keeps you a step further?

Unite’s experience has been to be always innovative for coming up with solutions for the clients, and deliver those solutions quickly and efficiently for the customers to succeed. 9. Is the industry parting ways from the traditional ways? Or is it taking the traditions with it? The only thing constant in the IT industry is “Change”. With the technology evolving in leaps and bounds, we have come a long way since the Waterfall methodology to Agile and now adapting the DevOps framework. So we have always as an Industry parted ways with traditional ways of developing and delivering software. 10. What strategies are you working on to take the business a step further? Unite’s vision is to become the “goto” company. It is committed for Businesses and Enterprises for transforming their legacy IT systems to latest cutting-edge technology using IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Docker and Cloud based on DevOps, Microservices and Agile methodology. 11. How do you look after your employees? Our success is directly related to our employees. We trust them and provide the freedom to work on their choice of work that interests them more. We also focus on their development with assistance to complete Industry certifications and also mentor them into Leadership roles. 12. What is your successful client relationship mantra? We ensure our teams prioritize our customers’ issues over anything else, and take ownership of issues until it’s resolved.


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

OncoBeta A Pioneer and Innovator in the Epidermal Radioisotope Therapy sector kin is the largest organ of the body and represents the first barrier between the inside of the body and external influences like mechanical stress or radiation for example. However, long-term influences on the skin might lead to irreparable damage that can develop into skin cancer e.g. Non-Melanocytic Skin Cancer (NMSC). NMSC is the world's most common type of cancer. 90% of NMSC cases are seen on the face or head. In most cases NMSC is not fatal, but if left untreated, can destroy local tissue and also cause disfigurement or dysfunction, which impairs quality of life.


Innovating in this field, to provide painless and easy treatment solutions is OncoBeta. Headquartered in Garching Technology and Founders Center GATE near Munich, OncoBeta is a privately held medical device company. They specialize in the development and commercialization of state-of-theart, innovative therapies utilizing epidermal radioisotope applications. Since its foundation, OncoBeta® GmbH has concentrated its efforts on the development, regulatory approval(s) and commercialization of the epidermal radioisotope 36

therapy Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy). OncoBeta’s primary aim is to improve patient experiences, patient outcomes and patient expectations while redefining the approach to treating. Patients suffering from NMSCs are often left with standard care options, which are either painful, nonaesthetically desired, or are invasive procedures in nature. OncoBeta is part of the story trying to rectify this. OncoBeta’s flagship therapy the Rhenium-SCT® is a specialized state-of-the-art brachytherapy utilizing the radioisotope Rhenium188 which in this case is used for the treatment of the most common types of NMSC called basal and squamous cell carcinomas. Rhenium-188 is a so-called betaemitter isotope with excellent therapeutic advantages. Rhenium188 has a half-life of about 17 hours which means that it decays continuously while mainly emitting beta-radiation. The penetration range of Rhenium-188's betaradiation in human tissue is up to 3mm in depth. This makes Rhenium-188 ideal for targeted treatment of superficial skin cancer types, like most non-melanoma skin cancers. The main objective of the Rhenium-SCT® is to be a

painless, personalized, noninvasive therapy targeting and destroying cancer cells in the area needed to treat. The Rhenium-SCT is a CE certified method arising from over 10 years of experience and clinical studies (>460 patients, >1300 lesions). It provides NMSC patients with a single-session, painless, highlyeffective non- surgical treatment with excellent aesthetic results and complete remissions in up to 98,5% of all cases. With their innovative therapy the Rhenium-SCT®, they provide a scalable, highly effective, clinically proven, easy and comfortable solution for NMSC patients, which improves overall patient outcomes and experiences. When it is about treating a disease like cancer, there are great deals of challenges to be met. One of the biggest challenges for OncoBeta is disrupting the standard care and its referral network to provide patients with the therapeutic solution and the outcomes they deserve. NMSC treatment is characterized by inefficiencies. Long referral chains, endowed interests, lack of patient focus and apprehension to innovation are some of the more pronounced inefficiencies characterizing the treatment of August 2019

Shannon Brown III CEO / Managing Director

Shannon's Vision • Being open to the ideas of his colleagues and include them in the decision making process. • To always keep on innovating keeping the patients’ perspective in mind. • To continuously improve the quality of life for the patients suffering from NMSC, the world’s most common cancer. www.theenterpriseworld.com


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

NMSCs. Ultimately, the last one in focus given these difficulties is the patient. OncoBeta is fighting from inside the healthcare apparatus to offer a better alternative for those suffering from NMSCs. This means being highly active in the NMSC therapeutic community, exchanging in dialogues to broaden the perspectives of clinicians about standard care and other therapeutic alternatives, such as the RheniumSCT®. OncoBeta is characterized by innovations in the treatments they provide. Their uniqueness and the forward-thinking set them apart from everyone else. OncoBeta is bringing modern technology and innovation to the market today. They have gone a different direction in the treatment of nonmelanocytic skin cancers than the current standard therapies. The Rhenium-SCT® offers everything that patients and physicians are asking for, a painless, non-invasive, personalized, single-session treatment with excellent clinical and aesthetic results. OncoBeta maintains the highest radioactive safety requirements in 38

If something isn’t going right or won’t work the way you thought, someone needs to tell you no matter who that is. We treat each other with the same dignity and respect that we expect and would like to receive

such as France, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian Countries, Canada, United States, SE Asia and Brazil scheduled over the next 2-3 years. OncoBeta is also currently evaluating further exciting applications and treatment possibilities with Rhenium.

conformity with all health, safety, and environmental protection regulatory standards to ensure the maximum of security for the patient and health care provider. Their products are produced under strict specifications meeting international guidelines to deliver the highest quality possible. “An efficient, dedicated and passionate team makes it all happen.” states Shannon D. Brown III, CEO and Managing Director of OncoBeta“ The team works relentlessly to improve NMSC patients` treatment and to increase our current therapeutic portfolio, while constantly striving to develop additional non-invasive therapies in the areas of dermatology and oncology for patients in need.” The working mentality at OncoBeta is both very effective and simple “You can’t fix something if you don’t know what is broken.” says Shannon D. Brown III The Rhenium-SCT® is presently available in Germany, Italy, Australia, and South Africa. To take it a step further, and introduce patient-personalized brachytherapy, OncoBeta is anticipating expansionary activities in other European/ Non-European countries August 2019

Impact of Digitalization on Business Growths


e are now rapidly growing into a society driven greatly by technology. Every sector is adapting to digitalization. Be it the agriculture sector, the education sector or the business ecosystems. Importance of digitalization in the emerging business ecosystems is increasing day by day. Adapting to technology has proved to be a beneficial factor in the graphs of the businesses. It is making the work systems easier and less complicated, that way; people can completely focus on the work and be less bothered by peripheral factors that were prevalent earlier. Digitalization has enabled the businesses with instant communication. Businesses are now creating systems that will promote their digital growth, which is one of the most important factors. The world is now online, www.theenterpriseworld.com

and it is necessary for the businesses to exist online as much it is for them to exist offline. The companies are now rethinking on their old business strategies, and are trying to incorporate the new technological changes in those business models. Forming of new strategies has given the businesses a new and different framework for the working. With technology involved on a larger scale, it has become easier for them to scale heights and survive the competition. Another important aspect of digitalization is that the corporates are now being compelled to keep innovating. Digitalization has taken the businesses to a whole different landscape, and it needs constant innovation in the ways of its working. Without innovations, there would be stagnancy in the systems, and lead to a deteriorating

graph. With the spread of social media, it is now a necessity for the businesses to have targeted marketing strategies. It enables them to get even more leads, and also increases the reach of the brand or the product. Even the storage devices for the companies have changed. Almost every company is now moving towards the cloud computing technology for the management of large amounts of data. And this cloud computing has also given a rise to the applications of various cybersecurity solutions. Digitalization has had a huge impact on the working and growth of businesses today. With greater applications of AI and other technologies, we may see the business landscape changing completely. 39

Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Did You Know? • The brand Nokia is named after a place in Southern Finland

• The Colgate toothpaste company started out making starch, soap, and candles

• The original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy

• MasterCard was originally called MasterCharge

• Samsung accounts for 20% of Korea’s gross domestic product

• Candy Crush brings in a reported $633,000 a day in revenue


August 2019

Myths Debunked CLOUD COMPUTING • The banking sector produces the most activity within the cloud. • Almost 94% of the managers have observed that their business security has improved after adapting to the cloud applications. • The cloud expertise has become such important that as much as 56% of the recruiters are looking for people who have a good knowledge of cloud computing. • Cloud Computing is 40 times more costeffective for a small and medium business as compared to a running in-house IT system.



Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Optimal security, Intelligence & Cyber solutions hether you are at home or in a work-space, you can never tell what can dawn upon you. You can always take appropriate measures to make sure that systems are secured as best as possible. Technology has surely evolved, but it hasn’t evolved much that it will detect the life threats that might come your way. But it can surely fight with it most efficiently. Security is especially important when you own an organization, large or small, and your data and general IT needs to be protected, it is essential that you hire only the professionals. The same is to be said about the risk surrounding your employees, physical assets or your Brand it is your responsibility to protect them as well as you can.


And with this intention, Susanne Diemer founded Praesidio Group. Identifying the threats, a system or your organization could come across, Praesidio Group is determined to get rid of them for the companies so that people can work in peace and focus only on their work. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has a global network of associates and partners with experienced capabilities to meet complete security or discreet due diligence requirements. 42

The founder of the company, Susanne Skov Diemer, has an extensive risk, security, consulting and management experience gained over her 25 + year career working in Washington D.C. and London. She is the recipient of various U.S. Government awards for her work during her time with the U.S. Department of State – Diplomatic Security. Through her work and high-level network, she has gained a remarkable client base at the top level in the corporate, public & private sectors across the world. She is an Expert to the European Forum for Urban Security. “I could see a need for a company like mine, where confidentiality, decency and informed professional knowhow were keys”, Susanne Diemer Due to a need for a professional security company who has the knowledge of various parts of Security, intelligence, investigations, Risk and Crisis management but at the same time understand discretion and are trustworthy, Praesidio Group was established. It is important to understand, that if there is a security breach, there is often more than one area of an organization where something is wrong. This also includes cyber and IT security – there is often a physical security breach in that connection. It is often either an

employee who has failed some of the security procedures or corporate espionage. The company works across borders with a close corporation with trusted partners and ensures speed on a project to solve a critical problem. The business being all about confidentiality, reputation, and access, getting the clients on board in the beginning was a relatively hard nut to crack. The only way to expand the client base was through ‘word of mouth’. But a few assignments and the team never had to look back! Also, because of her long career in this field, she had a wellestablished network within corporate, politics, high wealth individuals and the sport & entertainment sector. Like all other people just starting out, Praesidio was no exception. But by consulting some good and trusted mentors, they have managed it through thick and thin. Setbacks for any company at any stage are a frustrating thing, but what is important is to not give up on the task at hand. You have to analyze the situation that has occurred and see what you can learn from it. When entering into business, you must enter with a mind-set that you are going to face setbacks, but you must never give up on your endeavour. August 2019

Susanne Skov Diemer Founder & CEO

Susanne's Vision • Her vision is to manage the projects in a way where decency, confidentiality and professionalism are maintained. • It is important to be professional, up-to date of specific knowledge, flexible and open-minded. • At Praesidio, the team earns trust through high performance and consistent action. www.theenterpriseworld.com


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

At Praesidio, we earn trust through high performance and consistent action

The evolving marketplace is such that being original, committed and passionate about what you do is the only way ahead. Susanne is one of very few women in her business and also one of the few women who manages her projects the way she does. And that is the reason; the business is running so successfully today. Over the course of the past years, Praesidio has received mixed responses; namely a request to expand and scale at an uncomfortable rate. Our business is based on trust & quality, and too many of my competitors dilute this service by scaling too quickly. “This continues to motivate me to build trust in other markets to ensure Praesidio’s reputation does not falter”, says Susanne. The services the company specializes in are Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Corporate, and Personal Security, Staff Vetting, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Supply chain security, Counterintelligence, KfR, Residential Security, Cyber Security, Event & Sport Security Coordination. The company specializes in tailoring their services to suit the specific and individual needs of 44

each client. All the planning and implementation processes are carried out in a manner that riskreduction is ensured and it is made sure that the clients have security and safety. They have worked for a President, a few Kings, Corporate CEO’s and Boards, people known from Sport, Music and the Film industry and High wealthy families. They have been there through both tough and happy times with clients, assisted on everything from blackmail cases, espionage, vetting of staff and partners, investigations, company due diligence, business intelligence but also been there assisting on security matters at large events or when the youth of families are taking their first steps out on their own. When operating in such a classified field, following the code of law, and business ethics is the most important thing. Praesidio Group values ethics highly. Wherever they are working on a project, they make sure to have the deepest respect for the word of law and order, privacy, as well as human intellectual rights.

never know what knowledge could come handy! She always has a lookout for world news, analyzing the implications, and looking at the geopolitical spectrum. The real assets to the company have proved to be their tight-knit teams, their strong reliable networks, clear priorities of the company, a focus on privacy, and all the calculated risks. They make sure that they are sourcing an optimal team required for the task and the one that suits clients’ needs. They maintain a professional relationship with the employees, their contract staff and the external work partners. Praesidio’s reputation is based on two things, credibility and trust. Their clients know that their team puts confidentiality first and will not stop until all aspects on information are vetted or a project is solved to the highest standard. They have been receiving a lot of responses from capital funds and external partners with possibilities. And they wish to keep all the options open. Providing better

security solutions to its clients is the aim of the company. “Key to my clients is the values I have based my business on, confidentiality and professionalism, so no matter what I do going forward those same principles will continue to be the DNA of the business. As I have a good thing going – the future will bring ‘more of the same”, says Susanne Skov Diemer.

Being vigilant is always good, and as a part of her job, Susanne Diemer always keeps herself updated with the latest news and happenings in the world. You August 2019


Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Enabling People to Simply Communicate he Matrix a decade ago was just a virtual reality film. With gadgets and Artificial Intelligence used on a large scale, a society of that kind was just a dream for people. But revolution has been such that IoT, augmented reality, cloud storage have become so easy to access that no company can work without it. Cloud storage and cloud computing is a basic necessity of any organization today. Toby Ruckert’s idea of UIB started as long as 25 years ago, when he used speech recognition to dial his friends with voice commands. While it’s now the norm, back then it was pretty cool. With this playing in mind, he started UIB. At UIB, they solved the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. UIB provides its customers, partners, and developers with omnichannel messaging solutions using its patented UnificationEngine®, Unified AI®, and SmartContact™ technologies.


Toby is a CEO, founder, entrepreneur, inventor, musician, and keynote speaker, commentator, expert and thought leader in AI, IoT and Digital Transformation. His professional goal is to empower people to regain control of their digital lives by creating solutions 46

that help us realize the importance of our attention and manage it with awareness to shape our destiny consciously. Today we are becoming increasingly used to apps and smart speakers to control our connected devices. So why can’t we just talk and text them directly? With a vision of humanizing the technology, UIB is changing the way all of us communicate with their connected devices and AIpowered assistants. They have invented UnificationEngine Conversational AI platform with Cognitive IoT capabilities to solve the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. With the explosion in IoT, UIB have sharpened their focus on intelligent IoT messaging. Bringing together IoT, AI, and unified messaging in UIB's powerful, multi-patented platform will have a profound impact on future generations. UIB has created the world's first and leading conversational IoT platform - the UnificationEngine®. It facilitates frictionless onboarding and seamless communications between humans, IT systems and machines, such as connected appliances/smart homes, smart cities and smart factories (Industry 4.0).

Their patented SmartContact® and UnificationEngine® technologies are used by global consumer electronics companies and device / appliance manufacturers in the Consumer IoT (CIoT) space, large enterprises in various industries for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and city councils and local municipalities for Government IoT (GIoT). UIB provides a secure, intelligent and connected Unified Communications platform both on premise and as a Service (UCaaS) in the cloud and makes it easy for humans and machines to talk and understand each other by serving as a universal translator between human language and machine language (APIs). “Constant vigilance is a culture”, says Toby Ruckert. We win by defining the race. The customers love that UIB’s platform is agnostic in terms of hosting, underlying AI technologies such as NLP libraries, APIs, and, of course messaging channels. They can also choose where the IP for the intelligence of the AI and subsequently the conversational data and analytics resides (and who owns it!), as our platform is fully encrypted end-to-end and even works on-premise.

August 2019

Toby Ruckert CEO, Founder

Toby's Vision • To find a sustainable vision for new ventures. • To leverage fine arts for business innovation. • To regain control of our digital lives by creating solutions that help us realize the importance of our attention and manage it with awareness to shape our destiny consciously. www.theenterpriseworld.com


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Confidence comes from continuing to learn and then putting into practice what you’ve learned. This proves to be an important mind-set in the changing scenarios of technology. It is a constantly changing industry where the majority of people are deploying UIB's technologies for the very first time. This offers both their customers and the company an opportunity and the challenge to “learn fast.” Our mutual growth, therefore, results from our ability to apply these often new user insights to grow our respective businesses. It is game-changing for a company to hear a user directly telling their product, “I wish you could do X.” UIB’s award-winning technologies help smart home and connected appliance manufacturers, real estate and PropTech companies, hospitality companies, telecommunications providers, museums, airlines, enterprise software companies, government authorities, and others to increase their revenues, decrease their costs, and delight their users. The ship that carries leaders is defined by their values, principles, constant learnings and the crew which is needed to sail the ocean, 48

I started UIB with the mission of giving people back time by creating technologies that would enable people to simply communicate, focus their attention on what matters, and retain ownership of their data

so ultimately it is your team that defines your success as a leader. Diversity — supported by our six values of respect, resiliency, accountability, open communications, smart thrift, and global productivity — is UIB’s edge. A dedicate team is as important as a leader to achieve the boundaries of excellence. Strong physical and mental health is key. Leaders at all levels of the company often underestimate taking care of themselves in the process of leading others. This attitude starts at the top and I must admit I’m constantly learning to get better at it. For example, if someone’s in a bad mood, it can easily affect others and their ability to make good decisions. If they’re not feeling well, they cannot focus and work productively and effectively. There are numerous challenges leaders face and investing in being both physically and mentally ‘fit’ ensures you’re ready for whatever challenge comes at you next.

realize the importance of deploying these technologies in conjunction with each other, representing a potential trillion-dollar market opportunity. “My Chief Technology Officer and I have worked together for almost two decades, cementing a track record of successful execution”, Toby Ruckert. A vision to look beyond the boundaries is always the driving force of any company. With their agnostic and inclusive technology platform, UIB is well-positioned to serve the US$2 trillion IoT market. For the next decade, we will target the sectors with the highest growth potential and most practical use cases for human to machine messaging. “To be an entrepreneur is to overcome adversity and one’s own limits, thereby creating opportunities for others”, says Toby.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) individually have the potential to deliver tremendous value. Today, industry leaders are beginning to August 2019

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PROVIDING SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT, STORE, SHARE AND RECOVER DATA. • Incremental and automatic file migration between heterogeneous storage • Operational storage during the migration with reduced impact on production• Automatic control of the integrity of migrated files • Performance tuning by simply adding or removing Data Movers • Single platform for securing new storage

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