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The colourful world of Sophie Ramirez

Our forever girl crushes from pop to rap, from psychedelic to electronic





The best addresses and newcomers in town for having lunch, dinner – and a glass or two

A journey to Lebanon with Rafik Halabi and his food blog Bistro Badia





Hip, rough, beautiful – let’s take a walk through this unique neighbourhood

Discover Düsseldorf ’s most exciting concept stores, designers and brands

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We love code, design, communication, and art. We have been developing innovative telephony products since 2004 and are passionate about shaping the new work of tomorrow. That’s why we are always on the look out for new colleagues who think like us.


Welcome to colourful Düsseldorf ! With the sixth issue, it was important to us that our little entertainment magazine THE DORF · THE MAG brings some colour into your lives. It was important to us to create a bright, positive issue alongside the diverse and creative people of our city. An issue that looks optimistically into the future – and that puts you in a good mood, even if a lot of things out there seem grey and negative at the moment. The young artist Sophie Ramirez achieves exactly that by inviting you into her world. Not only her artistic works, but also her outfits and her home are multicoloured. And that is an understatement. Author Laura Dresch says: “When you walk with Sophie through Düsseldorf, there’s a lot going on and lots of people take photos of her.” Our floral photo series is also full of colour. Even if the term “flower power” seems very worn out, it makes sense again in these times and symbolises once more the positive and peaceful power of flowers. We asked five Düsseldorf florists what a bouquet of flowers characterising Düsseldorf would look like. The result are five beautiful, lovingly arranged creations that playfully show that the city is not only diverse, but above all one thing: rich in contrast. If anyone can do “colourful” in the city, it’s Selim Varol. Selim has one of the largest urban art and designer toy collections in the world. In his exhibition “Wonderwalls” at the NRW-Forum, more than 2,000 works of photography, graphic design, as well as graffiti, sculptures and designer toys merge into a vibrant total work of art of pop culture. We visited him in his brightly hued home. Last but not least, Rafik Halabi adds some tasty flavours to this issue: In the blog Bistro Badia, Rafik cooks recipes from Lebanon and the Levant and combines them with memories and stories from his own family to create an explosion of flavours and colours. Of course, in the sixth issue of THE DORF · THE MAG, we again give you a comprehensive overview of the city’s wonderful cultural scene. As always, our annual guide is packed with highlights, insider tips, people and experiences from Düsseldorf – plus an extensive address section for culture, restaurants, clubs, shopping & co. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, friends and advertisers who make this magazine possible. In this – let’s call it – special year, we appreciate your support very much. Thank you for being part of THE DORF and proving once again how colourful and beautiful our city is. We hope you enjoy reading and exploring. See you in THE DORF .

Peace. Tina Husemann & David Holtkamp (Founders and editors-in-chief of THE DORF)







The Colourful World of Sophie Ramirez




Levante Love Rafik Halabi — Bistro Badia










Nidus Kosmos


Düsseldorf and Photography




Su-Jin Song Meet Su-Jin Song, producer, director and screenwriter from Düsseldorf








An interview with architect Annelen SchmidtVollenbroich and lawyer Ana Vollenbroich



Stresemannstraße Hip, Rough and Beautiful

88 Selim in Wonderland Selim Varol, passionate collector and owner of one of the largest urban art and designer toy collections in the world


PROGRAMME 2022/2023 Martha Jungwirth 03/09 – 20/11/2022 A Confused Person Loves You and Your Physicality Carina Brandes, Florian Krewer, Raphaela Simon 10/12/2022 – 19/02/2023

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The Language of Flowers


SHOP 122



We asked five Düsseldorf florists what kind of bouquet they would create to represent Düsseldorf





Female Voices

Our forever girl crushes from pop to rap, from psychedelic to electronic music





Hoker One

Discover the artist’s work comprising graffiti, lettering and illustration WHERE TO ...


















Foto: Sebastian Drüen

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The Colourful World of Sophie Ramirez TEXT




With Sophie Ramirez, everything is art. The multimedia artist resides in a colourful dream world, organises photo shoots in vegetable fields and supermarkets and wears self-designed clothes. Her great mission is to lift art off its pedestal and make it accessible to all.





eart necklace, pink metallic minidress, golden gloves and a bald head: walking through Düsseldorf with Sophie Ramirez aka Soffpoffsharedlove causes a small crowd. Cars stop, strangers compliment her, children ask her name. And a lot of people take photos. Some quite discreetly from the other side of the street or secretly in passing, others come up to her and ask if they can take a selfie together. That’s what it must be like when you’re out and about with a Hollywood star. Her experimental style is unique even for our fashion capital. But anyone who has seen her in an XXL hoodie and baggy trousers knows that it is not only her styling that is the magnetic attraction. Somehow this young artist has a special charisma, a kind of aura about her. The first time our editor met her was at an exhibition a few years ago, when she did a radio report on a water tank in which you lie down, submerged in warm salt water and in absolute darkness and silence. A work by the Düsseldorf artist Till Bödeker. Sophie took off her pink and gold winter outfit, climbed in via a small ladder and left the world and all sensory impressions

“The art academy is like a pirate ship in this very tidy city.” ART

behind her for an hour. An intense and very personal experience, during which she realised: “The less that happens around you, the more that happens inside you.” Sophie Ramirez boldly presents experiences and feelings from her core to the world: “I have no desire to deny myself just because it involves confrontations that may be exhausting.” She has always been colourful, the artist tells us, and accordingly she has always attracted extreme attention. She used to feel that being photographed by strangers while she was living it up was a violation of her boundaries. Anyone who has ever noticed that they are being photographed secretly can probably understand that. We may be consciously out in public, taking pictures of everything around us and sharing it on Instagram, but being snapped without being asked, without knowing who the person behind the lens is and what they are doing with our image is quite uncomfortable. Sophie tells us that she consciously wants to reverse such negative feelings: “I always think it’s important to confront unpleasant situations to dissolve the fear of them.” So she called out the “Paparazzi Game” during the tour, using posters to encourage people to take pictures of her and upload the pictures to Instagram and tag her account. Countless visitors took part and tagged her in stories and posts. The result was a collective work of art in which everyone became an artist. A few months ago, our editor bumped into Sophie again by chance at the train station. She was standing at the coffee counter in the standard beige and brown Starbucks, wearing one of her pink metallic looks. Since then, the two have been in regular contact. That means sometimes getting a long handwritten letter sent home and her magazine “SOFF” with diary entries, poems and


private WhatsApp chat histories. For her, art is a shelter in which she tries things out and questions them. And she lets everyone participate in this, because her approach is to free art from inhibitions and make it accessible to everyone. For example, with a photo shoot in her parents’ garage. There, a few years ago, she set up a colourful set with flowers and vegetables and then stood in front of the garage for a week. Everyone who happened to pass by was asked if they wanted to take part in the art project. Anthropological field research is what she calls this action. Most of them agreed and posed between fantasy flowers and large red cabbages, the artist’s favourite vegetable: “A red cabbage field is a sacred place for me. So many colours come together during the ripening process. The whole perceptible colour palette is in that cabbage head.” She says that she feels like a fairy when she walks through the sea of colours. Once, she attented the annual “Rundgang” of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a fairy, some of you may remember that. Red cabbages appear again and again in her work. She says that she deliberately looks for things in everyday life that we don’t perceive as anything


“At some point I decided for myself that I can’t pretend and I don’t want to pretend.” special at all: “I always pick out things that are not valued socially and try to contextualise them in such a way that you can develop a different relationship to them.” A few weeks ago, our editor went to Sophie’s flat for the first time. On a long bustling street stands a house that from the outside looks normal, rather boring. Hidden behind the flat door, a small universe opens up, a total work of art in which really every single object shows the artist’s irrepressible passion for colour. While drinking an organic herbal tea from a handmade cup, you can lose yourself in the blue pool ripples on the kitchen floor. You might expect to find this PVC floor on an exhibition stand at BOOT tradeshow. Here, it lies quite naturally in the kitchen.



The blades of her cutting knives have been dyed blue-purple with a heat process, the stocky wooden cupboards are painted with neon colours and tribals. A flower-ringed swing swings in front of the pink canopy over her bed. And of course there is plenty of red cabbage here. It adorns the walls and the silverpainted wardrobe. Only the snake “Ich” (German for “I”) is the only one in the whole flat who is not colourful. The white snake resides in a lovingly furnished terrarium in the bedroom. Previously, she had a saltwater aquarium, but she had to give it up. The biotope in the salt water was too complex and time-consuming. She said goodbye to her foray into aquaristics with a little music video. When you watch this video on Instagram, you don’t really know how serious she is. But you can hear: she can sing!


Sophie shows photos from her shoots. Sometimes she stands naked and covered in pink paint on a trampoline in the middle of a hay field, another time she poses with a metre-long snake around her neck. She is assisted by her sister Cosima Ramirez, who also studies at the Kunst­akademie and can transform her sister into the Grinch or Lord Voldemort with a little make-up. In the flat, one also discovers a few pieces from her first fashion collection. Here too, she uses something that most of us have never had in our hands for more than a few seconds: Laundry pods. She wore her dress made of the colourful pods filled with liquid detergent to the Documenta and was immediately invited to the aftershow party at the last Rammstein concert. There is a lot going on in the colourful life of Sophie Ramirez and it remains exciting what she will surprise us with next.


Preview 2022/2023 8 October 2022 to 15 January 2023

Down the Rabbit Hole With Artists from Prof. Franka Hörnschemeyer’s Class 17 January to 12 February 2023

Open Weeks 3 March to 4 June 2023

13 Morgen

A Literary Exhibition with Jana Buch and Thea Mantwill 17 June to 17 September 2023

250 Jahre Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

– Emerging Positions in Photography (Initiated and sponsored by the Kunststiftung DZ Bank)

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel Tue–Su 11–18 Uhr

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Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf

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Ruohan Wang

Ruohan Wang’s oeuvre is as manifold as the palette of colours that adorns her works. A creative centipede, the Beijing-born, Berlin-based illustrator and artist experiments with media ranging from print and painting to public art, installation, fashion, public art, and animation. Organic shapes, playful imaginaries, and bold compositions characterise her artistic language, oozing a vibrancy that pulsates with life and vitality. After collaborations with retail giants like Nike and exhibitions at internationally acclaimed museums, she now is a visiting professor at the HSD Düsseldorf, University of Applied Sciences, where design students can soak up her expertise on the possibilities of visualisation until March 2023. Can you tell us a little bit about your beginnings as an illustrator, for example, your sources of inspiration? I think it was important for me to create a character that matches my personal aesthetic for illustration. So I chose the simplest human hairstyle there is, which was also my father’s typical haircut in the early 2000s. I also made my character way more neutral than female so that it could help describe every common situation.

conceived but it’s truly nice in the Chinese language. Many people in Düsseldorf are very delicate and serious and I think serious people are very cute. After staying in Berlin for 10 years, one’s worldview is diverse and complex, but Düsseldorf still has the original German rigor and heritage, while at the same time it’s very diverse in culture and art. The trip back to Berlin on Friday night brings me back to my other identity with new inputs from Düsseldorf.

You’re well known for your sneaker collaborations with Nike. What other piece of clothing or item would you like to design in the future? Nike Jordan 1 Mid and basketball jersey

If you were to create an illustration of Düsseldorf, what urban elements like buildings, spaces, or activities would you include? My activities are mainly between Hauptbahnhof, HSD and my hotel in Düsseldorf. I would love to illustrate the beautiful HSD campus and activities around the river Rhine.

Can you talk a little about what brought you to the HSD and what your teaching activities encompass? An invitation led me to teach at HSD. Before the HSD, I supervised the graduation works of students at SVA in New York. Having a dialogue with younger people and helping them find their way with visual communication and visual expression was a great experience for me. I’m very proud of the growth of students at HSD-Illustration. Each semester, I have four different courses for students from different years. My task for first-to-second semester students is drawing, experimenting with diverse materials, and transitional handwork techniques under certain themes. With the more advanced students, we focus more on academic visual research and realisations related to specific topics like our relationship to ourselves. You’re based in Berlin and frequently travel to Düsseldorf for your work at the HSD. Do you have any special rituals upon arriving here or a place in mind that you always return to? I love the city of Düsseldorf because the name is so nice and intelligent in Chinese: 杜塞尔多夫. It sounds a bit pre-


Based on your experience, what are some ways for aspiring illustrators, artists, and designers to promote themselves to entrepreneurial success? Recognise your unique abilities. Understand what you can contribute to your community and society at large. Positive action and reaction. Consistent stress tolerance. No fear of rejection. Help talented people grow. Düsseldorf has brought forth and hosted many internationally recognised creatives. Is there anybody you find particularly interesting with whom you would like to drink an Altbier? Joseph Beuys, I would like to ask him about his experience during the two years he spent in the countryside. Besides art and design, do you have any (secret) talents you would like to share with us? Diving and shooting guns. READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE












2023 is a very special year for the art scene in Düsseldorf – and perhaps even the art scene across Germany, as the renowned Kunstakademie Düsseldorf celebrates its 250th anniversary. Its grand age and history show how deeply rooted art is in the city – and what an undisputed influence it has had and continues to have today on the diverse art landscape in Düsseldorf. Immerse yourself in the numerous galleries, off-spaces, museums and private collections and let yourself drift away.

URBAN ART GALLERY GALERIE 1900 Ellerstraße 155 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

GALLERY BECK & EGGELING Bilker Straße 5 & 4 – 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt GALLERY BLOOM Birkenstraße 56 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY BOA BASEDONART GALLERY Birkenstraße 112 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY GALERIE CONRADS Kirchfeldstraße 2 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk GALLERY CLARA MARIA SELS Poststraße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

GALLERY GALERIE DROSTE Birkenstraße 104 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY AEDT Linienstraße 28 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk am_ende_des_tages

MEMORIAL ERINNERUNGSORT ALTER SCHLACHTHOF Münsterstraße 156 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf


COLLECTION AKADEMIE-GALERIE – DIE NEUE SAMMLUNG Burgplatz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt galerie


GALLERY ART EDITION-FILS Stilwerk, Grünstraße 15 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

GALLERY COSAR HMT Birkenstraße 39 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY ACHENBACH HAGEMEIER Kennedydamm 1 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

PROJECT SPACE ANDO FUTURE STUDIOS Mercedesstraße 11 40470 Düsseldorf ∙ Mörsenbroich

GALLERY ANNA LAUDEL Mühlenstraße 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

OFF-SPACE ES365 Erkratherstraße 365 40231 Düsseldorf ∙ Lierenfeld


URBAN ART GALLERY HOOD PROJECTS Hüttenstraße 150 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

GALLERY FELIX RINGEL Eiskellerberg 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

PRIVATE COLLECTION JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Schanzenstraße 54 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel ART SPACE JVDW SPACE Sternstraße 78 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

MUSEUM FILMMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Schulstraße 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

GALLERY KADEL WILLBORN Birkenstraße 3 & 20 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

FORUM FOR FILM AND MEDIA ART FILMWERKSTATT Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ART FOUNDATION KAI 10 ∙ ARTHENA FOUNDATION Kaistraße 10 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen

URBAN ART GALLERY HANGOVER GALLERY Hüttenstraße 150 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

GALLERY KONRAD FISCHER Platanenstraße 7 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY HANS MAYER Schmela-Haus, Mutter-Ey-Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY KUNST & DENKER CONTEMPORARY Florastraße 75 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


PROJECT SPACE ETTA Bastionstraße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

ART ASSOCIATION KUNSTVEREIN WP8 Kölner Straße 73 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MUSEUM KIT – KUNST IM TUNNEL Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

ART ASSOCIATION KÜNSTLERVEREIN MALKASTEN Jacobistraße 6a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MUSEUM KUNSTHALLE DÜSSELDORF Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt kunsthalle-dü

MUSEUM KUNSTSAMMLUNG NRW | K20 Grabbeplatz 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

MUSEUM KUNSTPALAST Ehrenhof 4–5 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ART ASSOCIATION KUNST UND HALTUNG Hansaallee 159 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt


MUSEUM KUNSTSAMMLUNG NRW | K21 Ständehausstraße 1 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk



GALLERY PRODUZENTENGALERIE PLAN D Dorotheenstraße 59 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MUSEUM NRW-FORUM Ehrenhof 2 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GALLERY RUPERT PFAB Ackerstraße 71 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY LINN LÜHN X GUSCH Birkenstraße 45 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ART ASSOCIATION ONOMATO Birkenstraße 97 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY RUTTKOWSKI;68 Grabbeplatz 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY LUCAS HIRSCH Birkenstraße 92 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY PETRA RINCK Birkenstraße 45 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

PROJECT SPACE SONNEUNDSOLCHE Birkenstraße 44 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY LUDORFF Königsallee 22 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

URBAN ART GALLERY PRETTY PORTAL Brunnenstraße 12 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

PRIVATE COLLECTION SAMMLUNG PHILARA Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


GALLERY NIDUS KOSMOS Hohe Straße 45 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

ART ASSOCIATION KUNSTVEREIN FÜR DIE RHEINLANDE UND WESTFALEN Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ART FOUNDATION LANGEN FOUNDATION Raketenstation Hombroich 1 41472 Neuss ∙ Holzheim GALLERY LEICA GALERIE DÜSSELDORF Kö Galerie / Königsallee 60 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte leicastore.duesseldorf PROJECT SPACE LRRH_ Kapuzinergasse 24 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY MAX MAYER Schmela-Haus, Mutter-Ey-Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt PROJECT SPACE NAILS PROJECTROOM Birkenstraße 61 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern KUNSTAKADEMIE DÜSSELDORF

GALLERY LINN LÜHN Birkenstraße 43 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MUSEUM MAHN- UND GEDENKSTÄTTE DÜSSELDORF Mühlenstraße 29 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt



GALLERY SETAREH Königsallee 27 – 31 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hohe Straße 53 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt GALLERY SIES + HÖKE Poststraße 2 + 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt EXHIBITION HALL SKULPTURENHALLE / THOMAS SCHÜTTE STIFTUNG Lindenweg, corner Berger Weg 41472 Neuss MUSEUM STADTMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Berger Allee 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

PROJECT SPACE STUDIO FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH Ackerstraße 33 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte URBAN ART GALLERY TAKE A BUTCHER’S GALLERY Hoffeldstraße 42 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


GALLERY SCHÖNEWALD Lindenstraße 182 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

INTER MEDIA ART INSTITUTE | FOUNDATION STIFTUNG IMAI Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MUSEUM THEATERMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Jägerhofstraße 1 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GALLERY UTE PARDUHN Kaiserswerther Markt 6a 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth

GALLERY GALERIE WUNDERSEE Fürstenwall 124 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

ART SPACE THE POOL Tersteegenstraße 63 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

GALLERY VAN HORN Ackerstraße 99 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ART FOUNDATION ZERO FOUNDATION Hüttenstraße 104 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

GALLERY TÖCHTER & SÖHNE Reisholzer Werftstraße 73 40589 Düsseldorf ∙ Holthausen

GALLERY WILDPALMS Gerresheimer Straße 33 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MUSEUM STIFTUNG SCHLOSS UND PARK BENRATH Benrather Schloßallee 100 – 106 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath







CULTURAL SPACES DANCE TANZHAUS NRW Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MUSIC MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HALL Siegburger Straße 15 40591 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk TONHALLE Ehrenhof 1 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort MUSIC & ARTS WELTKUNSTZIMMER Ronsdorfer Straße 77a 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MUSIC, LECTURES, CULTURAL EVENTS, PARTIES ZAKK Fichtenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MUSIC & SPORTS PSD BANK DOME DEG-Platz 1 Theodorstraße 281 40472 Düsseldorf ∙ Rath OPERA & BALLET DEUTSCHE OPER AM RHEIN Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16a 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

THEATRE APOLLO THEATER Apollo-Platz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

THEATER AN DER KÖ Schadow-Arkaden Schadowstraße 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CENTRAL Worringer Straße 140 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

THEATER AN DER LUEGALLEE Luegallee 4, corner Burg­grafenstraße 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

DÜSSELDORFER SCHAUSPIELHAUS Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte FFT – FORUM FREIES THEATER Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 (KAP1) 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte




JUNGES SCHAUSPIELHAUS Münsterstraße 446 40470 Düsseldorf ∙ Mörsenbroich

THEATERFABRIK DÜSSELDORF Luisenstraße 120 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt THEATERKANTINE Ronsdorfer Straße 74 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern THEATER DER KLÄNGE Winkelsfelderstraße 21 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

KO(M)MÖDCHEN Kay-und-Lore-Lorentz-Platz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt KOMÖDIE Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern TAKELGARN Philipp-Reis-Straße 10 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt



Christo und Jeanne-Claude, L‘Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, Paris, 1961-2021 © Christo and Jeanne-Claude Foundation/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2022, Foto: Wolfgang Volz

CHRISTO AND JEANNE-CLAUDE Paris. New York. Crossing Borders 7 September 2022 - 22 January 2023

E H R E N H O F 4 - 5 · 4 0 4 7 9 D Ü S S E L D O R F · W W W. K U N S T PA L A S T. D E E H R E N H O F 4 - 5 · 4 0 4 7 9 D Ü S S E L D O R F · W W W. K U N S T PA L A S T. D E


In the city of Düsseldorf, architecture is no longer conveyed through buildings alone. Since last year, there has been another place for architecture in the heart of the city: Nidus Kosmos. Initiated by architect Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich and lawyer Ana Vollenbroich, the architecture gallery offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange across all professions. The two founders met during their postgraduate studies in real estate economics and recognised their common desire for independent project development. Together they founded the company Nidus, whose name is derived from the Latin term for nest. Both share a passion for historic buildings and the often underestimated architecture of the 1950s. They now want to convey the value of buildings detached from the measure of beauty to a larger public with an architecture gallery that is long overdue for Düsseldorf. We met the two women behind Nidus Kosmos and their gallery concept, their favourite places in Düsseldorf and our future coexistence. TEXT JULIA STELLMANN PHOTOGRAPHY ANNELEN SCHMIDT-VOLLENBROICH / ROBIN HARTSCHEN



NIDUS’ FAVOURITES — 1 OF 5 St. Hildegardis | Düsseldorf-Garath Architect Gottfried Böhm Year of construction 1962-70 Building utilisation Senior Living

“We want to convey to people that architecture is not only by experts for experts, but that it really affects everyone.”

ANA VOLLENBROICH It has always played a role in my family. I grew up in the former house of my great-grandparents, opposite my grandparents. Two very different houses whose spatial connection was always unconsciously present. However, I did not decide to study architecture. On one hand, fortunately, because it led us to where we are now. On the other hand, I thought for a while that it might have been the clearer path for me. I only came into contact with architecture on a more conscious level when I was legally supervising building projects, and since starting Nidus I have finally immersed much deeper into the subject. In the meantime, I can no longer imagine my life without architecture or the sight of it.


ASV I had a similar experience in an architectural office with already mapped out design briefs. I always found it exciting to get involved in the process at an earlier stage. So how does a brief come about? And why is this exactly what is being built here and not something completely different? Architecture simply offers a much wider spectrum of possibilities. We both sensed that when we met. So now we follow these very different paths with Nidus: we plan, have our architecture gallery or develop projects.

And how did the gallery come about? AV The idea came about with a building project of ours: a conversion of Bruno Lambart’s 1950s house. At the beginning, we didn’t know what a treasure this house actually was. This became more and more apparent when we received the handover documents and ink drawings of furniture designs. Then we did more research and got sucked into the history of the architecture ourselves. Bruno Lambart’s house, exterior



When did you first come into contact with the subject of architecture? ANNELEN SCHMIDT-VOLLENBROICH I don’t remember wanting to become anything other than an architect. So my first contact must have been very early. As a small child I was already drawing floor plans and designing houses for my friend at school. That may sound corny now, but that’s how it was. I moved around a lot with my parents, got to know all kinds of cities and lived in very different flats or houses. I was always interested in how people live and what stories houses tell. In the end, we all come into contact with architecture, consciously or less consciously. In my case it seems to have been very conscious, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen this path.

So your passion for architecture led you to pursue a career in this field and then also to found a company together? AV As a lawyer, I first worked in a large law firm and then later dealt with real estate law. However, there I could only ever solve conflicts that had already arisen. But it appealed to me to be more involved in these projects beforehand. That’s why I decided to study real estate economics in Frankfurt, where I also met Annelen.




THE DORF asked NIDUS KOSMOS to share a selection of their five favourite buildings in Düsseldorf.

NIDUS’ FAVOURITES — 2 OF 5 Kulturraum Hombroich Kirkeby Feld | Neuss Architect Per Kirkeby Year of construction 2002 Building utilisation Exhibition and chapel

Theodor + Friederike, detail

NIDUS’ FAVOURITES — 3 OF 5 Stummhaus | Düsseldorf-Stadtmitte Architect Paul Bonatz Year of construction 1922-24 Building utilisation Offices

“I believe that against the backdrop of material scarcity, energy crisis and sustainability debates, it always makes sense to first preserve a building in principle and to examine the existing building stock.” ASV This project made us want to discover Düsseldorf with our own eyes. So it was natural and logical for us to deal with the 1950s, especially in Düsseldorf. AV We noticed that many people have no access to the supposedly unattractive 1950s. That gave us an incentive to think about how we could convey the special nature of this architecture to people. In addition, we thought that Düsseldorf, as the state capital with its architectural history, absolutely needed an architecture gallery. Of course, it took a while until we could afford a suitable, affordable location. ASV And the team also had the capacity to look after the gallery. Last year, the opportunity arose and it was now or never.

What is special about a gallery for architecture and building culture? And what characterises your gallery concept? ASV Here, architecture has a place beyond the pure buildings where it is transported. Architecture is used, but the process and the creators often don’t really appear. That was one of the reasons why we wanted to create a platform for dialogue. We are funded by Nidus, are non-commercial and curate the programme ourselves. We don’t offer a programme by architects for architects, but by architects, lawyers, all the other professions that are represented in our team and with whom we cooperate, for everyone else out there. In terms of content, there is a focus on urban development, but the next exhibition will deal with architecture and painting, for example, and will be more artistic. We want to blur these boundaries to show how much the subject of architecture, the built environment, infiltrates us unconsciously. We use buildings and rarely really know anything about their creation.


NIDUS’ FAVOURITES — 4 OF 5 Schmela Haus | Düsseldorf-Altstadt Architect Aldo van Eyck Year of construction 1971 Building utilisation Gallery

So the mediation of architecture is a central aspect? AV Yes, absolutely. In addition, this interdisciplinary aspect, which describes us at our core and is a very central part of Nidus. Our different backgrounds enrich and train our view. We want to convey to people that that architecture is not only by experts for experts, but really affects everyone. What constitutes a liveable city for you? ASV For us, a liveable city is a city that has grown from different layers of time, that makes history tangible and where people have an understanding for the city’s historical origins. Within our first exhibition, we tried to convey that post-war modernist buildings are not about criteria of beauty, but about criteria of value. In the post-war period, people had very few resources, the cities were in ruins and had to be rebuilt quickly. These are completely different conditions than today. Another aspect for a liveable city is also a good mix of use and open spaces.



Nidus-Haus Bruno Lambart, detail

What else excites you about Düsseldorf ? ASV On the one hand Düsseldorf is very international and on the other very regional. For example, we like to be out in nature and go for long walks with our dog. We love the fact that there is such a wide range of activities on offer, from the Grafenberg Forest to the Rhine to excursions to the Bergisch or the Lower Rhine, and that you can also quickly reach the North Sea. Not to mention the architecture, which is outstanding in Düsseldorf. Are you committed to the preservation of historic buildings? ASV In our opinion, it is part of Düsseldorf ’s DNA that buildings have been adapted to new challenges, new requirements, new functions and new uses. Parts of the Opera House, for example, are still from the time they were built around 1875 and other parts have been rebuilt. From our perspective, the history is often decisive in the debate. Who is the architect and what were the conditions at the time? Why is it rather subtle and not such a pompous opera house? I believe that against the backdrop of material scarcity, the energy crisis and sustainability debates, it always makes sense to first preserve a building in principle and to examine the existing building. Are these also issues that you deal with within projects? In other words, current debates such as sustainability? ASV Sustainable means not only ecological, but also socially sustainable. In view of the gas shortage, for example, alternative energy options are in demand. Perhaps in the future we will have to detach ourselves from our demand for comfort. Do I still have the right to have my house warm all the time and throughout? In the past, only the living room was heated. I think we have to rethink a lot of things socially and not always just stick to maintaining our comfort status. That is a core issue in architecture.


NIDUS’ FAVOURITES — 5 OF 5 Atelierhaus Bernhard Pfau | Düsseldorf-Stadtmitte Architect Bernhard Pfau Year of construction 1956-58 Building utilisation Private living

AV We are in the fortunate position of being able to shape things ourselves and take risks. For example, in a building from the 1950s there was no lift. We felt that preserving the building was more sustainable than adding a lift that would probably be obsolete in 30 years.

What do you think our coexistence will look like in the future? AV That’s not an easy question to answer, but the Covid-19 pandemic acted in many ways as an accelerator for developments that have also been mentioned before. There is an increasing focus on smaller sub-centres where people do their day-to-day business, rather than on large city centres. There will probably be more networking in one’s own neighbourhood and a desire for more neighbourliness. There are also growing demands for more green and communal spaces. I believe these developments contain fundamental answers to many questions regarding new demands on work and new forms of family beyond the classic model. Moreover, who can afford quality living in a big city like Düsseldorf? If you take a community approach, it may be affordable for more people than before. That is a positive development that we would like to turn to more.


Museum Express

Sebastian Jung is a living testament to the power of creativity developed in a crisis. During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2021, he conceived a mobile mini-exhibition space called MUSEUM EXPRESS to help museums, galleries, and exhibition centres stay afloat. His delivery service comprises a funky bicycle and white cube-like transport backpack that houses the travelling artworks on show. Since its conception, MUSEUM EXPRESS has evolved from a catalyst for artistic support to an alternative way of curating where the act of seeing art takes on new meaning. From the Rhineland to Copenhagen and beyond: MUSEUM EXPRESS is always on the road. Why did you choose a portable transport backpack as an exhibition space rather than, say, a van that can fit multiple artworks at the same time? Well, the idea came when I was reading and watching the news during the pandemic. One of the developments back in 2020 was that delivery services like Lieferando, Gorillas, Getir, and Flink expanded. To me, these deliverymen and their cube-like backpacks looked like a mobile room, travelling from place to place. On top of that, the pandemic forced art institutions and organisations to close down. So I sort of overlayed these two observations and came up with the idea of MUSEUM EXPRESS. The great thing about using a transport backpack is that it can be carried into peoples’ houses or flats. Rather than them walking outside and entering a van, they can just chill out at home and later tell others that they’ve had an artwork by so-and-so within their own four walls. What are people’s reactions to your mobile exhibitions: are they generally positive, mixed, or also negative in the sense of them being perplexed or underwhelmed by the experience? So far I didn’t meet anyone who didn’t enjoy MUSEUM EXPRESS – the experience is one of a kind and memorable. A common first reaction is confusion, especially when I’m booked as a surprise. Then I have to explain to people that I’m not a stripper but someone delivering art. Once that has been cleared up, excitement rises and my audience is all ears when I talk about the artist’s vita and the canvas, object, or print on show. At first, everything took maybe 2-3 minutes but now it’s become a circa 30-minute-long happening in and of itself. Would you like to inter/nationalise MUSEUM EXPRESS and, if so, where would you like to go first?


That’s the plan, yes. My collaboration with the NRWForum opened the door to international requests like one in Copenhagen. I hope the ball keeps rolling. The biggest problem right now is financing. The funding I’ve applied for is limited to the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, so for the time being MUSEUM EXPRESS will stay in this area. But the way things are progressing at the moment, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to internationalise this project soon. Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona – cities like these are on my wish list. Which artist/s would you like to feature in your mobile exhibitions in the future and why? About one year ago I discovered Jochen Mühlenbrink who now is one of my favourite artists. His works oscillate between realism and a blurred style of painting. In July I visited him in his studio in Düsseldorf and asked him if he would like to become part of MUSEUM EXPRESS at some point. Already in August, I showcased one of his pieces in Saarbrücken. Having talented artists like Jochen under my belt is amazing. You’ve probably become an experienced cyclist in Düsseldorf over the past year. Do you have any tips for cycling routes in the city or ideas and recommendations for how to improve the local bike infrastructure? Well, I think there’s only one city that’s worse for biking than Düsseldorf… and that’s Cologne. There’s been some progress but currently, I don’t have many good things to say about cycling in these cities. You need to be alert and careful at all times. That’s why I’m so excited to take MUSEUM EXPRESS to more bike-friendly cities like Amsterdam.




AGE 36









Düsseldorf Christopher Williams Cutaway model Switar 25mm f1.4 AR. Glass, wood and brass. Photography by the Douglas M. Parker Studio, Glendale, California, November, 17, 2007 – November 30, 2007 2008

Lucia Sotnikova — Reading. 2018

Katharina Sieverding DIE SONNE UM MITTERNACHT SCHAUEN SDO/NASA (BLUE), 2010 – 2015 Digitale Filmprojektion, 233 Minuten 500 x 500 cm



and Photography

Oliver Sieber — o. T. (Spiky), Serie: J_Subs, Osaka. 2006

Fotostudio Lehrgebiet Photographie, HSD PBSA. 2022


Photography as a new medium has played a crucial role in the development of Düsseldorf's art scene since its emergence in the 19th century, bringing with it an intermediary oscillation that has not only shaped the diversity of the arts within the city, but has always had a crossborder appeal. Ilsabe and Gerolf Schülke laid the groundwork in their 1994 report Düsseldorf and its Photography 1, which they prepared on behalf of the Düsseldorf Department of Culture. Based on the findings gained from local archives and collections, they present photographers and photographic developments in Düsseldorf from 1840 to 1940 as a first-ever inventory and overview of Düsseldorf ’s photographic history. On the basis of their intense and diverse research results, they provide the impetus for an institute of photography in Düsseldorf 2 to be established in the future and point to the potential that still needs to be assessed that photography in Düsseldorf still holds. The dialogs and discourses emanating from Düsseldorf today are part of a unique, ever-evolving global network of interaction. In this context, the multifaceted work with photography assumes a central role that needs to be illuminated.

1 Schülke, Gerolf and Ilsabe: Düsseldorf und seine Fotografie, Bericht für das Kulturdezernat Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf and its Photography), Düsseldorf 1994 [unpublished manuscript, edition 250]. 2 Ibid., pp. E6-1ff.




ounded in 1773 as the Electoral Palatine Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, the Düsseldorf Art Academy established itself from 1826 under the direction of Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow into what was to gain worldwide recognition for decades as the Düsseldorf School of Painting, for Schadow’s academy reform consisted in promoting collaboration between artists 3 and the arts. A decisive discourse-forming forum for exhibiting the works of the Academy’s students became the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, which Schadow co-founded in 1829. In the 1850s, the Düsseldorf Art Academy was considered a liberal place with students from many nations, a situation enabled not least by the painter Emanuel Leutze. Alongside the Academy, the Malkastenverein, founded by artists 4 in 1848, formed an intercultural interface in the Düsseldorf art scene. Thus, the artistic energies in the Academy, the Kunstverein, and the Malkasten, came together and found an intercontinental bridge and transatlantic expansion of the Düsseldorf art market in the form of the Düsseldorf Gallery – an exhibition space in New York founded by Johann Gottfried Böker – that presented works of art from the Düssel-

dorf School of Painting between 1849 and 1862. In particular, the turn to the Hudson River School 5 led to a sustained collaborative (study) exchange with Düsseldorf. One link between representatives of the Düsseldorf School of Painting and the Hudson River School was the idea of untouched nature, and the so-called “Tour of the Rhine” was naturally part of the Grand Tour of the 1850s for many American painters. A decisive further development for the Düsseldorf School of Painting during this period was also the new visual experience associated with the emergence of photography, which found resonance especially in landscape painting. Artists such as Oswald Achenbach and Johann Wilhelm Schirmer possessed extensive photo archives 6 from which they drew for the composition of their paintings. The American painter Albert Bierstadt, whose brothers – the Bierstadt Brothers – were experts in stereoscopic photography as well as landscape and portrait photography, trained as a painter at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1853 to 1856. There is no doubt that photography had an influence on Düsseldorf painters, and not only on Bierstadt, who became one of the leading landscape painters in the United

3 In Germany, the admission of women to study at German art academies was introduced in conjunction with the right to vote from 1919. Cf. Kennedy, Bianca/Mackenroth, Janine (eds.): I [love] women in art, Pool Positions, Munich 2020. 4 A photograph by Julius Staegemann from 1898 shows the founders of the Malkasten by means of a collage, which in turn introduces each member through photographic calling card portraits, so-called cartes de visite, cf. Julius Staegemann, “Die Gründer des Malkastens. 6. August 1848, 1904, Düsseldorf, Künstlerverein Malkasten (Archiv),” in: Die Düsseldorfer Malerschule und ihre internationale Ausstrahlung 1819-1918, vol. 2, ed. by Bettina Baumgärtel, Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Michael Imhof Verlag, Petersberg 2011, p. 71. 5 The movement existed until the 1870s/1880s; the name Hudson River School did not emerge until around 1880. The school was rediscovered in the 1960s with a large-scale retrospective in 1987 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 6 Pohlmann, Ulrich: “Die Düsseldorfer Malerschule und die Fotografie,” in: Die Düsseldorfer Malerschule und ihre internationale Ausstrahlung 1819-1918, vol. 1, ed. by Bettina Baumgärtel, Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Michael Imhof Verlag, Petersberg 2011, pp. 341-349, here p. 342. Evidence of the extensive use of the medium of photography in Düsseldorf can be found above all in the context of the artists’ festivals at the Malkastenverein (portrait photography), cf. Pohlmann ibid., pp. 344ff.



States after his return to America. It is worth noting that from the very beginning photography as an imaging method has been part of the artistic repertoire in Düsseldorf: The transition from the photographic medium as a template for works of art to the autonomy of artistic photography in the context of academic teaching was a process of development over approximately one hundred years that still needs to be explored in depth.7 The concomitant formation of photographic discourse, however, cannot solely be attributed to the establishment of Germany’s first class for

artistic photography by Bernd [and Hilla] Becher at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, in 1976.8 In 1962, for example, Gerhard Richter, who was studying at the Art Academy at the time, began work on his Atlas project, which spanned decades – a collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, and sketches that the artist continuously compiled and related to one another on picture panels until 2013. Decisive impulses for the artistic autonomy of photography and for (critical) photography research were provided by the photographer Erika Kiffl, who is now regaining recognition

Thomas Struth — Düsselstraße, Düsseldorf, 1979

7 Here too, the Schülkes have done important basic research that is worth pursuing – such as the contextualization of photography in exhibitions in Düsseldorf in the 19th and early 20th centuries, cf. Düsseldorf und seine Fotografie, B34-1ff. What has not found space in the Schülkes, nor in this report, is the parallel consideration of the development of the cinematographic image. The role of photography in Düsseldorf during the National Socialist era should also be considered in more detail in order to work out and understand continuities. 8 Cf. Felix Krämer in: Sichtweisen – Die neue Sammlung Fotografie, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Distanz Verlag, Berlin 2020, p. 6.



in importance in Düsseldorf ’s art scene: With the international photo symposia she initiated and held at Schloss Mickeln from 1980 to 1989, she initiated important questions about photography, photographic processes, and the artistic expression associated with them, and inspired a professional exchange.9 Among the participants in 1981 was the cultural and communication philosopher Vilém Flusser, who – influenced by the discussions held here – published his decisive book Towards a Philosophy of Photography 10 in 1983, edited by Andreas

Müller-Pohle. Flusser’s theses on photography and media, which have shaped artistic-photographic production in Düsseldorf, for example the work of media artist Mischa Kuball and the teaching of Californian conceptual artist and photographer Christopher Williams at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Just as Schadow and Leutze already thought of the image and artistic work in the plural in the 18 th century, since the 1960s photographers from a conglomerate of the Düsseldorf Art Academy, the Werkkunstschule Krefeld (later the Niederrhein University of

Klaus Mettig und Katharina Sieverding in der eigenen Dunkelkammer, studio 111a, Düsseldorf, 1973

9 I nternational Photosymposium 1980 Castle Mickeln near Düsseldorf – New Ways in Photography. Presentations, Discussions, Interviews, Examples of Images. With contributions by Ute Eskildsen, Verena von Gagern, André Gelpke, Ralph Gibson, Jörg Krichbaum, and Pier Paolo Preti, Mahnert-Lueg Verlag, Munich 1980; International Photosymposium 1981 Castle Mickeln near Düsseldorf – Is Photography Art? Does Photography Belong in a Museum? Presentations, Discussions, Interviews, Examples of Images. With contributions by Anna Auer, Sue Davies, Larry Fink, Vilém Flusser, Wolfgang Kemp, Andreas Müller-Pohle, and Michael Schmidt, ed. by Erika Kiffl, Mahnert-Lueg Verlag, Munich 1982. In this context Flusser returned to Germany for the first time since his flight from the National Socialists, according to Erika Kiffl in a telephone conversation with the author on 02/28/2022. 10 Flusser, Vilém: Für eine Philosophie der Fotografie, European Photography, Göttingen 1983.



Applied Sciences) and, increasingly in recent years, the HSD University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf initiated a discourse on and with the medium of photography that has rarity value. For these reflections often started from a view of what has concretely been there – and has found a specific form of expression through the medium of photography. This was demonstrated in 2020, for example, in the exhibition “Subject and Object. Foto Rhein Ruhr” at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. Over many years, such developments have been documented and processed by the author Helga Meister.11 So it extends back in a long tradition that the Düsseldorf art scene generates impulses, forms networks, and engages in global exchange. But it is not only teaching and photographic training that have led to a living photographic practice and an expanded concept of photography in Düsseldorf: The manufacturing industry here also makes a significant contribution to the fact that the medium and its use have been able to develop in this way at all. As early as 1967, the photographer F.C. Gundlach founded the photographic service company Creative Color (CC) in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. The resulting gallery Creative Color Düsseldorf (CCD), which subsequently resulted in 1977, is one of the first galleries for photography and stands as an important place for the spectra of photography from applied photography to art.12 The specialised laboratories Grieger (with over fifty years of experience)

and hsl (since 1987), in turn, have become the main producers of a visual language for which numerous artists in Düsseldorf have provided important impulses through their own (largeformat) production processes, such as those of Katharina Sieverding and Andreas Gursky. The expertise of the specialised laboratories has helped to shape photography in a decisive way, if not even making facets of this medium possible in the first place – things made visible, as we experience today in exhibitions worldwide. Companies specializing in photography and optical technologies, such as the Japanese companies Canon, Eizo, Epson, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Wacom, with their German and European headquarters, are also located in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area and have contributed to widespread market development over decades. In these contexts, Düsseldorf has not only seen a rapid development of the medium of photography that is still continuing – it has also been accompanied by the preservation of photographic products for over forty years. In 1976, the city of established a restoration center, which now encompasses photo restoration as well as conservation measures for the diverse Düsseldorf museum landscape and its archival holdings, including estates. Among the approximately 3.5 million objects under care are rich photographic holdings ranging from the worldwide beginnings of photography to the present and covering a wide range of photographic techniques.13

11 For example, by the publications: Meister, Helga: Fotografie in Düsseldorf – Die Szene im Profil, Schwann im Patmos-Verlag, Düsseldorf 1991; Meister, Helga: Nachstellungen – Junge Fotografie aus Düsseldorf, Galerie Christine Hölz, Düsseldorf 2004. 12 In 1971, another service company for professional photographers followed with PPS Professional Photo Service in Hamburg; from 1975, F.C. Gundlach opened the associated galleries in Hamburg [1976] and Düsseldorf [1977], which he maintained until 1992: they were among the first galleries for photography in Germany. Cf., last accessed on 10/23/2021, as well as: “ ‘Eine Begegnung kann ein Leben verändern’ or ‘Die Fotografie ist ein Medium, wie ein Bleistift oder ein Pinsel’ – Bruno Brunnet, F.C. Gundlach, and Wilhelm Schürmann in conversation,” in: Sammlung F.C. Gundlach, ed. by Bruno Brunnet, Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, Hirmer Verlag, Munich 2015, pp. 50-73, here pp. 55, 59, 63, 72. 13 Cf. information provided by Jessica Morhard in the questionnaire sent out in advance of the Düsseldorf and Photography report on 10/15/2021.



Düsseldorf unites the diversity of the photographic and so applied and artistic photography have always been in dialog with each other, not least against the backdrop of a state capital that for decades was considered a leading fashion and media city, and in which a diverse electronically influenced music scene is still developing today. The (local) galleries also played a crucial role in this context. Peter Lindbergh, for example, who was exhibited very early on by the Hans Mayer Gallery and whom the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf dedicated a comprehensive retrospective in 2020, established himself as one of the most influential fashion photographers of the past forty years. Mayer, in turn, in whose Grabbeplatz gallery Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys had met in 1979 and who had exhibited the media art of the Korean artist Nam June Paik in the 1980s and 1990s, has been shaping Düsseldorf for over fifty years with his cross-genre gallery program between (media) art, fashion, and music. The same goes for the Konrad Fischer Gallery which began showing artistic and conceptual photography at a time when the medium was neither established in curatorial practice nor in the art market: With the first gallery presentation of the works of Bernd and Hilla Becher in 1970, the Fischers paved the way for the

career of the artist couple and thus for the entire sub-sequent generation of photographers.14 From the beginnings of photographically based painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy to the establishment of the photographic process as an artistic medium and its discourse formation to comprehensive collections of time-based media art, as with the Julia Stoschek Collection – photography in Düsseldorf has a genesis that has now evolved over centuries, and in recent years its discursiveness has been expanded by festival activities such as the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend and by the Biennale düsseldorf photo+. This development is not based solely on the further development of an imagecreating technique, but on the people who collectively support this art system on the basis of their interest and expertise. This is also the background to the initiative taken by Düsseldorf photo artists in 2009 to establish a German Photo Institute (DFI) in Düsseldorf: with the aim of actively thinking about photography through the medium itself and building on experience with and attitudes towards an expanded understanding of photography. This text is a modified excerpt from the report Düsseldorf and Photography, by the Cultural Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf. Author is the art and media scholar Dr. Christina Irrgang. Concept and editing by Stephan Macháč, Coordination Unit Photography, Cultural Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf. Published June 2022, available at:

14 Cf. Information provided by Thomas W. Rieger in the questionnaire sent out in advance of the Düsseldorf and Photography report on 10/14/2021. In his 2009 publication Die Düsseldorfer Photoschule. Photographien 1961-2008, art historian Stefan Gronert describes the developments initiated by Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, which he examines by means of a selection of photographers and their works who had studied with the Bechers, see: Gronert, Stefan: Die Düsseldorfer Photoschule – Photographien 1961-2008, ed. by Lothar Schirmer, Schirmer/Mosel, Munich 2009. A gain for the theory and history of photography will be to open up this classification against the background of diverse photographic positions that have emerged in Düsseldorf and to continue thinking about them in international contexts.



Photo Index 1: Lucia Sotnikova — Reading. 2018 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 2: Christopher Williams — Cutaway model Switar 25mm f1.4 AR. 2008. Courtesy the artist, Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne and David Zwirner Paris/London/New York, 2022 3: Katharina Sieverding — DIE SONNE UM MITTERNACHT SCHAUEN SDO/NASA (BLUE), 2010 – 2015. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022, Foto: Klaus Mettig, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 4: Oliver Sieber — o. T. (Spiky), Serie: J_Subs, Osaka. 2006 © Oliver Sieber, 2022 5: Fotostudio Lehrgebiet Photographie, HSD PBSA. 2022 © Lehrgebiet Photographie, HSD PBSA, Foto: Marvin Hillebrand 6: Thomas Struth — Düsselstrasse, Düsseldorf 1979 © Thomas Struth, 2022 7: Klaus Mettig und Katharina Sieverding in der Dunkel­kammer, studio111a, Düsseldorf. 1973. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022, Foto: Klaus Mettig, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022











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A: Andreas Achenbach (1815–1910), Der Akademiehof (Die alte Akademie in Düsseldorf ), 1831 © Kunstpalast, Foto: Horst Kolberg – ARTOTHEK B: Johann Peter Hasenclever (1810–1853), Atelierszene, 1836 © Kunstpalast, Foto: Kunstpalast – ARTOTHEK C: Johannes Bendzulla — Ohne Titel, 2022. Inkjet Print, 29,7 x 21 cm, gerahmt © Johannes Bendzulla, Courtesy Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, 2022 D: Alexander Romey — o.T. (Drucker), 2018. Inkjet Druck, 215x150cm © Alexander Romey, 2022 E: Ursula Schulz-Dornburg — Atomtestgebiet, 2012 © Ursula SchulzDornburg, 2022 F: Bernd und Hilla Becher — Grube Ensdorf, Saarland, 1979 © Estate Bernd & Hilla Becher, represented by Max Becher; Courtesy Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur – Bernd and Hilla Becher Archive, Cologne, 2022 G: Installation view, GENERATION LOSS — 10 YEARS OF THE JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION. © Julia Stoschek Collection/Foundation, 2022. Photo: Simon Vogel, Cologne

Going urbanana: a place to discover, grow and create

Welcome to the urban jungle of Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr Area! Aligned in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the shape of a perfect banana, these metropolitan areas provide fertile soil for makers of all kinds. A place to discover, a place to grow – and a place to create! See for yourself the eclectic facets of urbanana and its people.




an initiative of



co-funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia




urbanana is a rockstar

Can Antarat was born in North-East Syria but now lives in Bochum, one of the many Ruhr metropolises in urbanana. There, he co-founded the music group, Karmakind. They write lyrics in five languages, have a spiritual sound and deliver a message for openness, love and integration. What makes urbanana so special? All the different cultural groups create a lively environment and the big Arabic and Kurdish community in urbanana makes me feel at home. Also, there are so many inspiring events going on in all the different cities that are so close by. And, I like the diverse and open-minded spirit here a lot.

How is the music scene in urbanana? urbanana has so many fantastic music events where I love to play. “Katzensprung” at Helios 37 in Cologne is very close to my heart. Besides being a member of Karmakind, I co-founded the collective, OneFuture, in Bochum and I am also spinning records under the alias of Anta.Can – we also organize an event series called Freakquenz.

As a musician, can you describe Karmakind and how it was conceived? Music has always been my way of self-therapy. I met Ronja at the international women’s day demonstration and she invited me to jam with her and Mathis. We founded Karmakind and played our first concert at “Materialverwaltung on tour”, a pool for creatives in the Ruhr Area. That was three years ago. Our music is a mix between Downtempo und Dub, Organic House und psychedelic spheres. Our goal is to create a danceable and fanciful atmosphere where we can connect with the audience and go on a spiritual journey together.

However, even though there are so many creative venues in urbanana, I don’t feel like the music scene is well connected yet. There also needs to be more diversity on stage. We all should work on that.


If you have visitors – what would you show them during a day in urbanana? I’ll take them to the Hammerteich in Witten und Kemmnader Stausee in Bochum (both are lakes!). Then, I’d show them Ehrenfeld in Cologne and clubs like Druckluft in Oberhausen, Odonien in Cologne, and Lucy’s Sky in Düsseldorf.


urbanana is a chef Marny stands out like no other. She is full of joy, is colourful and cheeky. The born and raised Northern German has been a musical performer all her life. When she played in “Grease” at the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf, she fell in love – with the city and a man. She then settled and opened her own café, “Marny’s Grünzeug & So” in the heart of Oberbilk.


What can people expect at your café? The students of Oberbilk call my café “the big WG (shared apartment) of Oberbilk”. It is a place to feel good: There will always be some good jazz music playing, my dogs, art and upcycling – and, of course, soul food like my ayurvedic soups, cakes and sandwiches that I make all by myself. Most people don’t even realize it is all vegan.


Your husband also runs an art gallery around the corner – tell us about it! My French husband, Fabrice, was reminded of the Paris punk vibes when he lived around Kiefernstraße in the 80s. He now runs an art gallery called “1900 artshows”, showing paintings and sculptures by local and international tattoo artists – the next exhibition focuses on female tattoo artists. Often, they’ll stay in our neighbour’s holiday flat and come over to my café to eat – Oberbilk is one great community. What do you wish for the future of urbanana? I hope for the city and its people to care for the places they love. Let’s cherish and cultivate all the diverse urban quarters we have. Let’s make a change and take control of our future! With Marny’s, I want to contribute my share to a more respectful, loveable and green planet.


What strikes you most about the food scene in urbanana? The Asian food in Düsseldorf is like nowhere else in Germany. And I am not just talking about Japanese cuisine, but also about Chinese, Korean and others. If you walk along a side street, you’ll discover these seemingly unimpressive places which are not fancy, but are instead so warm and authentic with the best food – also for a vegan. Like “HotPotFu” or “Fu by Meister Wang” for example. The food scene is a bit like urbanana itself: endearing, neighbourly and very international.




urbanana is an entrepreneur Parul Madan is an entrepreneur from New Delhi and had stayed in Cologne before. The “city with the soul of a town” and especially its people left such an impression, she decided to move here permanently with her family. What is one thing in urbanana that you can’t find anywhere else? Historic and economically advanced cities and regions in proximity, presenting both local and international environment, offering connectivity to Europe and the rest of the world at the same time. Despite that, each region in urbanana maintains its own character. It’s a great place to visit as a tourist, live as an expat or even set up a business, depending upon what you want to do. There is a large international community with international schools and many cultural activities. The different cities are well connected with railways and airports. If you like to get away from a hustle bustle of a big metropolitan area and still enjoy the city life, urbanana can offer you that lifestyle, very easily. You founded a company called DueDash – what is it about? I am a serial entrepreneur and a startup investor. I uncovered many issues during this investing process and,


furthermore, discovered that founders often spend far too much time fundraising instead of business building. Plus, investors spend too much time and money connecting separated systems. The entrepreneur in me had to fix this – for both founders and investors. I have learnt that qualitative investor relations are the basis of fundraising success. And that is why I built DueDash. We help startups raise capital by sharing their story to relevant investors. And we enable investors to never miss out on the next big deal, ever again. Can you tell us about some startup success stories from urbanana? We have many good success stories from silent players like the online translator service, DeepL and the software program, AdBlockPlus by eyeo GmbH. Their global successes are great examples for early stage companies like DueDash and others to be inspired from.


Strese mann straße





ot far from the chic Königsallee, Düsseldorf shows its unaffected, authentic face over a distance of just under 500 metres. Stresemannstraße, which stretches from Berliner Allee to just before the main railway station at the palm-green Stresemannplatz, has transformed itself in just a few years from a sketchy inner-city street into a hip “new area”. Named after the German politician Gustav Stresemann, it is hard to believe that today’s colourful street, characterised by multicultural shops, used to be an industrial mile: around 1840, a large number of factories such as a worsted spinning mill, a machine factory or the Poensgen block tube factory had settled on the street, which was then called Steinstraße. Today, not much of that is left. Instead, the street lives from the numerous nationalities that have settled in the most diverse areas. During our visit to Stresemannstraße, many of the residents confirm to us that the street is divided into three unofficial areas – first hip, second beautiful, third rough. At the epicentre of the first “hip” part from Berliner Allee to Oststraße, the Velvet Café with its adjacent Beyond Studios concept store has quickly become the favourite spot of the “cool kids in town”. This is also the location of the large multi-storey car park, Garage Hagemann, now known as Parkcenter Kö. What many people don’t know: The multi-storey car park was built in the 1950s as the “largest multi-storey car park in Düsseldorf and perhaps in West Germany”. With the construction of his “giant garage” with an oversized glass front and 1,200 parking spaces, operator and builder Herbert Hagemann not only wanted to solve the problem of the garage shortage at the time, but also to create new parking space as a public car park. The designs came from the Düsseldorf architect Hanns Leisten. As a special feature, there was a parking service for customers and a home delivery service – if the customer had had a bit too much to drink in the evening. While the lower 200 metres to Oststraße were almost completely destroyed during the war and rebuilt with less beautiful new buildings after the war, the second, “beautiful” section of the street from Oststraße to Charlottenstraße was almost completely preserved. Magnificent stucco-decorated buildings from the turn of the century and tall, shady old trees characterise the streetscape here. Korean, Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants, fashion stores, hip hairdressers and an art gallery


can be found here side by side in just a few metres. The good soul of the street is Artemissia Nikolaidis with her instant cleaning service, which has probably known every resident for over 35 years – and everyone knows her. Another institution is the “Minas Balkan Shop”. Naša Radnja opened it on 1 April 1970 with the idea of bringing culinary specialities from the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro closer to the Germans – and at the same time offering a piece of home to the Yugoslavs living here in Germany. One speciality is the imported sauerkraut. A large selection of local Yugoslav newspapers, magazines, music cassettes and CDs were also in the assortment – thanks to the internet, modern technology and dwindling demand, these can no longer be found today. In 2012, the shop was taken over by the Maksimović family and celebrated its 50th birthday in 2020. The proximity to the main station is inevitably noticeable on the third, “rough” stretch of Stresemannstraße, which runs with a hint of milieu from Charlottenstraße onto Karlstraße and ends at Stresemannplatz. This is the brilliant end of the street: artist Tita Giese created a green jungle oasis in the midst of dreary concrete grey and wild street traffic. Tita Giese has been working on “plant projects” since the late 1970s, greening public space, including several areas in Düsseldorf such as Ernst-Reuter-Platz. Her work „Mittelamerikanische Verkehrsinseln“(“Central American Traffic Islands”), in which she planted yucca palms in car tyres on the traffic island, has been exuding international flair since 2007. “International flair meets mainstream” – that’s also how Franco Bonofiglio aptly sums it up. He is the owner of the jimmy+jo “German Kaufhaus-Contemporary Store”, as he affectionately calls his concept, located on Stresemannstraße. He says: “The street is fit for everyday life: here you can find multi-storey car parks, hotels, e-filling stations, bars & cafes, shopping, art and culture, international delicatessen, beauty, fashion – and above all one thing: an urban neighbourhood.”



What is your job? I am Director Account Management at the agency The Rocket Scientists and have been in Düsseldorf on Stresemannstraße for eight years. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? I associate Stresemannstraße with being at home. Surrounded by the city centre, culture and good restaurants. A tip you would like to share? In the evening, have a traditional Korean bibimbap on the terrace of Gusan and then a drink at Velvet.


What is your profession? I am the managing director and partner of Sprachlabor Audioproduktionen GmbH. We are a sound studio and mainly record advertising and do audio postproduction. We’ve been around for 21 years and moved to Stresemannstraße in 2011. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? We think it’s the new area with a cool range of cafés, shops and restaurants. A bit of everything. A tip you would like to share? The Pho soup at Phox, always new styles at jimmy+jo and of course drinking a coffee in front of the Velvet.




What is your profession? Nonsense What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? Home. A tip you would like to share? A visit to Mrs. Wu (Ming Fan)! I really appreciate her recommendations and her advice regarding the Chinese horoscope has impressed me for years.




What is your profession? Self-employed for 27 years – 19 of them on Stresemannstraße. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? The Multicultural A tip you would like to share? Best apple pancake at Velvet

Fedor and Patrick on a stroll along “Strese”.

Concept Store Beyond Studios

Artemissia Nikolaidis has worked on Stresemannstraße for more than 35 years.



Zdenka Maksimovic, current owner of Minas Balkan Shop

Naša Radnja founded Minas Balkan Shop 50 years ago.


What is your profession? I am an entrepreneur and the managing director of jimmy+jo. In our “German Kaufhaus-Contemporary Store” we sell clothing and goods of all kinds. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? International flair away from the mainstream and yet right in the centre. The street is fit for everyday life: here you can find multistorey car parks, hotels, e-filling stations, bars & cafes, shopping, art and culture, international delicatessen, beauty, fashion – and above all one thing: an urban neighbourhood. A tip you’d like to share? Keep your eyes open. And sometimes just ring the bell.


Holger (hair stylist and co-owner stresemann) and Lucio (owner not a shop) in their flat.


What is your profession? Hair stylist and co-owner of stresemann salon. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? In 15 years from milieu to lovable, from neighbourhood to club. Any tips you’d like to share? Just take a look at the street, it is extremely versatile.


Nils at not a shop vintage fashion store.


Introduce yourselves briefly. We are Vicky & Timo and have been living in our dream apartment on Stresemannstraße since May 2021. What do you associate with Stresemannstraße? We associate Stresemannstraße with our new private start in Düsseldorf. We were in love with our flat from second one and have never felt so much at home. The proximity to the city centre, the workplace and the leafy street with its wonderful shops, restaurants and residents make Stresemannstraße our perfect home. You can feel the cohesion and it’s always nice to bump into each other on the street and exchange a smile or a few kind words – or even give a few cuddles to our fluffy four-legged friends and neighbours Yoda and Kit. A tip you’d like to share? Velvet is our favourite Sunday breakfast spot. jimmy+jo is a wonderful place to browse. We like to look there for gifts or new acquisitions for our flat and wardrobes. We like to leave our new clothes in the hands of the enchanting Mrs Nikolaidis from the dry cleaners. On summer evenings, it’s wonderful to enjoy your meal outside at Gusan or Phox Pho. It always feels like a holiday! And for all those who are newly engaged and looking for their wedding dress, I heartily recommend visiting IAY IamYours and trying on the most beautiful dresses in the most wonderful atmosphere with the most enchanting bridal stylists and finding your dream dress.




Stresemannstraße CHINA RESTAURANT THREE KINGDOMS Super-authentic Chinese restaurant Stresemannstraße 4 FRUCHT & GENUSS Delicacies and lunch Stresemannstraße 29 GUSAN REIS’N’ROLL Traditional Korean meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and sushi Stresemannstraße 31 gusan_restaurant

PHOX PHO Super-fancy Vietnamese restaurant specialised in Pho soup – one of the best in town! Stresemannstraße 32


VELVET Daytime canteen, café and bar. Serving natural new school classics. Aperitivo and Nea­politan pizza on Fridays until midnight! Stresemannstraße 8

BEYOND STUDIOS Mostly Scandinavian brands, a huge selection of plants, jewellery, books and interior stuff Stresemannstraße 8 IAMYOURS

HOTPOT FU Chinese hot-pot restaurant Stresemannstraße 46

MINAS BALKAN SHOP Specialities, food and delicacies from the Balkan region Stresemannstraße 30



BRAUTBLÜTE Stylish bridalwear boutique Stresemannstraße 26 FORTUNA KIOSK Kiosk for drinks, tobacco, sweets and newspapers with opening hours well past midnight Stresemannstraße 22 IAMYOURS Beautiful bridal concept store with dresses, shoes, jewellery and accessories Stresemannstraße 3


JIMMY+JO “German Kaufhaus” with a very nice selection of curated fashion and interior items, books and accessories Stresemannstraße 27 Pop-up: Stresemannstraße 36 LILA MODEN Vintage, art and fashion from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada etc. Oststraße 150 / corner Stresemannstraße MING FAN Chinese books and a fine selection of mixed Asian goods and treasures Stresemannstraße 19 NOT A SHOP Unisex preloved fashion Stresemannstraße 39




Responsible editor: Jacques DAMAS, Managing Director THI FACTORY PLC, Place Marcel Broodthaers 4, 1060 Brussels, Belgium - BE0541.696.005

PARIS from €32

MITTELAMERIKANISCHE VERKEHRSINSELN STRESEMANNPLATZ German artist Tita Giese has been working on plants projects since 1978, primarily in public spaces. Her palm tree planting „Mittelamerikanische Verkehrsinseln“ (“Central American traffic islands“) on a traffic island at the end of Stresemannstraße has become kind of legendary.





COIFFEUR PETERS Old school coiffeur and wigs Stresemannstraße 16

HANGOVER GALLERY Urban Art Gallery Stresemannstraße 41

SPRACHLABOR AUDIOPRODUKTIONEN Sprachlabor is one of the leading sound studios for the dubbing of advertising in Düsseldorf Stresemannstraße 12

ARTEMISSIA NIKOLAIDIS Dry cleaner and good soul of the street for more than 35 years Stresemannstraße 42 IGOR SUMANSCHII Shoemaker’s shop in 2nd generation Stresemannstraße 14 KINDERGARTEN Day care centre and Catholic nursery Stresemannstraße 21 kitas

FRISEUR MARUO Legendary hairdresser since 1995 and passionate 60s soul lover and record collector Stresemannstraße 28

PARKHAUS-GARAGE HAGEMANN 24 hours a day, 365 days a year parking in one of the most beautiful and oldest parking garages in the city Stresemannstraße 8


STRESEMANN Ultra-cool, purist hair salon by Björn Hartung and Holger Hölkeskamp Stresemannstraße 41


YODA Hair salon, Japanese concept store and art gallery by Kazunori Yoda Stresemannstraße 28



me and all hotel düsseldorf | me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel

WELCOME TO THE NEIGBOURHOOD. ENJOY THE ME AND ALL DNA. The philosophy is simple: me and all hotels have set out to create the kind of surroundings, they would love to find themselves in, when traveling the heart of a great city such as Düsseldorf. Every me and all is an inspiring, dynamic and locally connected place, where people meet and celebrate in fabulous lounges, work in great coworking spaces, eat and drink, enjoying changing pop-up kitchens and stay overnight in snug cozy rooms. Feeling at home is easy at me and all hotels. In Düsseldorf, both me and all’s are located at the very heart of their district. At the city center, in famous Little Tokyo and on the other side of the river Rhine in loveable Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. The central station and public transport are just a stroll away. Enjoy the beautiful view over the city and the fantastic TAKUMI kitchen at the me and all düsseldorf’s eleventh floor, in walking distance to the Königsallee and central station. The new me and all düsseldorf-oberkassel will let every designer heart beat loud and wild. Great sparkling accents and casual-pomp combined in a homey local atmosphere. Italian kitchen at it’s best and rooms to stay forever in the heart of Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Check out upcoming events! me and all hotel düsseldorf • Immermannstr. 23 • 40210 Düsseldorf me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel • Hansaallee 1a • 40549 Düsseldorf • @meandallhotels • @meandallhotels

p roducer, director a n d sc re e nwrit e r




Sleep disorders, the influence of social media, problems of an entire generation – Su-Jin Song packs all this into her new short film “Insomnia”. Su-Jin Song is a producer, director and screenwriter from Düsseldorf. After graduating from high school, she went to Korea to work in film and television. After returning to Germany, she studied at the ifs in Cologne and now produces films that premiere at the Berlinale. In February 2022, she was shooting her short film project “Insomnia” at the me and all hotel on Immermannstraße where we met up with her. Between all the hustle and bustle on set, Su-Jin radiates calm and serenity. The mood in the team is relaxed and personal. Su-Jin's mother brings food for everyone and we chat with Su-Jin about hotel rooms, her film festival project “Coffee and Cinema”, sleepless nights and mental health. For people who don’t know you, please introduce yourself ! What is your background? My name is Su-Jin Song, I am a director, producer and writer. I started making films at an early age, then did many internships and gained experience on sets. After graduating from high school, I went to Korea and worked in film and television. I wanted to get to know my parents’ home country better and lived there for two years. When I came back to Germany, I continued to work on sets and then went to the ifs (international film school) in Cologne and studied film with a focus on creative producing. After I graduated, I worked a lot as a producer, but now I also direct. What was the time in Korea like for you after graduating from high school? It was great! As a child I was only there for the summer holidays. I’m very


lucky my parents gave my sister and me the chance to visit our relatives regularly so we could build a connection to Korea. But to really live there and discover the country for myself, detached from my relatives and parents, was important for me. You started your film screening project “Coffee and Cinema” in 2017. How did it come about and how will it continue in the future? Normally I travel a lot with my films to festivals. Especially short films tend to be shown at festivals. When they are shown on television, it is often after midnight, when hardly anyone is watching. That’s why people often ask me where they can watch my films. I thought it was strange to just send out film links. So I came up with the idea of creating a space for short films, to bring short films closer to the people. Since cafés are a focal point of many people’s lifestyles nowadays anyway, they meet or work there, I found the location fitting. In former days coffee houses used to be places of cultural exchange, the salon culture has existed since the 14th century. Therefore I liked to connect the café culture with the short films. During the pandemic it was difficult, thus “Coffee and Cinema” took place in an open-air format in courtyards. Sometimes we also combine the film evening with a small sustainable market or a flea market for a good cause. 1



The upcoming actress Rebecca Soraya Zaman, who was last seen in the Netflix production “Life is a Glitch”, plays the main protagonist A-Ra. Why was she chosen? I did a long casting and luckily, I had a great casting consultant. She had already casted many Asian-looking actresses for another film and then re­ commended some of them to me. We did a first casting and Rebecca was our favourite actress from the first round. The cameraman, casting consultant and I all agreed that Rebecca was the one. To what extent does Little Tokyo, the Asian quarter around Immermannstraße, play a role? Why are you filming here? The surroundings don’t play a direct role in the film. It could be any city. We don’t show much of Düsseldorf, but what is important is the setting and the sounds – that you have the feeling you are in a big city. This area here is important to me personally, as someone with Asian roots. I grew up in Düsseldorf and it’s very special for me that we have so much Asian culture here. In another city, I would have missed that!

You are the director and producer of the film project “Insomnia” and wrote the script. What was the process of making “Insomnia” like and why did you choose this topic? The topic has been on my mind for a long time. I have often witnessed young women suffering from sleep disorders, depression or mental problems. I think it’s still a taboo subject that many don’t talk about. Few know where they can get help and for many there is no awareness of their own mental health. There is a discrepancy between being connected through social media, having lots of exchanges, knowing lots of people and the question “who really knows me and knows how I am?”. I think especially today – where we all share on social media – many are lonely on their own. Your protagonist, the Asian A-Ra, is a superstar – successful, stunningly beautiful and an idol for many fans. But behind this perfect mask she hides a lost soul. What do you think about the influence of social media on this topic? And what message do you want to pass on with your short film, perhaps especially to young women? The character A-Ra is portrayed like an international superstar. She has problems with her mental health, but outwardly she seems happy, only shows her perfect self and plays her role very well. Inside, however, she is very broken. With this film I want to show that you can be glamorous, successful and perfect on the outside, but on the inside, it can look very different.


Your short film project involves many Düsseldorf protagonists such as the me and all hotel, the VIER roasting house, the Takumi Restaurant and the Max Brown Hotel. How did it come about and to what extent are you supported by them? At first I was looking for a hotel that aesthetically matched my ideas. I quickly entered into cooperation with the me and all Hotel. I am very happy about that because the team here at the hotel is super. The team is young and friendly. The shoot and the preparations were uncomplicated. The rooms are nice, because they have a special touch in addition to the natural, sterile furnishings. The location was great for the team. We had our catering room in the Max Brown Hotel, we got catering from the Manko Café, Dreas & Dendas and the Takumi partially sponsored us. In film, especially in a low-budget project, nothing works without networking! By that I mean my whole team that I have built up over the years, our sponsors and local partners who have supported us with small favours. I am very grateful for that!





Which place in Düsseldorf inspires you in your work? Well, on the one hand definitely the museums, they are very special to me in Düsseldorf. I went to school in the old town and already had an Art Card back then. In my free periods I always went to the museums, to the K20, the Kunsthalle, the Kunstverein. There were never many visitors during the day, so I could spend hours looking at the paintings. And then of course the Asian restaurants and the Rhine promenade, especially the Rheinwiese in Oberkassel. I visited the sheep there every day during the Corona lockdown.


With which personality (dead or alive) would you like to have an Altbier? Unfortunately, I don’t drink Altbier and would rather have a coffee. Either with the actress Sandra Oh or with Isabella Rossellini. She is the voice of “Louis I. King of the Sheep” and I would like to show her our new film and talk to her about it. Thank you very much! 3




In February, one of your films had its premiere at the Berlinale. Is that right? Exactly, a film I produced is showing there. It’s the stop-motion animation film “Louis I. King of the Sheep”, which has just been finished. It’s very special to see a film on the big screen. Especially the stop-motion animation film has many details that are great to see on the big screen. It’s nice to see the film for the first time with the whole team and the audience. To see these audience’s reactions live is great.


Judith Bohle. © Thomas Rabsch

Hala Empanada

Turning a passion into a career is a dream for many. Joshua Schneider and Finn Linzenich from Düsseldorf fulfilled this dream right after graduating with their passion for empanadas and good food. A stay in Buenos Aires sparked their enthusiasm for South American street food – and so they decided to bring the filled dumplings to Düsseldorf with “Hala Empanada”. Since then, they have not only brought a taste for them to their immediate surroundings, but have also delighted a larger audience with their homemade, authentic treats. You were inspired to found “Hala Empanada” during a long trip through South America. What was the process like from idea to realisation? Finn Linzenich, my buddy and co-founder of Hala Empa­ nada, wanted to show me what empanadas are after a stay in Buenos Aires. In Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, there was no suitable restaurant for it in our eyes. Since we both always enjoyed cooking and baking together, we started making empanadas for friends and family at home. We announced via Whatsapp when new empanadas could be picked up at our place and when the first South Americans heard about it, people queued up in front of our student flat-share. Then we rented a small kitchen and sold empanadas from there once a week. We were then motivated by the guests to continue. It all came out of a fun idea and, above all, out of a love of cooking and baking. So in the beginning there was no concept, but we realised that people like it and that we could do it professionally. What was it about Argentinean cuisine that inspired you to bring it to Düsseldorf? We were inspired by its simplicity. Above all, the empanada is very practical. You can eat it at any time of day. Even at family dinners there are almost always empanadas. We were surprised at how deeply rooted the food is in the culture there and what an integral part it is in the lives of South Americans. That’s something we don’t know about here. What are your standards and what distinguishes you from other street food? We cook the dishes that will later serve as fillings for several hours in a cooking process that preserves as many nutrients as possible and then put them into our homemade dough. In this way, we want to create varied and intense flavours, which above all are also created with natural raw materials. One advantage of the empa­ nada is that it still tastes very good the next day because the filling is kept fresh by the coating of the dough.


Are there places in Düsseldorf that inspire you gastronomically? If you walk across Carlsplatz, through the old town or along Brunnenstraße in Bilk, you can get very good inspiration. But we also find inspiration abroad. I’ve just been to Portugal and Finn to Spain and Belgium and we look around especially for empanada shops and what concepts there are in other countries. The typical Argentinean-Düsseldorf empanada – what would it look like? In Argentina, a lot is done with onions. Even Pizza Margherita is eaten with onions there. So I would almost call our cheese and onion empanada typical. But if you really go for the clichés, you might have to do something with mince. Which person, dead or alive, would you like to have an Altbier with and what would you talk about? I would love to talk to Bob Marley or bands like AC/DC or the Stones. All of them have experienced a lot, have been around the world and can possibly pass on some of their inspiration. I would also like to have an Altbier with Toni Tourek, the Düsseldorf goalkeeper at the World Cup in 1954. What are your plans for the future? Will there perhaps be your own permanent Hala Empanada spot one day? The nice thing is that we don’t have a fixed schedule and there are still a lot of possibilities open to us with the empanada. We are currently saving up to open our first own shop. It should have a stone oven so that we can offer high-quality Düsseldorf empanadas. As an option, we are thinking about working with a food truck, which we can then also take to events and introduce empanadas to people beyond the borders of Düsseldorf.




AGE 26 24









The words “Flönz” and “Himmel & Ähd” don’t make you wonder but hungry instead? Wonderful! It should be well known by now that the culinary offerings in Düsseldorf go far beyond the Rhenish dishes with their idiosyncratic names. Come with us on a journey through Düsseldorf ’s colourful gastronomic landscape, through Michelin starred restaurants, the multi-faceted Asian cuisine and fine delicatessens. Discover new and old classics, our favourite restaurants and cosy gastro pubs. We are never not hungry and promise: You won’t be either.

1876 – DANIEL DAL-BEN Serving creations of newly interpreted classic cuisine and fine-dining Grunerstraße 42a 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal AGATA’S International gourmet kitchen of undiscovered worlds of taste Kirchfeldstraße 59 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk BAR OLIO Absolute favourite crossover cuisine featuring Italian, Asian, French and Mediterranean influences at the old freight depot Schirmerstraße 54 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


DR. KOSCH Formerly known as Bread & Roses, Dr. Kosch offers a cuisine full of finesse – In 2022 he was again awarded a Michelin star Roßstraße 39 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

FLEHER HOF Between blood sausage and Bordeaux there is a lot here that makes the heart of the gourmand beat faster. Rhenish-Westphalian cuisine meets the finesse of French brasseries of the past century. Fleher Straße 254 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flehe FRITZ FRAU FRANZI Fine, seasonal, experimental and surprising food served in a perfect design interior Adersstraße 8a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt KÖ59 Fine dining by TV chef Björn Freitag in the fancy atmosphere of Intercontinental Hotel Königsallee 59 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt LIDO IM MALKASTEN Arty interior and sophisticated cuisine in a historical surrounding Jacobistraße 6 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MASSI Creative mix of national and international cuisine Moltkestraße 110 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort MÜNSTERMANN KONTOR Iconic bistro, restaurant and wine-bar in the heart of Carlstadt Hohe Straße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt NOA FOODBAR Stylish food-bar with a mix of sophisticated dishes Martinstraße 11 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk NØRDS Nordic food with fish and oyster and “brønch” on the weekends Lindenstraße 73 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern OKTOPUSSY European gourmet cuisine and fine wines Gneisenaustraße 69 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PINK PEPPER Brand-new luxury restaurant at Steigenberger Parkhotel. Enjoy unique dishes cooked to perfection by chef de cuisine Benjamin Kriegel. Königsallee 1a 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

EM BRASS Modern mash-up cuisine Moltkestraße 122 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ESSBAR Modern German-French cuisine with Asian influences Kaiserstraße 27 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort



BRICKS BAR & RESTAURANT Mouth-watering cocktails and international cuisine Belsenplatz 3 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

FINNS WINE & KITCHEN Playing with old, rediscovered vegetables, modern cooking techniques and complex aromas Tannenstraße 23a 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf


STAUDI’S Modern German cuisine in a super-cosy atmosphere Münsterstraße 115 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf THE KITCHEN Cross-over bistro cuisine and a great selection of wines and drinks Tußmannstraße 46 40447 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


UNS LÜÜ German seasonal cuisine with international influences and German wines Kronprinzenstraße 52 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

THE PARADISE NOW Sophisticated fine-dining, bar and clubbing in the heart of the harbour area Hammerstraße 27 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen PHOENIX Haute cuisine and arty interior at Dreischeibenhaus August-Thyssen-Straße 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ROB’S KITCHEN Modern European cuisine in the heart of Unterbilk Lorettostraße 23 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk RUBENS Austrian cuisine with an excellent Viennese Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up and sugared pancake) Kaiserstraße 5 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


SCHILLINGS Modern European cuisine, super nice wines, truffled fries and mixed cheese-platters in the Schauspielhaus building with a beautiful view of the Hofgarten Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GASTHAUS STAPPEN Culinary institution in Oberkassel serving highlights such as Chateaubriand for 2 or lobster Thermidor, classics such as Wiener Schnitzel and changing 4-course menus Luegallee 50 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

VENTE Mediterranean delicacies with a touch of Rhenish lifestyle and a portion of Düsseldorf, as well as a selection of international tapas Kronprinzenstraße 52 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk WEINHAUS TANTE ANNA Contemporary, regionally oriented cuisine with an excellent wine selection in a cosy and traditional atmosphere in the heart of the old town Mertensgasse 2b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt WILLIAMS BAR & KITCHEN Old fashioned drinks meet new style food Friedrichstraße 115a 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

MODERN CUISINE & EASY GOING 5P STYLE A combination of American street food, street art vibes and hip hop culture Kiefernstraße 2 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ALCHEMIST BISTRO & BAR Homemade and newly discovered kitchen classics, inspired by European bar and bistro culture Graf-Adolf-Straße 61 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ALTE METZGEREI Delicious lunch in a former butcher’s shop Hoffeldstraße 48 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern BOB & MARY Homemade burgers from all over the world Hammer Straße 26 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen Berger Straße 35 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt DREIRAUM Seasonal bistro menu and early bird specials on weekends Volksgartenstraße 15 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk EMMAFISCH Fish restaurant with special ambience Emmastraße 25 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk EN DE CANON Regional specialties and wines from Baden in a historic half-timbered house Zollstraße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt FLAMMKUCHEN MANUFAKTUR Homemade Tartes Flambees and exquisite wines Uhlandstraße 38 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal flammkuchenmanufaktur


HITCHCOQ Nashville hot chicken, biodynamic wine and craft beer Nordstraße 30 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort HERR KNILLMANN Modern German homestyle cooking in the heart of Gerresheim Alter Markt 1a 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim K RESTAURANT Hip restaurant and bar with an industrial flair Wilhelm-Tell-Straße 1a 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk MAYERS DAILY In the former rooms of an old steamroller factory, they serve daily changing dishes with market-fresh seasonal products Rethelstraße 47 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal NOOIJ Dutch deli with delicious breakfast and chicken, bitterballen and more. Super cool interior design! Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

SASSAFRAS 50 years of Sassafras – Enjoy a great selection of drinks, fusion food and the occasional dance at this cool gastro pub Düsseldorfer Straße 90 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel THE BULL STEAK EXPERT Small, elegant and super delicious steakhouse Taubenstraße 14 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort WAYA KITCHEN North American soul food influenced by Asian and South American kitchen Platanenstraße 21 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern WHAT’S BEEF Street art, burgers and gigantic milkshakes Immermannstraße 24 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Mitte Y&C RESTAURANT This New Orleans-inspired bar and smokehouse offers an ideal balance of smoked, premium and glistening meats and smoked specialties from Texas’ age-old recipes Holzstraße 2 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen

GASTRO PUBS & BEER GARDENS 3 LITTLE BIRDS One of the most beautiful and laid-back beer gardens in town with an incredible view of the Rhine and sunset. The small self-service-hut serves nice wines, hot and cold drinks and small snacks. Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 33 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BEETHOVEN Bistro pub with nice sunny terrace Ackerstraße 106 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

BISTRO ZICKE French bistro meets Berlin pub: Decorated entirely with movie posters. Perfect for a delicious breakfast, coffee and cake or a glass of wine Bäckerstraße 5a 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt CAFÉ À GOGO Cosy pub and sound bar with live music and a nice terrace Schwerinstraße 15 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


CAFÉ FLORIAN A classic! Café and bistro with a cosy French atmosphere Nordstraße 56 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


CAFÉ KNÜLLE Evergreen: bistro-pub serving delicious coffee during the day and drinks in the evening Oberbilker Allee 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

CAFÉ MODIGLIANI Cosy, arty bistro decorated with old posters and a nice terrace. Concerts on Mondays! Wissmannstraße 6 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk DAUSER Rhenish soups and stews Ulmenstraße 118 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf DESTILLE Old school jazzy pub with bistro cuisine Bilker Straße 46 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt GALERIE BURGHOF A classic: the Burghof has one of the most beautiful beer gardens in the city with a view of the Rhine right next to the old Kaiserpfalz and the historic city center of Kaiserswerth Burgallee 1 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth GEISSEL The cosy café-restaurant with wood paneling and cosy interior serves cakes and home-style cooking Aachener Straße 58 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk HAMMER BLICK A beer garden with a great view over the Rhine Fährstraße 253a 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hamm IM ALTEN BIERHAUSE – MEUSER German home-style cooking in a rustic atmosphere Alt-Niederkassel 75 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Niederkassel



BIBIMCUP Korean rice dishes served in bowls and mandus Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BROS Asian cross-over restaurant and takeaway Lorettostraße 6 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

STEINI’S T-BAR Charming gastro pub with an exclusive selection of drinks, sophisticated vegan and vegetarian cuisine, 60 years of rock’n’roll and punk music plus an inviting outdoor terrace Kölner Tor 3 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim TANNENBAUM The newspaper-decorated restaurant with a rustic bar serves bistro dishes from all over the world Tannenstraße 3 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf TIGGES Student bar in the heart of Bilk directly at the Bilker train station. Delicious breakfast every Saturday and Sunday morning! Brunnenstraße 1 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

AFRICAN CUISINE YATANA Eritrean-Ethiopian restaurant Worringer Straße 67 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte OKRA Vegetables, meat dishes and beer based on Ethiopian recipes in the restaurant with raffia mats and national colours Ackerstraße 119 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


ASIAN CUISINE AH-UN Yakiniku – the Japanese technique of cooking meat on a grill Hansaallee 246 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Lörick ALOHA POKE Fresh and healthy Hawaiian street food restaurant Friedensstraße 65 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk ĂN BÁNH MÌ Delicious Vietnamese street food and sandwiches Ackerstraße 161 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Friedenstraße 65 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk BANG ME Bangin’ good food: fancy and super fresh Vietnamese “Banh mis” and bowls in a hyper-cool interior Graf-Adolf Straße 43 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BANH BOYO Pho soup and other Vietnamese street food, snacks and dishes Grafenberger Allee 51 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

DODO & JOJO Seoul Deli with Korean hot dogs and desserts Gerresheimer Straße 12 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte dodoandjojo_seouldeli DONG WU Modern Chinese cuisine Kaiserstraße 29 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort dongwuchinarestaurant

CHI BAY Authentic Vietnamese with the highly recommended Pho soup Oberbilker Allee 176 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

EASTERY Contemporary Asian food Talstraße 2a 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

CHINA RESTAURANT DSCHUNKE Canton specialties such as dim sum have been lovingly prepared here for over 20 years Charlottenstraße 59 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

EAT TOKYO Japanese food straight from London to THE DORF Nordstraße 28 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Immermannstraße 40 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

COMBO Creative Asian delicacies and sushi Weseler Straße 35 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

FINANZÄMTCHE – POZANGMATCHA Korean kimchi, bibimbap and chicken wings in a former pub Oststraße 139 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

COOKING DAD Modern Chinese restaurant with a fantastic Peking Duck Birkenstraße 69 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern DEN Fancy sushi, grill, wine and more. Also check out DEN HOME in Pempelfort and Unterbilk! Hohenzollernallee 8d 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

FU BY MEISTER WANG Modern and healthy Chinese cuisine Pionierstraße 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT Surprising modern Chinese cuisine in an extra­ordinary atmosphere Klosterstraße 38 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

DIM SUM GOURMET As the name suggests: Chinese dim sums and dumplings in all variations Brunnenstraße 13 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk


KUSHI TEI OF TOKYO A classic: traditional Japanese grill restaurant Immermannstraße 38 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

HASHI Traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist Ackerstraße 182 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

KYODAINA Sushi and poke bowls Lorettostraße 60 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

HOKKAIDO KITCHEN ZERO-BANCHI Brand-new Japanese Izakaya style restaurant by Kushi Tei of Tokyo Immermannstraße 34 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte HUTONG BISTRO Peking style noodles and authentic Chinese food Adersstraße 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

ILHA FORMOSA Taiwanese “xiaochi” – special street food snacks straight from Taiwan Charlottenstraße 50 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ISHI FUSION SUSHI RESTAURANT Japanese fusion restaurant with a huge selection of Japanese dishes and sushi – a la carte or all you can eat! Hansaallee 165 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt KAGAYA Nice little Japanese restaurant, ideal for lunchtime Charlottenstraße 60 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte kagaya_dusseldorf KENNY’S KITCHEN Imbiss serving Japanese fried chicken Birkenstraße 72 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


LITTLE LAMB DÜSSELDORF Very authentic Chinese hot pot restaurant Kölner Straße 14 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NAGAYA Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Klosterstraße 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NAGOMI Nagomi stands for inner peace and balance – that’s how you feel after this delicious authentic Japanese cuisine Bismarckstraße 53 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NA NI WA Longest queue for one of the best ramen soups in town. Vis-a-vis: Na Ni Wa’s cool sushi restaurant Oststraße 55 ∙ Klosterstraße 68a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NARUMI SUSHI Sushi, bowls and seafood. Takeaway and delivery-service Hüttenstraße 83 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

PHOX PHO Superfancy Vietnamese restaurant specialised in Pho soup – one of the best in town! Stresemannstraße 32 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


GUSAN REIS’N’ROLL Traditional Korean meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and sushi Stresemannstraße 31 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

QUÊ Family-run restaurant with popular but also regional delicacies from Central Vietnam Grafenberger Allee 149 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern RENYA A small but cosy place with authentic Japanese food Collenbachstraße 1 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort RIKA Ramen, teriyaki, gyoza and Co. Gehrtsstraße 16 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Grafenberg ROKU Japanese dining and wining by Mr. Nagaya himself Schwerinstraße 34 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ROTE LATERNE Meat, fish and soups from the Chinese Lanzhou region – Kitchen until midnight Kurfürstenstraße 29 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ROWAN Japanese tapas Neusser Straße 84 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SABI & GARI Truly special variations of Japanese sushi including delicious maki, inside-out-rolls, sashimi and more Luegallee 13 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel SCARAMANGA’S Diverse Vietnamese “tapas” and dishes Oberbilker Allee 31 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt SHINJU SUSHI & GRILL Sushi and Asian kitchen Fürstenwall 120 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SILA THAI Fancy traditional Thairestaurant – a real classic! Bahnstraße 76 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SOBA AN Unique Japanese homemade buckwheat “soba” noodle dishes Klosterstraße 68 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


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SUMI Sophisticated Japanese cuisine and izakaya in a cool interior Schinkelstraße 28 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort TAKUMI Homemade Japanese ramen soups and gyozas. Now also available in the me and all hotel rooftop bar Immermannstraße 28 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Oststraße 51 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TAKUMI TANTAN Spicy red and white Tantan Men ramen soup Immermannstraße 32 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TAKUMI CHICKEN & VEGGIE Delicious veggie and chicken ramen and other dishes Klosterstraße 72 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TAM TAM Vietnamese culinary cuisine offers healthy and exotic Southeast Asian specialties Ackerstraße 88 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


THREE KINGDOMS Superauthentic Chinese restaurant Stresemannstraße 4 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TOKYO RAMEN TAKEICHI Authentic Japanese ramen Immermannstraße 18 ∙ Bismarckstraße 67 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TONKATSU GONTA Specialised in the fine art of preparing Japanese pork schnitzel – the Tonkatsu Immermannstraße 28 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TO1980 VEGAN Vietnamese vegan kitchen in the heart of the Japanese quarter in Düsseldorf Immermannstraße 46 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

UMAIMON It’s Japanese and means “tasty” – and that’s what the chicken ramen and other dishes are Hansaallee 244 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Lörick

VIVU Asian cuisine without flavour enhancers Kanonierstraße 14 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

CAFÉ DE BRETAGNE Bistro serving authentic French seafood and Breton specialties Benrather Straße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

YABASE Superior, chic and authentic Japanese cuisine – one of the very best Klosterstraße 70 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CHEZ CLAUDE French bistro cuisine in supercosy and enchanted backyard atmosphere Wiesenstraße 32 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt

YAKI THE EMON Japanese Teppan grill restaurant with a huge selection of sake and cocktails Klosterstraße 72 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CHEZ LIO Breton bistro at Barbarossaplatz from the makers of Restaurant Hülsmann serving French food and international wines Wiesenstraße 32 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

YOSHI BY NAGAYA Japanese cuisine on the very highest level – Michelin-starred Kreuzstraße 17 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

FRENCH CUISINE & BISTRO FOOD BISTRO ERMINIG Authentic Breton crêpes, galettes, cidre, croissants and lots more Mutter-Ey-Straße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BISTRO FATAL French cuisine de saison and natural organic wines Hermannstraße 29 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern BRASSERIE HÜLSMANN Traditional French brasserie in the heart of Oberkassel Belsenstraße 1 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

JANOT’S BAR CAFÉ French bistro-café with coffee, a fine selection of wines and exquisite food. Plus: a beautiful large terrace! Flurstraße 74 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LE FLAIR Sophisticated Michelin-starred cuisine – good value for money Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort LES HALLES ST. HONORÉ Fine French delicacies, bread and charcuterie to go during the day, French bistro cuisine at night Nordstraße 31 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PARLIN The best from Paris and Berlin Altestadt 12 – 14 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


ROCAILLE Charming bistro in the heart of Derendorf serving great wines, cheese and patisserie Weißenburgstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf THE DUCHY Sophisticated French brasserie with regional influences located at Breidenbacher Hof hotel Königsallee 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte THE PARIS CLUB With a spectacular view over Düsseldorf on the 16th and 17th floor of the 25Hours Hotel Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GEORGIAN CUISINE PEPELLA Cool Georgian cuisine Augustastraße 30 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort SO RE Georgian dishes and wines with German influences. Nice terrace in the heart of Flingern Hoffeldstraße 37 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GREEK CUISINE ASKITIS GREEK CUISINE Sophisticated Greek restaurant with classy fish and meat dishes Herderstraße 73 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal


POLIS Small upscale Greek restaurant Dominikanerstraße 8 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

ANTICHI SAPORI Very traditional Italian trattoria, next to Su Nuraghe Am Wehrhahn 71 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TAVERNAKI Classic Greek cuisine Tannenstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

CASA LUIGI TRATTORIA Fine Italian cuisine since 1997 with a fantastic view on the Mediterranean terrace in the inner courtyard Hohe Straße 33 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

TAVERNA IRODION Authentic Greek specialties since 1997 Flurstraße 34 ∙ Flingern 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

TAVERNA ELEON “Mezedopolio” – Meze only! Eleon serves reinterpreted classics of the GreekMediterranean cuisine in Meze-size for sharing Kaiserswerther Straße 17 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort TAVERNE PEGASOS Since 1979 an absolute classic serving traditional Greek dishes Kirchfeldstraße 50 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk TAVERNE SAVAS Exuberant Greek atmosphere with authentic food until 3 am every day Heresbachstraße 21 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk


RATATOUILLE Ratatouille is back! In the new premises, Chef Sam offers his well-known interpretations of French cuisine with high quality and freshness Auf der Lausward 51 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen

ITALIAN CUISINE AMUNI Wine and cheese bar with Sicilian specialities Liefergasse 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt amuni_duesseldorf A TAVOLA Cosy Italian restaurant with a sophisticated cuisine made from seasonal produce Wallstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ALDO GENOVESE Traditional Italian restaurant offering fine pasta and wine Schirmerstraße 17 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort AURORA & VITO’S SÜSSHOLZ PIZZERIA Authentic Neapolitan pizza, antipasti, salads and sweets in a colourful ambience Sommersstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

DA NOI Wood-fired pizza with lots of amore and creamy Fior-di-Latte-Mozzarella. In addition to the classic pizzas, gluten-free pizza and pasta are an integral part of the menu Graf-Adolf-Straße 25 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Urdenbacher Dorfstraße 2 40593 Düsseldorf ∙ Urdenbach DEVONA Beautifully decorated, tiny restaurant with a sophisticated Italian cuisine Schwerinstraße 13 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort DI NAPOLI Authentic Italian cuisine with a French flair. Highlight: original Neapolitan pizza from the traditional wood oven Moltkestraße 117 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort GALLO NERO Classic trattoria and wine-trade since 1998 Binterimstraße 27 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk LINGUINI Fancy Italian cuisine and a top wine selection Rochusstraße 44 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


PRIMITIVO Seasonal cuisine with influences from all over the world Mauerstraße 7 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

NINEOFIVE Fancy Neapolitan pizzas, excellent wines and craft beers Ackerstraße 181 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern nineofive_duesseldorf

PRINCIPALE PIZZABAR Bere – mangiare – parlare Lindenstraße 66 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern principale.pizzabar

OSTERIA MOSSIMO MILANO Very special and ultra-thin pizzas. Delicious! Düsselthaler Straße 22 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PIZZERIA MAURIZIO Italian food à la mamma! Collenbachstraße 3 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

PIZZERIA CENERENTOLA “il piccolo italiano” – says it all! Kaiserswerther Straße 8 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PIZZERIA PESTO – DA FABIO Only Italy is more Italian Pionierstraße 54 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt PIZZERIA PINOCCHIO One of our favourite authentic Italian restaurants on Ratinger Straße Altestadt 14 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt PIZZERIA ROMANTICA Rattoballi’s traditional family pizza from Palermo since 1921 Düsselthaler Straße 48 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


RISTORANTE L’ARTE IN CUCINA One of the top Italian restaurants with original Tuscan cuisine Gerricusplatz 6 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim SAN LEO A classic! No pizza, but excellent pasta, fish and meat dishes, one of the best Italian restaurants in town Wallstraße 31 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt SI MANZELLA TRATTORIA Authentic Sicilian food and wine Sophienstraße 16 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath SU NURAGHE An institution and one of the best Italian takeaways in town Am Wehrhahn 69 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Schloßstraße 2 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort TRATTORIA CARISSIMA Classy Italian trattoria since 1987 Luegallee 17 40545 Düsseldorrf ∙ Oberkassel


MENTA Plain and simple pizza, pasta and wines by Gino Lorettostraße 25 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

TRATTORIA EMILIANA Pizza, pasta and vino on traditional red and white checkered tablecloths. Like! Adlerstraße 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TRATTORIA POSITANO Pure Italy! Authentic Mediterranean cuisine from the Costiera Amalfitana since 1990 Freiligrathstraße 36 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort TRATTORIA VIA APPIA Uncomplicated and light Italian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere Flügelstraße 56 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk VITALE LA CUCINA Micro restaurant beautifully decorated with mirrors, crystal chandeliers and simple wooden furniture. Delicious Italian cuisine Ackerstraße 168b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern ZERO GRADI From Unterbilk to Pempelfort: The new Zero Gradi offers coffee specialities and ciabattas during the day plus pizza, bruschetta and vino at nights Wielandstraße 54 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

ORIENTAL & INDIAN CUISINE ARABESQ Oriental delicacies from 1001 Nights Ludenberger Straße 1 – 1a 40629 Düsseldorf ∙ Grafenberg BONA’ME Kurdish-Turkish cuisine with oriental influences – fancy dishes freshly prepared in the open kitchen Kasernenstraße 39 – 49 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt BYBLOS Big traditional Lebanese restaurant – superdelicious Markenstraße 9 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk DIE KURVE Israeli-Mediterranean specialties Goebenstraße 18 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort EAT DOORI Authentic and modern Indian cuisine and streetfood in a cool industrial ambience Immermannstraße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


FINEST LEZZET Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine in modern and bright premises offering a variety of fine dishes, from starters to main courses with a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes and desserts to exquisite Turkish wine Felix-Klein-Straße 1 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

20GRAD RESTOBAR Original Majorcan tapas and specialties by the Spanish, Michelin-starred chef Macarena de Castro Mutter-Ey-Platz 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BARRIL FADO & TANGO Portugal meets Argentina – codfish meets steak! Friedenstraße 2a 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

LA GRILLADINE Insider tip: Moroccan BBQ kitchen and tajine – so good Dreieckstraße 26 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

CAFÉ LUSO Fish and meat straight from Portugal An der Icklack 2 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

JAIPUR PRIME Authentic Indian restaurant Alexanderstraße 35 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CASITA MEXICANA Young Mexican cuisine based on mama’s recipes 4 restaurants, all addresses at

KIRTI’S DHABA Authentic Indian cuisine Düsselthaler Straße 1a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

CAVE TAPAS Typical Portuguese tapas bar Erkrather Straße 218b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

LEZZET High quality Turkish cuisine Seydlitzstraße 55 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

CLUBE PORTUGUÊS A classic! One of the oldest traditional Portuguese restaurants in town with a cosy atmosphere Erkrather Straße 197 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

LIBANON RESTAURANT Lebanese speciality restaurant & snack bar next door Berger Straße 19 – 21 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

POLISH CUISINE MALINAS Polish cuisine with delicious pierogies Tannenstraße 31 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf


EL LAZO Located at “party mile” Bolker Straße, El Lazo offers one of the best steaks in town plus great Spanish wines and dishes! Bolkerstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ellazoduesseldorf

FRIDA TAPASBAR Vibrant, colourful Mexican-style restaurant offering breakfast, Mediterranean food and tapas Bilker Allee 4 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk RESTAURANT FRANGO PORTUGUÊS Huge Portuguese restaurant with beautifully decorated interior and a big sun terrace Erkrather Straße 224 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LA TABERNA ESPANOLA Spanish tapas restaurant and bar in the heart of Pempelfort Wielandstraße 37 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort LOS CHICOS Short vacation in Spain including tapas and authentic cooking, live music on Fridays Andreasstraße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt LUNITAS Latin American ambience and cuisine with a huge choice of delicious empanadas! Ulmenstraße 18 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

HEALTHY FOOD BEETS & ROOTS Wraps, salads, bowls and more – seasonal and healthy food Immermannstraße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BIRDIE & CO. Deli café and healthy food Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Bagelstraße 130 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Mittelstraße 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Kaiserswerther Straße 228 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

FRUCHT & GENUSS Delicacies, fruits and lunch Stresemannstraße 29 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GREENKARMA Fresh salad and veggie bowl bar Immermannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hammer Straße 17 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen Breite Straße 28 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Friedrichstraße 34 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt GREENTREES THE JUICERY Australian way of life with delicious superfood and smoothie bowls Münsterstraße 149 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf Lorettostraße 54 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

HIN UND WEG Carlsplatz booth offering healthy and creative salad variations and snacks Carlsplatz 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt hinundweg_salate LAURA’S DELI Healthy and clean food in one of the coolest interiors Carlsplatz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt




MAKE. Healthy bowls and salads plus soups and sweets for pick-up and delivery Friedrichstraße 20 – 22 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt Erftstraße 3 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk OAKBERRY Purely natural, vegan açaí bowls with delicious toppings Kapuzinergasse 8 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt PURE NOTE Regional organic fruits and vegetables, vegan and vegetarian food and homemade cakes Brunnenstraße 30 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk SATTGRÜN Vegan restaurant and café 3x in Düsseldorf, all addresses at SHARI’S KITCHEN Fresh vegetarian and vegan menu Collenbachstraße 41 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf shariskitchen_ddorf

BÄCKEREI HINKEL One of Düsseldorf ’s most traditional and delicious bakeries Mittelstraße 25 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Hohe Straße 31 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

FEINISA Cheese, oil, pasta, wines, sweets, coffee and more – this cute little bistro and takeaway is all organic! Moltkestraße 95 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

BACKBRÜDER Gluten-free organic baked goods Duisburger Straße 50 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

FRESH ASIA Asian food and grocery with own café Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

BERNSTEIN & INBAR Lunch and breakfast bistro and international fine foods in beautiful surroundings Lorettostraße 16 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk CARLSPLATZ Traditional market with more than 60 stalls and a huge selection of exotic fruits and regional vegetables, fresh fish, meat and poultry, oven-fresh bread and pastries, cheese and a diverse range of delicacies, sweets and coffee specialties as well as a grand selection of flowers and plants Carlsplatz 26 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

GEWÜRZHAUS It’s all about Düsseldorf mustard and spices! Kapuzinergasse 16 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

CHEZ OLIVIER French natural and organic wines and delicacies straight from the producer Hermannstraße 34 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

KOCHDICHTÜRKISCH Turkish cooking school and fine Turkish delicacies, available in store and online Flurstraße 5 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern



GHORBAN “Fine food manufactory” Heinrich Heine Allee 17/ Neustraße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

KLAPDOHR DELIKATESSEN Homemade delicacies in Oberkassel to go plus catering and cooking classes Lanker Straße 2 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel LETTINIS Italian wine and delicacies Jahnstraße 36 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt L’ODORINO Fresh from Bella Italia to Unterbilk: cheese and sausage products, antipasti, wines, dolci and much more Bilker Allee 74 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk MANDELBRENNEREI GAGLIARDI Long-established Düsseldorf company offering roasted almonds Kapuzinergasse 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt MERCADO TROPICAL Large selection of food, drinks, beer, rum, cachaca, tequila and other spirits from Latin America! Münsterstraße 7 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort NATURBURSCHEN FLINGERN Eco groceries plus regular wine, gin and champagne tastings Birkenstraße 129 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


BÄCKEREI BULLE Young artisan bakery – and already one of the very best in town Birkenstraße 55 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Oststraße 113 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

FROMAGERIE Cheese from all over the world and French delicacies Lorettostraße 43 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

LAIKON Fine Greek foods and roasted nuts — originally from Bilk, now also available on Carlsplatz Brunnenstraße 20 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk


WEINGARAGE Tiny wine shop in a garage Stockumer Kirchstraße 17 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Stockum


WEIRD SPACE STORE Your specialty coffee place in Düsseldorf. Here you will find a fine selection of roasters from all over Europe Hüttenstraße 82 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

NIK THE GREEK Greek food paradise! Fresh fish and many Greek specialties inclucing a large selection of wine and ouzo Heesenstraße 90 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt PASTA FRESCA Fresh pasta, homemade with great passion and according to original recipes Glockenstraße 14 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf PIPCO’S WEIN COMPILATION A playlist from a huge selection of various wines Helmholtzstraße 28 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt PIPOS WEINBUDE Wine shop and tasting bar, specialised in Austrian wines Kronprinzenstraße 106 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SOMMELERIE Handcrafted wines from traditional producers or emerging young talents Bürgerstraße 28 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SPANISCHER GARTEN A huge selection of Spanish groceries, wines and delicacies Fichtenstraße 74 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


TASTE GREECE Greek delicacies such as wine, olives and oil Volmerswerther Straße 21 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk TERRA MIA Delicatessen and delicious Italian specialities Lindenstraße 90 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern terra_mia_feinkost


IZMIR KEBAP HAUS Food around the clock and always crowded: Turkish diner serving yummy food all night long Worringer Platz 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

AKROPOLIS Legendary Greek takeaway in Oberkassel – always crowded Dominikanerstraße 8 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

LUPO Old town classic, perfect for a late-night pizza Bolkerstraße 52 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

ATHOS GRILL Traditional Greek takeaway for over 30 years Grafenberger Allee 43 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

SMOKE BBQ Original American smoke-house with first-class low and slow BBQ Mündelheimer Weg 31 40472 Düsseldorf ∙ Lichtenbroich

TISCHDAME Fine delicacies and “petite fromagerie” Blücherstraße 1 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

ESSBAR ZWO Small hut in an industrial area with Mediterranean cuisine Höher Weg 252 40231 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

TURAN FEINKOST & FRÜCHTE A wide selection of fruit, vegetables and delicatessen products Stockkampstraße 56 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

FRITTENWERK Snack classics meet varied street food creations from all over the world. Try the legendary “Poutine” 3x in Düsseldorf, all addresses at

VINO TINTO & FRIENDS A super-nice selection of modern wines from all over the world of plus spirits, IPAs and craft beer Bagelstraße 124 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort WEINFORCE May the force be with you: one of our favourite wine dealers Himmelgeister Straße 70 40225 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

HAM HAM BEI JOSEF Since 1961: Original “Schweins­haxe” (knuckle of pork) and grilled dishes in the heart of the Düsseldorf old town Kurze Straße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GRILLHOUSE 56 Tasty Greek grill specialties, delicious salads and other Greek dishes for pick-up or delivery Bismarckstraße 56 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

SANNIN Small but mighty: excellent Lebanese cuisine Kölner Straße 61 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SCHWEINE JANES Famous rotisserie grill on Bolkerstraße since 1970. Try the legendary “Schweinebrötchen” (bun with pork) Nordstraße 89 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Bolkerstraße 13 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt



Rafik Halabi — Bistro Badia

LEVANTE LOVE In his blog Bistro Badia, Rafik Halabi cooks recipes from Lebanon and the Levant and combines them with memories and stories from his own family to create an explosion of flavours and colours. TEXT






reamy hummus, the refreshing acidity of taboulé and the taste of tahini, mint and pomegranates – hardly any cuisine is as colourful, aromatic and communicative as that of the Levant. We at THE DORF have been big fans of Middle Eastern spice since the very beginning and wished for a few more corresponding gastro addresses for Düsseldorf. But there is hope. Thanks to Bistro Badia. On Rafik Halabi’s charming food blog, everything revolves around the food of the Levant, the food of his family. “Ever since I halfway mastered standing upright as a child, I loved to hang out in my mother’s kitchen,” says the 41-year-old from Oberbilk. “On the one hand, I did that because it always smelled so incredibly delicious there, and on the other hand, because I was incredibly fascinated by how much dedication my mother put into conjuring up the most delicious meals from just a few ingredients.” As a tribute to his mum, Rafik’s blog bears her beautiful name: Bistro Badia.


Rafik learned almost all the recipes from his mother Badia – and she learned almost all of them from her mother or her siblings. Born in Beirut, raised in the Lüneburg Heath, Rafik spent hours watching her cook. His greatest fascination was with flatbread. How the dough was first laboriously kneaded and then magically puffed up under heat into a crispy balloon – Rafik sat in front of the oven window in amazement and rubbed his eyes in wonder. 30 years later, he is standing in his small, stylish cooking studio in the middle of Oberbilk. Here, dozens of spice jars line the green designer shelf, and the chic red Kitchen Aid machine kneads yeast dough incessantly. Since 2016, Rafik has been cooking and blogging recipes that taste almost as good as from Mama Badia. “Only the spark of her love is missing,” Rafik says with a laugh. The beauty of Bistro Badia is that you almost feel at home with the Halabi family. Besides the delicious traditional Lebanese recipes, Rafik allows plenty of room for very personal memories and stories. Bistro Badia includes around 200 recipes – one of the most popular is fasolia, a traditional stew of white beans in a hearty tomato sauce with coriander and plenty of garlic. “It’s not fancy, but it’s a soul warmer,” Rafik enthuses. The recipe “absolutely smells and tastes like childhood and tranquillity to me” and brings tears to his eyes just thinking about it. Emotions like these make Bistro Badia a very special jewel among food blogs. All-time favourites among the blog recipes include classics like hummus, the aubergine cream baba ghanoush and kafta, Levantine köfte. But Rafik also likes to think outside the culinary box,


combining Levantine cuisine with other influences to create sophisticated fusion dishes. Just as family recipes change from generation to generation, he constantly reinterprets tradition for the fun of cooking. The best ideas for new recipes come to Rafik before he falls asleep: “I can already see and taste the dishes in my head!” The great thing about Levantine cuisine is that although it originates from the Middle East, it can also be prepared here using seasonal and regional ingredients and lots of fresh vegetables, such as cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines, which are available on every corner. The acidity of fresh lemons, fine roasted flavours, olive oil, nuts and of course fresh herbs give it its very special character. And, of course, spices like cinnamon, a special ingredient that pimps salads and tomato sauces alike. “The beauty of Levantine cuisine lies in its simplicity. You can create a whole taste spectacle from just a few ingredients,” Rafik explains. For example, when aubergines develop a unique smoky aroma with enough heat and fire. And with just a little tahini, lemon, salt and pepper, they melt into a unique pleasure. Two spices add a touch of Levant to almost every dish: “Sumac and zatar, the scent of my childhood,” Rafik enthuses, remembering how his mother used to dry the thyme herb herself and afterwards the whole house smelled of it for days. Many of his childhood memories are linked to food, including that of Lebanese hospitality. “When my parents moved with us from Lebanon to the small village in the Lüneburg Heath, the first thing they did was invite all the neighbours over for dinner,” Rafik recalls. Especially mezze, the principle of sharing many starters, is a collective and very sensual dining experience. It is especially delicious with fuhl, a paste of mashed fava beans

and chickpeas garnished with fresh tomatoes, parsley and mint and eaten by all with pita bread from the hand (traditionally actually for breakfast). Rafik’s absolute favourite dish, however, is manakish, a kind of Levantine pizza traditionally topped with olive oil, onions and zatar and cheese – one of the national dishes in Lebanon.

“The beauty of Levantine cuisine lies in its simplicity. You can create a whole taste spectacle from just a few ingredients.” FOOD



2 aubergines 2 cloves of garlic 1 tsp harissa 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cumin 2 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp olive oil



1 red pepper, large 50 ml olive oil 1 – 2 cloves of garlic ½ tsp harissa 1 tbsp honey salt FOR THE HAZELNUT TAHINI CREAM

20 g hazelnuts 20 g tahini 20 ml water 1 tsp lemon juice pinch of salt F URTHER

200 g yoghurt (10%) 2 handfuls of parsley 4 mint sprigs


1. Preheat the oven to approx. 250 °C top and bottom heat. 2. Peel the garlic cloves and grate finely or crush finely with salt. 3. Mix the garlic with harissa, salt, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil to make a paste. 4. Wash the aubergines and cut them lengthways into slices about the thickness of a finger, but do not cut through. Leave the top part on. The aubergine can now be opened slice by slice. 5. Spread the paste evenly over the slices with a brush. 6. Place the aubergines in a baking dish or on a baking tray (cuts sideways!) and bake in the preheated oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. 1. Peel the garlic and cut into thin slices. 2. Halve the peppers, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes. 3. Put olive oil in a pan and heat over medium heat. Add the peppers, harissa and garlic and braise on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then add the honey and braise for another 5 minutes. Season with salt and remove the pan from the heat.

1. Chop the hazelnuts finely and roast them briefly in a pan. Remove the pan from the heat. 2. Mix the tahini, water, lemon juice and half the hazelnuts together until creamy.

1. Chop the herbs. 2. Spread the yoghurt on plates and top with baked aubergine. 3. Top with honey pepper and hazelnut tahini cream and remaining hazelnuts and herbs. Bon Appetit!

“When someone writes that my recipe reminds them of their mum’s or grandma’s cooking, that is the greatest compliment for me.”

Rafik Halabi notices that Bistro Badia is more than just a collection of recipes for its readers from the many comments and emails, which have even led to pen-pals. “When someone writes that my recipe reminds them of their mum’s or grandma’s cooking, that is the greatest compliment for me,” says the blogger. Cooking must not only evoke emotions or memories, but above all be simple and fun. Rafik has a hack or two up his sleeve for this: that you can make your own Labneh cream cheese by hanging yoghurt in a coffee filter. Or that you soak chickpeas in water mixed with baking powder and cook them to make them extra soft. At the moment, Rafik is experimenting a lot with pickled vegetables and perfecting the basics of Levantine cuisine, such as the perfect flatbread. Together with his assistant Lara, he experiments, weighs and kneads in his Oberbilk cooking studio, carefully comparing individual components such as ingredients, resting time and heat. Flour. Yeast. Water. Olive oil. Sugar. Salt. That’s all it really takes – and yet... Rafik discovered his own passion for Levantine cuisine while studying in Osnabrück and cooked for enthusiastic friends, moved to Düsseldorf for love’s sake and, alongside his former job in a food start-up, has been working on Bistro Badia for six years. For Rafik, the blog is a field of experimentation where the art graduate can live out all his creativity. From photography to videography to food styling, the enthusiast with a special eye for detail has taught himself everything. His latest passion are stop-motion films, which are so charmingly and lovingly detailed that you can’t stop looking at the bouncing dumplings and waving vine leaves. Rafik now has his own agency, Storymade, and produces creative


food content with multi-sensory storytelling for clients. And best of all, he is currently working on a cookbook that will be published next year and whose contents are still a secret. Only this much can be revealed: You won’t find photos of oriental bazaars, spice pyramids and Middle Eastern orments in it. Instead, perfectly staged, refined Levantine dishes. And perhaps also the recipe for the best flatbread in the world. @ BISTROBADIA.DE   BISTROBADIA.DE



Lightroast proves that you don’t have to travel to Italy, France or South America to enjoy exceptional coffee. The micro-roastery in the heart of Flingern opens every Saturday and Sunday for factory sales in the backyard on Hoffeldstraße. On site, visitors can expect an ambience that suits coffee: purist, lively and modern. This is also where you will meet Max Gehler, the founder of Lightroast, a passionate coffee drinker and expert in finding the best coffee for every taste. Those who don’t want to miss out on carefully selected and roasted coffee during the week are in luck: Lightroast supplies several cafés in Düsseldorf with speciality coffee and also offers training for budding baristas. The future of Düsseldorf’s coffee culture holds many changes in store, which Max and Lightroast are only too happy to face, armed with a hot cup of coffee from their own production.

How did your love for coffee develop? It was a process that took place unconsciously at first and grew in importance over time. At first, I was excited by the fact that coffee culture is so sociable and brings many people together. After a while, I understood the influence that preparation methods and coffee types have on taste. Eventually, I wanted to understand the process that coffee goes through from bean to finished cup. A new world opened up to me when I learned how different coffees from different growing regions can taste. Every Saturday and Sunday you open Lightroast for factory sales. What can visitors expect in your roastery? The ambience at Lightroast is characterised by our minimalist furnishings. This may seem modern to some and cold to others – I can understand that it doesn’t suit all tastes, but it’s definitely timeless. The atmosphere complements our coffee, which tastes different from what previous generations are used to due to the variety of coffee beans and processing methods. Of course, we are very welcoming and anyone who is interested and perhaps has never had a light roasted coffee is welcome to join us. Since our coffee is naturally a little sweeter, we don’t put sugar in the cup. If you still want something sweet, you can try our delicious pastries. They go great with the variety of unique flavour profiles we offer. What does a week at Lightroast look like? During the week, we roast coffee for our partners, deliver it, search for new and exciting coffees and also offer barista training. During coffee tastings, we check the quality of the coffee and prepare for upcoming factory sales and coffee caterings. Since we are a microroasting company, the cafés we supply are mainly located


in Düsseldorf. At the moment, we are trying to change the idea of coffee and market it as the fruit it actually is. For many people, coffee still has to taste strong, bitter and even burnt, because that’s the taste profile of most supermarket coffees. But we want to show that coffee can also be more complex by selling it at Velvet or Stoak café. How do you perceive Düsseldorf’s café culture and what does Lightroast as a micro-roastery contribute to it? There are many positive changes at the moment. Nevertheless, I would like to see more togetherness and less against each other. I often have the feeling that everyone makes their own coffee and some kind of championship is missing, where everyone enjoys the competition instead of being frustrated. What is your personal favourite coffee type and preparation method? There are many types of coffee, such as Typica or Liberica, which differ from each other in their taste profile. Arabica is my favourite type of coffee. My favourite brewing method is filter coffee because it gives the most flavour transparency. Milk can distort the flavour of the coffee, and with espresso it is also difficult to retain all the flavours due to the high pressure and intense heat during the preparation process. What would Düsseldorf taste like as coffee? Colourful! Half light and half dark, because that reflects the growing specialty coffee scene, but also suits those who still like their coffee old school and burnt.




AGE 26










Think coffee – Düsseldorf ’s café landscape is booming. On every corner you can now find (micro) roasteries, cosy places to linger and cool hipster spots that regulate your caffeine balance and offer everything from classic preparation, barista specialties to freshly roasted. Accompanied by a delicious breakfast, slice of cake or the finest pâtisserie – yummy. May your coffee be strong – have fun discovering the black side of the city. COFFEE ROASTERIES BAZZAR CAFFÉ Renowned café and coffee roastery in the heart of the old town, to see and to be seen Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt COPENHAGEN COFFEE LAB Scandinavian café with amazing coffee, bread and sweets straight from Copenhagen Carlsplatz 20 – 21 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Berliner Allee 29 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte DIE KAFFEE Small coffee roasting house, also offering coffee workshops by Olga Sabristova Schwerinstraße 23 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort KAFFEEHANDWERK Cool café in the heart of Flingern offering self-roasted coffee, delicious sandwiches and cakes Birkenstraße 127 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Kaiserswerther Straße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


PURE COFFEE BY KAFFEEREICH Specialty coffee stand in the middle of Düsseldorf ’s market Carlsplatz Carlsplatz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt KAFFEESCHMIEDE Coffee from the own roasting house – optionally with a fruity, chocolatey, nutty or floral taste Belsenstraße 11 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel KYTO CAFÉ Specialty coffee, unique sandwiches and delicious sweets Am Wehrhahn 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Immermannstraße 65d 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte LIGHTROAST Brand-new micro roastery – enjoy sweets and coffee specialties in a very unique backyard place on Saturdays and Sundays Hoffeldstraße 104 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern



CAFÉ NIKAN High quality coffee plus cakes, bagels, paninis and focaccias Rethelstraße 98 – 100 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal ROASTED KAFFEEBAR Modern coffee creations as well as popular classics Moltkestraße 75 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort roastedduesseldorf RÖSTEREI VIER Great crew, great music, great coffee! Marktplatz 12 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Wallstraße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Immermannstraße 23 @ meandall Hotel 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte RÖSTMEISTER Small cosy café decorated in an industrial style Quirinstraße 1a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

KAFFEERÖSTEREI RÖSTZEIT Enjoy home-roasted coffees and homemade cakes in the café with dark wooden furniture and a relaxed atmosphere Oststraße 115 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Moorenstraße 68 40225 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk SCHVARZ Düsseldorf micro roaster with its own cafe in a superurban ambience Ronsdorfer Straße 74, Halle 31 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern SAMYJU COFFEE Sustainable premium coffee roastery with delicious cakes and snacks Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 9d 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte WOYTON Small local coffee chain serving sandwiches, bagels and sweets, also for takeaway Schadowplatz 16 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hunsrückenstraße 40 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


BARISTAREI Coffee house serving delicious homemade cakes Aachener Straße 202 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk BAKERS Cute café in the heart of Heerdt named after Josephine Baker Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz 26 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt CAFÉ BARNETS Family breakfast café. The special thing about it: you sit on the floor, because there are no tables Hoffeldstraße 45 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern BBLO Beautiful Korean sweets and cakes Blücherstraße 3 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BIRDIE & CO. Specialty coffee bar and deli with great cakes and healthy food Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Bagelstraße 130 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Mittelstraße 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Kaiserswerther Straße 228 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim BÖHLER CAFÉ New café at Areal Böhler with a super nice outside area, run by barista Dritan Alsela Hansaallee 321 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt


BULLE BISTRO Young artisan bakery Bulle’s beautiful café at Philara art collection Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern CANNOLI BROS Fresh cannoli and other Italian street food classics plus a nice selection of Italian beers and lemonades Hüttenstraße 32 40215 Düsseldof ∙ Friedrichstadt COCO CAFÉ Korean coffee, colourful cakes and drinks Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 10 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte cococafe_duesseldorf

CØFFE Nordic-inspired coffee specialties and a small selection of sweets in a former drugstore Benrather Straße 6b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt COVENT GARDEN Great coffee, fresh homemade cakes, cookies and a selection of fresh paninis Bilker Allee 126 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk coventgarden-coffeehouse DAS ALFREDS Alfred is a true allrounder: from breakfast to lunch, coffee and homemade cake to dinner Brehmplatz 1 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal DAS KARL Next to the main station – beautifully designed café and concept store Karlstraße 94 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


ANNEGRETE Delicious cakes and sandwiches, coffee by Rösterei Vier Benderstraße 84 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim

BRUNO DIE BULLDOGGE The bulldog who loves coffee: small but super nice take away coffee shop with a great selection of different coffees Jacobistraße 22 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte brunodiebulldogge



DOLCINELLA Sweets, homemade cakes and fine food Tannenstraße 35 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf DRITAN ALSELA COFFEE With more than 800k followers on Instagram, Dritan Alsela is the pop star amongst baristas. Meet him at his café with a huge breakfast and lunch menu and – of course – fantastic coffee Schlüterstraße 3a 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GREGER AM HAFEN Former Woyton in the harbour district, serving sandwiches, snacks, sweets, salads and delicious coffee Erftstraße 1 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk CAFÉ GRÜNGOLD Enjoy the atmosphere and Portuguese specialties Birkenstraße 149 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GENUSSSTATION Barista coffee bar and breakfast café Ellerstraße 219 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk diegenussstation


KONDITOREI HEINEMANN Not only the cakes and chocolate are legendary, but also the restaurant on the first floor is an institution Martin-Luther-Platz 32 (entry via Königsallee or Blumenstraße) 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte HOMEMADE WE EAT FINE Beyoncé loves owner Sonja’s fancy cupcakes and sweets. Discover the newly renovated all-over pink interior Klosterstraße 62 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte CAFÉ HÜFTGOLD Yummy breakfast, sandwiches and a great selection of delicious cakes Ackerstraße 113 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern KASBAH A classic next to the old harbor basin: a lovingly decorated café with snacks, pastries, delicious teas and coffee, mosaic tables and oriental lamps Rheinort 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


CAFÉ KLEINOD Cosy Italian café with a small selection of Italian delicacies Ackerstraße 75 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern KWADRAT KQ CAFÉ Laid-back neighbourhood café with coffee and delicious cakes, breakfast and lunch Blücherstr. 51 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort CAFÉ LEMONADE Cute coffee bar and lemonade Bilker Allee 180 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt CAFE LIEBE Nice coffee and handmade snacks Platanenstraße 22 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LINAS COFFEE BREW BAR & DELI Brew bar and deli offering healthy and fresh breakfast and lunch Fürstenplatz 1 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LITTLE BENRATH Coffee and food in the heart of Benrath Sophienstraße 19 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath

L’ODORINO Coffee, Italian delicacies, snacks and dolce vita Bilker Allee 74 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk CAFFÈ MA Sicilian street food café with fantastic espresso and coffee, ciabattas and the legendary sweet Sicilian “cannolis”. Find’ em in Eller and Unterbilk! Gumbertstraße 118 40229 Düsseldorf ∙ Eller Bilker Allee 38 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk caffema_duesseldorf MANKO CAFÉ & WORKSPACE Space for great coffee and good ideas, united in one place. Daily breakfast, cakes and small dishes Hüttenstraße 76 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt MARNY’S Vegetarian-vegan lunch cuisine and coffee Kruppstraße 28 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

MERCY COFFEE COMPANY Coffee, cakes and waffles in the heart of Flingern Birkenstraße 73 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MUSAME Coffee and cakes, bubble waffles and snacks during the day, wines, beer and tapas at night Fürstenplatz 5 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

NAMU CAFE Cute Korean café with delicious Korean shaved ice, coffee and desserts Oststraße 124 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte CAFE NUMBER18 Cutest cakes in town! Super nicely decorated Asian mousse cakes Bendemannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte number18.duesseldorf



KAUSAL Delicate coffee, fresh food and homemade coffee and cakes in an urban interior Flurstraße 1 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


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NOOIJ Dutch deli with delicious breakfast and chicken, bitterballen and more. Super cool interior design! Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern OMA ERIKA Authentic café with delicate homemade cakes and sandwiches Hermannstraße 34b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

CAFÉ REKORD Cool mix of vintage furniture and modern design Ackerstraße 204 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern REMÉ Café and bistro with homemade cakes, coffee, vegan treats, hot dishes, and bowls in a beautiful backyard Kronprinzenstraße 97 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

CAFÉ WAESCHEREI Homemade cakes, coffee and treats to take away Derendorfer Straße 91 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

SULI’S Café, deli and bar Tußmannstraße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

WEIRD SPACE Weird? One of our most favourite places for coffee, cakes and snacks by regional partners Volmerswerther Straße 53 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

THE FUNKY DELI Charming deli, delicious hummus pita and live DJ entertainment on weekends Brunnenstraße 22 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk TOMO CAFÉ Tiny coffee bar offering coffee specialties and vegetarian, vegan and halal food Klosterstraße 67 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte VELVET Daytime canteen, café and bar. Serving natural new school classics. Aperitivo and Neapolitan pizza on Fridays until midnight! Stresemannstraße 8 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

WHO FEEDS MAMA “Raw Patisserie” with pop-ups at Bäckerei Bulle WUNDERHAUS DELI & FRIENDS Whether in the morning with a delicious breakfast, in the afternoon with a piece of cake or in the evening with a glass of wine, the deli welcomes you around the clock in the heart of Kaiserswerth Kaiserswerther Markt 38 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth XAFÉ Coffee, cakes & healthy snacks Bilker Allee 1 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk Xafé im KAP1 Bibliothekscafé Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

SEVEN SUNDAYS Breakfast all day long, seven days a week! Lorettostraße 7 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


ORANGE – FINEST COFFEE Best coffee, homemade sodas, all-day brunch, craft sandwiches and Australian pastries in the heart of Gerresheim and brand-new at Carlstadt Neusser Tor 17a 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim Benrather Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

PYC CHEESECAKE & GALLERY Art, coffee and delicious homemade cheesecakes! Weseler Straße 65 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal Belsenstraße 18 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

STOAK Specialty coffee café with a supernice terrace Adersstraße 48 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt



PÂTISSERIE AUX MERVEILLEUX After Paris, Brussels, London, Geneva, NYC and Berlin, the French pâtisserie now also brings its original French meringue and brioche to town Kasernenstraße 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt CAFÉ BARRÉ Small, cosy and nice French or rather Parisian style café with good coffee and great pastries Birkenstraße 100 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

PURE FREUDE Arty and colourful tarts and pastry plus a tiny and lovely terrace Hohe Straße 19 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


PURE PASTRY BY TIM TEGTMEIER Handcrafted and supersophisticated fine pastry in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s Carlsplatz and on Nordstraße Carlsplatz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt Nordstraße 80 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

ISABELLA PÂTISSERIE Gluten-free pâtisserie with Parisian bistro flair Arnulfstraße 4 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel Königsallee 60 (Kö-Galerie) 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ROCAILLE Charming bistro in the heart of Derendorf serving great wines, cheese and a huge pâtisserie selection Weißenburgstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

PÂTISSERIE TANGER The most delicious Arabian petit-four in Düsseldorf Ellerstraße 89 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk



Selim in Wonderland PHOTOGRAPHY


Selim Varol is a passionate collector and lives with his family in Düsseldorf amid hundreds, if not thousands, of art objects. From the end of September 2022, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will dedicate a spectacular exhibition to his collection entitled “Wonderwalls. Art & Toys”, in which over 2,000 works of photography, graphic design, as well as graffiti, sculptures and designer toys merge into a colourful synthesis of the arts of pop culture. We visit Selim Varol in his home, which for many people probably resembles a kind of “wonderland”. DESIGN


“Is this art or can it go? You can have this discourse for a long time. For me, it was also art from the beginning.” The entrepreneur has been making a name for himself in the Düsseldorf gastronomy scene for many years. The café concept “Toykio” no longer exists, but a few metres away on Immermannstraße, the burger shop “What’s Beef ” prepares meaty and vegetarian delicacies. The red-tiled shop not only tells of Selim’s passion for eating with friends to hip hop beats, but also displays a small part of his huge art collection. Framed pictures of a street art legend hang on the walls: “Shepard Fairey stands for the democratisation of art,” says Selim Varol and thus also describes his approach: affordable art for


everyone. There is a large showcase with objects from the Supreme label. Much of it he received as a gift or bought directly at the release. He finds the skateboard label important because, together with Stüssy, it started printing art on streetwear. Shirts and skate decks were designed by artists, everyday objects of the subculture became collectors’ items. There are many art collectors, especially here in the Rhineland. But what Selim does is something special. In Germany, he knows about a dozen people who collect in a similar way. In Europe, the market is tiny compared to Asia or the USA. “I have actually always been a collector. It’s a genetic thing. You’re a hunter-gatherer and you always carry it on. You chase after something and then you have it in your collection,” he tells us. This collection is not only displayed in his businesses. Selim lives with his wife Eva and two small children surrounded by works by their favourite artists. The house in Golzheim, close to the Rhine, is a modern cabinet of curiosities. An old wooden staircase leads past plants and countless picture frames, through a house with an impressive collection. A yellow Murakami flower cushion cuddles with a KAWS stuffed animal on a Supreme chair, almost antique plastic superhero figures greet Japanese wooden sculptures. His children like this too, Selim Varol says: “I think it has a very big impact on their creativity. They paint a lot and we always take them to exhibitions too.”



Collages, sculptures, paintings – pretty much every form of art is represented here. Selim's secret, how he manages to make it all fit together somehow? Probably it’s the passion and love that Selim and his wife Eva have for the artworks. “We hang works of art that are particularly close to our hearts, that tell their story and ours. Collecting is actually contrary to the fact that many people are just trying to own less,” he notes. But art is a passion, just like collecting. His passion for collecting started with toys at the rummage table at Hertie, where he picked out his favourite superheroes as a little boy with one Deutschmark in his pocket. He is proud of these old, very first collectors’ items. A special specimen is the little Batman, who is also on the cover of his book “Toygiants”. He has been collecting designer toys since the late 90s. KAWS, who gives his figures two big X letters instead of eyes, plays a special role for Selim: he opened up the world of art to him. It was then that he met the photographer couple Daniel and Geo Fuchs, with whom he photographed his toys for the art project “Toygiants”. A turning point:

“I especially like sculptures.” DESIGN

“Before, I collected for myself and when friends saw it, they couldn’t do much with it yet.” Suddenly, the private passion for collecting is becoming accessible and recognised by others. Professional collecting has taken off with editions, often at affordable prices. He now owns almost all the editions by KAWS, Shepard Fairey and JR. But it is not only completeness that makes his collection. Selim never bought his works with the ulterior motive of increasing their value – rather, the collection has grown intuitively and “emotionally” over the years. This is also shown by the numerous friendships with the artists that have developed and grown over the past years. During his last trip to NY., Selim and his family visited Brian Donnelly, the mastermind behind KAWS in his studio. He still enjoys observing the increasingly crazy art market. By chance, he meets a collector with his own exhibition house in Berlin. He was thrilled and organised an exhibition of his collection. Ten years ago now, it was time for another exhibition. The NRW-Forum probably thought so too and made a selection from the collection with its more than ten thousand objects. The exhibition “Wonderwalls. Art & Toys” shows the last 40 years of his collecting activities in two parts. It starts in childhood, up to the discovery of KAWS, moves on to urban art and finally leads to contemporary art and the gallery scene. “I think it’s super how interdisciplinary Felix Krämer (general director) and Alain Bieber (artistic director) think. They make exhibitions that open up new groups


What he doesn’t like so much is selling licences of deceased artists. But that too can serve a purpose, he says, if it brings new people closer to art. He has collected Be@rbricks excessively for more than twenty years. One look into his office and you understand the approximate extent of this passion for collecting. The whole room is full and he not only has dozens of different models, but they also come in different sizes and materials. “I am not exactly turning into a minimalist. But the collection is pretty well-rounded.” And if you want to see part of this well-rounded collection for real, you can visit the “Wonderwalls” exhibition at the NRW-Forum from the end of September 2022 or enjoy it with a burger.



for culture. Whether with the cars, the AR Biennale, with Captivate! or the Electro exhibition. And then something classical again. That’s very cool! I think all the art businesses in Düsseldorf can be grateful for that.” Even if you wouldn’t expect it at first glance, he has also been collecting painting for a few years now, combining the classics of street art with Vivian Greven and Conny Maier. One focus of his collection is the socalled Be@rbricks. The plastic bears look like children’s toys but are mainly collected by adults. Selim Varol explains that the figures work like a 3D canvas, they can be painted with all imaginable colours and shapes and thus always look different. Whether psychedelic patterns, dancing Keith Haring figures or monochrome pink – everything is possible. The Japanese company Medicom gives white copies of its Be@rbricks to artists, lets brands print their logo on them and series characters, such as the gang from Sesame Street, are depicted. Even Karl Lagerfeld jumped on the bandwagon and commissioned one himself. One of the fashion designer’s last projects, Varol says.




The Language of Flowers 96






Flowers show affection. They are a comfort when you are down and they make you smile. Often it is only a single blossom that manages to make you happy. We asked five Düsseldorf florists what kind of bouquet they would create to represent Düsseldorf. The result: five beautiful, lovingly arranged creations that playfully show that the city is not only diverse and colourful, but above all one thing: rich in contrast. Let the flowers speak!



Your personal favourite flower or plant and why? Actually I don't have one... it changes seasonally. Describe your personal style in three words: In terms of my business/ product: Eclectic opulence with a wink of the eye. @bloombox_flingern



escribe briefly what you D associate with Düsseldorf and how your creation symbolises Düsseldorf or what it stands for. For me, Düsseldorf combines a lot in a wonderfully compact way: Rhine romanticism and big city life. Rural idyll and hipster neighbourhood. Historical and trendsetting. Above all, this city is one thing: One big showcase!








@victor_breuer_floristmeister escribe briefly what you associate with Düsseldorf D and how your creation symbolises Düsseldorf or what it stands for. I love Düsseldorf. I’m a boy from the “Ruhrpott” (Ruhr area) and we used to go to Düsseldorf every week with my family to enjoy life here. The city has always been magical for me. I love fashion, good food and that certain wild luxury that the city exudes. The bouquet is a wild combination of all kinds of flowers, from very wild herbaceous flowers to a luxurious orchid in dark purple. I love unusual

combinations and things that don’t immediately go together at first glance. The whole thing comes together via this partly very, very tired colour selection and a few accents in violet, pink and dark red. I think the bouquet expresses more of a feeling – that’s how Düsseldorf feels to me, sometimes a bit tired, sometimes very posh and luxurious, a bit garish in places and there’s a kind of filter over the whole thing, which ties it together again. Your personal favourite flower or plant and why? I don’t have a particular favourite, it depends on the season. Every season has beautiful blooms that all inspire me in a different way somehow. escribe your personal style in three words: D Casual, informal, melancholic.




Your personal favourite flower or plant and why? French tulips, they grow by themselves in a way that no florist in the world could arrange. Besides, they are only available seasonally – that is, only for a short time of the year. Describe your personal style in three words: simple, stylish, purist.



Describe briefly what you associate with Düsseldorf and how your creation symbolises Düsseldorf or what it stands for. Düsseldorf combines the ease and cosiness of a small town – lots of greenery, the Rhine, many small districts – with all the possibilities of a metropolis (trade fair, airport, stadium, etc.). A city to feel good in and for us the most liveable.











@ninagehrke @octoberfirststudio

Describe briefly what you associate with Düsseldorf and how your creation symbolises Düsseldorf or what it stands for. I have been living in Düsseldorf for almost a decade now. For me, the city has a reassuring compactness – not too big and not too small. It is KöSchick and champagne, but also Altbier and Trödel. Or to put it in the words of German hip hop band “Freundeskreis”: “I like the way you look and that you speak many languages. I love that you are both high class and street”. (original lyrics: “Ich mag deinen An-

blick und dass du viele Sprachen sprichst. Lieb, dass du sowohl High Class als auch Straße bist”.) The bouquet is meant to convey just that. It bears the colours of the city, “red and white”, the blue of the Rhine, and its other colours are accentuated and free, rather wildly bound. The vase is from Japan and underlines the Japanese influence in Düsseldorf and thus the different cultures of the city. Your personal favourite flower or plant and why? Delphinium, because of its varied shades of blue, which are not common in floristry. It is beautiful from all sides because of its growth habit, making it a highlight in any bouquet. It is delicate and strong at the same time and even has depth with its meaning: “truthfulness”. Describe your personal style in three words: unconventional, colourful, sophisticated




Describe your personal style in three words: Natural, contemporary, open to new things. @tannendiele_


michael_frings @tannendiele


Your personal favourite flower or plant and why? There are so many different beauties that I can’t limit myself to just one. Different combinations and always new plays of colour fascinate me day after day.


Describe briefly what you associate with Düsseldorf and how your creation symbolises Düsseldorf or what it stands for. For me, Düsseldorf is a multicultural, family-friendly, contemporary, clean, village-withina-village mini-metropolis where you can quickly get to the countryside. For me, Düsseldorf stands for the connection of diverse cultures and especially to Asian nations. In my creation, I have combined native, longlasting dried grasses with playful-looking nerfs and Asian dancing glorioses to create a harmonious whole. I want to express that in a wild, bustling city in a very fast-moving time with many different influences, one can quickly be in the “green” at the gates of the city to ground oneself and feel nature.







Flower Shops BLOOMBOX Lindenstraße 150 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

BLUMEN TANZMANN Grafenberger Allee 40 40237 Düsseldorf · Flingern

BLUMEN F.U.S.S. Oststraße 61 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

CARLSPLATZ One of the most beautiful and largest selection of flowers and plants – at various stalls Carlsplatz 26 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

BLUMENHAUS AM HOFGARTEN Kaiserstraße 36 40479 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

DIE BLUMENBRÜDER AUS HOLLAND Hohe Straße 22 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt GREEN NOTE Hermannstraße 64 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern FIORI Schadowstraße 11 (Schadow-Arkaden) & Schadowplatz 9 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte FLORAS TÖCHER Lindenstraße 214 40235 Düsseldorf · Flingern LOVE YOUR PLANTS Brunnenstraße 7 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk MICHELS BLUMEN Bilker Allee 52 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk




PETITE FLEUR | OLAF TECKENBURG Luegallee 19 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel PURE DÜSSELDORF Luegallee 104 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel SAMEN HELLMANN Kaiserswerther Straße 4 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort TANNENDIELE Tannenstraße 15 40476 Düsseldorf · Derendorf VARDI FLOWERS Münsterstraße 9 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort VICTOR BREUER Prinz-Georg-Straße 116 40479 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort



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“I love being a beginner.” Steffen Mumm aka Hoker One is a freelance artist. His work moves between graffiti, lettering and illustration. He lets the boundaries flow together, mixes them up anew and thus creates his own style of art. He is best known for his “Heads”, which are the result of his fascination with people and are intended as a socially critical comment on human interaction. Although he has been artistically active for 20 years, he is always looking for new creative challenges to take on. In THE DORF interview he tells us what being a beginner is all about, which area he is currently rediscovering and what honest art is for him. Challenge accepted!

How would you describe your artistic approach? I mix a lot. My roots are spray can and graffiti styles, but at some point I developed an interest in calligraphy and later I added lettering and illustration. This is also how the head motifs (Heads) came about. My artistic approach is intuitive and erratic. Was there a particular moment in your life that sparked your passion for graffiti and calligraphy? Yes, there were a few key moments in my childhood. My primary school was decorated by graffiti artists from Neuss. I stood in front of it as a 7-year-old boy and was totally inspired. The artist had painted childhood heroes and a 3D lettering. Another moment was in the 5th or 6th grade. I got a school book that had a little graffiti sketch in it. I always copied this sketch. So at the age of 11, it started. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. You create abstract works of art with it. How did you get into it? I get bored quickly. In 2013, I found a calligraphy set at my parents’ house and and artistically moved away from. I really liked doing graffiti tags, those letterings you see all over the walls, and starting calligraphy was then obvious. It’s also a kind of writing and yet something new. I like trying out new things. To be a beginner again and again.

“I like trying out new things. To be a beginner again and again.” DESIGN



“I soak up a lot of things like a funnel, but I think in the end the ideas always come while painting.” Graffiti originally comes from the hip hop movement in New York in the 1970s. How do you feel about hip hop? Hip hop totally inspires me! When I was at school, I had a buddy who always brought the underground music from his big brother’s record collection. While everyone else listened to German rap, we were more on the American side and listened to everything that came mostly from the States. We were like in a film: headphones on, riding the train, seeing graffiti and listening to underground rap. That had a big impact on me and is still with me. Besides the spray can and the drawing pen, ceramics are your new tool. You will soon be releasing your own Hokerhead as a sculpture. What is it all about? I always feel like making something new and growing. I’ve been spraying for 20 years now and have become so routine – almost like a robot. Ceramics slow me down. I don’t know the material. It has to dry first, then it changes, maybe something doesn’t hold or changes a second time. It’s very exciting and fun. I’m like a child: always falling down and getting up. I’m sure I’ll be able to walk one day. The Hokerhead, however, is a bronze sculpture. The basis is a sketch. From the sketch, a digital 3D model was created, 3D printed and from this model a mould was then created for the bronze casting. Heads are characteristic of your art. What do you want to express with them? The heads are a by-product of my development. In drawing classes, I noticed that I really like to draw faces and then I realised this in the graffiti styles and calligraphy. I was and am an observant person. I am fascinated by how people are, how we communicate and live with each other. This is reflected in the works. Nowadays, people compare themselves far too much and only look left, right, up and down. As a result, we sometimes devalue ourselves instead of staying in our centre. This phenomenon is addressed in my Compare series. But in the end, my art should simply inspire and attract people. When they see the faces on the canvas, it’s great to see how some pick out their character and enjoy it. You also designed the wine label for an edition of the Düsseldorf sommelier Toni Askitis (asktoni). How important is the exchange with locals and other creatives to you? Very important, because I’m not part of a collective of artists and work alone. I don’t really want that. I am in my cocoon in my studio. As an introvert, I’m fine with not being surrounded by people all the time, but it’s also a lot of fun to work with others, especially when we harmonise. That was the case with Toni, for example. His heart also beats for hip hop and we both like high-quality, beautiful things. It was a perfect match! The next edition will be released soon.






What inspires you? My main inspiration is the practice itself, but also colours from nature. In the summer, I was in Copenhagen where everything was moss green. That inspired me and I am planning a dark green canvas. I soak up a lot of things like a funnel, but I think in the end the ideas always come while painting. An example of this is the faces. My old graffiti styles and especially the typographic “paintings” were and are very much about proportions and lines, which are always drawn very precisely and surgically. The heads are the opposite of that. There I work more like when I’m doing graffiti. The works are not pre-drawn and I don’t correct anything. It’s freer, more honest and has more expression. Nevertheless, the heads are more written and less painted, because I make quick lines. Just like a graffiti day. What are your favourite places in Düsseldorf? I like the new café “Bar Janots” in Flingern. Especially Flingern as a small neighbourhood I like. There are many nice places in Düsseldorf. I also like being in Friedrichstadt and on the Rhine at Three Little Birds beer garden. Düsseldorf as a graffiti city, what would that look like? Rich in contrast. Düsseldorf is typical of a city that deals with finding a balance between the graffiti scene and the art world. And that is exactly where I see myself, between the two worlds of Düsseldorf – the world of fine and urban art.



What does the future hold? Let’s see, definitely change!

The furnishing industry was certainly one of the winners of the pandemic. But it’s also fun to decorate your home with the latest designer items, vintage treasures or new wall paint. With the unbelievably large selection that Düsseldorf has to offer, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find new flatmates. FURNITURE & INTERIOR 69 M2 Concept store for selected vintage furniture, gifts and design items, Scandinavian kidswear and records Lindenstraße 186 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern BÄRWALDSON Scandinavian design classics and interior accessories Hermannstraße 31 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


BOLIA Scandinavian design and interior brand Breite Straße 7 40213 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte


CUBIT High-end modular furniture and shelving system Ronsdorfer Straße 74 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern FARROW & BALL Specialist for wallpapers and colour since 1946 Hohe Straße 37 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt FAUSEL BISKAMP Interior decorator for high-quality and extra‑ ordinary living interiors Ludenberger Straße 11 40629 Düsseldorf · Grafenberg

THE HOME STORY Home accessories from Danish brands such as HAY, Menu or OYOY Ackerstraße 209 40235 Düsseldorf · Flingern NEUREICH Owner Frank has the best taste in choosing cool vintage furniture and design classics Mendelssohnstraße 3 40233 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte NORMAN HENRY Second-hand design classics and collector’s items from well-known manufacturers and designers Parkstraße 67a & Ludwig-Wolker-Straße 1 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort OUT OF ALLTAG The name says it all: the range consists of unseen design ideas and furniture brands that hardly anyone knows in Düsseldorf Ackerstraße 150 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern SOFACOMPANY Danish designer furniture Erkrather Straße 228a 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern STAURAUM ANTIQUES & VINTAGE Solid furniture from the own production, equipped with beautiful and rare items in old and new Birkenstraße 88 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern



VITRAPOINT Huge selection of Vitra design classics and more Speditionstraße 17 40221 Düsseldorf · Hafen VETSAK Beanbags, sofas, outdoor furniture and accessories from Düsseldorf Showroom Bremer Straße 67 40221 Düsseldorf · Hafen

WANDEL On more than 1,300 sqm, you will find the most impressive collection of vintage furniture from nearly all decades you have ever seen Friedenstraße 62 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk WUUD INTERIOR Furniture, lights and interior accessories straight from Düsseldorf Luegallee 6 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel

STILWERK Great design centre with many different stores for interior, furniture and design classics Grünstraße 15 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte


BEAUTIFUL STUFF & DESIGN ITEMS ANMO Japanese tea and art Bendemannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte BUTCH Everything a kitchen needs! Kitchen accessories for cooking, baking and making Tußmannstraße 63 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort CUCINA Great selection of modern and traditional items for the kitchen Carlsplatz 24 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

HAB + GUT Nice gifts, interior accessories and design products for both young and old Neusser Straße 115a 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

THE GOLDEN RABBIT Unique gardening concept store with beautifully selected items Ackerstraße 159 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

HOOD COMPANY Everything the graffiti heart desires! Plus: t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies Hüttenstraße 156 40227 Düsseldorf · Oberbilk

THE BIRD WHO TOLD Design and graphic concept store Düsselstraße 52 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

KYOTO Japanese interior accessories Immermannstraße 26 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

PAPER & TEA Beautiful design items, tea and gifts for a modern tea culture Carlsplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt RIKIKI. GRAFIK & PRODUKT. Amazing graphic design and design concept store Hermannstraße 36 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern ROTHBILD General store for design, illustration and beautiful things Ackerstraße 215 40235 Düsseldorf · Flingern


SABA*S Toys, gadgets, bits and pieces for big and small Lorettostraße 36 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

DILLE & KAMILLE Natural simplicity for home, garden and kitchen – straight from The Netherlands Flinger Straße 26 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

.DRUCKBAR Printer, graffiti and streetwear items Ackerstraße 191 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


MANUFACTUM Traditional products made in traditional manufactories plus a fantastic café, bakery and fromagerie Steinstraße 4 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte MOTEL A MIIO Unique ceramic pieces made in Portugal Hohe Straße 27 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

SCHEE Colourful silkscreen art plus cool design and interior accessories Berger Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt SELEKTEUR Cool concept store for timeless classic products and papeterie from European manufacturers Hohe Straße 6 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

TORQUATO Interior and kitchen accessories Benrather Straße 18 – 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt TUBE Well assorted art supply store right next to the Kunstakademie Mühlengasse 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt Himmelgeister Straße 14 – 16 40225 Düsseldorf · Bilk UNTERHALTUNG LIEBLINGSSTÜCKE Beautiful gifts, favourite pieces and fashion for the whole family Ackerstraße 161 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern VASELINE Bizarre and colourful treasures, toys, accessories and interior stuff Wallstraße 37 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt vaseline.duesseldorf YOOYAMA Interior and lifestyle concept store Bastionstraße 33 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt



GRAUERT Best selection of international magazines and books, located in the main station building Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 14 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte HEINRICH HEINE ANTIQUARIAT Good sorted antiquarian bookseller in a historic building Citadellstraße 9 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

BIKES AWSUM Concept store on the subject of urban mobility Hermannstraße 24 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern LIFEISARIDE High-quality handcrafted bicycle gear ME AND MY BICYCLE New bicycle lifestyle store for urban cycling Nordstraße 80 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort RADPROFI Bike shop, showroom, workshop and first aid bike service Krefelder Straße 1 40549 Düsseldorf · Heerdt


SCHICKE MÜTZE Bike shop and repair with own cycle café Oststraße 119, backyard 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

STICKAPEAR Glowing design sticker sets for your cargo bike

BOOKS ANTIQUARIAT KAMAS Antiquarian bookseller for old Düsseldorf books Leopoldstraße 35 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte BIBABUZE Bookshop with a wide range of books, readings, exhibition openings and concerts Aachener Straße 1 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk BOLLAND & BÖTTCHER Well-stocked and cosy neighbourhood bookshop Rethelstraße 121 40237 Düsseldorf · Düsseltal bollandundboettcher.

BOOKSTORE NIPPON Japanese bookseller Immermannstraße 53 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte C.O.M. COMICS Mangas, comic books and more Oststraße 59 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte DER BÜCHER OBER Great book selection and some second-hand or remaining stock copies Steinstraße 34 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte GOSSENS The Gossens team has been there for you in Düsseldorf on the left bank of the Rhine for 50 years – with a huge selection of literature, film and music, online and offline Luegallee 109 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel

HOLLMANN BUCH & PRESSE Mags, books and tickets, several outlets e.g. at Kö-Galerie, Schadow-Arkaden, Heinrich-Heine-Allee and Airport. Find ’em all at MAYERSCHE Largest bookstore in town with books, magazines and gifts on five floors Königsallee 18 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte VARIA VARDAR Books and assorted goods Schwerinstraße 6 40447 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort WALTHER KÖNIG A great selection of design, art, photography, philosophy, architecture books In der Kunsthalle Grabbeplatz 5 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt




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Luizzo combines centuries-old craftsmanship with modern design. Together with a family business in Italy, founder Luisa makes her vision come true and creates high-quality furnishings that are characterised by their timeless form. Despite all the elegance and simplicity, it never gets boring: the terrazzo material ensures that no piece of furniture or decoration is the same as the next. If the first glimpses on the Luizzo website are not enough, you can visit the store on Lorettostraße and see for yourself the furniture and tiles in the typical terrazzo look. Luizzo’s range is complemented by Italian skin care products, candles and ceramics from smaller labels. In the interview, Luisa talks about the beginnings of her company, the extraordinary properties of terrazzo and how Düsseldorf inspires her and her design concepts.

What came first for you: the fascination for the craft or the love of design? That’s not so easy to say, because I was enthusiastic about both from an early age. For example, I remember tinkering at the workbench as early as kindergarten. As far as terrazzo is concerned, I first fell in love with the material before I understood how to craft it. From Düsseldorf to Italy: Luizzo combines the big city with ancient craftsmanship. How did this connection come about? I developed the first prototypes with a stonemason in Düsseldorf. It was important for me to follow the terrazzo roots that led me to Italy, where the material has been a great favourite since ancient times. After a long search, many phone calls and FaceTime conversations due to Covid, I found what I was looking for in a family business. Luizzo’s range includes not only side tables, tableaus and cups, but also textiles and even body care. What concept unites Luizzo’s products? The idea behind “Luizzo Magazine” is to support mainly small, Italian start-up companies. When choosing these labels, I focus on a sustainable approach and handmade products that allow me to offer a greater variety of products in our store on Lorettostraße. Of course, this also ensures more freshness in the online shop. It should be something new that you don’t normally get in Germany and come from brands that produce in Italy and that you might not have heard of yet. How does Düsseldorf influence your idea generation and creative processes?


My creative processes are inspired on the one hand by the collaboration with other creatives from Düsseldorf such as the Design Studio B.O.B.. I share the store on Lorettostraße with other brands without any sense of competition and instead with a lot of helpful exchange and support. What is your absolute favourite design item? That’s the GIULIANO table, our hexagonal column. The table is simple, but the combination of modern form and antique material makes it special. Which designer or artist inspires you? I love the aesthetics of architect Vincent Van Duysen. I think it’s cool that his designs are clean, reduced and rather minimalist, but at the same time radiate a certain warmth. He puts a lot of emphasis on the materials he uses and the design of his spaces. What is the importance of sustainability for Luizzo? An important aspect in terms of sustainability for Luizzo is to create timeless and high-quality products that are not bound to any trend cycle. Since Luizzo designs are so classic, I like to imagine that the furniture will still be enjoyed by the customers’ grandchildren. Terrazzo has been around for more than two thousand years, so why shouldn’t it still be around in a thousand years? Düsseldorf as a piece of furniture – what would that look like? Classic and elegant like the Vitra Lounge Chair. It should be something that has been around for decades and will continue to be consistent and cool. READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE



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Sure – the Kö is a chic boulevard, a flagship for Düsseldorf and home to the iconic green parrots. When it comes to shopping, other parts of town don’t have to hide: The stores away from the city center have their own charisma, and make an im­ pression with with unusual fashion, cool concepts and unique character. Whether vintage or second-hand, concept store or small designer label – if you are looking for something special, you will find it above all in the so-called trendy districts and inconspicuous side streets. Ready, steady – shop!

AEST. STORE Katharina’s motto and hashtag #SUPERNICETHINGS says it all: Concept store for ladies with super nice fashion, accessories and interior decoration Ackerstraße 127 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern AFEW STORE Limited editions and the most exquisite sneaker selection in town Oststraße 36 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ALTE GIESSEREI IGEL A true concept store experience in an expressive brick building with fashion, interior, lifestyle and skincare products from brands such as Drykorn, Copenhagen Studios, HAY and many more Alte Gießerei 6 – 14 40699 Erkrath

BUTIK Feminine and progressive fashion, shoes and accessories for her Ackerstraße 184 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern butikduesseldorf CEÑTRAL DUESSELDORF Skate shop with a large selection of different brands providing skateboards and equipment, accessories and clothing Kapuzinergasse 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

EINFACH SCHÖN Concept store for fashion, shoes and accessories with a large selection of international labels Bilker Allee 53 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk FORMIDABLE Wonderfully furnished lingerie and accessories store Ackerstraße 203 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern FREITAG STORE DÜSSELDORF BY SELEKTEUR R.I.P.s (Recycled Individual Products) from Zurich since 1993 Hohe Straße 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

APROPOS THE CONCEPT STORE Luxury designer fashion, shoes and handbags plus a very special beauty department Benrather Straße 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt ÅSSEMBLE STORE Super nice small concept store with a fine selection of products such as jewelry, accessories, furniture and design items Lorettostraße 56 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


BEYOND STUDIOS Mostly Scandinavian brands, a huge selection of plants, jewellery, books and interior stuff Stresemannstraße 8 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

DONSJE Beautiful handmade kidswear with sophisticated details, matching footwear and accessories Benrather Straße 12 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



ATELIER_32U The Scandinavian style from brands such as NORR, mbyM, EDITED, GESTUZ or ICHI plus handmade jewellery, selected accessories, bags and lifestyle items Ackerstraße 199 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


HAMMERMANN Colourful concept store selling fashion, accessories and gagdets for ladies Lorettostraße 15 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk IAMYOURS Beautiful bridal concept store with dresses, shoes, jewellery and accessories Stresemannstraße 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte IDENTITA ITALIANA Premium fashion, shoes and accessories for him and her from brands such as Patrizia Pepe, Marni, Woolrich and many more Carlsplatz 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

KLEIDSAM Selected pieces from different labels Neusser Straße 123 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk KOPFSACHE Specialised retailer for US caps and headwear Hüttenstraße 9 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LANGBRETT Clothing, art and energy for surfers, skaters and urban people Ackerstraße 113 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LIVE LAB STUDIOS A new concept store for a different way of luxury presenting curated products from fashion, design, art, beauty and more Fürstenwall 66 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


GLORE Sustainable fashion concept store Luegallee 53 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel duesseldorf

KAUF DICH GLÜCKLICH Scandinavian and French inspired fashion, accessories and shoes, plus a small book and interior selection Carlsplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

LULULEMON “Sweat, Grow, Connect” – The athletic Canadian lifestyle and yoga brand finally opened its doors in Düsseldorf in 2019 Grabenstraße 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt MA CABANE French concept store for clothing and home accessories Achenbachstraße 132 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal conceptstoremacabane MACKAGE STORE Luxury outerwear brand Sevens, Königsallee 56 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

JADES Colourful, fancy, edgy, punky and cool luxury designer fashion and accessories Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53 Breite Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


MOMANIA Café, pâtisserie and concept store with carefully selected items Drakestraße 2 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel MONOLAR.STUDIO Slow premium bags and accessories made in Düsseldorf Bagelstraße 117 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


NOT A SHOP It’s a shop! Unisex vintage fashion and stuff Stresemannstraße 39 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


JIMMY+JO “German Kaufhaus” with a very nice selection of curated fashion and interior items, books and accessories Stresemannstraße 27 Pop-up: Stresemannstraße 36 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MILIAN BY ANNETTE GÖRTZ Avant-garde fashion by German designer Annette Görtz and other brands such as Comme des Garçons, Yamamoto and Maison Margiela Königsallee 33 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ORFÈVRE DÜSSELDORF Unique gallery for jewellery Bastionstraße 35 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt




PICK UP Iconic store for punk rock fashion, shoes and accessories Kapuzinergasse 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

ACE & TATE Modern and stylish glasses from Amsterdam Carlsplatz 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

PREGO Italian inspired, very puristic German clothing label for ladies. Plus: A beautiful selection of shoes, bags and accessories Grünstraße 4 – 6 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte REBEL’S GARAGE SKATESHOP It’s all about skateboarding and longboarding – on top of a large selection of streetwear and accessories Gneisenaustraße 10 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ROBERTA THE STORE Organic fashion and fair-trade goods Nordstraße 71 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf SAMSØE SAMSØE Cool and Scandinavian simplicity – this is what the Danish brand stands for. The collections for men and women are now also available in Düsseldorf Grabenstraße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt SHE DESIGNED SEPTEMBER Lovely shop in Düsseltal with a selection of modern fashion pieces and accessories Rethelstraße 139 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal shedesignedseptember


BRILLEN KAISER A real classic – since 1933 located on Königsallee! Bahnstraße 2, Königsallee 92 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SPACEWALK Exclusive sneaker store, (re)selling rare pieces and curated streetwear Sevens, Königsallee 56 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Innenstadt STYLEALBUM Concept store and online shop with an excellent selection of German and Scandinavian designers plus accessories, interior, beauty products and gadgets Schirmerstraße 23 (backyard) 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort SEVENS Premium shopping centre coupled with an excellent gastronomic offer and an international brand selection on seven floors Königsallee 56 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Innenstadt THE MAX. Concept store with a colourful mix of cheap, expensive, bizarre, trashy, high quality, old and new clothes, furniture, interior accessories and treasures from all over Europe Nordstraße 12 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

TUXEDO Fashion, accessories and beauty for her from carefully selected brands Lorettostraße 35 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk Cheruskerstraße 67a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel URBAN OUTFITTERS Cool fashion for her and him plus interior gadgets, books and vinyls Schadowstraße 60 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte WHAT WOMEN WANT Products selected with love for everything to do with fashion, accessories, beauty, interior, jewellery and small treats Lorettostraße 38 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk WILD DAISY On- and offline concept store with a beautiful selection of dried flowers, interior items and fashion and accessories Kronprinzenstraße 106 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk WUNDERWERK Organic fashion for women and men, fashionable and sustainable, ecological and fair Ackerstraße 133 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

FUNK OPTIK Funk is one of the last genuine eyewear manufacturers in Germany Brunnenstraße 18 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk HESSE & HOLLÄNDER Optician with modern styles from Cologne Ackerstraße 158 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern OPTIK KITTEL Glasses and sunglasses from Germany and Europe Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz 18 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt SEHWELT ELLER Independent eyewear store Gumbertstraße 170 40229 Düsseldorf ∙ Eller VIU EYEWEAR Cool designer glasses made in Switzerland, handmade in Italy and Japan Benrather Straße 8 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt Luegallee 41 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel


L’ATELIER MONSIEUR High-quality, affordable basics which stand out due to their quality and craftsmanship and not because of their brand name Bilker Allee 14 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk THE BESPOKER Tailoring, interior and lifestyle for him Wildenbruchstraße 41 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

THE GENTLEMAN SIDE A nice selection of men’s clothing made in Italy Luegallee 81 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

RED WING HERITAGE STORE In September 2019, the traditional heritage brand Red Wing opened its first store in Düsseldorf offering their legendary “Made in USA” boots Hohe Straße 17 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

LFDY Live fast, die young: Düsseldorf-based streetwear brand Ackerstraße 156 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

THE BLOKE Supernice custommade suits for him and her Pfalzstraße 2 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

MANNS Store for water sports, cordage and accessories. Family business since 1845 Benrather Straße 7b (entry Hohe Straße) 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

CARHARTT Classy work- and urban streetwear and accessories Mittelstraße 16 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MORITZ WENZ STUDIO Traditional manufacturing and timeless design products Ackerstraße 155 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern



DEUS EX MACHINA Behind the brand Deus Ex Machina is a team of surfing enthusiastic motorcycle fans, which provides you with casual styles and trendy men’s fashion Hohe Straße 17a 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

STUF|F – FINE GOODS “Soul made” fine goods for him and vintage furniture Birkenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern THE PLACE High-end streetwear and sneakers Berger Straße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


THE HERITAGE POST GENERAL STORE Menswear store, “atelier for corporate and interior design” and headquarter of inter­ nationally renowned magazine “The Heritage Post” Lorettostraße 35 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk theheritagepostgeneralstore


FLEA MARKETS AACHENER PLATZ Ulenbergstraße 10 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk MESSEPARKPLATZ P1 Stockumer Kirchstraße 61 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Stockum RADSCHLÄGERMARKT Blumengroßmarkt Ulmenstraße 275 40468 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf ULMENSTRASSEN SATURDAY MARKET Blumengroßmarkt Ulmenstraße 275 40468 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf WEIBERKRAM


VINTAGE STORES BROKE Second-hand streetwear and curated new products Tussmannstraße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort COUTURE 2ND Strictly designer second-hand Hohe Straße 20 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt DESIGNER CHECK OUT Designer collections from the past two seasons Blücherstraße 24 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ELEMENTARTEILCHEN Vintage dresses from 50s til 80s, designer fashion and accessories Ackerstraße 125 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ANNIETHING VINTAGE Luxury vintage from LA, NY, Madrid and Paris anniethingvintage

MAE’S SECOND HAND DE LUXE Second-hand and “vintage deluxe” for women Arnulfstraße 2a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

TWO BROTHERS VINTAGE Premium vintage by two brothers, specialised in 80s, 90s & 2000s vintage t-shirts, sweaters and baseball jackets twobrothersvintage

NOT A SHOP Unisex preloved fashion Stresemannstraße 39 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte STEWARDRESS Vintage treasures in the backyard Lorettostraße 8 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk STRIKE Vintage clothes for generation TikTok Brunnenstraße 9 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

KOKO SELECTED Second hand, fair fashion and lovely details in a former hairdresser’s saloon coming soon: Hermannstraße 47, corner Birkenstraße 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

THE MAX. Supercool concept store with (new) design-items, gadgets and selected vintage fashion pieces Nordstraße 12 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort THE MINTAGE Vintage heaven for girls and boys Wallstraße 27 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt VILLA OLIVA VINTAGESHOP The vintage store with nostalgic curiosities Bilker Allee 62 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


Curated unisex vintage and second hand collections

CHARIT Y STORES CARITAS KAUFHAUS WERTVOLL Furniture and clothing CASH & RAUS Employment and work project for unemployed people with four shops FAIRHAUS Charity department store with a total of eight branches in Neuss and Düsseldorf OXFAM Second-hand clothes, books, this and that

LIEBLINGSSTÜCKE Selected treasures in Flingern Bruchstraße 1 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern




LILA MODEN Vintage, art and fashion from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada etc. Oststraße 150 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte







What exactly does it look like – the typical Düsseldorf style? The cliché of Kö ladies draped with fur and the city’s equivalent of Chelsea boys in polo shirts has fortunately been eroded over the last years. We know: The brands and labels that come from Düsseldorf don’t have much to do with that. This is proven by our colourful mix of Düsseldorf fashion, jewellery and accessory designers who convince with their diverse and creative approaches. And the Düsseldorfers don’t need to hide in the field of interior and product design either. We hope you enjoy discovering brands made in Düsseldorf. KIDS BOTO BOTOKIDS Cool and colourful kids wear HEARTCOVERED Personalised stationery with a heart

MEA AMĀRE A young Düsseldorf brand for high-quality products that make everyday life easier for babies (and parents) by using natural materials such as hemp MILOU ANOUQ Handmade garments for babies

KINDER & KONSORTEN Pretty shop for kids with a huge selection of baby and children’s accessories, toys, books, pillows, decorations and stationery


OH.PERLII Super cute kidswear label providing limited accessories and clothing for kids such as triangle scarves and blankets made of organic muslin

ACCESSORIES CANO SHOES Ethically and sustainably handmade Huaraches from Mexico DU CIEL Handmade lingerie made of fine fabrics and with a sense of timeless elegance ESPADRIJ L’ORIGINALE French inspired products such as the original espadrilles, palm baskets, beachplaids and homewear FADENFUMMELN Handmade handbags HESA.DESIGN Custommade leather handbags


THE LITTLE PALM Individual baby gift boxes put together with attention to detail filled with high quality sustainable products in subtle colour



LAYDAY LAYDAY Fair trade and sustainable products such as clothing, cosmetics, prints and accessories

OPAAK Mindful bodywear and lingerie for women SHAROKINA Designed in Düsseldorf: high quality handbags and accessories made of European quality leather, in timeless designs with pretty details

FOOD ’N’ BEVERAGE 41 RPM GIN BY BROILERS Collabo between Uerige brewery and Düsseldorf-based band Broilers – the first gin made in the Düsseldorf old town. Watch out – it’s super rare! 734 SPIRITUOSENMANUFAKTUR Liqueur from Volmerswerth / Rhine Kilometre 734 ABB SENF Original Düsseldorf mustard, perfect souvenir ÄHRENSACHE Premium Korn based in Düsseldorf, made in Herne BAETTER BAKING Organic baking mixes – vegan and gluten-free


BEER KONG Brand new hand-brewed craftbeer straight from Düsseldorf DÜSSELDORFER ÖL-MANUFAKTUR Cold-pressed oils from fine organic seeds and carefully filtered by hand GHIRLONI EISMANUFAKTUR In 1975, Roberto Ghirloni’s father opened his first ice cream parlor in Gerresheim. Today, in the second generation, he produces according to traditional recipes, with “real” and fresh ingre­dients. Today over 40 types of ice cream are offered, including innovative creations such as Prosecco, white truffles or tomatoes with basil HIVE THE GOOD LIFE Düsseldorf Granola manufacture with products free of sugar and preservatives

KNASTTRÄNE New local vodka by two friends working in the advertising industry

TREATFULS Seriously addictive natural treats. Vegan – organic – super good!

KÖLT Kölsch and Alt = Költ! The first beer that made the impossible possible

TRUE KIMCHI STORY Fresh and vegan homemade kimchi, Korean superfood

LIGHTROAST Brand-new local micro coffee roastery MADAME CHÊRI Chocolate manufactory OLBERMANN BREWERY Independent Düsseldorf craftbeer brewery RACCOON Fair, vegan and sustainable protein chocolate


CARPONI Carponi stands for stylish, ecological crawling shoes that make children and parents equally happy

G-LAB Supreme weatherwear: sophisticated jackets for ladies and gents

SCHVARZ KAFFEE Local coffee roastery

SPUMATE Spumate is a wine-mate mixed drink that will sparkle up your tummy

KLIPPENZIEGE Mate dry gin from Düsseldorf

WINEFACE Wineface is a wine delivery service in Düsseldorf with a focus on small, sustainable wineries

THE BLOKE Custommade suits for him and her

SCHMITTMANN EDELBRENNEREI Original Düsseldorf distillery since 1818

SOUL SODA Caffeine lemonade

KILLEPITSCH Herbal liqueur from Düsseldorf

VOLLGEPACKT Microgreens from the old boiler house at the Böhler areal

AMESANKOH Japanese-rooted fashion brand using Japanese words in their designs with the aim to make people become familiar with Japanese culture and language


BAYNE ICE CREAM Wine and cocktail ice sorbets with flavours such as Veneziano Spritz, Gin Tonic or Moscow Mule. Made of natural raw materials from Europe

STRANDHASE CRAFTBEER Düsseldorf craftbeer and brewery courses strandhase_craftbeer

FASHION 22/4_HOMMES_FEMMES The Düsseldorf high-end tailoring label by designer Stephanie Hahn has been producing womens and menswear designs in German factories since 2008

JULIUS BACH Young fashion designer and artist from Düsseldorf LFDY Live fast, die young: Düsseldorf-based streetwear brand

ALEKS KURKOWSKI High-end menswear and womenswear – inspired by simple geometry and the passion for the colour black


LOLA CLOTHING High-quality streetwear label from Düsseldorf – heavy cottons, eco-friendly production MARION STREHLOW Fashion designer from Düsseldorf – exceptional, without being intrusive, special, without feeling disguised MARYLAND STUDIO It’s not all about the bride, it’s about the girl squad around: Label for bridesmaids dresses MISSING ICON New streetwear label influenced by the emotions of football and the great players of the sport MORY MONT Mory Mont is a genderneutral brand that offers modern sportswear for your everyday wardrobe

MOYAKORA Streetwear and yoga gear: Portuguese cork meets German manufacturing NOWADAYS Simple, modern and smart clothing for him OONCE Custom made bridal wear, accessories and jewellery PESO Streetwear brand by Düsseldorf-based influencer @jstin


SUZUSAN Japanese fashion, home and living design including traditional Japanese textile finishing techniques THE DORF • THE SOAP BY LEVIT Y PARLOUR

KIOSQ SUPPLY Urban street- & skatewear label

WUNDERWERK Organic fashion for women and men, fashionable and sustainable, ecological and fair YARN STUDIOS Sustainable unisex basics

JEWELLERY 202 EDITIONS Limited editions, quality and poised designs, and slow and sustainable practices

JENNA BROMMER Jewellery with a mix of punk, elegance and irony

ALESSA JOSTEN Young contemporary jewellery designer located in Düsseldorf

KUCK JEWELLERY Playful handling of 24k pure gold in the form of fine, precisely crafted necklaces, pendants and bracelets with an outstanding design

ARIANE ERNST JEWELRY Supernice jewellery plus a small clothing line. Ariane’s store is located in the lovely district Unterbilk

LAURA CHRISTMANN JEWELLERY Geometric jewellery for the elegant minimalist, made in Düsseldorf

BERU INOU Jewellery with a focus on glass and porcelain

MAREN DÜSEL Her works are characterised by a minimalist design language and clear colour accents, using classic goldsmithing techniques, as well as modern 3D printing techniques. She is part of the design collective “Atelier Hinter Indien”

GOLPIRA — NO DIRTY GOLD Unique jewellery made of naturally formed gold nuggets. Golpira combines luxury, sustainability and unique hand-made fine gold jewellery, mixing bohemian aesthetics with classic references HANNIMOON JEWELLERY Handmade gem jewels with a meaning hannimoon.jewellery

MARYVONNE WELLEN Authentic limited edition jewellery. The designs of the Dutch-born, Düsseldorf-based designer are clean, pure and best defined by the combination of classic feminine shapes with historical references and a contemporary feel MICHAELA DONSBACH Handmade bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces MIMARIE DIE GOLDSCHMIEDE Lovingly handmade jewellery from sustainable material mimariediegoldschmiede

NAVCH DESIGNER JEWELRY Mongolian jewellery designer Tegshtuya Navch creates extraordinaire pieces inspired by traditional Mongolian ornaments and jewellery NYYUKIN Nyyukin is the special combination of two disciplines: graphic and jewellery design that merges technology, design and emotion. For jewellery that fits every moment


PRIVAT SCHMUCK & ACCESSOIRES Jewellery made in Düsseldorf, including beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelettes and earrings RELATED BY OBJECTS Five female designers that work with precious metals and unconventional materials, colours and textiles – a focus on high-quality workmanship

INTERIOR ATISAN Handcrafted interior accessories – ethically sourced and made of sustainable materials

HAP CERAMICS Ceramic label based in Düsseldorf. The minimalistic objects are handmade, strong and ready for your everyday usage HCK INTERIOR HCK creates interior design for spaces, shops and homes hck_interior_concepts_art LUSENSA Room essentials – scented candles and room fragrances with natural ingredients LUIZZO Terrazzo tiles, furniture and accessories. Handmade in Italy

THE CLAY COMPANY Handmade ceramics, pottery workshops and events

Illustrations and paperworks

CUBIT High-end modular furniture and shelving system

MALTE VAN DER MEYDEN Sophisticated design objects

FRAGILE Handmade porcelain, unique items and limited art editions

MGD. Colourful and arty candles handmade in Düsseldorf

MUTABEL Flexible DIY elements for your wall PAULA ELLERT Designer from Düsseldorf with a focus on furniture, lighting and products TRY SOMETHING Hand-made ceramics

VAUST A Berlin-based, Düsseldorfrooted experimental interior design studio focusing on the manufacture of furnitureinspired objects and the development of contemporary spatial concepts


MARIA OEKER VETSAK Seatbags, sofas, outdoor furniture and accessories from Düsseldorf

WUUD INTERIOR Handcrafted furniture, design and interior objects, made of marble, wood and vintage wood

BEAUTY THE CALMING 100% natural fragrances, soaps, accessories and more that helps you to breathe deeply, to reflect and to gain new energy and strength CHAMMI “Happy Days” by Chammi is a vital substance complex with valuable vitamins, minerals and plant extracts specially developed to combat menstrual cramps FÜHLICH Natural cosmetic line


LEVITY PARLOUR Natural soaps and vegan beauty products MARC BOOTEN Hair stylist Marc Booten has been developing recipes & elixirs for natural hair care from the monastery kitchen since 1992

OSKAR NATURAL SKINCARE Natural skin- and bodycare from Düsseldorf with a supernice smell and packaging

LIFESTYLE DOLI BOTTLES Non-toxic, high-quality and sustainable glass bottles and coffee mugs KAËLL Natural household and textile care products RADSCHLÄGER Accessories, gifts and products for every occasion with the iconic Düsseldorfer Radschläger, a landmark of the city




During a New Year’s walk, Lea Rohe and Sarah Julie Righetti came up with the idea of a sustainable concept store for second-hand and vintage clothing. Their online shop „Untold“ revives second-hand clothes and, as the name suggests, gives the chance to retell the individual stories of the clothes. Vintage is meant to be thought of differently: far away from crowded shops, Sarah and Lea founded an online store that sells high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories in curated collections. With Untold, Sarah and Lea have found a concept that combines their passion for fashion with their ethical ideas about consumption. Untold not only follows a sustainable way of being trendy, but breaks with gender structures and categories. All garments are unisex and gender-neutral. Your concept store is called Untold – Stories that need to be told, which stories do you want to tell? Sarah: The addition “Stories that need to be told” is meant to reveal something about the clothes that have been used before. Vintage is described by the fact that the pieces have to be at least 30 years old. In addition to the lived stories, we also want to give these clothes a new one that a new owner can give them. There is a concept store idea behind Untold. We work with locals and smaller productions that also have a story behind them. Be it jewellery, interior or lifestyle products, all these things have a story to tell. These stories should become visible. How would you describe the style of Untold and what is special about your shop? Lea: Classic wardrobe essentials, but also on trend. Our biggest unique selling point is that the clothes are unisex. We don't think in terms of gender or categories. Clothes do not have genders. Rather, it is society and how we wear the clothes that give it a gender. Your range consists of vintage and second-hand clothes. How do the goods come to you and how do they contribute to sustainable consumption? Lea: The collections consist of about 25 pieces. We don’t buy the garments in bulk, but go on our own treasure hunt like two truffle pigs. Our claim is quality instead of quantity. Selling vintage clothes is the most sustainable way to consume clothes. Currently, for example, the 2000s are back in fashion. You can find a lot of things in your own wardrobe. We both come from the retail sector, which is actually always associated with fast fashion. When we founded the company, we said to ourselves that if we make something of our own, we also want to stand behind it morally and ethically.


How do you choose your collections? What do you want your clothes to express? Lea: The fact that we plan collections at all is unusual for second-hand and vintage clothing. We determine a collection colour and look for clothes that correspond to the season. Although we only have individual pieces, we want them to make sense together, so that a round drop is created. Slow fashion and preloved fashion are becoming more and more important: Have you changed your consumer behaviour in the last few years and if so, how? Lea: My wardrobe now consists almost exclusively of second-hand or vintage clothes. I don’t want to absolve myself of buying some fast fashion from time to time, but then I try to choose the pieces so that I can wear them for many years. In recent years, the availability and accessibility of second hand and vintage has increased, so it’s much easier to buy secondhand clothes. What are your favourite places in Düsseldorf? Lea: One of my favourite places is the Volksgarten. We did the first shoot for our editorial there. That was in summer and the grass was high. Since then it’s been a magical place. Düsseldorf as a vintage piece, what would that look like? Lea: Düsseldorf is a vintage designer bag. Sarah: Yes, a bit opulent and not straightforward. Maybe a little Gucci Kelly bag. Which person, dead or alive, would you like to have an Altbier with and what would you talk about? Lea: I know it’s a bit cheesy, but I would love to talk to Coco Chanel. She had a lasting influence on women’s clothing in the 1920s. I would love to have an Altbier with her. READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE



AGE 39 29










Imagine it’s 2022 and women are still mercilessly underrepresented in the music business. Sadly this is true. Even if superstars like Beyoncé, Lizzo or Kate Bush are at the top of Spotify: If you take a closer look at bands or festival bookings, FLINTA are in the minority. FLINTA means women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people and thus all those who are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender identity. The Düsseldorf concert series fem_pop is committed to their visibility. It was founded by the collective of the same name, which has made it its task to literally give FLINTA a stage and to network the artists in the music scene.

Female Voices Support is the keyword –­ not only to fuel wellknown bands and solo acts, but in collective growth and resistance against patriarchal structures. “Unite & fight!” also says Düsseldorf musician Selena, who is currently taking off with her solo project Modular. In this issue, we present her and three other incredibly great artists from the Düsseldorf music scene – from pop to rap, from psychedelic to electronic music. Sounds and styles as diverse and experimental as each of their souls. Read and listen for yourself – our forever girl crushes.



Under the bridge Düsseldorf Live close Feel free

In Düsseldorf, international urban artists have created some exciting large murals. Klaus Rosskothen, owner of the urban art gallery Pretty Portal, takes you on a bike tour through the city’s most colourful districts. Discover and photograph the newly designed murals of Düsseltal, Flingern, Oberbilk, Friedrichstadt and Bilk. Book the Urban Art Ride now:

Your organiser Klaus Rosskothen at Pretty Portal

Photo: Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH Artwork by SKIO

an initiative of

co-funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia



EMLE 136





“My songs arise solely from my intuition.” Ever since she can remember, Emily Metzger has stood on a stage: with a choir, a band or various musical projects. The 26-year-old is currently putting her passion for music into her solo project EMLE – with an experimental sound between melancholy and optimism. Her music reflects Emily’s soul life, constantly dealing with and changing experiences and emotions, with human encounters and moments of silence. Introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Emily and I am 26 years old. I’m originally from Kassel, then I spent a few years in Frankfurt and four years ago my path brought me to Düsseldorf to study retail design. Alongside my studies, superexciting people and inspirations have crossed my path and various creative and artistic projects have emerged. Your style in one sentence? Honest, a bit melancholic, but at the same time optimistic, dynamic and not intrusive. My music always reflects what is deeply on my mind at the moment and changes with my experiences and emotions, so I find it difficult to name a musical direction. So a few adjectives had to help out. What are you working on as a musician right now? Last year in October I released my first EP “Your Water”. The work on it actually started with the first lockdown. That was the first time I really took ownership of all my songs and sketches. In the process, I had to learn to explain the ideas in my head. Since then, I’ve been working on creating new visions, working on new structures and melodies myself and experimenting completely freely. I’ve been writing and tinkering so much and I can finally start working on my new songs and ideas with new heads. When you’re not making music, then… I’m writing new lyrics (and usually in very inappropriate situations, while I’m actually in the middle of a conversation, for example...), walking around with a coffee in my hand listening to music, sitting somewhere reading, meet­­ ing friends for a wine


spritzer or working on other creative projects. Apart from that, I like to deal with art, design, objects, shapes, stones, beautiful things that everyday life brings and everything else that happens and gets in between. What are the challenges of a FLINTA artist? I can best speak for myself as an artist. I can definitely say that one of the biggest challenges for me is to ask for help and support. Since I don’t really have any musical training or play any instruments, my songs come from my intuition and feeling alone. I have found good ways for me to experiment and work with that. But I am always dependent on people who understand this vision and can support it with the expertise and knowledge, which I lack. I think it’s a challenge in general to know when to hand things over and that it’s ok not to be able to and do everything on your own, but to ask the right people. Where do people meet you in Düsseldorf? In recent years, my radius has become very focused on my residential district of Flingern. I meet friends and familiar faces on every corner in every café or shop. This has quickly given me a great feeling of being at home in what is actually a foreign city. But I’m really enjoying opening up again and moving to other corners. Otherwise, I like to walk a lot and look for places where I don’t have to be surrounded by people. Mostly, though, I can be found where there’s something going on. What does the future hold? Musically, it will bring a new EMLE album at some point, which is being worked on right now. There’s a big piece of me in it. I’ve worked quite a lot into these songs and found a cool new sound that comes more from myself and is maybe a bit more detached from classic song structures. I really feel like working on it and would love to share everything right now. @EMLE.ME








“Unite & fight!”

Introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Selena and I make music under the name Modular. Your style in one sentence? Sounds like Düsseldorfer Schule only in angsty and in German. What are you working on at the moment? Since the release of my EP last year, I’ve been working on more tracks and finding new inspiration to incorporate into my sound. What memories do you have of your very first gig? School with the school band. I remember exactly how excited I was. Quite possibly I threw up from excitement (this was before the concert). We played Word Up by Cameo. I’m glad I don’t have any recordings of it. What are the challenges of being a FLINTA person in music? I think that a lot is changing socially at the moment. But we still have to work on the visibility of FLINTA in the arts, e.g. visual arts and music. I have a hard time with the term “challenge” because it is not about FLINTA people having to run some kind of “extra lap” and otherwise everything would be exactly the same as for non-FLINTA people. The “challenges” do not only exist on or in front of the stage but are omnipresent and determine everyday life. Just like society itself, the music industry has to deal with objectification, lookism and other forms of sexism. Even though a lot is moving in the right direction right now, we are still far from where we want to be.


What has happened in music for FLINTA in the last few years? I think there is an awareness of equality developing at the moment and more and more great (FLINTA) collectives like Cumming or fem_pop are sprouting up, making the scene a better one. The responsibility, however, does not lie exclusively with collectives that fight for visibility and representation with a lot of effort and heart and soul. How can FLINTA be given more visibility and reach? The responsibility does not lie primarily with the aforementioned collectives, but above all with labels, venues and other institutions. In 2022, with a broad awareness of the issue, it cannot be solely in the hands of the oppressed to achieve equality. Until then: Unite & fight! What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while performing? I made music with my parents and it was cool! How would you describe the Düsseldorf music scene? The daisy among the shadowy plants. Where do you hang out in Düsseldorf? In the woods in and around Düsseldorf, at R4 for a coffee and quite often at the zakk. Who would you like to have a beer with? I would like to have a place like the Stone in Düsseldorf again, where indie and rock is played. Then I would also have a beer with myself. Alternatively with Susanne Ciani. @MODULARMUSE


A “daisy among the shadowy plants” is how Selena Hamers describes the Düsseldorf music scene, in which she hangs out and smokes cigarettes. Modular is the name of Selena’s first solo project, in which she has full creative control – and also lives it out excessively alongside her job at the punk store Pick Up. The 24-year-old’s sound is electronic with German lyrics and she is currently fuelling the release of her debut EP last year with new material.





AGE 37




“Not everyone can handle my voice.” Freelance artist, rapper, poet. Tice is not afraid of big feelings and hard-hitting words. In the masculine hip hop scene, the 37-year-old prefers to rap authentically and bluntly about interpersonal relationships rather than be marketed in an over-sexualised way. Because Tice is “street” – Kiefernstraße to be precise – and doesn't allow herself to be bent by anything or anyone. What is immediately noticeable: her distinctive, deep and rough voice, with which she also sometimes makes a splash.

to convey? Message was important to me. Why are they talking so much and what exactly are they saying? In connection with my migration background, I put a lot of emphasis on language. As a rapper, I can still combine the German language with my own message.

Your style in one word? Extraordinary. I have already developed my own sound and my own signature. Direct. Ruthless. Deep. I write deeply from the heart and am one of the few women who raps about interpersonal issues. I deal with my emotional world and reflect a lot. When it comes to emotions, I don’t mince words.

How do your fans describe you? Women write me again and again that they are grateful for my music and that my lyrics give them a lot of strength. That I say things they couldn’t have said that way. That I convey strength. I see this as my incentive to make music: Topics that not only I process myself, but that can also be helpful to others. But also my male fans communicate gratitude and support to me. I always have a dialogue in my art.

Your distinctive voice is particularly striking. How do people react to it? My voice has a very special timbre. Some like it very much, others don’t. I have always sounded different. Early in childhood I had to learn that I had a special voice and was often teased for it. Then, as a teenager, I realised that this voice was made for rap. That’s how I learned to deal with it. But not everyone can handle my voice. I’m often accused of being aggressive in everyday life.

Your road to success was rocky. What have you learned? I'm not a businesswoman, but a total gut person and approach my projects with heart. Sometimes you get into situations that are not so advantageous in retrospect. I sometimes enter into projects with a handshake, and I can't always tell emotionally whether someone means well with me.

How did you start with rap? I come from a very musical family. My father plays the baglama, the Turkish mandolin, and often played it for us children and introduced us to music. Together with my older brother, I discovered hip hop at the age of 10, through the 1995 tape of the German-Turkish group Cartel. The fascination with incorporating cultural elements into rap was discovered early on. It was the time of MTV and Viva, you called the radio and asked for songs and then recorded them on cassette. Who were your role models? My US idols were the recently deceased DMX, Lauryn Hill and Tupac. I rapped their lyrics, but I always wanted to know what exactly they were singing. What are they saying, what do they want


How have you been received in the masculine rap scene as a woman? When I recorded my first EP in 2014, there weren’t that many women in rap besides me. Schwesta Ewa was starting and getting hyped and there were a few older female rappers like Cora E and Pyranja who aren’t really active anymore. Interest in a female artist was there, but one was pressed in the male world. There were discussions about lyrics, about what a woman is allowed to say and what not. You sat in the studio between a pack of men and just got an advice without being asked. If they got you to actually change a word, it felt like a victory flag was waved right away. And there were sexualised things. Moments when I realised: This is not about music, this is about me being a woman. What do you wish from the rap scene? That they create good music, talk less about other people’s mistakes and concentrate on support and good togetherness. And that one or the other remembers again what “each one, teach one” means. @TICESOUND  TICESOUND.XYZ








“Beautiful stories are created in my head that you can colour in.”

Introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do? I am Nadia. I would describe myself as a creative woman who likes to make music and combine that with visual design. I play in the psychedelic band Bloodflowers and love being on stage, writing songs and playing them, and letting off steam with the most diverse and weird outfits. Besides music, I work as a photographer and graphic designer. I design the artwork for my band and photograph artists, bands and concert events in and around Düsseldorf. Your style in one sentence? Sometimes dreamy, sometimes groovy, sometimes heavy, always psych. When you are not making music, then... I listen to records, meditate and enjoy being in the moment. This creates beautiful stories in my head that you can paint. When that’s not the case, I start looking for new secondhand clothes. I quickly get excited about beautiful things! What are the challenges of a FLINTA artist? That you are not taken seriously as a woman. I once had a show where hardly any women played. I was the only female act on stage. After the sound check I got stupid comments from the guys in the other band and I was kind of ashamed. What has happened for FLINTA female artists in music in recent years? There are many successful female solo


artists, but in bands women are unfortunately still underrepresented. I have the feeling that there are still few women in the band scene. That shows in the line-ups of the big festivals. But that’s not the case everywhere! Fortunately, many women do get involved. Like here, the fem_pop concert series, Wut Düsseldorf or the Strange Music Festival. There are also great bands in and around Düsseldorf with women like Florence Besch, Suzan Köchers Suprafon or Leonora. How can you give FLINTA female artists more visibility and reach? By telling little girls that big dreams can also come true by believing in them very strongly. Playing in a band as a musician can also be something very special. You just have to dare! How would you describe the Düsseldorf music scene? Lively. There are established bands here and many newcomers. The culture and festival scene is on the move! There is also funding for upcoming musicians to make it easier for them to get started. Who would you like to do a project with/have a beer with? With bassist Laura Leezy from Khruangbin. She is an impressive woman and has a very special wardrobe style. Or also with singer and guitarist Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice. Both super great bands! What are you working on as a band at the moment? We are currently working on a concept album. It will be very spacey, introspective and psychedelic with lots of soundscapes and sound effects. @BLOODFLOWERS_BAND  BLOODFLOWERS.DE



Nadia Wardi is a creative multitalent and as much at home on the musical stage as on the creative one. As singer, guitarist and founder of the indie band Bloodflowers, she lives a postmodern retro coolness that unfolds into a neo-psychedelic cosmos not only in her music but also in artwork and her clothing style. Fun Fact: initially, Bloodflowers were a fictional band whose design portfolio Nadia used to apply for her studies. Stylish they still are, but quite real to boot.



Let the music play – on and on and on ... There is no end to the reignited passion for vinyl and Düsseldorf ’s private record collections are constantly growing. So it is invaluable to have a record dealer whom you can trust, who can point out the hidden gems, shares the latest tunes with you or hides the most soughtafter records under the counter for you before its official release date. We love our local record stores – and you should too.


RECORD STORES A&O MEDIEN Huge selection of new and old records Schadow Arkaden, 1st floor, Schadowstraße 11 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte HEIMINDUSTRIE RECORDS Large selection from blues and funk to soul, disco, indie, jazz and reggae Brunnenstraße 22 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk

RAINKING RECORDSTORE New and second-hand records Düsselthaler Straße 2 40211 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort

MINTY VINYL Record store buying and selling records Lindenstraße 186 (69m² Concept Store) 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

THROWBACK VINYL The latest newcomer to the record store scene in town covering different artistic genres. Vinyl purchase and sale! Am Straußenkreuz 21 40229 Düsseldorf · Eller throwback_vinyl


BEAT RETREAT Jazz, soul, funk and hiphop vinyls plus other nice (merch) stuff Ackerstraße 53 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

HITSVILLE One of the last original record stores in the old town Wallstraße 21 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt



We’ve been staging music, shows and sports for over 50 years – and we keep on rollin‘. Culture is what makes our Dorf the most beautiful at the Rhine. Enjoy.

THE DO R F · T H E M AG — R ELEA S E EV ENT N O.5 What a day! On Saturday, 23 October 2021, we were finally able to celebrate the release of our latest magazine issue THE DORF • THE MAG again after a year's forced break – and, by the way, the premiere of THE DORF x FRIENDS THE MARKET at the concept store Alte Giesserei Igel. With almost 600 guests, all our expectations were exceeded and our magazines


were completely out of stock. For a whole day, a multitude of Düsseldorf labels, brands & friends presented their products, collections and many surprises. We have the best pictures of the day for you! We would like to thank all visitors, participants, our team and the great team of the Alte Giesserei Igel and simply everyone who made this day so special.








BAR ELLINGTON A classic: One of the best and classiest bars in town, near the main station Scheurenstraße 5 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

Have a little sip with us. Whether you prefer an Altbier, a good glass of wine, a fancy cocktail or a bottle of soju, our finest selection of bars, pubs and breweries is guaranteed to make you feel at home. BARS BEUYS BAR Stylish bar dedicated to Joseph Beuys Neubrückstraße 2 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt BOOTHBY’S BAR Classic bar, a tribute to American bartender William Thomas Boothby Hüttenstraße 44 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

GRAND PU BAR Hip hop and delicious drinks Worringer Str. 94 — 96 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

BAR COLETTE Laid-back classic club bar Oberkasseler Straße 79 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel

LIQ BAR LIQ is back: 80s inspired cocktail bar with a twist! Parkstraße 26 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

DIE BAR IN DER SPOERL FABRIK Cosy hidden bar in the backyard next to Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik Tußmannstraße 70 40477 Düsseldorf · Derendorf

BAR LOLA Cocktail lab and salon electrique. Queer and friends Adersstraße 19 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

CUBANITOS BAR A true classic amongst the bars in Düsseldorf – now re-located at Ratinger Straße Ratinger Straße 23 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

ELEPHANT BAR Sixties interior and a beautiful marble bar, cool music and drinks Kurze Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt


THE PARIS CLUB BAR Bar on the 17th floor of 25hours hotel with a spectacular view 25hours Hotel, Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte PETIT PUNCH Simply irresistible variety and surprising taste combinations of high-quality ingredients Jülicher Straße 9 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort SAKURA BAR It’s all about SAKE! Immermannstraße 50 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte sakurabar_duesseldorf

LUPIN Gin bar with various drinks, gin tastings and “Vine Sunday” Ackerstraße 109 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


BOSTON BAR Fanciest sports bar in town! Hunsrückenstraße 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

DR. PFEIFFER “Institute for higher drinking culture”: cocktails, gin and nostalgia Merowingerstraße 18 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk

THE OAK’S BAR Great chilled out atmosphere, fabulous cocktails and just a genuinely nice bar in the heart of the old town Hunsrückenstraße 14 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

MELODY BAR An evergreen and true gem in the heart of the old town Kurze Straße 12 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt MEZCALERIA ROJO Brand-new mezcal, tequila and pisco bar Hunsrückenstraße 16 – 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

SQUARE BAR Tiny bar with 1950s interior and great cocktail creations Collenbachstraße 57 40476 Düsseldorf · Derendorf squarebarduesseldorf BAR STUDIO 1 This one is a bit different – cosy but slightly creepy interior, nice music and diverse people Jahnstraße 2a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt VENERIE BAR BY SQUARE The Square Bar has a second location: David Rippen and team now also serve their fantastic drinks in the hotel bar of the MUZE Hotel. Prinz-Georg-Straße 126 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort veneriebarbysquare


WYNO WEINBAR Classy wine-bar located in the private art collection Philara serving a hand-picked selection of international wines and small snacks. We love the beautiful terrace! Birkenstraße 47a, Sammlung Philara, backyard 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


WINE BARS BAR CHÉRIE Charming wine and cocktail bar in a cosy living room atmosphere with tarte flambée and small dishes Kurze Straße 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt EISKELLERBAR Wine bar serving wine, snacks and coffee next to the Kunstakademie Eiskellerberg 1 – 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

KAKHABER Georgian wines and specialties Rethelstraße 100 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

GALERIE AM KARLPLATZ Delicious wines from all over the world and small dishes Benrather Straße 6b 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

RHEINTON Cosy wine bar with flair and a passion for good wines and food. The second Rheinton 2.0 at Rethelstraße also offers a restaurant menu besides the wine Gartenstraße 28 40479 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort Rethelstraße 143 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

HERR NOIL WEINBAR Offers a selection of over 150 wines with a focus on German white wines Wissmannstraße 1 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

UERIGE Traditional brewery offering Rhenish dishes in the heart of the old town. Best place to enjoy a cold Altbier outside Berger Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt FRANKENHEIM Frankenheim brewery’s original company building. Enjoy the delicious Rhenish and German cuisine Wielandstraße 16 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte


FETT WEINBAR Wine and listening bar Hunsrückenstraße 16 – 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

FLECKENSTEIN Meat. Food. Deli. Wine Schloßstraße 40 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

BRAUEREI SCHUMACHER Traditional beer culture and Rhenish cuisine in the really cosy original building of Düsseldorf ’s oldest Altbier brewery Oststraße 123 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte



FÜCHSCHEN Rhenish cuisine and homemade Altbier Ratinger Straße 28 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt KÜRZER Düsseldorf ’s youngest Altbier brewery Kurze Straße 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt Second spot coming soon at Fichtenstraße 21!

PUBS BILKER HÄZZ Cosy Fortuna Düsseldorf pub and event location Bilker Allee 208 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt CAFÉ Á GOGO Cosy neighborhood bar with live music events Schwerinstraße 15 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort cafeagogoduesseldorf

KEPLER ECK Football, beer and schnaps — very traditional district pub until late night Keplerstraße 18 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

KREUZHERRENECKE Legendary pub at Ratinger Straße and former home to many famous artists such as Beuys. Must-try: “Salmiaki”, their famous licorice Schnaps

OLBERMANN Private brewery with beer bar in the old town Kurze Straße 2a 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

ENGELCHEN An institution in the old town – dirty, loud and Rock’n’Roll! Kurze Straße 15 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

BRAUEREI ZUM SCHLÜSSEL Traditional Altbier brewery since 1850 with a beautiful terrace in the heart of the old town Bolkerstraße 43 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

ET KABÜFFKE KILLEPITSCHSTUBE Tiny historic pub and home of the legendary Killepitsch schnaps Flinger Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt


HOLY CRAFT BEER BAR The first craft beer bar in Düsseldorf with more than 100 different beers from Germany and around the world Liefergasse 11 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt holycraftbeerbar

BAR KONVEX Funky student bar with changing music program Oberbilker Allee 26a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LOTTE Traditional corner pub for the Flinger neighbourhood and nice people Wülfrather Straße 28 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

O’REILLY’S IRISH PUB Our favourite pub for watching football games: good food, nice and international people and karaoke nights on the weekend! Mutter-Ey-Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt PAUL’S Classic pub in Oberkassel, tiny inside but with a beautiful leafy outdoor terrace Düsseldorfer Straße 82 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel PITCHER “Rock’n’Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf ”: pub with weekly live concerts, poetry slams and many more events Oberbilker Allee 29 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt



Altestadt 14 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

MONOPOLY Cosy pub in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s city centre with probably the friendliest bar lady in town Kreuzstraße 27 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



RETEMATÄNG A relaxed meeting place for young and old, serving coffee, beer and long drinks and Fortuna Düsseldorf games on TV Ratinger Straße 43 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt retematä SCHAUKELSTÜHLCHEN Cosy pub with a long tradition in the heart of the old town. Kurze Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt SCHMALBAUCH Pub with Greek food and Füchsen Altbier – perfect for watching F95 football games Birkenstraße 46 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

ZUM GOLDENEN EINHORN An institution! Casual pub with a courtyard and a wooden bar serves breakfast, bistro dishes, cocktails and giant cakes! Ratinger Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt ZUR UEL The history of this brewery can be traced back to the 18th century Ratinger Straße 16 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

soundproofed rooms - 24/7 bar Lean Luxury Design Hotels

sweet dreams

TAGTRAUM A true daydream (“Tagtraum”) – legendary bizarre neighbourhood and artist pub Kronprinzenstraße 69 40217 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

aremadeof cocktails,oldfriendsand big,cosybeds DISCOVER MORE PLACES TO DRINK: THEDORF.DE




CLUBS & VENUES AK47 Legendary stage venue for live punk rock music Kiefernstraße 23 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern CUBE Alternative club in the basement with indie, pop, 50s, 60s, funk and reggae on Fridays; house, trap and techno on Saturdays and sometimes live music Mertensgasse 8 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt GOLZHEIM Electro, hip hop, dancehall nights in the club under the bridge Uerdinger Straße 45 40474 Düsseldorf · Golzheim KASSETTE Cosy bar with sophisticated live music by various international artists Flügelstraße 58 40227 Düsseldorf · Oberbilk


KIT CAFÉ During the day it is a café with the most beautiful view over the Rhine. In the evening various parties and live music by artists from all over the world take over Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

LUCY’S SKY “Lucy’s Sky” is the home base of the art and culture collective “Hippiesque” from Düsseldorf with a focus on downbeat tunes Flinger Straße 10 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt lucysskyclubofficial MAUER CLUB Basement club, bar and event location Ratinger Mauer 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


Düsseldorf ’s nightlife had to come to a stop during the past two years, but now there are good news: get your dancing shoes out, it’s party time again! We present our favourite parties and venues for music, going out, meeting friends and having a great time.

BAR LOLA Cocktail lab and salon electrique. Queer and friends Adersstraße 19 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

OH BABY ANNA Tiny club for electronic music with outstanding light instal­lation and sound quality Andreasstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt R25 KULTUR­SCHLACHTHOF Venue for parties and concerts, e. g. the Ritus Underground Shows Rather Straße 25 40476 Düsseldorf · Derendorf

NILSSON Urban space for art, culture and engagement Martinstraße 58 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk nilsson_martin58_ KUNSTPAL AST


SALON DES AMATEURS Already a legend: The ultimate place for sophisticated music. Arty people and interior next to the Kunsthalle Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt SILQ House and techno club with an international top line-up Mertensgasse 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt STADTSTRAND You can find the “beaches” (attention: no sand!) during summer time at the three Rhine bridges in Düsseldorf: at the Rhein-Knie-Brücke, at the Oberkasseler Brücke and at the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke. Have a drink or enjoy live music and parties!


MESHUGGE BAR Electronic party series by Micky & Manuel Markowitz MILCHBAR Legendary afterwork party since 2003, every Thursday at Sir Walter Bar milchbar.duesseldorf

SIR WALTER One of the most popular spots in town: arty, cosmopolitan interior; during the week a classy bar, on the weekend a more clubby atmosphere – come early! Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt THE PARADISE NOW Restaurant, bar and club in one – and what a club! No need to describe – find out for yourself. Hammer Straße 27 40219 Düsseldorf · Hafen THE TUBE Punk rock, indie, alternative, brit pop, electro, hip hop, ska, rock’n’roll and live music in the heart of the old town Kurze Straße 9 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

THE EIGHT formerly known as Ufer 8 Nightclub, parties and bar with a restaurant and summer terrace Rathausufer 8 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt WP8 Along with the Malkasten, founded in 1848, the WP8 is one of the oldest artists’ associations still existing in Düsseldorf today. Regular parties and events take place in the small premises on Worringer Platz Kölner Straße 73 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte ZAKK Alternative live music and event location with readings, concerts and parties Fichtenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


Please check out the event organizer’s websites & social media for more info.

BACKROOM BASICS Strictly house and deep house! BEATS & BBQ Lush tunes and juicy BBQ. During summer 2023 Pong at NRW-Forum BOOMBOX Join a little Monday old school hip hop party at different locations boomboxblazinmondays CALLSHOP RADIO Callshop Radio is an online radio station based in Düsseldorf and Paris. Since 2017, it broadcasts live shows of all different kinds of music FEM_POP CONCERTS fem_pop is a concert series with female and non-binary acts. All genders welcome! fem_pop_konzerte


RITUS UNDERGROUND SHOWS Psychedelia, kraut, wave, drone, ambient and avant-garde


German ballroom collective based in Düsseldorf

STRANDPIRATEN When the “beach pirates” throw their legendary (outdoor) parties, nearly the whole Düsseldorf party crowd is coming die.strandpiraten UNIQUE RECORDS Legendary soul & funk label Unique Records is hosting random parties and live music events VELVET CURTAINS Alternative drag show, live in Düsseldorf velvetcurtainsshow


WUT The new concert series continues the underground tradition of the punk capital Düsseldorf. Concerts in cooperation with the Kultur­ banausen at Ratinger Hof


DÜSSELDORF FESTIVAL! One of the biggest culture festivals in the area. Concerts, theatre and circus performances await the guests of this event in fall 2023 EHRENHOF OPEN New festival for pop culture on the Ehrenhof grounds next the Hofgarten Summer 2023 GOLDMUCKE Open-air concerts, quiz evenings and day festivals at VierLinden Open-Air in the period from June – August 2023

ACOUSTIC FESTIVAL DÜSSELDORF Acoustic Festival takes place twice a year and celebrates non-electronic music. Instead, you’ll find folk, pop and rock

GOLZHEIM FEST Live music, flea market and good vibes under the bridge: the name says it all. It’s a street party. In Golzheim. And it’s for free!

APPROXIMATION FESTIVAL It’s all about piano music – curated by Düsseldorf-based Oscar nominee Volker Bertelsmann aka Hauschka

JAZZ RALLY More than 25 years already! Jazz musicians and jazz lovers alike make the yearly pil­grimage to Düsseldorf for this institution of a festival Spring 2023

ASPHALT FESTIVAL The eleventh edition of asphalt Festival – summer festival of arts – will take place in July 2023 CHANCE FESTIVAL Festival for Franco-German pop culture, diversity and sustainability! Fall 2023


WE LOVE THE BEAT DJ Charly Murphy spinning old school grooves and beats

LIEBLINGSPLATTE FESTIVAL Annual festival presenting important albums of German pop history live on stage at zakk December 2022

NEW FALL FESTIVAL The annual 5-days festival stands for great artists, special places and extra­ordinary concerts


For the latest dates of the best events and parties in town, visit: tipps-und-termine BRAND NEW EVERY FRIDAY

2 – 6 November 2022

PARKLIFE Enjoy the summer in parks all over town. Sundays in summer 2023 STRANGE MUSIC FESTIVAL Festival for music, art and culture – on the occasion of the International Strange Music Day!




Foto: Sigrid Reinichs

SEASON 2022/23


Home is where your hotel is! Whether it’s an oasis of peace, a nest for a romantic weekend, a base for extended city trips or simply an overnight business stay: our selection of hotels not only has the perfect room for your needs, but also always has a smile ready for you at the reception. No matter how long or short the way to “the Dorf ” is: A short stay at a beautiful hotel is always a good idea. HOTELS

ASHLEYS GARDEN The romantic, family-run boutique hotel owns a beautiful secret garden with a swimming pool. The restaurant serves delicious Wiener Schnitzel and international dishes. Karl-Kleppe-Straße 20 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim BREIDENBACHER HOF For more than 200 years, the Breidenbacher Hof has been the contact point for luxury and hospitality in Düsseldorf. The freshly renovated brasserie The Duchy pampers guests with French cuisine with local influences. Drink some crazy cocktails in the Capella Bar! Königsallee 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


THE FRITZ Dutch design competence: THE FRITZ is a supercool boutique design hotel. The hotel-own restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi combines casual elegance with superior level cuisine. Adersstraße 8 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

HYATT If you want to meet some Hollywood stars or the German national football team, this is the place to be. The 5-star hotel offers a stunning view over the Rhine and Düsseldorf ’s skyline. The really huge and fantastic weekend brunch is not a bargain, but worth every cent! Plus: enjoy a drink at Hyatt’s futuristic Pebbles bar. Speditionstraße 19 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen MAX BROWN MIDTOWN Super cool design interior, record player in each room and a cute little bar. Max Brown Midtown is located in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s Japanese quarter and Düsseldorf ’s shopping streets. Kreuzstraße 19a 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

DÜSSELDORF MITTE BY AMANO GROUP Comfort and design are the focus here: Whether it’s a turquoise elephant walking down the hall, giant peacock feathers on the wall or a koi carp swimming across the ceiling – visitors can discover all of that. No matter if you are here as a tourist or on a business trip. Graf-Adolf-Straße 60 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte duesseldorf-mitte HOTEL KÖ59 The former Intercontinental Hotel is now called Kö59 and inspires not only with comfort and a prime location, but also with the new restaurant of the same name by TV chef Björn Freitag. Königsallee 59 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


25HOURS DÜSSELDORF DAS TOUR The stylish hotel combines French flair and the German art of engineering with a spectacular view over the city. Visit the French rooftop bar and restaurant! Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

HENRI HOTEL The cool boutique hotel houses 79 studios in a 1960s former office building. With the “in-house kitchen” and the cosy lounge, a feel-good atmosphere is created, one that feels like staying at home with a friend. Am Wehrhahn 86 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



ME AND ALL HOTEL Think global, act local: me and all hotel involves local creatives and artists in its concept. That’s why the sky bar located on the 11th floor often offers readings, DJ or live music. The puristic, elegant rooms with a Japanese twist allow a fantastic view over the town and the Immermannstraße. Immermannstraße 23 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hansaallee 1a 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel MOXY DÜSSELDORF CITY The young, fancy concept of Marriott Hotels has also arrived in Düsseldorf and is called Moxy. Enjoy the view from 11 floors right next to the Japanese quarter on Oststraße. Oststraße 86 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MUZE HOTEL The brand-new boutique hotel, located centrally and close to the Hofgarten and Goethe Museum in Pempelfort, banks on a blend of comfort and contemporary art. The interior is inspired by the early 1950s, but at the same time tried to create modern content. For breakfast and a drink until late after midnight, people meet in the Venerie Bar by Square Bar on the ground floor. Prinz-Georg-Straße 126 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort HOTEL NIKKO Fancy joining an authentic Japanese dinner and going for a karaoke session afterwards? Then this is your place. Located in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s Japanese quarter, it’s perfect for discovering the city. Plus: the indoor rooftop spa with swimming pool not only offers you a perfect skyline view, but also deepest relaxation. Immermannstraße 41 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

RUBY COCO HOTEL & BAR Everything is in the name of fashion at Ruby Coco Hotel. The name is inspired by the iconic designer Coco Chanel. Located right next to the Königsallee, it’s perfect for a shopping trip. The interior of the hotel’s public areas is “Parisian chic” with elements of the 1920s and 1930s. Steinstraße 13 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte RUBY LENI HOTEL & BAR Welcome on stage: The second Ruby Design Hotel in Düsseldorf is located in a former operetta house. Upon entering, you will immediately feel transported to the theatrical world of the 1950s, thanks to the multifaceted decor with period-original antiquities. The most famous piece on this former stage was the Faust production under theater director Gustaf Gründgens in the role of Mephisto. Therefore, Faust’s Helena gave her name to the hotel. Plus: a cool bar, a cosy cafe and a nice outdoor terrace. Jahnstraße 3 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

RUBY LUNA HOTEL & BAR In spring 2021, the new Ruby Luna Hotel & Bar opened just a stone’s throw away from Düsseldorf ’s old town and Carlsplatz — the motto is: Space Age. The bar shows a mixture of starburst and sleek lines combined with colours and chrome accents. The menu includes a healthy breakfast selection, barista coffee, cocktails and delicious snacks for the evening. When it gets dark, you shouldn’t miss the view from the observatory on the roof of the building. Kasernenstraße 39 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt STAGE 47 HOTEL The hotel is located right next door to the Savoy theatre — maybe that’s why the 27 luxury suites and spacious rooms are named after famous artists. Graf-Adolf-Straße 47 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte STEIGENBERGER PARKHOTEL If you stroll through the beautiful Hofgarten, you will quickly find yourself on the famous Königs­ allee. The panorama unfolds its full effect when looking at the 5-star Steigenberger Parkhotel. The luxury hotel with 130 rooms and suites is known for its stylish ambience and first-class service. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at the brand-new gourmet restaurant Pink Pepper. Königsallee 1a 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte





Event Highlights 2022 – 2023 CREATIVE EVENT CREATIVEMORNINGSDUS Monthly talks for the creative community, covering a wide range of topics CREATIVE EVENT BEYOND TELLERRAND beyond tellerrand is the affordable single-track event where creativity and technology meet. Taking place in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich with 500+ attendees each in a renowned, familiar and friendly atmosphere. 17 & 18 April 2023 CREATIVE EVENT THE CULTURE BASEMENT culture basement would like to give artists of all kinds the opportunity to show their art and thoughts to others – from photos, dance, to poetry slams or music. MUSIC MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS The city is upside down: The 25th MTV Europe Music Awards will take place in Düsseldorf ! On 13 November, the top acts of the music scene will be honoured in the PSD Bank Dome. 13 November 2022 MUSIC MTV MUSIC WEEK More than just a warm-up for the MTV EMAs: MTV Music Week, from 4 to 12 November 2022,


brings a week full of music to Düsseldorf! Whether you prefer big or small venues, DJ acts or live performances – you’ll always find the perfect party during Music Week. 4 – 12 November 2022

MUSIC DAVID HASSELHOFF Don’t dizzl the Dorf – don’t hassel the Hoff! The one and only David Hasselhoff will perform live at Mitsubishi Electric Hall in March 2023 19 March 2023 MUSIC HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERT Every year, Adam Fischer, principal conductor of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, awards the Tonhalle’s Human Rights Prize to a person or organisation that has made a special contribution to human rights. The award ceremony takes place during a festive concert, this time featuring Mozart’s Requiem. 7 May 2023 DANCE DANCE & TECHNO In February, the tanzhaus nrw invites you to an exploration of the techno movement from a choreographic perspective. The focus is on a series of choreographers whose artistic practice deals with queer rave culture, the history of techno and its

subgenres as well as phenomena of ecstatic communality, disruption and dystopia. February 2023

vincingly realistic paparazzi or documentary shots of famous public figures. 3 March – 21 May 2023

OPERA DIE TOTE STADT Director Daniel Kramer has made an international name for himself with his atmospherically productions. With “Die tote Stadt” he makes his debut at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. The premiere will be accom­panied by an augmented reality project. April 2023

ART AR BIENNALE The second edition of the AR Biennale focuses on the fusion of nature, people and technol­ ogy. The digital sculpture park in the Hofgarten deals with experiences of nature and space that do not yet exist and with visions of a sustainable future. From May 2023

POETRY U20 POETRY SLAM NRW CHAMPIONSHIPS The U20 Poetry Slam NRW Championships will take place at the zakk on the last weekend of May 2023. Will the stars prove themselves or will newcomers turn everything around? We are curious! Last weekend of May 2023

ART JENNY HOLZER From 11 March 2023, the Kunst­ sammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen will present a comprehensive survey show of the internationally important US artist Jenny Holzer (*1950). Holzer’s large-scale solo exhibition will be on view at the K21 as well as at selected locations in Düsseldorf ’s urban space. From 11 March 2023

THEATRE CABARET The world-famous musical from 1966 restaged by director and actor André Kaczmarczyk. Premiere on 5 November 2022, Großes Haus, Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus ART 110TH ANNIVERSARY BEHRENS BAU From spring 2023, the Haus der Geschichte Nordrhein-Westfalen will be hosting an exhibition to mark the 110th anniversary of the Behrens Building. Opening Spring 2023

ART ETEL ADNAN The first comprehensive monographic exhibition on the work of Etel Adnan in Germany. Born in Beirut, Etel Adnan (1925-2021) is an important representative of modernism. 1 April – 16 July 2023

ART ALISON JACKSON The exhibition at NRW-Forum presents around 80 photographs and videos from Alison Jackson’s most important series of works. The British photographer uses actors or lookalikes to create con-




ART WONDERWALLS. ART & TOYS Pop meets Street Art: staged spectacularly, more than 2,000 works of photography, graphic design, as well as graffiti, sculptures and designer toys merge into a colourful work of art of pop culture. 30 September 2022 – 5 February 2023

ART NACHT DER MUSEEN The long night of museums in exhibition houses and galleries all over the city April 2023

ART CHRISTO & JEANNE CLAUDE. PARIS. NEW YORK. GRENZEN­LOS The exhibition at the Kunst­ palast traces the art-historical development of Christo and Jeanne-Claude from the mid1950s to the present day and presents their early artistic work in France in the context of works by companions. 7 September 2022 – 22 January 2023

ART DCOPEN Düsseldorf/Cologne open galleries weekend September 2023

ART DIE GROSSE Annual art exhibition at Kunstpalast ART AKADEMIERUNDGANG Graduate show at Kunst­ akademie/Art Academy February 2023


ART ART DÜSSELDORF Contemporary Art Fair 31 March – 2 April 2023

PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO POPUP FAIR Contemporary photography exhibition, presenting work by national and international artists URBAN ART 40° URBAN ART FESTIVAL Annual festival celebrating urban and street art in Düsseldorf FASHION & ART STRIKE A POSE FESTIVAL Festival at the intersection of fashion and art in museums and galleries across the city Summer 2023

DESIGN & ART KUNSTPUNKTE Artists and designers open their studios to the public September 2023

PUBLIC EVENT WEIHNACHTSMARKT Traditional annual Christmas market all over the city 17 November – 30 December 2022

FOOD FRANKREICHFEST French flavours and “savoir vivre” on the Rhine July 2023

BUSINESS STARTUP WEEK DÜSSELDORF Meet the most interesting start-up companies in town during more than 100 events. Network, baby! Summer 2023

FOOD GOURMET FESTIVAL For three days the famous Königsallee turns into a huge foodie’s paradise. 25 – 27 August 2023 PUBLIC EVENT DÜSSELDORFER BÜDCHENTAG Kiosk, Büdchen, Trinkhalle, whatever you want to call it, they are absolute cult. Let’s celebrate Büdchen culture! Summer 2023 PUBLIC EVENT JAPAN TAG A celebration of Japanese culture with magnificent fireworks over the Rhine as the grand finale. May 2023 PUBLIC EVENT DÜSSELDORFER RHEINKIRMES The biggest funfair on the Rhine is back! See you at the Wilde Maus and Schwarzwaldchristel. July 2023 PUBLIC EVENT MALKASTENFEST Take a walk in the beautiful park: annual summer party of the artist association “Künstlerverein Malkasten”. Summer 2023

FILM FLINGERN LICHTSPIELE The “Flingern Lichtspiele” is a small and but charming openair cinema festival. Summer 2023 SPORT INVICTUS GAMES Through the power of sport, the Invictus Games support the recovery and rehabilitation of participating servicemen and women. 9 – 16 September 2023 SPORT FORTUNA DÜSSELDORF Traditional football club since 1895 playing in the the second division. Two-time cup winner and German Champion 1933! SPORT DEG Traditional ice hockey club from Düsseldorf playing in the German Ice Hockey League – eight-time German champion!



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