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From Editor’s Desk An array of possibilities George Adair had once said that, Everything you want is on the other side of fear. There are not many people who are willing to look on the other side, but very often we see people jumping into the fire-pit. And usually those are the people who come out successful, and tell the tale. India has always been a land of leaders. We have seen some of the best leadership minds in the country, who have led us through the battle of independence. An idea can work brilliantly on papers, but what makes the person even more brilliant is the execution of the ideas. As a business owner, one has to put in tremendous effort to build everything from the scratch. Once the enterprise reaches a point, it all looks very easy, but no one can tell the stepping stones they have had. What makes them climb the ladder of success is the way they take up the tasks at hand, and figure out a way to do it, even if they don’t know. With a strong stand, passion and great ambitions, these entrepreneurs have made it through everything and have shown it to everyone, that taking risks is not actually risky! More so, this introductory issue of The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019 will also feature a special section of City View. Get insights on the history and industrial developmentof Detroit City in this issue. The city that put the world on wheels! Know the industrial development graph of the city. Know more about it in this special section! Don’t you get bored with the plain names to the days? What’s today?- A Monday. Well, this special section of the magazine, the Fact Page will keep you informed about it all! Know what day we are celebrating today; know the facts from the business world from this special section. The Enterprise World magazine, in its introductory issue presents to you the tales of such Fearless Entrepreneurs, who have battled through thick and thin and made it to the best positions in industry. The Interview with The Enterprise World features an exclusive dialogue with Mr Ashraf Kamal and Mr Shinu J Pillai. Unfolding their journey, they talk about their enterprise in this interview. Finally, featuring for the cover story we have Mr. Joseph Chan’s AsiaPay, with premier digital payment solutions. These entrepreneurs with their stories have surely proved to us that what lies ahead of fear is an abundance of success. Hope you get inspired by their stories. Have a good read!

Shalmali Wadadekar

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For Editorial Concerns: editor@theentetpriseworld.com For Sales & Branding Enquiries: sales@theenterpriseworld.com For Subscription: info@theenterpriseworld.com Publisher The Enterprise World Creative Content Editor Susanne J. Asst. Editor Shalmali W. Marketing Coordinator(USA) Peter J. PR & Marketing Coordinator James H. Business Development Executive Meera B. Creative Design Head: V. Mittal Social Media Manager Avinash G. Digital Circulation Manager Amanda V. Technical Lead V. Kate Copyrights Š The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

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his introductory issue of The Enterprise World, Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019 features: Joseph Chan, the Founder CEO of AsiaPay is revolutionizing the FinTech Industry with his seamless FinTech solutions. The company is one of the most successful and comprehensive electronic payment service and Technology Company in Asia. It offers advanced, secure, integrated, multi-channel digital payment processing services and solutions to banks and merchants, across 12 markets in Asia. Aakash Malhotra with his venture of Digato, digital marketing is helping the companies to grow on a larger extent, and Aakash Malhotra is helping the companies to crack the growth hack with Digato. He also is India’s leading travel influencer and likes to call himself a travelpreneur. Facilitating the businesses to efficient systems is Swathi Business Solutions. The IT solutions and services are necessary for every company these days, and to provide these

solutions under a single roof, Arun Thiyagarajan came up with the Swathi Business Solutions. The healthcare industry is evolving every day, and with this scenario in mind, Leslie Richard and other few experienced people in the field of healthcare came along to develop smart healthcare solutions and started Healthcare 360 Degree. Having worked as a freelance workplace and learning consultant, Mr. Mohan Madgulkar when learned about this unique consultancy Steps Drama, which uses interactive drama techniques to offer training services. Having a passion for acting, Mr. Mohan was up for the task, to bring something new to the consultancy scenario in India. Larks Learning, a consultancy service provider, to coach the leaders for better leadership. Ms. Lovely Kumar, after the recession of 2008 saw this as an opportunity to train the officials to get more outcomes in their working. Mr. Nasir Sharif of MN Realtors is helping the people change realty into reality, providing all the realty solutions

under a single roof. No matter how big the project is, MN Realtors is standing up to the customers’ expectations. Fabulous Media, as the name suggests, is a media agency, or being more specific, your growth agency. This media company, founded by Nikhil Sharma, is focused on providing the right business solutions for the perfect growth of your company. Agriculture forms the backbone of Indian economy, and Siddhartha Choudhary, with his DestaGlobal has gone on to merge agriculture with technology, thus giving a superior edge to the agricultural systems. Further on, in the interviews with Mr. Ashraf Kamal and Mr. Shinu J Pillai, you will know about the journey of their enterprise. OpenThrive by Ashraf Kamal is digital marketing platforms helping the companies boost their growth. And Synigoros Partners by Mr. Shinu J Pillai is providing the best advocate services to the clients.


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Shinu J Pillai Synigoros Partners Comprehensive legal services commensurate in quality and speed



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Cover Story

Joseph Chan Founder & CEO

Joseph Chan ASIAPAY



he nature of payments has changed drastically over the years. What with the rise in technology, and people adapting to it so easily, going cashless is what everyone prefers now. A few years ago, paying with cards was a very rare thing; e-payments were far away. But in today’s world, card payments and online transactions are a part of the routine. This digital wallet, which is sometimes also referred to as the e-wallet, is an online payment service with the help of which one can make payments online. The individual’s bank account is linked to the digital wallet, and he/she can then make payments easily. Such is the nature of digital payments. It provides ease in making payments. And because these wallets are linked to bank accounts, the details are safe with the individual. And also there is a lesser risk of being robbed, as there is barely any hard cash involved. This digital age driving the

people, Joseph Chan founded AsiaPay in 2000. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Economics degree from Monash University in Australia, he started up first high-quality third-party ePayment and mPayment solution and technology firm in Hong Kong, spearheaded the company business strategies and product development together with his management team, and lead AsiaPay becoming one of the most successful world-class electronic payment service companies in Asia. In regard to business growth and market recognition, Joseph presents his long term vision that is to operate a successful and socially responsible company that continually provides individuals and corporate entities with the newest product values, readily enhance one’s quality of life and maximize business opportunities, efficiency, and productivity. To describe Joseph’s philosophy in one line, “Learn to dance in the rain and

blooming brilliant” Digitalization and technological innovations will take over in both FinTech and retail industries. Through this, we continue to provide innovative payment technology and gateway that would bring ease and security in this going cashless generation. The FinTech industry is a very risky ground to play. Although many are trying to make it easier for the users, they face a bunch of challenges. New revolutions, additions, and schemes are introduced every now and then, and keeping in track with those and balance it all is a tedious task. One needs a back-up of ideas to sail through. And challenges are a part of every enterprise. Joseph faced his share of challenges with AsiaPay. As he says, “Progress won’t go smooth sailing” The journey of AsiaPay was full of challenges.

We need to embrace changes and technological revolution”, says Joseph

On technical front, how to effectively validate the viability of the business and solution model, and effective assessment of all related technological and security risks; how to effectively build the right team / acquire the right talents with the right knowhow and passion; Being a FinTech player, one of the major challenges is gaining trust and support from banks and partners in new markets, and how to fend off risks due to compliance and regulatory changes. Overcoming these challenges and risks, AsiaPay is today a global brand name with its services spread over in 12 global markets. AsiaPay imparts its value propositions to every client that has dealt with their service. The team upholds their trusted payment service and technology by keeping it digital, fast, secure and cost-effective solutions. With several integrations and strong connections with eCommerce and FinTech industries, they have extended

their top-performing electronic payment gateway to various brands and big banks. AsiaPay’s existing key merchants include Airlines, hotels, Travel, and transportation, retail, Insurance, Telecommunication, Food and beverage, Media and ticketing, Beauty and others. Their core values with which they have been able to achieve this are• Reliable High service uptime of 99.9%+ to minimize lost sales and customer dissatisfaction • Advanced Provide anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready real-time consolidated reports, and MIS • Quality Local account and risk operation support as well as 24x7 technical supports. • Integrated Multi-lingual, multicurrencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers for the international market • Secure PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006 and certified 3-D secure vendor for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American express, Protect buy. • Regional Operation in 13+ countries and regions in Asia With these key values, they have been able to top the market and lead the FinTech game effectively. AsiaPay is a world-class electronic payment service, solution, technology provider, and merchant aggregator in Asia. They provide a comprehensive array of secured, advanced and integrated payment processing solutions and technologies to banks, payment service providers and merchants. They also have partnerships with international card associations, banks, payment companies, and debit cards all over Asia.

AsiaPay offers its variety of award-winning, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-card, and multi-channelled payment solutions. Alongside with its advanced fraud detection and management solutions AsiaPay is the ideal payment provider. AsiaPay is an accredited payment processor and payment gateway solution vendor for banks. It is a certified IPSP for merchants and also a certified international 3-D Secure vendor for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB. AsiaPay has been a leading ePayment solution since 2000 and has rolled out a wide array of payment features and services. With over 19 years of payments expertise, AsiaPay offers advanced and secure payment solutions with an optimized conversion that ease merchants’ concerns when acquiring financial transactions. AsiaPay provides multi-payment methods ranging from one-stop comprehensive credit and debit cards, eBanking, QR payments, and smart POS. It also comes with a multi-currency payment feature that accepts payments from cross border countries. AsiaPay also runs a multichannel platform that allows convenient payment transactions from any web-connected devices. AsiaPay has carefully designed a variety of solutions for the businesses of all sizes to deliver safe, secure, reliable and also cost-effective solutions for the banks. He has helped them in mitigating the frauds and the risks and enhances operational efficiency. With its diverse suite of payment solutions, AsiaPay allows the Western and the

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

AsiaPay speaks at the Digital Media Marketing Conference hosted by WTIA

Asian businesses and also the financial institutions to perform cross-border e-commerce very easily and securely.

PAYMENT SERVICE AND TECHNOLOGY player in Asia and beyond.

In this competitive industry of Financial Technology, market competitors always lookout for ways to get ahead of their rivals. As for AsiaPay, We value every merchant as a partner that we can support in their business growth.

AsiaPay stands alone as a worldclass electronic payment solution in Asia. This FinTech player integrates market growth in all types of businesses or industries. AsiaPay’s unrivaled 19 years of ePayment expertise has delivered multi-lingual and multi-currency payment features to its international users.

With a vision to provide corporate entities with the latest electronic payment values that readily maximize the business’ efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities. Their mission is to provide fully secure, integrated, and comprehensive payment processing services for businesses, charities, and associations as well as payment solutions that blend the latest technologies for the financial / banking industries, and to be the leading ELECTRONIC

Through AsiaPay, merchants can allow users to have multi-card options that accept all cards and modes of ePayment on a single platform. It also conducts a multi-layered security platform which consists of Security Hash system, TLS 1.2 Encryption, PCI-DSS level 1 Certification, and tokenized anti-fraud tools that grant users’ cashless transactions to be in high security and fraud-free. AsiaPay remains a competent payment enterprise that puts convenience

and security at the forefront. With a Clear Strategic direction, the AsiaPay team strives to provide a totally secure, integrated and most comprehensive payment processing services for businesses, charities, and associations, and payment solutions blending latest technologies for the financial / banking industries that readily enhance one’s quality of life and maximize business opportunities, efficiency, and productivity. To become a trustful payment service provider, they have communicated and encouraged R&D colleagues to continuously refine and upgrade the payment products over time, enhance security technology, introduce new products according to customer’s requirements and needs. To lead the way with head held

high, a company’s driving force plays a vital role. Effectively implementing the vision with a like-minded professional team, AsiaPay’s team tries to stay aggressive and agile in the revolutionary market. With a clear vision of what they want to achieve, they focus on the sustainable development of the enterprise, which is the main driving force for the company. Alongside this, the competition in the market promotes the employees and the teams to keep going. It helps them to keep on innovating, improving the technology and also improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. “We value the people behind our workforce by allowing them to give their inputs and exercise their roles in the company”, says Joseph. Teamwork is the most essential part of any organization. Effective teamwork can help an organization to speed up renovation, optimize opportunities, and withstand any risks and uncertainties. The AsiaPay team focuses on the work-life balance in the company by conducting various workshops and company training. It echoes the company’s continued commitment to professional development, and their culture of sharing and teamwork, making the working life at the company a fruitful and memorable one, and being a lifetime experience. With such a team, it gets easier for the company to maintain client relationships.

In this new era of digital globalization, digital innovation and disruption change the way we live and do business. There is continued merchant demand for a complete integrated payment acceptance solution across prevailing payment methods to optimize sales conversion and better serve the customers globally especially in digital channel payments To help our business partners grow their business online by providing innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions that will make them competitive in the eCommerce landscape.

Acknowledge Your Client as an Individual”, is Joseph’s client-relationship mantra!

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

Joseph Chan- the brain behind seamless FinTech solutions. Mr. Joseph Chan is the Chief Executive Officer of AsiaPay. He founded the company in Hong Kong in August 2000. He spearheaded the business, operation and product strategy and development of the company together with his management team, making it by far being one of the most successful and comprehensive electronic payment service and Technology Company in Asia. It offers advanced, secure, integrated, multi-channel digital payment processing services and solutions to banks and merchants, across 12 markets in Asia, including Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. Prior to founding AsiaPay, Joseph took various management positions at Barings, Citibank N.A., Bank of America and Dah Sing Bank. Through successive positions in banking and finance industries, Joseph consolidated his expertise and experience in strategic planning, product and project management, as well as the implementation of various cutting-edge financial, electronic banking, Internet and mobile product services, and systems in Asia to well serve the needs of the customers. The distinguishing factors throughout Joseph’s career have been his entrepreneurial spirit, his passion for the FinTech industry, and his belief of how best leveraging FinTech services and technologies to enhance

values and benefits for businesses and consumers. His love for innovation has always helped him set the vision of the company, build and lead this like-minded team across Asia to fulfill the objectives and create an environment of continual reinvention in the digital payment service and technology space. With the strong support of governments in Asia for the digital economy and cashless society, and along with the strong growth of digital payment adoption of consumers in Asia, he will continue to ride the trend and seize the coming growth and expansion opportunities. He is widely recognized as an influencer in the FinTech sector and has strong relationships with payment schemes, leading banks and payment brands, industry associations, and corporate clients. Besides, he is also an active keynote speaker in many of the FinTech & e-Payment conferences across Asia and beyond. He was awarded “Business Leadership Awards 2019”. “The 50 Most Influential Payment Professionals Award 2018”, and “Cards & Electronic Payments International (CEPI) Asia Disruptor 2016, 2017 (Industry) Influential Leader”.




t is the year 2019, we might not have flying cars and air traffic, but we sure do have entered a smart era, where technology has taken strides in every sector. Everyone we see is now busy in their mobile phones, plugged in to the social media, digging any new information they can. With the extravagance of this technology, the start-up scenario in India has expanded and this ecosystem is thriving for the new outlooks. This has been made quite simple by the social media, as there are no boundaries to the reach of it. To help the companies to hack this growth formula, Aakash Malhotra started a digital marketing consulting and advertising agency, Digato. An engineer in Computer Sciences from Amity University and liking for travelling and public speaking, Aakash Malhotra has accomplished quite a lot and bagged some of the honorary awards. He also is a leading Social Media Influencer and goes with the handle, Wander With Sky, a channel that gives it’s community tips, hacks and advice on how to travel while showcasing his journey. With more than 150K followers, he’s India’s leading travel influencer. He likes to call himself a 14

Travelpreneur, an Indian who is out on a mission to travel the world.



Apart from the various jobs he has taken up as a digital media marketing or a consultant, he also has added a volunteering experience to his list of experiences. He was Vice President at AIESEC, worlds largest youth-run organisation and was on leading the Organising Committee of Udaan, an event for the underprivileged kids. Carrying all the bags heavy with experience and honours, Aakash then decided to start his own digital marketing consulting and advertising company. And so started the journey of Digato! The Foundation

Early Life Before coming up with Digato, Aakash has had a bag full of experiences in many fields. He was the head of digital marketing and media at Creative Marketing Fix, agency based out of New Delhi. He was also a digital marketing consultant at The Grub Fest, which is India’s biggest food festival. He’s transitioned from an engineer to Sales Rep, to Marketing professional, his life has been a roller coaster of different experiences.

The idea behind forming Digato was to help the companies to reach out to a more efficient digital platform. The Digato team observed that most of the businesses in India were still almost a decade behind in their marketing strategies and they needed a digital transformation for the increment in their revenues. Also, there were other several marketing agencies that were not able to give the companies their desired results. To eliminate this blank space and to help the businesses hack August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

the growth, Aakash Malhotra came up with a digital marketing solutions platform Digato. Many of the companies that first approached Digato had already had bad experiences with the other digital marketing companies. “Followed by thorough market research, Digato guarantees customers a certain kind of revenue push and we’re proud to say that Digato has been able to achieve 8x ROI for clients in 22 days,” states Aakash Malhotra, Founder, Digato. The Stepping Stones Aakash has had a digital marketing consulting experience in many of the companies and also some of the volunteering campaigns. With this vast experience in the industry, there hardly were any problems and challenges Digato had to face. The services the company offers are unique and in a demand in the recent scenario, also with the result history the company has had, it wasn’t much difficult for the people to identify and distinguish them from the others. One of the challenging tasks though is to maintain the consistency of the services they provide. The technology is evolving, and there is a need to be a step ahead, always. Also, there are many people venturing in this particular field, so to be a step further, what is important is to provide quality services with consistency. The company’s aim is to do the best of what they can do and that is their strategy of being a step ahead of the competitors. www.theenterpriseworld.com

Aakash Malhotra Founder & CEO

Their Services The company has expertise in running high yielding advertising campaigns. And this is one through their fully managed private client work, the consulting, the intensive training events or keynote speaking. Digato offers services in two major streams• Revenue Marketing via Advertising • Marketing Consultation 15

The revenue marketing has a comprehensive approach and it follows the important aspects which are Acquisition Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retention Marketing and Advertising. These services help the companies to eventually increase their sales loyalty, the sales and the returns on the investments. Aakash explains, “Acquisition Marketing with Digato involves a judicious integration of marketing channels, bound with technology at its core to build a brands ecosystem. We analyse how the first point of communication happens and the psychological connect which is developed from that interaction. At Digato, we engage deeply with our clients and recognise the need for a support foundation beyond performance marketing. Hence, we evangelized a suite of services including SEO and App Store Optimisation under Content Marketing. Once a customer turns into a buyer, it’s very critical to converting that person to a customer. We use various channels, study the user behaviour and other online activities and ensure 15-20 per cent customer retention with all our brands.” The Next Big Thing? Having worked in the industry for several years before Digato, Mr Aakash perceives the idea of taking the enterprise further with the development of several other services. Digato will then be delivering a few more additional services that would benefit their 16

clients. The ultimate goal of the company is to increase the revenue and sales and investment returns of their clients. The next few strategies to take the company forward are• Digato Talent (Personal Branding) • Dig Deep (In-House Consulting) • Digato Experience (Event Marketing) • Digato Creates (App and Website Design and Development) The company uses the newest technologies and the techniques to be on the top of the game. This has helped many of the companies to reach out to a greater market and opened new opportunities and avenues for the expansion of their company. The idea of changing the face of the internet marketing keeps the Digato family inspired. The Digato Family At Digato, what matters are, the numbers and the results. They have induced a healthy work environment which includes the ‘work from wherever’ scheme. This does not bind the employees to a specific working schedule and helps them to concentrate on their work better. With the help of these work cultures, the company is able to pull off the targets and match the numbers in the accounted time. It has also helped them to conduct successful projects and keep the team spirits high. Their way of dealing with the clients has also played a key role in the growth of the company.

The transparency when dealing with clients is important for the company and that is the reason why the clients have trusted Digato even more. Becoming the brand custodians and partners to the clients has been one hit formula for the companies to maintain good company-client relationships.

What Makes Digato Unique? • A healthy work

environment that includes a ‘work from wherever’ scheme. This helps the employees to concentrate on their work better, pull off targets more efficiently, and run successful projects. • Their expertise is the psychology of running high yielding Advertising Campaigns. • As the tagline of the company goes ‘Marketers lie, Numbers don’t’, Digato focuses on the ROI or the ROASreturn on Ad Spend. The most important number is not CPC (Cost per Click), ad spend, or even revenue.

August 2019








oping with technological advancements and the new business needs are incredibly essential to prosper in today’s business world. IT services and solutions are a necessity for almost every other company these days. With a view to ease this process, Arun Thiyagarajan came up with a business model to provide complete business solutions, under a single roof. “The inspiration to start this enterprise was my brother Krishna Kumar (in the US) who guided me by introducing to well-established brands and companies providing global innovative solutions and services”, Arun Thiyagarajan, Founder Swathi Business Solutions. Swathi Business Solutions deals with various kinds of consultancy services. Their area of expertise is their in-depth knowledge and the understanding of the various Information Technological needs of the businesses. They focus on building good relationships with their clients all over the world and providing them with professional services. The company offers on-site consultancy services. There are many experts available, with their expertise in different fields, 18

which help the companies to strengthen their resources. The company offers services in the following areas• IT consulting

• Advanced Certification Programs

Hurdles are a part of every race. And the one who passes through them all is the real winner. Considering the highly volatile and competitive business environment, taking the business forward was not an easy task. IN MY WAY OF THINKING, Changing scenarios, the new SUCCESS IS A PROCESS emerging start-ups and so many things happening around, it is THAT IS NOT necessary for any enterprise to INSTANTANEOUSLY stick around to the core ACHIEVED. HENCE, THERE IS processes that will keep them NO JUST ONE THING, BUT A going in the market. The fact COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT that Swathi Business Solutions TRAITS, WHICH HELPS ME is providing professional solutions to businesses all REACH THE DESTINATION”, around is because of the SAYS ARUN THIYAGARAJAN experienced, professional and committed team. The convergence of Information • Staffing (Contract & Direct Technologies, the ideas, skills, Hire) language, and different cultures • R2D – Ready to Deploy is what they focus on, and it is Resource what keeps the company going. • SAP Consulting • Corporate Training and “We are flexible with new ideas Workshops and technological advances, • Recruitment Audit which help recognize upcoming • Social Media Audit requirements and constantly • HR Audit & Process endeavor to exceed expectations Implementation of all at different stages of • Software Development development”, says Arun (Solutions developed with the Thiyagarajan on how he has help of Technology partners) tackled the challenges. • Multimedia • Technical Writing & Software Having had 18 years of documentation experience in the consulting


August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

industry, he knows that the companies require proper training sessions and other business solutions for its efficient running. And that is the aim of Swathi Business Solutions, to provide excellent professional services to the companies. Although this requires thorough research of the market and the company’s needs. By implementing various techniques in the business, Mr. Arun has kept the services at par. Some of these techniques include: • Being process oriented. • Updating the client with inputs in terms of what is prevailing in the market. • Understanding client requirements very clearly. Be free to ask for any clarifications before you start working on the requirements. • Availability of the particular resources in the market in the current scenario. • Level of the organizations they are available like Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier -3, etc. • The compensation range would be available. • Awareness of Technology. • Do not compromise on your quality at any point in time so that your standards are maintained. • Be free & open to your clients. Tell the client openly what is possible & what is not possible.

Arun Thiyagarajan Founder & CEO have to survive, then you have to cope with the competition, and probably find new ways to adapt to it.

And with all these processes and new techniques to handle the client needs, it is necessary that there are no glitches in the running of the company because, with the competition prevalent in the industry, they are bound to happen. But, if you

For the business solutions market and the overall market, customer spending is slowing down. This has given many in the race advantage in the aggressive market. It applies to the Swathi Business Solutions too. But the reason they are still in the market is that they have applied different strategies for their functioning. Keeping track of facilities, infrastructure, people and their skills, and to decide the actions to be taken which are appropriate for the enterprise are some of the strategies Swathi Business Solutions employ, to make sure that they are a step further in the market. Analyzing the competitors, the



market, and the customer has helped them to understand and predict new ideas and strategies to imply. “It is also vital to understand the competition and also help my enterprise to prepare in case of any deficiencies”, says Mr. Arun on keeping the business a step further. To accomplish growth and success and help others to optimize their services is the goal of Swathi Business Solutions. And to achieve this goal, strategies to reach specific business objectives need to be implemented. With a new market, Swathi Business Solutions Company is working on new strategies for a better client base. The main aim is to increase our market share by inviting more customers by using web-based technologies for cost reduction and efficient service. This leads to increased productivity and ROI. Continued network with other organizations in relevant industries to learn about their tried and tested innovations, participation in industry-related


seminars, sessions and symposiums to understand the latest innovations to keep abreast of all technological developments and ensure that our business is taking adequate advantage, revision of the ongoing activities as a continuous improvement approach to maximise our business and productivity gains and to invite external agencies or resources to study and devise necessary plans to help grow our organization are a few strategies the company is working on to take the enterprise further. “I have set my goal & that keeps me going till I achieve that”, says Mr. Arun. And with a team that is as passionate as him, Swathi Business Solutions has today formed a healthy and supportive client relationship with all its clients. Taking time to understand their issues, to listen to what they have to say and then delivering quality services to the client has been the success mantra for the company.

lesson to forego such challenges in time ahead”, Mr. Arun Build a successful relationship with personal connection We are available for a meet-up to hear your thoughts. Kindly connect with us at: arun@swathisolutions.com

What makes Swathi Business Solutions unique? • Providing excellent professional services to the companies. • Flexibility with new ideas and technologies. • A thorough understanding of the clients’ needs in order to provide best solutions.

“This helps us with learning a

August 2019

POLAROID EYEWEAR Get ready to see the world through new eyes www.polaroideyewear.com

Ashraf Kamal Founder & CEO


ny person today has easy access to the internet. And don’t be surprised to know that this number is still increasing. There has been a 5% increase in constant internet usage by adults in the last three years. And with this expanse of the internet, the traditional marketing strategies, offline marketing is slowly losing effect. What is trending is internet marketing. Companies are now investing in digital marketing strategies to increase their customer base and web traffic.


Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience, targeting the audience in a particular manner. This was what stuck in the mind of Mr. Ashraf Kamal, and he started his Inbound Marketing agency, Openthrive. In an interview with Mr. Ashraf Kamal, let’s find out more about Openthrive. 1. What was the idea behind this enterprise? OR What inspired you to start this enterprise? Tell us about its foundation.


August 2019

Interview with The Enterprise World

Ans. It didn’t happen like I woke up in the morning and said: “Hey, let’s do this”. No, I have been working on this since my college days. I used to sit in my room and learn about internet marketing. I was doing multiple jobs as well in my college days, all online. I worked as a marketer, as well as a marketing consultant in various companies. Openthrive was started in my room itself at that time. Although the idea was not as clear as it is today, it started. Got the domain name, built a website and launched it. I had a couple of friends who used to contribute to their efforts whenever I asked for any support. If you ask me about the inspiration behind this, I’d say, it was my utter curiosity about how things work on the internet. 2. Taking this enterprise further, was it easy or a catch22?

books, articles, and news. I believe that to find an answer to a difficult situation in business, you must know about history, science, technology, etc. Just learning about business rules will not benefit from a lot of situations. 5. Can you brief us about your education and your professional background? Ans. Sure, I did my graduation BTech in ME, from Sharda University. I worked for 3 companies as a marketing manager before starting Openthrive. So, professionally, I’ve been an internet marketer and consultant. That’s what I’m doing even now. 6. Competition and progress go together. How do you cope with the competition?

Ans. Of course, not easy, and it’s still difficult. I believe, no company runs smoothly as it looks like from outside. You just have to keep going.

Ans. The best way to compete is to address the audience for issues nobody can solve for them. We do our research for how things are going in the market, what’s going out of demand, and coming in demand. Everyone can co-exist, and that’s beautiful.

3. What does your business offer? What are the services?

7. How do you make sure your services are on par?

Ans. We are an Inbound Marketing Agency. We launched with a series of services, but after the experience of a few years, we’ve narrowed down our services to providing only Inbound Marketing & GrowthDriven Website Design. If fact a marketing-team as a service.

Ans. Everybody in the team keeps taking some courses online and keeps themselves informed. We keep in touch with our clients at all times, so that we can fulfill their requirements. You can see us as just another marketing company, but you have to try our toast to feel the difference.

4. What is one thing you do that keeps you a step further?

8. What strategies are you working on to make the business a step further?

Ans. There’s nothing fixed right now, but we’re looking forward to leveraging inbound marketing and automation even further for our business, beyond just providing good service. 9. What keeps you going? What is the driving force of your enterprise? Ans. We are honest people, giving service honestly. The positive responses we get from our clients is what keeps us going, and never stopping. 10. Employees are the backbone of any company. How do you maintain a healthy work environment? Ans. We don’t really have the school kind of strictness in our company. Employees are free to talk, discuss, and present their ideas. I think that freedom is what makes the working environment breathable. 11. How do you deal with your clients? What is your ‘mantra’ for a good client relationship? Ans. If you do good work, your clients will always be happy. However, the hard truth is that your clients will always ask for more than what you promised, and it’s upon you how you can handle that. The mantra is that you should be honest with your clients. If they demand for something you cannot deliver, just tell them it’s out of your scope. Clients will be unreasonable at times, but they are people too, who are also under some pressure to get something done. So, it’s better if we understand our clients just like people.

Ans. I read. I read a lot. I read www.theenterpriseworld.com




lock chain is the growing list of records, which are called as the blocks. These blocks are linked using cryptography. In the beginning, the block chain was something which was considered as a technology supporting the Bitcoin only. But after several years, the experts and people today have realized that this block chain technology is far more than that. The block chain today is helping the organizations to ease their operations in several ways. Looking back at the technology to see how it has evolved is always fun. To evaluate all the steps it has gone to become the evolved and a better version. The block chain is rapidly solving the problems on its way and is emerging to be the biggest thing in technology. Indian network demographics changed largely after the 2016 demonetization. Digitalization was given a superior stand, and almost every next business was adapting to it. To help resolve these complex issues, break them into simpler forms; Mr. Harpreet Sachdeva came up with IgnisTec, a company that provides block chain technology


solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. Mr. Harpreet has completed his



education from the US and has worked there in the same niche. He observed there that the block chain was much simpler, and the efficient use of it made the systems work faster and better. And he thought of moving it to India. “The biggest strength of our country is its mass”, says Mr. Sachdeva. For the mass of a country ; the vision was the difficult part. The

ultimate motive of IgnisTec is to provide the clients with new ways of connectivity, which are better and even more efficient. To facilitate this, the firm provides services that will give the user an AI-powered systems that are adaptive, efficient, and offer simpler solutions to complex problems. Through their three significant platforms• Social3.in • Drinkmates- Holistic Social Networking • Chatbot- AI Assistance IgnisTec is serving parameters of speed, security, and scalability to the companies. The salient feature of this platform design is the utilization of distributed networks to generate amplified network processing power. By enhancing processing power with low latency, they produce faster real-time experience. Layered protocols digitally safeguard both privacy & data by creating a protected Ecosystem. Authenticity is monitored by encryption keys to provide an extra layer of security against potential threats. The fundamentals of Merkle August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

Tree are used, in which a large number of data chunks are securely combined to continuously extend the branches. This makes their models highly scalable. Also, the experience is made even more hassle-free and profound with their carefully designed machine learning ability on large data. IgnisTec uses AI coded Intelligent Algorithms that rely on self-learning and hence boost the performance. They have systematically utilized coded AI agents that process large data and predict results more efficiently. IgnisTec provides its clients with efficient platforms, assuring lesser complexity in the working. We now live in a world where innovation is the only key to success. IgnisTec is a platform where the experts have been innovating new for the benefit of their clients. They have their own three different and novelty platforms- the Drinkmates, Chatbot- AI Assistance, and Social3.in. Drinkmates is a platform that gives a unified virtual identity to the user. Using these identities, the IgnisTec team has created algorithms that handle the data reputation. This is real-world social networking, where community trust is built on protocols, the security of exchanges & Profil-o-meter: data reputation system. The added AI assistant personalized for each user makes the future of connectivity fluid. The Chatbot is their AI Assistant system, Intelligent bot(s) assisted www.theenterpriseworld.com

Harpreet Sachdeva Founder & CEO

automation for booking, customer service & business operations. Machine learning makes these tools smarter to improve the customer experience. “IgnisTec has worked on to build products allowing the user to use it daily feeling secured”, says Mr. Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO Founder of IgnisTec. The company also realized that people need to be updated about the crypto news. Thus they have developed Social3.in, which is their 25

crypto news journal. It is an online video journal to follow all the latest news fast-forwarding people to the future. This platform is educating the public on the block chain and cryptofuture to foster innovation & digitization. With all the changes happening around, and the digitization wave hitting everyone, it is only evitable that multiple companies come up with ideas. This has given rise to great competition in the market. It is possible to survive this competition only if one takes it healthily. And that is one-way IgnisTec works. Learning something new that has come up, and then innovating new ideas to stay a step ahead. All this is only possible with the strong and dedicated team. To keep the employee force-driven,


the best way is to have transparency in the work. Being a young start-up, it still has a long way to disrupt the industry. “With the team & the possibilities, the Indian market can rest assured to see some of the most unforeseen and most useful products by IgnisTec in the future”, says Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO IgnisTec.

What Makes IgnisTec Unique? • By enhancing processing

power with low latency, we produce faster realtime experience. • Carefully designed

machine learning ability on large data makes experience profound and hassle free. • With platforms of

IgnisTec on your side, you can be assured that no task is complex anymore.

August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

Digital Workspaces

The Future O

ver the years, the workspaces have evolved, as technology got even more involved. This is just the start, and workplaces will probably go on to improve more, with increasing use of technology. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, companies need to adapt to these changes as rapidly. Many of the companies have already started embracing these technological changes. So how exactly will companies stand to make a difference in work with the digitization of workplaces? From the view of companies, the customer experience, employee experience, the excellence of businesses and so many more things are possible with the digitization of workplaces. Some of the benefits of digital workplaces areThe digital workplaces have played a huge role in attracting,


cultivating and retaining the talent in an organization. The process has evolved to become a two-way process. The employee force of a company is looking beyond just salary and paychecks; they wish to make a positive and a noticeable impact on the organization. If an organization wants to hire the best employees, then it needs to establish itself as a forwardlooking organization. This proves as a major benefit, as being a company with a committed and a digital workspace will attract only the best minds. Another key benefit of digital workplaces is that it enables employee mobility and flexibility, all this without affecting and compromising on productivity. With digitization, there has been an improvement in communication, and the work has gotten even more efficient and faster. On another note, the

hyped technology of Artificial Intelligence will be in use in the future, and it will enable easy tasks. So more than hype, Artificial Intelligence will be a reality, with most of the companies using it. Analytics and big data will play a vital role in company statistics. It will ensure the efficient growth of the companies, with company graphs growing almost at an exponential rate. These techniques will provide valuable data and can also shape and improve behaviour. This digital transformation is sure to add beauty to the companies, like icing on the cake. The beauty here is a workplace that is beautiful and will also have an ethical foundation that will enable wellbeing, purpose and human development.



THE FUTURE OF PERSONAL HEALTH he digital health tracking industry has been growing steadily since about 2018, driven by an unprecedented growth of popularity in wearable trackers. In fact, the shipping of such health tracking devices is predicted to reach a sizeable 23 billion units by 2022, as suggested by a CCS Insight report.


This surge of interest indicates a key shift in the way people interact with health. Presently, with far more restraints on their time, with people often working 10-12 hour jobs, visiting the doctor for every small ailment is problematic. Wearable health trackers oer the user a means to connect with their own bodies, maintain a record of health data, and respond in time to avert ill health. It’s a pre-emptive system, which focuses on prevention, rather than on curing 28

August 2019

Expert’s View

an already present disease. Problems at the blackboard Usually, digital health-tech producers face problems at the germination level. How can a device not impact the user’s life negatively, and yet be disruptive enough to stand out from the other options available? If makers are able to think past this hurdle, it’ll herald success for that team. Designing the device, thus, is one of the most important steps in adding value to the digital health industry.

can lead to many missed opportunities in life, not to mention the added troubles of severe neck and back pain. Longer work hours, spent entirely sitting at desks, is one of the prime culprits behind the medical issues stemming from bad posture. Strack - An Innovative Posture Corrector Strack is India’s first wearable posture trainer and corrector. It’s a tiny device, but it performs multiple functions which are key in getting you back to a painfree life.

Dipitr and Digital Health Among other things, wearable devices are equipped to help you with chronic ailments. So, regulating back pain, headaches, or neck pain is absolutely possible. But, in order to be effective, the base of these problems had to be tackled. And, that’s what Dipitr managed to do. Tracing common head and upper torso aches to bad posture, we decided to develop a smart posture corrector. This device would have to be smart, easy to use, and effective. It would act as a digital alternative to the posture correction braces and belts already available in the market. After much brainstorming, Strack came into being.

It’s a real-time posture tracker, which can monitor the progress of posture training. Lightweight (only 15 grams) and userfriendly, one needs to wear it on their back and calibrate it to its free mobile app. Every time the user slips into bad posture, the device vibrates, allowing correction of stance. Strack comes with a built-in 30 days of posture coaching, which has daily goals to be achieved. This regime helps correct posture in about two weeks. Inactivity for an hour will also make it vibrate, reminding the user to take a break and stretch. Thus, Strack tracks and corrects your posture issues without being invasive, or hampering productivity. Traditional braces do not allow this freedom, making them less useful.

Posture and its importance Beyond Traditional Medicine Posture is crucial not just for physical wellness, but for confidence as well. It’s one of the first things people notice about other people. Poor posture www.theenterpriseworld.com

Innovations like Strack help cut back on medication and visitation bills. Instead, it helps you mold your life into a

healthier routine. It also helps medical providers, by maintaining records of back health, making it easier for them to treat patients. For us, in the industry, the responsibility does not end with producing devices. Dipitr recognizes this and encourages clients to take care of their employees’ back health by offering several survey tools and customized back health surveys. About the Author Amir Valani is the Founder and CEO of Dipitr, a company based in Bengaluru, India. His vision for the company is futuristic and health-oriented. Dipitr is dedicated to innovating disruptive tech gadgets which aim at enhancing the wellness and daily lives of the users. Growing 30-40% every month, it is well on its way to becoming a leading tech company. They have recently launched Asia’s first 360° posture care solution, Strack. Valani combines a brilliant educational background from IIM, Indore, and SMU (Texas) with an experience of 20+ years in entrepreneurship, product management and marketing. He has also worked in positions of high responsibility at several prestigious companies, including Paras Marketing and Aga Khan Education Service. Technically sound, Valani ensures that his company never lags behind in terms of technological knowhow.




hen one thinks of coming up with a start-up, other than the management of the company, what is more, important is the management of finances. One needs to have good guidance to manage his/her finances so that there is a smooth running of the company. A single financial crack in the system can cause a big blow to the company. What is needed for this is the proper financial management and good guidance for it. And there are many entrepreneurs, who have stepped up in the enterprise scenario, but they lack good financial support and guidance to manage the money. Intending to change this scenario, and to help the new emerging entrepreneurs in the fundraising for their company, Mr. Jaydeep Singh started askmefinance.com Hailing from a good combination of IT and Finance Education, Mr. Singh has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application; he has a Diploma in Information System Audit and is also a CA (Chartered Accountant). He has worked in the finance industry long, to observe the anomalies faced by emerging entrepreneurs. And with this knowledge, he started his venture of 30

askmefinance.com. He observed that the new companies stepping up in the start-up arena lacked proper financial guidance and



management. Also, many existing businesses were unable to expand their businesses simply because of improper financial planning and the shortage of funds. Their products and the services were good, but the companies could not get good market value for it. And he decided to cater to it. Taking up the role of fundraising was a challenging role. The most demanding part of any business faces is fundraising. Without proper infusion, no one can start and survive. Askmefinance.com is providing Advisory Services in Project Financing, Corporate Loans,

Retail Loans, Structured Financing, Stressed Assets (NPA Accounts)and Trusteeship Services. The services provided by the company are• Project Finance, Corporate Finance This serves as a missing link between Corporates, medium and small business projects which need capital and financial institutions that are offering the capital. Our expertise lies in preparing and presenting the case in such a manner that it gets cleared with minimum stipulations and time. • Stressed Asset Solutions We help revive those projects which face financial difficulty either due to lack of proper financial planning at the time of raising funds or due to inadvertent market conditions. We also help in arranging funds to NPA/Stressed Accounts for revival or settlement with existing lenders through NBFC's and ARC’s • Business Advisory And Consulting Askmefinance.com offers complete and effective business advisory services to its clients looking for financial stability and business growth and stands by its client’s throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

that the concept of its client gets translated into reality. • Trusteeship Services Security creation in favour of the Trustee for one or more lenders, holding financing & security documents in safe custody thereby avoiding frequent transfers of documents from one lender to another, hold the security, enforce the security and protect the interest of lender(s), act upon instructions of lenders, efficient and Quick release/ re-conveyance of mortgaged properties on repayment, enforce security, in case of default as per security documents, ceding of various types of charges subject to compliance of various preconditions, which would facilitate timely creation of security. “Our project syndication division is developed uniquely to bridge the separation between the promoters and lenders through its understanding and experience in the area”, says Mr. Singh. The company works with all the major financial institutions in India and also abroad. And this has helped them to understand the credit policies and schemes of them all very well. With this knowledge, they can understand which product is best for the client, so that they can clearly articulate the presentation of that case. Indian market is still lacking genuine and quality financial advisors. The company offers a very good deliverable track record and market presence. By www.theenterpriseworld.com

Jaydeep Singh Director providing structured, tailored made products at the lowest costing, the company is helping the entrepreneurs to get a step closer to their dreams. “I believe no one should be deprived of funds to fulfill his dreams. I want to help every deserving entrepreneur to convert his idea into reality. India needs Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur needs funds. Here we come”, says Mr. Singh And with this approach, the company is now trying to bring better investments in India at a cheaper coupon rate. The company is also in a process to start their own NBFC in the coming months to serve the 31

untapped market. And to make sure that the services of the company are on par, the company has ex-banker staff working. Their experience and advice have proved to be a real asset to the company. Listening to the clients patiently, check the complete merits and


demerits of the client, helping them with healthy financial planning, and always being available to them for any of their financial needs is just the way the company functions, and makes sure that their clients are satisfied and their business growth is exponential.

What Makes Ask Me Finance Unique? • The company works with all the major financial institutions in India and also abroad. • The company is managed by a team of committed professionals who are CA’s and Ex-Senior Bankers. • The Ask Me Finance team stands by its clients throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure that the concept of its client gets translated into reality.

August 2019


The Town That Put the World on Wheels 34

August 2019

Upshot Metros





Detroit is the center of the na on's stove manufacturing industry

D. M. Ferry Seed Company is founded



Henry Ford establishes his second automobile company, called the Henry Ford Co.


Chevy opens its ďŹ rst factory in Detroit. This was signiďŹ cant in the birth of Detroit as an auto industry


Detroit Windsor Tunnel Opened


The One Detroit Center was Established


The Opening of Field Ford



Henry Ford organizes the Detroit Automobile Co. with backing from local investors. It fails three years later a er only producing 2 cars

ettled in 1701 by the French colonists, the city of Detroit is the largest in the state of Michigan. The city began to expand with British and American settlements around the Great Lakes in about the nineteenth century. The Industrial Revolution took pace in the 19th century, and it curbed almost all the cities into better settlements. Detroit was one of those cities. With the boom of industrialization, it became one of the world-class industrial powerhouse and the fourth largest American city by 1920s. This was mostly due to the auto industries, and Detroit held that rank till the mid-20th century. Detroit was initially founded as Fort Detroit on the Detroit River north of Lake Erie as a trading post. Later on, the traders from Montreal and Quebec took control of the southern shores of Lakes Erie and Huron through the Beaver Wars of the 17th century, during which they rose victorious, and then conquered or pushed out the lesser tribes. The city set out to become an important industrial hub in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, it saw the expansion of the auto industry, and it led to rapid growth in the city and its suburbs. August 2019

Upshot Metros

In the 1950s and the 1960s with the construction of extensive freeway systems, Detroit emerged as a major metropolitan city. Almost three decades after that, Detroit witnessed an expansion of the cultural phenomenon of U.S. muscle cars including Camaro, Mustang, and Charger. With millions of people residing in the suburbs, freeways were able to facilitate movement throughout the city. The leading automotive designers and business developers like Bill Mitchell, Lee Iacocca, and John DeLorean prominently rose with their contributions to the industrial development of Detroit. Being strategically located near the natural resources and markets, the influx of industries that came along with it was inevitable. The leading businesses that grew in the 19th century were shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, and railway businesses. There was no place better than Detroit that represented the American power and progress in the mid-19th century. Detroit then became the Motor city that drove the United States to progress. Today Detroit is the second-largest source of architectural and engineering job opportunities in the US. It is also known as the automobile capital of the world, with the domestic auto industry primarily headquartered in Metro Detroit. Although, in recent years the dependence on the automobile industry has decreased on a great scale and importance to the


services sector has increased. But even then, the automobile industry rules the economy of Detroit. Even today, most of the world’s suppliers’ auto parts such as Delphi, and Guardian Industries are located in Detroit. The metropolitan Detroit is the world headquarters for many of the big automobile names such as General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co., DaimlerChrysler Corp., and Volkswagen of America. There also are many other national and international corporations headquartered in Detroit. With all these developments in the industries, Detroit is a major international market. The Greater Detroit Foreign Trade Zone is one of the largest trade zones in the country which possesses about $2 billion in goods every year. The Port of Detroit has direct access to many of the world’s markets via the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System. With this tremendous amount of goods produced in Detroit, it requires a large distribution of transportation services. Concluding, it relies not only on the waterways but also on roadways and railways. To facilitate this, Detroit has a good connection with all three major transport systems.

associated with the over-reliance of the city on manufacturing units, both general and automobile. But it was much more than that. Even with such bankruptcy, Detroit was able to revive form it in just thirteen months. With a partnership between the state government, the business leaders of the city and the philanthropic community in the city, they were able to find innovative ways to restructure the city’s debt. Today Detroit is not only out of bankruptcy but is also in a state of issuing bonds out of its credit. The economy of Detroit is improving slowly, and one may see the old, industrial boom in Detroit real soon! Apart from the industries and the automobile giants, the city has a diverse culture. With the different settlements; it showcases a mix of local and international influences. These differences can be seen particularly in the music industry. Today, there is an increase in the population of young professionals, artists, and many more such sectors.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Detroit went through an economic crisis, where the rate of employment started tumbling down. Once a city of about 2 million people, it slowly decreased to 700,000. This decline of the city is usually


LESLIE RICHARD Healthcare 360 Degree (Innovation in Healthcare) EXCEPTIONAL SERVICES CLOSE TO YOU


he Healthcare industry has parted ways from most of its traditional practices. It has now joined hands with technology, and together it has improved a lot. Technology has had a great impact on the Healthcare industry. With this scenario in mind, and to develop smart Healthcare solutions, a few experts with experience in the field of Healthcare Quality, efficient hospital operations and functioning, Healthcare branding solutions and Healthcare Finance, joined hands to deliver its best to the industry and started the journey of Healthcare 360 Degree in 2017. “We used all our resources to focus on service excellence, design best solutions and use core competence of innovation and expertise to deliver the best to our customers in healthcare business”, says Leslie Richard on the foundation of Healthcare 360 Degree. Being the founder director at Healthcare 360 Degree, Mr. Leslie Richard with his team realized that there was an abundance of expertise in the metropolitan and the tier I cities. 38

However, it could barely percolate down in tier II and tier III cities. These cities were unrealized and untouched, and



this was a perfect opportunity to set up a business and to provide healthcare facilities to them. With a 16+ years’ experience in the Strategic Planning & Projects Expansion, Marketing Strategies, Brand Promotions, Hospital Commissioning & Operations, Projects & Consultant Acquisitions, Corporate & Trade Sales, Health Insurance, Healthcare 360 Degree was bound to happen. There was a lack of basic

knowledge to the field and the company aimed to change this view. There were many consultancies in the market, but no one was providing One Roof solutions. And so, Healthcare 360 Degree set out to be a one roof solution for every Healthcare customer. The company works on evidence-based practice and believes in return on investment for the clients. They extend their services in the following areas: • Hospital Due Diligence & Bank Report • Hospital Architect Planning with Design . • Accreditations (JCI, NABH, NABL, NHSRC, QCI ) • Healthcare Training & ROI • Marketing & Operations Outsourced including Merger & Acquisitions • Healthcare Funding • Healthcare Events & Summit • Hospital & Healthcare Brand Building With the tons of experience in the field, there still was pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency and also simultaneously improve the quality and quantity of healthcare. The greatest strength Healthcare August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

360 Degree possesses is that they provide all the Healthcare and Medical needs under one roof. There have been emerging trends of Healthcare IT, so whether you want to optimize the existing IT system, or if you want to acquire a new platform, or develop a customized solution, the consultants at Healthcare 360 Degree will guide you in every way and help you become an efficient system. Healthcare industry is now turning towards the greater use of Telehealth and Telemedicine; Healthcare 360 Degrees will recommend you only the most appropriate technology for the specific needs of your company. They will also help educate both your providers and patients to ensure speedy adaption and maximization of these platforms. Looking forward to ensuring quality with low cost has been the company’s key feature. “My Motto sentence is only in the dictionary “success comes before work” but “there is no short-cut to success”, Leslie Richard, Founder Director, Healthcare 360 Degrees. As the director says, there is no short-cut to success; the company employs an honest and dedicated approach towards the client, and that is what makes the company different from others. While being hardcore professionals, the Healthcare 360 Degrees team also puts all their heart and soul in every project they cover. Continuous communication with the clients, regular updates through visit reports and documented www.theenterpriseworld.com

Leslie Richard Director

observations/suggestions, providing 24X7 back end support besides the front end support required by the client are a few of the key features of the company that has helped them be a step ahead from others. Keeping the services at par is the motive of any company, and for this many companies engage different kinds of activities and performance rewards for their team. After all, a motivated and encouraged team with the zeal and passion to do something is what matters the most. At Healthcare 360 Degrees, they use the 39

performance indicators for the team and analyze their performances regularly. Focusing on client satisfaction, the team has matched its service standards with international service standards, leaving no stone unturned for client satisfaction. For this, they have curated a simple work culture. They assign verticals to the employees that have expertise in a specific field and involve them in planning and execution. They set quality performance indicators for their employees and analyze them regularly. Including the employees in the brainstorming sessions is a regular practice at Healthcare 360 Degrees. This makes sure that the employee force is actively working in their allotted verticals, and this keeps the bar raised for everyone else. The team has been experimenting with new and different methods to improve the quality of their work. Adding resources, manpower, and


infrastructure so that there can be even more verticals in the service list is the future the company is looking at. A few of the verticals people might see coming would be• Implementing the Blockchain Technology for Hospitals & Healthcare Organization. • More Focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with proven R & D • Training through TeleMedicine with focus on ROI A result driven perfectionist with a fair understanding of the complex matters and the ability to look for the solutions rather than focusing on the problems, Mr. Leslie Richard, Founder Director of Healthcare 360 Degrees is in to change the way healthcare is viewed, ensuring quality work with fewer resources.

What makes Healthcare 360 Degrees Unique? • Healthcare 360 Degree -

An Emerging Strategic Partner for Healthcare Industry in Year 2019 and is also among the Top 10 Promising Healthcare & Hospital Management Consultancy – 2019. • The Healthcare 360 Degrees team has handpicked experts and facility planners, architects, supporting staff. • Aimed to be the most preferred Healthcare Consultancy Firm in NABET’s Consultant List and will continue to provide guidelines in building cost effective, smart and Green Hospitals.

August 2019

ad 7





earning is integral to the growth of every business. It facilitates creating and maintaining a a good working environment, results in enhanced employee performance, and substantially improves overall organisational productivity. Mohan Madgulkar had previously worked as a freelance workplace and learning consultant. In 2008, he read about Steps Drama Learning Development. What was unique about this London based learning development company was, that they used interactive drama techniques to offer training services. “I have always been a passionate actor and till that point had done several plays both amateur and professional. When I read about Steps, I was thrilled to see an opportunity to combine my experience as a facilitator and my passion for theatre. I was also taken aback by this very innovative and high impact learning methodology. I hadn’t seen and heard anything like that in my career”, says Mohan. Intending to offer something 42

unique to the workplace learning scenario in India, he persuaded Steps to set up a branch in the Indian sub-continent. Robbie



Swales, one of the founder directors of the Steps UK was very excited about this whole idea. Setting up the company in India would have also mean that it would be the first company in India to use drama based techniques for workplace learning. This was the right direction to follow, and thus the Indian business, the first ever office Steps UK ever set up outside of the UK, was established in 2010. Mohan,

along with Robbie and other senior colleagues from the UK office, built the Indian operations from the ground up. The start-up and the business ecosystem in India were not so developed. Thus the environment to set up the business has not always been easy, and it was even more difficult a decade ago than it is today. And to set up a company like Steps in India was a tricky task. First off, there was a difference between the cultures, and the general banking environment in India continued to pose challenges for small companies. “I wouldn’t call it a catch 22, but taking the enterprise further was an adventure, to say the least!”, says Mr. Mohan. The company aims to challenge their own and others’ thinking through its focus on behavioral change. Their services include: • Custom designed interactive drama based training • Providing actors for role plays • Training videos and digital learning Drama is at the heart of everything Steps does. It has August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

proved to be a powerful element in representing the behaviors, characters, and challenges that commonly hold organizations back. With its different idea of merging drama with the regular consultancy services has made the company a stand-out from all the other ones in the race. The client-specific research and customized program design is a unique characteristic of the company. Moreover maintaining a good balance of the learning and development and behavioral change expertise along with the expertise of using drama techniques is the core strength of the company. The competition is increasing day by day, and companies obviously need to device strategies to keep themselves ahead in the game. However,, Steps has a different ideology and a different take on the competition. Dealing with the competition means three things for Steps: • Never compromise on the quality of workshops • Partner with the client in the true sense of the word and deliver on the promise by being flexible and innovative • High level of customization of the content This approach has helped them keep their services at par. With the success of the company in the UK and now in India, Steps is now working on quite a www.theenterpriseworld.com

Mohan Madgulkar Country Head, India few strategies to take the enterprise further. These include growing their media and digital learning business. The other goal the company is working on is the expansion of their market. Steps India is now well on its way to increase its business in the UAE market. Steps puts its clients at the center of everything they do. Adopting a client-centric approach, the Steps team has designed their workshops and sessions that address various issues like career conversations, feedback skills, creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, dignity and respect at the workplace. This has helped its clients to 43

grow and become globally competitive. “We walk the talk. For us, it is important for us to practice what we preach”, says Mohan on Steps’ approach to its clients.

What makes Steps Drama Learning Development Unique? • The company works with

you to create the right combination to achieve their desired outcomes while working within the necessary operational constraints of time, location and language. • They work with clients around the world to ensure that everything possible is put in place to achieve success. • Steps Drama Learning Development has a good understanding of what's needed both from their work and their research.


August 2019


P RO M A S T E R AQ UA L A N D The Iconic 200M dive watch reinvented

Shinu J Pillai Synigoros Partners-

Comprehensive legal services commensurate in quality and speed eing the second largest country to practice the legal profession, India has over 600,000 lawyers as of now. Most of these lawyers are individual practitioners or small or family-based firms. Out of these firms and individuals, many of the firms are involved in the issues of domestic law and the other majority works under the litigation system of the country. With globalization, more countries are showing active participation in trade, and thus have gained greater access to the domestic economies. And this has had a qualitative and quantitative impact on the legal service sector. Thus the legal service sector has seen a mini-revolution in the past few decades.


In conversation with Mr. Shinu J Pillai, Founder of the Synigoros Partners, let us find out more about the firm, its functioning and the future strategies. Thus the legal service sector has seen a minirevolution in the past few decades. 1. What was the idea behind this enterprise? OR What inspired you to start this enterprise? Tell us about its foundation. The goal and idea behind the establishment of a corporate law firm are to deliver much professionalized legal services to targeted clients, 46

which is corporate entities and professionals. The working nature and delivery of services of established law firms had inspired me during the early stages of my career. During that time Kerala mostly depended upon individual-centric legal practices. The idea of the firm’s identity and a legal brand was not a recognized mode of operation here. I found that space as an opportunity and processed the idea with my then partner Philip T Paul. The small step we had taken in the year 2008 coupled with the assured quality in our services paved the foundation of Synigoros Partners. 2. Taking this enterprise further, was it easy or a catch-22? The real strength of our law firm is its global reach through our associate law firms. Now that we have operations in 120 countries through our trusted brand partners. Our next target is to create August 2019

Interview with The Enterprise World

Shinu J Pillai

Founder & CEO

a technology-based common network platform for our trusted associates and thereby ensure much better and speedy services to the clients 3. What does your business offer? What are the products and services? First of all our products are legal services and most of the time it lacks any flavour of business. Our services include transactional assistance, corporate regulatory guidance, intellectual property, civil and corporate litigation, etc www.theenterpriseworld.com

4. What is one thing you do that keeps you a step further? We are not supposed to be competitive in the areas of law. It is a field wherein which we are expected to possess responsibility, quality, and confidentiality and we certainly are keeping those expectations without any fail. However, we operate in a competitive environment where there is also pressure to perform and since the market is very volatile there are myriad decisions to make 47

every day. Furthermore, we endeavour to advise clients from a commercial and practical standpoint. 5. Can you brief us about your education and your professional background? I had completed my legal education from Government Law College, Ernakulam in the year 2004 and I had started my career with a reputed law firm - Easwar & Mani; the firm possesses the legacy of four generations of lawyers. The training that was imparted by my Senior Adv. S. Easwaran molded my thoughts and approach towards this profession. I can honestly say the accommodation and access given by Adv. Easwarn is the only reason that I am still in this profession. 6. Competition and progress go together. How do you cope with the competition? This is not a field of direct competition even though elements of competition are visible somewhere. Our only focus is to deliver our best to the clients and upkeep the integrity and honesty warranted by the legal profession. 7. How do you make sure your product/services are on par? The quality of service delivery is a matter of efficiency and experience. We always ensure the combination of efficiency, experience, and expertise in all our assignments. Our association with global law firms contribute to the distinctiveness of our services. 8. What strategies are you working on to take the business a step further?

the existing concept of legal practice here in Kerala do not favour the breading of corporate lawyers. So we are now focusing on a team that could expand operations and manpower at our Chennai office. 9. What keeps you going? What is the driving force of your enterprise? My passion for this profession is the real driving force. I can sincerely say the exposure and opportunities of the corporate world also keep us motivated. 10. Employees are the backbone of any company. How do you maintain a healthy work environment? Obviously, this not a stage for a one-man show. The freedom and comfort of our team and their contribution has enhanced the firm’s dynamic capability and long-term performance. 11. How do you deal with your clients? What is your ‘mantra’ for a good client relationship? At Synigoros Partners, client satisfaction is the priority. Every client of Synigoros Partners, not only receives highly-skilled legal representation but also gets first-class treatment. The firm’s team conducts a unique strategy analysis before entering the litigation or regulatory work. Synigoros attorneys and staff try to add a personal approach to every service. They discuss all aspects of the issue with clients, advise the clients about the options and involve them in the decision making the process. The dedicated team is always available to answer the client’s questions and keep them informed constantly.

The acquisition of the right manpower is a real task in this field. The legal education system and


August 2019


BUILT TO BREAK THROUGH Available in Men’s, Women’s, and kid’s



he real estate industry in India has evolved over the years. There is a greater demand for residential properties as well as commercial properties. The market size for the real estate industry is increasing. With the development in the IT sector, there also is a need for better commercial projects. And with this, there is a need for firms that will provide realty solutions. Keeping this scenario in mind, and after working for reputed firms in Bangalore, Nasir Sharif decided to start his real estate firm, MN Realtors, in 1998. “We are MN Realtors the people who will take you from Realty to Reality”, is Nasir Shah’s motto of the company. Be it buying or selling, or leasing the property, with commitment and dedication towards every project, no matter how small or big it is, MN Realtors is standing up to the expectations of its customers. To provide a one-stop solution to all the realty needs in the rising market, such as complete realty solutions, be it office, individual homes, flats, joint development, consultancy or development. And being transparent as clear


water when it comes to the transactions of the complicated dealings of the realty, MN Realtors take pride in introducing themselves as one of



the best property consultants. The company provides services in the following areas: • Extensive market survey • Residential, Commercial properties, Industrial Sheds • Co-coordinating with the owners • Negotiating the most suitable terms • Mediation between parties • Assessing and evaluating properties • Arrangement of finance

assistance • Property Management • Taking care of legal matters, paperwork, deeds, titles, and registration and more. With certified courses like the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), REP (Realtor Education Program), Real Estate Brokerage Management course from the International Real Property Foundation, and many such courses, Mr. Nasir has had a good understanding of the real estate market. This has helped him to keep the company up to date, with all the changing trends in the market. Mr. Nasir currently also is working as the joint secretary for the BRAI organization. Even though there are changes in the real estate industry, increasing demand for property dealers in all the sectors like the residential and commercial, the industry is still a serviceoriented industry. Your services have to be on par to retain the client. And the emerging new industries only make the competition harder. But with his dedication and the passion to deliver better quality, Mr. Nasir has set the roots firm in the real estate industry.

August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

“Real Estate Industry is a service-oriented industry and in today’s technology retaining the client is like holding the ice in the 40 degree temperature. By the grace of almighty and with the support and trust of our client it was easy”, says Mr. Nasir. Apart from that, by taking regular updates, having periodic training sessions, and enhancing tools for the trade has helped the company be abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Moreover, the Government norms and regulations have enabled them to guide and strike the right deal to their clients every time. A new day comes with new learning, says Mr. Nasir Sharif. There is a lot of competition in the market, and the only way to cope with it is if you are updated with all the technological trends in the market, the new reforms in the industry. Regular updates from the local association BRAI, the National Association NAR INDIA, and International Association FIABCI have helped the MN Realtors cope with the competition and be a step ahead of everyone else in the industry. “Always think as a buyer/seller, not a real estate agent”, says Mr. Nasir.

Nasir Sharif Founder & CEO

is what they are working on to take the company a step further. What keeps you in the market is the trust you build with your clients. That is the most important thing to survive in the market.

And that is what is making the people of MN Realtors, the people of reality rather than the people of realty. The trustbuilding with their clients, their reputation in the market and their excellence in their services

Mr. Nasir says that we at the MN Realtors don’t just provide property spaces to the companies. Rather we present ourselves as the solution providers to the problems of the real estate buyers, be it buying a property, or selling one, or just give it on lease. It is important that the clients know what exactly is happening in the market, and then they can take the steps. And that is exactly what the company does.



They provide the clients with all the necessary information and the facts, and then together they come up with the perfect solution for the problem. Real estate is a tricky business, and it can change very easily, so to keep the clients is difficult, and it sure needs a lot of effort. “When the client asks me when the right time to buy the property, we always say that today is the right time to buy the property WHY the price of today's will not be the same and property prices goes up every day”, says Mr. Nasir on what keeps the company driven for the business. As Mr. Nasir says, MN Realtors nothing but a big family, all the employees in the company are treated like family and their needs are properly taken care of.


They make sure that their comfort and other day-to-day needs. That is their secret to a healthy work environment and keeps the employees motivated for all the projects at hand. And as for the client relationship mantra? Just as simple, be honest! Informing the client with the raw facts about the property and letting him all the details is the foundation they build their client-relationships. It helps to facilitate an honest relationship with the client and also build their trust.

What makes MN Realtors Unique? • The company aims at

making the dreams of people into reality. • One can find all the realty solutions under a single roof. • Be it buying or selling, or leasing the property, with commitment and dedication towards every project, no matter how small or big it is, is the aim of MN Realtors.

August 2019

TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY Technology impacting Agriculture


he modern farms and agricultural practices are completely different from those a decade ago. With technology playing a vital role in this transformation, farming has become easier and efficient, with routine use of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture, such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images and GPS technology. With the help of these technologies, farming has become easier. With the targeted agricultural techniques, farmers now no longer have to uniformly water the whole field, or apply fertilizers. They can use minimal resources and target each different plant differently. This has helped the farmers to achieve• Greater field productivity • A decreased and limited use of fertilizers and water


• Less runoff of chemicals and other harmful substances in groundwater • With the use of technologies, there also is a reduced effect on ecosystems Artificial Intelligence, like robotic technologies, is helping the farmers to monitor natural resources like air and water quality. The use of precision agriculture technologies can help the farmers save resources and time, like the optimized use of fertilizers. These technologies will also help the farmers for easy traceability. As the technologies will merge in farming, access to the food supply chain will be easier. The farmers will have greater access to the credit market and will also open up great opportunities. Most of the food is usually wasted. In some countries, the

food is wasted before it even reaches the people. This calls for advancements in the supply chain. With the help of technology, the supply chains will improve and it will decrease the food wastage. There will soon come technologies that will help the farmers to increase their efficiency, profitability, and productivity. The new technologies will surely improve the farmer, animal and consumer livelihoods, which will also provide better work environments, food safety, and security. People are coming up with portals for the farmers where they can find appropriate markets for their products. These applications have helped the farmers to find the best deals near to them and get a better price for their produce.




he playing field for the businesses has now increased; it is not just limited to newspapers and radio advertisements, or even word of mouth for that matter. The ability of communication and the reach to a wider audience with the help of the internet has changed the working of businesses. People are now on social media, and so are the businesses. “I was passionate about Digital as a medium, the only media in 500 years of Human history to deliver double-digit growth rate within a decade or more”, says Nikhil Sharma and with this passion started the journey of Fabulous Media. The idea was to make money online with many mediums such as blogs, websites, and with it, he started an online publishing setup with multiple blogs. This was the beginning of his understanding of Google Search Engine and the power of SEO, and its influence on the growth of the businesses. This was what inspired him to do something in the Digital platform, to use the platform for something that will benefit the businesses, and Fabulous Media was established in 2008, as a one-stop shop for all the digital marketing requirements. 54

As the tagline goes, “Your Growth Agency”, Fabulous Media is focused on providing the right business solutions to make sure that your company

The company designs highquality websites catering to all your needs, and the designs are easy to use and customer friendly, making sure that the website is attractive and easy to use at the same time. Another important aspect of marketing now is social media marketing. That nowadays is a powerful tool for businesses to reach the IT HAS BEEN A potential market. Such and many ROLLERCOASTER RIDE other digital marketing solutions FOR THE ORGANIZATION make Fabulous Media one of the best digital marketing solutions SINCE ITS INCEPTION company.



has the perfect growth graph. May it be digital, marketing, design or even technology, Fabulous Media provides solutions to the clients to become a leader in the industry. The company offers an integrated set of services like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Websites and Applications Development, E-Commerce, Branding, and Design. It is an SME and startup friendly company providing the best digital marketing solutions to all the companies.

The Fabulous Media team has since then concentrated on a single factor, growth. The digital marketing and the digital media is an ever-changing field, there are constantly new things coming up, new benchmarks to achieve and you need to keep yourselves and the clients updated about the changing arenas constantly. “We have now got this in our blood, kind of as if we have digital blood flowing in our veins that keep us enthralled with a heightened sense of what’s new in the industry. Thus we keep us and our clients on a consistent growth trajectory”, Nikhil Sharma The businesses are molding into new forms, there are August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

developments in all the sectors and technology is taking over rapidly. To remain in the books of the people, and be trustable can be challenging. With a proven track record of 11+ years, Nikhil Sharma’s Fabulous Media solutions have managed that too. By carefully aligning their experts with the cutting edge tech, they make sure that they achieve phenomenal results with the help of “Excellence Centres of Training” for their team. They carry out regular training sessions where a specific time is dedicated for the Team Learning, and that is how they make sure that they are ahead of the competitors. For being relevant in the business space, and yet deliver the clients with the best and unique solutions is one challenging thing. With a simple approach of ‘Thinking and Innovating’, where there is brainstorming of new ideas and then targeting the right audience has been the key for Fabulous Media to be a step further. To give the clients a better experience and better service, the company has come up with a few of these new ideas. One of which includes ‘Research and Audit’. Research is an important part of any project, and auditing just helps in observing the pitfalls, if there are any. Another one is the ‘Right Audience, Right Serving’, which includes the targeting of the right audience with the right information to avoid the overload of information. “Continuously researching on changing consumer preferences and the time spent on various www.theenterpriseworld.com

Nikhil Sharma CEO networks, apps or platforms have helped us define our marketing and communication mix”, Nikhil Sharma states. At the end of the day, what keeps an enterprise going are the happy clientele and the hardworking employee force. It is the happy clients and the happy teammates that complete the circle of services. Being able to drive a culture of meritocracy, balancing the needs of all stakeholders and still delivering consistent growth for all, is the motivation for the company to go on. A relentless focus on growth, be it individuals or businesses is what the company calls it as their secret.


With a simple mantra of keeping the people happy, the Fabulous Media family makes sure that the team with motivation. Their ‘Team Happiness Index’ is an index of their employees’ motivation levels, a track of all of their activities, which encourages the employees for better improvement. The intake process of the company is designed to ensure that Team Fabulous is a gold standard for those who want to work in a team of achievers and pioneers. The core values that the company propagates within the organization comprises of continuous innovation, teamwork, a will to win, a sense of responsibility among the employees, and most importantly priding in work. It empowers the teams to be responsible and accountable for


their work by not just helping them deliver results but also by helping them prepare for a successful lifestyle in their professional careers. “As of today, Team Fabulous aims to become India’s first Growth Agency, our projections are very clear and our team is continuously striving to work up to its full potential and help in overcoming the challenges in the way. This further being bolstered with state of the art technology that we have developed in the last 5 years i.e. “Fabulous Business Growth Platform” which is being launched on our 11th foundation day”, Nikhil Sharma, Founder, Fabulous Media.

What makes Fabulous Media Unique? • Fabulous Media provides

right digital solutions to your company to make sure you have a perfect growth graph. • The company crafts pragmatic digital marketing campaigns that transform the businesses. • With Fabulous Media, you are sure to get increased turnovers and not just followers.

August 2019

Centre of Excellence It’s a comprehensive orthopaedic super specialty hospital with all sub specialties of orthopaedic available under one roof Trauma Spine & Back Joint Replacement Hand and Limb Foot and Ankle Surgery Rheumatology & Arthritis Clinic Shoulder Arthroplasty Paediatric Orthopedics Orthopaedic Oncology




he global wave of the 2008 recession hit the world economy unexpectedly, and it set out to be a major setback for many industries. It changed the functioning of the industries, and it was then that the industries realized that it was time to invest more in out-come driven solutions. Learning and development has now become an integral part of any organization. It has helped to increase the effectiveness of the company employees and the teams within. Ms. Lovely Kumar along with Ms. Anila Rattan saw this as a perfect opportunity to help the companies to get a tangible outcome for their training rupee and started Larks Learning to overcome the challenges in the L&D industry. “We saw a unique opportunity to be the organization that understood business needs and were able to help them to create highly customized workshops addressing business pain points at the quality and consistency of large MNC training companies at a fraction of their cost”, Ms. Lovely Kumar says on the foundation of Larks Learning. Larks’ Learning is training, coaching and a psychometric assessment company, based in Gurgaon. Psychometric 58

assessments had great potential too, and this was the reason for their continued relationship with one of the best DISC profilesExtended DISC. Larks Learning


development plans or team development plans. Hailing from a stellar educational background that combines economics, communication, management, training, psychometric assessments, facilitation and coaching, Lovely Kumar says that she always wished to be an entrepreneur, and with that started the journey of Larks Learning. Ms. Lovely Kumar has worked actively in the area of leadership competency building and is a certified “Solutions Focussed Coach”.

I BELIEVE THAT INDIVIDUAL, TEAM AND ORGANIZATION SUCCESS REQUIRES TO FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS AND STRENGTHS AND NOT PROBLEMS AND Larks Learning offers services in 4 major areasWEAKNESSES”, SAYS • Customized Corporate Training MS. LOVELY KUMAR • Extended DISC • Women Lead Interventions • Leadership Coaching

is the official partner of Extended DISC International, which is a leading DISC based assessment company. Larks Learning conducts certifications for Extended DISC and then works collaboratively with its clients to implement the solutions in their organizations. Extended DISC is a very versatile tool that can be used in the entire gamut of HR activities such as recruitment, training needs analysis, content development, facilitation, talent management, coaching, etc. Larks Learning also facilitates workshops to create individual

Mixing her experience in marketing and advertising with facilitation and coaching, Ms. Lovely has curated professional workshops for the companies. Some of these key workshops include “Becoming the best ME”, “Becoming the best WE”, “Giving & Receiving Feedback”, “Power of Storytelling”, “Effective business communication”, “Leadership School”, “Riding Change” etc. These workshops have helped the organizations to increase their efficiency by focusing on some of August 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

the key areas like leadership competencies, managerial skills, and communication skills. Their leadership training workshops are designed for the leaders at all levels of an organization. Their key initiative, Women Lead India, (Co-founded by Lovely Kumar, Gitanjali Saksena & Anila Rattan) is where they work with women professionals in corporate India and assist them in their leadership journey using training, assessments, coaching, networking, and research. “Our core competency is our ability to understand business and convert that into learning interventions that focus on attitude and skill building. Our customer-centric attitude is another key differentiator. What is also a core competency is that we are keen on observing trends and are adapting that to our interventions but are not slavish to fads”, Ms. Lovely Kumar, CoFounder, Larks Learning. This understanding of clients’ business needs and then converting it to highly customized interventions addressing business pain points has helped the company to deal with the competition. With this understanding of the market, Larks Learning has had a steady growth over the years and today has a diverse clientele that includes companies like E.I. Dupont, India Trade Promotion Organisation, GlobalLogic, Hewlett Packard, Cushman & Wakefield, Chase New Holland Industrial, Bharti Realty Limited, CPA Global, Gap, Aricent Technologies, D B Schenkar, DS Group. www.theenterpriseworld.com

Lovely Kumar Director

What makes Larks Leaning Unique? • Larks Learning provides innovative, research based,

learning solutions. • They help organizations achieve their business goals by assisting in people development through quality learning interventions and assessments. • Their tagline says it all in 3 pithy words: Yearning. Learning. Earning.



• 11 July- World Population Day- The day is celebrated to bring into attention the importance of population issues. It was established by then- Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. th

• 15 July- World Youth Skills DayThe aim of WYSD is to advocate for skills as an important factor to improve young people's transitions to decent work, and to highlight the crucial role of skilled youth in addressing today’s most challenging global issues. th

• 17 July- World Day for International Justice- This day is celebrated as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice. th

• 18 July- Nelson Mandela International Day- The day is celebrated to reflect on Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy and follow his call to make the world a better place. th

• 29 July- International Tiger DayAlso called as the Global Tiger Day is celebrated to raise awareness about tiger conservation.


August 2019

FACTS • All the employees at Amazon spend two days

every two years at the customer’s service desk, including the CEO Jeff Bezos. This practice followed regularly helps the employees understand the customer service. • Facebook is primarily in blue colour because its

owner and chief Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colour blindness. Blue is the only colour he sees the best. • Every week nearly one-third of the US

population visits Walmart to satisfy their shopping needs, making the company a profit of $1.8 million every hour. • The Volkswagen group also owns the other

brands Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini, and Porsche. • Apple’s iPad retina is actually manufactured by

Samsung. • Yahoo! Is actually an acronym for “Yet Another

Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”





he labour laws came to force because of the demands of the workers or the employees for better work conditions. In India, the law relating to labour and employment is also called as the Industrial law. Indian labour laws are interwoven with India’s history of British colonialism. The earlier regulations were aimed at securing the labour supply and control.

operate in, the companies should have a timely abidance and thorough understanding of the provisions and implications of labour laws. Without the proper



With the resurrection of the Indian economy, multi-national companies have started investing extensively in India and Indian multinationals. This growth has made employment issues more complex. One of the most serious challenges faced by companies today is compliance, with multifaceted tax laws and labour regulations. Labour law compliance is a big deal for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to labour and employment laws, change is the only constant business leaders can expect. These ever-changing laws and regulations have always represented a potential quagmire for companies.

maintenance of employment laws, which cover employment standards like working hours, unfair dismissals, minimum wage, layoff procedures, ESIC, PF, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and many other issues related to employer and employee, establishments can face severe legal consequences. At the same time, the compliance of the sheer volume of labour laws in India produces a legal quagmire which may even affect the existence of the company, if not maintained accurately.

In today’s fast-paced industry scenario, one of the most serious challenges faced by companies is compliance with multifaceted tax laws and labour regulations. No matter which field they

To acknowledge these issues, Mr. Mohite started the Nilesh Mohite & Associates, which is a leading law consultancy firm in Pune. They provide professional or expert advice and a


comprehensive set of services supported by well-experienced consultants. Before starting with the firm, Mr. Mohite worked in a consultant office. After working with them for over three years and gaining a deep knowledge of labour law compliance, he decided to start his profession under the guidance of his father Ret. Provident Fund Asst. Commissioner Mr. Shivaji Mohite on 20th Jun 1997. And since then Adv. Nilesh Mohite, with his hardworking team, has to lead the operations of this organization. Incepted in 1997 as PF, ESIC and Shop Act consultants, today, this ISO 9001:2015 certified consultancy firm has developed the skill and expertise to provide a complete range of Labour Law consultancy including PF and ESIC consultancy services Our end-to-end service includes; • P.F. Work- Registration / Maintenance • ESIC Work- Registration / Maintenance • P.Tax- Registration / Maintenance • Labour Contract ActRegistration / Renewal • Shop Act- Registration / Renewal • Labour Welfare FundRegistration / Compliances • Labour Law CompliancesAugust 2019

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

Registration / Compliances “Within a short period we have established credibility with more than 320 Clients in and around Pune city”, says Mr. Nilesh Mohite. Difficulties are the leading steps to the ladder of success. When one is starting with a new enterprise, there are many difficulties to be faced, the first being the client base. It is usually hard to acquire clients when you are just starting. Starting new in a wellestablished market, there was a difficulty to acquire a solid client base, but with a passionate, and a dedicated team, always ready to deliver the best, surviving in the market did not seem like a great task. “I had started this enterprise in the year 1997, with just 1 client. Catering to different verticals of industry, the company has bagged a diversified clientele which includes Berger Paints India Ltd, Jai Hind Sugars Pvt Ltd, and Uber Hospitality Ventures Pvt Ltd”, recalls Mr. Mohite on the stepping stones of the firm. But with the quality in their work, they have managed to stay a step ahead of everyone else in the industry. The integrated services they provide have helped the organizations navigate the complex social security laws and related compliance obligations of compensation programs in a cost-efficient manner. Effective client management by streamlining their processes has been an important factor that has www.theenterpriseworld.com

Nilesh Mohite Partner, Labour Law Consultant helped them to stay a step ahead. And with that also comes the good communication with their clients all the time. At every step, the firm has proved to its clients that the firms’ services, solutions, and commitments will pave the path for them further generate their business values. “We believe that each client engagement is a learning experience an opportunity to continuously assimilate knowledge, re-look processes and to realign ourselves to exceed client expectations every time”, says Mr. Mohite. This particular profession needs to have an in-depth knowledge of 63

the industry, and so, the firm is guided by the principles of business ethics and core values such as integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress. Accountability across its operations results in on-time delivery of services and ‘Customer Delight’. With the mission to help businesses and enterprises optimize regulatory compliance and improve their performance, Nilesh Mohite & Associates is delivering end-to-end services that can cut transaction costs and enhance employee productivity, thus contributing to sustainability and growth of the business. From the institutional perspective, it is an essential strategy to retain existing members and attract new ones leading to greater representativeness and influence. With the decades’ of experience in the industry and very experienced staff to assist our clients to solve any problem the team is highly involved in the compliance field and keeps upto-date knowledge on the rules and regulations of every relevant labour law enforcement entity. We have maintained a relationship with all the Government Departments like Labour office, ESI office or P.F. office and shrewdly balance commercial requirements of our clients with the legal framework.” And then again, teamwork is the most important part. With a talented, dynamic, diverse and self-driven team that works passionately towards delivering solutions, they have been able to


cope with the competition. In the current Indian economic environment, which is marked by the globalized economy, liberalization in trade, enhanced competition and on-going technological advancement, rationalization of manpower is one of the most effective keys to the efficiency of any organization. Rationalization of manpower does not merely mean reduction/retrenchment of employees. What it means is reorganization of the existing manpower such that their utilization and output can be optimized. Hence, we have had companies approach us in the last few years for assistance not only in connection with retrenchment of employees and closure of certain offices but also for: transfer of employees pursuant to transfer of business as a “going concern”; offer of relocation options to employees on account of closure of a business unit or cessation of a line of business at a particular location; While carrying out any of the aforesaid rationalization options, it is imperative that the organization balances commercial requirements with the legal framework. And to facilitate these services with the utmost quality, there has to be a healthy work environment, wherein the team can deliver their services with dedication. At Nilesh Mohite & Associates, culture is a vital and unique part of the organization. Flexible timing for the employees as per their requirements, monthly Performance Incentive in cash to each employee depending upon

reporting, performance, in-time working. They also organize a monthly meeting in the last week with the employees followed by the lunch for Staff and the issue required to be discussed with all the employees. I always say that “Don’t work FOR ME, work WITH ME !!!”, Mr. Mohite.

What makes Nilesh Mohite & Associates Unique? • The association has

developed the skill and expertise to provide a complete range of labour law consultancy including PF consultancy services. • The integrated services they provide have helped the organizations navigate the complex social security laws and related compliance obligations of compensation programs in a cost-efficient manner. · The firm has expertise with staff strength to assist our clients to solve any problem.

August 2019







griculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, even then the latest technological advancements that other major sectors have benefited from, has largely not touched agriculture yet. DestaGlobal was founded with an objective to benefit the farming ecosystem by marrying technology with inherent strengths of the existing ecosystem. Siddhartha Choudhary, one of the men behind this innovative venture, has previously served as the Chief Revenue Officer at a leading Agtech company and has spent years building seed businesses at an Agri MNC. Having successfully run the ecommerce product for 5 years Desta now has 100+ manufacturers and 2500 dealers as buyers on their platform. The enterprise built farmer and dealer mobile applications so as to be able to build in virality in the system and to make it easy for stakeholders to access ecommerce. With this, they plan to bring a large scale sustainable impact on the industry. Ron the founding investor was to initially implement this idea in Africa. He had a chance meeting with Nishant, a gold medalist from ISB, and the idea was implemented in India. 66

Siddhi Kisan. DestaGlobal also has a mobile application for the dealers. This application allows the local dealers to promote their products and services to the nearby farmers and increase their customer base. The application has a easy user interface, so that people who aren’t familiar with technology I HAVE STAYED AT FARMERS can also easily operate them. HOME TO UNDERSTAND HIS The app also helps the dealer LIFE, HIS STRUGGLES AND HIS understand the market by giving insights on consumer behaviour. ASPIRATIONS. I HAVE SPENT YEARS TRYING TO SOLVE THE This helps them make the right business decisions. Today, DISTRIBUTION, INVENTORY, 94,000+ farmers all over PRICING AND CREDIT Maharashtra are using this app. CHALLENGES THE DEALER The applications are designed in FACES”, SIDDHARTHA such a way that the Dealer and CHOUDHARY the Farmer app work in sync with each other. So when a dealer uploads a new product agricultural background and has with a discount, the farmers can worked in the agriculture see them on their app and book industry in some or the other those products. It has taken the way. company years to form a strong platform, and evolution at each Desta ServicesDestaGlobal is an step happened because the e-commerce B2B platform organization works very closely which brings together the with dealers, farmers and Agricultural manufacturers and manufacturers. Sharing a short the dealers on one platform. This story on how the reverse auction helps the farmers to get the section was built on the apps. choicest of the products The team was conducting a easily,that too, at discounted farmer meeting at a village in rates. The farmer, the most Satara. It was early stage of app important stakeholder, saves development, hence the app 15% more than any other displayed limited products on channel using the app called discount. When the farmers

Siddhartha later joined the team of DestaGlobal as the CEO, and he is now also the co-founder of the company. Everyone in the DestaGlobal team has an


August 2019

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started asking about the products they wanted, we noted them down along with quantity they needed and date they required those on their farm. We then approached the nearby dealers who met the requirements of the farmers. We knew that this exact process that we managed manually was very crucial for our success. That night during the meeting itself, we had decided to automate this process by bringing it on the app. We only took a week to build this feature! And now farmers post individual or bulk requirements on the app, which gets broadcasted to dealers near them, who in turn bid with their best rates. “I have been known to think about the customer first. At a personal level, I strive to make my (and the organization’s) work meaningful. The higher purpose for us is that in our daily routine work, we are adding tremendous value to farmers and dealers. Our education degrees and work experience is a waste if we are not giving back to the society”, says Siddhartha, Co-Founder, DestaGlobal DestaGlobal is a unique ecommerce platform, as it uses the strengths of the local ecosystem. While every other online player home delivers to farmers, Desta works in partnership with the dealers. The enterprise works with the community leaders to promote the app benefits and to share knowledge. There is a lot of focus on Agriculture and hence many www.theenterpriseworld.com

Siddhartha Choudhary Co- founder & CEO companies are focusing in this sector. In Siddhartha’s view though there is no such thing as competition in agriculture. There are many new challenges that the farming sector faces every season and to solve them all and add value to the growers is not a job for few companies. The sum of all the efforts will only improve this sector. One of the major reasons of success in the industry, are the two main strategies DestaGlobal is working on to take the enterprise further• A Decentralized System- The farmers and the dealers are trained on the ground utilizing local resources. The team also sends video tutorials in local languages regularly so that they can use the apps to 67

the maximum benefit. The apps connects the farmers and dealers after reading their geo-location. So the system is such that the local communities can come together and make it operational. They also work with village influencers, called Krishidoot, around 100 of them are working to spread the good word about DestaGlobal tech and have brought 1500 farmers to the platform. • Self-Sustenance- dealers are incentivized to get their farmers on the app. Manufacturers and dealers are running amazing schemes for the farmers so now farmers have the best of brands available at great discounts which helps bring more farmers to their system. The organization has ground presence in 5 districts while the farmer and dealer apps have been downloaded in 8-10 other districts. So in the districts with no ground support they are finding value from the system and also building network on their own. We believe that this is very powerful and soon we will see the platform spreading to


entire Agriculture regions of India. Only a strong passion to change the scenario in the agricultural industry has taken the Enterprise this far. It is not every day that people get an opportunity to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, and the fact that DestaGlobal is able to do so, is a greater motivator to take it further to scale new heights. “I am lucky to work with people who are equally passionate about what they do. Everyone works long hours as they think it is required at this stage and because they love what we are building together. So for us achievement is important. Everyone is very competitive and we do have healthy debates but we are all part of a small family and we stay together. We do not have an HR person yet and we still have weekly recognition, rewards and performance appraisals”, Siddhartha Choudhary says on the DestaGlobal family. And their client-relationship mantra? As simple as it could

be, “We don’t over-promise, we are truthful and we are committed to deliver results forl ? them. That is the principals we live by.” Today DestaGlobal has about 100+ manufacturers, more than 2000 verified dealers and over 5000 plus Agri products that range in 45+ different categories.

What makes DestaGlobal Unique? • DestaGlobal helps makes

available perfect product portfolio at the right time, and the best price. • They use marketing logic and technology to keep the farmer in the loop. • The objective, to work on the Agri. input distribution and make a wide portfolio of products available to the farmers

August 2019

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