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We look at the year with a bit of incredulity, but yes, it’s true: THE DORF will be 10 years old in 2024. Launched in 2014 as an online magazine, the seventh print edition you’re holding in your hands right now is also our anniversary issue to mark this special milestone. It’s hard to believe how many exciting people we’ve met and profiled in that time, and how many talented people we’ve had the privilege of working with. We are often asked: what happens when you run out of topics and have portrayed all the faces of the city? We can assure you this will never happen. There are so many exciting persona­lities, creative people who inspire us with their work or (still) operate in silence – and new ones are constantly being welcomed. For various reasons, some stories take ten years to be picked up. It’s always worth taking a close look, listening and staying curious. At this point, we would like to say a big and special thank you to our terrific team of writers, designers, photographers and helpers. Some of them have been with us since the beginning – and make up a big part of THE DORF. We love you. A big thank you goes to all our supporters and advertising partners, who make this independent publication possible in times of inflation and the like. But this issue is not meant to be a retrospective of the past decade – rather, we are looking ahead and once again turning our attention to Düsseldorf’s creative scene, highlighting the city’s spots, faces and contemporary culture. A city that is constantly changing. This year, we have felt this permanent change particularly in the compilation of our address guide: right up to the last printing deadline, changes were still being made. New exciting concepts springing up and closures of (sadly also traditional) stores or restaurants. As in previous years, our guide does not claim to be complete. We only mention what we like and can recommend to you, or new openings that are worth a second look. New additions to the magazine are marked with a star. This special edition should be a little festive: we’re especially happy about our anniversary showcase, for which we asked ten fellow Düsseldorf designers, artists and illustrators to freely realise their creative interpretation of “10 years of THE DORF”. We are very pleased with the result, which is at least as colourful as our city. Be prepared: more 10-year-celebrations and surprises are to come for 2024. Keep an eye out for more at and on social media. We hope you enjoy reading our anniversary issue! See you in THE DORF. Tina Husemann & David Holtkamp (Founders and editors-in-chief of THE DORF)






Aurel Dahlgrün — Entering Another World




Dorf Dogs

Meet Düsseldorf’s dog people and their furry friends









Amore per Gusto


Stefania Lettini

Gregor Guski










Jeehye Song About Adilettes & Hidden Messages


Moritz Klaus A day with the upand-coming actor at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus




Bilker Straße

Of Oysters, Poems and Power Moves



AHA Samuel Fosso, Le Chef (qui a vendu l‘Afrique aux colons), Cibachrome, 1997 (Abzug 2003), © Samuel Fosso, Courtesy JM Patras, Paris



















We asked ten designer, artist and illustrator friends from Düsseldorf to freely realise their creative interpretation of “10 years of THE DORF”



10 Years of THE DORF

SHOP 124














Monolar Jasmin Schmitz and Max Boss have created a space for elaborate manu­facturing, meditation and yoga classes






50 Years of Hip Hop A look at the local Hip Hop scene and history WHERE TO ...














Charly. Karl-Heinz Rummeny 1956–2022: Leben, Arbeit, Sammlung, Werk 30.09. – 05.11.2023 Between Books Kunsthalle Art Book Fair 09.11. – 12.11.2023 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship 02.12.2023 – 25.02.2024 Margarete Jakschik & Friedrich Kunath You Told That Joke Twice 16.03. – 09.06.2024

Die Heilung der Erde An exhibition celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Germany at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and at the Chinggis Khaan National Museum, Ulan-Bator

28.06. – 22.09.2024

Sheila Hicks In Cooperation with the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop 11.10.2024 – 12.01.2025

Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf Tue–Sun 11 am–6 pm Holidays 11 am–6 pm

Programme 2023/2024 The Kunsthalle Düsseldorf is supported by

Permanent Partner Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

E N T E R I N G A N O T H E R W O R L D 6


Aurel Dahlgrün dives in the Kaiserteich in front of the K21 museum and in Greenland ice. The conceptual artist explores water in all its states and lets us rediscover the world through his eyes. We visited him in his studio, where he prints helio‑ gravures and plans expeditions. TEXT LAURA DRESCH   EXPEDITION PHOTOGRAPHY AUREL DAHLGRÜN   PHOTOGRAPHY SABRINA WENIGER


t’s cold in the Düsseldorf winter of 2019, so cold that the Kaiserteich in front of the K21 museum is frozen over. Aurel Dahlgrün has been planning to dive here for weeks with his artist friend Tomas Kleiner, has spoken to the environmental agency and water authority and obtained permits. Photos and videos are to be made for an exhibition in the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen. The two want to look at the fauna, fly over the pond with a drone like birds and explore the world below the water’s surface from a fish’s perspective. Once all the permits have been obtained, they begin their explorations and go diving several times in the middle of Düsseldorf ’s city centre. Then in January it is so cold that the pond freezes over for a few days. What luck because that really rarely happens here. They get their diving equipment, drive to the Kaiserteich and dive under the ice surface. Everything suddenly seems very different. When they exhale through their regulators and the bubbling air currents rise, they cannot escape. They remain trapped under the ice sheet and form abstract patterns. What happens under water cannot penetrate to


the outside. This complete isolation, motionlessness and muted silence fascinate Dahlgrün so much that he decides to dive in larger waters and deep under thick layers of ice.


He trained as an ice diver in the coming months in Lake Weißensee in Austria and started an expedition to Greenland in 2022. He had to prepare for this extreme journey for several years. Before diving under Arctic ice, countless diving hours must be completed and special cold-water equipment has to be acquired: a dry suit with underwear, heated gloves and a particularly powerful torch, because this is the only way to illuminate the deep blackness of the ocean for a few metres, especially under metre-thick ice. Diving in icy cold water also requires a lot of physical training. Aurel Dahlgrün’s art is closely connected to the liquid element. He grew up in Sweden, a country rich in lakes, where he spent his childhood by the water and fishing, and as a teenager he bred discus fish in aquariums he built himself. He was so fascinated by these fish that he later went in search of them in the wild in the Amazon. At the age of fourteen, he wanted to learn scuba diving and obtained his first diving licence. At that time, he emigrated with his family from Sweden to Germany and remained true to his great passion in Berlin. Ten years ago, he moved to Düsseldorf to study at the art academy and began studying underwater theory as well. He read books by the naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, who popularised aquatics in the mid-19th century. At this time, the possibilities of photography were greatly developed and suddenly people could see images of places they would never travel to.

The longing for this was also reflected in the hype about aquariums, which allow people to bring a small wild world into their living rooms and observe it. In the 20th century, marine explorers like Jacques Cousteau travelled the oceans and documented the underwater world for a wide audience in their films. Dahlgrün is intensively involved with the works of these explorers and collects their old books. Henri Bergson’s theories about time and duration awakened in him the desire to investigate the aspect of time in diving as well. Without any technical aids, he began apnoea diving and glides through pools, lakes, and seas for minutes without taking a breath. In a lake on the outskirts of Düsseldorf, he regularly goes diving with or without a tank and likes to spend his Sundays underwater.

“I’m interested in everything that floats, flows and flies.” Water is also the dominant theme in the conceptual artist’s work. His first major expedition took him to









and a small team spent weeks diving in East Greenland. In the Greenland ice, strong winds shift large floes and even gigantic icebergs can drift. The landscape is constantly changing and although everything seems massive and infinite, this world is very fragile. As far as the eye can see, there are neither animals nor people. Dahlgrün and the team moved around on foot, with husky sleds or a small boat, always looking for suitable entry points.

the South Pacific, where he spent several weeks apnoea diving in the open sea with humpback whales and sharks, photographing them from the air and underwater. The result was a book in which both perspectives are juxtaposed. He was preoccupied with the question of how we perceive different phenomena and wild animals when we look at them from a distance and how our perception changes when we encounter them directly. During his studies, Dahlgrün also dealt intensively with the history of photography and came across the technique of heliogravure. In this intaglio printing process, the photo motif is exposed onto a specially coated metal plate. On the plate there is then a positive of the motif that can be printed with. With circular movements, Dahlgrün wipes the selfmixed blue ink onto the metal plates and embosses the motif into the paper with his printing press. Each print he makes is unique, has different colour depths and appears very painterly. It is this technique that has become his trademark. The works are created in his studio at the Ando Futures Studios in the north of Düsseldorf, where he also has a printing press. His motifs are al­ways created in or near water: bubbling boiling water in a kettle, the rising blow of a humpback whale or a coastal stretch of the North Sea. The latest series of works shows motifs from his Greenland expedition. In 2022, he


“I have never felt as much as an astronaut as I did under the Greenland ice.” Once one was found, they stopped and opened the ice sheet with a pickaxe, as the artist tells us. If the ice was thicker, they sawed a triangle with a hand saw for the entrance. Dahlgrün climbed into the small holes, slowly let the air out of the diving jacket and slid down: “The ice was so thick that it took me a while to get to the bottom edge. My eyes had to get used to the darkness and only gradually did fine silhouettes become visible, formed into whole ice landscapes, floating below the ice sheet.”

As in the Kaiserteich, he discovers a completely new world here, which he examines and documents from different perspectives. Inside and outside, above and below, vertical and horizontal – the juxtaposition of opposites is a focal point in his work. At exhibitions, he shows these views side by side. For example, on the left massive ice floes from a bird’s eye view and on the right a photo taken while diving under the ice showing the floes from below. This creates diptychs photographed at the same coordinates, underwater and from the air.

He uses the concept of the water basin as a mirror image again and again in different contexts. In the Christuskirche in Cologne, in the World Sculpture Museum in the Chinese metropolis Changchun or in the Kunst­ halle Bremerhaven, which he flooded with sea water. With the help of the fire brigade, 4,800 litres of water were pumped into a huge basin, which slowly evaporated during the exhibition. What remained was a crusty salt surface, somewhat reminiscent of Greenland’s ice structures.

Again and again, he integrates technical aids into his installations, such as the silver scuba tanks that provide him with breathable air, and he builds apparatuses that make water a theme. This was also the case in a solo exhibition at the Kunstpalast, where he placed water wheels in water basins. The wheels were connected by ropes to huge mirror surfaces and constantly pulled them back and forth. Everything was in motion and whoever stood between the wall-to-wall mirrors as if they were on a ship. Forever, the audience at his exhibitions stands completely spellbound in front of his moving installations, videos and heliogravures. Aurel Dahlgrün manages to break our visual habits and shows us completely new perspectives on nature. Next up is a major project, again with his artist friend Tomas Kleiner. In the coming months, they will realise a multimedia artwork in public space at the interface of art and science and – of course – water will be the focus here as well.


In his exhibitions, he also plays with the whole room and develops complex installations with water. His graduation exhibition at the art academy already caused a sensation: in the middle of the room was a rectangular shallow black water basin that reflected the room and everyone who entered it. He collected the water for weeks beforehand with dehumidifiers and put it into the basin for the exhibition. The reflection made the basin look like a photograph. In this way, he managed to create an image carrier out of the humidity in the air.





18 Aug 23—21 Jan 24 GRIMES BRYAN ADAMS Meret Becker peter doherty HARALD GLÖÖCKLER lea draeger ANTON HOFREITER uvm GEFÖRDERT VON



Jan van de Weyer

Not far from the classic Düsseldorf spot Bar Olio, tucked away behind the café and restaurant Zimmer No. 1, you’ll find a big bright gallery space led by Jan van de Weyer. Founded in 2021, JVDW gallery is a young and exciting place, where people are invited to learn and develop relationships with art in a way that is warm and unpretentious. Before JVDW gallery officially opened to the public, Jan van de Weyer gained years of experience exhibiting various artists in his apartment. A family–like atmosphere with flat hierarchies characterises Jan van de Weyer’s passion project, both then and now. Whether you are looking for stimulating artistic perspectives or a nice conversation with delicious homemade coffee on a comfy dark blue corduroy couch — JVDW gallery has it all.

Like many people in the art world, you are a multihyphenate: A manual therapist-turned-artist-gallerist. How do these professions influence each other in your daily work? I think people are generally multifaceted. How exactly one facet influences the other is hard to say because many things happen subconsciously. Everything influences everything. Parts of my biography are dialectically linked and are mutually productive. How would you describe your gallery program? This is a young gallery with exciting and varied positions. I do not shy away from tension and divergence. The mix between young emerging artists like Luca Calaras and more established artists like Matthias Dornfeld or Oliver Osborne makes for a dynamic and evolving program that benefits both groups, as well as the art world as a whole. What kind of art are you making these days? I used to make sculptures but now I work with other mediums like video. Most of the time I sketch and write. Call it scribbling or journaling if you like. In a way, words and drawings are sculptural objects. Take concrete poetry as an example: Here the meaning of words is found through physical structure, not mental acts. Do you keep an eye on the gender ratio among artists in your gallery roster? Of course, we advocate for gender equality in the gallery business and reflect on art in relation to gender. But there are times when I am not so interested in whether an artwork is made by a man, woman, or non-binary person. In such situations, what engages me is the resonance between both the artwork and the viewer


and the artworks themselves. I like art that is somewhat challenging, confronting, and disrupting. Regardless of gender, sometimes art can represent a female energy and other times there is more of a lingering male energy. That seeming contradiction is interesting to me. From your experience, do artists like talking about their work? That’s a great question. Some are open and enjoy explaining their working process. That can evoke emotional resonances in viewers. But from my experience, most artists, including me, want people to “just” look. Somehow everything is said and you just need to find words and make up your own mind. Then again, some people are quite intellectual or too cerebral and need that extra push. You studied art history and philosophy, a potent combination. What philosophical insights into the nature of art you would like to share with us? Answering this question takes some serious brain juice. Let’s just say that I find inspiration in the work of many philosophers and schools of thought. For example, situationism. In the art context, the Situationists International around the French philosopher Guy Debord are well known. Without going into too much detail, I like the approach of this group and think the notion of flânerie can be helpful in enganging with art. What places in Düsseldorf give you a burst of inspiration? Everywhere, to be honest. Right here on my corduroy couch, for example. Everybody loves this couch. I always nap here. READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE














URBAN ART GALLERY GALERIE 1900 Ellerstraße 155 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

GALLERY ART EDITION-FILS Stilwerk, Grünstraße 15 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

GALLERY GALERIE 3AP Fürstenwall 74 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

GALLERY BECK & EGGELING Bilker Straße 5 & 4 – 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

COLLECTION AKADEMIE-GALERIE – DIE NEUE SAMMLUNG Burgplatz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt galerie PROJECT SPACE ANDO FUTURE STUDIOS Mercedesstraße 11 40470 Düsseldorf ∙ Mörsenbroich GALLERY ANNA LAUDEL Mühlenstraße 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


GALLERY BLOOM Birkenstraße 56 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY BOA BASEDONART GALLERY Birkenstraße 112 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY GALERIE CONRADS Kirchfeldstraße 2 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

GALLERY CLARA MARIA SELS Poststraße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt GALLERY COSAR HMT Birkenstraße 39 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY DAVID BEHNING CONTEMPORARY ART Lindenstraße 167 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingen GALLERY GALERIE DROSTE Birkenstraße 104 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MEMORIAL ERINNERUNGSORT ALTER SCHLACHTHOF Münsterstraße 156 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf OFF-SPACE ES365 Erkrather Straße 365 40231 Düsseldorf ∙ Lierenfeld

MUSEUM FILMMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Schulstraße 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt FORUM FOR FILM AND MEDIA ART FILMWERKSTATT Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY GALERIE KELLERMANN Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Cheruskerstraße 105 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel GALLERY HANS MAYER Schmela-Haus, Mutter-Ey-Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt MUSEUM HAUS DER GESCHICHTE NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN Behrensbau, Mannesmannufer 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


Large museums, small galleries, independent art spaces or private collections: Düsseldorf has it all! The art scene is as diverse as ever, inviting you to get lost in it. Whether strolling through galleries during the DC Open gallery weekend, at the annual graduate show of the Kunstakademie or at the exhibitions of great masters in the museums: let yourself be inspired — it’s totally worth it.

PROJECT SPACE ETTA Bastionstraße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt



MUSEUM KUNSTPALAST Ehrenhof 4–5 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ART ASSOCIATION KUNST UND HALTUNG Hansaallee 159 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt

URBAN ART GALLERY HOOD PROJECTS Hüttenstraße 150 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

ART ASSOCIATION KUNSTVEREIN WP8 Kölner Straße 73 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

PRIVATE COLLECTION JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Schanzenstraße 54 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

ART ASSOCIATION KÜNSTLERVEREIN MALKASTEN Jacobistraße 6a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

GALLERY JVDW GALLERY Schirmerstraße 61 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

MUSEUM K20 | KUNSTSAMMLUNG NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN Grabbeplatz 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

ART FOUNDATION KAI 10 ∙ ARTHENA FOUNDATION Kaistraße 10 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen GALLERY KONRAD FISCHER Platanenstraße 7 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY KUNST & DENKER CONTEMPORARY Florastraße 75 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


ART FOUNDATION LANGEN FOUNDATION Raketenstation Hombroich 1 41472 Neuss ∙ Holzheim

GALLERY LEICA GALERIE DÜSSELDORF Kö Galerie / Königsallee 60 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte leicastore.duesseldorf PROJECT SPACE LRRH_AERIAL Kapuzinergasse 24 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

MUSEUM K21 | KUNSTSAMMLUNG NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN Ständehausstraße 1 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk MUSEUM KIT – KUNST IM TUNNEL Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt MUSEUM KUNSTHALLE DÜSSELDORF Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt kunsthalle-dü


GALLERY KADEL WILLBORN Birkenstraße 3 & 20 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern




GALLERY LINN LÜHN X GUSCH Birkenstraße 45 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY LUCAS HIRSCH Birkenstraße 92 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern GALLERY LUDORFF Königsallee 22 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte MUSEUM MAHN- UND GEDENKSTÄTTE DÜSSELDORF Mühlenstraße 29 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY MAX MAYER Schmela-Haus, Mutter-Ey-Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt GALLERY MEET PABLO (Stilwerk Düsseldorf | 2nd floor) Grünstraße 15 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GALLERY MEIERBACH Kennedydamm 1 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim

MUSEUM NRW-FORUM Ehrenhof 2 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GALLERY RUPERT PFAB Ackerstraße 71 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ART ASSOCIATION ONOMATO Birkenstraße 97 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY RUTTKOWSKI;68 Grabbeplatz 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY PETRA RINCK Birkenstraße 45 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

PRIVATE COLLECTION SAMMLUNG PHILARA Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

URBAN ART GALLERY PRETTY PORTAL Brunnenstraße 12 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

GALLERY SCHÖNEWALD Lindenstraße 182 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY MOOK GALLERY Mannesmannufer 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt GALLERY NEBN.GALLERY Eisenstraße 91 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk GALLERY NEONREAL Burgplatz 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt GALLERY NIDUS KOSMOS Hohe Straße 45 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


GALLERY PRODUZENTENGALERIE PLAN D Dorotheenstraße 59 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


GALLERY LINN LÜHN Birkenstraße 43 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY NOIR BLANCHE Hermannstraße 31 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


INTER MEDIA ART INSTITUTE | FOUNDATION STIFTUNG IMAI Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

EXHIBITION HALL SKULPTURENHALLE / THOMAS SCHÜTTE STIFTUNG Lindenweg, corner of Berger Weg ∙ 41472 Neuss MUSEUM STADTMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Berger Allee 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt MUSEUM | ART FOUNDATION STIFTUNG INSEL HOMBROICH Minkel 2 41472 Neuss MUSEUM STIFTUNG SCHLOSS UND PARK BENRATH Benrather Schloßallee 100 – 106 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath


MUSEUM THEATERMUSEUM DÜSSELDORF Jägerhofstraße 1 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ART SPACE THE POOL Tersteegenstraße 63 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim GALLERY TÖCHTER & SÖHNE Reisholzer Werftstraße 73 40589 Düsseldorf ∙ Holthausen GALLERY UTE PARDUHN Kaiserswerther Markt 6a 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth

GALLERY VAN HORN Ackerstraße 99 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

GALLERY WILDPALMS Gerresheimer Straße 33 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

GALLERY GALERIE VOSS Mühlengasse 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

GALLERY GALERIE WUNDERSEE Fürstenwall 124 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

GALLERY WEIDEN SPACE Ackerstraße 34 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ART FOUNDATION ZERO FOUNDATION Hüttenstraße 104 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt


GALLERY SIES + HÖKE Poststraße 2 + 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


GALLERY SETAREH Königsallee 27 – 31 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hohe Straße 53 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt



CULTURAL SPACES ART & MUSIC BILKER BUNKER Aachener Straße 39 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk JUNGES SCHAUSPIELHAUS Münsterstraße 446 40470 Düsseldorf ∙ Mörsenbroich

DANCE TANZHAUS NRW Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

KO(M)MÖDCHEN Kay-und-Lore-Lorentz-Platz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

MUSIC MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HALL Siegburger Straße 15 40591 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk TONHALLE Ehrenhof 1 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


WELTKUNSTZIMMER Ronsdorfer Straße 77a 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

KOMÖDIE Ibachsaal des Stadtmuseums, Berger Allee 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

OPERA & BALLET DEUTSCHE OPER AM RHEIN Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16a 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MUSIC, LECTURES, CULTURAL EVENTS, PARTIES ZAKK Fichtenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

THEATRE APOLLO THEATER Apollo-Platz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

MUSIC & SPORTS PSD BANK DOME DEG-Platz 1 Theodorstraße 281 40472 Düsseldorf ∙ Rath

CENTRAL Worringer Straße 140 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


DÜSSELDORFER SCHAUSPIELHAUS Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


FFT – FORUM FREIES THEATER Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 (KAP1) 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

THEATER AN DER KÖ Schadow-Arkaden Schadowstraße 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte THEATER AN DER LUEGALLEE Luegallee 4, corner of Burg­grafenstraße 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel THEATERFABRIK DÜSSELDORF Luisenstraße 120 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt THEATERKANTINE Ronsdorfer Straße 74 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern



Preview 2023/2024

28 October 2023 to 4 February 2024

I’ve Got You Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski, Antonia Rodrian 24 February to 26 May 2024

Das Echo einer Sammlung (The Echo of a Collection) A collaboration between imai and KIT with Simnikiwe Buhlungu 8 June to 15 September 2024

Follow the Thread Viki Berg, Hyun-Jin Kim, Sofia Magdits, Erik Mikaia

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel Tue–Su 11–18 Uhr

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel is funded by

Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf

Permanent Partner




Between lightness and melancholy, Jeehye Song humorously paints situations from everyday life. We visited the painter in her charming backyard studio on Ackerstraße in Düsseldorf-Flingern. TEXT LAURA DRESCH · PHOTOGRAPHY NATASHA AUF'M KAMP

Adilettes. The first thing you notice in Jeehye Song’s charming studio are the iconic blue slides with the white stripes. Song has a soft spot for the rubber shoes and owns several pairs, which she keeps in a box. She wears them when working and has them appear again and again in her works. Large and small canvases are spread close together on the walls and on easels. Some are finished, on others she is still working. If you want to, you can discern interwoven stories between the individual paintings. Adilettes appear time and again. In one small picture, somewhat hidden behind an easel, there is nothing more than such a shoe with a bare foot in it. A few pictures next to it are two feet in the bathing slippers. They are on a tiny green area. The lawn looks like a planted traffic island, which somehow brings a bit of green into the city but has nothing at all to do with nature.

“The motifs of my paintings are from my everyday life.” The shoes are far too big for the small feet and the right shoe melts backwards as if it had become too warm in the sun. The shoes are in different settings, sometimes as the only content of the picture, then again together with people. But even though Song’s work often depicts intertwined people, we never find out who exactly is depicted, for there are hardly any faces. Does the artist paint herself? Does she portray


friends? It doesn’t matter, she says, because she paints emotional states that everyone knows, but which nevertheless cannot be immediately assigned. When she stands at the canvas and paints, it is always in very thin strokes. So thin, she says with a laugh, that the brush scratches across the canvas and it sounds as


“really went for it”. That was in 2021, when the whole world was shut down. “Since Covid, more people understand what I want to say,” Song notes, recounting difficult phases in her life. She always thought that in Germany people talked openly about illnesses. But depression, she quickly realises, has long been a big taboo subject. During the pandemic and the collective experience of the isolation, a lot changed, and a broad social understanding of mental illness emerged. The pictures from that time show depressed characters. A person is sitting on the floor in front of an uncomfortable bed with a dark steel frame. As if in the greatest despair, she buries her head between her hands while her face disappears behind long brown hair. A man sits huddled in a completely bare room. Like all the other figures in Song’s paintings, he too has no normal face. Instead, a crocodile’s head sits on his neck. And then there is a picture that is probably a kind of self-portrait. A studio can be seen and a huge canvas. A fallen Adilette lies in front of the frame, one foot is just disappearing into the picture. A hand that is painting peeps out of the top, but the rest of the body is submerged in the picture. We don’t find out whether she is submerged in painting or drowning, because Jeehye Song wants to keep the viewers of her art in the dark, she tells us, and begins to brew a cold coffee in the middle of the studio, between tubes of paint and brushes.

if she is working with a grinder. Perhaps a reminiscence of her first training in arts and crafts? Before she came to the art academy, she studied metal art design and worked as a jewellery designer in Seoul. She quickly realised that she didn’t like creative work with a constant market orientation at all. She wanted to create art without worrying about how it could be sold. She hears from a friend about the art academy in Düsseldorf thousands of kilometres away. The friend is studying there and is quite happy. Without further ado, Song decides to apply, is accepted, and moves to Düsseldorf. During her studies, she paints alternately with acrylics and oils, experiments, and develops installations: “Shortly before graduation, I found my style and realised that I had to paint, that I really needed to,” Song states and tells how she painted a picture every day during this phase and


“With my works I try to create a sense of indeterminacy and restlessness in the viewer’s mind.” We take a sip and I am quite amazed. What looks like a normal brown coffee tastes like a flower meadow. She has very special beans, she explains calmly, while an explosion of taste spreads through my mouth. This coffee is like an analogy to her art, for it too is not what it pretends to be at first glance: thick clouds of smoke come out of a pair of eyes. Large white teeth flash behind a circular mouth with plump lips. Like a sex doll ready to bite.




“For a long time, I had to fight against my negative feelings, especially loneliness and isolation. Over time, I have accepted these negative feelings as part of myself and no longer fight against them.” The works speak to their viewers very directly, also because of the objects depicted: Adilette, traffic island, houseplant – even if we do not immediately decipher the content, we know that the scenes are set in our present and can relate. At first glance, her oeuvre seems very humorous, which she uses quite deliberately as a stylistic device. In this way, she wants to break down the distance between the work of art and the viewer. But a closer look reveals darker sides. Her paintings are deliberately multi-layered and oscillate between loud wit and sudden melancholy, an approach with which she refers to Charlie Chaplin: “I want to show myself in my painting and hide behind it at the same time.”


She finds the motifs in everyday life, which she sees as a diary for her art, in which she experiences and collects situations between lightness and tristesse. The titles of the works also function as pointed jokes, so that the initial laughter gets stuck in the throat when you realise the meaning. They are called “Bye”, “How should I go home?” or “Too cool for you”. A hand with a golden ring can be seen. But the fingers are blue, and the title does not suggest a happy ending. In the works, lightness merges with melancholy and we are always prompted to look for the story behind the obvious. Jeehye Song weaves experiences and feelings into a very personal body of work that catches us with humour, but always retains small secrets in its complexity.



»Richard III.« by William Shakespeare starring André Kaczmarczyk. Photo: Thomas Rabsch

Ge ticke t your ts no www w! .dha u

Pina Bendfeld

Art takes many forms that excite Pina Bendfeld. With her series “The Houses Of The Serpent Bearer,” she curates exhibitions and other formats to stimulate the senses on several levels — also affected by her synaesthesia. But even more important is the encounter of artists from different disciplines, which unveils the unnoticed and the unexpected. These aspects of dialogue, experiment and experience influence various aspects of Pina’s life. As editor-in-chief of the art magazine PASSE-AVANT, she creates a network that focuses on constructive exchange and mutual support in the arts. Reflecting her multidisciplinary approach, she has explored various artistic study programmes in Europe, like performance or scenography. She is currently studying with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and John Morgan at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Curatorial Studies at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. You are the editor-in-chief of the art magazine PASSEAVANT. How did the magazine come about and what is your agenda? The magazine was founded in 2016 by Carina Bukuts and Sonia Knop in Frankfurt. When Carina became curator of Portikus in Frankfurt, I took over as editor-in-chief with Ben Livne Weitzman. PASSE-AVANT is providing a platform for young artists, writers, and curators. We encourage individual voices and writing styles. That’s why I sometimes struggle with academic writing. The work claims to be objective when it can’t be. How then should articles that review something subjectively be? I find it much more exciting to feel and hear the person behind it. How would you describe your artistic style? I cannot and don’t want to define that. My professor Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster rejects repetition, things are always in motion. It’s similar for me, but there are interconnections between the different projects. Sometimes the form can be an exhibition series, an installation, a text, a sound piece, or a scent. I do what feels right at that moment. If you want to position yourself as a brand on the art market, it is plausible to define the style precisely, but I have no interest in that. I prefer to be constantly surprised by myself. Which places or people in Düsseldorf inspire you? My hairdresser Yoda is one of the most inspiring people I know. It’s a bit cliché to sit at the hairdresser’s and share stories, but he is a truly interesting person with such a vast knowledge. Also, Yoda is very supportive without ever expecting to get anything in return. And so sensitive! When he saw my work for the first time, he said: I always wanted to know what’s on your mind – and


I feel I’ve come closer to it now. He sincerely engaged with the piece and analysed it beautifully. Also, he works as a designer and with music. I highly identify with this multidisciplinary aspect. In addition to your work on PASSE-AVANT and your studies, you curate series “The Houses of The Serpent Bearer.” What is behind that? Will the concept continue? “The Houses Of The Serpent Bearer” is a non-linear, nomadic exhibition series following the logics of the astrological cycle. Conceptually, the series refers to the myth of the 13th sign of the zodiac; the Serpent Bearer. It acts as a symbolic guide and stands for that which we do not (want to) see – but which nevertheless influences us. The formats change and adapt depending on who I’m working with and what it’s about. So far, two exhibitions and a deep listening session have taken place at Lucas Hirsch gallery. Above all, it is about bringing together artists whose works show astonishing ana-​ logies – both formally and conceptually. Even within the different editions there are interconnections. Nevertheless, the series also has a sensorial approach. A mystery instead of a riddle – nothing needs to be solved. What’s coming up next? There will be more editions of the Serpent Bearer series, for example in a gallery in Berlin. For PASSE-AVANT, we are working on more sustainable structures and want to include more artist texts and art books in the future. Also, I’m learning to play the harp, a childhood dream come true. READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE













GREGOR GUSKI DIE SZENE “Die Szene” (“The Scene”) — a self–assured title that photographer Gregor Guski gives to his first publication. In a way that is difficult to outline, it presents artists who are closely associated with Düsseldorf. Since 2018, the Polish–born photographer has been working on a series of experimental portraits of artists. By now, there are more than a hundred artists whom Guski has skilfully brought into focus in their studios or in the midst of their work. They are photographs that tell of the urban art scene in the orbit of art academies, museums, galleries and off–spaces, but at the same time offer a glimpse into the personalities of those portrayed in a distinctive style. We meet Guski for an interview in a small café in Düsseldorf, talk about his first contacts with photography, the Düsseldorf art scene and his plans for the future. TEXT JULIA STELLMANN ∙ PHOTO GREGOR GUSKI

How did you get into photography? My father was very interested in photography, more as a hobby, but because of that I had access to photography at an early age. There was always a camera on the table, there was a small darkroom and so an awareness of photography quickly developed. At some point I just took his camera and started my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, majoring in photography. From that moment on, I took photography seriously. At a preparatory school, I first spent two years learning the skills to be used later at the academy. The same teachers taught there as at the Poznan Academy of Art, so you already got a feel for the later work processes. You had to apply with


black-and-white films and prints you had processed yourself. At the academy, it was not only about developing series of pictures, but also about being able to justify one’s own goals. Of course, that fits in very well with my current project. Here, too, I looked for a theme in which the focus is now on the artists in Düsseldorf and, to an even more limited extent, on people associated with the art academy. At the beginning, I decided whether the photos should be in colour or black and white and opted for colour. Image processing should not be excessive, but limited to a few adjustments. Finally, the pictures can be either portrait or landscape, but should always have the same format.


Why were you particularly interested in artists’ portraits? I find inspiration in their creative work since every artist is occupied with something different. Each studio is also a world of its own. This allows me to do something different with each artist, and the end result is never boring for the viewer. How does the creation of such a photo work? Often I already have an idea in advance or have shots sent to me from the studio, for example. That makes it easier. Then I know what to expect. If I have an idea, I can present it during my visit. Either the idea fits or if it doesn’t, then you have to compromise. You exchange ideas and try to get closer to the goal. When artists have their own ideas, they often come up with things that I wouldn’t have suggested myself because, for example, I don’t know what artworks are available in the warehouse. So it’s beneficial when someone comes up with the idea of bringing extra clothes or bringing a certain artwork from outside the studio. I also have them deliberately leave out things they don’t want in the photo, such as unfinished artwork, to avoid possible misunderstandings.

“Every artist is occupied with something different. Each studio is also a world of its own.” So you work towards everyone being happy in the end? Yes, basically the goal is that in the end. I feel the picture is my work and the person depicted feels good about it. It will be pub-


lished on the internet and in books. So you have to live with the fact that it will be seen by a wider public. It also has to do with reputation and the way you want to present yourself. But in the end, the artists are always satisfied. Is there an event that is particularly memorable? Perhaps you would need to know each other for a longer period of time for more revealing encounters to take place. Only in the course of time do you slowly feel your way towards it, sound out the possibilities and see a tendency where the journey might lead. I also always try to keep all the stories to myself. (laughs) Is the meeting nevertheless very intense because you spend so much time together? Yes, it often lasts many hours. I take a lot of time. Nothing happens for less than two or three hours, because you first get to know each other a bit and talk a lot. Until you have adjusted everything, are satisfied with


the result and start fine-tuning things, the time goes by pretty quickly. So I take half a day or a whole day and don’t hurry. How do you choose the artists? It’s often important that I already have an idea. Most people already know me from Instagram. Besides, most of the artists I’m interested in know what kind of project I’ve been pursuing for five years. As soon as I get an idea, there’s a good chance I’ll get in touch with the person in mind. After all, in this way, half the work is already done. Beyond that, the selection is certainly a little intuitive. But there is already the Düsseldorf framework? Exactly, a large part has studied at the art academy in Düsseldorf or was at least there as a guest student. I photograph graduates, guest students and people who belong to the scene but did not study at the academy. These photographs have also existed for a long time. In the first book there is a mixture, but about 90 percent or even more are connected to the academy. I don’t want to limit myself completely, because many leave the city but are still connected to the scene. Others move to Düsseldorf specifically to study here, so there is a lively exchange. Are the pictures digitally post-processed? Yes, all the pictures are digitally checked. Editing is a very broad term. Basically, what is taken is already changed in the camera. Different cameras can produce a completely different image depending on the setting. I always adjust the images a bit, but basically try to keep them natural. If it makes sense, images are also combined, changed, edited and even two or three shots are put together. Do you have a favourite image? There are elaborate stagings and particularly good ideas that come from me or the


respective artist, but I tend to see the pro­ ject as a whole. Each shot is great in its own way and reflects the character of the artist. If someone wants a simple picture and finds that it suits them, it relates to that person and fits the overall concept. Not everything can be colourful and crass. The project rather lives from the fact that different people have different characters. That’s how it works best in the book.

“Each shot is great in its own way and reflects the character of the artist.” Is the topic of artist portraits something you would like to continue after the publication? I plan to continue the project. Maybe with different rules, but I would certainly like to publish a second book. GREGORGUSKI.COM

Die Szene

A portrait of the current Düsseldorf art scene with photographs of 94 artists. Autumn 2023 | Kettler Verlag Hardcover, 208 pages, 38.00 Euro


Christoph Görke | Christoph Görke sits in a sleeping bag on an insulated mat facing the floor, a book in his hands, as if he had gone on a journey, both externally and internally. In fact, he is searching for traces within his poetic works, sounding out materialities and hidden images.

Angelika Trojnarski | What seems to have been created with Photoshop in Angelika Trojnarski’s work is actually real fire. Flames blaze brightly from the device that the artist holds in her hands. A photo that resembles Trojnarski’s paintings and collages, which tell of both destruction and opportunity.





Carolin Eidner | Carolin Eidner is pushing a shopping trolley. Who is in it? A secret that only the artist and the photographer know how to reveal. In the midst of her stock, Eidner presents herself in a self-confident pose, focusing the viewer with a determined gaze.



Emil Walde | Emil Walde creates large-scale installations that take possession of the space in which they are installed, gradually unfolding in a site-specific manner. Architectural elements unfold behind Walde like a mystical violet aura, slowly meandering from the inside out.



Morgaine Schäfer | In Morgaine Schäfer's portrait, work and practice come together as she sits in front of various devices, gazing at herself. The artist, who otherwise only appears in her own photographic work, is visible several times in the picture.



Hedda Roman | The triptych shows not only Roman Szczesny at the computer and Hedda Schattanik drawing, but also the digital avatar “Oldboy” in the centre. As a fictional person, “Oldboy” is a mixture of Hedda Roman, the duo’s stage name, paired with machine learning plasma.











wheree r u t a n s m e et t y i n a b ur



Do you fancy a big city, but don’t want to miss out on nature? Then Düsseldorf is made for you. It has a rich art scene, as well as a vibrant bar and music culture in the Altstadt (Old Town), combined with nature experiences and open-air events on and along the river Rhine. Immerse yourself in Düsseldorf’s green spaces and discover how the city manages to strike a balance between the hustle and bustle of a big city and relaxing oases.

Kö-Bogen II – sustainable architecture in the heart of the city Europe’s largest green facade awaits you at Kö-Bogen II. It is an impressive example of sustainable urban development. Around eight kilometres of hornbeam hedges grow along the building, lowering the temperature in the surrounding square in the summer. Directly opposite is a food court with a green roof. Together with the Dreischeibenhaus and the Düsseldorfer Schau­ spielhaus, it forms an unusual architectural triad.


In about two hours, the Climate Walk not only introduces you to the beauty of Düsseldorf, but also illustrates the complex correlations between city and climate. The tour shows how the city is adapting to climate change and what everyone can do, even in small ways, to help the environment. From green roofs to sustainable transport solutions – find out how Düsseldorf is setting the course for a green future.


Climate Walk in Düsseldorf – a special kind of city tour

Parks & gardens – your retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city Whether it’s the Hofgarten, Südpark or Nordpark, Düsseldorf’s extensive green spaces invite you to linger and unwind. Live music, street food and a relaxed atmosphere await you at the many festivals in the parks, such as the VierLinden OpenAir in the Volksgarten, Beats & BBQ near the NRW-Forum or the asphalt festival with a stage in the Ständehauspark. Leave the city behind and enjoy nature! Along the Rhine – the city’s blue ribbon. The Rhine dominates Düsseldorf’s cityscape. Spend sunny days on the city’s beach clubs on the banks of the river, in the beer garden Three Little Birds by the Rhine, in the KIT Café or enjoy the sunset on the terrace of the Tonhalle. And for that holiday feeling in the city, head to Paradise Beach. An urban gem. Welcome to Düsseldorf!



Bilker Straße, the quiet grande dame of Düsseldorf –

Of Oysters, Poems and Power Moves


Where is it, the old and real Düsseldorf? The answer is simple: the true heart of this city is revealed to the visitor from Carlsplatz onwards. This is where the grande dame of Carlstadt lies, running south from the bustling market square to Schwanenmarkt: the venerable Bilker Straße. A closer look at the street sign does not only indicate the geographical direction. Since 2020, Bilker Straße also bears the title: “Street of Roman­ ticism and Revolution”. Romanticism and revolution unite here with cobblestones and historic gas lanterns and are by no means contradictory on the 331-metre-long street.




hose who now wave off in annoyance, remembering their boring history lessons from school days, may rest assured: besides the facades of the patrician houses, old portals and memorial plaques, it is worth experiencing the verve of the people of this street. Because after just a few steps and a few glances at and into the windows of the shops and studios, it quickly becomes clear: this street combines the old with the new. Here you meet people who live their own version of romance and revolution: be it with oysters, digital literature calls, contemporary art, jewellery, interior design or light objects ... Originally, the title “Street of Romanticism and Revolution” was dedicated to the life and work of the Düsseldorf poet Heinrich Heine and the musician couple Clara and Robert Schumann. The Heinrich-HeineInstitut houses the world’s only permanent exhibition on the life and work of the poet, writer, political journalist and feature writer Heinrich Heine. What a happy coincidence to dedicate this exhibition to the work and significance of his oeuvre up to the present day, for Heine’s way to school led him every day along Bilker Straße to a former Franciscan monastery, today’s Maxhaus on nearby Schulstraße. In addition, there are changing special exhibitions here with various literary, musical and cultural-historical themes. The institute offers guided tours through the exhibition and those who are lucky enough to meet the director, Dr Sabine Brenner-Wilczek, who has been in charge since 2009, will also learn all too human, not academic, details from the eventful and fateful life of the free spirit who was always critical and fled into exile under censorship to Paris, the “fatherland of champagne and the Marseillaise”. Curated with great attention to detail, the exhibition offers insights into the thoughts and feelings of the self-proclaimed “last abdicated fable king of Romanticism”. 70 % of all known Heine manuscripts are found here. The Rhinelander’s charisma undoubtedly did not cease with his death in 1856. The director of the institute, Dr Sabine Brenner-Wilczek, describes him as relevant for posterity as well: as a fan of all the media innovations of his time, Heine's pointed pen would be exchanged for a modern keyboard today. His sharp observations continue to be relevant today, as he admonishes his contemporaries to keep a watchful eye on world events and, like him, to take a courageous stand for freedom of expres-


sion and human rights. Heine’s examination of themes such as exile, homelessness and censorship are still a reminder today and give rise to discussion. The visitor also learns that much local colour and historical events have been incorporated into Heine’s memoirs in the “Book of Le Grand” and in “Memoirs”. And this is remarkable because it ultimately allows his hometown of Düsseldorf to occupy a small place in world literature. But not only here: did you know that there is a monument to Heine in the Bronx in New York? The monument was originally supposed to be erected in his hometown. But the anti-Semitic and nationalist movements in the German Reich prevented it from being completed and dedicated on Heine’s 100th birthday in 1897. Instead, it was unveiled in the presence of the sculptor in the Bronx on 8 July 1899. In the Bronx? The legitimate and funny question is whether, more than a century later in this very borough of New York, one or two rap word acrobats and graffiti artists have been inspired by this monument. MC Heinrich would like it. “Hip Hop Hooray Heine!” The Schumann-Haus at Bilker Straße 15 is the last home shared by the composers Robert and Clara Schumann and is the only one in Germany to have been preserved in its original condition. The former home of the Schumann family extends over the first and second floors. Between 1852 and 1855, the couple found suitable accommodation here, as Robert Schumann held an exalted position as municipal music director. Two of their five children were born here. In addition to everyday life and work, a popular meeting place developed for artist friends. Bettina von Arnim came and went here, as did Johannes Brahms, who also acted as a babysitter from time to time. Sometimes he was more childlike than musical when the offspring slid wildly down the banister with him. But maybe he also sang them his famous lullaby ... From 2003 to 2018, the building housed the Schumann memorial together with the Robert Schumann Society e.V. This is currently closed. In 2012, the Förderverein Schumann-Haus Düsseldorf e.V. was founded, which is committed to the expansion of the museum and the memorial. Because of its historical significance, the entire building has been being renovated, expanded and developed into a Schumann museum since 2018, the opening of which is eagerly awaited by the people of Düsseldorf. The Schumann museum will also be integrated into the overarching concept of the “Street of Romanticism and Revolution”. In the meantime, more than 1,000 objects relating to Clara and Robert Schumann can be admired in the Heinrich Heine museum, which is considered one of the world’s most important collections.


The building now known as the Palais Wittgenstein Cultural Centre at Bilker Straße 7-9 was built in the course of the settlement of Carlstadt after 1790 and now houses the Institut Français, the Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater, and the so-called Kammermusiksaal (Chamber Music Hall). Regular readings and concerts take place here. The work of the Institut Français deserves special mention, as the friendly team of native speakers ensures that the language of the tricolour remains alive in Düsseldorf, the “Little Paris”. 1,000 registrations a year are distributed among classic language, group and individual courses for all levels. In addition, there are free placement tests, language certificates and much more. The institute has an attractive, bright library and an extensive media library. It is no surprise that all events here are very entertaining in French (and German too). With a varied cultural programme (film weeks, exhibitions, author readings and the Bibliobus, a French library on four wheels), the French language can not only be learned but also experienced in many different ways. In addition to a large collection of French films and comics, children and young people can even present their powermoves and freezes on the piste de dance here in a break-dance project in French. A special highlight is located in the inner courtyard of Palais Wittgenstein and is the Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater, which has been under the direction of Anton Bachleitner for 42 years. The bronze marionette of Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream attracts visitors to the theatre from the street outside the courtyard. In about 230 performances a year, there are sophisticated productions for adults and older children from the age of eight. A visit to the theatre is an experience that unites generations. Often it is the grandparents who come with their grandchildren. The repertoire comprises 22 productions, including operas and modern musical theatre, dramas and fairy tales, with a focus on adaptations of Michael Ende works. The theatre includes the workshop and a theatre fundus in the basement with


over 500 figures. Everything on stage is created according to the designs of the founder and artistic director Bachleitner. Bilker Straße also presents contemporary art and design: anyone standing curiously in front of the renowned Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art gallery at Bilker Straße 5 should not fear to enter this gallery for 20th and 21st century art. There is a consistent programme here with works of impressionism, expressionism, classical modernism, post-war modernism and contemporary art. The gallery is represented at prestigious art fairs worldwide with its sophisticated range of works. For director Katja Ott, it is a great challenge to keep the visitors excited about art. She advises them to lose their distance to art: art is lived here in exchange, be it together at events, in artist talks, book presentations, with a weekly newsletter or with the option to visit the virtual showroom from the comfort of your own sofa. From November 2023, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the exhibition “Picasso Total!” with prints, ceramics and jewellery by the exceptional Spanish artist. The frame collection, named after its collector Friedrich G. Conzen, is located in the so-called “Old House” at Bilker Straße 5. The unique frame collection spanning six centuries was assembled here from various countries. In 1959, the Conzen family acquired this house from the city of Düsseldorf and restored it at great expense. As far as possible, the old stucco work was added, an original staircase from the 18th century was installed in the house and today leads visitors in style to the exhibits from past times. The Conzen family is committed to the preservation of these works of art and is proud to carry on the heritage. The collection comprises about 1,200 pieces from all European countries and epochs. The oldest frame dates back to 1480. The range of epochs extends from Gothic to Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo, Empire, Biedermeier, Historicism and Art Nouveau, thus providing an almost complete overview of this branch of the decorative arts. A highlight of the private museum is the “Alt-Düsseldorf ” collection: a collection of old views and engravings of Düsseldorf. For six years now, LICHTbyHORST has been “in the spotlight” at Bilker Straße 15, an unusual lighting shop run in the third generation by Michael and his wife Cordula Horst. Everyone is welcome in this special shop, but anyone looking for standard luminaires is guaranteed not to find what they


are looking for here. The shop is located in the backyard in a beautiful loft, like a museum for design objects. Michael Horst provides advice not only here, but also on site in private and business premises. He is known for meticulously asking whether the light should be functional, homely, diffuse or accentuated. In doing so, he does not shy away from discarding complete architectural concepts in order to guarantee his customers the ideal lighting. Always on the lookout for special design objects, the Horst couple visits international trade fairs in Paris, Milan, London and Brussels, pore over specialist literature and keep their eyes open everywhere. Another competent contact person for style and interior design is Ulla Blennemann at Bilker Straße 28. From the very first visit to her tasteful studio, you can sense that this is not only a place where colours and furniture are perfectly combined. Ulla Blennemann’s knowhow goes far beyond that. She energetically states that she and her team should by no means be perceived as decorators or interior decorators. For many years, she has combined the disciplines of interior design, architecture and garden design in national and international projects in an upmarket segment. Always in focus: the cohesive unity of harmony, aesthetics, material combinations and colours. Under her label UB Home Collection, tables, stools, upholstered furniture, lamps, bed headboards and much more are created as special one-of-a-kind pieces. Lovers of craftsmanship should not miss the opportunity to explore Bilker Straße 15 in the backyard of the Schumann-Haus. The rear building was a coachman’s house in the last century. Where horses once stood, jewellery is now filed and hammered in the Rutz and Petrovic studio. The well-preserved tiles of the former stables still adorn the old walls. Where once there were oats in the feed troughs, today special pieces of jewellery are presented in showcases. The customer’s wishes are discussed with Ivonne Rutz, sketched out, and finally crafted with attention to detail, also always with an eye


on the budget. Ivonne Rutz uses high-quality gemstones, gold and silver. Her gold jewellery is made from sustainable “eco-gold”, which is not mined but recycled. In addition to the small and large jewellery sculptures by Ivonne Rutz, the studio also features the works of Anne Petrovic, who gives shape to her art with mobiles and graphics. It is worth a visit, even if the renovation of the Schumann-Haus is currently making access to the once green oasis in the backyard difficult. At the moment there is nothing to be seen of this highlight of urban gardening, with ivy, clematis and lilac. But hopefully it will be back in full bloom in the courtyard when the building work is complete. Fans of books will find the beautiful, bright and 110 square metre on Bilker Straße. Here you can discover a selected range of special children’s books, novels, non-fiction books and beautiful things. The owner Anja Urbschat is multi-talented when it comes to literature, combining her passion for reading with many years of professional experience with the big players in the book trade. Anja Urbschat has realised a lifelong dream since opening the shop in December 2021. She describes the as a hybrid bookshop. The DNA of her shop is the combination of analogue and digital. In the tradition of the literary salons of past centuries, the uses modern communication technology to facilitate an exchange about books. Every last Thursday of the month, book lovers meet in the shop while other bookworms join them via monitor to discuss the book of the month. She gets active support from “Peppa Book”, a small, white, humanoid robot lady. While other streets in Carlstadt are more crowded with restaurants, there are two gems on “the Bilker”


that couldn’t be more different, one at the end and one at the beginning of the street. Café de Bretagne is located directly on Carlsplatz and is a small institution. Strictly speaking, the French bistro-restaurant with a focus on Breton specialities, fish and seafood is located on Benrather Straße, but is still part of the family. Since October 2022, there has been the small associated Boutique de Bretagne on Bilker Straße with the house number 1, where you can find everything on the subject of French delicacies from the sea for your own kitchen. At Café de Bretagne, the menu includes Breton lobster, edible crabs, shrimps, spider crabs and, above all, an exceptional selection of oysters. Whether the Belon oyster from North/West Brittany, Gillardeau, Fine de Claire, Speciale or Le Gall, the list is long. Owner Rolf Breitmar wants his guests to come for the excellent quality of the products, the cuisine and the good service.

The bistro is now one of the twelve best fish restaurants in Germany and has fourteen points from the restaurant guide Gault Millau. For those who don’t like fish or have no need for omega-3 fatty acids, the Café de Bretagne offers the Breton specialty galette in numerous delicious variations. Also an institution is the Destille at the end of the street: the Destille is a quaint pub-bistro and perfect place for lovers of art, literature, jazz and blues. Numerous events, author readings and live concerts take place here. Christiane Walter took over the Destille in 1980; in 1983 she moved to the current house number 46. Christiane Walter is not only the landlady, but also the good soul of the pub. The trained graphic designer energetically emphasises that the Destille is not just any pub, but an authentic cultural pub - formerly known as “the red socks” on the street. Today, regulars’ tables, lovers of West Coast jazz and long-time regulars meet here to discuss politics over a glass of Alt. The walls are covered from top to bottom with paintings by befriended artists, some from the nearby Düsseldorf art academy. Once a year, guests and friends can present their artwork to the public here in the “summer gallery”. The kitchen offers dishes without much chichi: pasta dishes, Rhenish sauerbraten or Westphalian potthast. Currently, the many building sites and the lengthy renovation of the Schumann-Haus are a major nuisance for residents and businesspeople. In some places, a walk resembles a military parcours and blocks the view of shop windows and beautiful backyards. But hopefully this will all be over soon.


What is your profession? Entrepreneur, bookseller and sociologist What do you associate with Bilker Straße? Bilker Straße was love at first sight for me. It was clear to me that if I were to set up my own bookshop, it would be here. A modern concept in a beautiful old environment. It fits in with my idea of the In fact, it was only later that I realised in which important historical district of Düsseldorf I am. A great stroke of luck. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? The Palais Wittgenstein is a must-see!




What is your profession? Graduate interior designer What do you associate with Bilker Straße? This street has beautiful old buildings, style and culture. It’s possible to work peacefully here and it is a nice neighbourhood. Mainstream does not exist here. In fact, this street is also a little international. Bilker Straße reminds me of Paris. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? Stroll past the soft hues of the beautiful façades by day. By night, the atmosphere is exciting, quiet, cosy. Idyllic old building façades and the cobblestones are wonderfully illuminated by the old gas lanterns. One of my hobbies is classical music, so the proximity of the Schumann-Haus is something very special to me and also an inspiration for my creative work.


What is your profession? I unleash desire for beautiful light. What do you associate with Bilker Straße? Somehow it reminds me a little of Nottinghill in London: cosy and familiar and yet modern and central. A special microcosm that also attracts a corresponding clientele. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? I love the street and Carlsplatz when life awakens here in the morning. A coffee at the Cøffe at 8 o’clock with the accompanying light show is wonderful.




What is your profession? Librarian What do you associate with Bilker Straße? My workplace, a street with old buildings, the proximity to Carlsplatz and the proximity to the Rhine. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? The pub Destille, where I like to have a drink or a meal after work. The, so that I also stay informed about the German book market. The poem “Loreley” on the façade of the Heinrich-Heine-Institut, which I always read either silently or aloud.


What is your profession? Art historian and director of the gallery, deputy contact person for Michael Beck & Ute Eggeling. What do you associate with Bilker Straße? I associate Bilker Straße with the beautiful Carlstadt with its galleries and art, the good neighbourhood, the cobblestones and the small shops. It’s nice here every day because I’m surrounded by art. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? BLUBLU, my hair salon by Alex Vegara Lopez.




What is your profession? Director of the Heinrich-Heine-Institut, Germanist, media scientist and archivist. What do you associate with Bilker Straße? I associate the additional title “Street of Romanticism and Revolution” with Bilker Straße. Here, a literary, musical triad of the Heinrich-Heine-Institut, the Chamber Music Hall and the Schumann-Haus can be found. This street is wonderful. The whole street has an exciting history and incredible charm. Working here is a gift. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? For me, the historical buildings on Bilker Straße, which can be seen and felt everywhere, combined with artistic, cultural and culinary places, make up the magic. After an eventful walk from Carlsplatz along the entire Bilker Straße with its cobblestones, I recommend everyone to take a few steps further to look at the monument to Heinrich Heine at Schwanenmarkt, designed by Bert Gerresheim.


What is your profession? Puppeteer, puppet designer and manager and currently a campaigner for the theatre. What do you associate with Bilker Straße? Bilker Straße is the street of romance and for me at the moment especially the street of revolution. In addition, I like the street in the centre of the city, which nevertheless invites you to slow down with its cobblestones and gas lanterns. A cultural place in the middle of the city. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? A visit to the Destille is always worthwhile.



What is your profession? Graduate economist What do you associate with Bilker Straße? I have known Bilker Straße since my childhood through visits to the puppet theatre. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? Bilker Straße is the cultural centre of Düsseldorf. From here you can reach so many other Carlstadt hotspots: the Maxkirche on Schulstraße, the nearby Rosen­ garten. And breakfast at Zicke on Bäcker­ straße is always worthwhile.


What is your profession? Ivonne: Goldsmith and jewellery designer Anne: Graduate object designer What do you associate with Bilker Straße? A wonderful, creative oasis in the backyard of Bilker Straße 15. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? Take your time and also dare to look into the backyards. There is a lot to discover here away from the hustle and bustle. And at the end of Bilker Straße, stop off at the Destille for a glass of Alt!



What is your profession? Restaurateur, studied graphic design and weaver What do you associate with Bilker Straße? What I associate with this street is the change it has undergone – there used to be more artisan shops here. But also, of course, the history of this street. What tip do you have for Bilker Straße? The Heinrich-Heine-Institut, the Marionetten-Theater and the Schumann-Haus.




Bilker Straße DÜSSELDORFER MARIONETTEN-THEATER in the Palais Wittgenstein Bilker Straße 7 HEINRICH-HEINEINSTITUT Bilker Straße 12-14 INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Bilker Straße 7 SCHUMANN-HAUS Bilker Straße 15


KLEINE KARTE Papeterie Bilker Straße 4 LICHT BY HORST Lamps and light Bilker Straße 16 LOCALBOOK.SHOP Books Bilker Straße 19

ART CONZEN Frame Museum Bilker Straße 5

ULLA BLENNEMANN Interior design, architecture and garden design Bilker Straße 28

GALLERY BECK & EGGELING International Fine Art Gallery Bilker Straße 4-6 Bilker Straße 5 LICHT BY HORST


STUDIO RUTZ & PETROVIC Jewellery Bilker Straße 15, backyard



GRISEBACH Auction house Bilker Straße 4-6

GASTRO CAFÉ DE BRETAGNE French bistro Benrather Straße 7 Boutique de Bretagne Bilker Straße 1


DESTILLE DÜSSELDORF Pub bistro Bilker Straße 46 VINO'S WINE BAR Wine bar Bilker Straße 3

BEAUTY BLUBLU ALEX VEGARA LOPEZ Hairdresser Bilker Straße 3 HANDREICH Beauty Salon Bilker Straße 34

OTHERS DIE GOLDENE NADEL Alteration studio, dressmaker Bilker Straße 22


Foto: Sigrid Reinichs

SEASON 2023/24


Who let the dogs out... It’s hard to imagine Düsseldorf’s cityscape without dogs. Almost half of all households in Germany had at least one pet in 2022. This is the result of a representative study by the market research institute Skopos. There are 10.6 million dogs in Germany alone. Every fifth household has at least one. Düsseldorfers also appreciate living with animal companions. But the dog is much more than that – it is a family member. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that. We would say: Düsseldorf is a dog-friendly city. With the Hofgarten, the banks of the Rhine or in the Grafenberg Forest, there are numerous opportunities for extensive walks. We met Düsseldorf dog people and their furry friends at the places where they prefer to spend time. Come with us on the trail of THE DORF DOGS.

You want more? You want more Dorf Dogs? You’ll get them soon enough. Together with the agency KittoKatsu and photographer Sabrina Weniger (all dog owners, of course), our special publication THE DORF DOGS is ready to go. Where are the most beautiful routes for walking? What are the favourite places of Düsseldorf’s dog people? And what are the best stories we share with our dogs? All this and more lovely photographs will be available soon. Follow us at thedorfdogs for more info. In case you’re wondering: Why all this? That’s easy – because we just love them. <3



Hitchcock Name: Sue-M. Lee Occupation: self-employed @StyleAlbum URL: | @the_stylealbum | @stylealbumshop Dog’s name: Hitchcock Breed: Elo, male Age: 10 years In the family since: April 2013 District: Golzheim


The best character trait? Hitchcock is super chilled and generally friendly and generous, neither territorial nor food envious or an attention whore. But I’m afraid he’s also a bit stuffy. :-) The most annoying trait? Increasingly stubborn with age. In what ways are you similar? Increasingly stubborn with age. Where do you shop for your dog? The dog butcher on Spichernstraße.



Mo Name: Alex & Kristina Weng Occupation: Marketing Communication Consultants URL: | Dog’s name: Mo Breed: Labrador, male Age: 6 years In the family since: Since 8 weeks of age Origin: Breeder, Lower Rhine District: Derendorf


The best character trait? Attentive and mindful Your favourite place together? As a dog owner in Düsseldorf you are either a Rhine- or forest-kid, like in Hamburg an Elb- or Alster-kid. We are both ;-) Your favourite walk? Mo got a promise from us back then: a new place every day. After six years, that no longer works. We have modified the promise: a different place every day.


Fundus Name: Jenny Theisen Occupation: Costume designer URL: | @jennypolyester Dog’s name: Fundus Breed: Pug, male Age: 3 years In the family since: January 2021 Origin: I adopted Fundi when he was about half a year old from a family who unfortunately (or luckily for us) couldn’t/didn’t want to keep him. District: Oberbilk The best character trait? Loyal like a whole herd of wolves. What makes your dog special? His humour, his voice and his long legs. In what ways are you similar? Impulsive late risers. Your favourite walk? The classic: Oberbilk-S on the underground, get off at Luegplatz and walk down (or up, depending on your mood) the Rhine for a couple of hours. Or from Volksgarten to Südpark, a lap around the lake with a stop at Café Südpark and a little stop at the dog park at the end.



Ando & Kuma Name: Vera & Philippe Henco Occupation: Founders of design agency KittoKatsu and jewellery label Nyyukin URL: @kittokatsubranding | @nyyukin Dogs’ names: Ando & Kuma Breed: Standard Poodle, male Age: 10 years & 10 months In the family since: August 2013 & January 2023 District: Pempelfort


Their best character trait? Ando is just a great companion, he is always relaxed and happy and makes new friends (human and canine) wherever he goes. Kuma’s character is still in the making, but he is already an outgoing, fun guy. The most annoying trait? Kuma is going through puberty right now, so there’s currently a lot :). Ando tends to be a bit of an eager beaver. How are you similar? We can all be lone wolfs sometimes.


Wilfried Name: Rolf Buck & Raphael Kräutergarten, godmother is Franky ( Occupation: Set designer, stylist, Vaseline shop owner URL: Dog name: Wilfried von Fleckefjord der Klötenlecker Breed: Rough-haired dachshund, non-binary with masculine tendencies Age: 4 years (already saving for Botox) In the family since: Since 4 years District: Friedrichstadt, Europe, Pempelfort


What makes your dog special? Wants to be part of everything, even activities on the toilet... Most annoying trait? Singing. Howling. Crybaby – no respect for privacy How are you similar? We are very emotional and very active... and drama queens. A very special experience with the dog was: On Christmas Eve he chewed up my super ultra authentic fake fur coat... (I’m still pissed) Where to shop: Fellfreunde Friedrichstadt... and Dogsmopolitan and Megazoo.


Lukas Jakobi

Lukas Jakobi has cooked his way to national success and three black toques in the Gault Millau in a very short time. Further awards paved his way and the Gusto restaurant guide crowned his career so far with the award Newcomer of the Year 2023. Instead of continuing to romp around in other people’s kitchens, he is taking on his own challenge and opening his first own fine-dining restaurant “Zwanzig23 by Lukas Jakobi” on Brunnenstraße 35 in Düsseldorf in autumn 2023.

Please introduce yourself briefly, who is Lukas Jakobi and where are you from? I was born in Wiesbaden and grew up in Sauerland. I came to Düsseldorf in 2014 because of my apprenticeship at the Victorian restaurant and then toured Europe for a while. Then I decided on Düsseldorf as my new home. Who awarded you the title of Chef Newcomer of the Year 2023? What significance does this have for you personally and within the industry? The Gusto restaurant guide named me the best new chef in Germany. That gives me a lot of peace of mind because no one can doubt my competence any more. But I haven’t celebrated it in a big way.

the zero-waste concept, which means we always use the whole product, whether it’s vegetable or animal. Who do you want to address with the new restaurant? I don’t have a specific target group, everyone can come as they feel comfortable. It’s about having fun. I put a lot into my food, it’s my life. I would like guests to leave Zwanzig23 feeling like they have gotten to know me.

What motivates and inspires you in your work? Successes. I am always very driven to achieve even more.

Where do you personally like to eat in Düsseldorf? What restaurant in the world would you like to eat in and why? To the “Dim Sum Gourmet” on Brunnenstraße, which is quick at lunchtime. Otherwise also the “Finanzämtche” or “Korea House”. In any case, a lot of Asian food and no star cuisine. If I get a star, I’ll invite my team to Jonnie Boer’s “De Librije”.

What makes good food for you? The situation. There is no perfect food, only the right food in a certain situation. A 3-hour meal is not suitable during a lunch break and a 13-course meal is not ideal when it’s 35 degrees in the city.

Who, dead or alive, would you want to have an Altbier with and what would you talk about? Eckart Witzigmann, he’s a legend. I would love to hear his stories, I would be a good listener. There would probably only be champagne rather than Altbier.

What is the culinary orientation of your new restaurant “Zwanzig23 by Lukas Jakobi”? What are the specialities in your kitchen? I came across the premises on Ebay. Gastronomy only works in two cases – either high-priced and small or low-priced and large. Accordingly, it’s clear that we have a small place here with a small team. Add to that the creative environment and the quick connection to the Kö and Carlsplatz, which is advantageous. Our culinary orientation is fine dining, but according to my rules. We cook very spicy, very intense, at the limit. The concept is based on Bites & Servings. 18 bites and 13 servings are our big menu, and you can choose a drink accompaniment – non-alcoholic, wine or creations specially designed by me. We also work with

What is your personal favourite dish? What I could eat for the rest of my life is buttered bread – fresh bread with good butter. Otherwise prawns with garlic and chilli with an open shirt and swimming trunks in Palma or even a savoury lasagne once in a while.


What does the future hold? I hope that my restaurant will do well, that I will be happy and that it will be possible to take a holiday. And then Sushi by Lukas Jakobi, Burgers by Lukas Jakobi, Fries by Lukas Jakobi, Brewhouse by Lukas Jakobi, Wine by Lukas Jakobi...





AGE 29









Düsseldorf ’s gastronomic landscape is in a state of flux — the last few years have been particularly challenging for restaurateurs and there are still no calm waters in sight. Nevertheless, we are delighted to see many exciting newcomers and new concepts in the city. As always, we present our personal favourites here — our list of restaurants is by no means exhaustive, but of course we do try to give a comprehensive snapshot. We hope you enjoy tasting and eating your way through the city. NEW ADDITIONS


INTERNATIONAL CUISINE & FINE DINING 1876 – DANIEL DAL-BEN Michelin-starred creations of newly interpreted classic cuisine and fine-dining Grunerstraße 42a 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal AGATA’S International Michelinstarred gourmet kitchen of undiscovered worlds of taste Kirchfeldstraße 59 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk BAR OLIO Absolute favourite crossover cuisine featuring Italian, Asian, French and Mediterranean influences at the old freight depot Schirmerstraße 54 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


EM BRASS Modern mash-up cuisine Moltkestraße 122 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ESSBAR Modern German-French cuisine with Asian influences Kaiserstraße 27 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort FINNS WINE & KITCHEN Playing with old, rediscovered vegetables, modern cooking techniques and complex aromas Tannenstraße 23a 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf FLEHER HOF Between blood sausage and Bordeaux there is a lot here that makes the heart of the gourmand beat faster. Rhenish-Westphalian cuisine meets the finesse of French brasseries of the past century. Fleher Straße 254 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flehe

FRITZ FRAU FRANZI Fine, seasonal, experimental and surprising food served in a perfect design interior Adersstraße 8a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt JAE RESTAURANT New fine dining concept by former Michelin-starred chef Jörg Wissmann: modern European cuisine meets Korean influences Keplerstraße 13 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt KÖ59 Fine dining by TV chef Björn Freitag in the fancy atmosphere of Intercontinental Hotel Königsallee 59 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt LIDO IM MALKASTEN Arty interior and sophisticated cuisine in historical surroundings Jacobistraße 6 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte MASSI Creative mix of national and international cuisine Moltkestraße 110 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort MBASSY BY FRANKS “Global Bistronomy” – a mix of bistro and restaurant with flavours from all over the world Ratinger Straße 9 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

NØRDS Creative cuisine without frills. Modern, fresh and Scandinavian-inspired Lindenstraße 73 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern OKTOPUSSY European gourmet cuisine and fine wines Gneisenaustraße 69 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PINK PEPPER Michelin-starred restaurant at the Steigenberger Parkhotel. Enjoy unique dishes cooked to perfection by chef de cuisine Benjamin Kriegel. Königsallee 1a 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte THE PARADISE NOW International cuisine, bar and clubbing in the heart of the Media Harbour Hammerstraße 27 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen PHOENIX Michelin-starred cuisine and arty interior at Dreischeibenhaus August-Thyssen-Straße 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

MÜNSTERMANN KONTOR Iconic bistro, restaurant and wine-bar in the heart of Carlstadt Hohe Straße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt NOA FOODBAR Stylish food-bar with a mix of sophisticated dishes Martinstraße 11 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk




Luna sospeso

Luna – A new magical luminaire by Occhio Luna fascinates at first with its sensual and mysterious appearance, reminiscent of the moon. The combination of classic shapes, modern, stylish surfaces, surprising light effects and the latest technology is unique and unprecedented. The Luna glass luminaire series opens up completely new areas of possibilities and is already conquering the world of design. Its shimmering sensuality changes rooms and transforms them into places of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio ‚fireball‘ light source floats almost magically like a celestial body in the partially mirrored glass sphere. It produces soft, directed light – strong and glare-free at the same time, combines classic design with innovative technology and takes the lighting experience to a completely new level. Luna creates unique, changeable light atmospheres. A simple gesture or the Occhio air app is all it takes to switch the luminaire on or off, dim it or adjust the light colour. From warm, atmospheric nuances to in-

RAUSCH Konzept | RAUSCH Lichtkonzept Warringtonplatz 12 & 18 | 40721 Hilden

vigorating cool light, Luna can create a wide variety of impressive lighting moods. The fusion of classic and modern is presented in a fascinating way: Metal seems to flow over glass, metal becomes glass, glass becomes metal. With the new, shiny surfaces dark chrome and phantom, Luna picks up on current trends in interior design. Luna rarely stands alone – its playful powers really come into their own as part of a group. Its different sizes allow for a variety of arrangements and clouds. The extensive glass luminaire series, consisting of wall, ceiling, table and pendant luminaires, makes a style statement. Experience the entire product portfolio of the new Luna at the Occhio gallery by Rausch Lichtkonzept in Hilden. With great attention to detail, the team of lighting consultants and planners advises on bespoke lighting concepts and individual solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Tue-Fri 11-13, 14 -18 pm Sat 11-16 pm |

RUBENS Austrian cuisine with an excellent Viennese Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up and sugared pancake) Kaiserstraße 5 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort SCHILLINGS Modern European cuisine, super nice wines and Currywurst in the Schauspielhaus building with a beautiful view of the Hofgarten Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GASTHAUS STAPPEN Culinary institution in Oberkassel serving highlights such as Chateaubriand for 2 or lobster Thermidor, classics like Wiener Schnitzel and changing 4-course menus Luegallee 50 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

VENTE Mediterranean delicacies with a touch of Rhenish lifestyle and a portion of Düsseldorf, as well as a selection of international tapas Lambertusstraße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt WEINHAUS TANTE ANNA Contemporary, regionally oriented cuisine with an excellent wine selection in a cosy and traditional atmosphere in the heart of the old town Mertensgasse 2b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt WILLIAMS BAR & KITCHEN Old fashioned drinks meet new style food Friedrichstraße 115a 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk ZWANZIG23 Fine dining restaurant by chef Lukas Jakobi, voted newcomer of the year by Gault & Millau. Brunnenstraße 35 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

MODERN CUISINE & EASY GOING 5P STYLE A combination of American street food, street art vibes and Hip Hop culture Kiefernstraße 2 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

STAUDI’S Modern German cuisine in a super-cosy atmosphere Münsterstraße 115 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf THE KITCHEN Cross-over bistro cuisine and a great selection of wines and drinks Tußmannstraße 46 40447 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


BOB & MARY Homemade burgers from all over the world Hammer Straße 26 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen Berger Straße 35 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BULLE BURGER Best burger patties and buns and constantly changing new creations – maybe the best burger in town. Oststraße 113 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

EN DE CANON Regional specialties and wines from Baden in a historic half-timbered house Zollstraße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

DREIRAUM Seasonal bistro menu and early bird specials on weekends Volksgartenstraße 15 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

HITCHCOQ Nashville hot chicken, biodynamic wine and craft beer Nordstraße 30 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

EDELTRAUD Restaurant and café with a beautiful terrace offering a selection of delicious cakes, good wines and cuisine with German, Mediterranean and Israeli influences. Flurstraße 14 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern edeltraud_flingern

HERR KNILLMANN Modern German homestyle cooking in the heart of Gerresheim Alter Markt 1a 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim

EMMAFISCH Fish restaurant with special atmosphere Emmastraße 25 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

ALCHEMIST BISTRO & BAR Homemade and newly discovered kitchen classics, inspired by European bar and bistro culture Graf-Adolf-Straße 61 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ALTE METZGEREI Delicious lunch in a former butcher’s shop Hoffeldstraße 48 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


ROB’S KITCHEN Modern European cuisine in the heart of Unterbilk Lorettostraße 23 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

K RESTAURANT Hip restaurant and bar with an industrial flair Wilhelm-Tell-Straße 1a 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk MAYERS DAILY In the former rooms of an old steamroller factory, they serve daily changing dishes with market-fresh seasonal products Rethelstraße 47 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal NOOIJ Dutch deli with delicious breakfast and chicken, bitterballen and more. Super cool interior design! Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


SASSAFRAS 50 years of Sassafras – Enjoy a great selection of drinks, fusion food and the occasional dance at this cool gastro pub Düsseldorfer Straße 90 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

CAFÉ MODIGLIANI Cosy, arty bistro decorated with old posters and a nice terrace. Concerts on Mondays! Wissmannstraße 6 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk DAUSER Rhenish soups and stews in the middle of the Carlsplatz market and Ulmenstraße 118 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

SPACE BURGER Intergalactical burger restaurant since 1997. The newly renovated interior invites you to travel back in time to the 80s Neustraße 41 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Pfalzstraße 15 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

DESTILLE Old school jazzy pub with bistro cuisine Bilker Straße 46 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

WAYA KITCHEN North American soul food influenced by Asian and South American kitchen Platanenstraße 21 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern WHAT’S BEEF Street art, burgers and gigantic milkshakes Immermannstraße 24 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Mitte ZUR SENNHÜTTE Sennhütte is back! Small cult restaurant with pub character and great sun terrace overlooking the tracks. Small menu with classics of German and Austrian cuisine Rethelstraße 96 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal



THE BULL STEAK EXPERT Small, elegant and super delicious steakhouse Taubenstraße 14 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GASTRO PUBS & BEER GARDENS 3 LITTLE BIRDS One of the most beautiful and laid-back beer gardens in town with an incredible view of the Rhine and sunset. The small self-service-hut serves nice wines, hot and cold drinks and small snacks Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 33 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BEETHOVEN Bistro pub with nice sunny terrace Ackerstraße 106 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

BISTRO ZICKE French bistro meets Berlin pub: decorated entirely with movie posters. Perfect for a delicious breakfast, coffee and cake or a glass of wine Bäckerstraße 5a 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

BRAUHAUS ALTER BAHNHOF The brewery offers homebrewed Alt with home-style cooking in the rustic dining room or outside under the chestnut trees Belsenplatz 2 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

CAFÉ À GOGO Cosy pub and live music venue with a nice terrace Schwerinstraße 15 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort CAFÉ FLORIAN A classic! Café and bistro with a cosy French atmosphere Nordstraße 56 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort CAFÉ KNÜLLE Evergreen: bistro-pub serving delicious coffee during the day and drinks in the evening Oberbilker Allee 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

GALERIE BURGHOF A classic: the Burghof has one of the most beautiful beer gardens in the city with a view of the Rhine right next to the old Kaiserpfalz and the historic city center of Kaiserswerth Burgallee 1 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth GEISSEL The cosy café-restaurant with wood paneling and cosy interior serves cakes and home-style cooking Aachener Straße 58 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk HAMMER BLICK A beer garden with a great view over the Rhine Fährstraße 253a 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hamm IM ALTEN BIERHAUSE – MEUSER German home-style cooking in a rustic atmosphere Alt-Niederkassel 75 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Niederkassel


STERNSCHNUPPE Gastro pub with GermanAustrian cuisine – one of the oldest in Pempelfort Sternstraße 2 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Sternschnuppe-dü

TANNENBAUM The newspaper-decorated restaurant with a rustic bar serves bistro dishes from all over the world Tannenstraße 3 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf TIGGES Student bar in the heart of Bilk directly at the Bilker train station. Delicious breakfast every Saturday and Sunday morning Brunnenstraße 1 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

AFRICAN CUISINE OKRA Vegetables, meat dishes and beer based on Ethiopian recipes in the restaurant with raffia mats and national colours Ackerstraße 119 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern PECKISH Rare gins from Namibia and South Africa, homemade savoury pies, changing bar food as well as unusual craft beer and many organic and natural wines Hüttenstraße 32 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt


YATANA Eritrean-Ethiopian restaurant Worringer Straße 67 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


CHI BAY Authentic Vietnamese with the highly recommended Pho soup Oberbilker Allee 176 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

AH-UN Yakiniku – the Japanese technique of cooking meat on a grill Hansaallee 246 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Lörick

CHINA RESTAURANT DSCHUNKE Canton specialties such as dim sum have been lovingly prepared here for over 20 years Charlottenstraße 59 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ALOHA POKE Fresh and healthy Hawaiian street food restaurant Friedensstraße 65 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

CHINESE SKEWER BAR Fancy Chinese restaurant for spicy skewers in many variations Dorotheenstraße 104 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ĂN BÁNH MÌ Delicious Vietnamese street food and sandwiches Ackerstraße 161 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Friedenstraße 65 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

COMBO Creative Asian delicacies and sushi Weseler Straße 35 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

BANG ME Bangin’ good food: fancy and super fresh Vietnamese “Banh mis” and bowls in a hyper-cool interior Graf-Adolf Straße 43 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BANH BOYO Pho soup and other Vietnamese street food, snacks and dishes Grafenberger Allee 51 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BIBIMCUP Korean rice dishes served in bowls and mandus Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

COOKING DAD Modern Chinese restaurant with a fantastic Peking Duck Birkenstraße 69 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern DEN Fancy sushi, wine and more. Also check out DEN HOME in Pempelfort and Unterbilk Hohenzollernallee 8d 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern DIM SUM GOURMET As the name suggests: Chinese dim sums and dumplings in all variations Brunnenstraße 13 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk DODO & JOJO Seoul Deli with Korean hot dogs and desserts Gerresheimer Straße 12 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte dodoandjojo_seouldeli


STEINI’S T-BAR Charming gastro pub with an exclusive selection of drinks, sophisticated vegan and vegetarian cuisine, 60 years of rock’n’roll and punk music plus an inviting outdoor terrace Kölner Tor 3 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim

DONG WU Modern Chinese cuisine, now with a new second location Kaiserstraße 29 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Oststraße 63 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte dongwu_chinese_kitchen DREI CHINESEN Hand-pulled Biang Biang noodles, Baos, Jiaozis and much more Bahnstraße 72 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte drei_chinesen_restaurant EASTERY Contemporary Asian food Talstraße 2a 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt EAT TOKYO Japanese food straight from London to THE DORF Immermannstraße 40 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte EINS ODER ACHT Tachinomiya or “Japanese standing bar” – great address for drinks and snacks Klosterstraße 53 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


FINANZÄMTCHE – POZANGMATCHA Korean kimchi, bibimbap and chicken wings in a former pub Oststraße 139 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte FU BY MEISTER WANG Modern and healthy Chinese cuisine Pionierstraße 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT Surprising modern Chinese cuisine in an extra­ordinary atmosphere Klosterstraße 38 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GUSAN Traditional Korean meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and sushi Stresemannstraße 31 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte HASHI Traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist Ackerstraße 182 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern HOKKAIDO KITCHEN ZERO-BANCHI Japanese Izakaya style restaurant by Kushi Tei of Tokyo Immermannstraße 34 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

ILHA FORMOSA Taiwanese “xiaochi” – special street food snacks straight from Taiwan Charlottenstraße 50 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ISHI FUSION SUSHI RESTAURANT Japanese fusion restaurant with a huge selection of Japanese dishes and sushi – a la carte or all you can eat! Hansaallee 165 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt KAGAYA Nice little Japanese restaurant, ideal for lunchtime Charlottenstraße 60 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte kagaya_dusseldorf KARAAGE MARUKIN Authentic Japanese snack bar for deep-fried chicken marinated in special marukin sauce Marienstraße 34 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte marukin-karaage KENNY’S KITCHEN Snack bar serving Japanese fried chicken Birkenstraße 72 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


KUSHI TEI OF TOKYO A classic: traditional Japanese grill restaurant Immermannstraße 38 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


NOODLE BAR Chinese noodles, handmade, with various sauces, fresh vegetables and a choice of tofu or meat Bilker Allee 56 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

HUTONG BISTRO Peking style noodles and authentic Chinese food Adersstraße 24 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

KYODAINA Sushi and poke bowls Lorettostraße 60 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

LÊVY Authentic vietnamese cuisine Hüttenstraße 47a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LITTLE LAMB DÜSSELDORF Very authentic Chinese hot pot restaurant Kölner Straße 14 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte MANDU Tasty little Korean snack bar Eisenstraße 88 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk NAGAYA Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Klosterstraße 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NAGOMI Nagomi stands for inner peace and balance – that’s how you feel after this delicious authentic Japanese cuisine Bismarckstraße 53 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte NA NI WA Longest queue for one of the best ramen soups in town. Vis-a-vis: Na Ni Wa’s cool sushi restaurant Oststraße 55 ∙ Klosterstraße 68a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

PHOX Superfancy Vietnamese restaurant specialised in Pho soup – one of the best in town! Stresemannstraße 32 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte QUÊ Family-run restaurant with popular but also regional delicacies from Central Vietnam Grafenberger Allee 149 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern RESTAURANT SEOUL Traditional cuisine of the western and eastern regions of South Korea Klosterstraße 45 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

RIKA Ramen, teriyaki, gyoza and more Gehrtsstraße 16 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Grafenberg ROKU Japanese wining and dining by Mr. Nagaya himself Schwerinstraße 34 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ROTE LATERNE Meat, fish and soups from the Chinese Lanzhou region Kurfürstenstraße 29 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

NARUMI SUSHI Sushi, bowls and seafood. Takeaway and delivery-service Hüttenstraße 83 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt


YABASE Superior, chic and authentic Japanese cuisine – one of the very best Klosterstraße 70 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

SABI & GARI Truly special variations of Japanese sushi including delicious maki, inside-out-rolls, sashimi and more Luegallee 13 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

SCARAMANGA’S Diverse Vietnamese “tapas” and dishes Oberbilker Allee 31 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt SHINJU SUSHI & GRILL Sushi and Asian kitchen Fürstenwall 120 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SILA THAI Fancy traditional Thairestaurant – a real classic! Bahnstraße 76 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SOBA AN Unique Japanese homemade buckwheat “soba” noodle dishes Klosterstraße 68 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SULBAM KOREAN PUB Authentic Korean pub with great Tteokbokki, established in 2021 Bismarckstraße 37 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte sulbamduesseldorf SUMI Sophisticated Japanese cuisine and Izakaya in a cool interior Schinkelstraße 28 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


YAKI THE EMON Japanese Teppan grill restaurant with a huge selection of sake and cocktails Klosterstraße 72 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


SAKURAGIYA RAMEN Authentic Japanese ramen straight from Akita, Japan Luegallee 118 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

TAKEZO Very good Japanese ramen bar with homemade noodles Immermannstraße 48 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TAKOYAKI TEPPACHI Toyko street food festival style cuisine – coming soon Immermannstraße 30 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte takoyaki.teppachi TAKUMI Homemade Japanese ramen soups and gyozas. Now also available in the me and all hotel rooftop bar Immermannstraße 28 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Oststraße 51 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Lorettostraße 2 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

TAM TAM Vietnamese culinary cuisine offers healthy and exotic Southeast Asian specialties Ackerstraße 88 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

YOGI Korean restaurant with deepfried dishes, noodle dishes, boiled dishes and many more Grupellostraße 5 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

THE ROOF Innovative Asian Fusion and Nikkei inspired cuisine on the 6th floor of the b’mine hotel Höherweg 90 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern hotel-duesseldorf/the-roof

YOSHI BY NAGAYA Michelin-starred, Japanese cuisine at the highest level Kreuzstraße 17 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte yoshi_by_nagaya

THREE KINGDOMS Superauthentic Chinese restaurant Stresemannstraße 4 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte TOKYO RAMEN TAKEICHI Authentic Japanese ramen Immermannstraße 18 Bismarckstraße 67 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TAKUMI TANTAN Spicy red and white Tantanmen ramen soup Immermannstraße 32 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TONKATSU GONTA Specialised in the fine art of preparing Japanese pork schnitzel – the Tonkatsu Immermannstraße 28 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

TAKUMI CHICKEN & VEGGIE Delicious veggie and chicken ramen and other dishes Klosterstraße 72 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

UMAIMON It’s Japanese and means “tasty” – and that’s what the chicken ramen and other dishes are Hansaallee 244 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Lörick

FRENCH CUISINE & BISTRO FOOD BISTRO ERMINIG Authentic Breton crêpes, galettes, cidre, croissants and lots more Mutter-Ey-Straße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BISTRO FATAL French cuisine de saison and natural organic wines Hermannstraße 29 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


CAFÉ DE BRETAGNE Bistro serving authentic French seafood and Breton specialties Benrather Straße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt CHEZ CLAUDE French bistro cuisine in super cosy and enchanted backyard atmosphere Wiesenstraße 32 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt CHEZ LIO Breton bistro at Barbarossa­platz from the makers of Restaurant Hülsmann serving French food and international wines Wiesenstraße 32 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel JANOT’S BAR BISTRO    French bistro-café with coffee, a fine selection of wines and exquisite food. Plus: a beautiful large terrace! Flurstraße 74 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern ROBERT. It’s a classic: Authentic French brasserie with a beautiful view directly on the Rhine, founded by Robert Hülsmann Rathausufer 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt LE FLAIR Sophisticated Michelin-starred cuisine – good value for money Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PARLIN The best from Paris and Berlin Altestadt 12 – 14 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


ROCAILLE Charming bistro in the middle of Derendorf serving great wines, cheese and patisserie Weißenburgstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf REINHARDT'S RESTAURANT Fine interpretations of classic brasserie dishes with a modern crossover influences from around the world Schloßstraße 82 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

THE DUCHY French brasserie cuisine with regional influences located at Breidenbacher Hof hotel Königsallee 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte THE PARIS CLUB With a spectacular view over Düsseldorf on the 16th and 17th floor of the 25Hours Hotel Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

GEORGIAN CUISINE PEPELLA Cool Georgian cuisine Augustastraße 30 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort SO RE Georgian dishes and wines with German influences. Nice terrace in the heart of Flingern Hoffeldstraße 37 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

ITALIAN CUISINE TAVERNAKI Classic Greek cuisine Tannenstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf TAVERNA IRODION Authentic Greek specialties since 1997 Flurstraße 34 ∙ Flingern 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

TAVERNA ELEON “Mezedopolio” – Meze only! Eleon serves reinterpreted classics of the GreekMediterranean cuisine in Meze-size for sharing Kaiserswerther Straße 17 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort TAVERNE PEGASOS Since 1979 an absolute classic serving traditional Greek dishes Kirchfeldstraße 50 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk TAVERNE SAVAS Exuberant Greek atmosphere with authentic food until 3 am every day Heresbachstraße 21 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk

AMUNI Wine and cheese bar with Sicilian specialities Liefergasse 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt amuni_duesseldorf A TAVOLA Cosy Italian restaurant with a sophisticated cuisine made from seasonal produce Wallstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ALDO GENOVESE Traditional Italian restaurant offering fine pasta and wine Schirmerstraße 17 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort AURORA & VITO’S SÜSSHOLZ PIZZERIA Authentic Neapolitan pizza, antipasti, salads and sweets in a colourful ambience Sommersstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

ANTICHI SAPORI Very traditional Italian trattoria, next to Su Nuraghe Am Wehrhahn 71 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


BRASSERIE HÜLSMANN Traditional French brasserie in the heart of Oberkassel Belsenstraße 1 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

GREEK CUISINE ASKITIS GREEK CUISINE Sophisticated Greek restaurant with classy fish and meat dishes Herderstraße 73 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal


MENTA Plain and simple pizza, pasta and wines by Gino Lorettostraße 25 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

DA NOI Wood-fired pizza with lots of amore and creamy Fior-di-Latte-Mozzarella. In addition to the classic pizzas, gluten-free pizza and pasta are an integral part of the menu Graf-Adolf-Straße 25 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Urdenbacher Dorfstraße 2 40593 Düsseldorf ∙ Urdenbach DEVONA Beautifully decorated, tiny restaurant with a sophisticated Italian cuisine Schwerinstraße 13 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort GALLO NERO Classic trattoria and wine-trade since 1998 Binterimstraße 27 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk LINGUINI Fancy Italian cuisine and a top wine selection Rochusstraße 44 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


OLIO E POMODORO Small Italian neighbourhood restaurant Bruchstraße 64a 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern OSTERIA EMILIA Italian cuisine in a cute little restaurant with a beautiful ambience Alt-Niederkassel 32 40547 Düsseldorf ∙ Niederkassel OSTERIA MOSSIMO MILANO Very special and ultra-thin pizzas. Delicious! Düsselthaler Straße 22 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PITTI Upscale Italian restaurant in the Andreas Quartier Mühlenstraße 34 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

RIGATONI & RIESLING Fresh pasta and wine Hansaallee 321 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt

PIZZERIA PESTO – DA FABIO Only Italy is more Italian Pionierstraße 54 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

RISTORANTE ADESSO Italian cuisine with emphasis on seasonal and regional products Oberkasseler Straße 65 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

PIZZERIA PINOCCHIO One of our favourite authentic Italian pizza restaurants Altestadt 14 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt PIZZERIA ROMANTICA Rattoballi’s traditional family pizza from Palermo since 1921 Düsselthaler Straße 48 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Moltkestraße 117 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PRIMITIVO Seasonal cuisine with influences from all over the world Mauerstraße 7 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

RISTORANTE L’ARTE IN CUCINA One of the top Italian restaurants with original Tuscan cuisine Gerricusplatz 6 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim SAN LEO A classic! No pizza, but excellent pasta, fish and meat dishes, one of the best Italian restaurants in town Wallstraße 31 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt SI MANZELLA TRATTORIA Authentic Sicilian food and wine Sophienstraße 16 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath SU NURAGHE An institution and one of the best Italian takeaways in town Am Wehrhahn 69 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Schloßstraße 2 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

PRINCIPALE PIZZABAR Bere – mangiare – parlare Lindenstraße 66 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern principale.pizzabar

TRATTORIA CARISSIMA Classy Italian trattoria since 1987 Luegallee 17 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

PIZZERIA MAURIZIO Italian food à la mamma! Collenbachstraße 3 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


CASA LUIGI TRATTORIA Fine Italian cuisine since 1997 with a fantastic view on the Mediterranean terrace in the inner courtyard Hohe Straße 33 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

NINEOFIVE Fancy Neapolitan pizzas, excellent wines and craft beers Ackerstraße 181 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Moltkestraße 108 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

PIZZERIA CENERENTOLA “il piccolo italiano” – says it all! Kaiserswerther Straße 8 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

TRATTORIA EMILIANA Pizza, pasta and vino on traditional red and white checkered tablecloths. Like! Adlerstraße 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



TRATTORIA POSITANO Pure Italy! Authentic Medi­ terranean cuisine from the Costiera Amalfitana since 1990 Freiligrathstraße 36 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

VITALE LA CUCINA Micro restaurant, beautifully decorated with mirrors, crystal chandeliers and simple wooden furniture. Delicious Italian cuisine Ackerstraße 168b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern ZERO GRADI From Unterbilk to Pempelfort: The new Zero Gradi offers coffee specialities and ciabattas during the day plus pizza, bruschetta and vino at nights Wielandstraße 54 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

ORIENTAL & INDIAN CUISINE ALAGHA One of the best Arabic snack bars in Düsseldorf Kapuzinergasse 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ARABESQ Oriental delicacies from 1001 Nights Ludenberger Straße 1 – 1a 40629 Düsseldorf ∙ Grafenberg BONA’ME Kurdish-Turkish cuisine with oriental influences – fancy dishes freshly prepared in the open kitchen Kasernenstraße 39 – 49 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt




TRATTORIA VIA APPIA Uncomplicated and light Italian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere Flügelstraße 56 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk

MALINAS Polish cuisine with delicious pierogies Tannenstraße 31 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

BYBLOS Big traditional Lebanese restaurant – superdelicious Markenstraße 9 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk DIE KURVE Israeli-Mediterranean specialties Goebenstraße 18 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort EAT DOORI Authentic and modern Indian cuisine and streetfood in a cool industrial ambience Immermannstraße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte LA GRILLADINE Insider tip: Moroccan BBQ kitchen and tajine – so good Dreieckstraße 26 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk LEZIZEL MANTI Original Turkish dumplings, prepared according to a family recipe Neustraße 38 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt lezizel_duesseldorf JAIPUR PRIME Authentic Indian restaurant Alexanderstraße 35 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

KIRTI’S DHABA Authentic Indian cuisine Düsselthaler Straße 1a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort LAYALI Arabic specialities and vegetarian dishes Moltkestraße 120 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Brunnenstraße 43 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk Lorettostraße 18 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk LIBANON RESTAURANT Lebanese speciality restaurant and snack bar next door Berger Straße 19 – 21 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt RESTAURANT SAFRAN Persian Restaurant and offers grilled meats, meze platters and spiced curries Pempelforter Straße 45 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

20GRAD RESTOBAR Original Majorcan tapas and specialties by the Spanish, Michelin-starred chef Macarena de Castro Mutter-Ey-Platz 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BARRIL FADO & TANGO Portugal meets Argentina – codfish meets steak! Friedenstraße 2a 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk CAFÉ LUSO Fish and meat straight from Portugal An der Icklack 2 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern CASITA MEXICANA Young Mexican cuisine based on mama’s recipes 4 restaurants, all addresses at CAVE TAPAS Typical Portuguese tapas bar Erkrather Straße 218b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

SANNIN Small but mighty: excellent Lebanese cuisine Kölner Straße 61 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


CLUBE PORTUGUÊS A classic! One of the oldest traditional Portuguese restaurants in town with a cosy atmosphere Erkrather Straße 197 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

FRIDA TAPASBAR Vibrant, colourful Mexican-style restaurant offering breakfast, Mediterranean food and tapas Bilker Allee 4 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk RESTAURANT FRANGO PORTUGUÊS Huge Portuguese restaurant with beautifully decorated interior and a big sun terrace Erkrather Straße 224 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LA TABERNA ESPANOLA Spanish tapas restaurant and bar in the heart of Pempelfort Wielandstraße 37 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort LOS CHICOS Short vacation in Spain including tapas and authentic cooking, live music on Fridays Andreasstraße 7 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt LUNITAS Latin American ambience and cuisine with a huge choice of delicious empanadas! Ulmenstraße 18 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf



EL LAZO Located at “party mile” Bolker Straße, El Lazo offers one of the best steaks in town plus great Spanish wines and dishes! Bolkerstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ellazoduesseldorf

GRÜNKIEZ 100 % vegan street food truck and offers seasonal salads and vegan hot dogs Rochusmarkt 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

SECRETO – TAPAS & VINO Spanish homemade tapas and selected wines Goebenstraße 2 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

HEALTHY FOOD BEETS & ROOTS Wraps, salads, bowls and more – seasonal and healthy food Immermannstraße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BIRDIE & CO. Deli café and healthy food Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Bagelstraße 130 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Mittelstraße 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Kaiserswerther Straße 228 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim FRUCHT & GENUSS Delicacies, fruits and lunch Stresemannstraße 29 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte GREENTREES THE JUICERY Australian way of life with delicious superfood and smoothie bowls Münsterstraße 149 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf Lorettostraße 54 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

HIN UND WEG Carlsplatz booth offering healthy and creative salad variations and snacks Carlsplatz 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt hinundweg_salate HULALA 100 % plant-based burgers, crispy fries and salads Carlsplatz 24 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt KATE’S DELI Health food deli and café Duisburger Straße 90 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

LAURA’S DELI Healthy and clean food in one of the coolest interiors Carlsplatz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt MAKE. Healthy bowls and salads plus soups and sweets for pick-up and delivery Friedrichstraße 20 – 22 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

OAKBERRY Purely natural, vegan açaí bowls with delicious toppings Kapuzinergasse 8 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt PURE NOTE Regional organic fruits and vegetables, vegan and vegetarian food and homemade cakes Brunnenstraße 30 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk SATTGRÜN Vegan restaurant and café 3x in Düsseldorf, all addresses at SHARI’S KITCHEN Fresh vegetarian and vegan menu Collenbachstraße 41 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf shariskitchen_ddorf SHUN’S VENTO BOX Vegan bento box with japanese specialities – currently only pop-up, catering or delivery shuns_vento_box SWING KITCHEN (coming soon) New in town. Vegan and sustainable burger restaurant chain Marktstraße 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt To1980 VEGAN Vietnamese vegan kitchen in the heart of the Japanese quarter in Düsseldorf Immermannstraße 46 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Collenbachstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort URBAN GORILLAS Go vegan: vegan burgers, wraps, bowls, dips and sweets Oberbilker Allee 23 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt


A & C FEINKOST A wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and Turkish delicatessen Stockkampstraße 56 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BÄCKEREI BULLE Young artisan bakery – and already one of the very best in town Birkenstraße 55 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Oststraße 113 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BÄCKEREI HINKEL One of Düsseldorf ’s most traditional and delicious bakeries Mittelstraße 25 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Hohe Straße 31 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt BACKBRÜDER Gluten-free organic baked goods Duisburger Straße 50 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BERNSTEIN & INBAR Lunch and breakfast bistro and international fine foods in beautiful surroundings Lorettostraße 16 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk BIG-B THE BROWNIE BAKERY Big-B specialises in making American brownies and is a chocolatey delight Lorettostraße 6 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


CHEZ OLIVIER French natural and organic wines and delicacies straight from the producer Hermannstraße 34 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern FEINISA Cheese, oil, pasta, wines, sweets, coffee and more – this cute little bistro and takeaway is all organic! Moltkestraße 95 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort FRESH ASIA Asian food and grocery with own café Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 20 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte FROMAGERIE Cheese from all over the world and French delicacies Lorettostraße 43 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

GEWÜRZHAUS It’s all about Düsseldorf mustard and spices! Kapuzinergasse 16 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt GHORBAN “Fine food manufactory” Heinrich Heine Allee 17/ Neustraße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt KOCHDICHTÜRKISCH Turkish cooking school and fine Turkish delicacies, available in store and online Flurstraße 5 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern KIM PHI ASIA FOOD Asia wholesale market with Vietnamese street food on Saturdays Höherweg 313 40231 Düsseldorf ∙ Lierenfeld LAIKON Fine Greek foods and roasted nuts Brunnenstraße 20 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk KLAPDOHR DELIKATESSEN Homemade delicacies in Oberkassel to go plus catering and cooking classes Lanker Straße 2 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

LETTINIS Italian wine and delicacies Jahnstraße 36 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt L’ODORINO Fresh from Bella Italia to Unterbilk: cheese and sausage products, antipasti, wines, dolci and much more Bilker Allee 74 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk MANDELBRENNEREI GAGLIARDI Long-established Düsseldorf company offering roasted almonds Kapuzinergasse 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt MERCADO TROPICAL Large selection of food, drinks, beer, rum, cachaca, tequila and other spirits from Latin America Münsterstraße 7 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort NATURBURSCHEN FLINGERN Organic groceries plus regular wine, gin and champagne tastings Birkenstraße 129 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern NIK THE GREEK Greek food paradise! Fresh fish and many Greek specialties inclucing a large selection of wine and ouzo Heesenstraße 90 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt PASTA FRESCA Fresh pasta, homemade with great passion and according to original recipes Glockenstraße 14 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf



CARLSPLATZ Traditional market with more than 60 stalls and a huge selection of exotic fruits and regional vegetables, fresh fish, meat and poultry, oven-fresh bread and pastries, cheese and a diverse range of delicacies, sweets and coffee specialties as well as a grand selection of flowers and plants Carlsplatz 26 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


PIPCO’S WEIN COMPILATION A playlist from a huge selection of various wines Helmholtzstraße 28 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

TISCHDAME Fine delicacies and “petite fromagerie” Blücherstraße 1 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

PIPOS WEINBUDE Wine shop and tasting bar, specialised in Austrian wines Kronprinzenstraße 106 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

VINO TINTO & FRIENDS A super-nice selection of modern wines from all over the world of plus spirits, IPAs and craft beer Bagelstraße 124 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

SOMMELERIE Handcrafted wines from traditional producers or emerging young talents Bürgerstraße 28 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SPANISCHER GARTEN A huge selection of Spanish groceries, wines and delicacies Fichtenstraße 74 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern TASTE GREECE Greek delicacies such as wine, olives and oil Volmerswerther Straße 21 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk


TERRA MIA Delicatessen and delicious Italian specialities Lindenstraße 90 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern terra_mia_feinkost

WEINFORCE May the force be with you: one of our favourite wine dealers Himmelgeister Straße 70 40225 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk WEINGARAGE Tiny wine shop in a garage Stockumer Kirchstraße 17 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Stockum

TAKEAWAY & SNACK BAR AKROPOLIS Legendary Greek takeaway in Oberkassel – always crowded Dominikanerstraße 8 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel ATHOS GRILL Traditional Greek takeaway for over 30 years Grafenberger Allee 43 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

LUPO Old town classic, perfect for a late-night pizza Bolkerstraße 52 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

CEMO Turkish restaurant known for its vegetarian appetizer plate, pizza and has almost cult status Bilker Allee 178 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt ESSBAR ZWO Small hut in an industrial area with Mediterranean cuisine Höher Weg 252 40231 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern FRITTENWERK Snack classics meet varied street food creations from all over the world. Try the legendary “Poutine” 3x in Düsseldorf, all addresses at GRILLHOUSE 56 Tasty Greek grill specialties, delicious salads and other Greek dishes for takeaway or delivery Bismarckstraße 56 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

SATTUNI Modern, healthy Arabic oriental bowls and more Johannstraße 40 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf SCHWEINE JANES Famous rotisserie grill on Bolkerstraße since 1970. Try the legendary “Schweinebrötchen” (pork bun) Bolkerstraße 13 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt SHAWARMA CITY Cult address for Arabic fast food Oststraße 153 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte SMOKE BBQ Original American smokehouse with first-class low and slow BBQ Mündelheimer Weg 31 40472 Düsseldorf ∙ Lichtenbroich

HAM HAM BEI JOSEF Since 1961: original “Schweins­ haxe” (knuckle of pork) and grilled dishes in the heart of the Düsseldorf old town Kurze Straße 5 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt IZMIR KEBAP HAUS Food around the clock and always crowded: Turkish diner serving yummy food all night long Worringer Platz 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte




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Stefania Lettini – Lettinis

AMORE PER GUSTO Lettinis at Jahnstraße 36 is nothing less than a declaration of love for Italy. Since 2005, the charming half-Italian Stefania Lettini and her team have been paying homage to the dolce vita and its many pleasures here. From this autumn, with her first cookbook “Amore per Gusto”, you can take the sweet life home with you. TEXT MIRIAM BACKHAUS






tefania herself was born in Rome. Her father comes from Puglia, her mother from Germany. Her parents met and fell in love in Rome, where her father worked as a policeman and her mother as an interpreter. When Stefania was seven years old, the family came to Düsseldorf. Since then, two hearts have been beating in her chest: the Italian one – for Puglia – and the German one – for Düsseldorf. Her entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age – at 14 she was already selling bread rolls in her neighbourhood. At 16, she went to Oklahoma for a year on an exchange programme. She was supposed to change families every three months, but due to a lack of opportunities, she only stayed with one family for the whole year. According to Stefania, this further sharpened her entrepreneurial spirit. At her parents’ request, she came back to Düsseldorf after the one year, did her Abitur and studied business administration. Even at that point, however, she was already missing the warmth here in Germany in both senses of the word – the weather and the warmth of people. She spent her summers with her family in Puglia. She wanted to unite the warmth


she had absorbed there under one roof in Düsseldorf in a kind of “Italian centre”: language, culture, travel, the best food and drinks … With a bit of luck, she found the current Lettinis premises online, at that time an old print shop that had been empty and run-down for some time. Visited, fell in love and with the support of family and friends, the Bella Vita was brought to life here. Cookbooks can be found scattered all over the shop, and Stefania’s old children’s piano has also found its place here. Between the colourful furnishings, the big fig tree, and the olive trees in front of the shop, you can already get very close to the feeling of your last holiday in Italy. Everything is accessible, conveying a feeling of home. Despite the somewhat remote location, she was sure even then that her vision would lead to success and the principle of recommendation has not disappointed her. It is not for nothing that she raves about her customers and the interaction she has with them, for example at the “tasting Saturdays” that take place once a month. And beyond that – Lettinis is meant to be a place where customers can enjoy both the physical and interpersonal aspects of the culinary experience. Apart from events, this platform is open to everyone, in keeping with the motto “bring your own sunshine”.


FOCACCIA BARESE 350 g wheat flour 280 g ground durum wheat semolina (semola rimacinata) 350 ml water (if the dough is too dry, keep up to 40 ml in reserve) 15 g salt 2 tbsp olive oil 1 cooked, lukewarm potato (raw approx. 150 g) 5 g sugar 7 g dry yeast (or 20 g fresh yeast) Lots of extra virgin olive oil from Puglia n.b. 1 jar of Peranzane olives (or other aromatic olives) 550 g aromatic tomatoes (or Lettinis Spaccatelle) GARNISH

dried oregano, salt flakes and a little more olive oil to finish off


Mix the yeast with the sugar and 1 tbsp lukewarm water. Mash the lukewarm potato with 2 tbsp olive oil with a fork. Mix the flour, semolina, mashed potato, yeast and first 250 ml water for one minute on low. Then add the salt and another 100 ml of water and knead (leave to knead) the dough on a lower speed for eight minutes. Take out and divide the dough into two parts. Don’t be surprised, the dough remains relatively soft. Grease a baking tray with three tbsp olive oil and place the dough on it and leave to rise in a warm place for two hours. After it has risen, transfer the dough to two baking tins, which have also been greased with at least two tbsp of olive oil beforehand. Then, with oiled fingers, press the dough lovingly into the mould. Open the tomatoes with your fingers and press them in with the juice, one piece at a time. Optionally, press in the olives and top each with two to three giri d’olio. Cover with aluminium foil and bake in a preheated oven at 250° top/bottom heat for 20 minutes. Then remove the aluminium foil and bake for another 5-10 minutes. Add oregano, salt flakes and olive oil if desired! Serve while booking the next flight to Bari... Buona Focaccia – Buona Puglia!

“In the old town of Bari, there is really no place where you can’t eat good focaccia. The smell is everywhere and it’s really hard to resist. My favourite focacceria in Bari is called ‘Fiore’, you should definitely plan a trip there.”


It all started with small wine tastings where customers and guests could learn a lot about the products. For Stefania, the most important thing is that the products taste good, are handmade and have their own story. A product should be more than just functional, it should inspire from the very first glance and and create lasting satisfaction after consumption – it should simply make you happy all round. She is particularly proud of her tomatoes, which have been awarded Product of the Year 2018. Together with her producers, she has already further developed further variations based on customer suggestions. She also uses her personal preferences to create unique products. For example, a caramel chocolate with almonds, Filippo Cea, from Puglia and Maldon salt flakes. Her “Cioccolato al Caramel, Mandorle e Fiocchi di Sale” brings a smile to the face. As happy as Stefania was already with the products, however, the packaging still didn’t do them justice. So, she pragmatically founded her own brand. The products are still made by special producers, the so-called “Genusshelden”, to whom she gives space in all commu-


nication channels in a very transparent way. She then sells the finished products, which are imported exclusively from Italy, to other carefully selected delicatessens in Germany under her Lettinis brand. The fact that the gourmet has a passion for excellent products and good food has not escaped the attention of television station ZDF, and so for several years now she has been delighting viewers with her authentic cooking philosophy, her expertise in Italian delicatessen and her simply delicious recipes. This includes her “Ragù alla Bolognese”, which she always prepares with milk. Add equal parts of tomatoes and milk and then simmer for at least four hours, she reveals. Good food can be that simple and provide real enjoyment. This also motivated her current publisher to pick up the phone immediately and make Stefania an offer for a cookbook. A good 18 months later, every recipe in the book was lovingly cooked, tasted and photographed by Stefania herself – “Amore per Gusto” is simply 100% Stefania Lettini and is intended to be “100% lived enjoyment”. That enjoyment can and should not should not solely be found in the food quickly becomes clear when you take a closer look at the products in her shop.


smile. It reminds her of her grandma, who always prepared handmade orecchiette with tomatoes, good olive oil and basil for the whole family, beautiful weather and tomato fields as far as the eye can see … However, until the next trip to a small house in Puglia by the sea, the time can be sweetened with the fantastic products and the authentically simple recipes by Stefania. “Amore per Gusto” can turn a moment of memory into a moment of full pleasure and love. With this in mind: Ciao e a presto da Lettinis!




If you hold one of Stefania’s favourite products – Spaccatelle – in your hand, you will see a QR code that you should definitely scan. The result is a Google Map of the product’s region of origin with lots of insider tips such as restaurants, wineries, accommodation, and unusual stretches of countryside. Unforgettable stays are thus guaranteed. However, since the next holiday is not always just around the corner, the QR codes are also placed in the cookbook, which explores with the different regions of Italy. In addition to a delicious collection of recipes, it is also a travel guide that is constantly evolving and tells interesting background stories about the producers and celebrates the appreciation of the craft. Little tips and tricks are also not to be missed. The “pasta water trick” stands out in particular. Here, a few ladles of water are skimmed off towards the end of the pasta cooking time and added to the sauce. The starch released in the pasta water simply perfects the pasta sauce. As a finishing touch for any dish, Stefania recommends “un Filo d’Olio” – a “string” of olive oil. This also applies to her absolute favourite dish: “Pasta al Pomodoro” with a tomato sauce in which the tomatoes still really taste like tomatoes. “I’ll leave anything for that,” she says with a

“Amore per Gusto” is published by Heel Verlag, costs 35 € and is available at and in bookshops.


“For me, this is the quintessence of pasta happiness –Pasta al Pomodoro. So simple and so banal, this is the dish that means pure pasta happiness for me. True to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who said ‘perfection is achieved when nothing more can be taken away’. Really good ingredients chosen with amore, slowly cooked with lots of time and then combined in a dish that just makes me so happy.”

SPAGHETTI AL POMODORO 500 g quality spaghetti (preferably from a traditional factory with a long drying time and a rough surface) 100 ml of aromatic extra virgin olive oil + 20 ml extra for seasoning 1 clove of garlic 10 g salt 550 g high-quality cherry tomatoes in salsa, passata or peeled tomatoes (please make sure they are of high quality) Fresh basil to taste – finely chopped 100 g freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano DOP



Heat 100 ml of olive oil in a large pot and sauté the halved garlic clove. Now add the tomatoes and slowly reduce the sauce over a low heat. Let it simmer for 30-45 minutes. Stir from time to time until the quantity has halved. Now put on the pasta water, salt it sufficiently and cook the pasta in it until al dente. At the end of cooking, take out two ladles of the pasta water and set aside. Add another ladle of pasta water to the pot with the tomato sauce and stir in the basil while you increase the heat slightly. Stir well. Drain the pasta and add it to the pot with the sugo, stir everything well until each spaghetti is covered with tomato sauce. If the pasta is a little too dry, help it with some of the pasta water. Finish with fresh olive oil and serve immediately. Sprinkle with Parmigiano if desired and enjoy warm! Buona Spaghettata, Buona Campagna!


Mila the Vegan

Pulled pork, roast beef, calamari and crab sushi rolls … but make it vegan! For Miki Furue aka “Mila the vegan”, this is an easy task. The vegan chef and content creator has mastered the art of turning meat– and fish–based dishes into mouth– watering recipes that use only fruits and vegetables. Born in Fukuoka, Japan, Mila left her job and moved to Düsseldorf in 2018, where she started to experiment with vegan eating and cooking in her free time after work. After stints in various restaurants in Europe, she launched her own catering service, online cooking courses, and social media platforms, with current followers of more than 50,000. If Mila’s story tells us one thing, it is that hard work and passion go a long way – oh, and also that vegan food is more versatile and easily prepared than you think!

Why did you go vegan? Once I settled in Düsseldorf, I met many people who follow a plant–based diet. In Japan, my contact points with vegetarianism and veganism were limited. As a food lover and cooking nerd, I got curious and wondered: What is this food like? One day I simply tried it out. The outcome, vegan meatballs, was pretty awful (laughs). The morning after my first vegan try-out, there was a difference in my body. I felt lighter and hungry as if there was no leftover food in my system. I wanted to make sure this feeling was real and not imagined. Through trial and error, I realised that meat gives me a hangover-like feeling. So I decided to stick with vegetables. How do you develop your mouth-watering recipes? I like to bring meaty vegan ideas to life. Many people like the chewy texture or slightly burnt flavour associated with meat. I try to incorporate these characteristics into my recipes. I also love to entertain people. To create fun eating experiences, I present surprising combi­ nations like tofu chicken, jackfruit fish and chips, or watermelon tuna. What is the most popular dish among your audience? My bestseller among carnivores especially is vegan crab sushi rolls. How do you keep your 50,000 followers on social media hooked? The majority of my followers are not vegan and they appreciate my focus on meat– and fish–like recipes. People have also commented positively on how nerdy and creative I am when it comes to cooking vegan. I try to be open, honest, and vulnerable with my followers.


When I am anxious before a big catering job or excited about travelling for work, I share my feelings and the details of what I experienced. At the moment, I am taking my followers on a trip to Japan, where I am working on a big project with a team of chefs I put together. What are the differences in how people perceive a vegetarian and vegan diet or lifestyle in Germany and Japan? Although nowadays many Japanese people have come across the word ‘vegan’, the majority has not fully accepted this new food culture. It is a common belief that vegans harass others on the street with slaughter videos. The Japanese media especially propagates this distorted image of vegans. My mission is to make vegan cooking convenient, fun, and delicious. What would be your last meal? My mom’s food because I am currently at home in Japan. She could cook whatever she likes and I would simply remove the meaty parts. Like a child who hates vegetables, but the other way around. My sister prefers meat over vegetables … win–win. Luckily, the typical traditional Japanese dinner includes a variety of dishes, so my last meal would offer different tastes. If I am feeling up to it, I may even take some vegan food inspiration from meat products. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? What are your favourite vegan hotspots in Düsseldorf? Pepella, a Georgian restaurant. It is not fully vegan but there are many plant–based dishes to choose from. Their colourful appetisers are amazing! READ THE WHOLE STORY ON THEDORF.DE



AGE 35










Coffee and friends make the perfect blend: it’s a good thing that most cafés manage without catchy coffee slogans, but instead offer creative new concepts, in-house roasting or high-quality speciality coffees. Homemade cakes, pastries and savoury treats round off Düsseldorf ’s diverse scene for coffee lovers. There are plenty of places to discover in the various districts — we highly recommend it. OUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE

COFFEE ROASTERIES BAZZAR CAFFÉ Renowned café and coffee roastery in the heart of the old town, to see and to be seen Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt CARL FERDINAND RÖSTFABRIK Coffee roastery with a nice selection of cakes on the weekends Düsselthaler Straße 39 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort COPENHAGEN COFFEE LAB Scandinavian café with amazing coffee, bread and sweets straight from Copenhagen Carlsplatz 20 – 21 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Berliner Allee 29 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Luegallee 136 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel Frankenstraße 41 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf


DIE KAFFEE Small coffee roasting house, also offering coffee workshops by Olga Sabristova Schwerinstraße 23 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort KAFFEEHANDWERK Cool café offering self-roasted coffee, delicious sandwiches and cakes Birkenstraße 127 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Kaiserswerther Straße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

KYTO CAFÉ Specialty coffee, unique sandwiches and delicious sweets Am Wehrhahn 42 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte LIGHTROAST Micro roastery – enjoy sweets and coffee specialties in a very unique backyard place on Saturdays and Sundays Hoffeldstraße 104 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern CAFÉ NIKAN High quality coffee plus cakes, bagels, paninis and focaccias Rethelstraße 98 – 100 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal ROASTED KAFFEEBAR Modern coffee creations as well as popular classics Moltkestraße 75 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort roastedduesseldorf

RÖSTEREI VIER Great crew, great music, great coffee! Marktplatz 12 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Wallstraße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Immermannstraße 23 @ meandall Hotel 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte RÖSTMEISTER Small cosy café decorated in an industrial style Quirinstraße 1a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel KAFFEERÖSTEREI RÖSTZEIT Enjoy home-roasted coffees and homemade cakes in the café with dark wooden furniture and a relaxed atmosphere Oststraße 115 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Moorenstraße 68 40225 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk SCHVARZ Düsseldorf micro roaster with its own café in a superurban ambience Ronsdorfer Straße 74, Halle 31 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

PURE COFFEE BY KAFFEEREICH Specialty coffee stand in the middle of Düsseldorf ’s market Carlsplatz Carlsplatz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt KAFFEESCHMIEDE Modern micro-roastery based which also offers regular coffee seminars Belsenstraße 11 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel



KIOKI CAFÉ Minimalistic coffee roastery with focus on handmade cheesecakes Wagnerstraße 3 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte kiokicoffeeroasters


CAFÉS & DELIS ANNEGRETE Delicious cakes and sandwiches, coffee by Rösterei Vier Benderstraße 84 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim BARISTAREI Coffee house serving delicious homemade cakes Aachener Straße 202 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk BARISSIMO New specialty coffee café next to the HSD university Rather Straße 34 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf BAKERS Cute café in the heart of Heerdt named after Josephine Baker Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz 26 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt BBLO Beautiful Korean sweets and cakes Blücherstraße 3 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort


BIRDIE & CO. Specialty coffee bar and deli with great cakes and healthy food Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Bagelstraße 130 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort Mittelstraße 6 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt Kaiserswerther Straße 228 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim BRUNO DIE BULLDOGGE The bulldog who loves coffee: small but super nice take away coffee shop with a great selection of different coffees Jacobistraße 22 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte brunodiebulldogge BULLE BISTRO Young artisan bakery Bulle’s beautiful café at Philara art collection Birkenstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern CAFÉ CHILLKRÖTE Cosy, family-run restaurant with delicious breakfast, varied lunch menu, coffee and homemade cakes in the afternoon; Apéro bar in the evening. Viersener Straße 34 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt COCO CAFÉ Korean coffee, colourful cakes and drinks Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 10 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte cococafe_duesseldorf CØFFE Nordic-inspired coffee specialties and a small selection of sweets in a former drugstore Benrather Straße 6b 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


WOYTON Small local coffee chain serving sandwiches, bagels and sweets, also for takeaway Schadowplatz 16 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hunsrückenstraße 40 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

COVENT GARDEN Great coffee, fresh homemade cakes, cookies and a selection of fresh paninis Bilker Allee 126 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk coventgarden-coffeehouse

EAT FINE CAFE Beyoncé loves owner Sonja’s fancy cupcakes and sweets. Discover the newly renovated all-over pink interior Klosterstraße 62 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

DAS ALFREDS Alfred is a true allrounder: from breakfast to lunch, coffee and homemade cake to dinner Brehmplatz 1 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

GREGER AM HAFEN Former Woyton in the harbour district, serving sandwiches, snacks, sweets, salads and delicious coffee Erftstraße 1 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

DOLCINELLA Sweets, homemade cakes and fine food Tannenstraße 35 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

GENUSSSTATION Barista coffee bar and breakfast café Ellerstraße 219 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk diegenussstation


CAFÉ HÜFTGOLD Yummy breakfast, sandwiches and a great selection of delicious cakes Ackerstraße 113 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern JAENNER COFFEE Tiny café from the Lightroast roastery with in-house speciality coffee and sweet treats Ackerstraße 80 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


KASBAH A classic next to the old harbor basin: a lovingly decorated café with snacks, pastries, delicious teas and coffee, mosaic tables and oriental lamps Rheinort 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


KONDITOREI HEINEMANN Not only the cakes and chocolate are legendary, but also the restaurant on the first floor is an institution Martin-Luther-Platz 32 (entry via Königsallee or Blumenstraße) 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

KAUSAL Delicate coffee, fresh food and homemade coffee and cakes in an urban interior Flurstraße 1 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern CAFÉ KLEINOD Cosy Italian café with a small selection of Italian delicacies Ackerstraße 75 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern KWADRAT KQ CAFÉ Laid-back neighbourhood café with coffee and delicious cakes, breakfast and lunch Blücherstraße 51 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort CAFÉ LEMONADE Cute coffee bar and lemonade Bilker Allee 180 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt CAFE LIEBE Breakfast, coffee and handmade snacks Platanenstraße 22 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MUSAME Coffee and cakes, bubble waffles and snacks during the day, wines, beer and tapas at night Fürstenplatz 5 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

MOMANIA Café, pâtisserie and concept store with carefully selected items Drakestraße 2 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel LINAS COFFEE BREW BAR & DELI Brew bar and deli offering healthy and fresh breakfast and lunch Fürstenplatz 1 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LITTLE BENRATH Coffee and food in the heart of Benrath Sophienstraße 19 40597 Düsseldorf ∙ Benrath CAFFÈ MA Sicilian street food café with fantastic espresso and coffee, ciabattas and the legendary sweet Sicilian “cannolis”. Find’ em in Eller and Unterbilk! Gumbertstraße 118 40229 Düsseldorf ∙ Eller Bilker Allee 38 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

NAMU CAFE Cute Korean café with delicious Korean shaved ice, coffee and desserts Oststraße 124 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte CAFE NUMBER18 Cutest cakes in town! Super nicely decorated Asian mousse cakes Bendemannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte number18.duesseldorf NOOIJ Dutch deli with delicious breakfast and chicken, bitterballen and more. Super cool interior design! Erkrather Straße 30 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MARNY’S Vegetarian-vegan lunch cuisine and coffee Kruppstraße 28 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk MERCY COFFEE COMPANY Coffee, cakes and waffles in the heart of Flingern Birkenstraße 73 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern



SEVEN SUNDAYS Breakfast all day long, seven days a week! Lorettostraße 7 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk STOAK Specialty coffee café with a supernice terrace Adersstraße 48 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

OMA ERIKA Authentic café with delicate homemade cakes and sandwiches Hermannstraße 34b 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern ORANGE – FINEST COFFEE SCHVARZ coffee, homemade sodas, all-day brunch, craft sandwiches, and Australian pastries in the heart of Gerresheim and next to Carlsplatz Neusser Tor 17a 40625 Düsseldorf ∙ Gerresheim Benrather Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte PYC CHEESECAKE & GALLERY Art, coffee and delicious homemade cheesecakes! Weseler Straße 65 40239 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal Belsenstraße 18 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel


CAFÉ REKORD Cool mix of vintage furniture and modern design Ackerstraße 204 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern REMÉ Café and bistro with homemade cakes, coffee, vegan treats, hot dishes, and bowls in a beautiful backyard Kronprinzenstraße 97 40217 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

TAMMANI CAFÉ Japanese coffee specialities and deli-style dishes for lunch Bilker Allee 1 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk THE FUNKY DELI Charming deli, delicious hummus pita and live DJ entertainment on weekends Brunnenstraße 22 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk TOMO CAFÉ Tiny coffee bar offering coffee specialties and vegetarian, vegan and halal food Klosterstraße 67 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CAFÉ WAESCHEREI Homemade cakes, coffee and treats to take away Derendorfer Straße 91 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort WAKABA JAPAN SHOP AND CAFÉ High-quality matcha, sandwiches, cakes and other Japanese delicacies in the heart of Little tokyo Marienstraße 26 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte wakaba_japanshopcafe WEIRD SPACE Weird? One of our most favourite places for specialty coffee, cakes and snacks by regional partners – now also brand new in the former Manko Café and Salon des Amateurs Volmerswerther Straße 53 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk Hüttenstraße 76 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt Salon des Amateurs | Kunsthalle Düsseldorf Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

TOYKIO The rumour says Toykio café will return and bring back good coffee, street art and toys to Immermannstraße – looking forward to it Immermannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



SULI’S Lovely café, deli and bar Tußmannstraße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

VELVET Daytime canteen, café and bar. Serving healthy modern classics. Aperitivo and Neapolitan pizza on Fridays until midnight! Stresemannstraße 8 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


WUNDERHAUS DELI & FRIENDS Whether in the morning with a delicious breakfast, in the afternoon with a piece of cake or in the evening with a glass of wine, the deli welcomes you around the clock in the heart of Kaiserswerth Kaiserswerther Markt 38 40489 Düsseldorf ∙ Kaiserswerth XAFÉ im KAP1 Library café with a range of cakes, healthy snacks and of course coffee Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

PÂTISSERIE AUX MERVEILLEUX After Paris, Brussels, London, Geneva, NYC and Berlin, the French pâtisserie now also brings its original French meringue and brioche to town Kasernenstraße 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt CAFÉ BARRÉ Small, cosy and nice French or rather Parisian style café with good coffee and great pastries Birkenstraße 110 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

PURE FREUDE Arty and colourful tarts and pastry plus a tiny and lovely terrace Hohe Straße 19 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt PURE PASTRY BY TIM TEGTMEIER Handcrafted and super-sophisticated fine pastry in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s Carlsplatz and on Nordstraße Carlsplatz 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt ROCAILLE Charming bistro in the heart of Derendorf serving great wines, cheese and a huge pâtisserie selection Weißenburgstraße 19 40476 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf

ISABELLA PÂTISSERIE Gluten-free pâtisserie with Parisian bistro flair Arnulfstraße 4 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel Königsallee 60 (Kö-Galerie) 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte PÂTISSERIE TANGER The most delicious Arabian petit-four in Düsseldorf Ellerstraße 89 40227 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberbilk




RUBY CARL WORKSPACES Breite Str. 27 Rheinisches Palais












At seven, he played his first role. After only three auditions, he got a place at drama school. His cinema debut ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ was awarded four Oscars. Fresh out of drama school, Moritz Klaus is on a career sprint. It is a blessing that the 24-year-old feels he has arrived at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, where he has been a member of the ensemble since the current season.



oritz Klaus owes nothing less than his destiny to a bit of luck, the usual coincidence, a lot of talent and a childlike enthusiasm for Cologne carnival songs. When his mother overheard at a choir rehearsal that a boy who spoke the Cologne dialect was wanted for a TV movie, she sent Moritz to the audition without further ado. So in 2006, at the age of 7, he already made his debut in front of the camera, in the TV movie ‘Teufelsbraten’, alongside Ulrich Noethen. “Since then, I’ve shot a film every year and grew up with acting virtually without thinking,” says the native of Bergisch Gladbach. The real spark came at 17, when Moritz performed ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ in his school’s literature class. He discovered not only his passion for theater, but above all the realisation of how much more acting can be than just standing in front of the camera. For six months, he performed on stage at the Junges Theater in Leverkusen, a very formative time for Moritz: “I was suddenly surrounded by people who all wanted to go to drama school.” Together they went to auditions and performed monologues for each other for the entrance exam. Then everything happened very quickly. After only three auditions, Moritz was accepted at the Leipzig Acting School – which meant the jump to Düsseldorf two years later.


But let’s start at the beginning: a lecturer suggested Moritz as a cast member for the Netflix adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s anti–war novel ‘Im Westen nichts Neues’. After the digital audition and a long zoom call with director Edward Berger, the acting student landed the role of young soldier Franz Müller in 2021, in the middle of the pandemic. “In that case, maybe it was luck that I was already 22 but somehow looked very young.” In two weeks, boot camp taught him military basics, historical knowledge of World War I and a feel for how to move around in the heavy equipment and handle rifles. He then spent three months filming in trenches around Prague. Lockdown meant the film crew was often isolated, with hardly any outside distractions intruding. The real cold, the heavy coats, the cumbersome 8–pound rifles and bayonets and loud explosions, “It leaves a mark on you when you’re in a trench all day.” How horrific this war must have really been for the soldiers remained “completely unimaginable to Moritz Klaus, even during the exhausting filming.” His film character falls in the first battle. Moritz said he was amazed at the high level of concentration that prevailed during filming. “It was palpable to everyone that this film is something special. It was insanely intense. There were moments when I turned around and there were 400 extras in uniform. That’s when I knew it was really about something.”


“It was palpable to everyone that this film is something special. It was insanely intense.”





The effort, artistry and time it took to compose such epochal images for the big screen would pay off a year and a half after shooting ended. ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ won four Academy Awards in March 2023, including Best International Film. That begs the question: how does it feel for an acting graduate to have virtually won an Oscar for his first feature film? “By not being at the awards myself, it’s still very far away, I must confess.” Moritz laughs. And emphasises how insanely proud he is to be part of this project. Together with fellow actors, he watched the Oscars in Berlin, celebrated properly and facetimed with the team on location in LA. To this day, he remains in good contact with his fellow actors. “Regardless of what a great film it turned out to be, we all had a very intense time from which we took a lot away. No one forgets that, and it just bonds.”

“When I’m on stage, I take full responsibility.” Ensemble ability, he says, was the most formative thing Moritz was given in his studies – in addition to the acting craft, of course. Since the start of the 2021/22 season, he has been able to demonstrate both at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, where he completed his practical training years and is now a permanent part of the ensemble. While he describes film as a large apparatus in which one quickly subordinates oneself and “delivers”, Moritz appreciates the holistic nature of theater – whether in Thomas Mann’s Zauberberg or Macbeth. “You have a lot of time to seriously consider material and develop roles together.” What he loves about acting itself is the physicality. “That you’re in motion so much and it’s a profession that’s fun just to watch.” After rehearsing in the mornings, Moritz enjoys spending time at Café Rekord in Flingern, where he chooses to study people and roles. In the evenings, he likes to travel to Cologne or Bochum to see plays and


enrich his “personal fund.” Theater is immediate for him. “I just find it 100,000 times more exciting to be in front of an audience. You have a different consciousness than in front of the camera, where you know nothing can happen to me now anyway. If I forget my lines now, then we’ll just do it again.” He says he’s still amazed that, despite all the differences, the same job title exists for both disciplines. “When I’m on stage, I take full responsibility. I can’t hide behind a director, editor, soundtrack and other flavour enhancers.” True, he says, there is also an atmosphere in the theater of great sets, great costumes and often music.... “but if you don’t say the line, then it just doesn’t go anywhere.” Things continue for Moritz Klaus on the Düsseldorf stage in the plays ‘Oedipus’, Wolfgang Herrndorf ’s ‘Work and Structure’ and ‘Maid of Orleans’. His current favourite role is Rodion Raskolnikow in the light–footed, musical 70s radio interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s 700– page novel ‘Schuld & Sühne’, in which he is also allowed to sing and dance with full physical commitment. He has found his adopted home in Oberbilk. His ambitions are clear and down–to–earth: “I want to do theater as long as I can.” Especially in his early 20s and on the lookout, it does him good to first gain a foothold and work permanently in an ensemble. “I’ve found my place in Düsseldorf for now. And I just don’t like packing my suitcase that much.” Lucky! @MORITZKLAUTS DHAUS.DE



THE DORF E S T. 2 0 1 4


Confetti, champagne, drum roll! On the occasion of our 10th THE DORF anniversary, we asked ten designer, artist and illustrator friends from Düsseldorf to freely realise their creative interpretation of “10 years of THE DORF”. The result? It’s at least as colourful and beautiful as our city. Enjoy & cin cin!

👏 94










h e T Dor u * o f, y y k

10 or

years * Th a n 100


right n o s the e f ad


a lway e v a h s




arcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha Moritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko elson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea Chong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas ils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio Andrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz udwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor Sebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi agnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie Bob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myle isa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vio Azra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag ristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis Lauritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor artin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Julia Anna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victori olande Chris Sebastian Alex Max José Stephanie Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim uise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin Jenne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert tephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg Alexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan abine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip Elisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kur artin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laura Ardelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes ebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz Andria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe alerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius David Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter ofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami Anky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Silvio Lena aik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie Arne Phylicia Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona lex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David ikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luk nia Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin arcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Nikla ngelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria aulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina udith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne Christina Niklas David onny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia Julio Niclas Marc ennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Tim Jordy Mirko Neven Pedro lemens Jens Christian Carsten Oriana Theodor Georgi Sebastian Kiên David Irf Micha Moritz Harry laudia Jan Tobias Edi Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk erlin Jenne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan eorg Alexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina hilip Elisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob abian Laura Ardelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin hristoph Fritz Andria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai an Max Marius David Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg ndrej Sami Anky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikita Damian Ja arco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha Moritz ascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea Chong ominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio Andre lorentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor Sebastian ebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie Bob Felix alf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vio Azra Eli aura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis Lauritz drian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Julia Anna utz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max José tephanie Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie Arne Phylicia Daria Philipp Lisa aurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick ataliya Samira David Nikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja iza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle ichael Martin Jan Kevin Marcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin enny Tim Bo Magda Niklas Angelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino onja Shannon Lukas Maria Paulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat hilisha Ingrid Lea Ina Judith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne hristina Niklas David Sonny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia ulio Niclas Marc Lennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Tim Jordy irko Neven Pedro Clemens Jens Christian Carsten Oriana Theodor Georgi Sebastian Kiên David Irf icha Moritz Harry Claudia Jan Tobias Edi Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna hristoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David Nikita atti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania ebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin arcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Nikla ngelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria aulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina udith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne Christina Niklas David onny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia Julio Niclas Marc ennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikita amian Jan Marco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha oritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea hong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio ndrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor ebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie ob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vi zra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis auritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Juli nna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max osé Stephanie Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin enne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg lexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip lisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laur rdelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz ndria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius avid Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami nky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie rne Phylicia Tim Jordy Mirko Neven Pedro Clemens Jens Christian Carsten Oriana Theodor Georgi ebastian Kiên David Irf Micha Moritz Harry Claudia Jan Tobias Edi Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikit amian Jan Marco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha oritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea hong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio ndrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor ebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie ob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vi zra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis auritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Juli nna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max osé Stephanie Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin enne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg lexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip lisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laur rdelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz ndria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius avid Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami nky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie rne Phylicia Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex ernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David Nikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta aroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic hristoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin Marcel Martin Christine Schiko 103Inês wantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Niklas Angelique Cedric Ferry aul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria Paulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber aner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina Judith Felix Malte Karsten Tina





















River Breez es









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Pasta la













All you need is



















Stick together









ZIMMERMANN Bureau for Visual Communication Eva & Guido Zimmermann






River Breez es

















1 0+


Pasta la
















All you need is







10 or

The Do rf, ou * y ky



years * Tha


For us, design and communication are much more than just style, but a way to engage productively with the world. We see our work as a growth lever: for our clients, for us, on a business level, but also on a personal level. And so: may your nose continue to thrive. We look forward to the next 10 years! @george_popovv



Stick together





GRAND QUEST Till Paukstat | Creative Director

GEORGE POPOV Graphic Design






ave always


Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy <3


Anna Pascher is a Düsseldorf-based contemporary artist and mother of two sons, who studied design and ran a successful fashion company for over 10 years in Berlin before finally turning to her true passion, art. “My intuition is my inspiration and at the same time my intention. I immerse myself in a scene, envision the atmosphere and without overthinking, I translate these sensations into visual abstract art.” Happy 10th anniversary! THE DORF, you are wonderfully vibrant like a joyful birthday bash, inspiring like a piece of art, and as diverse as a large colour palette. Here’s to another 10 years! Cheers!

h ou

right nos the ef ad @_annapascher

Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikita Damian Jan Marco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha Moritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea Chong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio Andrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor Sebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie Bob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vio Azra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis Lauritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Julia Anna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max José Stephanie Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin Jenne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg Alexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip Elisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laura Ardelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz Andria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius David Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami Anky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie Arne Phylicia Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David Nikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin Marcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Niklas Angelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria Paulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina Judith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne Christina Niklas David Sonny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia Julio Niclas Marc Lennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Tim Jordy Mirko Neven Pedro Clemens Jens Christian Carsten Oriana Theodor Georgi Sebastian Kiên David Irf Micha Moritz Harry Claudia Jan Tobias Edi Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin Jenne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg Alexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip Elisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laura Ardelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz Andria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius David Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami Anky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikita Damian Jan Marco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha Moritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea Chong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio Andrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor Sebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie Bob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vio Azra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis Lauritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Julia Anna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max José Stephanie Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio Nathalie Arne Phylicia Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David Nikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin Marcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Niklas Angelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria Paulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina Judith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne Christina Niklas David Sonny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia Julio Niclas Marc Lennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Tim Jordy Mirko Neven Pedro Clemens Jens Christian Carsten Oriana Theodor Georgi Sebastian Kiên David Irf Micha Moritz Harry Claudia Jan Tobias Edi Daria Philipp Lisa Maurice Martin Arisona Alex Anna Christoph Yvo Luka Chris Alex Bernhard Leonie Sam Oliver Patrick Nataliya Samira David Nikita Matti Verena Nora Chris Marta Caroline Petra Lisa Caroline Kai Katja Liza Dorothee Jim Luke Ania Sebastian Marcel Jan Yannic Christoph Nadine Ciarán Frank Annabelle Michael Martin Jan Kevin Marcel Martin Christine Schiko Swantje Aurélie Nicola Mari Karina Marcin Benny Tim Bo Magda Niklas Angelique Cedric Ferry Inês Paul Moritz Emil Koljah Yan Fabian Nino Sonja Shannon Lukas Maria Paulina Nicholas Timo Kakhaber Caner Alex Eva Dasha Alexander Max Murat Philisha Ingrid Lea Ina Judith Felix Malte Karsten Tina Andi Sascha Rosa Philipp Sam Maryvonne Christina Niklas David Sonny Sergej Shahin Matt Chris Tim David Lucas Georg Sinaida Gordon Harsia Julio Niclas Marc Lennard Tim Julie Florian Sarah Max Carlo Max Natalya David Klara Grischa Mona Lilli Jules Nikita Damian Jan Marco Flora Lucas Bartholomäus Sören Manuel Bérénice Marcel Viktoria Femke Niko Joscha Moritz Sascha Max Dylan Jan Keta Arne Alexander Kaity Mirko Nelson Mattis Holger Kato Juri Thea Chong Dominique Dirk Tobias Merle Franziska Alessandro Thomas Nils Mara Paulina Lea Philipp Fabio Andrea Florentin Jasmin Kaspar Valeska Camilla Henning Deniz Ludwig Daniel Julian Karim Viktor Sebastian Sebastian Xenia Aki Alexander Stephan Salmo Maxi Magnus Alicia Daniel Katharina Sophie Bob Felix Ralf Manisha Simon Jay Eradj Leo Lynn Tobias Myles Lisa Luna Sabrina Ruben Tom Frank Vio Azra Elif Laura Juliane Marlene Jessica Jan Leonard Paul Ag Kristel Volkan Alisha Jannes Jannis Lauritz Adrian Doogie Ruth Anna Maxim Luzie Tim Thomas Gregor Martin Sarah Leona Britta Nina Julia Anna Lutz Antonia Marie Laure Tom Massimiliano Jules Victoria Jolande Chris Sebastian Alex Max José Stephanie Theresa Ali Pablo Fabian Nadine Miguel Fedor Kim Luise Paul Friedrich Dirk Merlin Jenne Leo Laura Amelie Annika Carlos Yannick Diana Albert Stephanie Tim Manuel Timo Stefan Georg Alexander Vanessa Sarah Nina Sarah Till Pauline Arryan Sabine Kaspar Christian Carolina Philip Elisa Julius Hannah David Stefan Hadri Oliver Clemens Kurt Martin Maren Nicolai Jacob Fabian Laura Ardelle Deniz Alex Majd Rosa Ella Thomas Amira Johannes Sebastian Philipp Marvin Christoph Fritz Andria Steffen Louis Aladin Anaïs Christoph Daniel Kathe Valerie Marijana Nikolai Jan Max Marius David Tobias Pat Annika Moritz Orson Fabian Olga Peter Sofie Len Aradea Lukas Jörg Andrej Sami Anky Jan Emma Christian Mike Kathrin Sanjin Silvio Lena Maik Jake Olivia Nadine Lucio 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50 YEARS OF HIP HOP A look at the local Hip Hop scene and history



“The centre of the Deutschrap world was around Düsseldorf's main station for a while.”

Page 106, from left to right, 1st row: FLYER GEE CLUB at Liefergasse (1994) PHOTO BilkBass Studio – Düsseldorf Bilk (approx. 1997) POSTER Graffiti Exhibition & Party @Worringer Platz underpass (1994) 2nd row: 12” COVER D-Tex-Law – Die Urbane Kultur (1996) PHOTO Theodor-Heuss-Brücke – Plattenpapzt, Massimo, Roe Beardie, 2-Fresh-T, DJ Jenz (f.l.t.r.) (approx. 1992) 3rd row: FLYER (1991) PHOTO Der Neue Westen (2009) PHOTO DJ Jenz – Grasshopper Party @Rheingold Saal (1993) Page 106/107 middle: PHOTO Icklack Squad at the ALLRIOT! Freestyle Battle @Markthalle Hamburg (2004) Page 107, 1st row: FLYER Birthday Party by DJ Jenz & Daniel Sampaa (1992) POSTER Düsseldorf Lebt! Record release concert @zakk (1994) 12” COVER Millionadi – Watt Denn?!? (2001) PHOTO DJ Jenz (approx. 1995) 2nd row/middle: PHOTO DJ Jenz & D-Tex-Law (1994) 3rd row: PHOTO DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Jenz (2006) FLYER Birthday Jam @Waters (1997) 12” COVER Walkin Large – Like Bigfoot (1994) PHOTO Grasshopper / Advanced Chemistry concert @Rheingold Saal (1993)



Düsseldorf is not considered the Hip Hop office of the Ruhr area without reason. For more than three decades, the city has been home to a vibrant Hip Hop scene that operates independently and full of creativity. Based on the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop as a genre, we sat down with Jens Heubach and Tobias Kargoll, two central Düsseldorf protagonists from different generations, at the THE DORF roundtable, which is suitably located in the office of The magazine turns 25 this year. INTERVIEW/TEXT THOMAS VENKER · PHOTOS ROUNDTABLE FOTO SCHIKO / OLD PHOTOS & FLYER PRIVATE ARCHIVE JENS HEUBACH

TOBIAS “TOXIK” KARGOLL Music journalist, media manager, presenter and since 2012 publisher (under the umbrella of his company ManeraMedia GmbH). He was a lecturer in digital publishing at Heinrich Heine University and published the book “Erfolgsformel Hip-Hop” with Phillip Böndel at Campus Verlag in 2021. FAVOURITE ALBUM ALL EYEZ ON ME — 2PAC BEST RAP ALBUM ILLMATIC — NAS BEST RAP SONG SHOOK ONES, PT. II — MOBB DEPP FAVOURITE MIXTAPE CROOKLYN CUTS VOL. III (TAPE A) — DJ PREMIER

JENS HEUBACH Has been one of the country’s Hip Hop activists since the early 1990s as DJ Jenz and producer (under the stage name Benz Reibach, among others). His (back)catalogue includes labels (Grasshoppa, KillBiff Entertainment), a Hip Hop shop (g-hoppa), clubs (GEE-Club) and studios (BilkBass); in addition to his own productions, he has been responsible for recordings (for Wu-Tal Records, among others) for artists such as Millionadi, Nimzwai, DNF, UGS, DNW, Selfmade Records, Asphaltliteraten and Icklack Squad. Jens Heubach currently works as a project manager at Düsseldorf Congress GmbH. FAVOURITE ALBUM PEOPLE’S INSTINCTIVE TRAVELS AND THE PATHS OF RHYTHM — A TRIBE CALLED QUEST MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM HE’S THE DJ, I’M THE RAPPER — DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE (It was the first double vinyl album in Hip Hop in 1988 and it taught me how to scratch.)


What was your first encounter with Hip Hop? JENS HEUBACH My father was very tech-savvy, so I had a tape machine and record player, which is how I started recording mixtapes on the radio – and “I Need A Beat” by LL Cool J was playing. At that time, I didn’t know what kind of music it was. I didn’t know the name Hip Hop yet. Those were the days when you listened to cassettes for weeks on the way to school with your Walkman, the same things over and over again. TOBIAS KARGOLL When I was 13, I was in L.A. with my parents and there were advertising posters of 2Pac’s album “All Eyez On Me” everywhere. I bought the album, celebrated it and then bought more albums from him whenever I had enough pocket money. Then I continued with Snoop Doggy Dogg because he was feature guest on Tupac’s albums. Until my basketball coach recommended Ice-T to me. It went on and on like that.

What does Hip Hop have that other music styles don’t? What makes the culture so appealing to you? TK You can get close to the question of what makes Hip Hop work by looking at how the culture originated in the Bronx. In the 70s, New York was broke. Burnt-out cars in the streets, houses were empty. There was the so-called “white flight”: everyone who could afford it moved away. Due to racist and classist structures in society, those who couldn’t afford it were blacks and Puerto Ricans. In neighbourhoods like the Bronx, you had little chance of advancement, but right in front of your eyes, other people were doing better. You saw it on TV and on advertising posters, a few underground stops away was rich Manhattan. Inaccessible, right under your nose. This contrast, which also exists in our society today, generated the energy from which Hip Hop emerged. It started with graffiti: people paint their names on walls




with paint cans. You can hardly make it clearer that you want to overcome marginalisation. You can invent yourself in Hip Hop art forms, you create your own art figure. This also appeals to young people who are not affected by discrimination. Despite all the individualism, there have been break-dance crews, graffiti crews and rap crews in Hip Hop from the beginning. You create a close circle of friends as a substitute family, in the same way and for the same reasons that street gangs do. Together you are stronger. That also appealed to me. Loyalty and long friendships are as important to me as I find myself in the urge to express myself. Then there is the competitive aspect: Hip Hop is competition. You paint against each other, dance against each other, rap against each other, DJs dj against each other. And last but not least, its own kind of autonomy-oriented entrepreneurial spirit. To make it from the bottom up against all odds, to build something on one’s own. Hip Hop means: If I can’t get into a club in Manhattan, I start my own party in the Bronx with my friends and invent a new style of music in the process. This spirit, from which DJ Kool Herc created Hip Hop 50 years ago, still drives the culture today. The market was clear at the beginning, which made it easier to develop an identification with a community. But then there were also fractures between the Hip Hop camps. How did you perceive the community that formed around you? TK Today it’s more diverse. Hip Hop spans four generations. The different art forms have evolved, not everyone who paints graffiti has to listen to rap. Within rap there are different currents. If you compare Beslik Meister and Farid Bang within Düsseldorf: they represent different generations and currents. Beslik is a young New Wave rapper, it’s about escapism, hedonism, techno beats, punk attitude and the homie rides a skateboard. Farid Bang is about competition, battle rap with dirty humour, but also about war with society, provocation and taking your piece of the pie against the odds. One person parties the night away on drugs and celebrates how beat up he looks, the other does fitness and wears Prada. But the tendencies share the same Hip Hop DNA. JH When it first spilled over here, there was no media to inform us. There was no Viva, there was no MTV, there were three or four channels – and one night at 1 a.m. on Tele 5 a few music videos, you had to set an alarm clock. We didn’t experience the whole origin story at that time. The attitude of Hip Hop is that it’s sporting. That means you checked out what other cities were doing, whereas you were much more awesome yourself, of course. Freestyle is about putting the other person down and making


yourself stand out. That always spurs you on to go one better. In Düsseldorf, we always had irony and sarcasm, and we would make fun of the other person in such a superficial way that the others thought it was good, and we remained friends with each other. Whereby it was clear that you first took care of your own camp. TK That’s the competitive thing in Hip Hop that I meant. That’s how we’ve always lived it at When we make a magazine, we make the best and most successful one. If four magazines did interviews with the same rappers at a music festival, we started editing and uploading on the spot so that our videos would already be online when the others went home. That was sporting competition.

Hip Hop is a genre that does not only produce uncontroversial artists and works; sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia are unfortunately the order of the day. How do you deal with this? This is an important question, especially for a journalistic platform? TK It exists in all of society, rap just expresses itself more explicitly. At a time when there is a greater sensitivity to discriminatory language, this triggers discussions and stirs up criticism. Regardless of provocation and directness as a stylistic device, political attitudes in Hip Hop are diverse. There are progressives and reactionaries. Hip Hop came into being as a response to discrimination and, in my opinion, must be against homophobia, transphobia and sexism. But Hip Hop is also anti-establishment and for freedom of art and expression, for example. We see ourselves as a Hip Hop medium for the whole scene, our name is a commitment. If there are things that we reject in terms of content, then we address them. I think that’s better than trying to keep quiet about what you don’t want. We try not to parade our opinions in front of us to be able to create community. We try to convey information, provide background information, enlighten, and reflect discussions. JH In the early days, Hip Hop was still American, there was no German rap yet. It was only at the end of the 80s that people had the idea of maybe using their own language. In Cologne there was Blitz Mob, in Düsseldorf Fresh Familee with “Ahmet Gündüz”, in Stuttgart the Fantastischen Vier with their first album. It was exciting to see how people like Die Fantastischen Vier, the Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt or Blitz Mob were rapping in German at the same time. At that time there was quickly the term sellout. You’re only credible if you’re hard. People who put out a record, who had a deal with a big label, they were a sell-out. So Die Fantastischen Vier were a sell-out.


D.LIVE brings people together. At concerts, in sports arenas, at the cinema. As spectators, artists, fans and friends. Always live, always real.

From left to right: COVER 12” Blitz Mob – Die Organisation FLYER skillz & technik – Hip Hop party @Schlachthof CD COVER Millionadi – Edel Asis MIXTAPE COVER Alte Scheiße & Aus den Kellern des Penthouse POSTER Grashopper Party @Rheingold and X-Mas-Jam 93 @Malkasten



There’s a nice story: in 1993 we did the X-Mas Jam with our label party team Grasshoppers with a lineup that represented the who’s who of that time. On the day of the event, we got a call from the management of Die Fantastischen Vier, who had a concert around the corner that night and wanted to come to our jam afterwards but were afraid to take the main entrance because they would get in trouble. So we got them in through the back entrance. Of course they were safe. TK In the Ruhr area, the post-material German understanding of Hip Hop has been upheld for a long time. Düsseldorf stands above all for successful labels like Banger Musik and Selfmade Records, which even surpassed Aggro Berlin. They were very clever businesswise. Hip Hop is always about understanding systems and finding creative ways to be successful even with lesser means.

Today it is common for artists and people with ambitions in the music business (label work, publishing work, management) to perceive and approach it as a normal career path. That was different for you back then, wasn’t it? Can you tell at what point you saw it as an option that Hip Hop could become a job for you? JH For me personally, it came about at some point to DJing in clubs. I was the first live DJ of the Fresh Familee. “You can scratch? Come on, we’ve got a gig for you!”. We started a club as Grasshoppers, started putting on gigs and jams, taking admission and making money. You made your own way, got along well with people who had the same mindset. We were the first to put Hip Hop on the map in Düsseldorf. Over time, business structures grew up around us, like Headrush Records, publishing company Groove Attack, or the Wuppertal-based Wu-Tal Collective, who first did jams and founded a label. When the first German records came out, I took the classic path from DJ to producer. Hip Hop is samplebased, as a DJ you have a record collection and through the record collection you have the samples, you were always beat-based anyway. I built the first studio in Düsseldorf Bilk together with Kiru L in 1997. TK Even before Düsseldorf stood for successful labels, Düsseldorf stood for relevant, successful studios, right? JH There was the Skyline Studio. There was the KlingKlang Studio by Kraftwerk. And Headrush and Loop Lab. Sido put Düsseldorf on the map with “Fuffies im Club” and “Mein Block” – or Düsseldorf him. TK Kool Savas’ big breakthrough came with his song “King of Rap” on the album “Full House” by Düsseldorf


DJ Plattenpapzt. Düsseldorf is above all a music media city. Two acts from Selfmade Records came from Essen, none from Düsseldorf. At Banger Musik, acts from Mönchengladbach, Duisburg and Dortmund were signed alongside Düsseldorf ’s Farid Bang. Düsseldorf is the office of the Ruhr area. There are studios, labels – and here. What do you think the reason is that Düsseldorf has never produced the big rap stars (except for Farid Bang) like Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, for example? The infrastructure should serve as a magnet and catalyst for local artists, shouldn’t it? JH Good question. We have always asked ourselves that. We do such cool shit... Maybe most lyrics have been too “top-heavy” and no one could (and wanted to?) follow us. I honestly can’t explain it to myself. Maybe it’s because of this image of Düsseldorf that exists all over Germany. Whereby it must be said that we were on the map early on in freestyle, whether it was with Feuer über Deutschland (“Fire over Germany”) or with “Mixery Raw Deluxe Freestyle Battle”. The Düsseldorf freestylers always won at the competitions, which means the quality was very high. Maybe there was a lack of the right alpha dog. TK I experienced Hip Hop in Düsseldorf differently – as a success story. You can draw a line from the freestyle successes of Jens’ Icklack Squad to the albums by Kollegah and Farid Bang, which were later recorded in Jens’ former studio. Both are battlerap at its core, even if the protagonists didn’t have anything to do with each other directly and the attitude was different. I wouldn’t consider Düsseldorf rap on its own, but as part – as the centre – of rap in NRW. I came here from the Ruhr area. My grandma always said, “Düsseldorf is where the money is made we work for”, so it seemed to make sense to me to move. All joking aside: I wanted to be a journalist – or a rap star. To get into the local Hip Hop scene, I went to the freestyle sessions in the Icklack. That was exhausting – I didn’t know anyone and I couldn’t freestyle. Shortly afterwards, the Icklack Cypher was closed after many years because there were too many fights. JH That started around 1999. The Icklack Squad developed out of the people who were there, with up to 20 artists. TK The Freestyle Cypher was continued by DJ 7ner and Remy Bahndamm at the TREFF youth centre in Bilk. Rappers as diverse as Olsen, Toony, Farid Bang and the now sadly deceased NMZS from the Antilopen Gang met there. All those mentioned eventually became well-


known rappers. Their starting point was the freestyle tradition started by the Icklack Squad. The in 2005 I met Christian Fu Müller and Killa Calles on the Rhine. Remy Bahndamm later explained to me that Fu was the founder of I applied for an internship. You can see the importance of structures from little things like that. I probably wouldn’t have met Fu in the city of Kamen. In my first years at, new rappers came from the Ruhr area whose music I could relate to. Also out of local patriotism, I was often the first to report on rappers like Snaga & Pillath, PA Sports, KC Rebell, Fard, Manuellsen, Veysel or even Düsseldorf ’s Farid Bang. Selfmade Records was founded in Bochum by Elvir Omerbegovic from Düsseldorf and Flipstar from the Ruhr area. Their first act was Favorite from Essen. In the first year, the highly talented Kollegah from Rhineland-Palatinate followed, who eventually moved here as well. This generation set the tone in German rap. Most of the rappers came from the Ruhr area, and the labels, studios and magazine that were important to them were in Düsseldorf. In Düsseldorf, very successful productions are created time and again, for example in Koree’s (real name Daniel Coros) Homeboy Studios on Worringer Platz – to name just a few names: Kollegah, Farid Bang, Haftbefehl, Schwesta Ewa. What do you think draws these artists from the big Hip Hop metropolises Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart to Düsseldorf? TK There are simply good studios here and the artists have more peace and quiet than in their home metropolises. The fact that we have structures here means that bigger things can be created. We are always asked why we don’t move to Berlin, as most people do. I don’t do that on principle. For a few years it really wasn’t the case that “everything was happening in Berlin”. There was Korees’ Studio on Worringer Platz, Selfmade Records on Harkortstraße, in my flat on Mintrop­straße, Banger Musik on Corneliusstraße. 20 minutes walk. Al-Gear could be met at Hassan’s hair salon L’Elegance, opposite my flat, Massiv at a shisha bar on Scheurenstraße. Once I came out of my front door and bumped into Haftbefehl, who was recording his album “Blockplatin” in Düsseldorf at the time with DJ Frizzo and his brother Cönigs Allee. The centre of the Deutschrap world was around Düsseldorf ’s main station for a while. Jens, what finally made you look for a “real job”? JH It was always the case that Headrush did the big artists, I took care of the newcomers and my inner circle, the little ones, the underground were to come to me. So


all those who didn’t have the money in the background, who didn’t have a management that financed the studio time. With the productions I did for the industry, I had to realise that it mostly meant “prostituting yourself ” to some extent. Artists come in with an idea, you implement it – and then you present it to the financier, and they want you to cut out certain words and have a woman sing in the chorus and so on. I wasn’t into it. It’s not part of Hip Hop to have someone else tell you how to do your work. In that regard, it seemed like a good idea not to invest 100 per cent of my time and energy. I have always been tech-savvy and have done many events in my life. It seemed obvious to go into the event business. At some point I had a part-time job with a media technology company, which allowed me to cover my fixed costs and play music on the side – but as it happens, it became a full-time job at some point. Absurdly, just at that moment when Selfmade Records moved to Düsseldorf and various productions would have come up. I asked Koree if he would like to take over my studio and my clients. A year later he got his first gold record with the artists of Selfmade Records. I just thought: “Great, I’ve been doing this shit for 10 years, rent out my studio and a year later the first gold flutters in. But I’m still making music today. I’ve come back to my home in the basement with my fourth studio. I’m super happy, I only work with the people I want to work with. TK Fu, the founder of, like Jens, was never about the money. He is a graffiti writer, he was about creativity, about culture, about building something original, alternative in society. Money was a means to an end. Also, when Fu left the magazine for some years and it was run by another company, I was paid a thousand Euros a month, my deputy was on a mini-job level, the rest of the editorial staff were unpaid interns and volunteers. Then, without the enthusiastic, self sacrificing founder, it started to feel unfair. Music journalism often works like that: you find young believers and when they need more money to live on in their late 20s, they have to change industries. But for me and some others, Hip Hop was not something we wanted to do just for fun while studying. I was also convinced that the potential of the magazine was greater. Finally, I was able to found my own company with which I have been running ever since: ManeraMedia GmbH. We started paying all the staff. Low, but we shared what came in. At some point we wanted to be able to keep the first employee beyond her studies and had to offer more. Today, about 20 people make a living from In my opinion, that’s part of Hip Hop culture: building your own structures and making sure you can make a living from it.

MUSIC is currently celebrating its 25th birthday. How easy/difficult do you find the daily business in 2023? TK It’s always a hustle. To live from Hip Hop is difficult. To live from journalism is difficult too because media must find new business models in the digitalised world. We are independent to this day, there is no big publisher behind us to cross-finance us in case of need. The idea in 2012 was to be able to run ourselves again in order to be able to decide and live freely – I am grateful that this still works today. We are now the largest music culture magazine in the Germanspeaking world with the widest reach. Our history is a history of digitalisation. Fu wanted to create a platform for Hip Hop culture in 1998, because with the each-one-teach-one idea of Hip Hop culture, you could suddenly connect thousands via the internet. This is how came into being, among other things, a large forum, which then developed into the magazine. In addition to the community, digital innovations were Fu’s great merit. When and its forum became bigger than us, Fu expanded into a blog platform. At the time, hardly anyone knew what a blog even was. The platform became a great success and became the biggest Hip Hop website again. Our video coverage started when I asked Fu why we don’t produce videos? His answer was “I wonder that too. Do that!”. I got myself a camcorder, put it on a tripod from Aldi and recorded the next interview. That’s how the typical Deutschrap interviews that later became so successful came about: 60-minute, uncut conversations. That works because Hip Hop thrives on authenticity. Viewers wanted to see the whole conversation, rough


and uncut. With our presenter Rooz, who later became our big star, I spent nights discussing and making plans to understand YouTube and find our identity on the new platform. He didn’t find a made nest, but a tree with a lot of branches and deep roots, if you will. Again and again, you have to throw yourself into a changing world of these systems, find your way in there, with a hacker mentality. In terms of turnover, we are on a completely different level today than we used to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a hustle anymore. It’s the best job in the world because we love Hip Hop and because we do it as a team. Is that part of the Erfolgsformel Hip-Hop (“Success Formula Hip-Hop”) that you speak about in your book, Tobias? That anything goes if you believe in it and do it consistently? Precisely because of the low entry threshold? TK The “anything goes” sounds a bit as if some people in our society don’t have it much harder than others, so I would be careful with that. But the low entry threshold is the main reason Hip Hop culture has been able to live for 50 years. It is constantly being reinvented from the bottom up. Successful labels and media can’t shut the door on others because they would then build their own house. You did everything yourself back then, Jens: built a studio, designed covers, released records, organised concerts. JH There was no other way, no one else did it for you. TK That’s the Hip Hop spirit.

Thank you very much!


Please name ten of the most meaningful or important Düsseldorf-related Hip Hop releases for you and tell us why.*

Jens Heubach FRESH FAMILEE – AHMET GÜNDÜZ I was there as a DJ at the first gigs in the youth club in Ratingen at the end of the 1980s. The first recordings of the group were made at Zollhof in Düsseldorf harbour. Ahmet Gündüz is the first rap production in German pressed in Germany; with this piece they depicted the reality of life of Turkish migrants from his point of view. GRASSHOPPA – DÜSSELDORF LEBT! For this sampler, bands were sought by call in 1993. The project was realised by the Grasshoppa Crew (2-Fresh-T, DJ Jenz & Babak) and D-Tex-Law. The compilation comprises ten songs, including a DJ track by 2-Fresh-T and an all-star track with all artists. D-Tex-Law, Konstruktive Kritik, Da 2 Hype X, DJ Jenz & ESKA (the Düsseldorf Beatbox pioneer), Die Geächteten Propheten, Personal Statement and Plattenpapst Jöak & Padi showed back then that Düsseldorf lives! D-TEX-LAW – DIE URBANE KULTUR (12”) In the early 90s, I toured Europe as a live DJ with MC D-Tex-Law with the Flying Steps and BMXers at the popular Adidas Streetball tournaments. The Düsseldorf rapper D-Tex-Law, originally a member of the rap duo C.U.S., could already point to a rap career of several years with the legendary Blitz Mob. On that occasion, I produced the song Die Urbane Kultur, which describes our lifestyle on tour well; it was released on Bassment Records in 1996. KILLA CALLES – DÜSSELDORFS FINEST (12”) The Oberbilk Hip Hop artist and co-founder of the Icklack Squad not only shares the studio with Jesen and Simmel from Nimzwai, but also the rap parts on this masterpiece. The first record I recorded and mixed in my first recording studio BilkBass in early 2000. In my eyes, you can’t do a dope rap song (with music video) about Düsseldorf much better than this. ICKLACK SQUAD – ICKLACK & LEDER From 1999 onwards, rappers, DJs, painters, breakers and friends met every Thursday evening to freestyle at the Düsseldorf youth centre “Icklack”. Later, 19 rappers, five DJs, six producers and founder Fu formed the “Icklack Squad”. Besides the guys from Millionadi, Nimzwai and Killa Calles, Kaelimetz, MC Pitza, Cyko MC, Konpro, Der Partner, Kilo Meta, Natif, Moppel Deep, Velbert Hartkörper, Tiny and Lenny were also in the squad. The first release from the Icklack Squad was the freestyle tape “Aus den Kel­lern ins Penthouse” (From the Cellars into the Penthouse) in 1999, mixed in the BilkBass Studio. This was followed in 2001 by the tapes “Alte Scheiße” (Old Shit), on which old demo tracks of the squad were compiled, and in 2003 by the first studio album “Aktion Mutante” (Mutant Action). In 2005 the album “Icklack & Leder”, on which we threw all political correctness overboard in typical Rhenish style.


Tobias Kargoll BTM SQUAD – NIMM DIR AN UNS KEIN BEISPIEL The city’s street rap legends. BTM-Squad paved the way for rappers like Al-Gear and Farid Bang. I would name the Crew song Nimm Dir An Uns Kein Beispiel from 2005, the song Düsseldorf by Joel K. (2006) and the political street rap album Nie erschienen by Nabil M. (2006). Haben aka Habesha, one of the rappers from the BTM Squad, later released songs with people like his cousin Afrob or also Haftbefehl and played the main role in the SWR series “Patchwork Gangsta”. KOLLEGAH & FARID BANG – JUNG, BRUTAL, GUTAUSSEHEND The infamous trilogy was decisive for the careers of the Derendorfer Farid Bang and the moved-in Kollegah. Especially on the first album, the contrast of the two worked: with one foot on the street and one in German studies, the duo mixed wordplay, provocation, humour, aggression and machismo. Their albums were released on the Düsseldorf label Selfmade Records, and Farid Bang established his own powerhouse in parallel with Banger Musik. NIKAN – CHELSEA 2009 Nikan from Düsseldorf is one of the shooting stars of the new German rap generation – just like Pajel from Neuss. The house beat of Chelsea 2009 comes from Düsseldorf producer Alexis Troy, mixing & mastering by Kingsize, who worked for a long time in Koree’s Homeboy Studios (formerly Bilk Bass Studios) on Worringer Platz. Koree, Kingsize and Alexis Troy were active together for a while as United Hustlers. BESLIK MEISTER – TROTZDEM Beslik belongs to the newest generation of German rap. He is part of the Bolo Boys around superstar Makko and the strongest movement at the moment: the “New Wave”. Influences from skateboarding and punk, techno beats, rock borrowings, underground attitude without fear of pop ballads, lots of hedonism. NMZS – DER EKELHAFTE I knew NMZS fleetingly from the freestyle sessions at the Icklack and the Treff. I once heard Adi from Millionadi say to someone “NMZS is the only one of the kids who has talent”. Unfortunately, NMZS took his own life in 2013. His crew, the Antilopen Gang, later signed a label deal with Die Toten Hosen. As a group they were number 1 in the album charts in 2017, Danger Dan repeated this with his last solo album “Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt”.

* You can find the complete top ten releases by Jens and Tobias on


me and all hotel düsseldorf | me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel

WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. ENJOY THE ME AND ALL DNA. The philosophy is simple: me and all hotels have set out to create the kind of surroundings, they would love to find themselves in, when traveling the heart of a great city such as Düsseldorf. Every me and all is an inspiring, dynamic and locally connected place, where people meet and celebrate in fabulous lounges, work in great coworking spaces, eat and drink, enjoying changing pop-up kitchens and stay overnight in snug cozy rooms. Feeling at home is easy at me and all hotels. In Düsseldorf, both me and all’s are located at the very heart of their district. At the city center, in famous Little Tokyo and on the other side of the river Rhine in loveable Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. The central station and public transport are just a stroll away. Enjoy the beautiful view over the city and the fantastic TAKUMI kitchen at the me and all düsseldorf’s eleventh floor, in walking distance to the Königsallee and central station. The new me and all düsseldorf-oberkassel will let every designer heart beat loud and wild. Great sparkling accents and casual-pomp combined in a homey local atmosphere. Italian kitchen at it’s best and rooms to stay forever in the heart of Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Check out upcoming events! me and all hotel düsseldorf • Immermannstr. 23 • 40210 Düsseldorf me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel • Hansaallee 1a • 40549 Düsseldorf • @meandallhotels • @meandallhotels

A flat is not just a place to live, but a personal expression of style and creativity. How about a new, flashy vase as an eye-catcher or a new wall colour? Whether you’re going for the boho or scandi look, we’ll tell you where to find the hottest designer pieces, vintage gems and the latest gadgets to transform your rooms into your very own living paradise. Plus: books to browse and records for relaxed tunes (or the next party). NEW ADDITIONS

FURNITURE & INTERIOR 69 M2 Concept store for selected vintage furniture, gifts and design items, Scandinavian kidswear and records Lindenstraße 186 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern BOLIA Scandinavian design and interior brand Breite Straße 7 40213 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte CUBIT High-end modular furniture and shelving system Ronsdorfer Straße 74 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern FARROW & BALL Specialist for wallpapers and colour since 1946 Hohe Straße 37 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt



FAUSEL BISKAMP Interior decorator for high-quality and extra‑ ordinary living interiors Ludenberger Straße 11 40629 Düsseldorf · Grafenberg FELIX THONET SHOP Designer furniture and classics plus a selection of lighting and accessories Ernst-Gnoss-Straße 5 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

THE HOME STORY Home accessories from Danish brands such as HAY, Menu or OYOY Ackerstraße 209 40235 Düsseldorf · Flingern LICHT BY HORST Not your average lamp shop with an extraordinary exhibition of idiosyncratic lamps from all over the world Backyard, Bilker Straße 16 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

MUUTO SHOWROOM Scandinavian furniture and design The Sparkle, Kronprinzenstraße 97 40217 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk NEUREICH Owner Frank has the best taste in choosing cool vintage furniture and design classics Mendelssohnstraße 3 40233 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte NORMAN HENRY Second-hand design classics and collector’s items from well-known manufacturers and designers Parkstraße 67a & Ludwig-Wolker-Straße 1 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort OUT OF ALLTAG The name says it all: the range consists of unseen design ideas and furniture brands that hardly anyone knows in Düsseldorf Ackerstraße 150 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern RAUSCH LICHTKONZEPT & RAUSCH KONZEPT Specialists for high-quality lighting concepts and individual living concepts Warrington-Platz 18 40721 Hilden & SMOW Design classics and interior advice Lorettostraße 28 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk



STAURAUM ANTIQUES & VINTAGE Solid furniture from the own production, equipped with beautiful and rare items in old and new Birkenstraße 88 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern STILWERK Design shopping centre with many different stores for interior, furniture and design classics Grünstraße 15 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte VITRAPOINT Huge selection of Vitra design classics and more Speditionstraße 17 40221 Düsseldorf · Hafen VETSAK Beanbags, sofas, outdoor furniture and accessories from Düsseldorf Showroom Bremer Straße 67 40221 Düsseldorf · Hafen

SOFACOMPANY Danish designer furniture Erkrather Straße 228a 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


WANDEL On more than 1,300 sqm, you will find the most impressive collection of vintage furniture from nearly all decades you have ever seen Friedenstraße 62 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk

BEAUTIFUL STUFF & DESIGN ITEMS ANMO Japanese tea and art Bendemannstraße 18 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte BOESNER Wholesale for artist supplies: For 40 years one of the leading suppliers of professional artists’ materials Wiesenstraße 72 40549 Düsseldor · Heerdt

MOTEL A MIIO Unique ceramic pieces made in Portugal Hohe Straße 27 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

DILLE & KAMILLE Natural simplicity for home, garden and kitchen – straight from The Netherlands Flinger Straße 26 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

.DRUCKBAR Printer, graffiti and streetwear items Ackerstraße 191 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern HOOD COMPANY Everything the graffiti heart desires! Plus: t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies Hüttenstraße 156 40227 Düsseldorf · Oberbilk KYOTO Japanese interior accessories Immermannstraße 26 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

PAPER & TEA Beautiful design items, tea and gifts for a modern tea culture (coming soon) Mittelstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt Carlsplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt QUARUND CONCEPT STORE Unique design products and home accessories Collenbachstraße 39 40476 Düsseldor · Derendorf RIKIKI. GRAFIK & PRODUKT. Amazing concept store for all kind of graphic design and design items Hermannstraße 36 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


ROTHBILD General store for design, illustration and beautiful things Degerstraße 18 40235 Düsseldorf · Flingern

BUTCH Everything a kitchen needs! Kitchen accessories for cooking, baking and making Tußmannstraße 63 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort CUCINA Great selection of modern and traditional items for the kitchen Carlsplatz 24 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt


MANUFACTUM Traditional products made in traditional manufactories plus a fantastic café, bakery and fromagerie Steinstraße 4 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

SABA*S Toys, gadgets, bits and pieces for big and small Lorettostraße 36 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk SCHEE Colourful silkscreen art plus cool design and interior accessories Berger Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

SELEKTEUR Cool concept store for timeless classic products and papeterie from European manufacturers Hohe Straße 6 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt THE GOLDEN RABBIT Unique gardening concept store with beautifully selected items Ackerstraße 159 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern THE BIRD WHO TOLD Design and graphic concept store Düsselstraße 52 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk TORQUATO Interior and kitchen accessories Benrather Straße 18 – 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt TUBE Well assorted art supply store right next to the Kunstakademie Mühlengasse 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt Himmelgeister Straße 14 – 16 40225 Düsseldorf · Bilk UNTERHALTUNG LIEBLINGSSTÜCKE Beautiful gifts, favourite pieces and fashion for the whole family Ackerstraße 161 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


LOCALBOOK.SHOP A selected range of special children’s books, novels, non-fiction and beautiful things. A humanoid robot is also part of the team Bilker Straße 19 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt VASELINE Bizarre and colourful treasures, toys, accessories and interior stuff Wallstraße 16 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt vaseline.duesseldorf

BIKES AWSUM Concept store on the subject of urban mobility Hermannstraße 24 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern LIFEISARIDE High-quality handcrafted bicycle gear ME AND MY BICYCLE New bicycle lifestyle store for urban cycling Nordstraße 80 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort RADPROFI Bike shop, showroom, workshop and first aid bike service Krefelder Straße 1 40549 Düsseldorf · Heerdt

SCHICKE MÜTZE Bike shop and repair with own cycle café Oststraße 119, backyard 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte



YOOYAMA Interior and lifestyle concept store Bastionstraße 33 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

MAYERSCHE Largest bookstore in town with books, magazines and gifts on five floors Königsallee 18 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

BOOKS ANTIQUARIAT KAMAS Antiquarian bookseller for old Düsseldorf books Leopoldstraße 35 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte BIBABUZE Bookshop with a wide range of books, readings, exhibition openings and concerts Aachener Straße 1 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk BOLLAND & BÖTTCHER Well-stocked and cosy neighbourhood bookshop Rethelstraße 121 40237 Düsseldorf · Düsseltal bollandundboettcher. BOOKSTORE NIPPON Japanese bookseller Immermannstraße 53 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte C.O.M. COMICS Mangas, comic books and more Oststraße 59 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte

DER BÜCHER OBER Great book selection and some second-hand or remaining stock copies Steinstraße 34 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte GOSSENS Long-established bookshop with a huge selection of literature, film and music, online and offline Luegallee 109 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel

PRESS & BOOKS located at the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) Düsseldorf with a huge selection of international magazines and books Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 14 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte VARIA VARDAR Books and assorted goods Schwerinstraße 6 40447 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort WALTHER KÖNIG A great selection of design, art, photography, philosophy, architecture books Kunsthalle, Grabbeplatz 5 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

HEINRICH HEINE ANTIQUARIAT Good sorted antiquarian bookseller in a historic building Citadellstraße 9 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt HOLLMANN BUCH & PRESSE Mags, books and tickets, several outlets e.g. at Kö-Galerie, Schadow-Arkaden, Heinrich-Heine-Allee and Airport. Find ’em all at



# DISCOVERBRANDS M O – S A | 1 0 – 20 U HR







Studio Aseo

Selina Sea Gutt is a name to remember. The young Düsseldorf designer has the potential to make it internationally. With her brand “Studio Aseo”, founded in 2022, she designs high-quality jewellery made of recycled silver. Her designs are primarily experimental, dynamic and expressive. Emotionality and creativity play an important role in her work, with which she has created a small oasis for herself and others: the focus is always on the people who wear the jewellery and can express themselves through it. While running her own brand, Selina is currently studying communication design at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. One thing is certain: Selina, who describes herself as a multidisciplinary designer, and her work cannot be pigeonholed. And that’s exactly what makes her so special.

How would you describe Studio Aseo’s style in three words? Strange, bold, intuitive. How and from which materials are your jewellery pieces made? I make a mould from wax and use different processes depending on the model. I started with sand casting, for me that’s alchemy. I use sterling silver that I find in the local ads or at flea markets. When you press a mould into the sand, it makes a beautiful imprint. Then I melt down the silver and pour it into the imprint in the sand. This way, even if I use the same mould, it will never be the same impression. That’s the beauty of casting. The process is magical. When the moulds become more complex, I use the lost wax process. Here the wax patterns are attached to a wax tree and melted out by the hot liquid metal. What is the message behind your designs and where does your inspiration come from? I find endless inspiration in people who can express themselves artistically in their own unique way. When someone uses words in an unusual way, or obsessively pursues the most banal activity. To perceive that is insanely beautiful for me. Beauty is like a source of energy that I use to share my own gift – much like others do through music, poetry or other channels, for me this energy has found expression in the making of jewellery. Putting my ring on a person with all these experiences in it is a symbolic expression of appreciation and connection for me. Are there any designers or artists who inspire you? Performance art fascinates me. Marina Abramović’s


and Yoko Ono’s works, for example, I find very exciting because they show the transformative energy that female power can have. I also find the theme of body and object very interesting in the field of jewellery. Works in which the body serves as a medium to create emotional spaces captivate me. You also sell your jewellery in the Düsseldorf concept store Beyond Studios. What is it like for you to see your own designs in a store? Since I also work there once or twice a week, I can sometimes watch customers react to the jewellery. It’s balm for the soul when someone tries something on and is blown away. It’s especially nice to slowly realise that there are certain people who go through life with an appreciative eye and at least intuitively realise that the jewellery is special. That’s were it all comes full circle. Düsseldorf as a piece of jewellery: what would that look like? A heavy earring that pulls your earlobe down a bit, you see a lot of stylish grannies shopping. Not too extra­ vagant, rather classic materials, maybe a little pearl, a dark green stone, but with an unexpected twist. Because if you go to the right corners, the city can surprise you. Who (dead or alive) would you like to meet for a coffee sometime? I’d love to have a chat with Marina Abramović, or just a little private ‘the artist is real’ moment, just for me.




AGE 25








No doubt – the Kö is an elegant avenue that (still) serves as a symbol of Düsseldorf. When it comes to retail therapy, don’t underestimate the allure of other neighbourhoods. Beyond the city center, shops exude their own charm, boasting exceptional fashion selections, innovative retail concepts, and distinctive personalities. Whether your heart beats for vintage treasures, preloved pieces, avant-garde concept boutiques or unique design labels, we are sure you will always find something out of the ordinary in Düsseldorf ’s chic districts or hidden alleys. Ready, set, go: let the shopping games begin! OUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE

FASHION & ACCESSORIES AEST. STORE aest. stands for aesthetics; for the very special, characteristic design of Scandinavian fashion & interior design brands that are part of the store’s repertoire. Now also in Oberkassel Ackerstraße 127 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern Luegallee 15 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel


ATELIER_32U The Scandinavian style from brands such as NORR, mbyM, EDITED, GESTUZ or ICHI plus handmade jewellery, selected accessories, bags and lifestyle items Ackerstraße 199 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern BEYOND STUDIOS Mostly Scandinavian brands, a huge selection of plants, jewellery, books and interior stuff Stresemannstraße 8 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte BREUNINGER Fashion and luxury lifestyle department store Kö-Bogen, Königsallee 2 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

CEÑTRAL DUESSELDORF Skate shop with a large selection of different brands providing skateboards and equipment, accessories and clothing Kapuzinergasse 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt DONSJE Beautiful handmade kidswear with sophisticated details, matching footwear and accessories Benrather Straße 12 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte EINFACH SCHÖN Concept store for fashion, shoes and accessories with a large selection of international labels Bilker Allee 53 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk FORMIDABLE Wonderfully furnished lingerie and accessories store Ackerstraße 203 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

AFEW STORE Limited editions and the most exquisite sneaker selection in town Oststraße 36 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ALTE GIESSEREI IGEL A true concept store experience in an impressive brick building with fashion, interior, lifestyle and skincare products from brands such as Drykorn, Copenhagen Studios, HAY and many more Alte Gießerei 6 – 14 40699 Erkrath



APROPOS THE CONCEPT STORE Luxury designer fashion, shoes and handbags plus a very special beauty department Benrather Straße 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


FREITAG STORE DÜSSELDORF BY SELEKTEUR R.I.P.s (Recycled Individual Products) from Zurich since 1993 Hohe Straße 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

JIMMY+JO “German Kaufhaus” with a very nice selection of curated fashion and interior items, books and accessories Stresemannstraße 27 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

FRIENDLY HUNTING STORE Responsible luxury for people with positive attitude Heinrich-Heine-Allee 36 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

KAUF DICH GLÜCKLICH Scandinavian and French inspired fashion, accessories and shoes, plus a small book and interior selection Carlsplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

GLORE Sustainable fashion concept store Luegallee 53 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel duesseldorf HAMMERMANN Colourful concept store selling fashion, accessories and gagdets for ladies Lorettostraße 15 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

KLEIDSAM Selected pieces from different labels Neusser Straße 123 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk LANGBRETT Clothing, art and energy for surfers, skaters and urban people Ackerstraße 113 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern


JADES Colourful, fancy, edgy, punky and cool luxury designer fashion and accessories Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53 Breite Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

LIVE LAB STUDIOS Concept store for sustainable luxury presenting curated products from fashion, design, art, beauty and more Fürstenwall 66 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

MILIAN BY ANNETTE GÖRTZ Avant-garde fashion by German designer Annette Görtz and other brands such as Comme des Garçons, Yamamoto and Maison Margiela Königsallee 33 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

LULULEMON Canadian lifestyle and yoga brand Grabenstraße 17 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt LYNK & CO Car brand with an exceptional concept store and co-working concept Kasernenstraße 13 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt dusseldorf

MONOLAR.STUDIO Slow premium bags and accessories made in Düsseldorf Bagelstraße 117 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ORFÈVRE DÜSSELDORF Unique gallery for jewellery Bastionstraße 35 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

IAMYOURS Beautiful bridal concept store with dresses, shoes, jewellery and accessories Stresemannstraße 3 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



PICK UP Iconic store for punk rock fashion, shoes and accessories Kapuzinergasse 15 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt ALTE GIESSEREI IGEL

IDENTITA ITALIANA Premium fashion, shoes and accessories for him and her from brands such as Patrizia Pepe, Marni, Woolrich and many more Carlsplatz 22 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

MA CABANE French concept store for clothing and home accessories Achenbachstraße 132 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal conceptstoremacabane


REBEL’S GARAGE SKATESHOP It’s all about skateboarding and longboarding – including a large selection of streetwear and accessories Gneisenaustraße 10 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort ROBERTA THE STORE Organic fashion and fair-trade goods Nordstraße 71 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf Bilker Allee 55 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk SHE DESIGNED SEPTEMBER Lovely shop in Düsseltal with a selection of modern fashion pieces and accessories Rethelstraße 139 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal shedesignedseptember STYLEALBUM Concept store and online shop with an excellent selection of German and Scandinavian designers plus accessories, interior, beauty products and gadgets Schirmerstraße 23 (backyard) 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort SEVENS Premium shopping centre with an excellent gastronomic offer and an international brand selection Königsallee 56 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Innenstadt



QONNECT STORE “One-stop shopping experience” offering cool sneakers and sneaker laundry, streetwear, accessories and a hair dresser Liesegangstraße 17a 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

OPTIK KITTEL Glasses and sunglasses from Germany and Europe Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz 18 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Heerdt SEHWELT ELLER Independent eyewear store Gumbertstraße 170 40229 Düsseldorf ∙ Eller

THE MAX. Concept store with a colourful mix of cheap, expensive, bizarre, trashy, high quality, old and new clothes, furniture, interior accessories and treasures from all over Europe Nordstraße 12 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

YARN STUDIOS CONCEPT STORE Latest styles by Düsseldorf brands Yarn Studios, Another Cotton Lab and Papsili kidswear Lindenstraße 142 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

THE QOOL STORE New age concept store offering a selection of qool goods. Haroldstraße 14 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

ACE & TATE Modern and stylish glasses from Amsterdam Carlsplatz 3 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

TUXEDO Fashion, accessories and beauty for her from carefully selected brands Lorettostraße 35 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk Cheruskerstraße 67a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

BRILLEN KAISER A real classic – since 1933 located on Königsallee Bahnstraße 2, Königsallee 92 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

WHAT WOMEN WANT Products selected with love for everything to do with fashion, accessories, beauty, interior, jewellery and small treats Lorettostraße 38 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk WUNDERWERK Organic fashion for women and men, fashionable and sustainable, ecologically and fair Ackerstraße 133 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

VIU EYEWEAR Cool designer glasses from Switzerland, handmade in Italy and Japan Benrather Straße 8 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt


FUNK OPTIK Funk is one of the last genuine eyewear manufacturers in Germany Brunnenstraße 18 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk HESSE & HOLLÄNDER Optician with modern styles from Cologne Ackerstraße 158 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

MENSWEAR L’ATELIER MONSIEUR High-quality, affordable basics which stand out due to their quality and craftsmanship and not because of their brand name Bilker Allee 14 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk THE BESPOKER Tailoring, interior and lifestyle for him Wildenbruchstraße 41 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel THE BLOKE Super nice custom-made suits for him and her Pfalzstraße 2 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort CARHARTT Classy work- and urban streetwear and accessories Mittelstraße 16 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


LFDY Live fast: famous Düsseldorfbased streetwear brand Ackerstraße 156 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MANNS Store for water sports, cordage and accessories. Family business since 1845 Benrather Straße 7b (entry Hohe Straße) 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt MORITZ WENZ STUDIO Traditional manufacturing, handmade jewellery and timeless design products Ackerstraße 155 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

RED WING HERITAGE STORE Traditional heritage brand offering its legendary “Made in USA” boots Hohe Straße 17 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt STUF|F – FINE GOODS “Soul made” fine goods for him and vintage furniture Birkenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern THE PLACE High-end streetwear and sneakers Berger Straße 11 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

RECORD STORES A&O MEDIEN Huge selection of new and old records, CDs, books and music gadgets Schadow-Arkaden, 1st floor, Schadowstraße 11 40212 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte


CLASSIC KONTOR STORE X DEUS Selected products from brands like Blue De Genes, Pike Brothers, Lee 101, YETI, Bara­ cuta, Filson, Edwin and Deus Hohe Straße 17 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

HEIMINDUSTRIE RECORDS Large selection from blues and funk to soul, disco, indie, jazz and reggae Brunnenstraße 22 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk HITSVILLE One of the last original record stores in the old town Wallstraße 21 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt MINTY VINYL Record store buying and selling records Lindenstraße 186 (69m² Concept Store) 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern RAINKING RECORDSTORE New and second-hand records Düsselthaler Straße 2 40211 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort

AACHENER PLATZ Ulenbergstraße 10 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk MESSEPARKPLATZ P1 Stockumer Kirchstraße 61 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Stockum RADSCHLÄGERMARKT Blumengroßmarkt Ulmenstraße 275 40468 Düsseldorf ∙ Derendorf WEIBERKRAM

VINTAGE STORES BROKE Second-hand streetwear and curated new products Tussmannstraße 5 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort COUTURE 2ND Strictly designer second-hand Hohe Straße 20 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


THROWBACK VINYL The latest newcomer to the record store scene in town covering different artistic genres. Vinyl purchase and sale! Am Straußenkreuz 21 40229 Düsseldorf · Eller




ELEMENTARTEILCHEN Vintage dresses from 50s til 80s, designer fashion and accessories Ackerstraße 125 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern VIEL GOODZ POP-UP Vintage pop-up store until at least 31 December 2023 with large selection of vintage sneakers and streetwear Königstraße 9 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

KOKO SELECTED Second hand, fair fashion and lovely details in a former hairdresser’s saloon Hermannstraße 47 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern LIEBLINGSSTÜCKE Selected treasures in Flingern Bruchstraße 1 40235 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

POPE VINTAGE Carefully curated vintage pieces Ackerstraße 53 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern UNTOLD Curated unisex vintage and second hand collections Zimmerstraße 33 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt


DESIGNER CHECK OUT Designer collections from the past two seasons Blücherstraße 24 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

STEWARDRESS Vintage treasures in the backyard Lorettostraße 8 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

ONLINE STRIKE Vintage clothes for generation TikTok Brunnenstraße 9 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk THE MINTAGE Vintage heaven for girls and boys Wallstraße 27 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt VILLA OLIVA VINTAGE SHOP The vintage store with nostalgic curiosities Bilker Allee 62 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

ANNIETHING VINTAGE Luxury vintage and band shirts from LY, NY, Madrid and Paris anniethingvintage TWO BROTHERS VINTAGE Premium vintage by two brothers, specialised in 80s, 90s & 2000s vintage t-shirts, sweaters and baseball jackets twobrothersvintage


CASH & RAUS Employment and work project for unemployed people with four shops FAIRHAUS Charity department store with a total of eight branches in Neuss and Düsseldorf OXFAM Second-hand clothes, books, this and that

CARITAS KAUFHAUS WERTVOLL Furniture and clothing

MAE’S SECOND HAND DE LUXE Second-hand and “vintage deluxe” for women Arnulfstraße 2a 40545 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel



LILA MODEN Vintage, art and fashion from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada etc. Oststraße 150 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte




Modular Sofa System 300 MODULES



SMART ANTI-SLIP 77 FABRICS SOFA EXAMPLES ON CUBIT-SHOP.COM With more than 300 modules in 77 colours and its minimalist design, our modular sofa adapts to all needs. Simply put the modules together just as you need them and reinvent your modular sofa day by day!

Seating try-outs? With the Cubit sample sofa, we’ll lend you our sofa for 10 days.: samples/ MYMITO GMBH RONSDORFER STRASSE 74 40233 DÜSSELDORF +49 (0)2 11 99 91 45-0 CONTACT@CUBIT-SHOP.COM INSTAGRAM.COM/CUBITSHOP


Why go far when the good stuff is so close? We have always had a fable for local products. And Düsseldorf has a lot of them – it’s worth taking a closer look. There is far more than Altbier, mustard and Killepitsch: small manufacturers and independent designers offer creative concepts, lovingly made products and local delicacies. We present our favourite labels from Düsseldorf in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty, food, interior and more. Enjoy exploring! NEW ADDITIONS




BOTO BOTOKIDS Cool and colourful kids wear

CANO SHOES Ethically and sustainably handmade Huaraches from Mexico

KINDER & KONSORTEN Pretty shop for kids with a huge selection of baby and children’s accessories, toys, books, pillows, decorations and stationery FAMVIBES Sustainable fashion and accessories to accompany you and your family from the first little steps in your belly to all those precious milestones MEA AMĀRE A young Düsseldorf brand for high-quality products that make everyday life easier for babies (and parents) by using natural materials such as hemp


DU CIEL Handmade lingerie made of fine fabrics with a sense of timeless elegance ESPADRIJ L’ORIGINALE French inspired products such as the original espadrilles, palm baskets, beachplaids and homewear EVAR Handmade handbags LAYDAY LAYDAY Fair trade and sustainable products such as clothing, cosmetics, prints and accessories



MONOLAR Slow premium bags – designed and manufactured in the studio in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. With the selection of special vegetable-tanned leather, each bag is unique and a lifelong companion OPAAK Mindful bodywear and lingerie for women SHAROKINA Designed in Düsseldorf: high quality handbags and accessories made of European quality leather, in timeless designs with pretty details

FOOD ’N’ BEVERAGE 734 SPIRITUOSENMANUFAKTUR Liqueur from Volmerswerth / Rhine Kilometre 734 ABB SENF Original Düsseldorf mustard, perfect souvenir ÄHRENSACHE Premium Korn and Rinocero Gin based in Düsseldorf ALTUS BEER Düsseldorf ’s first organic Altbier. Cheerio!

BAETTER BAKING Organic baking mixes – vegan and gluten-free BAYNE ICE CREAM Wine and cocktail ice sorbets with flavours such as Veneziano Spritz, Gin Tonic or Moscow Mule. Made of natural raw materials from Europe BEER KONG Brand new hand-brewed craftbeer straight from Düsseldorf DÜSSELDORFER ÖL-MANUFAKTUR Cold-pressed oils from fine organic seeds and carefully filtered by hand GHIRLONI EISMANUFAKTUR In 1975, Roberto Ghirloni’s father opened his first ice cream parlor in Gerresheim. Today, in the second generation, he produces according to traditional recipes, with “real” and fresh ingredients HECKLONI BEER New independent Düsseldorf home brewery


HIVE THE GOOD LIFE Düsseldorf Granola manufacture with products free of sugar and preservatives KILLEPITSCH Herbal liqueur from Düsseldorf KLIPPENZIEGE Mate dry gin from Düsseldorf KNASTTRÄNE New local vodka by two friends working in the advertising industry KÖLT Kölsch and Alt = Költ! The first beer that made the impossible possible MADAME CHÊRI Chocolate manufactory MELT COOKIES Düsseldorf online shop for freshly baked and homemade cookies

OLBERMANN BREWERY Independent Düsseldorf craft beer brewery

TRUE KIMCHI STORY Fresh and vegan homemade kimchi, Korean superfood

IAMYOURS Bridal wear and concept store based in Düsseldorf

RACCOON Fair, vegan and sustainable protein chocolate

VOLLGEPACKT Microgreens from the old boiler house at the Böhler areal

JULIUS BACH Young fashion designer and artist from Düsseldorf

SCHMITTMANN EDELBRENNEREI Original Düsseldorf distillery since 1818

WINEFACE Wineface is a wine delivery service in Düsseldorf with a focus on small, sustainable wineries

KIOSQ SUPPLY Urban street- and skatewear label

SPUMATE Spumate is a wine-mate mixed drink that will sparkle up your tummy

YOSHI NAMA GIN The story of YOSHI NAMA begins in Düsseldorf ’s “Little Tokyo” district. YOSHI NAMA is a tribute to this wonderful place and stands for handcrafted spirits in which German and Japanese influences merge

STILDIELE Handmade popsicles – made with lots of fruit and love STRANDHASE CRAFTBEER Düsseldorf craft beer and brewery courses TREATFULS Seriously addictive natural treats. Vegan – organic – super good!

FASHION 22/4_HOMMES_FEMMES The Düsseldorf high-end tailoring label by designer Stephanie Hahn has been producing womens and menswear designs in German factories since 2008 ALEKS KURKOWSKI High-end menswear and womenswear – inspired by simple geometry and the passion for the colour black ETUK Düsseldorf-based designer label by Ben & Kurt Etuk with a focus on sustainability and innovation.


G-LAB Supreme weatherwear: sophisticated jackets for ladies and gents


GOUTEZ Clothes made from highest quality deadstock fabrics, manufactured in Italy and Germany

LFDY Live fast: famous Düsseldorfbased streetwear brand LOLA CLOTHING High-quality streetwear label from Düsseldorf – heavy cottons, eco-friendly production MISSING ICON Streetwear label influenced by the emotions of football and the great players of the sport MOTRA STORE Motra (sister in Albanian) is a project imagined by Pranvera and Arta Muja. They created a style universe and online shop that offers timeless ready-to-wear for women and men NOWADAYS Simple, modern and smart clothing for him OONCE Custom made bridal wear, accessories and jewellery PESO Streetwear brand by Düsseldorf-based influencer @jstin


SUZUSAN Japanese fashion, home and living design including traditional Japanese textile finishing techniques THE BLOKE Custom-made suits for him and her TONI Shirts & accessories handmade out of beautiful fabrics such as napkins or tablecloths by designer Adrian Voss WUNDERWERK Organic fashion for women and men, fashionable and sustainable, ecological and fair YARN STUDIOS Unisex basics plus a nice collection of printed t-shirts, sweats and hoodies

JEWELLERY 202 EDITIONS Limited editions, quality and poised designs, and slow and sustainable practices ALESSA JOSTEN Young contemporary jewellery designer located in Düsseldorf ARIANE ERNST JEWELRY Beautiful jewellery plus a small clothing line by designer Ariane Ernst


BERU INOU Jewellery with a focus on glass and porcelain CONSTANZE CHROSCH On a mission to create high quality and durable jewellery with character JENNA BROMMER Jewellery with a mix of punk, elegance and irony KUCK JEWELLERY Playful handling of 24k pure gold in the form of fine, precisely crafted necklaces, pendants and bracelets with an outstanding design LAURA CHRISTMANN JEWELLERY Geometric jewellery for the elegant minimalist, made in Düsseldorf LAURA PRAHL Düsseldorf-based jewellery between art and design LISA SCHEREBNENKO Beautiful dainty jewellery for space and body MAREN DÜSEL Her works are characterised by a minimalist design language and clear colour accents, using classic goldsmithing techniques, as well as modern 3D printing techniques. She is part of the design collective “Atelier Hinter Indien”


STREHLOW Fashion label based in Düsseldorf by designer Marion Strehlow. Innovative cutting techniques with surprising details as well as colourful accents characterize an unique style

MICHAELA DONSBACH Handmade bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces MIMARIE DIE GOLDSCHMIEDE Lovingly handmade jewellery from sustainable material mimariediegoldschmiede MORITZ WENZ Unisex jewellery and design collections from Düsseldorf, from Moritz’ studio in Flingern. Plus: personalisable pendants, necklaces and bracelets. NYYUKIN Nyyukin is the special combination of two disciplines: graphic and jewellery design that merges technology, design and emotion. For jewellery that fits every moment PENDALOCK Fumblefree jewellery PRIVAT SCHMUCK & ACCESSOIRES Jewellery made in Düsseldorf, including beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings

RELATED BY OBJECTS Five female designers that work with precious metals and unconventional materials, colours and textiles – a focus on high-quality workmanship SOFIA BEILHARZ Individual jewellery design and handmade jewellery from Düsseldorf-Pempelfort STUDIO ASEO Young talented designer Selina Sea Gutt creates contemporary objects using experimental and upcycling techniques UHRENSCHMIEDE LEOPOLD Handmade, invididual wristwatches made in Düsseldorf

INTERIOR ATISAN Handcrafted interior accessories – ethically sourced and made of sustainable materials CUBIT High-end modular furniture and shelving system FRITZ ADAMSKI Ceramics & object designer


FRAGILE Handmade porcelain, unique items, and limited art editions

SCHNITTSTELLE KUNST Handmade books, notebooks and slips of paper invite you to unleash your own creativity and to develop your own ideas while protecting the environment in the process

HAP CERAMICS Ceramic label based in Düsseldorf. The minimalist objects are handmade, strong and ready for your everyday usage HCK INTERIOR HCK creates interior design for spaces, shops and homes concepts_art KIYO Inovative and modular furniture – German Design Award Winner 2023 KUNST100 Online gallery offering art at an affordable price by young art talents. Whether you are an art collector or a “fresh art lover”, Kunst100’s wide range of art covers different tastes and experiences in a low price segment LUCKY CAT STUDIO Düsseldorf-based risography studio is committed to drive the sustainability revolution in print media. At Lucky Cat Studio you will find unique art prints with radiant colours for your home LUIZZO Terrazzo tiles, furniture and accessories. Handmade in Italy

MARISA OEKER Illustrations and paperworks MALTE VAN DER MEYDEN Sophisticated design objects MGD. Colourful and arty candles handmade in Düsseldorf MUTABEL Flexible DIY elements for your wall ORION QUBO Verena and Pete design contemporary and useful products for your home that are exclusively made in Europe. Their motto: Love Your Space PAULA ELLERT Designer from Düsseldorf with a focus on furniture, lighting and products

STUDIO STARKE CERAMICS Solo handmade small batch pottery studiostarke_ceramics TRY SOMETHING Hand-made ceramics VETSAK Seatbags, sofas, outdoor furniture and accessories from Düsseldorf

BEAUTY CHAMMI “Happy Days” by Chammi is a vital substance complex with valuable vitamins, minerals and plant extracts specially developed to combat menstrual cramps LA VIFOLIE The young Düsseldorf label La Vifolie focuses exclusively on the care of the sensitive eye area – with a unique combination of highly effective ingredients and state-of-the-art high-tech cosmetics

OSKAR NATURAL SKINCARE Natural skin- and bodycare from Düsseldorf with a super nice smell and packaging THE CALMING 100% natural fragrances, soaps, accessories and more that helps you to breathe deeply, to reflect and to gain new energy and strength

LIFESTYLE DOLI BOTTLES Non-toxic, high-quality and sustainable glass bottles and coffee mugs KAËLL Natural household and textile care products KLIK KLAK A modern and inspiring card game that encourages deep conversations LIFEISARIDE High-quality handcrafted bicycle gear STICKAPEAR Glowing design sticker sets for your cargo bike


ELLANCE Cosmetics, oils and supplements made in Switzerland, fusing modern techniques with the power of nature


NICOLA WEIDEMANN COSMETICS Düsseldorf-based make-up artist with her own beauty product line








What a day – the third edition of THE DORF x FRIENDS – THE MARKET in July 2023 was simply wonderful! Over 1,000 visitors, perfect weather, satisfied and happy participants and nothing but good vibes throughout the day. After two events at our friends from the concept store “Alte Gießerei Igel”, this time we went to the interior showroom of Nine United in the Fürstenpalais in Unterbilk, one of the most beautiful town houses from the Wilhelminian period in Düsseldorf. Almost 20 local labels from the Düsseldorf design, fashion and creative scene presented their products on four floors. Many thanks to all visitors, partners and exhibitors – it couldn’t have been nicer. Stay tuned – on the channels of THE DORF we will soon tell you the next date.

We would like to thank our partner Wirtschaftsförderung Düsseldorf with KomKuK – Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- & Kreativwirtschaft for the co-operation and support.







Fritz Adamski

From clothing to ceramics: Fritz Adamski designs everyday objects and gives them a creative twist. What began as a hobby is now his passion. The Düsseldorf designer, who originally comes from the textile and clothing technology sector, is currently studying New Craft Object Design at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and is part of the Blow Shop – an independent platform that presents collector designs by contemporary designers. The idea behind it: to create a place of networking and exchange for creatives. What unites Fritz’s designs, which range from everyday objects like bowls and cups to decorative objects, is their originality and the surprising play with different materials.

How did your love for ceramic objects develop? When did you start with it and what brought you to it? I originally studied textile and clothing technology in Mönchengladbach and did my bachelor’s degree in it. After that I worked in sales for a shoe company and quickly realised that selling and this number-based business is not my thing. That’s when I started making pottery on the side and somehow stuck with it. That was four years ago. In the meantime, I also noticed that not only pottery but design in general appeals to me, so I started studying New Craft Object Design at the HSD. Was that always your dream? Looking back, I would say that I have always been involved with creative things throughout my childhood. I lost sight of that a bit during my studies and especially during my job afterwards, and then rediscovered it for myself. I asked myself: where did I take a wrong turn? So it wasn’t necessarily pottery, which had always been my dream, but creative work. How can you describe the style of your work and what (artistic) approach do you follow? In my work, there is always room for chance and trial and error – which on the one hand allows a lot of freedom, of course, but on the other hand also sometimes leads to frustration when things don’t work out. Beyond that, however, I also generate something that is fun and not too strict. I want people to see that I had fun creating and that some of the shapes came about by chance. With my works I try to convey this looseness and lightness. This idea of bringing joy into the world – I just like that. I also like it when I get feedback from people that they really like drinking from my cups because they are interesting to look at or it’s nice to


have them on the table. If others find joy in it, that makes me happy again. Who or what inspires you in your work? Of course, art inspires me in general. I try to see a lot of art because it gives me a lot back. It doesn’t stress me out and doesn’t feel like work. I also love watching documentaries and reports – about different people, how they live, what problems there are in the future and how they can be solved. Another thing that always gives me food for thought is talking to friends. Tell us something about the concept of the Blow Shop, where you are also actively involved. It started two years ago in Düsseldorf with me and four other artists. The idea was that we wanted to create a platform for ourselves to present our products as designers in the way we imagined. This had not existed for us before, and as designers we can also design the space ourselves in which we want to present our objects. It’s a very fluid concept, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one space and keep the whole thing relatively open. Since then, we’ve always tried to show up in new places and get in touch with the local people. The next Blow Shops took place in Cologne, Berlin and Antwerp, where we came into contact with many designers, some of whom are now part of the permanent team. This creates a kind of network and, above all, a cool exchange. With whom (dead or alive) would you like to drink an Altbier and what would you talk about? Jane Goodall and probably I would just listen.




AGE 37










For the label Monolar, design and craftsmanship are inseparable. The name refers to elegant one-of-a-kind leather bags and accessories that are handcrafted as lifelong com­panions. How­ ever, with a philosophy dedicated to sustainability and appreciation, there is much more behind the aesthetic look of the products. With their Monolar.Studio in Pempelfort, Jasmin Schmitz and Max Boss have created a space that not only makes the elaborate manu­facturing process visible, but also offers the opportunity to counter the constant hectic pace of life with various meditation and yoga classes. Thus, a symbiosis is created that also directs the view on fast-moving consumption, in which the origin and creation of the objects often remain unquestioned. Monolar shows that things can be different and that the appreciation for the product including its history is a significant factor for its quality and beauty.


How did the foundation of Monolar come about? Jasmin I founded the label Monolar at the end of 2017, beginning of 2018 still during my studies. I have always been interested in working with leather and leather accessories, but it hardly came up in my education and studies. That’s why I got more and more involved with it myself, working for a label that makes handbags. Then I rented my first studio and made the first items. I always knew that I wanted to start my own business. And because a lot of clothing doesn’t match my sense of sustainability, I thought accessories would fit the bill. Anyone can wear them regardless of gender or age. What does the term “sustainability” mean to you? Jasmin Because I dealt with it very intensively in my studies, I learned that there are many different perspectives on sustainability. I was able to determine for myself that I find it very important to be in harmony with nature. When I create something, I want it to be traceable and I don’t want to leave anything artificial behind. For example, I think it’s interesting if a table can last 300 years and has a history, even on an energetic level. Right now, a lot of the fashion world is about how plastic can be recycled. For example, there’s a new polyester that’s made from plastic bottles. To me, these are things that are not fully thought through and are not 100% sustainable. The issue of what happens to the fabric in the end remains. Natural textiles made from linen, wool, cotton or leather can be composted and returned to nature. A central concept for Monolar is “appreciation”. Why is it important to you to run a label that is not only concerned with the external aesthetics of the products? How does this compare to your view of the fashion and design world? Max Appreciation is a commonality in our work that we share on a meta-level. I create it, with and for the people I work with in our studio. Through appreciation, you become more sensitive to the creation process behind products and wonder what thoughts or philosophies



“The person behind it, who made the product, should get appreciation. For me, that’s also at the forefront of the design.” are behind them. The idea of appreciation for things that have been produced has been around for a while. But what we’ve seen, especially Jasmin as a designer, is that the aesthetic is missing in some things. Jasmin In the fashion world, it’s also almost impossible to work with sustainability and appreciation because of the existing production structures and locations. You can support people in Bangladesh with better wages, but it’s not sustainable to send the products all over the world. I wanted to start a label with Monolar that covered everything and didn’t have to take shortcuts that often end up in greenwashing. The person behind it, who made the product, should get appreciation. For me, that’s also at the forefront of the design. With workmanship, you can see how much time and effort goes into it. If you’re very into labels and like to stock up on the best brands and latest stuff, you want to belong somewhere or fill an inner void. But if you spend a lot of time on yourself, like Max does with his clients, that eventually falls away. You don’t have the urge to adorn yourself with prestige, but rather pay attention to the quality of the products, which are durable and have a history – and are still allowed to look good. Max But the shift there doesn’t have to be so extreme that you throw everything away and only buy things that are produced in a sustainable or value-added way. You don’t have to go from one extreme to the next.



With Monolar.Studio you also offer classes and workshops for yoga, meditation and alternative healing. How did this connection come about? Jasmin Monolar.Studio is the space we created where Max’s work and mine meet, but it’s more than that. We also curate our „Handverlesen“ (“Handpicked”) events for other artisans, designers, and art makers, where we aim to address appreciation and showcase products that people have created with their hands. We thought it would be nice to have the opportunity to do something completely different: a retail store where you can practice meditation or attend yoga classes at the same time. Max We found it fitting to be together in this space because Jasmin sells products there and I pass on philosophies in the form of classes. They relate to physical and mental health and help develop an openness and sensitivity not only to yourself, but to what you carry with you. What is the manufacturing process of your products? Jasmin Monolar.Studio is our retail space and the space where Max practices his work. My studio is attached behind it. Currently, everything is cut by hand and every machine seam is sewn by hand by me. We use horse leather, which makes each piece unique. Even if it’s the same model, each bag always looks different. This process is not very economical, but it is very important to me. I look at what product I can make from the hide and what model goes with it. In the meantime, however, we have reached a point where it becomes too much for one person. Therefore, in the future I will work with a small manufacture from the region. There I will be supported with all machine sewing. The handicrafts will remain in our studio. Max The manufactory is a long-established family business that still uses very old machines. The machinery always feels a bit like a museum, too. It was important to Jasmin to be able to visit there to punch the material herself and to see which leather cutout becomes which product.




Why is leather particularly well suited as the main material for your products? Jasmin I already investigated plant-based leather alternatives in my bachelor’s thesis by trying to develop one myself that could meet exactly the same requirements, which I didn’t succeed in doing. Currently, leather is the best material because it is very durable. If you take good care of it, it can last three to four generations, sometimes even more. It’s also basically a natural product. Animals are not slaughtered to produce leather, but to produce meat, of which leather is the waste product. There is still a lot of meat being produced in the world right now, so it is still possible to use leather. But I hope that in the future this will become less, and we will be able to produce leather alternatives from natural origin – for example from mushrooms – that are recyclable. Because if I put leather on the compost heap, it becomes biomass again. It’s also important to say that we only use vegetable-tanned leather – with oak bark or mimosa, for example. This takes a bit longer and is a bit expensive, but this way it is possible to return it. With the current leather alternatives, it’s often the case that it’s not very durable like real leather and that’s why it gets a PA or PU film. Even if a great alternative like pineapple fiber is used, it’s not recyclable without releasing microplastics because it’s coated with the plastic film. Max We use horse leather because it’s not a factory farm product. The horse’s bottom is in the foreground here because it brings the special look for the leather. A horse usually has a nicer and freer life than a cow, which is mostly used for leather in addition to milk and meat. Which love is greater: design or craftsmanship? Jasmin For me, the two go hand in hand. A good design subtly draws the eye to the material and workmanship and makes the product coherent as a whole. Craftsmanship has a special aesthetic and is also designed again. So, it’s not separable. What inspires you? Are there certain places in Düsseldorf where you draw new ideas? Jasmin We’re in the forest pretty much every day – which you can also find in Düsseldorf! I’m always surprised how ideas can flow when you’re



connected to nature. You must take it easy and inspiration sprouts on its own. Also, always taking advantage of the contrast between the city and the forest and hitting a stop button is a source of strength and inspiration in Düsseldorf. Max Regardless of the outside noise, it’s also important for me to find peace within myself. Ancient yoga scriptures speak of doing in doing nothing, which for me means working intuitively. When cooking, this can be a spice that I don’t normally use, or a hand movement during a massage. This is the peace that we find in the forest and transfer to everyday life, especially when it is more hectic in the city. It doesn’t always work, but it gets better with time.


Do you have a specific vision for the future of Monolar? Jasmin What I generally want for the future is to have production and design in one place and to keep the symbiosis, so I can always be integrated in the craft process. Design for me doesn’t happen on paper, I design with the material in my hands.


Max With Jasmin as a designer, with my work in the workshops and courses, and with the events, we want to show what we do and create a space for exchange on multiple levels.


Jasmin Above all, we want to make the craft tangible. People can come to our store and see how the products are made. That’s what’s important to us for our “Handverlesen” (“Handpicked”) events coming up. Soon we will have a ceramist and a hand weaver as guests. Who knows exactly what work goes into it and how much time it takes? Our aim is to pause in a fast-paced world and show how meditative craft can be.




What a terrific evening! After two years, we finally celebrated another magazine release at the end of October 2022. In cooperation with urbanana from NRW Tourismus, we celebrated together with numerous protagonists, supporters, employees and friends of THE DORF at Café Velvet and next-door concept store Beyond Studio on Stresemannstraße. By the way, the cover motif for our issue was shot at the neighbouring multi-storey car park. Of course, a lot of the magazine protagonists joined the party – Nina from


October First Studio provided the magnificent flower decoration, Sebastian from Museum Express and artist Steffen Mumm aka Hoker One had an exclusive mini-exhibition and the restaurants Gusan and Phox as well as Hala Empa­nada served fantastic food. Düsseldorf artists Modular and Emily performed live on stage; our DJs Robin Mario and Moritz Inhoven played the right tunes during the night. Enjoy the wonderful pictures of the evening!





In his music, Bernard introspectively tells of his feelings and his world of thoughts. The 19–year–old from Düsseldorf writes his own songs and produces his music in his self– built home studio. He is also part of the collective nolabel, which consists of various musicians who support each other and play concerts together. His composition of rap and various soul & jazz melodies can already be considered a unique selling point. His first EP “Random Booster, Vol. 1” was released at the beginning of the year. Since then, success and concert requests in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area have been trickling in. We met the newcomer for an interview. The result is a profound conversation about self–reflection, emotions and underground Hip Hop.

How did you get into music? I already sang as a child, preferably alone in my room. Later I was in the children’s choir at my school. There was a very nice teacher who did singing exercises with us during the breaks. This choir became more and more serious, so that we even had a performance at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. In secondary school, the opportunity arose for a school band, and we covered rock songs. At the same time, I cleaned out his basement with my buddy Leon and built a studio. That’s where my first song “Level Up” was produced. During the lockdown I had a lot of time for music, so more and more demos were produced. How would you describe your music and what are your songs about? My music is complex. I appreciate my composition from my rap and the beats. It’s not very common and flowing. I rap very energetically. I like to rap with emotions and almost cry on a track. I just talk about my feelings and what I feel at certain times. It’s all very me–centric because I don’t see myself as someone who needs to talk about the world. I am very careful about talking about other people. In the end, you never know how they are or what situations they are in. So, I don’t want to go out of myself or talk about things that have nothing to do with me. At least that’s where I am now. Are there any musicians who inspire you? My first inspiration was Denzel Curry. After that I listened to oldschool inspired rap from New York for a while, like Joey Badass, Westside Gunn or people like Smino or Saba. I feel very connected to Saba’s rap because his voice and sound are very monotone. But he still found a way to play with his voice and create these


beautiful melodies. Besides Denzel Curry, my main inspirations are Isaiah Rashad, Mavy and Navy Blue. For a long time, I was afraid to listen to music that was more emotional. However, during my A–levels, I started listening to R’n’B and that was the best thing I could do. Those peppy songs gave me lightness. I have found aspects in so many artists that are reflected in my music. In the past, my inspirations often became an obsession. I wanted to rap just like the artist. But at some point, I found my own voice. You have already performed at the Weltkunstzimmer and at the Live Sessions at the 5P. How does it feel for you to be on stage? I love being on stage. Performing is always the highlight of the week or day for me. I don’t perform regularly, but it’s just nice to be with the crowd celebrating your music. Especially when there is positive feedback. It’s like a hug. I don’t pretend on stage and I’m just me. I have extreme stomach pains just before the gigs, but they usually go away with the first words. That’s a nice feeling. Which musician, dead or alive, would you like to have an Altbier with? It’s hard to say. People always say, “never meet your idols”. That’s what I’m afraid of. No matter what kind of music a person makes, the person behind it can be completely different and not match the image reflected in the music. That’s often a shame because it gives the wrong impressions. If Denzel Curry and I got along well as people, I would have a beer with him. I just don’t know if he even drinks beer, let alone Altbier.





AGE 19








Dive into the inviting ambiance of Düsseldorf ’s bars, pubs, and breweries, each a unique haven where the clinking of glasses and the hum of laughter create an atmosphere of conviviality. Our selection isn’t just about drinks; it’s about embracing a vibrant lifestyle that brings people together, fostering connections and memories that linger long after the last sip is taken. Cin cin! NEW ADDITIONS


BARS BEUYS BAR Stylish bar dedicated to Joseph Beuys Neubrückstraße 2 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt BOOTHBY’S BAR Classic bar, tributing American bartender William Thomas Boothby Hüttenstraße 44 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt BOSTON BAR Fanciest sports bar in town! Hunsrückenstraße 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt CUBANITOS BAR A true classic amongst the bars in Düsseldorf – now re-located at Ratinger Straße Ratinger Straße 23 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt BAR COLETTE Laid-back classic club bar Oberkasseler Straße 79 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel


CREAMCHEESE The return of the legendary artist bar Creamcheese: The original bar & club was reconstructed at Kunstpalast and invites you for drinks on Fridays and Saturdays from November 23. Kunstpalast, Ehrenhof 4–5 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort DIE BAR IN DER SPOERL FABRIK Cosy hidden bar in the backyard next to Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik Tußmannstraße 70 40477 Düsseldorf · Derendorf DR. PFEIFFER “Institute for higher drinking culture”: cocktails, gin and nostalgia Merowingerstraße 18 40223 Düsseldorf · Bilk ELEPHANT BAR Sixties interior and a beautiful marble bar, cool music and drinks Kurze Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt



BAR ELLINGTON A classic: One of the best and classiest bars in town, near the main station Scheurenstraße 5 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt GRAND PU BAR Hip Hop and delicious drinks. New address coming soon. HIDEAWAY New speakeasy bar by Japanese bartender Yuto Nagasawa Jahnstraße 6 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LIQ BAR LIQ is back: 80s inspired cocktail bar with a twist! Parkstraße 26 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort BAR LOLA Cocktail lab and salon electrique. Queer and friends Adersstraße 19 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LUPIN Gin bar with various drinks and gin tastings Ackerstraße 109 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

MELODY BAR An evergreen and true gem in the heart of the old town Kurze Straße 12 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt MEZCALERIA ROJO Mezcal, tequila and pisco bar Hunsrückenstraße 16 – 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt THE OAK’S BAR Great chilled out atmosphere, fabulous cocktails and just a genuinely nice bar in the heart of the old town Hunsrückenstraße 14 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt THE PARIS CLUB BAR Bar on the 17th floor of 25hours hotel with a spectacular view 25hours Hotel, Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte PETIT PUNCH Simply irresistible variety and surprising taste combinations of high-quality ingredients Jülicher Straße 9 40477 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort petit.punch.drinkery


SAKURA BAR Cocktail bar in the Japanese quarter with excellent drinks and friendly staff Immermannstraße 50 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte sakurabar_duesseldorf SQUARE BAR Tiny bar with 1950s interior and great cocktail creations Collenbachstraße 57 40476 Düsseldorf · Derendorf BAR STUDIO 1 This one is a bit different – cosy but slightly creepy interior, nice music and diverse people Jahnstraße 2a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

BAR CHÉRIE Charming wine and cocktail bar in a cosy living room atmosphere with tarte flambée and small dishes Kurze Straße 2 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt CLAUDE WEINBAR New wine bar on Fürstenplatz, opening November 23. Handpicked wines and spirits, creative nibbles and the popular signature dishes from the long tradition of the Ange d’Or Junior restaurant in Essen-Kettwig (until 2020) Kirchfeldstraße 120 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt CUVÉE The makers of the Natur­ burschen wine and delicatessen shop now also have their own wine bar directly opposite. In addition to wines, they also serve small dishes Hermannstraße 64 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern

EISKELLERBAR Wine bar serving wine, snacks and coffee next to the Kunstakademie Eiskellerberg 1 – 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt FETT WEINBAR Fancy wine and listening bar Hunsrückenstraße 16 – 18 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt

NOA BAR New favourite address for natural wines, drinks and snacks by Noa Foodbar maker Murat Neusser Straße 123 40219 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk PELICAN FLY New wine bar in a former snack bar by #asktoni serving fries and wine! Graf-Adolf-Platz 1 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Unterbilk

FLECKENSTEIN Meat. Food. Deli. Wine Schloßstraße 40 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

RHEINTON Cosy wine bar with flair and a passion for good wines and food Gartenstraße 28 40479 Düsseldorf · Pempelfort

GALERIE AM KARLPLATZ Delicious wines from all over the world and small dishes Benrather Straße 6b 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt

VINO’S WEINBAR New young and hip wine bar directly at Carlsplatz Bilker Straße 3 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt


SIR WALTER Bar and club, one of the most popular spots in town. You better come early. Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

KAKHABER Georgian wines and specialties Rethelstraße 100 40237 Düsseldorf ∙ Düsseltal

WINE BARS BAR EN ROUGE New wine bar in Oberkassel by Walid El Sheikh – coming soon! Sonderburgstraße 2 40545 Düsseldorff · Oberkassel BYLINY BAR Cosy bar with good wines, drinks and tasty bites Wissmannstraße 1 40219 Düsseldorf · Unterbilk



WYNO As of November 23, the Wyno team can no longer be found in Glas Lennartz, but in the former Brass Bar on Ackerstraße Ackerstraße 49 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern

DIE BLENDE Typical 80s rock corner pub with sports broadcasts, pool tables and darts. Nothing has changed here in probably 30 years – and that’s a good thing Friedrichstraße 122 40217 Düsseldorf · Friedrichstadt

BRAUEREI SCHUMACHER Traditional beer culture and Rhenish cuisine in the really cosy original building of Düsseldorf ’s oldest Altbier brewery Oststraße 123 40210 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte UERIGE Traditional brewery offering Rhenish dishes in the heart of the old town. Best place to enjoy a cold Altbier outside Berger Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt FRANKENHEIM Frankenheim brewery’s original company building. Enjoy the delicious Rhenish and German cuisine Wielandstraße 16 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte FÜCHSCHEN Rhenish cuisine and homemade Altbier Ratinger Straße 28 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt



KÜRZER Düsseldorf ’s youngest Altbier brewery. New brewery now open at Fichtenstraße 21! Kurze Straße 20 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt Fichtenstraße 21 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern OLBERMANN Private brewery with beer bar in the old town Kurze Straße 2a 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt BRAUEREI ZUM SCHLÜSSEL Traditional Altbier brewery since 1850 with a beautiful terrace in the heart of the old town Bolkerstraße 43 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

ENGELCHEN An institution in the old town – dirty, loud and Rock’n’Roll! Kurze Straße 15 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt ET KABÜFFKE KILLEPITSCHSTUBE Tiny historic pub and home of the legendary Killepitsch schnapps Flinger Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt HOLY CRAFT BEER BAR The first craft beer bar in Düsseldorf with more than 100 different beers from Germany and around the world Liefergasse 11 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt holycraft_beer_bar KEPLER ECK Football, beer and schnapps – very traditional district pub until late night Keplerstraße 18 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

KREUZHERRENECKE Legendary pub at Ratinger Straße and former home to many famous artists such as Beuys. Must-try: “Salmiaki”, their famous licorice schnapps

Altestadt 14 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

BAR KONVEX Funky student bar with changing music program Oberbilker Allee 26a 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt LOTTE Traditional corner pub for the Flinger neighbourhood and nice people Wülfrather Straße 28 40233 Düsseldorf ∙ Flingern MONOPOLY Cosy pub in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s city centre with probably the most friendly bar lady in town Kreuzstraße 27 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


CAFÉ Á GOGO Cosy neighbourhood bar with live music events Schwerinstraße 15 40477 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort cafeagogoduesseldorf



BILKER HÄZZ Cosy Fortuna Düsseldorf pub and event location Bilker Allee 208 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt



O’REILLY’S IRISH PUB Our favourite pub for watching football games: good food, nice and international people and karaoke nights on the weekend Mutter-Ey-Straße 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt PAUL’S Classic pub in Oberkassel, tiny inside but with a beautiful leafy outdoor terrace Düsseldorfer Straße 82 40545 Düsseldorf · Oberkassel PITCHER “Rock’n’Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf ”: pub with weekly live concerts, poetry slams and many more events Oberbilker Allee 29 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

SCHMALBAUCH Pub with Greek food and Füchsen Altbier – perfect for watching F95 football games Birkenstraße 46 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern ZUM GOLDENEN EINHORN An institution! Casual pub with a courtyard and a wooden bar serves breakfast, bistro dishes, cocktails and giant cakes! Ratinger Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt ZUR UEL The history of this brewery can be traced back to the 18th century Ratinger Straße 16 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

RETEMATÄNG A relaxed meeting place for young and old, serving coffee, beer and long drinks and Fortuna Düsseldorf games on TV Ratinger Straße 43 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt retematä SCHAUKELSTÜHLCHEN Cosy pub with a long tradition in the heart of the old town Kurze Straße 18 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt


soundproofed rooms 24/7 bar Lean Luxury Design Hotels

sweet dreams

aremadeof cocktails,oldfriendsand big,cosybeds


b e s t p r i c e s o n r u b y - h o t e l s .c o m NIGHTLIFE

Nightclubs and Düsseldorf – that has always been a thing. After the club scene had to cope with some painful losses last year, such as the Golzheim Club, there are, however, also some promising newcomers. There is also a lot of movement in the music venues. We can assure you: there will always be dancing. And there is plenty of good music in the city. We present our favourite parties and venues for music, going out, meeting friends and having a good time. NEW ADDITIONS


CLUBS & VENUES AK47 Legendary stage venue for live punk rock music Kiefernstraße 23 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern BRAUSE The Brause is the home of the metzgerei schnitzel association, which was an important address for artists and musicians in the city for years and unfortunately had to close in 2019. Rumour has it that the Brause has found a new address and will open again. Fingers crossed CUBE Alternative club in the basement with indie, pop, 50s, 60s, funk and reggae on Fridays; house, trap and techno on Saturdays and sometimes live music Mertensgasse 8 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt


THE GATE New club in the former club „Mauer“ Ratinger Mauer 1 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt DER HOF Music and culture on the premises of the legendary “Ratinger Hof ” Ratinger Straße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt derhof_duesseldorf FRANKS CLUB With the music series “Jazz & Bubbles”, the multi-award-winning pianist and composer Sebastian Gahler brings jazz back to Ratinger Straße every second Wednesday. On Saturdays there is “Soulcity” with soul, funk and disco.



KIT CAFÉ During the day it is a café with the most beautiful view over the Rhine. In the evening various parties and live music by artists from all over the world take over Mannesmannufer 1b 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt BAR LOLA Cocktail lab and salon electrique – queer and friends Adersstraße 19 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt NILSSON Urban space for art, culture and engagement Martinstraße 58 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk OH BABY ANNA Tiny club for electronic music with outstanding light instal­lation and sound quality Andreasstraße 11 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

PONG PONG is located in the foyer of the NRW-Forum museum and is a café and venue for concerts and lively parties Ehrenhof 2 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort PING Second location from the makers of PONG in the heart of the Hofgarten park – a beautiful place for pop culture, drinks and events. Theatermuseum Jägerhofstraße 1 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort R25 KULTUR­SCHLACHTHOF Venue for parties and concerts, e. g. the Ritus Underground Shows Rather Straße 25 40476 Düsseldorf · Derendorf REINRAUM Offspace for art and music under the Adersplatz Adersstraße 30 40215 Düsseldorf · Friedrichstadt RHEINRIFF The world’s largest indoor surf hall, which also serves as a venue for various parties and events


SCHLEUSE ZWEI Music bar in the “Bilker Bunker” hosting bar evenings, DJs, stage programme, live performances and concerts Aachener Straße 39 40223 Düsseldorf ∙ Bilk SILQ House and techno club with an international top line-up Mertensgasse 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt SIR WALTER Bar and club, one of the most popular spots in town. You better come early Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt STADTSTRAND You can find the “beaches” (attention: no sand!) during summer time at the three Rhine bridges in Düsseldorf: at the Rheinkniebrücke, at the Oberkasseler Brücke and at the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke. Have a drink or enjoy live music and parties! THE TUBE Punk rock, indie, alternative, brit pop, electro, hip hop, ska and live music. Currently looking for a new address and until then in exile at DER HOF. Ratinger Straße 10 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt


THE EIGHT Nightclub, parties, bar and event location Rathausufer 8 40213 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt WP8 Along with the Malkasten, founded in 1848, the WP8 is one of the oldest artists’ associations still existing in Düsseldorf today. Regular parties and events take place in the small premises on Worringer Platz Kölner Straße 73 40211 Düsseldorf · Stadtmitte ZAKK Alternative live music and event location with readings, concerts and parties Fichtenstraße 40 40233 Düsseldorf · Flingern


Please check out the event organizer’s websites & social media for more info.

ABC COLLECTIVE Independent label and artist collective based in Düsseldorf with a focus on music, events and fashion BACKROOM BASICS Strictly house and deep house! back_room_basics BEATS & BBQ Lush tunes and juicy BBQ in the park, during summer 2024 Pong at NRW-Forum

FEM_POP CONCERTS fem_pop is a concert series with female and non-binary acts. All genders welcome! fem_pop_konzerte

BOOMBOX Join a little Monday old school Hip Hop party at different locations boomboxblazinmondays BRUNCH CLUB From September 2023, Brunch Club invites you once a month to an exciting day party experience in the lobby of the Ruby Leni Hotel Jahnstraße 3 40215 Düsseldorf · Carlstadt BUTTERZART New day drinking and music event series THE CULTURE BASEMENT    culture basement gives artists of all kinds the opportunity to show their art and thoughts to others – from photos, dance, to poetry slams or music DORF DISKOTHEK #dorfdiskothek by the THE DORF & FRIENDS is a series of events for relaxed evenings with good drinks and music from House, Funk, Disco, Electronic, World Music and classic Hip hop.


SALON DES AMATEURS Already a legend: the ultimate place for sophisticated music. Arty people and interior next to the Kunsthalle Grabbeplatz 4 40213 Düsseldorf · Altstadt

GET OVER IT Flinta Party collective from Düsseldorf getoverit_collective JAZZHUB NRW Young Jazz musicians from NRW on stage. Current gigs are posted on Instagram LOMA MUSIC AFTERWORK SESSIONS @ PM5 A series of events where local musicians have a place to bring their music to the people. MESHUGGE BAR Electronic party series by Micky & Manuel Markowitz MILCHBAR Legendary afterwork party since 2003, every Thursday at Sir Walter Bar milchbarduesseldorf MOOD TAEG DJ KOLLEKTIV Düsseldorf DJ collective with different DJ sessions and monthly radio show on StreamD Radio mood_taeg_dj_kollektiv RITUS UNDERGROUND SHOWS Psychedelia, kraut, wave, drone, ambient and avant-garde ritus_underground_shows


SESSIONS A night full of music, art, dance and poetry – with a very unique atmosphere and crowd


German ballroom collective based in Düsseldorf shapes.und.shades

SOULSIDE A collective for musicians from the fields of RnB, neo-soul and rap STRANDPIRATEN When the “beach pirates” throw their legendary (outdoor) parties, nearly the whole Düsseldorf party crowd is joining strandpiraten_duesseldorf UNIQUE RECORDS Legendary soul & funk label Unique Records is hosting random parties and live music events uniquerecordsger

MUSIC FESTIVALS ACOUSTIC FESTIVAL DÜSSELDORF The festival celebrates nonelectronic music. Instead, you’ll find folk, pop and rock 13 January 2024 APPROXIMATION FESTIVAL It’s all about piano music – curated by Düsseldorf-based Academy Award winner Volker Bertelsmann aka Hauschka ASPHALT FESTIVAL The 12th edition of asphalt Festival – summer festival of arts – will take place in July 24 CHANCE FESTIVAL In late summer 24, Chance Festival will celebrate Franco-German pop culture, diversity and sustainability for the 4th time DÜSSELDORF FESTIVAL! One of the biggest culture festivals in the area. Concerts, theatre and circus performances await the guests of this event in fall 2024

VELVET CURTAINS Alternative drag show, live in Düsseldorf

EHRENHOF OPEN 3rd edition of the free festival for pop culture at Ehrenhof/Hofgarten park Summer 2024

WE LOVE THE BEAT DJ Charly Murphy spinning old school grooves and beats

FREE:POP The concert series for more equality and gender equality in the pop music industry is going into a new round velvetcurtainsshow

WUT The new concert series continues the underground tradition of the punk capital Düsseldorf



SAFE Digital stage for talented DJs to share the love for electronic music with Düsseldorf and the world

GOLDMUCKE Open-air concerts, quiz evenings and day festivals at VierLinden Open-Air in the period from June – August 2024 GOLZHEIM FEST A whole weekend of live music, flea market and perfect open-air vibes under the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke. It’s for free! August 2024 JAZZ RALLY Jazz musicians and lovers alike make the yearly pil­grimage to Düsseldorf for this institution of a festival Spring 2024 LIEBLINGSPLATTE FESTIVAL Annual festival presenting important albums of German pop history live on stage at zakk

PARKLIFE Enjoy the summer in parks all over town Sundays in summer 2024 WORRINGER WEEKENDER Special art in special places – not only in the prestigious concert halls, but also in places away from the glamour, like Worringer Platz Summer 2024


For the latest dates of the best events and parties in town, visit: tipps-und-termine BRAND NEW EVERY FRIDAY

December 2023

NEW FALL FESTIVAL The annual festival stands for great artists, special places and extra­ordinary concerts Fall 2024



NAME David Rippen PROFESSION Barkeeper


CREATIVITY MEETS INTUITION Somewhere between tequila with beetroot and Rhenish Sauerbraten: When he‘s not looking for inspiration for his unusual drinks in Düsseldorf‘s supermarkets, David Rippen, a trained hotel manager and bartender, likes to spend his time experimenting with mixology - and he doesn‘t stop at vegetables either. He shows off his creations at his two venues, LiQ Bar and Bar Square. So David, what made you decide to work behind a bar? I have always enjoyed being around people, especially during my hotel management training. That‘s how I got into the bar culture. They‘re both gastronomic environments, and I‘ve always been fascinated by that. Once I got to stand behind the counter and mix drinks, my passion was ignited. For me, developing a drink is a creative process that brings you closer to the customer. You get to interact with them on such a personal level.

Where do you find the inspiration for your drinks? There are a lot of different approaches. I like to browse through international supermarkets and find inspiration from a wide variety of products. It could also be an interesting take on a cocktail from another bar, which I would then change parts of or build from the ground up. Sometimes it‘s even just a crazy namethat inspires me to create a cocktail around it.

What tools and ingredients are essential for creating your drinks? At the moment, I really enjoy cooking different types of vegetables in my sous vide machine.

Vegetables can be very tough, which makes it difficult to release their flavor. But just the other day, we were able to mix beetroot with tequila and pumpkin with whiskey, thanks to the type of cooking process the machine uses. As well as very dark spirits such as rum and amaro, I also like to use a variety of fillers which add a personal touch to the quality of a drink. For example, I love mixing with ORGANICS Simply Cola from Red Bull in both my bars because it gives a huge variety of flavors and adds a whole new dimension to drinks like Cuba Libre. It can also be mixed with virtually any other dark spirit and blends well with many other flavors. It‘s also excellent when made into a syrup or used as an ingredient in an espuma.

What‘s the most bizarre drink you‘ve mixed so far? We‘ve done a lot of crazy things. The “Fury in the Slaughterhouse” was quite popular. Here in Düsseldorf, people love to eat Rhenish Sauerbraten. We just made our own version using sauerbraten seasoning, red cabbage with apple, genever, and Angostura, which tastes like clove. The result was a drink that - believe it or not - tasted like sauerbraten. I found that very interesting myself.



HOTELS 25HOURS DÜSSELDORF DAS TOUR The stylish hotel combines French flair and the German art of engineering with a spectacular view over the city. Visit the French rooftop bar and restaurant! Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte ASHLEYS GARDEN The romantic, family-run boutique hotel owns a beautiful secret garden with a swimming pool. The restaurant serves delicious Wiener Schnitzel and international dishes. Karl-Kleppe-Straße 20 40474 Düsseldorf ∙ Golzheim


BREIDENBACHER HOF For more than 200 years, the Breidenbacher Hof has been the contact point for luxury and hospitality in Düsseldorf. The brasserie The Duchy pampers guests with French cuisine with local influences. Have some crazy cocktails in the piano bar! Königsallee 11 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

THE FRITZ Dutch design competence: THE FRITZ is a supercool boutique design hotel. The hotel-own restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi combines casual elegance with superior level cuisine. Adersstraße 8 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt

HYATT If you want to meet some Hollywood stars or the German national football team, this is the place to be. The 5-star hotel offers a stunning view over the Rhine and Düsseldorf ’s skyline. Plus: enjoy a delicious dinner at the freshly renovated French-American-Brasserie DOX or a drink at Hyatt’s futuristic Pebbles bar. Speditionstraße 19 40221 Düsseldorf ∙ Hafen

HENRI HOTEL The cool boutique hotel houses 79 studios in a 1960s former office building. With the “in-house kitchen” and the cosy lounge, a feel-good atmosphere is created, one that feels like staying at home with a friend. Am Wehrhahn 86 40211 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

HOTEL KÖ59 The former Intercontinental Hotel is now called Kö59 and inspires not only with comfort and a prime location, but also with a restaurant of the same name by TV chef Björn Freitag. Königsallee 59 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte hotel-koe59-duesseldorf

CLAYTON HOTEL The former NIKKO Hotel in the heart of the Asian Quarter still pampers you with Japanese treats such as a Teppanyaki restaurant. Plus: the indoor sky spa with swimming pool not only offers you a perfect view, but also deepest relaxation. Immermannstraße 41 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte THE CLOUD ONE (coming soon) For all those who are looking for the extraordinary in the heart of the city. Joachim-Erwin-Platz 1 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



HÔTELHÔTEL (coming soon) New hotel project by Walid El Sheikh as of beginning 2024 Andreasstraße 13 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Altstadt HENRI HOTEL

It’s not just the shopping, cultural, gastronomic or entertainment offerings of a city, but also the hotel that makes your stay unforgettable. Luxury, cosiness or design: in these Düsseldorf hotels you’ll feel right at home — except that some­one will be there to bring you breakfast in bed and tidy up your room. All joking aside: Check-in and enjoy.


ME AND ALL HOTEL Whether you prefer the minimalist Japanese look in the Little Tokyo district or posh Düsseldorf opulence in Oberkassel: the two Düsseldorf me and all hotels have it all! Immermannstraße 23 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte Hansaallee 1a 40549 Düsseldorf ∙ Oberkassel

MUZE HOTEL The young boutique hotel, located centrally and close to the Hofgarten and Goethe Museum in Pempelfort, banks on a blend of comfort and contemporary art. The interior is inspired by the early 1950s, but at the same time tried to create modern content. Prinz-Georg-Straße 126 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort

MELIA HOTEL Located in the middle of the green Hofgarten, a stone’s throw away from the city centre, there is a fantastic view of the city and the Rhine from the upper floors. Inselstraße 2 40479 Düsseldorf ∙ Pempelfort



MOXY DÜSSELDORF CITY The young, fancy concept of Marriott Hotels has also arrived in Düsseldorf and is called Moxy. Enjoy the view from 11 floors right next to the Japanese quarter on Oststraße. Oststraße 86 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte


MAX BROWN MIDTOWN Super cool design interior, record player in each room and a cute little bar. Max Brown Midtown is located in the heart of Düsseldorf ’s Japanese quarter and shopping streets. Kreuzstraße 19a 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte

RUBY COCO HOTEL & BAR Everything is in the name of fashion at Ruby Coco Hotel. The name is inspired by the iconic designer Coco Chanel. Located right next to the Königsallee, it’s perfect for a shopping trip. The interior of the hotel’s public areas is “Parisian chic” with elements of the 1920s and 1930s. Steinstraße 13 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte RUBY LENI HOTEL & BAR Welcome on stage: the second Ruby Design Hotel in Düsseldorf is located in a former operetta house. Upon entering, you will immediately feel transported to the theatrical world of the 1950s, thanks to the multifaceted decor with period-original antiquities. Plus: a cool bar, a cosy cafe and a nice outdoor terrace. Jahnstraße 3 40215 Düsseldorf ∙ Friedrichstadt RUBY LUNA HOTEL & BAR The third Ruby Luna Hotel & Bar opened just a stone’s throw away from Düsseldorf ’s old town and Carlsplatz — the motto is: Space Age. When it gets dark, you shouldn’t miss the view from the observatory on the roof of the building. Kasernenstraße 39 40213 Düsseldorf ∙ Carlstadt

STAGE 47 HOTEL The hotel is located right next door to the Savoy theatre — maybe that’s why the 27 luxury suites and spacious rooms are named after famous artists. Graf-Adolf-Straße 47 40210 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte STEIGENBERGER ICON PARKHOTEL If you stroll through the beautiful Hofgarten, you will quickly find yourself on the famous Königs­ allee. Here, the luxury 5-star hotel with 130 rooms and suites is known for its stylish ambience and first-class service. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at the starred gourmet restaurant Pink Pepper. Königsallee 1a 40212 Düsseldorf ∙ Stadtmitte



Event Highlights 2023 – 2024 CREATIVE EVENT CREATIVEMORNINGSDUS Monthly talks for the creative community, covering a wide range of topics CREATIVE EVENT BEYOND TELLERRAND The international web and design festival opens its doors for the 14th year to invite those who want to think outside the box. Talks on design, typo­graphy and web design are on the programme. 13 & 14 May 2024 BUSINESS STARTUP WEEK DÜSSELDORF Meet the most interesting start-up companies in town during more than 100 events. Network, baby! 3 – 7 June 2024 MUSIC SCHÖNES WOCHENENDE FESTIVAL This year, the Festival for New Music dedicates several spectacular concerts to the Italian composer Luigi Nono and Venice – the city that Nono never left for any length of time. Tonhalle & NRW-Forum, 15 – 17 March 2024 FASHION & ART STRIKE A POSE FESTIVAL Festival at the intersection of fashion and art in museums


and galleries across the city. Summer 2024

FASHION DFD FESTIVAL EDITION A diverse range of fashion shows, beauty, art, culture and lifestyle events accompanied by gastronomic delights will enliven the city centre around Königsallee and the Lorettoviertel. 27 July 2024 DANCE WORLD KRUMP CHAMPIONSHIP The European Buck Session (EBS) is a battle format that takes place annually at the tanzhaus nrw. Today, EBS is the world’s largest krump event and the programme consists of the World Championship Battle, the Creative Night as well as numerous workshops and an after-show party. OPERA EUGEN ONEGIN PETER TSCHAIKOWSKY After Wagner’s “Parsifal”, Michael Thalheimer will also retell Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin”, a story about passion and fear of commitment in which love comes too late, in his direc­ torial language that is strictly focused on the essentials. 25 February 2024

BALLET SURROGATE CITIES Before ballet director and chief choreographer Demis Volpi takes up his new post as artistic director of Hamburg Ballett in the summer of 2024, he is creating a new full-length piece for the Ballett am Rhein to accompany Heiner Goebbels’ rules-and-forms-breaking composition Surrogate Cities. 26 April 2024 THEATRE RICHARD III. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare’s most frequently performed tragedy “Richard III” is the opening premiere of the 2023/24 season at the D’haus and promises to be a dark and visually powerful evening of theatre directed by Evgeny Titov (“Macbeth”, “Witch Hunt”). Großes Haus, starting Fall 2023 THEATRE 25 YEARS OF FFT DÜSSELDORF A round birthday is coming up! The Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf is turning 25. The international production house for free performing arts invites you to performances, dance, music – and of course cake and drinks. 9 September 2024 FILM FLINGERN LICHTSPIELE The “Flingern Lichtspiele” is a small and modest open-air cinema festival. Summer 2024 ART DIE GROSSE Annual art exhibition at Kunstpalast. 23 June – 28 July 2024



ART ANYS REIMANN The Bilker Bunker shows the large solo exhibition of Düsseldorf artist Anys Reimann. September 2024 ART SNEAKER Sneakers are more than just shoes: from a childhood wish to a status symbol, as an object of identification or investment, to a fashion and political statement. In the exhibition at the NRW-Forum, the small object makes a grand entrance in extraordinary stagings. 16 February – 26 May 2024 ART TONY CRAGG. PLEASE TOUCH! Touching allowed! In this exhibition of around 80 works, the focus is on the tactile stimuli of Tony Cragg’s sculptures. 21 February – 26 May 2024 ART GERHARD RICHTER. WERKE AUS RHEINISCHEN KUNSTSAMMLUNGEN With approx. 100, partly unseen works, the Kunstpalast pays tribute to the outstanding importance of the Rhineland both for Gerhard Richter’s biography and for the development of a diverse and knowledgeable collector base for his art. 4 Sep. 2024 – 2 Feb. 2025


ART GHOST4 BUTOH FESTIVAL PERFORMANCES, ARTS & SOUNDS On two evenings, the exhibition with walk-in room installations is transformed into a setting for a performance course. 24 May – 16 June 2024 ART YOKO ONO The exhibition shows works from more than six decades of creative activity and focuses on key moments in Ono’s career. It focuses in particular on the period in London from 1966 to 1971, when she met Beatles singer John Lennon. 28 Sep. 2024 – 16 March 2025 ART YOU TOLD THAT JOKE TWICE The Kunsthalle shows the exhibition You Told That Joke Twice with works by Margarete Jakschik & Friedrich Kunath. 16 March – 9 June 2024 ART FOLLOW THE THREAD KIT shows the exhibition Follow the Thread with works by Viktoriia Ovchynnykova, Erik Mikaia, Hyun-Jin Kim, Sofia Alexandra Magdits Espinoza. 8 June – 15 September 2024 ART WINTERRUNDGANG Annual winter semester graduate show at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. February 2024 ART NACHT DER MUSEEN The long night of museums in exhibition houses and galleries all over the city. Spring 2024


ART ART DÜSSELDORF Contemporary art fair at Areal Böhler 12 – 14 April 2024

in hidden backyards and creative corners to experience the creativity and diversity of local designers and craftspeople. 26 – 28 April 2024

ART DCOPEN GALLERIES Düsseldorf/Cologne open gallery weekend September 2024

FOOD GOURMET FESTIVAL For three days the famous Königsallee turns into a huge foodie’s paradise. 23 – 25 August 2024

ART TIM BERRESHEIM. NEUE ALTE WELT In the retrospective, the NRWForum presents over 20 years of artistic work by Tim Berresheim. 16 February – 26 May 2024 PHOTOGRAPHY DÜSSELDORF PHOTO+ Biennale for Visual and Sonic Media May 2024 PHOTOGRAPHY PHILARA X DÜSSELDORF PHOTO+ The Philara Collection presents a photography exhibition for the first time as part of the Düsseldorf photo+ Biennale for Visual and Sonic Media. May 2024 URBAN ART 40° URBAN ART FESTIVAL Annual festival celebrating urban and street art in Düsseldorf DESIGN WERKSCHAU HSD PBSA Exhibition of the work of the two departments of architecture and design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. DESIGN MANUFAKTOUR DÜSSELDORF A discovery tour through open studios, workshops and galleries

FOOD COFFEEWORLD A trade fair with coffee roasters from all over the world. 24 & 25 February 2024 FOOD FRANKREICHFEST French flavours and “savoir vivre” on the Rhine Summer 2024 PUBLIC EVENT JAPAN-TAG DÜSSELDORF 2024 On the main stage on Burgplatz alone, more than 400 participants will present a nine-hour stage programme all about Japanese culture, and the Rhine promenade and the Japanese quarter will become extraordinary venues for this special day. May 2024 PUBLIC EVENT DÜSSELDORFER RHEINKIRMES The biggest funfair on the Rhine is back! See you at the Wilde Maus and Schwarzwaldchristel. July 2024 PUBLIC EVENT DÜSSELDORFER BÜDCHENTAG Kiosk, Büdchen, Trinkhalle, whatever you want to call it, they are absolute cult. Let’s celebrate Büdchen culture! 24 August 2024

SPORT UEFA EURO 2024 The European Football Championship will take place in Germany from 14 June – 14 July 2024, with five matches, including a quarter-final match, to be played in Düsseldorf. 17, 21, 24 June & 1 & 6 July 2024 SPORT MEN’S EHF EURO 2024 From 10 to 28 January, the Men’s European Handball Federation EURO comes to Germany and also Düsseldorf will host the event. men/2024 SPORT FORTUNA DÜSSELDORF Fortuna Düsseldorf – tradi­ tional football club since 1895 and currently playing in the 2. Bundes­liga which is the second division of professional football in Germany. Two-time cup winner and German Champion once (1933)! SPORT DEG Düsseldorfer Eislauf-Gemeinschaft (DEG) is a traditional ice hockey club from Düsseldorf that plays in the German Ice Hockey League and became German champion a total of eight times.




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