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Love is in the air

and romantic recipes are on the plate Love is one of the great creative forces – and, of all artistic pursuits, perhaps food is where its presence is most felt. It may be cliché to say that certain food is made with love, or that sharing a meal with someone is an act of love, or that enjoying great food is an example of loving yourself. But we all know that it’s true, so we go to restaurants to experience love, again and again. Restaurants play a huge role during the upcoming month that’s devoted to love, as Valentine’s Day, American Heart Month, and even the big game for football lovers provide different opportunities to be together


and celebrate food. Performance Foodservice has spent years perfecting brands and ingredients that reflect our love of delicious, innovative flavors, community inspiration, and responsible sourcing. This makes for an ideal match, and in the January Dish, you’ll feast your eyes on beautiful plates designed to make guests fall head over heels.

for our Bay Winds® and Empire’s Treasure® lines. They know that sometimes sharing is caring, and a shareable plate of chimichurri Angus skirt steak tacos may be just what the couple ordered – or that some diners are enamored with hearthealthy options like a General Tso Green Origin® Plant-Based Patty with wonton buns.

There’s no question love is a central ingredient when Performance chefs are crafting date-night dishes. They understand the appeal of bold, tender steaks made from affordable Braveheart® cuts and perfectly paired seafood, sourced from idyllic waters

To generate heart-warming sales in the first quarter of the year, all you need is love. Well, that and some irresistible menu items sure to garner “likes” on social media. For that and more, Performance is proud to partner with independent restaurants and help share the love.

Look for these callouts:

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Tender Heart

BRAVEHEART® CENTER-CUT SIRLOIN Versatility, value, and great flavor

PEAK® YUKON GOLD POTATO Rich and buttery with mediumsugar content

VILLAGE GARDEN® TUSCANY BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE Toss with the broccoli and brush on the tomatoes for added authentic Tuscan flavor





Pair BRAVEHEART® RIBEYE STEAK Rich flavor and tenderness from exquisite marbling

Give guests the wow-factor they’ve been craving. A romantic night out calls for something that exceeds the ordinary – and Braveheart Black Angus Beef delivers with unparalleled flavor and tenderness that leaves a lasting impression. Our exclusive, industry-leading PathProven® program ensures the highest standards for sourcing and animal wellness, offering your patrons peace of mind in addition to taste and consistency they can’t find anywhere else. A Braveheart Ribeye for two can be served with Hasselback-style potatoes and broccoli-stuffed Roma tomatoes for a gorgeous tableside presentation. The highly marbled ribeye cut results in rich, robust flavors that pair well with a variety of wine, cocktail, and beer selections. Or serve up a Braveheart Sirloin Chateaubriand featuring passionate, vibrant colors that truly pop on the plate. The sirloin cut offers versatility and value. Simply season, sear, and roast for a taste-bud tingling take on the traditional.

Chef Talk With the ribeye, the broccoli stuffed tomatoes can be made ahead of time. And as your Hasselback potatoes are cooking, get your ribeye ready, and bring it all together for a memorable celebration.



with Envy Don’t underestimate the value of a truly unique and creative menu item. Some couples are in love with tried-and-true favorites that remind them of special events from their past, while others are adventurous – seeking the next flavor frontier to experience together. This exciting and innovative dish combines plant-based ingenuity with internationally inspired flavors and a cool visual appeal. A Green Origin® Plant-Based Burger Patty is sautéed and coated in sweet and spicy General Tso Sauce from our exclusive Asian Pride® brand. Crispy and golden-fried wonton wrappers serve as the “burger’s” buns, which are topped with a vibrant five onion salad. A drizzle of Village Garden® Empress Sesame Ginger Dressing draws out even more of the tangy and luscious flavors. This is an item that couples will be excited to order, eat, and show off on the ‘gram and TikTok.

Chef Talk

One of the joys of working with Green Origin products is that they are very accepting of other ingredients. Look at all the strong flavors in this dish – spicy General Tso sauce, five different onions, and a ginger sesame dressing, yet the Green Origin patty just rolls with the flavor punches and is complemented by all of them.

ASIAN PRIDE GENERAL TSO SAUCE Sumptuous and bold with a subtle kick of spice

GREEN ORIGIN PLANT-BASED 4/1 PATTY Pea-based plant protein, 100% soy-free


General Tso Green Origin® Patty with Warm Five Onion Salad Servings: 1 Ingredients 1 ea.

Green Origin Patty, 4/1

1 T.

Asian Pride® General Tso Sauce

3 ea.

Wonton Wrappers

1 T.

Assoluti® Pomace Oil



Peak Yellow Onion, sliced


Peak Red Onion, sliced


Peak Shallot, sliced

Add flavor, color, and texture to a variety of menu items

2 T.

Village Garden® Empress Sesame Ginger Dressing

1 T.

Delancey Street Pickled Onions

1 T.

Peak Green Onion, sliced


Black and White Sesame Seeds

Salt and Pepper, to taste


Sauté the patty and finish with the General Tso Sauce. Deep fry the wonton wrappers. Heat the oil and sauté the yellow and red onion along with the shallot. Season. When soft add the dressing, pickled onion and green onion. For plating: Drizzle some dressing on a plate. Put one wonton wrapper on it.


Place half of the onion mixture on the wonton and cover with another. Place the patty down, cover with the remaining wonton. Place the remainder of the onion mix on top. Serve.

Tangy, sweet and sour flavor profile


Be My Baby


PEAK® BABY SPINACH Offers critical vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

BAY WINDS® SHRIMP, 8-12 RPD, TAIL ON Sourced from sustainable locations across the globe

ASIAN PRIDE® BASMATI RICE Aged 12 months to enhance exceptional flavor and texture


Tails of

Love PEAK® GRAPE TOMATOES Lower acid content than other tomatoes

Chef Talk

Bay Winds Shrimp lend a subtle sweet flavor that complements the Mediterranean tomato compote. I sauté the vegetables with fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil imported from Italy because of its earthy undertones. The compote is also accompanied by crushed red pepper and fresh thyme to elevate the flavor.

Combining a stylish status with healthful properties, shrimp is a fresh, versatile menu item that provides a glimpse ahead at the spring season. Our internationally sourced Bay Winds® Shrimp are the perfect centerpiece for this zesty, Mediterranean-inspired dish. Honey and red pepper are added to Peak Grape Tomatoes for a delicious tomato compote, dappled over the grilled shrimp and spanakorizo rice made from Asian Pride® Basmati. Garnish with Roma Crumbled Feta cheese for a fun and flirty meal that’s also hearthealthy in the new year.

Think Outside the Heart-Shaped Box During the season of love, you need menu items that attract attention. Performance chefs know the way to your guests’ hearts and plates.

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Them Up Fire

CONTIGO® 6-INCH WHITE CORN TORTILLAS Authentic and packed to stay fresh longer

BRAVEHEART® INSIDE SKIRT STEAK Cut across the grain for added tenderness




The mix of herbs brings out the richness of the steak


for Two

PEAK® ROASTED PEPPER MEDLEY Made from a variety of fresh, crisp, and juicy peppers for extra zest

As the consumer base changes, their taste evolves. A new generation of diners can be put off with stuffy service. Their concept of the perfect date-night plate might be shareable and handheld, overflowing with unique flavors and textures. Consider a taco tray for two, featuring tender Braveheart® U.S.D.A. Angus Skirt Steak. Marinate this underrated cut in a Contigo® Chimichurri Sauce overnight and then fire-grill the meat to southwest perfection. Serve in authentic Contigo White Corn Tortillas with a crunchy lime and honey cabbage slaw and spicy roasted pepper medley, before finishing these skirt street tacos with a creamy chipotle coulis. A side of chips, salsa, and cold beer completes what, for many, is culinary true love.

Bring the Romance to Them Many couples will opt for a cozy night at home with streaming and takeout, so don’t forget to-go items for V-Day. First Mark® makes it easy to deliver the goods with a range of leak-resistant, eco-friendly takeout containers, aluminum pans for take & bakes, and other food storage items. Show them you care and connect with customers wherever they do date night.

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the Catch

We’re not saying that this seafood dish was created to break the foodie Internet, but we’re also not NOT saying that. Wildcaught mahi mahi sustainably sourced from South America and complemented with those colors and flavors? Here come the shares and likes to drum up interest in your spot.


EMPIRE’S TREASURE® MAHI MAHI 6 OZ South American wild-caught

NATURE’S BEST® BUTTER Rich dairy farming heritage with sustainability

I Treasure


The catch so nice they named it twice – mahi mahi is extremely versatile with a mild, sweet taste and soft texture. An excellent source of protein, mahi is also rich in B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, so it’s an attractive option for couples focused on health in the new year. PEAK® EMPIRE APPLE Juicy, firm, crunchy, and sweet

This stunning item, featuring wild-caught Empire’s Treasure® Mahi Mahi, employs a Magellan® Habanero Mango seasoning, adding hints of spicy and sweet to the fish. But it’s the sweet potato apple butter and bed of pepper slaw that really plays up this plate’s combination of Caribbean and harvest flavors. It’s an appealingly intimate dish that’s playful yet elegant. And this is a presentation that can be offered at a higher price point, along with its varied beverage pairing possibilities.

Habanero Mango Dusted Mahi with Yam & Apple Butter Ingredients 4 ea. 2 T. 3 T. 1 ea. 8 T. ¼ c. 3 T. 1 tsp. ½ tsp.

Serves: 4

preparation Empire’s Treasure Mahi Mahi 6 oz Magellan Habanero Mango Seasoning Assoluti® Soy Pomace Oil Peak Empire Apple Nature’s Best® Butter, softened Resers® Sweet Potato Mashed West Creek® Unsweetened Apple Sauce West Creek Clover Honey Peak Orange, zest only Salt & Pepper to taste

For the butter: combine mashed sweet potatoes, applesauce, softened butter, honey, and orange zest in food processor, pulse to combine well, chill. Wrap compound butter roll style in parchment paper and set in fridge to harden. Heat large sauté pan over medium high heat. Place fish filets on plate and sprinkle liberally with habanero mango seasoning Add oil to preheated pan and place mahi pieces carefully into pan. Cook on both sides for 3-4 minutes per side. Add apple half to pan to sear the flesh side. Add a slice of yam and apple butter to each fish portion and cook until butter starts to soften. Transfer fish to serving plates, garnish with seared apple and serve over a colorful crunch coleslaw.


Seared into

Your Soul This year, seafood is trending to be a prime date-night delicacy. With an emphasis on sustainable sourcing, fresh, heart-healthy ingredients, and sublime, seasonal flavor, seafood provides an opportunity to meet consumer demand while offering items that perform well and can be paired with an extensive beverage selection. Seared scallops are sought-after by diners and feature a quick prep time, limiting labor stress. For this dish, tender and mildly sweet Empire’s Treasure® Scallops are mixed with crispy, plant-based pepperoni lardons from Green Origin® and plated over a bed of wilted Peak® Cabbage. Guests are getting a mélange of fresh flavors in this exquisite, yet understated meal that will certainly catch likes on social. It also pairs well with wine, beer, and house cocktails.

Date Night Destination Combat the winter blues by catering to couples. Make sure that when date-night plans are being made, your restaurant is front and center.

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PEAK GREEN CABBAGE Rich source of vitamins and minerals

EMPIRE’S TREASURE® SCALLOPS, 10-20 Creamy bite and delicate flavor

Seared Scallops with Wilted Cabbage & Crispy Plant-Based Pepperoni “Lardons” Servings: 1 Ingredients 1 tsp.

Oil Blend

½ c.

Peak® Green Cabbage, ½” shred, salted and rested for about 30 min

1 tsp.

Piancone® Olive Oil

1½ tsp.

Peak Whole Peeled Garlic, minced

1 T.

Village Garden® Honey Mustard with Bacon Dressing

5 each

Empire’s Treasure Scallop 10-20

3 pieces

Green Origin Plant Based Pepperoni, cut into ½” strips

1 T.

Peak Green Onions, bias-cut

preparation Rinse cabbage and pat dry. In a medium sauté pan over medium heat, add olive oil and cabbage and sauté for 4 minutes, until wilted. Add minced garlic, cook for another 2 minutes, season with salt and pepper, turn heat off. Add honey mustard dressing, toss. Set aside.

GREEN ORIGIN® PLANT BASED PEPPERONI Tastes, cooks, and looks like traditional pepperoni

Heat a thin-bottomed fish pan over medium-high, add oil blend and swirl. Lightly season scallops with a touch of salt, then add to pan. Do not move for about 1 minute or more, until you see a dark brown sear on the edges. Flip, and turn heat off. Heat a small pan over medium, lightly coat with oil blend. Add plant-based pepperoni, toss, and cook until crispy. Plate with cabbage mix on bottom, then scallops, topped with crispy plant-based pepperoni and biascut green onions.


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