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Friday 15.09.2017

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Large fire breaks out behind popular East Street Restaurant News Jay Archer - Staff Reporter

Public consultation announced for Horsham Town Centre Vision

Firefighters attended a large fire in the early hours of Sunday morning believed to have started at the rear of Cote restaurant in East Street, Horsham. At least five tenders and crew from Crawley spent some hours bringing the blaze under control which had spread to a neighbouring single story building causing the roof to collapse. With the use of a drone and aerial platform, West Sussex Fire and Rescue successfully fought the spread which was largely out of sight and very difficult to access directly. They expect to be on site for some time in to Sunday before they can even assess whether or not the building behind the is safe the enter. A firefighter on the scene confirmed the main restaurant area of Cote was largely unaffected but probably much damage to the rear.

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Friday 15 September 2017

News 15.09.2017 Contents

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Horsham personal trainer to begin 9 week challenge


Gold Stars! Collyer’s Duke of Edinburgh students celebrate record success Page 6


Mapp & Weston@The Barista - gastronomic heaven Page 11 Entertainment Comedy Beats comes to Horsham Page 15

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Horsham-based Personal Trainer, Ryan Anderson, will embark on a 9 week challenge at the beginning of October to help women kick-start their fitness journeys and work towards their fitness goals. Ryan is taking 6 women, who haven’t had much experience with the fitness lifestyle, through the 9 week programme, which will include one-to-one personal training, bootcamp training sessions, help with nutrition and weekly tasks/challenges. The selection of a winner will be based on a number of factors, including visual changes, fitness tests, weekly challenges and more, and

will receive the 9 week challenge for free! Ryan explained: “The aim of this programme is not focused on just making improvements over the 9 weeks, but instead helping these women make ongoing changes and forming healthy habits after the 9 week challenge is finished.” Ryan will be documenting the challenge through his social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. For more information and follow the challengers’ progress, please follow: Ryan Anderson Personal Training (Facebook) or ryananderson_pt (Instagram)

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Elvis Night for Parkinson’s UK Parkinson’s UK are striving for the day when no one has to fear Parkinson’s. They are passionate about finding a cure and are improving life for everyone affected by the condition. Horsham based “The Almost Elvis Band” hopes to raise awareness and vital funds for the local branch of Parkinson’s UK, when he leads his 8-man tribute band in a live-wired heart and soul rock ‘n’ roll show-stopping table-hopping concert in Horsham next month. Charlotte Allen, Fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK, Horsham, said: “I was delighted when Anthony (Elvis) agreed to perform for Parkinson’s UK. Parkinson’s is a horrible condition, affecting every aspect of your life. One in 20 people with Parkinson’s are diagnosed under the age of 40. There is currently no cure. They say available drugs should give you 15 good years. That doesn’t sound too bad till you say it to a 40-year old!” The Horsham branch of Parkinson’s UK describe themselves as ‘very active’. Paul Dodd, Branch Chairman, said: “we are totally dependant on donations and fund raising continues to provide much needed resources in offering weekly physio-led exercise classes, Pilates, Qi Gong, fortnightly speech therapy, monthly tango evening, discussion and companions

groups and more. “On behalf of the Branch I would also like to thank all the sponsors who donated raffle prizes and the team involved, who helped Charlotte put this event together. Special thanks to Brock Taylor, as the lead sponsors of this event. We are incredibly grateful to The Almost Elvis Band for their support and am hopeful the event will be a huge success”. Event: Saturday 14 October from 7.30 pm, Drill Hall, Horsham. Tickets: £18 (includes one free drink), are available from the “The Almost Elvis Band’ hotline: (tel: 07393 960263), email: or in person from estate agents Brock Taylor Ltd, Horsham – Lead Event Sponsors. For more information, including how to become a member of Parkinson’s UK, whether you suffer from the condition or not, please contact Paul Dodd on 01403 266173 or email,UK. To help raise money for Parkinson’s UK, please visit parkinson’ or contact Events team on 020 7963 9319. For Information and support, please contact the Parkinson’s UK free confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303. For Further information about Parkinson’s or Parkinson’s UK contact pr@ or call the press office on 020 7963 9370.

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Jeremy Quin’s masterclass on Westminster history

Jeremy Quin with The Post’s Martin Read News Martin Read In his sell-out talk at Horsham Library local MP Jeremy Quin entertained the audience with his fund of interesting and amusing stories about the historic Palace of Westminster where he clearly loves to work. Jeremy majored in history at Oxford University (where he was President of the Union) and his love of his graduation subject came across loud and clear as he effortlessly guided listeners through the development of the parliament buildings from the construction of Westminster Hall, the oldest building in the parliamentary estate, in 1097, and so central to our national history for over 900 years. The Hall was built under William II (Rufus), the son of William the Conqueror, to impress his new subjects with power and authority. But, when one of his attendants remarked that it was much larger than needed, the King asserted it was a mere bedchamber compared with his custom. The hall, though, with its stunning medieval roof, was considered too big for normal domestic use and was reserved for banquets, especially coronation feasts. It was also used as a court, staging the trials of Charles 1, and Guy Fawkes and his fellow mutineers long before the


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Old Bailey was built. And, it hosted big state events, too – including the lying in state of our key figures, beginning with Gladstone. The attempt on the life of King James 1 by Guy Fawkes and his cronies occurred in 1605, then, 36 years later, Charles 1 entered by force to arrest five members, leading to the barring of monarchs unless they had parliamentary permission. Mr Quin showed illustrations of crowds cheering as the roof of the parliament fell in when the building was engulfed in flames in 1834. And he described how suffragette Emily Davison, later to die under the hooves of the King’s horse at the Derby, hid in a Westminster broom cupboard on census day so that she could claim a parliamentary address, her only way of doing so at the time. Then in the 1940s the celebrated Victorian architecture of Sir Charles Barry’s replacement buildings was bombed, Horsham MP Lord Winterton subsequently working with Churchill to bring about post war renovation. Horsham was one of the earliest places to have an MP, records making reference to such representation in 1295, however the town’s reputation for past corruption in electoral matters is notorious, featuring bribery and even the kidnapping of the opposition. Now, the parliamentary estate is the subject of

much consideration as to how it can be brought up to fulfil modern safety standards and regulations, and technological requirements – a breathtakingly expensive proposition and one posing highly complex logistical challenges to ensure that parliament can continue to operate securely, effectively and close enough to ministerial offices during the overdue repairs and improvements. Meanwhile, Mr Quin reminded us of the parliamentary colour scheme – green carpets and seating in the commons (originating because green dye was cheaper) – and red in the House of Lords, with tartan in disputed areas. Prior to becoming our MP, Jeremy Quin was a Westminster advisor to the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, saying; “It is such an extraordinary place to work, a wonderful privilege!” and he has one of the best attendance records, commenting that: “All MPs genuinely want to achieve the best outcomes for their constituents and the country – but there is no instruction manual!” Questions to Mr Quin concerned the proposed renovation, the future of the House of Lords, how he represents the views of Horsham residents (he has corresponded with over 6,000 constituents) and why the parliamentary Whips are so called (“after the ‘whipper in’ at the hunt – keeping the pack together!”). Earlier we had been regaled with sayings emanating from Westminster, including – “it’s in the bag”, coming from petitions posted into the specially designed receptacle at Westminster and “a man of straw” arising from the professional perjurors at the Westmister Hall court, who could be hired to lie on behalf of plaintiffs and wore straw in their socks to facilitate identification. The talk was warmly applauded leaving attendees wishing that it had gone on for much longer.

The Magnificent Maclean Brothers James Maclean picked up his GCSE results this summer from The Forest School and was incredibly proud to see the outcome of his hard work. James is one of only 2,000 pupils in England to get 3 grade 9s in English, English Literature and Mathematics. Grade 9 is the top possible grade in the new GCSE system, and a standard only achieved by the very highest achievers (around 2%) in each subject area. To gain all 3 puts him in a very select group nationally. James gained an amazing total of 15 A*/A/ grades. The 16-year- old described how he felt after opening his results: “It was a long wait over the summer for my results, but I’m delighted with how I did and still a little bit in shock.” James reflected on his experience at The Forest School, Horsham: “All credit to Forest; it has been an amazing school and I could not have done what I did without all the great sup-

port from my teachers.” His older brother Charlie, also an ex-Forest pupil, has since gone on to study A Levels at Collyer’s. Charlie achieved his A level results this summer

All credit to Forest; it has been an amazing school and I could not have done what I did without all the great support from my teachers and will now go on to study Computer Science at Kings College, Cambridge. He is one of a group of 6 former Forest pupils moving to study at either Oxford or Cambridge University this year. Congratulations to both brothers for receiving excellent results.


Friday 15 September 2017


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Billingshurst Primary School children lead initiative to tackle traffic safety

It is an issue faced by most schools; the congestion and parking, during drop-off and pick up times, that put children in danger and make life hard for local residents. Concerns were raised by residents and parents of children at Billinghurst Primary School, but with no power to enforce the law, the school felt something needed to be done to alleviate the problem. Now the children have undertaken their own campaign to tackle the issue, by expressing concerns in their own voice, with the hope that this will persuade people to be considerate on the roads and walk to school whenever pos-

sible. Last week, local residents were invited to the school to help launch the initiative alongside the pupils. A meeting of the School Council, run by the children, reported that many do not feel safe having to cross the road from behind badly parked cars. They were concerned about having to walk into the road when cars block the pavement - especially when parents are still driving around looking for parking spaces. Carpenters, because it is a series of cul-de sacs, is not easy to see into from the one entrance on station Road, which encourages the parents to come in just to

seek a space. This causes much of the fraught parking situation about which the children and residents are concerned. In response, the children surveyed the views of local residents and classmates and produced a programme of actions, starting with a poster competition to design a banner for the school. Ella Costelloe and Ryan Cooper, representatives of the School Council, commented: “We all thought this was one of the main problems we faced. We were worried about our lollypop man, as he nearly got run over, and many of us don’t feel safe around all the cars. We stood up in assembly and asked everyone to design a poster and a campaign slogan for the banner. School Councillors from Key Stage 1 and 2 selected each other’s winner. We hope it will help the parents to think about our safety. They should listen to us because we’re school children.” Lesley Wilding, Chair of the Carpenter’s Residents’ Association, said: “The banners are brilliant and we hope the minority of those who cause the issues take notice. We’re very encouraged by the initiative and can see the School Council have worked very hard on the children’s behalf. We recognise the difficulties of getting children to school and find-

ing parking, and as lots of schools in the region are up to capacity, this issue is ever more pressing, however it is a question of safety, kindness and general consideration, such as not blocking access. We would like to encourage more people to walk to school.” Miss Williamson, Headteacher at Billingshurst Primary School, explained: “Our priority is the safety of our pupils and consideration of our local residents who struggle with this on a daily basis, and it is our hope that the message will have more impact and power to persuade, as it comes directly from the children. “We were keen to involve local residents so that everyone can see we are working together to make our community better and affect change. The banners and posters are now on display outside the school, and a letter has been distributed to explain what the campaign is about, why it is needed and what we want to achieve.” Ben Pody, Director at Auto Sussex, sponsors of the banners, commented: “We are delighted to be able to support this campaign and promote road safety at the school.” Winners of the poster competition were Henry Wilmington from Key Stage 1 and Connor Jenkins and Josh Davies from Key Stage 2.

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New releases from Lost and Found Brighton based Lost and Found Brewery have released three new products. Dedicated to innovation and experimentation, the brewery has just moved to bigger permanent premises in Horsham, Lost and Found was independently rated, by leading beer app Untappd, as a top 10* brewery in the UK. The team split their workload into pilot brewing and creation of their high quality limited commercial releases. The brewing process is open and inclusive with all recipes printed onto the side of can. Recipes use a premium quality bespoke liquid yeast imported directly from the US. Co-Founder Chris Angelkov, said: “Our vision for the next 6 months is about modern, vibrant beer that is small batch and innovative through our relentless creation of new recipes. Our constantly changing designs move with our beers to reflect and predict trends and drinking styles. We have broken with conventions, like traditional labelling, because we want to keep our beers agile, while at the same time representing the very high quality ingredients that we use.” The new releases, which are said to be ‘drinking well’, are: American Pale Ale R3.2, which the makers describe as ‘A modern American Pale Ale with a robust malt profile and full hop hit of tropical fruit and citrus.

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Public consultation announced September’s wine notes for Horsham Town Centre Vision

website on 18 September 2017. Responses from this consultation will be analysed and used to finalise the Town Centre Vision Statement for Horsham, which will shape the redevelopment of key areas of the town. The overall aim is to develop an aspirational, comprehensive and deliverable vision for the town centre over the next 10 to 15 years. Ideas range from improving Blackhorse Way to development opportunities for the Forum piazza area and Library areas,

Don’t laugh, but Riesling is rumoured to be making a comeback. The grape is a bit like Frank Sinatra used to be, off the scene then suddenly on the stage, out of retirement. Always making comebacks. Anyway the talk is that Riesling is becoming more popular. It’s a fine grape, making some beautiful wines, but I doubt if the supermarkets will be knocked over by the rush. Reisling is the grape that the merchants and a few devotees in the wine profession love. But it has never got within a mile of challenging Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and the rest of the whites in popularity. Which is a shame because it is an excellent drink and caters for all tastes. Perhaps the pretty dreadful early German wines of the 1950 and 1960s put people off. I actually thought I was being very sophisticated pouring Black Tower for my attractive girlfriend in a South London pub in the early 1970s. Fortunately she forgave me (I also bought her Black Forest Gateaux) and we got married. Nowadays we are more likely to drink something a little drier like a very approachable Villa Maria Riesling from New Zealand, because it is utterly reliable and reasonably priced. Excellent Riesling can be a bit pricey, which is another reason

for its lack of big popularity. But Waitrose has a decent Kendermann’s that has good acidity but is not bone dry for about £7, which is a good starting point if you haven’t tried the grape before. Also worth looking for is the middle-weight Dr L Grey Slate Riesling, an off-dry number that goes well with fish. The plus of the Riesling grape is that the wines have a range of tastes from bone dry (Alsace) to sweet, as in a German Trockenbeerenauslese. They start with Kabinett. This is the Riesling classification that is made from the grapes that are the least ripe, producing the lightest and dry style of Riesling wine, so not the sweetest. Spätlese and Auslese are less dry, whereas Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese have definite hints of sweetness. Eiswein is a specialist dessert wine, delicious and expensive. PJD


“Giving it a go.” Come and try a whole range of activities at our open day on Saturday 23rd September

Including under 5’s activities, Trampolining, Gymnastics, Workout Classes and more.

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre 01403 211311 Visit our website for further information. Whatever place you’re into

Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Horsham District Council.


Residents and businesses are being urged to have their say about an exciting new town centre vision for Horsham town. Following on from a public exhibition in May this year, where initial concepts were showcased, a public consultation is now being held, from 18 September to 16 October 2017, inviting members of the public, local businesses and community partners to give their views on the shortlisted ideas to improve Horsham Town Centre. The consultation will go live on the Horsham District Council

improvements to the public realm in the Bishopric, a refurbished Queen Street entrance to the town and improved wi-fi hotspots, lighting, planting and pedestrian walkways. Commenting on the upcoming public consultation, Cabinet Member for Planning and Development, Cllr Claire Vickers, said: “We are aiming to deliver significant investments in Horsham Town Centre. “Thank you to the many of you who attended and gave feedback on our initial exhibition back in May this year, where we showcased our early concept ideas. Based on the very valuable feedback we received, I would now urge as many people as possible to take part in this next stage where they can view and help influence the short listed proposals, so that preferred options can be progressed.” To view the proposed ideas on the council’s web site, please visit: Comments on the draft Vision Statement can be submitted by email to strategic.planning@ The deadline for all feedback is Monday 16 October 2017. Following this consultation, comments will be analysed and recommendations will be made to Cabinet on 23 November 2017.


Friday 15 September 2017


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Brake calls for compulsory rural Gold Stars! Collyer’s Duke of Edinburgh students celebrate record success driving lessons for learners Road safety charity Brake is calling for compulsory lessons on rural roads for learner drivers, as part of a graduated licensing system, to reduce fatalities and serious injuries. In 2015, the last year for which statistics are available, 120 young drivers lost their lives in crashes - 80 per cent of these occurring on rural roads, 16 per cent on urban roads and four per cent on motorways[1]. In the same year, there were 38 young car drivers listed as serious casualties or fatalities in West Sussex[1]. Jason Wakeford, Director of Campaigns for Brake, the road safety charity, said: “High speeds, sharp bends, narrow lanes, risky overtaking and the presence of vulnerable road users, like cyclists, make rural roads the most dangerous by far. The combination of rural roads and novice drivers is lethal - a staggering 80 per cent of all young car driver fatalities occur in rural locations. “Brake is calling for a total overhaul of the learning to drive

system to help cut fatalities and injuries. A graduated licensing system, including a minimum learning period, mandatory training on rural roads and restrictions for newly-qualified drivers - such as a zero drink-drive limit - will allow new drivers to build up more skills and experience over a longer period of time. “This approach has dramatically reduced road casualties in countries including Australia and New Zealand and could save some 400 lives a year if implemented in the UK. “Brake is also calling for a review of rural speed limits and for ‘Voluntary Intelligent Speed Adaptation’, which helps drivers keep within the limit, to be fitted as standard to new cars. There is also the need for better and more affordable public transport, so fewer young people see starting driving in their teens as a necessity.” [1] Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results 2015, Department for Transport. [2] Road accidents and causalty data: West Sussex County Council.

“We are incredibly proud of these talented students. For 24 to be successful is quite simply a fantastic achievement! I’m particularly impressed with how these students managed to balance a demanding college life, part time work and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Inspiring stuff!” John Burroughs added: “It was an honour to be involved in the

A record 24 students from Collyer’s have successfully completed their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition. This represents the highest number of students to have completed the award in one single year! James Gordon, Head of Faculty for Business, Sport and Social Sciences, manages the Duke of Edinburgh programme at Collyer’s. He explained: “The award requires participants to learn new skills, provide a voluntary service to the local community and complete a residential for a week. “The students undertook a

training weekend, in early October, followed by a full practice expedition to Dartmoor, during the Easter holidays. A gruelling 4-day qualifying expedition in the Brecon Beacons was then successfully completed in the summer.” In the Brecon Beacons the 4 groups covered some 50 miles over the 4 days, climbing over some of the highest peaks in England and Wales. The expedition was led by James Gordon, who was ably assisted by Melanie Kavanagh and John Burroughs. James Gordon was delighted:

FREE FAMILY LAW ADVICE CLINIC IN CRAWLEY AND HORSHAM We offer a free 30 minute consultation at our family law advice clinic every Tuesday 1pm – 4pm, covering: • Divorce, separation and finances • Children matters (contact and residence arrangements) • Cohabitation disputes where couples are unmarried • Consent Orders • Options available on the breakdown marriage or civil partnership • Prenuptial agreements By appointment only. Please book in advance by calling 01293 596947. Crawley clinic: 117-119 High Street, Crawley RH10 1DD Horsham clinic: Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham RH12 1GZ Alternatively, we offer a one hour fixed fee appointment at £100 plus vat (£120). To book a convenient fixed fee appointment please call 01293 596947.

We are incredibly proud of these talented students. For 24 to be successful is quite simply a fantastic achievement Duke of Edinburgh challenge this year. These students are a credit to Collyer’s and West Sussex!” Collyer’s Assistant Principal Dan Lodge said: “Well done to everyone involved in this record-breaking year! These are exceptional students and we are incredibly proud of their success. Massive thanks to James Gordon, Melanie Kavanagh and John Burroughs for continuing Collyer’s first class participation in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.”

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Slinfold Golf & Country Club – Three Months Membership to be Won

the gym and pool*. To apply for the free day pass, call 01403 792620, quoting ‘District Post’, to book an initial appointment. Then tear out this page, with your completed details, and take it along with photo ID to your appointment. Your details will automatically be entered into the prize draw for the three months membership. *Terms and Conditions: Treatments and paid-for classes are not

included with the free pass. Pass holders must call the club to book an appointment prior to visiting. You must bring this article and photo ID to the appointment. Failure to book an appointment in advance may result in refused entry into the club. This is an introductory offer and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The one day pass entitles one person (aged 18 or over) to use the Club for one day only.

OPEN DAY at HEPWORTH’S BREWERY Stane Street, Pulborough. 16th September From 11-4pm Tastings of beer, wine, cider and more!

Brewery tours available if pre booked Slinfold Golf & Country Club is near which West Sussex Town?

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*Terms & Conditions: Membership is for one adult over the age of 18, running for three consecutive months from October 1st 2017 to 31st December 2017. There is no cash alternative and membership cannot be transferred to another name.



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The Club have teamed up with the District Post to offer one lucky reader a three month membership at the club, including full unlimited use of all the golf and health and fitness facilities*, worth over £1,470.00. More than a gym, the golf and country club offers an 18 hole golf course plus a 9 hole Academy Course and fully flood lit driving range. Included in the membership will be use of the beautiful pool, with its Jacuzzi and steam room, plus an extensive range of classes, ranging from Aqua Aerobics, to Pilates, to Body Combat. With over 100 classes a week to choose from in our 3 studios, members are spoilt for choice! Our Award Winning Gym Team will assist you with building a Programme and goal setting to keep you on track in the gym during your membership, and to encourage the winner on a path to a healthier lifestyle – Get body ready in time for the Christmas season! The lucky winner will also receive £25.00 onto their membership levy card to spend within the club. Whether he or she fancies a relaxing massage or a cleansing facial in the club’s Retreat, or a delicious meal made by the Head Chef and his brigade, the winner is sure to feel spoilt and welcomed to the Club. Receive a Free One Day Guest Pass The Club is also offering a FREE ONE DAY PASS to every reader, worth £15.00, which includes use of

Harry Watts - Horsham’s Answer to Cormoran Strike

Viewers of the BBC’s ‘Strike - The Cuckoo’s Calling’ will by now be familiar with the world of private Investigation; but what is the world of Private Eyes really like? Move over, Coromoran Strike, because Horsham’s Harry Watts has arrived. An Undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth, Harry Watts has opted to spend his Graduate Placement year working as a Private Detective for Answers

Investigation. Of his unique placement, Harry, 22, said: “Investigation, to me, has always been finding out the root causes to problems that people face every day. Here at Answers I can do just that. No, it’s not the fancy scenes you’ve seen in the latest Bond movie, but that’s not what our work here is about; It’s tackling real issues, with real people at its core. “On the first day, I was nervous, but I quickly felt at ease when in the office. I helped with day to day office tasks in the morning, and after lunch Steve, who was very friendly, and I drove to Caterham to serve some papers. Although it didn’t take long, it gave me a good insight to their job. “Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth quickly taught me the world is not clear cut. Developing my curiosity and deductive skills led me to where I am today, but didn’t give me the genuine experience I needed. Learning on the job here, at Answers Investigation, has really propelled my knowledge and skills in the short time I’ve been here and has given me that extra authentic practise I craved. You can only learn so much from textbooks and webpages: The first-

hand fieldwork is where the real education lies. “In my brief time here, I’ve been involved with observations, process serves and research - all of which have left me with a large appetite for more. I believe that, for most individuals, finding a job or work that you enjoy to its fullest degree is hard to come by. But for myself, I can safely say that I’m absorbed by the world and workings of being a Private Investigator. I look forward to hopefully spending more time here at Answers and the fantastic people that work here”


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Friday 15 September 2017


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Horsham District Council has acquired new temporary accommodation, for Horsham district residents facing homelessness, helping to avoid the use of Bed and Breakfast accommodation wherever possible. The 17 self- contained flats have been named Burstow Court, after a local historical character Henry Burstow, a celebrated shoemaker, bell ringer and folk singer who was born in the Bishopric area of Horsham in the late 1800s. Cabinet Member for Housing and Public Protection Cllr Kate Rowbottom commented: “As a council, we will always seek wherever we can to prevent homelessness. Sometimes this is

Top tips for starting Senior School By Louise Higson, Headmistress, Farlington School, Horsham

not possible and we have a duty to assist in such cases. “I am delighted that the council has acquired these purpose built flats, which provide a much more satisfactory temporary housing solution for local people in priority housing need. “Provision of this type of housing is far more suitable for families and is more cost effective than provision of Bed and Breakfast accommodation, which is the usual alternative in these circumstances.” Burstow Court, Horsham comprises eight one bedroom flats and nine two bedroom flats across three floors.

Moving to Senior School can be a time of mixed emotions, for both you and your child; everything will be different. They will no longer be ‘a big fish in a little pond’, they will be one of the younger ones working their way up in a much bigger environment. They will be surrounded by many new faces and will have to learn to stand on their own two feet and become more independent. Instead of having one or two teachers, they will have lots of new ones. It will be a steep learning curve! Fitting in’ for them will be the

priority. When a situation arises and they ask for advice, don’t tell them what to do; instead, talk through what they might do. Give them ownership of the solution to the problem. It’s about respect and recognising that they want to become more self-reliant. Your job is to be the safety net when they fall! Wave them off in the morning with the confidence that all will be ok. Do not be the parent who ventures into the locker room to help them get their books ready for the morning lessons! At the beginning your child will come home exhausted. You will

Terms and conditions apply.

“Sweating and smiling.”

ask them “What have you done today?” and they will most likely say “Nothing”! It will take time for them to adjust to their new surroundings and settle in. They will not understand everything straight away and new routines will have to become established. Don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. Your child will have homework, possibly for the first time. Homework is an essential part of their education and will help them to establish independent study skills. Encourage them to take assignments seriously by ensuring that they have both adequate time for completion and they are able to work without distractions. Take an interest, but don’t do it for them – they need to take the responsibility for it! Encourage your child to make new friends. They may have gone to their Senior School with already-established friends, but it is healthy for them to expand their social circle. A good way for them to make new friends is by taking advantage of the many extra-curricular activities on offer. Don’t worry if they join everything at the beginning, they will soon discover what their priorities are and achieve a sensible balance. Lastly, encourage your child to relax and be positive. With caring support you can help to make the transition a happy one.


No joining fee Gym, swim, classes and personal support

The Pavilions In The Park 01403 219209

Billingshurst Leisure Centre 01403 787500

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre 01403 211311

Steyning Leisure Centre 01903 879666

Limited offer contact us today or join online using promo code SEPT17

Whatever place you’re into

Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Horsham District Council.


Council acquires new temporary housing accommodation

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If you res erve by t he end of Au gust 2017 up to maxim um of T&CS app £7,500 ly †


Never shy in retiring Come and visit the show apartments at Highwood Mill and you’ll quickly discover retirement living is anything but stereotypical. There’s a choice of two-bedroom apartments with high specification throughout. Lifts to all floors make life easier. You’ll find your own apartment, set within a friendly community, with fantastic on-site facilities just waiting to be enjoyed. Chill out in the café bar, meet family and friends in the restaurant, pamper yourself in the salon or jump on board our minibus to town. Plus, all this comes with the reassurance that care services are available from our on-site team. There really is no need to be shy when it comes to retiring.


† Selected plots only, subject to availability. Contracts must be exchanged within 28 days of reservation of your property. Full T&Cs available at * Event fee and service charges payable. We charge an event fee on subsequent sales of the property. Depending on when you sell your property, the event fee will be between 2.5% - 5% of the market value of your property at the time of sale.

01403 226196



Ho r


best kept secr s ’ et am

health & fitness club christ’s hospital

BLUECOAT SPORTS FITNESS SHOWCASE Friday 22nd September 18:00-21:00 & Saturday 23rd September 8:00-16:00




Body Combat

Body Pump


GRIT Cardio

Body Balance

GRIT Strength










Indoor Cycling beginner & advanced


Step Aerobics LBTA Dance Fusion Yoga TRX Kettlebells Tai Chi Indoor Cycling Fitness Team Circuits

Friday Junior Disco

LIMITED The 25m swimming pool and sauna will be AVAILABLITY

open at various times for you to relax and enjoy

Saturday Crèche Kids Club Swimming Gala Squash



Go ahead, share the fitness fun & why not bring a friend all free of charge! #showcaseselfie

01403 247572 | |

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Mapp & Weston @ The Barista Bar - gastronomic heaven! New food and refreshment venue launches in Horsham’s in ‘Eat Street’

Business Martin Read The Barista Bar has been launched at Mapp and Weston, the well-established, trusted estate and letting agent in Horsham’s East Street. The Barista Bar is a new and exciting venue for fantastic food and refreshments. Samantha Black, head of operations for the Barista Bar explains: “We are providing something unique and look forward to welcoming everyone. The building has been transformed into a stunning modern Café Bar to complement Mapp and Weston’s already thriving agency and we are obtaining a licence for outside seating for those lovely summer days too! Details of properties for sale and to let will be displayed on flat screens and in the window and the agency will of course be

delighted to discuss those, but if visitors just want to enjoy some iconic food and a drink – or the outstanding coffee - then that’s exactly what the Barista Bar is here to provide!” Chris Skelton, one of the Directors of the Mapp & Weston agency, tells the District Post: “The two businesses are separate, but the idea is that the new Barista Bar will further extend the friendly professional approach that we have already created at the agency, enhancing the real quality personal service that we provide - something that is not available on the internet or indeed at some chain Agencies.” Chris continues: “We are confident that the people of Horsham will love the Barista Bar’s food and drinks, as also will our existing clients.” Sophie Weston, Co-Director at Mapp & Weston said: “We

work very differently from the big chain operations – we are a local independent company with lots of experience and everyone here lives locally, so we know the district well and love being in the relaxed atmosphere of Horsham’s East Street. We believe that the new concept engages with that, so the Barista Bar will not only add something special and different from what is on offer around us, but also harmonise with the

We are providing something unique and look forward to welcoming everyone estate and letting agency, too.” And what food there is! Paul Banfield the Director of the Barista Bar has sourced an exciting menu, featuring Lebanese-based delicacies, local lifestyle blogger Farah Al Zadjaly saying: “My job is travelling the world to write about food and I’m totally besotted with what’s on offer at Mapp & Wes-

Successful demonstration day for Kingsfold builders merchant Those that work in the trades and the local community were welcomed to Kingsfold builders merchant DW Nye last week for a free demonstration event. Between 7:30am and 2pm, visitors were able to watch demonstrations, benefit from giveaways and on-the-day discounts, and get advice from leading industry suppliers, including VELUX Windows, Makita Power Tools, TIMco, The Resin Mill, and Dickies

Workwear. The family-owned builders merchant also served free breakfast butties and hot drinks to everyone who attended. Rex Nye, owner and Managing Director at DW Nye, said: “At DW Nye we like to show our customers what the benefits of using the products we stock are, and our demo days are a great way for local trades, and those interested in DIY, to speak to experts to get

advice. A big thank you to all the suppliers that attended; everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event.” DW Nye will be hosting further demonstration days throughout the year, giving visitors the chance to find out more information about some of the industry’s leading products. For further information about DW Nye, please visit www.dwnye.

ton @ the Barista Bar! The wide range of specialities is incredible, especially those wrapped in vine leaves, and everything is very tasty, healthy and simple, including the pastries and fabulous salads. A great deal of planning has gone into this with delicious results.” Farah’s opinions were enthusiastically endorsed by those attending the launch of the Barista Bar from across Sussex and beyond – Trish Paul, with her husband Ian saying: “This place is fantastic – terrific – and its great having a coffee here with like minded people.” And, what about the coffee? Lotty Light is the very experienced barista and Manager – preparing and presenting what she describes as: “Coffee made with love.” Forget about knocking up a cup of the instant variety – Lotty has been extensively trained in the art of coffee making – initially at Jamie Oliver’s - with a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of beans, where they come from and how they are washed and roasted. She has won notoriously competitive barista contests and revels in preparing an exquisite brew from the superb state of the art equipment at

the Barista Bar. In addition to the range already on offer, Lotty will be featuring a very special coffee each month. The core beliefs at the Mapp & Weston estate agency are honesty, reliability and putting the customer first, and the excellent feedback on their website emphasises their professionalism and integrity. Nothing is more certain than that the Barista Bar will earn the same plaudits, Paul Banfield summing up with: “We were very keen to participate in Horsham’s Big Nibble this year and are confident that we can provide a novel addition to the town’s gastronomic offer, augmenting both Chris and Sophie’s excellent work in the town at their Mapp & Weston estate and letting business and the variety of refreshments already available in Horsham’s East Street.” Put Mapp & Weston @ The Barista Bar on your ‘must visit list’ – it will soon become a regular essential delight! Mapp & Weston @ The Barista Bar, 27 East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HH is open from 8-6 Monday to Saturdays - 01403 271977 business/mapp-and-weston


Friday 15 September 2017

Entertainment Horsham District Gig Guide Friday 16th 08/09/2017 September

Stray Dog The Overtures New Moon,Golf Crawley Wildwood & Country 20:30 Club, Cranleigh No Mustang 18:00 The Potters ,Soul Burgess T Slammers BandHill 20:30 The Barley Mow, Tandridge Doomsville 20:00 Queens Head, Horsham 20:00 Leave The Engine Running The Prince Albert, Saturday 17th Copthorne 21:00 September Horsham Rocks Presents Horsham Bandstand, The Carfax, Horsham Horsham Rocks Presents: 11:00 til 16:00 Taygan Paxton Nell Bryden The The Carfax CapitolBandstand, Theatre, HorHorsham sham 14:00 19:30 - 16:00 Salad LargerFingers Than Life Duo The Jolly Tanners, StapleGoffs Park Social Club, field Crawley 20:30 20:30 Sonic Deluxe Hounds of Sound The Malt Shovel, Horsham Broadbridge Heath Village 20:30 Centre, Broadbridge Heath MOJO 20:00 The Bedford, Horsham Quo-caine 21:00 The Mulberry, Goring 20:30 Black Heart Angel The Malt Shovel, Horsham

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The Gruffalo at The Hawth With songs, laughter and lots of scary fun, for children aged 3 and up and their grown-ups, the Gruffalo will be performed at The Hawth Theatre this month. Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood, in this musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Searching for hazelnuts, Mouse meets the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake. Will the story of the terrifying Gruffalo save

Mouse from ending up as dinner for these hungry woodland creatures? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo - or is there? Performance: Monday 25 September at 2pm and 4.30pm and Tuesday 26 September at 11am and 2pm. Tickets: £12.50 (family of four or groups of 10 or more £10 each), available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 or by visiting: Note: The show runs for 55 minutes with no interval.

Barnstormers Comedy back at the Capitol Horsham In its fourteenth season, Barnstormers Comedy is back at Horsham’s Capitol Theatre and there is absolutely no let-up in quality. As usual, three top circuit acts will be gracing the stage, with guest host, Dan Evans (pictured), on hand to oversee the proceedings. This month’s performances include the delightfully silly Howard Read, the cheerfully acerbic Sally-Anne Hayward and superb comic savant Michael Fabbri. For more information and to book, please visit: thecapitolhor- Capitol Office: 750220

or call The Box 01403

Rock ‘n’ roll production returns The UK’s premier rock ‘n’ roll production returns to The Hawth on Wednesday 27 September with a brand new show! That’ll Be The Day, highly acclaimed for its stunning live entertainment value, is an outstanding celebration for all true fans of the golden era of popular music. This latest production features a fantastic new-line-up of smash hits, spanning the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s


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and ‘80s, plus more side-splitting comic sketches. Prepare for an unforgettable night of nostalgia, laughs and rock ‘n’ roll, but hurry tickets are going fast! Performance: Wed 27 September, 7.30pm, The Hawth Theatre. Tickets: £27, available from The Hawth Box Office: 01293 553636 or online:


0:30 Hospital Radio Crawley Live Music Afternoon The Shelley Arms, Broadbridge Heath 12:00 18:00Beardsmen South-Saxon

Sunday 18th September

Gathering The Malt Shovel, Horsham 12:00 til 18:00 Open Mic night Acoustic Open Mic Night The Shelley Arms, BroadThe Jolly Tanners, bridge Heath Staplefield 19:30 20:00 Riverboat Shuffle Acoustic showcases Horsham Sports Club, The Surrey Oaks, Horsham Newdigate 20:00 20:00


Tuesday 20th 13/09/2017 September Open Mic Night

Acoustic Mic Night The Bear,Open Horsham The Jolly Tanners, Staple20:00 field 20:30 Blues Workshop Northgate Community Centre, Crawley Open Mic night 20:00 The Star - Dorking, Open MicSurrey Night Dorking, The Royal Oak, Ifield 20:30 20:00Mic night Open Acoustic showcases The Bull Inn, Henfield The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate 20:00 19:30


Gig guide Wenesday 14th kindly September Electric Jam Night by supplied The Malt Shovel, Horsham horsham20:30

Thursday 15th Design Search Social

01403 261491 @BritWebLtd

Delivering targeted web design, SEO and social media solutions


“BetterTogeth er”




• 9 hole Academy Course

• Over 80 classes a week

• Swimming pool

• Outdoor Functional

• Relaxing Retreat Spa

Fitness Zone

• Flood lit Driving Range

• Modern lounge & bar

• Steam room

• Fully staffed creche

& spa pool

• 18 hole golf course

• Large free car park

01403 792620 Stane Street, West Sussex RH13 0RE


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Love live music and Theatre?

ual n n A irst The F

Here’s your chance to win 2 tickets to a night of both


To be in with a chance to win 2 tickets simply answer this question:


What is the name of Charlie Fink’s debut solo album?

WEST END REVIEWS “Arrestingly beautiful, captivating gig-theatre” THE STAGE “Billed as a “modern folk tale” and absolutely captures that feel in every aspect.” BROADWAY WORLD

down to do our regular monthly club in Crawley and he is lined up to do another four for us.” Securing quality acts has always been important to Mark. He explained:”When I book a show, I just try and get the best possible acts I can. I want people, in places like Broadbridge Heath, to be able to see the kind of comedians that they would see at The Comedy Store in London or The Komedia in Brighton, but to not have to spend their money on train fares and inflated drink prices.” Mark described response to the show as “amazing” and added: “we are putting on almost four times as many shows this year as we did in 2016.” The opening act for this show is Mark Simmons. A one liner comedian, Mark’s delivery is very much in the style of Tim Vine or Gary Delaney. His jokes come thick and fast. Great at interacting with the audience, it’s no surprise that,

when asked what they liked most about the shows, audiences come up with Mark’s name, again and again. Mark Coxon commented: “I really do think in a few years time he (Mark Simmons) will be a household name, he is definitely one not to be missed.” After the first interval John Moloney is next in the spotlight. With his relaxed stage persona, John is regarded as one of the top acts on the circuit. He featured in Channel 4’s The World’s Top 100 Stand Ups and has appeared on many television shows, including They Think It’s All Over and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, as well as two series of his own on BBC Radio 4, The John Moloney Show. The closing act is regular headliner at The Comedy Store, Adam Bloom. Adam is highly respected by his peers, particularly for his skillfully constructed gags, and is one of the most creative comedians on the circuit. His TV credits include Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. He has also written and performed in three series of The Problem With Adam Bloom for Radio 4. This will be his seventh show for Comedy Beats. The Compere for the evening is the ‘highly likeable and easy going’ Barry Castagnola, a warm and engaging host who has been a regular on the circuit since the late ‘90s. As well as being a first rate MC, Barry closes shows in most of the comedy clubs up and down the country and has also been a regular co-host on Rhod Gilbert’s radio show. Performance: Saturday 30 September, 7.30pm, The Broadbridge Heath Village Centre Social Club. Tickets can be bought in advance for £7.50 from the venue or by calling 01403 217177. Doors open at 7.30 and the show starts at 8.30. For more details, please visit: www.ComedyBeats. com

nd Me r

Themed Food a

Fink perform songs from his new solo album of the same title, his first since Noah and the Whale.

Horsham Town Centre, West Sussex, UK

rs Apply here: ww ndo w.h e ’V or ch

songwriter who sets out to write a 21st Century pop masterpiece and vanishes without a trace. Might her personal songbook be the key to unlocking the mystery? Theatre and music interweave in this unique show, bringing together the experience of a live gig and a modern folk tale. Cover My Tracks gives you the exclusive chance to see Charlie

Comedy Beats comes to Horsham

Horsham will get its first taste of Comedy Beats this month in Broadbridge Heath. Comedian, Mark Coxon, explained: “We set the company up two years ago. I have been working as a stand up comedian for the last twenty years and wanted to start putting comedy shows on around the Sussex/Surrey Borders.” During his time on the circuit, Mark has performed at gigs with most of the top names, including Eddie Izzard, Michael McIntyre, John Bishop, Jimmy Carr and Micky Flanagan - to name but a few: “Obviously, it is not possible to get acts with that kind of profile down to our gigs, but my aim was to use the contacts (that I have made over the years) to produce the highest quality shows I could.” Since the shows began, Mark has been able to book, among others, Bob Mills, Zoe Lyons, Dominic Holland and Simon Evans: “We’ve even managed to get Lee Hurst

Sunday 24 September 2017 10am – 4pm

and email your answer to by 12noon Friday 22 September 2017. The winner will be chosen at random and advised by email by 5pm on Monday 25 September. No purchase necessary. Full terms and conditions available on our website:

er am am sh

Former NOAH & THE WHALE front-man CHARLIE FINK presents a night of live music and theatre in association with The Old Vic & Fane Productions CHARLIE FINK’S: COVER MY TRACKS On Sunday 1 October at 7.30pm In an interconnected, digital world, what does it take to disappear? Former Noah and the Whale front-man and songwriter Charlie Fink, multi-awardwinning playwright David Greig and director Max Webster bring us the tale of an idealistic young

American Car & Bike Show

Rock ’n’ Roll Years Entertainments and Vendors SHO & SH W TROP INE HIE TO BE S WON!

Featured displays include: ‘Route 66’ Classic Cruisers Classic and Modern Muscle Street Rods & Customs Dragsters and Racers Harley HOGs Owners and clubs register online at:


Founding Supporters - Come and join us

Bronze, Silver and Gold Donor packages available now via


Friday 15 September 2017


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We take notices for all celebrations, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries and acknowledgements To book your notice, please contact the team on 01403 793777 or at

Huge congratulations on your Wedding Day

Zoe Munday and Graham Marsh Lots of love from all the family

HORSHAM DISTRICT COUNCIL Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Notice is hereby given under Article 15(3), (4) or (5) or Article 16 that the following applications have been submitted to Horsham District Council, registered between 4th September 2017 and 8th September 2017 Please note the below list of applications advertised are only those we are required to do so by law. A full list of applications is available by visiting our website at DC/17/1859 10 Church Street Steyning West Sussex BN44 3YB Removal of condition 4 (Vehicle Turning) to approved application ST/1/98 (Conversion of Court House to 5 houses and garages and associated parking) to provide temporary parking space Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/17/2001 Marelands Farm Two Mile Ash Road Barns Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 0PZ Proposed tile hanging to side and front elevations, addition of cement render to front, rear and side elevations and replacement of 1x side window at ground floor level (Householder) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/2002 Marelands Farm Two Mile Ash Road Barns Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 0PZ Proposed tile hanging to side and front elevations, addition of cement render to front, rear and side elevations and replacement of 1x side window at ground floor level (Listed Building Consent) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/1968 Lock House Lock Partridge Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 8EG Proposed pitched roof side extension featuring installation of 4x dormers to SE elevation, 3x dormers to NW elevation and 1x to NE elevation at second floor level and associated internal alterations (Householder Application) Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

Contact Us First for Legal Advice

Legal Services in Horsham for You, Your Family and Your Business

Conveyancing Wills & Probate Employment Law Dispute Resolution Civil Litigation


Family & Divorce Powers of Attorney Inheritance Claims Collaborative Family Law Partnership & Company Law

01403 271222

DC/17/1973 Lock House Lock Partridge Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 8EG Proposed pitched roof side extension featuring installation of 4x dormers to SE elevation, 3x dormers to NW elevation and 1x to NE elevation at second floor level and associated internal alterations (Listed Building) Reason for Advert: Listed Building.

DC/17/1926 Bulls House Henfield Road Cowfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 8DT Regularisation and completion of garden features, decking, outbuildings and hard surfacing etc. (Full Planning) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/1927 Bulls House Henfield Road Cowfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 8DT Regularisation and completion of garden features, decking, outbuildings and hard surfacing etc. (Listed Building) Reason for Advert: Listed Building. DC/17/1915 The Glades Trout Lane Barns Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 0QD Erection of detached four bedroom dwelling Reason for Advert: The proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan in force in the area in which the land to which the application relates is situated.

DC/17/1853 Land at 9 - 15 Crawley Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 4DR Outline application for the demolition of four existing dwellings. Erection of 37 residential units consisting of 6 x 3 bed dwellings, 16 x 2 bed flats and 15 x 1 bed flats with associated hardstanding/ parking all matters reserved except access and layout. Reason for Advert: Major Development.

DC/17/1917 Newfoundout Bungalow Reeds Lane Southwater Horsham West Sussex RH13 9DQ Outline planning application for demolition of existing single storey building and associated outbuildings and erection of a replacement chalet style dwelling with all matters reserved except for access. Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

DC/17/1953 4 No Storage Units North of Adur House Riverside Upper Beeding Steyning West Sussex Demolition of 4 Storage Units and erection of new two storey replacement dwelling Reason for Advert: Conservation Area. DC/17/1861 Rudgwick Metals Ltd Church Street Rudgwick Horsham West Sussex RH12 3EB Formation of temporary construction compound consisting of site parking, 2x site offices and associated soil stockpiles Reason for Advert: Major Development. DC/17/1889 Springwells Hotel 9 High Street Steyning West Sussex BN44 3GG Demolition of 2x garden sheds and erection of 2x replacement sheds ( Full Planning and demolition of unlisted building in a Conservation Area) Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area.

DC/17/1897 Truslers Hill Farms Ltd Farm Office Blackstone Farm Blackstone Street Blackstone Henfield Demolition of existing storage shed, office building and part demolition of existing open sided barns. Erection of replacement two storey office block and workshop extensions with associated parking and hardstanding Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building. Conservation Area. DC/17/1660 Bulls Farmhouse Sedgwick Lane Horsham West Sussex RH13 6QE Proposed erection of single storey 71sqm stable block, construction of 20m x 40m sand school and use of associated land for equestrian purposes Reason for Advert: Affecting Setting of a Listed Building.

A copy of each application and the submitted plans are available for inspection on the Council’s website https:// if you cannot view plans on line please call 01403 215187 for guidance. Any person who wishes to make representations about any of the applications below should do so in writing to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL by no later than 21 days from the date of this advert. Please note that any representations received will be made available for public inspection and posted on the Council’s website or the SDNP website.

Historic and prestigious Grenehurst Park 2 bedroom apartment available

The Quote Pos Distr ic t boo when t kin g

Forming part of the Greenhurst Park Manor House conversion. This impressive and substantial two bedroom apartment is situated on the first floor and presents many of the original features associated with a period building of this type. The perspective purchaser will also find a full en-suite to the master bedroom, garage and far reaching views across the grounds and beyond. Grenehurst Park is a prestigious private estate created from a Victorian country house now converted into high quality apartments. In addition, there are a number of detached family homes and all the residents of Grenehurst Park are eligible to use the extensive leisure facilities which include a swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna together with an all weather tennis court. There are several acres of beautifully maintained parklike grounds adjoining open countryside. An annual maintenance charge is payable by all residents of Grenehurst Park. The property is set in a rural

position just to the south of Capel village. The village offers everything for day to day needs and includes a pub, shops, church, village hall, school and recreation ground. For more comprehensive shopping and recreational facilities the major shopping centres of Dorking and Horsham are conveniently accessed via the A24. They also have main line stations to London Waterloo and Victoria respectively. There are excellent schools in the vicinity including a primary school in Capel, Cranleigh School in Cranleigh, Farlington School in Warnham, Belmont Prep at Holmbury St Mary and St Teresa’s at Effingham to name just a few. The general surrounding area offers delightful countryside and is ideal for the riding/walking enthusiast. A viewing is recommended to appreciate the character and setting of this property. All viewings are strictly by appointment only and Chesworths Estates invites enquiries on 01403 255420 or

Re s e r v e t h is e iv e a h o m e a n d re c duty £ 5 , 0 0 0 stamp s owa rd c o n t ri b u t io n t y o u r p u rc h a s e

homE oF ThE wEEk pLoT 9 • Beautiful 4 bedroom, detached house with garage and parking • Small, select development • Built to a high specification • Ready to move in now

Just £499,950

our stunning showhome is open Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

The Bartrams is our fabulous new development of nine stylish 2, 3 and 4 bedroom family homes in Pulborough, close to local shops and amenities and just 300 metres from Pulborough mainline station. Built to a high speciďŹ cation, these beautiful homes feature stunning kitchens by Nobilia, integrated Bosch appliances and stylish Amtico ooring.

Contact GL & Co Estate Agents on 01798 874033 to find out more.

KNIGHT FRANK  KNOWS SUSSEX To find out how we can help you please contact us Warnham Manor, Horsham RH12 Guide price: £549,950

Farthings Walk, Horsham RH12 Guide price: £575,000 01403 453179       @KF_HomeCounties

Arthur Road, Horsham RH13 Guide price: £650,000

Henfield, West Sussex BN5 Guide Price: £650,000

Loxwood, West Sussex RH14 Guide Price: £665,000

Market Square, Horsham RH12 Guide Price: £700,000

Forest Grange, Horsham RH12 OIEO: £750,000

Storrington, Pulborough RH20 OIEO: £750,000

Ifold, Billingshurst RH14 Guide price: £755,000

Bramber, Steyning BN44 Guide price: £799,950

District Post - 14th September 2017 - Page 1

12/09/2017 14:44:32

KNIGHT FRANK  KNOWS SUSSEX To find out how we can help you please contact us Loxwood, Billingshurst RH14 Guide price: £950,000

Beedings Castle, Pulborough RH20 Guide price: £995,000 01403 453179       @KF_HomeCounties

Richmond Road, Horsham RH12 Guide price: £1,050,000

West Grinstead, West Sussex RH13 Guide Price: £1,150,000

Rudgwick, West Sussex RH12 Guide Price: £1,150,000

Horsham, West Sussex RH13 Guide Price: £1,195,000

Rowfant, West Sussex RH10 Guide price: £1,200,000

Horsham, West Sussex RH13 Guide price: £1,495,000

Warnham, West Sussex RH12 Guide price: £1,900,000

Coastal Road, West Kingston Private Estate BN16 Guide price: £2,640,000

District Post - 14th September 2017 - Page 2

12/09/2017 15:03:24

THE STREET COWFOLD, WEST SUSSEX, RH13 8BW A fabulous collection of three uniquely styled properties that includes the skilfully refurbished Grade II listed Viscount House together with a two bedroom stable conversion called The Stables and Huntscroft, a brand new two bedroom detached home. For further information please call Henry Adams on 01403 253 271 or 01403 282 511 or email

Chesworths Estate Agents 26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ  01403 255420 Estate Agents Chesworths  26 North Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RQ  01403 255420 


Situated in a sought after cul-de sac on the North side of Horsham. This spacious and well presented home falls within the North Heath MERRYFIELD DRIVE family l HORSHAM l £595,000 School catchment, school with outstanding reputation. A beautifullyapresented andan substantially improved and versatile three/four

bedroom detached bungalow situated in a popular west side location within close proximity of shops, schools & walking distance of the town centre.

ROOK WAY l HORSHAM l Price Range


This spacious four/five bed detached home is situated within the cul-de-sac ofWORSFIELD Groombridge Way which is locatedGRN withinl the popular area of Hills Farm l WICKHURST £370,000 OIEO Lane andnew is aand short walk in to Horsham town centre. from a cul de sac A near well presented family home benefiting location within Wickhurst Green. This 3 / 4 bedroom semi-detached house built by Bovis to their ‘Sherbourne’ design.


PRICE RANGE £399,950 to £429,950. A much improved 3 bedroom A beautifully completely refurbished three bedroom semi NELSON ROAD l HORSHAM l £375,000 OIEO link BROOMEpresented CLOSE and l HORSHAM l £375,000 Thefamily accommodation is arranged three floors and comprises; detached home situated within over a popular cul-de-sac location inentrance detached chalet-style bungalow situated in a popular side location This large extended four bedroom end of terrace familywest home offers a lot hallway, cloakroom, living/dining, modern kitchen, master bedroom with en within North Horsham. walking of separate the townreceptions, centre. large refitted kitchen area, for the money.distance Two large suite, family bathroom and 2 further bedrooms, allocated parking for 1 car.




conservatory and down stairs cloak room.




The well arranged accommodation comprises lounge,kitchen/breakfast room PRICE This spacious apartment two double bedroomsand is inwell the presented Forum, a modCentrally located in one of Horsham’s most popular cul-de-sac locations, this RANGE £400,000 towith £420,000. An extended three ,utility room, downstairs cloakroom, dining room and study. four bedrooms ern landmark development situated in the heart of Horsham town centre. spacious family home is in need of modernisation. The property is situated bedroom semi detached house is located on the popular west side of and a family bathroom. master bedroom with en suite. There is immediate access to the town’s vast facilities. within walking distance of theThe centre of this historic market town. Horsham.


‌.This is not, but we do have a range of great opportunities for people with the right attitude.

Weekend Assistant GL & Co are looking for a Weekend Assistant to join our busy Horsham branch. The successful candidate should be customer focussed, well presented and have excellent literacy and computer skills, a good telephone manner and be able to speak confidently with clients. The hours of work will be every Saturday from 9am to 5pm and/or every Sunday from 10.30am to 2pm. To apply for the position, please send your CV to or call 01903 742354 and ask for Annette Harrison.

Horsham Sports Club Are looking for an experienced cook with a level 2 food hygiene certificate 16 hours per week Thursday- Sunday including morning, afternoon and evening shifts, extra hours are available when we have ad hoc weekday functions or additional sporting events. You will be required to prepare and serve hot and cold food for our sporting sections. Also lunch and Evening buffets for private functions. Please email your CV with covering letter to admin@

FULL TIME & PART TIME BAR STAFF At the Dark Star Brewing Co. we are looking for all bar staff to join our team at The Anchor Tap in Horsham's East Street.

WE’RE LOOKING FOR We are after applicants who are passionate people, who are not afraid of a little hard work and have an attention for detail. In return we can offer you a rewarding career within the Pub co, in an ever expanding group, where there are endless opportunities to further yourself. You must be able to provide checkable references.

HOW TO APPLY Please email your C.V with a cover letter telling us more about yourself to:

Southwater Leisure Centre Vacancy for Two Duty Managers/ Gym Instructors Level 2 Vacancy for Gym Instructor to Level 2 Southwater Leisure Centre is operated by Southwater Parish Council, a large Council with Quality Status. Southwater Leisure Centre is looking to appoint two part time Duty Managers/ Gym Instructors to Level 2 plus a Gym Instructor to Level 2. These positions will be subject to an initial six month temporary contract. Reporting to the Assistant Leisure Centre Manager, you will be responsible for the provision of conducting member inductions in a thorough and engaging way and teaching fitness related classes and a range of sports classes. The successful candidates will also be expected to build upon existing sports/fitness activities and develop new ones. Candidates will desirably hold some basic sports coaching and gym qualifications to Level 2. A requirement will be to continue to enhance their professional development by obtaining additional qualifications as and when required. The gym instructor will be required to undertake all duties within the gym and carry out customer inductions and other related tasks. The successful candidate will be a good communicator and be able to motivate members & staff to achieve their goals. The post holder must be able to work shifts including evenings, weekends and public holidays. Southwater Parish Council operates a pension scheme and is an equal opportunities employer. Application forms are available from the Parish Council Office, Beeson House, 26 Lintot Square, Southwater, Horsham RH13 9LA. Tel 01403 733202 or Closing date for applications is 25th August 2017

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Gutter Vacuum Cleaning PVC Soffit and Fascia Clean Jet Wash Driveway and Patios Soak away Clearance Down pipe clearance

“Gutters, Soffit not just cleaned but polished. Driveway virtually as good as it was when new. Everything left clean and tidy”.


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lady decorator

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Manicures & Pedicures at Home OPI Luxury Manicure OPI Mini Manicure Luxury Pedicure Gelish Soak-off Manicure No chipping, smudging, lasts up to 21 days ! For an informal chat or more information please contact Jenny Oliver Tel: 01403 251621 Mob: 07503 212355 Email: www.manicuresandpedicuresathome.


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Horsham Joggers weekly roundup Athletics Paul Oakley - Horsham joggers Autumn racing got underway with the Littlehampton 10K. A strong wind for the final 2 kilometres proved testing and Mark Greet was first clubman home in 37 minutes 46 seconds. Rebecca Rankin was the second Horsham Jogger to finish in 41 mins 27 seconds with John Dyckes finishing strong in the age 61+ category with 44-11.

Other times: Guy Gilder 4429, Saul Brignell 45-32, James Boniface 46-21, Matthew Senior 48-02, Mark Aylmore 48-44, Will Green 49-46, John Booker 53-12, Tabitha Atkinson 54-20, Jo Hopkins 53-48, Victoria Fionda 56-19, Julie Glassford 56-40, Keith Chaney 59-14, Claire Butler 1-04-36, Hayley Blaskett 1-0837, Kirstie Greenwell 1-09-33, Jo Newton Smith 1-09-10, Heidi Chaney 1-11-02, Ashley Wilkinson 1-12-49, Sharon Burchett 1-21-58,

Clare Brown 1-29-26. A small contingent of Joggers competed in another 10K around the undulating lanes of Hellingly. Brian Frost completed the race in 46 minutes 31 seconds with Margaret Wadman at 59-12. Other times: Paul Aylett 1-0730, Mick Duplock 1-07-30, Paul Arnold 1-07-38. Crispin Scott completed the stunning New Forest marathon in 3 hours and 44 minutes.

Your sports notice board Gatwick Flyers Trampoline Club Roffey Robins Rockets U13

Horsham Rugby Club Ho

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ages are invited to training sessions at New Players al ys Horsham Rugby wa Club we lcome fr om under 6 on Tuesd ay’s 18.30 or to 18. Sund 10.30. PlayContay’s act Jo n Pratt on ers 07 requi red for all the 785 3829 09 or fema le team s. Cont act jon.pratt@sk om Tony on enigmy.c a149 8@ yaho

Billingshurst Club ing Ar Bowlam un


Ho New members welco me. ub ys inton Frida on Cl Badm along Come @ 6.00pm all s ofby times player Other medays/ Welco ages 7 geme mnt. arran s fro standard ied. s All equip 70 plusuppl to ment Conta o go to infKeith re ct For mo 7845 3 .or k or 0140 g.u99 abc www.h at . te abc websi hip@h mbers meour ailsee emor www.billing .uk tbowlorgshurs

wks Horsham Hoaws FC rr all Club Spa ham etb ors HB ask

gr e se fo arok g in inek row arar e slo Spe 12 W der & d un 9 an 8 11 ar er Ye d ers in un ls ay pl theirrgir r fo 4 s U1 er ay ou r pl fo 12 ay er pl to d und teams an team boys for theirCoach playersct ad He . ta on am C te fu s. rro wrfo ar msp Probin Ni ww.horsha ckprobin@ wck ni .uk ther infoco ao

Gatwick Flyers New players areTrampoline required Club high qualfor theprovides team who play on ity coaching and welcomes Saturday mornings and newon members to join their train Monday evenings. Billingshurst For Players neededsquad. in various information visit www. positions. Please contact Robert Foley on 07775 647983 or

E M LIFSh ort HOCRhSilHtiAngton B U L C G WestSA b INwls Clu VB ming? Mat o n sw im ber aKeen o wm

t e wnm s onreta hap e rnb im redsnceusThelecalu dWe n o a ty li e bif sa ay nd ava terila urasd m h p 5 T .1 s. 6 e t au -. dacyh’sniq te e 5Ppam h4 ttT1. da gys’saa l nin eri jo tiin on n evF to u g m in p h 0 is.0 ne nsw8 wls te, si bo b An ilio e e vyo w th t r c nta e ou cose tt, ld re m b. u p o ld lu 0 a sh c N .0 g 0 d 1 savin Ro fen ,m lila 7 ha 9 cahpota rsin 28 3 89 on

Walking Baseball Club Horsham

football. ales ite males and fem Inv All ages and ability to over 6 years of age Tuesday and Thursday d learn an ng come alo mornings baseball Shipley Community s 10am to Saturday’ at Inglefield 1.00pmProject - £2 per r SchoolRuss Contact Mano session 07519 847295

b ri Clu am T Horsh Tri 2017 17 Go Tri 20C r GeoathrilF15, es foe H p t A a d s The brein dg set a ly 8r, e 10, Ju nO ioct avaedb Brho June re9ju , & 3 1 eipt May eand , qSu 2e g 1 r s a t n s b l o u illi Augclu st P a t va The– alylea r a lPeaarske. 7 pla rsp it osn hsa.mP o u ilrskvi ilk H la ta gro thearud l eC a.u o m .c b e r P u u clr For tfactrsha1m 3t9rio terric nleutb. @ con .h8o 621 rshtaim w9 nt ww b o h 7 @ 7 l i k 0 ema ar om orp1 19clgmaciol.c m

Heron Olympic FC require players born between Sept 2004 Under 7 and under 8 players and Augrequired 2005 to for join the new U13 season. Anyone their 11-a-side interested in coming team for the 2017-18 along to season. training please contact Chris at Contact Ian Palser on chesworthrovers.chris@ 07973 242270 or email

Chesworth Rovers

ath Co me and jo in Karate ClubFC Horsham , get fit, lose weig BBht, HFle Car ar neto lode okfe innd g yofo urrsepl lfay an erds m fo ee r tth ne eiwr frieU1 nd7/ s. 18 Clas tese s in am HoPl rsha eam se fo r nt co boac tht ad teul ts am manag aner d ch ild Alanre Wn. hite on Co nt 07 73 t 0ac Pa 012216 ul or Ellio ttail em 07 ajon 77@ wor 80 ks 584 hotm oruk ai82 semka@btin . m

The club would like to hear

atfrom anyo every Held ne Saturday over 16 inter ested inin playi Park. Horsham ng basketbal 9.00am l. Experienc ed playe or andrsopen to enter Free beginners most welcome. The young, old everyone, toclub aim to teach, develop novice. or anyo experienced and engage with ne willing to www.parkrun. atlearn Register . For more infor mation visit www m and or emai then just go along l


intoRugby n Club At Holbrook we are Keen ers on keen toag build last seasect ion sons and build a Ar e yosuccess u retired anplayers. d with larger squad of ba dminto n experience ? All pla arey welcome to join us We Monday and Fr iat ytraining on Wednesday da mornings 9.30 - 12. nights at 7.30pm. For more de tailsHolbrook conWe train at The ta ct Ma rianne on 0140 Club in North Heath Lane 3 258086 RH12 5PJ

Heron Olympic FC


Holbro ok Allstars Lad ies Basketball Horsham Parkrun Club


GEU15 RID TAyN B ins L RobN e N C UB Roff O T I M BAD ense

ea ev incr iday y gFrto erin ok reayloev lleat APl haar d ts n or a sp d e a squ atr th gei in l.g th in ho ko Sco Bo y lo rlys ula Fo icst e . rtre os pa th der s en te vi ef d in ntral ceub g,a cl in ay foTrhe m pl co in sted in rience reed inte test inre If a trial r pe l goffoex on an alve g le nt iny co e ton to avac D e, m ct co ta el n w co ndan. ca il at please Pa er em r lm o a 26 li 220 mk 78818 0Ne te o in .c bt il @ a er m lm pato nijeal@g

Do you have a notice? email us at

Comptons Tennis Horsham Comm unity Club Netball Club

Great British Tennis Weekend Open Day Sunday May Welcom es 8-12 year olds 14, s2-5 pmForm At Collyer’ Sixth SessionsCollege for all ages and abilities, half price memWednes days 5.30-6.30pm bership & £30 of free Contact : Ian Ford 07764 coaching. BBQ & Bar. 146338 / Register at @horsha k gbtw under Comptons Tennis Club

Tan brid geot G Ba irls dm Fo ton ba llinin Cl ub Hors ham

HoTh rsha m bSpwe arlco e clu rome ws sha ve ne w mme anmb y gi rlan s on ly ite ers tesam d inv yosu anto d co arme e loan ok in ginfo d jo r on new in play a Frer idsayinevth Unat eneing deFo r re 11st s, U1Bo 3sysan doo U1l6/ Sch 18 ag fro m 9.0e0 grpm oups Vi.00 to. 11 sit pm ww. w.Ple hoas r-e shco am spct arNe nta rolia on.u k40 to3 01 fin 26 d ou 7331 fort mo mor

41 Springfield Rd (01403) 275 553

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Horsham deny Haywards Horsham steal a point Heath with gritty opening win with last gasp goal

Saturday September 9 – London 2 South East Horsham 13 12 Haywards Heath Rugby Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham opened their season with a hard fought win in the most testing of conditions. Physically strong and competitive Haywards Heath, a former power house of Sussex rugby and old foes of Horsham, have clawed their way back into the tough London SE2 League with three consecutive promotions and gave Horsham a thorough examination in the teams’ first

league encounter since the 199899 season. But, to Horsham’s great credit they closed down the game – something that did not always happen last season – and glued Heath back on their line for the last quarter of the match, stalwart defending somehow keeping Horsham at bay. Bang on cue, the start of the game was greeted by heavy rain, which then got even heavier, accompanied by thunder, lightning and hail, making accurate handling extremely difficult. Early Horsham forays went unrewarded and they escaped when Heath missed a golden penalty opportunity, until persistent Heath misdemean-

ours resulted in a 7 nil home lead from a penalty try. Horsham went further ahead when, after Declan Nwachukwu had denied Heath a try, skipper Tom Johnson kicked clear and subsequently converted a penalty to give Horsham a ten nil advantage. Heath, though, replied positively, their scrum half Brett Menefy getting through with a try, again Heath’s kick going astray. Resuming 10-5 adrift, confident Heath took the lead with an impressive converted try. However, Johnson kicked a penalty to put Horsham 13-12 ahead, the hosts deservedly running out winners after putting Heath under constant pressure for the last 20 minutes and having the majority of possession overall, the final whistle heralding clear blue skies. Horsham Head Coach Nick Stocker told the District Post: “This was a hard game, as expected, and we weren’t quite there yet - the conditions inevitably led to handling errors, but, pretty though it wasn’t, we’re delighted with the win.” Tom Johnson added: “Last year we might have lost that game so it was good to see us come back from behind and land the points. Nick Bell was our Man of the Match he showed strong character and got about the field so well.” On the neighbouring pitch Horsham 2s hammered Hastings 51 nil, cementing a good day at Coolhurst. Tomorrow (Saturday) Horsham visit Dulwich to take on Old Alleynians, who beat Charlton Park 35-23 last week.

YMCA sail through to the FA Vase second round

Photo by Keith Holmes Saturday September 9 – FA Vase – First Qualifying Round Snodland 0 3 Horsham YMCA Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham YMCA enjoyed their visit to Kent’s Medway area, coming away convincing winners and being rewarded with a home tie in the next round. Paul Williams figured among YM changes, along with Kieron Pamment, who

was back after scoring four goals for the reserves. YM started as they meant to proceed – attacking – and opened their account just two minutes after the start, Luke Gedling succeeding from the penalty spot after Phil Johnson had entered the box from one of his trademark runs down the right, only to be floored. YM kept up the pressure with waves of assaults, which bore fruit just before the mid point of the first half when Pamment collected a pass

through the defence and fired home. Although YM maintained their attacks, Snodland also created opportunities, but these were negated by vigilant defending. After the break YM reaffirmed their positive approach and this soon paid dividends when Dave Brown headed in a Pamment centre. An impressive display by Stevens in the Snodland goal denied YM further success, despite the best efforts of Johnson, Brown and Joe Shelley, the final whistle coming amid torrential rain. Post match, YM Manager Peter Buckland complimented his side on the well-deserved clean sheet victory against opponents who head their league. And, commenting on YM U21s eleven nil trouncing of Lancing earlier in the week (followed up by the reserves thrashing Mile Oak 12-0), he told the District Post: “Its great to see our feeder teams doing so well – the future is bright!” In the second qualifying round of the FA Vase on Saturday September 23, Premier Division YM will entertain Langney Wanderers, the Eastbourne based club from Division 1 of the same Southern Combination League. Meanwhile, this Saturday, September 16, YM welcome Eastbourne United to Gorings Mead for a league fixture. At this early stage of the season, United are currently 7th in the table, three places above YM.

Saturday September 9 – Bostik Football League South Division Walton Casuals 1 1 Horsham Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham kept battling until a late goal enabled them to share the points in the first match on the 3G surface at Walton Casuals’ brand new £20 million Waterside Drive ground after the hosts had been obliged to ground share at Whyteleafe, Merstham and Cobham. The travelling Horsham supporters know a bit about ground sharing and were as keen as the home fans to see the facilities on offer, hoping that before too much longer the Hornets might be able to witness similar at an impressive new ground of their own. Both sides had early opportunities, Walton – the Stags – shooting over before Rob O’Toole headed wide. But, the Stags took the lead through Lartey Sarpong, who slotted the ball into the corner of the net. A Scott Kirkwood free kick on 25 minutes just evaded the

target before Darren Boswell saw his effort thwarted by the Stags’ keeper, a Toby House lob was blocked and a Charlie Farmer header was off the mark. On the restart Budd was unable to capitalise on an opportunity, following which the hosts took control and it was only outstanding keeping by Josh James in the Hornets’ goal that kept the Stags at bay – his late save from point blank range fully deserving warm hearted applause from home and visiting fans alike. The reprieve seemed to spur on the Hornets and with just five minutes left on the clock, Boswell’s pinpoint cross enabled O’Toole to head in the equaliser from close quarters against the run of play. Walton Casuals are third, shaded by goal difference from Carshalton Athletic and Whyteleafe, all three sides having 13 points apiece. Horsham, now 13th, entertain Herne Bay at Lancing in the Second Qualifying Round of the FA Cup this Saturday before hosting Burgess Hill Town in Round 1 of the Velocity Trophy on Tuesday (19th).

Late Chipstead goal denies Horsham a point Tuesday September 12 – Bostik Football League South Division Horsham 1 2 Chipstead Football Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham were disappointed to lose this encounter – it was a game they had expected to win, as they had done in their three previous matches at their new temporary home at Culver Road, Lancing. Chipstead were just two places from the bottom of the table with a solitary point from a draw, having lost their four other matches, so they were delighted to notch up their first win of the season. Chipstead came out positively, putting the Hornets under early pressure, first with a long probe resulting in a corner, mercifully unfulfilled, and then shooting wide with Horsham keeper Josh James stranded. The Hornets, though, came into the reckoning when Charlie Oatway burst through, only to see his shot saved by the diving Oliver Pain in the Chips’ goal. Two more Hornet forays came to nought despite the com-

bined efforts of Oatway, Darren Boswell, Rob O’Toole and Toby House before the Chips opened their account on 30 minutes when Ollie Twum fired into the far edge of the net. Horsham subsequently earned a corner but Lewis Hyde’s header was scrambled away and then O’Toole was denied by Pain, the first half ending with the Chips one ahead. Restarting against wind and rain the Hornets created chances, but with ball control difficult, O’Toole and Boswell were unable to get on the score sheet. Yet, Horsham did equalise from a Scott Kirkwood spot kick after O’Toole had been floored within the box. O’Toole was soon in action again but his attempt from Tom Lawley’s supply went wide. With time fast evaporating the sides seemed destined to shake hands on a draw – until, with just a minute left on the clock, Chipstead scythed through the Hornets’ back line for Bell to slot home, snatching all three points for the visitors. Horsham were left rueing their surprisingly scrappy display, dropping to 16th in the table as a result.

Friday September 15, 2017

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football Horsham steal a point with last gasp goal

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK This was a hard game, as expected, and we weren’t quite there yet

Nick Stocker

Page 27

Blake Aldridge just loves taking the plunge! Sports news Martin Read - Sports Reporter There are strange ways to earn a living but few are as dangerous as Blake Aldridge’s profession. A job has been described as a paid position of regular employment - Blake gets paid for what he does and is in regular work but most people would baulk at jumping off high cliffs into water many metres below – its not the sort of job that your mother would like to see you doing. But, Blake tells the District Post: “I absolutely love cliff diving!” he explains: “I was in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (partnering Tom Daley in the synchronised event) but subsequently had a bad motor bike accident injuring an elbow, so I couldn’t continue competitive Olympic diving. I was devastated because I had been diving since I was five years old and had always trained very hard. So, when Red Bull offered me a lifeline, inviting me to participate in their Cliff Diving World Series, covered on Sky Sports Mix and Fox Sports, I jumped at the opportunity! Naturally I was petrified at first but there are boats with safety crew in the water and I love doing things that get the pulses racing. It’s a full on travelling life.” Although Blake plays golf, fishes and has been a footballer,

he is more at home with exciting activities, revelling in snowboarding and skiing. 35 year old Blake won the European Cliff Diving Championship for three consecutive years from 2009 and is now in the world’s top ten cliff divers, currently leading the World Series, which he dreams about winning. His schedule in this year’s competition started in Ireland’s Inis Mor before heading to the Azores and on to Italy and Texas. This Saturday (16th) Blake will be diving in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and then, next month, his final dive of the Red Bull season will be at Chile’s Lago Ranco. And, among other places, he has also dived – off cliffs and bridges - in Cuba, France, Denmark, Spain and Australia. Blake is a public and motivational speaker and has worked on the TV show Jo Brand’s Big Splash and on Celebrity Splash, where he was the choreographer and show diver. He has been a fully qualified diving coach for nearly 20 years, having been Junior World Champion in 1999 and World Series Champion in 2008. And, for good measure, Blake is Sports Ambassador for Linden Lodge School, where his grandfather worked and where Blake learned to swim and taught himself to dive. Every year he takes a large group of multi disabled visually

impaired children with profound learning difficulties from the school on a much appreciated skiing trip to Italy. Cliff diving clearly has inherent dangers – Blake has picked up injuries, including detached retinas requiring laser surgery, but there is no chance of him retiring any time soon, Blake confirming: “Cliff diving is a real passion for me – it ticks all the boxes and really gets the fear, excitement and adrenaline pumping. Who knows where my diving will take me next? All I know is that I am determined, focused and planning a few big things!” Blake is seaking sponsorship from local business’s and can be contacted vie facebook: blakealrdidgediver, Instagram: @ blakealdridgediver or his website

Photos by Redbull Content Pool

Alexandra Malzer delights Horsham Hockey with England U18 call up

Hockey Martin Read - Sports Reporter Horsham Hockey Club are thrilled

with Warnham girl Alexandra Malzer’s selection for England Hockey’s U18 squad. Alex – as she is known at the club – has been on

England’s radar for some while, after being identified as a talented defender and mid fielder and having previously been in the national U16 set up. The selection process is centred around the Futures Cup - a round robin tournament including training days and competitive matches against regional age group teams, especially designed to provide first hand experience of an international style tournament. In the Futures Cup, Ardingly College student Alex was in action at Oaklands College and at Loughborough University, where some 500 players performed alongside and against their peers, following which the selectors chose the national training squad in which Alex is now included to participate in further coaching and assessment. Ed Barney, Performance Director of England Hockey said: “The Futures Cup provides excellent opportuni-

ties for our most high potential hockey players and it is encouraging to see players from across Great Britain displaying such intensity, showcasing their ability to execute skills and make good decisions under pressure. I very much look forward to watching all of the players selected into the National Player Pathway continue their development over the coming months and years as they learn how to perform on the international stage.” Competition is fierce, with Horsham Hockey Club rightly celebrating “Alex’s massive achievement”. Alexandra Malzer comes from a sporting family, her twin Isabel has played in the same regional hockey team, they are tennis partners and enjoy netball, too. Alex has also played county football and basketball but now concentrates on hockey after first playing at primary school and then competi-

New season Grays and Kookaburra hockey in stock. Canterbury & Gilbert rugby boots and protective gear in stock. Updating of annual cups and awards engraved on-site

tively from age 11. Alex described her previous U16 selection as: “A brilliant opportunity to play in the Futures Cup. I loved the camaraderie and made so many like- minded friends. It was an amazing experience – unforgettable! It was tough but positive, requiring lots of commitment from me and the family to get me through the assessment process.” Commenting on Alex’s further progress, Horsham Hockey Chairman Nick Evans told the District Post: “It’s great that Alex has been selected for the England U18 squad and that she and her twin sister Issy are both still playing with us. We had three Horsham hockey players in the Futures Cup – Sam Bugler, Jemma Murphy and Alex – that together with all the successes at the Masters European Championships has made it a very good summer

82 Lambs Farm Road, Roffey, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4JH 01403 267805 Established 30 years

Win 2 Capitol tickets to live music and Theatre night Page 15

Win 3 month membership at Slinfold Golf & Country Club Page 7

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16/08/2017 14:46

29 SEPTEMBER 2017 th



Price includes a pint, glass of wine or softie. No tickets will be issued, please bring your email confirmation. Buy tickets online at:

18:00 - 22:45

We've all got homes to go to (though some of us don't look like it). Come join us for a BBQ from 18:00 with veggie options avalible.

"David Ford; for people that actually give a s*#t" - The Fly "Genuine Depth and Striking Authority" - Rolling Stone "Pop star or not, David Ford remains one of Britain's best" - The Times

DARKSTARBREWING.CO.UK/EVENTS Star Road Industrial Estate, Partridge Green, West Sussex RH13 8RA



EMPLOYERS 360 Perspectives AAA2B Cars AJW Group Assurity Consulting Auntie Vals Bluebird Care British Army British Heart Foundation Cherish Care Cisswood Hotel Collyer’s College Cordek Ltd Crossroads Care Envision Pharma Group Federation of Small Businesses Grant Thornton UK LLP Hepworth and Co Brewers Ltd Horsham and Mid Sussex Voluntary Action Horsham District Council Horsham Homecare Independent Lives Jobcentre Plus Kreston Reeves Metricell Ltd MK Surveys National Careers Service Prime Care Nursing Agency Rewards Training Rural and Urban District Children and Family Centres SETAS SIGTA Sussex Healthcare The Disabilities Trust The District Post Usborne Books Westhope Care WSCC YMCA Horsham


11.00AM TO 3.00PM


DENNE ROAD, HORSHAM Employability Workshop Timetable Preparing your CV

11:15 – 12:00

Social Media & Employment

12:30 – 13:15

Interview Techniques

13:45 – 14:30

Bridget Elinson National Careers service

Scot Beckett National Careers service

Bridget Elinson National Careers service * These Workshops are FREE and there is no need to book but the National Careers Service may request information from attendees for funding purposes. Your information will not be shared with any other organisation.


The District Post 15th September 2017  
The District Post 15th September 2017