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the Dish The start of a new year can be invigorating. It signals new beginnings and an opportunity to turn the page. In the dining industry, a new year offers the chance at a fresh culinary start – the ability to shake off the status quo and move boldly forward with creative solutions to get the most out of your menu options. At Performance Foodservice, we believe that every restaurant provides its own unique experience. Our mission is to present authentic, quality products and applications that can help a restaurant reach its full potential. Every month in The DISH we will highlight fun and flavorful recipes designed by our award-winning chefs, featuring many of our premium ingredients. The vivid, colorful images will give owners

and operators a sense of the eyecatching presentations that guests can expect on the plate. We will also dish on the latest supplier tips and specialty dessert items that can boost business. Changing trends in consumer tastes and preferences have a huge impact on dining, but there’s often a delicate balance between tradition and evolution. To kick off the new year, we’ll explore new takes on a classic concept – surf and turf. To many, beef and seafood dishes carry an old-fashioned connotation and a connection with fine dining. And let’s be real, they absolutely work in that context. But updated twists on surf and turf can shine in any restaurant, no matter the style or size of the operation.

Inside you’ll find dish variations featuring industry-leading Braveheart Beef®, fresh seafood products from our Empire’s Treasure® and Bay Winds® lines, and much more. All of these items are responsibly sourced with humane practices and environmental protection in mind. Throughout the new year, Performance Foodservice will continue to dish out modern concepts to help improve the state of your plate and expand your customer base. Bon appétit!

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Brave Bold


BRAVEHEART BEEF® BONELESS STRIP LOIN: 6/13 LB A tender cut with bold, robust flavor.

Superior juicy beef flavor Consistent quality and flavor profile

Retains taste for long periods of time



What’s the best way to grill steak for delivery or takeout? For a delicious and juicy steak, season with Magellan® Steak Seasoning, a robust blend of herbs and spices including onion, paprika, and garlic. Cook the steak on a high heat grill until the outside is a nicely caramelized brown. Let the meat relax before packing so it doesn’t steam itself inside the carryout container. Just before packing, sprinkle with extra Magellan Steak Seasoning to create a great aroma for patrons to enjoy!

Superstar The star at the center of the surf and turf plate has always been a premium steakhouse cut of meat. For something a little bolder and more accessible, this dish features center-cut New York strip steak drizzled in a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce. The top-grade Braveheart Black Angus Beef® Strip Steak is tender and juicy, and its deep, rich flavors pair nicely with the intense Asian spice. Works exceptionally well as an entrée, high-end lunch item, or even a shareable dish. Our PathProven® process ensures rich, deep flavors with every bite of our USDA Choice Braveheart Beef.

Braveheart Strip Steak with Thai Chili Glaze 2–12 oz.

Braveheart Black Angus Beef Strip Steaks

12 oz.

Thai chili glaze (recipe online)

2 Tbsp.

Olive Oil

1 tsp.

Sea Salt, ground

½ tsp.

Black Pepper, ground

¼ c.

Microgreens, as garnish

Serves: 4

Trim the fat off of the Braveheart strip steaks and cut each 12-ounce steak in half. Rub the steaks in olive oil and black pepper. Allow the steaks to come to room temperature for 10 minutes before cooking. Over an open flame grill, place each of the four steaks and cook until desired internal temperature. Remove steaks from grill and allow to rest for 2-3 minutes before slicing. Sprinkle the meat with the sea salt and put some of the chili glaze on the plate, then serve. Use microgreens on the plate as a garnish.


Healthy and fresh

flavors for the new ye ar

BAY WINDS® CHILEAN SEA BASS - 6 OZ All-natural, premium Chilean sea bass from prime, sustainable areas of the globe.


FIND THIS RECIPE ONLINE! Seared Chilean Sea Bass with Braised Urban Greens, White Beans, Roasted Apple Butter

Chilean Sea Bass

Sea Change

Chef Talk

Chilean Sea Bass is a sweet, flaky, delicate fish. Experts know to cook the customerfacing side of the filet first in a hot sauté pan to get a perfect caramelization. This adds not only visual appeal but texture and flavor.

Traditionally, lobster and shrimp are go-to surf and turf features. But fish alternatives offer affordable flavors and healthy properties as well. These 6 oz. Bay Winds® Chilean Sea Bass Filets can be paired with a range of ingredients – here, braised greens, white beans, and a delectable apple butter sauce are excellent complements for the seared fish.

100% all-natural and certified-sustainable.

Quick Tips

How do we limit contact points with regard to cutlery? Touchless, automated dispensing helps promote safety and hygiene. And three out of four patrons say that touch-free options at restaurants will be more important than in the past. According to research, the Dixie Ultra SmartStock® Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser reduces cutlery usage by more than a quarter, and almost 90% of patrons prefer Dixie Ultra SmartStock over open bins of wrapped cutlery.


a classic

tandem from the land and the sea



Vibrant sweet flavor.

And the

Uniform jumbo pieces of crab.

Oscar Goes To

Brilliant pearl white meat.

Change is good. But sometimes consumers just want classic flavors in a classic presentation. Feast your eyes on our version of traditional surf and turf – steak, topped with lump crabmeat, asparagus and potatoes on the side. Our tender and flavorful Braveheart Black Angus Beef® Rocky Mountain Strip Filets and Empire’s Treasure Jumbo Lump Crabmeat elevate the quality of this dish beyond the typical offering. Your guests can trust that our beef and seafood are sourced using cutting-edge methods to ensure quality and consistency.

EMPIRE’S TREASURE® JUMBO LUMP CRABMEAT Jumbo crab mixed with seasoning, baked or fried.

Braveheart Rocky Mountain Strip Filet Oscar

Serves: 4

4 ea.

6 oz. Braveheart Black Angus Beef Rocky Mountain Strip Filets*

*Trim Braveheart Strip Loin, split in half lengthwise, cut into desired portions.

20 pc.

Asparagus, peeled and blanched

Season and brush garlic butter or herb butter on the Braveheart Rocky Mountain Strip Filets, and cook to desired temperature, then let rest. Roast asparagus and fingerling potatoes. Heat crabmeat.

4 oz. Empire’s Treasure Jumbo Lump Crabmeat 10 oz.

Hollandaise Sauce

12 oz.

Fingerling Potatoes, split, seasoned and roasted

2 tsp.

Rosemary, finely minced

2 tsp.

Parsley, finely minced

Place strip filets on plate, arrange crab over filet. Cover crab and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. Garnish with parsley. Toss potatoes with freshly minced rosemary and parsley. Place asparagus and potatoes on plate next to steak.



Roasted Shorty


A tender, juicy cut from the chuck.

When it comes to turf, it’s time to think beyond merely steak. Our Braveheart line provides a variety of cuts and beef options that are cost-effective and menu versatile. Here, a chuck short rib is transformed into a spicy, succulent Southern homage.


Southwestern Short Rib with Corn Bread 4 oz.

Corn Bread Square

2 oz.

Garlic, chopped

½ oz.


8 oz.

Olive Oil

3 oz.

Orange Juice

3 oz.

Lime Juice

3 oz.

Chipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce

6 oz.

Braveheart, Short Rib, Bone In

Serves: 4

In a blender combine, juices, chipotle in adobo sauce, olive oil, salt, and garlic. Cover short rib with marinade (reserve 1/4 cup). Marinate overnight. Preheat oven to 275º F. Remove short rib from marinade, sear and place in roasting pan. Cover with marinade and slow roast for about 3 1/2 hours. Heat up remaining marinade. Remove and slice short rib, plate leaning on corn bread square and top with sauce.

From the Bay

to the Plate Lobster is the traditional, decadent highlight of a surf and turf menu, but it’s time to re-imagine this seafood staple for modern dining. More often than not, consumers want the taste of lobster without the pricey entrée. This bruschetta dish, featuring Bay Winds® Lobster Meat, is a handheld treat perfect for brunch or a shareable lunch. The tender meat works with the crunch of a Heritage Ovens® baguette, and microgreens with a balsamic glaze provide a fresh, healthy touch that feels like a match for the new year.





Nothing quite says surf in the new year like fresh tasting salmon. It’s light, airy, and healthy – just feels like a fresh start. We put a citrus twist on this classic Scandinavian dish, featuring Camanchaca Salmon Filets from our Fresh Catch® brand. Saffron, zesty fruit juice, a splash of liqueur, and Greek yogurt combine to really bring out the salmon flavor – a quintessential brunch dish in the new year.


Don't Forget

Sweet treats make a lasting impression SWEET ENCORE® CHEESECAKE SEA SALT AND CARAMEL

Classic, creamy New York cheesecake is swirled with rich caramel, then topped with a thick layer of Hershey’s® caramel topping. Each indulgent slice is finished with a light dusting of sea salt for that sweet/salty flavor combination that leaves guests reaching for one more bite. This dessert comes pre-sliced, just thaw and serve. SWEET ENCORE CHOCOLATE FLOURLESS GLUTEN-FREE CAKE

A chocolate lover’s dream, this rich cake is perfect for all guests, whether gluten-free or not. Made with the finest Belgian semi-sweet chocolate, our flourless option is bursting with rich chocolate flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. Comes pre-sliced, just thaw and serve.

y d rea se to u

Guests will love these ready-toserve slices which are scrumptious additions to any dessert menu. Keep an eye out for more Valentine's Day treats in next month's issue!

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