The Best of 5 Recommended FinTech Solution Providers for 2020

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The Best of 5 Recommended

Fintech Solution Providers

for 2020

Mrityunjay Shahi Founder & CEO

SalaryDost A digitally lending friend that everyone needs!











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The way of banking is changing around the world and Fintech or financial technology companies are playing a vital role in this. These companies have been instrumental in providing banking services to every corner of the globe with their innovation. This is the reason why banks are now considering them as partners, not their competitors. If you are using digital payment facilities like Paytm, Google pay, and so on to pay the taxi fare, restaurant bills, mobile recharges and etc then you have become a part of Fintech Revolution i. This revolution has not only eliminated the need to keep cash with us but has also changed the form of banking service. If one bank after another is launching its mobile wallet service, it is because of these fintech companies. This is the reason why banks are now bringing these fintech companies with them. Today many fintech companies are moving ahead fast and with the help of banks, small companies are also getting an opportunity to work on their new idea. In this issue of The Enterprise World, The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020, we are proudly featuring the companies that are adding speed to banking and finance revolution with their cutting edge fintech offerings. The feature for the cover story is Salary Dost. SalaryDost’s mobile-based application is the finest strategy that will help customers get loans within a blink on an eye. The online platform is backed by a strong tech-savvy team that aims to build a quick response system for their potential clients Mr. Mrityunjay Shahi, Founder, and CEO at the company is the backbone behind their success. COVID-19 has changed our way of living in many aspects. While experts have stated that the cash notes don’t spread the virus still many of us are refusing to use them, which is causing an increase in the use of fintech solutions. Read more about it in our editorial segment. Readout an interview with Tara Kelly of SPLICE Software, she tells the story behind the journey of SPLICE software and what the company offers. In our special editorial segment, Upshot metros, we are featuring the Indian port city Visakhapatnam. The city is also called as the city of destiny. Readout more about the city and soon plan a visit. There is a lot more inside! Happy Reading! “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” --Napoleon Hill

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This issue of The Enterprise World, The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020 features, Featuring for the cover story is Salary Dost. SalaryDost’s mobilebased application is the finest strategy that will help customers get loans within a blink on an eye. The online platform is backed by a strong tech-savvy team that aims to build a quick response system for their potential clients. IFA-Planet has changed the conventional financial advisory business to a more efficient, productive, and result-oriented business model. With the help of IFA-Planet, an IFA will always be able to manage his entire mutual fund business by getting all the key business data, statistics, and analysis including the client’s portfolio management and research. Readout an interview with Tara Kelly, President & CEO at

SPLICE. SPLICE has worked with retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and even non-profits to improve their customer communication experience to create loyal, raving fans. MatchMove addresses a fundamental market gap and built a proposition to improve the quality of people’s digital lives. MatchMove was founded with the objective to provide access to essential banking servicesSpend.Send.Lend™– to anyone, anywhere. Crelytics is empowering the financial services sector with their utmost and cutting edge technology offerings crafted by domain experts in financial risk. In a talk with Mr. Abhijit Onkar, CEO at Crelytics, discover their journey since inception, their quality offerings, and his thoughts on the current market scenario.

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SalaryDost A digitally lending friend that everyone needs!

Cover Story


IFA Planet


MatchMove Pay

The New Age Technology for Financial Advisors

The Money Moving Platform for Every Business

Crelytics Automating ď€ nancial processes with predictive analytics



SPLICE Software Delivering Real Business Results

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People saying No to Notes!


Upshot Metros


Gadgets on the go


Is Fintech Replacing the banks

Visakhapatnam – A city of destiny!

Mr. Mrityunjay Shahi, Founder and CEO at SalaryDost. 08 February 2020

Cover Story

A digitally lending friend that everyone needs! 09

Cover story

Fast delivery is our forte in the market and that is the reason people like our services.


he COVID 19 pandemic has majorly affected almost all the sectors. Many businesses have cut down their number of employees to save money and survive in the market. The lockdown caused a major migration throughout the world as people preferred to be in their hometown. Due to this and many other reasons, people lost their jobs. For many, it became tough to earn to complete their daily needs. We all have that one friend who is always there with us in every crucial time. While many companies are hurdling to survive, SalaryDost is still working smart and smoothly keeping in mind its responsibility to fulfill people’s financial needs and to help them in this crucial time. To ensure that, one should get the money in his hands at the right time, SalaryDost’s Application based lending platform will help avail short term loans in a few minutes. The needy one can get up to 1 Lakh loan in just 30 min! Isn’t it amazing? Mr. Mrityunjay Shahi, Founder and CEO at the SalaryDost and his team is making hard and smart

10 February 2020

efforts to provide comprehensive, easy, and fastest financial services. SalaryDost’s mobile-based application is the finest strategy that will help customers get loans within a blink on an eye. The online platform is backed by a strong tech-savvy team that aims to build a quick response system for their potential clients We at The Enterprise World, feel proud to feature SalaryDost as a cover story of our special issue “The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020”.

the pain points, where they need to do it right, or were their solutions helping their customers. And after the research, they got an overall idea of what the customer needed and improved in those areas. SalaryDost is a completely different platform in the FinTech. They provide the loan to their customers within about half an hour of their application. The customers need to do is provide all the information and the documents and the company provides them a loan within half an hour of it.

Serving the needy with utmost services

The Inception SalaryDost is a FinTech Company formed in 2018 and in operation for the last one year. As every business they also faced initial hurdles. But without sitting back relaxed thinking about the problems, they brainstormed for the solutions. Today, the learning they got from initial hurdles help them to overcome any issue they get stuck in. The Founder and CEO Mr. Mrityunjay says, “Moving from salary to business was the first challenge. Initially, you have to use some strategy for the business to run and do some research in the market.” From the feedback of the customers, SalaryDost worked on

The company focuses on providing short term loans to customers. The customers who need a loan on an immediate basis, SalaryDost is the one they are looking for. After brief documentation, the customers can avail of short-term loans on an immediate basis. One factor that distinguishes the company from the other players in the industry is its fast and easy service. Where other players take up to 2- 3 days for the document verification and loan disbursal, SalaryDost does that in 2 to 3 hours. Thus they are helping the customers in an emergency with loan disbursal in the applicant’s account.

SalaryDost’s offerings

SalaryDost’s offerings

• Personal Loan Loan up to 5 Lakhs with lowinterest rates and instant loan within 30 minutes • Short Term Loan Loan up to 1 Lakh with lowinterest rates and instant loan within 30 minutes

Personal Loan

• Home Loan Loan up to 20 Lakhs with lowinterest rates and instant loan within 30 minutes • Education Loan

Short Term Loan Home Loan Educa on Loan

Loans up to 5 Lakhs with lowinterest rates, special discounts and instant loan within 30 minutes To take the company further in terms of services, the company is planning to launch more products in the market. They are aiming to move into the health sector too. The aim is to make SalaryDost customer friendly even more. So the plans are to expand it in such a way that the customers can use the SalaryDost platform for many other purposes rather than only shortterm loans. Maybe if the customer needs home loans or loans for health purposes, so SalaryDost aims to recognize the customer needs even better and expand their array of services accordingly. 11

Cover story

An Unmatched Leadership Mr. Mrityunjay Shahi – Founder and CEO Mr. Mrityunjay Shahi is a name ahead in the FinTech sector with hardcore experience in finance, banking, and insurance sectors. With about 18 years of industry experience, he brings to the table retail, core banking, insurance, wealth advice and sales expertise gained out of long term association with some of the top private banks of India. He has wide exposure to all gamuts of retail & corporate banking, branch management, customer acquisition, build a building, bancassurance, insurance, and technology in finance. He understands the complexities and nuances of the retail debt sector and figured out many gaps that exist in the current banking industry despite the adoption of high-end technology. Mr. Mrityunjay says, “The responsibilities of an entrepreneur are to first understand the customer needs. And then according to it, you design the product or the service. Identifying the problem is the key parameter, and then how quickly you solve the problem, how efficiently you do it is the real entrepreneurship.”

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.

12 February 2020

The finance sector is changing every day. The RBI is coming up with the new rules every day. Mr. Mrityunjay says, “A decade ago, the financial sector dealt with more fiscal channels, but today, with new technology, almost everything is online, and the good part is that people are adopting these new channels. Technology is the game-changer for the overall financial sector.” Mr. Manish Shukla, Co-Founder Mr. Manish Shukla is a data scientist with 4+ years of extensive hands-on exposure to infrastructure management, data centers, data analysis, models, forecasting, visualization, time-series forecasting in R, scripting, machine learning with python and other fintech platform requirements. Manish believes the combination of finance, technology and data is a potent combination that can solve several problems in loan space of India and the unique business model the company has identified mixes social and commercial aspects to make it lucrative for its consumers. Mr Ashok Choudhary, Co-Founder Mr. Ashok Choudhary is a technology entrepreneur having about 10 years of consulting, hands-on engineering and product development, and technology entrepreneurship expertise. His expertise and revolutionary vision in the field of FinTech has helped the company to achieve a lot they wished for. 13

Cover story

14 February 2020

The Team The workforce is a true treasure for any business. The team is very important for any kind of organization to grow. If your team is not efficient, you won’t be able to sustain and achieve whatever you wish to. SalaryDost is a strongly bonded family of best and multiskilled people. When starting out, what helped was that they were able to build a good team, and after working for 2 years, they have built a good synergy among them. Different people are working in different areas and everyone is dedicated to their work. So it helps the company to provide customers with timely services.

Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

COVID-19 COVID-19 affected the whole world a lot. During these scenarios too SalaryDost is trying their best to help the people, to disburse the loans. They are looking for a huge opportunity after the pandemic gets over. The after-effects of a

pandemic must include Good opportunity and demand in the market. There have been a lot of salary cuts, job cuts in the market so now people need more money. So if they want to live the same life they were used to before 6 months, then they need additional funds and for that SalaryDost is always there to support them. Being a digital platform it is surely an advantage because people are already on digital platforms. Things will change, people will change, and they will look at the afterscenario in a different way altogether. People are more likely to trust digital platforms more. Things have already started to get technology-driven, more than before. It is simply because of the technology, you don't have to go visit a bank personally to apply for loans, and you can simply download the SalaryDost app and apply for a loan from your phone. Everything is 100% safe. People just have to download and verify a few documents and then they can avail the funds almost immediately in their accounts.

The Competition While talking about the race in the market Mr Mrityunjay stated, “The competition in the market is like a game to play. Unless and until you don’t know how to play, you can’t win. So there are a lot of competitors in the market, and a lot of competition means that you have a good opportunity to grow. If a lot of people are entering the market it means that a lot of business opportunity is there. And how we pull ourselves through the competition is very critical. Meaning that how well aware are

we of the opportunities and how effectively we grab them is what changes the game. So competition is everywhere, you just need to learn to grab the opportunities. We need to constantly evolve, re-innovate keeping in mind customer satisfaction.” SalaryDost mainly focuses on making things easy for customers. Anyone will ever go for an easy option if there is one available.

A Message for the new entrants Whoever wishes to enter into the FinTech or any other industry, it is important that they first identify the problem. And this problem could be anywhere. And then you have to start thinking about how to solve it. With many entrepreneurs, it so happens that they know the solution but they don’t identify the main problem. If you are not able to identify the problem correctly, then you probably won’t get the solution correctly. So any new entrant must first identify the problem and then try to solve it in its own way. So the question to ask ourselves is “If I have this problem then in what way can I rectify it so that it will be easy for me?” 15

The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020



o matter what sector it is, the well-managed workflow can lead to business growth. In the traditional business processes, there are many flaws like extra time consumption, complicated data management and etc. With the rise of digitization, businesses are now at the cusp of revolution, a digital revolution. In this context, integrated financial advisors a.k.a. IFAs are also trying to move ahead and simplify their workflow. IFA planet is being a partner in their growth and changing the market scenario with the cutting edge solution offerings. The solution that making a difference An IFA spends several hours in a day to manage his financial advisory business and to serve his existing clients' needs, which is indirectly costing a lot to his profession. To reduce this additional time deployment, to delight the customer with timely and managed service, and to increase the productivity of IFAs, they have come with the solution IFA-Planet. IFA-Planet has changed the 16 February 2020

conventional financial advisory business to a more efficient, productive and result-oriented business model. With the help of IFA-Planet, an IFA will always be able to manage his entire mutual fund business by getting all the key business data, statistics, and analysis including the client's portfolio management and research. Along with this, an IFA can also manage his entire business in a state of the art cloud-based system which is accessible 24*7 over any device and at any place. The company is 100% confident that the service and features of IFA-Planet will definitely increase IFA's ability, to serve his client, by approximately 20%-30%. Secondly, IFAs also struggle to create their own brand identity in the industry. IFA Planet is helping them to establish this brand identity by various options in software as well as from various websites too. Based on different business levels of IFAs, their expectations can be differentiated. For example, an IFA, who has just entered the MF advisory business, expects more towards the lead generation,

marketing, and new customer engagements. IFAs that are already in business from quite some time look more into brand creation and business expansions and stability into the business. And the IFAs who are already established into business with several years of experience, expect a strong way to keep their customers satisfied and ability to serve them in the fastest manner. IFA Planet is working to fulfill the needs of all three segments by providing them various tools for lead management, self-branding options, portfolio management system, CRMs, and many more. Being a Techno-Financial solution provider, usually, the expectations are always on the higher side. But frankly, IFA Planet loves to address those expectations as the advisors are the persons who are facing the challenges on the ground levels. They have strong Suggestions/Feedback management systems from which they get regular inputs to form their three

volunteer team of 10 IFA each. The Inception IFA Planet was started in the year 2015 by Mr. Paresh Madani, who has the experience of more than 16 years in the Techo-Financial domain, with a motive to provide ease to all segments of the IFAs by addressing their challenges through technology. In this time span, IFA Planet has emerged as a brand, serving more than 4200 IFAs with a combined client base of around 32 Lac investors across 760+ cities in India and abroad. In the IFA community, IFA Planet is reputed as the most UserFriendly and affordable technology across the industry. Started 5 years ago, today IFA Planet has made a unique position in the market with the comprehensive technology offerings for financial advisors. IFA planet aims to provide a really efficient/user-friendly and affordable solution so that the advisor fraternity can adapt it easily. The company runs smoothly through two offices, one is at Rajkot and the head-office at Indore.


In just 5 years, IFA-Planet has become a brand in the industry. Having 4200 IFAs who are currently managing their business and portfolios of their clients combined to 32Lac clients in almost every city in India.

IFAs to deliver all operational tasks just in few clicks. For example, an IFA can get the valuation report of his client in just 3 clicks. With the help of IFA Planet, now IFAs have more time to increase their productivity and ability to support existing clients even better than the corporates, focus more on getting more and more business by an increased level of engagements and create their own Brand Identity.

Their Offerings The company has worked its way to make IFA Planet, the more affordable for every IFA, with a dream to join their hands with revolutionary New Age Technology. IFA Planet is helping

Some of the unique features that IFA Planet offers are: 1. Live-SOA: IFA Plant is the first and the only service provider in the industry to offer the facility of Live SOA with instant download, for which IFAs had to give a lot of

time to get from conventional sources. Now they can directly download it in a single click from their IFA Planet desk itself. 2. User and device friendly UI/UX: In today’s world people have adopted the equation of Time = Money and this is the reason why mobile technology is booming day by day. Due to this equation, people need their day to day operations to be handy and with minimal involvement. IFA Planet has worked both ways to fulfill IFA’s needs. Firstly, the software is made completely user friendly with access to every important utility of the IFAs at minimum possible clicks. For example, IFAs can take out a valuation report of their 17

The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020


IFA-Planet is India's rst comprehensive asset management portal with the clear objective to empower every IFA with Technology.” - Mr. Paresh Madani, CEO and Founder of IFA Planet

clients in just 3 clicks at the dashboard and can share instantly with them in just a single click. This has helped IFAs to save a lot of time. Secondly, the whole platform is completely device friendly, which means no matter what size of the device an IFA is using, like mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, the software aligns itself accordingly in such a way that it gives the same ease of use. So now, even if the IFA is far from the clients, he can still serve them in a timely manner. 3. Affordability and simple pricing matrix: In the industry, various companies have a very complex pricing model where they have a different pricing structure based on IFAs AUM, and distributed features accordingly, which are very expensive too. Unlike them, IFA Planet offers affordable and simple pricing models common for all the IFAs irrespective of their AUM sizes. 4. Different approach to on-board IFAs: IFA Planet has adopted the policy of giving “7 Days’ fullyfeatured trial desk” along with a small training to the IFAs so that they can explore the features and utility of the software themselves and get convinced with the value proposition that we offer. This has helped us to boost the sale with a larger conversion ratio in the industry. 5. After Sales Support: In the whole industry, IFA Planet is known for 18 February 2020

the best service and support to the associated IFAs. The reason behind this is the multichannel ways of reporting. The IFA can connect with us in his convenient way such as phone calls, WhatsApp, email, ticket, etc. According to Mr. Paresh Madani, “The best way to identify the level of support service that any company can know about is first from the feedback of the user and secondly from the ratio of renewals, and we are proud to say that IFA Planet's renewal ratio is more than 95% which is greater than any company in the industry.” The Team No matter how big is your team in numbers, all business need is how much the team is skilled. IFA Planet has a small team of highly efficient members that make hard and smart efforts to fulfill client needs. IFA Planet’s team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs in the Financial Advisory market. The team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk management, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure their valuable clients’ success.

An Unmatched Leadership Paresh Madani (CEO and Founder) Mr. Paresh Madani is a TechnoFinancial person who is well known in the financial industry with over 16 years of experience and the last 12 years in financial technologies, projects in the areas of financial management, mutual funds, strategic & financial planning, monitoring & evaluation. Ms. Nandini Baidyanathan (Chief Mentor) A TED Speaker, Ms. Nandini Baidyanathan is a traveling teacher who teaches entrepreneurship in several ivy-league business schools around the world including Princeton, London School of Economics, and the National University of Singapore, overseas and in India in IIM–A, IIM–B, IIM–L and ISB. Hitesh Soni (COO) Mr. Hitesh Soni has 7 years of proven experience in Client Servicing and Operations in one of the esteemed bank in India. IFA Planet is continuously working for the benefit of the IFA fraternity and they say “We have a pretty big road map in front of us to serve them and help them to increase their productivity in a much easier and efficient way.”


People saying

No to Notes! D

ue to the coronavirus epidemic, retailers are asking customers to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and avoid cash as far as possible. However, scientific evidence indicates that cash or notes do not spread to Kovid-19 (COVID-19). Yet there is a strange lethargy among all the people regarding the use of cash. When the corona is at its peak, banks in China and South Korea have begun the process of disinfecting destroying germs and quarantining of notes to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

20 February 2020

The Bank of Canada has asked retailers to stop refusing for cash because this is causing trouble to those who depend only on cash for payment. Despite all these assurances, fear of the spread of the virus can increase the habit of digital payment and reduce the use of cash in society. Although digital payment systems such as Apple Pay, Venmo, and Google Pay have become widely popular in recent years, these payment apps were not meant to replace the cash system nowadays. In fact, due to these applications, there is no major shortage in the notes which are in circulation.

A global crisis acts as a catalyst for fundamental changes. For example, the Västburga loot from a helicopter in Sweden gave birth to a Cashlash Society there. Due to the series of frequent burglaries in shops, banks, and even buses, Sweden reduced the trend of cash to protect its workers. The cash trend in Sweden is gradually decreasing, where it was 39 percent in 2010, it decreased to 13 percent in 2018. Currently, about 20 percent of retailers in Sweden no longer accept cash or cash. Sweden’s central bank Riksbank announced in 2017 that they wanted to initiate a pilot program to

understand the feasibility of e-krona, national digital currency in the country. Recently Riskbank has started a joint technical project with Ascenter to decide the technical aspects of e-krona. The Bank of Canada seems to have a keen interest in re-thinking the cash trend and re-forming the role of the Central Bank. This was clearly indicated in the latest job post of the central bank. Designing and starting the central banks’ own digital currency would be ‘like starting a program of major social importance’. The proposed digital currency will

protect the privacy of the user but it will not provide the same Benami facility as is found in cash transactions. It is intended to be accessible, indicating that all Canadian citizens will be able to use digital currency, even those who do not have a mobile phone or bank account. Ever since cryptocurrency has come under discussion, people’s interest in blockchain is increasing. Many countries have started experimenting with digital currency. As many central banks are trying to get into the race to develop a digital currency, therefore, governments should first

test whether such a step will really help the economy. Citizens should also think with mind before getting caught in this mess because there will be serious issues related to privacy with National Digital Currency.

Scientic evidence indicates that cash or notes do not spread to Covid-19. Yet there is a strange lethargy among all the people regarding the use of cash. 21

Upshot Metros

VISAKHA A city of

22 February 2020

APATNAM destiny! 23

Upshot Metros


isakhapatnam (Vizag) is a port city in Andhra Pradesh and is often referred to as the “jewel of the east coast”. It is situated on the southeastern coast of the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by the Eastern Ghats to the north and west. It is the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Historically, the city was named after Vishaka, the deity. Under the rule of King Ashoka in 260 BCE, the city was a part of the Kalinga Empire. Later, it came under the rule of the Andhra state of Vengi. After this, the Pallavas, Cholas, and Gang dynasties ruled over it. The city became a part of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th century. The economy With the passage of time, Visakhapatnam has developed into an economic hub. It was once a small fishing village, which has now become one of the most developed industrial centers in South India. All important departments like Pharma, IT, Fishing, Import, and Export are located in this city. As fishing is the main occupation of the people, being an international port, there has been a considerable increase in trade and business in the city. Ports play an important role in the city’s economy as they contribute to the development of certain industries such as steel, petroleum, and fertilizer. Some famous industries like Heavy Plate and Vessels Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hindustan Shipyard Limited of India are located in Visakhapatnam. India’s only Special Pharmaceutical Economic Zone (SEZ), Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma is located in 24 February 2020

Visakhapatnam. Several wellknown pharmaceutical companies such as SEZ Raks Pharma Pvt Ltd, Pharmazell, Hospira and Granules Omnichem Pvt Ltd are located at Vizag. There is a waterworks factory in Visakhapatnam. It is a natural and safe seaport. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and

Orissa which are rich in agriculture and mineral wealth widely use this port for businesses. It is also a notable fishing center. The second largest of the fastest growing cities in Andhra Pradesh and Asia, the city has industries, shipbuilding, a large oil refinery, a huge steel, and power plant hub. The film industry is booming and

Visakhapatnam Port famous across the length and breadth of the State and the South. Vizag houses the Ramanaidu Film Studio atop a hill. The serene location has witnessed the filming of many Telugu and a few Hindi blockbusters.

headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command (apparently). In addition, DRDO’s Naval Science and Technical Laboratory (NSTL) is one step ahead in underwater weapons research and making the Navy self-sufficient.

The Indian Navy has taken advantage of the deep and natural port of Vizag. Vizag is the

Naval Bow, Nora, INS Kalinga, Dolphin Hill (Naval Vihar), Navshakti Vihar, INS Veerabahu,

INS Devaga, INS Samudrika, INS Satvahan are some of the residential and non-residential grounds India’s first nuclear submarine INS Arihant launched in Vizag. The Attractions The city is the main tourist destination of Andhra Pradesh and 25

Upshot Metros has many caves, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and the Eastern Ghats, which are worth visiting the city.

Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose, a rocky headland located 358 meters above sea level, to the south of the city. It got its name because it looks like a dolphin’s nose. The Bora caves are important both historically and religiously and are popular for their beautiful creations of stalagmite and stalactite.

Bora caves

Ramakrishna Beach is known for the pure water of the Bay of Bengal. The place also houses the Kali Temple, a submarine museum, and the VUDA Park. Visakhapatnam district is also known for many other tourist destinations such as Araku Valley, Kailasagiri Hill, and Submarine Museum. Vizag has emerged as a paradise for travelers. There are many types of resources available to entertain travelers. Beautiful seaside, beautiful hills, natural valleys, and furthermore the modern city infrastructure; There is something for everyone here. Vizag is surrounded by hills such as Sri Venkateswara Konda, Ross Hills, and Dargah Konda. While Vizag has earned a reputation for preserving its twoand-a-half-thousand-year-old culture, it is one step closer to the future. In business centers, you see organized chaos. You are peacefully taken to different beaches. One must visit Visakhapatnam to expand business wings and taste the peaceful life!

26 February 2020

Ramakrishna Beach

Submarine Museum

Interview with The Enterprise World

Crelytics Automating nancial processes with predictive analytics


treamlined and robust workflows form the backbone behind the longstanding success of any business. The rising technology with every new dawn has changed the market scenario in all the sectors around the world. The finance sector is also at the cusp of the digital revolution. Crelytics is empowering the financial services sector with their utmost and cutting edge technology offerings crafted by domain experts in financial risk. In a talk with Mr. Abhijit Onkar, CEO at Crelytics let’s discover their journey since inception, their quality offerings, and his thoughts on the current market scenario. • Brief us about the company. Crelytics is a Financial Technology venture that aims to disrupt

traditional financial services delivery through turnkey automation and analytics. Crelytics product suite helps progressive firms acquire customers faster and at a lower cost, through an enterprise SaaS platform and API solution that simplify financial process flows using AI. • What were the initial challenges you faced? Initially, Crelytics served smaller clients where willingness to pay was limited, and there was always an ask to customize the core product. It was a tough call to say no to incoming revenue to stay focused on building a world-class scalable SAAS product, and not get caught up in service projects. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? With innovative tech and a fast growth trajectory, Crelytics was shortlisted by multiple global accelerators in 2019 including Alchemist Accelerator and

YCombinator US. As the first grant recipient of a State Government’s Fintech program and backed by the world’s best B2B accelerator, Crelytics received a lot of positive press including a feature in TechCrunch. It helped gain pilot projects with top-notch private banks with over billions in assets, and at the same time gain the trust of fintechs looking at accelerating their go-to-market. • How has the company graphs changed since the foundation Crelytics grew its client accounts by 10X in 2019 and grew profitable in 1st year of operations with 80+ B2B clients registered and 62 financial workflows pre-configured on it. Crelytics platform has analyzed 2,041,514 financial transactions for deep customer insights. 142,120 financial profiles were verified on the platform. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Crelytics as a firm places

Abhijit Onkar receiving grant award from Maharashtra government

tremendous focus on getting the right people, constantly evolving internal processes, and strengthening the core technology IP. These 3 focus areas have helped in fast growth without compromising on financial or operational sustainability. With the right people bringing the best of corporate best practices and startup mindset, there is a culture of getting things done, which matters the most in a fast-paced global fintech landscape.

APIs, and SDKs which enables friction-less user journeys and superior data analytics. The company provides Platform as a service to the frontrunner fintech players in the fintech ecosystem and this allows them to rapidly scale up. Crelytics also offers mobile app SDKs and CRM dashboards integrated with powerful APIs that allow clients to adapt to their customers faster.

• What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

The decision Engine of this platform facilitates flexible rulebased decisions as well as Machine Learning decisions for complex process flows.

Pre-configured workflow automations The platform comprises preconfigured workflows, Plug-play

differentiated business value separates Crelytics from other players. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

Analytics as Service

In turn, these products have been reported to reduce customer acquisition cost 4X as well as turnaround time by 10X. This

Crelytics gives true power to its clients. Our client strategy is to unlock clear ROI for them, by iterative learning adding more features to the core tools - the powerful workflow and decisioning engines that enables deeper insights around their customers' transactions and behavior. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? With the founding team’s deeprooted background in cyber-risk 29

and the current demand from the market in aftermath of pandemic, Crelytics is foraying into fraud analytics and cybersecurity product extensions that help clients focus on their core without worrying about fraudulent attacks. • What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? Setting a vision for the firm is most important, as it is easy to get lost in a plethora of choices. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? After successful corporate stints with outstanding achievement awards and best performances among his peer set, Abhijit decided to work towards a longstanding impact in the way financial services were delivered. In a short span of time, Abhijit grew the firm from the idea stage to a profitable venture supporting multiple clients. For contribution to the Fintech ecosystem, Abhijit has been awarded and applauded by State Governments looking for innovative solutions that can benefit masses. Abhijit and Crelytics have been featured in TechCrunch, CIO Review, and other publications. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? The founding team of Crelytics has around 25 plus years of strong domain experience in the financial sector. The company has built and 30 February 2020

sold solutions to bank, fortune 100 Financial services firms and has rendered advisory services to C-level executives. The management team of Crelytics also has expertise in building banking technologies at Infosys and lending processes for Tata Capital. • One person who you admire the most? Elon Musk. While most of the Silicon Valley and Indian VC ecosystem is heavily skewed to funding only founders from a select set of institutions, recent stellar failures of such ventures prove what matters most is the mettle of entrepreneurs like Elon, who can bounce back stronger from failures. • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring? In the global context, the business story of Lego is very inspiring they survived in the worse of times and built unparalleled customer loyalty by focus on quality over the next 100 years. • Which is the most inspiring quote you have read? “Competition is for losers” by Peter Thiel, is counter-intuitive at first but makes a lot of sense if you think about it. In fact, we have achieved more by focusing on what we can do best rather than worrying about competition. • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views.

Constant vigilance is an indispensable need, especially in a rapidly digitizing world where the online identity of the customer is getting complex, defensibility of technology IP is getting blurred, and fraud exposure perimeter has suddenly increased for all firms without their defense scaling up. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? Focusing on the core, staying resilient to cycles and shocks, and building undeniable value for our customer segment are some of the principles we live by, that helps stay clear of the rat race in the industry. • An Unmatched Leadership at Crelytics The founding team of Crelytics has around 25 plus years of strong domain experience in the financial sector. Mr. Abhijit Onkar, CEO has 15+ years of fintech and financial domain experience, has built and sold solutions at C-level. Mr. Abhijit is an ex-Dell /Deloitte Technologist who led product teams on $10Mn+ projects for Fortune 100 firms and has an MBA Finance from ISB (Forbes 9th, globally). The management team of Crelytics also has expertise in building banking technologies at Infosys and lending processes for Tata Capital.

MOMENTUM True Wireless

A new dimension in wearable sound Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and reďŹ ned design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.

Amazt T-Rex smartwatch Huami has launched its new Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch. Customers can buy it from Amazon and Amazfit India website. This smartwatch was first introduced at CES 2020 in January. This watch is MIL-STD-810G certified and will get a 20-day battery.

32 February 2020

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager There is nothing better than a good massage except for a more good massage, which is never to end. This shiatsu massage can be used at home or in an EVN car and is great for shoulders, back, calves and more.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Netgear Nighthawk MK62 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

The HP Sprocket Select Compact Photo Printer is a stylish gadget capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch photos on zero ink paper. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a strong connection with the smartphone.

The all-new Nighthawk MK62 mesh Wi-Fi system by Netgear is among our favorite products from CES 2020 for a good reason. Priced well below $ 250, the device is the reasonably priced, Wi-Fi 6-capable mesh WiFi system the world has been waiting for. 33

The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020



oday, several vertical software companies are turning into FinTech companies because they facilitate transactions. This has also resulted in an increased investment in FinTech start-ups which focus on innovation that is designed to solve the complex nature of problems faced by small and medium sized businesses. B2B payments generally get tied up in pretty complex business transactions. MatchMove makes it easy for your users to move digital cash securely. Your customers and even your employees, vendors and partners can make purchases online and offline, send or receive money globally, as well as get credit effortlessly. It's safe, easy and fast. The Company MatchMove addresses a fundamental market gap and built a proposition to improve the quality 34 February 2020

of people’s digital lives. MatchMove was founded with the objective to provide access to essential banking servicesSpend.Send.Lend™- to anyone, anywhere. MatchMove started out as a games and entertainment company, providing endorphine content to millions of users across Asia. As they continued to grow, the company encountered a fundamental pain point when making in- app/ in- game purchases, which caused user friction and users dropped off. This pain point transcended across industries as many consumers across Asia were unable to make payments digitally. They took this as a fundamental gap in the market and the opportunity for the company to improve the quality of people’s digital lives by providing them with access to essential banking services. Hence, they pivoted into payments and

developed a B2B ‘Banking-as-aService’ platform to enable essential banking services Spend.Send.Lend™ for any business that is looking to digitize. “MatchMove is one of the world’s fastest growing and most disruptive FinTech companies in digital payments and next-generation banking.” The platform empowers businesses and their customers to Spend both online and offline easily and safely, via instantly issued prepaid cards on major card networks. Its Send capabilities include P2P domestic transfers, cross-border remittances, P2M as well as mass disbursements to global recipients. MatchMove platform further extends to Lend, where credit scores are assigned based on customers’ spending and sending patterns to offer customized lending solutions. Envisioning a financially inclusive


world as it wages war on cash, MatchMove’s solutions help enterprise clients digitize payments and give the financially underserved segments the empowerment to move their money anytime and anywhere. The company is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and authorized by leading card networks to issue virtual and physical cards directly to users in approved jurisdictions, or anywhere else in the world with partner banks. MatchMove has also been recognized with international awards for being a promising and

an innovative organization, as well as for being a preferred employer. The Products and Services MatchMove is a B2B ‘Banking-asa-Service’ platform with the ability to plug essential banking service within any App. The MatchMove platform is flexible and can be configured to power multiple use cases including corporate payroll and corporate expense management, digital loan disbursement, remittance for both SMEs and individuals, supply chain payments, as well as enable payments for customers, employees and vendors.

Leveraging cloud and mobile tech, MatchMove is enabling anyone to Spend.Send.Lend™ anytime, anywhere. Their platform drives financial inclusion by giving the digitally unbanked or underserved their first- use “account” to store money digitally as well as an open loop prepaid card to pay for goods and services. The company is also solving pain points for underserved SMEs by extending essential banking services to them and providing access to financing. All of this is delivered as a ‘one stop managed solution’ to any enterprise. MatchMove has recently launched their next generation revolutionary 35

The Best of 5 Recommended Fintech Solution Providers for 2020

The MatchMove Culture We value diversity of thought leading to real innovation. We value constructive communication leading to real teamwork. We value contributions leading to real results. We value dedication leading to real customer success. In return, we offer a performance–based working culture in which you will always be learning and developing your skills and experiences, as well as the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the FinTech industry creating award-winning products and services and fuelling the growth of our clients and their customer communities.

new tech platform, MatchMove LightSpeed™, (“LightSpeed”), to help SMEs digitize and build their own customized digital payment app within minutes. Businesses can instantly issue virtual and physical cards, powered by leading global networks like MasterCard, to their users, employees, suppliers and business partners. LightSpeed can also enable contactless payments through wearables, ‘Tap & Pay’. “We are building a world-class FinTech platform to enable fast, secure and regulated moneymoving experiences for the endusers of our clients and partners.” MatchMove provides a scalable, business-friendly platform-as-aservice with intelligent tools and 36 February 2020

data – so everyone has the ability to create amazing products to address the challenges of moving digital money securely. They manage the technical infrastructure – including the fullsuite of APIs, SDKs and apps that connect consumers, financial institutions, and developers – so the clients can get started with minimal additional investment. They bring the end-to-end business architecture – including key partnerships with regulators, card networks and financial institutions, along with all backend processing and regulatory compliance and reporting required to manage financial products – so the clients need to focus only on servicing their customers.

The company continuously releases advanced tools, technologies and services – so the clients can readily introduce new products and features into their markets faster and faster. “We are always working on the next generation of our platform – so our clients remain at the leading edge of their industries.”





raditional banks are still likely to survive but they have a few steps to follow. Traditional banks and the financial sector have been holding on for years. Not much has changed in the last 20 years. Many banking professionals are reluctant to accept changes and new technologies. Some may not say that banks have come a long way this year, but in reality, all the improvements are in favor of banks compared to consumers. Online banking has reduced the need to visit regular bank branches. Everything can be done online. We changed the way we get banking services, not the banking model itself. Online banking, perhaps, would not have happened if the accountants had not noticed that the maintenance cost of the online banking system is less than that of the branches. Moving online was a strategic and profitable move for banks. Just because you’re on the web doesn’t mean you understand it. Fintech, on the other hand, understands customers better and has the right online strategy. Today’s digital consumers have higher expectations than ever before.

38 February 2020

To be successful, companies need to move to new innovative approaches to attracting and retaining customers through highly relevant and personalized experiences across multiple channels. While customers now have the freedom to change banks sooner than now, it is their own bank’s job to unlock connected services and ultimately keep customers focused on what they can do. Getting the best online service, designed for users, is a positive step towards this goal. Banks must look beyond the traditional banking industry to successfully overcome customer expectations. They should hire designers, customer experience professionals, startups, and new inventors who are aware of customer needs and expectations. This strategy, combined with the innovation of flexible products, provides a formula for success in a traditional banking environment that, if followed, will enable banks to compete with competitors that hinder market fintech. The fintech industry is facilitating banks in many ways. Banks are introducing fintech solutions to their customers to increase traffic.

These fintech solutions not only facilitate individual banking but now banks can also share information with each other for business growth. Open banking is revolutionizing the banking industry landscape. Banks share their information with other banks and provide convenience to customers. Customers can now view all their account details in one place which helps them to manage their money and invest efficiently. Banks are providing online and offline branchless banking services to their customers. Customers no longer need to visit a bank branch to transact or transfer funds. They can only use mobile applications to perform the desired tasks. Fintech certainly promises on alternative finance that it will be easier for people to do their respective tasks. Fintech companies have become an easy component for people to do online activities.


Banks? 39

Interview with The Enterprise World

SPLICE Software Reach All Your Customers


fter a bad customer experience with a bank, President & CEO Tara Kelly decided that, “it can be better.” Since then, SPLICE has worked with retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and even non-profits to improve their customer communication experience to create loyal, raving fans. In an interview with The Enterprise World, Tara Kelly takes us on the journey of SPLICE Software, the story behind its formation and everything else! Tell us about the company SPLICE Software helps insurers, financial institutions and retailers 40 February 2020

intelligently use technology to create automated workflows with digital communications that drive real business results.

while – 2 years for some clients – to get comfortable with trying it, and then once they saw the results, they were hooked.

Our Data-Driven Dialogs® enable businesses to send automated messages to customers via their channels of choice, including phone, SMS/MMS messages, and email.

Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

Our Customer-Driven Dialogs™ enable businesses to respond to requests for information initiated by customers in real time, through text message, web chat, social apps, and/or home assistant devices. What were the initial challenges you faced? One of the initial challenges we faced was the hesitancy associated with automated calling. Historically, the industry has been awash with scams and robocalls, and unfortunately, they have set the tone for this channel. It took a

Initially, it was our success with retailers in communicating their VIP events. The program was so effective for a large Canadian Furniture Retailer that it quickly became a must-have for others in the same industry. In 2012 alone, the number of clients for this program more than doubled. Bolstered by the success in retail, and with an increasing number of clients in financial services, we decided to enter the insurance market in 2014. Having built out solutions for financial software providers and credit unions, the use cases were easily transferrable to insurance and now our solutions are running for some of the top insurance carriers in the USA.

What is the reason behind your company’s longstanding success? Our unshakeable belief that communication should be easy. We don’t just provide a self-serve solution – we partner with our customers and work with them to match the best solution to their business need. Our client success team actively manages these solutions, providing data-driven strategic recommendations and campaign optimization. This relationship allows us to leverage our deep understanding of the customer experience to provide additional value to our customers.


The Products/Services What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? We provide the following products and services: - Rapid Opt-In Capture & Confirmation(Consent Capture and Management) - Phone, SMS, Email, Voice, and Chat (Automated Messages and Conversation)


- Dialog SuiteTM(Intelligent Reporting & Campaign Management) Rapid Opt-In Capture & Confirmation With the constantly changing legal landscape surrounding consumer privacy and consent, it pays to have a deep understanding of how you can and cannot communicate with your customers. Our service protects our clients and allows them to capture more consumer consent as well as communication channel preferences. Knowing the channel that each individual customer likes to be contacted on can be a source of competitive advantage – it allows you to easily increase reach and engagement.


Interview with The Enterprise World

Phone, SMS, Email, Voice, and Chat This is the core of what we do. Our dialog suite syncs with our clients' existing customer databases, and from there we provide automated, personalized, relevant, and empathetic communications to their customers. If our clients are collecting channel preferences, we target their customers based on their channel of choice – whether that's through phone calls, SMS, email, voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc), or online chat. Our voice library and proprietary technology allows us to SPLICE together human-sounding automated phone calls that receive massively increased customer listenership and engagement rates.Depending on the channel (text or voice), the services can also be conversational – meaning that you and your customers can communicate back and forth in real-time. Dialog Suite

42 February 2020

Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? Part of our growth strategy is to partner with companies that can add value to our current clients and prospects (and vice versa). On this front, we have recently signed a partnership agreement with Sapiens International to improve claims communication for insurers. Leadership

Our Dialog Suite allows us to work with our clients to plan, execute, and manage their communication campaigns. The platform also provides analytics, helping our client success team to provide recommendations on how to optimize current and future campaigns.

You need your customers to hear your message; you deserve a partner that knows how.

vigilant eye on the competitive landscape, looking for opportunities in the form of gaps in the services our competitors provide.

How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? Our unique relationship with our customers allows us to gather feedback in realtime. We use this feedback to constantly tune or upgrade our services. The management team maintains a

What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur should continually bring new ideas to the market to support needs that are not being addressed. In this sense, it's important to stay on top of the market, but most importantly, to be brave enough to act on your own pain. SPLICE Software exists because of a bad automated phone call I received from my bank, and without the guts to act on the belief that “it could be better” (SPLICE motto), we wouldn’t have been able to improve the hundreds of millions of customer interactions that we've been a part of over the years. Can you please brief us about your professional experience? A serial innovator, published author and founder of 3 businesses, Tara Kelly is passionate about using data

for good and about technology’s potential to change lives for the better. She has consistently channeled that belief into developing technologies that enhance operations, enable better service delivery, and improve the customer experience. Kelly – an open-source activist and recognized user experience designer – served as a board member for the International Board for Voice User Interface Design, the Canadian Cloud Council, and Technology Alberta and is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Kelly's expertise combined with tenacity, understanding of market trends, and strong communication skills has allowed her to create dynamic solutions and successful teams; not only in her businesses, but also as a community leader on volunteer boards including Food for the Sol, EOWater Walk, and Special Olympics Ontario. Kelly shares these experiences— and her goal of creating a healthy, human work environment— in the book, Our Journey to Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership. How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? From early on, I’ve understood that running a successful business is truly an “it takes a village” situation. And people do their best work when they are empowered to work on the things that they love. From implementing Love/Loathe lists as part of annual reviews, to always making sure the kitchen is stocked and there is extra deodorant, I want my team to feel

as comfortable at work as they do at home. Our team is truly one of A-Players, which we focus highly on in the hiring process, which includes a culture fit interview with all departments to ensure a great fit. We also work hard AND play hard, trying to incorporate fun into work. This includes things like quarterly team events (that have included scavenger hunts, painting and archery tag), potlucks and lots of costume celebrations; there are costume awards for both Halloween and Super Hero Day.

By focusing on passion. I’m passionate about my work. I’m passionate about my family. And I’m passionate about my community and the business community at large. I drive to be a contributor to all of those, and they each have their place. By being confident that my time is being spent in the right place, it’s easy to cope with the so-called “rat-race”.

Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

Our experience with one of our credit unions stands out to me. Not for one specific solution, but for the relationship in general. We started a small project with them in 2013, that addressed their needs for fraud notifications. Then, we added on some communications for a change in their banking systems. And most recently, we’ve supported them with employee and client notifications associated with the brand closures required from the covid-19 crisis.

You need your customers to hear your message; you deserve a partner Every time this client needs a communication solution, they call how. that knows us. And it’s because the solutions work, and they like working with our team. Our goal is to make communications safe, easy and fun for our clients, and this relationship definitely reflects that. It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? 43



No.1* In Rankings of Registrars by Number of Assignments

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd. *Prime Database: Rankings for 2016-17,2017-18 and 2018-19

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302, Kushal Bazar, 32-33, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019. Contact: 91-011-42425004/ 47565852 Email:

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