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Friday 09.03.2018

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Horsham girl’s charity sky dive Last week was National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, states that, on average, 149 weeks pass before those experiencing eating disorder symptoms seek help, and according to a YouGov survey conducted for EDAW, more than one in three adults (34%) in the UK, who gave an answer, could not name any signs or symptoms of eating disorders. Rebecca Walters, from Horsham, has battled with an eating disorder for five years. She spoke, last week, about the devastating effects that Anorexia Nervosa had on her: “My illness has stripped me of my adolescence, forced me to withdraw from university, face two inpatient admissions to specialist hospitals, as well as crippling my physical health.” Rebecca wants to emphasise the importance of transparency in being open with one’s struggles. She continued: “You should not be ashamed, you should not feel the need to lie about appointments, disguise where you’ve been with the umbrella term of a ‘doctor’s appointment’ when in reality you have just sat through an hour of intense therapy, been weighed and measured. It can be hard to ‘come clean’, the hot and heavy shame of the connotations of your illness weighing heavy on your shoulders. “Yet, once you do it, once you reach out, the response is overwhelming and full of love and support. Everyone wants to help, and you deserve to be helped.

“Eating disorders are cruel and manipulative, they will ceaselessly compare you to other unwell individuals, instruct you that you are not as sick as them, that you can’t get better yet. the catch, however, is that you will never be sick enough. You are always worthy of recovery, you warrant freedom and to live a fulfilling life. “This year, we need to use Eating Disorders Awareness Week to make our voices heard-to shout not only above the endless roar within our minds, but also the proclamations of those in power: the ones who hold the ability to invest change, yet are instead stripping local services of funding and crucial support, leaving those most vulnerable at the upmost risk. “Mental health is just as important as physical health, and I hope that one day the two will be viewed on an equal platform. Until then, we must continue to fight; battle not only against our illness, but those who continue to deminish crucial protection and relief to those most in need. “On a more personal note, I am not where I need to be, but I have come a hell of a long way from the girl I was. Sometimes my illness makes me crave that sickness once more, but I continue to choose recovery each day and I am reaping the benefits more and more. I have, therefore, decided to do a skydive to mark a year since my most recent hospital admission for my anorexia. “The work carried out by Beat,



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the UK’s leading eating disorder charity for whom I am raising money for, is invaluable, perhaps now more so than ever; as more and more support on a local level is being slashed, their website offers a place of comfort and refuge for not only those suffering, but also family and friends who are also desperate for relief. I am jumping to not only raise aware-

ness on a national scale, but to also emphasise the importance of being brave and facing your fears. “My eating disorder has chained me down for too long, and I am determined to break free, experience the taste of freedom, and leave my demons in the sky. Please take the time to visit my JustGiving page to read more about my individual story and

La Piazzetta



reasons for doing the skydive. If you wish to donate, no matter what amount, it will be massively appreciated- not only by myself, but also by Beat and those seeking support and guidance from the services they provide. Thank you”. To support Rebecca, please visit:


01403 750500


2 COURSES £20pp 3 COURSES £25pp 3 COURSES + FREE FLOWING PROSECCO £35pp (From the set Menu)

Available 9th, 10th 11th March

5 Bishopric, Horsham RH12 1QA

01403 273133


Friday 9 March2018

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Leading Sussex Drama School to open in Horsham Page 8

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Weather fails to beat Beer and Cider Festival goers


Horsham-based business supports marathon challenge for cancer research Page 11 Entertainment Lee Mead celebrates 10 year Anniversary with concert tour and new album Page 15

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Festival goers defied the weather and travel problems to enjoy another highly successful Equinox Beer and Cider festival at the Drill Hall in Horsham last weekend, organised by the North Sussex branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. The various small changes we made this year seemed to be well


Reaching Higher

Music and up Karaoke Gro Horsham District Council’s successful Reaching Higher Project is adding an exciting new activity to the list of activities it already offers to children with additional needs.

The event had beers from around the country, including all the local brewers and cider makers, a number of whom were able to come along to the event and chat to the drinkers. It was particularly great to welcome two of the new Horsham brewers to the event, with Mike from Chapeau Brewery and Brook from Brolly Brewery both thoroughly enjoying the event and getting some very positive feedback on their beers. It was also great to welcome Gary and Bunny from Kissingate Brewery in Lower Beeding, who were presented with a certificate for their Six Crows beer which was recently judged CAMRA London and South East Area Champion beer in the Barley Wine and Strong Old Ale category. Voting for Beer and Cider of the festival was as close as ever, with 49 of the 53 beers and all the ciders getting votes, which is a

true testament to the high quality of the beer and cider that is essential in today’s vibrant, hugely competitive market. The two favourite Light Beers were both brewed specially for the event, with Brolly’s Natural Spring Water, a New England style IPA, just pipping the DIPA from last year’s winner Top Notch who brew in Haywards Heath. Kissingate’s beers are always a big festival favourite, but their Blue Murder Stout was also narrowly beaten by Dorset brewer Cerne Abbas’ Gurt Coconuts Rum Stout for the Dark Beer of the Festival crown. The popularity of ciders with added fruit flavours continued at the event, with Seacider’s Mango cider from Ditchling winning the Cider of the Festival. We again chose the Samaritans Horsham and Crawley branch to be our festival charity, and while we do not have a final figure yet, it looks like the donations of money, beer tokens and unwanted glasses will total close to the £645 raised last year. Their presence and support was greatly appreciated. Huge thank you to everyone who turned up, particularly on the Friday evening. Also huge thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, Gareth of Beer Essentials and to the pubs for selling tickets and publicity. Final thanks go to Rob at the Drill Hall for all his help over the weekend. If anyone has any comments, or wants to get involved in CAMRA in North Sussex or future festivals, please contact us on camra. Our branch AGM is on Friday March 16th at the Brewery Shades, Crawley from 7.30pm, and we run regular social meetings in the area and further afield, all listed on our website Cheers from CAMRA North Sussex branch

Our new Music and Karaoke Group offers disabled children and adults the chance to experience Guitar, Drum and Vocal lessons in a professional recording studio as well as the opportunity to sing their favourite songs on our new Karaoke stage. Venue QM Studios, behind the Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham Dates Friday 12 January – Friday 23 March 2018 (excluding half term on Friday 16 February) Times 4.15pm – 6pm Cost

Christine Doyle Advertising

£40 for 10 week course (£30 for LAC/Compass Card holders) or £5 (£4 LAC/Compass Card) per week pay as you go L18_SD01

Huge thankyou to our contributors: Horsham Rocks, Keith Holmes, Tim Hewlett & John Lines

received, particularly the decision to open the doors 30 minutes before the start of the event, allowing people to wait in the warm and dry of the hall, and the extra seating that we had this year. The extended Saturday lunch time session proved even more popular, with tickets selling out three weeks in advance.


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Spend £10 or more & we will pay for your parking!

(For Roffey Parade car park only, on production of ticket receipt) For more information about the Music and Karaoke Group or to book a place, please contact Kim Roberts on 07747 565315.

16 Fitzalan Rd, Horsham RH13 6AA

16 Fitzalan Rd, 01403 266116 Horsham RH13 6AA

01403 266116

Friday 9 March 2018


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Enjoy free music lessons on Horsham’s Learn to Play Day !

Know your rights

that we’re able to make a real difference.” www.musicforall. – musicforallcharity/ Music for All,

Where there’s a Will it’s (generally) ok

martin read


Learn to Play makes a welcome return on Saturday March 17th. On that day free music lessons will be available at two locations in Horsham – Queen Street’s Horsham Piano Centre are hosting free piano lessons between 11 and 2, and, at the state of the art QM Studios in Dukes Square, behind the Drill Hall in Denne Road, electric and acoustic guitar and drum tuition will be available from 10am to 2pm. Learn to Play Day is the flagship event of Horsham based charity Music for All, in partnership with the Musician’s Union, the Arts Council’s ‘Take it Away’ scheme and Making Music. Jools Holland, patron of Music for All says: “I am delighted to be able to help Music for All in their quest to inspire more people to participate in music making, lending my support to the National Learn to Play Day. That is the day that we offer the general public free music lessons in musical instrument shops and other venues. Whether you used to play or have always wanted to play – this is the day for you!” The charity was formed in 1996 and is run by and linked to some of the biggest names in the musical instrument industry. It is affiliated to the Music Industries Asociation – also based in Horsham’s Barttelot Road – which represents leading companies, including Yamaha, Roland and Fender, in addition to music shops. Music for All Chief Executive Paul McManus tells the District Post: “We have organised Learn to Play events at around 100 venues across the country – last year 12,000 free lessons were provided. All ages are welcome and the charity wants to offer as many people as possible the chance to play a musical instrument and enjoy free taster lessons. Making music changes lives and ambassadors of the charity include the diverse talents of Dame Evelyn Glennie, Aled Jones, Gareth Malone, Rick Astley, Howard Jones, Hannah Rankin, Rick Wakeman and Al Murray - and many celebrities take part in the day. Only 28% of the UK population plays a musical instrument but over 22 million people want to learn or return to playing, and over 76% of non players say that they regret not taking the opportunity to learn – so come and have a go!” Music for All provides many different types of instruments for individuals, groups and community projects, Paul McManus adding: “We’re always happy to accept any instruments no longer needed so that we can pass them on to worthy causes nationwide. In addition to guitars we’ve provided violins, keyboards and even a harp and the feedback received is truly heart-warming. Modern life can be stressful, so it’s special

Bailey House, 4-10 Barttelot Road, Horsham, RH12 1DQ mfa@mia. – 01403 800500 - www.


BIKE MOTs £29.65 Nightingale Road, Horsham

£10 OFF

CAR & VAN MOTs* *quote The District Post. Retail only.

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Our fortnightly review of the law and you, with Mancini Legal – Horsham’s leading lawyer. It’s important to be pragmatic. We learn ‘the facts of life’ early on – but it’s important we learn the facts of death. Because if you thought life was tricky, just wait until you’re faced with death – either your own or that of a loved one. They say only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. From a legal point of view the two things are closely linked. When you pass, taxes might not bother you, but they may well give those you leave behind a headache. How prepared you are whilst you’re still alive will determine where your estate ends up and how much tax your beneficiaries will pay. Most people only have a basic Will that passes assets absolutely to their chosen beneficiaries, normally their spouse or partner or, if remarried, their second spouse or partner. It’s very natural to want to provide for the person you loved and shared your life with. There is nothing wrong with it, and a basic will is much better than having no Will at all. But a basic Will does not provide much protection and, with ever changing regulations, it’s important to consider that your personal circumstances, assets and wealth might have changed over the years. A properly constructed Will, and a regular review of existing Will arrangements and tax planning, are a vital part of the future strategy for both you and your family. Fail to do so and you can expose your accumulated wealth to risks you need to be aware of: Care costs: where a surviving spouse or partner requires nursing care, the whole estate, including the family home, is susceptible to the cost of that care. Marriage after death: when one spouse or partner passes, all the assets become solely owned by the surviving spouse or partner. If the surviving spouse or partner then remarries, half of the inherited estate could be lost in any divorce settlement or, even worse, all of the estate could be lost, disinheriting your children or grandchildren. Creditors or bankruptcy: if the surviving spouse or partner was subject to creditor claims or facing bankruptcy then the

inherited estate is fully at risk. Your business assets: without correct planning, the business may have to be sold and these assets may not be preserved for your family, attracting Inheritance Tax (IHT). On second death (of your spouse or partner) there are further risks. These get more complex and need a bit of explaining but, if you have an estate of any size – say some property and / or investments – it’s worth seeking advice because: If your children / grandchildren / chosen beneficiaries are subject to divorce proceedings, half of the inheritance is at risk to divorce settlements. If you live until you’re 90 your children could well be 60 or even 70. If the inheritance has been passed to them and they are in care, assets could later be assessed for their own care costs. If any of your beneficiaries became subject to creditor claims, or bankruptcy, then the inherited estate is fully at risk. On second death the remaining estate will be subject to IHT and, if it then passes to the children absolutely, this adds to the children’s estate and could impact on their own Inheritance Tax and so forth down the generations. A simple Trust can ensure that that your home, savings, pensions, life assurance and business assets can be protected for the benefit of future generations whilst protecting them from unnecessary IHT, currently charged at 40%. Mancini Legal have a dedicated team with a wealth of expertise in this area of family law. We would be delighted to advise you on all issues with regards to Wills, trusts and IHT. Call us today on 01403 337337 or visit SPECIAL MARCH OFFER TO DISTRICT POST READERS – PAY FOR ONE WILL, GET ANOTHER ONE FREE For any Basic Will made by District Post readers in March we will do a mirror will, for a spouse or partner, free of charge. Give us a call and make an appointment quoting Reference DP241


Friday 9 March2018


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Sussex firm launches ‘Splendid Trips’

With the county’s ongoing education funding crisis, especially in West Sussex, a local business is trying to help out by offering schools, and extra-curricular groups, the opportunity to win free transport for educational trips they may have planned in 2018. Sussex-based Southern Transit has recently bought two new Enviro400 City double-decker buses - the only ones in operation in the South East of England outside London - and wants to put them to good use. As such, the company is inviting parents, teachers, and Sussex residents alike, to nominate schools and extra-curricular groups, who could benefit from free travel, as part of its ‘Splendid Trips’ campaign. Every other month, Southern Transit, one of Sussex’s leading, independently run bus and coach companies, will review the nominations received. A lucky organi-

sation will be rewarded with free return travel, on one of their new 72 seater Enviro400 City vehicles, to their choice of destination. Four free trips will be given away during the course of the year in May, July, October and December - a prize collectively worth over £3,000! In addition to the free travel, Southern Transit will also organise a unique surprise guest on the bus, themed to the respective trip of each winning organisation. So, if the youngsters are on their way to the Natural History Museum, they could be treated to a special talk from a palaeontologist on their way there. Or, if they are going to see a show in the West End, they could find themselves being serenaded by a musical theatre artist on their way home. Anyone can nominate a school or extra- curricular group (Scouts, Brownies, youth and sports clubs etc) as long as the organisation is based in Sussex, and the trip they

had planned takes place within one day and is within the South East of England. Neil Bird, Owner of Southern Transport, commented: “Here at Southern Transit we are passionate about making sure every journey is a memorable and splendid trip. In today’s world, we’re all in a hurry to get from A to B, but we think you should be able to savour the journey as much as the destination. “It is heart-breaking to think of the budget cuts our county’s schools are facing, and the effect it can potentially have on our children’s education. I remember my school outings as a child being the highlight of the academic year, and it would be a terrible shame if today’s youngsters were unable to benefit from the same learning experiences outside of the classroom, because the school’s purse-strings simply don’t allow it. “Whilst I appreciate we cannot help every organisation, I hope that parents, teachers, and Sussex residents alike, can see the benefits of our new ‘Splendid Trips’ campaign, and I look forward to receiving the nominations.” Nominations for the first ‘Trip & Treat’ should be emailed to or posted to Southern Transit’s Splendid Trips, c/o PMW Communications, Stane Court, Stane Street, Billingshurst, West Sussex. RH14 9HP. Every nomination should include the school or organisation’s name, contact details, planned trip destination and potential dates, along with the nominator’s contact details. The closing date for the first round of nominations is midnight on Sunday 22 April 2018.

New directory is a one stop services shop for older people of the district

A new free Directory of Services for Older People has just been relaunched for residents of Horsham District, which features comprehensive information and contact details of key support services, from essential emergency services to community activity groups and help with

housing and finance needs to leisure services tailored for older people. Cabinet Member for Community and Wellbeing, Cllr Tricia Youtan, commented: “I think this comprehensive guide to services will provide invaluable help to older people themselves as well as their family members, carers and professionals. “It very much underpins the Council’s Older People’s Strategy which is called “ Preparing for an Ageing Population”, where we recognise that by 2026, the number of over 65 year olds in the Horsham District will have risen considerably from current levels. “The Council is committed to supporting older people in a variety of ways including improving the availability of vital information and advice.” The Older People’s Directory of Services updates the previous version, which was produced in 2014, and aims to promote the empowerment and wellbeing of older people through raising awareness of services.

The new Directory has been produced as a result of working in partnership between Horsham District Council and members of the Horsham District Older People’s Forum, together with a number of other statutory and voluntary partner organisations. The Horsham District Older People’s Forum is a free to attend, non-political, voluntary group that acts as the ‘ears’ and gives a ‘voice’ to people aged 60 and over who reside in the Horsham District area or who care for somebody who does. 5000 hard copies of the Directory have been printed and a number sent to a range of organisations including GP surgeries, pharmacies, libraries and a variety of organisations that support older people. A downloadable electronic copy is available online: topics/more-topics/older-people For residents without internet access, a copy can be requested by contacting the Council’s Horsham Wellbeing team on 01403 215111.

Friday 9 March 2018


Fire service warns about the dangers of low winter sun

Firefighters are reminding residents about the danger of fire posed by low winter sun and direct sunlight on mirrors. Although we are experiencing cold weather, the rays from the sun are very strong and come in at a low angle. Investigators at the scene of a recent fire revealed that it had started when the reflected light, from a magnifying mirror, caused the corner of a window frame to smoulder for several hours before starting the fire and setting off a smoke


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alarm. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service has previously identified several similar incidents with potentially devastating consequences and therefore regard this as a serious risk of fire. The service is urging everyone to check that they remove mirrors, crystal ornaments, decanters, glass paper weights or similar items from sunny windows and windows with bullseye glass panes. It is also warning people to avoid flammable materials

around these and be conscious of any unusual scorch marks. Group Manager, Mark Hayter, said: “We would remind everyone to check they have working smoke alarms and test them today. Smoke alarms really can be the difference between life and death in a fire situation.” Further fire safety advice can be found at Residents can request a free Safe and Well visit for advice on how to make your home safer by calling 0345 8729719 or can find more information by visiting fire-emergencies-and-crime/ west-sussex-fire-rescue-service/home-fire-safety/safe-andwell-visit/. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is at the heart of West Sussex County Council’s Communities and Public Protection Directorate, working to support communities to become safer, stronger and more resilient through a combination of prevention, protection and response activities.

Horsham care home taken back to 1950s with visit from Elvis It was party time for residents at a local Horsham care home when ‘the King’ visited, entertaining residents with rock ‘n’ roll classics. The residents at Care UK’s Skylark House, on St Marks Lane, were taken back to the 1950s with a performance of Elvis’ greatest hits, including Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock. Devendra Lallchand, home manager at Skylark House, said: “The Elvis impersonator was a huge hit and helped create a fantastic atmosphere, with many of our residents and guests singing along, tapping their feet and getting into the party spirit.

“For many of the residents, this is the music they grew up with, and it was great to hear about memories brought back by listening to classic Elvis hits!” Skylark House has been designed to deliver the very best standards of care and to enable residents to live active and fulfilled lives. The home provides full time residential, nursing and dementia care, as well as short term respite and palliative care. For further information about Skylark House, please contact home manager, Devendra Lallchand, on 01403 887 578 or email


Terms and conditions apply. A joining fee applies to all memberships. Membership offer available 1st to 31st March 2018.

“New challenges.” Enjoy a more active lifestyle with 3 months for the price of 2

The Pavilions In The Park 01403 219209 Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre 01403 211311

Billingshurst Leisure Centre 01403 787500 Steyning Leisure Centre 01903 879666

Limited offer - join online quoting MARCH18 or give us a call

Whatever place you’re into

Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Horsham District Council.


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Friday 9 March2018


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Temporary road closures requested for Royals’ Big Day As Royal Wedding anticipation grows, street party applications are starting to be made to district and borough councils in West Sussex. None of these six councils are charging application fees for temporary road closures as part of celebrations to mark the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday, 19 May. However, applications still need to be submitted, which is particularly important so that emergency services are made aware of the closure. Details on how to apply can be found on the district and borough councils’ websites. Arun District Council: https:// Chichester District Council: streetparties Crawley Borough Council: pw/Community_and_Neighbourhoods/StreetPartiesandCelebrations/index.htm Horsham District Council: eventspages/events/planning-apublic-outdoor-events/streetclosures Mid Sussex District Council: travel-transport/road-closures/

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White House welcome for Collyer’s!

Collyer’s students and staff have returned from a 5 day Stateside trip, where they were studying the politics and history of the USA. The group stayed near Pennsylvania Avenue, ideally located for them to visit all the key sites and quiz experts about each institution. The highlight for many was being warmly welcomed into the White House. This was kindly arranged for the college by Senator

John Boozman of Arkansas, the home state of Collyer’s Politics teacher, Nick Cowell. The students even enjoyed privileged access to all the rooms of state! Following this visit, the group travelled to the Pentagon, the home of America’s armed forces and Department of Defence. After the tour, the group were able to visit the 9/11 memorial, which marked the spot of the terrorist attacks of 2001. The packed programme also

included a behind the scenes tour of the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian museum complex. The group also saw the new Martin Luther King Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy Memorials, Vietnam Memorial and the iconic Lincoln Memorial. In addition, the group visited Ford’s Theatre, the site of the assassination of President Lincoln. The day after the Collyer’s visit to the House of Representatives chamber, President Trump made his State of the Union speech! Collyer’s student, Lochlan McGregor, said: “I really liked the range of places we visited, and personally was stunned by the Capitol building. We then visited the Supreme Court, and sat in the main courtroom to hear a talk on the work of the court, as well as asking questions of our expert guide. One of the more interesting facts was that there is a full size-basketball court in the room directly above the courtroom, installed at the request of the judges - Washington locals fondly refer to this as ‘the highest court in the land’ for obvious reasons!” On the final day of the trip, the group journeyed to the Trump Hotel complex, which offered a spectacular panoramic view over Washington. The group then went on to the National Ar-

chives to see the originals of the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. There was even one of the earliest versions of Magna Carta to see! The final excursion was to the ‘Newseum’, a stunning museum covering the reporting of the major news stories of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Student, Grace Addison, said: “I felt the trip gave me a really good introduction to American Politics and the history of America. I particularly enjoyed visiting Arlington cemetery and seeing the Kennedy memorials.” Head of Politics, Kevin Coomber, said of the visit: “The teachers and I are so proud of our amazing students; they were complimented everywhere, particularly by the White House and Pentagon staff, who noted their excellent conduct. They really were great ambassadors for Horsham and the UK! “A massive thankyou is also due to Nick Cowell, who organised much of the trip, including the White House tour, which is not usually available to schools or colleges from outside the USA. We certainly hope to run the trip again in early 2019!” Picture: Collyer’s students and staff at the Capitol Building (credit: Kate Campbell) :

Have you purchased your new Annual Parking Disc 2018/19? The current parking disc expires on 31 March • Annual Parking Discs are still only £12 fixed price for the year • Additional discs are £6 per year with a maximum of 4 discs per household • Pay and display machines for infrequent users › › ›

75p for the first hour £1.50 for the maximum permitted stay of the car park Cash, card and mobile phone payment accepted

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• Long stay parking season tickets are also available - for more details email To purchase your Annual Parking Disc and for more information please visit or call our customer contact centre on 01403 215100 Terms and conditions apply. See website for details. Existing parking discs expire 31 March 2018.

23/01/2018 09:37

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Young people, it’s time to speak up!

A total of 51 West Sussex young people aged 11 to 18 have put their names into the hat for this year’s Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament elections and people have the chance to vote for their favourite. Voting for the two elections, which is open until 31 March, runs side by side with separate roles up for grabs in the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and also the UK Youth Parliament. The local Youth Cabinet is made up of candidates covering 24 areas in the county – up to two youth representatives per area – and they work together to give young people a voice. Stephen Hillier, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member

for Children and Young People, said: “From school lessons to shaping policies, the Youth Cabinet can have a big impact on how we look at things in the county, which is why it is so important that as many people vote as possible. “We need young people to pick the candidates that are the most representative of their own views, so they can really make a difference in the areas that matter the most.” Projects that members of the current Youth Cabinet have been involved in include: • Using films to get important messages heard including videos to help explain radicalisation and extremism and how people can

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get help • Working with the Free Your Mind campaign group which raises awareness of mental health issues • Working with County Councillors to help them get a better understanding of what young people need in the county and helping to shape the services available • Running a Curriculum for Life campaign to highlight the everyday skills students should be taught at school and changing PSHE lessons in schools • Voicing the views of the local young people in the media including radio shows and newspapers As well as the Youth Cabinet, voting is also open to select four local representatives on to the UK Youth Parliament, which is made up of 500 young people, aged 11-18, from across the UK. The UK Youth Parliament gives young people a voice nationally about issues that affect them. The current campaign is ‘Votes at 16’. Candidates will represent approximately 23,000 young people and hold MYP ‘surgeries’ to listen to the views of their peers. To see the candidates’ manifestos and to vote, please visit: https://haveyoursay.westsussex.

Council revokes two restaurants’ premises licences after appeal Horsham District Council’s Environmental Health and Licensing team has revoked the premises licences of two Indian restaurants in Storrington and Ashington. This was confirmed at an appeal hearing at Brighton Magistrates Court on 28 February 2018. The licences were revoked as a result of immigration officers finding illegal workers employed at both restaurants on numerous separate visits. This means that both the Cottage Tandoori in West Street, Storrington and the Indian Cottage in London Road, Ashington can remain open, but they can no longer sell any alcohol or provide any food or refreshments after 11pm. An initial hearing was held on 29 September 2017 and the Council’s Licensing Sub Com-

mittee agreed that both premises licenses should be revoked, but an appeal was lodged against the revocations. This appeal is now upheld and the revocations will now be enforced with immediate effect. Full costs have been awarded to the Council. Commenting on the result of the appeal Cllr Jim Sanson, Chairman of the Licensing Sub- Committee, said: “Having heard from Home Office officials that after several visits to the premises in question, illegal workers were repeatedly found at each site, the Licensing Sub-Committee has no option but to revoke these licenses. “Information for employers on the correct procedures to be adopted is readily available to businesses so there is really no excuse.”


members of

Hair Salon Horsham

Creative Cutting & Attractive Hair Styling for all NEW “OLAPLEX SUPER SERVICE”! OLAPLEX is not a conditioner – conditioners are cosmetic where as OLAPLEX works internally to protect and help re-build the hair structure which has been lost through damage caused by colouring and bleaching products also the use of heated styling tools and hair products. If you are a victim of dried out porous hair possibly due to these situations then an OLAPLEX treatment may be an answer to help restore the strength and condition back into your hair. {OLAPLEX can also be added to colouring products to protect the hair structure while processing}

At the cutting edge for over 40 years 26 Purton Road Horsham 01403 262 503


Friday 9 March2018


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Leading Sussex Drama School to open in Horsham

include Carmen and original musical ‘Secrets’ at the Leicester Square Theatre plus TV work and commercials for Newsround, Disney, Virgin Airlines and Morrisons. Over the last few years Kyle has turned his focus on song writing and has been featured on BBC introducing. Kyle has also been helping Ariel launch a new ‘Theatre in Education’ initiative. Teaching singing skills will be tutor Chelsea Hennessey, who has been with Ariel since its inception in 2004. Starting as a student on Ariel’s very first day, eventually Chelsea moved on to teaching. She has been working at the Burgess Hill Academy for four year and also teaches and works with Ariel’s special needs groups, the Othello’s and Othello’s Plus. Chelsea has been a Musical Director on a number of Ariel workshops and projects, including Annie, Junior Musicality and a performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End. Ensuring the smooth running of the academy and providing a very warm welcome to students will be Administrator Becky Gallagher.

ee k w g in



G Telephone: 01403 733144

m co ard e h lle en da sa ous cte w y m eh d as e o fo te th da ld rt w e y s t nig ill as hi h co s t yo w ly. nt ur ill Fo inu re be r m e to cy o cl n t ost be in h g. e

c y c


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Becky has lived in Horsham all her life and has grown up surrounded by Amateur Dramatics, as her parents were founding members of HAODS. She grew up watching and performing in shows and her first part was as a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz! Becky went on to do a number of shows with HAODS. Becky is really excited about the opening of the Horsham Academy and is hoping that, in time, her young daughter will follow her on to the stage! With many productions and projects in the pipeline, now is a great time for students to join Ariel. Rehearsals for Ariel’s main musical productions ‘Les Misérables’ will soon be starting and the show will play at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham from 11 – 17 November. For more information on Ariel’s new Horsham Academy, please visit: To register for a free trial, please contact Nicci Hopson on 01444 250407.


of experience or are a total novice you will be made welcome. “We will be working on a wide range of material from great classic musicals to contemporary plays and current chart hits. Whether you aspire to be a professional performer or just want some fun and to make new friends, come along for a taster session”. Ben will be joined by a very experienced team compiling of Dance Tutor, Beth Gavin, who graduated from Roehampton University with a First Class Honours degree in Drama, Theatre and Performance studies in 2014 and is an Associate Member of the British Ballet Organisation (BBO). Beth also works as a Theatre Agent, representing actors in theatre, television and film and enjoys sharing her professional working knowledge of the industry with her students Drama will be taught by Kyle Brown who started his acting career at the age of 15 after being scouted by an agent during a drama workshop. Since then, he’s appeared in a range of productions both on stage and screen. Stage credits


Theatre, The Hawth and Brighton Fringe Festival. Everyone is welcome to come along and there is no audition process. Free taster sessions are available, so bring along your friends! The Horsham team is headed up by Principal Ben Simpson, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge, having trained at the London School of Musical Theatre. He is an experienced producer and actor whose credits include shows at the Theatre Royal Brighton, Chichester Festival Theatre, The Brighton Fringe, The National Theatre and The Royal College of Music. Ben headed up the Ariel team when the Haywards Heath Academy opened in 2014 and, this year, will be bringing his expertise to Ariel’s debut at the Brighton Fringe, when he directs a double bill of plays; Bassett and The Grandfathers. Ben said: “I am very excited about the opening of the Horsham Academy. The students can develop their performance skills across all three disciplines with experienced teachers.. We are a very inclusive school, so whether you have heaps


Ariel Company Theatre is delighted to announce that it is opening a new drama academy on Saturday 28 April based at the Roffey Millennium Hall. A family theatre company and a leading light in all aspects of theatrical training including dance, drama and singing, Ariel Company Theatre has established academies in Crawley, East Grinstead, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Steyning. Horsham’s academy will run every Saturday afternoon from 2.15pm to 5.00pm welcoming students aged 5 -19. Ariel’s award winning academies strive to provide much more than just out of school activities to keep young people occupied. Run by a team of dedicated tutors who enthuse the students with a love of performing, Ariel helps to develop skills for life such as confident public speaking, collaboration skills and teamwork. Students have the opportunity to make new friends and perform in a variety of events including plays, musicals and community events and on the professional stages of the Capitol

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Win a beach club holiday free with The District Post and Seafarer The District Post has joined forces with beach club and the UK’s premier beach club and flotilla sailing specialist Seafarer to offer you the chance to win a week’s holiday for two completely free of charge. The Location - Nikiana Beach Club We’ll fly you from Gatwick to the beautiful Greek island of Lefkas in the sparkling Ionian Sea. Nikiana is a small and perfectly formed taverna style complex with only 32 rooms. It sits right on the beach where you find dinghies, windsurfers, canoes and paddle board at your disposal. If you don’t sail this is the perfect chance to learn – just ask any one of our beach crew and they’ll help you get started. The prize includes 7 nights B&B for 2 in a twin or double room – we don’t include

other meals because Nikiana has its own lovely family-run taverna and there are some great local eateries nearby Return flights from Gatwick to Lefkas, and transfers to and from Nikiana Use of beach club equipment plus free sailing clinic and regatta NB: The prize must be taken in June or September 2018 For more details of Nikiana Beach Club check out How to win We like to keep things simple at The District Post so all you have to do to enter is visit answer one simple question, and leave us your email address. By leaving your details you will be deemed to have opted in to future emails from The District Post or Seafarer until you choose to opt out, which can be

done at any time. The winner will be the first name drawn on March 27th and published in the District Post on March 29th.

Heres’s the question On what island is Nikiana Beach Club A. Corfu B. Kos

C. Lefkas Good luck and happy sailing. ENTER NOW BY VISITING

Truly local, t n e d n e p e d n i y l u r T

Lord Justice Jackson Adjudicates Law Debate

Official sponsors of

Horsham∙Warnham∙BroadbridgeHeath∙Southwater∙ManningsHeath∙BarnsGreen∙ Billingshurst∙Pulborough∙Storrington∙Ashington∙PartridgeGreen∙Steyning∙Henfield The Horsham District Post Newspaper is the widest Southwater available free weekly newspaper both in print and online.

On 23 February, former pupils (Old Blues) of Christ’s Hospital, Lord Justice Rupert Jackson, and a team of lawyers and barristers, returned to their old school for a law debate and a careers panel. Lord Justice Jackson is a member of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. The debate was led by the School’s Debating Society. The motion was ‘This House believes that monuments to controversial figures should be removed from schools and universities’. Christian Bryan in Year 13, ably chaired the debate: Year 13 (proposition) - Freddy Underwood and Katrina Millett. Year 10 (opposition) - Andrew McLeod and Zinny Donovan. Both the proposition and opposition delivered forceful and convincing arguments. The audience engaged well with some subject specific questions. The opposition argued that if such monuments were removed then future generations would not be inclined to discuss the controversial issues that they represent (for example, Cecil Rhodes – imperialism). The opposition won the vote but Lord Justice Jackson awarded

the Law Debate trophy for best speeches to the proposition. He gave specific feedback to both sides with tips and points on debating and public speaking. History teacher, Jacob Keet, Railway Line said: “We were particularly impressed with our younger speakers Andrew McLeod and Zinny Donovan, 15, who were debating in a public setting for the first time.” The evening ended with a careers panel of lawyers (all former pupils), including Lord Justice Jackson, who talked about their work before answering questions. Helen-Claire Burt, Head of Careers, said: “Many thanks to Lord Justice Jackson, Andrew Cosedge (Barrister), Tamas Lorinczy (Solicitor), Abigail Li (Solicitor) Judge David Stone and Palomi Kotecha (Paralegal) for visiting us and sharing their knowledge with our pupils.” Christ’s Hospital, near Horsham, was founded over 460 years ago and is the leading charitable boarding school in the UK; 75% of its pupils receive a free or feeassisted boarding place. www.

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Horsham’s Kings Arms reopens in style Business Martin Read - Reporter Horsham’s Kings Arms has reopened after an extensive refurbishment throughout – and there has been a stunning transformation, totally in keeping with the building, which dates from 1667, when the hostelry would have been in the heart of the Bishopric market. New owners Richard Grady and Peter Birdsall have consider-

The Kings Arms is our flagship house and we’ve fulfilled our dream by creating a country pub in the centre of town able experience in the licensed trade – as have Colin, the Kings Arms Chef and Siobhan the Bar Manager. With a background of over 20 years in the hospitality business, Richard told the District Post: “The Kings Arms is our flagship house and we’ve fulfilled our dream by creating a country pub in the centre of town, using locally sourced materials and local trades-people.” The new bar is constructed from a huge piece of kiln dried oak from the Chichester area, and the room is light and airy with a welcom-

ing fire. The dining room has been opened up with pleasantly arranged tables, a new snug has been created – an ideal addition for a cosy get-together or private meeting – and the garden will be another enjoyable feature in spring and summer. The well equipped bar serves a good selection of real ales – and, unusually, mild, too, Peter Birdsall saying: “We want to promote the best of the district’s beers, with at least two of them on tap, along with other guest ales and a facility for customers to benefit from takeaways, too - and we’re eager to support local suppliers through our menu.” Chef, Colin added: “We will be specialising in great British food with traditional dishes, including ‘carve your own’ roasts, seafood, liver and bacon, a wide range of meats from the area, Cornish pasties and favourites classics like bread and butter puddings – and we’ll have bar snacks, too.” Richard Grady summed up by telling us: “We’ve had very positive and enthusiastic feedback from our neighbours, which is just what we hoped for, because we want to be a vibrant meeting place for the local community – and for visitors, too!” Brod Larkman, who lives nearby, enthused: “The Kings Arms is a building of great character, it’s a warm welcoming place with a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. I’m delighted that it has reopened with such panache and I can’t wait to sample the menu.” Kings Arms, 64 Bishopric, Horsham, RH12 1QN - 01403

451468 – open from noon until 11pm (midnight at weekends) - – Follow on Facebook

@thekingsarmshorsham and Twitter @kingsarms

Horsham’s prize winning Fleur Campbell stages London art show Business Martin Read - Reporter After some years of showing in the provinces, Horsham artist Fleur Campbell has just staged a successful new show in the heart of London’s acclaimed Fitzrovia district. The show was entitled The Palimpsest of Butrint – a palimpsest is a manuscript on which later writing has been imposed, but retains visible traces of its earlier form. At the exhibition eight 100cm x 100cm canvases were hung along with two 100 x 100 lightboxes behind ink and water colour on silk pieces, 12 smaller canvases (30 x 30) and 5 small pastel and crayon works on paper. Fleur’s oil and mixed media paintings are inspired by a trip to Butrint, Albania’s little visited, but wonderful World Heritage site with its with fading glories of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian civilisation and culture. Having qualified with a BA in fine art and winning the prestigious Laing Prize, Fleur is now completing her MA at Brighton, and she says: “Mixed media is my preferred method of

working and I relish the surprising effects of resistant and sympathetic mediums. Layers are a constant theme in both my research and within my working process. I use the residual fluids from my mixing and cleaning jars to create lines on the work, really enjoying the risks of letting the fluids run across the surface, rotating the square canvas to allow them to form a loose grid. Some fluids are absorbed, staining the surface, others are more resistant, creating texture. The mix of controlled and undermined marks successfully reflect both active and passive characteristics, the loose grid format emerging to become a recurrent theme and a deliberate construction on the surface of the work. Although a rule was used for horizontal division of the canvas, the lines were not rigorously adhered to but allowed to soften and distort.” Talking about the inspiration for her work Fleur continued, saying: “The site at Butrint is set on an idyllically situated peninsular in the Adriatic Sea facing Corfu. In high summer the sea and sky are cerulean and the whole peninsula is covered in Eucalyptus trees. Met-

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aphorically, Butrint is a palimpsest – an old surface where the story has been repeatedly scraped clean and rewritten, with the ruins offering a wealth of themes and layers encompassing the mythological, the historical, the experiential, physical architecture, artefacts and the interplay of light and colour. Working in pen and ink in situ, I recorded key elements of interest from mosaics, pillars, pools and a magnificent lion gate. The site has been in disrepair since the occupation of the Venetian Empire, it was buried beneath deep undergrowth and, until recently, within a communist regime. Layers of limestone and chalk are overlaid with Greek flagstones, Roman mosaics and brickwork. The island is bathed in sunshine but overshadowed by overhanging dry green eucalyptus leaves, swaying in rhythm with the sea lapping the shore in what was once a valuable port, but since ravaged by earthquake and fire.” Further information together with examples of Fleur Campbell’s work can be found on the website –


Friday 9 March2018


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HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Notice is hereby given under Article 15(3), (4) or (5) or Article 16 that the following applications have been submitted to Horsham District Council, registered between 26th February 2018 and 2nd March 2018: Please note the below list of applications advertised are only those we are required to do so by law. A full list of applications is available by visiting our website at

DC/18/0398 Grays Farm West End Lane Henfield West Sussex BN5 9RF Erection of part single storey and part two storey side extension. (Householder ) Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0427 National Westminster Bank Plc High Street Henfield West Sussex BN5 9HQ Removal of existing brand signage and ATM. Removal of non-original fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment relating to the previous operation of the bank on both the ground and first floor. (Full application) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0428 National Westminster Bank Plc High Street Henfield West Sussex BN5 9HQ Removal of existing brand signage and ATM. Removal of non-original fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment relating to the previous operation of the bank on both the ground and first floor. (Listed Building) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0325 Pear Tree Farm West Chiltington Lane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9DP Erection of two mixed use barns with associated landscaping. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/18/0403 7 Wimblehurst Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 2EA Installation of dropped curb and alterations to front garden landscaping, part removal of existing garage and erection of replacement infill extension, installation of pitched roof to rear and alterations to front, rear and side elevations including removal and replacement of doors and windows Reason for Advert: Conservation Area. DC/18/0450 Hobjoins Hyde Street Upper Beeding Steyning West Sussex BN44 3TG Change of use from detached barn (to rear of Hobjoins) to a residential dwelling along with the creation of a new vehicular access to the north of Hobjoins and laying of permeable hardstanding to a provide a parking space in association with Hobjoins. Reason for Advert: Conservation Area. Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0419 Coppins West Chiltington Lane Coneyhurst West Sussex RH14 9DN Minor Material Amendment to previously approved DC/17/2726 (Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement two storey dwelling with 2x first floor balconies to rear and detached triple garage). Re-positioning of three bay garage. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. DC/18/0399 Grays Farm West End Lane Henfield West Sussex BN5 9RF Erection of part single storey and part two storey side extension. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

S106/18/0004 33-39 Holbrook School Lane Horsham West Sussex RH12 5PP Discharge of planning obligation to approved applications NH/149/93 (outline) and NH/48/94 (Reserved Matters), private amenity space. Reason for Advert: Section 106. DC/18/0366 Bailings Fulfords Hill Itchingfield Horsham West Sussex RH13 0NX Proposed reinstatement of timber weatherboarding on the external south elevation of the house (Householder). Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

DC/18/0367 Bailings Fulfords Hill Itchingfield Horsham West Sussex RH13 0NX Proposed reinstatement of timber weatherboarding on the external south elevation of the house. (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. S106/18/0005 Land East of Billingshurst To North and South of A272 East Street Billingshurst West Sussex Modification/Discharge of planning obligations to approved applications DC/13/0735 and DC/15/0059 (amended) to schedule 9, section 2 paragraph 2.1 financial contributions statement for Housing Parcel H3 (a) and (b). Reason for Advert: Section 106.

DC/18/0438 42A Carfax Horsham West Sussex RH12 1EQ Installation of two fascia signs on front facade and one wall mounted sign. Reason for Advert: Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/18/0369 Parsonage Cottage Church Street Henfield West Sussex BN5 9NU Conversion of existing cow shed into living accommodation and addition of a glazed link walk-way between Parsonage Cottage and cow shed Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area.

SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK APPLICATIONS SDNP/18/01068/HOUS North Road Farmhouse Hog Lane Amberley Internal alterations to plan layout, insertion of 2 no eyebrow dormers and 4 no conservation rooflights to rear elevation, increase height of side chimneys by 600mm, and installation of French doors and window to ground floor of rear elevation. Installation of 1x detached log cabin in rear garden. (Full Planning) Reason for advert: Conservation Area

DC/18/0422 Aukland House 17 Richmond Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 2EG Erection of single storey rear extension and 2m high trellised fence to a rear section of the south west boundary. Widening of 2 vehicular access points in the front boundary wall, installation of entrance gates. Reason for Advert: Conservation Area.

A copy of each application and the submitted plans are available for inspection on the Council’s website public-access/ if you cannot view plans on line please call 01403 215187 for guidance. Any person who wishes to make representations about any of the applications below should do so in writing to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL by no later than 21 days from the date of this advert. Please note that any representations received will be made available for public inspection and posted on the Council’s website or the SDNP website.

Friday 9 March 2018


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We take notices for all celebrations, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries and acknowledgements To book your notice, please contact the team on 01403 289709 or at

Two local businesses join forces for charity St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley were delighted to receive a cheque for £1722.64 from Carmela Restaurant & Horsham Sports club. The cheque was presented by Carmela Hostess Rosella Kubosi, Carmela chefs Marek Kubosi, Michal Grabczynski, and Horsham Sports Club Representative & organiser Chris Dickinson. Picture (Left to right): Michal Grabczynski, Chris Dickinson, Rosella Kubosi, Marek Kubosi

HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL (OFF-STREET PARKING PLACES) GENERAL ORDER 2006 (AMENDMENT NO. 33) ORDER 2018 NOTICE is hereby given that Horsham District Council in the exercise of its powers under 32 and 35(1)(a)(i)(ii) and (iii) to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and of all other enabling powers, proposes to make The Horsham District Council (Off-Street Parking Places) General Order 2006 (Amendment No. 33) Order 2018, the effect of which will be as follows: 1. To increase the current hourly charges in the Forum (Black Horse Way), Denne Road and London Road car parks. 2. To increase the current rolling day charges in the Swan Walk and Forum (Black Horse Way) car parks.

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FREE FAMILY LAW ADVICE CLINIC IN CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM We offer a free 30 minute consultation at our family law advice clinic every Tuesday 1pm – 4pm, covering: • Divorce, separation and finances • Children matters (contact and residence arrangements) • Cohabitation disputes where couples are unmarried • Consent Orders • Options available on the breakdown marriage or civil partnership • Prenuptial agreements By appointment only. Please book in advance by calling 01293 596947. Crawley clinic: 117-119 High Street, Crawley RH10 1DD Horsham clinic: Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham RH12 1GZ Alternatively, we offer a one hour fixed fee appointment at £100 plus vat (£120). To book a convenient fixed fee appointment please call 01293 596947.

3. To increase the current cost of the season tickets for Swan Walk, the Forum (Black Horse Way), Talbot Lane, Drill Hall, London Road car parks. A copy of the proposed Order together with a statement of the Council’s reasons for making it may be inspected at the Council’s Offices at Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm for 21 days following the date on which this notice is published. If you wish to comment on or object to the proposed Order please write by 29 March 2018 specifying the grounds for objection to the name and address below. Dated: 8 March 2018 Parking Services, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RL.


Friday 9 March2018

Entertainment Horsham District Gig Guide

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Mothers enter free on Mothering Sunday at the Weald & Downland Living Museum

Friday 16th September 09/03/2018

The Overtures Wildwood Golf & Country Blink Daze Club, Cranleigh Railway Inn, Billingshurst 18:00 20:30 TThe Slammers Soul&Band Righteous The The Barley Mow, Tandridge Wicked The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00 20:30 MOJO The Six Bells, Billingshurst 21:00 Saturday 17th


Horsham Rocks Presents Horsham Bandstand, The Carfax, Horsham 11:00 til 16:00 Horsham Rocks Presents: Nell Bryden MAILMAN The HorTheCapitol Carfax Theatre, Bandstand, sham Horsham 19:30 13:00 - 15:00 Larger Than Life Duo Dirty Rumours Goffs Park Social The RAFA Club , Club, Horsham Crawley 19:00 20:30 Solice Hounds ofShovel, Sound Horsham The Malt Broadbridge Heath Village 20:30 Centre, Broadbridge Heath 20:00 Quo-caine The Mulberry, Goring 20:30 Acoustic showcases Black Heart Angel TheMalt Surrey Oaks,Horsham The Shovel, Newdigate 0:30 20:00 Open Mic Night The Royal Oak, Ifield 20:00 Acoustic Open Mic Night South Saxon Beardsmen The Jolly Tanners, Gathering Staplefield The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:00til 18:00 12:00 Open Mic night The Shelley Arms, Broadbridge Heath 19:30 Open MicShuffle Night Riverboat The Bear,Sports Horsham Horsham Club, 20:00 Horsham 20:00



Sunday 18th September

All visitors to the Weald & Downland Museum can enjoy a fascinating range of free talks, try family-friendly craft activities, watch traditional demonstrations and see the new spring lambs, but this Sunday, mothers will enter for free. Mothers and grandmothers will also receive a free daffodil posy during their visit. The Museum’s Wattle & Daub café, open 9.30am-4.00pm, will be serving a special Mothering Sunday brunch, as well as delicious afternoon teas (pre-booking essential) in addition to its enticing breakfast and lunch menu. With a fascinating collection of more than 50 rescued rural buildings set in a beautiful 40-acre site within the South Downs National Park, the Weald & Downland Living Museum is where visitors can learn of the people who lived and worked in them, from AngloSaxon to Edwardian times. There is a lot to see, including: homes

and historic gardens, farm animals and farming heritage, crafts and trade workshops, beautiful woodland, pasture and wildflower meadows. Look out for the Shire and Percheron horses, Sussex oxen, Southdown sheep and traditional breed farm animals including chickens and geese. Information for visitors: Regular admission charges apply (free for Annual Members) and the Museum will open at 10.30am and close at 4.00pm. Please note that all activities and talks are subject to change and some carry a small charge or request a donation. Dogs on leads are welcome (including in the café) and there is ample free parking. Please wear clothes and shoes that are suitable for playing outdoors. Visitors with disabilities are advised to refer to the Museum’s accessibility pages in advance of their visit: www.



Tuesday 20th Open Mic night The Star - Dorking, September Dorking, Surrey

Acoustic Open Mic Night 20:30 The Jolly Tanners, StapleFolk night field The 20:30Emerald Club, Southgate, Crawley Blues Workshop 20:00 Northgate Community CenOpen Mic night tre, Crawley The Bull Inn, Henfield 20:00 20:00Mic Night Open Open MicOak, Night The Royal Ifield The Cock Inn, Southwater, 20:00 Horsham Acoustic showcases 20:00 The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 19:30

Gig guide Wenesday kindly14th September supplied by Electric Jam Night The Malt Shovel, Horsham 20:30

Thursday 15th

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Russell Watson: Canzoni D’Amore Following a series of sell-out performances in 2015-16, the UK’s best-selling classical crossover artist of all time returns to The Hawth, with his new show Canzoni d’Amore. Russell Watson’s career to date has seen some incredible achievements; his debut album The Voice held simultaneous number 1 slots in the US and UK (a world first), spending a record breaking 52 weeks at number 1 in the UK. Russell has sold in excess of 7 million albums and won 4 Classical BRITS. He was the first artist to perform at the Kodak Theatre, the home of the Oscars in Los Angeles, and was the only British artist to be invited to perform at the Independence Day celebrations at the White House in July 2012. In 2002, Russell performed at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which was televised to over 1 billion people worldwide. Russell’s success has taken him around the world, with performances for some of our greatest figures including Her Majesty The Queen, the late Pope John Paul II (who requested a private performance at The Vatican), former US Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, The Emperor of Japan and the King

of Malaysia. Captivating to watch and enchanting to listen to, Russell continues to wow audiences with his enigmatic and entertaining live performances. “He sings like Pavarotti, and entertains the audience like Sinatra” - NY Times Performance: Monday 19 March 7.30pm, The Hawth Crawley. Tickets: £45, available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 or online: www. hawth. Design Search Social

01403 261491 @BritWebLtd

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Lee Mead celebrates 10 year Anniversary with concert tour and new album

Lee Mead is celebrating: it’s been 10 years since the Holby City star won the coveted starring role of Joseph in it’s stage revival - an event that catapulted him into the public eye. To celebrate, Lee has just embarked on a yearlong tour ‘Lee

Mead – 10 Years – The Anniversary Tour’ and fans can see him this month at The Capitol, Horsham. What’s more, Lee has another treat for his fans with the release of a brand new album simply titled Lee Mead – 10 Years, released just in time for Mother’s Day.

The album features twelve of Lee’s favourite tracks that he has performed over the years, including show songs Dancing Through Life (Wicked), Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Maria (West Side Story), Close Every Door (Joseph), As Long As You’re Mine – a duet with Rachel Tucker from Wicked, Bring Him Home (Les Miserables) along with interpretations of some contemporary numbers including Everything, With Or Without You, Leave Right Now, Let Her Down Easy, All Of Me, and Blackbird. Lee Mead – 10 Years is produced by Simon Small, whose credits include work with Michael Xavier, and John Illsley (Dire Straits). Over the past 10 years, Lee has managed to successfully combine music with stage and screen, with on screen roles in Holby City and Casualty, stage roles in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Legally Blonde, Wicked, West End Men and, of course, his iconic starring role in Joseph, along with his live music tours and album releases. Performance: Sunday 25 March at 7.30pm, The Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Tickets: Available online: www.thecapitolhorsham. com or via the Capitol Box Office: 01403 750220.

Mon 7th May 2018

St Mary’s 5k trail run & family fun day 10am Children’s fun obstacle course and colour run £5 11am 5k trail run (run, jog or walk) £10 in advance £15 on the day

Barrack field next to Cricket club, Horsham For more info visit Charity number 1132246

Make Mother’s Day extra special A trip to the local garden centre is a lovely way to spend time with your mum and family on Mother’s Day. This year, make it extra special and treat your mum to a delicious lunch at Hillier Garden Centre. Following the success of last year’s lunches, the garden centre has unveiled this year’s Mother’s Day menu, with options including a traditional roast beef lunch with all the trimmings, a trio of fish pie or a creamed mushroom and butternut squash tart. Desserts include a chocolate chip sponge, a lemon meringue roulade or a baked cheesecake with berry compote. Kellie Mager, the manager of Hillier Garden Centre Horsham, commented: “Our Mother’s Day lunches were incredibly popular last year so we’re expecting spaces to get booked up early, particularly with the new feature of being able to book online. We’ve got lots of special offers in-store ready for spring so make a day of it, browse the nursery and plant area to find a way to truly say thank you and make your mum feel really appreciated.” Reservations are now being taken. You can call, pop in or use Hillier’s new online booking system to reserve your table. Sittings are available at 11:45am and 1:45pm. For more information, and to book, please visit: garden-centres or call the centre: 01406 210 113

Box Office 01403 750220





TANNARA Thursday 15 March 7.45pm

HANCOCK & CO: ONE MAN, MANY VOICES Saturday 17 March 7.45pm



T CH SA AR M M 5P 10 5.5

T CH SA AR M M 0A 10 10.3



Brand new for 2018, we’re excited to announce the installation of the latest Technogym equipment. Technogym is the world leader in Fitness and Wellness solutions, with scientifically proven equipment to give you more effective results. And now you can enjoy it along with some of the best facilities in the South East for half the normal joining fee. So it’s a new year, we’ve got the new gym, don’t you think it’s time for a new you?

01403 792620

Stane Street, West Sussex RH13 0RE


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07/12/2017 13:40






REMOVALS & STORAGE UK and European Removals & Storage

Worldwide Shipping

Household and Commercial

Packing Materials sold separately

Family Run Business, Established 1956

Full, China/Glass or Export Packing Service

Free, no obligation quotation service

Container & Archive Storage

Fully Insured

Piano Removals

Member of the British Association of Removers


01403 253164 01293 852228 01798 849721 Email: 4 The Courtyard • Holmbush Farm REMOVALS & STOR •AGE Horsham • RH12 4SE D046

Moving to Solomon’s Seal can be hassle free, thanks to Part Exchange!

Homebuyers in West Sussex can now take advantage of a scheme which is designed to help homeowners swap their old property for a brand new home. Bellway’s Part Exchange scheme – which is available at the housebuilder’s Solomon’s

te Quo rict Dist n e Th he w t Pos ing book

Seal development in Broadbridge Heath – takes away all the stress of keeping a home ultra-tidy for multiple viewings, dealing with estate agents, haggling over offers or waiting for people elsewhere on the property chain. Instead, Bellway will arrange

for an independent valuation of the buyer’s existing property, and a fair price is then offered based on those values. The buyer is free to move into their new Bellway home as soon as it’s ready, without the worry of selling their old place or

becoming involved in a precarious chain – and there are also no estate agency fees to pay. Nicky Chapman, Sales Director for Bellway South London, said: “Selling a home can be an arduous task, which is why it’s so appealing for buyers to leave that job to us through the Part Exchange scheme. “Our customers love the fact that we are taking this stress away from them, and that they are then free to focus on starting a new chapter in their lives and making memories in their new Bellway home. “We’re inviting anyone who may be interested to come along to our sales centre and find out more about the Part Exchange scheme, as well as the other ways we can help get them moving.” There’s a choice of three, four and five-bedroom houses currently available to reserve at Solomon’s Seal. The development is located in the West Sussex village of Broadbridge Heath, near Horsham, within easy reach of both central London and the south coast. The Solomon’s Seal sales centre, located off Old Guildford Road, Broadbridge Heath, is open daily between 10am and 5pm (Thursdays from midday to 7pm). More information is available at



Price: £460,000

5% Deposit


20% Help to Buy* Equity Loan from the government


(interest free for 5 years)

75% Mortgage


*The Help to Buy Equity scheme has specific terms and conditions and is subject to affordability conditions, please call us for full details.

STAMP DUTY PAID ** ON ANY RESERVATION FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Marrying traditional design elements and materials with contemporary style and comfort, the exclusive new Fountain Place development in Horsham redefines the concept of quality family housing for the 21 st century in terms of space, design, quality of construction and outstanding value. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom | Prices from £460,000

For further details please call:

01403 269268

**Stamp duty paid subject to terms and conditions

Solomon’s Seal Old Guildford Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3JU

Buy with only £21,500 deposit with Help to Buy*




- ti

es -

e of the m

h ont M

Our Ho

plus receive Stamp Duty paid**

a ll t h e b

Stamp Duty paid Free carpets throughout Available with Help to Buy Ready to move in Summer 2018

Plot 4 – The Bluebell A modern 3-bedroom semi detached home, with 2 allocated parking spaces.

Priced at £440,000

You only need a 5% deposit with Help to Buy INTO A



Solomon’s Seal is an outstanding development of 2, 3, 4 & 5-bedroom homes situated in the heart of the village, with easy access to local amenities and excellent travel links.

Showhome open 7 days a week.

Prices from £430,000 - £745,000

Make your move by calling 0333 577 8897 Sales Centre open daily 10.00am – 5.00pm, with a late night Thursday 12.00pm - 7.00pm

Computer generated image is indicative only. Specification on site may differ. Prices correct at time of press. Photography of typical Bellway interior and may include optional upgrades at additional cost. *YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. Not available on second, additional homes, buy-to-let or let-to-buy properties. HomeBuy agent eligibility check required. The equity loan is interest free for the first five years and needs to be a minimum of 10% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 20%. After five years, an annual fee of 1.75% of the outstanding equity loan is charged. This is increased annually by RPI plus 1%. The equity loan must be repaid after 25 years, or earlier if you sell your home. A monthly management fee of £1 is payable by the equity loan borrower by direct debit, from the start of the loan until it is repaid. The management fee and interest fees are not capital repayments to the equity loan and do not reduce the amount owing. Help to Buy operates under terms and conditions imposed by the HCA and may be subject to change. **Stamp duty paid either in full or as a percentage is available on selected homes and is not available on second or additional homes, buy-to-let and let-to-buy properties. Available on new reservations only.

Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ  01403 255420   

OLD GUILDFORD ROAD l £435,000 Freehold


BROADBRIDGE HEATH l £375,000 Freehold


GRENE HURST PARK l CAPEL l £400,000 Leasehold


Built in red Victorian brick ‘The Old School House’ was constructed in circa 1870 and was the old headmasters quarters within the original Shelley Village School.

A near new and well presented family home benefiting from a cul de ac location within Wickhurst Green.

This impressive Victorian conversion is a substantial two bedroom apartment situated on the first floor and presents many of the original features associated with a period building of this type.

TOWN CENTRE PROPERTY WITH GARDEN - This spacious, purpose built, two/ three bedroom, ground floor maisonette is situated only a few minutes’ walk of Horsham’s historic town centre.

An impressive and spacious apartment situated within the heart of Horsham’s town centre and an ideal investment or first time purchase.

Sold subject to contract. Similar property urgently required for waiting buyers

Mi ll

the ony


L u x u riou s m a st er bed wit h fitt ed wa rd ro bes



room oom




W room


C onte m po ra ry styled wit h a L a ufen su it e bath room




Spa ciou s a n d lig ht liv pe rfect fo r ente rt a in inin g a rea, g


Move in this Summer** with Help to Buy† An exclusive collection of beautifully styled 1 bedroom apartments within The Mill are now available to reserve with Help to Buy†. The Mill is situated at the end of a tree-lined boulevard and surrounded by elegant water features and an impressive piazza. Each apartment has been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum light and space. Living at Highwood you will be able to enjoy weekend strolls by the river, superb leisure pursuits on your doorstep and excellent transport links to the city. Great shopping and restaurants in nearby Horsham and the beaches of the south coast are within easy reach.

1 & 2 bedroom apartments from £245,000* Limited availability – enquire now

CALL OUR SALES TEAM NOW ON 01403 887 093 TO ARRANGE YOUR PERSONAL VIEWING Sales Suite open daily 10am - 5pm Highwood, 2 The Boulevard, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EP *Prices correct at time of going to press and subject to availability. **Selected plots only. Computer generated image depicts streetscene at The Mill and is indicative only. Photography depicts a typical Berkeley Showhome and is indicative only. † Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. You will require a minimum deposit of 5%, a Homes and Communities Agency equity loan of 20% and a mortgage of 75%. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. CHECK THAT THESE MORTGAGES WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS IF YOU WANT TO MOVE OR SELL YOUR HOME OR YOU WANT YOUR FAMILY TO INHERIT IT. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies


HOME WORTH? Find out in just 60 seconds with our

FREE Instant Online Valuation Go online at

 01403 255420 

for sale Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ

01403 255420

  

YOU CAN ALWAYS CLIMB THE LADDER RETAIL SUPERVISOR – CRAWLEY DENVALE TRADE PARK RETAIL SUPERVISOR – CRAWLEY GATWICK ROAD SERVICE ASSISTANT – HORSHAM We’re on the lookout for no-nonsense, hands on people to join our ever-growing and supportive team. Find out more about our opportunities on our website.


Volunteering Opportunities Registered Charity No. 1158780 Could you help Pulborough Community Care Association? The group acts as a lifeline for isolated people in the Pulborough district. They are in need of volunteer drivers. For details go to volunteer-drivers-734/734. Do you enjoy cooking? Could you prepare and cook a two course lunch for the Phoenix Stroke Club in Horsham? For more information about the opportunity please visit Horsham Older People’s Council is on the lookout for a volunteer who’s a good communicator, knows the Highway Code and would be willing to take on training people in the safe use of mobility scooters For more information, go to Muntham House School in Horsham is looking for a new governor. Could you help this residential and day school for pupils with special learning requirements? For more information go to school-governor-744/744. Inspired is a programme at Outreach 3Way which employs people to sort and recycle items from airlines, such as overnight bags and products. It helps people get into employment, develop their CVs and skills. They would love to find a volunteer to help with the programme, ensuring it runs smoothly and everybody feels supported. Details at www.

Would you like to be part of the community group made up of local residents who liaise with BIFFA about the landfill site in North Horsham? They are seeking someone to chair quarterly meetings of the Biffa Liaison Committee which discusses issues arising from the operation of the Biffa MBT Waste Facility. Meetings are held at the Biffa facility north of Horsham. Details at If you are thinking of volunteering and want to know what’s out there, just log on to and explore the many ways in which you can get involved in your community.

Personal assistant needed Personal assistant needed for lady in her 50 s wheelchair user with restricted mobility with accessing appointments days out ,and willing to do longer drives few times a year essential hence good driver with clean licence essential. The work also involves keeping the home tidy and clean and all aspects of domestic chores so must like cleaning. Must have use of larger car for placing wheelchair in the boot . Must be reliable and organised and can work on own initiative,fit and healthy to undertake above duties, friendly nature more important than experience common sense approach and must be flexible with hours on a weekly basis over 7 days. JR Print 9.50 per hour typical rate. This is a contracted 10 hour minimum per week position please phone: Horsham 01403 732724 to arrange an interview



9am - 5.30pm

Competitive salary with benefits Please email your interest to

JR Print

The Old Granary, 37 Bishopric Horsham RH12 1QE

01403 211511 / 211539

JR Print the home of high quality commercial and personal printing in Horsham

Call 01403 289709 to place your ad

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To advertise here, please call 01403 793777 or email

Commercial & Industrial welcome


Tiles Ridges Chimney Repair Leadwork Soffits & Guttering


Family run business Free no obligation qoutes Liability insurance


0800 8606271

PLEASE CALL JIM on 07977139854



Free Quotes and discussions about requirements/issues

Kyran Melland Electrician

∙Problems solving/fault finding ∙Maintenance ∙New circuit ∙New/modifications to lighting ∙External/out side power, shed power & home office power ∙Safety checks/landlord certificate (Periodic electrical inspection)


Conversation for beginners and intermediate levels

Call Martin 01403 245685

Jane Hancock from

call us on 01444


per day!*


lady decorator

Forget the paper, paint and sanding. I’ll come and do your hall, stairs and landing or any other room or space and put the smile back on your face.

Free estimates Excellent references 01403 253192 and 07818 119411




01403 750500

Impulse Leisure Chanctonbury Spierbridge Road, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4PG T.(01903) 746070

Adur Community Leisure 1112020

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New season Grays and Kookaburra hockey in stock. Canterbury & Gilbert rugby boots and protective gear in stock. Updating of annual cups and awards engraved on-site

82 Lambs Farm Road, Roffey, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4JH 01403 267805 Established 30 years

Your sports notice board Gatwick Flyers Trampoline Club Roffey Robins Rockets U13

Horsham Rugby Club Ho

rsen ham Wom & Ru gbyofClall girls ub ages are invited to training sessions at New Players al ys Horsham Rugby wa Club we lcome fr om under 6 on Tuesd ay’s 18.30 or to 18 . Sund 10.30 . PlayContay’s act Jo n Pratt on ers 07 requi for all the 785red 382909 or fema le teams. Contact jon.p Tony on enigm a1498@ yaho

Partridge Green Club ball Ar Footam un

Horsh dminton Club Ba Players needed for

Gatwick Flyers New players areTrampoline required Club high qualfor theprovides team who play on ity coaching and welcomes Saturday mornings and newon members to join their train Monday evenings. Billingshurst For Players neededsquad. in various information visit www. positions. Please contact Robert Foley on 07775 647983 or

E M LIFSh ort HOCRhSilHtiAngton B U L C t Wes SAVINGls Cluin b w m g? Mat Bo n sw im ber aKeen o wm

t e wnm s onreta hap e rnb im e redsnceusThelecalu W d n o a ety bifli sa ay nd a sd ava terila r u m h p 5 T s. e.1 atu6 -. dacyh’sniq te e 5Ppam h4 ttT1. da gys’saa in l nin eri jo ti on n evF to u g hin 0pm is.0 ne nsw8 wls te, bo bsi An ilio ewe vyo th t r c u ta o n e o c se tt, ld reb. u0 pm sh clu Nagld d 10o.0 in n v la sa o Rlife ,m ha 97 cahpota rsin 28 9 8 3 k on 019c0o.u

b ri Clu am T Horsh Tri 2017 17 0C i 2F Go oTtrh 15, or G f a l i s e r e p H t a s A 8, The d brein dg seet a July or e i ct avaedb e 10, junO n u Brho J , & 3 eiprte9 geand May 1 1r2e qSu ns s tb , va illiloa Aeugculu ast P a t a h ske. T – alyler r a a e P l 7 pla rsp it on hsa.mP o lrskvis l u i H a a l o t r e C ik g thearud l a.u o m .c b e rt P u u l f r c i r o c Fo ta rsha1m 3t9r nleutb. @ ic r 1 r con t o e 2 t m .h 6 a w 8 rsbhtin ww o@ ilarhk 077e9ma om orp1 19clgmaciol.c m

ing & Lower Beed on Li s os s sFC cr nd Haa m Sparrow


red for cu g Players need ekin sein ar e ye ar s w am arro U11 te Spnt 12 re der with am 11 lydteun ndan erie un ls 6.dFr irit. g r ei ir th sp r s fo t team erea plaaygr 12d deran hing acun cod s an pert team Ex ysr bofa eing thni r ai tr fo g s in er az ay am pl .cross Park am nd te Ha at s cilitie ws. Sean t ro acar ntsp ham ol o.rsCo w.h Sc who w skaor k 05 .u 10 co 63 07724 vanagh@hot

Walking Baseball Club Horsham

football. ales ite males and fem Inv All ages and ability to over 6 years of age Tuesday and Thursday learn come along and mornings baseball Shipley Community s 10am to Saturday’ at Inglefield 1.00pmProject - £2 per r SchoolRuss Contact Mano session 07519 847295

Heron Olympic FC require players born between Sept 2004 Under 7 and under 8 players and Augrequired 2005 to for join the new U13 season. Anyone their 11-a-side interested in coming team for the 2017-18 along to season. training please contact Chris at Contact Ian Palser on chesworthrovers.chris@ 07973 242270 or email

Chesworth Rovers

ath Co me and jo in Karate ClubFC Horsham , get fit, lose weig BBht, HFle Car ar neto lode okfe innd g yofo urrsepl lfay an erds m fo ee r tth ne eiwr frieU1 nd7/ s. 18 Clas tese s in am HoPl rsha eam se fo r nt co boac tht ad teul ts am manag aner d ch Alild anre Wn. hi te on Co nt 07 730ac t 22 Pa16 01 ul or Ellio ttail em 07 ajon 77@ wor 80 ks 584 hotm oruk ai82 semka@btin . m

Holbro ok Allstars Lad ies Basketball Horsham Parkrun Club

The club would like to hear

atfrom anyo every Held ne Saturday over 16 inter ested inin playi Park. Horsham ng basketbal 9.00am l. Experienc ed playe or andrsopen to enter Free beginners most welcome. The young, old everyone, toclub aim to teach, develop novice. or anyo experienced and engage with ne willing to www.parkrun. atlearn Register . For more infor mation visit www m and or emai then just go along l


intoRugby n Club At Holbrook we are Keen ers on keen toag build last seasect ion sons and build a Ar e yosuccess u retired anplayers. d with larger squad of ba dminto n experience ? All pla arey welcome to join us We Monday and Fr iat ytraining on Wednesday da mornings 9.30 - 12. nights at 7.30pm. For mo re details conWe train at The Holbrook ta ct Ma rianne on 0140 Club in North Heath Lane 3 258086 RH12 5PJ

Heron Olympic FC



Under 13 and yers of all me pla lco We9 dly s. Frien team m ages 7 fro s ard nd sta ge football villa to 70 plus team. se contact Adam to Plea For more info go 662 9 .or k oror on g.u662 w.habc ww0796 abc. h@ hip@h pgfc l mb ers.yout ail me ememai ail.c org hotm


GEU15 RID TAyN B ins L RobN e N C UB Roff O T BADMI ense ea ev

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Do you have a notice? email us at

Comptons Tennis Horsham Comm unity Club Netball Club

Always welcome Welcom es 8-12 yearnew olds members of all ages and At Collyer’ s Sixth Form abilities.College Please visit our website and Facebook Wednes days 5.30-6.30pm or contact our coach Andy Contact : Ian Ford 07764 Tope: 146338 / @horsha 07833 252342

Tan brid geot G Ba irls dm Fo ton ba llinin Cl ubm Hors ha

HoTh rsha m bSpwe arlco e clu rome ws sha ve ne w mme anmb y gi rlan s on ly ite ers tesam d inv su yo anto d co arme e loan ok in ginfo d r jo ne w in on play a er Fridsayinevth Unat eneing deFo r re 11st s, U1Bo 3sysan doo U1l6/ Sch 18 fro m ag 9.0e0 grpm oups Vi.00 to. 11 sit pm ww. w.Ple hoas r-e shco am sp ar ntact Ne rolia on.u k40 to3 01 fin 267331 d ou fort mo mor

41 Springfield Rd (01403) 275 553


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Horsham Ladies demolish Tulse Hill & Dulwich

Horsham tease out Staines and go second in table Sunday February 25 – South Clubs’ Women’s Hockey League Division 1 Staines 0 2 Horsham Ladies Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter

Saturday February 24 – South Clubs’ Women’s Hockey League Division 1 Horsham Ladies 5 0 Tulse Hill & Dulwich Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham drew 2-2 with Tulse Hill & Dulwich in south east London in November, but this time the result was an overwhelming clean sheet win for the ladies, courtesy of a vibrant second half performance showcasing four outstanding goals. The game started with attacks at both ends, Horsham keeper Hannah Simpson running out to clear a long ball. But in the seventh minute Louisa Denman broke through and hit the ball high into the net to give Horsham the lead from a superb individual goal. Simpson then kept Tulse Hill at bay with two spectacular close range saves before Hor-

sham’s Fran Crossley ended up flat on her face in the D without sanction and Charlotte (CJ) White cleared another attack from the visitors. Horsham were mounting pin point build ups from the back, and the close fought first half ended with them 1-0 in front. The second half was a different story – an early Horsham attack was just averted until, following a short corner, the ball came out to Gee Humphreys to nonchalantly scythe it into the net for her first goal of the season. The same player then dispossessed a Tulse Hill charge, following which, amid concerted Horsham raids, Denman got through the visitors’ defence and when the ball was parried to Crossley she made no mistake, her clean strike putting Horsham three ahead. Then, in the 17th minute, a customary strong, clean backhander from Bex Ross put the game well beyond Tulse Hill’s reach. With Horsham suddenly four goals up

and with the best defence in the league there was only going to be one winner. But, Horsham were not yet done – there was still time aplenty for poor defending to allow Ross to compound Tulse Hill’s misery with another well-taken goal. The Londoners did respond, but were well off target from three short corners, and their occasional further attempts on goal were not permitted to pose any real danger. Horsham Coach Chris Bowen told the District Post: “Winning 5-0 didn’t really do us justice – when we created chances we were solid in putting them away. Dulwich are a strong side and moved the ball well, but for the second half we changed our tactics, nullifying their threat, which meant that we could pounce more aggressively. The girls executed the game plan perfectly and we scored four more top goals.”

Horsham’s Fran, Sue & Suzy selected for England

Photo by Nick Evans

Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham Hockey Club are thrilled to announce that Ladies’ First Team stalwarts - attacker Fran Crossley and midfielder Suzy Clapp, together with Sue Crake

– have been selected in their respective age group squads for the Grand Masters World Cup in Barcelona in June, and for the summer Home Nations tournament. A delighted Fran told the District Post: “We went up to

Warwick for drills and match assessments. It was a demanding process, so we were very pleased to be selected!” 78 teams have been registered for the Grand Masters World Cup at The Real Club de Polo de Barcelona – described by the organisers as the biggest ever Grand Masters event. Pitches at the venue will be available for training and practice from June 18th with the tournament finals on June 30th, and a celebratory gala dinner rounding off the prestige tournament. Commenting on Fran Crossley, Sue Crake and Suzy Clapp’s selection, Horsham Hockey Club Chairman Nick Evans said: “We are naturally very proud that Horsham HC continues to be well represented at several age categories in international masters’ teams. As well as Fran, Sue and Suzy, there have been others, including Al Campbell and Mark Humphreys (in Wales senior teams), Ian Brown and Charlotte (CJ) White - in the England mixed team - so it’s great to have more players getting national recognition.”

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After the original fixture was postponed because of a frozen pitch, Horsham’s win at Worple Road, Staines – their fifth straight win and the ninth from their last ten games rounded off an excellent weekend, during which the ladies scored seven goals and bagged six invaluable points. Remarkably, this was the ladies’ 11th clean sheet win from 18 games, a defensive record that any team would die for, the nearest contender being Oxford University who have conceded 19 goals. The win puts Horsham on level pegging with Surbiton, with 41 points apiece, Surbiton having played one game less. Teddington and Basingstoke – each with 37 points – head the chasing pack. At Staines, the score remained nil-nil at the break, but, Bex Ross scored an open field goal to give Horsham the lead in the second half, notching

up her weekend hat trick in the process. Horsham Ladies Captain CJ White then netted a drag flick on the left from a short corner to cement the win, telling the District Post: “This was a hard match – Staines are bottom (with just one point) so we had more to lose, but we took control and got the job done. It wasn’t the most enjoyable of games, but we played well and won again, which was the main thing!” Commenting on the Staines win and Horsham’s two victories over the weekend, Horsham Ladies’ Coach Chris Bowen said: “The match at Staines was a strange one – understandably, Staines ‘parked the bus’ and defended really well. We battled to break them down, which frustrated us, but we showed real maturity in finding a way. Our composure counted when it really mattered and we came out on top. It was a great weekend for us and now we need to build for the new challenge of our next game.” On Saturday Horsham Ladies go to Oxford to play the University team, against whom they drew 1-1 in November. Oxford are fifth in the table.

Horsham Eagles flying high Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham Eagles, the town’s newest women’s recreational football team recently took their biggest squad of players to the Holbrook Club to take part in the FA People’s Cup – an all inclusive five-a-side competition run in partnership with BBC Get Inspired. Matt McIntyre told the District Post: “The opening fixture saw our two Eagles’ teams playing each other, with some of the players kicking a ball competitively for the first time. It proved just what was needed to settle those early nerves, with everyone growing into the game and playing some fantastic football. Our teams went on to finish third and fifth behind some strong Horsham Sparrows and Crawley Wasps teams and it was a proud mo-

ment when Zoe Hassall and Caroline Baker from the Eagles received Player of the Tournament awards after playing a combined total of nine matches in their respective teams in the tournament – including one of the semi finals!” Matt sums up saying: “When we had interest from women wanting to play football the original plan was to run a team for those over 35 but we’ve been pleased to welcome a number of players in their mid twenties, too. We’d love to have more players - so ladies, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to football, the main thing is to enjoy having a go and be happy to participate in the social side of meeting new people.” Horsham Eagles train at the Holbrook Tythe Barn in Pondtail Road, Horsham (RH12 5JF) on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 – 7.30

Friday 9 March 2018


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Local Football, Hockey and Rugby victims of the weather

Sport Martin Read - Sports Reporter The promised thaw came just too late to save last Saturday’s local sport following the week’s sub zero temperatures. With Kent suffering even harsher weather than our part of Sussex, the Bostik South Division football match between Horsham and Ashford United scheduled to be played at Lancing was postponed on Friday, the club saying: “Although the all weather pitch is reportedly playable, concerns over travel difficulties for our opponents and match officials as well as our own players, supporters and officials prompted an early

Football players of all ages and abilities required We’re an enthusiastic and friendly group who play 5-8 aside football every week. We range in age from 17 to 60+, and have an equally broad range in footballing ability. We’ve been playing for many years, but have been short of numbers recently so we are now urgently looking for new recruits. Venue : Astroturf pitch at the Weald school in Billingshurst Time : Mondays 8:30-9:30pm Cost : £4 per week (although your first week is free) If you’re interested please contact John Bennett on 07806 626751


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postponement decision.” The same fate befell Horsham YMCA where, at Gorings Mead, snow and ice prevented them from taking on high flying Chichester City in a top of the table clash. And, Broadbridge Heath were also unable to fulfil their fixture against Pagham. The Horsham Rugby game against Heathfield & Waldron was another victim, as was the Sussex Under 8s Festival at the club, the juniors having to make do with indoor training at Kingslea School instead. Pulborough’s planned encounter at Dulwich Common versus Old Alleynian’s also failed to proceed, but the game would not have gone ahead at Pulbor-

ough either, the club saying, (when cancelling all matches and training for the following day): “The ground is solid with the frost about four to six inches deep. ” League hockey matches are played on all weather pitches, but the surfaces can freeze and become dangerously slippery, so Horsham Men’s and Ladies’ games at Oxford University were called off the day before and will also have to be rearranged. In the lead up to the business end of the season momentum is all important, so the postponements were particularly frustrating for Horsham YMCA FC and Horsham Ladies Hockey – top and second, respectively and both pressing for promotion. Pulborough RFC and Horsham Men’s hockey teams were also keen to play in their battle to ward off the spectre of relegation. Horsham’s Rugby fixture against Heathfield and Waldron has been rearranged for Saturday March 17. Details of new dates for last Saturday’s other postponed games are awaited. Tomorrow (Saturday, March 10), weather permitting, fixtures are as follows – Football: East Grinstead (21st) v Horsham and Crawley Down Gatwick (11th) v Horsham YMCA – Hockey – Horsham Men v second placed London Edwardians (18.15 push back) and Horsham Ladies v fourth in the table Basingstoke – Rugby – Horsham v Deal & Betteshanger (9th) and Pulborough v Heathfield & Waldron (10th).

Horsham Colts thrilled to progress in National Cup

Sunday March 4 – RFU National Under 18s Cup Horsham 20 20 Winchester – (Horsham win through scoring more tries) Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham Colts were confident having already secured the Sussex Premier League title, winning every fixture in the League, Sussex Cup and National Cup, but they entered new territory, taking on their Winchester counterparts in the last 32 in the RFU National Under 18’s Cup, the weather relenting to enable the game to proceed. This was Horsham’s toughest fixture to date - against Winchester’s physical, hard tackling, well drilled side, putting Horsham under immediate pressure, laying siege to their line. Horsham defended valiantly but eventually conceded a converted


try after being reduced to 14 men. However, they gradually came into the game, a Joe Blake penalty improving the score to 7-3. Winchester, though responded with a penalty before Jem Minto scored a try for Horsham to narrow Winchester’s lead to 10-8 at the break. The second half was even more competitive, Winchester notching up a converted try and another penalty - until pressure on their line resulted in Horsham prop Tyrick Gonzague crashing over from close range, Blake converting to reduce the deficit to 20-15. Horsham’s fitness gained them the ascendancy, enabling winger Max Paterson to cross the line for an unconverted try, levelling the score at 20-20, the final whistle bringing both euphoria and relief, with Horsham going through to the next round by dint of scoring more tries than Winchester (3 against 2). Horsham Head Coach Tony Lewis said: “I could not be more proud of the lads. This was without doubt their most severe test of the season as Winchester are an extremely combative side. The match was played fiercely but in tremendous spirit, credit going to both teams. Our entire team played well, but it would be remiss of me not to mention prop Josh Earle for his outstanding work rate. We await news of our opponents in the last 16 – a Regional Final for Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. Reaching this stage is a great achievement by the team!”

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Our fabulous flagship practice with ample parking can now offer a complete hospital-style service under one roof including routine vet care, complex treatments by our advanced practitioners, visiting specialist vets, state of the art facilities and our brand new dedicated on-site emergency service - South Downs Emergency Vets. Excellence in veterinary care will be delivered 24/7 by our existing familiar and trusted team. Compassion and continuity of care will always remain at the heart of everything we do.


Comprehensive round the clock care now available in the heart of Storrington

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Day or night we’re always on site! Mill Stream Medical Centre, North Street Car Park, Storrington, RH20 4DH *Application for RCVS Veterinary Hospital status is due for submission in 2018


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The District Post 9th March 2018