The Best of 5 GPS Tracking Solution Providers in 2021

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The Best of 5 GPS Tracking Solution Providers in 2021: Navigating the road to Future!

With the success of the IRNSS-1, India has not only built its network but also has its navigation system. After being fully activated, India will not have to depend on other countries for navigation systems. India’s NavIC is similar and a bit advanced than America’s GPS (Global Positioning System), Russia’s GLONASS or Europe’s Galileo. With the major transformations and increased demands, the navigation solutions industry across the globe is experiencing a hike in its growth. The boost in the digital economy and eCommerce sector has added a pace to GPS and the overall navigation industry. To meet the market demands and empower businesses with high-end and most accurate navigation systems, some companies are making hard and smart efforts to innovate, manufacture and deliver reliable and cognitively ahead solutions. This special issue of The Enterprise World magazine, The Best of 5 GPS Tracking Solution Providers in 2021, features the success stories of such most innovative companies that have transmogrified businesses with their highly reliable GPS Tracking solutions across India as well as the globe. Featuring for the cover story is Elena Geo Systems. A visionary leader tracking the future, Lt Col V S Velan founded Elena Geo Systems in 2012. Today Elena Geo Systems truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the geo navigation space. Their sole aim is to provide solutions that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age technology powered by and based on NavIC. In our Interview with the TEW segment, read out a discussion with Mr. Sheetal Sahare Managing Director and CEO at Indtrack. Indtrack provides the utmost creative and most reliable tracking solutions based on GPS and GIS. Within a short span, the company has established itself as a niche in the tracking solutions landscape. Machine Learning is becoming the future of mankind. Machine Learning algorithms are changing the definition of manual tasks, allowing computers to perform menial jobs such as responding to emails, right down to performing exhaustive and difficult surgeries, and much more. In our special editorial segment, discover New Machine Learning Algorithms in 2021 and get updated. If the business still relies on the traditional business processes it might be holding its growth back. To transmogrify the lives of people and businesses, a leading company, inField Solutions provides technology that enables safe smart cities. inField Solutions has developed an integrated technology platform that is digitally transforming how people work and live. Read an interview with Mr. Rakesh Tiku, President and CEO of inField Solutions, and discover what inField Solutions is all about.

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This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World magazine, The Best of 5 GPS Tracking Solution Providers in 2021, features, Featuring for the cover story is Elena Geo Systems. A visionary leader tracking the future, Lt Col V S Velan founded Elena Geo Systems in 2012. Today Elena Geo Systems truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the geo navigation space. Their sole aim is to provide solutions that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age technology powered by and based on NavIC. Read out a discussion with Mr. Sheetal Sahare Managing Director and CEO at Indtrack. Indtrack provides the utmost creative and most reliable tracking solutions based on GPS and GIS. Within a short span, the company has

established itself as a niche in the tracking solutions landscape. To transmogrify the lives of people and businesses, a leading company, inField Solutions provides technology that enables safe smart cities. inField Solutions has developed an integrated technology platform that is digitally transforming how people work and live. Read an interview with Mr. Rakesh Tiku, President and CEO of inField Solutions, and discover what inField Solutions is all about. SensiWise Solutions is an Emerging Tech (IoT, Analytics & Blockchain) focused venture creating Enterprise solutions for specialized supply chain logistics. Read an interview with Mr. Puneet Jetli, Founder and CEO at SensiWise solutions and discover their journey since inception and how are they transforming the sector.

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Elena Geo Systems The only Specialists in NavIC

Indtrack Technology Pvt Ltd A Leading GPS / GIS tracking solu on provider & consultancy

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inField Solutions A leading technology company transforming lives!

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Cover Story

ELENA GEO SYSTEMS The only Specialists in NavIC

08 June 2021

Lt Col V Shanmugavelan 09

| Cover Story


ehicle tracking systems are becoming increasingly important in larger cities and are more secure than other systems. Vehicle trackers not only provide location-based service but through this the realtime performance of the vehicle can also be monitored.

Nowadays, as soon as one gets out of the house, the most used word is to send your location. Just as the location comes on the phone, you click on it and your mobile starts showing the way. All this is done through amazing GPS. GPS service is a satellite-based service that provides the location, position, and timing of the device along with other information. It is also used for protection. When someone is in trouble, the person’s location can be detected using GPS and transmitted to get help. You will be happy to know that India has also got its own GPS. Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) is the name of Indian GPS, which consists of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) and GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN). Together, it consists of 11 satellites. It provides completely accurate information about 1500 kilometers from the borders across the country —it also has an extended service area which covers the equatorial region. The ‘NavIC’ system launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This recognition was received in 10 June 2021

November 2020. According to ISRO, the Maritime Safety Committee of IMO has given the green signal to NavIC to help it navigate the sea while meeting all operational needs. It is fully functional from June 2019 and has been approved by 3GPP for wider commercial adoption.

Elena Geo Systems, a leading navigation company is transforming Indian businesses by enabling them to use ‘Atmanirbhar’ navigation system through their highly innovative hardware, software, applications, and systems. A visionary leader tracking the

IIT Kharagpur that later moved to Bangalore in 2016 to expand further. It works only in the niche domain of NavIC-based monitoring solutions. It has an end-to-end presence in this domain with its own set of hardware, software, and systems all optimized for NavIC, the Indian GPS. Elena Geo Systems was incorporated in 2012 and today, has grown to be an Indian Company with a Global Outlook, focused on “Make in India”. It remains the Indian leader by far when it comes to technology, innovation and implementation of cutting-edge technology-based tracking solutions. The company delivers to its clients, multiple benefits from its superior R & D infrastructure, deep domain knowledge and streamlined processes combined with speed of design and implementation at the best cost. The scope of Elena’s products encompasses applicability in Space, Maritime, and Ground-based Assets. Elena is the only company as on date to have a NavIC processor working on L1, L5 and S bands on a commercial basis. Its B2D module has no equivalence internationally. Elena’s niche line of indigenous products, allows it to provide quality articles to its prospective customers at reasonable cost. It has the bestsuited solution for India and the Asian region. future, Lt Col V S Velan founded Elena Geo Systems in 2012. Today Elena Geo Systems truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in geo navigation space. Their sole aim is to provide solutions that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology

domain by offering new-age technology powered by and based on NavIC. The Company Elena Geo Systems, as a space technology start-up founded in the Technology Business Incubator of

Elena follows an integrated approach in that it uses satellites of India (NavIC), US (GPS), Russia (GLONASS), and other augmentation systems, to give the best possible solution to the users. Its systems can replace all existing navigation systems in the equatorial 11

| Cover Story

region and can enable much more new applications which were not possible till now. Elena Geo Systems is a specialist in NavIC; it is Of NavIC, By NavIC, and For NavIC.


Series of Elena’s antecedent challenges:

The company’s revenue has grown from a few Thousands in the initial years to a few Lakhs and now they have touched a Crore. The company’s growth during the last financial year has been more than ten times than it was in the previous year.

1. The Indian Constellation of satellites (GAGAN & IRNSS) was not fully functional yet when the GPS is in every field company began the today. It is used in almost work to develop satellite-based all walks of life. We expect monitoring solutions. that NavIC which is suitable 2. The search for a for the Indian region will suitable partner for the get adapted similarly development. - Lt Col V S Velan. 3. The knowledge required to help the company was not in the country. The Journey 4. No Multi GNSS hardware was available. In the initial years, the company 5. They concentrated on testing the was focusing on learning the ground-level algorithms required subject and improving groundfor Indian geography. based algorithms. Elena’s founder went around the world to learn the And the growth accelerated… subject. For their initial testing and improvement, they were using a The launching of Indian satellites multi-GNSS module from and their stabilization from 2016 to FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., a 2018 triggered the growth of Elena. Japan-based company. The We were now having our satellites availability of IRNSS modules was to use. The company could still an issue. concentrate on the development of complete NavIC-based monitoring The founder’s earlier work in the GNSS domain, from 1998, and also systems. Existing products in the GPS domain did not fulfill the his association with NavIC requirements of the users. Elena (IRNSS) since its inception in June developed its own set of hardware, 2008 helped the company to develop the monitoring solutions in software, and systems, all optimized for NavIC that made its the NavIC domain. end-to-end presence in this domain. In the beginning, Elena was a Every successful company has its technology start-up company, ups and downs and the road for focusing on the development of Elena Geo Systems was also one products. Then, they gradually with its fair share of hurdles and became innovators, providing achievements, but one thing that monitoring solutions to the endremained consistent was their users through their innovation. unwavering spirit and their aim to Today, Elena Geo Systems is a provide the best to their clients and leader in NavIC-based monitoring make the best contribution to the

navigation industry and the world.

12 June 2021

Pillars for Elena’s long-standing success The company’s vision of continuous innovation through R & D and dedicated focus in this domain are the reasons that have made Elena stand out among the rest. Innovation is one of their four pillars and is the core of the company’s business model. Elena Geo Systems is focused only on this niche domain of NavIC based monitoring. Of NavIC, By NavIC, and For NavIC. It is important to understand that navigation is focused on geography and not on IT/Communications/Electronics. This orientation helped the company to achieve its status as a leader in a short time frame. The company customizes the solutions based on the requirements of the users, which is not the case with other vendors. Elena’s products are indigenously developed through research and development. Others use a mix of components from various vendors to provide a solution. The errors in one component may lead to errors in other components of the system. Their systems cannot be extended to support NavIC and will have to be replaced. 13

| Cover Story

“The requirement for having an Indian system can be fulfilled only if ground-based electronics and solutions are available what we call as a downstream application developed for utilizing our satellites. This is where we were focusing and we started Elena Geo Systems. The Indian Government launched its satellite system commencing from 2008 after realizing the importance of the Satellite-based Navigation System.

During the Kargil War, as per information available on social media, the American GPS was denied to India. We found that we needed to have someone dedicated to work in the navigation domain”, Lt Col V S Velan commented. Elena: someone who shows the path, someone who throws light on the new path.

Elena Geo Systems’ industryleading and differentiated services Elena’s services enable enterprises to transform their processes to more sophisticated, more real-time to drive significant value, increase efficiency, optimize monitoring, manage associated risks through early notices, leverage advanced analytics to gain actionable insights, and deliver a superior

Following is the list of product 1



Antenna: This is a Multi GNSS external antenna that can receive L1, L5, and S-Band navigation signals.

NavIC Module: Elena's NavIC Modules are Multi GNSS, can receive NavIC (S and L5 Bands), GPS (L1, L2), GLONASS (L1), and SBAS.

NavIC Receivers: These are receivers built using Elena NavIC Modules. They bring full GNSS services to user applications with all advantages of NavIC.

14 June 2021

hardware, software, and systems all optimized for NavIC. Through indigenous R&D, Elena has developed the core processor and built devices around it along with the supporting programs/algorithms and server. This provides a complete spectrum of ‘Locating and Monitoring Devices’ with absolute reliability and an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Elena has an end-to-end presence in this domain with its own set of


tracking experience. Their unique and innovative solutions are not only technologically and cognitively ahead but also advanced and sophisticated than any other company in the space. Elena’s navigation experience is more intuitive and proactively delivers actionable information to the users.

ts offered by Elena Geo Systems. 4



IVTD: Elena Intelligent Vehicle Tracking Device is a versatile tracking device, easy to install and operate by the user. This receives NavIC signals and conforms to AIS 140.

IVTS: Integrated, Intelligent Monitoring System, which is versatile in its use and can be customized to any monitoring application of the user.

IATD: Elena Intelligent Asset Tracking Device is a standalone tracking device that can be kept on any asset that needs to be tracked temporarily. 15

| Cover Story

16 June 2021

Now or Never - Sky is not the limit

The Anchor of Elena Elena Geo Systems’ status and respect in the navigation industry is exceptional with their plethora of unique, innovative, and custommade services, which not only speak highly of their handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds but also their unmatched leader, company’s founder, Lt Col V Shanmugavelan.

Lt Col V Shanmugavelan, an Army Veteran, is a subject matter expert in Satellite-Based Navigation. He has four PG degrees, and six diplomas/certificate courses linked to this domain. He was a sponsored research scholar of MoD to IIT Kharagpur. In 2012, he was trained by GIZ of Germany to understand German technology and to bring it to India. Being a founding member of the Integrated Space Cell (ISC), he is involved in NavIC from the inception stage since Jun 2008. He was part of the ISRO team for trial evaluation of the GLONASS-based Multi-GNSS receivers and simulators. He was a member of the committee to draft the IndoRussian GLONASS signal sharing agreement of 2010, this was signed by the Prime Ministers of India and Russia in Dec 2010. He was System Manager for the development of monitoring systems and GIS for the armed forces, from Jun 2003 till Jun 2011, when he moved to IIT Kharagpur. He is

involved in the induction of GPS /GNSS products from 1998, into the Indian Armed Forces. He admires Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the most. “A soldier’s life is dedicated to the country; this cannot be compared to any other service. One has to experience it to believe it. In the Kargil war, more than 100 soldiers’ death can be directly attributed to the GPS denial by the USA. This made me resolve to do something for them in return so that his situation does not arise in the future”, Lt Col V Shanmugavelan stated. The Key Achievements From an early entrant in the market to a leadership position in the NavIC-based monitoring solutions domain, it was truly a satisfying effort. Elena is the only company on a date to have NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) processor on a commercial basis. Its B2D module has no equivalence internationally. It provides the complete spectrum of ‘Locating and Monitoring Devices’ with absolute reliability and an extremely high degree of accuracy. The range and depth of Elena’s presence are unmatched and can be demonstrated. Amongst many great customer experiences, their project for JSPL, Patratu plant, in 2013, where the project changed the way they

perceived this technology is a special one as team Elena implemented many ‘firsts’ in the monitoring domain. The Driving Force Elena is a group of numerous creative, highly-skilled, and passionate professionals. Talents from different social foundations with comparable interests and enthusiasm for innovation in navigation make the Elena group remarkable. Everyone in the team is excited and consistently looking for cutting-edge innovations to help users in running their tracking processes easily. It’s not about the Ideas, it’s tied in with getting thoughts going and that can show just with the cooperation. Elena has a core team and technical teams which focus on a specific part of development. The technical team is hired based on their technical capabilities. The core team is taken up after a long process and filtration of suitable candidates. The company looks for interest in the candidates and gives them a free hand on developing their skills. Due to these efforts, Elena has a team of dedicated professionals capable to support the indigenous development of NavIC based solution consisting of hardware and software. 17

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Indtrack Technology Pvt Ltd A Leading GPS / GIS tracking solu on provider & consultancy


echnology has enabled humans to think beyond limits and innovate as per needs and demands. In the era of the boosted digital economy, the use of the internet has increased a lot which has reflected in increased E-commerce activities. Today most of the time, people prefer buying goods online. Where there is E-commerce, logistics services get involved, and following it, the need for tracking also gets introduced. Today, with the increasing demand, there are many tracking solutions available in the market but no other like Indtrack! Indtrack provides the utmost creative and most reliable tracking solutions based on GPS and GIS. Within a short span, the company has established itself as a niche in the tracking solutions landscape. In this context, to discover the 18 June 2021

journey of Indtrack and their offerings we had a discussion with Mr. Sheetal Sahare Managing Director and CEO at Indtrack. Readout this candid talk and know what Indtrack is all about. Tell us about the company. Indtrack Technology Pvt Ltd, established in 2012. But the brand Indtrack has is a registered brand under in the existence since the year 2006. So this is a 15-year journey. We were clear about the works under INDTRACK, that we work only on GPS and GIS-based Solutions, and since our first day till today, we didn't deviate from this. And we purely working on it only. Even after the recent pandemic, some companies were started civil related services like sanitizer dispensers and other products but we focused on GPS and GIS-based Tracking

solutions. Indtrack works in B2B large-scale GPS and GIS-based Software solution designing and implementations. We developed many large-scale big projects of various verticals. Same as those B2C software solutions doing some for gulf county clients and some of our Indian big industries and big fleet size transporters. We try to provide our end customer best Class GPS Vehicle tracking Devices so they perform well in all types of weather and vehicle conditions and device life also be good if it is well maintained. We provide customized vehicle tracking solutions as per customer requirements. We treat all our clients with full support and services whether they having 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles. We provide the Best Service, Better solutions, and economic commercials to our customers.

Mr. Sheetal Sahare MD and CEO Indtrack

• What were the initial challenges you faced? As I started the company after leaving my job as a system manager in Logistic company and after a gap of year in 2006 started small setup to cater initial lead of GIS solution. So at that time, everything new and working in town lack of technology people as mostly went to metro cities for a better opportunity. But being having software development exposure of logistic company solution and with few team members started the journey with some ups and downs initially. Belongs to small-town middle-class families without any business background, being recently married at the time of job left. it’s my wife’s courage and support which made me to startup .. parents and friends support made my mind to

start the Indtrack. So the journey was not easy saw many hurdles and lack of fund initially.. when own people shows trust on you and supports you, then sail it. • How were the first few years of your Indtrack Technologies? The journey from the very first day is interesting and we keep getting interesting projects in B2B and B2C segments. Our expertise is utilized in some good projects, which was supposed to be done by some other company but due to delay in deliveries and their pressure to demonstrate the feature and start monitoring the vehicle movements by authorities, so our team was able to do so. in B2B initially, we provided a GIS map viewer so the Company used it in their solution with its GIS data, we able to provide a garbage collection solution by integrating own map

engine and customizable functionalities for one offshore client, in B2C we provided GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices with a customized software solution for coal mines carrier vehicles. There were learning phase for developers as well due to a new type of requirements and adapting multiple technologies and using it effectively. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? As mentioned above, we kept getting interesting and challenging projects so it helped us to learn and the market started keeping faith in our capabilities and deliverables. So we growing slowly and steadily. As our services are economical and we do not do many things at the same time so growth in all terms with slow pace. 19

| Interview with The Enterprise World



• How have the Indtrack Technologies graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? We are growing slow pace as we managing B2B mostly Software solutions of various verticals and volume as well B2C GPS tracking Devices installations on vehicles in pan India level with customized tracking solutions. So we growing in both segments. In the last 8 years, prior changes started in the industry as the government was started enforcing the policies in vehicle movements monitoring and various organization also started adopting vehicle tracking Solutions for their fleets. So all these helped Indtrack to grow as well, as we having capabilities and we proved that as well. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Team serious dedication towards projects and clients And not a small degree deviation from the core domain. • What influenced you to start Indtrack Technologies? I was on job in Transport & Logistic company as System 20 June 2021

manager. Was developed Transport management experience for that company in the 90s. And all its branches were connected with HO through Dial-up internet. The Company owner was technocrats himself and was keen to adopt technology but their main business was transportation. So after spending good years with the company and successful product. There was only maintenance work left. And wanted to do something advanced and challenging so I left my job was back in my hometown and spent a year without anything then started GPS and GIS-based solutions. Being an entrepreneur can take risks for adopting new technology and challenging projects. And it’s pleased to share we successfully faced the challenges. As well INDTRACK is a good launchpad for sincere and fresher developers, proud to share many ex-employees switched to big IT companies in a good position, and it’s a pleasure being a mentor for them and seeing them grow. • What are the products/services the firm focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? We Provide a B2B large-scale GPS and GIS-based solution with the best in all scale whether it’s technology adoption, sizing of economical servers, implementations, and handover all in very economical pricing. We provide the best in class GPS tracking Devices from the industry. We cater basic Devices to AIS 140 GPS Vehicle tracking devices. So our clients do not need to worry about anything. We also provide some Free Mobile Apps like my journey personnel tracking app and SOS help from known people in an

emergency. There is some product coming free for citizens and transport industry in a couple of months. • How do you decide to take the firm a step further in terms of your products/services? There Is not any such big deal, I am very clear for this have to fulfill clients requirements without failure, which we promised to them. If we able to do then only says yes to clients and then there is no escape plan for us before delivering. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? I started a job as an oracle and developer in 2000 software developer in a small company where I got the opportunity to work on one of the university pre and post-examination software projects and another transport system management project. That transport logistic company inducted me in their company as they wanted to make it ERP for their all branches and anyhow it company in the process of shutting down. I got good management and platform to design and develop software for transport management systems. I developed a solution single-handed by grooming 2 local computer operators into software development. As management trusted on me and got freehand so was able to deliver the product. And connected their all transport branches, on dial-up internet, most of them were located in remote areas. We developed the system on a monochrome desktop with MB rams. It was a quiet learning phase. We developed many big projects of

various verticals ♦ Smart city bus transport management system ♦ State-owned public bus transport management system ♦ 108 Ambulance monitoring and management Solution, ♦ Solution for 1000s vehicles monitoring and management for state government. ♦ Police dept. Petrol vehicle monitoring solutions. ♦ State government food public distribution systems ♦ Apart from these, many in past and currently doing interesting and challenging projects. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? We worked on many B2B projects when they were stuck due to nondeliverable by clients due to their incompetencies of them, and we successfully rescued them. Without taking any credits we successfully run the projects most of them were crucial in terms of govt. authorities. There were some interesting projects for the authority we did. We providing complete solutions for big steel company raw material carrier vehicles from railway yards to the plant with automized controlling vehicle movements outside the designated area. Different types of map engines for the solutions using different technologies. We develop our gis data by web crawling and other tools, these data we use for our applications. We use many open-source robust and proven technologies to design our solutions depends on project requirements. All these efforts and planning make solutions economical and we make solutions security checks and all testing by internal resources and third-party

agency. We almost covering solution offerings to all major and critical GPS/GIS projects. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? We have given many novice software developers a chance to be part of our development team and due to project requirements, their hardworking and learning zest made them fine developers after passing months, and all they doing good in respective MNC IT companies. As they get freedom and a free hand they able to explore many technologies and skillets. I am happy to see them grow professionally. I keep myself engage with the team in all development processes, as being a software professional and having debug skills I can’t keep myself out of the project scene. We celebrate small events together; we do not keep the junior-senior line in our fun time. I keep showing trust in the team members and assign them interesting use cases to develop, which makes them think and explore more. My team works dedicatedly and accomplishes their tasks. To take care of their personal and professional I am always there with them. We keep revolving around ourselves, technologies, and infra. After 15 years we coming out with some Free solutions on the cloud and changes in the environment and team. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? There Are many but one is a special one, which stills revolve in mind, project prototyping asked by one big international giant company for

its one of Indian based big company. That was something GIS, Multimedia, and some component of GPS all together with real-time monitoring, it’s some 10 years back. We demonstrated them first prototyping and how it’s going to function. They were happy and wanted to see real-time but neither client nor the company wanted to invest for them and as we were not in the position to spend such a huge amount for prototyping, so we were not able to do that time. But I am still hopeful to develop such a product so it can be demonstrated to any such companies and it will be a challenging and interesting product. In another B2B company project, there was a project discussion and some big IT firm team were on the board with their senior team members. And the project was so big and critical, the company came out with some solution proposal and budgeting after spending lots of hours and days on discussions. And at the same time before their presentation we offered the solution from us in the very economical pricing and almost we offered what they were supposed to and they shocked to such solution with economical way. unfortunately, that project not started due to some genuine reason. Still hoping to have such a project in place. • One person who you admire the most? I have not seen other than Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Architect of many things of independent India and knowledge powerhouse. He has done for all those classes and genders who have not had the rights to do so, and all he did when things were against him with big power. 21

| Trending 2021


22 June 2021


achine Learning is becoming the future of mankind. Machine Learning algorithms are changing the definition of manual tasks, allowing computers to perform menial jobs such as responding to emails, right down to performing exhaustive and difficult surgeries, and much more. Machine Learning algorithms help computers to perform the assigned tasks in the most precise, and fastest way possible, along with the ability to learn, grasp and adapt accordingly. These algorithms not only make the computers intelligent and smart but also adaptive, so they can perform their tasks even if there are changes in the data, responses, etc. Machine Learning and its applications are picking up rapid pace as the possibilities are endless and the benefit that it brings to a plethora of industries is astounding and unbelievable.

- Decision Tree This is one of the most popular machine learning algorithms, which is a supervised learning algorithm, built to classify problems. It works for categorical as well as continuous dependent variables. This algorithm involves dividing the population into two homogenous sets based on the most significant independent variables or characteristics. - SVM Algorithm This is a classification algorithm where one can plot raw data points in an n-dimension space. You can select the value of n depending upon the number of features one has of a particular point/data, making it extremely easy to classify and study the data. Further, classifiers can be used to split and present the data on a graph, making it easier to present and map the information in a precise and accurate way.

The commandments of tomorrow Let us look at the new Machine Learning Algorithms in 2021, that are gearing up to hit the markets and revolutionize the way we work, function, and perceive the world. - Linear Regression Imagine arranging identical wooden boxes in the increasing order of their weight, but the catch is you cannot weigh each box. This is where liner regression comes in, mapping the height, width, etc. (visual analysis), and arranging the data accordingly with the help of parameters. This is done by establishing a relationship between the independent and dependent variables, and fitting them into a line (Y=a*X+b).

- KNN Algorithm This algorithm can solve classification as well as regression problems, but the former being widely used in the Data Science industry to solve problems. It stores all available cases and classifies new cases by the majority of its kneighbor. To simply understand, if you wish to know more about a person, you talk to his acquaintances, friends, neighbors, family, etc. - Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms Today's world is generating insane amounts of data each day by different organizations both private and public. Data scientists know the importance of this data, but it is a tedious task to identify patterns,

trends, etc. Dimensionality reduction algorithms like Missing Value Ratio, Decision Tree, Factor Analysis, and Random Forest can help them find those hidden patterns, trends, and much more. - Random Forest Algorithm The name comes from the Decision Tree algorithm as it is a collection of decision trees. Each tree is classified, and votes, which helps classify new data into its rightful place. The forest chooses the class of the new data concerning the maximum common features it shares with the existing decision trees, making classification precise and easy. De-Coding the Future! These Machine Learning Algorithms are bringing a dynamic change in the working and functioning of enterprises, in turn leading to more advanced and productive products and services for the customers. Since new machine learning algorithms and their applications are being developed and discovered, it becomes an exciting wait to see whether it unfolds tremendously or goes down as the biggest hype of the century! These algorithms are just the beginning of a new world, where tech is much more than just a gadget or some tool to help us, but a means to achieve something that we could not earlier due to fewer resources and technology – The Future!

“Computers are able to see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future.” - Dave Waters

| Interview with The Enterprise World

inField Solutions A leading technology company transforming lives!


cience and technology are a beautiful gift for humanity. As we were moving from the Stone Age, science-filled us in the set of features of the present era. It simplifies our lives and inspires us to ponder the wonders of technology. Many modern technology inventions made our life easy and enjoyable and innovation is still in process across the globe. Technology has a very important contribution to our life. While the world is on the cusp of the economic revolution, the pandemic hit a lot and businesses struggled to survive. In all this scenario, there was technology that came forward as a messiah for businesses to run their daily operations remotely. In this context, today, if the business still relies on the traditional business processes it might be holding its growth back. To transmogrify the lives of people and businesses, a leading company, inField Solutions provides technology that enables safe smart cities. inField Solutions has developed an integrated technology 24 June 2021

platform that is digitally transforming how people work and live. In a conversation with Mr. Rakesh Tiku, president and CEO, he shared his journey throughout and what inField is all about. • What were the initial challenges you faced? Our initial challenges included converting our client-based custom software, namely inField Clipboard into a commercially viable solution. Once we determined how to do this, we spun inField Clipboard out of our IT company, Virtace Inc. into its own company, now called inField Solutions. • How were the first few years of inField Solutions? Amazing and full of learning. We had to determine how to process what our clients, competition, and the marketplace were suggesting they wanted in terms of form, fit, and function and decide the direction that we ultimately need to go to develop a meaningful

product. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? There have been many, but once we started getting developing our integrated IoT offering, we started to further differentiate from our competition and get in front of what our customers were looking for. • How have the inField Solutions graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? We have tripled in revenue since 2017. Introduced three new product categories since 2019 (two during the current pandemic). Project a furthering tripling in revenue between 2020 and 2022. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Our people, persistence, and ability to capitalize on the opportunity within chaos.

RAKESH TIKU PRESIDENT AND CEO • What influenced you to start inField Solutions ? Our early success with the two customers for whom we built our first product, inField Clipboard. The business impact we had on these clients with their revenue growth and profitability, proved to us that we had built a meaningful product. It should be noted, that both of these customers are clients of ours nine years later. • What are the products/services the firm focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? 1) inField Clipboard is an easy to use and flexible Field Resource Management (FRM) software platform that enables clients to manage their field resources (people, assets, vehicles) from inquiry to invoice. One of the use

cases is for charity collection bin collection, where we automate the scheduling, routing, and dispatching functions based on the actual fill state of the bins in the field. 2) We have also created a related line of business, inField Building iQ that enables effective management of building amenities, minimizes the impact of COVID19 and enables businesses to thrive once again. The entire inField Building iQ leverages the inField Clipboard platform to manage logic workflows and communication between users, suppliers, and end clients. inField Building iQ platform enables property managers and landlords to remotely monitor and manage their residential and commercial building’s amenities (i.e. water leak detection and smart

washrooms) while reducing the costs and headaches due to property damage and insurance claims (due to water, etc.). a) Water Leak Detection - A smart water leak detection platform that communicates issues to stakeholders, remotely shuts off water in problem areas, and dispatches to plumbers. b) Smart Bathrooms – Real-time monitoring of bathrooms for cleanliness, maintenance, and occupancy. c) Connected Cubbies - Smart parcel and food delivery management maximizing convenience, security, and safetydriven by a web app. d) Micro Markets - Maximizes employee engagement within offices, factories, hospital, and 25

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“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs schools with a smart self-service micro market (prepared foods, snacks, and beverages) that personalize the retail experience using technology powered by an automated supply chain. • How do you decide to take the firm a step further in terms of your products/services? We listen to our customers, competition, and the market in general and then evaluate our next course of action based on our ability to satisfy future requirements. Our ability to act includes our available resources time and skill set, finances, and market access (can we acquire clients who would need this capability or feature). • How do you think is the GPS tracking sector evolving? Within inField Solutions, it has gone from being a simple dot on a map to view the location of a vehicle or fixed asset to a feature that is an integral part of a larger solution.

segments. My Goal in Life --- To learn from every experience and every encounter. Specialty: I am a classic innovator. My strength is my ability to take something and make it more effective, whether it be people, objects, or ideas. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? a. Being able to create a balance between work and family, that has led to both being successful. b. Not letting my fears and critics’ bias stop me from pursuing my dreams. c. Working with many amazing people, whether they be business partners, colleagues, suppliers, or clients. d. Never stop learning whether I started a business, bought into a business, or sold a business.

• Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

• How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

I am a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience focused on strategic business growth in the Environmental, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Software, Manufacturing, and Retail industry

We treat our employees, suppliers, and customers like they are human. We have a policy that our colleagues do not work unless first their health and then their family members are in order. To not do so

26 June 2021

often leads to lower productivity and less joy in one’s personal • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? We have had numerous clients who doubled their revenue within 12 months of using our inField Clipboard platform while realizing an ROI on their investment with inField Solutions within 5 months. These are examples of what motivates us to do what we do. • What are some of your largest inspirations? My parents, children, and wife have taught me how to dream and accept the risk to pursue these dreams. • One person who you admire the most? In business, I admire people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to pursue their goals and dream big regardless of their fears or the doubters around them. In life, I admire my wife for supporting me in my aspirations while pursuing her own. • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring? Again, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

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VISAKHA A city of

30 June 2021

APATNAM destiny! 31

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isakhapatnam (Vizag) is a port city in Andhra Pradesh and is often referred to as the “jewel of the east coast”. It is situated on the southeastern coast of the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by the Eastern Ghats to the north and west. It is the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Historically, the city was named after Vishaka, the deity. Under the rule of King Ashoka in 260 BCE, the city was a part of the Kalinga Empire. Later, it came under the rule of the Andhra state of Vengi. After this, the Pallavas, Cholas, and Gang dynasties ruled over it. The city became a part of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th century. The economy With the passage of time, Visakhapatnam has developed into an economic hub. It was once a small fishing village, which has now become one of the most developed industrial centers in South India. All important departments like Pharma, IT, Fishing, Import, and Export are located in this city. As fishing is the main occupation of the people, being an international port, there has been a considerable increase in trade and business in the city. Ports play an important role in the city’s economy as they contribute to the development of certain industries such as steel, petroleum, and fertilizer. Some famous industries like Heavy Plate and Vessels Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hindustan Shipyard Limited of India are located in Visakhapatnam. India’s only Special Pharmaceutical Economic Zone (SEZ), Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma is located in 32 June 2021

Visakhapatnam. Several wellknown pharmaceutical companies such as SEZ Raks Pharma Pvt Ltd, Pharmazell, Hospira and Granules Omnichem Pvt Ltd are located at Vizag. There is a waterworks factory in Visakhapatnam. It is a natural and safe seaport. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and

Orissa which are rich in agriculture and mineral wealth widely use this port for businesses. It is also a notable fishing center. The second largest of the fastest growing cities in Andhra Pradesh and Asia, the city has industries, shipbuilding, a large oil refinery, a huge steel, and power plant hub. The film industry is booming and

Visakhapatnam Port famous across the length and breadth of the State and the South. Vizag houses the Ramanaidu Film Studio atop a hill. The serene location has witnessed the filming of many Telugu and a few Hindi blockbusters.

headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command (apparently). In addition, DRDO’s Naval Science and Technical Laboratory (NSTL) is one step ahead in underwater weapons research and making the Navy self-sufficient.

The Indian Navy has taken advantage of the deep and natural port of Vizag. Vizag is the

Naval Bow, Nora, INS Kalinga, Dolphin Hill (Naval Vihar), Navshakti Vihar, INS Veerabahu,

INS Devaga, INS Samudrika, INS Satvahan are some of the residential and non-residential grounds India’s first nuclear submarine INS Arihant launched in Vizag. The Attractions The city is the main tourist destination of Andhra Pradesh and 33

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has many caves, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and the Eastern Ghats, which are worth visiting the city.

Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose, a rocky headland located 358 meters above sea level, to the south of the city. It got its name because it looks like a dolphin’s nose. The Bora caves are important both historically and religiously and are popular for their beautiful creations of stalagmite and stalactite.

Bora caves

Ramakrishna Beach is known for the pure water of the Bay of Bengal. The place also houses the Kali Temple, a submarine museum, and the VUDA Park. Visakhapatnam district is also known for many other tourist destinations such as Araku Valley, Kailasagiri Hill, and Submarine Museum. Vizag has emerged as a paradise for travelers. There are many types of resources available to entertain travelers. Beautiful seaside, beautiful hills, natural valleys, and furthermore the modern city infrastructure; There is something for everyone here. Vizag is surrounded by hills such as Sri Venkateswara Konda, Ross Hills, and Dargah Konda. While Vizag has earned a reputation for preserving its twoand-a-half-thousand-year-old culture, it is one step closer to the future. In business centers, you see organized chaos. You are peacefully taken to different beaches. One must visit Visakhapatnam to expand business wings and taste the peaceful life!

34 June 2021

Ramakrishna Beach

Submarine Museum

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The Ultimate Online Food D ivery Solution


he food industry is probably attracting a lot of eyeballs nowadays. And, why not? It’s a booming industry amidst COVID19. Though the pandemic affected several business industries, the on-demand food delivery industry survived its rough rage. The ease of ordering food at the comfort of the homes, the enhanced usage of smartphones, the workfrom-home culture, and more have attracted millions of users to shift to ondemand food delivery applications. Considering the rising demand for online food delivery applications among the users, several businesses are looking forward to investing in the same. Wondering, where to begin? Well, before you enter this industry, consider cutting-edge competition in the market. If you are keen to launch your online food delivery application, then launch your dream business app with Foodelivery. Foodelivery is a powerful and instant online food delivery solution that helps entrepreneurs launch their food delivery applications. The solution offers a wide range of exciting features and functionalities that make the lives of customers, restaurants, and delivery partners much easier. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Let’s read out the features to understand how investing in Zomato clone app which can provide you with enormous benefits. Notable Features of Zomato Clone App - Foodelivery Do you plan on launching your own online food delivery application? If yes then consider 36 June 2021

Foodelivery is the perfect solution for you. To stay in the lead over the competitors, it is important to go for a reliable solution. Foodelivery is a pioneer in providing custom food delivery solutions that offer tailor-made food delivery app solutions to the clients that power up their business ideas. Instant And Secure Sign Ups Enjoy hassle-free sign-ups with just phone numbers and email addresses. No unnecessary details to be added, you can sign up by simply adding the basic details. Users can also log in using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Easy sign-ups and secure logins for the future in just a few taps. Hassle-free Integrations Foodelivery is a robust online food ordering system that allows quick and hassle-free integrations. With this solution on your side, you do not have to wait for months to build your dream food delivery application. You can enjoy seamless integration processes in just a few steps. Quick And Flexible Payment Options No more struggling with quick payment options. Users can enjoy multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, and more. One can easily process swift payments without worrying about personal data. Live Tracking Users can get a real-time view of where their order is with the live tracking feature. Not just that delivery partners can too keep a track of where the customer location is using quick notification features.

Proper Categorization Of Food Menus And Restaurants Users can search for their favourite food cuisines with just one click. Users can find their favourite dish, restaurant, cuisine, and more in no time. Restaurants can also update their availability using the toggle click. The users also get notified of the availability of the restaurants. So, both can enjoy hassle-free interaction. 24/7 Technical Assistance Entrepreneurs can sort any issues relating to payment execution and order processing efficiently. Foodelivery offers round-the-clock technical assistance to customers via - live chat, phone, and email. Apart from these features, users can enjoy several other features like Order history, Repeat orders, Advanced search, earning reports, and more. How Much Does It Cost To Establish A Business With Foodelivery? Well, there are several stages involved in estimating the costs for

the food delivery app launch with Foodelivery. To get a defined value for the same, then get in touch directly with the Foodelivery executives and discuss the requirements. Wrapping Up Investing in online food delivery app solutions like - Foodelivery is a great idea. If you are struggling to find the right launch partner for your business idea, then Foodelivery is all you need. Explore and establish a solid foot in the on-demand food delivery app world. Author’s Bio: So uvo Solu ons is a top-notch mobile and web app development company with decades of experience in steering clients through digital transforma on. So uvo is recognized by top trustworthy resources like Goodfirms, Clutch, App Futura, and more. Keep following us on all leading social media pla orms for more exci ng tech news.

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SensiWise Solutions Bringing Visibility, Assurance & Efficiency To Specialized Supply-chains.



o be competitive and enhance effectiveness, keeping up with the particular latest technology is important. The Logistics industry is reaping helpful benefits immensely from the almost all advanced technology and may continue to grow some sort of a lot more advances are usually made. The breakthroughs within technology will carry on and drive the boundaries for a long time to be able to come. SensiWise Solutions is an Emerging Tech (IoT, Analytics & Blockchain) focused venture creating Enterprise solutions for specialized supply chain logistics. In a candid talk with Mr Puneet Jetli, Founder and CEO at SensiWise solutions let’s get known to their journey since inception and their quality offerings. • Tell us about the company. We are a 2 years old company. In our definition, a specialized supply chain includes any product that requires careful handling during its storage and/or movement through the supply-chain journey. Though our first solution is targeted at Cold-chain, which deals with temperature-sensitive products, it has been designed in a way that we

would be able to address other specialized product categories with little incremental effort. • What were the initial challenges you faced? Being an IoT focused company, our biggest challenge upfront was to create a fine balance between the need to quickly hit the market and the need to have full flexibility and control on all the building blocks of the solution. We were always clear that we would not try to compress the go-to-market cycle time by leveraging third-party IoT devices readily available in the market. While that would have allowed us faster access to the market with our solution, we knew that in the longer run, it would hinder our ability to enhance/customize our solution for new use-cases, and also lower the threshold for competitive differentiation. The other significant challenge for a start-up is always winning your first customer. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? I think there have been about 3-4 growth inflection points till now. The first was obviously when we released the solution for undertaking POCs/Pilots in Q3 of

2018. In a few months, we were able to start converting the initial POCs into commercial contracts. The second was when we finetuned the solution for slow-moving assets like Ice cream push-carts. The third was when we adapted the solution for fixed assets involved in Cold-chain like the freezers, chillers, cold-stores, and visicoolers. Each of these, are large opportunity areas by themselves. • How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? I think the 2 most important metrics that calibrates our progress are the number of customers and the number of assets for which our solution has been deployed. On the former, we now have 5 paying Customers, and several others in the pilot phase. For the existing customers, we have the go-ahead to cover over 4,000 assets. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Frankly, we are still very young and have a long journey ahead before we can look back and admire our achievements. Yet, SensiWise is being built on a few fundamentals that we believe will hold us in good stead: 39

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a). Global & rich Industry experience of the core team b). A clear understanding of the technology landscape and engineering best practices for digital solutions c). Building and harnessing the right ecosystem for growth • According to you, which are the factors that affect logistics industry processes? The logistics industry has traditionally lagged other processes/functions like manufacturing, finance, customer experience, etc. when it comes to Information Technology adoption. The complexity of high market fragmentation, several stakeholders, multiple product hops and handovers, further adds to the issue. All of this eventually manifests in the following challenges: 1). Lack of visibility into the product’s location and its condition 2). Inability to monitor whether defined operating processes and SLAs are being adhered to 3). Cost, damage, theft, asset utilization, and turnaround related inefficiencies 4). Inability to establish end-to-end traceability of a product’s journey with accountability for lapses, if any • What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from


40 June 2021

those in the market? Our mission is to bring Visibility, Assurance & Efficiency to specialized supply chain logistics operations. Our first solution is for the Cold-chain – the supply chain for temperature-sensitive products before we start addressing other adjacent areas. While most stakeholders believe that Coldchain involves monitoring of temperature & location, we are disrupting this space through some of the following: a). Addressing the need for all stages of the product’s Coldchain journey – right from the time it is manufactured until it reaches the customer, and not just during transportation and warehousing. b). Providing stakeholders granular visibility & assurance of their operations by providing access to over 40 parameters c). Enabling end-to-end traceability of a product’s journey and its quality even when multiple service providers are involved in handling the product d). Going beyond monitoring – allowing stakeholders to close the loop by allowing them to remotely operate and control the assets deployed in the Coldchain. Ex – switching on/off the AC unit of a Reefer. e). Allowing stakeholders to monitor multiple product condition parameters and not just temperature.



• How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? Our product roadmap is typically influenced by the following two factors. Firstly, it is based on our understanding of the market needs that we are trying to address. The moment you start acquiring customers, there is always a steady flow of features and functionalities that get added to your to-do list and needs to be prioritized. Secondly, how you want to differentiate vis-àvis the competition also plays a major rule in evolving your products & services. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share? Given our Cold-chain focus, it was imperative for us to look at the needs of the Ice cream market. Our newest product is called iTREATS – Ice cream Trikes Revenue Enhancement & Tracking Solution. We realized that Ice Cream Trikes/Push-carts are an important sales channel in many parts of the country. So while Brands were investing heavily in making thousands of these push-carts available to their trade-channel, they had very little visibility into their utilization, operations and sales efficiency. While some brands had tried adopting a GPS based track and trace solution, some of the needs



We are very happy that Govt. of Karnataka supported us in this endeavour by covering the iTREATS development under its flagship ELEVATE Idea2PoC Grant program. • The new era demands new methods. How do you cope with that? Thankfully today SensiWise is amongst the disruptors rather than having fear of getting disrupted. But the real danger for any organization, especially the successful ones, is to get comfortable with the status quo or continuing to follow what has worked well for them in the past. • How much has the logistic industry evolved with rising technology over the years? Aspects of Logistics industry particularly warehousing has definitely benefited a lot in the last few years through technology adoption. However, all aspects of the industry will need to plan the leverage that newer technologies



like IoT, Robotics, AI and Data Science will bring. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? Over the last 20 years, I have been associated with 3 start-ups. In 1999, I was amongst the first to join Mindtree. In the 12 years that I spent with them, I played various roles. This experience gave me tremendous insights into building & nurturing a company through its formative and high-growth period. In 2011, I co-founded Happiest Minds and ran its Digital business for 6 years as a CEO before moving out and starting SensiWise in 2017. The common thread across these three ventures has been helping Global Enterprises leverage newer technologies for business Value. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Building organizations or institutions is never one person’s work. But to be part of teams, and seeing companies like Mindtree and Happiest Minds evolve from being an idea to becoming successful global Brands, has been the most fulfilling and cherished moments of my career. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? The whole purpose of our products is to act as eyes and ears and help


customers get detailed visibility and assurance on their assets and their operations. In a few instances, Customers were taken by surprise when our solution highlighted that fuel was being pilfered from their vehicles or when the distance travelled by some vehicles was being over-reported by 40%. The value of this kind helps establish credibility and confidence with Customers. • One person, who you admire the most? Having had the opportunity to see and work with several Industry leaders from close quarters, I realized that every good leader has his/her strengths that you can try and emulate. At the same time, no leader can be the best at everything. So, I have followed a hybrid approach of admiring multiple leaders for specific areas, and have been able to learn from each one of them. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? I have seen that as you mature and get more experienced, you are able to balance the pulls and pressures of the rat-race much better. For me, the 2 non-negotiable pre-requisites are whether I am enjoying what I am doing and if the business is being done with the highest levels of integrity. Compromising on either of these is not worth the while.

R E A L I T Y.


and on-the-ground issues were totally different. This is why we created iTREATS. Based on some POCs that we have undertaken, we are confident that Ice Cream Brands will now be able to not only have improved and real-time visibility into the asset’s operations but will also be able to increase the sales realization per capita from the assets deployed in the market. 41

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Latest Technology A T

echnology is something which has everyone's eyes and attention, as everyone wants a piece of this pie, in this case, get their hands on the latest gadgets and gizmos. The excitement is not only necessary but also rewarding as the Tech companies are working relentlessly to produce products and services that are not only changing the way we perceive things and reality but also how we work, talk, and much more. Technology is not only becoming intelligent but also understanding the needs and demands of mankind, with AI, Machine learning, etc., the world of robotics and computing just got more exciting, keeping everyone on their toes to expect what is going to be the next big innovation that will 42 June 2021

revolutionize the world and the people in it. Let's get into the world of technology and look at some of the latest advancements in the world of technology.

Technology, the gold of tomorrow. Technological advancements are not only helping enterprises grow but also increasing the insight into many different areas which were complicated and less explored. They are adding to the information possessed by us and helping create breakthrough innovations and products that will prove to be the turning point in the growth and development of mankind. AI and Machine Learning has received a lot of attention and is proving to be one of the most breakthrough

technological advancement of the 21st century. AI is known for its superiority in image, speech recognition, navigation, smartphone assistants, and much more. It is also proving to be a very promising invention to evaluate, chart, and map the human behavior pattern, which can be applied across many industries to improve efficiency and deliver products/services that are needed and will be in the coming times. RBA (Robotics Process Automation) is another technology that is automating jobs, especially in the fields which require tedious manpower for not so crucial tasks, such as data compiling, replying to emails, etc. RBA does this job effortlessly with no error for margin, saving up time and

Advancements in 2021 precious resources which can be directed to other important working and decisions of an enterprise. Edge Computing, is also one of the most promising technologies of 2021, coming into play, bypassing the latency of Cloud Computing, and can process time-sensitive information with limited or no link to a centralized location. Thus, giving the ability to function as mini datacentres, and shedding light on new possibilities and applications of the same. Quantum Computing is also gaining recognition with its applications in Banking and Finance, to manage credit risk involved in highfrequency trading, detect fraud, and much more. This technology helped to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

and develop potential vaccines by its ability to easily monitor, analyze, and act on the data regardless of the source. VR and AR are also something that has endless possibilities and is being applied in many industries, receiving exceptional results and feedbacks. As this can be used anywhere right from military training, to shopping, business meetings, selecting the paint of your study, etc. this technology is not only futuristic but also helping enterprises and people to increase their reach and pan their products/services across the globe.

but also giving the world a hint of future innovations, and what to expect. Although these innovations are mostly in their early stages of development and their applications are being tested and discovered, will it create a hole in the employment of people with less or no technological knowledge or will work as a supplement for these people, or will it create a completely different scenario is something that the time holds for us, and the journey remains appalling and extremely thrilling, right down to each up, down, and curve.

Future is Technology or Old methodology? Technological advancements of the 21st century are not only promising

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” - Tim O’Reilly 43

AsiaPay enables merchants to securely accept most popular digital payment methods from credit cards, internet banking and more on a single platform.




Country operations and payment processing.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006 and certied 3-D Secure vendor.

Anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready, real-time consolidated reports, big data.




Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers.

High service uptime of 99.9%+ and high performance.

Local account and risk operation support as well as 24x7 technical support in 15+ countries and regions.


We focus to provide solutions that offer a unique user experience and a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.


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