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Hope Harcourt (Yana Tkacheva ’17) and Billy Crocker (Brycen Brown ’18) discover true love on an ocean liner


bound for London from New York in Dunham’s


production of the Cole


Porter musical “Anything Goes,” November 8, 9

INTENTIONALLY DIFFERENT The Dunham difference is a commitment to our mission, experienced daily in individual and tangible ways by students, faculty and parents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

LOWER SCHOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Joyful Learning in Lower School

& 10. (Photo by Mallory McClain ’16)

MIDDLE SCHOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 The Future is Now: Casting The College Vision

LIVING THE DIFFERENCE New Head of School Steve Eagleton is a self-confessed “stat geek.” So his first order of business has been to translate the achievements of our students, faculty and alumni into bite-sized bits that pack a powerful punch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

THE PROOF IS IN THE NUMBERS Why is Upper School math teacher Sheri Goings smiling? All 12 of her AP Calculus students earned perfect scores on their national AP Calculus exam last spring. . . 6

UPPER SCHOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Leadership Challenge MCKAY ACADEMIC CENTER . . . . . . . . 16 A Safe Place to Learn and Succeed COLLEGE PLACEMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 College Acceptances…The Visit Is The Difference…Real Answers From Real People… Finding My New Home ARTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Performing Inside the Box

THE MUSIC MASTER Music teacher by day, professional musician by night—Dunham’s newest Master Teacher brings a lot of hard work with a dash of soul to his role as band director. ..7

OPENING DOORS Through innovation, creativity and collaboration, Louisiana’s only Apple Distinguished Educator Nikole Blanchard is expanding classroom walls and forging global connections for teachers and students. .. . . . . . . 8

ATHLETICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Building Character Through Athletics COMMUNITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 A Thousand Miles…Finding My Way…Seasons To Serve ADVANCEMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Seeing the Possibilities…Giving Summary for 2014-2015…Pillars of Purpose PRAY DUNHAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 A Heart Afire

ON THE COVER New Head of School Steve Eagleton enjoys a lesson about nouns and verbs during a visit to Alica Benton’s 1st grade class. Every day, faculty and students are living the Dunham difference in ways that leave a lasting impact.

A man’s heart plans

his way, but the Lord

directs his steps. PROVERBS 16:9 (NKJV)

(Photo by Aaron Hogan) Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ




YOU Are the Dunham Difference

Intentionally Different

“Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people.”

Editor/Director of Publications Phyllis Alexander Director of Admissions Linda Spear Director of Advancement Kinch Cato Director of Constituent Relations Michelle Pricer Contributing Writers Bryan & Leigh Ann Evans Ashton Holmes ’16 Michelle Lazarus Tre’ Nelson ’14 LaJuna Scott Photographers Nicole Callac Judie Hahn Aaron Hogan Leah Jackson Steve Johnson Mallory McClain ’16 Quinn Miller ’09


The Dunham School seeks to provide students with the opportunity for college preparatory education set in the framework of Christian instruction and example. To this end, the school offers boys and girls rigorous academic instruction, challenging athletic and recreational activities, and creative expression in the fine arts. Each of these opportunities is ultimately grounded in a desire to educate the heart. The key to what we are doing is the faculty who serve as role models in each of these areas as men and women mature in their professional growth and Christian faith.

The same is true for The Dunham School. Our tagline, The Difference is Everything, provides an excellent frame for all that happens at our school. It is not only facilities, the college-preparatory curriculum, Apple devices, or innovative programs that separate Dunham from other area schools. It is how our faculty and students use these tools every day—collaborating, problem-solving, mentoring, communicating, learning—that is different. It is Christ-like love modeled and lived out daily that speaks the difference. Under new Head of School Steve Eagleton, The Difference is Everything has also become a call to action for the Dunham community: Be the difference. Make a difference. Experience the difference. Share the difference. Live the difference.

Eagleton family photo by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

Head of School Steven A. Eagleton

This favorite childhood finger play still reminds me that the church is not a building; it is the people in the building who do the everyday work of the gospel.

The most eloquent and effective way for each of us — faculty, students, coaches, alumni, parents, volunteers— to communicate the “Dunham difference” is to walk that difference wherever the Lord directs our paths. BY STEVEN A. EAGLETON

FIVE APPLES FOR OUR TEACHERS At press time, we learned that Dunham has been named an Apple Distinguished School for the 5th consecutive time. The award, given for technology innovation, visionary leadership and educational excellence, showcases the way our 1to1 Technology program continues to shape teaching and learning on our campus from PK3-12.

Graphic Design elbow/room Cover Photo

Head of School

Congratulations to Director of Technology Nikole Blanchard, who has been selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator, one of 122 nationwide and the only educator from Louisiana. She has been the driving force behind our 1to1 Technology program since its inception in 2010. We are delighted that Nikole’s efforts to help Dunham fully integrate transformational technology into our classrooms have resulted in this well deserved recognition. DUNHAM MAGAZINE is published twice a year for the Dunham community and friends by the Office of Communications. Copyright 2015 by The Dunham School. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Contact us at (225) 767.7097 ext 387 SEND COMMENTS TO: Phyllis Alexander, The Dunham School, 11111 Roy Emerson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 Phyllis.

Unless otherwise noted, Scripture taken from Holy Bible, New International Version ® NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. Scripture quotations marked (NLT) are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Non-Discriminatory Admissions Policy

2 dunham magazine




A commitment to our mission experienced daily in individual and tangible ways by students, faculty and parents.

We talk about the Dunham difference and say that “the difference is everything”, but that difference can be described in numerous ways depending upon each individual’s experience. A Christian school that focuses upon Christ is not different. However, the fact that students consistently commit their lives to Christ— in Bible studies, on retreats and at Chapel— is very different from the majority of other schools. Teachers that care about their subject matter are not unusual, but teachers who willingly spend time before, during, after the school day and on weekends with students so they understand the material fully and are prepared for tests, are not the norm in every other school. Having an international program is not unique. However, giving Chinese students Bibles in their native tongue and helping them understand who God is for the first time is a definitive difference. New Dunham parents report overwhelmingly that their children are happy to go to school each day, accepted by their peers. They comment on how the teachers care and pray for their children; not the typical school

experience and, in this day and age, unique and different. As a college preparatory school, we aspire to have students achieve college placement at the highest levels possible. However, to help students discover their God-given purpose and be encouraged to live a life set apart as a practicing Christian is unique to our school. The Dunham School is a special place, not because the people or families are exceptional (which they are). We are a special place because the Spirit of the living God resides here. Our faculty and staff are committed to the educational and Christian mission of the school in ways that are tangible for students and parents alike. Our teachers know students by name, know who they are—how they achieve and how they struggle. We seek to understand, support and encourage them to lead and serve others. To follow Christ’s example is the most challenging aspect of any Christian’s life, and our faculty and staff treat students as young men and women who are maturing in that endeavor. In John 13:34-35, Christ encouraged his disciples, saying, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Our earnest goal is that students feel that Christ-like love from our teachers every day, while we challenge them to strive for excellence in all things. It is a privilege to serve the kingdom, to serve The Dunham School and to live the difference every day.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ


Living the Difference BY PHYLLIS ALEXANDER

NEW HEAD OF SCHOOL STEVE EAGLETON IS A SELF-CONFESSED “STAT GEEK.” So Eagleton’s first order of business has been to translate the achievements of our students, faculty and alumni into bite-size bits of information that pack a powerful punch. Some of the meatier morsels include: 31.3


the average ACT score of the Top 20% of the Class of 2015

The average ACT score of students in our college preparatory program

16 2015 Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars, most in school history

399 College credit hours that our seniors earned last year through AP and Dual Enrollment courses

These stats are clear indicators that Dunham students are competing and achieving at higher academic levels than their counterparts in other area schools. By equipping faculty, parents, grandparents and alumni with “Dunham By The Numbers,” Eagleton believes we can change the education conversation in Baton Rouge. “Our parents no longer have to defend their choice of a Christian school for their children or respond to the question, ‘Why are you sacrificing the academic future of your child?’ With Dunham ‘by the numbers,’” Eagleton said, “they know they are not sacrificing one bit academically.” Eagleton stepped into the position as Head of School in July, following the retirement of his predecessor Bobby Welch. The smooth leadership transition followed the succession plan established by the Board of Trustees two years ago for this eventuality. Since his arrival at Dunham in 2000, Eagleton has worn many hats — Middle School Bible teacher, Technology director, soccer coach, Dean of Students, Head of Upper School and Assistant Headmaster. He has enjoyed a front row seat for the tremendous growth and advancement that has taken place in classrooms and on the campus during the past 15 years. “Our focus remains on Christ as the source of authentic Christian education. Though circumstances and culture may change, our mission remains the same. We continue to relentlessly pursue excellence as a biblical admonition,” Eagleton said.

Photos by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan


Committed to fiscal responsibility, Eagleton’s vision for the school’s future is bold and forward-focused. He envisions Dunham as a school: • where Christ will always be served, a campus set apart to worship God and glorify Him in all that we do. • that continuously strives for academic excellence.

Over the years, Eagleton’s heartbeat for the school and his passion for its mission have only grown stronger. His wife Angi has been teaching Upper School since 1997. His sons Caden (8th grade) and Conner (6 th grade) considered Dunham their second home long before they started as pre-K students. But it is the lasting impact that Dunham has on individual students—academically and spiritually—that drives Eagleton. “I see the miraculous happen on this campus every day. I know that students experience Christ here. We are not just dealing with physics, chemistry, English or math; we are dealing with eternity,” he said. “In classrooms, at Chapel, in lunchtime conversations, our teachers are committed to our mission to educate minds and hearts for Christ. That does not happen at every school. We are living the difference every day.” Keenly aware of the challenges Dunham faces in an uncertain economy and increasingly competitive private school market, Eagleton is committed to good financial stewardship as the key to the school’s long-term sustainability in the future. He is leading in a new era of transparency and communication designed to build trust and accountability, initiating an annual State of the School address in January 2016.

4 dunham magazine

• that fosters Christ-like leadership and trains young men and women to be leaders in their fields. • committed to a balanced budget that models biblical stewardship of parent provided resources. • that remains on the cutting edge of technology • that seeks the highest quality faculty available, both academically and spiritually Eagleton also wants to see Dunham become more globally connected through an active exchange program, increased interaction through technology with schools in other countries and the further development of Dunham’s Institute of Leadership. With one quarter under his belt, Eagleton is eager to enlist the entire school community as partners in spreading the “good news” about Dunham. “Share the incredible things that our students, faculty and staff are doing. Share your experience at Dunham with your family, friends and neighbors. Be ready to give your best defense of the school whenever challenged,” Eagleton said.

A natural educator, Eagleton enjoys the rare moments when he can escape his office and visit with students. His easy rapport with Middle and Upper School students allows him to engage with them on topics ranging from academics to social media and pop culture. But his real delight is visiting with the younger Tigers—especially those in PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade.

“The little ones represent the real future of Dunham. As they learn new things and make new discoveries, there is unbridled joy and enthusiasm,” Eagleton said. “I challenge anyone to attend Lower School Chapel and leave without a smile and an appreciation for the childlike faith described in the Scriptures.” Eagleton knows that “the Dunham difference” leaves its indelible stamp on students, whether they’ve attended the school for 4 years or 14. “So many of our alumni are doing incredible things—they are successful attorneys, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, inventors, doctors, nurses, actors, filmmakers and communicators. They are serving Christ on their college campuses, in local churches and on mission fields in China, India, and Haiti. Not only are our students well prepared for college, they are well prepared for leadership. They are world changers.”

New Head of School Steve Eagleton takes advantage of impromptu conversations with Upper School students to understand their passions and their struggles

THE DIFFERENCE IS... Focus on Christ plus relentless pursuit of excellence equals world changing impact.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



LEFT Upper School


The Proof is in the Numbers BY PHYLLIS ALEXANDER

started her college career as a sophomore.

Photo by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

Confidence is another benefit, according to Director of College Placement Dr. Deidra Johnson. “Those who take AP classes as sophomores, juniors and seniors are thoroughly prepared for college level work,” she said.

Why is Upper School math teacher Sheri Goings smiling? Goings is basking in the success of her Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus students. Out of 12 students in her AP Calculus (A/B & B/C) classes last year, all 12 earned perfect scores on the national AP Calculus exam given at the end of the school year. AP exams scoring 3 or above (on a 5 point scale) are considered a passing grade by most universities. Over three years, Goings’ AP Calculus students have attained an overall 97% passing rate on the challenging exam, averaging 4.8 on a 5-point scale.

6 dunham magazine

Her students’ success is As Math Department head, indicative of the overall sucGoings cites three factors cess of Dunham’s AP program. that have contributed to the In 2015, 55 students took 83 consistent success of her exams, the school’s second AP students—professional highest participation rate ever, development, curriculum earning an average score of alignment and pace of 3.41. The overall passing rate the courses. rose by 4% to 83%. From their performance on the national “Absolutely professional exams, 16 Dunham students development!” Goings said, achieved AP Scholar recogniexplaining how weeklong AP tion—6 as AP Scholars, 6 as summer institutes teach AP AP Scholars with Honor and 4 instructors the philosophy as AP Scholars with Distincbehind the test, conceptual tion—up 3 students from 2014. and procedural problems that students might face Students who receive a 3 or and College Board approved higher generally receive colresources that teachers can lege credit for entry-level access to prepare their stucourses, which translates dents for the exam. Goings into tuition dollars saved. has gone through institute For example, one 2015 senior, training three times to stay now attending LSU, earned current with changes in 31 credit hours through AP the test. classes. At the fulltime rate of $314 per credit hour, she The vertical alignment of the saved $9,734 in tuition and math curriculum at Dunham also plays a critical role in

student AP success. From top to bottom, teachers are using the same philosophy for teaching AP Calculus in all math courses, teaching the same problem-solving skills in different disciplines. “Because students have been trained extensively across all math subjects, they are prepared for AP Calculus before they even enroll in the class,” Goings explained. Another important factor is the pace of the course. While college calculus is a semesterlong course, Goings has a year to prepare her students for the exam, which gives her more time to expose, teach and assess her students on every concept that may appear on the exam by the end of the 3rd quarter, including topics that don’t appear on the exam, but are important in many university courses. “That leaves us six weeks to learn to recognize the same concepts when asked in many different ways, using practice tests and other resources,” she explained. The system works. “After the exam, students said they felt really good about the test. They felt prepared with no surprises,” she said. And there goes that smile again.

THE DIFFERENCE IS... Faculty who aim high and inspire their students to do the same.

math teacher Sheri

Teachers who bring professional performance experience and real life application to the classroom

Goings (center) is preparing a new class of AP Calculus students for success on the grueling


national AP exam. RIGHT 2015 Master Teacher John Gray loves it when students are inspired to seek more knowledge on their own.

Music teacher by day, professional musician by night — Dunham’s 2015 Liz Peters Master Teacher Award recipient John Gray brings a lot of hard work with a dash of soul to his role as band director.

Flexibility and ingenuity characterize Gray’s classroom approach, especially with his award-winning jazz band musicians. “I love the variety of personalities I get in jazz band every year. I love when we set out to learn a difficult piece of music and we really get it,” said Gray. “And I love when ideas from the students work their way into the songs we play.”

During six years at Dunham, Gray has developed one of the premier band programs in the state. Under his leadership, the Jazz Band and Concert Band have been invited to perform in prestigious national, state and regional competitions and festivals, earning the highest accolades. In 2014, the Baton Rouge Symphony named Gray “Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year.” He leads several local bands, including the critically acclaimed brass band The Michael Foster Project. Gray also created independent production company Continuum Music and travels the world teaching and performing. “As a professional musician, I can bring the real life applications of what I do to the classroom and show students why it is important for them to learn what I am teaching them,” Gray said. Gray, who received the Master Teacher award during Dunham’s commencement exercises in May, was touched by the honor. “Having your hard work acknowledged in this way is an awesome feeling. It was validation of the work I have done and inspiration for the goals I have set for myself in the future,” he said. To anyone who watches him conduct his band class, whether a beginner class or his elite jazz band ensemble, Gray is all about his students. “I love it when students are inspired by what they have learned to the point that they go out and

Photo by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

seek more knowledge on their own,” he said. “I want to make a positive and meaningful impact on my students’ outlook on life—as students of The Dunham School, as citizens of this country and as followers of Christ.”

As he looks forward to the upcoming release of the Upper School Praise Band’s new CD, Gray’s primary goal for his students remains steadfast. “I want my students to take what they learn in band—discipline and creativity—and relate them to other things they are involved in.” Gray said.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



My conversations with international ADEs, a melting pot of educators, were powerful —and often included a translator. Through these global connections forged, our Lower School classroom walls have been expanding to communicate with schools in Brazil, China, Mexico, Africa, and Japan.



that Director of Technology Nikole Blanchard has been selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) by Apple, Inc. As a member of the ADE Class of 2015, she is one of 122 educators across the country to be nationally recognized as innovators and visionary pioneers who, in partnership with the faculty at their schools, are using technology to transform teaching and learning in powerful ways. Nikole is Louisiana’s only ADE. Congratulations!

When Apple Vice President of Education John Couch visited Dunham in May 2008 for the launch of our 1to1 Technology program, he spoke of the endless learning opportunities available through technology. We were inspired, ready for our dreams to become reality.

Apple Stores around the world partner with ADEs. The Baton Rouge Apple Store is offering personalized professional development to Dunham teachers twice a month. They are also hosting Dunham students for coding field trips.

Seven years later, classrooms are fully immersed in the use of technology. Our dedicated faculty has seamlessly integrated technology into the curriculum across grade levels and across disciplines.

At the ADE conference, I enjoyed playing in a technology playground filled with drones, spheros, and more! Using what I learned about STEM classrooms, Dean of Faculty Deedra LaPlace and I authored a grant to create an Innovation Lab at Dunham. This hands-on space empowers students to explore their own interests while developing critical thinking, creativity, communication and computer skills.

Today, student learning at Dunham is wholly reliant on laptops and tablets. Technology is no longer a luxury or supplement; it is a necessity. It is uniquely infused in our classical, yet innovative curriculum. Teachers and students use the computers as an integral part of their daily routines —calendars, communication, study notes, projects. Technology has become a critical component of everything we do at Dunham.

Our 6th graders have partnered with other students from around the world to create a book. Created by an Ohio ADE, this global writing project will be published on iTunes U, accessible by a global audience.

In recognition of the innovation and creativity demonstrated by teacher and student use of technology in the classroom, Apple, Inc. has named Dunham as an Apple Distinguished School for five consecutive years. Apple, Inc. considers The Dunham School as a center of educational excellence and has named our school as a national showcase for technology.

Inspired by a Texas ADE, our teachers have formed a Google Teacher Certification cohort. The prep for this certification includes 13 self-paced lessons culminating in a comprehensive exam. The explorations can be immediately implemented into the classroom.

Last April, I received a call from Apple, Inc. sharing that I had been named an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). I was speechless. An invitation to join other ADEs from around the world for an intense week of summer training in Miami soon followed. I arrived knowing no one, but left as part of a forever connected community that meets virtually weekly to share and discuss technology trends.

THE DIFFERENCE IS... Our technology culture transforms learning through innovation, creativity and collaboration.

8 dunham magazine

While much of my day is spent behind a computer solving problems or planning “what’s next?” for technology, I often stop and thank God for bringing me to The Dunham School and allowing me to lead a technology program that complements our school mission so well. Moreover, I thank God for our faculty, teachers dedicated to learning and creatively using technology to better serve our students and their futures.

To be named as an ADE is not only a professional honor for me — it is an honor for Dunham. My membership in the ADE community is opening wonderful doors of opportunity for our teachers and students:

BY NIKOLE BLANCHARD, Director of Technology

Photo by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ


Photos by Judie Hahn



1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

RIGHT PreK 4 teacher


a Kindergarten student,

Kristy Coast shares a

Kindergarten student

discovers that learning

story with Lara (K) and

Davin smiles as he

and playing go hand in

Charlotte (PK4)

successfully completes


10 dunham magazine

There is nothing more exciting than the beginning of the school year for a young child, bright and eager to learn about his or her world and all that it has to offer. Our early childhood teachers set the stage for each student’s learning experience by visiting them in their own homes prior to the school year. During these Home Visits, the teacher meets her new student in the familiar surroundings of his or her own “turf.” This is where the excitement starts! As children eagerly show the teacher their room and share a favorite toy or doll or book, they forge a relationship with their new teacher, making the transition from home to school a smooth and positive one.




another matching game.

When these young students finally arrive at school, their enthusiasm for learning makes Lower School a place of unbridled joy. Teachers greet them by name as students hop out of their cars each morning and fourth grade Sunshine Helpers


escort them to their classrooms. As they run up the sidewalk, they stop for hugs from their new friends. Cheerful smiles and squeals of laughter fill the air as students engage in lively conversation with each other and with their teachers. They want to talk about what they brought for “Show and Tell,” this week’s field trip, or the after school enrichment they just started. These youngest students are full of joy for the endless possibilities their new school brings. Not only do they learn their letters and numbers, they are also learning how to read music, speak Spanish, draw and paint in Art, and play games in P.E. They are discovering how to use state-of-the-art educational technology via iPad devices, interactive whiteboards, and Macbook Air computers. The famous Louisiana author Alfred Mercier once

said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” Our Pre-K 4 students learned their way around the school as they went on a hunt for the Gingerbread Man. Along the way, the people they met gave them clues as to where the Gingerbread Man might be. Lo and behold….he was back at their classroom with a few gingerbread friends that the children frosted with vanilla icing, decorated with M&Ms and ate right up! What a fun way to learn their way around Dunham!

THE DIFFERENCE IS... Lower School is a happy place that infuses learning with joy.

Childhood is such a sweet time, deserving of a special place for a child to spend his or her days and years, learning and growing and developing into all God is calling him or her to be. The Lower School is a happy place where students enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching, not only students’ minds, but also their hearts for Christ. Joyful learning….it’s what the Lower School is all about.

BY DEEDRA LAPLACE Head of Lower School

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



“The Academic Planning meeting was very helpful and made me think strongly about my future. I have a new interest in looking at potential colleges such as Stanford, LSU and Vanderbilt. I learned that if I do well in school, my path to college will be smoother and I will have more scholarship options...After the meeting, I realized the significance of doing my best in school and balancing that with extra-curricular activities, which are also very important.”

The Future is Now: Casting the College Vision

Blocker Harvison, 7th grader

“I liked that you addressed Lexie, rather than me, in the meeting and gave her insight and resources specific to her personal interests and talents regarding her future. It caused both of us to start thinking about college and it encouraged ownership on her part,” said parent Alicia Hoard.


These are some of the more interesting answers given by rising 7th grade students when asked the question, “Where do you want to go to college?” Photos by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

Lofty goals— but broadening students’ views and helping them set their sights on such storied schools happens naturally during the individual Academic Planning Meetings held with each 7th grade student and his or her parents.

BY MARY THERIOT, Middle School Division Head

Middle School Head Mary Theriot (right) and Director of College Placement Dr. Deidra Johnson answer 7th

We start with the same question for every student: “Do you know what a transcript is?” Most students have no idea. When they learn that it is a permanent record of their academic coursework, sent with their college applications, and that it will begin recording their grades in 8th grade, students sit up and take notice.

“My academic planning meeting helped me realize

that a good transcript is my ticket to college, and the cost of that ticket is hard work. My work ethic now has an impact on my future.” Becket Pricer, 7th Grader

12 dunham magazine

and parents appreciated them, but we soon realized that we were missing a golden opportunity by not including the students. This important change has brought about glowing praise from parents.

grader Lexie Hoard’s questions during a recent Academic planning meeting.

Each year, Director of College Placement Dr. Deidra Johnson and I meet with with parents and students for Academic Planning Meetings as the student enters Upper Middle School in 7th grade. In the early days, students were not included in these meetings; they were only for parents. The meetings were informational

Sitting across the table from the division head and college placement director with parents by their sides, these 7th graders learn about Upper School credits, service hours, graduation requirements, college credit hours, ACT and SAT tests, Honors and AP courses. Each student is encouraged to visit several college websites, check admission requirements and find the average ACT score for incoming freshmen at that school. We ask them to look at degree programs and begin thinking about which career path

they may follow, then show each student how he or she will be able to schedule courses in Upper School that will benefit them in their chosen field of study. Students leave the meeting with a 6-year course map for each discipline and a better understanding of the importance of every lesson, quiz, test, and project in 7th grade. They also leave empowered as they realize that the work they do in 7th grade has a direct impact on which courses they can take in Upper School. Reflecting on her meeting, 7th grader Lexie Hoard said, “I always knew that my mom and family believed in me, but at the meeting I liked hearing that my principal also believes in me and thinks I have a bright future ahead of me!” Lexie’s words and feelings are exactly what we hope to accomplish in each meeting—to help each student see that they truly hold their own future in the palm of their hand.

THE DIFFERENCE IS... Academic Planning meetings cast a vision and empower students to take charge of their futures.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



The Leadership Challenge THE DIFFERENCE IS... Developing

Making a difference to someone else is the opportunity given to every student in the Institute of Leadership at Dunham. Throughout the school year, Institute members learn Five Fundamental Skills of Leadership with multiple opportunities to put those principles into practice. Through mentorship by an adult, typically a faculty member, and the various project and service opportunities, students at Dunham are learning to make a difference.

lifelong leaders through training, service opportunities and mentor relationships.

Take Miles Maheu ’16 for example. Miles came to Dunham in 9th grade, a quiet, reserved student unsure of his potential to make a difference. Three years later, Miles is a senior whose goal is to Model the Way for others.

Photos by Quinn Miller ‘09

Last year, Miles began to realize his leadership potential, combining his personal passions with the leadership principles he has been learning. He launched Bikes for Benefits, a project designed to rehabilitate used bikes to give to underprivileged students in the Baton Rouge community who could not afford a bike. Bikes for Benefits was the winning Institute service project last year, but more importantly, Miles, through this successful project, accomplished what we hope all student-leaders at Dunham can do: make a difference for others. This year, Miles’s expanding leadership opportunities include the role of School Pride Prefect at Dunham. As a Prefect, Miles leads a committee of other Institute members who share his passion to make a difference. Beginning with the Institute retreat in July, Miles has taken eight students and created an interdependent committee that empowers its members to “own” school life at Dunham. He has Inspired a Shared Vision for this committee of what “could be” when like-minded people work together. Madison McDuffie ’16, a member of Miles’s School Pride committee, has been given the freedom and support to Challenge the Process. “My vision is to create a meaningful prayer time at lunch each day so that students will recognize it as a small, but

FAR LEFT Miles Maheu (front center) and his School Pride Committee work together to make a difference on campus and off. LEFT Empowered

extremely important, time to thank God for one of the many things He provides for us,” McDuffie said. Miles has Enabled Others to Act, and through Madison’s vision and plan, this committee can make an even greater difference than Miles could alone.

leadership skills and mentorship relationships offer unique training for Dunham students. Miles is only one of 66 current Institute of Leadership students at Dunham who are being trained, empowered, and sent out into the world to make a difference for others.

by Miles’ leadership example, Institute member Madison McDuffie ’16 is making a difference through creating a meaningful prayer time each day at lunch. TOP Using leadership principles he learned during Institute training,

What does the future hold for Miles? “The perfect job would be designing bikes at a major bike company to share with others,” said Miles, who hopes to major in mechanical engineering at LSU. Miles’ faculty mentor Mitch McIlwain said, “Miles has developed many of the tools needed to be a successful leader. He has great ideas and is not afraid to let others follow through on those ideas.”

BY AMANDA MCILWAIN, Assistant Head of Upper School/ Institute of Leadership Director

Miles launched Bikes for Benefits to restore used bikes to give to underprivileged students.

14 dunham magazine

Mentor relationships such as this one are designed to Encourage the Hearts of these young servant leaders. These

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



But who better to share the difference the MAC has made in their lives than the students themselves?

A Safe Place to Learn and…

Succeed People often ask me to explain how the McKay Academic Center for Excellence (MAC) impacts students. I explain how our teachers and tutors match teaching styles to the individual needs of the students; how we use explicit teaching methods and break material into smaller chunks; and how the students interact with the teachers to learn how to learn.

BY BARBERA GERMANY Director, McKay Academic Center

In 8th grade, Mallory McClain ’16 thought everyone else was just smarter than she. “The MAC has helped me reach my full potential. I am comfortable with how I learn and I can manage my classes and my needs. The MAC has built my confidence, and now I push myself to keep doing better,” she said. Adam Miller ’17 has learned a lot about how he learns through his MAC classes. “The MAC has helped me put it all together and apply strategies to every class,” he said. “I have learned how to be successful and to keep going, to not give up.”

is pushing herself to do even better her senior year. Adam has made all A’s and B’s for the last 3 semesters. He is working hard to keep that up. Bobby credits the MAC with helping him concentrate on improving his ACT scores. He has raised his reading score to a 31, and is working diligently to raise his math score, too. Jaya’s grades have improved as she has learned how to manage her test-taking anxiety. What difference does the MAC make in our students? In their own words, it helps students reach their full potential; it builds their confidence; it challenges them; it prepares them for success and the future.

“My MAC teachers push me really hard, but I know I can do it,” added Bobby Nichols ’16. “They understand my dyslexia. They hold me accountable and they prepare me for the next level.” “There is more time to talk about things in the MAC. It is more hands-on and more explicit,” said Jaya Ammons ’17. “Now, for all my classes, I know how to break down the material into smaller chunks to match my learning style. And I am reaching my goals.” Each of these students has taken specific MAC classes or has received tutoring services. Their words tell the story better than I ever could. I wish I could include all that they shared, but here are some common themes from their experiences:

The teachers understand my learning differences and match instruction to my individualized needs.

Photos by Judie Hahn

I have more time with the teacher to discuss and ask questions. I understand how I learn now, and I can apply that to other classes. I know how to advocate for myself, and I will be able to do that in college, too. The teachers push me and prepare me for the next level. It is a safe place where I can learn and be successful; I am more confident because I know I’m smart, too.

THE DIFFERENCE IS... MAC classes and tutoring individualize instruction to help students succeed.

LEFT Mallory McClain ’16 and Bobby Nichols ’16 solve math problems with teacher Patrick Wright. TOP MAC teacher

The most impressive common theme was meeting – and exceeding – their own goals and expectations. Mallory achieved all A’s and B’s last year, and she

Kim Christiana teaches Adam Miller ’17 and Jaya Ammons ’17 how to break down a lesson into more manageable bites.

16 dunham magazine

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



THE DIFFERENCE IS... We believe college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.



went out with a bang, setting a new school record for number of applications submitted and acceptances received. We are celebrating their success and the hard work that it reflects:

68 Graduates Class of 2015 229 Applications Submitted to 140 Colleges and Universities Nationwide

184 Acceptances Received to 73 Schools (Listed at Right) 82% of Class of 2015 received college merit scholarships

$3,128,074 Scholarship Dollars Awarded

$1,144,421 TOPS* Qualified Dollars (*Taylor Opportunity Program for Students)

$4,272,495 Total Scholarship Dollars Earned

8,067 Total Service hours earned

College Acceptances Note: Bold School Name indicates 1 or more 2015 Dunham graduates attending the school this year. Non-bold schools indicate acceptance by 1 or more 2015 graduates; (#) indicates number of 2015 graduates accepted to the school: American University Auburn University (3) Arizona State University Austin College Baldwin Wallace University Baton Rouge Community College (3) Baylor University (7) Birmingham-Southern College (2) Campbell University Centenary College Centre College Champlain College College of Charleston (2) Clemson University Cleveland State University Colorado School of Mines Emory University/Oxford College Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Fresno Pacific University Georgia State University Georgia Institute of Technology (3) Hawaii Pacific University Iowa State University Ithaca College Lockhaven University of Pennsylvania Louisiana Scholars College at Northwestern Louisiana State University (40) Louisiana Tech University (15) Loyola University New Orleans (2) Luther College Mercer University McNeese State University (2) Miami University/Oxford, Ohio Millsaps College Mississippi College (3) Mississippi State University (5) New York University

Nicholls State University (2) Northwestern State University Oklahoma State University Ouachita Baptist University Parsons The New School for Design Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia University Pratt Institute Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Saint Louis University (2) Saint Louis University Madrid Samford University (2) Savannah College of Art and Design (3) Southeastern Louisiana University (4) Southwestern University Spring Hill College (8) Texas A & M University (4) Texas Christian University (2) Transylvania University Tulane University (5) University of Alabama (8) University of Colorado Boulder (2) University of Georgia University of Houston University of Louisiana Lafayette University of Louisiana Monroe University of Mississippi (6) University of Oklahoma University of Oregon University of Southern Mississippi University of Tennessee University of Texas Virginia Tech Wingate University Wofford College

399 College credit hours earned through Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses

18 dunham magazine

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ


Finding My New Home BY TRE’ NELSON ’14

The college experience is different for each student, but most would agree that it is most definitely “the best four years of your life.” A cliché, perhaps but very true for me so far.

For everything that happens in life—there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (The Voice)

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. With the new school semester comes a fresh start, cooler weather, and volleyball and football seasons. But my favorite part of fall is the beginning of the college visit season. This season starts in late August and goes through early November as representatives from colleges and universities make their visits to The Dunham School. I get excited every year, making sure that the College Suite is just right to host our guests. Each year representatives from more than 30 colleges visit our school bringing stories, information, brochures and swag! Sometimes students leave these meetings with pens, or sunglasses, or maybe even a t-shirt, but they always leave with information and the opportunity to make a connection with the person who will actually read their application to that particular school. Does that make a difference? Yes! It does. During these visits, freshmen through seniors have the opportunity to make eye contact, ask questions, give a firm handshake, and leave a memorable impression that can take them from being just another faceless applicant to the one who a representative calls about to get more information. The college visit season takes place all over the country, and at Dunham, we are working hard to make sure that it is the right time for our students to interact with colleges from around the country.

BY DR. DEIDRA JOHNSON Director of College Placement

20 dunham magazine

Real Answers from Real People BY ASHTON HOLMES ’16

College visits are an easy way to learn about colleges and to find answers to questions. Getting to know the rep also allowed me to put a face with the college, so when I started sorting through colleges, they weren’t all just numbers on a page. To start, I used the college search tool on Family Connection to get an idea of what is out there. Then, I started visiting college meetings for the schools I was legitimately interested in. After I narrowed my college list, I visited those campuses in person. Now, all that is left is to finish applications, wait, then choose the one that’s right for me. Not only have I been exposed to some great, smaller, less well known private colleges during these visits, I’ve also been able to catch glimpses of what the colleges are really like, through the representative, without having to make a physical visit. I’ve also been able to ask questions and get real answers from real people. The Notre Dame college representative sticks out most in my mind. I still have his card. His energy and attitude made me really excited about the school, and he did a wonderful job of answering all of my questions. Before I went into that meeting, Notre Dame wasn’t even on my potential college list. Now it is one of my Top Three.

Photos Leah Jackson, Northwestern State University

Photo by Judie Hahn

The Visit is the Difference

In one year, I have gone from knowing not a single student when I stepped onto the campus at Northwestern State University to speaking to all of the new freshmen at their Freshmen Convocation this fall. These experiences, and many more in between, have been possible because I attended visits by college reps to Dunham, beginning early in my Upper School years.

LEFT Tre’ Nelson ’14 enjoys a new circle of friends and experiences at the Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern State University.

These meetings with college reps helped me to look for what I wanted in a university without having to make a physical visit. Eventually, these college rep visits in Dunham’s College Suite led me to the Louisiana Scholars’ College (LSC) at Northwestern, where I immediately felt at home. Visits from the college representatives help educate students, emphasizing how important it is to be proactive in the college search process.

RIGHT Tre’ Nelson ’14 credits visits to Dunham by college reps for helping him find the best college fit.

After my first year at LSC, I had become active part in many school organizations including Student Government Association, Greek Life, Freshmen Honors Society, Orientation Leader, and many more. Many of the opportunities I had during my freshmen year are readily available to all college students on any campus. The proactive approach I developed in Upper School continues to be immensely helpful in college, one that has helped me gain prominence on my university’s campus. Taking the initiative in the college search during my early Upper School years made it easier for me to find my new home away from home.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ




INSIDE THE BOX Black Box Theatre Photos by Quinn Miller ‘09

A theatrical space with a very simple, unadorned design that makes it flexible for rehearsals and productions.

Intimate and versatile, black box spaces are used for everything from children’s plays to experimental theater to the classical repertoire you would normally find in a typical proscenium-style theater.

the Fine Arts program expanded opportunities to encourage and support student produced works, present smaller showcases and host guest artists with more frequency.

LEFT As an alternative performance venue, Dunham’s new Black Box Theatre will provide innovative,

Now, The Dunham School has added this innovative classroom and performance venue to the other Fine Arts spaces in the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center. As the name suggests, black box theatres are often painted black and are square or rectangular in shape, creating the most neutral setting to provide a wide array of design and staging choice for a variety of fine arts productions—student showcases, vocal and instrumental recitals, workshops, one-act plays and master classes. Seating is not fixed, so the audience can be seated in the round or any other configuration the director desires. The possibilities are endless.

The addition of the Black Box also enhances Dunham’s opportunities to host community events in the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center. Theatre manager Ann Gorman said, “Black Box theatres are unique to secondary education campuses; ours will, without a doubt, be a significant addition to what is already a stellar facility.”

creative performance showcase opportunities for Fine Arts students like Ana Luisa Rodriguez ’17. TOP Our Fine Arts faculty look forward the endless staging and showcase possibilities now offered by the Black Box Theatre.


BOTTOM Because

Fine Arts Department Chair

seating in the Black Box Theatre is not fixed, audiences can be seated in the round or any

Photo by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

22 dunham magazine

Black box theater spaces are most prominent at colleges and universities. Essential to modern theater culture, audiences have learned to be comfortable with their stripped-back aesthetic. These flexible spaces have an important advantage in educational settings. As an alternative to traditional theatres, a single space can be designed to fit a variety of performance configurations, providing students with hands-on experience constructing spaces for different productions.

variety of configurations.

In an average school year, Dunham produces three to four mainstage productions, two band concerts, two choral concerts, two dance concerts, two art shows and four multi-discipline showcases on the Phoebe Brantley Stage in the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center. The addition of the Black Box will give

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



Jesus asked the question, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36 ESV) The Dunham difference in athletics is that our coaches choose to bring honor and glory to God in the way that we train our athletes and count our victories by the quality of men and women that we develop.

Building Character Through Athletics

Character traits such as discipline, attitude, sacrifice, and motivation are not just words; they represent the core values of our entire athletic department. Behind every Dunham student who participates in sports is a coach who is intentional about the character development of his or her players. Human relationships are transactional. We get things from others and they get something from us. However, the most effective coaches are transformational coaches. They realize it’s not just about production; the focus is on the process. The privilege of coaching comes with a responsibility to help boys become men and girls become women.

Photo by Quinn Miller ‘09

“One coach will impact more young people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime.” —Dr. Billy Graham THE DIFFERENCE IS... Coaches who recognize that character development impacts student athletes far beyond their playing days.

24 dunham magazine

to transform the hearts and minds of young people. At Dunham, our coaches are not just furthering their careers; they are answering their callings. In Proverbs, we learn that men may make plans in their hearts, but God directs the path. God has directed the paths of our Dunham coaches to be in this place, at this time. BY NEIL WEINER, Athletic Director

“Coach Donna Pixley is more than just a volleyball coach. She has made it her mission to coach us on how to be respectful young ladies, on and off the court. When you meet her and get to know her, you can immediately tell how she maintains a level of passion about not only sports, but also life. She is a strong role model for all of the young ladies that attend our school.” Susanna Bilbao ’16

Photos by EyeWander Photo/Aaron Hogan

“Coach Pixley holds us to a high standard on and off the court. Through him, we learn to be diligent and respectful in everything we do so that we can honor the Dunham name and become better people in the process.” Ben Bernhard ’16

Finding one’s passion is difficult in a world that offers so many distractions. Volleyball coach Donna Pixley believes that desire is the necessary foundation for success. “Desire is where it all starts. You have to have a burning desire to succeed,” Pixley said. “We work in such a way that our athletes have to rely on that passion and desire to make it through the difficult times in practice and competition. Those experiences carry over into life.”

“I was ready to quit football. Coach Weiner has made football more than just the game. The way all of our coaches treat us and respect us has made a difference in our lives.” Elliott Dunham, ‘16

We know from Scripture that adversity brings perseverance, perseverance develops character, and character brings hope. “Adversity is inevitable in sports. When adversity hits, character is revealed,” said baseball coach Sham Gabehart. “Building character in young people requires daily walking through life with them and tending to each need as it surfaces. It is our challenge to help our young student-athletes keep that hope, even through the difficult times.”

LEFT Football coach Neil Weiner offers words of encouragement to (position) Elliot Dunham ’16 during a recent practice. TOP Dunham guard Ben Bernhard ’16 works with basketball coach Jonathan Pixley to improve his shooting technique. BOTTOM Volleyball coach Donna Pixley helps

What a tremendous opportunity for coaches to play a role in God’s plan

Susanna Bilbao ‘16 get the most power out of her play at the net.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



Finding my Way

Seasons to Serve BY BRYAN AND LEIGH ANN EVANS Gridiron Club President


Our family measures the seasons of the year like many do in South Louisiana: Football season, Duck Hunting season, Volleyball season, Baseball season, and so on.

DPA New Moms Liaison


Ladies Night Out TUE December 1 The Foyer 6-8 pm Breakfast with Santa SAT December 5 Dunham Dining Hall Family Breakfast TUE January 26 7-8 am Dunham Dining Hall Jubilee SAT February 27 6:30-11:00 pm Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel

A Thousand Miles

out or the parent of alumni who is farther along on the journey, we are all connected as parents.


Let me encourage you to enrich your journey by getting involved in the life of our school—go to a football game, volunteer in the concession stand, come shop with us at Ladies Night Out, attend a school performance, serve on the board of one of our parent volunteer organizations—just find your spot. Partnering with the school, connecting with other families, and serving our students, teachers, coaches and staff are what make the difference. The time your children spend in school is only one leg of your “thousand miles’ and it is over all too quickly. So, come walk with us. Let’s make these miles count.

As we take that first step when we embark on the journey of parenting, we never know where the path will take us. Each year brings with it new adventures, important milestones, special moments and, of course, new sets of challenges and rewards. What a blessing it is to know that we walk alongside other families who are making the same journey, sharing the same values, and working toward the same mission to educate minds and hearts for Christ. Whether you are a new Dunham parent just setting

When I started volunteering at The Dunham School, I knew no one. My daughter Emerson had just started Pre-K and I volunteered to be the Room Mom. What a great way to meet people, I thought. My husband and I had attended many Open Houses and the New Parents Dinner, but it wasn’t until the New Moms Luncheon that I made real connections. It was at that luncheon that I knew we had made the right choice to come to Dunham, not just for our daughter, but for our family.

BY MICHELLE PRICER, Director of Community Relations

Dunham Golf Classic THU April 21 11:00 am Registration, Noon Shotgun Start The Bluffs in St. Francisville

Photos by Steve Johnson The Dunham Carnival offered a fun, family friendly way for parents to get involved and meet new people. The Dunk Booth and Cake Walk remained crowd pleasers as everyone enjoyed great food, music, games volunteers and support of generous sponsors, the 2015 Carnival grossed $38,000. with net proceeds benefiting Dunham arts and athletics.

26 dunham magazine

Photo by Judie Hahn

While our kids have had a fantastic educational and relational experience at Dunham, my wife and I have found ways to serve in many different capacities. Because this season is relatively short, we wanted to be “all in” through our service and volunteer efforts with the school. Serving at Dunham allows us to spend more time with our kids while helping the school. Leigh Ann and I have been able to serve in areas that we are most passionate about, using the gifts that God has given us to be most effective. Leigh Ann has served on the Board of Trustees and the Dunham Parents Association. I also have served in areas that I love, volunteering as a Middle School football coach and serving as the Gridiron Club president this year. Parental service has a significant impact on an independent school. We are so thankful that we have served well and will not look back on this time wishing we should’ve done more. I encourage every parent to go “all in” in your service during this short season. You will be blessed knowing that you have given of yourself, instead of standing on the sidelines.

As parents, we all strive to raise successful children. We want each new mom to find a way to plug into Dunham, find a way to be involved in their child’s education and find a way to be a presence in The Dunham School. A wise woman once said, “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way”.

Photo by Steve Johnson

and inflatables. Thanks to the hard work of countless

I have served as Room Mom for Emerson’s class every year since. I serve on the Book Fair Committee and Annual Giving Campaign. However, I am most proud to serve on the DPA Board this year as the New Moms Liaison. How ironic that I had the pleasure of coordinating the New Moms Luncheon this year. After six years at Dunham, I found myself welcoming new moms at the very luncheon that I attended all those years ago. I hope that these new moms made the connections they needed in order to feel a part of the Dunham family.

The same can be said about different seasons of life. Our time at The Dunham School has been a very distinct and impactful season in our family life. Our son Taylor (11th grade) started at Dunham 12 years ago and our daughter Kate (9th grade) followed 2 years later.

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



Giving Summary 2014-2015

KINCH CATO Director of Advancement


Seeing the Possibilities BY STEPHANIE AND JOHN BOUDREAUX, Annual Giving Co-Chairs

When asked to consider co-chairing the Annual Giving Campaign this year, it didn’t take us long to accept the responsibility. We are thrilled to serve with JoRonda and Mark Northcutt as we seek to encourage all Dunham families (100%) to participate in this year’s campaign. More than anything, the decision to serve has allowed us to reflect on what The Dunham School has meant to our family over the last eleven years. We still have vivid memories of our first morning, in the fall of 2004, driving through Lower School carpool at Dunham. Maggie couldn’t wait to hop out of our minivan and run to Betty Tanory’s Kindergarten class. Her sister and brother (Libby and Lawson) were 2 years and 3 months old. Dunham’s mission to educate the mind and heart for Christ has been evident to our family in numerous ways over the past 11 years. Whether our children were writing their first “novel” for Young Authors’ Night in 1 st grade; striving to attain their Lower School Accelerated Reader goals; traveling with classmates on the 7th grade trip to Washington D.C.; or participating in musical theater, our family has experienced firsthand the school’s emphasis on educational excellence and a growing faith in Christ. As parents, we are often afraid to see our kids fail – and get hurt in the process. Unwittingly, we can often see limitations because we don’t want to see them go through painful experiences. Fortunately, the faculty and staff at Dunham don’t see limitations when they look at our kids. All they see are the possibilities. As a result, our kids have been challenged to accomplish things and become the kind of people we could never have imagined. This process of building character is often difficult and scary (especially for us as parents!), but we know that God uses it to make them who He wants them to be.

On the first day of school this year, Maggie, now a junior at Dunham, drove Libby (8th grade) and Lawson (5th grade) to school for the first time. The growth that has occurred in them as students and followers of Christ has been incredible to watch. We give thanks to the Lord for using the ministry of The Dunham School to bring this growth about, and we are eager to see what He has in store for our kids and the school as this year unfolds. We hope you share some of the same great feelings about The Dunham School and will join us in support of this year’s Annual Giving Campaign. Your support will make a difference in the lives of the students and teachers by providing funding for programmatic needs that are not possible without this campaign.



Annual Giving Campaign


Jubilee & Carnival


Building Campaign


Endowment Campaign








Annual Giving Restricted





Annual Giving Unrestricted







$168,634 .59

$20,454 .27

$658,344 .91





















Science Center




Cord of Three Strands Campaign




Football/Soccer Stadium




Giving Campaign, you can 1) complete and

McKay Academic Center




return the enclosed envelope; 2) give online at






To make a gift or pledge to the Annual

TOTAL RECEIVED; or 3) call Advancement Director Kinch Cato at 225.767.7097 ext 385.





General Endowment Fund




Liz Peters Master Teacher Endowment Fund




Share Dunham Scholarship




Two Coins Scholarship Endowment








TOP The Boudreaux family. BOTTOM Annual Giving cabinet members JoRonda Northcutt, John Boudreaux and Mary Dupuy promote the Annual Giving campaign during carpool.

28 dunham magazine

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ


“The athletic facilities made a huge impact on my athletic career, helping me get to where I am now. I used the weight room in the DAC to improve my strength for football, basketball and track. The best weight room in the city with the best high school strength coach in the country is accessible to all student athletes.”


Jyron Walker ‘15


University of Pennsylvania, Football

ur founders envisioned a school committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to excellence in academic, artistic and athletic pursuits. From humble beginnings, today we are blessed to be living that dream. We are privileged to see the miraculous happen every day as our teachers educate young minds and hearts for Christ. The completion of our campus master plan has enabled the school to grow our program offerings, improve our level of performance and enrich the lives of our students. Over the last eight years, we have been blessed with $31.7M in new facilities and over $16.7M raised for those capital improvements. From the state of the art Lower School building, with bright open spaces for learning and integrated technology, to the dream fulfilled in the Brown Holt Chapel Arts Center, where community worship remains at the heart of our campus, we can only marvel at what God has envisioned for our school. As we are blessed to have our children cared for and supported in such incredible ways, it is my sincere hope and prayer that we will stride boldly forward to complete the funding of our new facilities. We have a great opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the mission of The Dunham School and to Christ. I ask that you prayerfully consider joining our commitment to the Pillars of Purpose Capital Campaign. Together, we can ensure that the school will continue to flourish so that our current students and those who follow will positively impact our world for generations to come. We welcome the opportunity to personally visit with you about this campaign. Please contact Director of Advancement Kinch Cato at (225) 315-1788 or For more information on the campaign and updates on our progress, go to Thank you in advance for your generosity and prayerful support. In Christ,

“Facilities absolutely make the difference. A room is not a theater. The theater is different; it is almost a sacred space, much like the championship stadium is to a football player. When I stepped onto that stage in the Brown-Holt Chapel Arts Center, whether to rehearse or perform, I felt like a professional. It was a call to be present and active, a demand that I be ready to work and willing to go the distance.” Alys Murray ‘13 New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

“The lifelong friendships, athletic experiences and academic foundations my sons Baron (7th) and Hayden (4th) are experiencing at Dunham today mirror the ones I had. They are enhanced by newer, state-of-theart facilities, like the Lower School, and technological advancements. It has been a blessing to watch them both flourish.” Allyson Jones Hingle ‘92,


30 dunham magazine

Parent, Labor & Deliver Nurse, Woman’s Hospital

As of June 30, 2015

Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ



salutes our 2015 Advanced Placement® Scholars

A Heart Afire

my family and others and witnessed His mighty works as my faith and belief in Him continues to increase.

BY LAJUNA SCOTT, Pray Dunham Upper School Representative

As the granddaughter of a Baptist pastor, I can’t recall a time in my life when I did not hear people praying, see people bowing their heads praying, hold the hand of someone praying, or doing all those things while praying myself. But when you grow up in church, prayer can become as common as asking folks, “How ya doing?” As a child, my prayer life became a formal, not very heartfelt, albeit sincere, ritual.

Over 14 years, this little church girl has grown into a mighty prayer warrior for Christ. I’ve seen God grant the requests of countless prayers on behalf of myself,











AP Scholar with Distinction

AP Scholar with Distinction

AP Scholar with Distinction

AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar with Honor
















AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar















of every month. We meet at 8:00 am in the Tabb

AP Scholar

AP Scholar

AP Scholar

AP Scholar

AP Scholar

Prayer Room in the Brown Holt Chapel Arts Center.






Now my son Tre’ is a senior. He found his place at Dunham, and I found mine in Pray Dunham. Joining with other like-minded believers when others need prayer in the community, Pray Dunham is the connection to those prayer needs and the conduit for answers to those prayers. Praying offensively against the enemy’s’ attack in agreement with the will of God for all things involving the students, faculty, administration and parents puts me on the front line for The Dunham School. For that, and for this school, I am grateful.


Isaiah 54:13

Photo by Judie Hahn

In 2001, at a church service with a heart afire, I prayed a simple prayer, asking Jesus to save me, come into my heart and be Lord of my life. At that very moment, not only did I know that God heard my prayer, I knew He also had answered my prayer. My prayer life was no longer ritualistic utterances of memorized words, but reflected a real relationship with the One to whom I was praying , in whose name I was praying and, and who was helping me to pray.

In 2011, when my husband Andre’ and I were looking for a trainer to work with our son Tre’ on his basketball skills, Dunham coach Jonathan Pixley was recommended. As he worked with Tre’, we noticed a difference in him that was uncommon among basketball coaches. Jonathan Pixley spoke openly about his faith. We also were looking at high schools for Tre’, so when Coach Pixley suggested that we consider Dunham, we made an appointment to tour the school and meet with Admissions.



Join us at Pray Dunham on the first Friday

You may also send personal prayer requests to Mark your calendar for these Pray Dunham dates: December 4, January 8, February 5, March 4, April 8 and May 6.

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Educating The Mind And Heart For Christ


Dunham Magazine 2015  
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