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With Steak-Centric Specials The numbers are staggering. More than 230 million U.S. consumers regularly eat food featuring Mexican ingredients. Mexican-inspired restaurants make up around 10 percent of the entire culinary landscape. Combine those stats with America’s insatiable and growing appetite for international cuisine, and it’s clear that Mexican food is a massively influential player on menus. How does Cinco de Mayo fit into our love affair with Mexican culture? The holiday is not Mexican Independence Day, which falls in September. It’s not even heavily celebrated in Mexico, outside of Puebla, where they still honor Mexico’s military victory over French forces. But in America, Cinco de Mayo has become a fun opportunity


to toast Mexican cultural and culinary contributions. It coincides with increasingly pleasant weather, as diners sip margaritas in outdoor spaces, seeking to get their hands on a mix of the authentic and the innovative. This year, Cinco lands on the first Thursday of the month, which allows restaurants to extend the festivities into the weekend. Even hosting a monthlong fiesta honoring Hispanic and Latin influences more broadly is something to consider. The Hispanic and Latin team at Performance Foodservice has expertly built our Contigo® brand to represent a spectrum of diverse kitchens. Meaning “With You,” Contigo provides authentically sourced tortillas, meats, cheeses, sauces, and toppings to weave

seamlessly into Cinco de Mayo menus. Our creative chefs have paired these classic Mexican ingredients with cost-effective cuts from our industry-leading PathProven® Braveheart® Beef program. And in a nod to the everexpanding international market, you’ll find fusion items like birria noodles, Thai bowls, and teriyaki tacos. With Mother’s Day on the heels of Cinco, these impressive plates can add a jolt to brunch menus as well. Mexican culture has played a defining role in the American tapestry. Honor these essential culinary contributions with a spotlight on authentic ingredients that can last well beyond Cinco de Mayo.

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Hold My Birria

CONTIGO COTIJA CHEESE Bold, salty flavor — considered the Parmesan of Mexico

CONTIGO® BIRRIA BASE Delicious mixture of onions, garlic, and spices in a concentrate

CONTIGO FAJITA BEEF Comes fully cooked or raw, both versions seasoned for maximum usage



Patrol In recent memory, few items have captured the attention of the dining public quite like birria. Originally an ancestral stew from the state of Jalisco in central Mexico, birria is slow-cooked meat with chili pepper and adobo-style seasonings. According to culinary lore, its widespread popularity within Mexico is such that every state and municipality in the origin country claims a unique version of the dish.

CONTIGO 6” CORN TORTILLA Offers a variety of cooking options, like migas, tostadas, even crepes


In this country, quesabirria tacos, or birria-style beef tacos with melted cheese — visually striking because of the marinade’s red color — have become superstars on social media. Birria’s meteoric rise in the U.S, means the competition is fierce on restaurant menus. Consider tapping into fusion for a birria option that truly stands out from the crowd. Our Contigo® Birria Noodle bowl blends this Mexican staple with a Ramen concept. Contigo Beef Fajita strips are boiled in a Contigo Birria Base broth, combined with noodles, and topped with thinly sliced radishes, diced red onions, and Contigo Cotija Cheese. Contigo Flour Tortillas are filled with Bacio Mozzarella Cheese and seasoned with the birria sauce to form golden-brown cheese tacos that can be dipped in the birria broth, adding a tasty handheld dimension to the plate. Given the clicks garnered by birria on social media, this Mexican-Asian fusion bowl is the perfect presentation to drive guest traffic.




Tostadas Both Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day are opportunities to turn your brunch service into an event for food lovers. It just so happens that the versatility of Mexican cuisine is ideal for setting the perfect brunch table. These Contigo® Tostadas are an amalgam of several popular dishes, including birria tacos, steak & eggs, and Mexican scrambles. Authentic Contigo Corn Tortillas are dipped in Contigo Birria Liquid and then made golden crispy. They are coated in a creamy avocado puree and topped with rich and flavorful Braveheart® Flank Steak strips. While other chefs may be focused on premium cuts, citrusy marinades can bring out the best of flank steak at an affordable price. Continue the cost-effective theme by using Nature’s Best Liquid Eggs, scrambled with onions, peppers, and mushrooms. If you thought stacking avocado spread, steak, and an egg scramble on a crispy tortilla was the endgame — well, we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve. We’re piling even more flavor on top with a dollop of salsa, Contigo Cotija Cheese, and green onions as an encore. This plate is a party of fun, festive colors and textures. Break out the phone cameras, because these tostadas are getting shared!


BRAVEHEART FLANK STEAK Rich and flavorful from the lean, muscular flank

CONTIGO FIRE ROASTED SALSA Ready-to-use salsa roasted with jalapeno peppers and other spices

NATURE'S BEST® LIQUID EGGS Extended shelf-life with citric acid to maintain color

How can Mexican dishes be easily incorporated into Cinco de Mayo menus? It's a great time to add a twist to traditional recipes, since Mexican cuisine is so popular with consumers. A dish like Mexican jambalaya, using Custom Culinary® Frozen, Ready-to-Use LatinStyle Citrus Chili Sauce, will delight adventurous patrons. For the plant-forward crowd, try jackfruit tacos with grilled corn, red onion, vegan cheese, and Custom Culinary Habanero Orange Sauce. Take menus to new heights with cinnamon-raisin Mexican rice pudding, using Custom Culinary Crème Anglaise Sauce.


LightFuse the

ASIAN PRIDE® TERIYAKI SAUCE Rich, soy flavor offset by fruity sweetness


BRAVEHEART® INSIDE SKIRT STEAK Very tender and responds well to dry, fast cooking methods

CONTIGO® CHIMICHURRI SAUCE Green sauce made with an authentic blend of herbs and spices


Hand ‘Em


It’s not Cinco de Mayo without your own house tacos — everyone’s got their version. A MexicanAsian fusion angle with a focus on authentic ingredients helps these skirt steak tacos stand out. PEAK® CABBAGE SHRED Great source of vitamins and minerals

Chef Talk

Portion the skirt steak to the desired size. Once it’s portioned, marinate for at least 3-4 hours. For the cabbage preparation, using a meat slicer is optimal to achieve the thinness needed to make the slaw. After combining all the produce together, season, add chimichurri sauce, and place in the refrigerator for an hour. When the skirt steak is cooked, slice it against the grain to ensure the most tender bite.

Restaurants want to be able to sell customers a premium item without breaking the bank on the inventory side. That’s what makes skirt steak an intriguing option: Our Braveheart® Black Angus Beef is designed to exceed your guests’ expectations, no matter the cut. The industryleading PathProven® program ensures that we deliver on our standard of excellence. For this delicious handheld recipe, coat Braveheart Skirt Steak in a tangy, slightly sweet Asian Pride Teriyaki marinade. The steak is an ideal fit with the light crisp of Contigo® Flour Tortillas. An Asian slaw topping adds subtle elements of spice and crunch. Creamy avocado slices and Cotija cheese add to the overall flavor profile. For a final differentiator, a housemade chimichurri sauce will bring out the absolute best of your meat.

TURN UP THE HEAT Comfort food plus international ingredients is a combo that's hard to beat. Find out how blending these elements can push you to the front of guests' must-have list.

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Thai It

Together When planning either a Mother’s Day brunch or a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, there are three important factors to keep in mind: innovation, visual presentation, and prep time. The Braveheart® Thai Bite Morning Bowl checks all of these boxes. With Braveheart Steak Bite Fritters, you are serving guests a unique item and a great story. Our PathProven® traceability system broke the mold, creating a process that ensures our beef is majority Black Angus and establishing a link between each animal and each cut of meat. Combine that innovation with soft Asian Pride® Jasmine Rice, a Nature’s Best® Egg, and sliced avocado, and you have a vivid brunch bowl that attracts attention. Additionally, the steak bites are par-fried, enhancing back-of-house convenience with a quick transition from the freezer to the fryer in just minutes. Not only does this bowl meet consumer demand for international ingredients, it fits on breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, all while creating serious online buzz.


ASIAN PRIDE BABY CORN Complements complex flavors with exceptional and consistent quality

BRAVEHEART STEAK BITE FRITTERS Flour, savory spices, black pepper, and buttermilk provides a golden-brown color

Braveheart® Thai Bite Morning Bowl Servings: 1

Ingredients 6 ea.

Braveheart® Steak Bite Fritters Brilliance® Oil, for frying

1 ea.

Nature’s Best® Egg

1 qt.


¼ c.

ASIAN PRIDE THAI CHILI SAUCE Full-bodied for the perfect blend of sweet and heat

West Creek® White Vinegar

1 ½ T.

Asian Pride® Thai Chili Sauce

2 c.

Asian Pride Jasmine Rice, prepared

3 ea.

Asian Pride Baby Corn

¼ c.

Peak Red Onion, julienne

2 T.

Peak Cilantro, leaves only

3 ea.

Peak Cherry Tomatoes, blistered

3 ea.

Peak Mushrooms, sliced

1 T.

Roma® Olive Oil

1/8 tsp.

Sea Salt

1/8 tsp.

Magellan® Ground Black Pepper

½ tsp.

Black Sesame Seeds, for garnish

¼ ea.

Peak Avocado, sliced for garish


Chef Talk

Jasmine rice is not just a filler offering higher profit, it is also a major component of the flavor layers this bowl provides. This rice’s distinct sweet nutty flavor coupled with the aroma of buttered popcorn get the diner’s senses popping before the first bite. Once broken, the yolk of the perfectly cooked sunny side up egg adds a cascade of fatty flavor that balances this bowl perfectly.

In a sauté pan over medium high heat add olive oil, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onion, corn, salt, and pepper. Cook for 1-2 minutes then reserve. Separate corn and tomatoes. Heat oil to 350°F in fryer and cook bites for 3-5 minutes then remove from fryer. Drain excess oil and reserve. Boil water and vinegar then crack egg into water to poach. Cook 2-3 minutes to desired firmness of yolk. Place warm rice in wide rim bowl. In one area place mushroom and onion blend. In another area the corn then the tomatoes, avocado, and the bites. In the center place the poached egg and sprinkle the bowl with cilantro leaves and black sesame seeds.


Steak Frites Fiesta

PEAK® YUKON GOLD POTATO Jack-of-all-trades potato with a subtly sweet flavor

How can my staff prepare perfect guacamole every time? Try the new McCormick® Culinary Guacamole & More Seasoning! It’s a pre-blended mix of onion, sea salt, red bell pepper, paprika, garlic, and chives. Simply shake on avocado, add lime juice, and mix! No more chopping and blending to make the perfect guacamole. Serve with chips, tacos, bowls, or burritos. You can also mix it up and use it in everything from scrambled eggs to roasted vegetables.


PEAK JALAPEÑOS Bring the heat with a rich source of vitamin C


Sirloin Sometimes the allure of a simple presentation with exquisite, comfort ingredients is all you need. Take this item, which offers the premium quality of steak frites with a casual appeal.

BRAVEHEART® SIRLOIN FLAP Known for value, versatility, and great flavor

As restaurants focus on value, there are cuts of beef that offer high quality at lower price points. This plate showcases tender, juicy Braveheart Sirloin Steak, sourced using our state-of-the-art PathProven® DNA tracing system. The program ensures animal wellness for the highest standards of consistency and flavor. Simply season the steak with salt and pepper and then grill at high heat. A medallion of jalapeño lime butter draws out even more flavor from the sliced sirloin, with a hint of citrusy spice. Guests will be equally delighted by a tower of hand-cut garlic cilantro fries made from Peak Yukon Gold potatoes. Toss the golden-brown fries with caramelized garlic and a squeeze of lime for a perfect complement to the steak. With a few gourmet techniques and a wide-ranging flavor profile, you have transformed a traditional steak frites dish into a high-performance, sumptuous special.

NATURE’S BEST® UNSALTED BUTTER Sourced from farmfresh milk



Heart of the Matter

MAGELLAN® WALNUTS Oven-roasted with a clean taste in every bite

Chef Talk

Cutting the Hearts of Palm into wheels provides one of the best eating experiences for this vegetable, as it can have a fibrous outer layer. The Arcadian greens hold up well to vinaigrettes, as they do not collapse, instead they maintain body and height. Finally, using egg whites when making the spiced pecans is the glue to ensure the spices adhere to the walnuts, providing a punch of flavor for the palate.




for Walnuts Let’s get to the heart of one of the biggest trends in the restaurant world: the share of plant-based or vegetarian diners is getting bigger. It’s important to have menu items that connect with this segment, and not just your garden variety salads that are frequently overlooked. ASIAN PRIDE® HEARTS OF PALM Sweet and considered a delicacy

A great addition to your Mother’s Day menu is this internationally inspired salad, featuring a blend of sliced Asian Pride Hearts of Palm and a Peak Arcadian blend. Magellan® Walnuts provide a contrasting crunch, along with hints of sweet and heat from a cayenne pepper and sugar coating. Add a medley of Peak Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, and sprinkle crumbled goat cheese from Nature’s Best® on top. The Piancone® Chianti Basil Vinaigrette suffuses the salad plate with tangy, yet fresh authentic Italian flavors.

What are some ways to add consistent and authentic flavors to your menu?


Consumer interest for internationally inspired dishes at restaurants continues to grow. In fact, 51% of consumers prefer to get Mexican food outside of the house. Join in on this trend by adding Mexican-style meats to your menu. Brands like Burke provide fully cooked toppings that are perfectly seasoned with authentic spices. These versatile ingredients can be used across the menu, to help you do more with less.

A variety of textures with visual appeal that wows


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