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“If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.” - Marc Benio , Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Salesforce

Salesforce ash not only presented a plethora of opportunities and unlocked the true potential of cloud computing and related services. Salesforce has given enterprises a platform that brings together all the aspects of CRM, i.e., Sales, Marketing, Commerce, etc., and integrates them in such a way that is highly beneficial for the companies as well as the customers. Salesforce has provided many companies a chance to present their innovative and efficient products and services, enabling the customers to not only have enriching CRM support and services but also progress keeping the conversion and retention rates high. The Enterprise World special issue, The Most Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers To Watch in 2021, features the journey, stories, and ideologies of the companies in the Salesforce domain. Gain insight into their services, their work environment, and their breakthrough products and services. Get inspired from the conversation with the CEOs, Founders, etc., and find a reason to pick any of their services and continue your journey of attaining education, or any course you ever wanted. The cover story of this feature highlights the fascinating and innovative services of Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv). Unified Services Co, Ltd. (Unisrv) is a company that originated in Japan, which aims to tackle the social issues/challenges by Information Technology, especially vertical cloud, called “Industry Cloud” which was established in 2004. Their expertise and thorough knowledge vary across domains, relentlessly work and products that are different, and offer unique solutions to various issues. As electricity retailing was liberalized, the major task for conventional electric power companies was to reduce their costs to survive in the market, resulting in a major and increased demand for a low-cost rate calculation system. Read more about their revolutionary services, unmatched team, and innovation. Engross yourself reading the innovative services provided by SharinPix. SharinPix is a unique company, dedicated to working in this domain and with one specialty – Images. SharinPix is a 5 years old French company delivering worldwide an App on the AppExchange to make possible any implementation of image requirements in Salesforce. There is a lot more to read inside! Happy Reading.


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Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers To Watch in 2021 The cover story of this feature highlights the fascinating and innovative services of Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv). Unified Services Co, Ltd. (Unisrv) is a company that originated in Japan, which aims to tackle the social issues/challenges by Information Technology, especially vertical cloud, called “Industry Cloud” which was established in 2004. Their expertise and thorough knowledge vary across domains, relentlessly work and products that are different, and offer unique solutions to various issues. As electricity retailing was liberalized, the major task for conventional electric power companies was to reduce their costs to survive in the market, resulting in a major and increased demand for a low-cost rate calculation system. Read more about their revolutionary services, unmatched team, and innovation.

Grab the scintillating conversation with Tony Zorc, CEO at Accounting Seed. With Accounting Seed, he has created a robust accounting solution with the same flexible, fast, and efficient functionality as Salesforce. Engross yourself reading the innovative services provided by SharinPix. SharinPix is a unique company, dedicated to working in this domain and with one specialty – Images. SharinPix is a 5 years old French company delivering worldwide an App on the AppExchange to make possible any implementation of image requirements in Salesforce. In another thorough conversation with Mr. Mark Wheeler, Founder, and Director at Stratiform. Stratiform was founded with one goal in mind- to improve their clients’ business. Grab this interview and find out how do they make it happen.

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Accounting Seed Trusted, Reliable and Loyal Accounting Experts

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Unied Services Co, Ltd. Social issues Overhauled

08 | April 2021 | 09

| Cover Story

Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable. --Coco Chanel

10 | April 2021


he IT sector has witnessed exponential development and this sudden growth demanded innovation and also created new possibilities and scope for further new services and technologies to be brought in and revolutionize the world and push the IT sector as one of the fastest progressing sectors in the world. The IT sector grew manifold and one of the most important and unique innovation was cloud computing. Cloud computing is the availability of computing resources, most importantly data storage and other related solutions and all of this without active user management and heavy costs incurred on the servers, manpower, etc. Unified Service CO. Ltd. is the leading name amongst the top Industrial Cloud companies in Japan, they are unique and distinguished with their focus in Recycling Energy, Healthcare at Home, etc. making them one of the most dedicated and superior Social Innovators. As the use and applications of cloud computing grew, many forms evolved but one of the most important and most innovative being the Vertical cloud. Vertical cloud is a set of cloud computing that are designed for specific business model or sector which benefit the organizations which require niche IT requirements. Unified Services Co. Ltd. (Unisrv) is among the first names excelling in providing vertical cloud solutions. Their services are unique and standards unparalleled with utmost customer satisfaction ratings and solutions that are technologically advanced and equally friendly to use makes them one of the most sought-after and respected companies in the domain. They offer their unrivalled services in the Energy sector, Healthcare sector, etc. Their platform is not only of the best but also easy to use interface, accounting for the status and respect they command as the pioneers in the domain and among their competitors.

The journey to the clouds Unified Services Co, Ltd. (Unisrv) is a company that originated in Japan, which aims to tackle the social issues/challenges by Information Technology, especially vertical cloud, called “Industry Cloud” which was established in 2004. Their expertise and thorough knowledge vary across domains, relentlessly work and products that are different and offer unique solutions to various issues. As electricity retailing was liberalized, the major task for conventional electric power companies was to reduce their costs to survive in the market, resulting in a major and increased demand for a low-cost rate calculation system. Unisrv stepped up and built a system for calculating electricity charges, including customer management functions, based on the platform. This Electric CIS (Customer Information Services) business is currently their main business. They are looking forward to creating a product for the local consumption type power supply system that connects sales companies and renewable energy power generation companies. The journey from the ground to the cloud was not easy for Unisrv as their expertise and niche is something that many people are not aware of and when the company was founded, the challenges and hurdles, they faced not only tested their spirit but also their dedication and will. The initial stage after Unisrv was founded was to establish the brand, fund, talents,

etc. as there was no awareness nor knowledge about it. Also, another challenge was to hire good and expert talent on the team as they were just a start-up with limited resources and their products require expert personnel which do not come cheap, so they changed their ideology to find the greatness in each individual and push them to achieve greatness than to look for just the experience, etc. And rest is history with some of their highly distinguished achievements that still do not completely define their prowess and knowledge. Major achievements for their growth are: - 2016 joined as an investor, FIT system project started, electric CIS service started to serve. - 2017 My-number PoC project started. - 2018 TEPCO joined as an investor, merged with 4U Lifecare Ltd. (health-tech start-up).

Unisrv’s cutting edge products and new additions Their Industrial Cloud strategy, as a vertical cloud solution, for energy, renewable energy, healthcare is the unique factor that outshines them in the market for their innovation and unparalleled products. In addition to it, their company’s new vision is “industry cloud & beyond”, which includes a new approach for a new customer set. Conventional electric CIS focusing on new entrants who entered this market with reasonable pricing. But the intensifying market competition forced older players,

TEPCO, etc. i.e., to use this simple solution to minimize the cost. Currently, TEPCO is one of their key investors and started the service to them. Unified Service Corporation advocates “improving society with IT services.” In 2019, Unisrv merged with 4U Lifecare Ltd., established in 2016, focusing on a skill-sharing platform for health industry professional to strengthen our industry cloud beyond vision. Ms Kumi Ito, CEO of 4U Lifecare, and CMO of Unified Services Co, Ltd is leading this area. The main issue is to solve the shortage of nurses. This is a common global issue, especially in this Covid-19 situation. NadeshikoNurse is their solution, which is a Salesforce-based matching platform to connect nurses and hospitals, clinics and other living care facilities, like Uber, etc. They are also trying to connect this solution with online diagnostic/treatment. Unisrv and its team are always a step ahead of its competitors with their products which not only defines their talents and command over cloud computing horizon but also their willingness and dedication to contribute to the social issues and causes are what makes them a truly unique company and best among the competition in the market. They charge the time ahead with innovation and responsibility in mind towards the impeding social issues in the domains of Energy, Healthcare sector, etc. making them one of the best contributors and solution providers in the domain of Vertical cloud computing. | 11

Kumi Ito | CMO

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. --David Allen

| Cover Story

Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it. --Arthur Schopenhauer

Leaders at Unisrv Innovative companies with differentiated and breakthrough products come more occasionally than usual as it requires intensive research and extensive knowledge. Also, the products which deal with such complex domains such as the Energy sector, etc. requires not only a team of highly skilled experts but also a leader who not only understands the team and the market but is also more than capable of handling such a complex arsenal of products, etc. Unisrv has one of the best leaders on board who is not only a visionary but also an expert in the field with his experience spanning years across different companies. Unisrv has been lucky to have more than one leader who not only takes their products ahead with the changing trends and amidst the competition in the market but also leading the sphere of innovation and cloud computing. The men leading the sphere of Vertical cloud computing is Eiji Uda, CEO and Chairman of Unisrv and Mitsutoshi Hirono, COO of Unisrv. Eiji started his career at IBM. After taking several important roles in IBM, he moved to Softbank and joined Japan. He contributed to cloud market expansion in Japan, and did several roles including board member in HQ and Japan Chairman in, After retiring, he started to revitalize Unisrv in 2015. Akiko Kashiwaba, who is not only talented but also showcases immense leadership qualities and Eiji is set on grooming him to be lead Unisrv’s electric CIS engineering and client projects, etc. Unisrv’s COO, Mitsutoshi Hirono, emphasizes the diversity of employees. Employee’s background is versatile, from small/medium company to big companies like IBM, Hitachi, and also their origins are also diversified from China, Vietnam to Japan. They respect the variety of experience and background and leverage them, making their team unique and pooling in experiences that range across many domains and working atmospheres, etc.

14 | April 2021

Eiji Uda CEO & Chairman

Mitsutoshi Hirono COO

Kumi Ito CMO

Akiko Kashiwaba New Energy Group Solution Leader | 15

Eiji Uda | CEO & Chairman


The employee relations and the factors that make their team unique. The CEO’s take on constant vigilance and the rat-race in the market Eiji learned a lot from Mr Marc Benioff, CEO of He respects each people’s diversified ideas and opinions and takes care of the talented people and candidates for promotion. He believes in giving personal care and attention to the talented people in his company. Eiji feels that we need to think about a new era with Covid-19. A new working style would start, and we have the responsibility to adapt to this new movement with Industry Cloud (& beyond). For example, renewable energy will be the key energy resource globally. Renewable energy has tremendous potential, but at the same time, it is very fragile, and hard to manage. With Unisrv’s solutions, they can provide a stable hybrid management system for renewable energy and conventional energy. Being completely honest, he feels he isn’t a part of the competition nor does he plan to get involved in it any time soon. He feels one who wants to do something for our society to solve social issues, will always be welcomed. The important thing is to do the right thing, earn your trust from the eco-system and never cheat them. | 17

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Accounting Seed Trusted, Reliable and Loyal Accounting Experts


Business is run by many things such as customers, sales, their products/services, etc. but one of the most important aspects of a business is Accounting. Accounting is a complex part of every business as it not only revolves around expenses and revenue but also taxation and other aspects, thus making accounting a very crucial part of the efficient and smooth functioning of a business. Accounting needs to be done precisely without any error as one step wrong can cause great implications on the functioning and the overall growth of a company. Thus, to handle such complex and delicate matters of accounting, a company or business requires specific solutions which are not only provided by experts in the field with thorough and extensive knowledge and are up to date with any change in trends and details when it comes to accounting. Accounting Seed is the first name when it comes to experts providing accounting solutions which are not only experts in the field but also one of the first names to provide these services powered by the Salesforce platform. They offer services that are made with the client’s needs and demands in mind, made to empower them. 18 | April 2021

Accounting Seed was started with a ‘CRM mindset’ which not only makes them unique and innovative in their functioning and how they deliver their services efficiently and that too in a scalable and costeffective way. They truly stand as one of the best Accounting solution providers, leading the innovation curve and taking the competition in the market by a huge gap, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings and unparalleled service and standards. In conversation with the CEO at Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc. Let’s hear more about the company, its service offerings, Tony’s professional experience and the company culture. Tell us about Accounting Seed, and the turbulences along the journey to becoming a successful company. Accounting Seed was founded in 2008 by CEO, Tony Zorc. While working my previous jobs as a CFO and software architect, I would use my lunch breaks for sales calls and develop the Accounting Seed application. I designed a flexible technology with a CRM mindset, one that doesn’t force users to perform business processes the way the software

maker designed but rather provides a toolset that empowers users to determine how to manage and organize their back office. For years, I had pictured an accounting solution that can grow with companies of all sizes and customize to their specific needs. My vision became the foundation and mission of the Accounting Seed platform. For the past 13 years, the company has served over 15,000 users and 1,000 companies in all industries from non-profit to retail to manufacturing and more! With Accounting Seed, we have created a robust accounting solution with the same flexible, fast, and efficient functionality as Salesforce. A few initial challenges that I faced, like most people trying to start a business, were that I had no time, no customers, and no money. At the time I was working a fulltime job at another company. I was using lunch breaks and after hours to build Accounting Seed. But, back at home, I had a wife and four children that I needed to provide for, as well as a house and the expenses that come with it. When I first began working on the Accounting Seed product, I was dealing with a handful of personal and family trials. I had several obstacles to juggle at the time but I

Tony Zorc CEO

was able to pull through every day. Knowing that this platform would help so many companies with their accounting was one thing that kept me going, as well as being able to provide for my family more. Accounting Seed is now: rated one of the Top 10 Accounting Solutions by CFO Tech Outlook, a High Performer by G2, a top-rated accounting app by Software World, Premium Usability app by Finances Online, a Gold Medallist award by Software Reviews, and on the Inc 5000 list. Please tell us about the factors

that accelerated Accounting Seed’s growth and success. Since the start of Accounting Seed in 2008, we’ve experienced steady growth. In the first year, it was all about having a true product to put out on the market. We had to prove to people that we had an innovative solution that worked better than the leading products out there - one that would help thousands of companies make their accounting work for their unique business needs. Recently, our growth has been targeted toward international expansion. We just recently opened

an office in London and are looking to open one in Australia. It’s important to get the right management, the right infrastructure and the correct policies in place so we can train our overseas partners to operate efficiently and effectively. Every six to eight months we look back over what we’ve accomplished and what we haven’t done that well, and we tweak them so that we can work on improving in all areas. I feel the company’s long-standing success is responsible due to the following reasons: | 19

| Interview with The Enterprise World

• We put customer needs first. • We focus on what we do best without trying to be everything for everyone. By honing our focus on creating and maintaining a flexible accounting solution that manages the entire back office, we continue to grow every year. Twice a year we release a new product update that provides our customers with the newest and latest technology, ensuring that they are ahead of the game. We are continually growing because we pass the power to the end-user to eliminate manual processing and duplicate data. Accounting Seed's easy-to-use “click no code” configuration and countless customization options allow our platform to grow customers. There is no software maker telling businesses what to do. Instead, Accounting Seed puts the power in the hands of our customers to say what they want. And, if you can put logic to it, you can make it happen! Accounting Seed empowers uses to make more qualified, strategic business decisions by increasing data visibility for all stakeholders 20 | April 2021

(internal and external). Tell us about the service offerings, any new additions and how do you take them ahead. Accounting Seed is one of the few accounting platforms powered by Salesforce. Our application allows companies of any size to adjust our product to fit their company best. We give companies the ability to create a solution that works with their specific accounting needs and wants. Our accounting dashboard gives you easy access to key accounting needs. You can also customize your view to see the data that matters to you with our dynamic drag-and-drop dashboards. We are different from other accounting solutions because: • We are fully native to Salesforce. We share the same API and open architecture that enables customers to run their accounting their way. • Our solution is powered by automation. You can automate any accounting task from recurring journal entries to revenue recognition. • We believe in the power of the

end-user. Each business is unique. We give you a toolset, not a set of rules, to configure the system the way you desire. • We are connected to over 14,500 banks and credit card companies. We are integrated to Stripe for payment processing and Avalara for sales tax management, along with many other business applications. • Reporting can be customized to fit your specific needs. We provide pre-built financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Profit & Loss vs Budget, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Custom Reports, and Balance Sheets. • We are built for global companies. We provide multi-company, multicurrency, and multi-ledger ready from payment to reporting. We are constantly updating our software so that our customers have the latest updates with technology. We are expanding into the enterprise market by offering features such as our multi-currency, multi-entity, and multinationals. Recently, we have increased our batch processing capabilities, which allows companies to schedule jobs to be performed in

the batch size they need. With batch processing, we will be adding new consolations features for enterprise-level companies, including reporting. Additionally, we opened an office in London to better serve our EMEA customers and to further expand our accounting solution to companies overseas. Accounting Seed plans to continue on the growth path we are on right now. Every year, we strive to close deals in almost any industry such as because we believe we have the solution that can truly change the trajectory of the business landscape. As a top-rated solution by G2, Finances Online, the Salesforce AppExchange, and Software Reviews, we are confident in the technology we possess and will continue to come out with new releases of our software so that our customers have the best and most updated version possible. We are going to continue to attend a variety of events in the Salesforce ecosystem like Dreamforce, and events within the accounting industry itself such as Accountex and AICPA’s ENGAGE. These events give us the chance to start new partnerships, meet new prospects, and connect with current users of the system - all of which contribute to the trust we are building within this industry daily. Please tell us about your professional experience and your take on the competition in the market. Throughout my career, I’ve held many different roles from business development to software engineer to a CFO and CEO. Not only am I an entrepreneur, but I see myself as a leader and a manager as well. A

manager is someone who tells one what to do based on the company’s vision and mission and will execute the company’s projects/tasks at hand. A manager is something that I have noticed is not my strong suit. A leader is someone who is all about the vision and where things are going with the company. A leader is always exploring and expanding how they want their product or service to be used as well as how it can change the world. A leader is something I see myself as good at and it is exactly how I build the Accounting Seed brand and make sure it continues to grow. To me, an entrepreneur is someone willing to take a risk with something, as I did with starting Accounting Seed. Every day I have to take risks to better the company that can either go well or backfire completely. Either way, I am learning and growing every day and it is something that I have become a lot better at doing. My passion for accounting and getting people a better accounting system that is easy to use is my main mission and I love it! So, to me, I don’t feel that there is much competition, and it doesn’t feel like “work” because I see how much it matters. I started this company and created this platform because I love doing this every day. I enjoy making e our product the best it can be to ensure our customers are getting the best technology something that other applications cannot provide. Getting into the details of accounting and our software is something I love and love to see the small improvements of it each day. It is extremely rewarding as a CEO to see how far the company and our solution have come since 2008. Knowing that I have a solid team to work with and

grow with, makes every day at Accounting Seed worth it! For me, competition is a motivating factor. I was a gymnast from 8th grade through my freshman year of college and never liked losing. I competed at a national level and would always look at my competitors to see how I could oneup them in the next round to win. I think that friendly competition can always bring out the best in employees. It shows them that when they put their mind to something, no matter what it is, they can achieve it. Sometimes having someone to beat gives people that extra boost to want to out-perform another person and that is something that can make or break a career. Tell us about the work culture at Accounting Seed and what makes your team unique. Accounting Seed’s work culture is all about embracing your passion for your role. When you show that you are passionate about your work, you don’t need to be micromanaged because there is a wall of trust that is built with someone who shows they are passionate about the company and completing their work. I keep my employees motivated and driven about Accounting Seed and their day-to-day tasks by incorporating a little fun into their weeks. We like to schedule company happy hours, lunch bunches, team-building exercises, etc. This is a way to stay connected through the pandemic and have something to look forward to as a fun break from work during the day. I find it important to incorporate a good culture of fun as well as good teamwork. | 21

| Live Life Healthier



our body’s immune system protects you from various diseases. If the immune system is weakened, you are more likely to get sick. Therefore, our body needs to have a strong immune system. Let’s know, what immunity meaning is? how to boost immunity, how to boost immunity naturally, and what is a boost immunity diet?

At times, our immune system is weakened by bad eating and drinking habits. Bad habits, such as excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption, can affect the immune system. The number of corona patients is growing. The shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals has raised double concern in front of people. The second wave of Corona has again locked up people in their homes. In such a situation, we need to avoid gatherings, stay in our homes, and do not leave home without important work. At the same time, we also have to boost immunity, because people with weak immunity are more at risk from this virus. You can also boost your immune system with some

22 | April 2021

home remedies. In the next 13 points, let’s discover vitamins to boost immunity, how to boost the immune system naturally, what is immunity booster food and immunity boost vegetables, what are the vitamins that play a vital role in the immune system (boost immunity vitamins), how exercise to boost immunity and yoga helps and so on. 1. Proteins- Proteins are the most important component for the body. About 50% of our body is made up of them. Proteins are also needed for the production of white blood cells and antibodies. So they play a vital role in boosting immunity. 2. Vitamin D gives us the strength to fight many diseases. At the same time, your bones become stronger. You can also get rid of many heartrelated issues. 3. Vitamin C is very important to stay away from infectious diseases. Lemons and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. 4. Vitamin A stimulates the cells of the immune system and neutralizes

AYS TO BOOST UNITY germs with antibodies. Eggs are a good source of vitamin A. 5. Folic acid- It is a ‘B’ vitamin. It is needed to make macrophages in the white blood cells of the immune system. These macrophages destroy the invading organisms. This vitamin is present in all green leafy vegetables, grams, and eggs. 6. Vitamin B-6- White blood cells need vitamin B-6. It helps in the production of antibodies. It also helps to make white blood cells more. Beans, bananas, whole grains are rich in it. 7. Vitamin E - This vitamin destroys the hormone that destroys your immune system with age. It is highly present in wheat. 8. Iron - Iron helps in making red and white blood cells. Lack of it can lead to the spread of viruses and germs. This vitamin is obtained by having green leafy vegetables. 9. Zinc - This salt is resistant to scurvy and antigens. Zinc can be obtained from Water Melon, Papaya, and many other bowls of cereal.

10. Both green tea and black tea are very beneficial for boosting the immune system. But drink green or black tea once or twice a day. If you consume too much of it, it is harmful to the body. 11. Eating raw garlic boosts the immune system. Garlic is also rich in zinc, sulfur, selenium, and vitamins A and E. 12. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk should be included in the diet regularly. This will give your body nutrients and help boost immunity. It is highly recommended by doctors as an immunity booster food. 13. Yoga has been proved as a perfect shield for many diseases as it boosts immunity a lot and makes people happy from the inside out. One should always prefer yoga to boost immunity daily. By knowing vitamins to boost immunity, immunity booster fruits, immunity booster vegetables, and how can boost immunity power, one can battle many crucial diseases. | 23

| Business Story


Masters of Image Implementation


he world of business is vast and has so many opportunities and intricate details that have more than sufficient solutions for a single problem. As the world is evolving, the uses and applications of many tools have been increased for a better reach and overall effectiveness of the products and services. One such tool is images, no matter how small or big, images play a pivotal role in some of the most important fields of a business. The process of image integration is trivial and its smooth transition into the business process requires expert solutions and more than that experts in the field who have the right experience, a skilled team of expert personnel, and services that take care of every requirement related to image management. The use of images taken by internal users or partners/customers, etc. can be made a part of one’s business process and be easily integrated into any document, email, etc. taking the efficiency and presentation of the documents. etc. enhanced and effective. These image integrations not only affect the overall working and presentation of the business, their plans, etc. but also add to the user engagement, making sure that the customers/partners receive the bestin-class experience and image integration solutions that can only 24 | April 2021

be provided by seasoned and expert professionals.

The company, obstructions for its take-off and the success

SharinPix is a unique company, dedicated to working in this domain and with one specialty – Images. They are not only dedicated to providing any image requirements that are required in Salesforce but also are one of the leading companies in the domain with more than 400+ loyal customer base, ever-flowing high customer satisfaction ratings but mostly it’s their service standards, deliverables, and the accuracy that truly sets them a notch apart from the competition in the market and makes them one of the most sought-after company when it comes to integrating image features (taking pictures, making annotations, merging images with documents, emails and more) for any requirement in Salesforce. SharinPix has a global presence and they provide these unmatched and unparalleled services via their app, making sure that everyone has reach and access to their services and makes the best use of them without having to worry about the tedious processes involved when working with images so it’s seamlessly part of the business process without any extra effort at the right format, resolution, quality, etc.

SharinPix is a 5 years old French company delivering worldwide an App on the AppExchange to make possible any implementation of image requirements in Salesforce. They are constantly and relentlessly working on providing all the required images for any need, and quality, you name and they will deliver it without any problem, making sure they live up to their name and reputation in the market, which follows a long list of highly satisfied and loyal customer base. Every company faces a lot of initial challenges and for a company like SharinPix, the challenges were the same yet trivial as their niche is quite different from the other companies and industries. Some of the challenges faced by them were, firstly to educate people that Images can be used in Salesforce implementation. Everybody loves to use images but hates to lose time doing so. Because of the lack of support for years in Salesforce capabilities to implement great image support, people had abandoned the idea of using Images in Salesforce in an efficient way. This is exactly what SharinPix solves. SharinPix is now a team of 10

Jean-Michel Mougeolle CEO | SharinPix

| Business Story

people, with their main efforts focused on making the app enrich more and more Salesforce capabilities. They also have achieved growth and gained expertise in business areas such as Field Operations, Customer Success, and Digital Asset management. The lightning new interface in Salesforce offers more ways to integrate and get a rich experience to desktop and mobile users. With a long list of components, they cover all the possible personalization using images from mobile, in flows, in developments, even to external users on Salesforce Community or customer web site. Whatever one needs to implement with Images in Salesforce, there is a SharinPix component for that. Their high-resolution services, new additions, and the screenshots of their future roadmap SharinPix is Image Experts, Salesforce Experts, and AI Experts. They have a deep understanding of Salesforce implementation projects with over 400+ active customers for many different use cases in many different industries, where they need automation, powerful features, and an intuitive user experience for the end-user. Their knowledge of all those different needs and their understanding of where is Salesforce heading in the future makes their team ready to help those companies always get the best of their implementation with images. They have now added a new 26 | April 2021

Enterprise Plan which gets a lot of Smart components to implement Field Operations smartly, merging images in a PDF, driving inspection on a Google Map, or a Plan PDF. Sharing information externally and asking for more pictures to external users or even filling a PDF to get the information updated in Salesforce are some of the addons on their app through those components. Including all those image capabilities and optimization and permits to construct a very efficient experience for both the Field team and the back-office team working together. Their services are always evolving and constantly increasing its reach and applications and it is because the team of SharinPix relies heavily on the feedback from their customers, how they can implement tools better, right down to their app interface, the company is truly driven by customers, making sure the company always remain up to date with the latest industry trends and practices, way ahead of the competition in the market. Leadership A company like SharinPix not only requires a team of experts with a skillset that expands to vast details and intricate realms but also a leader who is not only a visionary but also manages the implementation of the services SharinPix offers, keeping the team in perfect shape and the App always ready to offer something new to their customers. SharinPix is being headed by an effervescent and able leader, Jean-Michel Mougeolle, CEO at SharinPix.

He started as a Software development Engineer and made his path to become a VP of R&D in different start-ups. He then moved to larger companies as CIO and a Salesforce customer for years. This is when he constructed the first version of the SharinPix app as part of an internal project and started the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur with SharinPix. Work Culture at SharinPix The team believes in giving back as a key, internally and externally. They believe that making business in that way, not only for more money but for a better world for everybody, change the mindset people have at work. Sharing the success with all the team and showing them consideration for each brick they have added to make that success possible is also very important. CEO’s take on the competition in the market It is a great source of inspiration. For what is working, what is smart, what is not successful too. When competition makes great success sometimes, they are also winning in an area where you don’t want to go. Competition in this market is focused on giving access to technology. SharinPix delivers solutions dedicated to Salesforce because they know the gap between Salesforce native capabilities and business needs around the image, and they aim to fix that. It helps one to redefine themself, their focus, objectives and stay humble about what they have done so far.


| Interview with The Enterprise World

STRATIFORM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Leading the Way in Business Innovation


hen various departments work together within an organization, it is easy to provide a holistic understanding of the customer. Salesforce CRM has plenty of features and benefits if implemented wisely. This helps businesses to be relevant in the market race by reaching out to customers with very well knowledge of their requirements. The salesforce provides Flexibility, it is Easy to Manage, comes with Integration features that allow the customer to integrate it with other similar platforms that increase its credibility and application features and it provides Standard API links. Salesforce ecosystem is huge and it delivers endless benefits to its customers. 28 | April 2021


In these global epidemic times, while businesses are struggling to run their processes remotely, the adoption of Salesforce can smoothify their workflow and become a key to unstoppable business growth. In the same context, giving an end to the continuous quest of businesses for a trustworthy and reliable salesforce partner, Stratiform is offering a plethora of comprehensive salesforce solutions. In a conversation with Mr. Mark Wheeler, Founder, and Director at Stratiform, he shared Stratiform’s journey from nowhere to becoming one of The Most Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers across the globe and what they offer to their customers. • Tell us about the company. Stratiform, established in 2017, is founded on trust and best practices. Our founder, Mark Wheeler, has Salesforce experience that dates back to 2008 but working with CRMs since the ‘90s. “Our number one goal is to improve our clients’ business”, Mark suggests. “While implementing any system, we need to understand the current processes of our client. A byproduct usually includes process improvement or sometimes identification. Having a clear, easy process allows for enhancement of the user experience to allow better engagement, a clear view of the sales pipeline, also able to see the touchpoints of the customer.” • Tell us about your team. What makes Stratiform unique? The team at Stratiform thrives on the outcome of the | 29

| Interview with The Enterprise World

implementation of the “Go Live”. From the user’s experience with using the CRM day to day to the CEO viewing their dashboard, nothing beats the “eyes lighting up” moment when you make someone’s job easier. What makes Stratiform unique is the business background. Stratiform has a practical in-depth comprehension of pragmatic business practice. ♦ An understanding of sales - a clear view of the pipeline gives the CEO the information needed to make business decisions for the future of the company. ♦ Operations - the day-to-day running of a business has demands and challenges that affect both instant cash flow and future revenue. ♦ Marketing o Do we send too many emails? Surveys? o What’s drip marketing, and when do we drip? o Understanding the ownership side of the business o Are my customers being looked after? o A clear view of revenue streams, pipeline, customer growth • What are the solutions Stratiform focuses on?

It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success. - Ellen DeGeneres make sure we are building a system that will enhance your processes, allow for easy reporting, increased visibility of your staff's interactions with the customer, all while not adding to the staff’s workload. Off-Site Salesforce Administrator A very popular service we provide is the “Off-Site Admin”. A Salesforce administrator added to your staff is an $80k addition to your business. We off the Off-Site Admin service starting at a 1/4 of that cost based on your unique needs. Integration/Development Adding to the functionality of your CRM by integrating other systems can add value and enhance your system. Just a few popular integrations are Xero, GeoPoint, Conga, PandaDocs, SMS Magic, NewVoice Media. Many of these are offered on the Salesforce app exchange, or we can develop custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

Stratiform offers: Salesforce Implementation The most important partnership you will have is your implementation partner. We understand that most Salesforce implementations fail, and the customer is left with a useless CRM and upset users. So we work closely with our client to 30 | April 2021

Salesforce Training Although Salesforce has thousands of In-App learning tools, we find face to face in your existing CRM, and data will increase your user engagement. Consulting Just having someone to discuss

future Sales, Marketing, Logistical and Operational goals with will keep your systems in front of mind when making big decisions about the business. Custom Solutions Whether a custom App, Website, Client Portal or other solution needed, we can build a solution Know the leader Mark Wheeler, founder, and director at Stratiform has been a business owner/operator on and off since the age of 21. Mark and his father started Happy Camper RV Center in 1988. He was running a successful Motorhome rental company that morphed over ten years to be a full-fledged RV Dealership, including rentals, service, and storage, and becoming the exclusive West Coast dealer of Toyota Bandit Motorhomes. Keeping in the recreation industry, Mark took managing roles for 2 of Southern California’s largest Boat Dealers until purchasing a Jet Ski rental business in the early 2000s. The GFC wiped out the entire recreation industry, so rolling with the climate change, Mr. Wheeler changed roles and industries, taking on a technical position and focusing his knowledge of business to align systems and businesses.

| Key To Success

You don't need to wk hard to earn

so skills! 32 | April 2021


ofts skills are as important as the internet on your phone. Without soft skills, one might hold his or her growth back. In this article read out about soft skills meaning, soft skills examples, are soft skills important, soft skills development, soft skills benefits, etc. With no age bar, one can develop soft skills with dedication and passion to get success in life. So the skills mentioned here are soft skills for managers, soft skills list for students, soft skills for teachers, soft skills for engineers, etc. Many of us have the degree or any other education we need. Many of us have earned that degree with good marks. Just having a degree or good education we might do not succeed as we should. From this, you may have noticed that if you want to go ahead in your career, you need some more things besides education. These things are your soft skills. Which we can also call other skills. Only with these skills can you make a big difference in your field. And that’s the soft skills definition or soft skills meaning.

able to handle the person in front of you. Body language Your body language is the first thing that affects any person, group. Therefore, the mind should always be alert about our body language. If your body language is effective, then of course you can influence the person in front of you. So be it your boss or a group or a customer. Punctuality Everyone can speak. But punctuality is important. Where you speak, what you speak, what you are talking about is very important. People will make fun of you if you just sit in the wrong place. But at the right time, if you put your words into words effectively, people will take you by surprise. That’s why timing is important to you. Any work must be done on time. Only then can you increase the graph of success. Not otherwise. So you have to be punctual. A good dressing sense

List of soft skills Communication skills You need to master your communication skills. Whether you are next to your boss or in a group, talking to someone online or with one person, you need that much ability. So that you can get the attention of the person in front of you. If someone asks you a question after you speak, you should be able to answer it very politely. Often the answer to the question is likely not to come to you. At such times you should be

No matter how well educated you are. But in today’s world, if you don’t know how to dress, you have limitations. So be very careful about your clothes. Clothing is worn without regard to work, place, time negatively affects the person in front of you Earn and maintain these soft skills to keep your growth accelerated. | 33

| Business Story

The Technology For Next


alesforce management is an integral part of the businesses. Over the years, it has changed the way people run businesses. Now what exactly is salesforce management? To put it in simple words, salesforce management is a system of sales management that which helps the businesses to translate the marketing plan into marketing performance. Moreover, how would the sales be if not for CRM? Founded in 2003, OpenGate Consulting brings impactful enterprise technology solutions to its clients. In 2008, OpenGate completed its first Salesforce project for a client wanting to build a custom solution to help it scale. OpenGate provided an alternative approach, build on a platform (Salesforce), that will be the foundation for growth.Over the next few years, OpenGate continued to work with many different technology solutions including SharePoint, SAP, Epicor , but Salesforce stood out as the solution where business and technology truly created the most value. In 2013, OpenGate made the strategic decision to focus the firm 100% on the Salesforce platform and ecosystem.

34 | April 2021

The Journey Conquering the Challenges: Initially, the biggest challenge the company faced was something that sounds easy but is hard to achieve; focus! With a team who have broad and deep backgrounds, OpenGate could help with many different challenges for their clients. However, they could no be all things to all people, so deciding where to focus became critical to growing. The market was clearly shifting to natively cloud based solutions and OpenGate’s recent successes with Salesforce made it the obvious focus. Initially OpenGate chose to focus on Salesforce’s value proposition, which was to keep the solutions “code-lite”, e.g. configure as much as possible. In the Salesforce world, it is referred to as “Clicksnot-code”. The driver for this was to create solutions that would scale with their clients as they grew and not create “code debt”. The approach is core to how Salesforce drives value and impact in an organization. Over the last twelve years, OpenGate has worked on hundreds of Salesforce projects. As the experience has grown, OpenGate

identified another opportunity to refine its focus, industry. Salesforce began to create more refined vertical solutions and OpenGate followed suit. While the team had worked in almost every industry, OpenGate aligned it’s expertise with Salesforce verticals and has developed a deep set of business and technology skills in the following inustries • Health & Life Sciences • Financial Services • Manufacturing/Field Service • Non-Profit Organizations For OpenGate, the size of the client is less relevant than how speed of scale. The company works with small, rapidly scaling organizations to large multi-billion dollar companies – the common theme is the client’s focus on growth & scale. The Long-Standing Success The growth of OpenGate was driven by 3 key factors: • Salesforce’s popularity was an immediate catalyst for helping OpenGate build out the practice. In the last 10 years, Salesforce has become a known and trusted organization and OpenGatewas able to marry its mission with their solution to drive client value.

• The shift from IT buyer to business buyer – Salesforce shifted much of the enterprise software purchasing decisions from IT to the business. While it has swung back to a more balanced model, 10 years ago, OpenGate’s ability to sit with business people and talk technology pulled them into more conversations that have led to long term client relationships. • OpenGate has always been focused on business first. Even though they work in a technology industry, the focus is on how the technology will help an organization reach its goals. You can do almost anything with Salesforce, but the real question is “should” you and the answer should have its foundation in the business drivers and value. OpenGate’s ability to understand business needs combined with the delivery speed of low-code platforms like Salesforce have allowed them to deliver impactful solutions to their clients like never before. The Products and Services OpenGate’s services are entirely centred around getting the most out of Salesforce. “We look at SF like any other asset a company has that should drive efficiency and growth.” OpenGate’s Salesforce services include• Strategy • Global Design • Implementation • Managed Service • Custom Development • Health Check • Center of Excellence OpenGate believes the upfront

The common thread is our clients are constantly improving and adjusting their business and looking to leverage the Salesforce platform as a key element to that growth.

design and business alignment is key to clients realizing the most value from their Salesforce investment. During the design process OpenGate works with the client to identify the key areas of challenge and opportunity to then bring to the table options for implementation. The company believes it is important to share the options and approaches that you can take with Salesforce. This builds the client’s confidence in the recommendations being presented and builds a deeper relationship with the client, making them more self-sufficient in the long run. The Road Ahead “We NEED to understand the client’s expectation of a Salesforce investment, be it better performance, efficiencies, new products or services, improved engagement.” Three key elements of Salesforce are changing how we will engage with our client’s different going forward:

• Salesforce is a “Platform” at its foundation. And as a platform, there is a tremendous amount of functionality that can be delivered with minimal code and mostly configuration. This means Salesforce is far more than a CRM solution, it is the window into all of your constituents, Customers,

Partners, Employees. It can automate, integrate and drive your business. And because of the lowcode focus, changes are happen in a very rapid fashion • Clients are looking at Salesforce as an asset and assigning internal resources to manage it much more proactively. This is taking the form of internal & formal “product management”. Clients are focusing resources on governance & processes to ensure they are realizing the maximum value and impact possible from Salesforce. • SAAS – this continues to be THE delivery format for organizations to scale. It puts more control in the hands of the business users and increases the expectations of how fast things can be done. Businesses change rapidly and there is an expectation for the software to adjust as quickly. The impact of these three elements for OpenGate’s services is significant. While OpenGate will continue to see Implementation Projects drive initial engagement projects with clients growth will come from two key areas:

• Managed Services: This term carries many definitions, but for OpenGate’s clients it is about delivering new, frequent and impactful capabilities to the | 35

| Business Story

business. The company works with the clients to understand what is happening in the business and translate that into new Salesforce capabilities. Fundamentally, they are delivering a Continuous Improvement approach to your Salesforce investment. • Product Management: While many clients conceptually understand what it means to “manage” software, most do not have the experience to implement a proactive Product Management structure. This includes solution oversight, user engagement/adoption, executive visioning etc. OpenGate helps clients implement and manage an effect Product Management strategy and ensure it is incorporated into daily operations. This will bring deep expertise in Governance, Product Design & Architecture, and Technical skills to leveraging this asset called “Salesforce” “We work side by side with our clients to establish a product cadence that is outcome driven for our client’s businesses.” As businesses accelerate their adoption of technology as the mechanism for growth and scale, OpenGate will continue to bring its deep business & technology experience to ensure the value of the Salesforce investment is realized. Alec Elmore- Leading the Way As a career consultant, Alec Elmore is the President and Founder of OpenGate Consulting. Alec started his career at the age of twelve at an oyster farm and mowing lawns. In his college days, 36 | April 2021

he took worked at Arthur Andersen – with their emerging technology consulting practice. Studying at a liberal arts college made him realize that even though he was working in technology, the type of consulting he was doing was all about ‘People’. Working across various industry sectors and designing & implementing ERP solutions, he concluded that no matter the industry, it comes down to ‘People’, “I have worked across many industries and while they all have their uniqueness, the people dynamics are very consistent”. In 2000, at the peak of the Internet bubble, Alec left Arthur Andersen and joined a small dotcom company. Later, he joined a Supply Chain software company – Prescient where he led Professional Services and eventually moved into Product Management/Strategy. While he thoroughly enjoyed his professional life, a constant travel schedule took him away from his and the desire to be around them more often motivated him to start his own business. As such, OpenGate Consulting was born. Building OpenGate and staying true to their core values has been the greatest achievement of Alec’s professional career. Why? The impact: OpenGate’s clients have shared over the years, that OpenGate’s approach to working with them not only gets the tactical project done, but has long term impact on the organization. It really comes down to thinking of the client’s Future in everything we do. The Longevity: The Company has grown out of the ashes of the dotcom bust, and grew thru the recession of ‘08/09 and is now

weathering the storm of COVID19 with the anticipation of further growth. Their loyalty: Our client’s stay with us, they come back to us with new ideas and look for opportunities to work with our team. We have relationships with our clients that go as far back as 10+ years where we continue to engage long after the initial project. As an entrepreneur, you set the tone with the team and the customers. And you must be proactive in setting that tone, otherwise it will set itself.. Tone is best managed by remembering, “Everything communicates”. Every little thing you do or do not do communicates. This includes the email, the meeting notes, the presentation, the body language etc. Our clients engage with us because we have built Trust and we work hard every day to build that Trust. The Team Demand for talent in our space is fierce, so taking care of the team is critical. We work to stay connected with the team and listen to what they are looking for in their professional career and align them with the opportunities with OpenGate’s career path. Empowering our team to make decisions, interact with clients and be a key contributor to our growth and impact is critical. Flexibility – the world of consulting is not a 9-5 job, and requires some odd and long hours depending on the project. We recognize that and provide the team the flexibility to manage their schedules and get their work done.

I think what makes our team unique is that we are not trying to make everyone the same, we come from a diverse set of experiences and our job is get the team operating from their strengths and learning every day.

Alec Elmore President & Founder | 37

| Business Essentials

Schrodinger’s Cat and Marketing Strategy


n the year 1935, an Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger proposed a thought experiment that would discuss the paradox of the Copenhagen interpretation of the quantum mechanics. Schrodinger designed this thought experiment to see what the Copenhagen interpretations of the quantum mechanics would look like id that microscopic world was replaced with macroscopic world, something that people will be able to visualize. In the experiment, the observer does not know, that whether or not the atom of the substance has decayed, and consequently whether or not the vial is broken releasing the poison, that will kill the cat. The theoretical experiment of the Schrodinger is that he places a cat in a steel box which contains a radioactive trigger and a vial of poison. The experiment was designed as, when the radioactive substance will decay; it will trigger and break open the vial of poison, which will kill the cat inside. On the contrary, if this radioactive 38 | April 2021

substance will not decay, the cat shall remain alive.

open the box at the right time. Open the Box

The paradox here is unknown. Since the chances of the cat dying are 50-50, we would not know if the cat is alive or dead until we open the box. So, since we don't know if the cat is alive or dead until we open the box, the cat inside is said to be both, dead and alive. According to the quantum mechanics, this state is that of superstition. Now what does Schrodinger’s Cat has to do anything with Marketing Strategy? Let us consider the marketing strategy here as the cat. When the planning is done and the budget is decided, someone has to open the box that is someone has to see if the strategy succeeds or fails. You can poke the strategy; you can analyze it so much to consider it as dead, but these assumptions will land you nowhere. You have to apply it to know if it works. And this is exactly what most of the small businesses; the decision to

If you hesitate to open the box, there won't be much harm. Only that your business will thrive on just a theoretical bliss. It is as simple as that. Your marketing strategy will not be a success or even a failure if you don't open the box. This is a paradox some of the small businesses find daunting. A start-up lives in multiple states of uncertainty. You can’t solve your problems with a step-by-step approach. You cannot go like, first we will do the product, then the test, then we will study the market, and if it is all OK, we will set to monetize the product. A start-up simply cannot strive on such conditions. You have to do everything at once; added value/product/market research/monetization/customers segmentation. In quantum physics, this is called as the intricacy.

The point being, even if you think that it is a strategy not worthy of applying, you never know, it may actually work. So you can't base your business on your assumptions, you need to get out and take risks. You need to identify some specific strategies that will best promote the brand. Simultaneously you also have to measure the success of it to make changes in that strategy. But even then, at the end of the day, you won't know if it is successful unless you apply it and get the results. And once you get the results you can tailor it accordingly. Fear is what holds us back most of the times. And in it, we are bound to do a few stupid things, like in this case, make assumptions without any proof. Stop and think for a while, won’t this kill your business? So just try new things, it won’t hurt. After all, you have to get the cat out of the box. And unless you do that you will not know if the cat is dead or alive! You have got to open the box!

preserving data ecosystems

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The Best Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers to watch in 2021, features the stories of enterprises that are setting new benchmarks by...

The Best Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers to watch in 2021  

The Best Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers to watch in 2021, features the stories of enterprises that are setting new benchmarks by...


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