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to a Summer Taste-cation Diners are constantly searching for a new food frontier. They’re gastronomically bored of the status quo. They’ve got taste bud burn out. After several seasons with the same meals and the same recipes, they need a summer vacation. Thankfully, you’re more than just a restaurant: You’re a travel agency. Whether they’re from out of town or just enjoying a staycation, it’s time to take guests on a new culinary trip — one rooted in traditional summer standouts, but transformed by different regions, cultures, and unexpectedly intriguing ingredients. For the June Dish, we’ve put together our own epic foodie excursion as inspiration. Performance Foodservice chefs will guide you on a tasty tour


of meats, seafood, apps, drinks, and desserts – all with vibrant variations on the usual summer suspects. Arriving at your destination to the south, you’ll find gorgeous centerof-plate presentations, as the farmto-fork quality of our Surety Beef® is elevated with Argentinian and Southwestern flavors. Tender, slowsmoked short ribs slathered in a spicy, sweet BBQ sauce, flank steak marinated in both chimichurri and citrus dressings – these are dishes worthy of a return trip. As we head east, our chefs will transport taste buds to Italy, Thailand, and Vietnam, highlighting classics like caprese salads, spring rolls, pot stickers, and grilled oysters, now with updated, fresh flavor profiles.

And it’s not much of a vacation without a relaxing, refreshing beverage. Kick back and sip on Italian-style Mojitos or beat the heat with our Ascend® Blackberry Bourbon Sweet Tea. A trip is also an excuse to satisfy that sweet tooth and indulge in decadent desserts. Guests can melt their troubles away with a Nature’s Best Dairy® Butter Pecan Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. They may never want to leave! With delicious flavor combinations from around the globe, your restaurant can offer patrons a travel-worthy experience. And as people plan their summer getaways, Performance Foodservice is there to ensure your menu becomes a dining destination.

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South American


VILLAGE GARDEN® ITALIAN DRESSING Marinade that tastes like fresh herbs from the garden

PEAK® ARUGULA Add a touch of fresh, peppery flavor




Stakeout In dealing with the heat, diners often turn to fresh summer salads. However, a plate of greens with a light dressing isn’t moving the needle anymore for adventurous guests. Give them a vacay-worthy salad topped with Surety® Flank Steak. What’s going to really bring out the tender flavor of this versatile beef? Try taking them on a tasty trip with a Contigo® Chimichurri and Villiage Garden® Italian dressing marinade. Chimichurri is a South American sauce with an excellent chef reputation for elevating meat. Add some Southwestern flair with corn and avocado, and this salad becomes an exciting escape from the same old same old.

Is there still a safety concern with re-opening after a pandemic? Fully reopening restaurants can be exciting, but it’s important to remember three things:

Be sure to shout out the quality assurance of Surety Beef® on social media. Surety features 43 auditable attributes including quality control, animal health and well-being, food safety, and sustainability.

Employee and guest safety is top priority. That means having good cleaning procedures, training, and effective products like Microban® 24 Professional Sanitizing Spray which keeps killing bacteria for up to 24 hours, even after multiple touches.

Remember cleaning is still top of mind for guests. More than 70% of guests expect to see more frequent cleaning, so continue to communicate and demonstrate your commitment to cleaning (per P&G Consumer Research).

Your guests are as excited as you are. Stay safe and welcome them!


Shell Yeah

EMPIRE’S TREASURE® OYSTER ½ SHELL Wild-caught in Florida, these oysters provide the highest quality on the market


PEAK® THAI BASIL Slightly spicy and stable under high cooking temperatures


Chef Talk Empire’s Treasure frozen half shell oysters allow for easy storage, quick thaw, and cook from a frozen option if desired. You only thaw what you need, eliminating waste and spoilage. The plump, meaty oysters pair well with the umami essence from the ponzu and the sweet and smoky pineapple.


of the Sea Once you get a taste for these treasures of the sea, like Ariel, there’s no going back. Elegantly situated in coral-shaped shells, grilled oysters are ideal for a summer feast. The key is the seasoning. This recipe relies on a hint of fresh Asian flavors. The Peak® Thai Basil pesto sauce made with a mix of lemon, lime, and orange juices brings out the rich, salty taste of the oysters. The grilled and caramelized pineapple topping adds a sweet, tropical complement. Served with a citrus-based, Japanese ponzu sauce for dipping, each oyster takes the eater on a balanced but thrilling culinary journey.

Summer Sippin’



No matter how or where they celebrate vacay, patrons will want to wet their whistle while raising a glass to their escape. The crisp taste and presentation of an Italian-style Mojito, made with Ascend® Key Lime juice is sure to put your guests on island time, while an Ascend Blackberry Bourbon Sweet Tea (see page 10) is the perfect libation for relaxing on a porch and gazing out at the water.


A Fruitastic Flank Take guests on a tour of the South with this eye-catching combo of steak, grits, and Bloody Mary. A typical brunch dish will feature protein and a side, maybe with a Bloody to wash it all down, but this recipe twists all those bold flavors into a new presentation. Try a more cost-effective cut of meat like Surety® Flank Steak, and be sure to highlight the animal well-being, food safety, and sustainability attributes that are important to guests. It’s the marinade seasoning and salsa flavors that really make this dish pop. The citrus marinade includes a blend of Italian dressing along with Ascend® Pineapple and Key Lime juices. Transform an Ascendflavored Bloody Mary into a robust salsa topping, and serve the steak over creamy grits for the ultimate Southern summer taste.




PIANCONE® CHEESE RAVIOLI, COOKED Indulgent and creamy cheese wrapped in tender durum dough

Citrus Marinated Flank Steak with Bloody Mary Salsa Servings: 4 PEAK® BASIL, MINT, SPINACH, TOMATOES & RED ONIONS The highest standards for our growers/ pickers produce the best taste


Surety® Flank Steaks

¾ c.

Village Garden® Italian Dressing

¼ c.

Ascend® Pineapple juice

1/3 c.

Ascend Key Lime juice

½ c.

Coke® or Pepsi®

1/4 tsp.

Roma® chopped Garlic in Oil

¼ c.

Peak® Basil, julienne

1/8 c.

Peak Mint, julienne

1/3 c.

Peak Spinach, chopped

2 c.

Peak Tomato, diced

1/3 c.

Peak Red Onion, diced

½ c.

Ascend Bloody Mary mix

4 c.

West Creek® Creamy Grits

Chopped parsley to garnish

Salt and pepper to taste

preparation Mix Italian dressing, pineapple juice, lime juice and soda together to make a marinade. Place steaks in the marinade for up to 4 hours in refrigerator. Mix garlic, basil, mint, spinach, tomatoes, onions and Bloody Mary mix together to make salsa.

ASCEND® BLOODY MARY MIX Natural spiciness and seasoning for handmade flavor

Heat grits in their bag in pot of water on stovetop over medium heat. Remove steaks from marinade and grill on char broiler to desired temperature (medium rare suggested). Season with salt and pepper to taste. Remove from char broiler and let rest a couple minutes. Place heated grits on center of serving plate. Thinly slice flank steak and place slices over grits. Place garden salsa over steak slices and garnish with chopped parsley.


Thing A Sure



WEST CREEK® JALA MANGO BBQ SAUCE Combine sweet and spicy with fruity notes

MAGELLAN® MANGO HABANERO SEASONING On-trend flavors in just a few shakes

Chef Talk

Massage the seasoning into the meat when applying the rub. This will get the dried herbs and spices into the muscle fibers for deeper flavor. Always wrap and refrigerate overnight so that the oils penetrate into the meat for maximum wow factor. For fall-off-the-bone flavor, transfer the ribs to a pan in the smoker and baste with the sauce to finish breaking down the connective tissue in the ribs, creating the perfect bite.


Show From outdoor cookouts to roadside barbecue joints, ribs are a staple of the summer slate. And picking up a slab with its fall-off-the-bone meat, coated in sumptuous sauce is a worthy trip all its own. Just the right fit for your budget, try these USDA Choice Surety® Short Ribs. Smoked for optimum tenderness, flavor, and appearance, what sets these ribs apart is the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. We’ve combined our West Creek® Jala Mango sauce with Magellan® Mango Habanero seasoning and Village Garden® Honey Mustard dressing for the perfect ratio of sweet to heat.

Smoked Short Ribs with Spicy Honey Jala Q

Serves: 6



6 ea.

Coat short ribs with seasoning then wrap and refrigerate overnight. Allow ribs to rest for 20 minutes once removed from refrigerator before smoking.

Surety Short Ribs, cut into individual rib portions

2 c. Magellan Mango Habanero Seasoning 1 c.

West Creek Jala Mango BBQ sauce

½ c. Village Garden Honey Mustard Dressing

Set smoker with your favorite wood to 225°F. Cook ribs on open rack for 5½ - 6 hours. Whisk together dressing and BBQ sauce. Place ribs in a pan baste with some BBQ sauce cover in foil and return to smoker at 225°F for 1½ - 2 hours to steam. Remove ribs for pan and place on rack in 225°F smoker, baste with BBQ sauce and cook until internal temperature reaches 200-205°F. Let rest for 15 minutes then take a bite you deserve it.


Let the

Good Times Roll Summer vacation is all about taking that dip. Cooling off in the pool or the ocean is a big part of the fun, but so is dipping some fried deliciousness in a tangy sauce. Jumpstart a memorable meal for your guests with classic, shareable Asian-inspired spring rolls and pot stickers. The fresh presentation on colorful slaw and bright green lettuce cups is what gives this appetizer its vacation appeal. The Vietnamese herb sauce featuring Ascend® Lemon or Lime juice and Peak® Mint, Thai Basil, and Fresh Cilantro, however, is what will have diners going back for a second dip.

Serves: 20


1 c.

West Creek Mayo XHD

½ c.

Asian Pride Rice Wine Vinegar



3 qts. Peak® Separate Color Cabbage Peak Fresh Cilantro, chopped

20 ea. Asian Pride Spring Roll 20 ea. Asian Pride Chicken Potstickers 40 ea. Peak Produce® Better Burger Lettuce Leaves


Iceberg hybrid is ready-to-use

Spring Roll/Potsticker Lettuce cups w/ Herb Dipping Sauce


¼ c.


Herb Dipping Sauce (recipe online)

Blend mayo and rice wine vinegar, then toss with cabbage and chopped cilantro. Chill. Deep fry the spring rolls. Steam, pan fry, or deep fry the potstickers. Plate the lettuce leaves on a large serving platter while the appetizers are cooking. Plate slaw in a bowl next to lettuce leaves. Stir the dipping sauce well and serve in ramekins, making sure that each contains plenty of fresh herbs. Plate the potstickers and spring rolls on serving tray, allowing people to create spring roll/potsticker lettuce wraps and serve with dipping sauce.

ASCEND® LEMON OR LIME JUICE Fresh citrus flavor with no artificial additives

Chef Talk

The bright and complex flavors of Southeast Asia are crowd favorites—especially with these versatile apps. You can make the dipping sauce base ahead of time (without the fresh herbs) to let the flavors meld, then add the herbs for service.


Sweet Taste of Summer

Nothing beats the heat of summer like ice cream. The thought of an ice cream sandwich will bring back memories of the pool snack bar or the sound of the ice cream truck, but a sweet treat is so much more. With Heritage Ovens® Maple Liege Waffles and crushed Fisher® Glazed Pecans, this decadent dessert transports diners to warm Vermont summers by the lake. Rich and cold, Nature’s Best Dairy® Butter Pecan Ice Cream pairs perfectly with the crunch of the nuts and waffles. A sea salt caramel sauce and whipped cream topping are the final touches for a summer stunner that’s sure to light up Snaps or Insta feeds.


Butter Pecan Maple Waffle Sandwiches Ingredients

Serves: 12


12 c.

Nature’s Best Dairy Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Thaw waffles to room temperature and soften ice cream. Split waffles.

12 ea.

Heritage Ovens® Maple Liege Waffle, split

Scoop one scant cup of ice cream on one side of each waffle, then squeeze caramel sauce on top of the center of ice cream.


½ c. Ghirardelli® Sea Salt Caramel Sauce 1.5 c.

Fisher® Glazed Pecans, crushed

2 c.

West Creek® Whipped Topping

Top with the other side of the waffle. Squeeze gently together to push ice cream to the edge of the waffle. Roll the edge of the ice cream in the crushed pecans, then wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze for 30 minutes or longer. Serve with whipped topping.

Italian Mojitos Fresh and crisp, Mojitos taste like a day at the beach. This Italian-style bev substitutes basil for mint, adding a peppery sweetness that will make patrons feel miles away from the day-to-day.

A Different Cheesy Caprese The combination of fresh arugula, tomatoes, and a balsamic glaze is the ideal light, summer starter. Mozzarella is the usual MVP, but in honor of summer vacation, our chefs have another cheesy option in mind. Substituting Piancone® Cheese Ravioli for mozzarella adds a multi-textured and rich complement to the crisp tomatoes, the spice of the arugula, and the bite of the vinegar.

Bourbon Sweet Tea In the South, bourbon and sweet tea are the flavors for kicking back and relaxing. The booze adds a smoky complement to the sweetness of the tea, and blackberry in the mix provides that extra touch of farm-fresh fruitiness.


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