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DEVJEET SINGH DIRECTOR CONVERSION PERK “The team of digital marketing experts all set to take your business goals to the next level.”

CONVERSION PERK Transforming Business Digitally!

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The pandemic has caused major economic changes around the world, including in India. 'Digital Transformation' has become the need of the hour. We have to accept the fact that, the growth of the economy which directly reflects the growth of the nation can be achieved only with the combination of traditional and online business processes. By transforming businesses digitally, anyone can do business anytime, anywhere; and this should be considered as the 'New Normal'. Technological transformation integrates the things which are being used in our daily life. This means, anything should be developed technically that it is clearly understood and easily available to all people. In this scenario, some companies are providing up-to-the-mark transformation services to accelerate this digital revolution across the country and globe. In this issue of The Enterprise World, The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021, we are featuring businesses that are changing the market scenarios with their most comprehensive, most innovative, and cognitively ahead technology offerings. The feature for the Cover Story is Conversion Perk. Conversion Perk is a digital marketing agency founded in 2018 with an incredible team of passionate, intelligent, digital marketing growth specialists based in Mohali. The agency offers great digital marketing solutions for your business needs, including Amazon account management, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Amazon Marketing. Mr. Devjeet Singh, Director of the company is the backbone behind the company's longstanding success. The population of netizens is on the rise, with nearly 80% of the world population seeking the internet for information. The Internet has become a rich source for E-commerce websites and companies to reach the target audience and have a pan world presence. In our special editorial segment, The Business Needs, read out how e-marketing can transform businesses and add up pace in the growth. Rijuven India is an eminent company that offers cutting-edge and best-in-class technology-led telemedicine solutions that include medical devices based on cloud, patient management solutions, consumer devices, and their most unique, CardioSleeve which is the first FDA cleared stethoscope add-on device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead ECG, Digital Heart Sound and identify Heart Failure (ejection fraction) at any point of care on a mobile device. In our special segment 'Business Story', read more about the company, its journey since inception, and get inspired! There is a lot more inside. Happy Reading!

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Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World Magazine, The Most Admired Companies of the year 2021 features, Featuring for the cover story is Conversion Perk. Conversion Perk is a digital marketing agency founded in 2018 with an incredible team of passionate, intelligent, digital marketing growth specialists based in Mohali. The agency offers great digital marketing solutions for your business needs, including Amazon account management, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Amazon Marketing. Mr. Devjeet Singh, Director of the company is the backbone behind the company’s longstanding success. Rijuven India is an eminent company that offers cutting-edge and best-in-class technology-led telemedicine solutions that include medical devices based on cloud, patient management solutions, consumer devices, and their most unique, CardioSleeve which is the first FDA cleared stethoscope addon device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead ECG, Digital Heart Sound and identify Heart Failure (ejection fraction) at any point of care on a mobile device. Raj Kapoor, MD (President), a leader with a futuristic vision is the backbone behind Rijuven India’s longstanding growth.

språk design is a multidisciplinary design studio offering branding and graphic design services. Established in 2011, språk design is an India-based company serving businesses worldwide. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Hermit Chawla, the CEO and Ms. Bhoomi Chawla, Director-Design. språk design is empowering businesses in almost all verticals with their most attractive graphics solutions. Znet Technologies Private Limited, incorporated in 2009, is the leading distributor of cloud services, IT infrastructure services, and cybersecurity services to partners across the globe. The business units of ZNet include ZNetLive, RackNap, Wire19, and DHN (Daily Host News). ZNetLive is the distributor of cloud, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity services via its wide channel partner network. RackNap, the cloud service delivery, and business automation platform, helps cloud providers in automating the delivery of cloud services and helps bill the usage based on actual consumption. Read a conversation with Mr Munesh Jadoun, CEO at ZNet Technologies, and discover more about the company and its journey since inception.

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Devjeet Singh | Director | Conversion Perk




08 | July 2021 | 09

| Cover Story



he smartphone industry in India is now a growing market with around 70 percent of all Indian mobile users expected. The ever-decreasing cost of the handset is now making it possible for India to have around 600 million internet users which is ultimately an attractive business opportunity to offer to the growing population. You must have noticed that almost all the top-notch or leading companies have started reaping the benefits of digital marketing. It is likely to grow 50% or more by 2023 when the number of users will reach 850 million.

Due to increasing user trend towards the Internet, today business i.e. Digital Marketing is being adopted at a very fast pace. In today’s time, people can easily get their favourite and essential goods through the internet at their convenience, now everyone tries to avoid going to the market and shop online. In such a situation, digital marketing helps a lot in bringing the products and services made in your business to reach the people. Digital marketing is the reason that can be shown in a variety of the same items in a short time and the consumer can take what they like immediately. This is helping the businessmen in doing business too, they are also able to connect with more people in a short time and are also spreading the benefits of their product to the consumer. In this context, Conversion Perk is transforming businesses and empowering them to become future-ready with innovative offerings and smart efforts. Conversion Perk is a digital marketing agency founded in 2018 with an incredible team of passionate, intelligent, digital marketing growth specialists based in Mohali. The agency offers great digital marketing solutions for your business needs, including Amazon account management, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Amazon Marketing. Conversion Perk’s main objective is committed to its overall success, not just delivering exactly what they pay them for. They are dedicated to building long-term business relationships. Agency believes in hard work, honest feedback, and measurable results. Mr. Devjeet Singh, Director of the company is the backbone behind the company’s longstanding success. 10 | July 2021

Devjeet Singh, Director | 11

| Cover Story

Testimonial #1

You are a breath of fresh air. I have hired so many different agencies that did not do the job we hired them to do, so I must say, I’m so thankful I’ve found you. I like that you send me the monthly recap and provided detail info regarding what you’re doing and I can see results. Thank you for being a true professional! - TOBIAH TAYO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, UK

” The company has covered a varied range of industries, from healthcare to tourism industry and from e-Commerce to news website. Over 85% of their clients are the repetitive one and they are with the company from the beginning. Team Conversion Perk always believe in thinking about their client’s interests and how they can get better market coverage. Cutting through the complexities Whatever sector it is into, a business must come across initial challenges that make it stronger and experienced one to break any obstacle ahead in the future. Like any other start-up business, Conversion Perk too had many hurdles to overcome initially, and as they say, they are still facing some. Mr. Devjeet says, “However, 12 | July 2021

some of the biggest challenges I have faced while starting up my digital marketing business was hiring and managing a team, limited resources, attracting and retaining clients as they don't prefer a start-up over some established businesses.” A start-up’s success is the sum of small wins. Taking one step at a time is what he believes in catapults business growth. With each passing day, Conversion Perk's team got bigger, revenue expanded, and client retention increased, which triggered Conversion Perk’s growth immensely. Charting new paths of success every day Conversion Perk is growing since its inception as far as the

quantity of presumed customers, brand name, and team. All through its birth, it has encountered many good and bad times, yet with the endeavours of its team, it has been accomplishing huge achievements as time passes. By a long shot, it has been fruitful in producing in excess of 4 million organic page hits with its SEO benefits each month and taking care of PPC crusades with more than $500K month to month financial plan. It has been developing consistently since its initiation and is effectively working with 40 + customers. Conversion Perk is expanding in the form of the team, and the number of reputed clients has been added on board since their inception. At Conversion Perk, they believe in the word “T.E.A.M” –

Together.Everyone. Achieve. More. So, they work together towards one goal by keeping the team motivated by actively participating in numerous projects assigned every week. They always try to improve their services and provide marketing solutions coping with the ever-demanding market. Conversion Perk’s dedicated team of experts is determined to provide top-notch service, ensuring the client’s expectations and goals are met. Planning and implementing a growth strategy and proper market research helps the company keep up with trends, make better business decisions, and maintain our company’s competitive edge. They create short-term milestones and try to achieve them to expand their business, which will not only help the business survive tough times but could also give a considerable edge. “We are planning to expand our company in terms of clients and the number of team members. As a digital marketing company, we try to target the next generation techniques and strategies to improve our client’s online presence and build a good reputation in the market. At conversion Perk, we are pursuing information for and within our core vertical and inline them with our mission to provide quality marketing solutions to our clients”, Mr. Devjeet commented. Their Offerings The most popular type of services that Conversion Perk offers involve a full spectrum of digital marketing

services, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Amazon Marketing, and Google Ads. We often get approached by various customers regarding these services. Mr. Devjeet Singh believes that If you want to stand out and get noticed, you have to differentiate your business from others. Otherwise, you’ll just look like every other penguin in the flock. Therefore, conversion perk’s digital expert’s team has developed an innovative approach by combining multiple marketing techniques and forming a complete solution for all their clients. Mr. Devjeet Singh – A leader with a 360-Degree futuristic vision Mr. Devjeet Singh is a Director at Conversion Perk (P) Ltd. With over a decade of experience in optimization, marketing goals, conversion funnels, Amazon stores, and landing pages, he holds expertise in growing sales and awareness. He is passionate about programmatic advertising to improve the ROI of overall

marketing campaigns brings dedication no matter how large or small the task. Besides, he has indepth expertise in several online marketing techniques, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, and email marketing. Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing Ads Accredited Professional. As the Director of Conversion Perk Pvt. Ltd., Devjeet strategies, implements and monitors all marketing aspects. Devjeet has handled marketing for some highly reputed clients, including MobiKwik, SEO Site Checkup, Private School Review, Boarding School Review, Life Savers Emergency Room, Planet Ayurveda and many more. With 10+ years of experience in optimisation, marketing goals, conversion funnels, Amazon stores and landing pages, Devjeet has become an expert in growing sales and awareness. His passion for programmatic advertising to improve ROI of overall marketing campaigns makes him dedicated no matter how large or small the task.

Testimonial #2


Thank you very much for all your hard work and perseverance. The results have been fantastic! You’ve done brilliantly so far and I appreciate your ongoing work. | 13









| Cover Story

He says, “My most significant achievement in life is to overcome the initial impediments of my business and getting recognized by companies like Good Firms, Clutch & Silicone India. Within a year of inception, we were crowned as the Start of the Year 2019 by Silicone India and then Labelled as “Top Marketing & Advertising Agency” and “Leading Real Estate PPC Agency” by Clutch followed.” “Every experience with a client is somehow unique and special as it helps me grow. One client came to me in the initial phase of the business and was quite unimpressed with the services I was offering. I took it as a challenge and worked aggressively to deliver him better results. Everything turned out to be exceptionally great in a few weeks, and he is still doing business with us. The experience taught me patience,” Devjeet commented.

He admires his father the most. He says, “I have learned a lot from him, and his beliefs boost my selfesteem and confidence. My father is my role model, and I do my best to become a person like him. He also impresses me with his optimism, confidence, and patience. I attribute much of who I am today to my father, and I thank him for his dedication to our family.”

the company. Therefore, Devjeet keeps motivating and appreciating them and also hold them accountable for their part of a project. They conduct group and one-to-one meetings regarding matters of concern, and each individual is encouraged to put forward their thoughts and ideas to make Conversion Perk a better working place.

P C Mustafa’s business story inspires him the most as he started his business from nothing. Being a Coolie’s Son, he set up a 100 crore company with just 25,000. He started managing the kitchen with his cousin, from 10 packets a day in 2005 to 50,000 packets a day in 2015 and 1,100 employees in 10 years.

Conversion Perk is a team of digital marketing experts who aim to take their clients’ business goals to the next level. Each member of their team holds expertise in their field. They work towards boosting revenue, driving sales, and delivering better results to their clients. They thrive on implementing an exemplary execution process to help their clients out-rank their competitors in the market. That What Makes Conversion Perkins- A Unique & Proficient Team.

The Driving Force Employees who feel valued and appreciated are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for

Testimonial #3

It has been a pleasure to work with Conversion Perk for the past 2 years. I’m seeing visible improvement in number of leads that I'm receiving. Their PPC team members are incredibly knowledgeable, proactive, and great at communicating their expertise and getting results! - GUILLERMO BERAUN TRAVEL ADVISOR

16 | July 2021

| Interview with The Enterprise World



stablished in 1998, additiv partners with leading financial institutions across the world to help them capitalize on the possibilities of digital wealth and investment management.


additiv’s DFS omnichannel orchestration platform is a system of intelligence for wealth management. It supports wealth managers looking for best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to deliver better engagement at greater scale. It enables financial institutions to access new distribution channels through a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. And it allows banking and non-banking providers to embed wealth services into their client propositions. Headquartered in Switzerland, with regional offices in Singapore, UAE, Germany and Kenya, additiv is supported by a global ecosystem of partners. In a conversation with Christine Schmid, Head - Strategy, at additiv, she shared the company’s journey and what additiv offers to 18 | July 2021

its clients.

highlight the triggers.

• What were the initial challenges additiv faced?

additiv started in 1998 in media and publishing, sport marketing and marketing and lead management automation and analytics. The latter particularly grew fast; data analytics skills combined with high end events in the finance sector led the company to its early stages in fintech.

Founding and growing a technology company in Switzerland/Europe is always going to be a challenge. The cluster of technology specialists and experts is significantly smaller than Silicon Valley or in Asia. We would have loved the exchange, trial and error culture that a wider network would have provided. In addition, we had some idea failures within our cultural environment initially and failure is not the path to learn and adjust easily within the Swiss context. But it is a must to grow and proceed in particular in the technology world. However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and as a result of these challenges we have emerged stronger and, since 2018, we have been driving exponential growth being rightly positioned. • Were there any points which triggered the growth of the company? Our story is a surprising one and reviewing our history may help to

Our experience from being established in 1998 has been invaluable to our success but we really only started operating as a fintech from around 2011. It was then that additiv became the first company together with a bank client to launch a wealth robo, to launch the first consumer lending online offering, budget and planning for private clients. From 2016 we entered our ‘growth phase’, where additiv’s strategic beliefs were established. It was the age of cloud and data analytics together with the de-and reconstruction of the value chain with zero marginal cost. Our experience in analytics and successful launch of our wealth robo solution allowed us to build upon our belief in the need for Everything-as-a-Service. This

C H R I S T I N E S C H M I D | H E A D - S T R AT E GY | A D D I T I V

supported Digital Finance-as-aService as the ultimate goal driven by SaaS, managed services and a strong ecosystem of partners. From 2020, additiv has been recognised as a leading wealthtech; providing one of the most advanced platforms. We enable regulated parties to offer their services as Banking-as-a-Service (supply side) and financial and non-financial companies to embed finance into their digital client journeys (demand side). Our clients are global, with strong growth in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and our ecosystem of leading industry partners further supports our position. • Can you share a few statistics?

We now have almost 180 employees from 40 nationalities including business teams in Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Kenya, Germany and development teams in Singapore, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? It comes down to so many reasons including the curiosity to ask why and try which has led to innovation success. It’s also a speed to adjust and the ability to learn from challenges (and occasionally some failed ideas!) and having clear strategic beliefs is crucial. Finally, (and very importantly) our

success is down to working very, very hard while also having fun doing so! A great place to be. • What are the products/services the company focuses on? We have a range of products that we offer, these include three established solutions; Hybrid Wealth Manager, Wealth Robo Advisor and, more recently our Wealth Solution Builder. Our Hybrid Wealth Manager is a set of digital applications for managing investments and client relationships - Workbench, Mobile Advisor and an advanced, Client Cockpit with all the interaction possibilities with advisors. It allows financial institutions to offer the | 19

| Interview with The Enterprise World

best solution for their needs, only automating the menial elements previously undertaken by a relationship manager. Our (assisted) Wealth Robo Advisor is a set of digital applications that offer self-service, remote chat with an advisor or via call-centre, screen sharing and phone-in from anywhere, at anytime (24/7). It allows financial institutions to offer the same superior quality service as traditional advice with the efficiency of a completely automated approach.

Often referred to as ‘Embedded Finance’ this approach allows firms to grow their addressable market. These firms provide consumers with relevant financial services (from a regulated financial institution through a ‘Banking as a Service (BaaS) approach), at the time they need them, over the right channel, and tailored to their context. It’s a USD 3.6trn opportunity and we are now bridging a gap in the market for Embedded Finance and BaaS in the wealth industry through our new models. The embedded wealth stack

Our Wealth Solution Builder is an established IT foundation platform and extensive range of API tools and functionality for FIs to build their own, end-toend, digital wealth offerings and client journeys. With the support of additiv technical staff, IT developers can create and control every element of their system including configuration, avoiding the lengthy and costly process of building the foundational elements of a system.

20 | July 2021

Our Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model utilises our DFS orchestration platform that links regulated financial institution services with the brands that wish to embed them into their offering. In practice, this means providing APIs for interaction and the intelligence to integrate services in context-relevant user journeys. Our platform is specialized for Wealth Management-as-a-Service, but also supports its related lending and insurance use cases. Embedded wealth: an end-toend approach

• Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? Since 2016, we’ve been continually developing our portfolio to logically progress the end-user journey to support our customers offer Everything-as-aService. And we are extending this now through our DFS Platform; connecting the brands wishing to embed financial services into their offering with regulated financial institutions.

easy for financial and non-financial institutions to embed investment services into their customer proposition. We offer up as end-toend services that a brand can easily include, either tightly integrated into an existing journey, or as standalone services. additiv provides the orchestration platform and works with regulated finance partners to be able to fulfil the complete customer journey.

Our Embedded Finance model offers a range of wealth management products that make it

• How are your services different from those in the market? We believe that we are unique in offering BaaS and Embedded Finance to support Wealth Management-as-a-Service in the market. Conversations in the market and our research indicates that no other vendor is supporting this market need. In addition, our products sit upon a uniquely intelligent SaaS cloudnative platform; DFS. DFS is an omni-channel platform built to underpin digital age banking architecture. It’s an orchestration layer that sits between client interaction channels and the core banking system and is designed to allow its users to be able to access their wealth management platform at any time, from anywhere. Our solutions have been designed with agility and efficiency in mind, enabling our customers to realise the value of digitalization quickly. On average we are able to ensure that we can roll out a new IT platform to our customers within 6 months (from scratch). Given how fundamental a digital wealth management platform is to realising the benefits of digitalization, this speed of delivery is key. However, once the platform is available, the ability to continually launch and enhance wealth management solutions is essential; at additiv our clients on average are able to launch new solutions within 3 months (subject to the given environment). Our clients realise benefits including on average an

NPS registered 26 point improvement in disparity between promoters and distractors, a 25% new customer acquisition rate and 75% of total customer AUM in easset management.

Overall, we have simple cultural values that focus on collaboration, combined with explorative mindsets and thoughtful disagreement – i.e. a open discussion but clear decision culture.

• How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

We like to focus on a nonhierarchical approach ensuring all our team take end to end ownership which empowers all to strive for the best and creates an environment where people can grow and take responsibility. We like to think working with additiv offers a fantastic journey if you are not looking for a static job description which lasts for years.

Like other vendors, sometimes our decisions are based on a market need in general and sometimes they are client led initially. However, we don’t embark on totally bespoke projects, we review a customers individual need and then undertake extensive research and development to ensure that there is a wider customer and end user need and understand the market opportunity as a whole. We then use the opportunity to design the product side by side with a client, ensuring that the product developed is sufficiently agile to support future client and market needs. We have a variety of tools to test user-journey’s and products overall, including Postman collections that consume our DFS platform’s APIs as examples of different user journeys. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? Embracing diversity is a focus across all our offices, in fact our GM of our APAC office spoke at an INSEAD Alumni event on ‘addressing the gender gap’ at the end of last year. Our dedication to ethical behaviour was in fact recently recognized by EcoVadis, where we received a sort after bronze medal for overachieving in ethics relative to our sector.

• Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? The majority of our customers return year on year often adding new functionality, services or projects which makes us proud – additiv is a business partner for the long run. We have lots of examples of great experiences with our clients. For example, in a blog by our customers PostFinance, their Chief Investment officer Daniel Mewes, highlighted that our “intimate knowledge of the wealth management industry made it easy to align, prioritize, collaborate, and execute based on our shared understanding of customer priorities.” • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring? In general, I find new innovations that bring service simplicity to a new level really inspiring. As well as those that support our society broadly by allowing the next | 21

| Interview with The Enterprise World

generation to prosper and live. The story behind Stripe is a good example of service simplicity. Developed for the internet in 2010, Stripe software is accessible to businesses of every size, ranging from new start-ups to public companies; facilitating payments while allowing businesses to be managed online. It allows business owners to manage their revenue, prevent fraud, and expand internationally, offering an invaluable service to an economy that is increasing its reliance on eCommerce purchasing. By recognizing a need for a safe and reliable internet payment platform, its founders have created an industry leader. Today, Stripe is valued at $95 billion, a valuation that is predicted to grow with the reliance COVID19 has created on ecommerce shopping platforms. Another business story that is dear to my heart is The Ocean Cleanup. They are cleaning up our ocean and educating a global audience on what needs to be done to prevent plastic pollution in the ocean. Its founder, Boyan Stat, conceptualized the idea in 2011, after discovering more plastic than fish while diving in Greece when he was just 16. This discovery led him to investigate why ocean cleanup projects were rare, and what could be done to change that by making them more effective. His research uncovered a new way of ridding the ocean of plastic through a passive system using circulating ocean currents to transport and trap ocean contaminants. In 2012, Boyan shared the findings of his research at a TEDx talk in his hometown Delft, in the Netherlands. His TEDx went viral 22 | July 2021

and coincided with The Ocean Cleanup launch in 2013, attracting attention and support across the globe. Boyan has since received over $40 million in funding, and his team are on their way to reaching their goal of removing 92% of plastic contamination from the ocean. • Which is the most inspiring quote you have read? It’s difficult to not be too cliché when it comes to quotes. There are so many from inspirational business professionals that are directly linked to our industry but fundamentally they often lose humility and have an underlying bias. With this in mind, I’d like to reference a humble quote: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein. I like to think that this quote can be applied in and outside of the working world. Adding value to our customer’s clients is fundamental, but so is adding value to those around us and to the world itself. Whether it be encouraging an inclusive culture with colleagues, championing diversity in the industry or teaching my children the importance of carbon neutrality for example, every one of use can add value in our own way. • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views. Technology innovation change in recent decades has been massive and will continue. Thus constant vigilance is not a need but a given –

ensure that you are ahead of the rest (and leader, not a follower), take clear strategic decision and be globally informed is a must to stay ahead bringing financial services to the public. Strategy is of course important though. Preparation is key, for example, we will need a new monetary system in coming years, new ways to store wealth (DLT, Blockchain etc.) and financial institutions must have the right agile systems to be ready. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? I’ve been in this industry for many years so I’m used to it! But seriously, I think it’s important that you don’t try and join the race! This isn’t a battle to be won against competitors, I don’t tend to worry about them, I focus on what our customers and their clients need and let other industry players fight amongst themselves. It’s a much better use of energy and time. The industry is moving at a very fast pace though, and it’s important to ensure that you can keep up! It’s very easy to get distracted by tactical activities and loose sight of what’s needed to lead the market, rather than follow. To avoid this, I like to take a breath of fresh air everyday which allows me to ensure I remain strategic in my thinking. Living in Switzerland with great outdoor sport possibilities and being near the mountains helps; having space to breath and think is so very important.

| Business Story

RIJUVEN INDIA Saving lives with enhanced and most innovative smart tech!

Raj Kapoor MD

24 | July 2021

Vision “Compassion rst, Commercial second” Create a healthy Society through innovative and affordable medical products with a focus on the underserved.

Goal To create a vibrant access point for preventive healthcare delivery to the underserved, even in obscure parts of the world through the innovative Smart Telemedicine concept.


nprecedented progress has been made in the Telemedicine sector in this era of digital technology. New inventions are being made day by day. We are conquering diseases with the power of intelligence. Innovators have made the impossible possible and achievable. With the help of science and modern digital techniques, the treatment of many incurable diseases has been possible. Science and technology have created such devices and solutions that humans could not even imagine before. In the Covid-19 pandemic, medical technology has saved the lives of millions across the globe. In the same context, in our special feature, we bring to you one of such leading medical technology providing companies that have changed the dimensions of treatments with its utmost innovative and cognitively ahead solution based on smart telemedicine concept. Incorporated in 2016, Rijuven India is an eminent company that offers cutting-edge and best-in-class technology-led telemedicine solutions that include medical devices based on cloud, patient management solutions, consumer devices, and their most unique, CardioSleeve which is a first FDA cleared stethoscope add-on device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead

ECG, Digital Heart Sound and identify Heart Failure (ejection fraction) at any point of care on a mobile device. It is a social entrepreneur company introducing a life-changing smart telemedicine concept in India in collaboration with the parent company Rijuven (USA). The company is on a mission to transform and revolutionize health care through innovative medical products that have a world impact. This will be a quantum leap to ‘serve the underserved and make inaccessible technology accessible at any point of care. Raj Kapoor, MD (President), a leader with a futuristic vision is the backbone behind Rijuven India’s long-standing growth. A Pulmonary/Critical Care specialist by training, Dr. Kapoor is also Board Certified in Sleep Medicine. He is a Fellow American College of Chest Physicians and a Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is the Former Chair Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre - Passavant, and currently serving as the Medical Director of Restful Night Sleep Centre, Pennsylvania. Rijuven India truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the techno-led telemedicine space. Their sole aim is to provide products and solutions that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age techno-powered cloudbased solutions.

Early Days and rising growth graph of the company Every successful company has its ups and downs, and the road for Rijuven India was also one with its fair share of hurdles and achievements, but one thing that remained consistent was their unwavering spirit and their aim to provide the best to their clients. The company faced initial challenges like going through the regulatory process for the patent, trademark, FDA(USA), and CE clearance. Without sitting back relaxed, the company tackled well with all the hurdles and became the most promising telemedicine solution providing company across the globe. In mid-2017 Rijuven ‘Clinic in a Bag’ was utilized to provide free health check-ups to more than three thousand villagers in Andhra Pradesh. It was very gratifying to identify latent disorders with this technology and refer to the nearest health center for the management of Heart failure, Diabetes, COPD, and Hypertension. This validated company’s technology and triggered growth of the company. The Key Factors of Rijuven India’s Success: • Passion • Perseverance • Perspiration Making Impossible Possible Rijuven is the world leader in innovating Telehealth solutions to make technology accessible at any point of care. Their cutting-edge solutions integrate the four pillars | 25

| Business Story

CardioSleeve is the first FDA cleared stethoscope add-on device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead ECG and Digital Heart Sound at any point of care. CardioSleeve enhances the traditional stethoscope by recording, displaying and analyzing the heart's ECG and acoustical footprints, synchronized, in real time via any wirelessly connected portable device.

of Health, Mobile, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence.

New additions to their plethora of most diversified solutions

Rijuven India is taking a step ahead with top class marketing, scaling, and collaborating with strategic partners in developing countries.

“Service on Demand” is the way a consumer utilizes the mobile phone for various kinds of services nowadays. People do banking, make reservations, trade stocks,

26 | July 2021

shop, make appointments, and much more on the mobile phone. But the much-needed mobile healthcare services are grossly wanting. We are planning to bridge the connection with the patient and healthcare worker, hospital, clinic, doctor, or a nurse at any point of

“I compete with myself and do not let the noise of others’ opinions drown out my inner voice. My time is limited, and I do not waste it living someone else’s life. – Dr. Raj Kapoor.

care instantly on-demand. Rijuven’s GlobiDoc mobile application connects a patient with a doctor or a healthcare worker for diagnosis and management at any point of care in the world inclusive of home, clinic, hospital, airlines, cruise lines, wilderness, transportation, workplace, and industry. Raj Kapoor, MD – An unmatched leader and innovator in Telemedicine Sector Rijuven India’s status and respect in the market and the technologyled healthcare solutions space is exceptional with their plethora of innovative devices, which not only speak highly of their handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds but also their able, efficient, ace, and unmatched leader, Dr. Raj Kapoor, President and Co-Founder. Dr. Kapoor has more than four decades of experience specializing in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary/Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. Currently Dr. Kapoor and his team is working on innovative telemedicine platform to ‘Save time, Save cost, Save life’. Talking about the constant vigilance and rat race in the market Dr. Kapoor says, “there is virtuosity in planning long-term strategy and achieving milestones at a reasonable pace. Constant vigilance is less desirable as it disturbs creativity and results in a

stressful work environment.” The Key Achievements Dr. Kapoor says, “Personifying instant meaningful and actionable health information to the healthcare worker for any patient at any time and any place, I have achieved the ‘new-age’ innovator status in the history of the invention of the stethoscope after Littman. My CardioSleeve innovation is the world's first smart ECG Stethoscope accessory that radically improves the cardiodiagnostic process. This breakthrough Patented and US FDA-cleared device combines the power of ECG, digital auscultation, and mobile app integration with any existing stethoscope. With CardioSleeve, clinicians can instantly and accurately visualize heart murmur, analyse cardiac arrhythmia, and identify heart failure (ejection fraction) at any point of care on a mobile device.” The Driving Force The driving force of perfection takes the company forward. Rijuven India’s devices researched and designed with a team of expertise transmogrifies the businesses of their clients and empowers them to take care of their patients well. Rijuven India’s team is not just a professional team, but it’s a diverse family of skilled members. The leadership at the company takes care of their driving

force by looking after their needs, providing good working conditions, and making them feel a part of the whole big Rijuven family. Rijuven India’s Mission To make Rijuven India a one-stop destination for innovative healthcare products. The company intends to make healthcare delivery convenient and motivate the underserved populace to take up a healthier lifestyle. Their service content is to serve patients by empowering them with affordable state-of-the-art preventive healthcare. The focus is to create a common telemedicine platform for every healthcare stakeholder by promoting their services, sharing best practices, exchanging information, and empowering the quality of healthcare in the rural spectrum. Rijuven India aims at creating a robust and comprehensive telemedicine marketplace in both the private and public sectors. This approach will guide patients through the complex healthcare systems of countries with underserved healthcare delivery options. The company’s service delivery is pivoted through its innovative telemedicine products wherein their application is based on authentic quality healthcare of international standards. Through their telemedicine platforms, healthcare delivery is customized for the stakeholder and the patients at the grassroots level. | 27

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o become a consultant is not an easy job as most people look after the fewer work hours and more remuneration but the underlying fact that consultancies attain such command, respect, and revenue is due to their expertise in the field they work in. Consultancies not only consist of highly specialized industry experts with thorough and detailed knowledge of the trends, intricate details, etc. but also have a proven track record of excellence and more than satisfied customers. It is a consultancy’s job to not only push their client’s business to growth and success but also help them in achieving a dominant position in the market, building their brand step by step, and making them independent. If you still find the role of consultancy meager, then look at the staggering results they have produced and the countless businesses they have helped achieve their goals and aims. Today, we look at one of the most successful management consulting firms of 2021, how they help enterprises achieve nothing less than excellence, and much more. Management – leading the way! Let’s know more about some of the best consulting firms in the market: 28 | July 2021

- Bain and Company Bain and Company are one of the leading consultancies, helping ambitious change-makers, define the future and dominate the market. They are spread across 37 countries with more than 50 offices. Founded in 1973, Bain and Company has been one of the most regarded and outperforming companies in the domain, making them highly sought-after but also leaders of the innovation curve in the market. - Boston Consulting Group (BCG) BCG is one of the most successful companies in the consultancy domain, with their pan world presence in 50 countries with over 90 offices. They have some of the most prestigious clientele under their hands, such as Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo, Whirlpool, etc. Their aim has always been to partner with businesses, and help tackle their most important challenges and grab the best opportunities possible.

have truly established themselves as the go-to brand for consulting in their space, and are aiming to provide exceptional innovations soon, reclaiming the top spot as one of the best management consulting firms.

- Deloitte Consulting LLP Deloitte is a well-renowned name in the industry providing nothing but excellent services in consulting, tax, audit, and assurance and risk and financial advisory service to the world’s most admired and successful brands, including 90% of the Forbes 500 companies. They

- McKinsey & Company They are also a very renowned company, keeping their work and client list confidential but it is their work and services that speaks a great deal about the ethics, services, and results, this company has achieved in a short amount of time. They offer organizational,

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. - Harold Geneen

strategic, operational, and technological issues, targeted and centered towards their clients, which not only boosts their client’s growth and success rate rapidly but also makes them dominant players in the market. - PwC Advisory strategy PwC is also a famous name in the management consulting space, providing a mixture of functional and industry expertise to help their clients achieve nothing but the best results in a very precise, accurate, and feasible manner. They aim to help their clients tackle complex

yet interesting business issues from strategy through execution, thus, never leaving their clients for a single process, making sure they not only achieve excellent results but also know PwC is there for them throughout their journey and beyond! Consulting – failsafe or last option The exemplary results that these management consulting firms produce not only lure new companies to step into this industry but also push companies to make

use of their services. Consulting firms are not only one of the major reasons for an enterprise’s success and growth, as new entrants often are unable to handle the business, along with the rapidly increasing competition. Thus, these management consulting companies not only guide these young, dynamic enterprises but also make them grow so they can survive and thrive as independent entities in the market, therefore, proving to be an advantage and an edge over the competition, not a last resort! | 29

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NWDCo. From Surface to Cloud!


o become an entrepreneur requires much more than a solid idea and capital to back it up, it requires a person with a disciplined, dignified, and immovable character, who does not back down despite any challenges thrown at him/her. These are a few of the requirements to become an entrepreneur but to become a successful one, demands much more. This edition of The Enterprise World, The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021 features stories of such entrepreneurs and their companies that marked firm footing in the market with highly innovative and cognitively ahead offerings. The products/services introduced by them not only pushed the innovation curve forward but also brought a revolution in the market. This special feature aims to put them and their inspirational stories in the spotlight. NWDCo. is one such leading company having two decades of experience in managing the software and technology of global companies. The Company help clients take the digital leap with correct technology and transform their businesses. Nishir Gordhandas is one such leader who has not only inspired countless budding entrepreneurs but has also proved that he is one of 30 | July 2021

the most capable and creative CEOs of 2021. He is the CEO of NWDCo., awarded ‘Innovator of the year 2021', deals in providing best-in-class and unmatched services which ranges from consultancy to software development and mobile apps. Nishir is dedicated to performing his level best and keeping the team motivated and energized.

The CEO of NWDCo, Mr. Nishir Gordhandas - a techie at heart, traveller by passion, always eager to innovate, enjoys reading & scuba diving. In a conversation with him, let's discover more about the company, its offerings, and his professional journey.

Maulik Gordhandas COO

The COO, Mr. Maulik Gordhandas is the Co-founder of NWDCo. He is a hardcore techie leading the technological innovation and product development at NWDCo. A master of languages, he is responsible for introducing new techniques and constantly upgrading existing technology to breathe life into diverse projects. He is also a key member of the IT Department Advisory Board for NMIMS University and during his free time

Nishir Gordhandas CEO | 31

| Interview with The Enterprise World

mentors’ students by offering guidance and inputs on new technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Tell us about the inspiration that pushed you to become an entrepreneur? This journey started when our father got us a computer & a page created on Rediff got viral & someone contacted us from there asking if we could build his company website. What got me most excited than was “Someone’s actually paying me for this”. Tell us about the services of NWDCo., and how you see the future of the company and its services? Our offerings start from Consultancy to developing custom software, mobile app, cloud infrastructure, or a corporate portal / E-com website & digital marketing. 2021 will be unique in its own right. During the past year and a half, we have worked on multiple technologies getting NWDCo ready for the new technovations that business will require in the PostCOVID era. Here we see companies adopting technology for their daily business processes & to scale up their business. As a company, we look forward to expanding our horizons across new geographies in 2021. Our dream is to be the 1st choice for any business requiring technology innovation, hence our tag line Technovating Business. What is the impact of Covid-19 on the industry and as a CEO how do you plan to sustain, 32 | July 2021

overcome such a situation?

culture at NWDCo.

Technology has been spared from a total shutdown, but as we are also dependent on other industries to give us work, we have surely been affected. We know of some software companies which have shut shop as well.

Technovate is our company motto, which means Technology + Innovation. We have a great work culture, where we encourage our teams to think out-of-the-box, prepare their timelines for their deliverables & also simple things like ensuring the wellbeing of each other. Another approach is that if an individual is on leave, we follow a simple principle to not call/email them.

In long term, I believe people will be more accepting towards technology, namely work from anywhere using Remote Cloud, build process automation tools to help them internally & for their customers build their brand website, mobile app, E-com stores & of course Digital marketing where the maximum traction is. During this difficult period, as an organization, we took some immediate steps. Firstly, we assured our teams, that we won’t fire anyone; next, we assured everyone that there will be no pay cuts & we ensured to credit their salary on the first day of each month. From a work perspective, we introspected & took this opportunity to evolve as a team, by building our skillset & learning new technologies. For Hospitality, we brought forward an entire range of Contactless Technologies – Kveso, which was showcased by Hotels Like Taj Mahal Palace, to create a safe guest experience & for which we were given the Pandemic Bravery Awards in an event supported by the Govt of India. In fact, this was further acknowledged as ‘Amazon Innovator of the Year 2021’ by Amazon. Tell us about the team and work

We also create an enjoyable environment for our team through activities like ‘Fun@Office’, ‘Frrriiii Talks’, Picnic, etc around the year ensuring to maintain a healthy working environment. How NWDCo is overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic, also what is your suggestion to our readers? While building our skillset, we also developed our latest offering – which is an entirely new offering in futuristic technology – Blockchain. We believe will revolutionise in a manner in which companies do business by creating trust, real-time transfer of information with highest standards in security. To the readers, a suggestion from our end - Utilise the time at hand to learn a new skill or to see how you as an organization or an individual can function better, define or redefine processes, as this is the only time you have to relook at things & make necessary changes/upgrades. Time will surely change & when things get back to normal, you should be prepared for a boom!

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språk design Delivering Stunning Designs with Refreshing Ideas “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs


here is a characteristic force of inventiveness inside everybody. The progression of this force is outside. Not many individuals utilize these unique powers and transform their diversions into a business. Unparalleled imagination encourages organizations to turn into a brand! It is said that Image is everything! thus for the brands, the graphical portrayal is the most indispensable thing for organizations as it is a face to connect with the possible clients and gain their trust. Powered with such the box creative approach, språk design is a multidisciplinary design studio offering branding and graphic design services. Established in 2011, språk design is an India-based company serving businesses worldwide. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Hermit Chawla, the CEO and Ms. Bhoomi Chawla, Director-Design, språk design is empowering businesses in almost all verticals with their most 34 | July 2021

attractive graphics solutions. Over 9+ years, språk design has expanded its team size to more than 35 designers and completed over 1,000+ projects across multiple industry sectors. From online stores to big retailers, from local manufacturers to international ones, from cafes to hotels, from boutiques to top designers, from business software development companies to online gaming and entertainment businesses, its client base is widely diverse. When it comes to branding and graphic design, team språk design is limitless in creativity, strategic approach, and service delivery. The company’s teams have extensive experience in transforming concepts into full-fledged designs, experimenting with a range of techniques, trends, tools (software), and technologies (web, mobile, print, and digital publishing). språk design is now also involved in 3D and immersive design projects, exploring sensory and AIbacked design solutions,

developing strengths in various emerging and newly popular design trends, be it retro-futurism, optical illusion, nature-inspired, surrealism, or AR-supported UX designs, etc. Cutting through the complexities To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! språk design has also faced some antecedent challenges and learned a lot from them. Since språk design was a new player in the market and a legacy company in the market already exists. They were trying to break the legacy infrastructure and become a modern graphics designing company.

When it was a startup, språk design had a handful of workstations and a

few designers. Without a portfolio, it was tough to persuade chief marketing officers and entrepreneurs about their talent and capacities. Every project came with challenges, like style, mindset, culture, philosophy, and brand values are not matters that can be easily translated into definite, explicit expectations. Also, many types of design techniques and outcomes were software and application-dependent. The company’s design director, with her vision and experience, steered the team well. She had brought over 15 years of design project experience to the table. språk design quickly understood about perfecting its approach that gets maximum valuable inputs from clients, and which can be measured from a design perspective. The initial consultation, approach, and dedicated efforts won them many clients. The company refined its approach in a way that they would never lose track of goals and purpose specified by the client and crafted the solutions accordingly.

Hermit Chawla | CEO Bhoomi Chawla | Director - Design From simple printed brochures and catalogs, the company developed its capacities to design websites spanning 1,000 pages, graphic-rich websites such as for gaming companies, UI/UX designs for hundreds of web and mobile applications, multi-media company presentations, product packaging, and various marketing and sales materials. And then the growth started

events that helped språk design cross significant milestones. Twothree years from inception, they got a contract with an international company to take on most of their web design and digital marketing design work. At the same time, they could partner with a couple of global agencies to take on their project work. The experiences enriched team språk design a lot and allowed them to spread their wings into many domains and serve in different geographies.

It was not a point but rather a set of | 35

| Business Story

Pillars of språk design’s success Success depends as much on creativity, originality, and diverse skill sets as project management abilities and a lot of hard work. Graphic design project management skills are crucial to managing a custom approach-based framework, a long list of client specifications, minute details that affect 100% quality assurance, work scheduling and deadline management, iteration management, printing guidelines post-delivery, etc. The less the customers have to think and worry and invest time and energy to get their expected outputs, the happier they are. They blend design, technical expertise, and creativity with Lean concepts that allow clients to get their desired designs and solutions within a minimum time and hassles. The ability to give 100% satisfaction faster without cutting corners on quality increases yearover-year success metrics. Another factor is the ability to adopt the latest technology and design trends and keep in pace with the dynamics in the market. What is 36 | July 2021

latest in graphic design has evolved from HD designs to 3D animated designs to augmented realitysupported designs. The styles that are getting popular use widely different creative and technical skill sets. We continually invest in training, learning, and re-skilling. Their Offerings språk design offers end-to-end design solutions, taking on a project right from the concept stage and transforming ideas into printready or website-ready designs. Second, they optimize the design processes and phases in such a way that they can assure superlative design quality while cutting down on design development time and costs. This capacity has won them a high rate of repeat business. Also, they invest in maintaining client relationships and mutuallybeneficial experiences. With the company, clients do not have to worry about paying for every minute change. The company allows multiple iterations for free, allowing the client increased flexibility in influencing design outcomes.

språk design’s core focus is on branding and graphic design services. They also have a set up of an interior design service arm. Design Services: 1. Brand Identity Creation and Brand Building 2. Branding Strategy and Media Planning 3. Marketing Communication and Content Design 4. Mobile and Web App UI/UX - graphic design services - interior design services Graphic Design Services: 1. Brochure Design 2. Catalogue Design 3. Marketing Communication and Content Design 4. Sales Collateral and Business Promotion Material Design 5. Website Design 6. Event Promotion Content Design 7. Mobile and Web App UI/UX Design 8. Banner and Hoarding Design 9. Restaurant Menu Design 10. Flyers and Poster Design 11. Calendar Design 12. Corporate Presentation Design 13. Social Media Design

14. Graphics for digital magazines and books

engagement, and the success stories are adding up.

Interior Design Services:

The unmatched leadership at språk design

1. Residential 2. Commercial 3. Exhibitions and Stalls 4. Schools and Institutions språk design taking a step ahead with… språk design is investing in the latest technology and skillsets to transform design experiences so that they can fulfill the changing needs in digital and print design for businesses across 30+ sectors. They are developing industry-focused talent groups so that clients from different markets and business segments get optimized opportunities through our designs. Their interior design team is also gearing up to deliver on 3D visuals and renderings that support VR and AR. Some new variants in the company’s design solutions are those focused on social media marketing and digital marketing social media design and marketing support, social media-based branding support, and designs to optimize digital marketing outcomes. Businesses find that since most social media platforms are visual communication-focused; any social media and digital marketing endeavor needs to have a strong design element to it. språk design is already developing a niche in this market. Our designs are influencing client’s key website metrics like lead generation and customer

Hermit Chawla, CEO Hermit Chawla started språk design with his wife Bhoomi Chawla. As the CEO, he has oversight for business strategy and expansion, technology, marketing, and finance. Hermit has led the company to evolve constantly, embracing new technologies, new domains, and markets. He has headed many initiatives to constantly enhance språk design’s capacities, from inception through to commercial and technological successes. Under Hermit’s leadership, the company has steadily grown and become the go-to design agency for hundreds of organizations worldwide. “My personal belief is about empowering employees to be innovative, voice opinions, make correct decisions, enhance their learning curves, and be open to more and more training and reskilling. We have flexible workplace culture and policies and are also flexible about helping our teams improve their technical expertise.” - Hermit Chawla. Bhoomi Chawla, Director Design. Bhoomi Chawla has been instrumental in developing the gamut of design offerings at språk design, as its design director. Her experience in the field has enriched the approach, quality, and designdelivery standards. Under her leadership, all design projects are executed with excellence, with the user experience and customer needs

in mind at all times. Bhoomi is the innovator behind all språk design projects - branding, graphics, marketing design, product packaging design, and interiors. Karim Rashid has been a source of motivation for the leadership at språk design since long. Rashid inspires designers to explore excellence in design is not only one field but in many domains, to explore creativity and innovation without setting boundaries. The Key Achievements språk design has crossed many milestones: • From a team of a few designers, they now have 35+ artists from diverse backgrounds and are continually expanding team strengths. • From a few projects in the year of inception, the company now completed 1,000+ projects. • Initially, they had mostly printbased design projects. Today, they are working on digital design projects supporting AR, immersive designs, multi-platform mobile applications UI/UX designs, and hundreds of different digital marketing and branding projects. The company’s strengths in branding have increased to embrace popular brands and their new product launches. språk design’s interior design team is also scaling up its digital capabilities in presentation and renderings. • språk design’s clientele were few and far between when they started, but today they have a global business with a diverse portfolio, having served organizations across sectors and geographies. | 37

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ZNet Technologies Empowering businesses with the most innovative cloud, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity services


Net Technologies Private Limited, incorporated in 2009, is the leading distributor of cloud services, IT infrastructure services, and cybersecurity services to partners across the globe. The business units of ZNet include ZNetLive, RackNap, Wire19, and DHN (Daily Host News). ZNetLive is the distributor of cloud, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity services via its wide channel partner network. RackNap, the cloud service delivery, and business automation platform, helps cloud providers in automating the delivery of cloud services and helps bill the usage based on actual consumption. Wire19 and DHN are the IT media portals serving as onestop information shops for CXOs and key decision-makers of the cloud and IT industry. In a conversation with Mr Munesh Jadoun, CEO at ZNet Technologies, lets discover more about the company and its journey since inception. • Tell us about the company. ZNet is owned by RP tech India (a division of Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd.). Founded in 1989, RP tech India is the fastest-growing valueadded distributor of IT and mobility 38 | July 2021

solutions with 50 branches and 50 service centers across India. Growing at a consistent 25% CAGR YoY, the company offers products from over 23 renowned global brands to 9000+ partners spread across 750+ towns/cities in India. ZNet is one of the very first Microsoft CSPs in India and right from the beginning we had one goal in mind i.e., to help enterprises to ‘Be Digital’. To enable digitization, we offer world-class cloud solutions on next-gen technologies with flexible deployment models, both onpremises and in the cloud. Our cloud offerings include public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud cloud models based on various technologies from hyperscalers like Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Alibaba Cloud. Currently, we are also offering Acronis’ on-premises backup and disaster recovery solutions and Plesk control panel to our partners and businesses across the globe. • What were the initial challenges you faced? Competition: When we started our business, the internet industry was

new and growing rapidly. With so many different companies competing on prices and services, it made for a very competitive environment as all of these firms battled it out to get their share of this emerging market. Flexible Customer Needs: As customers changed what they wanted from providers because more accessible pricing models were needed much faster than before to stay relevant but keep up with demand; customer needs began changing where flexibility became king- not only could you pay as you go monthly fees by resources used rather than be stuck paying an exorbitant amount upfront; flexible tariffs allowed people who couldn’t afford expensive one time offer to easily try things without fear that they would have no choice but wait until next month’s invoice came. Customer Service: This might not seem like a big deal, but I think it’s worth mentioning. One thing we knew was going to matter in the long run was customer service. We stayed consistent and stood out from competitors because of our great customer experience, for example by providing “over-thetop” care whenever someone had an issue with their order or needed

Munesh Jadoun | CEO | ZNet Technologies help figuring something out via chat (which was available 24/7), this helped us as well when challenges came up because people knew that we were there to support them, no matter what! • How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? Sharing the stats of the past five years only. This gives a fair idea of our growth. • What are the products/services | 39

| Interview with The Enterprise World

the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? Our company mainly focuses on the following products and services: ♦ RackNap – The new-age, ultraintuitive, and hyper-growth platform for cloud service providers. ♦ Domains and Hosting - WordPress Hosting - Cloud Hosting ♦ Email and Productivity - Microsoft 365 - Google Workspace ♦ Servers and Cloud - Dedicated Server - Multicloud services - Microsoft Azure - Managed AWS - Alibaba Cloud - Plesk ♦ Backup and Security - Acronis - SSL Certificates We provide high-quality solutions to our customers at affordable prices. Also, we personalize their experience by making sure that they find the product or service which will meet all of their requirements! We have also started offering multi-cloud services which makes us stand out from our competitors while providing our customers with a single-point solution for their technology needs. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? 40 | July 2021

We take regular feedback from our clients as well as to conduct market research for the product/service we offer. We want to continue to upgrade our services - whether in terms of improving our software UI or expanding our product line. For example, we recently relaunched our automation platform, Racknap and it is getting a great response.

are now the new business strategies. Now more and more people are using smartphones to shop, sell, search local businesses and share their experiences with family and friends. COVID pandemic forced organizations to make the transition to remote working quickly than expected to maintain business continuity.

We have also expanded in terms of our product offering like multicloud solutions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies are now looking for hybrid solutions and we knew that a multicloud platform could help many small to large businesses manage their work with ease.

♦ The most important role of technology like the cloud is for enabling digital transformation which has resulted in creating a competitive advantage for the businesses.

Also, we don’t believe that we are the best IT solutions provider, so we learn from our competitors as in on what part our company is failing, and then we plan new strategies to ensure success. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

♦ We are now able to be more productive, and at the same time, it has given us access to new markets by being able to communicate faster than ever before with applications like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom. The world will always keep advancing, and technology has played a big role in that. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

The world is always changing, and technology has helped to shape it for the better. Technology has completely changed the way we do business.

One of the toughest jobs I’ve had to take on is being a CEO. It’s never easy and hasn’t been so far, either. Sometimes you have to go backward to move forward--I took many big decisions when building my company from the ground up and taking it ahead successfully. For example, I associated with other firms who helped me make an impact along the way by launching new products (like RackNap) or more about which we’ll soon be hearing!

♦ Mobile-first and remote working

I have faced challenges that most

We recently partnered with NTTNetmagic to provide managed colocation services. This will enable better activities for our customers. • How has the technology transformed traditional way of business?

people can only imagine in their wildest dreams. I was able to learn how to make decisions under pressure, take risks and assess everything with calm when going through these difficult situations. However, the one thing I wish you could know is that success does not come to you; it’s up for grabs! You just need a plan on what path will suit your needs best. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Few major milestones that triggered the growth of the company are: ♦ 2009: ZNet Technologies was incorporated as a private limited company by me with a head office set up in Jaipur, India. ♦ 2010: ZNetLive became Microsoft SPLA approved. The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enabled ZNetLive to license Microsoft products and customized services to its end customers with a flexible cost structure, no startup costs, and no long-term commitment. ♦ 2013: ZNetLive became a D&B’s Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S® Number) Certified company. ZNetLive’s D&B D-U-N-S® Number is 85933-1710. ♦ 2015: ZNetLive becomes one of the few certified “Cloud Solutions Providers” in Microsoft’s newly launched cloud adoption program for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India.

♦ 2017: ZNet commercially launched its cloud service delivery platform – RackNap, after the success of its pilot launch in 2016. ♦ 2018: ZNet became an authorized distributor of Plesk in India. With this, ZNet started providing the full range of Plesk solutions for developers, digital agencies, IT admins, content managers, web hosters, hyperscalers at very competitive pricing. ♦ 2018: ZNet Technologies won the IAMCP P2P award for the APAC region at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. ZNet was chosen as a winner for enabling Microsoft partners in increasing consumption of Microsoft cloud services in the region with its cloud service delivery platform – RackNap. ♦ 2018: ZNet Technologies won the CRN Excellence award 2018 under the category “IP Creation” in Goa, India. ZNet won this award based on the success of its proprietary cloud service delivery platform – RackNap that was commercially launched in 2017. ♦ 2018: ZNet Technologies won the SME Channels award in the “Application Specialist” category in New Delhi, India. ZNet won this award based on RackNap’s success as a cloud service delivery platform among the Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) across the globe. ♦ 2019: ZNet Technologies became an authorized service provider of GlobalSign and Acronis in India. With this, ZNet started offering

GlobalSign SSL certificates and Acronis backup and cybersecurity solutions to customers in India. ♦ 2019: ZNet Technologies became an authorized distributor of Alibaba Cloud in India and started offering a full range of Alibaba Cloud solutions to its customers in India. ♦ 2019: RP tech India (a division of Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.) acquired ZNet Technologies. With this partnership, RP tech India and ZNet together started providing cutting-edge cloud services and solutions to SMB and enterprise customers in India. ♦ 2020: Plesk appoints ZNet Technologies as a global distributor to expand reach in untapped markets. ♦ 2021: RackNap launched a new version “Altair” integrated with Microsoft Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) and smart analytics to offer unique timesaving features and smart analytics improving productivity and profitability for service providers. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? Our employees are our most important asset, so it is our responsibility to keep them motivated in the company…and, I have experienced that for most of the employees, work is what motivates them. If we enjoy what we do, we will do our best even when no one is watching.


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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Paul J. Meyer Therefore, we make sure that the job they are in is meaningful and makes them successful. For this, we provide regular training to develop employee skills, recognize achievements and show appreciation. I have visited our employees’ homes and have enjoyed seeing their homes and meeting their families. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? I would like to share one special piece of feedback I get from many of our customers. When our customers come to us for some IT requirement, we get to know about their challenges of coping with multiple systems and dealing with different vendors to set up complete IT infrastructure to take their solutions to the market. We understood that our customers need to overcome these challenges to reach the market faster. We have always believed in becoming a onestop-shop for all cloud IT needs of customers but, now we have gone a step ahead and even incorporated IT hardware (via RP tech), data center infrastructure, colocation, and even IT security (via NTT India) in our portfolio. With this, our customers are now able to procure IT hardware, cloud solutions, complex IT infra, and cybersecurity solutions from a 42 | July 2021

single-window at ZNet. With this initiative, many of our customers have shared that they can meet all their IT needs, get a resolution to all IT queries at one stop and thus can scale at a much faster pace and also keep their costs in control. • One person who you admire the most? My father - My father was a school teacher in a village in Bayana, a small town in the Bharatpur region, in Rajasthan, India. The most important qualities in a father are kindness, patience, and understanding. My dad is the epitome of these virtues because he taught me everything I needed to know and helped me become who I am today. He’s an inspiration for the dreams that lay ahead. He had great work ethics and high morals, he did everything on the earth possible or necessary to help someone out. He stays positive in all kinds of circumstances. He has been very emotionally supportive, and his teachings are my life lessons.

different. I used to eat and sleep at irregular hours and with my regular globetrotting, there was no time for family or hobbies. During this time, my business was uphill, and my mood was downhill. Soon, all this started taking a toll on my health. Even when I was awake and working, I felt that my energy levels were low. Somewhere down the line, I started missing the sunny days, the breeze on my face, the enthusiasm, and the energy. I wanted to feel free again. I decided it was time, I should do something for myself as well. Life should have something more to offer – I had the success, money, power, happiness, but I wanted more from it – the meaning of my being…

• It’s a rat race out there. How do you cope with that?

And then, I took my first step towards what I think is my meditation, after so many years. Yes, you guessed it right! I decided to start cycling and so, bought a Hercules cycle. My first 6 to 8 months were the hardest, finding out time for a revived hobby, even for riding 5 to 6 KMS, was a challenge. But I persevered and started going out all alone – with my thoughts keeping me the company.

Life runs past the CEOs. We eat, sleep, and do all our activities with business and expansion as the topmost priority in our minds. There was a time when I was no

Then I decided I should get into cycling seriously. I deserve my share of happiness. So, now I am only a part of cycling races, no rat races for me.


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What is E-marketing?

44 | July 2021

here is a huge been a spurt in business ventures and start-ups, especially since the wake of the pandemic. This calls for radical ideas and innovation in many fields, most importantly, marketing. The traditional marketing strategies and methods have been effective in recent times, but the pandemic and the norms it brought pushed the need for reform in the marketing industry as a whole. E-marketing has been there since the past decade, but the momentum has radically changed in the past years. As the competition in the market gets fierce, companies strive to aim for the podium, and OLM (Online Marketing) can prove as a crucial advantage to fetch that goal. The population of netizens is on the rise, with nearly 80% of the world population seeking the internet for information. The Internet has become a rich source for Ecommerce websites and companies to reach the target audience and have a pan world presence. Another factor expanding the importance of E-marketing is the rising expenditures on advertisements, email marketing, etc. OLM has become a need for any business in today's time, if you still wonder, read on to know the good and bad of the same.


Any marketing is Good marketing? Marketing has again come into the

limelight and enterprises are sparing no cents to win the race in the market. Some advantages of Emarketing are: - Wider Audience Pool Undoubtedly one of the best pros of E-marketing, a pan world reach. Now an enterprise is working on a multinational level since day one. This makes reaching the target audience accessible and costefficient as no physical outlets are required. - Visible Results As every transaction, inquiry, etc. is done online, it becomes easy and accessible to track traffic, popularity, etc. of products/services. Enterprises can keep a track of sales, feedbacks, etc. all with a click, making tracking of business performance simple. - Convenience and Connection With everything working over the internet, enterprises can work 24x7, and customers can access the same at their convenience and comfort. This is a crucial advantage as it saves time and cost as there is less expensive as compared to offline stores. Excess of everything is bad, and E-marketing has its cons too. Some of the cons of are: - Legitimacy and Clarity As there are a lot of websites, it becomes difficult to judge the legitimacy of the same. Another factor that gives the clarity away is ads that fill the pages, making

potential customers turn away. - Specialization E-marketing, however easy it sounds, requires specialists with experience and the right skills. To get maximum footfall or traffic, one requires knowledge of SEO, SEM, etc. that requires specialization. - Reach and Reality As OLM offers wider reach, areas with less connectivity, the elderly, and illiteracy are deprived of the benefits of the same. As online businesses run on word of mouth publicity and feedbacks, people often post negative feedbacks to put down the competition. Marketing, making business easy? E-marketing has surely benefitted customers and enterprises alike, but the question of its viability and sustainability remains. It is surely changing the new normal but also rising concerns. OLM is growing and tends to provide a platform where anybody can start a business of their own. This has brought a lot of products/services at competitive prices but also doubt on the source of legitimacy. The question of its relevance remains, as it dwells too deep into a person's personal space. As nobody likes recurring emails, messages, notifications, etc. but where does one draw the line? This remains a question for enterprises and marketing agencies, whether they want E-marketing to be a boon or a bane. | 45

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