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MARCH 2020

Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Founder & MD

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With rising consumer demand and the resulting growth in global trade, the logistics sector holds the key to the growth of the economy. The growth of the logistics sector is 1.5 to 2 times of GDP growth. This means that if the country’s economy grows at a rate of 8 to 9 percent, then the logistics sector will grow at 16 to 18 percent. The scale of operations in manufacturing is changing and so are their markets and sourcing geographies. Growth in manufacturing in India has happened across clusters that are located in different parts of the country. This has increased the need for logistics services providers tremendously. In this scenario, there are some companies that are empowering the businesses with their exemplary logistics services. In this issue of the enterprise world magazine, The Most Trusted Logistics & Freight Solution Providers we are proudly featuring the logistics and freight solution providing companies that are transforming the sector with advanced technologies crafted using the potential of the internet at the fullest. Featuring for the cover story is Softlink Global. The company was founded in the year 1992, to provide software solutions to the Customs Brokers Globally. They started with their first DOS-based software application Impex which instantly became hugely popular among the Customs Broker community in India. The mastermind behind the long-standing growth of Softlink Global is its founder and Managing Director, Mr. Amit Maheshwari. Quadrant Logistics is a leading contract logistics service provider, offering integrated and customized supply chain solutions. Over the years, they have been offering a range of logistics services to the best know business in India. Under the innovative vision of Mr. Sachiien Kawale, Founder & Managing Director, Quadrant Logistics’ team is making smart efforts to transform businesses with up to mark service offerings. Readout an interview with master brains behind Genetrix Logistics’ long-standing success, Mr. Kiran Pawaskar, Founder Director, and Mr. Ashutosh Gupte, Managing Director, and get known about the current scenario of Logistics and Freight Solutions landscape. In this era of digitization, we are always in hurry. In this rush to get desired, we click on a random ad with huge discount offerings and get robed. The festive season is here and so we plan to buy things, readout an article that describes how fraudsters rob users digitally and how to get rid of them. There is much more inside! Happy Reading. Good is the enemy of great. That’s why so few things become great.” ~ James C. Collins

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Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Trusted Logistics & Freight Solution Providers features, Featuring for the cover story is Softlink Global. Softlink Global provides software solutions to Customs Brokers Globally. They started with their first DOS-based software application Impex which instantly became hugely popular among the Customs Broker community in India. The mastermind behind the longstanding growth of Softlink Global is its founder and Managing Director, Mr. Amit Maheshwari. Quadrant Logistics is a leading contract logistics service provider, offering integrated and customized supply chain solutions. Over the years, they have been offering a range of logistics services to the best know business in India. Under the innovative vision of Mr. Sachiien Kawale, Founder & Managing Director, Quadrant Logistics’ team is making smart

efforts to transform businesses with up to mark service offerings. WOW Express is one of the leading names in the logistics landscape with its unique and comprehensive solutions offerings. The master brains behind the longstanding success of the company are its co-founders Mr. Jayesh Kamat, Mr. Mazhar Faruqi, and Mr. Sandeep Padoshi. SensiWise Solutions is an Emerging Tech (IoT, Analytics & Blockchain) focused venture creating Enterprise solutions for specialized supply chain logistics. In a candid talk with Mr. Puneet Jetli, Founder and CEO at SensiWise solutions get known about their journey since inception and their quality offerings. BigTruck is a platform where clients, transporters, and truck owners meet and minimize dead travel time and reduce transportation costs utilizing proximity parameters and an online

bidding process. Mr. Khurshid Alam Founder and CEO and his talented team at Bigtruck are making hard and smart efforts to transform the logistics industry with the latest technologies. Genetrix Logistics is an international freight forwarding company established in Feb 2011. The company now has 18 driven by passionate employees. GLPL processes smoothly from Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Stockholm. The company is a global member of In an interview, Mr. Kiran Pawaskar, Founder Director, and Mr. Ashutosh Gupte, Managing Director at the company know more about the Logistics and Freight Solutions landscape and what Genetrix Logistics offers to their valuable clients.

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Empowering and Enabling Technology

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Simplifying Logis cs Opera ons

30 Quadrant Logistics

Everything, handled with care!

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Smart people. Great solu ons.

E N T S 20

Genetrix Logistics Think Global Act Local


SensiWise Solutions

Bringing Visibility, Assurance & EďŹƒciency to specialized supply-chains.


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Cover Story


March 2020

Amit Maheshwari CEO, Founder & MD

Softlink Global Simplifying Logistics Operations



oftlink Global was founded in the year 1992, with the aim to provide software solutions to the Customs Brokers Globally. They started with their first DOS-based software application Impex which instantly became hugely popular among Customs Broker community in India. In the process they successfully proved themselves to be an indispensable ally to the industry by simplifying complex Customs Processes. Soon after the success of the software they realized the challenges faced by the other verticals of the logistics industry and made the mission to Simplify the Entire Supply Chain Industry. Their vision led them to develop Visual IMPEX, Visual AKASH, and Visual SAMUDRA. All their applications were runaway successful. Softlink’s latest Cloud application Logi-Sys is aimed to Digitalise and Integrate End-to-End operation of entire Logistics Industry including Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Transporters, Warehouse, and 3PL/4PL Operators, CFS, etc. in more than 45+ countries. The highlight of truly browser-based application is its ability to provide unmatched control over entire operations while helping companies to be fully compliant with ever-changing regulations and integrating with all business partners. The mastermind behind the long standing growth of the Softlink Global is its founder and managing Director Mr Amit Maheshwari. Under his evolutionary and innovative vision, Softlink’s team is making efforts to empower businesses in the field of logistics. 10

March 2020

The Inception Back in the ‘90s when the typewriters were predominantly used for business transactions and computers were rarely seen, they noticed that complying with Customs regulations was a big challenge. They realized that newly introduced IBM microcomputers running on Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System) can automate the cumbersome manual paper works which can simplify the customs clearance process. Softlink’s idea of creating the software was soon realized and when their initial customers started using IMPEX, other custom brokers noticed computerized documents and started making inquiries, Softlink realized the potential of its revolutionary software. During those days, computers were very costly and were considered a luxury. Making them buy a computer and then make them pay 18000 INR (3000 USD at that time) was a herculean task. Their conviction and persistence paid and soon IMPEX became hugely successful and Softlink became synonymous with Customs Automation. From that time Softlink has been innovating and creating Software that became Gold Standard in the Logistic Industry. Their foresight to sense future trends has kept them ahead of the competition for the last two decades. Softlink’s success mantra, EVOLVE has helped its latest application Logi-Sys to become as critical as the operating system to the logistics industry with the potential to bring entire operations of an enterprise on a single platform.

And the growth started… Softlink named its first product as IMPEX the name was coined by reversing EXIM which is an abbreviation for exports and Imports. That was the era of DOS. IMPEX, and they shared the majority of the customs brokerage market. Softlink’s people were ecstatic when they had their first client R S Rangnekar & Co. to use customs software. Since its inception, Softlink never looked back and continually evolving with changing trends in the technology for logistics and supply chain industry. Their flagship product Logi-Sys was developed to transform the operations of the Freight Forwarders, Warehouses, Transporters, and 3Pl/ 4PL logistics operators to enable them with disruptive technologies to efficiently run their business. Softlink now caters to 4500+ clients; in 45+ different countries with over 1lakh+ user. Excellent customer service is the hallmark of Softlink Global that instigates the growth of the company. Factors behind softlink’s longstanding success In earlier times, the logistics industry was majorly dependent on manual operations to move goods around the world, and currently, the industry is registering paradigm shift with automation and dynamic customer demands. At Softlink, they believe their success can be attributed to their ability to foresee the requirement of the industry even before the industry starts realizing. Right from inception in 1992, when they realized that the custom brokers were facing a huge

challenge to comply with cumbersome customs regulations, Software can make their life easy they came up with their customs clearance software IMPEX. Again sensing the upcoming changes in technology and customers’ requirements they developed Cloud Application Logi-Sys to provide a single software solution to digitalise the entire operations of the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Considering the facts of Business at Go we have evolved their system in such a way that mobility of your business is convenient with anytime anyplace and any device. Softlink’s employees are an integral part of their success, which put their relentless services in Research & Development, implementation and support to handhold clients throughout. Softlink Global provides its employees the

opportunity to grow within the organization where they gain rightful skills, training to always remain updated with the latest technologies. Above all, they believe in allowing their talents the freedom to explore and bring creativity, thus creates belongingness and passion for work. Definitely, customers are the pillars of existence and Softlink’s support team ensures that they guide them not only during implementation but deliver exceptional customer support 24X7 regardless of the size of the organization. With their constant innovation spirit, they are always technologically updated and keep their valuable customers always ahead in their business with regular training & development programs. The Quality Offerings Softlink’s flagship product Logi-

Sys was developed by keeping in mind the complexities of the logistics industry. Their emphasis has always been to develop a system to provide logistics operators with a single system to manage end-to-end operations of the logistics industry. The system is as critical as an operating system for the freight forwarder and logistics industry that can manage sales, operations, financial accounting, Customs Broking and customer interactions notification under a single platform. The technology uniqueness is that it can manage accounting, sales, and CRM, billing, alerts notification and tracking facilities on a single user-friendly dashboard. Softlink's product Logi-Sys can adapt to the dynamic and complex industry with ease and streamline your business to bring productivity and increase revenue like no other technology in the market. The


product is scalable and can cater to the need of all scale of logistics operators from a single office and single country to multiple offices across multiple countries. Softlink Global taking a step forward with… Today, Softlink’s Logi-Sys is implemented in logistics companies across more than 40+ countries to digitalize their entire Logistics and Supply Chain operators to ensure an unmatched increase in productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. Logi-Sys not only eliminates the bottlenecks, delays, and duplication of efforts, but also enables the logistics operators to enhance employee productivity by over 40%, and realtime accurate intelligent business making capabilities reduces cost by 30-50% thus increasing margins and profits. Softlink is working with its dexterous team to bring more efficiency for Freight Forwarders, Transporters, Warehouse, and 3PL/4PL operators to scale up efficiency and reduce operational cost for any size of operators. They are also sincerely focussing on the expansion of the newer emerging markets of Africa, Europe, Canada and Korea which can leverage their products to operate the logistics and supply chain business. Softlink’s exceptional Customer Support is the key differentiator factor that keeps them ahead of the competition. They are always the pioneer in bringing the latest technology in the market to keep their customers ahead in their business that helps them to leverage the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost. 12

March 2020

What the future holds! Softlink Global always envisioned easing out the process of the logistics industry since its inception and considering current technological scenarios in the business “Digital Fitness” is the prerequisite for every business including the logistics and supply chain industry. They always ensure that they bring the latest innovation in the market that is integrated and bundled with innovative products and offerings. Their most advanced features of Mobile Applications help to track and trace every movement and take instant business decisions from anywhere at any time. Softlink Global provides Customer Visibility Portal to gain access to track shipments, manage daily activities to efficiently run the operations and gain visibility on the ongoing processes and make informed business decisions to seize the revenue leakages. A changeover in the field of logistics & supply chain Currently, the logistics and supply chain industry is recording a paradigm shift in the market trends and customers expect to have complete visibility of their business transactions in real-time and organizations of every scale expect to manage entire business from a single dashboard. Upcoming technologies like shipment tracking system enables 24*7 shipment tracking and monitoring, advanced reporting systems to customers allows intelligent business reporting, and nowadays many devices are WI-FI enabled with internet connectivity which facilitates Internet of Things (IoT) to reduce delays and errors and latest RFID technology helps in real-time tracking and managing

inventory of cargo and bring more efficiency in the industry. Softlink’s advanced software is a comprehensive ERP platform of Logi-Sys is a key enabler to manage Financial Accounting, Sales & Marketing, and CRM modules with additional alerts and notification features to manage entire business in a single system. Our system eliminates data duplication, delays in compliance to reduce overall manual hours to increase employee productivity by 40% with real-time operational and financial control to gather intelligent business reports and analysis to make critical decision within seconds which would take few minutes for humans thus helps to reduce cost by 30 to 50% for higher customer satisfaction. The future of logistics and supply chain industry will rely on better Management of Credits, Cash Flow and superior customer service with automated technology which provides intelligent business reporting tools and freedom to drive business at anytime from anywhere across any devices. Coping with the drastic changes in the industry In today’s global economy, changes in customer behavior, open markets, competitors and new regulations are causing a high dynamic of changes in the market. Over 25 years of experience have made Softlink that digitization is mandated in every sphere of our life and logistics is not an exception and the growth towards success is to evolve every day. The core of every innovation is evaluating the customer’s need and creating the opportunity to


Mr. Amit says, “I believe, in today’s scenario we should start accepting that technological adaptation as an investment in the business to reap better returns in future.” Constant Vigilant is definitely needed to ensure that the enterprise do not suffer or get backlogged in its business model. Mr Amit says, “I have seen companies rise and fall, a constant check and strategic capabilities on disruptive future builds a flexible and adaptable organization resulting in improved customer service. Also for employees to take ownership and responsibility there is a need for constant vigilant just to nurture, value and manage their morale.” Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO & MD After completing his graduation in Electronics Engineering Mr. Amit started working for a Customs Brokerage Company and soon he started to understand the 14

March 2020

complexities and challenges the Logistics Industry was facing. He realized the potential to bring automation to the complex operations and developed the first product with the name IMPEX to automate the customs clearance process. His ‘Eye for Details’, Technical and Creative skills and Commercial Awareness led to Softlink to become successful in every software product is created. Softlink’s windows desktop solution for Customs Brokers, Air Cargo, and Sea Freight operators were a runaway success. Now their Logi-Sys is getting huge appreciation in the global logistics industry. Today Mr. Amit participate regularly in Industry events across to world to share his knowledge and experience and explore new ideas and technology for the future of the industry. Mr. Amit says, “Softlink is among very few IT company which has created an End-to-End system that can be implanted across the world without any requirement of any changes and that too I’m less than a month. The comprehensive ERP platform can manage Financial Accounting, Sales & Marketing, CRM and alerts and notification in a single system. So far over 100000+ users in 4500 clienteles from different vertical like Freight Forwarders, Warehouses, Transporters, and 3PL/4PL logistics and supply chain operators globally have successfully implemented the system.”

and with a vision to bring revolution and envision transforming the motor industries he brought assembly line concept which brought down the production cost and eventually the cost of the cars. As Mr Amit says, he drew inspirations from the ideas and thinking process which he inculcated in his entrepreneurial journey. Mr Amit Maheshwari is truly a book lover. He says, “A book, the legendary Godfather by Mario Puzo has a long-standing influence on me, the book and characters narratives of Don Corleone and his influential capacities and policies have always been inspiring for me. Puzo’s writing is natural, exceptional narration, his real characters; the story is unmatched in bringing several real life examples that steers my personal life as well as in businesses.” One of the favourite quote of Mr Amit is

‘ ‘

Henry Ford founder of “Ford Motor Company” in the year 1889 came with the vision of making quality cars available and affordable for the majority. Building cars was a tremulous task

Winners don't do different things; they do things differently. -Shiv Khera

‘ ‘

implement end to end digitization to stimulate growth by delivering improved customer experience. It is important to provide integrated solutions for the successful implementation of future compliant trade processes. Isolated solutions are usually not sustainable and cannot meet the requirements in terms of customer focus and efficient processes. When it comes to implementation, all departments need to work together and technology plays a key facilitator in this regard. Softlink’s robust system is highly orchestrated to enable the LSPs with Sales and CRM, Financial Accounting, Billing with transparency and visibility.

The Key Achievements Softlink carries the legacy of over two decades of expertise in the logistics and supply chain industry which makes them the pioneers in bringing innovation in the logistics industry in India. Currently, they are responsible for 75-80% of the successful customs transactions in India. Softlink Global always

The Skilled Workforce Softlink has always endeavoured on high values and ethics with all its employees and they have laid a strong foundation for high retention of their employees across branches. Softlink’s employees are highly motivated, creative and informed with the latest technological knowhow that brings uniqueness to the product and understands every minuscule detail to bring efficiency in their customer’s business processes. Softlink’s team is always ready to dive into the changing trends and adopt quickly to serve their customers’ requirements with a 24*7 support team. Overwhelming Client Experience Unlike other service providers, Softlink shares a very collaborative and regularly engaging relationship with its customers. The partnership Softlink Global forge with them goes much beyond the conventional customer-vendor one. There are several experiences where they have gone beyond the brief in providing solutions to their customers. One such customer needed immediate assistance from

their technical and support team in finalising his accounts as the filing of tax records was reaching the deadline. The team put all their resources to provide guidance in achieving it bringing much to the relief of the customer. In matters of regulatory changes, they have taken a consultative approach to customers in deciphering the policies for documentary compliance. Such credible and reliable information transfer has won them accolades and much appreciation from their valuable customers. Factors affecting logistics industry processes Globalization and advances in technology have changed the way we do business. Traditional logistics and supply chain models are changing their strategies and adopting technology to provide low-cost on-demand delivery service. To align with the everevolving customer expectations companies are shifting their operating dynamics from traditional opaque activities to completely transparent operations. Shippers are no longer satisfied with just visibility they expect full transparency. This requires deep industry expertise, technologies, and vision along with experience to help logistics companies to digitalize entire internal operations while tightly integrating with Shipper’s Supply Chains.

and customer demands. To take advantage of the new technology it is important that the logistics industry should increase the pace of adaption and embrace new technology faster to stay relevant. Mr Amit Maheshwari believe that the competition is healthy which helps us to strive for the best and evolve every day. In this age of globalization and digitalization success depends on sensing the upcoming dynamic changes in the market and finding the right opportunity to stand ahead by becoming the pioneer in competition. He says,

In my professional journey I have always tried to understand the pain areas of my customers and came up with solutions to keep our customers ahead in their business that helps them to leverage on the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost.

envisioned to remain a leader in global logistics and supply chain technology solutions which inspired them to work hard and with their dedicated efforts, they now regulatory compliant in more than 40+ countries across the globe. Being number one for the last two decades gives immense satisfaction. Another area where they are successful in creating and nurturing talent. Many of Softlink’s teammates are with them for the last twenty-five years which makes them highly passionate about what they do which is key to Softlink’s success.

Customer is the king and delivering improved customer service is Softlink Global’s key differentiator factor that keeps them ahead in competition.

Slowly another technological advancement like IOT Devices, Drones, Robots, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality is becoming a reality. Like always Softlink is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic market changes


Business Story


igtruck’s smart mobilebased solution is asset-light and technology-driven. They have built a robust solution that helps cargo owners streamline operations, choose bids directly, have access to real-time information about the truck & driver and track the vehicle while in transit. All these data and information will lead to a reduction of cost, better delivery management of the shipment and better customer experience and trust. Mr. Khurshid Alam Founder and CEO and his talented team at Bigtruck are making hard and smart efforts to transform the logistics industry with the latest technologies. The solutions provide a great opportunity for truck owners to find unlimited business opportunities for cargo shipping and they will even have the option to bid for them. Truck owners leverage the information by tracking the vehicle that is in transit and the availability for its next load. With the help of route optimization and planning, he will be able to reduce diesel costs considerably, thereby increasing the number of trips and they will be able to meet their EMI payment on vehicles and thereby increase revenue. They have also addressed the ageold problems of truck drivers, by


March 2020

enabling them with a smart way to drive the cargo loaded truck with route navigation and tons of information that is available through Bigtruck driver app. It helps them to get better with respect to their service levels, turnaround time and predictability. Bigtruck model is not hovering around the interests of any one stakeholder. They are drivercentric, cargo owner-centric and they are not pushing away the brokers or any of the stakeholders from the ecosystem of Transportation in any form. Bigtruck is trying to solve the whole problem of drivers’ socio-economic conditions and interconnect cargo owner, truck owner & truck driver on one single platform to enable the hassle-free process of cargo shipment which is the core objective of this model. At Bigtruck, the entire company, technology, and team are designed to provide the best quality service to the any-sized company. It aims at addressing all stakeholders of the cargo industry and provides end to end solutions via revolutionizing the existing trucking industry. They are leveraging technology to bridge gaps and address deficiencies in the existing legacy trucking industry. The exclusivity of the Bigtruck platform is that it is all-inclusive for Cargo owners, Truck owners, and Transporters thereby bringing

all of them onto the same platform. The application aims at providing and matching cargo owners with transporters and truck owners so as to minimize dead travel time and reduce transportation costs utilizing proximity parameters and online bidding process. Features like Live Tracking with their in-house tracking process, Easy Payments, reviewing documents before even hiring a truck, generating e way bill with their in-house software, ePOD helps us to not only reduce the TAT for any transaction but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire logistics process. The Initial Hurdles Bigtruck is set to solve the problem of seamless logistics execution as the logistics industry is the most fragmented industry in India. Even if every aspect has been digitized in our digital India as of today, still doing it for truckers and cargo owners was a big challenge. Understanding the market fit was another challenge. No doubt the logistics industry is a huge market in itself but translating and converting their process into the platform was a major shift and transition from how they have been doing it traditionally all these years. Technology adoption was another challenge. It is not like it is being done in the US so why can’t we

replicate the same model in India. In developed countries like the US or China, most of the drivers have smartphones but in India, we are still in the process of being technology-friendly. So, technology adoption is definitely a big challenge in the logistics space. Another challenge for Bigtruck was to convince the truck owners and drivers that it will improve their efficiency. By combining effectiveness and efficiency, their products and services can help truck owners and drivers provide better services faster and with fewer resources. Building trust and credibility and making customers use their platform to get them started were Bigtruck’s initial challenges. And then growth started... Bigtruck has developed a product that can be used for all stakeholders in the logistics space. They understand that technology adoption is a major challenge so they have developed a simple and easy to use the app for truck drivers in India, by knowing that they are

not very literate, but can still accept orders and easily navigate to their destination using Maps. The app is useful for not only the truck drivers but also the cargo owners, truck owners and the brokers who have been the pillar in the logistics industry for all these years. By using the Bigtruck app, the truck driver-partners have realized that it has empowered them with technical know-how which has helped them to find 25% to 30% more work orders which used to be a struggle before they used Bigtruck’s app. The positive feedback and realization of their objectives have helped Bigtruck to work and invest in products and technology to make it better and better. The Bigtruck is positive that with

another year’s worth of data with the company they will be able to fight the short-term price variability, have healthier and stable pricing and better matchmaking algorithms will help them provide better services using predictive analytics. Taking innovation to the table Bigtruck’s USP lies in its excellent services, value for money features and transparency. With everchanging dynamics in the logistics industry, it’s their features that help translating their motto of providing a great service to their valuable customers. The exclusivity of the Bigtruck platform is that it is all-inclusive for Cargo owners, Truck owners, and Transporters thereby bringing all of them onto the same platform. The application aims at providing


and matching cargo owners with transporters and truck owners so as to minimize dead travel time and reduce transportation costs utilizing proximity parameters and online bidding process. Features like Live Tracking with their in-house tracking process, Easy Payments, reviewing documents before even hiring a truck, generating e way bill with their in-house software, e-POD helps to not only reduce the TAT for any transaction but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire logistics process. Words from the Founder & CEO Mr. Khurshid Alam is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Rumztech which he and his wife, Waheeda Khan started together and now Rumztech is running successfully & growing 20% YOY. He has a Master’s degree in Physics & an MBA in Marketing & Finance. Before becoming an entrepreneur he worked at some of the top-notch Indian banks. 18

March 2020

Addressing to young entrepreneurs he says, Are you practical, normal or an outlier, is defined by your dreams and choices you make. You can end up having an inspirational story by pursuing your dream and following your heart or live a normal comfortable life. So, how to bust the biggest fear that is inside all of us. Not being in the rat race is a conscious choice. It takes hard work and relentlessness and to escape the rat race you have to put in the hours outside of the rat race to make it happen. Whatever the reason, it’s this deciding factor that finally drives you to make that leap of faith. I have a simple mantra to cope with this mindset. I don't try to deviate or hide from my inner voice which has a simple desire of addressing real-world issues. Each day I have tried to work on some of the key mindsets that have helped me overcome the obstacles in my entrepreneurial journey.

• Being myself and recognizing my own value • Discipline of Reading • Overcome fear of failure • Defining and redefining success for myself Bigtruck is establishing itself as a leader in setting industry standards and being a pioneer in adopting best practices in logistics and transportation. Their constant innovation-based approach along with the adoption of emerging technologies within a robust framework of foot soldiers on ground lends us an explicit advantage within the industry. It is evident that in the next ten years, the trucking industry will be further revolutionized with the integration of technology in existing legacy systems. With each activity leaving behind a digital footprint, supply chains will be more reliable, efficient and cost-effective and Bigtruck will act as spearhead and be at the forefront of it all.

BUILT TO BREAK THROUGH Available in Men’s, Women’s, and kid’s

In a talk with..

GENETRIX L GENETRIX LOGISTICS THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL The world has gotten a lot closer with the use of advanced technology and more importantly use of it in logistics. The logistics and Freight service industry has always been at the forefront of serving society and businesses around the world. Many people in the logistics industry are making efforts day and night to deliver material whether in terms of goods, data and etc. within time. Genetrix Logistics is an international freight forwarding company established in Feb 2011. The company now has 18 driven by passion employees. GLPL processes smoothly from Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Stockholm. The company is a global member of In an interview with master brains behind the company’s long-standing success, Mr. Kiran Pawaskar, Founder Director and Mr. Ashutosh Gupte, Managing Director let’s get known about the Logistics and Freight Solutions landscape and what Genetrix Logistics offers to their valuable clients.


March 2020





• Tell us about the company.

and strong teamwork.

GLPL is a privately held mediumsized International Freight Forwarding company that started with very limited resources and has emerged as a strong logistics service provider and also weathered the very competitive environment of the logistics market. We achieved sizable growth since its inception in 2011, on its own funding capability. Though we offer a full dimensional service portfolio with respect to the logistics market we specialize in offering VFM (value for money) along with a high level of customization for client comfort. We offer all services of SEA/AIR modes on the IMPORT & EXPORT platform with Custom Clearance services across the globe. We are also the accredited member of a powerful B2B networking organization that helps us to manage client’s needs worldwide. Additionally we offer warehousing/packing facilities. We have also expanded beyond the geographical boundaries of India and our first overseas office has been started in Sweden, Europe.

• What were the initial challenges you faced?

Every business undergoes lot of challenge during the lifetime of business. However initial stages are the most difficult and crucial. The

equal respect as they are the real driving force behind our business engine. We also treat every customer and job with customised offerings. Never let the gap beween our service and customer’s requirement grow. We also give extra concessional prices for the service needs of clients engaged in clean & green technology. We are delighted to host free personal consultation with our Managing Director to potential customers over their supply chain needs.




GLPL also offers Air Charter/Sea Charter/ International OBC (OnBoard Courier) service. This is a very unique feature of the company which is the size of GLPL. In fact, 95% of companies in the market cannot offer these services under one roof. The credit for this goes to the knowledge base of the company 22

March 2020

initial difficulties are always from finances to human resources. It’s the most testing period forany organisation. The biggest challenge in Logistics business which will be always perennial is the coordination between various government & private bodies across geographical boundaries and time zones with different languages and work cultures. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? We are happy to say we treat our customers, employees, vendors, environment & technology with

• What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Genetrix Logistics mainly provides end to end logistics solutions. The following services areoffered to clients. ♦ Air Freight ♦ Sea Freight ♦ Road Freight ♦ Customs Brokerage ♦ Warehousing ♦ Transportation ♦ Global Network ♦ Project Logistics The market has evolved hugely since the introduction of various DIGITAL TOOLS like smartphones and applications, based on digital platforms. GLPL has made a Strategic – JV with an emerging young IT company called RdioButton that specializes in IoT & android applications along with Software Development. This collaboration has resulted in two major initiatives namely GeneSMART & GeneQ, (GENE Simple Management Automated

Research Tool) a management software. GeneQ (GeneQUALITY) refers to the internal quality standards that we upgrade regularly. These help our company to perform routine and specialized operations effectively & efficiently. With new digital innovations in place, we plan to offer BOT based e-quotes as well as service tools to our clients. The foundation of GLPL is based on the VFM concept which allows us to spread our business wings without much threat from competition. Most important is we don’t sell we help our customers to buy. We map the needs of the customer along with a representative of the customer. Based on customer needs we make a customized solution. Since any case we do not compromise on quality, being a service-based organization & many agencies involved in delivery we make sure we absorb the shocks, to deliver the flawless product to end customers. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? A classic example would be of our clients giving us the readiness date of goods being ready for delivery at the overseas works of the supplier and we are able to forecast the final date of delivery of the product that involves multimodal & multiagency transfers in stipulated time. This helps the client in charting their production schedule/ delivery right helping them to achieve their business objectives. We are currently catering to one of the most premier chains of Luxury Hotels in the country. This Chain which started with sample business

about six months ago the idea of VFM became an effective business tool for them in managing the cost/benefit ratio. We are currently top-rated suppliers for them servicing International Cargo. Our current clients include top-rated retail brands, multinational companies to small-sized entrepreneurs. • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

Director - Ashutosh Gupte has graduated from Mumbai University and holds 25 years of experience in the Shipping & Freight forwarding Industry. He has worked with topline companies like Hapag Lloyd, K&N, KWE & ATA Freight Line to name a few at very senior positions and handled a variety of portfolios like multinational account management, oil & gas projects & cement plants, etc. He is also Chief Architect of Product design at GLPL.

We are guided by the simple business quote “OPPORTUNITIES BEGINS WHERE OPTIONS END” this governs our routine working making it simple in most difficult conditions. We are moved & inspired by the story of Karsanbhai Patel the man behind NIRMA whose small cycle operated washing powder company, is today 14000 employees run Rs.5500 crore giant. It's always about perseverance & patience. In nutshell, we intend to become HAPPY ORGANISATION over just a successful company of profit & loss. Master Minds behind the growth of the company. 1) Kiran Pawaskar - Founder Director - Kiran Pawaskar has graduated from Mumbai University. He has rich experience of 20 + years in managing the finance & operations wheel of the freight management company. He has also successfully nurtured the business tree of Genetrix Logistics over a period of the last nine years making it a lovely experience for the team. He is also the CFO of GLPL. 2) Ashutosh Gupte – Managing


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July 2020 March 2020

A tale of an





Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human.


e read and hear a lot of inspiring stories of people, random individuals giving it their all fighting throw anything and everything life throws at them. Facing harsh realities, troublesome circumstances, and a lot of hurdles along their way but a never giving up attitude and an unwavering spirit has carved their name in the hall of fame. These individuals not only have success in common but also the status, popularity and most importantly utmost respect for their hard work, dedication, and discipline. It is always discussed that a startup or a business needs to have a unique idea, or an ongoing service presented in a unique way undercutting the competitors, maintaining the efficiency and quality of highest standards. As


March 2020

numerous startups and businesses are going on and a lot more starting up now and then, it has become rare to see or use a product or service that is unique. This is the story of Mr. Jan Koum, the brains and the man behind the famous and worldrenowned messaging app, WhatsApp. Jan Koum was born and raised in a small village in Ukraine and shifted to Mountain View, California, with his mother when he turned 16. He swept the floor of a grocery store and her mother took the job of babysitting to meet their daily ends and later on lived off of the disability allowance they received as her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Koum joined a group of hackers called woowoo as he turned 18 and

started fiddling with servers of Silicon Graphics and chatted with the found of Napster, Shawn Fanning. He then enrolled himself into San Jose State University and bagged the position of a security tester at Ernst & Young. Later in 1997, he found himself sitting in front of Brian Acton, a Yahoo employee called in to check the advertising systems of the company. He later interviewed at Yahoo and secured a job as an infrastructure engineer. Koum dropped out of college and started working in Yahoo, later when his mother passed away, Acton offered him support and they got closer. In 2007, they left Yahoo and took a year out travelling and relaxing. They applied to work at Facebook and got rejected. Koum visited a friend’s house who invited local

Russian community, there he kept on talking and discussing in the kitchen about his app and about how great it would be to have statuses next to names of people. Whether they were at the gym, taking a call, or their battery was low, etc. Koum could do the backend and his friend Fishman introduced him to Igor Solomennikov, who was a developer. He launched WhatsApp Inc. on Feb. 24, 2009, chose the name because it sounded like “what’s up”. It was going on a slow tread till help came from Apple in June 2009, when it launched push notifications as every time a status changed it would ping up and everyone would know. Little did Koum realize that he accidentally created a messaging service. The only other texting service was BBM and one

would require a Blackberry device, but WhatsApp could be used on any phone and this made the user number swell up. There was no looking back for them and now everyone knows WhatsApp. WhatsApp was sold to Facebook for a whopping 19 billion dollars, making Jan Koum’s worth around 6.8 billion dollars and 45% owner of WhatsApp. His story is not only a milestone and a highly successful story but also teaches us that one should always try to find unique ideas. But it does not mean that simple and small ideas cannot be unique. WhatsApp was just an app to know if the person was busy at the moment or not, so you can call them without any hesitation or just to know where they are or what they’re doing.

People appreciate a good product, a stable system. They want to communicate easily and use a product that just works.


Business Story


he logistics industry has always played a vital role in the growth of the nation’s economy.

Logistics’ team is making smart efforts to transform businesses with up to mark service offerings. The triggering point for growth

The field of logistics is changing with the rising technology with every new dawn. Many companies in this field are helping people to run their businesses smoothly. Quadrant Logistics is one of the top names in the logistics landscape due to its higher quality services and solution-oriented approach. Quadrant Logistics is a leading contract logistics service provider, offering integrated and customized supply chain solutions. Over the years, they have been offering the range of logistics services to the best know business in India. Quadrant has been a preferred contract logistics partner for a diverse clientele. Their ability to develop solutions improving clients’ business results makes them a unique supply chain solutions company with the ability to integrate inventory management like no one else. Quadrant offers dedicated warehousing solutions to fit any type of product, space, and capacity requirements. Their dedicated facility and exclusive services to the clients ensure the optimized performance outcomes. Under the innovative vision of Mr. Sachiien Kawale, Founder & Managing Director, Quadrant 30

March 2020

The efficient spare part supply chain holds the key to post-sale client satisfaction and a company’s ultimate brand recognition. In 2012, when they decided to focus mainly on core areas; spare parts logistics and contract logistics services and that’s where they witnessed the real growth. Secondly, in the present scenario, the implementation of GST has created tremendous opportunities for them; in contract logistics space.

customised services, flexibility, and quality. Their highly customised, scalable and client-centric solutions to create efficiency have been the key to their sustainable success. Customer focus, flexibility, and scalability are our key differentiators. They believe that; the path to the creation of a healthy trusting relationship is open, honest and genuine communication and their business model is built on the same principals; Transparent activity, Transparent interactions, and Transparent cost. A Vast Range Quality Offerings

The success story They have been providing Spare part logistics and contract logistics services to many MNC’s such as Bosch & Siemens (BSH), Crompton Greaves, Bajaj Electricals to name few. Quadrant Logistics is Presently operating in Maharashtra and a Goa, having state of the art facility of 1.5 lacs sq. ft in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Goa. Their YOY Business for the last three years has grown by 30% Factors Behind Quadrant’s Success Quadrant’s USP is - cost-effective

Quadrant’s main focus is on their flagship offering: After-market / Spare Part Logistics and Contract Logistics Quadrant has a deep understanding of the after-market supply chain and has been the core strength. After-market support is the spine of any customer-oriented business. Order fulfilment of spare parts for service centres is an imperative process for the companies in the consumer electronics and engineering sector and an efficient spare part supply chain holds the key to post-sale client satisfaction and a company’s ultimate brand recognition. That’s where they

come into the picture. Quadrant’s expertise in providing a range of aftermarket services helps a company to reduce costs, lower the downtime and bring greater consistency and have firm control over the after-market segment. After-market logistics services include; Spare part Logistics Quadrant parts distribution centre supports customers with after-market parts and manages spare parts distribution from planning, procurement, order fulfilment to last-mile deliveries to the client’s service centres or the dealer. This mainly includes collection and sourcing of spare parts, storage, packaging & repackaging, labelling, order management, and last-mile delivery. Returns Logistics They oversee the returns process of unwanted/undue stocks or damaged goods. These goods can be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers. This is mainly seen in the case of product recall from the market for various reasons.

Repairs Activity This process includes receipt and repair of products or parts, either under-warranty or post-warranty products. After repair, the parts/products are returned to the stock or sent back to customers. Reverse Logistics Quadrant enables the flow of surplus or unwanted material back through the supply chain in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Reverse management activities include all return related processes, quality control, sorting, repackaging of returns, certified scrapping or recycling processes; in the most effective manner to maximize the value of goods returned for various reasons. Factors making them unique from the rest of the market Their ability to develop solutions

improving clients’ business results makes them a unique supply chain solutions company with the ability to integrate inventory management like no one else. Quadrant offers a wide range of value-added services as part of an overall solution which is aimed to improve the performance of our customer’s supply chain. They extend their traditional core into extra value-added services, such as supplier compliance, kitting, de-kitting and light assembly, labelling, product rework & recycling, product inspection & compliance, certified disposal, etc. Operating these value-added services alongside the storage of their customer products not only saves money but removes the layer of wastes in the supply chain. Quadrant Logistics brings experience, technology, scale, and operational best practices to help


Indian marketplaces/ e-commerce platforms.

businesses gain a substantial value proposition mainly in areas of optimizing logistics costs, shortening the length of the order completion cycle and reducing the number of fixed assets. Clients are no longer willing to tolerate yesterday’s one-size-fits-all service options, as each of them has their unique requirements & expectations. This is the biggest challenge for any logistics service providers, whereas efficiency, flexibility, and scalability are the key expectations of end-users. Quadrant Logistics is pioneered in providing customised services with flexibility and focussed on enhancing the performance of the customer’s supply chain by continuously driving customercentric innovation through technology-enabled supply chain management. Latest Additions in the services Quadrant has added E-commerce and B2C Seller services in their vast up to the mark range of services. They have recently bagged the contract for providing B2C seller services to one of the reputed MNC clients providing the last-mile delivery services and sellers services exclusively on 32

March 2020

A Drastic Changeover in the Logistics Landscape The logistics industry perhaps gained most from implementing the new technologies and is one of the most impacted sectors with the rise in technological innovations. The logistics industry is witnessing the rapid adoption in areas of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation, which is helping logistics companies to meet the ever-increasing demands from customers and overcome some tough challenges like cost optimization, faster service, damage management, route optimization, warehouse management, etc. It has become essential for service providers to use technological innovations to utilize maximum space, manpower, warehouses, vehicles, etc. These technologies bring much-needed efficiency and the highest level of customer satisfaction. As a whole, we are going to witness a stronger and connected logistic service. The Key Achievements Mr. Sachiien Kawale, a business management graduate founded this company with the aim of providing highly customer-centric logistics services. Under his leadership, the company has earned the reputation of the most preferred spare part logistics service and contract logistics service provider. Recently, Quadrant featured

amongst ‘10 Promising Freight Management Service Provider 2019’ by SiliconIndia Magazine and was awarded ‘Company of The Year 2019’. The Skilled Workforce ‘Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business’ Quadrant truly endorses that. For them, employees are the most valuable resource and assets as they are the front of business. The company has a healthy and conducive atmosphere, where everyone works as a team and are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels. In this new era, the consumer has become more demanding for excellent service, competitive price and value addition. Customer no more wants to deal with multiple logistics service providers for their specific needs. In this scenario, collaborative working is the key, where they utilize resources and competences of other organizations wherever required, which enables them to create customer value. Collaborations thus provide them an opportunity to both access external capabilities and develop routines that further enhance competitive advantage, making a collaboration-enabled supply chain a powerful strategic tool for their organizations’ sustainability.

In a talk with..

SensiWise Solutions Bringing Visibility, Assurance & EfďŹ ciency To Specialized Supply-chains.


March 2020


o be competitive and enhance effectiveness, keeping up with the particular latest technology is important. The Logistics industry is reaping helpful benefits immensely from the almost all advanced technology and may continue to grow some sort of a lot more advances are usually made. The breakthroughs within technology will carry on and drive the boundaries for a long time to be able to come. SensiWise Solutions is an Emerging Tech (IoT, Analytics & Blockchain) focused venture creating Enterprise solutions for specialized supply chain logistics. In a candid talk with Mr Puneet Jetli, Founder and CEO at SensiWise solutions let’s get known to their journey since inception and their quality offerings. • Tell us about the company. We are a 2 years old company. In our definition, a specialized supply chain includes any product that requires careful handling during its storage and/or movement through the supply-chain journey. Though our first solution is targeted at Cold-chain, which deals with temperature-sensitive products, it has been designed in a way that we would be able to address other specialized product categories with little incremental effort. • What were the initial challenges you faced?

Being an IoT focused company, our biggest challenge upfront was to create a fine balance between the need to quickly hit the market and the need to have full flexibility and control on all the building blocks of the solution. We were always clear that we would not try to compress the go-to-market cycle time by leveraging third-party IoT devices readily available in the market. While that would have allowed us faster access to the market with our solution, we knew that in the longer run, it would hinder our ability to enhance/customize our solution for new use-cases, and also lower the threshold for competitive differentiation. The other significant challenge for a start-up is always winning your first customer. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? I think there have been about 3-4 growth inflection points till now. The first was obviously when we released the solution for undertaking POCs/Pilots in Q3 of 2018. In a few months, we were able to start converting the initial POCs into commercial contracts. The second was when we finetuned the solution for slow-moving assets like Ice cream push-carts. The third was when we adapted the solution for fixed assets involved in Cold-chain like the freezers, chillers, cold-stores, and visicoolers. Each of these, are large opportunity areas by themselves.

• How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? I think the 2 most important metrics that calibrates our progress are the number of customers and the number of assets for which our solution has been deployed. On the former, we now have 5 paying Customers, and several others in the pilot phase. For the existing customers, we have the go-ahead to cover over 4,000 assets. • What is the reason behind your company's long-standing success? Frankly, we are still very young and have a long journey ahead before we can look back and admire our achievements. Yet, SensiWise is being built on a few fundamentals that we believe will hold us in good stead: a). Global & rich Industry experience of the core team b). A clear understanding of the technology landscape and engineering best practices for digital solutions c). Building and harnessing the right ecosystem for growth • According to you, which are the factors that affect logistics industry processes? The logistics industry has traditionally lagged other processes/functions like manufacturing, finance, customer experience, etc. when it comes to Information Technology adoption. The complexity of high market fragmentation, several


stakeholders, multiple product hops and handovers, further adds to the issue. All of this eventually manifests in the following challenges: 1). Lack of visibility into the product’s location and its condition 2). Inability to monitor whether defined operating processes and SLAs are being adhered to 3). Cost, damage, theft, asset utilization, and turnaround related inefficiencies 4). Inability to establish end-to-end traceability of a product’s journey with accountability for lapses, if any • What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? Our mission is to bring Visibility, Assurance & Efficiency to specialized supply chain logistics operations. Our first solution is for the Cold-chain – the supply chain for temperature-sensitive products before we start addressing other adjacent areas. While most stakeholders believe that Coldchain involves monitoring of temperature & location, we are disrupting this space through some of the following: a). Addressing the need for all stages of the product’s Cold-chain journey – right from the time it is manufactured until it reaches the customer, and not just during transportation and warehousing. b). Providing stakeholders granular visibility & assurance of their



March 2020

operations by providing access to over 40 parameters c). Enabling end-to-end traceability of a product’s journey and its quality even when multiple service providers are involved in handling the product d). Going beyond monitoring – allowing stakeholders to close the loop by allowing them to remotely operate and control the assets deployed in the Cold-chain. Ex – switching on/off the AC unit of a Reefer. e). Allowing stakeholders to monitor multiple product condition parameters and not just temperature. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? Our product roadmap is typically influenced by the following two factors. Firstly, it is based on our understanding of the market needs that we are trying to address. The moment you start acquiring customers, there is always a steady flow of features and functionalities that get added to your to-do list and needs to be prioritized. Secondly, how you want to differentiate vis-àvis the competition also plays a major rule in evolving your products & services. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? Given our Cold-chain focus, it was imperative for us to look at the needs of the Ice cream market. Our



newest product is called iTREATS – Ice cream Trikes Revenue Enhancement & Tracking Solution. We realized that Ice Cream Trikes/Push-carts are an important sales channel in many parts of the country. So while Brands were investing heavily in making thousands of these push-carts available to their trade-channel, they had very little visibility into their utilization, operations and sales efficiency. While some brands had tried adopting a GPS based track and trace solution, some of the needs and on-the-ground issues were totally different. This is why we created iTREATS. Based on some POCs that we have undertaken, we are confident that Ice Cream Brands will now be able to not only have improved and real-time visibility into the asset’s operations but will also be able to increase the sales realization per capita from the assets deployed in the market. We are very happy that Govt. of Karnataka supported us in this endeavour by covering the iTREATS development under its flagship ELEVATE Idea2PoC Grant program. • The new era demands new methods. How do you cope with that? Thankfully today SensiWise is amongst the disruptors rather than having fear of getting disrupted. But the real danger for any organization, especially the



• How much has the logistic industry evolved with rising technology over the years? Aspects of Logistics industry particularly warehousing has definitely benefited a lot in the last few years through technology adoption. However, all aspects of the industry will need to plan the leverage that newer technologies like IoT, Robotics, AI and Data Science will bring. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? Over the last 20 years, I have been associated with 3 start-ups. In 1999, I was amongst the first to join Mindtree. In the 12 years that I spent with them, I played various roles. This experience gave me tremendous insights into building & nurturing a company through its formative and high-growth period. In 2011, I co-founded Happiest Minds and ran its Digital business for 6 years as a CEO before moving out and starting SensiWise in 2017. The common thread across these three ventures has been helping Global Enterprises leverage newer technologies for business Value. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Building organizations or institutions is never one person’s work. But to be part of teams, and



seeing companies like Mindtree and Happiest Minds evolve from being an idea to becoming successful global Brands, has been the most fulfilling and cherished moments of my career. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? The whole purpose of our products is to act as eyes and ears and help customers get detailed visibility and assurance on their assets and their operations. In a few instances, Customers were taken by surprise when our solution highlighted that fuel was being pilfered from their vehicles or when the distance travelled by some vehicles was being over-reported by 40%. The value of this kind helps establish credibility and confidence with Customers.

to balance the pulls and pressures of the rat-race much better. For me, the 2 non-negotiable pre-requisites are whether I am enjoying what I am doing and if the business is being done with the highest levels of integrity. Compromising on either of these is not worth the while.

• One person, who you admire the most? Having had the opportunity to see and work with several Industry leaders from close quarters, I realized that every good leader has his/her strengths that you can try and emulate. At the same time, no leader can be the best at everything. So, I have followed a hybrid approach of admiring multiple leaders for specific areas, and have been able to learn from each one of them. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? I have seen that as you mature and get more experienced, you are able


R E A L I T Y.


successful ones, is to get comfortable with the status quo or continuing to follow what has worked well for them in the past.


From the Editor


cience says that everyone's brain works equally, but still many people are ahead and many people are behind in this race. And we can see this at the level of studies also. When someone comes first, someone just passes the exam. This does not mean that only the first one is intelligent. Rather the last one can also be intelligent, although there is no doubt that people can become intelligent on the basis of knowledge i.e. studies, in addition to that people whose thinking is slightly different, can also be in the category of intelligence. There have been some people in the world whose mind was many times faster than others. We call it the 38

March 2020

people with a higher IQ. Often we see that some people understand the most difficult things immediately while some people take too much time to understand simple and simple things. This is due to different IQ levels. Scientists have discovered many such traits on the basis of which we can say how intelligent a person is. Readout those traits in this article, which you can help you to identify the intelligent person. • The habit of staying up late into the night Most geniuses have a habit of staying up late into the night. It may be a habit of reading or thinking about something. Most of

the genius people had insomnia disease i.e. sleepiness. The autobiography of many intelligent people shows that they all had one thing in common. That is, they had no sleep or they used to sleep a few hours at night. Leonardo the Vinci, who made the great painting of Monalisa, slept only 3 hours a day. • A habit of forgetting Do you forget the key in the lock after locking it? If yes then you need to be happy. Even though you have been cursing yourself for being forgetful, by now you will be happy to know that many intelligent people had a habit of forgetting. People with extraordinary intelligence do not remember small things. If you pay

attention to everything, then you cannot focus on any one thing. The memory of the great genius Einstein was also not very good. He did not remember even dates and phone numbers. Even, once he sat in a taxi and forgot his home address. • Thinking before slipping If you have a habit of thinking before sleeping, then it is also a sign of being intelligent. The habit of thinking about what happened today, what will happen tomorrow, and how? Normal people fall asleep as soon as they fall in bed, while intelligent people keep their minds ON all the time and they think about many things in bed as well.

• Talking to yourself When you talk to yourself, your brain is working better. According to psychologists, many times, talking in mind to find and remember lost things proves very helpful. • Laziness People, who are a bit flimsy, make juggles for their convenience and those who later invent. But this also does not mean that one should be made lazy to become intelligent.

people were addicted to some unhealthy things that took their lives too. • Being less social Scientists have also considered this to be a symptom that people who are less connected to other people or who are closely aware of people are more intelligent than others. • Curiosity People, who have more curiosity to know, are more intelligent than others.

• Addiction People who have slightly different thinking, have a habit of something like a habit of playing games or it can also be a habit of internet or mobile. If we see many intelligent


Business Story


he logistics sector has evolved a lot with the use of the latest technologies. The logistics sector has always been forefront in boosting up the nation’s economy. With more demands due to digitization, the logistics industry is at its peak. In this scenario, some logistics companies are making efforts to transform businesses across India as well as the globe. WOW Express is one of the leading names in the logistics landscape with its unique and comprehensive solutions offerings. The master brains behind the long-standing success of the company are its co-founders Mr Jayesh Kamat, Mr Mazhar Faruqi and Mr Sandeep Padoshi. Let’s discover more about the WOW Express and its quality offerings. The company After over 5 years in business, WOW Express today stands tall amongst top logistic players in the country with pan India presence. With over 100 centres across 50 cities, WOW handles 70,000 – 75,000 shipments a day. WOW offers complete end to end logistics solutions to e-commerce players for deliveries within India, this includes First Mile pickups, Intra and Intercity movement, Last Mile 40

March 2020

deliveries, Cash-On-Delivery, Digital Payment collections with real-time visibility and updates through robust technology and infrastructure. The Initial Hurdles The major challenges that WOW express have faced and successfully overcome are increase in supply chain visibility, shortening the delivery cycles, setting up the Omni channel supply chain and adapting elastic logistics in day to day operations. Today, the customer wants timely and quicker delivery of goods. WOW Express endeavours to enhance customer experience by reducing the product delivery cycle without passing the incremental logistics cost to the end customer. And The Growth Started… Various factors have contributed to the success of WOW Express. The strong and efficient team, experienced management and board with the aligned vision for the company, boom in E-commerce space, streamlined SOPs are some of the factors. Apart from these, the launch and successful run of WOW Health Express has contributed to the company’s growth story. WOW Express has grown 10x in the last five years of operations and they are confident of growing 10x

in the next four years. In the first half of FY 19-20, the company has already achieved a revenue equivalent of the last financial year and is on the path of achieving more than 100% revenue growth in FY 19-20. Reason Behind the Long-standing Success of WOW Express In recent years, technology has had a major impact on how logistics firms operate and this stands true for WOW Express too. Bringing cutting edge technology to the table like an end to end tracking solutions, full-cycle API integration, real-time COD dashboard, shipments mapped on Google maps of Service Marshals and many more has not only ensured quick and timely deliveries to customers but also enabled them with time and cost savings. Also, the “WOW culture” which is prevalent throughout the organization has been the main driving force bringing a winning streak in the team. The Services WOW Express offers a plethora of services and products to its customers. Some of them are WOW First Mile (Specialised First Mile branches that ensure parcels are sorted by operator and ready to

be handed over on time every time), WOW Last Mile (tech equipped service marshals delivering packages from specialized collection centres to last-mile delivery branches), WOW Reverse (service marshals collecting shipments on your behalf from your customers and deliver them back to you), WOW warehousing (specially tailored warehouses to rapidly process thousands of orders daily), WOW Health Express (technologyenabled pick-up and delivery service of bodily fluids (blood, bone marrow, tissue) samples from hospitals/pathology laboratories to the central lab & delivering diagnostic reports back to hospitals/pathology laboratories/patient’s residence).

The company taking a step further with

years of cumulative work experience.

WOW Express is the first company in the country to have created a seamless technology that caters to the logistics needs of Diagnostics companies. The diagnostics logistics business today is a $300mm market and is growing 15%+ annually. After carefully identifying and studying the requirements of the Indian diagnostics market, WOW is today the largest organized player in the intracity blood sample collection service.

Jayesh, an MBA from Sheffield UK with 20+ years of work experience having worked with companies such as UPS, Singapore Post, Amex, ICICI Bank looks after Business Development, Finance, IT and investor relations. Mazhar with 25+ years of experience in the industry with global logistics players such as DHL, TNT, UPS, Singapore Post, and Bombino Express manages Operations and network expansion for WOW. Sandeep, an IIM-A alumnus with 20+ years of experience with companies like Reliance, Reader’s Digest, ACK (Future Group) is a Chief Culture Officer of WOW who apart from leading Health Express

The Co-founders WOW Express is co-founded by Jayesh Kamat, Mazhar Faruqi and Sandeep Padoshi who bring in 60+


drives the Company culture, HR, PR, Investor Relation and Strategy. They admire Ratan Tata the most. Also, they find Steve Job’s success story of Apple the most inspiring one. The Key Achievements

• Winner of the “Innovative E-commerce Service Provider” Award – SCM Pro – 2015 • Winner of the “Promise of the Future” Award – SCM Pro – 2016 • Featured as “One of the Top 100 Start-ups to watch in 2017” – Sutra HR • Recognized as “10 Best Start-ups in Logistics” – Start-up City Magazine – 2018 • Awarded as “Powerhouse Performance as Delivery Service Partner” – Amazon - 2019 • Finalist at “Leaders of Tomorrow” – ET NOW – 2019-20 The Smart Workforce WOW Express is an organization with a ‘free will’, with a culture where one is free to choose the time that he or she comes to work, where one has no fixed place of 42

March 2020

work, choose the projects that they can work on and at the same time add great value to the organization. At WOW Express, they believe in providing equal opportunities to all employees. Implementing various innovative programs such as Breakfast at Branch (Service Marshals begin their day with breakfast at work), Brownie Points (initiative promoting point ratings to recognize employee’s contributions beyond the regular process to achieve task) along with traditional programs like Telecommuting, celebrating cultural activities, Pre-work Communication Meeting has worked for them to motivate employees and create a healthy work environment. An Overwhelming Client Experience WOW has strived since its inception to deliver a WOW service to its clients. A couple of their client testimonials are: “Being the leaders in the beauty product space in India, our customers do expect faster and safe deliveries from us across the country. Partnering with WOW Express was one of the good decisions that we have made. These are the guys who put their mission to practice. By using a combination of technology, experience, and people management skills, they ensure that our products are delivered on time.” – Manoj Jaiswal, Chief Supply Officer, NYKAA

“We are not logistics experts and we had issues about timely pick-up. We also didn’t want the usual local courier guys. We wanted an automated solution that allows us to complete tracking of shipment. These are sensitive packages and we wanted a more personal service. We found WOW Express agile, sensitive and approachable. The automation is good and now we have visibility end to end.” – Rakesh Sharma, Director, Lilac insights Factors that Affect the Logistics Industry Processes The increasing boom of the Indian e-commerce industry has immensely boosted the prospects of the logistics sector. Implementation of GST has ensured the seamless movement of goods. Current growth is driven by the penetration of e-commerce in Tier II and III markets have resulted in emerging e-commerce retailers further driving the growth. Furthermore, a number of smartphone users and rural internet penetration have seen a steep surge in recent times enabling the faster and efficient implementation of technology. It’s a rat-race out there, WOW Express copes up it and always been ahead with the help of • Self-belief • Belief in the team you build • And by not giving up

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he lockdown forced people to change their shopping habits. And it is not only limited to essential commodities and daily provisions, but also for entertainment, electronics, and luxury goods. A new group of consumers, who hesitated to shop online, managed to overcome their hesitation, and have crossed the threshold in the last few months. Many people have started using their cards, e-wallets, UPI apps, and other methods to digitize payments and transactions. It may be true that people do not remain alert, especially during festive seasons. This is why some of us fall prey to fraud. You should keep the following in mind while making online payments in this festive season and otherwise so that you will not get robbed. Fraudsters build websites by misusing reputable brand names and entice victims to obtain their cards and banking details. An expensive phone or laptop can be advertised and available at a 40–50% discount on a less popular or new e-commerce website. Desperate consumers are advised to first check the authenticity of such websites. Here’s how someone can do it. Anyone can check whether the website starts with “https: //” (this means that the website has a security certificate). Many fraudulent and temporary websites are hosted at domain registrars and web hosting companies, which are legitimate. However, there are some different levels of validation, some of which are easier to obtain than others.


March 2020

The lowest level of validation, Domain Validation (DV), will only validate the ownership of the domain and not the legitimacy of the organization requesting the certificate. In other words, if you have purchased the domain “” and requested a certificate for it, you will get the certificate because you own the domain. The highest level of validation, extended validation (EV), is the safest and most comprehensive. A company requesting a certificate with extended validation must prove their identity as well as their legitimacy as a business. You can find out whether a site has an EV certificate or not by looking at the address bar. Browsers show a green address bar with a lock icon for websites with EV certificates. If you click on a real-looking hyperlink within a message, it can still take you to a fraudulent website. Just as a person should not judge a book by the cover, one should always carefully type in the name of the shopping portal in the browser, and do not click on any hyperlink that contains a short link that gives you a merchant portal. Never trust the details of the business on the internet search engine. By using clever and suspicious methods, fraudsters can display the search results of fake, duplicate websites at the top of your search. These manipulation results of businesses list phone numbers and email IDs controlled by fraudsters and make them appear as if they are legitimate businesses of banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, liquor

shops, etc. If customers call or write to such entities, it is most likely that they are negotiating with fraudsters. Under the guise of “valid” customers, criminals can get all the information they need to get a hold of your card/wallet/account. Always call the number published on your actual service provider’s website or write down their known and declared customer service email IDs when initiating communication. Never give card/account information and card security code / OTP to anyone. If devices are infected with malware, it can prevent cards or personal information such as anything sent by users or something that users receive, such as OTP and email. It is advisable to install a good anti-malware in your devices and keep the security on. It filters and excludes intrusion into your computer or mobile device. Under the guise of sending or returning certain funds, awarding, depositing cashback or validating the identity, criminals can send QR barcodes to “UPI Collect” request or scan and validate users with their PIN in the UPI app Can ask for Remember, you do not need to type in your PIN in the upcoming UPI payment. If someone is asking you to do this, then understand that an attempt is being made to cheat you. Understanding and following these basic principles of online shopping and transactions will help customers retain their hard-earned money. Remember to treat only reputable websites and portals.

This festive season be the real smart customer by identifying Fraudsters



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