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Ram Sharma CEO & Chairman Analytical Wizards



Analytical Wizards Transforming healthcare analytics

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In the last few decades, globalization has taken place at a very rapid pace, resulting in a rapid increase in economic, social, political, and cultural reciprocity throughout the world in the areas of technology, telecommunications, traffic, etc. It has affected human life both positively and negatively. Its negative effects need to be rectified from time to time. Globalization has affected the world economy in many positive ways. The incredible advancement of science and technology has provided astonishing opportunities for businesses to expand easily to all safe limits. In this special issue of The Enterprise World Magazine, The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021, we feel delighted to feature such companies that made exemplary use of globalization and technological innovations to transform businesses and inspire a revolution. Featuring for the cover story is, Analytical Wizards. Established in 2015, Analytical Wizards was recognized by INC5000 in 2020 as being among the top 25% Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the US. The company is currently engaged by 3 of the top 5 pharma companies, 10 of the top 30 bio-pharma companies, and 4 of the top 7 Biotechs. Mr. Ram Sharma, CEO, and Chairman of the company is the backbone behind its long-standing growth. In our special editorial feature, read out the story of David Daneshgar, who is not only a professional poker player but also has been ranked as one of the world’s best poker players, and how he used his skills to fulfill his dream of starting his own business. It is a need of the hour to increase the use of eco-friendly packaging products that protect goods as well as the environment. In this context, a leading packaging company, Ficus Pax, provides a wide range of packaging products made up of 100% biodegradable materials. Readout more about Ficus Pax and their quality offerings. The theory of five competitive forces analysis was given by Michael Porter and is also often called Porter’s Five Forces. This theory proves to be a powerful tool to understand the competitiveness of the business environment. With it, you can identify the potential profitability of your strategies. Give a read to the article highlighting the need of Porter’s Forces in these times. Potential Genesis is a leading name when it comes to the best HR coaching companies in the domain. They are not only industry experts with extensive knowledge, practical and hands-on experience of the latest industry practices and trends but can impart all of their skills and much more to their clients in the most efficient and best way possible. Readout more about the Potential Genesis and how they are transforming the sector. There is a lot more inside! Happy Reading “Focus on being productive instead of busy.” --Tim Ferriss

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This list is NOT a ranking. The companies on listed in magazine serve different aspects of the market, making ranking them in any order except revenue impossible and unfair. We try to bring a perfect platform for business organization to showcase their valued products/ services. Copyrights © The Enterprise World | 2019. All Rights Reserved. The images and content included in this magazine should not be copied, transferred or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, otherwise, without proper permission from The Enterprise World. The Enterprise World solely owns all the reprint rights.

Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World Magazine, The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021, Features, Featuring for the cover story is Analytical Wizards. Analytical Wizards is one of the leading companies in the healthcare domain, that is transmogrifying commercial analytics. Behind Analytical Wizards' long-standing success there is a team of expert professionals led by Mr. Ram Sharma, CEO & Chairman at the company. Ficus Pax is a pioneer, leading the global packaging market space providing eco-friendly and topnotched packaging solutions to businesses in almost all verticals. Ficus Pax was incorporated in 1999 as a partnership between Mr. Ameen Rahaman and Capt B R Vijayendra with the idea of offering packaging solutions to Indian Exporters with a focus on the niche

market of high precision packaging of high-value goods. M76 Analytics is a niche business algorithm company providing applicable analytics support for the direct consumption of Senior Business Leaders. Mr. Jai Mrug, the founder of M76 Analytics is a known election analyst, and psephologist in India, since 1998. He has worked on several aspects of data, more often than not, taking up numeric challenges that would represent deep data mining and metric quantification. Noble House was founded in 1988 in a garage with a vision to be one of the most prominent HR consulting brands in India. Initially, the platform focused on offering the highest quality and the most effective HR services to the leading businesses, startups, and other small-to-medium enterprises by connecting them with highly skilled and experienced independent consultants.

Potential Genesis is a leading name when it comes to the best HR coaching companies in the domain. They are not only industry experts with extensive knowledge, practical and hands-on experience of the latest industry practices and trends but can impart all of their skills and much more to their clients in the most efficient and best way possible. The company aims to provide the best coaching, training, etc. to create the best personnel fit for the role. TEKROI is a pioneer in enabling next-generation digital innovations, services, and consulting. Futuristic thinking, combined with more than a decade of experience in delivering consistent quality services, has helped them in carving a niche of their own. Readout a conversation with Mr. Venkata Silva Reddy Polu, CEO & Founder of TEKROI and discover more about the company.

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Ram Sharma | CEO & Chairman | Analytical Wizards


Analytical Wizards Transforming healthcare analytics

08 March 2021

Ram Sharma | CEO & Chairman

| Cover Story

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs


here is a growing need in the pharmaceutical industry to understand the complexities and nuances of healthcare, to help design effective interventions to combat disease.

From science to bedside, from research to diagnosis and prevention, knowledge of the complex and changing healthcare environment and the patient journey is necessary as we continue efforts to eradicate life-threatening and life-altering diseases.

Ten years ago, building market knowledge or an understanding of a disease and patient journey, was dependent on interviewing the appropriate stakeholders. This technique was riddled with bias, extremely time-consuming and prohibitive in terms of cost.

not only gain an unbiased prescriptive view, but even hope to predict future market changes, and physician/patient behaviours. As COVID-19 has highlighted the need for innovation and adoption of technologies in the healthcare sector, businesses are in continuous search of a trustworthy data analytics solution provider that can accelerate their growth. Analytical Wizards is one of the leading companies in the healthcare domain that is transmogrifying commercial analytics. Behind Analytical Wizards’ longstanding success is a team of expert professionals led by Mr. Ram Sharma, CEO & Chairman at the company. The Company

With the advent of digital information technology we are now able to capture immense quantities of unbiased data on the healthcare journey, presenting vast opportunities for learning. With rapid advances in data science we can uncover precious business insights and gain market knowledge. Using AI/ML we can 10 | March 2021

Traditionally, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations have been hampered in their efforts to understand the patient journey, treatment continuum, or market dynamics by data assets that are aggregated and lack identifiers to allow cross-referencing. It required piecing together multiple analyses


| Cover Story

and reports. The result has been business teams buried in high volumes of reports that deliver few insights, are out of date, and lack mutual consistency. The focus has been on descriptive analytics (understanding what happened historically) as opposed to prescriptive (recommending what a team should be doing) or predictive (what is likely to happen next).

increased the need for many of the solutions provided by Analytical Wizards.

Established in 2015, Analytical Wizards was recognized by INC5000 in 2020 as being among the top 25% Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the US. The company is currently engaged by 3 of the top 5 pharma companies, 10 of the top 30 bio-pharma companies, and 4 of the top 7 Biotechs.

Analytical Wizards has developed two customizable platform solutions, WIZ and IZE. These platforms provide a data-agnostic approach that allows for multiple and disparate data sets to be ingested quickly for advanced analytics application.

Charting the new digital paths of success With multiple awards and recognition, Analytical Wizards continue to add new clients and win new business. Central to their growth is innovation by design, an iterative approach, a strong emphasis on customer delight, ensuring their knowledge grows within the advanced analytic space, mastering the latest algorithms emerging from scientific research and practice. Like most companies, the pandemic arrived bringing a level of uncertainty as to its impact on business. Once companies grasped the impact of COVID-19 and how to navigate within the pandemiccontrolled work environment, it brought to light the urgent need for agility, and flexibility. Digital communications became critical to business continuity, and therefore 12 | March 2021

Today, across the industry, you can feel the revolution. Change is taking place and those that harness digital and technology innovation will be the most successful. Putting innovation on the table

Across the healthcare and retail industries, commercial analytics steers business decision-making across sales, marketing, access, and pricing. The past two decades have witnessed firms, large and small, entrusting this critical function to technology outsourcing companies. This has allowed firms to contain IT & Analytics expenditure but only at the cost of increased external dependencies. WIZ seeks to set in motion a reversal of this trend. WIZ challenges the idea that marketers need to rely on an army of consultants to fulfil their need for analytical insights. Whether it is optimizing marketing investments across a portfolio of brands, customizing message content to induce higher rates of response, or testing a campaign to see whether it will fly, WIZ aims to put brand teams back in charge. Machine learning practitioners gain huge efficiencies from scalable

We are designing for change. We are not satisfied with the status quo but aspire to find ways to improve efficiencies including time, costs, and

cloud infrastructure, point-andclick selection of algorithms, exportable data visualization, streamlined project management, and collaboration – all this without sacrificing flexibility or rigor. Analytics can now be embedded as a core function with analysts staying in close touch with business teams to deliver recommendations that are evidence-based, but also relevant and actionable. AW’s (Analytical Wizards’) IZE is a cloud-based engine that automates the process of finding answers to challenging business questions. IZE is organized into solution modules that make sense to AW’s pharmaceutical customers, covering every step of the commercialization cycle, including pre-approval and post-approval. Performance 360 is an IZE module that focuses on gaining a better understanding of the patient. A pharmaceutical company will use IZE Performance 360 to uncover intelligence to guide business decisions by providing a much

traditional business ways

productivity. We use scientific methodology (AI/ML, advanced predictive analytics) powered by technology for speed to insights.” – Ram Sharma

Technology enables scale, efficiency, and speed to insights including the ability to tell a story by visualizing data. When the pandemic hit, it became even more critical for healthcare firms to adapt quickly to new circumstances. For instance, adapting to reduced access of medical representatives to physicians for face-to-face interactions which earlier may have comprised the most impactful component of promotional messaging.

The Driving Force Technology enables real-time analytics and delivers three main competitive advantages -

deeper insight into the patient journey in any given disease therapy, often uncovering patterns that could not be uncovered previously, due to the diverse and disparate nature of the data available. Using technology to automate parts of the process, IZE is able not just to dig deeper, but broader and faster, giving companies a competitive edge at helping patients. IZE has been a work in progress over the past several years, launching early in 2020. Currently, in use by several of the top 10 pharma companies, IZE is proving its mettle as an engine with very specific gains in rare disease initiatives for pharma customers. Analytical Wizards’ products are designed to be flexible on the front end, while scalable at the back end, allowing for easy customization to meet client needs. They are constantly evolving their products to meet market demands. Technology taking over

using static business rules for promotional delivery which are already dated by the time they are deployed. However, data readiness, as well as scaling of advanced analytics, allows for real-time inputs on segmentation shifts, promotional impact, promotional affinity, messaging impact, and channel cadence & frequency. This information allows for true personalization of how we engage with our customers (HCPs, patients, caregivers, and pharmacists) along their journey.

1. Data readiness for on-demand analytics which includes consolidation of big data (claims, EMR/HER, lab, etc.), promotional activity (marketing, salesforce, etc), descriptive data (segments, customer information, etc), and advanced analytics feedback (channel propensity, messaging impact, promotional cadence impact, etc.) into an analytics ecosystem that is well beyond a data repository. 2. Deploying platforms and analytic engines to drive advanced analytic scale. This is the natural next step to transition scheduled, point-in-time analyses into real-time insights that shape marketing and sales initiatives. This allows for consistency of recurring analytics while freeing time from advanced analytics resources to solve new business needs. 3. Linking analytic outputs to CRM platforms to ensure actionability. Most companies are

The unmatched leadership at the company believes that the company is nothing without committed employees who live your mission and embrace your values. Together, as a team, we can change the world. Analytical Wizards thrives on a diverse and inclusive environment and welcomes all. Data Science is possibly one of the fastest evolving disciplines today, which demands constant learning to stay ahead. The company encourages employees to continue learning through different online applications and internal training. The team stays connected through virtual interactions and encourages virtual social events. They acknowledge the challenges working from home (WFH) has caused their team members, especially those in India who were less likely to have home environments conducive to WFH. They share news of growth, news of new hires, and hold quarterly town halls. They have continual feedback from all managers to their team including formal mid-year and year-end reviews. | 13

To become a successful entrepreneur, one should inspire and support continuous innovation and growth. – Ram Sharma

Mr. Ram Sharma – A leader revolutionizing the analytics landscape Mr. Ram Sharma, CEO and Chairman at Analytical Wizards, prides himself on a great leadership team. With the experience of more than a decade in the analytics field, he has marked his place in the global analytics business landscape. He completed his degree (B. Tech – Operations research and Industrial Engineering) at IIT Kharagpur and followed with a Ph.D., ABD from the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked in many industries including Life Sciences, Consumer / Retail, Insurance, Telecommunication, Banking & Financial. Mr. Sharma says, “Many of our customers continue to stay with us as we grow, while new customers are enlightened with what they can accomplish with innovation, AI/ML-based platform & speed to insights. The best moment with customers is when we deliver the product and they have the excitement over their new knowledge, and the speeds at which

they can have business questions answered that ultimately help them to serve patients better.” Harnessing vast amounts of disparate data is critical to business success. It allows for an improved understanding of the patient journey, diagnosis obstacles, treatment behaviours, and a vast amount of information that can lead to improved business strategies. Mr. Ram Sharma admires Steve Jobs the most. He says, “Like Apple, our product is never finished. We continually refine and improve our products as well as our models, based on feedback and usage opportunities. What you see today may be very different than the tool you used last month. We aspire to evolve the industry, enlighten our customers to what can be achieved. This requires diligence, perseverance, and resilience.” Considering how to continue healthy growth and culture, Mr. Ram Sharma explains, “Constant vigilance is a need and a strategy at the same time. Change is evolutionary. It never stops. Nor does the need to pay attention, think about what could be, and make it happen. We love what we do. We are all equally inspired to make a difference and dedicate every day to that goal. Honestly, we do not feel like it is a rat-race. We encourage all our employees to take time for personal care, for family needs, and their health. We do not have rigid time rules. Instead, each employee focuses on what they need to accomplish, each realizing that they are an important part of the mission and their contribution matters.” | 15

| Business Story

Ficus Pax

Delivering GREEN PACKAGING to ensure a Greener Tomorrow


ndustrial revolution 4.0 provided tremendous opportunities to organizations to spread their wings across the globe and accelerate their growth. In the quick-moving digitized world, logistics plays an important role to maintain speed in operation cycles. Here packaging becomes an essential part to protect goods from various factors like water, heat, vibration-commotion, and so on that products are subject to in transit or storage. We all know that the Earth is in danger and it is time to save our Mother Earth by reducing the use of packaging products made up of wood, which results in deforestation, and polymer materials which takes 300 to 1000 years to decompose. It is a need of the hour to increase the use of eco-friendly packaging products that protect goods as well as the environment. In this context, a leading packaging company, Ficus Pax, provides a wide range of packaging products made up of 100% biodegradable materials. Ficus Pax is a pioneer, leading the global packaging market space providing eco-friendly and top16 | March 2021

notched packaging solutions to businesses in almost all verticals. Their unique and innovative solutions are not only efficient, feasible but also cost-effective.

company in India that introduced an alternate to wood packing solution in the form of HEAVY DUTY AAA CORRUGATED BOARD.

Ficus Pax was incorporated in 1999 as a partnership between Mr. Ameen Rahaman and Capt B R Vijayendra with an idea of offering packaging solutions to Indian Exporters with a focus on the niche market of high precision packaging of high-value goods.

Under the MAKE IN INDIA program, the company has successfully manufactured the AAA corrugated board to worldclass standards and all their customers are enjoying the benefit of international quality. Ficus Pax has saved the country enormous amounts of foreign exchange in the process as they have stopped importing corrugated boards.

Their solutions and standards differentiate them from the rest in the market, making them a leader, commanding the packaging industry with their expertise and innovative vision. Ficus Pax is highly-respected among their highly-satisfied clients and their competition. The Company Ficus Pax dominates the industry with its position as a global leader in the packaging space. Their solutions have been proven as most efficient and highly protective as Ficus Pax focuses on mutual growth and go green approach. Ficus Pax is the first packaging

Ficus Pax is an ISO 9001:2015 total packaging solutions provider to most MNCs in India & world class Indian companies and the Middle East. They have experienced packaging engineers and a very strong marketing team supported by over 1200 skilled workers and staff. The company has more than 450 satisfied customers in India and the UAE. Taking into consideration the drastic changes in the environment, Ficus Pax is now committed to providing Eco-friendly packaging material to all its customers.

Ameen Rahaman Chairman & Managing Director

Capt B R Vijayendra Managing Director

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” - Leo Tolstoy

Ficus Pax’s industry-leading and differentiated solutions Ficus Pax’s solutions assure the best industry practices and standards, tailor-made according to their client’s unique demands and requirements. The company provides solutions with a variety of Raw material using their design and engineering expertise in GREEN PACKAGING.

1) FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty Boards FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty Boards having excellent compression strength, has brought about a total transition in the field of Industrial Packaging and has set Global Quality standards in the Indian Industry especially for Exports. FICUS PAX AAA HeavyDuty Boards is an ideal alternative to wood, steel, plastic, and other bulky forms of packaging while being recyclable and

environmentally friendly. 2) Paper Honeycomb Foam is not biodegradable and is harmful for our environment as it may take over hundreds of years to degrade. Honeycomb is made of paper and does the same function as foam to protect the equipment inside the relevant box to protect it from any damage in transit from point A to B. Honeycomb is completely biodegradable and is recyclable as the parts disposed off | 17

| Business Story

by customers at the final destination can be sent back to a paper plant to process fresh paper. 3) Pinewood & Plywood Boxes and Crates These Boxes are customized to handle any size and weight. Crates are a cost-effective option for goods that requires more protection yet do not justify the cost of a fully enclosed box. Crates are an excellent option for a lighter, lessexpensive box that can tolerate shipping and storage with modest protection. These can be engineered to flat pack for optimization of storage and transportation cost.

Standard Euro and Customized Euro Pallets. I. Standard Euro Pallets - These pallets are the most preferred in the European Union. Compliant with the Euro Standard and Specifications these pallets are widely used in Logistics, Air and Sea Cargo movement, various industries, and allied Industries. II. Customized Euro Pallets - These pallets are modified as per the customer requirements and specifications mainly in manufacturing sectors like electronics, automobile, and allied industries.

4) Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes Ficus Pax offers Nailless Collapsible Plywood Boxes for clients catering to a wide range of industry segments. The biggest advantage of using Nail-less Collapsible Plywood boxes is that they can be collapsed during transportation and assembled at the client location. Nail-less Collapsible export packaging systems are made of plywood and steel. This combination offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization. Nailless Plywood Boxes score over traditional plywood boxes because one does not need to have carpenters and nails to assemble these boxes onsite. Nailless Plywood Boxes are recommended for export shipments due to their strength and lightweight design.

• Cold chain solutions Ficus Pax also provides packaging solutions for the cold chain for industry verticals like food, pharma, biotech, etc.

5) Pallets • Euro-pallets A must for European Markets, These Pallets come in 2 variants-

• Packaging accessories The company also delivers packaging accessories like angle boards, stretch wrap, air bubble

18 | March 2021

• Plywood Pallets and boxes Plywood is exempted from treatment under ISPM 15. Ficus Pax manufactures and customizes different sizes of plywood pallets and boxes of up to 3 meters in length. • Technical Wood Pallets Technical Wood Pallets are manufactured by compressing wood chips under high pressure and temperature. Technical Wood Pallets are durable with a very high density of compressed wood chips. These Technical Wood Pallets are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

rolls, VCI rolls and bags, anti-static bubble bags, etc. as most customers prefer a one stop packaging solutions partner. • Other services Ficus Pax offers onsite packaging services, lashing services, and design and engineering services to its customers. The Unmatched Leadership Mr. Ameen Rahaman - Chairman and Managing Director A law graduate has been an Industrialist & Businessman of 50 years standing. Mr. Rahaman has rich experience in Finance & Administration. As a seasoned entrepreneur, passionate about his work, coupled with rich business acumen in Marketing, Finance, and Administration, Mr. Rahaman believes that the biggest risk is not taking the risk at all. Capt B R Vijayendra - Managing Director Capt. Vijayendra is an exserviceman having served in the Indian Army. After retirement, he has helmed various senior managerial positions. During the last 40 years, he has gained vast experience in manufacturing and marketing and designing packaging products. Capt. Vijayendra has accomplished several milestones in the research, development, and advancements in the packaging field, driven to achieve results through strategic planning and professional relationship building.

preserving data ecosystems

| Get Inspired

won The World Series of Poker in 2008 20 | March 2021





| Get Inspired

‘‘ 22 | March 2021


Never Show All Your Cards As it is said success becomes the end product and the only result after one pushes their dedication, hard work, and will into the thing they set their eyes on. We always hear stories of people, women and men making it into the league of the best and becoming the icon, the model, the inspiration they are to the world. But little do we see the struggles, the situations, the troubles and the hardships they have gone through and without breaking a sweat and their unwavering spirit brought them the success, fame, status and respect they completely and truly deserve. Fame, status, respect and all the luxuries and tinkers that come along when one becomes successful does not pertain to the world of business, as one can get all the above in anything one does in life. This is the story of David Daneshgar, who is not only a professional poker player but also has been ranked as one of the world's best poker player and how he used his skills to fulfil his dream of starting his own business. “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” The shuffle in the deck and his life. David Charles Daneshgar was born in Westlake Village, California on June 18, 1981. He started his life there and attended the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He always had a knack for business and wanted to start his own business, so he along with two of his friends decided to form a company, where they would bridge the gap between florist and customers alike. The only thing that stopped them getting started and venturing into the world of business was funding, as they did not have any. This is where David’s world-class skills of poker played a crucial role, his friends enrolled him into a competition where won the $27,000 dollars which were enough to start his business. He was not only an outstanding poker player as he was one of the top five poker players in the world from 2005 to 2008. And this is equally fascinating as there happens to be a lot of poker tournaments and with his skills, he can get all the funding he needs for his dream of starting a business. David and his two friends – Farbod and George realised the problems between florists and customers and how large floral brokerage services worsened the situation. They also wanted local artists with unique artistry and skills get the credit and fame that they truly deserve for their work and this marked the beginning of their start-up – “BloomNation”. They respected the skills and art that was put in by local florists and also, they came across the troubles and problems faced by florists who were exploited by big companies. In order to give these florists a platform and recognition for their

work, and the customers a wide range of choices and high quality and beautiful flowers, they created this platform. The company gained further funding by venture capital firms such as Spark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, today the number of florists selling online is more than 2,500. He is also the CEO of a Stealth Start-up, a startup that is operating in stealth mode, avoiding any public attention. The tell, the show and the result of the games played. We can learn a lot from the story and life of David Daneshgar. His story tells and inspires us to work forward towards our goal, and not thin about the means and anything else in between. One should always use everything in their arsenal to reach and fulfil their dreams, and not consider any skill or talent as useless. We all have different, varied and unique skills, and all we have to do is find the perfect application for them which is not only rewarding but also keeping us satisfied. As success is not measured by one’s fame or number reflecting in their bank account but by how content and satisfied, they are with their work and personal life. Thus, one should always aim for their goal as once one starts working towards are the path becomes clearer and clearer and we should never forget it’s about the journey and not the destination. | 23

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Jai Mrug | Founder

24 | March 2021



76 Analytics is a niche business algorithm company providing applicable analytics support for the direct consumption of Senior Business Leaders. Mr. Jai Mrug, the founder of M76 Analytics is a known election analyst, and psephologist in India, since 1998. He has worked on several aspects of data, more often than not, taking up numeric challenges that would represent deep data mining and metric quantification. Even before the AI boom began, he had a parallel career in Data Analytics, while pursuing his mainstream career in Enterprise Solutions. It was the autumn of 2013. An offer to carry out analytics offshore, as a contractor, for an American ecommerce start-up, laid the foundation of a more sustained and organized approach to data. Incubation by the business incubator of IIT Bombay, Mumbai, bought into perspective the need to create a platformed approach to Solving Business Problems with data. One of the major motivations to build a productized approach was a statement from the Harvard Business Review, October 2013. “Scores of start-ups and some

incumbents are exploring the possibility of using predictive technology and big data analytics. Only a limited number of consulting jobs can currently be productized, but that will change as consultants develop new intellectual property. New IP leads to new tool kits and frameworks, which in turn lead to further automation and technology products. We expect that as artificial intelligence and big data capabilities improve, the pace of productization (Of Consulting Services) will increase” Since then M76 Analytics (Gururaya Solutions Private Limited) has worked with several marquee customers such as Times Now, a very large AMC, Thomas Cook India, amongst others, working on solving Data Specific problems with them. In a conversation with Mr. Jai Mrug, he shared the journey of M76 Analytics and how the company is transforming the various sectors across the globe.

customer into the business use case. Most customers invariably felt that they had value to add to their enterprise goal through analytics. However they did not know what the exact use case was to be, that is they did not know where to start. The first step to that was cognizance of where the existing tools failed them. That was a sort of catharsis we had to jointly work through with our customers. The outcome was a refined need of the business statement. The second challenge was grooming the necessary talent to work in the organization. We realized that having experienced people is rather less important, than having people with imaginative capabilities. The ability to think out of the box, approach solutions from first principles, while not having the baggage of experience. Eventually, solutions architected out of first principles brought about robustness, scalability and configurability, while also providing business value to the customers.

• What were the initial challenges you faced?

• Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

The initial challenges were twofold. First, socializing the

Once a couple of solutions from first principles were deployed, it | 25

| Interview with The Enterprise World

was possible to generate a framework of the data techniques used for solution building. The exact relationship between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence was then understood. The Data techniques could then be neatly delineated as Machine Learning techniques, that eventually led to Artificial Intelligence, and the learning and recommendation rules could be codified generically. The ability to generalize the entire solution approach across different verticals and business solution areas was a major boost to the entire philosophy of productization of ML and AI algorithms. Once basic ML and AI techniques were platformed, the attention moved immediately to creating the necessary visualization for the same. There was a eureka sense, that the product was now ready for prime time. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Reflecting, we were able to arrive at niche algorithmic solutions, based on persistence to solve customer problems from first principles. Arriving at a business solution to the customer’s problem, without compromise, with a continuous fine-tuning of the data model, as well as fine-tuning of the product architecture. Another pull through was the ability to stand even in the face of obtaining just a few smaller projects. Sometimes the initial ticket sizes were invariably small. The key was grasping customer problems, and persisting to solve them.

26 | March 2021

Persistence was needed not just on the ticket size of the engagements, but also on their duration, and how collaborative those journeys were. Often associations need us to do long journeys with the customers, almost evolving them, and evolving with them, to start with journeys of data transformation, mining, actually understanding how machine learning reflects into the business contexts, and what metric based interpretations of the learning, would the customer consider as Artificial Intelligence. All these need to be delineated and annotated through collaborative customer journeys. We learned that there were no shortcuts to avoid these journeys and at the same time, that these journeys were the most robust foundation of our success. • What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

end data learned solutions, that not just offer predictive solutions, but also recommend optimal ways to carry out business. These features are embedded into a framework that is highly customizable and configurable. Our services are around deploying the framework, and then offering the customer turnkey solutions by managing the platform for them. That way we do the entire nine yards for the customer from envisioning a solution on our platform, to having them distraction-free day-to-day management of their business, while we manage the platform for them. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? We are working on several adapters and data receivers, which will not only extend the catchment area of data for our customer solutions, but also increase the richness of views that the customers can have regarding their data. These solutions also help us go to the next level in terms of developing not just business optimal solutions, but creating solutions that can fully implement production cost control, sales channel profitability, and enterprise cash flow.

We offer a Business Strategy Workspace. These workspaces use Decision Support Systems as the foundation and build on them in the larger context of inferences and interactivity required for a Decision Support System. Since these sort of Decision Support Systems themselves are new to the market, we necessarily offer them in a man + machine model. So we do not just offer our customers the entire Decision Support System, we also offer them the services around it.

• Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

We offer wing to wing product features starting from basic high productivity automation or data transformations that can build executive decision support to high-

We have developed our election simulators, which we are likely to launch soon on national television. We are also building huge demographic learners, which can

be used on mobility data to produce rich insights for public service providers, right from hospitals to malls. We believe there is a huge potential for the B2C segment, especially those in the space of hospitality and travel to utilize these data sets and generate meaningful insights for business. • How has technology transformed the traditional way of business? Our services have offered huge productivity benefits to businesses from the word go. Not just that we have also been generating direct cash savings for the businesses of our customers. These are directly measurable benefits, either in the form of saved sales incentives, saved transportation costs, or a reduction in monthly frauds. In every engagement, we offer direct quantifiable benefits. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? I graduated in the year 1996, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay. Subsequently, I worked for three years in Reliance Industries, with a core shop floor responsibility. I returned to my alma mater to pursue my postgraduation in Management, with a specialized focus on Operations Management. Since 2001, i.e. after my postgraduation I ran a dual career, one in election research, and the other in Enterprise Software. On the software side, I spend close to 12 years working in giants such as Wipro and Patni (now Capgemini). On the election research side, I worked for more than a decade as

the retainer consultant to Times Now, the leading English News Channel in India. M76 Analytics (Gururaya Solutions Private Limited) started as a small team contracting off analytic research from the United States in 2013. A year and a half later in 2015, the company was incubated by SINE, the business incubator of IIT Bombay, Mumbai, to build a business-centric data platform. The founder also parallel cofounded a pure election focussed polling company, called VMR (Votersmood Research), which works purely in the space of election research. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? The entire organization so far has been run on a self-funded model, while seeking a temporary seed fund assistance from the business incubator of IIT Bombay, which was subsequently returned. Since mobilizing talent initially was a challenge given the scarce resources, the company had to always work with young graduates fresh from college. Soon the talent was groomed in-house, and the challenge of expensive lateral talent was met with sufficient bandwidth, from those who took to their first job with great passion. This was in a way an adventure in substitution of experience with process and passion. It has now started paying off.

the way to productizing those patents. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? One of the initial prototypes that we carried out for our customers, was for a large Asset Management Company. We worked through a lot of innovative metrics to help them obtain the right root cause for a certain business phenomenon they were encountering. When the CFO saw those, he just exclaimed “you have opened our eyes”. Another Eureka moment in our customer journeys, was when demonstrating a fraud management solution to large forex and travel operator, the CEO took such a great liking to the solution, that we immediately got referred to two other potential opportunities within the organization.


The company has filed two patents last year with the USPTO, in the space of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is now on | 27

| Business Story

Noble House Helping Freelancers & Businesses to Work Together efciently


n online platform connecting businesses with freelancers to work together and find time-bound, costeffective solutions. Noble House was founded in 1988 in a garage with a vision to be one of the most prominent HR consulting brands in India. Initially, the platform focused on offering the highest quality and the most effective HR services to the leading businesses, startups, and other small-tomedium enterprises by connecting them with highly skilled and experienced independent consultants. However, to meet the market demands and to keep up with the present business world, the digital platform became open to other functions as well such as Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, Web Development, UI/UX Designing, and more. Currently, Noble House has a rich network of around 12K freelancers and 400+ corporates covering more than 60 industries. With the help of AI and automation, Noble House provides a highly user-friendly and techdriven platform interface that enables freelancers and corporates to engage with ease and deftness. 28 | March 2021

The talent pool is also spread across geographies to help organizations find the right talent on-demand for their requirements.


The objective behind the Inception of Noble House

The platform offers a talent pool with skills needed to meet the challenges of disruption and the modern business world. To help clients find the right talent for critical assignments, the website offers ready-to-use implementation solutions designed to fulfil custom and end-to-end requirements. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive experience supported by robust, secure infrastructure. Noble House has so far executed more than 400 freelancer-based assignments across 11 domains for its clients across 66 industries. Here are the topmost services offered by the organization -

With the aim of creating a digital marketplace for independent consultants to find quality gigs and unleash their maximum potential and businesses to find top talent for time-bound and skill-based projects, Noble House made its way to the business world. The end-to-end solution provided by the platform enables clients to quickly find and utilize freelancers at scale. Through Noble House, businesses can get more done by collaborating with proven professionals to work on different areas of work ranging from HR and technology to sales & marketing, business strategy, design, finance, and much more. The core objective of the brand is to build an ecosystem offering the right resources, tools and technology to find solutions for Companies and have freelancers deliver quality solutions tailored to the needs and budget of the

Services Offered by Noble House

Independent Consultants - A rich network of trusted and talented professionals from 11+ domains and 60+ industries to offer best-inclass and most cost-effective solutions for your business. Featured Companies ( Microsite) - A white-labelled website featuring the company’s branding and promotional activities on the Noble House platform. Becoming a

“And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, awhether the storm is over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.” - Haruki Murakami

featured company with Noble House will help you position yourself as an employer of choice for gig workers. Turnkey Solutions - To help organizations find quick solutions for their complex projects by utilizing ready-to-use implementation solutions entirely owned and managed by Noble House or self-create a virtual team of select NH verified freelancers to get it done. This will help you reach and access talent faster. Expert Connect - A select pool of

industry professional experts to provide the smartest solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Expert Connect lets you focus on things that matter to you the most and provide simple yet effective networking tactics to stay competitive and fit within the business world.

someone halfway around the world, finding the right talent for specific skillset and experience. The objective was explicit to create opportunities for both businesses and freelancers to connect and deliver highly effective costefficient solutions.

Early-stage Challenges Faced by the Company

However, some of the biggest hurdles they underwent and handled successfully are -

Initially, Noble House encountered many challenges such as gaining the trust of people to work with

♦ To educate the market about the new concept of the gig economy and how they can utilize resources | 29

| Business Story

with the specific skillset for shortterm requirements. ♦ Gaining acceptance of the gig model was resisted in the beginning but post COVID many Companies were much more willing and open to try this new model out! ♦ Concerns about data security had to be addressed by informing them of the various processes available to counter this problem. ♦ Companies were unable to grasp the idea that many professionals voluntarily chose gig assignments over having a full-time job. ♦ Also there were questions about the motivations and sincerity brought to the table by a freelancer. But these judgements were let go, once they had positive experiences with the freelancers their Companies hired. Milestones Achieved Since the beginning of 2018, the growth of the organization has been staggering, and they are on a growth trajectory where they foresee moving at an even much rapid pace. So far, Noble House has: ~12K registered freelancers who come from a diverse background and experience range 400+ registered corporates 400+ assignments posted 11+ active domains 60+ industries Noble House intends to expand into the APAC region, and if everything goes according to plan, it will also 30 | March 2021

spread its wings in UK and US in the next three to five years. The company has successfully extended its service line to four offerings, each of which caters to different business needs as mentioned above. Factors like quality assignments, assured timely payments, freelancers with deeper skills, lowcost delivery model differentiate Noble House from the rest in the market.. The Leadership & Work Culture at Noble House The workforce and the culture of any organization play a critical role in determining the future of the business. At Noble House, the leaders take care of the workforce by building an individual association with them; giving them accountability and flexibility; by sharing their difficulties and life lessons to help them fight their battles. The willingness to learn new skills and put what’s best for the business at the top is the driving force behind the success of the business. Under the leadership of Sanjay Lakhotia and Sumer Dutta, Noble House is truly unrivalled and is always a leap ahead of the competition in the market, with their services, standards, and their reputation. They make sure to empower their employees by setting short-term goals and advanced performance metrics, which in turn results in enhanced employee engagement, satisfaction, and efficiency.

The Anchor of Noble House Sanjay is a gig economy evangelist and contributing significantly to building an ecosystem that supports work flexibility and adaptability. He is a determined strategist and holds more than two decades of rich professional experience in providing expert guidance to key stakeholders on all aspects of business strategy and change management initiatives. Sanjay is a Post Graduate in Human Resources from XLRI Jamshedpur and has worked in organizations like Crompton Greaves and Godrej Soaps Ltd. He is passionate about helping freelancers find top quality assignments and provide solutions for businesses by tapping into the on-demand talent. Sumer on the other hand has a passion for nurturing new business opportunities and is sought after by various Indian and Multinational organizations. He has successfully delivered consulting assignments on compensation strategy, equitybased incentives, HR strategy and top management search. He is a Post Graduate in Business Management (Finance) and has worked in organizations like Willis Towers Watson India and The HR Fund. His core strengths lie in empowering Business Leaders, Board and the Executive Committee by providing strategic guidance and direction.


For Any Inquiry Please Call / Mail Hrishikesh: Antima : Shilpa :

(7506166968) (8850594261) (9987775330)

MSA Global Logistics Pvt Ltd Unit 205, Kanakia Atrium-2, Behind Courtyard Marriot, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093. Contact - +91 22 6687 3535,,

| A key to happening workplace

WHY CULTIVATE A CULTURE OF GRATITUDE IN WORKPLACE? Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul. – Amy Collette


t is the way of life that will transform the way we look at things, and also change the way we live. Cultivating a culture of gratitude means; teaching ourselves to be thankful for what we have. And to achieve that it is important for us to break the neverending cycle of wanting to achieve more in order to be happy. The workplace would be a lot happier place if one instils this culture of gratitude. But often, like all the other programs run in the corporates, thinking of doing it and actually doing are two different stories. It means changing the culture of the workplace, and as a leader it is your responsibility to do it effectively.

32 | March 2021

As a leader, you have a say in everything that goes around in the workplace, and rightly so, it is also your responsibility to set the tone. It won’t be useful if you just preach in your office. You need to start by doing it yourself, as all leaders dolead by example. Start the day with gratitude exercises; this will put you in the right mind-set to start

your day. Your day will start on a positive note, and not only will it make your work day possibly great, but it will also affect the others around you. So you need to keep in mind, it all starts with you! Even the smallest of things can have a greater impact on people around you, especially if

you are the leader. And these little things could be anything, like for example, are you smiling when you enter the office? Are you cheerful or angry or sulky? Start the day by entering the office with a cheerful smile, this way you change the mood of environment, the employees will reciprocate and likely, it will change their moods, will keep them cheerful and positive-minded for the rest of the day. Give your employees a reason to be thankful. Some days you simply love your job and some days you

just can’t help but hate it. As a leader you have to find ways in which you can take your workplace a step further than what is expected of the normal workplaces. Make your workplace a place where the employees will enjoy going. If the employees dread going to the work every day, it is this negativity that spreads and can affect others too. Let the work place not be concerned entirely with work. Conduct a few weekly activities, or discussions and debates, in short, make the workplace a happening place.

So, if by making small changes in the company culture, if you are able to cultivate a culture of gratitude in the workplace, it would be the best things you could do to your company. When the employees start feeling happy in the place they work at and also start feeling good about the work they do, it will naturally increase their productivity at work, and you will have a win-win situation. | 33

| Interview with The Enterprise World

Venkata Siva Reddy | CEO & Founder

34 | March 2021



ndustrial revolution 4.0 has opened doors of opportunities for businesses in all verticals. With digitization now it is possible to simplify the complex workflows and boost up productivity. In this scenario, if businesses are still running on their traditional business processes, they might be holding their growth back. As the global pandemic has highlighted the need for innovation and revamping of processes, businesses are in a continuous quest for a technology partner that can accelerate their growth. Giving an end to their search, TEKROI Private Limited is offering top-notched digital enterprise solutions.

In a conversation with Mr. Venkata Siva Reddy, CEO & Founder of TEKROI, he shared the journey of TEKROI throughout and how the company is transforming the businesses.

• Tell us about the company.

deliver on every level.

TEKROI is a pioneer in enabling next-generation digital innovations, services, and consulting.

TEKROI work with 4 Basic Principals

Futuristic thinking, combined with more than a decade of experience in delivering consistent quality services, has helped us in carving a niche of our own. TEKROI also helps Enterprises to discover right-sized SAP tools and strategies, designed specifically for growing businesses! Become an intelligent enterprise today– To achieve game-changing outcomes. TEKROI is into the implementation and customization of enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Much more than consultants, we’re allies on customer requirements and their digital journey. Bridging strategy to execution to all the operational pieces, we create things that accelerate your company as a whole, thoughtfully crafted to

♦ BUILT FOR IMPACT Guided by 15 years of hands-on strategy and execution experience, we ask the right questions, anticipate obstacles and create actionable plans going in. What comes out connects dots across your business with results you can ♦ PASSION FOR THE CRAFT We are real people driven to create extraordinary things. We approach technology with uncompromising standards and an artisan’s eye. We treat our client’s challenge as our own, never satisfied until it’s solved and then some. ♦ HUMBLE DOES IT We put the right people on the job, not more people, adapting our approach to the goals of each project. You get the access and strength of TEKROI management you need without the baggage and | 35

| Interview with The Enterprise World

overhead of a large consultancy.

together and share the credit.

♦ SPEED TO MARKET Get to impact faster. We bring everyone to the table from the beginning — strategy, design, development — to create and execute plans at the same time. Our teams work Offshore and onshore in cadence with yours, reducing time and complexity

♦ WIN BY EMPOWERING PEOPLE Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead and experiment, to fail as well as to succeed.

Our People Values ♦ CONSTANTLY PUSH BOUNDARIES We reject the concept of “can’t.” We're hungry to learn, challenge ourselves, and outperform what came before. ♦ BE HUMBLE The best idea should always win regardless of the source. We solve 36 | March 2021

♦ INTEGRITY IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES Do the right things for the right reasons every time. Trust follows naturally. ♦ SOLVE PROBLEMS PRAGMATICALLY The end is infinitely more important than the means. We make things that work in reality, not just in theory. • What were the initial challenges you faced?

Many challenges from Choosing the Right Company Name to Right Talent. But everything we were able to solve with collective team effort and planning. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? Being Start-up yet to see trigger point for growth. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? We work on the basic principle “Never Forget your Customer, nor let the Customer Forget you” Always in customer service with Quality.

• What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One License Sale and Implementation. India, the Middle East, and Africa markets. TEKROI not only carries regular SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One License Sale, Implementation, and customizations, it also addresses day to day challenges of customers by applying Design Thinking and Innovative Technologies. Examples: One of our customers is into Agri Warehousing. To meet Demand and Logistics Challenges, we implemented a grain quality app using AI/ML. There is a customer who is into Industrial Chemical Manufacturing and Trading, we are in the ideation phase of getting IoT devices for tracking its containers. For an Automobile company in Nepal, we implemented App for its Sales Team and Dealers to track Sales Enquiries and Vehicle Sales • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services? We are having customers in major industries Manufacturing: - Chemical Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Automobile Two

Wheeler Manufacturing, Electronics, and Electrical Manufacturing & Assembly. Trading, Distribution & Retail: Chemical, Electrical & Electronics Appliances, Industrial Equipment’s, Fashion Retail, Automobile, Steel. Engineering and Construction, NBFC’s cum Micro-Finance We want to expand our customer base on this industry vertical.

occasion of Seminar on Individual achievements and national development held on 25th June 2016, New Delhi. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? Maintain a clean, Hygienic, and Professional Work Environment for employees to conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

• What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Maintain an open-door policy, encouraging employees to approach their managers to discuss problems or conflicts.

♦ One who is working on highleverage activities, not stuck doing admin stuff

As an organization goes above and beyond to personally help them. We care about their personal life too.

♦ One who is spending time on growth, not putting out fires every day.

Employees sometimes place me on a pedestal but putting myself on their level by showing my vulnerability and imperfections also helps them overcome their challenges.

♦ One who is solving issues with a system, not dealing with the same issue over and over again for months on end. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? Started my career as a trainee on SAP. In my entire career span of 15 Years implemented and serviced customers of around 230 companies with varied industry verticals. Worked as CEO for 8 Years helped the company to grow from Start-up to Established SAP Partner in India.

Always be real and transparent Provide opportunities for new experiences • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? We handle customer Businesses. Every customer is unique and special to us. Our unique solution approach always keeps ahead when we compare with competition.

• What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Leadership Award for Industrial Development National on the | 37

| Business Story

Potential Genesis Teachers of the Leaders


uman resource is the most valuable and most important resource on the planet and if made the best and most efficient use of this resource, the world will not only push towards accelerated growth and development but will also bring in a revolution to the things and perspective about things in the current times. Human resource is not only important but also highly sensitive as a step wrong in the process of teaching or training can bring back an individual’s learning curve, career, etc. HR plays a great role in the formation and smooth functioning of a company or institution as they not only hire the right personnel but also take care of them and other related tasks to keep the employees in top form and make them give their best performance and efficiency, in turn boosting the overall growth of the company, etc. Thus, HR departments or agencies need to be strong with the knowledge of latest trends, industry practices, etc. as one step wrong can bring down the whole process and negatively affect the company and its interests. Thus, rises a need for HR coaching companies who are not only packed with years of experience but also 38 | March 2021

are more than capable to train the HRs of tomorrow. Potential Genesis is a leading name when it comes to the best HR coaching companies in the domain. They are not only industry experts with extensive knowledge, practical and hands-on experience of latest industry practices and trends but are able to impart all of their skills and much more to their clients in the most efficient and best way possible. Genesis makes sure that HRs are packed with all the required knowledge, hands-on approach and skills, that too taught in such a way that it is easily understood and applied, making Potential Genesis a leading industry names, with a long list of satisfied and loyal clients. They truly are a notch apart from the competition in the market and a notch above the current trends and practices. The Company Potential Genesis was founded in 2014, but before the company began its operations, the idea was in play before the company was set up with an advisory committee consisting of people spread pan world, such as India, USA, etc. to

make sure the company approaches a tight set track to achieve their goals, upholding their vision – Ignite Potential and missionDesign Customized People Development Solution for Business Thrivability. The company aims to provide the best coaching, training, etc. to create the best personnel fit for the roles. They have tie-ups with various global organisations to offer the highest level of services and strategically design and develop services that are fir for purpose are unique for the clients according to their needs and demands. The company is a pioneer in offering corporates a very unique service to reduce “Allosatstic Load” through it is subsidiary The company is associated with the following international partners to offer high-quality people development and learning solutions. • Charted Management Institute, UK - High-level managerial skill development.

Ramamurthy Krishna CEO

“The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare.” - Bobby Knight

• Bainbidge Leadership center - 3 Vital Questions • AQR International - Mental Toughness Training • International Association for counseling - for cognition intervention program They provide their services with a plethora of options to find the best fit for the clients and provide an unparalleled service and user experience, giving them the best tolls and knowledge to take on any challenge or issue they may face in

their career ahead. The ways in which they deliver their services are: On Demand Content • eLearning • Simulations • Pod/Vodcasts • Media libraries • Job aids Social • Communities of practice • On the job content creation

• Following leaders • Sharing via wikis, blogs Embedded • Decision Trees • Feedback capture • Help integration Mobile • Performance support applications • Assessments • Checklists Instructor Led • Presentation materials | 39

| Business Story

• Media assets • Print materials • Team activities • Facilitation support Service offerings with an extraedge and the factors taking their services ahead and boosting their growth. Their services revolve around 4 specific factors - Learning, Coaching, Helping and Holistic Development. They work solely on training and developing individuals with their unique approach that not only enhances learning but also helps their clients retain all the knowledge and seamlessly apply in the line of work with complete accuracy and confidence. They are constantly working with groups of people which has given them and is still providing them with enormous experience in understanding the common problems and issues faced and applying it to their services to make the learning curve as easy and understandable as possible.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. - Johann Goethe

Leverage your existing learning into an application for any, be it your organization life or personal life challenges, using a tool that will fit your purpose.

Team of the future HR leaders Micro Learning – micro credentialing Program Fir for individuals as part of on demand program.

Full Scope Learning Solutions

You complete the learning show improvement and you will be awarded with “Badge of Honour” which you can display in social media.

• Most suitable for any one taking first step in learning. • You start with a theme and take the full learning from Basics to Advance.

You will also be a part of the Micro site which you will create and maintain. Their Learning program will help you to upgrade skill and enhance your employability.

Example: • Leading others to Leading Enterprise. • Team Management to Enterprise Management

They believe in creating industry leading professionals, breaking their service offerings into parts, making them suitable for their clients and needs. All these factors along with their dedication, relentless work and all-round support not only makes their clients packed with the tools and

Their services include:

Learning Solution Upgrades • Suitable for Advanced Learner. 40 | March 2021

knowledge but also boost their employability, etc. take their services ahead and defy the competition in the market.

The work culture at Potential Genesis is something that companies aspire to have as employees are always kept and treated as family. As teachers, as coaches the team should stay healthy and fit mentally and physically, so that their performance and capacity is always at their peak. They always aim for having a professional and personal life balance which also shows in their services and teachings. The employees feel they are working in a second home as they not only feel the same way but also keep the interests and the name of Potential Genesis as their foremost priority, making the team unique and an unparalleled one with their dedication and relentless work keeping the name of Potential Genesis as one of the leading and sought-after names as HR coaching companies.

42 | March 2021

From the Editor

The Five Competitive Forces Analysis


his theory of five competitive forces was given by Michael Porter, and is also often called as Porter's Five Forces. This theory proves to be a powerful tool to understand the competitiveness of the business environment. With it, you can identify the potential profitability of your strategies. This is important for the growth of your business because when you understand the factors that might affect the profitability, you are then free to make changes in your business strategy, adjust it accordingly without any effect on your profitability. Let us look at Porter's Five Forces, how they can have an impact on your long-term profitability and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. In this analysis, Porter recognized that all the organizations are most likely to keep a watch on the rival organizations. But he encouraged the leaders to look beyond their competitors and look at the factors that could impact the business environment.

What makes up the competitive environment? 1. Competitive Rivalry Competitive Rivalry is the number and strength of your competitors. Here you look at the questions like How many rivals you have? Who are they and what is the quality of their products and services? How does it compare to yours? The companies can implement strategies like aggressive price cuts and strong marketing campaigns to attract the customers where there is intense rivalry. So if your customers and suppliers feel like they are not getting a good deal from you, they can turn to others. On the other hand, where the competitive rivalry is minimum, almost negligible, where you product is unique in the market; you will most likely have tremendous strength and healthy profits. 2. Supplier Power The supplier power depends on how easy it is or your suppliers to | 43

| A practical theory!

increase or decrease the prices. The questions you need to ask areWhat is the number of your potential suppliers? Is the product or service they provide unique? And lastly how expensive it would be for you to switch from one supplier to the other. If there are a number of potential suppliers, it will only get easy for you to switch to a cheaper option. But if it is the opposite, where the suppliers are lesser, their position and ability will be stronger. This can impact your profits. 3. Buyer Power Is it easy for your buyers to drive your prices down? What is the number of buyers you are dealing with and how big are their orders? Is it easy for them to switch from your products to your rival's? Here is a simple equation, The less the buyers, the more power they have. But the more the buyers, your power increases.

44 | March 2021

4. Threat of Substitution Threat of substitution is when your customers find something that is similar to what you do. In some cases, it can also be cheaper and a little better than your services. Thus a substitution that is cheap and gives more or less the same results can pose as a serious threat to your business. This will weaken your position and also have an impact on the profitability. 5. Threat of New Entry Other than substitution, what is more dangerous is the threat of a new entry. How easy is it t enter your industry? If it is easy and it takes a little effort to enter the market, it is certain that your rivals will enter the market and weaken your position. But if your barriers to entry are strong and durable, then you will be able to preserve your position in the market with favorable profits.

According to Porter, these five forces are the key sources to the pressure in industry. It is important to differentiate these factors and not confuse them with the other causes like the growth rates, government interventions, and even technological inventions. Because these are temporary factors whereas the Five Forces are permanent. So in order to not let the competition sweep you away, you need to stress on each of the forces and note your observations. Next you need to think of the factors that are relevant to your market situation. And then lastly, summarize the size and scale of the diagram. This process will give you an insight on how and what factors are affecting your business. You can reinforce necessary changes to improve your industry position and with it also increase the profitability of your business.


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The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021 | The Enterprise World  

The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021 features the stories of companies that revolutionized business sectors with their top-notched o...


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