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Everyone dreams of growing up to become a rich and to spend second innings calmly without any hassle, but he or she must invest in different funds and different stocks to become a rich or secure future. But for this, the person must have patience because investing money does not generate immediate profit. You can earn more and more money by investing and through that, you can increase your wealth and plan your retirement. All this looks so easy at first glance, but as we all know, the most difficult thing in this world is to earn money. To invest in stocks or other mutual funds, etc. we must need a trustworthy solution provider that can help us through the process. It is necessary to invest in the right stocks, and give our hardearned money in the right hands. In this special issue of The Enterprise World, The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021 we bring to you the stories of advisors that empowered businesses and individuals with deeply studied investment solutions and highly innovative analytics. The cover story feature is Multibagger Securities and Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in Feb 2017 to bring quality to the equity research and advisory field. It is a SEBI Registered and ISO 9001 Registered Investment Company incorporated mainly for quality research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger Stocks. After its inception, the company is growing very well and has both domestic and international clients. Inspiration starts with me. If you are self-motivated then no external power can stop you from succeeding. There is no one who never tasted JumboKing’s Vadapav or other food products once in a lifetime, especially Mumbai people. Do you know how JumboKing Incepted? Readout our exclusive editorial feature, ‘Story of Dheeraj Gupta’s Jumbo King’, and plan to have a crispy bite of JumboKings VadaPav. Readout an interesting story about Attainix Consulting. Founded by Mr. Abhijit Talukdar, Attainix provides Stock Investment Advisory, Mutual Fund Advisory, and Financial Planning services for Retail Investors. Stock investment Advisory is provided for both Indian and US markets. Piper Serica provides Portfolio Management Service (PMS) to High-Net-worth Investors. It also manages Piper Serica India Numero Uno Fund that is based in Mauritius. Also, it has tied up with smallcase.com to host 3 different model portfolios where retail investors can also benefit from the sophisticated portfolios that are otherwise available only to HNIs. Readout an interview with Mr. Abhay Agarwal, Managing Director at Piper Serica Advisors Pvt. Ltd, where we discussed the current industry scenario and how the company is empowering its clients. There is a lot more inside Happy Reading !

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This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, THE BEST OF 5 RECOMMENDED STOCK MARKET ADVISORS FOR 2021 features, Featuring for the cover story is Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in Feb 2017 to bring quality in the equity research and advisory field. It is a SEBI Registered and ISO 9001 Registered Investment Company incorporated mainly for quality research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger Stocks. After its inception, the company is growing very well and has both domestic and international clients. Mr. Manish Goyal, CEO at the firm and his team of expert

professionals is striving hard to transform their client's portfolio. Incepted by Mr Abhijit Talukdar, Attainix Consulting provides Stock Investment Advisory, Mutual Fund Advisory, and Financial Planning services for Retail Investors. Stock investment Advisory is provided for both Indian and US markets. They also provide fundraising services for qualified businesses. To bridge the gap between people unaware of investments and growth, Mr. Nikhil Deshpande incepted Falcoy Financial in 2017. Falcoy Financial provides comprehensive Wealth Management & Financial Planning solutions to cater to the financial needs of people. Within a short

period, Falcoy Financial has made a unique position with top-notched offerings. Piper Serica provides Portfolio Management Service (PMS) to High-Net-worth Investors. It also manages Piper Serica India Numero Uno Fund that is based in Mauritius. In addition, it has tied up with smallcase.com to host 3 different model portfolios where retail investors can also benefit from the sophisticated portfolios that are otherwise available only to HNIs. Read out an interview with Mr. Abhay Agarwal, Managing Director at Piper Serica Advisors Pvt. Ltd, in which we discussed about the current industry scenario and how the company is empowering its clients.

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08 Multibagger Securities Research and Advisory Pvt. Ltd Your companion to assure the security of tomorrow

16 Attainix Consulting


Increasing the value of businesses

Piper Serica Advisors Pvt. Ltd Making more possible

30 Falcoy Financial For a secure and planned future

20 Save More Grow More How to brand your business on a tiny budget

26 The Success Taste


Story of Dheeraj Gupta's Jumbo King

Get Tech Soon Telemedicine, a step into the future or the unknown?

36 Expert’s View

40 Get motivated Visualize your way through 2021 and become your best self

Smart Growth Hacks for Startups And Small Businesses To Follow In 2021


MULTIBAGGER SECURITIES RESEARCH AND ADVISORY PVT. LTD Your companion to assure the security of tomorrow Manish Goyal, CEO

08 / February 2021

www.theenterpriseworld.com / 09


ncertainty is the essence of life. We do not know what circumstances we will have to face in the coming time. That is why we need to secure the future of ourselves and our family. And to do so there is the only way, Investments! Investments are both important and useful in the context of present-day circumstances. Investment can do a lot more than that, it helps you to create wealth, plan your retirement, get financial freedom, start a new business, etc.

Today, with the boost in the digital economy there is a significant change in almost all sectors which is empowering businesses and individuals to grow more. To climb the sky touching mountain of success we must take risks. Strategically taken risks can help you to achieve your desired. In this context, we at The Enterprise World, feel great to feature Multibagger Securities Research and Advisory Pvt. Ltd as a cover story for our special issue The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021. Mr. Manish Goyal, CEO, and his team of expert professionals is

10 / February 2021

striving hard to transform their client’s portfolio. The Company Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. ltd was incorporated in March 2017 to bring quality in the equity research and advisory field. It is a SEBI Registered and ISO 9001 Registered Investment Company incorporated mainly for quality research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger Stocks. After its inception, the company is growing very well and has both domestic and international clients. Cutting through the Complexities To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! Multibagger also faced some initial hurdles and they dealt very well with them which helped the company to create a unique position in the market. The most important task and challenge they faced, in the beginning, was to change the

mindset of investors from gambling to investing. The majority of investors were looking towards the stock market as a casino and most of them were engaged in short term trading to make quick money. Multibagger tried and succeeded in educating investors that stock investing is a science and we should take a stock investing as a business instead of treating it as a gamble. And after all this, there comes a point in the organization, when you start seeing steady growth. For Multibagger, it didn’t take a lot of time as their trustworthy services, hard and smart work paid off soon. It is said that Numbers don’t lie. So the company focused on making wealth for investors with consistency and then their past performance spoke itself. With every passing month and year, their track record kept improving and so investors showed high confidence in their services. The company also got exclusive rights for using the word ‘Multibagger’ from the government of India. Company graphs are on the uptrend similar to their stock picks ever since they started the company. They are catering to clients in approx. 12-15 countries now and their AUM is increasing exponentially.

8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 1000

www.theenterpriseworld.com / 11

12 / February 2021

Their Offerings Currently, they are providing long term multi-bagger stock picks. The company focuses mainly on quality small-cap ideas. The company is different in the way that it substantiates its past performance with original Facebook posts. The team of experienced professionals at Multibagger aims to make this company a one-stop solution for many financial services. They are planning to launch PMS services in near future and after that, they will foray into other areas of capital markets also. Currently, the company offers one kind of long term investing plan. Soon they are planning to announce a plethora of comprehensive services at the right time.

“ We believe that Truth is infectious. We just kept focusing on quality equity research and then client satisfaction leads to word of mouth publicity for us. – Manish Goyal

Manish Goyal – A visionary leader in the investment landscape Mr. Manish Goyal, CEO at Multibagger is a chartered accountant from 2004 batch and he did his BCOM (Hons) from Delhi University. When we asked him about his achievements he said, “Most important achievement I think I got is making wealth for my friends and clients. In addition to that, I am granted exclusive rights to using

the word ‘Multibagger’ by the government of India”. Manish says, “Stock market has changed a lot in last 15-20 years. A lot of new regulations and checks & balances are brought in by SEBI to protect the interest of investors. Retail investors also have become more intelligent with time”. He says he admires Warren Buffett a lot and the business story of most innovative businessman Elon Musk’s journey inspires him a lot. Sharing his views on constant vigilance he says, “I think constant vigilance is a need because in the last few years many well-known companies have nosedived due to corporate governance issues. An investor should be vigilant towards new developments taking place in company, industry, and economy.” The driving force The unmatched leadership at Multibagger believes that a happy mind is more productive and efficient. So they focus on providing a good quality of life to employees and give them a good working environment to bring the best out of them. They offer the work from home facility also if required. “The thing which makes my team unique is that I choose a person who has a passion for research and investing. So they

www.theenterpriseworld.com / 13

It is better to buy an excellent stock at average prices instead of buying an average stock at an excellent price. - Manish Goyal

enjoy their work and this increase their efficiency and success ratio”, Manish commented. About Happy Clients Multibagger’s clients are very happy with them. The only complaint they have with the company is that they found them very late. Because by the time some investors found them, they had already lost a lot of money in intraday and FNO trading on the advice of fly by night tips provider. Manish says, “I get a lot of emotional emails and messages from investors after they read my website and how it changed their financial life.” I don’ have enough words to express gratitude towards Mr. Manish Ji...It’s been a wonderful experience since I have started

14 / February 2021

acting on his advice in the stock market. His research is fantastic, and I have made lots of profit in the stock market. Best example One stock Mr. Manish shared in October 2020 which got +++250% in 21 days ( Seven Tech in October it was at trading at Rs 14 and now it is Rs 48.) The best example for trust!!! This is my personal experience. I would urge all prospective investors of the stock market to take help from Mr. Manish; he is a Chartered Accountant by profession who can understand the financial data of a company better than any other professional. - TS Narasimhan Have been tracking Mr. Manish’s picks for four years or so ... you need to have a lot of patience and

hold those stocks for long-term, no need to track those shares on daily basis, just buy and forget for a couple of years and allow those stocks to grow many folds. - Pragati Tra I was looking for someone who does a fundamental analysis of stocks. I searched a lot and finally found Manishji. I was with him only for 6months and reaping benefits already. One of the stocks doubled in 4 months and another is about to double. Very humble, down to earth guy. We have a few common interests and hence our talk, communication goes beyond investment! If you are with Manishji, rest assured that your investments are in safe hands! - Harish MK

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| Business Story

A ainix Consul ng Increasing the value of businesses



ocusing on his experience in IT to measure and compare the Intellectual Capital of businesses, Mr. Abhijit Talukdar founded Attainix Consulting in April 2007. Intellectual Capital means those intangible assets of the business that gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As innovation and technology enhancements become all the more differentiating factor within modern companies, intellectual capital becomes a greater factor in achieving success in a competitive marketplace. This leads to intellectual capital increase the value of the business. Mr. Abhijit studied various financial literature and developed a proprietary algorithm for calculating the Intellectual Capital of a business from its published financial statements. To add a technological strength, he developed a web-based software tool to represent the result. After striving hard and smart for 2 years to set up his tool, Mr. Abhijit was the first to jump into this brand new field. It had its pros and cons, being a pioneer means there is no other business to learn from. And so there are a lot of chances of making mistakes and getting stuck into the antecedent challenges. The very first mistake he did that he approached professional investors with his tool so they can make better investment decisions, but the issue was, the professional investors were empowered with various strong and complex analytical software, and so they didn’t think much of his tool. After realizing this, 16 / February 2021

Mr. Abhijit changed his path to success and decided to become a professional investor himself. To do so, he got certified as a hedge fund manager and started approaching various hedge funds for seeding his fund which he intended to run with the help of the tool. Unfortunately, this turned out to be his second mistake! Hedge funds in India are non-existent because of the double tax treatment of such funds. This took him more than a year to figure out. Upon realizing this, he changed his strategy once again. With the sack full of experiences, Mr. Abhijit decided to use the output from his tool and make benefits for retail investors. He explored that, the retail investors haven't access to costly analytic tools and relied mainly on word of mouth from friends, media reports, and their brokers for making investing decisions. Hence they were naturally prone to making suboptimal decisions. And so Mr. Abhijit decided to make the output from his tool available on his website for free. He also decided to establish the credentials of the tool as well as his credentials for this purpose. To do this, he first back-tested the tool for both the Indian and US markets. The results were nothing short of stunning. Not only was the portfolio generated by his tool outperforming the benchmark indices in both markets, but the outperformance was by a very wide margin. The back-testing results, along with each transaction detail, are updated and published on their website every quarter. This established the credentials of the tool. For establishing his credentials, he went through the arduous process of registering with SEBI as an Investment Adviser. All This took him few more years, but he was ready to start operating as a SEBI RIA by the end of 2017. This is when he started getting recognition for his concept, tool, and services. Coincidentally, this was also the

Abhijit Talukdar Founder

time when SEBI was trying to push radical changes in the capital markets including direct plans for Mutual funds where investors would not have to pay hidden distribution charges anymore. As part of this change investors also slowly became accustomed to the concept of paying fees for investment advice in a transparent manner. Transparency with Clients is something that Mr. Abhijit has prioritized and built-in into his business model. This transparency has been one of the main reasons for the growth of his advisory business. In the past year, his business has more than tripled. “The fact that my software-driven investment advice has also generated alpha returns for my Clients has been a bonus. For instance, for the calendar year 2020, the Nifty returned 14.9% whereas the average return for all portfolios under my advice returned 39.71% for the year. I wrote about this in my annual letter to Clients. In summary, the combination of an innovative research approach and a transparent business model is the reason for my business’s growth and success”, Mr. Abhijit Stated. Their Market Leading Offerings Attainix provides Stock Investment Advisory, Mutual Fund Advisory, and Financial Planning services for Retail Investors. Stock investment Advisory is provided for both Indian and US markets. They also provide fundraising services for qualified businesses.

As far as their Investment advisory services are concerned, they differ from the competition in that their service is the only one that is based on an Intellectual Capital assessment of the underlying business. No one else has this one-of-its-kind approach for assessing stocks, simply because this approach is based on their own proprietary developed algorithm. Using this approach, they have simplified the process of assessing any stock by just asking three simple questions. • Is the business generating more money than its cost of capital? • If so, are the underlying assets of the business significantly knowledge assets? • If so, is the stock available at a reasonable valuation? The answers to these three questions are provided for every stock on attainix’s website in a graphical manner by three corresponding charts. Any retail investor can look at these three charts to make a quick decision whether the stock is worth investing in for the long term. They have therefore not only simplified the stock selection process but have also made it available for free on our website for the benefit of the retail investor. Further, our Mutual Fund advisory service uses the same algorithm to assess the quality of each Mutual fund portfolio to quantify the relative quality of the fund. We recommend funds based on this analysis www.theenterpriseworld.com / 17

Mr. Abhijit Talukdar's One Word Rule for Investments

Patience! “If you have done all the homework possible before making your investment decision then the only thing left to do is to have patience so that you give time to the markets to reward your conviction.”

rather than on the past performance of the fund.

Leading the way – Mr. Abhijit Talukdar

The core competency of Attainix Consulting is in assessing the Intellectual Capital of private and public businesses to determine whether they are investmentworthy. On their website, they track the Intellectual Capital of more than 725 Indian businesses and more than 235 US businesses. If you see the Capital Markets today, whether, in India or abroad, you will not find a single analyst who uses this methodology for discovering investment ideas. Yet it is the very bedrock of what Warren Buffet preaches in his writings. A business with a high Intellectual Capital effectively has a high moat, and in this sense, Intellectual Capital quantifies the concept of the moat for the first time. Mr. Abhijit says, “ Everyone understands moat but I do not see anyone who has quantified it so far.” Attainix’s icAdvisor stock advisory service uses Intellectual Capital to discover quality stocks bases on the investor’s risk profile. They could take this approach because with his background he had the luxury of an outsider’s perspective to stock picking and was not pre-biased towards using existing analysis techniques. To prove that this approach worked, they did a back-testing of our algorithm for both Indian and US markets. The results are published on their website for everyone to see but in both markets, they outperformed the corresponding benchmarks handsomely over the long term (10 years). In US markets the outperformance was more than 200% and in Indian markets, it was more than a staggering 300%. Further, they update the back-testing results every quarter and have been seeing the outperformance results consistently every quarter. This demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Intellectual Capital as a concept works across capital markets.

A leader is one who inspires innovation, transmogrify the sector, and motivate others to do so. One of such passionate techno-savvy leaders, Mr. Abhijit Talukdar is a Founder at Attainix. His dedication, futuristic vision, and positive approach have helped Attainix to create a unique place in the global market.

18 / February 2021

Since his college days, he has developed his technology and entrepreneurship skills. Mr. Abhijit did his graduation in Computer engineering from Delhi University, post-graduation an MBA from the USA, and exec education certifications from Chicago Booth. His 16+ years’ experience in the IT landscape has powered Attainix, and the company is charting new paths of success for the past 13 years. In the process from nowhere to creating a landmark, Mr. Abhijit has obtained certification as a hedge fund manager and he is also registered with SEBI as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). He has been practicing as a SEBI RIA since late 2017. Mr. Abhjit finds Apple’s journey the most inspiring as it was on the verge of bankruptcy when Bill Gates of Microsoft helped Steve Jobs of Apple with a $150mn loan. Little did Bill Gates know that 23 years later Apple would become the company with the most amount of Market cap on Wall Street. Today Apple’s Market cap is about $2.3tn, which is $700bn greater than the market cap of Microsoft itself! “Apple is a great example of a business which can leverage its Intellectual Capital to generate excessive business profits quarter after quarter,” Mr. Abhijit commented.

He Admires PM Narendra Modi the most. His ability to think differently in the most difficult of situations and come up with out of the box solutions is exemplary. He is a great orator no doubt but he is an even better listener, with an ability to connect seemingly unrelated things to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

common-sense concept which is right there in front of every one of us, but which only he has quantified till date. He says, “The key achievement of my entrepreneurial journey has been that no one has been able to find a flaw in my analysis approach so far.”

Talking about Constant vigilance Mr. Abhijit says, “Constant vigilance is not a strategy, it is only a need. A strategy is something for the long term. For instance, Warren Buffett discovered that Coca-Cola is a great business many decades ago because he realized that consumers had an insatiable appetite for drinking coke. Once this was clear, he invested all he could into buying Coca-Cola stock in the expectation that this would pay him healthy returns year after year. This was his strategy. This is not to say that Coca Cola stock would not have tanked in terms of crisis – it certainly would have tanked from time to time. His vigilance on the stock would have made him aware of the need to buy put options to hedge against such down moves. Vigilance can help you only in the short term, but strategy pays you in the long term.”

Attainix has a distributed team. Its team is located in different cities in India and they work on defined work items on a need basis. This approach ensures that their resources are used most optimally and also ensures that the team members are motivated at all times to complete the work item on hand in the most complete manner without compromising quality.

The Driving Force

Looking Ahead The company aims to keep expanding the number of stocks that they track in both the Indian and US markets incrementally. They want to grow both horizontally and vertically in the future. This would include expanding the quantum and geography of stocks, such as UK capital markets as well as targeting Institutional Investors as clients

About his clients Mr. Abhijit says, “My Clients are my learning posts. My experience with them over the years has shaped my learning many a time and has helped me to sharpen my advisory practice. The one experience that I have had with almost all my Clients is to coach them on the need to be patient. Stock markets are inherently volatile and there is nothing to be gained by looking at prices every day and getting worked up. The best investors are those who stand by their conviction even in terms of crisis and perhaps even invest more during such times.” Key achievements Mr. Abhijit’s entrepreneurial journey has been longer than he wished and has been laden with mistakes. He made many mistakes along the way, but learned from them every time and has changed his course to make the rubber meet the road. He has been invited by industry associations to speak about the concept of Intellectual Capital and has piqued the interest of the audience every time by making them aware of this

Mr. Abhijits take on transformation in the stock market The biggest change in the stock markets was in 1995 when online trading was first introduced. The proliferation of this change has been so wide and so deep that today you can place trades even from your mobile when you are on the road. So online trading made the stock markets accessible to everyone. The next biggest change has been the appearance of discount brokers sometime from 2010. This made trading affordable because of their flat brokerage structure. So together, these two changes have made the stock markets both accessible and affordable – the two attributes that are required for widespread adoption of any product or service. Regulatory changes along the way have also helped tremendously. For instance, the introduction of Demat accounts in the late 1990s ensured that paperwork was done away with and shares were held electronically and securely by one of the two Government-owned custodians.

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| Save More Grow More

How to brand your business on a tiny budget

20 / February 2021


he year 2020 has brought many changes in the world of business. As most of the working of professionals shifted from office to home, the maximum amount of work that required physical form, i.e., campaigns, promotions, etc. swiftly transitioned to online form such as blogs, newsletters, etc. Not only there was a change in the working methodologies but also as the medium changed, it opened new possibilities and untapped potential of the online form of marketing, etc. As most of the new startups/business personnel are working from home, it provides them with an equal opportunity shared by the existing and established startups/companies. Branding has always been a very crucial part of a start-up/business as it defines them, their products/services, and most importantly their edge and differentiating factor from the competition in the market. As existing and established startups/businesses have the required personnel and capital to brand themselves properly, it becomes a difficult yet tricky task for budding start-ups/businesses to do the same. No budget is tiny if you know how to use it. It cannot be denied that a tiny budget will not be as effective as the budget of established startups/businesses but the competition doesn't start from day one, it starts

the moment a business or a start-up brands itself and enters into the market. Therefore, new start-ups and business should focus on their growth and strategies instead of the competition in the first few months until they find the perfect spot for their products/services. The new start-ups and businesses can cut serious costs when it comes down to branding without having to sacrifice effectiveness and quality. Everything begins with a name and every great thing has one, thus choose the name of one’s startup/business wisely, without seeking expert help. The next heavy expenditure is often on website building and related aspects, but one can start with a basic website and upgrade with time and development of their business/startup, also one can learn how to make one as there are numerous free courses and video lectures available for the same. One can also partner up with local companies to enhance the reach and awareness, and also cut the costs of branding. It is always a good thing to keep close ties with existing customers, and new start-ups/businesses can take advantage of the same by taking reviews, giving them offers, etc. When it comes down to promotions and marketing, email marketing, blogging, social media has opened an efficient and feasible solution to reach the targeted audience for ones’

products/services. One should focus on having a strong identity for their start-up/business and the research should be thorough about the market their product/service is going in, the preferences of the targeted audience and how is their product/service better and differentiates from the competition in the market. Last but not the least is creating good and quality content for the start-up/business's website, newsletter, descriptions, articles, etc. as having good content is a long-term investment, makes one's start-up/business stand out in the eyes of the target audience, generates respect for one’s brand, resulting in an enhanced user engagement and more potential customers. No budget is ever enough As it is rightly said that there will always be a room or scope for improvement regardless of the aspect or area of work or professional life, we talk about. One has to make sure to get the best out of the limited resources at their disposal and thus, with thorough research and a streetsmart mind, a new start-up/business can overcome the budget constraint when going for branding, and thus making their name out in the market and with their targeted audience and customers.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another - Seth Godin

www.theenterpriseworld.com / 21

| In a Talk with



iper Serica provides Portfolio Management Service (PMS) to High-Networth Investors. It also manages Piper Serica India Numero Uno Fund that is based in Mauritius. In addition, it has tied up with smallcase.com to host 3 different model portfolios where retail investors can also benefit from the sophisticated portfolios that are otherwise available only to HNIs.

up our PMS. Then in 2020 we set up our Mauritius fund for nonIndian and NRI investors. These two events triggered growth for us. • How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? The following chart shows the massive out performance of our portfolio since its inception compared to the returns generated by Nifty over the same period.

In a talk with Mr. Abhay Agarwal, Managing Director at Piper Serica Advisors Pvt. Ltd, we discussed about the current industry scenario and how the company is empowering its clients. • What were the initial challenges you faced? Creating trust with investors in the initial period was the biggest challenge. But things changed very rapidly as we were able to showcase how our investment process was beating the benchmark indices. Now we enjoy the trust of hundreds of investors and feel incredibly grateful about it. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? We started managing funds in 2008 but for a very long period of time we did not market our services and restricted ourselves to serving our friends and relatives. In 2015, we decided that we will increase the size of our fund by marketing to new investors and in 2019 we set

• What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Our success is driven by much disciplined adherence to our sophisticated investment process. We do not let human bias interfere with our investment process. We have an investment committee that is made up of very seasoned investors and the management of the company ensures that our investment process of research, portfolio allocation and risk management is well defined and followed in totality without any exceptions. • What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? We offer PMS services to HNIs and

UHNIs. We also manage a Mauritius based fund that allows NRIs and non-Indians to invest in India. We are different from other service providers because we are top-down investors while most of our peers are bottom-up stock pickers. With our strategy of investing only in leaders of fastgrowing sectors we are able to reduce the volatility in the portfolio. In addition, our portfolio is optimally diversified with about 15-17 stocks. Since we are long term investors our portfolio churn is much lower than our peers. We focus solely on longterm wealth creation and cater only to those wealthy investors who have the same requirement. We also have full skin-in-the-game. We encourage our employees to make their investments through the same portfolio as the PMS. I, personally, have made almost all my and my family’s public market investments through the PMS. We do not have any other conflicting business like a brokerage or product distribution. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your services? We are in the process of increasing our market presence by building a team of Relationship Managers. We are also going to appoint distributors in India and in other international markets who can showcase our services to their clients. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? www.theenterpriseworld.com / 23

Anything exciting you would like to share?

stock market changed over the years?

Small retail investors can now also benefit from our investment strategy by subscribing to our three model portfolios hosted on https://piperserica.smallcase.com/. It is a completely digital platform that we have created in partnership with Smallcase where we offer large cap, multi-cap and small cap strategies. Retail investors can invest in these model portfolios through their online trading accounts and can also use the SIP option.

Stock market has become very democratic over the years, largely due to digitalization. There is no need for any paper now since the share certificates are dematerialized, contract notes are generated digitally, and funds are transferred electronically. In addition, there is more transparency and less insider trading. With new fintech apps, information is freely available to all investors at the same time. This has been a refreshing change and one needs to thank SEBI for bringing in this change.

• Can you please brief us about your professional experience? I have been investing in stock markets for the last 28 years. I completed MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute in Mumbai in 1993 and joined Citibank to manage a fund that the bank had recently set up. In 1998 I joined JP Morgan Private Equity Fund and worked in Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2004 I returned to India and founded Piper Serica Advisors. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Our key achievements have been getting the trust of a set of very loyal investors over the years. They have benefitted from our investment strategy that has delivered higher returns than any mutual fund and most of our peers. As a result, they stick with us even when the markets are volatile. We have never lost any investor. In fact, we are very happy when our investors regularly refer us to their friends and family members. • According to you, how has the 24 / February 2021

• How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? The average age of our team is less than 30 years helping us build a very unique culture of openness and commitment to each other and to our investors. There is focus on constant learning and we are always looking for ways to improve our performance. With a young team we are able to adapt new technologies and trends quite fast. There is complete loyalty that the team members have to each other. The motto is ‘work hard and play hard’. We ensure that employees are remunerated handsomely and are paid more than their market compensation.

investing. So, we are very thankful to them for giving us an opportunity to manage their wealth. We also have investors who have opened accounts for their minor children with us for long term wealth creation and estate planning. Lastly, we have had a very pleasant experience recently where a couple of our investors opened new PMS accounts for their daughters who were getting married and gave them the PMS account as a gift. We have the deepest sense of gratitude to our investors who trust us with their hard-earned money. • One person who you admire the most? I have learned a lot from investors like Warren buffet, Charlie Munger, Peter Theil and Marc Andreesen. I particularly admire Charlie Munger and recommend that every investor should read his book “Poor Charlie’s Almanac”. However, the one person I admire the most is my late father Shri Satyanarain Lal Agarwal. He was an upright IRS officer who led a very principled life and did not waiver from his principles and values in the toughest of times. Whenever faced with a choice he always took the high road even though it may cause suffering in the short term. Emulating him has helped me build a temperament that allows me to ignore the short-term volatility of the markets and focus on long-term wealth creation.

• Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

• Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

We are very happy with the fact that more than a third of our investors are women. They are typically more cautious and have a very long-term approach to

HDFC Bank has been the most inspiring business story more so since I have been able to witness it up close right from the time the bank came out with its IPO. It is a

testament to what can be accomplished by a great team of professionals working together under the leadership of a visionary leader. The most amazing thing is how the bank has been able to grow at a rate of 20% year on year without diluting its asset quality. I like to believe that sooner than later HDFC Bank was will be rated as the best bank not only in India but globally. • Which is the most inspiring quote you have read? “There isn’t a single formula. You need to know a lot about business and human nature and the numbers… It is unreasonable to expect that there is a magic system that will do it for you.” This quote by Charlie Munger is something that I pay a lot of attention to. It basically says that to be a good investor one needs to build a latticework of mental models and that can happen only by constantly educating oneself across disciplines. This automatically leads to development of a curious mindset and constant questioning of one’s own investment thesis. • What is the most important Rule to Investing? Doing a full 360-degree research on a company before investing is the golden rule. This requires the investor to meet a company’s management, competitors, suppliers, distributors, exemployees etc. Only after this can an investor truly come up with an investment thesis and track the company’s performance. Investing without doing any research is just speculation. • Constant vigilance- a need or a

Abhay Agarwal Managing Director

strategy? Please share your views. A long-term investor does not need to make regular changes to the portfolio. However, the market volatility does give astute investors regular opportunity to add to or reduce to their existing holdings. As our risk management strategy,

we do not allocate more than 10% of the total portfolio to a single stock. We book profits whenever a stock crosses our valuation threshold and bring down its allocation. This strategy has helped us outperform the benchmark index.

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| The Success Taste

Dheeraj Gupta, Founder, Jumboking

26 / February 2021


Dheeraj Gupta’s JUMBO KING

www.theenterpriseworld.com / 27

Dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.


n the world of business and startups, one always finds themself confused about what to start or what product/service to offer. Everyone who wants to start a business is looking for a scope or an opportunity which could be their company’s product or service. But little do we understand that by simply offering a unique product or service does not ensure the success of a company or startup. Also, it is a misconception that a simple product or service cannot become successful and change the way people look and consume certain products and services. A startup is supposed to bridge a gap between the differences or problems in a particular area or field, but also it should provide products/services that are needed or undercut the current products/services by a good margin, providing utmost standard and quality. Such is the story of Dheeraj Gupta and his Jumbo King, a fast-food restaurant chain serving the famous Vada pav. After completing his MBA from Symbiosis Institute, Pune, he tried exporting sweets to countries with heavy Indian population such as Dubai, etc. but that did not work out well for him. Aiming to make a name for himself and dream of being an entrepreneur, he opened 28 / February 2021

an outlet, set up in Malad, Mumbai, named ‘Chaat Factory’. As the business started growing, he realized that Vada pav was the bestselling item on the menu and decided to do a thorough job with this product. This marked the beginning of Jumbo King, he opened its first outlet in 2001, selling Vada pav at a premium price of Rs. 5, which was usually sold for Rs. 2 roadsides. His differentiating factor over all their competitors was hygiene and little did he know despite the competition and his struggles, his business started to flourish. He picked locations that have a large footfall, they can pick one Vada pav as it was readily available, hygienic, meeting the utmost standards of quality and assurance. He aimed to always expand his expand and make a mark on a larger scale. For this, all the money generated from the business was put in the expansion and afford modern technology, etc. After getting funding from a VC in 2007, for the next three years, they started buying out franchises and putting up company-owned stores. Jumbo King offers Vada pav in different varieties and ranges, they have products ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 75. They recently added samosa to

their menu, and there is no looking back for them. They currently can churn out 1.5 tons of patties and hour and because of this, they can mass-produce it, making it readily available to the customer, also being efficient and economical for the company and the customers. Dheeraj is convinced that specialization is the key, and it is because of this Jumbo King is successful. Dheeraj Gupta’s Jumbo King and his story tell us that one does not need a unique idea to start a business, if you can find a product and provide it with utmost standards and quality, you can sell it. His unwavering spirit and never giving up attitude have made him the successful entrepreneur that he is today. One can learn a lot of things and understand that one thing is common amongst all successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, their belief in themselves and their idea will make it happen and hunger for success and one has almost everything it takes to carve that name and reputation in the world. One needs to remain motivated, strive, work harder and always remember success always come to those who believe in it the most and believe in it the longest.








| Business Story

For a secure and planned future “ B E I N G P R E PA R E D I S H A L F T H E B ATT L E W O N ”


o battle with future challenges, financial planning is a must. There are 2 types of people in India - one who plans his financial life and the other who lets his flow with the stream. The number of the second group is much higher.

Mr. Nikhil spearheads the practice, oversees the business operations and compliance. He is the driving force for business strategy and works as a catalyst for keeping the interests of Falcoy Financial in alignment with the client’s interests which is in line with the Core Values of the business. He is well versed in creating sustainable investment strategies for the clientele.

Everyone spends money to fulfill their needs and to achieve their goals but many people are unable to fulfill their dreams due to a lack of funds and investment planning. If you wish to secure your future and fulfill your dreams, you need to do financial planning, but for this, you need a trustworthy solutions provider that can transform your present and plan your future. To bridge the gap between people unaware of investments and growth, Mr. Nikhil Deshpande incepted Falcoy Financial in 2017. Falcoy Financial provides comprehensive Wealth Management & Financial Planning solutions to cater to the financial needs of people. Within a short period, Falcoy Financial has made a unique position with topnotched offerings. Falcoy Financial having a license of Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) from SEBI is amongst approx. 1300 license holders in India as of Jan 2021. The Core Values of Falcoy are nothing but Moral Values which they follow since it forms part of their value system. Client First, Transparency, Unbiased Advice, and Innovation are the Core Values of their business that reflect in their work. 30 / February 2021

Antecedent Hurdles and Pillars of the Growth To etch a delightful sculpture, you first need to hit the stone, which is what matters! Likewise, when beginning a business, you face difficulties, which compensate for the successful time of your association. Handling such hurdles with advancement and proficiency sails your boat! Falcoy Financial has also faced some challenges, which they tackled well and become what they are; a leading wealth and management and financial planning solutions provider!

Some of the Initial challenges the consultancy faced were regulatory challenges since the RIA license was a new one which was introduced in the year 2013. When Falcoy Financial received this license there were hardly 300-350 RIAs in India. The company converted challenges into opportunities and created proprietary IT systems of its own which are the only ones in the industry. Falcoy Financial happens to be the pioneer in the advisory industry in creating unique and one of a kind IT systems. The company has also helped to build pan-India IT Platforms. Team Falcoy’s continuous efforts to develop new offerings and striving to provide value while imparting change in the lives of investors and maintaining ‘No Minimum Ticket Size for Investment’ have helped them to grow business. Falcoy Financial functions in a Fiduciary Capacity which is the best form of working all over the world. Falcoy’s team says, “We always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients while offering solutions. Falcoy offers customised solutions as per the client’s requirements. We also incorporate feedback and suggestions in our system and processes. Agility is of utmost importance for any business to achieve growth.” The team Falcoy Financial attributes their success to their clients. With unmatched solutions, throughout help, guidance and handholding, the team has created a unique relation with their clients. Their clients consider them as a part of their family. Focus is much more important than trying to do everything. Falcoy Financial’s industry-leading and comprehensive services Falcoy Financial provides Wealth Management and Financial Planning solutions comprising of various asset classes. The consultancy runs its business to provide value to its clients. Falcoy provides value to Businessmen, HNIs, NRIs, etc. Falcoy has in-house research expertise which helps deliver decent returns and achieve financial goals. Their Investment Selection Criteria including qualitative and quantitative factors are much different than those in the market and such factors are considered while selecting which others in the industry shall not consider.

It is always better to avail help from finance professionals who are Consultants like Falcoy Financial, having a registered license and a research background. The solutions for one’s finances ought to be sought from those who have sound technical expertise like those from a research background. It’s always better to stay away from those having a sales background providing financial services since they have their targets for which they receive bonuses and incentives. The consultancy tries to minimise paperwork to bring efficiency. At Falcoy Financial, they have a ‘No Mis-Selling’ policy. Since Falcoy Financial operates in a Fiduciary capacity, they tend to work in client’s interests and do not sell financial products. Rather, they provide customised solutions. Ethics are being followed in their consultancy consistently. www.theenterpriseworld.com / 31

• Why They Do? - To bring a change in the lives of investors • How They Do? - By working in a duciary capacity and challenging the status quo • What They Do? - Wealth Management & Financial Planning • You’re Benet? - Sustainable wealth creation in the long term and peaceful sleep at night

Planning forms an integral part of managing finances. Those who are HNIs require Planning to manage their finances and those who think they do not have sufficient funds to invest also require Planning to create wealth. Planning is not something that should be considered as optional as proper Planning brings efficiency. Falcoy monitors the portfolio regularly. They have reporting mechanisms and IT systems in place to make the requisite changes as and when required as per the markets and requirements of the client. Visit ‘Videos’ page on www.falcoyfinancial.com to know more about their exciting solutions. Leading the way – Mr. Nikhil Deshpande Nikhil Deshpande, Founder, Falcoy Financial being MBA-Finance has corporate experience in the areas of Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, Debt Research, Franchising, Portfolio Management, and Developing IT systems and also contributes Personal Finance articles. He happens to be a Financial Coach and successfully managed high net worth client portfolios and their finances. Mr. Nikhil was involved in advisory and research of broking companies for a leading global private equity company. He also has experience in Family Governance wherein he was responsible for creating Family Constitution for high net worth business families. Falcoy Financial has helped clients earn decent returns and achieve their financial goals as well. The satisfaction of their clients is what Mr. Nikhil considers as his achievements of the entrepreneurial journey. Some of his clients were very happy to get their work done through Falcoy Financial since they have got sound financial advice backed by research expertise. Mr.Nikhil says, “Stock market now is not like the 32 / February 2021

1980s-90s. It is well regulated by SEBI with the requisite system, processes, reporting, and surveillance mechanisms in place. The investors from India should invest in stock markets for wealth creation since only around 5% of Indians have invested in stock markets.” Nikhil Deshpande admires Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani the most and their stories of Apple Inc. and Reliance Industries inspire him a lot. He shares an important rule for investments: • Analyse your requirement, invest time in research, invest regularly. • Hire a Consultant having a research background who shall keep the client’s interests at the forefront and take care of your finances! Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Why Falcoy? • Adviser provides the right guidance imparts coaching and helps focus in the right direction to achieve the desired results. Even the talented ones need an Adviser. Hire Falcoy Financial to think differently and rationally. • Falcoy Financial solutions shall save your precious time thereby allowing you to focus on your work which is very helpful especially for Businessmen, HNIs, and NRIs. You can entrust your management of finances to Falcoy Financial. If you seek to bring a positive change in your life financially, connect with them on the bellow contact details. Website: www.falcoyfinancial.com Mob: +91 9930071171 Email: wm@falcoyfinancialcom

It’s a comprehensive orthopaedic super specialty hospital with all sub specialties of orthopaedic available under one roof Trauma Spine & Back Joint Replacement Hand and Limb Foot and Ankle Surgery Rheumatology & Arthritis Clinic Shoulder Arthroplasty Paediatric Orthopedics Orthopaedic Oncology


| Get Tech Soon

Telemedicine, a step into the future or the unknown?


he year 2020, has not only changed the decade-old methodologies of perception at things but also provided a complete change in the functioning of things which were run according to set guidelines and rules. As the world shifted to the online mode of work and education, the new trend of over the internet or mobile started taking effect. A lot of industries started offering their products/service via the internet and this brought in a new revolution as what seemed very difficult to execute and achieve was done in a matter of few months. No one can deny that the online system is still not perfect nor equivalent to the physical form of work, it has its plethora of advantages when compared with physical presence or form of work. One such industry which no one imagined would run so efficiently and smoothly over the mobile or internet is Telemedicine. Telemedicine refers to providing care and treatments to the patients when they are not physically present in a hospital or clinic. This has its pros and cons but looking at it from a macro level, this has changed the face and functioning of medical treatment and paved the way for new possibilities and enhancements in how a patient receives medical treatment. Telemedicine and its effects Telemedicine has made us look at 34 / February 2021

medical treatments differently from what they previously were, as now one can avail best doctors and medical treatments at the benefits of sitting in their home without having to worry about missing appointments, the driving in traffic and of course, the large waiting queue at the hospitals/clinic. Moreover, therapy sessions, etc. are also conducted online with ease of comfort and without delays in appointments. With medical treatments provided over mobile, one can avail the benefits of having treatment from the best doctors around the globe or any city, with most hospitals/clinics having an app which you can download and provide the necessary information and paperwork which not only saves time but also makes it easy for the hospitals/clinics to keep a track record of the patients, so they do not have to worry on the next appointment for the prescriptions and other important documents, reports, etc. Thus, what before was a tedious task involving a lot of checkpoints and hassle has been simplified and provided in such a beautiful and smooth process that it does not only enhance the patient’s experience and satisfaction but also enhances the time management and performance of the doctors. Although Telemedicine has its drawbacks when it comes to

providing smooth and efficient medical treatment, looking at the ongoing pandemic and the circumstances we are facing, the little troubles can be overlooked as they are being worked on effortlessly to provide a hassle-free and best-in-class treatment to all the patients. Telemedicine, the medicine of the future. Telemedicine still being a new practice to provide medical treatment does not give us a lot of information to break it down further and evaluate it step by step, but that does not hold it back from becoming one of the best adaptations and a solid step of overcoming the problem of providing hassle-free and efficient medical treatment to the patients. The long-term effects will unfold over time, but if it solves the short term we are facing because of the pandemic, then can it be called a bold yet revolutionizing step or a step into the unknown. If we can remove 50 per cent of the people taking time off work and arranging for child care so they can sit in the waiting room to just receive a diagnosis to wait it out … it just makes the health care system more efficient. - Nate Gladwell, director of the University of Utah telehealth program

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| Expert’s View


truggling to grow your business? In this fast-forward business era, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,” doesn’t work anymore. You need to adapt to the ever-changing trends and technologies. With millions of startups sprouting every year only a few survive in the market. Wondering, what’s the reason? Well, the simple logic is they often fail to frame the right business strategy that ends up with only failures. Oh! Don’t get disheartened! If you are in the same struggle then this blog is for you. Here we have highlighted a few hacks that will help the startups to establish a solid base in the year 2021. Let’s readout in detail. Content Marketing Always Win ‘Content is the King’ and rules in the search engines. If you want to win the online game, you need to focus on your content strategy. If you want to multiply the leads and boost your business strategy, then content marketing is the best tool to try on. Make some exciting strategies that can influence the customers. According to top social media experts, investing in video content like - vlogs and product videos can help in boosting engagement. Visual content is more influential than posting plain content. You can either post video content or hop onto live sessions to engage with your audiences. Social media platforms like - Facebook and Instagram give direct options to hold live sessions.

Apart from that, you shouldn't always stick to one marketing strategy, try to mix a few, and create a unique one. Use different mediums and content marketing tools to bring the best of your strategies. Companies like Amazon are extensively using content marketing strategies to win over their audiences. And, we can clearly see the positive graph of the company. Invest In A Responsive Website ‘No website, no-win.’ The simple rule for businesses today is to have a responsive website. Whether you have a physical store or have an online business, having a website is crucial. A website that is responsive allows the users to have an optimized view and further allows them to enhance their overall user experience. According to Google, the websites that are mobilefriendly rule the search engines, and more than 48% of users prefer using such sites. If you are planning to invest in a website, then make sure you invest in modern and responsive design. It will not only create a lasting impression on the audiences but also boost your overall Google rankings. Hire Like-Minded People ‘Teamwork makes Dream works.’

It is absolutely true! If you have a dream business plan and want to execute it in the right way, then hire like-minded people. Form a team that is dedicated to achieving the goals and always work together as one. They will always work as a team and work towards a common goal this will help in the overall growth of the business. The main idea of hiring like-minded people is they understand your requirements and can easily cater to your business needs. Hiring the right team is necessary not only possessed with the right skill set but also helps in reducing the costs. So, start off with the scrutinized selection and build a strong team. Customers Feedback Should Always Be Taken Seriously ‘Customers are the blessing for your business,’ coz no customer no growth. So, it is vital to take the customer’s feedback seriously. No matter how advanced we get, but

word-of-mouth advertising is still prevalent in the market. People still rely on references that are mentioned by their friends and family. They will definitely turn to a brand that has been tried and tested by their knowns, isn’t it? The digital era has also urged customers to give reviews online which is read by hundreds of readers. Many people consider these reviews to base their future decisions. So, ignoring customer feedback will definitely land you in big trouble. Try to work on the customer’s feedback and assure them of quality only they will stay loyal to your brand. Summing Up Being a startup welcomes several challenges and coping up to all can be daunting. But, focussing on your goals will make your business journey a beautiful one. So, stick to your goals and make the most of the year 2021. Good luck!

Smart Growth Hacks for Startups And Small Businesses To Follow In 2021

Author’s Bio: Softuvo Solutions is one of the leading IT companies in India providing seamless web and mobile development services to clients across the globe.

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MOMENTUM True Wireless

A new dimension in wearable sound Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and refined design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.


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Visualize your way through 2021 and become your best self 40 / February 2021


he year 2020 has not only been a roller coaster ride for all of us but indeed it brought a lot of things and revelations to us in our personal as well as professional lives. As, working in office changed to working from home, the lockdown in effect and other circumstances debarring one from leaving their homes, this not only gave us valuable time to spend with one’s families but also with one's self. This brought out a lot of things that one can change or enhance in their self, to improve their personal as



closer to become your best self. It’s all about one step at a time


ell as professional life drastically. 2020 took a toll on the world and brought unforeseen problems and challenges but also brought many opportunities in disguise. As everything went online, it became easier to learn courses or skills and even work as one can do the same by having the luxury of sitting in their homes. Thus, as the year 2020 has ended, it is time to brush up the old self with new changes/additions as life is all about growth and progress, it’s time to visualize your way through 2021 and take a step

There has been no set pace or pattern for one to follow as we all have our unique identities, personalities and choices, thus, no one can or should force you to take the step or make a choice you always wanted. It is always good to listen to the advice of those, who want good for you but to do that one must want good for their self and to do that one needs to spend time with their self. As 2020 has rolled back or completely changed the old way of functioning of things and set rules, etc. why should it apply to work, etc. and why not to yourself. Take the best advantage of this and know that the year 2021 is a new year irrespective of the events of the previous year and take your step with a clean slate in your mind. Let the onset of 2021, mark the beginning of a new year and a new you.! The new year not only brings new beginnings, new hopes, etc. but also a chance for you to start afresh towards life, both personally or professionally. Go for a vacation, or go for higher education, this is not the time to stop and brood over the past year as nothing can be changed about it. The only thing that can be

changed is the present and your future, take risks, go surprise yourself but do not stop hunting and looking, for you never know that the thing or place you might be searching for is a lot closer than you think. The year 2020 has given us time to clear our minds from the worldly things and made us account our priorities right from number one. Find your clarity, find yourself and do not look back, the year 2021 has given all of us a chance to do something we never could, to start anew, to start afresh. It’s all about the journey How seriously you take your professional as well as personal life is your own choice, and how to steer it should be yours too. It is time to figure out what’s best for yourself as the opportunities now may or may not present themselves tomorrow. It is high time to apply what you learnt all the past years of your life and head start 2021 with a bang. It takes a simple step towards success or anything great in life, so find your rhythm and get to work as the only thing stopping you to become your best self is you, yourself.!

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The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021 - The Enterprise World  

The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021 - The Enterprise World

The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021 - The Enterprise World  

The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021 - The Enterprise World


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