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From Editor's Desk A Start to Greatness Start-ups play a vital role in improving the economy of the nation. Many big companies were start-ups only. Start-ups are important in the growth of the economy as they are the creators of jobs. Start-ups are important as they promote innovation and competition in the market which helps growth in businesses. Most of the giant companies outsource their work to start-ups. That helps start-ups to increase cash ow. Start-ups are nothing but the newbies in the business world. To stand strong in the market they focus on qualitative as well as quantitative products and services delivery within time. Entrepreneurship rises in all kinds of businesses; start-ups are easier way to raise entrepreneurs in all business sectors. This issue of The Enterprise World, The Trailblazing Start-ups to Watch 2019, highlights Start-ups that are making an interesting spot in the business world in lesser time because of their higher quality service delivery. SNAK India, the company featured as a cover story is a leading name in IT business solution providing start-ups. SNAK India is transforming businesses digitally with innovative technology oerings. In an interview with Mychores.in get motivated by their journey from the inception to being a pioneer and leading domestic helper providing an online platform. Read why it is important to connect with health providers of Rural Bharat and how it can be done in an expert view by Sreeram Venkitaraman and Rajasekhar Parcha. Social media helps to connect people and it made the world closer but it also has some drawbacks, give a read to an article conveying something important about the use of social media. Also, give a try to a quiz based on start-ups to know some interesting facts about startups around the world. Hyderabad, a city with diverse culture has always been a centre for business, technology, art and food in southern India. In an Upshot metros read about Hyderabad and get known about its history, vast culture, business opportunities over there and many more. There is no shortcut to make your start-up a unicorn! Happy Reading!

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Leaders in Spotlight

This issue of The Enterprise World, The Trailblazing Startups to Watch 2019 features, Featuring for the cover story is SNAK India. One cannot find the desired speed in the growth of business unless and until he gets the technological Midas touch. SNAK India processes strong and smoothly with various brands being a technology partner. SNAK India’s dexterous team works to empower businesses through magnificent IT services and consulting solutions in India as well as many nations around the world. Strategic Planning is a basic need for the growth of any business. PLUGN works closely with the promoters of midsized organizations who want to drive their company growth either by increasing the sales turnover or

through market expansion. It functions as the marketing department of the organization, wherein they drive growth by developing and implementing marketing strategies which are measurable and result driven. Renting out things is better and logical than buying and investing a lot for shorter time use. SabRentKaro.com is a Hyderabad based start-up revolutionizing the shared e-commerce economy. It is an online platform that brings renting options to individuals and corporates. SabRentKaro.com attracted many customers and corporates by giving an end to the search for a shorter time and longtime needs as well as helped to save a lot of money. They have created a platform for people who wish to live in a lifestyle they want.

In an interview with Mychores.in read out their journey from the inception. Mychores.in is an online platform to hire permanent domestic helpers like maids, cooks, babysitters, or nannies and caretakers. With more than 25000 domestic workers registered with them, Mychores provides an end to end solution for all the Domestic help needs. Also give a read to an interview with Nextsky which is an enterprise solution for the manufacturing Industry. Nextsky automates the plant floor and informs the top floor. Their manufacturing solution is designed from the ground up connecting suppliers, machines, materials, people, systems, and customers. Focusing on the unique requirements of discrete and process manufacturing.



Cover Story S.N.A.K Unlocking Potential Delivering Results

Gaurav Bansal, Founder, SNAK India

NEXTSKY Making Businesses Smarter


Prathamesh Adep, CEO, Nextsky



Your Ultimate Hiring Platform Andrew V , Founder & CEO, Mychores.in



Accelerating Your Business Growth Rajesh Puri, CEO, PLUGN

Expert’s View



SABRENTKARO.COM India's Best Place To Rent

Leveraging Insight & Technology


Sreeram Venkitaraman & Rajasekhar Parcha

Raj Sivaraju, Founder, SabRentKaro.com


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HyderabadA City of Pearls

Use it wisely

Guess What?

The Way to Run Business Processes Smoothly


Cover Story




We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.


October 2019

Gaurav Bansal Founder


n the era of digitization, effective use of the latest technologies is the only way to step up in the market and to run processes smoothly. One cannot find the desired speed in the growth of business unless and until he gets the technological Midas touch. Now a day people are always in a hurry to explore more things and they are addicted to getting a new thing every day. If businesses keep this in mind and try to serve things that give an end to customer’s technical hunger, then they can find a ladder to the limitless sky of opportunities. An enterprise may face different problems while operating. Every problem seems bigger when it first occurs. Once you get known to the solution of a problem then you don’t get panic. Many businesses are struggling to step up due to different IT deficiencies.



Entrepreneurs may struggle to focus on what exactly they need and what are their objectives. Lack of proper action plans can harm the company’s workflow and become a disaster for the business. Keeping this in mind, Gaurav Bansal founder of SNAK India started its operation in 2016, providing an end to the customer’s search for different kinds of IT business solutions. SNAK India processes strong and smoothly with various brands being a technology partner. SNAK India’s dexterous team works to empower businesses through magnificent IT services and consulting solutions in India as well as many nations around the world. A commodity firm called ‘Sat Narayan Ashok Kumar’ founded in 1980. Which is transformed into



Cover Story SNAK India stakeholders in 2006. Due to the unexpected behavior of the commodity market and transformation into the share market, the firm was dismissed. An Entrepreneur cannot just sit back and relax watching his dream enterprise breaking down. A sack full of experiences always helps a lot to re-establish a business. Based on stakeholder’s experience and new technology adaptation, SNAK India was founded in 2016, an IT consulting company where they provide their CX expertise to global customers for better transformation and meet forecasted market trends easily and on time. SNAK India has a global presence in India and Netherland and serving customers in EMEA, US, Asia Pacific, Australia, and Japan. It is more difficult to re-establish business and find the pace in its growth. One may face many challenges to do so. If you overcome all the problems one by one instead of being panic and just sitting back, you can achieve your desired goal. SNAK India was gone through the same condition. They also faced major problems while establishing an IT services and consulting firm. As said above, they didn’t just sit back relax but worked hard in many sleepless nights. Every business willing to step up in the market firstly needs multiskilled resources. Multi-skilled resources are those who help a business in every manner. If a sudden problem in operation occurs, these multi-skilled resources become the messiah. SNAK India faced the same problems while generating multiskilled resources. With the help of 10

will power and positive approach towards everything they killed every bug and fixed problems that were being barriers to the growth of the business. A search of domain expertise is one of the biggest initial challenges faced by SNAK India to establish. Domain expertise is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. Sudden changes in market behavior became another hurdle while setting up. What makes a business unique and keeps it ahead in the market race is nothing but continuous hard work with strong will power and being updated with the latest technologies. The SNAK India people always be in search of the newest technologies that they can serve to their valuable customers within effective cost and in time.

The business world provides many opportunities every day. Many times a success knocks your door but by the time you were slipping or having a good time wearing headphones with loud music. One should always capture a turning point that can lead to the growth of business in every manner. Keeping this in mind SNAK India always been attentive to all the opportunities they get. After building the network with domestic and overseas partners and getting the responses SNAK India came across a trigger point that grew up their business in the field of IT services and consulting. SNAK India’s graph changed since the foundation, shows up how strongly they are heading towards their desired goal.

October 2019

In today’s era, we are in a world of competency where it is difficult to manage the customer’s requirements and to understand their challenging business areas. SNAK INDIA unlocks the potential by providing a dedicated team who work with the customer to understand the problem and deliver the results as per customer requirement. They are not stopping themselves here only. They are constantly in touch with customers for their feedback regularly and resolve their challenges. Products and Services SNAK India provides Technology solutions to empower the IT sector in India and across many nations. Here are the details of the services SNAK India provides. Customer Experience Solutions:

The statistics shown below gives us an idea about their growth YEARS

FY 20162019


Increased by 100%



Increased by 300%

SNAK India provides CX solutions and implementation services on multiple platforms like Oracle, Microsoft, and other technologies. They create easy to understand all programs and all gadgets good sites. SNAK India provides one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration processes with available leading tools. CRM software development helps small businesses to increase sales & generate revenue, increase the efficiency of the business process and simplifying or automated the business process. As CRM allows faster results on real-time sales, customer experience, and capture trends from various channels, it helps a lot to take the right decision. SNAK India does the 11

Cover Story implementation for Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle CPQ, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Microsoft azure cloud apps, Amazon cloud apps, etc. Open Source Technology-based Solutions:

SNAK India’s Open Source technologies (OST) are enabling process and IT transformation that transforms businesses across industries. They develop technology architecture and customized as per client requirements and environments to modernize their applications and facilitate risk-free transformation. SNAK India’s technologies provide the same experiences as other COTS with minimizing customer cost and expenses. Mobility Solutions:

Now a day people get everything on just a single touch. Every Business should increase their mobile presence to expand. Many businesses are following the app trend rather than being fully dependant on a mobile-friendly website. SNAK India mobility services combine with business processes to deliver engaging, easy to use mobile solutions. Their designs are device-independent, which means one can stay connected on any device. Mobility solutions are beneficial for businesses as they are Cost and time saving, Better field force productivity, Higher Customer Satisfaction, Enhanced data 12

security and Longer device lifetime. Keeping this in mind SNAK India provides Android Application Development, iOS Application Development, React Native Application Development and Hybrid Application Development services to their valuable customers.

in multiple areas like legacy data migration tools on cloud, Chabot, artificial intelligence along with CX portfolio which will bring tomorrow’s CX today. Sooner than later, they will be coming to the Industry HR and Automotive industry solutions with all these latest enabled technologies.

Enterprise Solutions:

While talking about responsibilities of an entrepreneur, Mr. Bansal stated that-

SNAK India provides different IT business solutions such as business process analysis, strategy development and technology consulting services. SNAK India's Road Map Strategy helps to visualize strategic initiatives. SNAK India provides IT solutions like Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Robotic Automation Processing Solutions to empower and transform IT businesses in the industry. Along with this services SNAK India provides products like HRMS (Human resource management system) software, IT Asset management tool software CRM (Customer relationship management) software, Basic Accounting software for smoother business processes. Mr. Gaurav Bansal founder of SNAK India said that he sees lots of gaps in customer needs and implemented the solution by other companies for those needs. The customer invests lots of money repeatedly in that which triggered him to provide the right solution with minimum investment. With this vision, he took the company services on the next step. SNAK India is currently working










Every entrepreneur has its desires and big goals from his venture. It is said that the dreams that are the reason behind your living don't make you sleep calmly unless and until you turn them into reality. SNAK India has achieved a lot within this short period and still, their team is working hard to achieve what they are desiring for. SNAK India says that the dedicated team towards one goal is one of their biggest achievements. Building customer trust is a pivotal thing in the growth of any business. SNAK India has built a strong trust in their customers with the quality October 2019

services provided in time. Once a business makes its place in the market many businesses get chained to provide more solutions to customers as well to grow together. SNAK India has many trusted partners like Oracle Silver Partner, UI path partner, SAP partner, and Microsoft who shows confidence in them. This is another biggest achievement by SNAK India that helps them to grow faster to achieve their desired goal and provide more quality services to their customers. It is said that customer satisfaction depends on employee satisfaction. Staff is a valuable asset for any business. SNAK India has a multiskilled team that works hard to deliver quality service to their customers in time. They believe in closely working with the team and addressing their concerns on time helps the business to maintain a healthy work environment. As per the views of Mr. Gaurav Bansal regarding constant vigilance, it’s just an awareness until it’s not misleading to us from our final vision. Mr. Gaurav Bansal said that he admires his father the most. His family story inspires him a lot as they have seen different stages in business. They were on edge in the 1980s then fall in 2005 and then grew up again. It is not an easy task to re-establish a business after fall down. It requires many sleepless nights as well as moral support to do a grand come back. SNAK India's story is truly motivational to those entrepreneurs who are struggling to re-establish their business after a painful downfall. The government is arranging and planning different schemes for www.theenterpriseworld.com

start-ups as well as to create the skilful staff. SNAK India says that they have very less work in government project and campaigns so cannot confirm fully on Government’s campaign of StartUp India, however, it’s a great initiative for those product based start-up companies where SNAK India is a fully service-based company. “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.” This is what Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, said at the start of 2016. He calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And he believes that the change will be unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE OF MR GAURAV BANSAL, FOUNDER, SNAK INDIA • He has more than 15 years of IT experience. • He worked with Ernst and Young, IBM, NTT Data, TCS, etc. • He Provided technical consultancy on Digital India initiatives for Dial 112, UP Dial 100, and eNAM. • He has a vast experience with multiple customers like Suzuki, Mazda, Subaru, Kawasaki USA, etc. He loves to do more work in the Automotive industry with all this experience.


The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019

Nextsky Making Businesses Smarter

Digitization made humans more creative and businesses more productive. While operating a vast manufacturing business many people struggle to track record of sales, connecting plant floor with the top floor as well as maintaining a record of their employees. Won’t it be nice if technology does this all for you with more perfection? The manufacturing industry in India is spreading its wing largely in different sectors. With the help of governments, various schemes like the start-up India and many other people are willing to step up in manufacturing industries. It’s always a vital thing in any business to develop a cycle in which the business operates. To maintain this process cycle, manufacturers are willing to digitize their business and expand it. Keeping this in mind and to 14

The first challenge was to find the right team. A team that is ready for big challenges and uncertainties can also be ready to fail and learn fast.





ith new technologies, people are getting lazy. NO! we are disagreeing with it, we say new technologies are there to boost up productivity, to speed up the growth and to help human beings to work perfectly without bugs.

empower manufacturing businesses with digitization Mr. Prathamesh Adep, CEO of Nextsky is providing various technology solutions to their valuable clients. Nextsky is an enterprise solution for the manufacturing Industry. Nextsky automates the plant floor and informs the top floor. Their manufacturing solution is designed from the ground up connecting suppliers, machines, materials, people, systems, and customers. Focusing on the unique requirements of discrete and process manufacturing.

The second challenge, as with every Start-up, is learning to navigate all the numerous trials and mistakes that happen while making a product fit for the market. Sometimes those mistakes turn out to be very costly, resulting in a cash crunch. So finding investors was a big challenge. There were very few investors interested in our idea. After several setbacks, finally, when they launched our 8.0 version in 2017 their company found first success. Where existing and new customer appreciated Nextsky & the word-of-mouth helped them to generate new business. After studying market needs and customer behavior for three years, they took the right steps toward growth. Nextsky’s Mr. Prathamesh Adep says “I’m thankful for the Government of India for selecting us in the ‘Start-up India’ program.” The program not only provided the initial capital but also gave a October 2019

platform to reach industry experts. Because of this program, they can find out the right mentor for the company and also came to know the ecosystem in the start-up world. The Products India’s Most Beautiful & Affordable Enterprise Solution for Micro & Small Manufacturing Units. Nextsky provides Cloud base SaaS (Software-As-Service) enterprise solution.

On 1st Jan 2020, Nextsky is launching its most ambitious product in the Indian market (visit – www.nextsky.io). This product will change Indian Micro & Small Manufacturing Industry. Their service will be India’s most affordable and easy to use. This product will give deep insights into production, purchase, sales, planning, quality, and tools. This will ultimately help their clients to fulfil their customer’s demands on time

Their USP

Smart – Business Intelligence & Mobile Technology help customer to get every details information from the shop floor to store.

Currently, their presence is in Maharashtra state. Soon in 2020, they will expand operations in entire India. Nextsky is about to expand its business in cities like Chennai, Noida, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, and Delhi. And by 2022 they will be expanding in the Middle East and Europe.

Affordable – The ownership cost is extremely low than the rest competitors.

Mr. Adep is a passionate businessman who serves as the CEO of Nextsky Technologies. He

Simplicity – Beautiful & very easy to operate and generate meaningful results.

is a broadly skilled business leader with extensive proficiency in cloud computing, ERP, data analytics, IoT, AI, software business strategy, and scale-marketing, particularly through digital and indirect channels. With over eight years of domain experience in the manufacturing sector, he looks after the sales, marketing, and product development. Adep says as an entrepreneur your first responsibilities are towards your employees, they come first. Then we come to customers, here we need to constantly look to the value that we’re creating for our customers, through our product/service. And lastly our investors, here we need to deliver their expectations. The Key achievements • Winning Start-up India Award from Government of India 2017 • Wining Award from CII (Confederation of Indian

Prathamesh Adep CEO www.theenterpriseworld.com


The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019 Industry) as ‘Top 40 Innovators in India’ 2017 • Wining Award from Indian Economic & Research Association as ‘Business Excellence Award’ 2018 • Wining Award from Times Group as ‘Emerging IT Company’ 2019 • Wining Award as ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2019 from Yeforum Nextsky’s recent customer Mask Polymer, it was one of the most challenging situations we went through. It took two years to make their service live in their company. But finally, they succeeded in it. This experience taught them very important lessons about customer behavior and market demand. Nextsky Team You need to constantly work on creating safe, free, learning & encouraging environment for employees. And also to focus on their personal growth. In Nextsky there’s on two words that they follow ‘Emotional Attachment’ and they believe that we’re all a family.

read any time, but if one to choose. The Alchemist, by Paulo. This entire book just keeps you believing in your dreams no matter whatever the current situations are. The best part I like in which the shepherd boy named Santiago, finally reaches his destination & he recalls his entire journey. There are many mentors in his life but while talking about the most then it is no one than his dad. He keeps him focused and disciplined. Ambani of reliance group and Richard Branson of the virgin group are the personalities Mr. Adep admires most. According to him, they are his mentors in his business journey. Rat-race is for those who are competing with others or those who don’t have a large vision for society other than earning money. If you’re doing the work which you love & are proud of, then there’s nothing to lose.

Nextsky helps businesses to get smarter with: • Analytics- The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. • Cloud- Don’t need a hard disk in your computer if you can get to the server faster. • Security- Big data needs big security. Your data is maintained by us with great security. • Mobile- Get more out of our mobile app now. • Easy scalable- On-demand scalability matches the speed of your business growth. • Low cost of ownership- Lower the cost of installing, maintaining and supporting your system

And keeping things simple, straight forward conversation and supporting each other in any situation, these make a unique team. The Start-up ecosystem is very challenging, and the environment of uncertainties. You need constantly be focused and the major thing is to need to know which things we need to focus on. Every up gives us encouragement & every down teaches us hard lessons which couldn’t be learned without failing. CEO, Mr. Adep says There are many books which he Loves to 16

October 2019

POLAROID EYEWEAR Get ready to see the world through new eyes www.polaroideyewear.com

CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT The Way to Run Business Processes Smoothly


ash is the only way to run a business and also the only reason to run the business. Bad cash flow management can cause stress followed by the failure in the business. Don’t worry its normal to be broke at the end of the month to pay next month’s rent and other bills. It’s just like another entrepreneur struggling to rise in the market. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be a successful businessperson. A good cash flow management that helps to alert about problems before it raises can lead to growth in the business. The very first step every business person should do while managing cash flow is budgeting. Budgeting for next month’s, quarters or for that matter a year’s expenditures


can give you the proper idea that how much you should spend on utilities, payrolls, bills and unnecessary things for the time like a paperweight.

business. Every business should try to receive payments within a particular time deadline. To do so, we can definitely give discounts for rapid payments by clients.

To get rid of the burden of payments, we always try to pay vendors very early before the deadline. That’s where we fail at a good cash flow management. A businessperson should utilize the cash fully in a well manner and can pay vendors before 1 or 2 days left to the deadline.

Always being dependant on the receivable payments while running a business can affect the business process so that the use of short term finance system with lesser interests can help businesses to run smoothly.

While getting the needed material or services we always bargain for the effective costing, instead of that purchasing material or services at a good price and more importantly comfortable payment methods can sort the cash flow in the business. A single payment pending by the client also becomes a big threat to

Being an entrepreneur, one should always keep in mind that the employees are the most valuable assets for the company. If you don’t pay them on time, they can start thinking negatively about your management and business process creating a negative vibe. Well-Managed cash flow is the only way to run businesses smoothly.

October 2019



Upshot Metros




October 2019

yderabad, a city of Pearls is one of the most important metropolitan cities in India. In the state of Telangana in southern India, Hyderabad makes its place unique with different cultures and rituals. Hyderabad, the name itself tells its history. Hyderabad, the name is derived from two different words. Haydar is an Arabic word for a lion or a name for males and abad means a city. Hyderabad has a unique importance in Indian history. Hyderabadi lifestyle and Hyderabadi Language is quite famous for its one of a kind beauty. A village place called Chandanpet near to Hyderabad is a hub for pearl businesses. The almost entire population of Chandanpet is engaged in the delicate art of drilling pearl. This makes Hyderabad a globally popular only pearl business hub and a city of pearl. India is a country where you can find a different language, a different culture every 7 miles. South India has a rich culture and people over there are bonded with it. Attire, food, and festivals reflect a vast culture. Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana has been a global market since its foundation. It contributes to Telangana’s economy majorly as the city trades in different areas. Hyderabad’s economy is majorly dependant on Traditional manufacturing, the knowledge sector, and tourism. The Inception Qutub Shahi Sultan Muhammad www.theenterpriseworld.com

Qutub Shah founded Hyderabad city in 1591 CE, keeping Charminar as the center of the city. After the brief rule of Mughals, the first Nizam of concurred Hyderabad. When Britishers were ruling in India, Nizam made an alliance with the British government and then it became a Hyderabad State. Hyderabad has seen a lot of different rulers. After India’s independence, Nizam didn’t want to merge his state in India. After India became an independent country the Nizam lost his major power and got weakened due to Telangana Movement. Indian army attacked Hyderabad state in September 1948 and annexed Hyderabad with India in an operation called POLO. In 1956, the new Hyderabad state got divided on basis of linguistic differences and Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Recently in 2014, Telangana a new state formed by getting separated from Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad became the capital of Telangana while a new city Amravati became the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Economically Vital City Hyderabad is popular across the globe as worlds only diamond market. Different areas of businesses in Hyderabad are capable of feeding 68.1 lakh population as per the 2011 census. Information Technology, Biopharmaceutical Industry, Retail, and Real Estate Industry is one of the top business sectors that are helping Hyderabadi people as well as many migrated people from different regions and states nearby 21

Upshot Metros

to earn their bread and butter. HITEC City Information Technology has always been a major employment providing sector in India as well as the globe. The hi-tech city which is founded back in 1998 and inaugurated by late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chandrababu Naidu. HITEC City stands for Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City. HITEC city made of dierent industrial areas like Cyber Towers, Hyderabad International convention center, Laxmi Cyber City, L&T Infocity, HITEX exhibition center, CII- Sohrabji Godrej green business center and etc. There are around 1300 IT companies in HITEC city that employees more than 3 lac people. Tech Mahindra, Patni Computers, Motorola, Google, Dell, Deloitte, Texas Instruments, Lanco Global Systems, Microsoft R&D India Pvt. Ltd., Oracle Software India, GE Capital International Services Ltd, Satyam Technology Centre, Silicon Automation Systems, Wipro Technologies Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies Limited are some big IT corporates running their processes from HITEC City. Genome Valley and Hyderabad Pharma City Hyderabad is quite famous in India as well globally for its contribution to the pharmaceutical sector. Genome Valley is a BioTechnology, Bioinformatics, Biopharmaceutical, vaccine and 22

October 2019

clinical industries sector from where many MNC’s and Indian pharma companies run their operations. Companies like Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Johnson and Johnson India, Aurobindo Pharma, Novartis Pharma India, Biocon, Biological E. Limited, Mylan, United States Pharmacopeia are some of the big ventures providing employment in Hyderabad. A Hyderabad Pharma City is a pharmaceutical park being established near to Hyderabad City. It’s going to be one of the huge pharma parks in the world spread around 19330 acres. Hyderabad Pharma City will employee more than 170000 people from different areas of India.

with the piece. Urdu mixed Hindi with special Hyderabadi accents and Telugu are the main local languages. Telugu people and Hyderabadi Muslims are two major main communities living in the city from long together with peace and harmony. Traditional attire like sherwani and kurta paijama for men and salwar kameez, Khar dupatta for ladies is widely used in Hyderabad. In a fun way, Hyderabadi people are called Nawabs as they love to live a life king size and peacefully.

The History Trails Hyderabad has always taken care of historical monuments that's why almost all of them are in good condition. A city that takes care of Tollywood monuments that live the history learns from history and leaves the Hyderabad is a headquarter of the world behind. Hyderabad has many Telugu Cinema Industry which is monuments and tourist attractions also said to be Tollywood. Telugu cinema industry helps more than a in the city and in the city outskirts. billion people to earn for their basic The first one is Charminar, the needs. Telugu films, as well as heart of the city established as a Hyderabadi language films, are the mosque long back in 1591 as the main source of income in the city center. It is one of the wellHyderabadi film industry. A wide known city structures across the campus of few thousand acres of globe. Tourists rush to Charminar Ramoji Film City established near as there is a huge market for all. to the main city of Hyderabad is Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1563 one of the top tourist attractions as made a heart-shaped lake called well as it is a place where many Hussain Sagar is another attraction Telugu, Hindi and other language for tourists. The huge statue of films are produced. It is a popular Gautama Buddha delivers the place for tourists as they show how message of peace and good Karma. the filmmaking process runs and Salarjung museum on the southern for amusement parks inside. banks of the Musi River is a worldfamous museum that showcases the Hyderabadi Culture different historical weapons, attires, A city lives a history with an etc. A vintage Kuku clock in the advanced lifestyle. Hyderabadi museum is the biggest tourist people are bounded with their attraction. Golkonda fort which culture and their traditions. The city was the early capital city of the has a lot of history. Tradition and Qutub Shahi dynasty is the pride of culture are what history leaves Hyderabad. It has an 11 Km outer behind. Hyderabad is a city where protection wall. Hyderabad’s one of people of all religions live together the important employment www.theenterpriseworld.com

providing sector i.e. tourism runs on these monuments as well as other tourist attractions like Ramoji Film City, Snow world, etc. A Foodie City Monuments, attire, language, and most importantly food is the thing in which the culture and tradition of the place reflect. Hyderabadi Muslim food culture as well as the Telugu south Indian food culture are followed in Hyderabad. Hyderabadi cuisine is also called the Deccan Cuisine which is a perfect blend of Mughal, Turkish, Arabic, Telugu and Marathwada cuisine. It will be the biggest sin if somebody is writing about Hyderabadi cuisine and miss to mention about Hyderabadi Biryani. Aah! the name and the thought itself is mouth-watering. A particular food gets popular and most likely by people depending on the different parameters. It is said that the eyes taste the food first with color, then the nose tastes the fragrance and then the tongue gets the chance to taste it. Hyderabadi Biryani's greenish colour, that aroma and the perfectly mixed taste of different spices with rice and the chicken or mutton is the best thing to have in Hyderabad. Kebabs, Lukhmi (a samosa kind dish stuffed with chicken, mutton or biff khima), Hyderabadi Haleem, Tahari are other famous Hyderabadi Muslim dishes. In Telugu food culture, curd rice with lemon pickle, Idli, Dosa, Wada sambar is amongst the most consumed and famous dishes in Hyderabad. One should visit Hyderabad once in order to explore South Indian history as well to grab business opportunities in Hyderabad to expand business in South India.


The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019

PLUGN Accelerating Your Business Growth

With a collective of 20 years of developing strategies for businesses across diverse spectra of industry sectors spanning B2C and B2B, Rajesh Puri, started the PLUGN Marketing Services in the year 2017. His domain expertise includes business planning, marketing strategy development and brand communication strategy. “We set up, operate and drive the marketing department for organizations across various sectors where the marketing 24





n an increasingly competitive business landscape with a high proliferation of brands and choices available to the customer, the role of marketing as a growth agent has become increasingly critical. This takes on a greater importance especially for companies in the SME space where all business related decisions are taken by the promoter of the company and they may not necessarily possess the skill set or have the band width to take care of this growth driver. Growth stage SMEs also face the challenge from larger organisations that have a fully functional marketing department set up.

department is either non-existent or sub optimal.”

developing and implementing marketing strategies which are measurable and result driven. Unlike consultants or advisors, PLUGN does not only develop the growth strategy, but critically implements it as well with complete accountability to the promoter of the organization. The company has a team of professionals on board with varied experience and exposure across developing marketing strategies, marketing plan execution, sales strategies & sales team management, distribution and pricing strategies. They have worked across a diverse set of industry sectors with a proven track record.

The Company-

Small to mid-sized organizations face many growth-related challenges

PLUGN works closely with the promoters of midsized organizations who want to drive their company growth either by increasing the sales turnover or through market expansion. It functions as the marketing department of the organization, wherein they drive growth by

Setting up a marketing department within small to mid-sized organizations is fraught with varied impediments ranging from: • Attracting and retaining quality professional talent • The talent not being sensitized to working within a small organization environment and the October 2019

ability to adapt to the mind set and expectations of the promoter of the organization • Talent acquisition costs which may be prohibitive PLUGN was conceptualized to address these specific issues and challenges PLUGN sets up, operates and becomes your marketing department. PLUGN fulfils the industry accepted KRAs / KPIs of a marketing department wherein the service covers across CMO, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator. PLUGN plans out the growth marketing strategy and is accountable for the implementation of the marketing plan that is measurable against the mutually agreed top line target turnover to be achieved. With the portfolio of exceptional and different services, the initial and the biggest challenge the

company faced was that of market acceptance. Another challenging task was overcoming comparisons with Marketing Consultants / Advisors who do not take up the execution aspect and remain purely as consultants offering advice. Critically, consultants do not allow themselves to be linked to sales. The company growth was triggered not just because of client’s signing them up but also because of their tenacity and belief that the model will deliver value to our clients. Patience and perseverance were the two most important factors for the growth of the company. The Services PortfolioPLUGN offers the entire function of a marketing department (Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator). This includes everything right from developing the marketing strategy, execution and monitoring the

strategy. The strategy is measured against various qualifiable and quantifiable metrics related to sales. PLUGN also takes up the Sales Management of the client’s sales team. Every component of the marketing plan is developed and measured against pre-defined evaluation metrics. A senior sales strategist from PLUGN leads the sales team and functions as the Sales Head to guide the team and ensure sales target achievement. The focus for the first month is generally the marketing strategy development and finalization. The second month, the focus is then shifted to implement the marketing plan. And the third month is when the marketing plan can be measured vis-a-vis sales performance. The marketing planning function is kept centralised since 4-5 senior

Rajesh Puri CEO



The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019 team members will be jointly developing the plan. Designated resources are allocated to the clients who fulfil the roles of CMO, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator. The resources carry the clients’ visiting cards and represent the client organization across all internal and external stake holders. Resources are introduced to the sales team within the client organisation as the marketing department so as to ensure better cohesiveness in day to day functioning. Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator function out of the client premises on a need basis to ensure smooth implementation of the marketing plan. The team also works closely with the Sales Team of the organization. “The satisfaction seen in the eyes of our clients when we have delivered growth for their organisation and them re-signing our mandate is the key achievement for the company.” PLUGN is now focusing on expanding their presence across various key cities and appointment of competent and entrepreneurship minded team members.

individuals. Each individual operates as a business owner of the client mandate that they handle. Complete Authority with Complete Accountability. Essentially every team member lives the philosophy of PLUGN . The senior management team has an average experience of 25 years per senior management person with a proven track record. Professional acumen backed by an entrepreneurial mind set complete sensitization towards the promoter's challenges, and a conscientious approach towards driving the growth for the client.

then becomes the loneliness of the long distance runner!” The Service ModelDeliver results that are quantifiable & measurable • Set up and operate the marketing department As a part of you • Leverage marketing as a key instrument to drive the company’s growth With your team • Accountability of an employee With an entrepreneurial approach • Marketing strategy backed by End-to-end execution

The intent and core philosophy with which PLUGN works is• PLUGN to our client organization, by becoming a part of them and work as their team • PLUGN to the mind-set and ethos of the company’s promoters wherein we work with them as business partners • PLUGN the client’s product / brand into the market to make it succeed • PLUGN the company as a brand into the minds of prospect employees / trade partners / business associates as a company that they should associate with.

The PLUGN FamilyPLUGN has a team of professionals who have honed their skills across diverse functional disciplines ranging from marketing strategy planning, research, business development, sales strategy and sales training & development.

“If you decide to compete only with yourself then there’s no rat race, it

PLUGN offers the strength of an organization as opposed to hiring of 26

October 2019

ENABLING TRUST IN A DIGITAL WORLD Sedicii enables real-time digital customer onboarding. Verify customers in minutes with Sedicii’s fully compliant consent-driven KYC www.sedicii.com

Interview with The Enterprise World



OW! That’s how you will react if someone tells you that you can find a maid, cook, or a babysitter on a single touch. In a fast-paced living environment, one couldn’t manage time to search for a trustworthy maid or a cook that cooks delicious food. It was difficult to settle up these kinds of requirements when you shift to a new city. By observing such essential needs, Mychores.in came up with an online platform where you can hire domestic helpers. In a talk with Mr Andrew V, Founder CEO of Mychore.in let’s find out how they established such a huge network and a lot more. 1. Tell us about the company. Mychores.in is a Mumbai-based start-up launched in 2014 and today Mumbai’s leading service provider for hiring and managing family care workers. It is an online platform to hire permanent domestic helpers like maids, cooks, babysitters, or nannies and caretakers. With more than 25000 domestic workers registered with them, Mychores provides an end to end solution for all the Domestic help needs. Customers approaching MyChores is fast increasing with the new digital route the customers are taking in the current increasingly digital world. Mychores currently serves more 28

than 1000 customers in a month. We have launched TezzJob in July 2019, a multi-regional language Android APP & seamless mobile site focused on providing unexploitative jobs with fair wages for the domestic help and other informal sector workers in urban India. We believe this creates a more level playing field for the job aspirants by having multiple job options from the local vicinity to choose from with just a click of a button. 2. What were the initial challenges you faced while starting up Mychores.in? This sector is completely unorganized is the biggest challenge and also the biggest problem that we are currently solving. Limited communication mediums for creating awareness & marketing to the workers directly had been another big challenge which we have slowly succeeded in solving using Whatsapp, print & other mediums. 3. Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? We have always focussed on quality big time since the initial days our prime focus of the

company is to leave every customer satisfied. Over time we have succeeded in leaving a long trail of happy customers, who kept coming back. Today word of mouth plays an important role in getting us a lot of new customers. Launching TezzJob for the workers has been a game-changer for us, in identifying the right kind of worker to close a job opening. 4. How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? We are currently a cash positive company that has delivered a Revenue margin of Rupees 60 L in FY’19 from Rupees 5 L in FY’17. We aim to cross 2 Cr. in FY’20. We currently have a registered worker base of 25,000+. Our customer inquiries grew from 10 a month in FY’15 to 10 a day in Fy’19.

October 2019

5. What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? MyChores provides an end to end solution for the entire Domestic help needs - Maids, cooks, babysitters, nannies, Patient care, Drivers and other caretakers. While TezzJob aims to achieve the following through the Mobile APP which nobody in the market is currently providing: • Digital Profile creation • Continuous Employment and better employment opportunities within the vicinity of their residence • Market-based payment, base salaries to be established

Andrew V Founder & CEO

6. How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? We have recently Launched www.theenterpriseworld.com


Interview with The Enterprise World

7. Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? TezzJob is currently our most exciting product launch. Over the next 3 years, we plan to on-board 0.5 M workers on to the APP from all over the country. Our vision is to create a seamless employment ecosystem wherein workers from different states migrate to states where opportunities are abundant. They could first get the security of a job before moving to a place and then searching for an opportunity. We are creating a similar ecosystem for the workers like Naukri has created for the white collared workforce in India. 8. What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? Identify a problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize and manage a venture to serve markets in a financially 30

sustainable and scalable manner are the biggest responsibility of an entrepreneur. 9. Can you please brief us about your professional experience and what are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? I am working for the last 27 years and it’s been 5 years of my entrepreneurship. I have worked with TATA Capital, TATA Group as head of wealth management business in Mumbai. I have created employment opportunities for the underserved and underprivileged women folk. I have employed over 5000 workers. Helping bring social change in the domestic help segment 10. How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? • Treat fairly; create a healthy and conducive working environment to give job satisfaction. • Performance-based salary structure with an upside for people who do well. • Participation in growth • Grooming 11. Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? We are trying to solve a very difficult problem in society so; working with every customer is a unique experience. We feel proud that we have a large number of happy customers. 12. Can you tell us what your favourite book is and who is the person who you admire the most?

read books to get knowledge as well as to get inspired. I admire India’s beloved ex-president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam the most. His vision for India’s development as well as contribution to space studies inspires me a lot. 13. Whose business story do you find the most inspiring and is there any quote which inspires you a lot? Founder of reliance industries limited Dhirubhai Ambani and Founder of Amul, Dr Varghese Kurian are the permanent source of motivation for me. Whenever I feel down I just recite these three golden words,

TezzJob to serve our worker partners in a much better & technologically efficient manner. We plan to add the below features to make our value proposition most exciting for our worker base. • Rating system for workers and employers to access quality. • Enable digital Payments and financial inclusion for the workers. • Choice of jobs, the maid can compare, choose and decide to apply for the most suitable jobs as per their experience ability and liking. • Real-time job alerts through notifications to the workers. • Providing training and careerenhancing opportunities. • Credit/loans at market rates, rather than approach money lender trap for cash needs.

Never Give Up

14. Is constant vigilance is a need or a strategy? Being constantly vigilant is a need in Business; the world is dynamic and changing fast. If one is not alert and open to adapt to a changing business environment, it could prove fatal. 15. It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? “ It’s a lot of competition in the market. But competitors are the biggest factor in growth in any business. No particular strategies, keep working hard, be diligent, honest and sincere, and then take it as it comes.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a favourite book of mine. I frequently October 2019

2019 Ford EcoSport Built to Outsmart the Competition www.ford.com


October 2019

Social Media Use it Wisely!


ave you ever imagined what if our favourite social media platforms get permanently closed?

While we wake up early in the morning, instead of checking beautiful sun rays and fresh breeze from the window, we are now habitual to check out birthdays on Facebook. Is it so if we don’t check out the phone in the morning, the actual day will not start? The human being now comes a long way after getting the easiest solutions for basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. Whatever nature provides us we use it in a way that the source gets polluted and then we start thinking about the ways to purify it. The human being, the most beautiful creation by God never thinks about the limits. Everything we want to use in excess. Whatever it may be, the technology or anything else. We never think about the after-effects. Have you ever thought if your next-generation messages you from his or her room about their lunch or dinner plans? Digitization made the world closer and communication easier but it doesn’t mean that you should rely on it only. Social Media Platforms are made to communicate, to use freedom of speech in a good way, to make your business area wider and to reach out to more people. The use of social media technology by a human being has gone too far that we cannot come back to a place where we actually belong. Technology made everything look polished and creamy. Aren’t we ignoring natural raw beauty? It’s not like that we shouldn’t use social media platforms, it’s all about how and how much we should use them. The bad habit we are in love with converts into the addiction and no addiction is good for health. In the context of social media, nothing is different. Social media platforms are made by humans for humans. They are helping people to open up, appreciate and learn. Important is we should know where to take a pause. www.theenterpriseworld.com


Fact Page

Guess what? 1. Which is the ď€ rst online food delivery

service start-up in the world?

Answers1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (D) 5. (B) 6. (A) 7. (B)


A) Waiter.com

B) Zomato

C) JustEat

D) Uber Eats

2. Which giant worldwide online store began as an online bookstore? A) Bookswagon

B) Biblio

C) Amazon

D) Flipcart

October 2019

3. For how many years are the start-ups that are certiď€ ed by Inter-Ministerial Board (IMB) are exempted from income tax? A) 3 Years

B) 5 Years

C) 1 Year

D) 2.5 Years

4. Which City in India has the third highest number of start-ups in the world after Silicon Valley and London? A) California

B) New York

C) Pune

D) Bangalore

5. Which is the ď€ rst Indian company that provides app based cab service in UK? A) Uber

B) Ola

C) Jugnoo

D) Meru

6.Complete the tagline, I think, therefore ______. A) IBM

B) Apple

C) Lenovo

D) Quora

7.Which sector in India provides highest employment? A) IT

B) Agriculture

C) Healthcare

D) Automobile



The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019

SabRentKaro.com India's Best Place to Rent

SabRentKaro.com is a Hyderabad based start-up revolutionizing the shared e-commerce economy. It is an online platform that brings renting options to individuals and corporates. SabRentKaro.com attracted many customers and corporates by giving an end to the search for a shorter time and longtime needs as well as helped to save a lot of money. They have created a platform for people who wish to live in a lifestyle they want. 36


both individual and corporate.


Though renting of homes and cars was a familiar activity for Indians, renting products like furniture, laptops, appliances, etc. was new. The learning curve was fast yet challenging, as they have to build both the market and trust with customers. Being a marketplace they had to build acceptance with both the vendors and customers.



umans are always been creative. We are always in search of tools and appliances to minimize efforts. Starting from a stone age we had come a long way to find needful things and luxury for ourselves. We used to buy and invest a lot of money on things that we needed for a shorter period. Once these things get out of use they just become another burden in the house. For those who need to shift from one place to another, it gets hectic to shift household things. Observing such a fourth basic need of humans, Raj Sivaraju came up with SabRentKaro.com, a unique idea in public interest to rent out things online.

The Foundation SabRentKaro started operations in February 2016 and this short span has captured the imagination of the public in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Vizag, and Delhi. Customers can rent from over 8-10 categories of products ranging from furniture, automobiles, appliances, laptops, electronics and more. Today they have served over 50,000 customers

In a way, they were building a new eco-system to add to the buy or sell eco-system that exists even today. Mobile penetration and increased access due to cheaper network costs added to the spurt in growth. With every passing month, the idea started getting accepted faster due to the diffusion effect wherein satisfied customers spread the word and recommended SabRentKaro’s services to their peers and friends. We are experiencing 20-25% month-on-month growth both in volume and value. The Products and Services SabRentKaro.com is a full product range rental website true to its name. Furniture, appliances, October 2019

automobiles, and laptops are key categories of this platform. Once a customer visits SabRentKaro.com he gets whatever he wants to fulfil his needs as well to live a luxurious life. In a furniture section, one can rent out things like a bed, dining set, bar units, mattress, sofas, wardrobes and many more.

a house that one can’t throw out and keep as well. In metro cities, there is already a lack of spaces. Renting out is the best idea SabRentKaro came up with. Just use it and return it. This gives you the power to utilize all of your space at home. Saving money is another perk of it.

If someone visits a new place as a tourist or for work purpose it is difficult to transport his vehicle to that place for short time duration. It is senseless to invest a lot in buying a vehicle for a shorter time. In that case, SabRentKaro becomes an important solution provider for you. In their automobile section, they offer mileage, economy and luxury bikes meeting different needs of different audiences.

Many startups cannot invest a big amount in office furniture and electronics like computers, printers, etc. as they don’t have that much funding. SabRentKaro.com then acts like a messiah to them. Within a minimum amount, startups can rent out things they need to run their daily processes from SabRentKaro.com. This magnificent platform provides many things to list and rent out in the form of packages also. Meetings, conferences, and summits are an integral part of the corporate sector. An organization can rent out such packages to fulfil their requirements.

Electronic appliances made human efforts lesser than before. Everyone dreams to own needed electronic things. But, once they did with its use it becomes an unwanted load in

Their strength is the repeat customer base that not only come back for more but also recommends to their peers, friends, and families. SabRentKaro.com provides stress less service by delivering your requirements at your doorstep at nominal delivery rates. Another feature of easy rejection and replacements of things helped SabRentKaro.com to build trust in their customers. This renting platform provides services with secure online payment and cash on delivery payment modes. Customers can also pay monthly for their long term rentals. Especially this feature is very useful for startups raising funds. Adding, deleting and fine-tuning product range is a continuous product as their platform gains acceptance with vendors. A wider range of products to meet the exacting and changing needs of customers is a regular process.

Raj Sivaraju Founder



The Trailblazing Startups To Watch: 2019 Growing into new geographical areas is the next area of growth as urbanization and movement for jobs is an increasing phenomenon. Leveraging technology to analyse data better to curate our offerings is a key differentiator at SabRentKaro. Automation, machine learning, and data analytics are tools they wish to use to increase product offering, reduce costs and importantly to serve customers better. They are planning major push into mobiles, high-end electronics, and electric vehicles renting. Overwhelming Client Experience Renting appliances, luxuries, and bikes online is a completely new thing for people. It must be difficult for their team to build trust in customers. Keeping the process simple as much possible is a key to the best user experience. SabRentKaro made such an amazing platform to rent out things that cause zero headaches to their customers. Many satisfied customers are admiring SabRentKaro’s efforts and suggesting their friends rent out things from them, rather than buying and investing a big amount in things which are needed for a shorter time.

worked with the client to ensure that the system was up and running in 2.5 days surprising both the client and its customer, the government of Andhra Pradesh. The above job helped them realize the potential and reach of the platform to meet customer’s needs to save on their time, money and also credibility!


An NRI family shifted from the US to an IT hub Bangalore. They were clueless about getting settled up in a completely new city. Within a few time, one cannot manage needful things for his family. They googled up and contacted SabRentKaro.com. Their service provider informed them about packages and prices. Within 2 days their whole home was settled up including Toys for their kids. Their happy faces were one of the top reviews from customers. SabRentKaro.com became India’s best place to rent as they provide customer service with the use of the latest technology.

One of their corporate clients received an order to set-up a 45seat call center for the government. The catch, it has to be up and running in 3 days! Using the reach of our marketplace platform, SabRentKaro procured office furniture, laptops, telephone systems, headsets and even water dispensers for the client. The support and maintenance team 38

October 2019



Build a Plan, Change Your Habits



October 2019


e see many people fail, but we barely give it a thought. Why so? Why do they fail, even at the simplest tasks? It is usually because they set bigger goals without planning how to achieve them. Many people try to quit a habit, but can’t quite put together a framework in place to actually do it, which is why they don’t succeed. Here are a few templates to help you build a plan and guide you from start to the end.

You need to do things differently and record the progress for each day. For example you can cross-off the boxes in your sheet and keep a record.

To begin with, you need to first identify your goal. It is one of the things one would want to change about their lives. It is not an easy job, but it’s important. Make sure that the goal is realistic, achievable and reasonable. Now once you have set a goal in your mind, the next step is to target a habit you can build which will help you get a step closer to your goal. Now, how to choose a habit that makes sense?

Now that you have stepped in this process of changing a habit, you are bound to be faced by a few setbacks. There might be days when you will feel like giving up, or some days when there would practically be no results. But you need to keep in mind that it is just a setback and not a complete failure of your challenge. If you face a setback, you need to bounce back up just as strongly.

Track your Habit. Yes, to change your habits you need to track them.

Have self-compassion. If you fail at one step towards your goal, the last


You can ask for support. It is proven that we can do things better when we are not doing them alone. Accountability is the strategy here and it is proven to be successful. Thus, having an ‘accountability buddy’ will surely increase your chances of getting something done.

thing you can do is feel negative about it. Let’s say your goal was to have a healthy diet for 30 days and you could do it for 28 or say 29 days, you have still succeeded. After all, a goal is something to be reached or at least to be aimed towards. Lastly, when you are feeling like you have achieved nothing, you can remember your motivation behind the challenge. Overcoming a challenge will surely boost your confidence and you can feel motivated again to take the next step. With these templates, you can take up any challenge any time and achieve all the goals. Just remember, the beginning might be a little tough, but the end results are all worth it. After all, “When going gets tough, only tough gets going”


Expert’s View

By Sreeram Venkitaraman & Rajasekhar Parcha

Leveraging Insight & Technology IDEA IN BRIEF


70% of India lives in Villages – what we call Bharat. Much of primary healthcare is carried out by Rural Health providers. Our objective is to connect with these Rural health providers using technology platform.

IPM is over 1,00,000 Cr and it is estimated that over 25% of this market is for established brands. Most of these brands are prescribed by RHPs. Most pharma business models – sales & distribution have visibility up to a max of Tier 2 / 3 markets.

DESCRIPTION OF IDEA Our Research points to a large presence of RHP’s in catering needs of primary healthcare of Rural Bharat. It is estimated that minimum 750 to 1000 RHPs are present in every district and in state like UP there are more than 125000 RHPs catering 15 Cr population while there are 69000 Qualified Doctors – most of these are located and catering urban population. Even though there are close to 3500 PHC’s in UP, the first point of contact for any primary illness will remain with RHP. Since most population are daily wage earners – they prefer to treat their ailments early in the morning or late in the evening after their day’s work. Visit to PHC means loss of a day’s wage and so it is only when the illness becomes more acute or critical.


Multiple studies revealed that lack of Presence of larger companies in these markets & non-engagement with RHPs and Distribution channel makes it challenging for the public to have access of quality medication and a risk of being supplied with Spurious or substandard medicines. LARGER NEED Most RHPs practice is experience based and usage of therapies like oral / injectable steroids, antibiotics etc. is very high. The side effects of such usage habits leading to increase of diseases like Diabetes, CVD etc. It is important to bring awareness among RHPs about newer methods of giving safe medications like nebulizers, inhalation and provide them with

October 2019

Treatment initiation packs. KEY CHALLENGES 1. Meeting these RHPs is a huge challenge as they do not practice at fixed locations 2. Change in their belief shift takes time and effort INNOVATION Understanding RHPs purchase points, influencers & operating model is critical in reaching them Most RHPs visit and use services of Authorised Hub Pharmacies as their supply points and have “Credit Transactions” to facilitate procurement of medicines and other product to effectively treat rural patients. Each of the Hub Pharmacies caters to 40 to 60 RHPs. Understanding and Mapping these potential Villages & RHPs with these Hub Pharmacies is critical. Hub Pharmacies and pharmacists becomes point of information and using audio visual medium – can reach RHPs. All activities need to be conducted at Hub Pharmacies level & Baseline usage/practice and belief shifts of RHPs can be understood tracked.

Our digital platforms such as Channelitix and Channel paisa, digitally connects with these Hub Pharmacies/ Rural wholesale pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies and Healthcare Organizations use these products to improve supply of quality medicines to RHPs. Built a digital eco-system called ConnectOD where we systemically deliver information & practice related programs to RHPs through our certified rural healthcare suppliers. NEXT STEPS Build a digital eco-system where we can systemically deliver information & practice related programs to RHPs. Connect the digital ecosystem that helps the RHPs for better diagnostics of disease and help decision to cure ailment. Deliver Treatment initiation and Therapy assistance packs & audio visual content to bring a change in treatment approach of RHPs.

OUR JOURNEY TILL DATE GoApptiv has been working in these markets for the past 3 years and have insights of over 9000 Hub Pharmacies Rural wholesale pharmacies who caters to RHPs and markets.

(Sreeram and Rajasekhar are co-founders of GoApptiv Private limited, both have extensive experience for more than 2 decades in Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare market and formed this organisation to bring drive quality medical access to rural India.)




BUILT TO BREAK THROUGH Available in Men’s, Women’s, and kid’s

Fly Better www.emirates.com

Street Cries Think. Create. Promote


Profile for The Enterprise World

The Trailblazing Startups To Watch 2019 | The Enterprise World  

The Trailblazing Startups to watch, the October issue of TEW features the stories of entrepreneurs across India, who have made it big with t...

The Trailblazing Startups To Watch 2019 | The Enterprise World  

The Trailblazing Startups to watch, the October issue of TEW features the stories of entrepreneurs across India, who have made it big with t...