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Light Their Fire

With Smokin’ Summer Selections Throughout history, the concept of the four classical elements – earth, air, water, and fire — has had a huge impact on cooking all over the world. Food grows off of the land, is watered, harvested, and finally, touched by fire. As a result, grilling food feels elemental. It transports us back through time, connecting us to those who cooked over fire in the past. It’s easy to tell we’ve reached mid-summer because the smell of a sizzling grill floats above our communities and backyards on a near nightly basis. Grilling is also super fun, and fire makes everything taste better — that’s just science. So when people come to your restaurant, they


want that same elemental feeling. They’re burning to be connected through seasonal grilled dishes – elevated by creativity and expertise. In the July Dish, we’ll shine a light on exciting new ways to introduce grilled items to guests. Instead of a lineup of been-there, eaten-that grilled meats, our chefs will add some fire to menus with Allegiance® Pork sandwiches, succulent and spicy Jerk Denver Ribs, and the impossibly great taste of Green Origin® Plant-Based Burgers. Your guests will “sea” the difference as oysters and shrimp make the journey from water to fire,

transformed into flavorful summer bites for appetizer and entrée menus. And our red-hot portfolio of Performance Foodservice brands, from industry-leading Bacio® Cheese, to Peak® Produce, to Magellan® Seasonings, and much more, provides fresh, quality flavors and textures that will elevate any dish into grilled greatness. So light up the grill and get back to the fiery elements of cooking. Performance has the products and recipes to help you bring in blazing business as summer heats up.

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Rocky Mountain Ribs

Caribbean Heat

MAGELLAN® CARIBBEAN JERK SEASONING A blend of salt, spices, red pepper, and chives for an island-inspired kick

PIANCONE EPICUREO® LAMB DENVER RIBS The PathProven® tracing system results in the highest-quality Colorado lamb meat




A Taste

of the Tropics Great summer cooking is about providing a great experience – like taking the sweet and spicy flavors of a beachy Caribbean grill and transporting them to a guest’s plate. For a tropical twist, try tossing premium Piancone Epicureo® Lamb Denver Ribs on the grill. The Magellan® Caribbean Jerk Seasoning will help tenderize the lamb belly meat until it’s ready to fall off the bone. Add a glaze of jala-mango BBQ sauce for a little extra finger-lickin’ fire. Plantains and coconut rice provide a starchy sweetness that plays well against the saucy rib meat. This is a dish sure to jerk guests out of sleepy, repetitive dining experiences and put them on island time

What food trends can be taken to the grill to create a truly unique Summer dish? The colorful combo of saucy BBQ ribs, golden-brown plantains, and brilliant coconut rice will definitely draw attention on social media. Offer this platter for a rush of Caribbean-inspired clicks.

Two culinary concepts that are hot this season are plant-forward dishes and Korean cuisine. And the best part? They go so well together! To create a unique international twist on a BBQ favorite, grill plant-based burgers and top them with shiitake mushrooms, cabbage slaw, and kimchi ketchup on a toasted brioche bun. Utilize Passport Global Flavors™ by Custom Culinary® Korean-Style BBQ Sauce and Kimchi Prep to cut down on prep and bring taste buds to life! Find this recipe online.



on the Barbie Shell Game It may be a source of annoyance to our Australian friends, but BBQ grilled shrimp is still wildly popular, even decades after Crocodile Dundee. Grilled shrimp is versatile, summery, and easy-to-prepare while providing opportunities to increase check size. This recipe features all-natural, sustainably sourced EZ Peel Shrimp from our premium Bay Winds® line. A lime and mango habanero marinade offers notes of tropical sweet and heat. The Contigo® Chimichurri Sauce adds a zesty South American BBQ flavor to the shrimp meat. Throw another one on the barbie and watch this colorful dish fly off of menus.


BAY WINDS® SHRIMP 26/30, PEELED Careful sourcing practices and quality standards result in these meaty, delicious shrimp with easy-topeel prep

BBQ Shrimp with Chimichurri & Mango SalsA Servings: 4 24 ea.

Bay Winds® Shrimp 26/30, peeled


Magellan® Mango Habanero Seasoning

½ ea.

Peak® Lime, juiced


Silver Source® Canola Oil

¼ c.

Contigo® Chimichurri Sauce

1 c.

Mango Salsa


Cilantro, chopped

½ ea.

Peak Lime, cut into wedges

preparation Pre-heat, chargrill to high. Thaw shrimp and place in mixing bowl with tails on, add Magellan Mango Habanero seasoning, lime juice, and oil, stir to combine well. Set aside to marinate for 10-15 minutes. CONTIGO® CHIMICHURRI SAUCE Notes of garlic combine with red vinegar for a tangy treat

When grill is hot, carefully place shrimp on grill, cook 3-4 minutes per side or until opaque throughout. Place 3 tablespoons salsa on small serving dish along with line of chimichurri sauce, top with 5-6 shrimp. Garnish with cilantro and lime wedge.


I Need A


ALLEGIANCE® PORK BELLY Fatty, but tender and rich at a reasonable price point


Pork ROMA® 8” HOAGIE Fresh-tasting bread, lightly toasted for a golden-brown appearance



Pledge When you think of summer staples, you probably think about burgers sizzling on the grill. They’re the perfect chargrilled treat. They’re also oversaturated in the market. Every place has a burger – not every restaurant showcases a salty, savory, and sweet grilled pork sandwich. This Vietnamese-style pork belly hero will attract diners drawn to its thin, tender, fatty, slices of Allegiance pork coupled with the crisp contrast of fresh carrots, cucumbers, jalapenos, and cilantro. This is an elegant, international handheld dripping with flavors that evoke the tropical tastes of Southeast Asia. After several years in the spotlight, pork belly remains a desirable menu item, and it doesn’t hurt that this well-proportioned sandwich is lovely to look at for the Instagram-inclined.

Chef Talk

This sandwich is the best of French-Vietnamese fusion: salty, tangy, sweet, savory, and a little spicy. Marinating then slow-grilling the rich pork belly is the key—be sure to caramelize it well and render some of the fat. The rest of the sandwich relies on the different kinds of veggies—prep the components ahead of time and even assemble the sandwich a few hours ahead to let the flavors marry.


Power Plant

GREEN ORIGIN™ PATTY Pea-based protein recipe delivers superior taste and flavor


HERITAGE OVENS® SESAME SEED BUN With a hint of nutty, sesame seed flavor, these soft buns are perfect for burgers



Chef Talk The Green Origin patty has a natural umami flavor which is further intensified during the grilling process. The simple roasted beet ketchup complements and elevates the taste by adding the sweet earthiness of beets into the mix.

Plant-based enthusiasts are an ever-growing segment of the dining community. Like everyone else, they want to bite into a tasty burger hot off the grill, and they’re willing to pay for a premium product. Gone are the days when a plant-based burger stuck out on menus as a bland afterthought. Green Origin™ Burger Patties look and taste just like the real thing but are made with clean, plant-based ingredients for a healthier bite. This grilled burger is topped with fresh Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, a coconut-based Chao Creamery™ Vegan Cheese, and a tangy beet ketchup that brings out the rich flavors of the other elements. It’s time to meet demand and serve the best plant-based burger on the market. This could be the origin story that adds a valuable new revenue stream to your menu.

Grilled Green Origin Burger w/Roasted Beet Ketchup preparation

Ingredients 1 ea. 1 slice 1 2 oz. 2 slices 2 oz.

Serves: 1

Green Origin™ Patty Chao Creamery™ Cheese Heritage Ovens® Sesame Bun Peak Green® Leaf Lettuce Peak Tomato Roasted Beet Ketchup (recipe online)

Grill the patty. Melt the cheese on top. Toast the bun. Place lettuce on the bottom of the bun, place the patty, followed by the tomato on top. Add the roasted beet ketchup and top with the bun.


Get Loaded

Fire in Your Belly Every menu needs “a big one” – an item so bold and bursting with flavor that it doubles as its own marketing campaign. That’s the beauty of The Beer Belly Sandwich. A burger alternative piled high with grilled pork deliciousness, it serves as a unique menu special, as well as a word-ofmouth challenge, and a pic-worthy piece of culinary art. Let’s start with the base of a grilled Roma® Italian Sausage Link slathered in pulled pork and moonshine BBQ sauce. That alone would make a great meal, but now add a layer of crisp, vinegary slaw and fatty pork belly marinated in beer. A third layer of grilled Peak® Onions and Peppers is smothered in a melty blend of Bacio® Mozzarella Provolone. This sandwich is overloaded with a mountain of flavors and textures that miraculously converge to bring out the best in every bite. You’ll have guests ditching the beach bod for a beer belly in no time.


WEST CREEK® MOONSHINE BBQ SAUCE A splash of salted moonshine enhances the sweet, smoky BBQ flavors

Beer Belly Sandwich with Zucchini Radicchio Slaw Servings: 4 8 oz. Allegiance® Pork Belly, cooked (8 Slices) TT Magellan® BBQ Rub 8 oz. Allegiance® Pork Butt, cooked & pulled Tt Magellan® Pork Rub 1/2 c. West Creek® Moonshine BBQ Sauce 2 ea. Roma® Hot Italian Sausage Link, grilled TT Beer of Choice 1 ea. Peak® Zucchini, seeded, shredded 2 oz. West Creek® Slaw Dressing ½ Peak® Red Pepper, seeded, grilled, & julienned 1 ea. Peak® Red Onions, sliced thick, grilled, & cut In half 4 oz. Bacio® Mozzarella/Provolone Shred Blend 4 ea. Heritage Ovens® Brioche Bun 12 oz. West Creek® Potato Chips ½ c.

Radicchio, shredded

preparation Rub pork belly with BBQ rub and cook ahead of time (use beer as cooking liquid). Slice chilled pork belly into ½” x 4” pieces; season with BBQ rub on both sides. Place an aluminum pan on grill; add beer. Grill pork belly on both sides, place in beer. Rub pork butt with pork rub and smoke or slow roast, add beer to retain moisture. Season pulled pork belly with pork rub, place in beer to reheat.

ROMA® HOT ITALIAN SAUSAGE LINK, GRILLED Red pepper is added to the mix of whole muscle pork, fennel, black pepper, and paprika

Split sausage down center 3/4 through; cut in half and place in beer to keep warm. Add dressing to grated zucchini and radicchio to make slaw. Lightly grill buns. Place sausage on bottom bun, followed by pulled pork, BBQ sauce, slaw, and 2 pieces of belly. Place peppers, onions, and cheese on top of pork, followed by top bun.


Heroes on

the Half Shell

EMPIRE’S TREASURE® OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL Simply thaw and serve. No shucking required


The World’s

Your Oyster


Oysters have unique properties. They’re somehow both elegant and elemental – the craggy shells, like something out of an ancient reef, opening to reveal tasty, tender hidden treasures. Talk about summer food that brings out a beachy feeling. For this unique recipe, fire-kissed oysters on the half shell are seasoned in zesty Cajun spices. But the real prize is the smoky, cheesy chipotle cauliflower cream that tops each delicate bivalve. Garnish with micro greens and plate on a blended bed of kidney and black beans to create a feast for the eyes – and social feeds.

Naturally crafted with our signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™

Chargrilled Oysters in Cheddar Chipotle Cauliflower Cream Ingredients

Serves: 2


1 dz.

Empire’s Treasure® Oysters on the Half Shell

Heat olive oil in sauce pan over medium heat then add garlic and cauliflower. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

1 T.

Magellan® Cajun Seasoning

Whisk together water and vegetable base then pour into saucepan. Stir in chipotle pepper and salt then simmer for 1015 minutes. Add half cup of cheddar cheese and puree sauce with immersion blender until creamy and smooth. If to thick adjust with water.

1 c. Bacio® Shredded White Cheddar Cheese 2 ½ c.


1 ½ T.

Ridgecrest® Vegetable Base

1 ½ lbs. Peak® Cauliflower Florets, chopped 1 tsp.

Roma Garlic, minced

1 T.

Roma® Olive Oil


1 T.

Contigo Chipotle Pepper

¼ tsp.

Sea Salt

¼ c.

Micro Greens for garnish

Salt for plating


Season oysters with Cajun seasonings. Heat grill to 400-450°F. Place oysters on grill and cook for 1 minute. Ladle cauliflower chipotle sauce on each oyster while on the grill then top with a portion of remaining cheddar cheese. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Carefully remove from grill and set on platter with beans then garnish each oyster with micro greens to wow guests.


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