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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!” - Henry Ford

A franchise is something that is not only an extension of the parent company but also an extension of the culture and tradition of the company. To purchase a franchise does not guarantee sure shot success, because as there are many options available in the market, one needs to evaluate and check which one is the most feasible, providing the best possible chances of becoming a successful investment. Thus, before investing in one find which ones are the most fruitful but also make sure to pick the one which you like the most because you are not only investing in a company, you will be investing in their culture, tradition, and practices. The Enterprise World special issue, The Best Franchises to Buy in 2021, features the journey, leadership, foundations of one of the most recommended franchises of 2021 which you can buy right now! These franchises are not only ahead of their time but also their culture and what they offer are something that makes them highly commendable and very promising investment. The cover story of this feature showcases Emma Dickinson, President, and CEO of Home Helpers. Home Helpers serve over 1,000 communities across the U.S., Their approach is based on the fact that every client is different. That’s why its team of professional caregivers provides a customized care plan, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s a senior citizen, a new mom, someone suffering from a chronic illness, a patient recovering from major surgery, or a person with reduced abilities due to an injury, Home Helpers provides a compassionate, caring team with one goal in mind: exceptional in-home care. Catch the scintillating conversation with Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO of Anchanto. Anchanto is a Global B2B SaaS company headquartered in Singapore, with customers & operations across 14+ countries. There is a lot more to read inside. Happy Reading!


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In the Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Best Franchises to Buy in 2021, features The cover story of this feature showcases Emma Dickinson, President, and CEO of Home Helpers. Home Helpers serve over 1,000 communities across the U.S., Their approach is based on the fact that every client is different. That’s why its team of professional caregivers provides a customized care plan, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s a senior citizen, a new mom, someone suffering from a chronic illness, a patient recovering from major surgery, or a person with reduced abilities due to an injury, Home Helpers provides a compassionate, caring team with one goal in mind: exceptional inhome care. Grab the conversation with the CEO of Ideal Image, David Prokupek. Find insights and details about the safest and most advanced wellness and aesthetics technology available in the market to achieve real, natural-looking results. Treatments include laser hair removal, body sculpting, Botox, and anti-aging services, and more.

In another exciting conversation with Rhyan Finch, CEO of 1st Class Real Estate. They are a Real Estate Franchise and the only Virtual Real Estate Franchise offering a 100% cap model. Read more to know more. Know more about the secrets behind one of the most successful and tasteful spirits – Kaya Spirits. Mr. Karun Kaura, Chief Managing Director talks about how Kaya Spirit has marked its place on the huge domestic as well as the global spirits landscape with their passion to serve the taste as per their consumer’s desire. Catch the scintillating conversation with Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO of Anchanto. Anchanto is a Global B2B SaaS company headquartered in Singapore, with customers & operations across 14+ countries. Grab the revolting conversation with Chong Kok Keong, CEO of Global eTradeServices. Founded in 2016, GeTS (Global eTrade Services) is a global leading trade platform that is shaping the future of trade and supply chain with its innovative use of technology and deep G2B and B2B domain expertise.





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KAYA BLENDERS AND DISTILLERS A Perfect company to celebrate moments with!

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Cover Story

08 | May 2021 | 09

| Cover Story


ecause of the growing need for in-home care, providers must constantly innovate in order to offer the best services and products to their clients. Since their founding in 1997, Home Helpers Home Care been a true leader with in-home care solutions. Today, after reinventing itself to thrive even in a pandemic environment, we recognize them as the 2021 Best Franchise to Buy. R

While the franchise serves over 1,000 communities across the U.S., Home Helpers’ approach is based on the fact that every client is different. That’s why its team of professional care givers provide a customized care plan, tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s a senior citizen, a new mom, someone suffering from a chronic illness, a patient recovering from major surgery, or a person with reduced abilities due to an injury, Home Helpers provides a compassionate, caring team with one goal in mind: exceptional inhome care. Home Helpers also provides bestin-class training for its Caregivers. Each one is vetted through an extensive screening process and is provided with initial and ongoing training prior to working with a client. Franchisees receive ongoing support from the National Support Center with recruitment, retention

10 | May 2021

and training. It was a Home Helpers Caregiver who was named Caregiver of the Year by The Home Care Association of America, which represents over 500,000 professional caregivers throughout the U.S. They’ve established a solid partner network with a wide variety of national medical and senior care organizations. Through their partnership with Veterans Care Coordination, Home Helpers assists qualifying veterans and their spouses to apply for an obtain the Veterans and Attendance Benefit that assists with the payment of inhome care services. Home Helpers also partners with national organizations to help train their Caregivers who care for clients with specific conditions. The National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care is just one example. Communications between the Caregiver, the client, their family, and Home Helpers staff is streamlined by ClearCare, a cloudbased solution with automated scheduling via text, phone, GPS Check-In, and caregiver application management. This software saves franchise members time and money by automating routine processes, streamlining communication, and reducing paperwork. | 11

| Cover Story

12 | May 2021

Home Helpers’ latest innovation is Cared-4, the most comprehensive program of its kind in this recession-resilient industry. This holistic approach is designed to serve the client in the four basic areas of need, even when the Caregiver is not in the home. • Personal Care and Companionship is the foundation of the program, helping with daily tasks, friendly conversations, and everything in between. • Wellness Calls, which ensure that a client is staying well—even when the Caregiver is not in the home. These phone calls can be used for medication reminders, to make sure a client has eaten a full meal, or to simply offer a bit of companionship. • Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring includes free home safety check assessments for every client, and monitoring and wearable technology to provide assistance with a simple press of a button. This support is backed by its exclusive Custom Response Plan that ensures the care team assesses each situation, only escalates true emergencies, and stays on the line for less urgent situations until the issue is resolved. • Missing proper meals affects physical and mental well-being. The Nutrition and Well-Being service offers planning and preparation, including shopping and cooking. They can even provide prepared meals for days that the Caregiver is not in the home. | 13

Kimberly Demaree

Barry Nelson

Chief Performance Officer

Executive Vice President | General Counsel

“ 14 | May 2021

Ordinary people think merely of spendi

-Arthur Sch

Emma Dickison CEO & President

Bill Burlingham Chief Financial Officer

ing time, great people think of using it.

hopenhauer | 15

| Cover Story


success. -Pablo Picasso

We are not the only ones to recognize Home Helpers as an outstanding choice for those seeking to own their own business, help others in their community, and be part of an essential industry so vital to the lives of many. The International Franchise Association has awarded Home Helpers President and CEO Emma Dickison their Crystal Compass Award, which recognizes outstanding leadership in the franchising industry. Home Helpers has consistently received numerous accolades each year from industry and franchising experts including Entrepreneur, Franchise Times, Best of Home Care, and Franchise Business Review. All the while they’re being honored in their industry, Home Helpers in turn is committed to recognizing outstanding members of their own team. Exceptional franchisees are acknowledged annually with honors such as the Bold Diamond Award, President’s Circle and Brand Champion. And, Home Helpers’ coveted Exceptional Caregiver award recognizes the work of those on the front lines of care: the Caregivers themselves. Congratulations to Home Helpers Home Care, our 2021 Best Franchise to Buy recipient.

16 | May 2021

Emma Dickison | President & CEO | Home Helpers

i s t h e f o u n d at i o n a l k e y t o a l l | 17

| Interview with The Enterprise World

1st Class Real Estate R E A LTO R S O F T H E

Virtual World! A

n entrepreneur is always looking for an opportunity or an idea to start a business and this does not imply that one should wait for an idea or a problem to present itself for them to start a venture. There are a lot of existing industries and domains where one can start a business or a start-up, as a business or a start-up does not mean it is supposed to bring new and innovative products and services into the market, it also means providing the existing products and services in a much more efficient, affordable and scalable way. One of the most trending industries of all time has been Real-Estate. A person no matter at what place in time or life, will always look for a place, for a house, office, investment purpose, etc. and this ensures that the Real-

18 | May 2021

Estate business will always be on the table and will always get the numbers rolling in the bank. The main questions arise as to handling a Real-Estate office, the manpower, and other tedious tasks but what if there is a way where you can start a Real-Estate venture online without any hassle of physically opening one and other related issues. 1st Class Real Estate is one of the leading and the only virtual Real Estate franchise. They offer innovative services as they are a virtual Real Estate franchise with more than 50 offices and all this at the luxury of having a virtual office, saving the costs, efforts, and time of a physical office, managing a workforce and also keeping tabs on the expenditures, revenue, etc. They are not only providing a

breakthrough service, but also an opportunity to all those looking forward to starting a business venture and are waiting for the right time and the right idea because, in reality, it is all about the start and once the ship sets sail, the ideas and other opportunity comes along the way. 1st Class Real Estate is truly unique in their domain and successful in their services, enabling the people to reach out and become a part of their virtual brand and masters of their own business. In conversation with the Founder and CEO of 1st Class Real Estate, Rhyan Finch. Let’s hear more about the only virtual Real Estate franchise, their offerings, and the CEO’s professional journey.

R H YA N F I N C H | F O U N D E R & C E O

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Please tell us about 1st Class Real Estate, the initial challenges, and the factors leading to the growth of the company. We are a Real Estate Franchise and the only Virtual Real Estate Franchise. We started Franchising in April 2019 and as of April 2021, we have 50 offices opened. One of our mottos is Changing lives and selling a few homes along the way! We had such a new approach in the real estate franchise world and not a lot of people knew about us. Getting our message out there and making sure it was noticed and understood as one of the challenges. A triggering point in the growth of the company was finding people that were just as motivated as me. I wanted to find people who were motivated in opening a franchise. In 2.3 Years we’ve opened 50 franchises. Our first franchise was opened in April 2019 and since then we have grown tremendously. I am excited to see the growth of 1st Class Franchising 10 years from now. God has blessed me with a clear vision and purpose and that has allowed for my continued success. Tell us about the offerings of the virtual Real Estate franchise, new additions, and how these services are at pace with the changing times. We offer a cap 100% model, and we’re the first-ever Virtual Real Estate Franchise. You do not need to have a staff or an office to start your real estate business. Like I said above we are the only 20 | May 2021

virtual real estate franchise. If you want to open a franchise with us you do not need staff or office space. Everything can all be virtual. Our Resource Center, where our inhouse staff works, helps generate leads, provides marketing material, and provides our franchisees and agents with 1st Class swag. We base our decision on needs and feedback we have received from other agents and franchisees. I love hearing the feedback and always think about what would I want. Tell us about your professional journey. I am the broker, owner, and founder of 1st Class Real Estate and 1st Class Franchising. In 2005, I became a licensed real estate agent with a nationally known franchise firm in Virginia Beach and quickly exploded as I gained 100+ listings on the market after finding his niche in short sales. I became certified in Distressed Properties, Short Sales, & Foreclosures. As a new agent, I had great success and earned the Re/Max International 100% Club in 2007 and 2008. In 2008, I gave myself a promotion and started my Real Estate Team The Rhyan Finch Real Estate Team. I began with 1 agent (myself) and quickly grew to 5 agents within just a few months. At the time, I recognized what was going on with the real estate market and when the bust came, I quickly became an expert on distressed properties. In five years, I had taken his newfound real estate career in a crashing market to the number one team in Hampton Roads after joining forces with my sister Rhendi.

In 2012, the team grew to sell over 900 homes and consequently was named the #7 Real Estate Team in the US by the Wall Street Journal and the #1 Platinum Mega Team in Hampton Roads by the Realtor Association. After this track record of success, I decided it was time for the team to branch out and founded 1st Class Real Estate, an independent real estate firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Now in 2020, as CEO and Principal Broker, the company ranks in the top 4% of real estate companies in the Hampton Roads area, with over 700 agents, and 50+ locations nationwide. My knowledge, and desire to excel have proven a track record of success for exponential growth. I started this company with one goal in my heart - to change lives so here at 1st Class Real Estate, our mission is to “change lives and sell a few homes along the way”. Tell us about the work culture at 1st Class Real Estate and your views on the competition in the market. I’m always asking myself what I would want. I think it’s good to not have too serious of a work environment. I am very transparent with everything that happens so that does not leave any unanswered questions for my staff. We do not have the mindset telling us that it is “competition”. We believe all of it belongs to us and they are in our space. I would not call it a motivating factor but I would say that we know it is coming, which in return drives us to push harder.

preserving data ecosystems


he growth of online services has skyrocketed since the pandemic has struck the world, opening a world of new possibilities and breakthrough innovations. The SaaS industry has witnessed major growth in the recent year due to their innovative and accurate solutions to efficiently scale and maximize a business's reach to the majority of the population, getting more sales and holistic growth and development of the business/company. But the task of e-commerce management, and especially in the domains of B2B and B2C becomes complex and often difficult to transform and manage. There are a lot of companies in the SaaS industry offering unique and solid services but only a few get their names on the podium as one of the best and always a leap ahead of the competition in the market. Anchanto is a global company, working on many scales around the globe, having a bold, formidable presence and complex operations in more than 14 countries. They not only provide the best-in-class services for efficient, scalable, and easy to use that not only is highly appreciated and rewarded by their long list of satisfied and loyal customers but also their team of highly skilled experts, providing top-notch solutions to any demands or requirement makes them exemplary and one of the best when it comes to providing immaculate SaaS services. They are not only class-leading SaaS services specialists but also innovators of the SaaS industry with unique services and regards as the best in compliance with 22 | May 2021

industry standards and practices. In conversation with the Founder and CEO of Anchanto, Vaibhav Dabhade. Let’s hear more about Anchanto, its unmatched services, and the CEO’s professional journey. Please tell us about Anchanto and the problems faced by the company in the early stages. Anchanto is a Global B2B SaaS company headquartered in Singapore, with customers & operations across 14+ countries. Through its proprietary SaaS products and global partnerships, the company enables Brands, Distributors, Retailers, eCommerce Service Providers, SMEs, 3PLs, and Warehousing Players to manage highly successful end-toend eCommerce operations. Anchanto currently serves a large customer base comprising of SMBs and global companies such as L’OREAL, Panasonic, Fossil, DKSH, Pos Malaysia, Valiram, Luxasia, Telkom Indonesia, DHL eCommerce, Asendia, GreatDeals eCommerce Corporation, and many more. With a philosophy to make eCommerce management, logistics, and cross-border trade simple for everyone through technology, Anchanto operates from its offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia. Initially, when we were developing our SaaS products, we found Southeast Asia to be a very chaotic and unique region. Each country in the region had its own culture,

language, shopper base, purchasing pattern, and a resultantly a unique set of challenges. Hence, developing a platform that could cater to the diverse requirements of so many different types of customers was the biggest challenge at the time. But we took a very bold decision and decided to step in the shoes of our customers! We shifted to a large warehouse in Singapore and started managing multichannel selling for various European fashion brands. This strategic move turned out to be a game-changer for us, as it directly helped us understand the real pain points and the nitty-gritty of the operations. We continued to manage our channel management operations for 2+ years and imbibed every single intricate detail & pain point that we faced during the time. This ultimately helped us build products that could solve all the practical pain points and help our customers bypass all the complexities and achieve remarkable success in their eCommerce business. Tell us about the services Anchanto offers, new additions, and the factors that distinguish Anchanto’s services from the competition in the market. Our first offering, SelluSeller is an online multi-channel eCommerce management software, that offers a one-stop solution to manage selling on 100+ local and international sales channels, including marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon eBay, Qoo10, or Tokopedia, and web stores like Shopify, Magento, or SalesForce Commerce Cloud. SelluSeller helps businesses to scale their

Vaibhav Dabhade

Founder & CEO

Anchanto Denition of SaaS

| Interview with The Enterprise World

backend operations with features such as centralized inventory & order management, pricing & promotion management, product information management, reports & analytics, and many more. Our second offering, Wareo is a proprietary SaaS platform that enables B2B & eCommerce fulfillment operations for 3PLs, Warehouses, Brands, Retailers, Distributors, and Postal Associations. Applications for picking, packing, dispatch, and inbound work across the B2B and B2C domains, facilitating a central view of warehouse operations. Both the systems have ready integrations with 150+ eCommerce ecosystem players, including global leading marketplaces, web stores, carriers, ERPs, and more. The first and the most important factor that differentiates us from other players in the market is that we built our products from our own practical experience of being sellers in the Southeast Asian market. We sold inventory, managed our warehouse, and handled channel management operations for various brands & subsequently poured this prolific experience to build products that have the potential to solve actual pain points of online sellers. Instead of being armchair pundits & developing products by sitting in nice & cozy office spaces, we have been out there in the field and walked in the shoes of our customers to develop a platform that can make the lives of sellers easier. Yes, we have data products and other exciting offerings that are already in our pipeline. We will be launching one of our latest innovations very soon. Apart from 24 | May 2021

the new launches, we will also be focussing on the enrichment of our existing features and integrations.

expanded to markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Evolution and innovation being at the core of our values, it is our ambition to build a full suite of products for all digital commerce and logistics needs. That being said, we will also make sure that along with cutting-edge technology, we will continue to hire more product experts, account managers, and customer success executives across all markets to offer a personalized experience to all our customers.

In 2019, we hit profitability for the first time while still investing in expansion to markets like Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Last year, we raised another round in the ongoing Series C funding from Asendia and Telkom Indonesia. This was the fourth time we raised investments from our existing customers.

Please tell us the reasons that catapulted Anchanto to success. As a company, we have pivoted a few times to reach where we are today. Our growth has been a result of our constant efforts, customercentric approach, and unparalleled drive for innovation. We built the first version of our WMS platform back in January 2013 and secured early customers. Sensing a market opportunity, we set up our first warehouse in Singapore in March 2013.

Finally, tell us the reasons that take Anchanto apart and strongholds its long-standing success. There is not a single factor or secret behind such a success. This growth has been a result of multiple parameters coming together like the company’s vision, culture, core values, and above all; constant efforts by our team members.

In November 2015, we completed Series-B funding and created an alliance with TSE-listed Transcosmos Inc. Japan, creating one of the largest eCommerce logistics businesses in the APAC region.

We identified the right markets and strategies, set up a highly localized presence in every market, evolved ourselves continuously, and always focussed on becoming the Number #1 Customer-centric company in our domain. We have a diverse team that is spread across multiple locations in Southeast Asia. We cherish this diversity dearly, as it provides us with the much-needed innovation at every stage of business development

We evolved once again in 2018 to transform into a pure technology company offering B2B SaaS products that enable seamless eCommerce logistics and multichannel selling. In the same year, we raised Series-C funding with Telkom Indonesia and

Our resolve to offer the best customer experience also reflects in our technology & platforms as we incorporated all the learnings, insights, & feedbacks accumulated over the past 9 years to make sure that our platform solves real pain points for our customers.

AsiaPay enables merchants to securely accept most popular digital payment methods from credit cards, internet banking and more on a single platform.




Country operations and payment processing.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006 and certied 3-D Secure vendor.

Anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready, real-time consolidated reports, big data.




Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers.

High service uptime of 99.9%+ and high performance.

Local account and risk operation support as well as 24x7 technical support in 15+ countries and regions.

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History of

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” - Neil Gaiman

26 | May 2021

any companies and enterprises bring certain products and services that not only changes the way the world functions and looks at certain things but also assure that the future is not only going to be much more advanced, smart, and intelligent but also will support and bring products and services that will not only help the mankind in every way possible. The inception of Google was a step towards the future and the way we work and function. Google has become a routine part of our daily lives and work that has become more of a necessity than a need. Since the name needs no introduction let us go back and learn more about the founders, when did Google come out, why was it created, where it stands today, and what is the future of Google. Let's read and celebrate one of the most important innovators and innovation that has made mankind take a huge leap forward into technological, educational, advancement and much more.


What is Google? The inception of Google goes back to 1995 at Stanford University, where Larry Page met Sergey Brin who was assigned to show him the

college. Although they never agreed on anything and always engaged in discussions and heated debates, they came into a partnership next year as they build a search engine called 'Backrub'. They worked out of their dorms, aiming to provide a search engine that uses links to determine the importance of pages. Later, Backrub was renamed to Google, the name taking after the mathematical expression for the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes, which was the aim Larry and Sergey was after, i.e. To organize and provide the world's information, making it universally accessible and useful. Over the next few years, Google started gaining popularity and fetched the founders, Larry and Sergey an investment of $100,000, marking the birth of Google Inc. on 4th September 1998. Google then was shifted to a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki, now CEO of YouTube from the dorm room. Working of Google has always been unconventional, framing ideas, inspiring innovations, right down to their initial server which was made of Lego. The founders and the team of Google remained true to the founding vision and mission and in the next few years, the growth rate increased exponentially, hiring engineers, building sales teams, and introducing the first company dog,

Yoshka. Eventually, Google expanded its reach and working, finally setting up the headquarters in Mountain View, California, known as The Googleplex. The road ahead has been guided by a relentless search for better answers, and the team of Google is dedicated to their passion for building technology that not only helps people but also connects the current to the future. Google has introduced many breakthroughs technological interventions, such as Android, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search and much more and is constantly working to improve and push innovations in the world. Google, from innovation to intervention. Google has not only provided a platform for not only education, work, connections, etc. but has created a space for people to use this platform and do whatever they wish to either in their educational, professional, or personal life. Google has not only made the lives of humans better, advanced but also more technologically adapt, which is one of the most important steps for a bright and promising future. Google has been dedicated to providing exemplary products and technological advancements, it has always been exciting and thrilling anticipation to see what next to do they have in the store for us. | 27

| Business Story

Kaya Blenders and Distillers Creating Stories of Excellence with Every Blend!! “Salute your job, so that you don’t have to salute anyone else”


ife is full of moments, big or small, planned or spontaneous, and these moments need an equivalently worthy beverage partner –to unleash the most profound secrecy with hands, Kaya Spirits was born! The Kaya Spirit has marked its place on the huge domestic as well as the global spirits landscape with their passion to serve the taste as per their consumer’s desire. The beverage makes the celebration complete and memorable. Kaya Spirits’ highly skilled and expert team of professionals strives to make a perfect blend that cherishes their consumers’ moments. Mr. Karun Kaura, Chief Managing Director at Kaya Spirits is the backbone behind the company’s long-standing success. Kaya Spirits’ Journey towards prominence The journey of Kaya Spirits started 4 years ago when they entered the 28 | May 2021

liquor market with their portfolio. They are Alchemists, blending historical tastes with modern desires. In a quest to permeate through the globe with their distilled vintage spirit, team Kaya is striving for an amalgamation of absolute excellence. Until the end of time, an alchemist enthuses to blend different aromas as one, for creation, and their journey also continued, with a firm belief and resolution acting as catalysts, in driving the journey of Kaya Spirits to be a colossal name in the liquor market. When Kaya Spirits started its journey, its antecedent motto was to drive export markets as well domestic distribution in parallel. It’s been rightly said, roads to beautiful destinations are always full of obstacles. In their initial days, Kaya Spirits also faced some hurdles, which were tackled well to mark their place on the huge landscape of the distillery sector. While they established their network and presence in around 7 countries across the globe, super

quick and super smooth, procurement of state licenses and adherence to state policies within India which are unique in every state, became a time-consuming challenge, which they further managed to overcome and initiated their domestic distribution around a year and a half later. Kaya Spirits has experienced an extremely stimulating journey throughout. The hard and smart efforts of their team, every single day at the company, took them an inch closer to success. With a firm footing in the African and American business sectors and about 20 states of the nation, for team Kaya, the sky is the only limit now. Due to demographic and language barriers, a typical North- Indian company, faced resistance in certain geographies such as the southern states of India, where penetration, expansion, and the sustained establishment was a herculean challenge but one that Kaya Group loved to undertake.

Karu n Ka ura ,


Ch ief

a an

or irect g D gin

Especially designated teams at HQ, and their counterparts in these states, are progressing towards making this challenge seem like a cakewalk. “Kaya Blenders and Distillers turned 4 years old some months back, and we pride on having converted this venture from 0 – 50 Cr turnover in an astoundingly small period. Being recognized on various national and international forums as the star performer and the best upcoming brands in our turnover, just added further feathers to our caps of resounding success.” – Team Kaya Spirits

Pillars of success Kaya Spirits affirms strategic development with the persistent approach and inherent foresightedness and passion. They proudly probate on the monostich that purity of a beverage is the ultimate ratified strategy to prosper in the world of liquor. Their spirits subsume devouring and unique ingredients, making Kaya’s brands earn the notorious tag for being distinctively savory. The company endeavors to triumph over the savors and trust of connoisseurs and spur them over recurrence.

Kaya works expeditiously to blend spirits without a compromise and pride in being the exclusive distillery to work with Irish blends, authorized by the Govt. Of Scotland. Their prima focus remains on the development of blends’ excellence, the establishment of brand value in targeted geographies in a phasewise expansion mode, and recruitment and nurturing of the right local business partners. These three pillars form the entire pyramid of the business expansion of the Kaya family. Kaya’s products come in better UV packaging, higher weightage glass | 29

| Business Story

bottles with bigger caps, making the process of savoring their product convenient and smooth to the consumer. Kaya Spirits’ business model, being flexible and accommodating to particular investors’ needs and geographic demands, available in a varied investment range, hence caters to a larger segment of the market. Complete hand-holding, brand support, and minimized risk/ cash-safe financial model assures their business partners to join hands in this phenomenal venture together. A view from the future Kaya Spirits prides itself on working on aggressive numbers with a sharp and focused approach towards their achievement. For now, their eagle eye is on, capturing a 5% market share of total exports from Indian ports and a 3.5-4% market share of domestic liquor markets by the end of the next financial years. “Catch up with us in another one year and we might talk of ruling the world…!!” – Team Kaya Spirits Continuous research and development are in their basic DNA. Kaya Spirits is continuously adding new brands of varying blends in its portfolio, based on capturing the pulse of the market and catering to the taste of the consumers. While young markets such as Maharashtra require peppy, fresh blends, seasoned markets like Punjab prefer their blend also the same, seasoned and mature. At Kaya Spirits, the holistic approach is to cater to the entire panorama, with individual detail to finesse in taste. 30 | May 2021

Mr. Karun Kaura - The wind beneath the wings of Kaya’s growth Hailing from a strong background in law, Mr. Karun has promoted numerous non-governmental colleges and universities in India for courses in industry collaboration. Apart from currently managing Kaya Blenders and Distillers, he also invented and currently manages, Sky News, an online news-media channel, and also runs his monthly magazine, The Political Edge, both in the capacities of being the Chief Editor. His forte lies in being a media strategist and an extremely connected PR professional, as a result of which Sky News and Political Edge were born and further prospered. Coming from a lineage of political advisors, political consultancy remains his first love, and he drives passion from facilitating aspiring politicians to find their niche in the Indian political scenario and help them establish a firm footing in the same, through organizing and conducting surveys, pre-poll analysis, and reports, generating mass awareness and expertise management of constituency, etc. Continuing on the political career, has been the Media Advisor to Ex. CM candidates, during the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections of various tenures. Voluntarily, he takes a conscious effort to devote his time towards some social causes, close to his heart. For the same, he worked in the capacity of the President for the International Council for student welfare (Section 25 Government Licensed Company) which prioritizes the education of

meritorious students hailing from financially compromised backgrounds, ensuring their completion of studies and assistance in establishing a suitable and defined career path for them.

Mr. Karun says, “Work, passion, and my social cause keep me busy throughout the day and help me sleep peacefully at nights”. The Key Achievements Mr. Karun says, “The everincreasing satisfaction of customers and the continued support of my business partners are the biggest achievements for me during my entrepreneurial venture in the form of their blessings. They act as catalysts to keep me and my team to stay unilaterally focused towards our greater goal.” Kaya has won many external awards and recognitions, that fuel the igniting fire and reinforces them to be on the right track. Below are some such awards: • International Excellence Award in April 2017 for Quality manufacturing of spirits at Goa, India. • Bharat Jyoti Award from Hon’ble Shri. Shivraj.V. Patil, Former Speaker LokSabha, Union Minister and Governor of Punjab at New Delhi, India on 23rd April 2017. • Asia Pacific Excellence Award by Hon'ble Shri. Ram Baran Yadav, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal at Kathmandu, Nepal on 16th June 2017.

• Dr. APJ Abdul Excellence Award for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the nation by Hon'ble Shri. Shivraj V. Patil, Former Speaker LokSabha, Union Home Minister& Governor of Punjab on 15th October 2017 at New Delhi, India. • Global Achievers Award by Hon'ble Shri. Navdeep Singh Suri, Ambassador of India to the United Arab Emirates on 20th January 2018 at Dubai. Team Kaya Spirits - A perfect blend of diverse people To lead the market, every business needs a team of skilled and hardworking people. Kaya is a blend of diverse people striving smart for the same purpose – The perfect taste! Kaya is one big family, without any denominations of employee or employer. Every person involved with Kaya Group works as an entrepreneur taking ownership of their vertical, and working in interactive resonance with other verticals, just like a family does. The primary reason why the Kaya Team, powered through the global pandemic, professionally as well as personally is because the team, stayed huddled and more connected, through virtual daily meets. Mr. Karun says, “Being a firm believer of ‘work matters’, I believe in giving a freehand to my professional family so that maximized productivity and increased resourcefulness is achieved.”

time a researched, out of the box thought process or technology is maneuvered in the markets. Corona was one such disruption, that no one expected and hence weren’t prepared. However, adaptability, being inherent in Indian DNA, the business sectors realigned themselves with the latest modus operandi, without getting flummoxed, some quicker than the others. Sectors like Edu-tech, pharma, mobile utility services, tech/appbased businesses, dark kitchens, supermarkets, hyperlocal delivery structures, organic produce, e-commerce flourished with peak success rates whereas sectors like fine dining, fnb prototypes, retail – fashion and luxury, real estate commercial massively felt the pressure at sustenance. The alcohol industry, has forever been conventionally immune to such disruptions, and hence adapting to the new normal, Kaya Blenders also did the requisite revisions in their business model, re-strategized the modus operandi, and the entire work-force remained extremely agile and powered through the corona times. On much-needed transformations

Sharing his views on the current Franchise business sector scenario, Mr. Karun says,

The Covid19 pandemic has created a critical situation for businesses and individuals. Businesses are struggling to survive and be relevant to the market race. While sharing his thoughts on the things businesses need to do to survive in the market, Mr. Karun shared the need for important transformations that can accelerate business growth.

All business segments generally undergo massive disruption, every-

Necessity is the mother of invention. The global pandemic of

the corona has made many new trends in the business sectors, as the stabilized new normals of work, causing a massive impact and effect on the investment patterns of the business buyers. Some major changes seen in investor mindsets are faster returns, extremely cautious investment portfolios, and fail-safe/risk-free options, which is like finding Unicorns in the wilderness. Major transformations that should be done to make the franchise ecosystem stronger, postpandemic are: • Definitive and strong social presence and portfolio by the brand • Possibilities of multiple business models, in varying investment ranges, catering to a greater segment of the society. • Retain flexibility for customization of the business model to suit the investor’s business and demographic needs. • Stronger connectivity between the brand and existing/ prospective franchise is now important more than ever, after the global pandemic • 3R's: Recognize, reward and respect the existing business partners. They work as the best marketing strategists for your business growth. • Aligning the investor’s thoughtprocess with the brand’s vision and mission, is generally under-rated and treated as industry jargon, but done effectively, goes a long way in establishing a superb franchise ecosystem. At Kaya Blenders and Distillers, the aforementioned pointers, are the basis of their franchise business design that helps them to chart new paths to grow and conquer the market. | 31

| Interview with The Enterprise World

GeTS CARRIERS OF THE FUTURE! s global trade is gaining momentum and attracting more buyers and sellers to have trades and exchange of goods and services, there is a huge responsibility and task on logistic companies. Logistic support requires not only seamless and allaround coordination but also a well-placed delivery and a connected network system, so the goods and services are intact, safe, and in pristine condition. Many companies are providing exemplary services and extremely supportive and direct service but only a


32 | May 2021

selected few are not only doing the above but it is to their technological prowess and extremely thorough experience that sets them apart, from the competition in the market, putting them up as one of the fastest-growing logistics solutions providers in 2021. GeTS (Global eTrade Services) is one of the best logistics solutions providers in 2021 but also one of the promising and upcoming coming company in the domain. They are one of the most prominent names when it comes to supporting unmatched logistics, without any hassle, service and delivery standards that far outweigh the competition in the market, and a team of highly expert personnel that make sure your products are

safely delivered in pristine condition, along with fulfilling every other requirement such as financial requirements, compliance, etc. making them one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing logistics players in the market. In conversation with Chong Kok Keong, CEO of Global eTradeServices. Let’s hear more about the company, its offering and the CEO’s professional journey. Tell us about the company and the challenges faced during the initial stages. Founded in 2016, GeTS (Global eTrade Services) is a global leading trade platform that is shaping the future of trade and supply chain

Chong Kok Keong | CEO | Global eTradeServices | 33

| Interview with The Enterprise World

with its innovative use of technology and deep G2B and B2B domain expertise. GeTS enables the orchestration of physical logistics, compliance and financial requirements of trade and supply chain seamlessly, smartly and securely, thus powering global trade by making it accessible, predictable and easier to fulfil. Our parent company, CrimsonLogic, is a partner to government and businesses globally. For over 30 years, CrimsonLogic has partnered with customers to innovate sustainable world-class solutions, products and services in Trade, Legal and Digital Government, enabling significant transformation that has positively impacted governments, businesses and communities. CrimsonLogic is supported by two shareholders, PSA (one of the world’s largest port operators) and Enterprise Singapore (a government entity that focuses on enterprise developments and growth of Singapore as a trading hub). GeTS was founded to serve what we saw as an unfulfilled, emerging need for companies with global operations (e.g., global logistics service providers, importers and exporter with global operations). We saw the need for a centralised platform/service provider to connect and manage trade declarations, cargo manifest submission, certificate of origins documents with the various Customs and NGOs (e.g., chambers of commerce). As tremendous resources are required to understand and connect with various country’s Customs, singlewindow electronic operators and local value-added service providers, our view was that the 34 | May 2021

trade community would prefer outsourcing these connectivity requirements to a service provider. However, establishing connectivity to enable users to fulfil regulatory requirements globally through a single user interface has been challenging. Different countries have different regulation procedures, which resulted in complexity in establishing business rules in our system that would allow more automation. Secondly, the pace of digitisation varies from country to country. This makes the ability to establish connectivity and adoption by businesses less straightforward. We are motivated by the challenge and purpose in ensuring GeTS’ services and platform are accessible to every country regardless of their level of technological advancement. Tell us about the products/services offered by GeTS, and if there are any new additions. As more SMEs go regional and global, we want to enable them to trade across multiple countries and markets easily. Through our key platform, CALISTA, shippers and logistics service providers will be able to meet the necessary compliance, logistics and financial requirements for trade with just a single platform. Our comprehensive suite of services—from import/export permit applications to cross-border payments and cargo insurance—removes the hassle of paperwork and helps companies to streamline their supply chain process.

CALISTA’s established network helps leverage advanced digital technologies and foster closer collaboration with partners in the businesses, governments and trade communities. Enhanced security of trade-related documents through its blockchain service helps improve transparency and trust between stakeholders and its established connectivity to customs authorities cuts downtime required for individual connection in multiple countries. The platform reduces inefficiencies by streamlining processes within and across countries and regions. Stakeholders will also benefit from the reduction of data duplication, automated handshakes across nodes, improved authenticity of data flow and access to accurate and up-to-date status visibility. On top of providing added convenience, efficiency increased visibility of their goods etc, CALISTA also enables Logistics Service Providers (LSP) to work together to develop value-adding global supply chain solutions for their customers. We have recently launched the U.S. eCommerce Import Programme. Our solution is transformational – saving eCommerce players a few thousand dollars per shipment while providing more flexibility in fulfilment choices while handling high transaction volume at ease. This programme is an all-in-one solution that supports: - Consolidated and automated compliance filing to CBP for ISF/ACAS, ACE Section 321 and Type 86 entry that is capable of handling a high volume of transactions.

- Automated processing and smart tools to recommend the right HS code classification for better compliance. - Airport ground handling or seaport clearance and shipment deconsolidation for last-mile delivery. Users can also leverage on preferential last-mile delivery rate from our partner network that supports nationwide delivery. Linkages to linkages to major airports and ocean ports provide our customers more flexibility

“Technologies will come and go, so you need to be able to both ask and answer the question: What do you do as a company, why do you exist?” - Satya Nadella

In 2021, we will be expanding our programme to provide an alternative cost-effective fulfilment service that takes advantage of Mexico’s proximity to the US and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

business planning & international operations, and alliance management. More recently, I was the Senior Vice President, where I took charge of developing and implementing the company’s strategic plans.

Tell us about your professional journey

Before joining CrimsonLogic, I held various key positions in the Singapore Trade Development Board (TDB) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between 1997 and 1999, I was TDB’s director for the Hanoi Centre in Vietnam. Concurrently, I am appointed as the First Secretary (Commercial) for the Singapore Embassy in Vietnam.

As CEO of GeTS (a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic), I am responsible for all business operations, including setting the direction and strategy of the company. I also double-hat as CrimsonLogic ACEO. Under my leadership, GeTS’ CALISTA platform has grown to become the most connected logistics orchestration platform, linking 90+ carriers and NVOCCs, 50+ ports, 60+ Customs nodes, 10,000+ logistics service providers in ASEAN and beyond. It also provides real-time trade advisory on180+ countries. I have held numerous roles in CrimsonLogic since joining the company in 2006. I was the Vice President of the eGovernment Business Division, the unit that encompasses solutions & consulting business development,

Tell us about the team of GeTS and how do you take care of them. Our organisation is quite ‘flat’ in the sense that we foster open communication. This is also reflected in a physical setting. No one in GeTS has a dedicated office and everyone sits in an open office (before Work-from-Home during COVID). I have a group coffee session rotated among employees to hear from everyone. Often, our employees provide constructive feedback to improve our products

and processes. During COVID, as many of us are working from home, we pay particular attention to the morale of our employees. Our coffee sessions have been continuing online and each employee is given some credits to order snacks to be delivered to their home. During the past few months, we have also delivered snacks to employees to enjoy with their families as a gesture to show we care about our team’s general well-being. Your views on constant vigilance as a need or strategy, and the rat race in the market. Being constantly vigilant is a need in today’s world, and the strategy is how to achieve this in aligning business goals and without compromising on efficiency. About the rat race, best not to think about coping. Otherwise, one would feel like constantly having to play catch-up. Perhaps better to always think and work on how to change the game and set a new paradigm in alignment with business goals. | 35

| Top 10

36 | May 2021

The top business magazines of the world


usiness magazines fulfil two goals in their purpose to aid and drive a business in the right direction. one being an agent of intrinsic values or rewards of an employee and acting as unpaid marketing, promoting agent or advocator of public relations to varied businesses and probable investors. But, second, being the first-hand information of business news, industry hacks, information and motivates one to be at the top. They are one of the best sources of providing a ground to upcoming enterprises, revolutionary products/services, etc. making these magazines one of the most complete packages of information, entertainment, engagement, etc. Business magazines not only help individuals of the business world or aspiring entrepreneurs to gain better insight on successful companies, their products/services, what are their USPs, and how the management takes the team and the company ahead, along with keeping the competition in check. Thus, business magazines provide a holistic perception of companies, personalities, and gravitating topics. They are an efficient, entertaining piece, helping the companies not only learn methods of developing and growing but also keeping their spirits in the highest gear from the inspiration and motivation that emerges from these magazines. Leading business magazines of

the world. Forbes is among the most acclaimed and noted business magazines in the whole wide world. It features articles on businesses, investment, finance, start-ups, marketing, etc. and is widely acknowledged for its rankings and lists. It’s every entrepreneur’s ardent aspiration to seek a spot in Forbes to suffice their intrinsic value. The Wired is known for its Tech-related updates and an array of facts, impacts and knowledge and how its proportionate or adds up to other walks of life and business fields while touching upon lifestyle and culture, hence catering to a larger readership. The Economist is one of the major magazines in the realm of and published digitally instead of catering to a wider audience and readers globally concerning the aspects of socio-political affairs, current affairs, international business, politics and technology. Harvard Business Review is a bimonthly magazine as the name suggests published by Harvard with contemporary and insightful advice on business strategy, entrepreneurial skills for all the innovation leaders out there. Whilst encompassing assorted themes on cultural and social grounds. Bloomberg BusinessWeek is one of the business magazines with the largest number of online

subscribers which subscribes to the criteria of extensive information and news in the fields of finance, stock advice, comprehensive business updates, events and news and is published weekly. Business magazines, marketing or reality? Business magazines are well-suited to equip leading businesses and businessman, budding entrepreneurs and start-ups, to understand, dwell and utilise the provided information to make themselves aware of the current trends and the age-old formulas in their stride. It even caters for the ones encountering the same exposure but also to the ones who are interested to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. The key factor and techniques highlighted in these magazines can prove to be one of the most beneficial and appropriate sources of information which will persuade and motivate one to the brink of success. These are much more than just a profit-oriented enterprise, as these magazines aim to provide a ground to everyone, who is deserving and worthy of being showcased as a successful leader or businessman/businesswoman. Business magazines have been and always will be one of the most entertaining yet engaging forms of print media. | 37

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Ideal Image Shaping your Future Self

38 | May 2021

company/business but also instils confidence about them and their brand amongst the people and fellow businessmen/businesswomen. This is not only for business individuals but also applicable for every person in the world, and one should do their best to have their best foot forward, as a good smile or a face always gets half of the job done.


he only reason one is working and striving for success is to attain satisfaction and a sense of achievement in professional life but also personal life, as one always wants the best things in life and achieve the best standard of living possible. The pandemic has caused a major shift of population towards physical wellness and overall healthcare, people are looking forward to every option available to get into the best physical form. In the world of business, presentation is everything and no matter how diabolical it sounds, it is true in every sense and place in the world, thus presentation matters. A businessman or an important person always try to look their best as it not only gives off a good image of the person and their

Ideal Image is America’s leading aesthetics brand, providing wellness, personal aesthetics, and other treatments in an affordable and accessible way. They not only provide best-in-class treatments based on the needs and demands of their clients, but their services comprise of latest technology done by a team of experts and delivered in the safest means possible as their customer’s well-being and safety is of paramount importance to them. They are not only regarded as one of the best and most satisfactory aesthetic and wellness professionals, with services that range from hair removal, body sculpting, anti-aging, and much more, making them one of the most sought-after aesthetic brands. Their loyal customers, long-list of testimonials speak of their dedication and efforts put in by the brand to empower the future of their clients. In conversation with the CEO of Ideal Image, David Prokupek. Let’s hear more about the brand, its services, and the CEO’s professional journey. Please tell us about Ideal Image and the initial turbulences after the company was founded. Ideal Image is North America’s #1

David Prokupek | CEO aesthetics brand, making personal aesthetic and wellness services more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. We believe that “confidence changes everything” and our mission is to help everyone look and feel their best, taking a holistic, personalized approach to health and wellness that works from the inside out. Our business model is unique and powerful, operating at the intersection of digitally enabled healthcare and the best of direct-toconsumer brands, with 150 points of care and growing that make it easy and affordable for clients to reach their aesthetic and wellness goals. Our highly trained team of medical and wellness experts are available 7 days a week with free virtual private consultations to explain your options, recommend healthy choices, and craft a plan that is as personal as you are—with sameday treatments and the most affordable pricing in the industry. Our team of 800+ Medical Pro’s (ranging from board-certified Dermatologists, Medical Doctors, | 39

| Interview with The Enterprise World


nd Nurses) have done more FDA cleared treatments in North America than any other aesthetic brand--20 million and counting. We offer a full suite of FDA cleared medical aesthetic treatments from laser hair removal, non-invasive fat reduction, Botox, medical-grade facials, and anti-aging and skin rejuvenation services, delivering our client’s real life-changing results. We use only the most advanced technologies, and all our treatments are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee Membership to give clients peace of mind and confidence they are in the right hands. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The biggest initial challenge (and opportunity) was that consumer interest from women (and men) across all ages and income brackets was extraordinarily high, but the services have been hard to access for most people because of their price and the category has been confusing and inconvenient to use for many consumers. We had to figure out a “better way” and we did. We have completely transformed the business into a powerful direct-to-consumer digital model where clients have nearly round-the-clock and free access to a team of aesthetic and wellness experts to explain options, create healthy choices, and develop personalized plans with the most affordable pricing in the industry. Clients receive treatments from our 800+ Medical Pros at one of our many points of care across North America. We have been thriving even during Covid-19, with doubledigit sales and client growth. Please tell us about the services of Ideal Image, new additions, and 40 | May 2021

ahead of the competition in the market. Ideal Image offers the latest, safest, and most advanced aesthetics and wellness technology available to the market to achieve real, naturallooking results. Treatments include laser hair removal, body sculpting, Botox, and anti-aging services, and more. We pride ourselves on being North America’s #1 aesthetics brand with a mission to make personal aesthetic and wellness services more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. The scale of our business allows for the most affordable pricing in the market including low-cost 100% approval financing options for those who need it –with all our services backed by our Lifetime Guarantee Membership. We focus on making it easy and convenient to deliver real confident boosting results –unlike no other aesthetic brand –from having the largest point of care network in North America to free private consultations that take place from 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week around the United States and offering same-day treatments when possible. With these differentiators, Ideal Image continues to democratize the personal aesthetics industry. And we are just getting started. Our most recent new service is our Ideal Image Lifetime Guarantee Membership. It is the first of its kind in the industry that we launched in January to great success. The Lifetime Guarantee Membership is an annual $250 subscription that offers clients $1,000 or more in value a year and allows clients to affordably invest

in themselves based on their own needs. This approach is opening the market for us. The membership is such a great deal. Clients sign up and immediately receive a Free treatment (from Laser Hair Removal, IPL Treatments, Skin Tightening, Muscle Toning, and other treatments) worth $250 or more AND our best VIP pricing on services including $8.90/Unit Botox®, $100 Off Facial Fillers, and 50% Off any of our other Aesthetic treatments as well as 90% off laser hair removal touchups and more. Our move into subscription services is just another example of how we are changing the frame of the Aesthetics industry. At Ideal Image, we have a significant innovation pipeline to not only expand our services but how consumers can easily interact with our brand. There is tremendous interest from consumers to expand our current core offerings around the skin, face, and body services as well as add new services that can be available to clients at home instead of in a clinic. Also, we will be entering new markets and expanding our national point of care network to give even more people access to our services and keep up with demand. This year we will be entering the medical-grade skincare market –to help our clients get healthy-looking skin at the most affordable prices with products curated by our team of seasoned Dermatologists. We are excited to expand our wellness services into women’s health, skin health, and weight management, including diet and nutrition, with customized plans from a team of experts that can be delivered to your door.


ur expert medical advisory board is continuously providing me and our leadership team advice on the latest solutions and advanced technology of services emerging in the marketplace. We will continue to innovate around the digital experience to continue making it easier than ever to take charge of your wellness. Please tell us about your professional journey. For the last 25+ years, I have been a serial entrepreneur partnering with leading private equity firms both as an investor, CEO, and board advisor to help create highly differentiated consumer businesses and strong outcomes for the investors. One of the keys to that approach is to quickly find the “white space” –the key consumer difference that will let a brand prosper. Today with the support of L. Catterton, the team and I are leading the category disruption of the medical aesthetics industry. In my early career, I led financial service firms and helped provide access to services not broadly available to average investors. I led the aggressive growth of Smashburger as Chairman/ CEO and the brand transformation at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. I have been investing across other emerging consumer brands and serve as a board member to Victra Wireless and DFC Global. Tell us about the team and work culture at Ideal Image. At Ideal Image, all of us are very focused on our vision to make personal aesthetics and wellness

effective than ever before, and we are truly dedicated to helping everyone look and feel their best. To provide the best services at Ideal Image, we bring on board only the most passionate and skilled to help us grow. The heart and soul of our company is our 18-year medical heritage and dedication to delivering safe, effective results to our clients. Safety is our #1 priority and our science-based resultsdriven culture supports that from our investment in our 800+ Medical Pros, our outside Medical Board, a commitment to operating at “hospital grade” level and using the most advanced equipment available to get our clients the results they deserve. We are a growth company that operates at the speed of digital. Our people are focused on the art of the possible versus the impediments in front of us. I like to say we “Shoot for Jupiter and are happy when we land on Mars”. We embrace using “big data” to guide our decisionmaking and then use prudent risktaking to rapidly test our insights. We place great value in our entire team and work to give them the training and tools they need to best prepare themselves and be successful in their role. We also have digital communication channels that link all employees in the same specialty to one another so that they can have an open dialogue regarding certain challenges, opportunities, and successes. We have adopted a “work from anywhere” culture and continue to prepare for what work looks like post-pandemic, and we offer a full range of full and parttime schedules that help lead to overall employee satisfaction. We embrace a reward and

recognition culture that provides people many avenues for personal and professional advancement and visibility for how they are positively impacting the company. Our growth mindset allows people to get ahead quickly and take charge of their future. Your take on the competition in the market and how it affects you or the company. Ideal Image is the #1 Aesthetic brand in the marketplace today, but despite that, the market is competitive and people are chasing us. As CEO, the way we cope with competition is to keep focusing on the consumer and doing what is right to make the experience and results better for them. We talk inside the company every day about “extending our lead”—with an aggressive innovation agenda that is planned out over the next 24+ months. We are primed to pursue multiple, outsized avenues of growth and continue to solidify our position as the leader in the aesthetic and wellness industry. I have always believed in competition and the power that it must bring real change to our lives. Whether it is in athletics or business, competition in the form of internal and external pressures is necessary to push businesses and their people to continuously innovate to exceed customer expectations. Internally we brand the idea of competition as the “market- place of ideas,” and I believe that marketplace does bring out the best in all of us. To that end, we will continue to disrupt our business model to help ensure we continue to out-innovate our competitors and deliver on our consumer promise. | 41

| Futuristic Business!

Future of

Retail Industry T

he retail industry has been one of the most necessary and crucial parts of the economy worldwide. The retail industry mainly comprises of selling of finished products to the consumers and has been pivotal for not only survival but also the progress of the economy and the involved companies and enterprises. Since the onset of the pandemic, the retail industry was one of the most affected industries worldwide as manufacturing units were shut down, leading to a severed connection between the supply and the sudden spurt in demand. Although the retail industry has also profited way more as compared to other industries in the pandemic period, a major shift has been seen in the functioning of the retail industry, bringing a single question to everyone's mind, what is the future of retail? Retail, old or gold? The pandemic has not only led to an overwhelming increase in the number of retailers as the world shifted to the world of internet, this not only created a huge market for the retailers as they can sell anywhere around the world, and the consumers can order anything from anywhere at the tap of a button.

42 | May 2021

This has not only increased the number of options for the consumers but has also given rise to various issues with the authenticity and quality of the products in the market. Since there is a large number of sellers offering a single product, it all comes down to the cutthroat competition and usually, the big retailers take the podium as they have more capital and years into the domain, thereby killing out new retailers even with sub-par products with superior or equal quality with lower price. Setting up an e-store involves a lot of technological changes and involves a lot of checkpoints, as automation is taking its cover in the retail industry, thus big retailers have automation taking care of billing, orders, stock information, right down to mapping the correct price of the products. This creates a staggering difference as new retailers have to shell out more capital just to set up their e-shops with minimal technological requirements. Also, as marketing has also turned towards the digital world, the campaigning of products has flooded the markets, either extremely unique or extremely expensive campaigns stick out, which is mostly run by big retailers invariably slimming down the

chances of new retailers. To be on the positive side, many new retailers have not only successfully established themselves in the past years but have also inspired many. All this in turn is extremely beneficial to the consumers as they have a wide variety of competitive prices, in short, the best case scenarios available to them Retailing the way in or out? The retail industry and its future look bright and very promising but are these changes leading to a complete abomination of the old face-to-face interactions or is it a misstep towards providing more customers and footfall to big retail giants who can survive the competition and cast out new entrees. As the technology has made it easier to enter the retail industry, and more and more estores opening up, the future of retail is still in question as more stores will lead to more variety but can the quality stay consistent if not improve. The questions far outweigh the current positives, the future of retail is something that has everyone’s eyes and attention, all we can do now is wait and for the reveal of the future retail.

$ X









X X-














$ | 43

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