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A Message from our CEO, Bill Dutra

Featured Project: Mission Accomplished

Project Spotlight: Dutra Builds a Base for WETA's Vallejo Ferry Fleet

Dutra Employee Awards & Milestones

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Dutra’s mission is to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure and improve our waterways through sustainable dredging, marine construction, and aggregate manufacturing. We are committed both to our employees and to the services we offer, providing the community with innovative, economic, and environmentally responsible living solutions...and have been since 1904.

Dutra’s vision is one of innovation, expanding beyond the plans
on paper to include the communities that travel our waterways. Shoulder to shoulder, we support them by building more sustainable communities and creating new jobs that improve both social and safety conditions throughout the industry.

Dutra is about commitment. It’s a function of our leadership and how we leverage the capacity of our business, the capability of our people, and the character of our brand.

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO 2016 was a challenging year for The Dutra Group. We experienced a slow start to the year with above-normal events from Mother Nature on some of our first-quarter projects. However, I am proud to report that, even with the challenges, our year wrapped up to be a good one. This would not have been possible without great leadership from everyone who manages the company’s day-to-day activities, and from all the divisions who support each other. The year 2017 will bring us continued opportunities. We just experienced a major change in our political structure here in the United States, and the new administration has emphasized a renewed focus on our nation’s infrastructure. We are starting to see indicators that there will soon be investments by the government to improve the decayed infrastructure that we have observed over the past decades. There will be an opportunity for companies with construction experience and resources to play a role in these improvements. I truly believe that Dutra is poised to be a major participant in this process with our significant asset base and our talented people. Each and every one of you has an important role to play. I respect all of you and the contributions that you have made toward the continued growth and stability of our great company. It is vitally important to continue with the great efforts that everyone has put forth with regard to safety. As we know, we have experienced some challenges in the recent past. However, we are working through them, and with a renewed commitment to safety throughout the company, we have made great improvements in our overall safety performance. Let’s be grateful for all the opportunities that are before us. I am extremely proud to have such a great group of individuals, at all levels, who make such a tremendous contribution, not just to our company, but also to our most valued clients. Let’s continue to support and accommodate our client base, so that we can do our part to ensure the productivity and profitability of our great nation, along with all of us here at Dutra. Let’s make 2017 a banner year! Go Team!


Bill T. Dutra, President/Chief Executive Officer

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A GLIMPSE AHEAD — Here is a glimpse at some projects Dutra has on the horizon for 2017 JAN ‘17 - MAR ‘17


Georgia / 13m / USACE-Savannah APR ‘17 - MA7 ‘17


Virginia / 4.2m / USACE-Norfolk JUN ‘17 - MA7 ‘17


Delaware / 32.9m / USACE-Philadelphia

A MESSAGE FROM OUR COO 2016 has proven to be another great success for The Dutra Group. We began the year with many challenges, and for the most part, we prevailed with timely response, initiative, skill, and hard work. Transitioning our company-wide software system has come with all the anticipated challenges. Although we have much more ground to cover, we are making great strides through the conversion process, and I look forward to bringing the balance of the system’s capabilities online soon. Thank you to all who are enduring the transition. Another serious challenge for us is continuing our management of jobsite injuries. We have no choice but to transition our jobsite safety practices to a much higher level. Toward this goal, we have instituted a variety of newly written policies and protocols that are designed to reduce job-related injuries. I am pleased with the level of support from our employees. Your efforts are showing positive trends across the safety front. Our 2017 year will once again begin with a healthy and strong portfolio of contract backlog. These exciting new opportunities will bring new challenges, and I remain confident that, with proactive and cooperative teamwork, we will, once again, rise to the challenges and yield the great successes that you all deserve. Wishing each of you, your families, and the entire Dutra Team the very best in 2017.

APR ‘17 - SEP ‘17


California/ 12.5m / SFPUC

(San Francisco Public Utilities Commission)


Harry Stewart, Chief Operating Officer




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utra’s Naval Amphibious Base Dredging Project for the US Navy was a complex, action-packed project that posed many challenges for Project Manager Andrew Hunt and his team. With many moving parts, multiple commands to coordinate, and explosives to be dealt with, dredging 18 active piers at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado would prove to be no ordinary task but rather a riveting experience for the entire crew. The project was awarded in 2013, and dredging began two years later. The delay was due primarily to the development of an Explosive Safety System (ESS). The ESS had to be reviewed by the Navy Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA), which employs only two people for this review process. Midway through the ESS development, one of these NOSSA employees retired, and their replacement requested substantial changes to the document, resulting in three rounds of review, comments, and revisions before NOSSA accepted the ESS. During this time, the design work was being performed by an outside firm, Kelly Pittelko Fritz & Forssen. 

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After extensive review and approvals, work finally began in May 2016. Our team knew that a high-stakes operation like this one required pre-planning and constant communication in order to succeed. All activities on the piers were overseen by several different commands, including the Commander Naval Surface Force U.S Pacific Fleet, Amphibious Construction Battalion One, Assault Craft Unit One, Naval Special Warfare, and Special Boat Team 12. Each command had unique missions, schedules, and needs. Some had vessels requiring advanced notice to move. Others had floating docks that we removed and then replaced. The daily goal was to dredge the piers with minimal disruption to ongoing missions. With all these diverse interests, there were times when Dutra team members were quite literally knocking on doors to make sure quartermasters, chiefs, and duty watch officers were aware of what was taking place. “Logistically, it was challenging; communication was key,” Hunt said. “Naval operations were actively ongoing, and it was important that the commands knew where we were and what we were doing at all times. We didn’t want to impede their work, and they didn’t want to disrupt ours.” Operational restrictions were imposed on Dutra to accommodate the needs of the base. In an effort to limit our impact


“Dutra assembled a dedicated team of professionals that were able to adjust, adapt, and innovate, meeting the needs of the Navy and completing the project on schedule”



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on the base’s operations, Dutra was required to conduct its dredging operations within a 359-foot exclusion zone, and all dredging occurred at night. Even with these restrictions, work was halted at times due to training operations within the work zone. Dutra’s focus was not only on ensuring that there was no disturbance to the training but also that there was no disruption to our operations. To make sure this happened, Dutra hired security personnel to monitor specific control points in order to prevent other people from entering into the exclusion zone and shutting work down. To keep the base functional by day, the team performed a laborious operational clean-up at the end of each dredging shift. But this wasn’t any ordinary clean-up job. All dredged materials were loaded into a scow and transported to an upland disposal site called Pier Bravo—an active ammunition pier that ships and receives a variety of naval munitions. Due to the potential risk of explosion, Dutra’s haul truck drivers couldn’t just dump the dredged material at the disposal site like they normally would. Instead, they had to conduct a remote dump in case there were explosives within the dredged material. First, the driver had to back the truck up to the K-rail and then connect a 100-foot poly rope to the dump lever inside the cab. The driver then got out of the truck and entered a secured bunker affectionately named “the dog house,” where he would pull on the rope to remotely dump the truck. Once the dredged material was cleared of any large MEC (munitions of explosive concern), it was dried and eventually run through a mechanized screening machine. The purpose of this was to ensure that not even a 20-millimeter MEC could enter the waste stream. Once all material was cleared of MEC and sufficiently dried, it was ready to be hauled off the base to an approved upland facility. Unfortunately, the material was found to have higher levels of lead than California landfills accept, and the closest suitable landfill was found at Copper Mountain in Arizona. With such a distance, trucks could only make one trip per day. Roughly 143 trucks were loaded out over a weeklong period. Once all the material was removed from the disposal site, our mission was complete. “Dutra assembled a dedicated team of professionals that were able to adjust, adapt, and innovate, meeting the needs of the Navy and completing the project on schedule," said Project Manager Andrew Hunt. “Even though there was an element of real danger dealing with material containing unexploded ordnance, our team members completed the project with no injuries or accidents.”




he safety of our employees at The Dutra Group is one of our greatest responsibilities, and we do not take it lightly. In our last report, we shared the re-establishment of our Executive Safety Committee. This group, known as the Safety Leadership Team, meets monthly to discuss top-level initiatives and results with a focus on consensus building and communication throughout the company. We recognized that we needed to improve on our 2015 record. For that reason, we have made some changes in our policies and procedures in 2016. From these changes, we have learned what is working and what needs to be redefined so that we keep all our employees healthy and working safely. With these new policies and procedures rolled out, along with all the safety measures that were already in place, we have noticed a dramatic drop in


incident severity. One of our top priorities was enhancing our drug and alcohol program and training for Reasonable Suspicion Testing. Now, more management and employees understand what to look for and what effects alcohol and drugs can have on the company.

With our new transfer operation and internal workboat training programs, The Dutra Group is making headway in increasing the number of operators trained and increasing the candidate pool for employees who desire to obtain their Captain’s license.

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The rollout of our new SSHO/DSR Safety Teams in all our facilities and on every job site is having a positive effect. Job hazard analyses (JHAs) and daily safety meetings are being documented and discussed every day. The crews are more aware of day-to-day operations and what safety measures need to be taken to address identified hazards. New for Safety in 2016 is our Training Matrix, which captures all the completed employee safety training, including who, what, when, and related expiration dates. The Dutra Group’s new orientation video is 75% complete and should be available for use in early 2017. Once the orientation video is complete, the Safety Department will turn its focus to updating the Safety handbook. See more:

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Project Spotlight



two-year project to build a new base for the Vallejo ferry fleet was completed in late 2016 at the Water Emergency Transportation Authority’s North Bay operations and maintenance facility on Mare Island Strait. “This was a demanding project that required close coordination with WETA’s team to meet operational needs,” says Project Manager Bryan O’Sullivan. The project site was located at Building 165 within the area of the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, which operated from 1854 until 1996, when its primary facilities were closed. The new facility, located a half-mile south of the maintenance facility that it

replaced, includes an administration office, maintenance shops, fueling, berthing space, and passenger loading facilities. Passenger loading and unloading will occur on existing trips departing Mare Island en route to Downtown San Francisco. Under the direction of Marine Construction Manager Jim Davidson, the Dutra team constructed and installed four new full-service berths (capable of accommodating maintenance and passenger service activities) and one maintenance-only berth for the ferry vessels. The berths were configured with two 124-foot-long finger floats and one 200-foot-long finger float. A second maintenance berth, adjacent to the

quay wall, would be used in the event that a large land-based crane was necessary for a repair, such as removing an engine. Basic services including fueling, potable water, shore power, sewage disposal, urea, bilge water, lube and waste oil, and compressed air will be provided at each of the four fullservice berths. Dutra installed all piles (up to 105 feet in length), floats, and superstructure utilizing the crane barges Morty and Manitowoc 4100. The contract also included building a new passenger float and dry-docking of the existing service float. Key subcontractors installed the utility systems.



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“It took the combined efforts of Dutra Operations, Safety, Equipment, Fabrication, and main office to accomplish this project"

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) Waterside Construction | $15.5 million | August 2014 to December 2016

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he Dutra San Rafael Rock Quarry team hosted their Fifth Annual Community Meeting and Open House on October 8, 2016. Local government representatives attended, along with over 100 neighbors. An operational presentation was given in the morning, and quarry tours followed. The tours started with a trip to the bottom of the 250-foot-deep pit floor where photo opportunities were available for the kids (and big kids!) The tours then traveled through plant and processing operations with an explanation of how a variety of rock products are made. “Our annual Open House is an excellent

time to share with our neighbors the value of the resource, the complexities of the operations, and the efforts our team makes to minimize any impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods,” says Aimi Dutra, Dutra’s Public Relations Manager. The annual meeting is a success each year thanks to the diligent work of our Sales and Public Relations Administrative Assistant, Larissa Perry, who works many weeks coordinating the venue setup, and many other logistical items. During this year’s operational presentation, the Quarry team was proud to share their recent purchase of three new Tier

4-compliant loaders that will improve airemissions and efficiencies, and will continue our pattern of introducing the best available technology at San Rafael Rock Quarry. Dutra Materials General Manager Aaron Johnson works closely with San Rafael Rock Quarry Manager Daryle McLaughlin and On-site Engineer Ross Campbell, along with Quality Control Technician Travis Dewing and the Operations Group, to ensure that the Quarry continues to produce high-quality products for its customers in a cost-effective and safe manner while limiting neighborhood impacts. “It’s ever-present in our minds, and we are proud to note that since our 172 operating conditions were imposed in 2010 we have had minimal complaints – that is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our team and the good work that they do. Communication and problem solving is key,” said Aaron Johnson, General Manager of Dutra Materials. San Rafael Rock Quarry provided materials to over 521 projects in Marin County in 2016. From parking lots to pathways to shoreline protection, our materials made a difference in our community’s quality of life. See more:



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n August 29, 2016, the Dutra Museum Foundation held their Second Annual Golf Tournament at the Marin Country Club in Novato, California. The event raised funds for the foundation’s higher-education scholarships, which are awarded through the Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society and Rio Vista High School. In addition, Dutra Museum selected the Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma as their partner charity. Just as Dutra’s scholarships offer hope and opportunity, the Boys and Girls Clubs give children a foundation from which to expand their curiosity through life-enhancing programs and character-development experiences. Due to the huge success of the event, Dutra Museum Foundation was able to present a $12,500 donation check to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma and increased scholarship funding by 54%. Through the support of many sponsors, Dutra was able to host an action-filled day

on the course and some additional fun at a variety of interactive tents offering chair massages, car racing, lawn games, and a chipping contest … just to name a few! Additional highlights included an Irish bagpiper, live singing of the national anthem, and a mariachi player. Don’t miss next year’s event, which will be held August 28, 2017, at the Marin Country Club! If you would like more information about our 2017 tournament and the ways you can get involved, please email This fundraising tournament has been such a success over the last two years. In fact, it inspired us to hold another fundraiser at the museum itself. At the 2015 tournament, we discovered that for many it was the first time they had ever heard of the Dutra Museum, so we developed the idea for our “Night at the Museum” event, which was held in May 2016. The goal of the event was not only to

share with our sponsors and community the resources of the museum and the foundation, but also to focus our philanthropy locally with our neighbor, Rio Vista High School. While we currently fund two higher-education scholarships annually, with this event we focused our efforts on a department most in need, the arts. The success of Night at the Museum culminated in a $5,000 donation specifically to the Art Department of Rio Vista High School. As a construction/ engineering firm, we felt strongly in making this donation to highlight the need not only for higher-education support but also a wellrounded scholastic experience. Thank you for all the continued support of the Dutra Museum Foundation. Your contributions are impacting many. See more:


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Dedicated team modernizes information systems and increases operational efficiencies in data management.


n the fall of 2015, The Dutra Group began the process of transitioning from its existing StreetSmarts computer operating system to a new fully integrated and configurable software known as Vista by Viewpoint. An operating system is the computer mechanism by which vital information about all company business is gathered, processed, and reported. It comprises the most deeply embedded principles and rules The Dutra Group uses to account for and record its daily activities, encompassing everything from paying employees and vendors to generating purchase orders and tracking job costs, revenue, and profitability. Not surprisingly, the “way things are done” is often determined by the functionality of any system, and the implementation of a new way presents both opportunities and seemingly daunting changes. The path to the much anticipated “go live” date, when the company makes the leap to the new system, involved a dedicated team effort by representatives from every Dutra department, division, and operating group, as well as the involvement of numerous consultants who specialize in setting up and launching the software. The Vista system is composed of numerous integrated modules, each of which serve a particular task, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, or purchasing. Additional modules serve

operations such as project management, human resources, health and safety, and many more. The implementation schedule called for getting the basic accounting functions up and running first, before turning to the job cost and billing, project management, equipment, and the San Rafael Rock Quarry sales and inventory modules. Jackie Yahne and her accounting team, along with Mike Cole and the purchasing team, each played a major role in helping to set up and populate their respective modules. The work requires a top-to-bottom review of virtually every piece of information each department collects and uses on a daily basis. Company and industry standards have to be considered, as well as Dutra-specific rules and requirements such as individual

purchasing limits and requisition approval processes. Then, those decisions are translated into the system, or accomplished by custom coding for the system. The successful launch of the accounting and purchasing modules during late-August and September heralded the beginning of a new era for The Dutra Group. Work is progressing quickly now on launching the next modules, and we plan to have the company fully reliant on Vista soon. This new system provides a level of access and transparency for all users, from the folks in the corporate office to the crew in the field. Better transparency, faster access to information, streamlined reporting, and real-time access to production information and costs all add up to a better, more profitable and compliant future for The Dutra Group.

PROJECT TEAM Bill Dutra Harry Stewart Molly Jacobson Jim Hagood

Ross Campbell Nanci LaRue Mike Cole Mike Edde

Patty Bruce Dennis Ferguson Craig Atwood Bryan Alston

Bryan O’Sullivan Anthony Germain Giovanna Vitau Shannon Edell

Jackie Yahne Vista Consultants: Dena Holroyd Julie Schumann





interization projects are underway at work and at home, both for reasons of safety and to prevent expensive repairs to damage caused by foul weather. Looking back on 2016, we’ve been quite engaged in multiple drydockings and keeping the fleet working. Our dry-docking schedule was filled this year with Stuyvesant, Columbia, KS10, CK7, Sarah Reed, and the small dump scows that were dry-docked internally at our Rio Vista facility. Additionally, we purchased more capacity in our scow fleet and performed a dry-dock to bring DS21 into Dutra Dredging operations. Dutra Materials saw a loader replacement program, and highhour tier 3 machines were replaced with tier 4 final new machines with custom buckets. The bucket steel coincidently was cut at Dutra Fabrication with the company’s new CNC plasma burning table in partnership with Caterpillar. In collaboration, Dutra Dredging and Equipment performed a pre-season refurbishment of the Beaver, and she is now running smoothly on Bay Area projects. Dutra Construction and Delta received a new crane that is being used for marine construction projects in the Bay Area and has also received support from Dutra Fabrication in shop and in the field. The regulatory compliance has been an ongoing focus with regards to the United States Coast Guard and its uninspected towing vessel program, the American Bureau of Shipping, Air Resources Board districts, and others. Dutra works tirelessly to be a good partner to the environment and maintain compliance with all regulatory agencies. In other updates, we are working diligently to develop and implement departmental strategies for our 2016 key challenges and initiatives as discussed in our annual company meeting, in collaboration with all divisions and senior management with safety as our highest priority. To succeed in this very important task, Dutra introduced a Dutra Safety Representative Program, and all supervisors have taken an active role in dispatching and managing work in the safest manner possible, providing our employees with the safest work environment available. The Fabrication Facility is, at the time of this writing, celebrating 2,596 days without a recordable incident, and Oly Yard has worked 1,620 days without a recordable incident. Safe equipment operations and maximizing equipment utilizations are a collaborative effort by all. A big thanks goes out to Team Dutra for working so well together on these efforts and for supporting the maintenance of a cost-effective equipment fleet for all divisions. See more: &

Dutra works tirelessly to be a good partner to the environment and maintain compliance with all regulatory agencies.

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e accepted students from six universities to work alongside our estimators, project engineers, superintendents, and project managers. The goal of our internship program is to provide first-hand experience on a wide range of heavy construction and dredging projects to teach students how to apply their college education in the workplace. We met many of these students last fall and winter, while attending career fairs and information sessions for the California Maritime Academy, Cal Poly, the University of Pacific, and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Student Chapter. This recruiting season we used a new approach and invited alumni team members to attend these events. We found that this increased interest at the Dutra booth and allowed potential intern or employee candidates to ask direct questions of our team about their positions and career experience at Dutra. This approach created a more engaged recruiting experience, and as a result, we attracted an exceptional pool of interns this year.


ASCE SACRAMENTO SECTION 2015 PROJECT AWARD Dutra receives the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Flood Management Project of the Year award for the Drought Emergency Barrier project at West False River in 2015.

In addition, Dutra continues to partner with the Beavers Charitable Trust to market our internship opportunities. We hope to continue to help students build careers in our industry by providing quality internship and development opportunities. We actively hire students with degrees in the following areas: Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Business Administration, and beyond. Another area of focus in 2016 was personal development training. As part of Dutra’s new evaluation process, we’ve established individualized personaldevelopment plans for each team member to help guide and promote both career and personal development and improve job performance. As part of this program and in an effort to improve communication and strengthen team building company-wide, we held a development training focused on applying basic communication techniques to enhance work relationships and achieve performance goals. In addition to this training, department and division managers attended an additional session focused on performance and goal-setting. Good

communication is essential for building a strong team, and investing in our greatest asset is the best path to assuring success for all. See more:



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Bryan Alston Valerie Daley Molly Jacobson

10 Y E A R

Joseph Correia Dennis Ferguson Christopher Milam Emily Pappalardo Jon Peterson Jason Vitale Giovanna Vitau

15 Y E A R

Craig Atwood Cindy Cella Clifford Hunt Sherril Jarosch Doris Laul

20 Y E A R

Aaron Johnson Daryle McLaughlin Jackie Yahne

40 Y E A R Tony Medina

25 Y E A R

Dennis Salyers

“From my early days as a deckhand on the Tug Sarah Reed to now Dredging Superintendent of West Coast Operations—Dutra had always supported and encouraged my growth in the company. I am proud to work for Dutra and look forward to another 25 years!” - Dennis Salyers, 25 years “I'm proud of the growth I've seen in Dutra. Bill grew this company from the grass roots up to the company it is today. He has treated me and every other employee with dignity and respect and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.” - Tony Medina, 40 years



n June 16, the Safety Department proudly announced Karen Maples as the 2016 recipient of the annual Harvey Freeman Award. This award is given to an employee who demonstrates the qualities of which Harvey would be proud: integrity, honesty, mutual respect, and leadership. Harvey was proactive in safety and open-minded in understanding that safety and production can and should exist together. Karen Maples is one of the Site Safety and Health Officers (SSHO) for Dutra’s Dredging Department. Karen has displayed outstanding performance in her duties aboard the DB-24 and Beaver in the Redwood City projects and aboard the Paula Lee at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Both of these jobs were very challenging projects with unique challenges, and Karen tackled the issues with strength and determination. Karen has been with The Dutra Group since 2004. She started out as a surveyor, but Karen took the initiative to enroll in safety courses on her own time and expense. As a surveyor and later foreman, she has always conducted safety meetings and looked out for safety on the job sites, which shows her commitment toward safety and The Dutra Group. See more:


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CAPACITY. CAPABILITY. CHARACTER. The Dutra Group brings a strong commitment and competitiveness for growth and development to our valued clients anywhere and everywhere.






Dutra's Dredge Stuyvesant pumping sand on the beach at Smith County Park, New York Dutra's Dredge Stuyvesant working at sunrise in Mobile, Alabama Dutra's Dredge Paula Lee maintenance dredging in Cape Canaveral, Florida Dutra's Dredge Paula Lee installing fendering on the Bay Bridge, California Dutra's Dredge Paula Lee maintenance dredging in the San Francisco Bay, California








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Dutra's Dredge Columbia maintenance dredging Calcasieu River Pass in Cameron, Louisiana 7. Dutra's 300-yard scows headed to the San Francisco disposal site from the Brisbane Marina, California 8. Dutra's Dredge Beaver and Tug Phyllis working at the Port of Stockton, California 9. Dutra's fleet of equipment beginning the process of creating an emergency salinity barrier on West False River in the SacramentoSan Joaquin Delta, California 10. Dutra's San Rafael Rock Quarry provides armor stone, riprap, and construction aggregates with both highway and marine access capabilities. San Rafael, California

For our 2017 Calendar & Tidebook email Aimi Dutra at

Tel. (415) 258-6876 Fax (415) 258-9714







THE DUTRA GROUP Corporate Office 2350 Kerner Blvd., Ste. 200 San Rafael, CA 94901


Local Scholarship Programs. Sponsor Reservations Open April/May 2015 Golfer Reservations Open June 2015 ~ Invitation To Follow ~ For more information, email


Dutra 2017 Annual Newsletter  
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