The Most Disruptive MedTech Solution Providers in 2020

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Medtech – Saving lives by making impossible possible Human being is moving faster towards materialistic happiness. As a result, unprecedented progress has been made in this era of technology. New inventions are being made day by day. Humans are conquering diseases with the power of intelligence. Innovators have made the impossible possible and impossible achievable. With the help of science and modern digital technologies, treatment of many incurable diseases has been possible. Science has made remarkable progress in the field of medicine. Science has made it possible today which humans could not even imagine before. Several machines can provide a perfect diagnosis of patients. What a wonderful technology that has been developed by science. In the Covid-19 pandemic, Medtech has saved the lives of millions across the globe. In this special issue of The Enterprise World magazine, The most disruptive Medtech solution Providers in 2020 we bring to you stories of such Medtech solution providers that transmogrified the sector with their most differentiated and cognitively ahead modern solutions. Featuring for the Cover Story is Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. Innomed is an innovative medical device company headquartered in Suzhou, China with a research and development center in Irvine, California, and many other operations in various cities in China. Medical Technology is something that has brought about a tremendous revolution in the medical field. Read out an interview with Cécile VIENNEY, President and CEO of Hyprevention, to discover about the technological revolution in the field of medicine and how Hyprevention is propelling innovation in it. Recent inventions and innovations have given way to much progress in cancer treatment. According to a report, cancer deaths have dropped to as much as 1.8% for men, 1.4% for women, and 1.4% for children due to better treatments and prevention. Early detection of cancer, better preventive measures, and advanced treatments have made this possible. In our special editorial segment, read out about Recent Inventions In Cancer Care Treatment In USA. Effective communication is critical to creating frictionless healthcare experiences for patients, families, and care teams. A single gap in the chain can impact patient care and safety as well as the well-being of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers. In our magazine profiles segment, get known to Vocera Communications Inc. Improving the lives of patients, families, and care team members by simplifying clinical workflows, reducing cognitive overload, and increasing safety is the mission of Vocera Communications Inc. Vocera was founded in 2000 by three entrepreneurs and co-workers looking for a better way to connect and collaborate. What they did forever changed the way people communicate in hospitals and other mission-critical environments. There is much more inside! Happy Reading, Stay Safe!

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In the Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World magazine, The Most Disruptive Medtech Solution Providers in 2020 features, Featuring for the Cover Story is Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. Innomed is an innovative medical device company headquartered in Suzhou, China with a research and development center in Irvine, California, and many other operations in various cities in China. Hyprevention was founded in France in 2010, to develop innovative implantable medical devices for the orthopedic surgery in order to address bone fragility. Read an Interview with Cécile VIENNEY, President and CEO of Hyprevention, and know more about the technological revolution in the field of medicine and how Hyprevention is propelling innovation in it. Picosun Group is the leading provider of AGILE ALD® (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating technology for semiconductor, medical and other industries. Their customer base includes some of the world's most prominent companies in microelectronics and photonics manufacturing and they also provide cutting-edge R&D ALD solutions to the world’s leading universities and research institutes.

Read an interview with the company’s CEO Jussi Rautee, and know more about Picosun Group. Vocera Communications was founded in 2000 by three entrepreneurs and co-workers looking for a better way to connect and collaborate. Improving the lives of patients, families and care team members by simplifying clinical workflows, reducing cognitive overload, and increasing safety is the mission of Vocera Communications Inc. Vocera has been leading the way in voice technology for more than 20 years, striving to simplify workflows and improve the day-to-day lives of our customers and the people they serve. Some of the technologies the company originally embraced, like wireless and speech recognition, are now becoming mainstream. WINTECARE is the first international network for physiotherapy that helps therapists to become leaders in their working field/working environment: Their value proposition is based on three pillars: Physical therapy device inhouse designed to enhance manual skills and experience; Personalized training and a community of therapists from all over the world helping each other to keep-up with their skills. Simone Binda with his two partners founded WINTECARE.

Cover Story

Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd.


Producing Quality Medical Devices Business Story




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Innovative Implantable Medical Devices Business Story


Vocera Communications


Leading the Way in Voice Technology

Picosun Group Agile ALD Solutions


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Life Saving Tech Recent Inventions In Cancer Care Treatment In USA


Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. Producing Quality Medical Devices

08 | October 2020


| Cover Story


n implant is a medical device that is used to replace the missing biological structure in the body. When an organ fails to perform the natural biological function it is supposed to, people turn to implants. It is important that these medical devices are of the highest quality, because your bodily functions depend on them. Finding a company that promises the best quality medical devices can be an issue for some people. But not anymore! Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s The Most Disruptive MedTech Solution Providers in 2020 is Suzhou Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. Innomed is an innovative medical device company headquartered in Suzhou, China with a research and development center in Irvine, California and many other operations in various cities in China.

The Journey When a team of veterans with extensive experience in medical device development and discovery, advanced implantable materials, product design and evaluation, manufacturing process optimization, and regulatory implementation comes together, what you get out of them is no less than a miracle. The company was established in 2013 by Xiaoyan Gong, PhD, CEO and President and ever since has been able to design, develop, and complete the functional and biocompatibility testing required to launch various interventional cardiovascular and peripheral products. 10 | October 2020

But before designing the products that are today providing superb life caring to humanity, it is important to understand the set of challenges the team had to overcome before becoming the trusted partner they are today. From choices of products, development of a solid business plan, creation of working initial device models, establishment of a strong technical and clinical advisory teams and fund raising were just some of the challenges in their journey of success. Subsequently, Innomed expanded the business by developing functional testing methods and apparatuses, strengthening quality/regulatory team, and transitioning from R&D and testing services into massive product manufacturing. Innomed is a company that was persuaded by the fast growing China medical device market and the economy globalization. The angel investor and venture capital firms provided enough fund for company to transit from a value added OEM manufacturer into a R&D driving medical device manufacturer in late 2014. Ever since, Innomed has developed several innovative Endovascular devices made from braided Nitinol with unique delivery system and outstanding clinical performance. In the meanwhile, InnoMed developed several special guide wires that received both FDA and

CFDA approval competing with the best in class in the market today. Their new manufacturing facility in Wuxi is under construction and will help the company to market these guide wires globally. In addition, their diversified R&D pipeline will help the company to grow its business into this large market both in China and globally. The chart below perfectly sums up the company’s milestones.

Success is something that cannot be measured, it is something that reflects. The hard work put behind it, the continuous mind-scratching to deliver the best and sustain even when things seem a little off the hook is what reflects success. And the leaders of Innomed would more than agree to this, because their path to success was somewhat similar. The management leadership of Innomed believed in transparency, creativity, quality of work, patient safety and efficacy in mind, hardworking while having fun and helping each other. Their interaction with the frontline practicing doctors helped them understand their need, their analysis of the market need and continuous improvement of the product pushed them to achieve their desired results.



We have extensive expertise and experience in designing and processing various Nitinol-based products with a focus on wire braided stent to address unmet clinical needs. R&D-lab


Training-room-workshop | 11

| Cover Story



We are condent that all these products will be of great benets to our patients and physicians. Peripheral-stent-system

Inno-hydrowire-guidewire 12 | October 2020


The Products and Services Let us now understand the product range of Innomed, how their products are changing the lives of people. Innomed offers a family of guide wires and other products including braided self-expanding stent systems for the treatment of occlusive arterial diseases. Innomed’s guide wire products have received regulatory approval in both U.S. and China. If these guide wires receive positive feedbacks from front line physicians it is expected that they will provide cash flow in the very near future for company growth. Meanwhile, several other uniquely designed guide wires for transcatheter aortic valve replacement and neuro applications are under development and being tested for regulatory approvals. Innomed’s Inno-Spring stent system has won the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016, due to its “graceful appearance, simple and reasonable structure, and optimum material fit along with its flexibility, bending and corrosion resistance, durability, and a wire throughout the Inno-Spring stent is clearly visible in a radiograph. Same platform has born a venous stent aiming for iliac vein with a new innovative delivery system that can redeploy the stent during operation. Furthermore, Innomed offers a Quick Fenestrater device to address in-situ fenestration for complex aortic arch aneurysm, a severe vascular condition that entails a high risk of rupture and serious

complication to patient safety. The stent can be accurately positioned during penetration and ensures that the puncture hole is in the center of the branch vessel. The device’s flexible hollow needle can also be adjusted to adapt to different lumen and vessels, such as the common carotid artery and the subclavian arteries. Quick Fenestrator device was firstly used in a case of a 46year-old female patient, who was diagnosed with a rare aortic arch aneurysm combined with coarctation that posed a high risk of rupturing. Dr.Lefeng Qu and his team from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital performed a percutaneous balloon angioplasty and thoracic endovascular aortic repair to exclude the aneurysm with the help of Innomed’s novel in-situ fenestration device to revascularize the covered left common carotid artery. The patient was safely released shortly after the operation and remained healthy. High-quality products are vital to Innomed as this is what distinguishes the company from its competitors. In fact, this is the company’s unswerving goal. Committed to continuous improvement, Innomed continues to develop innovative interventional and implantable medical devices, which help save lives. To date, Innomed has filed more than 70 patents, with over 30 has been issued. In addition to InnoMed’s OEM services, InnoMed’s Suzhou Medical Implant Mechanics Co. Ltd. provides a third party independent technical services focus on durability assessment and product evaluation.

Innomed has a strong pipeline of products based on their unique braided Nitinol stent system platform, various guide wires range from coronary, neuro, structural heart, and other unique OEM products, alone with strong processing and testing capabilities. The market responses to the guide wires are very positive internationally that their current focus keens on building and qualifying a large volume manufacturing facility of 30,000 sqft in Wuxi, China. Their stent systems have very positive followups from earlier research clinical studies.The team will continue their clinical studies on their SFAPopliteal stent, Inno-Spring, and the venous stent Inno-Xmart. The company’s quality policy includes: We produce high quality products to patients and provide high quality services to customers for saving and sustaining lives. High quality products and services are vital to Innomed as this is what distinguishes us from others. In fact, sustaining a high standard of excellence across all our products and services is the unswerving goal of our company. A firm commitment to continuous improvement: In today’s competitive business environment, perseverance and quality are necessary factors for success. These attributes are upheld and preached by the management team at Innomed. | 13

| Cover Story

Dr. Gong- Leading the Way

experiences in medical devices combine of basic research, product development, and quality. 3 of top management teams’ own doctorate technical degrees from the prestige universities in US and more than ten (10) engineers with master degrees from top technical universities in China.

The Team

“Provide clarity and vision to the Dr. Gong entered medical device entire organization as how we all industry in 1998 as a senior design can work together to bring success analyst for a Swiss prosthetic heart and growth to our short and longvalve company in Austin, Texas, term business.” Sulzer Carbomedics. He applied the concept of “Design by It is the duty of the leader to build a Analysis” into the fast design successful and growing screening and helped design organization, do the best to hire engineers to make the fastest Dr. Gong started a consulting firm, decision at the best knowledge “Medical Implant Mechanics LLC” employees with the right chemistry, attitude, and be able to accept through quantitative evaluations in August 2006 to address the responsibilities and accountability either from mechanical principal industrial need of durability based for their work and based analytical actions. solutions or computations. Later in October Dr. Gong makes sure 2000, he was to encourage the team invited to join to constantly think out Nitinol Device and of the box to both Our key achievements are that of building Components, A improve their product a competitive team to successfully execute Johnson and innovations as well as our mission as “Produce high quality products Johnson Company improving their own for excellent life care”, built aliens with (J&J). Where he skills and experiences. universities, frontline doctors and hospitals helped launched He has also for innovative product development. many Nitinol encouraged them to based constantly improve interventional their project medical devices management skills to such as Vena Cava be more effective and product design optimization, filters, first generation peripheral productive in their daily activities material fatigue and device stents and stented graft systems and durability testing and fatigue safety with a stress-free working worked his way up to principal environment. computations. It was welcomed by engineer. After departure from both industry giants and many J&J, he started to build companies “Our philosophy is to develop start-ups. Quickly he was exposed from founding the Medical Implant innovative medical devices and to many new products and Mechanics LLC in August 2000 in innovative teams to learn the trends OEM and other services to drive San Francisco Bay Area to launch the market with strict quality of the industry and the processes of Suzhou InnoMed Medical Device assurance, high-quality services, how to launch the products from Co. Ltd. InJanuary2013. Today, concepts. Innomed has helped them and high-tech products for the InnoMed has a few affiliated benefits of our patients and to launch the products in US and companies operating in both China customers.” benefited from the consulting and in USA. business to-date that their visions are widened and the goals are The top 5 management team clearer than ever. members at Innomed each have more than twenty 20 years

14 | October 2020

Xiaoyan Gong CEO & President | 15

| Business Story


edTech is an evolving market and has given rise to several companies over the years. Sustainability lies in innovation. It becomes your job to provide your clients with something that has never been heard of or done. And when you enter a market space that is pretty new, you have abundant opportunities to do so! Taking advantage of these opportunities, Simone Binda with his two partners founded WINTECARE.

• Physical therapy device in-house designed to enhance manual skills and experience; • Personalized training; • A community of therapists from all over the world helping each other to keep-up with their skills; “We support therapists to express their full potential in order to obtain the best possible clinical result with each of their patients.” The company is based in Switzerland with a global team. Cutting Through the Complexity

WINTECARE is the first international network for physiotherapy that helps therapists to become leaders in their working environment: Their value proposition is based on three pillars:

16 | October 2020

The biggest challenge the team faced was to build up enough credibility around their new brand to become a point of reference within the rehabilitation industry in the shortest time possible with a reasonable budget. WINTECARE

is a relatively new brand made of a small team but in 5 years they were able to consolidate relationships with huge enterprises and highly demanding organizations. What they do supporting Nike athletes around the world is a good example but they also have some good connections in soccer being for instance official supplier of Manchester City FC and providers of many other important clubs and franchisee. They have clients even within the NBA. The reason why WINTECARE is able to gain progressively new room in the markets is that each new client of theirs recognizes in the people of the team a specific knowledge which he didn't find elsewhere. The team is now running a digitalisation project aimed at making their team’s


know-how available on-line. This is a key factor to scale the business which - so far - has been pretty much related to physical presence. Nothing Succeeds Like Success! Technology changes rapidly and it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a competitive advantage just based on one patent or on a “once-in-a-while innovation”. As long as their technology remains a booster of people skills and as long as they will be able to feed those skills, WINTECARE will be perceived as different from other Physicaltherapy technology providers. WINTECARE sells their technologies in 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America; they were among the TOP20 European Solution Provider in 2018 according to MedTech magazine; they cooperate with 3 universities in Switzerland and Spain for their research projects; the firm counts around 6 millions views every year on their social media; the team attends dozens of international events each year including: World Athletics Championships, Scientific Conferences and Olympics; Hundreds of sports teams and


athletes use their technologies including (clubs) in Serie A, Premier League, NBA, Turkish Super Lig and LaLiga teams; they cooperate with Over 50 international lecturers to produce relevant contents to the clients. The Products and Services WINTECARE is focused on two types of physical therapy devices: focal vibration and electromagnetic-energy-transfer which respectively act on the neuromuscular system and on the peripheral circulatory system. With respect to training courses they are focused on three main fields: rehabilitation, performance and body conditioning. More precisely: a. V-Plus (focal vibration) is just 4kg, can apply 150% of the force applied by other similar devices and it is practically silent. These features together provide huge benefits in terms of versatility, transportability and even more important effectiveness.Normally focal vibration devices weights 50 kilograms, they are noisy and pretty difficult to apply; b. T-Plus (energy transfer) is the most powerful device within the

market in terms of actual energy that can be transferred to the body tissues without side effects for the patient. In few words it allows to transfer the highest amount of energy within the time-unit without skin overheat and rebound effects (pretty common in other devices of the same category). This feature reduces the amount of time needed to achieve those body responses needed by the therapist to reach good clinical results; c. WINTECARE’S training is different because it is tailor made for the client. At the same time they can share know how from a team of over 50 lecturers worldwide which are interconnected with their clients through their networking events (offline and online). WINTECARE has three sources of information for product development: d. systematic review of scientific bibliography, e. clinical data gathering towards key clients using their products, f. An internal research lab for product-concept testing. | 17


Once they are able to identify a solution that (potentially) can improve clinical results in a field of interest they check the idea within their network, they test the product concept in the lab and - if everything fits expectations – the team starts with the product development process which normally takes 18 months. The team is working to reduce their time-to-market to 12 months but having to deal with strict medical certification processes it is not a task relying just on their efficiency. Market changes are happening more and more often and pushing companies to adapt regulations take time to follow. Innovation is the Key V-Plus is WINTECARE’S latest innovations. It shall be available starting from October 2020. They 18 | October 2020

Team at World Atheletics Championships Doha 2019

have recently received the final certification as medical product class IIA and have just started promoting it. It is a break-through innovation within the focal vibration category. This technology has a huge potential when dealing with any kind of neuromuscular disorders where the capacity to “train” the communication between the brain and the peripheral nervous system is required. In few minutes of application V-Plus allows the central nervous system to acquire better control of each motor-unit potentially available within the targeted muscle group. In the short term it provides significant effects for better muscle control, strength and power. In the long terms it helps in dealing with the rehabilitation after serious neuromuscular diseases and traumatic events. Post-surgery, post-ictus, rehabilitation after

partial spine damage are among the fields of application. Within the Sport environment, V-Plus improves training results and can be used to increase training loads. The Work Culture “Team building is our first big achievement.” In these years WINTECARE has brought together a team of international professionals who within their fields- can compete successfully in terms of clinical results with any “guru” available worldwide. The team is pretty proud of their brand as well. Starting from an office of 15 square meters, in five years they have turned into a point of reference in the industry.

BUILT TO BREAK THROUGH Available in Men’s, Women’s, and kid’s

| The power of AI


he use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medical Diagnosis is heading towards replacing realmedicine workers and transform medicine. The appearance of novel and more advanced solutions is now observed every year. This undoubtedly provides an entire slew of advantages such as reduced time in reaching a diagnosis, which helps medical workers in prioritizing cases of the patient. At present, there is already an adequate number of successful developments. Deep learning and AI can analyze a lot more cases and elements as compared to the livehealth workers. Precisely, we are now able to use AI for medical imaging, drug development, and genome research. A large number of information can be analyzed by the AI-based devices as they are faster than humans to learn and make decisions accordingly. Let’s find out what does it mean by reviewing and looking at some of the startups and recent developments. Deep Learning & AI: Current Status and Perceptions in Medicine The Medical intuition is one of the most important things in medical practice. Whenever a patient makes a doctor visit, the doctor just by looking and asking few questions understands the patient’s problem and diagnose the disease. Medical intuition is when a doctor 20 | October 2020

Artificial Intelligence In Medical

Health uses his in-built neural network. A doctor has an experience in analyzing an adequate number of cases, which makes him capable in identifying a few additional factors. This helps the doctor in narrowing down the right solution space. Lastly, the doctor comes to suppositions, which is considered as a possible diagnosis. Is Medical Intuition Inferior than AI? Medical intuition is an automatic thing that can be achieved better by

an automated machine. There is no doubt that machines can better formulate some diagnoses. Let’s take a look at the most pre-eminent cases by using top recent medical field startups as a model. Ada This service allows to give recommendations and directly communicate with a person. It is a medical application that communicates with the patient, and asks them about their complaints and symptoms. The application

novel drugs were introduced. This startup creates AI, which aids in the creation of novel drugs, and helps in studying the mechanisms of aging. Aira This San Diego-based startup helps visually impaired and blind people “see” the world. The company does this by combining the capabilities of AI and the human body in smart glasses or an application. The AI development of the company named Chloe is still in its initial phase of capabilities. Simple tasks such as reading instructions from the drug package can be performed easily by Chloe.

Diagnosis On The Road To Better

hcare responds by giving recommendations such as suggesting best doctor, and also offers remote consultation.

using this software for detecting cancer. The technology will advance over time and the accuracy will improve.

Lunit Nearly 20% of breast and lung cancer goes overlooked in the diagnosis. A South Korean-based startup, Lunit is developing 3D visualization and deep learning software to aid in detecting diseases such as airway cancer, which is difficult-to-diagnose. The probability increases to 84% by

Insilico Medicine In modern medicine, creation of new drugs is considered as one of the most significant tasks. In a research laboratory, the development of a single drug costs $ 2.6 billion. In total, nearly $ 150 billion is spent on the process of developing medicine. This was the major reason why in 2014, only 46 This program helps in monitoring the patient’s condition who have formerly undertaken treatment for chronic diseases. This San Francisco based startup raised venture capital investment of 8 million in their initial stage. This application structures the data on the person’s state and recommends by sending the data to a specialist. The system also assists in reminding the dosages and notifies when to visit a doctor. It can be said that Artificial intelligence is transforming the healthcare sector for better medical diagnosis. Moreover, there are several applications in AI for medical care. This means that we have great potential for further development in the healthcare sector. | 21

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Cécile VIENNEY President and CEO

22 | October 2020

Innovative Implantable Medical Devices


edical Technology is an up and coming field. Medical Technology is something that has brought about a tremendous revolution in the medical field. Not just one, but many companies and organizations are a part of this revolution. In this Interview with Cécile VIENNEY, President and CEO of Hyprevention, let us know more about the technological revolution in the field of medicine and how Hyprevention is propelling innovation in it. Tell us about the company. Hyprevention was founded in France in 2010, to develop innovative implantable medical devices for the orthopedic surgery in order to address bone fragility. The idea of bone reinforcement came from Orthopaedic Surgeons. Seeing more and more elderly people coming to their hospitals for hip fracture treatments and any osteoporotic fractures due to aging and growing population, they think on developing unique solutions. After studying the market opportunity and project feasibility, the surgeons and I have created the company together. What were the initial challenges you faced? As new born star-up company, the initial challenge for us was to raise more money than our own investment to support our first product development up to commercialization. Therefore, we met business angels across Europe to convince them on our revolutionary and unique technology. Our financing partners are doctors | 23

| Interview with The Enterprise World

and entrepreneurs. They understand our business in medical devices and the challenges linked to entrepreneurship. They are very supportive since the time they join the founders ‘team.

support from the surgeons who are always interested in innovation leading to clinical benefits to their patients. Also, we provide affordable solutions, that fit in the existing reimbursement coding.

Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

The Products/Services-

Today, it’s clearly the 510(k) clearance that we have received in March 2020 that gives us the best opportunity to growth our company and business. After few years exploring the EU market, the new EU regulation limiting drastically the introduction and even the maintenance for innovative products like ours, we put all our energy and resources to enter the US market and deliver quality products. How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? (You can share the charts/graphs here). As explained above, our market is moving from CE products to FDA510(k) products. We will capitalize on our EU clinical experience, continue to develop our presence in Brazil where we get an ANVISA Licensing, and with our FDA510(k) clearances, we will take the opportunity of any American market from the North to the South. What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? We have the support from our historical investors, we have the 24 | October 2020

What are the products/services the company focuses on?How are your services different from those in the market? Our today focus is the US launch of our device V-STRUT© Vertebral Implant. The V-STRUT© proposes an unique solution on the market, with a pedicle anchorage that is going to significantly improve the clinical performance for vertebral fracture treatment. Moreover, our device is very simple to use and reduces the per-operative complications. Finally, as already said, we have a reasonable pricing positioning, and a very good margin, leading to a win-win-win situation. A win for the patient who will receive the best treatment for their pathology, a win for the payers with an affordable pricing and a win for Hyprevention with good margin. Our second focus is our historical product Y-STRUT® Hip Implant indicated to prevent hip fracture. We have initiated US-FDA-510(k) process and are looking forward to putting it on the market. How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? Our products are developed according to the clinical needs and market needs. The clinical need is identified by reviewing the scientific literature and by talking

to surgeons who are expressing the gaps to be filled based on their daily activity at the hospital. Then, we make sure that these needs correspond to a large population, a sufficient market. That is why we have started by developing Y-STRUT® Hip Implant to prevent hip fracture. Hip fracture is a worldwide public health issue with the growing and aging population. Osteoporosis, leading to hip fracture, is a major burden for the society. Then, we have develop V-STRUT© Vertebral Implant to address an unmet clinical need in the field of vertebral fracture, meaning treat with long term efficacy the fracture (avoid refracture) and prevent adjacent fractures at the upper or lower level of the vertebra, as observed with the products on the market. Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? Our technique is called the STRUTPLASTY. It is the combination of a polymer implant with bone cement. The PEEK polymer we use presents mechanical characteristics close to the normal bone. The STRUTPLASTY aims to reinforce the bone with an anatomical solution, avoiding extra stress. After Y-STRUT® for hip and V-STRUT© for vertebras, there are other bone location that will benefit in the STRUTPLASTY technique. Leadership What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? In the case of medical device

company like Hyprevention, the first responsibility of the entrepreneur is the patient, the customer. We develop quality products with a real clinical need to serve the patients. To do so, we need a strong team : shareholders, able to understand the need of investments prior, an operational team engaged in the product development, and a pool of supporting and skilled surgeons who contribute to the products development. The responsibility of the entrepreneur is to find the right people and any stage, in order to build the best strategy and proceed with the best execution. Can you please brief us about your professional experience? I am a Mechanical Engineer. After several years in different industries, I joined STRYKER Spine where I developed innovative medical devices as Global Program Manager during 10 years. Then, I became Chief Operational Officer at VEXIM, a French start-up, during 2 years. VEXIM was acquired recently by STRYKER Spine for more than $180M. After this tremendous experience, I founded Hyprevention, 10 years ago, to develop the fracture prevention market in hip.


What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? As you say, it’s a journey. Almost, every day is an achievement. My role and my skills become stronger and stronger over the time. That is my real achievement to serve the company I have founded.

Vertebre-implantee | 25

| Business Story

Vocera Communications Leading the Way in Voice Technology 26 | October 2020


ffective communication is critical to creating frictionless healthcare experiences for patients, families and care teams. A single gap in the chain can impact patient care and safety as well as well-being of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers. Improving the lives of patients, families and care team members by simplifying clinical workflows, reducing cognitive overload, and increasing safety is the mission of Vocera Communications Inc. Vocera was founded in 2000 by three entrepreneurs and co-workers looking for a better way to connect and collaborate. What they did forever changed the way people communicate in hospitals and other mission-critical environments. In 2002, the company shipped the first hands-free, voice-controlled Vocera Badge. At the time, yelling down hospital halls, loud overhead paging, and call-and-wait systems with landline phones were the most common modes of care team communication. The Badge made it much easier, faster and quieter to communicate. Vocera has been leading the way in voice technology for more than 20 years, striving to simplify workflows and improve the day-today lives of our customers and the people they serve. Some of the technologies the company originally embraced, like wireless and speech recognition, are now becoming mainstream. Over the last 20 years, the use of speech recognition has evolved tremendously. People’s willingness to use speech as a user interface has become much more common with technology like Alexa and Siri, but

long before these voice assistants, the Vocera Genie enabled mobile workers to connect hands-free to the right person or group with simple voice commands. By the time the one millionth Badge was shipped in 2018, more than 1,400 hospitals and health systems around the world had selected Vocera technologies for care teams to securely text using the company’s smartphone app, make calls with the wearable Badge, and engage patients and families with its care experience solutions. Like its product portfolio, the employee count at Vocera has also grown, with more than 600 employees across the globe in offices located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. In January 2019, Vocera changed mobile communication again with the introduction of the VoceraSmartbadge, a new category of wearable device that combines smartphone usability with unique hands-free voice capabilities. Based on two decades of customer feedback, the award-winning Smartbadge was purpose-built for healthcare. The intuitive mobile device helps improve clinician agility, simplify workflows, reduce interruption fatigue, mitigate cognitive overload, and elevate patient care, safety and experience. Designed with care team wellbeing in mind, the dedicated panic button on the device gives staff members the ability to get help fast with a simple touch of button. Also in 2019, the company launched Vocera Vina, a revolutionary new smartphone application. The customizable

communication app presents prioritized patient-centric calls, secure messages, and alerts in a unified inbox, and provides an intuitive user experience for clinicians inside and outside the hospital. More than 2,100 facilities around the world, including nearly 1,700 hospitals and healthcare facilities, have selected Vocera solutions to enable team members to communicate and collaborate. In addition to healthcare, Vocera is at home in luxury hotels, aged care facilities, retail stores, schools, power facilities, libraries, and more. Vocera solutions make mobile workers safer and more effective by enabling them to connect instantly with other people and access resources or information quickly. PRODUCT/SERVICES Next Standard of PPE Celebrating 20 years of innovation was among the plans for Vocera and its employees in 2020, but ideas of celebration quickly faded as the company, country and the world focused all efforts on responding to and fighting COVID19. Before the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers faced a number of challenges that caused stress, fatigue, cognitive burden, and burnout. Adding to the many occupational risks and stressors was not having enough personal protective equipment (PPE). Every time clinicians put on or take off PPE, there is a chance of contamination. Here is where hands-free, voice-controlled communication is so valuable. | 27

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Clinicians can wear the Vocera Badge or Vocera Smartbadge under their PPE and communicate handsfree without leaving the patient’s bedside. Whether working in a triage tent, the ICU, or an isolation room inside or outside the hospital, care teams members can connect quickly with simple voice commands, while minimizing risk of contamination and preserving valuable PPE. Additionally, the Vocera software platform has been critical for enabling care teams to collaborate by voice, text and intelligent alerting to triage patients quickly and safely. The platform integrates with more than 150 clinical and operational systems, including EHRs, patient monitors, ventilators and more, to enable just-in time communication and quick response times. In many hospitals, the number of isolation rooms is limited. During the height of the COVID-19 crisis, some hospitals were turning board rooms into isolation areas. That’s why, whether a patient tests positive or negative for COVID-19, it is important the assigned nurse and infection prevention specialist are notified immediately for proper triage. A patient who tests negative can be moved out of isolation to make room for another patient. Because the Vocera platform filters and prioritizes information, an alert about a patient’s COVID-19 test results can be automatically pushed from the EHR to the right care team member’s hands-free device, smartphone app, or web console. The intensity of COVID-19 verified once again that clinicians need clear, contextual, just-in-time information at the point of care. 28 | October 2020

solutions with its user community. Incorporating customer feedback throughout the engineering design and development process enables better technology and solutions when and where they are needed the most. During patient surges caused by COVID-19, the company made sure their customers knew they were not alone and that the team of Vocera was there to support them, responding to their changing needs quickly and safely. Vocera Smartbadge

There is no time to be searching for information or struggling to communicate. Information must be pushed to the healthcare team on the go. Clinicians don’t have time to search through complex fields within disparate systems. Safe and effective care requires purposeful communication and meaningful information centered around the patient. Vocera understands this need and provides a platform that does just this, reducing the cognitive burden for healthcare workers on the frontlines. Human-Centered Design Vocera takes a human-centered design approach to developing innovative solutions. It starts with understanding current and potential users in their real-world environments. The company’s clinical executives, engineers, product developers, sales team members and more interview frontline healthcare workers and other users identify the problems that need solving and why. Vocera then gets to work on developing prototypes and sharing potential

Vocera Badge

Vocera’s clinical team performed communication gap assessments remotely and customized plans per facility and situation, and executed on those plans remotely. They offered guidance for and set up urgent group workflows for mobilizing infection control and COVID-19 response teams. One of their customers needed to redesign patient flow in the

emergency department and expand its footprint to accommodate popup locations. Vocera’s clinical team joined them on the phone right away to conduct a series of 30minute interviews with the hospital's physicians, nurses, and administrative staff. With insight into what they needed, the team quickly designed new communication workflows that their deployment teams were able to implement in a matter of days. All of it was done remotely without putting stress on already strained resources at the hospital. Another customer needed to flex capacity by converting single-bed rooms to two-bed rooms. The

Smartbadge Under PPE

customer asked the team if they could create a solution for Vocera devices that would enable patients in isolation to use simple voice commands to communicate with mobile care team members safely and easily from their beds.

teams to build a new capability for use on the Badge on Smartbagde that would do that and more.

The request led their technical | 29

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MARC BENIOFF Experience is the only treasure

30 | October 2020

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32 | October 2020

California earning a Bachelor in Science degree in Business Administration in 1986. He had a knack for computers right from the start and he used to work in a jewellery store to save up for a computer, from which he was fired later on because he used the wrong soap to clean the floor. He sold his first computer application for $75 in high school. He founded Liberty Software company, which dealt in creating and selling games for Atari-8 and other popular video game consoles of the time. By the age of 16, he was already an entrepreneur as his games Escape from Vulcan’s Isle, King Arthur’s Heir, the Nightmare and Crypt of the Undead was published by Epyx Inc. These games earned him a royalty of around $1500 per month which paved the way for his college and the expenses involved. During his college studies, he was highly inspired by Apple founder Steve jobs, did an internship as 'Assembly Language Programmer' for the Macintosh division.

After the above experiences and his fascination and love for software and computers, Marc went ahead and joined Oracle where he worked for around 13 years and that too in various fields ranging from marketing, sales and product development as DON’T BE AFRAID TO GIVE UP well. He in those 13 years of experience in THE GOOD TO GO FOR THE GREAT Oracle not only worked with dedication but also with utmost sincerity and Before Marc started his honesty because of which he was entrepreneurial journey, he had a awarded ‘Rookie of the year’ after lot of experience and 3 years when he was 23. He came qualifications behind him. close to Larry Ellison, founder, executive chairman and CTO of Marc graduated from Burlingame Oracle and became his protégé. High school in 1982, and later he Marc was soon promoted to the attended the University of Southern position of Vice President, making



him the youngest in the company to ever hold this title. He understood the importance of cloud computing and started to understand the loopholes and shortcoming of the same. He then came up with the idea of Salesforce which would provide software access on the web which was a solid idea as companies at that time would be very benefitted by this. It saved the server cost and other maintenance costs, and with advice from his mentor Steve Jobs, he worked ahead and founded in 1999. Marc Benioff later bought time magazine, and very few people know that was gifted by him to Steve Jobs his mentor who helped give his ideas and advice and support which lead to There are a lot of stories around the world and one should always know and read about them as every story has its own teachings and take away. Thus, one should always understand the mentality and the tricks, and skills of working from them as an experience never go waste and anything can be applied in any field and domain. The only restriction from anyone becoming successful is the individual itself, break free and take risks as success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.


here are stories of men, businessmen and then comes the story of legends who revolutionized the world and the world of business. Little do we pay attention to the personality and the dedication, hard work and the unwavering spirit of these individuals. One should always understand that skills, ideas and opportunities may come and go but the most important step towards success is to never stop learning and trying one's best. There are a lot of businessmen who worked a lot of jobs and gained experience which leads them to start a venture of their own and nothing but their experience helped them beat their competitors and carve out a name for themselves in the world. One should always remember that opportunity does not always present itself but can also come in as a disguise, thus one should always look forward to all the things life gives and do their best without looking down or to the side. The story of Marc Benioff, CEO of and owner of Time magazine. His story involves hard work, dedication and success is always the end product when the above three combines. | 33

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LD is a key technology in many industries, without which our fundamental electronics cannot function. Providing ALD Solutions is Picosun Group. In this Interview with the company’s CEO Jussi Rautee, let’s know more about Picosun Group. Tell us about the company. Picosun Group is the leading provider of AGILE ALD® (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating technology for semiconductor, medical and other industries. Our customer base includes some of the world's most prominent companies in microelectronics and photonics manufacturing and we also provide cutting-edge R&D ALD solutions to the world’s leading universities and research institutes. ALD is a key enabling technology in modern semiconductor manufacturing – it can be said that without ALD, we would not have computers, smart phones, wireless communications and industrial automation, but to the medical field, ALD is still a relatively unknown technology. Medical devices and implants typically employ macroscopic coatings made of polymers, metals or ceramics. ALD is an advanced, sophisticated vacuum coating method based on 34 | October 2020

sequential surface reactions between co-reacting gases, so the films it produces are only nanometres thick, they possess the highest uniformity and conformality, and are intrinsically pinhole- and crack-free. Film growth process is digitally repeatable and the film thickness and composition can be controlled down to sub-nanometre level. Several ALD materials are biocompatible and/or bioactive and the coatings can be deposited at moderate temperatures so ALD is ideal for medical devices and implants which often employ temperature- or chemical-sensitive materials and/or microelectronic components.

implanted devices must be protected against them, and vice versa – human body has to be protected against possible rejection reaction caused by the implant and/or possible metal ion leakage from it. This is where ultra-thin, highly conformal, impermeable and pinhole-free ALD coatings show their beauty –the implanted device can be hermetically encapsulated and isolated from the human body environment with a fraction of film thickness compared to ‘traditional’ coatings. This improves the device lifetime, reliability, safety and also comfort-of-use from the patient point of view (potentially less 'maintenance' or replacement surgeries).

Picosun'’s PicoMEDICAL™ ALD solutions are already in production use in e.g. medical implant manufacturing and drug surface functionalization. In dental implants, bioactive ALD coating accelerates the osseointegration process so the implant attaches to the bone faster, and ALD coating on drug particle surface enables control of the drug release time. Other potential medical ALD applications are protective coatings on various implantable sensors, neuroprosthetics and other devices for remote, digital and bioelectronic healthcare. Body fluids are corrosive so the

Picosun’s history and position in the field of ALD is unique. ALD was invented and patented for industrial use in Finland in 1974 by Picosun Board Member Dr. Tuomo Suntola, so today our company represents over four decades or groundbreaking, pioneering knowhow in the field. Unlike many other coating technology companies, we concentrate solely on ALD, because that’s what we do the best. Our core team consists of Doctors in ALD science with decades of cumulative expertise in the field, both from the academia and various industries, and we have contributed to a significant number of patents in

ALD. Our products represent th already the 15 generation of stateof-the-art ALD coating equipment designed and manufactured in Finland. As the inventors and forerunners of the technology, our aim is to take ALD to always new frontiers, by working in close collaboration with our customers. Medical industry is one of our latest key strategic markets – ALD technology has huge potential to solve some of the key challenges the medical device manufacturers are facing and we are keen to introduce our ALD solutions to new companies in this field, to enable better, safer, longerlasting and more user-friendly products for future healthcare markets. Picosun headquarters are located in Finland and our subsidiaries and offices in Germany, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, India and France. In addition to our own locations, we have world-wide network or distributors and representatives to ensure always timely and comprehensive response to our customers’ enquiries. What were the initial challenges you faced? The typical challenges an initially small, but fast-growing company faces. The demand for our ALD solutions from many different sectors of industry has grown so fast that it puts some pressure to the hiring process – it can be challenging sometimes to find just the right experts to complement our personnel portfolio. Also up scaling and streamlining our processes and operations is a demanding task when the business environments we operate in change and expand rapidly. But, we are managing pretty fine – at the moment, we

have for example production facilities expansion on the way and hiring’s continue. Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? The skyrocketing interest towards ALD technology throughout the industrial scene which could be said started a few years ago and shows no signs of fading off. The superiority of ALD coatings compared to coatings manufactured with the ‘traditional’ methods enables a plethora of totally new, advanced products, provides added value and novel features to existing ones, and potentially saves materials, manufacturing costs and environment when the same effect can be achieved (with ALD) with much thinner coatings than what the ‘traditional’ methods can provide. We at Picosun live to the principle of ‘AGILE ALD’ which means our ultimate goal is to ‘take ALD where it has never gone before’. This is facilitated by our extensive networking and collaboration with industries and academia alike, and our personnel’s diverse background and high level of expertise and experience combined with creative, innovative spirit. What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Again, ‘AGILE ALD’. We have our established products and solutions to our core markets of course, but we are also all the time actively looking for new opportunities and applications where ALD could be the disrupting technology, and we are constantly developing new ALD solutions to various markets. We have what it takes to respond

PICOSUN P-1000 ultra-large scale batch ALD tool for medical devices

rapidly to changing business environments and serve customers with very diverse demands and backgrounds. Customer-centric approach is at the core of all our operations and we have a good reputation as a solid, reliable partner who keeps its promises. Our customers trust on us – this manifests as constantly increasing number of repeat sales and the fact that when state-of-theart coating solutions are called for, even the world’s most prominent industries turn to Picosun. The Products/Services What are the products/services the company focuses on?How are your services different from those | 35

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Jussi Rautee | CEO

Juhana Kostamo | Deputy CEO

Jani Kivioja | CTO

in the market? Picosun provides productionproven, turn-key ALD thin film coating solutions to global industries and R&D. We deliver not only the physical coating equipment, but strategic partnership with the customer, starting from initial applications consultancy, analysis and discussions about the customer’s needs and how our technological solutions can help the customer’s business grow. After that is the time for delivery, installation and commissioning of the actual hardware with ALD processes optimized for the customer’s application. Our offerings include also a selection of modular, highly customizable training packages that can be tailored to the needs of different ALD equipment users, from operators to developers and technical/maintenance personnel. Naturally, comprehensive aftersales support and lifecycle management services are an integral part of our holistic ALD solution.

batch and clusterALD systems for up to 300 mm wafer size to smaller scale research and pre-pilot production tools, with special dedication to cost-efficient, turnkey manufacturing solutions for up to 200 mm wafer markets and for non-wafer based applications such as medical devices and implants, coins, watch parts and jewelry, and mechanical parts for e.g. automotive/aerospace.

of your products/services? By staying constantly alert of what’s going on in the world of ALD and our key markets. We participate actively in conferences, expos and other events, collaborate and network with the global ALD, semiconductor and medical communities, participate in several EU-coordinated research initiatives and projects, and study the latest market reports from the key application areas of ALD.

Our PICOSUN®ALD equipment portfolio ranges from fully automated, large scale industrial 36 | October 2020

Our ALD solutions combine agile, compact and innovative equipment design, the leading process quality, and the most comprehensive strategic partnership throughout the customer’s ALD journey – from applications consultancy to equipment delivery, personnel training, and full lifecycle management. This holistic, strategic partnership with our customers, along with our unique history and position as the inventors and forerunners of ALD, combined with our exclusive dedication to the technology are the factors that set us apart from our competitors in the market. How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms

This guides the direction of our own R&D, process and product development, so that we can keep spearheading the market and always offer the best and most recent inventions in ALD to help our customers’ businesses flourish. Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? There is something exciting coming from Picosun to the 300 mm wafer markets but it is still a “secret” and will be publicly launched later this year.

A DISTINGUISHED MARINE CHARACTER As comfortable at sea as aboard a sailboat, the Yacht-Master combines character and performance. The waterproof and robust qualities of this model make it the ideal watch for water sports and sailing in particular.

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Recent Inventions In Cancer Care Treatment In USA

38 | October 2020


ecent inventions and innovations have given away for much progress in cancer treatment. According to a report, cancer deaths have dropped to as much as 1.8% for men, 1.4% in women and 1.4% in children due to better treatments and prevention. Early detection of cancer, better preventive measures and advanced treatments has made this possible. Here are the recent inventions in the cancer treatment that are helping in the reduction of cancer deaths.

process where there is a customization of health care, so that the medicines, treatments are targeted and tailored to a particular individual. This has helped the patients with cancer as the right treatment is given to the patient throughout the course at the right point which helps for an efficient treatment. Precision medicine takes into account the medical history of each patient, the test results, examines the genetic make-up of each patient and then targets the medicine in that particular way.

Gathering Genomic Data-

Cancer Immunotherapy –

The genomic data means the genome and DNA of a person. This is a new program where the medical institutes are forming a database of the people’s genomes. They will then undergo genome sequencing which will help them to find out more about their DNA. This will help to speed up medical research. This research will help to target treatments to the individuals who may probably suffer from cancer and take precision medicine to a different level. There will be early detection of cancer in the patients and it will speed up the recovery process.

Cancer immunotherapy is a process in which there is a stimulation of artificial immune system to treat cancer. It improves the immune system’s natural ability to fight cancer cells. The scientists analyse the tumours to identify the biomarkers so that they can indicate which immune therapy will succeed to turn the attacks of the cells. Recently immunotherapy drugs are used to treat different types of cancers such as bladder cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, head and neck cancer, and kidney cancer. Radiotherapy-

The Ratio of Cancer Deaths has dropped due to Early detection of cancer, better preventive measures and advanced treatments. Precision Medicine – Precision medicine is a medical

Brachytherapy or the radiotherapy used to treat cancer, especially prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer etc. The process involves the planting or leaving small radioactive particles or seeds at the site of the malignant tumour. These implants help to provide

stable tumour implants and have a limited risk of radiation sideeffects. BRCA Testing – BRCA testing is a kind of a blood test which uses the DNA analysis to identify harmful changes or mutations that might have taken place in either of the two breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 or BRCA2. This BRCA test can determine whether a person carries a BRCA mutation gene. This test is not routinely performed and is performed only on the women who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Use of ct scan to detect lung cancer – X-Rays usually do not help to detect the nodes in the lungs that may lead to lung cancer as they provide a 2D image of the lungs. But a CT scan provides a 3D image of the lungs because it takes many pictures of you as it rotates you around. The computer then combines these images of the slices of your body part under examination and provides a 3D image. It thus helps to show the lung tumours, and also the size, shape and the position of the tumour. These latest inventions in the cancer treatment have helped to reduce the deaths by cancer. Evolving technologies will help to detect cancer earlier and will be even more efficient. | 39