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Dot Com Infoway Empowering business to become future-ready

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It’s a comprehensive orthopaedic super specialty hospital with all sub specialties of orthopaedic available under one roof Trauma, Spine & Back, Joint Replacement, Hand and Limb, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Rheumatology & Arthritis Clinic, Shoulder Arthroplasty, Paediatric Orthopedics, Orthopaedic Oncology


The Corona crisis is causing sweeping changes around the world, including in India. 'Digital transformation’ has become the need of the hour. We have to accept the fact that, the growth of the economy which directly reflects the growth of the nation can be achieved only with the combination of traditional and online business processes. By transforming businesses digitally, it is possible for anyone to do business anytime, anywhere; and this should be considered as the ‘New Normal’. Digital Transformation is to integrate the things which are being used in our daily life. This means that anything should be developed so well technically that it is clearly understood and easily available to all people. In this scenario, some companies are providing up to the mark digital transformation services to accelerate this digital revolution. In this issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020, we are featuring such businesses that are changing the market scenario with their comprehensive and innovative technology offerings. The feature for the Cover Story is Dot Com Infoway. Dot Com Infoway is a bunch of driven by passion people on a mission to make businesses future-ready with their cutting edge IT solutions offerings. Under the experienced leadership of Mr. Venkatesh C R, Founder, MD, and CEO at Dot Com Infoway, the team of domain experts is making smart efforts to innovate smart IT solutions and empower businesses. Read about AlpineSoft which is an IT Product and Services Company. It is an authorized GSuite Reseller, and also provides services like Web Development, Internet Marketing, Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, and Domain & Hosting. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Arvind Kanaujia and Ms. Raina Kanaujia, AlpineSoft’s team is making hard and smart efforts to empower businesses with the utmost innovative IT solutions. Many times we get an idea and just forget it without turning it into action. To avoid this, one needs to organize his or her ideas well so they can earn a profit out of it fully. In our editorial feature, read about how to organize your ideas properly! Readout an interview with Mr. Sunil Gupta, CEO, and Director of the Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd and discover their journey since inception and more about their quality offerings. In our special editorial feature the Upshot metros, this time we are featuring Rio de Janeiro which is the second-largest city in Brazil, also known as Rio. Even though Rio is no longer the capital of Brazil, it still has a lot of importance from the business and historical point of view. There is lot more inside. Happy Reading!

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Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020, Featuring for the cover story is Dot Com Infoway. It is an IT company that has been in operation for 20 years now. From the get-go, they have always been an organization that offers enterprise, offshore solutions. It didn’t take long for them to diversify their services, as is fitting in a field that is as dynamic as the one they are operating in. Under the experienced leadership of Mr. Venkatesh C R, Founder, MD, and CEO at Dot Com Infoway, the team of domain experts is making smart efforts to innovate smart IT solutions and empower businesses. AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy name ahead in the field of information technology that is adding speed to the digital revolution with its comprehensive and cutting edge offerings. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Arvind Kanaujia and Ms. Raina Kanaujia, Directors at the company, AlpineSoft is empowering businesses with the utmost innovative IT solutions. JDSOFT believes in creating intelligent enterprises where

technology gives the power to human to deliver value while the muscle work is taken care of it by it. In a candid talk with Mr. Joel Pandian, Director – Data Analytics and Value Management at JDSOFT, discover more about their journey since the inception and their range of offerings. NSquare is specialized in end-toend Dynamics CRM implementation and customization across industries. NSquare helps businesses to achieve a smooth transition and customized implementation for Dynamics CRM, right from scratch as well as transiting from existing systems to Dynamics platform. Mr. Nilesh Kankariya, CEO at NSquare and his highly efficient team of experts is making hard and smart efforts to empower businesses across every sector with their comprehensive offerings. Opstree Solutions is a boutique, highly specialized DevSecOps engineering company. Incepted back in 2014, Opstree Solutions has become one of the most trusted names in the field of technology. In a talk with Mr. Shankar Jha, Co-Founder and CEO at Opstree solutions get known to their journey since the inception and their comprehensive offerings.

TOAE Security is one of the worldwide leaders in security, technology services, and digital security enablement. Mr. Shubham Mishra Founder and CEO at the company and his team are making smart efforts to secure businesses with comprehensive digital solutions. Led by Prashant Phatak, Valency Networks is a company that provides services in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks. Along with security testing, Valency Networks also provides compliance services such as audits and implementations of ISO27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST and other industry specific certifications. Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading name in the SAP solutions landscape. Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd is empowering businesses with their cutting edge and comprehensive technology offerings. In an interview with Mr. Sunil Gupta, CEO, and Director of the company read about company’s journey since inception and more about their quality offerings.


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JDSOFT The one-stop solution for all your software needs

Opstree Solutions End to End DevOps Delivered!

Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd Value delivered thro innovation



COVID-19 Impact on Operationalization of Analytics FROM THE EDITOR

Upshot Metros


Rio de Janeiro - The Marvellous City!


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Dot Com Infoway Empowering business to become future-ready

AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Taking technology forward with experience

NSquare Transforming Businesses with Dynamic Solutions

TOAE Security Providing Smart Cyber Security for Smart Businesses!

Valency Networks A One Stop Shop for Cyber Security Services


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Cover Story

Dot Com Infoway Empowering Business To Become Future-ready

Venkatesh C.R. Managing Director & CEO

08 August 2020

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Cover Story


T has a significant impact on business functions. Technology infrastructure affects business culture, efficiency, and relationships. Today’s business is more dependent on technology than before. From a better telecom to an important option like online payment, we have to adopt Information Technology. If a business dreams to expand, then through online marketing it can reach out to customers around the globe within a short time. Mobile app development is becoming more popular in the world. Nowadays many start-up companies and many huge industries are also implementing their mobile applications to improve their business and attract more people for more customer participation. The whole world today is familiar with the truth that the future is going to be completely digital. If a business doesn’t adopt digital processes then it is holding its growth back. Dot Com Infoway is a bunch of driven by passion people on a mission to make businesses futureready with their cutting edge IT solutions offerings. Under the experienced leadership of Mr. Venkatesh C R, Founder, MD, and CEO at Dot Com Infoway, the team of domain experts is making smart efforts to innovate smart IT solutions and empower businesses. The company Dot Com Infoway is an IT company that has been in operation for 20 years now. From the get-go, 10 August 2020



they have always been an organization that offers enterprise, offshore solutions. It didn’t take long for them to diversify their services, as is fitting in a field that is as dynamic as the one they are operating in. While Dot Com Infoway is known and recognized primarily for their mobile, web, and software solutions, they also offer services that do well to complement them. These include digital marketing, app, and business consultation, and even educational solutions, among others. They attribute their success to manifold versatility. Also, in the period since their founding, they were always towards their mission and vision of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and becoming a top IT company in India. And happily today they are already seeing the fruits of their labor. The early days Dot Com Infoway is one of the more fortunate IT companies that were able to ride the waning years of the dot-com boom as smoothly as possible. Like every business, they may have been substantially undermanned in their beginning years, and there are the usual challenges of winning the trust of customers and managing their finances. The competition arguably

wasn’t as fierce then, too - at least, compared to now, but it was still a constant problem. And then the growth started It’s hard to pinpoint an exact point in time responsible for the growth of the company. At best, the closest would probably be the time in their history when they started receiving a growing stream of new and returning clients. It can also be the period when they started achieving one of their primary goals of becoming a reliable offshore company. These were the catalysts for the company’s expansion abroad, without which they would not have enjoyed such robust growth. Fortuitously, despite all the challenges that they met, they've always found a way to overcome and turn them into opportunities for continued growth. In a field like IT, any gamechanging opportunity might be just around the corner. Some might get lost in the torrent of changes regularly occurring and other opportunities that spring up. So you have to be quick and savvy in recognizing and grasping the ones that you know will propel the company going forward. But, ultimately, it’s also a collective effort of outdoing ourselves to always achieve clients’ goals.



Mobile App Development

IOT Development

Their Offerings First and foremost, Dot Com Infoway is an app development and digital marketing company. Since these two are vast fields in and of themselves, they also offer services that are, more or less, directly related to them. For one, they also offer web and software solutions in which services like UI/UX design, business consultation, web

Dedicated Developers

Enterprise App Development

Mobile App Marketing

UI/UX Design

Digital Marketing Services

development, digital marketing, and educational solutions are included.

and you don’t have to look further than our mobile app development and marketing services to see this.

DCI’s mobile solutions, on the other hand, also encompass essential services like app consultation and server management. As a whole, DCI’s entire collection of services is already innately unique. They complement one another, after all,

Dot Com Infoway’s clients often avail of more than one type of service when partnering with them as a result, which is obviously conducive for both parties. Dot Com Infoway follows a wellarchitectured software development www.theenterpriseworld.com 11

Cover Story

12 August 2020

methodology. Tailored to meet international standards and client expectations, their Methodology ensures proper risk management, seamless work flow and deadlineoriented development. It has builtin processes to monitor stringent adherence to quality, consistency in performance and accomplishment of project milestones. Dot Com Infoway’s software development process spans effective lifecycle models like the Waterfall Model and the Agile Model. Their uniquely designed methodology helps them to orchestrate the development processes in a highly productive, performance-enhancing way. Taking innovation to the table Mr. Venkatesh says “Once I see any kind of service that offers plenty of opportunities for the company and is open to being mastered by my team of developers and software engineers, I always make it a point to study and analyze it before making my decision. Of course, it has to be related as much as possible to the fundamental services of DCI. DCI might have plenty of services being offered now, but these spectra of services were not suddenly offered overnight. It is still a lengthy process of figuring out the value and viability of the service before and after the company starts offering it. “Oftentimes, it takes keeping me updated with the latest trends. Fortunately, I have a natural passion for doing this; I have always been fascinated by innovation, after all,” he commented.

and high-quality video conferencing that anticipates issues still prevalent in this kind of virtual communication.

Looking Ahead DCI’s educational solution called EduKool is a fairly new offering that was designed to uplift most educational systems worldwide. It takes the effort out of administration by streamlining most of the essential processes involved, like managing students, classes, teachers, school curriculums, and other educational aspects.

Evidently, both of these products seek to address the most pressing problems of the time - an endeavor that we at DCI have always had a lot of passion and dedication in. Technology – The key to the fastpaced growth The sheer global reach that most IT companies now have practically directly means more opportunities to acquire clients. Most tasks can also be done remotely so it is easy and even recommended for companies to establish standard work-from-home setups.

These can all be done remotely with the aid of EduKool’s main features such as its ERP, its independent LMS setup, and EduKool Classrooms. The ERP is designed to be an all-purpose platform on which plenty of administrative tasks can be automated to help save campus managers time. The LMS and Classrooms, on the other hand, are designed to scale with the students’ learning and also bring the unique benefit of offering a “digital school” that can appropriately and competently meet the learning and instructional needs of students and teachers. The same goes for their video conferencing software, Zingallo, which serves as a one-tap solution for smooth online collaboration and communication. We built this video conferencing platform with limited resources and working from home. It caters to numerous industries whose communication needs can be adequately met through a single platform. These industries, not least of which, are those in healthcare, finance, banking, IT, and education. Zingallo was built during the lockdown period when the world was reeling from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 pandemic. It’s dedicated to bringing fast, secure,

Just the very existence of mobile ways of collaboration and working already means fewer delays, better productivity, and even faster ROI. In short, technology has also transformed the business to the point that it can already greatly influence the latter to change how it is structured, at least in terms of the processes involved. That alone speaks volumes about the formidable effect of tech on how business is now typically done in these contemporary times. Venkatesh says, “Businesses should develop a keen eye for trends. They are where you can get ideas from, after all, and they often provide the most opportunity in the digital landscape. Secondly, they should always get to know their audience better. Find out what their problems are and come up with effective solutions to them. This is, of course, easier said than done, but as long as you know the direction you are going, you

www.theenterpriseworld.com 13

Cover Story will eventually find something that works. And this only demonstrates the importance of perseverance, of maintaining your focus on your goals.” Mr. Venkatesh C.R. – a passionate leader in IT Venkatesh C.R. is the Managing Director and CEO of Dot Com Infoway, one of India’s premier IT services company. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start an IT company, but it takes an entrepreneurial mastermind to transform obstacles into opportunities in the software industry. When Venkatesh C.R. entered the web space in 1996, the Internet was still a distant new technology in India. It was a time when Google was just born, Microsoft was still crawling and Apple was learning to walk. The Internet was unheard of in tier-II cities like Madurai. But passion makes headway through any thick and thin, and Venkatesh’s interest in emerging web technologies made him pioneer the Internet revolution in Madurai. As President of Internet Users Community of India (Madurai Chapter) for four years from April 1996 to June 2000, Venkatesh C.R. was instrumental in bringing Internet access to Madurai. Venkatesh’s IT career had a modest start with CRV Infotech, a web design company founded in April 1996. With a minuscule group of fewer than 5 employees, CRV Infotech offered web design and development services to clients across the globe. Under Venkatesh’s able leadership, CRV Infotech did a spic and span job and earned the reputation of a web 14 August 2020

company with enormous growth potential. He started his first venture CRV Infotech in 1996 and then founded Dot Com Infoway and Galatta Media in 2000. He also is the cofounder of Magzter. Talking about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur he says, “An entrepreneur should always be focused and keep an open mind to actively look for opportunities to grow his enterprise. He should also be willing to uplift every team member in his company, so mentoring should never be left out of the equation. Lastly, he should never stop educating himself because a lack of knowledge and skill often leads to poor decisionmaking, which often heralds failure.” The achievements of DCI are myriad and speak for themselves, and Mr. Venkatesh considers them as his own personal achievements. He has seen his company succeed and he feels fortunate that he has also been able to offer mentoring support to other start-ups as well. The team The workforce is more like a family at DCI. What makes them unique is the chemistry that they have enriched through years of working together. In mobile app development, good chemistry between the team members is always preferred over anything else as it instantly translates to better productivity and morale. Venkatesh says “As for how I look after my employees, although it may seem too sentimental to say this, I actually regard them as my

children.” He always does his best to make sure that they will reach their full potential so he never tires of mentoring them. He says he is glad - and he is pretty sure that most employees share the same sentiment - that they have stuck with the company through thick and thin. Mr. Venkatesh’s thoughts on Constant Vigilance and Rat Race in the market Constant Vigilance is a need because, without it, your efforts at corporate governance will always be flawed. You can never put 100% of your weight on your decisions if you don’t practice it, nor will you be able to quickly identify problems that might arise. Constant vigilance could mean the difference between squashing an issue with relative ease and climbing an insurmountable mountain with herculean effort. As long as you know your competition and what they and you have to offer, you don’t need to worry about being overtaken. As an old Sun Tzu adage goes, “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Additionally, you have to be willing to go the extra mile when doing market research. So really, it’s all about equipping yourself with knowledge and information essential in your industry and, of course, never closing your doors to innovation.


The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Taking technology forward with experience


nformation Technology has made the world closer due to digital interconnections among individuals and organizations around the world. It is the arrangement of advancements that empowers the procurement, creation, stockpiling, preparing, correspondence, enlistment, and much more. These days, IT has become a part of every business’ backbone behind its longstanding success.

Cloud solutions offer your business numerous advantages. It allows you to set up what is basically a virtual office to give you the adaptability of associating with your business anyplace, whenever. With the developing number of webempowered gadgets utilized in the present business scenario (for example cell phones, tablets), access to your information is much simpler using the cloud. AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy name ahead in the field of information technology that is adding speed to the digital revolution with its comprehensive and cutting edge offerings. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Arvind Kanaujia and Ms. Raina kanaujia, Directors at the company, AlpineSoft’s team is making hard and smart efforts to 16 August 2020

empower businesses with the utmost innovative IT solutions. The Company AlpineSoft is an IT Product and Services Company. It is an authorized G-Suite Reseller, and also provides services like Web Development, Internet Marketing, Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, and Domain & Hosting. The Management team has over 30 years of experience. Each one of its executive team has rich and varied experience in managing large teams and projects using various technologies. They can take projects through the entire life cycle, requirements, design, development, implementation, and support. AlpineSoft is an online business development Organisation, It helps customers grow their online presence using Digital Marketing (Website Planning & Creation, PPC Advertising & Google Adwords and other, Mobile Marketing, Online Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Lead Generation for business, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Making money via Ad Sense & Blogging). AlpineSoft is a service provider for corporate and individuals interested

in designing their web-based projects. AlpineSoft has been providing the best of services to its clients across the world. AlpineSoft is one of India's leading digital marketing, website design, and web Development Company. AlpineSoft provides time-bound, costeffective, and value-added services. It provides technology innovative business solutions that require specialized domain expertise. Their Offerings 1. Email Services • G Suite • Microsoft Office 365 • Rediff Mail • Zoho Emails • Zimbra 2. Veeam Backup Solutions Veeam Develops backup, disaster recovery, and intelligent data management for virtual, physical, and multi-cloud infrastructures. Veeam provides data center backup and recovery software and recognizes the new challenges of companies across the globe. Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery,

Arvind Kanaujia Director

data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data, and complete visibility. 3. Google Cloud Platform AlpineSoft has joined a strategic relationship with Google to become its premier managed services partner for Google Cloud Platform. As strategic partners, AlpineSoft and Google have collaborated to provide cloud architecture guidance, on boarding, data migration expertise, as well as ongoing operational support for customers to help ensure optimal cloud application performance. Run your application using the same technology and tools used at Google. Cloud Platform provides the building blocks so you can develop quickly, using the services that you need.

4. Google Maps Platform AlpineSoft offers a unique combination of services to meet your Google Maps Platform licensing needs with the use of Google Maps Platform APIs. 5. Web Development AlpineSoft IT is a ‘one-stop-shop’ web design agency providing everything you need to successfully market your business to customers. Company’s services include planning and strategy, website design and development, building web applications and custom programming, company branding, and graphic design. 6. Software Development AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers custom-made software development services. Their

specialists’ proficiency in cuttingedge technologies, tools, and services ensures that they create software products that are fully tailored to meet your unique business needs. They develop software for ambitious startups as well as large international companies in the IT industry. 7. Internet Marketing AlpineSoft provides a wide range of search marketing services to fit your needs. Based on your needs, they will develop a custom internet marketing plan and implement it to help improve your conversions. The company’s search engine marketing team always has its clients in mind. They strive to provide a strong return on investment with only the best account management.

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The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

8. Web Hosting AlpineSoft makes sure your website is fast, secure, and always up so that you stay focused on what you do best. They offer everything that you need to build, host, and manage a website. Whether you’re about to create your first website, running a high-traffic blog, business website, or an online store, they've got you covered. Taking innovation to the table 1. GST Invoicing Software Alpine Billing Software is online accounting software that caters to the needs of small business owners, accountants, self-employed, and people starting a business. Their billing software helps you create GST Invoices effortlessly; keep track of money through online banking; and manage GST, all at your fingertips. Using it you can collect payments from your customers. 2. Mobile Apps • Call Recorder This App (Auto Call Recorder) allows you to record phone calls. This Call Recorder is a good option for Telephone Recording; you can record any phone call you want. Call Recorder -record all your calls automatically with taking 100% care of your privacy. • Here I Am Here I Am is the next-generation app for locating your friends and family in Real-Time, “developed by AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd”. Whether you are 50m away or 500m away, now you can locate your close ones anytime and anywhere. • Lock Screen Protector App Lock Screen Protector allows you to protect your phone from 18 August 2020

intruders. This app has a secret selfie feature which takes a selfie of an intruder who tries to switch off your phone it has also alarm which starts ringing when someone tries to switch off your phone. An Unmatched Leadership • Mr. Arvind Kanaujia, Director Mr. Arvind has more than 35 years of experience in IT. Since the inception of AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, he has worked with customers helping them cut IT implementation costs. • Ms. Raina Kanaujia, Director Ms. Raina is a highly motivated HR and Admin professional. She has handled the companies HR and Admin since its inception. She has made AlpineSoft, an employeefriendly organization. • Mr. Arnav Arvind, Security Analyst Mr. Arnav has a strong knowledge of Information Security designs and principles. Arnav is an Ethical Hacker. Ethical hacking aims to expose weak points and identify potential threats so that the organization. The Team The workforce is a true asset for every business. The happier working environment at AlpineSoft helps its workforce to boost productivity that reflects the growth of the company. AlpineSoft is a family of likeminded, driven by passion, innovative, and resultoriented people that always strive for the wellbeing of clients and the company. Their Client Says… AlpineSoft helps more than 5,000

global clients – over 2% of India's leading global brands – put customers at the center of their businesses to turn social data into smarter business decisions. Here is what their client says about the company. Ms Anshu, Marca Direct “We just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the customer service, skills, and dedication of Mr. Arvind and Miss. Neha. We had our website done at another very expensive reputable website company and we were shown more attention and efficiency as...” Ms. Swati Verma “When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there are no companies that can AlpineSoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Thanks to their talent; our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to get ahead as a business without the support...” AlpineSoft’s Principles • Always serve with honesty, integrity, and transparency • Always, first understand your business needs and objectives • Always think innovatively, deliver effectively! • Always maintain client confidentiality, at all levels • Always be accessible and responsive • Always meet the deadlines!


The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

Transforming Businesses with Dynamic Solutions


ynamic CRM is widely popular with incredible highlights and functionalities. Numerous organizations over the world are utilizing it to meet business requirements, manage efficiencies, advancements and future readiness. Most organizations are utilizing Microsoft Dynamic CRM for the comprehensive capability of Dynamics CRM that fits well regardless the size of the business and the focal points that it provides towards various functions.

NSquare is specialized in end-toend Dynamics CRM implementation and customization across industries. NSquare helps businesses to achieve a smooth transition and customized implementation for Dynamics CRM, right from scratch as well as transiting from existing systems to Dynamics platform.

minuscule level which they consider as a prima-facie.

NSquare’s growth has been organic throughout.

Mr. Nilesh Kankariya, CEO at NSquare and his highly efficient team of experts is making hard and smart efforts to empower businesses across every sector with their comprehensive offerings.

Being Customer-Centric software Service Company, the company works on a model which is primarily based on identifying client-side pain areas and meeting expectations over the major concerns like Risk Mitigation, Incubation, Technology, Quality, and Cost-effectiveness. NSquare’s team not only works on projects, but the team acts a thinking mind helping clients proactively on identified areas of modification, recommendation, a suggestion which help the clients to capture more panoramic view toward achieving project objective and goals as well as visualize the process in every phase. They are heavily vigilant towards technology and adapting to technological changes/newer trends which enables them to stay abreast as well as progress on the technology horizons.

The Early Days NSquare incepted in 2013. The challenges included factors like competition, getting the right talent, market penetration so subsequent client wins, expertise against experience level challenge.

Their Domain Skills pan across Insurance, Professional Service, Field Service, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Utility, Telecom, Retail and Hospitality.

Nilesh says “The growth has been a process, we would rather say, paved by careful strategizing.” The factor included consistent focus and improvement on inevitable essentials like; • Technical • Domain specialization • Successful deliveries • Continuous technical evolution • Passionate and talented team • Value-add • Process improvement • Work culture

The company focuses on customercentric attributes, which keep things aligned and at perspective from the customer objective standpoint. Prioritizing towards customer expectation towards

Factors behind NSquares’ longstanding success While growth is a gradual process as they continue to evolve on the technical front. They also believe in growing along with the team.

20 August 2020

The Offerings ♦ Microsoft Dynamics: • Implementation • Customization • Business Process Analysis • Integration • Data Migration ♦ Microsoft Dynamics CRM, F&O, BC

♦ Add-ons for MS Dynamics Products: • Call Integra – A Telephony Solution • Chatbot for Dynamics CRM • Whatapp Integration • Field Service Management ♦ Enterprise Mobility Application Development: • Android • ioS ♦ Domains Served: • Healthcare • Insurance • Professional Services • Banking/Insurance • Education • Pharmaceuticals • Facilities Management

♦ Website Design and UI/UX Taking Innovation to the Table Along, with the Domain-specific Dynamics CRM solutions, NSquare has been working on products that work in conjunction with Dynamics CRM, as an Add-on. This addresses an important part of business operations, allowing operational ease on a day to day business challenges. Few of the products include; NSquare’s Call-Integra Solution: A CTI integration Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates your CRM and telephony systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows bringing in more efficiency

Nsquare’s ChatBot Integration: Streamline, Capture all the relevant conversations directly in MS CRM. ChatBot Application by using the Microsoft Azure Bot Service & Cognitive Services. Deal with your on-the-fly visitors, inquiries, and actionable, with quick turn arounds and instant workflow management. Nsquare’s WhatApp CE Connecter: The WhatsApp CE Connector powers your communication with customers, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. In addition to cover CRM sales inquiry, quotations, ordering, and invoicing sales stages can be extended with the help of Whatsapp. Email escalations and

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The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

It’s not about being big or small, it’s about overcoming challenges, believing in what you started, inspiring the team, creating value. Success is never an ultimate, while it depends on how you look at it. It’s a continuous process. - Mr. Nilesh Kankariya

notifications will be covered through workflows process in different entities of the system using Whatsapp as a channel. NSquare Dynamics Field Service [Fi3]: The Dynamics 365 Field Service business application specifically tailored for Facilities Management domain, helps organizations deliver onsite service to customer locations. The application combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to set mobile workers up for success when they’re onsite with customers fixing issues. Get more out of NSquare's Customized accelerator for field service domain. Being a vital part of the change NSquare brings in expertise across industry verticals when it comes down to Microsoft Dynamics, helping companies streamline their operational and business problems via Dynamics CRM. The company’s industry-wide experience acts as an edge towards industry-specific environments to curate the best consulting and solutions suitable in-line with the businesses. The company has a strong track record of solving critical business problem, helping numerous businesses to adopt Dynamics as their centre-point of business operations.

22 August 2020

We all know how technology is taking a centre stage in all facets of the business. NSquare helps businesses not only on implementations, but to achieve future readiness, towards absorbing new technologies to get the best out of business objectives. They work with the client not only helping them overcome business hurdles but help businesses to be at the forefront of a future-ready, scalable, end-to-end system that is up to the mark with all industry standards, process flows. Their solutions specifically suit modern vitals like - absorbing AI, Mobility and Social integration, Comprehensive Analytics etc. which are definite needs of a growing business. An Unmatched Leadership NSquare leadership brings more that 15 years of experience in information technology. Primarily having extensive experience of Microsoft Dynamics platform and technologies with several turnkey projects and deliveries. Their virtues are well rooted to make the primary drive towards technology and efficiency. The management brings strong delivery experience along with process management, which leverages a process-driven environment and early maturity

towards both functional and technical aspects. Along with being a Visionary, an entrepreneur is the one who builds strong foundations attributing to; work ethic, motivator, mentor, team player. Providing learning culture, letting professionals work on enhancing their skill-sets with the right amount of guidance, providing the team with creative space. He believes that any talent needs open thinking to flourish with its true potential. Nilesh says, “We at NSquare take heed on these vital areas, Identifying, nurturing and motivating individuals who have an attitude of seeking not only professional goals but also value towards believing in the technological superpowers they hold.” Be it industry leaders who create new benchmarks or team members. Everyone is an inspiration in one way or the another – Nilesh says. He is continuously inspired by his team members. Eventually what matters is believing and being true to yourself. Along with continuous learning process which should be by-design, is what he feels. The key achievements NSquare has an excellent track record and customer success. They have opened offices in Singapore

recently. Some of their acknowledgements include: • “20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers list 2017” • “Best Innovation Award” at The Smart City Technology Application Products Expo 2018“ • Featured as “Best Company of the Year 2019” under Technology Solution space • Featured in “Business Connect CEOs of 2020” • Featured in “25 ERP-CRM Providers in India” The happier work environment The company has a learning culture along with promoting peer training, enhancing skill-sets. The team comprises of ambitious passionate individuals. They maintain a happy and fun-loving workplace, promoting the team’s individual hobbies /interests as well as team activities. Any growing organization not only needs technology spear-heads but they need visionary mindsets and attitudes who want to really enhance as well as work on their creative flow openly. As continuous process helps team members to have advancements from within, providing the necessary freedom. Making it happen in Pandemic too! There have been quite a few turnkey projects where Team NSquare has come out with flying colors despite of the situation. Just recently NSquare successfully implemented one of the challenging projects. The system has gone live for 21 countries. Despite challenges on accessibility due to COVID-19,

Nilesh Kankariya CEO

Team NSquare went over-board toward successful delivery. We all know that due to Covid-19 there have been significant challenges on the ongoing projects too. But at NSquare they took early steps for better managing projects and kept the overall efficiency unmarred. They continue to deliver the same level of quality and commitment regardless of the odds. To achieve better results Nsquare considers below attributes towards customer centricity: Technology and Innovation: Technical depth and consistent evolution are necessary for a highly volatile market wherein you need to adapt and prowess new technologies to meet dynamic customer demands. Domain specialization: We are into an era of specialization wherein you need deep knowledge

no matter which industry you cater to. You need to conceive domainspecific business operation to serve better. Cost Efficiency: As we know cost is a very critical factor, it is of utmost importance to provide clients with a fulcrum of qualitative solutions, balanced pricing, and value-add. This sets them apart on how they have modelled the solution expertise with very competitive pricing that can suit businesses albeit of their size. Value-Add: It’s a matter of not exclusive but inclusive to every project on what value-add can determine for successful client relationship and delivery excellence. At times it’s unique to every project but it important to always have an edge towards overall value-add and customercentricity.

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The one-stop solution for all your software needs


echnology played a drastic role in changing the landscape of the industrial age enterprises to Digital enterprises. With the kind of innovations that are happening and the rate at which yesterdays technologies are being turned obsolete today, we are entering the age of intelligent enterprises. At JDSOFT they believe in creating intelligent enterprises where technology gives the power to human to deliver value while the muscle work is taken care of it by it. In a candid talk with Mr. Joel Pandian, Director - Data Analytics and Value Management at JDSOFT, let’s discover more about their journey since the inception and their range of offerings. • What inspired you to start the company? I have always been fascinated by mathematics since my school days. Solving small math problems was a hobby at first then I found that developments in technology can greatly be combined with my hobby to deliver solutions to reallife problems. I got pretty hooked by it and decided that’s what I want to do for a living. It was amazing how the “inside” of software actually operates and I wanted to create my own piece of work! 24 August 2020

Around this time I also stumbled upon the term Enterprise Resource Planning and fell in love with its concept of optimizing business processes. After having acquired the business experience working for leading organizations, and having developed the intricate details of the processes I understood that there is a gap of analytical insights for informed decision making out of the welloptimized business processes that were generating enormous data that can be leveraged for business profitability. This opportunity helped me to make a transition of my hobby to a profession. • What were the initial challenges and struggles? I thought having a great business idea and a workable business plan will make me a successful entrepreneur, unfortunately, I learned it in a hard way that it was not enough. Walking away from a promising, steady long term job for something unpredictable was scary and it came at a very high cost both in managing the family as well as the company. I had to work all the way up to find the cash to run the operations and still not go broke and added to that is the doomsayers around. Apart from funding, the other challenge was hiring the right people who believe in my vision and share my passion. Lack of

connections for customer acquisition, limited scalability are the other major challenges that we faced during the initial years of the business. • What are the products and services of the company? Can you tell us about some of your key products? 1. We are primary a SAP focused technology consulting company. In the SAP suit of products our consulting services are focused on SAP’s latest intelligent enterprise services like SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Leonardo, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Cloud Analytics, SAP HANA Analytics. 2. We have a very strong data intelligence consulting practice wherein we provide Data Analytics services which include Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. For providing these services, we use SAP Leonardo, SAS, Statistica, R Programming and Python. 3. The product division of our company has developed a scalable and technologically advanced ERP for educational institutes of all levels, whether be of a small school or a massive university like Cromwell UK. Our product is trusted by more than 300 clients in 27 countries globally. • How do you focus on making

data processing easier? SAP has a very strong scalable cloud platform and provides readily usable intelligent services through SAP Hana, SAP Leonardo, and SAP Data Intelligence. So for clients who are already in the SAP platforms we bring in our expertise to make the job looks easier for them.

Joel Pandian

Director Data Analytics and Value Management

This is a costly affair and hence smaller companies are shy of the investments that they need to make, say in software like SAP or SAS. Further, undertaking data intelligence and data analytics project is very risky due to the costs involved as well as the kind of resources that needs to be deployed and developed. Most of the analytics project in the market are exploratory or research-oriented that only big companies can afford. At JDSOFT, since we have enormous capabilities acquired over a decade of doing what we do, we have patented templates and methodologies that help us in delivering the projects with clinical precession. We are mathematicians who understand business and our passion for solving problems drives our business model. So, in many cases where the development is exploratory we undertake the project on ROI sharing, conventionally profit sharing basis. In this model we do not bill the client for the full project but a very little percentage of the estimated manpower cost as upfront and will share the benefits of the project with the client. This benefits may accrue with a reduction in cost, an increase in revenue or optimization of time taken off the processes, etc. This model has worked well for our smaller clients.

• What are the advantages of SAP over its competitors? An ERP acts as the brain of the organization’s technology infrastructure which combines every feature of a business, including finance, manpower, product development, production, marketing, and sales. So it is important to have the right one that fits the organization. SAP has a clear advantage in this for the following reasons. 1. SAP is suitable for any size of business i.e. from small to large size companies. SAP provides a lot of flexibility for growth, and due to this, small businesses achieve significant benefits from it. It also offers functions and competencies required by the world’s largest companies. Nearly 80% of fortune

500 companies are using SAP. 2. SAP does not provide any redundant functionality. 3. SAP is perfect for any business. Its industry solutions accommodate the complex dimensions of that particular industry to its intricate details. So the requirements for customizations are very minimum and a faster GTM is possible. 4. SAP provides a shorter implementation time and the fastest financial payback. As compared to other ERPs SAP requires fewer customizations. 5. SAP has a clear roadmap and it has been evolving continuously. They continuously provide new versions and upgrades based on the latest trends in the market. 6. SAP uses industry best practices and case studies this confirms that organizations stay equivalent to the

www.theenterpriseworld.com 25

Interview with The Enterprise World opposing organizations in the industry. The utilization of industry best practices for reference affirms that there is a decrease in cost, risk as well as in time. 7. A scalability feature is a prerequisite in software solutions to achieve success. SAP ERP solutions are primarily designed to enhance with the business, which means that as the size of the organization rises their capacity also increases. • Why would you prefer SAP over others? SAP has been continuously evolving and has been very quick in adopting the latest technologies with business scalability and reusability as the primary goal. It is one of the ERP technology companies to adopt big data and data intelligence in their ERP service offerings with off-the-shelf use cases that can be deployed quickly. The SAP HANA technology is a game-changer and along with SAP VORA and its Intelligent Enterprise solutions provides complete big data analytics solutions to the companies that can be adopted without much redundancy of the legacy system. Further, SAP is the leader in this field with more than 80% of the fortune 500 companies runing on the SAP platform. • With technology taking strides, what do you think are the new challenges? Advances in technology can be empowering, progressive, and enriching. History has shown this across civilizations and societies. But it has also shown, and the present and future will continue to show, that it is foolish, risky, flawed 26 August 2020

and folly without us raising our individual and collective consciousness and mindfulness to accompany it - to ensure we use it shrewdly, kindly and wisely. Data security and data privacy are prima facie the biggest challenges the industry is facing right now. The new technological innovations and rapid redundancy of the technology increase the cost to the organizations to adopt newer technology on scale. The revolutions in Big Data, cloud computing, edge computing, and the internet of things, etc while enabling us towards better life also pose the biggest challenge in a way that any small compromise on the data governance may prove very costly. This is where companies like us help our clients to stay current at the same time to tackle these challenges with the years of experience that we have in managing them. • How do you propose to build a strong team? What makes it unique? In JDSOFT we are a very small but very powerful team that works as a family. Our team shares the vision on which the company was built and for us the job that we do is our main hobby and we are getting paid for what we want to do always. Every member of our team knows what exactly they are expected to do and what their goals are. We do not have something like a manager/ subordinate role of a traditional organization. We celebrate the success of and share the failure of everyone. The unique thing that is happening in JDSOFT is we have a laisse fair work culture i.e. people can work

from anywhere, either from the office or from home or even from a bar. We have only workbenches and meeting rooms in the office where people have to book a place if they do decide to work from the office. Our preoperatory HR systems, which we call as HATS manages almost everything from employee performance management to compensation. So no one will have any ambiguity of what they are expected to do as everything i.e. KPIs, salary forecast, performance forecast, etc are in HATS and is something like earn as you go. The unique thing about this is that no one even fixes your compensation, you fix yours and if you are efficient enough you earn that. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? After finishing my mechanical engineering I joined GAIL as an Engineering Trainee and was responsible for operations. Out of my interest in mathematics I continued pursuing my higher studies in maths and have applied a lot of mathematical laws within my area of operation in GAIL. This had led to the changing nomenclature of LPG that resulted in revenue of more than 2400 cr. With these successes I was moved to IT where we used to undertake data analytics in the fields of Exploration and other functions of Oil and Gas. From then on I moved on to head the IT divisions of major companies like Marg, Tecpro Systems, etc. Finally deciding to launch on my own in 2009. During these two-decades-long quests to quench my thirst I have worked in major IT projects in ERP implementation, Management reporting, and analytics.

MOMENTUM True Wireless

A new dimension in wearable sound Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and reďŹ ned design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.


28 August 2020


Marveous City!

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30 August 2020


io de Janeiro is the second-largest city in Brazil, also known as Rio. The city was founded by the Portuguese on 1 March 1565. Earlier there used to be groups of 7 tribes that spoke 20 different types of languages. When the Portuguese were ruled over the whole of Brazil, they made Rio de Janeiro their capital from 1763 to 1822. After this, when Brazil became independent, this city remained the capital of Brazil until 1960. Even though Rio is no longer the capital of Brazil, it still has a lot of importance from the business and historical point of view. Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics. This made it the first South American city to have hosted these events. A Music Festival celebrated in the city called Rock in Rio, is the world’s largest music festival.

Oil and natural gas from farms along the northern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro is a major asset used to develop manufacturing enterprises in the metropolitan area of Rio, making it possible to compete with other major cities for new investments in the industry. In Greater Rio, which has the highest per capita income in Brazil, retail is important. Many important retail stores are located in the center, but some are scattered in commercial areas of the district, where shopping malls, supermarkets, and other retail businesses account for a large share of consumer trade. Brazil produces corn, sugar, various potatoes, some machinery. Sugar production was very high during the Portuguese period. Sugar was stored at conical angles for storage and export.

The Economy Rio de Janeiro has a strong and highly diverse economy, with a large number of jobs in heavy and light industries, manufacturing, commerce, finance, trade, and other services. A new electronics and computer field has been added to the old industries of metallurgy, engineering and printing and publishing. Other manufacturing sectors focus on shipyard-related materials, textiles and footwear, textiles, nonmetallic mineral products, food and beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. In order to attract industries, the state government has designated some of the outlying areas of the city as districts where infrastructure has been provided and the land is sold under special circumstances.

Every year, products made of iron and steel other than crude oil are exported in large quantities from Rio. Located on the seaside, this city is also a major port and this city plays an important role in the economy of the country. Rio is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. The vibrant culture of the city and the many museums, historical sites, and physical features attract tourists around the globe. Millions of people from all over the world come to see the Carnival Festival in Rio in February. In the past, carnival processions were used to create traffic jams so a wide stadium-like permanent arrangement has been made by Oscar Niemeyer in 1982.

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Interesting Facts

Must Visit

This city is very famous for picnics. Every year around 2.5 million people come here to visit. It has been awarded the Best Places for Tourism by World Travel Awards. The southern part of the city is more developed and wealthy while the western part covers 50% of the city area; the city has a population of about 6.5 million. And it is the second-most populous city in Brazil after São Paulo. São Paulo’s population is almost double that of Rio, more than 12 million.

Tijuca National Park is the second-largest urban forest in the world, located in Rio. An urban forest is a forest that is located in a city or town. The Tijuca forest is spread over an area of about 32 sq km Rio de Janeiro’s Copa Cabana Beach, the Amazon River area, the vast Amazon rainforest, the famous jungle, Pantanal and Tayama, are full of different birds and animals.

You will be surprised to know that there is a large population of women in this city. Yes, women constitute 53.2% of the population while males are only 46.8%. It is the largest city outside Portugal, where the Portuguese language is spoken. Hotels in Rio have higher fares than hotels in other cities in the country. Rio’s 5 Stars Hotels have the second-highest number of fares after New York. Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium is one of the largest Football Stadiums in the world. The capacity of this stadium is to seat 78,838 people, but on July 16, 1950, nearly two lakh people watched the football World Cup final over there.

In the eighteenth century, the clergyman Maria Boss expressed her desire to erect a magnificent religious monument to Queen Isabella. But she did not pay any attention. Later, the Catholics decided to raise funds, organized various programs, and raised funds for it. But there was not much space in the city, so instead of the city, Kakarevado became a place at an altitude of 7210 feet above sea level. This statue of Jesus Christ has a spread arm, weighing 650 tons. It is not homogeneous; it is made by joining pieces. Rio’s ‘National Library of Brazil’ is the 7th largest library in the world. There are more than 90 lakh items here.

There were red trees on the coast of Brazil which were used to make a red dye. It was in great demand in Europe. The people of the tribe at that time planted it vigorously. In Portuguese, red was called Brazil. So when the Portuguese came to power, they named the area as Brazil.

32 August 2020

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The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

TOAE Security Providing Smart Cyber Security for Smart Businesses!


n extensive amount of our lives today revolves around the internet like our banking, charges, property possession, vehicle registration, clicking life in photos and sharing them on social media platforms and etc. It’s not that hard for bad people in the programming world to get into these records and loot our money or data. There are many things a malicious hacker can do that would be damaging to our personal lives and businesses. Thus digital security is very important to all of us. TOAE Security is one of the worldwide leaders in security, technology services, and digital security enablement. It even helps organizations with designing, building, and running of cyber programs that overall assist in protecting their information and enhances their creditability among their customers. Experts at the TOAE Security first make sure that they have got a radical knowledge of the client’s requirements and only then suggest them suitable cyber security measures that are beneficial to them both instantaneously and within the end of the day. TOAE has its R&D team, which continuously works on new sorts of cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

34 August 2020

Mr. Shubham Mishra Founder and CEO at the company and his team are making smart efforts to secure businesses with comprehensive digital solutions. The Early Days Not every security start-up makes its founders multi-millionaires at the beginning. There isn't much specific information about security start-up failures, although around 90% of Tech start-ups fail within 3 years, irrespective of funding. However, by using just five key elements which are – leadership, staffing, product differentiation, engaging the market, and release timing – a start-up maximizes its probabilities of destiny prosperity. Some of the initial challenges TOAE faced were: • Fierce Competition • Unrealistic Expectations • Financial Management • Winning Trust of Customers A sturdy leadership team provided a strong base for growth. Founders had to be cognizant of their strengths and weaknesses and make tactical hires to fill competencies gaps. Factors behind TOAE’s longstanding success • Dedication:

Start-ups need leaders who are willing to work hard and stick with their goals. All employees should be engaged and devoted to the aim. • Quick to Adapt: Successful start-ups are snug with change. Leaders who know a way to make smart decisions without a clear roadmap can take advantage of possibilities that extra cautious groups can miss. • Exceptional Service: Every commercial enterprise claims to have something special for the market. In reality, best a tiny percentage of companies provide something honestly unique. Great marketing isn’t always what receives humans to buy. • Customer Happiness: As your business enterprise grows, it's important to remain steadfast in your cognizance of existing patron happiness. They reveal this by tracking net promoter score and purchaser retention. This metric gives them a good indicator of whether the business is scaling appropriately and is probably to see extended total business. • Continued Scalability: TOAE lately updated a number of their procedures and the structures within business enterprise truly because numerous what they had in

Shubham Mishra Founder & CEO

location works today. • Consistent Team Quality: Even if you are generating full-size coins go with the flow or have simply landed a new investment and want to grow your crew, you shouldn’t settle by any means. Their Quality Offerings • Web Security- TOAE’s service is certified, extraordinarily customizable, SIEM prepared, and fine-tuned for obstruction threats with token fake positives. TOAE provides safety in intensity wit reconciling threat protection, helping you evolve in the direction of a zero-believe layout and defensive you from the maximum essential and most diffused attacks.

over. TOAE- CERT facilitates to get your offerings back to every day within hours.

• Security Monitoring ServicesThe utility of action-based total insights from the period of time analysis of your network information will substantially improve the time to find out and answer the capacity protection threat.

• Network Security AssessmentTesting your community infrastructure which has servers, routers firewalls for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and design.

• Jack Ma Theft- Customers or employees can put up requests with easy-to-use help middle and add to the Jira Service Desk to get an integrated information base. Machine studying intelligently recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, so solutions are clean to find. • TOAE-CERT- If you’re already breached record to the company and permit TOAE-Cyber Emergency Response Team takes

• Red Teaming- The expert specialists can input a corporation through any suggestions that doable. They will be predisposed to mix every era and human social skills and techniques. TOAE Security taking a step further with • Safeguarding the threats by: ♦ Conducting frequent cyber chance assessments.

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The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday. - Steve Jobs

♦ Implementing a clever understanding of security safeguards and observance systems ♦ Creating a framework for in progress threat management, operational oversight, danger management, and regular evaluations of getting corporations with whom partnered; document plans to address threats and mitigate the effect of attacks with a knowledge backup solution. • TOAE R&D Wing which is hooked up to develop security generation for the safety of the cyber infrastructure for several firms. They provide management, technical, and material expert aid for the large choice of analysis, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities. Taking Innovation to the table • User-Behaviour Analytics: Once someone’s username and parole rectangular measure compromised, whoever has them will waltz onto a network and have interaction altogether kinds of malicious behavior. That behavior will cause a pink flag to system defenders if they’re the use of user conduct analytics (UBA). The era makes use of huge records analytics to spot abnormal conduct by using a user. 36 August 2020

• Data Loss Prevention: A key to statistics loss bar is a technology like secret writing and tokenization. They can defend facts right down to subject and subfield level, which may profit a business enterprise in a total variety of ways: ♦ Cyber-attackers cannot monetize facts on the occasion of a hit breach. ♦ Deep Learning- Deep mastering encompasses some of the technology, such as artificial intelligence and system gaining knowledge of. Regardless of what it’s recognized as there a good buy of interest in it for protection functions. ♦ Like user conduct analytics, deep learning makes a specialty of anomalous conduct. You need to grasp wherever malicious conduct deviates from legitimate or acceptable conduct in terms of security. Instead of gazing users, the machine appearance at entities. Mr. Shubham Mishra – A leader with a revolutionary vision Mr. Shubham Mishra is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TOAE Security. He has been taking care of strategy, sales activities along with technology for the organization. He has been a great driving force for the company and its members.

Shubham says “Starting a new business is essentially an experiment. Implicit within the experiment region unit form of hypotheses (commonly referred to as assumptions) that can be tested entirely by expertise. The businessperson launches the business enterprise and works to envision it while at the identical time substantiating or unsupportive the assumptions. Because a few are going to be dead incorrect et al partly wrong, a critical purpose of the business plan should be to continually produce and build on new knowledge.” The key achievements • Completion of Concept and Writing the Plan: This level incorporates a low fee relative to future steps and precedes whole product development; so, it frequently comes before any product development at all. This phase's reason is to see whether or not or now not to continue with any longer development. At now, planners consider whether or not an actual market need exists for the product as they have conceived it or the version they’ve developed, or whether it has a potentially fatal flaw. • Completion of Prototype and

Testing the Prototype: In TOAE’s case, the prototypes were the services that they provide. Entrepreneurs will acquire abundant helpful data from rigorously analyzing model development. They need to look cautiously at what prompted roadblocks and disappointments and how they overcame them; the seeds of significant, hidden possibilities lie in the creative answers to these frustrations. • Financing: Whether the primary outside funding is for operating capital to test the concept’s potential, start-up investment for development and market testing, or first- level investment to provoke producing or sales, the entrepreneur ought to understand how investors perceive the company. • Marketing: The first traumatic demanding situations of the company’s simple market assumptions occur at this milestone. The happening work environment at TOAE They have organized a couple of training programs in-house to keep the interior team updated. One in all essential the largest classes I've discovered is that lifestyle is important. They accustomed anticipate clearly might just lease good individuals and anticipate them to try to do wonders for you. However, if individuals don’t match among your company subculture, they’ll be a whole lot of reputedly to butt heads once it doesn’t upload up, cease once things aren’t going properly, and

now not deal with your company. The company will be inclined to observe the open work culture, anyplace all the employees take a seat on a constant floor, and reap transparent know-how of the vision of the organization. Overwhelming Client Experience One of TOAE Security’s clients came within the grip of a deadly virus. Initially, their crew didn’t have any concept of what the virus turned into all about? TOAE’s R&D group spent a day investigating the country of affairs and they determined that hackers completed a phishing assault on one amongst there employee laptops. This virus changed into the observance of all their activities and become causation knowledge to a non-public server. Rather than straightway determination the problem, Shubham started training their employees in cyber security skill sets so they’ll safeguard themselves in destiny. This helped company’s state to grow to believe and a respectable relationship with the corporate which turned into much needed via both of the parties. At the regular time, their response group took all of the infected devices offline and wiped clean it up, to prevent any such styles of assault inside the near destiny, and to date, TOAE Security has succeeded in shielding them against any cyber-attacks. Being ahead in the market race! The good news is that you acquire yourself onto the wheel, which means you can get yourself off of it.

To cope up with the Rat-Race TOAE’s brought some new things: • Changed workweek: The 9-to-5 grind is the gospel in the rat race, but it’s no longer an exceptional way to put money inside the bank. Instead of focusing on putting out fires and generating immediate results, don’t forget dedicating as a minimum 15 percentage of it slow to activities that build on your fine of life, and 40 percent of it slows to growing new platforms (rather than maintaining present ones). • Pay yourself: If you talk to a rat that has been going for walks the wheel for years, he’ll let you know that he earns 10 times what he used to, but his excellent of lifestyles has now not improved. The greater the works, the greater he spends, and the quicker his income disappear. If you need to get away this vicious cycle, you ought to pay yourself first and sock some money away to build up for the future. • Lead by using an example: When you plant your toes on the organization floor for the first time in years, you may look around and notice you don’t have a lot of company. The rat race may additionally have even eaten up your business. Once you get away the rat race, you’ll be able to pass freely and appreciate the world around you without getting dizzy. Remember: Life is an adventure, now not the destination, and also you don’t want to spend that adventure on a treadmill going nowhere.

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The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

Valency Networks A One Stop Shop for Cyber Security Services


he benefits of the digital transformation are known to all, but with it we can't ignore the risk of cyber crimes. These risks are such that they can affect the economies, the societies and livelihoods and in some cases also international peace and security. And to keep this fabric intact, we need to secure our systems from these risks; which is briefly what cyber security is about. And providing cutting edge cyber security services is Valency Networks. Led by Prashant Phatak, Valency Networks is a company that provides services in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks. Along with security testing, Valency Networks also provides compliance services such as audits and implementations of ISO27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST and other industry specific certifications. The Inception Valency Networks started its operations in 2008 to cater for professional cyber security and IT infrastructure management services. While the IT infrastructure in the world (specifically in the Asia-Pac region) 38 August 2020

is developing at a rapid pace, there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security, IT performance and monitoring solutions, IT audit, compliance and governance. We saw this as a market need on a top priority, and established a solution providing firm to fill the technical and business improvement gaps. Valency Networks emphasizes on deploying manual methods; which play an important role in detecting the complex attack scenarios and also expose the other logical vulnerabilities which are often missed by automated tools. The Products and Services Valency Networks’ mission is to be a solution provider in the niche areas of IT infrastructure by leveraging their years of global experience. The firm specializes in cyber security solutions; which in today’s IT world is the need of the hour. With their experienced team, Valency Networks intends to design disaster recovery and cloud solutions that will play a vital role in tomorrow’s IT industry. Their four important services include Vulnerability Assessment and

Penetration Testing Providing security testing services that cover Cloud applications such as Azure or AWS based, and mobile applications based on Android and iOS is a key requirement in the market. IT infrastructure network security testing is a need of the hour, especially with firewalls and network components not being managed and hence vulnerable during post-COVID lockdown period. Valency Networks took a big bet on this growing market and cultivated its cyber security services offerings to cater to customer’s needs. Security testing, also known as VAPT service, is required by banks and other industry verticals where the protection of data is imperative. Valency Networks provides a detailed technical report which explains the stakeholders about the cyber security loopholes, and their fixation techniques. With a wider and global base of happy customers, Valency Networks takes pride in its unique ways of finding security problems and offering a great handholding with their customers, to help make their applications and infrastructures secure. Consultancy Services Valency Networks provides IT security consulting services and

Prashant Phatak CEO & Founder

solutions for all industry verticals. With a team of highly skilled, certified IT security professionals on staff, we offer a full range of consultancy on a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. These Services Include• Cyber security policy and standard operating procedures development. • Cyber security architecture design • Cyber security operations management • Website code security review • Computer security incident response • Vulnerability analysis and Penetration Testing • Security risk assessment Throughout every consulting project, Valency Networks

leverages its best practices and corporate knowledge. “We transfer our expertise to our customers, providing them with a confidently managed and secure network infrastructure.” SIEM Implementation SIEM : Security information and event management (SIEM) provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware devices and applications. SIEM is not just a product or service, but is a correct combination of software, appliances or managed services, and report producing tools. SIEM primarily deals with realtime monitoring, event correlation

and notification, while providing long-term storage, analysis and reporting of log data. The key focus is to monitor and help manage user and service privileges, directory services and other system configuration changes; as well as providing log auditing and review and incident response. SIEM implementation gives you a great insight into your daily logs being collected, which suddenly start making sense from security standpoint. It provides a unified way to create reports which are not only helpful for compliance, but also gain better control on IT security. Valency Networks has years of experience in the IT infrastructure and security domain, which is put together to create a customized SIEM solution. www.theenterpriseworld.com 39

The Most Innovative Digital Transformation Service Providers for 2020

When it comes to Cyber Security, it’s not just about the products or services, it’s about customized solutions.

Code Review Services During application code reviews, our tech-experts work with customer’s development team to deliver a more secure product. We conduct and elaborate inspections of application source code and assess the vulnerability of the same. Please read the FAQ below to understand more about this offering. Different studies and surveys show that approximately 75% of attacks happen due to an insecure application, inside which includes insecure code. This is because Developers mostly tend to focus on the functionality of the application and ignore the secure coding approach. Code review and code analysis enables your developers to review, find, and eliminate vulnerabilities before an application goes live and helps software purchasers identify flaws in applications before they buy. Valency Networks uses an Agile as well as Heuristic approach during code review. This helps customer gain best value for their money without compromising on the 40 August 2020

security vulnerability outcome of the review and assessment. Figure below explains our methodical approach. The Team The Valency Network team is led by CEO and Founder Prashant Phatak. Mr. Prashant comes from an IT Infrastructure and software development background. He is an expert in information security and is also an instrumental in setting the vision and also improving the technical abilities of Valency Networks. Valency Networks’ team is an extremely dedicated team, which comes from the fact that their leaders are able to bring out the best in them. The team works in an environment that is agile, friendly and fun-loving. Valency network is a talent pooling mission too, wherein the subject matter experts come together to provide a monolithic and quality based solution to the customers. Since this helps them avoid maintaining technical staff and hence the time spent in managing that staff, the Valency Networks team can offer quick, techie and yet

professional solutions to their customers at a very affordable price tag. Valency Networks has adopted a philosophy which goes as below • Cyber security is never 100%. It’s a continuous improvement process • Cyber security is not just about the products. It's about customized solutions to cater to a given business & technology scenario. To ensure that this philosophy is cultivated within the organization, Valency Networks’ team undergoes periodic trainings that are focused on establishing ethical values in the person. Besides that, every team mate is well versed with the above two fundamentals so that they percolate it in their own daily tasks. The sole purpose behind this philosophy is to minimize risks and provide best service quality and experience to the customer.


We focus to provide solutions that offer a unique user experience and a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.


Shankar Jha Co-founder & CEO

Desire to excel in ‘‘ the realm of DevOps 42 August 2020

Opstree Solutions End to End DevOps Delivered!


pstree Solutions is a boutique, highly specialized DevSecOps engineering company. They’re the Technology Transformation Partner that specializes in making the application delivery lean, nimble, and highly productive through the best in breed DevOps platform and solutions! Incepted back in 2014, Opstree Solutions has become one of the most trusted names in the field of technology. In a talk with Mr. Shankar Jha, Co-Founder and CEO at Opstree solutions let’s get know,n to their journey since the inception and their comprehensive offerings. • What were the initial challenges you faced? We bootstrapped our way into this tremendous journey in 2014 and gradually built an organization centered on solving the problems that hinder every organization's ability to deliver business value through new application functionalities. The challenges have been usual around the availability of the right skills and talent – especially when the entire industry has a dearth of good engineering talent! We focused on this by

applying our philosophy of ‘Baking our own bread’ and started what is now known as the ‘DevOps Ninja’ program. With this, we train and develop a ‘Full Stack DevOps Engineer’ with hands-on knowledge and experience through a comprehensively and continuously evolving curriculum and hence bring in specific quality standards always and ensure our client’s delight. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? Our growth has been proportional to the aggregate knowledge and ability acquired by our team. We are a purely knowledge and competency-based organization. We have focussed on acquiring exclusive and deep competence, and this focus has fuelled the growth of the organization, consistently over the years! • How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? For us, one of the most relevant graphs is that our people choose to stay with us over the years. In an industry that is marred by a very high churn/attrition, we have been able to keep it under 10%, where

the industry sees it as high as ~40%. It is because of our peoplecentric approach, which drives our commitments to our employees and our clients that we are able to consistently double our revenue growth year on year, during the last 5 years. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? We would say our strong ethos of ‘Continuous Learning’ ‘Unwavering Ethics’ & ‘Focused Thought Leadership. It is because of these that we have been able to establish ourselves as the niche service provider for brands like Airtel, amongst many others! • What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? We enable the delivery of softwaredefined Infrastructure with the right set of tools and processes on a cloud-agnostic platform with the ability to run zero touches, fully automated continuous delivery pipelines. We leverage the most optimum way to utilize microservices driven architectures for containerized

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Interview with The Enterprise World deployments through our product thus reducing the time to market significantly and transform the way a user interacts with any application. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? We've been constantly on the lookout of the challenges that our customers face and with rapidly evolving technology, these problems are humongous! Our constant effort is in trying to solve these problems for our clients. One such recent push is our product – BuildPiper that completely simplifies the ‘microservices’ journey for any organization. It’s a one-stop solution for the entire lifecycle of a containerized application – right from architecture to the environment set up to build and deployment – everything is available as a plug and play solution and is fully customizable. We’ve received some very encouraging feedback from our clients around it and are set to make it big! • What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? We believe as an entrepreneur our biggest responsibility is to create an ecosystem that generates exceptional value for all stakeholders - our customers, our employees, our vendors, etc. This can happen only if everybody has that sense of ownership and faith. We should be able to generate that faith and ownership in all our stakeholders. • Can you please brief us about 44 August 2020

your professional experience? For both Sandeep (Mr. Sandeep Rawat, Co-founder & CTO) and I, we have always been true engineers at heart and have focussed on how technology can be used to solve various problems and during our entire career have built software products that have solved user problems. In the past, we’ve worked with some great enterprises like Xebia and GlobalLogic, Snapdeal and Naggaro before we realized our calling is slightly different and then charted on this entrepreneurial journey for solving Cloud & DevOps related problems and hence our recent focus on building a software product that focuses on solving all the problems related to building a ‘Microservices based application’. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Today, with almost 6 years behind us, in our journey, we have many people, entities, and organizations that totally Rely on Us and have firm faith that we will get the work done for any and all of their Cloud & DevOps led initiatives. This ‘aggregate faith asset’ that we have been able to build and continuously maintain across our clients, is our biggest achievement. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? Our employees are in a way coowners of the company. They have complete freedom to express and choose their growth path in the organization. We have re-imagined the complete growth path of our people which can culminate in becoming an entrepreneur

ultimately. OpsTree is a concept of shared ownership where every employee is a contributor and also owner. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? We owe our growth to the references which have been provided by our customers. Some of our biggest growth has happened due to positive references from our customers and that’s why our organization with almost zero sales investments has managed to double our growth every year, just because of the positive word of mouth marketing that we get through our customers. We are very thankful to them for such gestures. • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views Constant Vigilance is required but what needs to be monitored is very critical. For us our strong allegiance to our core values ‘Continuous Learning’ ‘Unwavering Ethics’ & ‘Focused Thought Leadership is very important. If we are learning, ensuring that we are sticking to ethical value delivery, and are constantly focussed then everything else can be taken care of. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? We have always focused on doing better every day and our motto is to constantly evolve and try to overcome our limitations and that has been of tremendous help for us to flourish. We are competing with our own limits so the challenge is ever-existent and fun to overcome.

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46 August 2020

Haven’t you signed a family internet usage agreement yet? T

he COVID-19 forced the world to be sited at home. During the lockdown, the screen time of many increased exponentially. Moreover, there are no limits on internet usage. Whether it was online games, net surfing, watching series, spending time on social media, or spending time online, the internet was overused. So to limit internet usage, some families are entering into internet agreements with each other at home. This agreement is used to limit Internet access. Internet agreements are made to limit Internet usage. In this, a particular form is filled. All the members of the household sign it after reading the terms on that form. Those terms are agreed upon only after discussions with the members of the household. This agreement sheet is then placed in front of the living room where it can be seen easily. So that the attention of the members should be paid while working in the house and the terms should not be forgotten.

This Internet usage sheet is a form of contract. How many hours a day will you use the internet in it? What will it be used for? How long will it take to go online on social media? What kind of post? These types of questions are included in those forms. Each member had to write an answer to the question and sign it. Attempts are made to comply with its terms. The internet is an effective weapon. An agreement is reached to find out how to use it. The agreement is used to bring transparency to Internet use. Penalties are imposed for breaking a contract. This includes simple punishments such as not using the internet for a few hours or days or not using gadgets. These punishments are not just related to internet use. In some families, housework is also punished. The main purpose behind it is to discipline the children. Attempts are being made to make this punishment interesting. Many say that the Internet agreement is useful to control acts such as cyberbullying and trolling.

Also, through the family internet agreement, adults get known to if their child using the internet for the wrong purpose. This prevents misuse of the Internet. Currently, the concept of digital parenting is coming up. Digital parenting is about enabling kids to choose what is good and what is bad on a digital platform. This involves making sure that the child does not use the Internet to do wrong things, or that he or she does not come into contact with inaccurate or obscene information while using the Internet. Internet contracting plays an important role in digital parenting. This keeps a close eye on children’s internet usage. Contracts teach you how to impose restrictions or limits on yourself. This benefits the future. It helps to know how to use the internet by following the rules. This will definitely lead to a generation that uses internet consciously. Remember, humans created technology to do the right things at right time, not to get addicted to erroneous things on it!

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COVID-19 Impact on Operationalization of Analytics Mike Steward, Principal | Chief Digital Ofcer Analytical Wizards Situation

Unmet need

Business disruption from COVID19 has rocked every industry. This disruption to pharmaceutical and Lifesciences industries has redefined and accelerated trends that were activated but moving slowly. The use of digital and technology transformation both, have typically taken a more selfpaced approach, with each organization setting their own timeline. Enterprise level shifts are complex, take immense planning, and are often not swift to completion. The use of data and analytics was growing in the industry prior to COVID-19 disruptions. However, engagement was nowhere near what was instantly needed when the pandemic hit. Both Technology and data analytics will be critical to the success of organizations going forward.

For many pharmaceutical companies, the infrastructure and resources were not in place to handle the speed to which changes needed to be made. All areas of the business were impacted, including supply chain, sales, marketing, market access, and medical affairs. An almost instant change to business as usual created an urgent need to understand and re-evaluate business strategies.

48 August 2020

The role of data and the ability to use the data to gain insights quickly, became increasingly vital. Many companies just weren’t prepared to move as quickly as the business disruption was changing the course of business. New unmet needs emerged. Speed to insights, efficiencies, scale, and agility were now more critical than ever. The need to predict what would happen

next, increased in urgency. Like a new dawn, realization that we could do much better rolled across the industry. We saw new partnerships emerge as the industry embraced the urgency to find a vaccine. We saw new processes implemented to share valuable data that could assist in the development of a vaccine. And we are seeing an awakening of how powerful data analytics can be, in providing the foundation of business decision making. Learnings One of the biggest opportunities in our industry is the real-time operationalization of analytics. This accounts for three main areas: 1. Data readiness for on-demand analytics which includes consolidation of big data (claims, EMR/EHR, lab, etc.), promotional

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Mike Steward serves a dual role as Principal as well as Chief Digital Officer at Analytical Wizards. He has over 18 years of experience in Strategic Consulting, Research, Commercial Analytics and Digital Analytics. Mike previously held roles at Indegene, Targetbase, Merkle, and comScore, where his experience Included Life Sciences, Retail and Insurance.

activity (marketing, salesforce, etc.), descriptive data (segments, customer information, etc.), and advanced analytics feedback (channel propensity, messaging impact, promotional cadence impact, etc.) into an analytics ecosystem that is well beyond a data repository. This analytics ecosystem approach allows for speed to market of advanced analytics including repeatable analytic needs like forecasting, promotion mix, market and competitor analysis, customer experience and customer journey mapping, sales force optimization, scenario planning as well as advanced data science and AI / ML algorithm applications. 2. Deploying platforms and analytic engines to drive advanced analytic scale. This is the natural next step to transition scheduled, point-in-time analyses into realtime insights that shape marketing and sales initiatives. This allows for consistency of recurring analytics while freeing time from advanced analytics resources to solve new business needs. For instance, why are we only measuring promotional impact once a year vs. as activities are taking place? Why does it take weeks to do promotional scenario 50 August 2020

planning when a market event takes place? These are perfect examples of where a systematic platform approach would greatly improve business impact. 3. Linking analytic outputs to CRM platforms to ensure actionability. Most in our industry are using static business rules for promotional delivery which are already dated by the time they are deployed. However, the abovementioned data readiness as well as scaling of advanced analytics allows for real-time inputs (segmentation shifts, promotional impact, promotional affinity, messaging impact, channel cadence / frequency, etc.). This information allows for true personalization of how we engage with our customers (HCPs, patients, caregivers, etc.) along their journey. Maturity of the three areas above cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. This requires a tight team working to the same business outcomes across analytics, marketing, sales operations, IT, and the right innovation analytic partners. Analytical Wizards (AW) is an advanced analytics consulting

company focused on the Life Sciences industry. In partnership with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and other Life Sciences companies, Analytical Wizards utilizes technology for data analytics, providing speed, efficiencies, scale, and data visualization. With technology enablement, AW data scientists employ state-of-the-art analytic models, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning) applications. Analytical Wizards’ teams integrate commercial life science expertise with data scientists to provide an unmatched level of support to clients. th

In their 5 year, Analytical Wizards is currently working with 15+ partners across 30 countries. Recognized recently by INC Magazine for ranking in the top 25% of the INC5000 fastest growing private companies, by CIO as one of the top 25 Predictive Analytics Solutions Provider and by Retail Tech, as a leader in Artificial Intelligence utilization. Please visit the AW website at www.analyticalwizards.com to learn more about their offerings and insights, or reach out to info@analtyicalwizards.com for more information.

AsiaPay enables merchants to securely accept most popular digital payment methods from credit cards, internet banking and more on a single platform.




Country operations and payment processing.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006 and certiď€ ed 3-D Secure vendor.

Anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready, real-time consolidated reports, big data.




Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers.

High service uptime of 99.9%+ and high performance.

Local account and risk operation support as well as 24x7 technical support in 15+ countries and regions.


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Sunil Gupta CEO & Director 52 August 2020

INNOVAL DIGITAL SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD Value Delivered through Innovation


he industry has changed a lot with time and technology. Technology has taken over the traditional way of business processing with a resulted boost in productivity. In all these years the only constant thing is SAP. SAP-based applications are making business processes smooth since long. Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading name in the SAP solutions landscape. Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd is empowering businesses with their cutting edge and comprehensive technology offerings. In an interview with Mr. Sunil Gupta, CEO, and Director of the company let’s discover their journey since inception and more about their quality offerings

was involved in several key technology initiatives of IT strategy, standardization of technology, applications, and infrastructure across various factories, businesses, and offices of the company. SAP was also one of my major activities. Way back in 1995, some of the Germans approached me to start up an offshore company focused on SAP for serving the European market. This was the beginning and I took the risk. TechnoPark based in Trivandrum was selected to be the location for setting up the company. Even though language, culture, and familiarity of Kerala were a challenge, I was extremely impressed with the world-class infrastructure, talent availability, costs of operations, and quality of life.

• Tell us about your journey. It has been an interesting journey for me with respect to starting-up, selling, and re-acquiring - IVL. I was working with Siemens and

Within, a short span of time, we were able to recruit, train, expand, and started delivering cutting edge solutions to the customers in Germany.

The business from Germany was constant and didn’t grow; hence I started looking for other geographies. India was a logical choice, and SAP ERP was being implemented in a few large companies in 1997. Being already present, we worked on several SAP implementations in India. This also gave us a good understanding of the functionality gap that was existing in SAP for Indian customers, especially in the areas of statutory compliance, taxation, and international trade areas. I always wanted to develop products and saw the opportunity to develop Add-on for SAP for this functional gap, to address the pain points of India enterprises. The product was named OptiSuite, certified by SAP, and became a huge success and implemented in a large number of companies in India. Around 1998, SAP India was formed and we participated in developing the India version for SAP. We also worked on extensive consulting opportunities with SAP

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labs and other implementation partners across the globe. Fast forward in 2008, I sold the company to US-based company Collabera – which was later called Brillio. As they say, the world is round, in July 2018, I got the opportunity to buy-back the company from Brillio. During the same time, I also acquired two other company's businesses called Saturn systems and HBS. All the three were merged into what we called now as Innoval Digital Solutions (IVL 2.0) The mandate and plan for this new avatar are to help companies in large scale digital transformation solutions, building intelligent enterprises using SAP and digital technologies. IVL is an SAP partner since the last 25+ years; developing SAP-based certified add-on products and providing various application management services. Over several years of participation in more than 2800+ SAP projects, acquired extensive experience in providing solutions, services, and support of SAP customers of leading corporates in the majority of industry verticals. IVL has helped more than 350+ companies in India in providing Certified SAP Add-on products for statutory compliance and documentation. These products are part of OptiSuite 10, which has received its 14th year of certification and the latest version was launched in SAP TechED 2018 at Bangalore. IVL has built large competency in Cloud technologies, building Fiori apps, HANA database application 54 August 2020

that can help various organizations for migration, extension, and building solutions using SAP Cloud Platform (SCP-ABAP), Advance compliance reporting platform (ACR), SAP ECC, S/4HANA or S/4HANA cloud version.

experience in running a business. I was a young technocrat, buzzing with the latest technologies knowledge only but quickly started learning nuances of functions of sales, finance, admin, HR, and so on…

We are also one of the first companies in the world that participated in the global Early adopter program of SAP Cloud platform using ABAP stack and has built a large scale product on the SAP Cloud Platform. These cloudbased products will help all the organizations to keep the digital core system running SAP ECC or on-prem undisturbed while allowing the organization to continuously innovate and digitally transform their process using SAP cloud technologies. This approach also helps in the fast deployment of new technologies like AI/ML/NLP and IOT and seamlessly integrating/extending their core ERP processes.

Had a tough time to navigate various government permissions, licenses, data communication link, and bureaucratic hurdles. The capital was also scarce and retaining talent with trained SAP knowledge was the most difficult part, but over time, we became the preferred company to work for!

• What inspired you to start the company? I come from a professionally qualified family, which was primarily in services. But I belong to the business community, the business is in blood and I always wanted to start some business. The trigger point of jumping into entrepreneurial bandwagon was that urge to do different and also quick saturation in the corporate world and underlying politics. • What were the initial challenges and struggles? The initial challenges and struggles are a long list. From the competency angle, I had no prior

• What are the products and services of the company? Can you tell us about some of your key products? We have developed digital products primarily on SAP platforms and technologies. These products address the key areas of statutory compliance, taxation, and international trade areas. Some of the flagship products are OptiGST, OptiEway bill, OptiEinvoice, OptiEXIM & OptiSign. • How do you focus on making data processing easier? Our focus is on building a simple, integrated solutions/products for customers to seamlessly work through their normal business process and compliance process. These are simpler to operate using the same user interface and the customer doesn’t need much training to use our products. The other salient feature is that the data resides in your own landscape, secured, and communicates with the external system of Govt portals.

• What are the advantages of SAP over its competitors? Today, SAP is an undisputed leader in the business application and platform market. World’s more than 70% of the business transactions flow through the SAP system. SAP has very large installed based on more than 450,000 customers worldwide and available for large industry verticals. • Why would you prefer SAP over others? SAP has been the visionary in the business application domain for more than 40 years and has built various best business practices in the product. The product is robust, high quality, and customizable to the majority of the industries. Most important is that SAP provides platforms and technologies to further build, enhance, and extend core processes not existing in the standard version. This gives opportunities to the company likes us to provide innovative solutions on the top of SAP platform In India itself, SAP has been implemented in more than 10,000 customers and still growing. • How do you think the industry is evolving? The industry has evolved over the years from transactional-based automation to open systems, collaborative, a network of networks using intelligent and cloud technologies. The current applications need to be open, scalable and should be able to integrate seamlessly with other systems using services and API based architecture.

• How do you propose to build a strong team? What makes it unique? This has always been our strength and a key pillar of success. Our model of the building team is primarily – ground-up approach. We recruit the best and brightest young talent and train in-house groom them to our various technologies, products, and domains of business. This is unique as it fits 100% needs of our company and the team needs not to unlearn and then learn new things! • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? By education, I am an electronics engineer with management qualifications from Symbiosis and IIM. I started my career with TELCO (now called TATA Motors) in 1993. Initial years, I worked in designing, development, and building microprocessor-based industrial automation products. Later on, I got a chance to switch over the systems departments. There I got exposure in building Burroughs, VAX mainframe-based applications for planning, manufacturing for machine tool division. In 1989, I got an opportunity to work at Siemens – Organisation & Information processing department. Here I had set up data centers, implemented large scale information systems, part of the global standardization team of IT. I was visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Management – IIM Kozhikode from 1999-2010. I conceptualized, designed, and taught various subjects to the students.

I was a key advisory member of the Kerala Govt IT task force and help state in various IT initiatives and bringing outside investors. During the last 6-7 years, I have invested, mentored a large number of start-ups. • Are you looking at the glass half empty or half full? Please share your views on how far the industry has come and what more is to come. I am looking at the industry as half empty and thereby give us still huge opportunities in the sector. I feel that company that provides digital products that can be quickly adaptable to changing business model; facilitating innovation and business insights will have good potential. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? a) Started an entrepreneurial journey at an early age b) Build a software products company c) Created brand and monopoly in the market d) Quickly changed, de-risked business model e) Thought leadership in some of the domains f) Skilling, training and building competent teams g) Great place to work.

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56 August 2020

Keep them organized for a better outcome


deas! They may occur no matter what time it is, where you are, or with who you are. If one doesn’t try to become a good host for ideas and treat them well, they might get disappointed and don't work for you! Keeping your ideas organized is as much needed as oregano on pizza. An idea is not yours until you make it into an action or make legal documentation. Before taking an action on a particular idea, there are many phases involved like brainstorming, planning and etc. While working on an idea many other ideas might occur to you. Focusing on a particular idea is a must as well ignoring other ideas won’t help. And here the importance of organizing your ideas properly shows up. The Digital revolution has changed the scenario of our research. Whatever comes in our mind, we just Google it and save the webpage or bookmark it. It becomes tough to find a particular webpage from hundreds of saved,

on which you got an idea. If you prepare a neatly named and organized spreadsheet to save all those links it may help you a lot while working on. The use of an internet-connected platform to store your ideas is the best possible way to get them at any moment whenever you need them. You make use of Google docs, Google sheets, and Google drive by creating different folders in it. If you keep all your ideas alongside your work, they might become messiah if you get stuck in a problem. There are many paid as well as paid web-based project management systems like ‘Workzone’ that are available in the market that can help you to do so. Labeling your ideas is a vital thing to make it easy. Inspirational, Activities for Team, Advertising, Marketing, Business expansion and etc are some examples to label your ideas.

becomes easy to take out a notebook and get your idea where you have noted it down, anytime, anywhere. On a paper-based system, one can paste newspaper or magazine cuttings to store ideas. The most important thing is reviewing your ideas. If you are a creative person you come across many ideas at every moment. This can fill up your notebook fully as well create hundreds of spreadsheets. Just noting down or saving your ideas won’t profit unless you review them. For this, you need to schedule a review time for all your ideas. For example, if you have a month full of ideas and free time, the readout to them at the end of the month is a must. This can be parted shortly in weeks or days. Also, a quick look at idea book in a free time like traveling or etc. can help you a lot.

Many of us still love the traditional paper-based storage of memories. It

Keep thinking! Keep innovating!! We don’t know if it increases the lifetime, but we definitely know it helps to live a happier life.

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