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We focus to provide solutions that offer a unique user experience and a unique way of using the different videoconferencing and meeting applications while maximizing interaction and collaboration.

Technology has changed everything in our lives, but it is not surprising that it is also having a huge impact on human resources management. New technological solutions have changed the way we approach employees, store corporate files, evaluate employee performance, and so on. Used properly, technology can have a profound effect on any company’s HR practices. This is done by making the HR department more organized and efficient. However, it should be noted that its misuse adversely affects the overall structure of the company. This issue of The Enterprise World, The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020 features the stories of HR Tech Solution providers that have empowered businesses to become more organized and efficient to climb new heights of success. The feature for the cover story is Interview Air. Interview Air is a bunch of young entrepreneurs from IIT and IIM who have come up with an innovative web-based technology called “Video Profiling”, a new ecosystem for “Training and Hiring”. Interview Air’s remarkable journey started in September 2015 with the motive to bridge the gap between candidates and corporates. Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading names in the HR solutions landscape that has made a unique position in the market with its comprehensive offerings. In a talk with Mr. Dheeraj Vanjani, Co-founder, Adhaan Solution, discover more about the company and his thoughts on the current business scenario. In this issue, we are featuring an article from TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd that talks about an innovative initiative by emerging leaders towards the technological revolution. Jaipur is a depiction of the graceful cultural heritage. Explore more about the city filled with vibrant colors and life in our editorial feature Upshot Metros. There is a lot more inside. Happy Reading.

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Leaders in Spotlight This issue of The Enterprise World, The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020 features, Featuring for the cover story is Interview Air. Interview Air is a bunch of young entrepreneurs from IIT and IIM who have come up with an innovative web-based technology called “Video Profiling”, a new ecosystem for “Training and Hiring”. Interview Air's remarkable journey started in September 2015 with the motive to bridge the gap between candidates and corporates. Ridhima Gauba, along with Rohit Taneja cofounded InterviewAir. Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading names in the HR solutions landscape that has made a unique position in the market with

its comprehensive offerings. In a talk with Mr. Dheeraj Vanjani, Cofounder, Adhaan Solution, discover more about the company and his thoughts on the current business scenario. To accelerate the growth of businesses, whether it is a startup or a unicorn, Human Forte is providing comprehensive and innovative HR solutions. Human Forte’s utmost trustworthy HR services have helped them to create a unique position in the HR services landscape. In a candid talk with Mr. Pritam Shah, Co-Founder & CBO at Human Forte, discover their journey since inception and his thoughts on the current market scenario. The Human Resources department should be able to effectively maximize the performance of the

employees and also play a critical role for the benefit of the company’s aims and objectives. To help companies grow and help them rise above the hurdles that might stop them, Jim Woods started the Woods Kovalova Group. The recruitment landscape has changed drastically with the adoption of new technologies. TalentBridge Technologies is a leading name in the recruitment industry with comprehensive and unique offerings. The company offers the cloud-based assessment platform- CALIBRAT. Mr. Gauravendra Shukla (CEO) and Mr. Sandip Yuwanati (COO) are the backbones behind Talentbridge’s longstanding success.


InterviewAir The Oxygen of Remote Recruitment Processes




TalentBridge Technologies' CALIBRAT Assessment Simplied

Adhaan Solutions Pvt. Ltd Shaping the future of enterprises!


Woods Kovalova Group Rise above everything that stops you

Human Forte Helping Businesses to Grow


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An innovative initiative by emerging leaders towards the technological revolution.

Fr o m t h e E d i t o r

Internet – The highway to the utility of technology as a whole


Upshot Metros Jaipur – The Pink City

Android Phones Might Be More Secure Than iPhones now


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A Proper Marketing Strategy The only way for the growth of startup

08 August 2020



Cover Story

By Albert Einstein-



ne of the biggest debates in the world undoubtedly is, “whether the glass is half full or half empty?” But at the end of the day, it completely depends on the viewer’s perception. This pandemic of Covid-19 is somewhat similar. For some it may come across as an obstacle in their career, whereas for others, it might be a chance at trying something new, or excelling at something they are good at! We are all now quite familiar with the Industry and the Global economy. There are many who have lost their jobs, while at the same time, several industries are facing a lack of workforce because of the huge migration challenges. Now that the unlock process has started across the nation, all the businesses are restarting their processes, in an attempt to get the economy back on track. And this process calls for new amends, change in policies, and also change in the workforce. And as said by the famous Roman poet, Horace, “Carpe Diem!”. The time is ripe for the talented people out there to bag that perfect job; and for the industries to get such people on boardand excel in the right direction. 10 August 2020

The Inception “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it – Elon Musk” It often happens that Candidates who get shortlisted for jobs to different cities are not reimbursed their travelling costs, and sometimes they even have to bear the cost of lodging and boarding. Understanding these pain points in the recruitment process, Ridhima Gauba, along with Rohit Taneja co-founded InterviewAir. InterviewAir is an AI based Asynchronous Video Profiling technology marketplace, which assists Corporate HRs for Talent Acquisition in India, making sure that job seekers from remote areas (Tier 2/3&4) get an opportunity for employment. So, when the companies register with InterviewAir, after shortlisting the candidates, the interviews are simply done on their Video Platform. This process turns out to be beneficial for both; the recruiters and the candidates, saving both time and cost. Once these major Interviewing process obstacles are eradicated, it only increases the efficiency and quality of work. InterviewAir’s cloud-based

interviewing platform is designed as an interface between Job Seekers, Colleges, Vocational Institutions, Corporates, Consultants & Trainers, and it brings together the Candidates looking for jobs to the Corporates without being physically present for the multiple rounds of job interviews (both technical and nontechnical). Taking innovation to the table As much as circa 65%of the workforce in India abides in the remote areas and the jobs they are looking for are located in specific areas (bigger cities, circa 22 Indian cities), giving the candidates in those specific areas have an undue advantage, for job hunting. And we can all agree on the fact that interviews are no joke, which already brings nervousness. Add to that a new city, new people and the never-ending bills. The process gets tedious by the day for candidates from tier 2/3&4. Disrupting the interviewing process, the backbone for any job opening, InterviewAir has been successfully able to help candidates from small towns get the right job with less hassle. InterviewAir has connected more than 43,500 job seekers with over 400 brands so far.

The key factors behind their long-standing success Many companies across the globe are into “Video Interviewing”, most of them are invitation based and expensive, along with a negligible number of companies concentrating on “college campus hiring” space and with no one trying to develop a marketplace, all integrated with Job listings, InterviewAir stands out. Using AI to provide interviewing feedbacks, proposing appropriate career paths through counseling, suggesting courses for higher education, and recommending job industries to potential job seekers, are the key parameters assisting InterviewAir in shaping up the next 5 years of change in the human behavioral cycle.

An underserved and unexplored element of the recruitment market is Interviewing. Traditional recruiters conduct in-person interviews and build the database of the candidates. Disrupting this process with their innovative solution, InterviewAir is primarily focused on Video Interviewing and Real Time Video Analytics. And since the company is SaaS based, it has helped them gain high margins due to its scalability. Another factor that adds to their efficiency is that rather than being an invitation-based platform, it is a marketplace, which helps create a digital network that can be monetized in countless ways.

In house technology - Video Profiling, Analytics, AI and ML. The Products and Services

Interviewing is nothing but a tussle between a Smart Person & a Wise Person.

“Many job seekers, from Tier 2/3&4 have been recruited at their desired companies through our platform.”

Some other factors that distinguish InterviewAir from others include-

InterviewAir caters to a large audience, from large Corporates to HR Consultants and Colleges.

• Lower Acquisition Cost. • Sticky revenue.

Their services are used by- 11

Cover Story Corporates/Companies /SMEs/MSMEs/Start ups: For the talent acquisition team of every industry, interviews are imperative. With InterviewAir’s Video Profiling and Real Time Analytics, organizations can select the right candidate. Colleges / Universities: Colleges, from rural areas (60% of 45K in India), who are unable to showcase their brand and their talent pool (because of the geographical constraints) can create a digital video interview repository and share a URL to multiple companies from the comfort of their college cabin. Consultants: Prior to InterviewAir, HR Consultants/Agencies use to supply tons of CVs in the inbox of the Companies for candidate selection (entitling them for commission). Now, consultants can share video interviews of their potential candidates, bringing higher efficiency, revenues, and huge savings in Time and Cost. Candidates: Candidates with InterviewAir can now give asynchronous interviews from the comfort of their home without spending any money. Trainers: Trainers can digitally connect to 12 August 2020

Growth is never

by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

multiple colleges in one go and provide “study material & feedback”, increasing their business horizon. This helps the candidates who have negligible experience in interviews learn and grow. The Key Features of Their Services Includes • Asynchronous Video Interviewing Technology. • Bespoke asynchronous multiple rounds of Video Interviews. • Interviews can be recorded/answered using 4G / 3G technology. • AI based interview feedback mechanism. • AI-based Video Analytics – providing various Psychometric Traits. • Conducting Digital Campus placements. • Connecting multiple vendors/agencies by providing a unique code to track their submitted candidate's Interview status. • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) • Interview invite – an email invitation for Video Interview(s) (providing secrecy) for Sr Management level hiring. • The interviews can be recorded/answered in 9 different

regional languages. • Interview profile sharing with multiple teams along with individual feedbacks for quicker and better assessments. • Training & Placement officers of colleges can provide “interview feedbacks and training” to their students, asynchronously. • Trainers can digitally connect to multiple colleges in one go and provide “study material & feedback”, increasing their business horizon. The magical Business Model InterviewAir’s business model revolves around a simple annual SaaS-based subscription model from Corporates, Colleges, Institutes, and Consultants (B2B). The pricing is kept low, keeping in mind it’s a technological platform, bringing a new dimension to the Hiring Process. Also, they have plans to collect direct revenue from job seekers (B2C) by providing value-added services like Interview feedback, proposing appropriate career paths through counseling, suggesting courses for higher education, and recommending job industries to potential job seekers. “By becoming a facilitator, we have positioned ourselves as marketplace technology disruptors.” InterviewAir is a one of its kind company with novel services. Their services have gained a lot of appreciation and credibility from their customers, from various industries. By following absolute

agile methods for developing technology and by staying connected with their subscribed members, InterviewAir has been adept to the market volatility and has helped them stay ahead of the curve.

the organization a step further: Corporates: Providing access to a diverse pool of job seekers by connecting them to Colleges and Laterals from tier 2/3&4 cities & streamlining their multiple rounds of job interviews, saving Cost & Time.

The Road Ahead Growth is a factor inevitable, and is something that keeps pushing the team forward. To strive for something, to push the boundaries, set new ones and expand, all in the faith of the customers and their success. InterviewAir is currently working on the following frontiers to take

Franchise Model: Establishing multiple interviewing booths in tier 2/3&4 cities.


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. – Henry Ford

base and a revenue of $200M

Digital Job Fairs: Eliminating Walk-ins, thus saving Time & Cost.

The Work Culture

International expansion in next 24 months across EMEA In Next 5 years we seek capturing 200M users with 7000 customer

A happy work environment helps to boost up productivity. At InterviewAir, everyone works with a 100% ownership and an agile 13

Cover Story approach to product development. Every team member knows his freedom as much as their responsibilities. At InterviewAir they believe in taking risks, fail fast, and keep learning to grow. For every business, customer is the king, and to stay ahead, a customercentric approach is what is necessary. At InterviewAir, they have built their teams with these core values. Their customer-first approach has added strength to the organization’s growth. Transparency is a core factor that always plays a vital role in the growth of any organization. At InterviewAir they maintain 100% transparency to avoid issues and keep the processes easier. InterviewAir’s team always makes data-driven decisions so they can add speed to their growth. Smart and humble people at the company make the company’s environment happier and productive. An unmatched leadership • Ms. Ridhima Gauba is the CEO of the company and has a background in Commerce and has completed her MBA (Finance). She was selected for a course in one of the prestigious Indian universities – IIM Bangalore. She has a background in portfolio management and has been into banking and finance since day one. She takes care of Operations / Sales / HR & Admin / Investor relations. • Mr. Rohit Taneja is the COO of the company and has a background in Engineering. He has completed his MSc in Data Communications and pursued MBA (Marketing), all from London, UK. He takes care of Tech & Business Development.

14 August 2020

• Mr. Ritesh Chandnani is the CTO of the company and has a background in Computer Engineering. He has completed his BE from Mumbai University. He takes care of Tech and R&D. • Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhide is an IIT Bombay (CS) and IIM Ahmedabad and is the key protagonist in shaping the Video Tech and Strategic Alliances.

• Top 20 Women Entrepreneurs – Facebook (SheLeadsTech) • Top 7 promising HR Tech Award by JITO • The Leaders Globe Award – The 10 Most Innovative HR Management Companies, India • Covered in CNBC / Economic Times / YourStory and host of local newspapers.

Awards and Recognitions • MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge Asia: Won 2nd place & $5000 cash prize in Technology Access innovation category, out of 25 participating Asian countries & 179 applications. • Winner of emPower Women Tech Entrepreneur Award 2018, a Govt of India and Govt of Canada initiative (Won Rs 500,000).


A leader is the one who kno the way, goes the way, an shows the way. Innovation distinguishes between a Lea and a Follower.

• Leading Start-up Award – BMA (chaired by Mr. Mohandas Pai): One of the top 5 leading startups in Digital Space • Winner: Marathwada Innovation Challenge MAGIC Aurangabad – Jury Award • mBillionth Award – Learning & Education (Biggest Award in South Asia, Delhi) • Top 15 Women Tech Entrepreneur Award (Grace Hopper WEQ 2018) • Top 15 India Tech Women Entrepreneur – Qualcomm Technologies (USA) • Next Big Idea: One of the top 50 Startups out of 1000 applicants PAN India

Ridhima Gauba CEO

ows nd n ader

a 15

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020


very organization focuses on hiring only the best candidates for their teams. If your organization is still using traditional recruitment processes then you might be holding your growth back. Evaluating and generating results from assessments to acquire appropriate talent that suits your company’s requirement is now more seamless with the use of a cloud-based assessment platform. As all of us know, the cloud is everything! Cloud-based assessment platforms help recruiters getting feedback from the key people about the candidate; however, traditional recruitment processes make it strenuous to get everyone up-to-date on the latest candidates. The recruitment landscape has changed drastically with the adoption of new technologies. TalentBridge Technologies is a leading name in the recruitment industry with comprehensive and unique offerings. The company offers the cloud-based assessment platform- CALIBRAT. CALIBRAT (earlier iHiring) is an advanced, scalable and secure online assessment platform which helps the talent acquisition team to 16 August 2020

evaluate Aptitude, Technical Skills and Written Communication Skills using various evaluation formats. Innovations in assessment solution have greatly reduced the manual efforts in administering and proctoring the screening tests, and also nearly eliminated the possibility of evaluation errors. The security features are an important element of the online assessment platform as it’s extremely critical to protect the integrity of assessment and prevent anyone from compromising the credibility of the screening process. The state of art security features like random candidate snapshot (with Face detection and recognition technology) while candidates are taking assessments eliminates any impersonation and makes the assessment secure particularly in a remote environment without any invigilator or proctor. The assessment platform can track the on-screen activities of candidates while they are taking assessments and the test administrator can monitor all the candidates centrally. The evolved assessment platform also offers features to conduct multi-lingual online assessments. The masterminds behind the longstanding growth of the company

are its founders, Mr. Gauravendra Shukla (CEO) and Mr. Sandip Yuwanati (COO). Under their innovative and solution-oriented vision, TalentBridge Technologies' team is making efforts to transform businesses with quality HR solutions. Solutions that Make Recruitment Processes Easier In recent years’ scalability and security of the platform has become a key driving factor to determine the suitability of the platform. CALIBRAT has been built with emerging technologies. It's a highly scalable and secure platform with intuitive UI/UX. State of the art feature like ‘Proctor’ ensures remote proctoring using a central monitoring console along with Face Detection and Recognition technology to authenticate the identity of the candidate. Such features give complete control to the Assessment Administrator to maintain the integrity of the assessment. Mobility coupled with enterprise-scale functionality (for delivery of assessments) has been a tremendous value-addition to overcome infrastructural and geographical bottlenecks.

Bringing Innovation to the Table As the job market is becoming competitive in India as well as across the world, assessment and interviewing platforms would evolve as a growing segment in HR Technology. This growth will be driven by advanced forms of assessments, machine learning and AI-based assessment solutions, and advanced analytics for a higher level of predictive insights on screening. “TalentBridge aspires to build innovative solutions in measurement and predictive tools using some of the next-generation technologies.” The recruiters not only can do away with hard copies of resumes but can screen resume without actually going through each resume using resume or profile rating tools. Even a simple feature like randomizing the questions and options appearing on the test screen reduces the possibility of any cheating or violation by the candidates. The mobility delivery assessment solutions offer a very effective mechanism to conduct assessments overcoming infrastructure bottlenecks. With the proliferation of Tablets and smartphones well supported by internet infrastructure, online video interviews are becoming convenient and cost-effective modes to conduct personal discussions. The assessment reporting and analytics provide tremendous flexibility to prune the candidate shortlist considering all possible dimensions of assessment scores and profiles. 17

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020

Solid Leadership Gauravendra Shukla (CEO) Gauravendra has over 21 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the IT industry in India and abroad. He has worked for some of the most respected companies like ISPAT group, TECS, Ingram Micro, Kobian Pte Ltd, and IBM. He has handled the entire spectrum of channels. He holds MBA Marketing from KJ Somaiya, Mumbai and BE Honours from NIT Surat (REC Surat). Sandip Yuwanati (COO) Sandip, in his career span of over 14 years has handled functional areas ranging from Sales, Marketing, Business Analysis, Operations, Finance, Product Management, and Corporate Planning & Strategy. Prior to TalentBridge, Sandip worked with Asian Paints Ltd., Deloitte and Aliens Group. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow and VNIT (REC), Nagpur. Massive Changeover in HR Solutions Sector

18 August 2020

Today HR Technology is not only an indispensable dimension to effectively run HR in any company but also is increasingly becoming core to the businesses. HR Technology has been evolving much faster covering every aspect of the HR function including the complete lifecycle of an employee starting from sourcing of an employee till the exit. Numerous cloud-based HR Technology companies are building nextgeneration tools for sourcing, assessments, interviewing, on boarding, L&D, payroll, benefits, productivity tools, and other engagement programs. Recent trends also show the increasing number of HR Technology players investing heavily in AI, Machine Learning, mobility and analytics to reshape the entire Talent Management segment in HR Technology. Though globally HR Technology has become a norm, Indian businesses have been gradual in adoption however in recent years’ adoption has increased at a faster rate which is will lead to significant improvement in the efficiency of HR-related systems and processes. Given the geographical barriers and

physical as well as technology infrastructural bottlenecks to screen manpower at large scale will only be possible with mobility delivered online assessments platform. The scale and security offered by an online assessment platform have expanded the reach of screening process to remote locations well supplemented by the improvement in internet infrastructure as well as an increase in mobile/computing device proliferation. The online assessment platform is a great enabler in overall talent acquisition and talent management activities for employers’ thereby increasing reach and scale which in turn enables employable talent pool employment opportunities.


Increased mobile and social mediabased technologies using AI are increasingly offering efficient solutions. The proliferation of social media is making organizations to look beyond the traditional sourcing methods at the same time their social media presence has also become an extension of their corporate brand. The technologies which are likely to redefine the landscape of this space include Machine Learning, speech recognition, NLP, AI, and written content analysis.

The online assessment platforms have enabled organizations to conduct customizable and autoproctored online assessments seamlessly which not only have organized the hiring process but also reduced time, effort and cost in screening substantially. The online assessment platforms are definitely the way to future not only in terms of the sophistication and ease of conducting the screening but also evolving the evaluation methodologies.



No.1* In Rankings of Registrars by Number of Assignments

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd. *Prime Database: Rankings for 2016-17,2017-18 and 2018-19

Head Office: 1st Floor, Bharat Tin Works Buiding, Opp. Vasant Oasis, Makwana Road, Marol, Andheri (E). Mumbai-400 059. Maharashtra. Contact 92-253820 Email: /

302, Kushal Bazar, 32-33, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019. Contact: 91-011-42425004/ 47565852 Email:

306, Right Wrong, Amrutha Ville, Opp. Yashodha Hospital Somajiguda, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad - 500082 Contact: 91-40-2337 4967/ 91-40-2337 0295 Email:

A/802, Samudra Complex, Near Klassic Gold, C,G. Road Ahemdabad, 380009 Contact: 91-79-40024135 Email:


20 August 2020

According to a survey conducted by IPSOS in various countries around the world through the Statista platform, most people around the world say that without the Internet, they would not be able to think of a single concept of the world. According to the Internet World Statistics Organization, out of a total population of 7.8 billion, 4.6 billion people use the Internet today. From 1% in 1995, the number of Internet subscribers increased by 1267% in the two decades from 2000 to 2020. Along with “food, clothing, and shelter”, the Internet also underscores the need for basic human life. This is because of the great advances in Internet-based technology. In 2003, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos

compared the Internet to “the invention of electricity.” And that’s exactly what happened. This is because the invention of electricity was aimed at illuminating only by lighting the bulb, but with the advent of research, innovation, and human-intelligence, various applications of electrical equipment have gradually increased the use of electricity. Something similar happened on the Internet. While competition in the internet world has reached its peak, half the world's population is able to use it. The fact that the major population is deprived of connectivity cannot be denied. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt about the deterioration of personal and social health in the modern world which is advancing with the pure intention of making human life bearable. Of course, it would never be wise to hold all technology responsible for that. A conscious person who uses technology deserves its usefulness and its effect. We are all experiencing a flood of information in the internet age, even in the present, but in the future, it should not be a surprise if the psychic

system needs to be made more capable and strong to keep the human mind and intellect in order with the explosion of meaning/purpose rewarded videoinformation and fake news. Of all the creatures, extraordinary intelligence is the special one. Although the Internet is changing rapidly, it is inevitable to notice the natural difference between the speed of the machine and the speed of the human psyche and acceptance of the change. When looking forward to the future of the Internet, the first thing to do is speed - the speed of the Internet. In May 2020, Australian researchers recorded a record Internet speed of 44.2 terabytes per second. I.e. generally HD. 1000 quality movies are downloaded in microseconds. The Internet is a highway to the utility of technology as a whole. Therefore, for the welfare of the whole world, technologists and governments of all countries have come up with a comprehensive and well-planned, all-encompassing, open-source, and free and open technology strategy based on such a powerful tool.

The Internet is so big, so powerful, and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. - Andrew Brown


he outbreak of Covid-19 caused a lockdown in the physical world. Public life came to a standstill. Imagine if tomorrow something like this happened in a virtual world? Because of a cyber-war or a similar horrific virus attack, or some technical glitch, the Internet has been shut down for a long time, a few months-years, or forever. 21

Interview with The Enterprise World

Dheeraj Vanjani | Co-founder

22 August 2020

Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd Shaping the future of enterprises!


he HR solution is one of the major factors behind the growth of any company, as it plays an active role in almost every area of the company. The main focus of these HR solutions is to keep the company strong, successful, and functional. A business cannot run without hiring a proper talent and managing it well. Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading names in the HR solutions landscape that has made a unique position in the market with its comprehensive offerings. In a talk with Mr. Dheeraj Vanjani, Co-founder, Adhaan Solution, lets discover more about the company and his thoughts on the current business scenario. • Tell us about the company. Hello readers, it’s really nice to share our story with you all. Since 2010, Adhaan has grown organically from a boot-strapped venture to a top-of-its-class provider of HR solutions. Our solutions are custom-made for each client and we pride ourselves on services that are delivered on-time

and with 100% compliance. As an agile and responsive HR solution provider, we strive to build a collaborative partnership with our clients to allow them to focus on other important growthaccelerating areas.

and a regular source of income. We were also conducting webinars to manage staff virtually and conducting online interviews. I believe in the coming few months there will be a rise in demand for manpower as life comes to normalcy and all sectors begin to open up, especially e-commerce/logistics and pharma.

This unwavering dedication to our clients has made us one of the fastest-growing HR service providers in the country, with our offices now spanning 23 locations pan-India.

• What were the initial challenges you faced?

Our services include Labour Law Compliance, Temporary Staffing, Permanent Recruitment, Payroll Processing, and Expat Hiring, all delivered with unmatched Professionalism and our special Adhaan flair! We never stopped working during lockdown too. During the 2 months of lockdown, our ground staff and backend operations were working regularly to serve our clients who were a part of essential services ensuring a constant supply of manpower and ensuring on-time salaries during these difficult times. Also, we helped migrant workers who were stranded on the roads to find jobs and get them food, shelter

Being a bootstrapped business, initially, it was difficult to achieve growth for us. With limited funds, we had to keep our technology and talent costs in control to make ends meet. But in two and a half years, we managed to break even and since then, growth has skyrocketed 200 percent year-on-year. • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Our patience, dedication, integrity, loyalty, ethical values, and most importantly our USP - services at its best- are key values which helped us overcome the challenges. Our mission is to continuously 23

Interview with The Enterprise World

The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finishing line.

develop and strengthen our deliverables and fulfil our dream to reach the pinnacle in HR solutions. • What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? As one of the fastest-growing HR solution companies in the state, we at Adhaan offer various tailored services and support to our clients. These are: 1. Payroll management - Ensuring employee welfare by helping HR management to deliver timely and accurate salary payments and deductions to employees. 2. Temporary staffing - Offering temporary services to clients looking to hire candidates to work on short projects and save employment costs. 3. Permanent recruitment Providing experienced and dedicated HR professionals who will help find the perfect candidate for every post. 4. Labour law compliance management - Taking a proactive approach in covering legal obligation to ensure that organizations comply with rules, regulations, or laws, pertaining to the industry. • Why should one choose Adhaan? There are several factors that make

24 August 2020

us stand out in the market, such as cost-effective and TAT recruitment services, on-time and accurate payroll processing, 100 percent audit clearance, 100 percent documentation, government liaison, and no more compliance burdens. Persistent spotlight on client’s delight customized solutions and customized accounts management is one devoted point of contact for us. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your services? Going forward, we at Adhaan Solution have set a resolution to be one of the top 10 players in the staffing industry within three years and we are planning to expand our services across locations by adding new verticals/industries to our kitty. • How has technology transformed the traditional way of business? According to me, through the use of mobile apps, online apps, and other tools, businesses are making it easier to attract and retain customers and candidates; this completely changed the scenario of businesses in every sector around the globe. • What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

I believe it’s the responsibility of a business owner or an entrepreneur to make its customers and employees happy while balancing social and economic activities. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Today, in the HR solutions industry, Adhaan is a name to reckon with, with our head office in Ahmadabad and branches across ten states in India. The 120-member team has successfully placed over 1 Lakh employees since its launch. We also have several awards to hone, including Quality Brand Award 2014, The Golden Globe Tiger Award for Best Service Provider in HR 2017, Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, among others. We were also conferred an award by the Labour and Employment Department, Government of Gujarat in 2016 for the highest PF accounts in the state. • One person who you admire the most? My father, I have seen him working day and night to get to the level where is he is today, one of the leading men in his business circle.

Upshot Metros

Jaipur-The Pink City 26 August 2020 27

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aipur is one of the oldest cities in India known as Pink City. The city of Jaipur, called the capital of the state of Rajasthan, is situated in a semi-desert region. Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the current state of Rajasthan. Till 1947 AD, Jaipur was the capital of a princely state. Kachhwaha is a historically famous city of Rajasthan inhabited by King Jai Singh II. This beautiful city was built by Raja Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Amber with the help of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, an architect of Bengal. It is the first city in India which was built according to the Vaastu Shastra. While constructing this city with magnificent palaces, 7 gates were built to enter it. The city is surrounded by walls from all sides. Where Jaipur is located, there were once six villages. Construction of Jaipur city started in 1727, it took about 4 years to build the major blocks. The capital of Jaipur used to be Amber. When the news of the arrival of the Prince of Wales came in 1876, Maharaja Sawai Mansingh had painted the entire city in pink. Since then, the city has been named Pink City (Pink City). Major buildings here include City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Rambagh Palace, and Nahargarh Fort, built in the 18th century.

textiles as well as etching on stone, marble, and ivory. The residents of the Shekhawati region, especially towards Jaipur state, are counted among the prominent industrialists of India. They have industrial institutes in Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, etc. Some of these industrialists have started some business ventures in Jaipur. There are Jaipur Metal and Electricals Limited, Jaipur Spinning, and Weaving Mills, Maan Industrial Corporation, etc. in large scale industries. Jaipur Metal & Electricals has a large factory to manufacture Aloy metal goods. Electric meters are also produced here. The National Children's Biking Factory is the largest factory not only in India but in Asia. Here hairs are beautifully made in abundance. Maan Industrial Corporation makes steel doors, window frames, etc. This is the first factory of its kind in India. Also, Zoroaster & Company produces Felt Hat on an industrial basis.

Economy of Jaipur

Among the small-scale industries here are the main ones - Jawaharat, Meenakari, and Jawahartaon inlay, Khadi and village industries, handmade paper, toys, ivory, Sanganeri printing, bonding and dyeing work, lacquer work, shoemaking, Gota Edgework. The art of brass carving and idol cars here is famous all over India.

It is a commercial trade center. Engineering and metallurgy, handloom weaving, distillation and glass, hosiery, carpet, blankets, shoes, and medicines are prominent among the industries here. The famous arts and handicrafts of Jaipur include the enamel of jewelry, metallurgy, and imprinted

The artists from Jaipur have been famous for making sculptures of Hindu deities for many years. Statues made here will be found in temples of every part of the country. The associates of Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri have also been instrumental in the construction of buildings here. Most of these

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stalwarts have come here from Mandu, Narnaul, and Deeg during the time of Mirza Raja Mansingh. Jaipur is the center of gems business in India. Here, the gems are harvested and made with great efficiency. This place is particularly famous for making emeralds, sapphires, etc. The ivory toys made in Jaipur are very beautiful from the point of view of art. Bangles of ivory are also made here. Various objects made of elephant teeth - statues, toys, makeup, flower leaves, etc. are also quite much in foreign countries. The silver, brass, sandalwood, wood, and cottage toys are also very famous here. In these, coloring is also done very efficiently. The dyeing, printing, and bonding of clothes have been famous since ancient times in Sanganer near Jaipur. Splatter here is very popular in Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. Everybody wants to have Sanganeri Safe and Keimal in Rajputana. Here the printed ones are printed on the cloth with wooden slaps. Most Muslims do the work of dying and bonding. There are two types of Bandhej Chundri and Lahariya. Both work very well in Jaipur. The main crops of sandy land are bajra, moong, and moth. The plain area yields are cotton, jowar, maize, millet, wheat, gram, coriander, opium, etc. Sawai Madhopur also has reed, rice, and groundnut. Melon, watermelon, cucumber, etc. occur on the banks of the rivers and surrounding areas. Most farmers depend on rain. The average rainfall here is 24 inches. It starts in

June and lasts till the end of September. The highest rainfall occurs in Sawai Madhopur and the least in the Shekhawati region. Many types of minerals are found here. So far, the industrialists have been given very little facility from the state and the state has paid very little attention to it otherwise it can be a major means of income for the state. Due to lack of transport facilities, lack of modern machines and lack of funds, minerals are not extracted much here. Most of those extracted are sent out in raw form only. The state is now focused on promoting the mineral industry. Fairs and Festivals Apart from the palaces and forts, the town of Jaipur is famous for its fairs and festivals. One of the favored annual festivals here is that the Jaipur Vintage Car Rally which is organized in January. Car lovers can visit the city and see an exquisite collection of vintage cars like Mercedes, Austin, and Fiat, etc. The Elephant Festival is organized on the occasion of Holi which is that the main festival of the Hindus. Many colorful cultural programs are presented during this festival. Apart from this, Gangaur Mahotsava is also much awaited in Jaipur. Gangaur means Shiva and Parvati. Gana means the Hindu god Shiva and Gaur means Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati. This festival may be a symbol of happiness in married life. Banganga Mela, Teej, Holi, and Chaksu Fair also are famous among other festivals and fairs of Jaipur.




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Hawa Mahal

Jaipur is well known for its architectural wonder which brings out the rich heritage. Jaipur is famous for its beautiful monuments, which have a royal touch. From architectural beauty to historical relics, from magnificent gardens to magnificent forts, from extraordinary courtyards to royal architecture.

Hawa Mahal is one of the recognized monuments in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal attracts many tourist attractions everywhere. Hawa Mahal is famous for its magnificent Rajputana architecture.

Amber Fort Amber Fort is in Amber (Jaipur), formerly the capital of the Kachhwaha tribe, until Jaipur was declared the official capital in 1727. The amber fort looks beautifully built with white marble and red sandstone. Nahargarh Fort Nahargarh Fort is made by Maharaja Jai Sawai Singh of Jaipur. The fort is made on top of the Aravalis which offers spectacular views.

Jaigad Fort The Jaigad Fort is situated on a hilltop and is popularly named Chela Ka Teela (Hill of Eagles). Jaigarh Fort is also famous as ‘Vijay Fort’, which is about 15 km away from Jaipur. Jaigarh Fort is one of the magnificent forts in India.


The Bazaar of Jaipur is a depiction of the graceful culture of Jaipur. So, make a trip to this city lled with vibrant colors and life to explore and spread business wings.

The City Palace The City Palace is the main tourist attraction and a landmark in Jaipur. The gorgeous city palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh during his reign. City Palace is well-known for its architectural beauty and exquisite art and architecture. It spreads over a huge area and is split into a series of gardens, courtyards, and buildings. It is said that Raja Jai Singh constructed the outer wall which has covered an outsized area. Additional buildings were constructed by subsequent rulers.

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If you are struggling to redeď€ ne your success in the ways that matter to you, want more energy and passion, be a better leader, and improve your business skills, we can help you.

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uman Resources plays a vital role, forming the core of any organization. It has always played a supportive role in the growth of any organization. The Human Resources department should be able to effectively maximize the performance of the employees and also play a critical role for the benefit of the company’s aims and objectives. To help companies grow and help them rise above the hurdles that might stop them, Jim Woods started the Woods Kovalova Group. Legend has it that Woods Kovalova Group was first started in 1998 with a hike in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The journey thus stated in 1998. Their first customer on the first day was a Fortune 500 company. The company didn’t have a business card or name. Having started from the ground up by focusing on principles and mission literally, Woods Kovalova Group now works with clients from the US government to major corporations merged with KLC Group from Europe, giving them access to more opportunities. Today, they have customers from every continent. Woods Kovalova Group helps people improve the quality of their lives and organizations drive business outcomes and help people achieve their potential. Woods Kovalova Group helps clients unlock the 33

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020 power to answer the pressing challenges that many businesses face. People-centered solutions can help the clients innovate better, ensure change programs deliver, even give customer service programs the best chance of success. Overall, Woods Kovalova Group makes your organization more competitive at every point in the economic cycle. They take on your most pressing leadership challenges to solve what matters most. The company has grown faster than they had anticipated. This required the team to focus on hiring consultants who had experience from some of the top names in consulting but at the same times those who shared their unique vision. Determined to help the companies grow to its full potential, Woods Kovalova Group goes below the surface of the problem that clients experience. They explored the issues of trust, accountability, honesty, and engagement. This led to the growth of not just their business, but of their clients as well. Woods Kovalova Group’s major offerings are leadership and employee engagement training. However, since the merger, what has separated their company from others is their ability to uncover the root cause of a problem. The company has it all to help their clients – strategy development and execution, teams hiring, training and development, organizational change and optimization, etc. All and more, every case is unique to the organization and complexity of service is aimed to help clients to exceed their expectations, improve operations and increase the bottom line.

“If your life or businesses do not match what you believe they should speak with us.” The Woods Kovalova Group’s customized services allow organizations to develop the leadership competencies and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities. For each client, their approach is consistent but the outcome is one of a kind. Whether developing talent, culture or the leadership strategy that delivers on your business strategy, Woods Kovalova Group can meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go. Woods Kovalova Group is the trusted advisors to Fortune 1000 clients to improve their competitive advantage, affirmative action plans, and improve the leadership capabilities of their people with the ability to out-innovate competitors. Woods Kovalova Group has successfully enabled business leaders and career-focused individuals to improve the quality of their lives and their business. They use video conferencing to raise the awareness of their career coaching clients with unique tools to stay focused, driven and fulfilled in their relationships. The company provides empowerment to overcome limitations, fear, and self-doubt. Located in the Denver Tech Building in Denver, Colorado, Woods Kovalova Group is a family-run, minority and womanowned company applying the best tools and methodologies of larger consultancies in the nimble environment—and with the

personalized attention—of a smaller firm. A simple mantra that has worked for the company to keep its services on par is, see the need, get to know the problem and create a solution accordingly. From the USA to Kenya, the UK to Saudi Arabia, Canada to Brazil, they have worked with each of them to understand their needs, build trust with their stakeholders, solve their most urgent problems and create the value they need to be successful. AN ENTREPRENEURIAL PASSION WITH A LEARNER'S MINDSET The team members push towards achieving the collective purpose. They recognize that their efforts must fundamentally connect throughout the organization to achieve a greater impact. They are adept at working cross-functionally and acknowledge the contributions. You can expect team members to always thrive to achieve beer results. They are passionate, resourceful and resilient to setbacks. They believe in positively transforming people’s lives and careers through continuous learning. They inspire others to grow outside of their comfort zone. Woods Kovalova Group team members never compromise integrity to achieve results. They support the customer and each other and are constantly mindful of creating a positive customer experience both internally and externally.

preserving data ecosystems

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Android Phones iPhones Might Be More Secure Than



urrently, only two operating systems are running in the smartphone market. The first is Apple's iOS and the second Google's Android. People say Android Phones Might Be More Secure than iPhones now. But like the past, iPhone's iOS is still ahead in terms of security. In 2016, a terrorist carried out a shooting incident in California, in which 14 people lost their lives. After the incident, the terrorist's iPhone was handpicked by the US intelligence agency FBI, which the agency had sought help from Apple to unlock, but Apple refused to unlock the iPhone. Apple had said that it would not compromise the privacy of users. 'Android is open and quite flexible as compared to iOS, which gives many benefits to developers and users, but when it comes to the arrival of malware in the phone, Android weakens because of an update. When Apple's update gets released, it is immediately available to the users, while the Android update is not immediately available

to the users, because all the Android mobile manufacturer companies provide a custom user interface (their UI) in their phones.

code of their device, users may accidentally leave openings for cybercriminals. Unlike the iOS operating system, which runs only on Apple-branded products, the Android operating system runs on mobile devices made by many companies. Some companies may offer hardware that is more secure than others. Additionally, the manufacturer of the device may use a custom ROM or base operating system, which installs software that cannot be easily removed or analyzed for malicious purposes.

In such a situation, even after releasing the update by Google, users are not able to get the update quickly. There are a huge number of android phones that have not received new updates. ‘ Android is widely popular across the world and it is the one which users prefer the most. This creates an opportunity for developers to develop more android based apps. This also creates an equal opportunity for malware apps. Compared to the apple app store, it is easier to upload an app on Google play store. The Apple app uploading process is much more secure than the android one. Android owners can edit the source code of their Android devices. It appeals to users who want to make changes to the way they operate their mobile devices. But it can also make Android devices vulnerable to attacks. When editing the source

The talk about which one is better, iOS or Android is never-ending as it is a subjective matter. Many people use android phones as they find it easier to use and costfriendly too. While the people who believe quality is vital than the quantity, those prefers the iPhone. We say, whichever phone you use, you need to learn its operation properly and practice the safer ways while making processes like online transactions. 37

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Human Forte Helping Businesses to Grow


he faster the growth, the more challenging it is to control the functional performance of your organization. Human Resource Solution in the right place can reduce an organization’s risk and improve its lower performance - the factors needed to deliver both shareholder and customer value. Outsourcing HR functions help businesses manage the efficiency and growth of employees. To accelerate the growth of businesses, whether it is a startup or a unicorn, Human Forte is providing comprehensive and innovative HR solutions. Human Forte’s utmost trustworthy HR services have helped them to create a unique position in the HR services landscape. In a candid talk with Mr. Pritam Shah, Co-Founder & CBO at Human Forte lets discover their journey since inception and his thoughts on the current market scenario.

38 August 2020

• Tell us about the company. Human Forte is not just HR Solutions Company but a platform that enables companies from different industries to fulfill their end to end needs related to Human Resources function. Human Forte was founded with a mission to ensure that every organization that deals with human as an asset gets advice related to the complete achievement of mutual goals. • What were the initial challenges you faced? The HR industry is full of solution providers and making sure that you make a mark for yourself is always a thought-provoking process. • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company? I think, Human Forte followed a gradual process to get to a point where we are today. Being small, paying attention to the smallest possible client requirements helped us becoming popular amongst our network. The biggest boost to our growth was affirmative referencing. Our clients helped wholeheartedly.

• What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success? Till date, the only thing that has not changed is the “Quality” of service. HR is a demanding function and you need new ideas and measures to control the stakeholders of the company. At Human Forte, we believe in a lot of research and brainstorming. Implementing new • What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market? We are a one-stop solutions company when it comes to any function under Human Resources. We specialize in start-up advisory. We have helped numerous entrepreneurs to shape up and grow their ideas. Right from envisioning the HR function, we help them do talent acquisition, talent engagement, training and development, CXO Hiring, HR Audits, and meeting the various compliances. • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your services? Market Research has always been a key decisive factor when it comes to adding/updating/removing a service from the array of offerings. The decision is usually a balance between what our strength vs. what is that market is looking for. Going behind the trend blindly without acquiring expertise is something that has avoided since the inception of the company. • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

Keep going because you did not come this far just to come this far.


Pritam Shah, Co-Founder & CBO, Human Forte 39

Interview with The Enterprise World Well, we are exploring and positively progressing towards a HR Tech idea. This will be a unique solution and one of its kinds which will enable small and medium-size companies to digitalize and transform the employee lifecycle centric areas. We have done extensive exploration and sample collection with the help of industry experts. It is too early to get into details of the same, but we are optimistic that we will be able to make a difference with a small contribution to the community. • How has the technology transformed traditional way of business? Well, Technology has always been the backbone of our organization and everything that we do, manage, and deliver is fully digitalized. Sometimes there are challenges in how the client wants to receive the deliverables. In today’s Internetsavvy world, each company has its own ways to administer their efforts and it becomes challenging to convince your clients to be on a similar platform to enable smooth handover. Nevertheless, the consumer is a king and we always attempt for the right fusion. • What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? Constant innovation plus doing the same stuff differently are the main responsibilities of an entrepreneur. • Can you please brief us about your professional experience? I had started my career in TRA Research Pvt Ltd where I used to head the ops & strategy team, we used to come up with Most Trusted Brands Reports every year. After associating with Human Forte, things changed, like every 40 August 2020

entrepreneur, I also have faced initial hitches but with full focus & patience, it was a sail through. From just being a recruitment firm to now being an executive search firm, taking care of talent engagement, training, and development, CXO Hiring& as well HR Audits it was a long way to go. • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey? Getting through the start-up market was the key, time on time we got an industry which was booming at one particular year (Fin-Tech, HealthTech, Ed-Tech, Agri-Tech, etc). Working closely with those startups (well-funded or bootstrapped), our team managed to build a dream team for them & always banked on us whenever they wanted to hire a niche profile or plan a way as far as HR is concerned. • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique? Being transparent with them is the best way to be with employees. Interacting with them daily, motivating them when they mistake, sharing the real-life experience with them, creates a healthy experience with your employees. • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight? With every client, we have special experience because that’s how we treat our clients. • According to you, what are the basic factors that businesses in the digital landscape should focus on to get better results? Digitization is not a one-stop journey. A case in point is music,

where the model has shifted from selling tapes and CDs (and then MP3s) to subscription models, like Spotify’s/ Gaana/Apple Music. Basic factors are stay connected through various mediums, enhancing interactions among your clients, candidates & employees is of utmost important plus enabling new business models, such as peerto-peer customer service or product innovations. • One person, who you admire the most? I admire Vijay Shekhar Sharma; Paytm his journey is truly motivation for many. • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring? Byju’s – because they have changed the way Indian's used to see education & it has helped a lot for young minds to be focused since childhood, boosting education as a sector. Love their success story of how they captured. • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views. As an entrepreneur, you have chosen this life, where people will watch you not because you are doing good but when you will fall so that they will de-motivate & break you so as to you will not get up again. I think it’s a need for people out there to criticize you so that you & your products are best. • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that? Rat-race, simple way to cope up with it is by ignoring it& focusing on your strengths. Stop worrying & start proving yourself time & again that you are meant for this & you will sail through it no matter what.

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An innovative initiative by emerging leaders towards the technological revolution.


nnovation is different from creativity. Creativity just means thinking new things while innovation means doing new things. The main difference between creativity and innovation is that creativity is thinking of something new and innovation is the implement of something new. We are in need of a common language for innovation. It needs to be relevant to each of us, it must be current, appropriate, accurate and highly visible throughout the entire organization. This article is all about an innovative initiative taken by the emerging leaders to be a part of the change. A disruptive startup: TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. TIGI is a top-notch recruitment consultancy in all over India. It was initiated in October 2016 by Dax Bamania and Kashyap Dave. The company works with the mission to create maximum employment and leaders in society. TIGI HR (Startup) got awarded by the top leaders of India and recognised as the Most Trusted & Most Preferred Recruitment Company in India by Business Connect and VyaparJagat. TIGI HR is working with the foundation of 3D’s - i.e. Decent, Dynamic and Dedicated. Automation and Technology have been rapidly shifting the dynamic in every sector, and HR is no

42 August 2020

exception. TIGI HR always stay ahead in this game because they have a constant eye on the latest trends and what tools are available for HR professionals. As being a disruptive startup they work with highly futuristic technology and they believe in the change by preliminary understanding the demand. Now let’s take a look at some emerging leaders who played a vital role in building this firm. ♦ Dax Bamania - Founder and C.E.O. of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. Dax Bamania is not from any IIT, IIM or NIT but yet he pursues the identical perspective. He has attended workshops across the globe and got trained by renowned and great personalities of the world. He is recognized and nominated with many awards and certifications as well. Also he is bestselling author of Productivity Promoter book, along with Founder and CEO of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd., he is also an investor and growth partner for many other businesses. He says that tough times hardly last but tough people do. In addition he is strongly connected with spiritual aspects and as he says that his spiritual life is based on 4S’s as Seva, Sangha, Sadhna and Sadachar which helps him to balance his life in better way by joy of giving.

♦ Kashyap Dave - Co-Founder and Director of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. Again Kashyap is also not from any blue-chip institution of India but undoubtedly he has a versatile and empowered mindset which makes him capable in achieving his desired goal. Kashyap Dave has started his journey at the age of 22 and at this age realised that India which is home to more young people than any other country is running out of time to harness the potential of its youth to drive economic growth. Kashyap Dave is highly motivated, focused and visionary personality towards his work for tomorrow. Kashyap Dave and Dax Bamania together make TIGI grown, now TIGI HR has 1000+ potential clients and setting-up the franchisees across PAN India to fulfil his vision and mission. 90% of the clients are from IT, AI, Automation and Robotics industry only. A new phase of technology: AI and automation would bring a tech revolution. The rapid development of AI is not only a scientific breakthrough but also impacts on human society and economy. In between 2011 to 2018 more than $50 billion were 43

Expert’s View

Kashyap Dave | Dax Bamania invested in artificial intelligencerelated startups. And in the year 2020 alone $62.4 Billion is invested to bring the technological revolution. McKinsey predicted that one-third of U.S. workers could be automated away by 2030 and that between 400 million and 800 million people globally could lose jobs to automation, but now the need will increase for intelligent, creative and technical people who can create and align with technological revolution. Successful entrepreneurs know how to follow the most significant trends in the scope of their businesses. Some people create trends, and there are the people who understand the trends. As being a very flexible company TIGI HR has also taken part in this revolution. They are going to undertake an automatic calling system which will communicate with their prospects and understand their requirements and later will send the data to the team to get it fulfilled. Chat bots and automatic 44 August 2020

lead nurture will soon be essential tools for the firm. Inconveniences due to the revolution: • The technological revolution will lead to destroying human jobs. • It would not become affordable(price factor) for each and every one. • There would be a lack of accountability as humans are being replaced. • There has always been much furore about safety issues associated with Artificial Intelligence. • Artificial Intelligence algorithm involves analyzing the humongous amount of data that require an immense amount of computational power. • The number of educated unemployed persons will increase. Is it mandatory to change with the trend? Yes, change is inevitable but

sometimes man finds it difficult to accept it at once. But to connect with the people’s need every enterprise must need to apply innovatory approaches as TIGI did. Some of them are facing challenges because they have no clear benefits of the technology and hence they got kicked out of the business. There will be a question of survival if there is lack of flexibility in decision making. Thus, acceptance of automation will take your enterprise to the next height. How to motivate early and quick technology adoption? • Welcome new thoughts and continue open discussions. • Build new routines. • Group endorsement. • Learn, analyse and apply. • Try new tools and techniques. • Connect to the demand of the market. • Don’t complicate it, keep it simple.

POLAROID EYEWEAR Get ready to see the world through new eyes


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A Proper Marketing Strategy The only way for the growth of startup


oday, it is very easy to start a business by spending money, but it is diďŹƒcult to attract people towards you. Marketing and promotion are the things through which you can make your products and services accessible to people and inform people about it. Although there are many ways of marketing available, you need to choose the right one by looking at the size and type of your business. And to a major extent, your marketing method also depends on your budget and your product or service. Mainly marketing is the way through which people are familiar with your business to fulďŹ ll their

needs and desires. There are many such examples around us, in which people have a very good business plan, but due to not getting the right marketing, they cannot reach the people and fail. In order to make your business successful, it is necessary that you come out of your scope and reach your thinking to people and create a customer base for yourself. Advertising, selling, and promotion is a part of marketing, but marketing is not limited, it is related to many more. When you launch your product or service, you have to take care of 6 main things, these are known as 6P of marketing.

Product: By product we mean here the item or service that you provide to your customers. When choosing a service as your business, you do not need to worry about features like its packaging and labeling, but for this, you have to take special care of branding and quality. If you want to make a product accessible to your customers, then you will need to take care of its packaging, labeling, branding, and quality. Apart from this, you also have to take great care of your product safety. Price: Price is the price of any goods or services that the customer oers in exchange for the goods or services. While deciding the price 47

of any of your goods or services, you have to take care of other competitors available in the market. But if your product is the best and unique, then you can earn a good profit in your mind. The price of cars like Audi and Mercedes is much higher than other cars available in the market. But it does not matter to them, because their target market is different. But if you are launching a new product, then you have to keep the market in mind. Place: Place is where your customers buy your product or service. It also includes all channels of marketing. Marking includes the following channels. Promotion: Promotion is the most important part of marketing; with the help of this you convey your product or service to the customers. Nowadays we have many promotion methods like website, social media, blogging, e-newsletter, networking, pamphlet, TV, radio, print advertising, word of mouth advertising, loyalty and reward program, cold calling, etc. By using these methods, you can get your business better identified. People: Hereby People it means your supplier, distributor, wholesaler, stack holder, and your employees, not your customers. All

48 August 2020

these people are a part of your team in your business and everyone has an equal share in the success of your business.

and services, they also promote it and help in spreading your business.

Process: Customer service and marketing processes are a very important part of your business success. This includes sending information to the customer on time, collecting feedback from your customer, and regular analysis of sales and financial reports. If anything of these goes wrong then both your market and business are affected.

In Internet Marketing, you can use any of the methods of social media, email, blogging, etc. For the promotion of your business, you have to devise a proper Internet marketing strategy. With this, through various methods and techniques, you can also emulate your activity whether it is going in the right direction or not, and whether it is right for your business or not.

Marketing Tips for StartupsCause Marketing: This type of marketing refers to creating some reasons for your customers about your product or service so that they choose your product or service over any other attractive offer. The best example of this is car companies like Audi and Mercedes, whose companies do not use traditional methods of marketing, yet they have a good market available.

With the advent of the Internet, it has become a very effective way of marketing. Now for this kind of marketing, it is absolutely not necessary that you come face to face and do marketing in this manner. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have made it even more accessible. For example, if you have a beauty salon and one of your customers asks for some beauty tips, then you can adjust your various products.

Employee Marketing: Many businesses consider their employees as their potential customers and brand ambassadors. Believing in this fact, some people give their employees a discount for their products in the form of benefits. And when the employees are satisfied with these products

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The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020-The Enterprise World  

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020 features the stories of companies that are trendsetters in the field of HR wit...

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020-The Enterprise World  

The Best of 5 Recommended HR Tech Solution Providers for 2020 features the stories of companies that are trendsetters in the field of HR wit...


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