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Caia Matheson - “Angels and Demons”

October 2017

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The Discerner

Caia Matheson Caia Matheson is an award-winning contemporary oil painter based in Brighton, UK. She was born in Johannesburg and educated in Tokyo and London. Matheson has exhibited widely in the UK, and has been shortlisted for numerous awards, including winning Brighton Artist of the Year in 2004. “My work is about words and verse from all sources such as radio plays audio books stories song lyrics and poetry. I get such great pictures from words and translate them into my work as a visual narrative. I begin painting with a specific colour that I have in my mind’s eye. I then introduce other colours and begin to build layers on the canvas. These layers are then scratched off and layered over again like a palimpsest literally meaning ‘scraped clean and used again’. I love the idea of previous markings that are not visible but are still an inherent part of the composition. I like to create a world within worlds.”

“Angels and Demons” - Oil and dyes on hand stretched canvas - 100H x 100W x 3Dcm - £5000

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

“Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.” Dan Brown, Angels & Demons


T: 07961405351 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Caia or Celine at or 0207 491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Melanie Wright Melanie lives in the Cotswolds, where her deep affinity with horses and the landscape inform and inspire her paintings. She is well known for her equestrian sporting images in the fields of Racing, Eventing, Dressage and Polo. Melanie trained as a portrait painter at Heatherleys School of Fine Art in London and carries both her formal portrait painting skills and her endless fascination with depicting movement, spirit and the atmosphere of place, into her artwork. Working in oils, watercolour and drawn media, Melanie’s paintings have been exhibited in London and Oxfordshire and feature in private collections in the USA, Europe and Scandinavia.

“Riding out at Hull Farm, Oxfordshire” - Limited Edition Giclee Print (25) 23 x 35cm unframed £200 - 43 x 50cm framed £250

Melanie was Artist in Residence for two years at Charlie Longsdon Racing, in Oxfordshire. This image is one of a series of limited edition giclee prints of riding out and stable yard scenes, which she painted during her time there. To see further images please contact the artist. The giclee prints are printed on high quality watercolour paper, with lightfast inks, and hand signed by the artist. For a pre Christmas delivery, orders should be placed by November 14th.


T: 01608 643546 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Melanie or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Michelle Hold Feelings, emotions and the scarcity of beauty in current times inspire Michelle Hold to paint, creating abstract works which hold a special connection with the viewer, a personal moment frozen in time where all is possible. Time spent to study architecture has influenced her construction methods, creating images with multiple layering while her experience in the textile industry has formed her equilibrated use of color. Her paintings which vary in size and style are created with ‘dance like’ gestures. They are dramatic yet peaceful, loud and vibrant with space for quiet contemplation. They are the artists visual representation of the eternal energy of the universe. Born in Germany, Michelle lived long periods of time in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London, now she is based in Italy, close to Milan. She has exhibited solo shows throughout Europe and China , participated in group shows worldwide and in international art fairs in Berlin, Milan, Miami, Athens, Vilnius.

“I just lost a wing” - Pigments and acrylics on canvas - 80 x 80cm - £1400

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

“Sometimes people close to me limit my ideas, hopes and ambitions and that feels like they are cutting off my wings.” Michelle Hold


T: +393347864141 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Michelle or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Barry Andrews Painting is a means to express how one feels about the world one sees, to help others see the world as a better place that they are able to enjoy and understand it better. The subject in all my work are the ‘lost places’ found along the banks of the River Thames marshes. I graduated from the University of East London in 2010 having studied fine art painting, which was the ultimate experience in a change of career brought about by frustration and the negativity of commercial life. I have painted every day since graduating and have had success in showing my work, being represented by The John Russell Gallery, Ipswich and by Artbridge in London.

“Way beyond the edge” - 2017 - Oil on canvas 66 x 66cm framed - £2850

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

This painting attempts to discover a ‘lost’ place, where no man has walked before inciting a powerful sense of isolation, a leaving behind of life’s detritus, to journey towards the beginning of the new.


E: W: T: 07795 105078 For all enquiries, please contact Barry or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Victoria Kiff Victoria’s paintings are rich in texture and have many complex layers. ‘I paint mainly portraits with textured application of oil paint, various mediums and dry colour pigments. The figures are a poetic seascape. They form a set of oppositions that search for a hidden narrative, through colour, line and instinct.’ Whilst the paintings are influenced by her surrounding’s in the coastal Old Town of Hastings, they can also be traced in memory and the expression of the psyche. Victoria qualified in BA fine art at Central St Martins School in London, she has exhibited widely in London and sold internationally.

“Romney Marsh” - Oil on linen - 70 x 85cm - £2100

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

The painting is a fantastical figure seascape within a place of great natural beauty and historical intrigue Romney Marsh, a large wetland on the Sussex and Kent coastline.


W: T: 07869146417 E: For all enquiries, please contact Victoria or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Lou Hamilton Fine Art Artist & creator of her illustrated book Brave New Girl published by Orion Spring, Lou Hamilton currently exhibits her large-scale abstract landscape oil paintings at The Farm Postproduction HQ in Soho London. Her work is also sold internationally on Saatchi Art online, has been commissioned for site specific projects both publicly & privately, won prizes & been exhibited in both group and one woman shows. These new pieces are inspired by the Japanese meditative reverence for the simple vessel.

“Morning Espresso” - Acrylic & pen on canvas - 20” x 20” - £500

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

“Morning Coffee” is the symbiosis of drawing & painting of a vessel & my character Brave New Girl. She can be spotted on the bottom right of the canvas. Lou Hamilton


E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Lou or Celine at or 0207 491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Simon Kirk Artist Simon Kirk’s works are a synergy of poetry and painting, text and image, abstraction and figuration, combining influences from both the literary and the art world alike. Influenced by haiku, humanist concerns and the philosophical ideas of ‘the Absurd’, Kirk’s pieces have become increasingly sought after by art collectors since the beginning of his career in 2007 (notably in America, Australia, Dubai and Continental Europe). He exhibited and sold at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2015, 2013 and 2010. He is a resident artist with the Turner | Barnes | Gallery and is regularly exhibited as part of their collections for the Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and London Affordable Art Fairs. To date, he has had solo exhibitions in France, Denmark and the USA.

Simon Kirk is exhibiting with Art Below in Regent’s Park for the third year, following a successful inaugural Los Angeles exhibition earlier in 2017. Art Below are proud to be support Simon Kirk as one of four of their most talented artists at The Other Art Fair this October.


E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Simon or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Sarah Jane Brown Sarah Jane lives on the coast of Pembrokeshire where her environment, and early maritime career, have instilled a deep affinity with the sea. She studied painting at the West Wales School of the Arts, gaining a 1st class honours degree and her artistic career has since gained steady momentum and recognition. She has exhibited widely in the UK including several solo shows in Cardiff and prestigious exhibitions in London, such as the ‘Cork Street Open’ in Mayfair and with the ‘Royal Society of Marine Artists’ at the Mall Galleries. Her work is now collected internationally.

“Mind blown” - Oil on canvas - 60 x 60cm - £1295

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair


T: 07874 219942 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Sarah Jane or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Helen Jones Helen’s painting has become like her own visual diary, a response to the beauty of the landscape, the elements and moods to which we consciously and subconsciously respond. The smaller canvas allows a snap-shot of energy for a given moment - the essence of the landscape and the day itself. Helen turns feelings into paintings. Changing skies and reflective seas surge with a captive energy creating a drama that warrants a ‘still’. Her paintings are as intuitive as they are contemplative. Her way of working is collective and not dissimilar to literally being with one’s sketchbook. A memoir of the day and place.

“Sunrays at Sea, Cornwall” - Oil on canvas framed in a gesso layered frame - 385 x 285 in a 30mm deep tray style frame - £895

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

Sunrays at Sea, Cornwall is the response to the beauty and power of nature. The boundless energy of the ocean captured under the rays of the sun. Tomorrow the water may be still and as reflective as a looking glass. Living in Cornwall a stone’s throw away from the coast allows Helen the opportunity to keep capturing the ever-changing dramas out at sea.


T: 07872 342814 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Helen or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Louise Tate Louise Tate has scribbled, scrawled and painted ever since she could wield a pencil and brush, developing a passion for painting and drawing very early on as a young child. She has studied both Zoology and Illustration at degree level, lived in South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA whilst working with some wonderful publishers, greetings card companies and individual clients. The “Owl” has been taken from the Animal Composite range; painted on watercolour paper with gouache and coloured pencil and is one of 29 different designs. These intricate designs are filled with many smaller versions of the image so there is plenty to discover within the artwork.

“Owl” - Gouache and pencil on watercolour paper - Framed 64 x 46.5cm - £1200

Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

One Owl, but can you also spot...81 owls, 45 eggs, 4 hats, 1 unicycle, 6 mice, 2 ice creams, some knitting, 2 fish, 2 musical instruments, a pair of roller skates and an alarm clock. Louise Tate


T: 07901 253281 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Louise or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Thomas Strumpel I was born in a place along the Rhine River and then some 20 years later, I studied art in Cologne, a hub for art and artists in Germany at that time. I began with drawings but now my focus is on painting. I work with very diluted watercolours, which I apply multiple layers, until depth is reached in the picture. It creates a subtle colour play. The texture of the canvas is evident and becomes part of the painting. I now live in Zurich, Switzerland and in 2015 Elten & Elten Gallery presented my work for which I enjoyed the exposure.

“Clouds number 1” - 2017 - Mixed media on paper on canvas on wood - 42 x 58cm - £700


T: +41 786832655 E: W: For all enquiries, please contact Thomas or Celine at or 0207 491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

The Discerner

Alexander Mihaylovich “Since the late 1980s, Los Angeles artist Alexander Mihaylovich has been creating works that deal with the fragmentation of history and memory. His most recent pieces are three-dimensional mixed media works that allude to the ephemeral nature of our own time. The juxtaposition of modern industrial fragments with painted Arcadian landscapes and classical forms points to the disjointedness of our own past as well as the complexity of understanding history and time. The layering of found materials, such as plastic or metal, obscures our ability to view the painted image and acts as a metaphor for the destruction of cultural heritage and the environment.”

“Ancient Landscape (Equilibrium)” - 2008 - Oil on canvas - 34 x 34cm - £3000 Available to view at the Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair

Painted in the old master style, the ancient landscape is a metaphor for the increasingly endangered environment. Framed by industrial artifice the rusted metal, screens, a serial number and the word ‘Equilibrium’, add a final layer of irony.


W: E: For all enquiries, please contact Alexander or Celine at or 020 7491 9925 www.thediscer ne r . c om

This book is the first to demonstrate the practical implications of an important, yet under-considered area of psychology in helping traders and investors understand the biases and attribution errors that drive unpredictable behaviour on the trading floor. Readers will improve their chances of trading successfully by learning where cognitive biases lead to errors in stock analysis and how these biases can be used to predict behaviour in market participants.

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The Discerner Art Publication - October 2017  

Discover the works of wonderful emerging artists such as Caia Matheson, Melanie Wright, Michelle Hold, Barry Andrews, Victoria Kiff, Lou Ham...

The Discerner Art Publication - October 2017  

Discover the works of wonderful emerging artists such as Caia Matheson, Melanie Wright, Michelle Hold, Barry Andrews, Victoria Kiff, Lou Ham...