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What is Intenix Intenix is an advanced, quickly-implemented solution for organisations which supply, or would like to supply, an advanced website platform to their customers. The Intenix website solution encompasses a high level of design ability, functionality, marketing intelligence, technical support and infrastructure management. Created using Microsoft’s .NET framework, Intenix uses the most advanced web components available and focuses on ease of use for both the reseller and the end user (the website owner). The Intenix team has 15 years of experience and development of website platforms, and its system combines an in-depth knowledge of design delivery, rich functionality and marketing ability.














Intenix Licensee Information

gives you complete control over License Details layout and content with no technical skills needed Taking a Intenix Technology (NT) License will provide you with the ability and support to sell Intenix Reseller Licenses to businesses that want to deliver websites to end users. NT Licensees will receive training, support and regular updates of website related technology.

A NT Licensee is allocated a territory in which they are able to approach and sell Intenix Technology and Services.

We would welcome Network Security onboard and provide training and support on the system as well as provide collaterall for the resale of the Intenix products and services.

Revenue Lines for Intenix Technology Licencees Reseller License Reseller System Per Setup Site Hosting / Support Per Yr

Cost £5,500 Cost £1,500 Cost £250

Licensee revenue £1,000 Licensee revenue £250 Licensee revenue £25

Why Become a Regional Licensee Taking a license with Intenix allows you to sell Intenix Reseller Licenses. Our business model has been created to make sure everybody involved with Intenix can make money with minimal effort. Any business that might require multiple websites, for either their customers or their own business, is a potential Reseller. These could be design agencies, publishers, IT companies even franchises. Once you sell a Reseller License all you have to do is spend half a day to a day showing the Reseller how to use the system. After this Intenix takes care of the rest, we manage billing, system setups we even provide the support to the Reseller so you don’t have to! In fact if you want to you can simply leave that Reseller to us and watch the payments roll in. Not only do you earn money from selling the Reseller License but you get paid every time that Reseller sets up a new site for one of their customers. Not only this but you get a recurring income

Make money with minimal effort. Find Resellers for the Intenix platform and receive recurring ongoing revenues

from the support and hosting fee. Should you wish you can offer Resellers your own support contracts and services which will provide you with additional income. Intenix puts the Reseller in control of the delivery of powerful commercially-oriented website solutions allowing you to develop a new profit centre for your business. This can be done with no need for technical personnel. It is easier to implement and faster than traditional CMS solutions whether they be paid or open source systems. The Intenix system has been developed to be flexible, powerful and fast to deliver. With all our experience of online design, functionality and marketing rolled into one system you get a solution that has the answer to most commercial requirements. With continuous development we will remove the burden of the site advancement from the Reseller so they always have the latest greatest technology for their customers. Add to this our continuous improvement of the Intenix system and ongoing server maintenance and our low hosting and version register fee is a great unique selling point.

CMS (Content Management Systems) are sold from just £1,250 but... Intenix is a far more than just a CMS system, it’s a website platform that can be implemented as a simple templated microsite system or a custom-designed enterprise business solution. The billable value for the Reseller comes from consultancy, design, content and marketing. Not just from the Intenix platform. Sites costing anything from £3k - £50k would happily sit on the Intenix platform, so you can see the scope for profit.

Intenix manages the deployment, hosting, support and backup of websites while Resellers or end users apply the design and enter the content to the system. Your new system is ready in 24 hours of your request - the rest is under your control. If you need help you can take advantage of our on-line support and Microsoft Messenger live support. So you’ll soon get the hang of setting up websites in record time. This heavyweight system will challenge competitors and enable you to fulfil your customers’ needs all in one place.

Licensee Earning Potential

An under performing reseller model

selling just 5 sites each a year could still generate from about £20k in year one to £58k by year three

A performing group of resellers Gaining 15 resellers each year who average 1 website a month could generate from about £50k in year one to £165k by year three

N.B. Please note year one projections will vary dependant on the speed that Resellers are recruited

A good performing reseller model

20 resellers each year performing well with 2 websites a month could generate from about ÂŁ120k in year one to nearly ÂŁ400k by year three

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Intenix Licensee Document  

This document outlines the benefits of becoming an Intenix Regional Licensee

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