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Services Overview



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Emotio Design Group engages customers on a new level using innovative techniques and tools. At Emotio we help you find the relevant, beneficial differentiation between your brand and others that will work to improve your business marketing effectiveness.

Emotio’s team have over 2 decades delivering successful design and marketing solutions. This document will give you an idea of what solutions we can provide.

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Note: Emotio has made every effort to ensure that all statements and information contained in this document are accurate but accepts no liability for any error or omission in the same.


Services Overview




Emotio’s Website Solutions Content Management System and E-Commerce Emotio has a selection of cutting edge website platforms that allow them to quickly implement feature rich, highly functional, powerful websites, giving the user full content control together with many other features, see our site for more information. These systems enable us to deliver websites in days or weeks, rather than months, allowing us to keep costs competitive whilst giving unparalleled functionality.

Custom Build Websites Emotio’s design and development team have been involved in creating professional websites since the term internet was invented. We follow a strict process for design, development and project management, usually using a structured ‘waterfall methodology’.

We can assist businesses with all areas of their website

build, through business analysis, specification and

test scripts to design, build and testing. These custom

developments often include integration with your internal systems ranging from accounting, CRM and even EDRM. Unlike many agencies we also provide ongoing support and hosting.

“Damon and his team are

extremely professional and

Post Website Build Emotio’s service does not end with the delivery and live deployment of your website. We are equipped to define and implement your marketing strategy also.

Having control of all the elements of your

website means that we can provide search engine optimisation,





and many other internet marketing tactics, avoiding potential roadblocks by other development or design agencies.

Our team have an excellent history of

successful, integrated, marketing campaigns. We also provide a comprehensive support service so you are never left in the dark.

have made the daunting task of embarking on developing a new website exciting and

enjoyable...Damons in depth

knowledge of internet marketing is also a huge positive and is

helping my company enormously in putting together a complete social media strategy” Paul Brooks Managing Director SFD Ltd.

“Building a website without a marketing solution is like making a TV advert without buying any airtime”


Emotio Services Overview



Emotio’s CMS Solution What is it: A unique content management website platform with a unique proposition.

The Emotio CMS

System (Built by Intenix) is a commercially oriented content managed system that gives you the option to control all elements of your sites content. Emotio use this as a foundation for your website.

Just Some Features: •

One of the webs best HTML Editors

Full file and media integration

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

Structure and User Controls

Advanced Blogging with full social

media integration

Social Media Bookmarking & Integration

Full Google Analytics Integration

Form Generator and Reporting System

with Export Function

On Page E-commerce Facility Using Paypal

Setup in Minutes

Full Extranet Multi-Level Access with

Membership Management

Event Calender and Schedule System

Big Tooltip system

Image Gallery System

Why: Emotio’s platform is continually worked on giving you up to four updates each year as we release them.

This ensures you always have the latest

trends and features on your website. We also develop new modules that can be added quickly and economically.

“If your hooked on Internet, help is just a click away!”


Emotio Services Overview



CMS HOSTING What is it: Our CMS solution is typically a hosted solution. After over a decade hosting websites we understand the importance of your sites availability and have created a secure infrastructure to give maximum uptime and site performance.

What we do: •

Site hosting and domain management

Daily backup with unlimited rollback data

Daily, Weekly, Monthly routine maintenance tasks for Databases and Servers

Email Management (if required)

Disaster Recovery

Why: Emotio’s advanced platform runs on dedicated software and by hosting with us we can provide support, backup and domain management which means you can relax. Our platform is continually developed so if you are running on our server we can easily offer you upgrades to your system for minimal costs.

Where special requirements dictate, or custom built sites require, we can provide dedicated server hosting for your site or transfer our solution under license to your own server. Both these solutions will incur additional costs above our standard hosting offering.

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. That’s why it’s important to get your hosting right from the start.”


Emotio Services Overview



Website Support What is it: At Emotio we provide users access to our support system. It is an online community forum managed by our dedicated support team. We also provide a premium service providing real time support via a chat system or telephone.

Just Some Features: •

Free Support with Forum, providing a

upto 48 hour response

Access to to our Webex online

training sessions.

Premium support service providing real

time chat using Google Talk

Hands on telephone support with our

design and development team.

Dedicated support provides a full time

resource on email and/or Google Chat

Why: All websites built on our standard CMS give you access to our support forum but for those time sensitive tasks our premium support service will allow you to chat online or call us when you require help.

For larger projects or organisations we can also provide dedicated support staff. Speak to us if this sounds applicable for your business.

“Needs create wants ... wants create tension ... tension creates action... action create satisfaction.”


Emotio Services Overview



Marketing Consultancy What is it: Your potential can be found in areas of your business where you have not yet fully explored. Emotio will help you focus on those areas where you have not yet created or refined the marketing strategies that will increase your profits or turnover.

Who: Damon Segal, who has over twenty years in the marketing and design arena, as well as fifteen years designing, developing and marketing websites.

“Damon led the development of

our digital strategy from concept to implementation. Bringing his marketing expertise he

understood the need for a user focused strategy that delivered

business results cost effectively. A pleasure to work with, Damon also

brings with him a team of talented and dedicated experts.”

Damon is on the Advisory Council for Global

Mark Flannagan

Marketing Network ( and is

Comm. Dir - Royal College of GPs

the practitioner module advisor and author for BPP/ ARU/GMN Global Marketing Practice MSc.

After six years in the Academy of Chief Executives Damon has attended over 75 personal development courses. Each course led by a world class speaker in their area of expertise. This gives a very commercial and rounded approach to your business solution.

As a professional speaker and author Damon has to ensure that he always up to date with the latest marketing trends, techniques and innovations.

Damon also sits on the Superbrands Expert Council.

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action”. - Frank Tibolt


Emotio Services Overview


03 “Amongst all of

the wild claims out there regarding SEO Damon is a

Search Engine Optimisation What is it: STAGE 1 : Keyword Research The basis of a successful website promotion campaign is choosing the right keywords. It is necessary to research carefully the most suitable keywords for your campaign.

Using select professional industry tools Emotio is able to determine which words are most searched for e.g. serviced office or serviced offices - one letter can make a big difference. Emotio will able to analyse these words to determine which similar search phrases would direct traffic to the site.

refreshing light of

reality regarding this,

his specialist subject. He understands

SEO and website

marketing thoroughly and is a recognised

national speaker

on this subject. If

you want the truth

STAGE 2 : Strategy Emotio will outline a long term strategy to maximise your organic search results. Our strategy will include both on-page and off-page suggestions as well as outlining a link strategy which plays a substantial part in SEO. There are many factors now in search marketing and these need to be taken into account; results like location, news, realtime, video, blog and images all effect organic search results. The ultimate goal is to bring more traffic to your website in an aim to generate more business/awareness. In the long term we aim to increase qualified traffic to your site, increase brand presence, ensure compatibility with your marketing plans and deliver a healthy ROI (Return On Investment).

and a creative

solution, I can highly recommend Damon.”

STAGE 3 : Implementation The implementation of your strategy is key to its success. If you have existing high rankings in search engines it is important not to lose these. Using an approved redirection

Andy Foote

of these links will ensure they do not have a negative factor in your optimisation. This

Managing Director

will need to be carefully worked out before substantial changes are made on the site.

BMS Homes Ltd.

Emotio’s implementation service includes the optimisation of the sites home page and an overview recommendation strategy for optimising pages. Should you wish Emotio to provide information or optimise each page of your site this can also be done.

STAGE 4: Ongoing SEO The ongoing work on your website is the continuous refinement of the sites on-page strategy. We will report on search engine rankings and predefined KPIs. We offer other services listed in this document that will aid in the SEO process. Each campaign includes a monthly review with Damon Segal. This review will analyse traffic data and rank positions as well as conversions and usability.

“The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.”


Emotio Services Overview



Social Media Marketing What is it: Social media marketing is a growing trend and a powerful medium, which can be effectively used as an online marketing tool. An effective social media marketing campaign requires well thought out objectives, careful planning, social media expertise, advanced writing, research skills, efficient campaign implementation and campaign success tracking procedures. We have all the necessary expertise & skills to ensure a successful social media campaign implementation for your business/organisation.

What we do: •

Determine the overall direction of the campaign

Develop a company story; identify the primary messages, themes and topics

of discussion

Identify all participants; develop profiles and biographies and the responsibilities

of each participant

Set goals and objectives, and time lines for each

Creation, setup and refinement of social media profiles

Build audiences, followers and friends

Setup management consoles and listening tools

Set KPIs and monitor results

Monthly review of page and activities

Reporting and recommendations

Provide training and support as required

Why us: We have been involved with social media marketing since 2003. We have been actively using it as a marketing tool since 2006. Damon Segal has also been lecturing on social media marketing for the last two years at Global Conferences and MBA courses at Cass, Henley and Ashcroft business schools. It has become a primary topic with brands since late 2010.

“Damon has a great knowledge of social networks

and how to work with them to promote your business. He also has that rare ability to translate business

concepts into working, nicely designed websites - and he is unf lappable!” Roderick Millar Managing Director IEDP Ltd.

“This isn’t a direct marketing tool, this is human communication.”


Emotio Services Overview



Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) What is it: On a search engines search results you will often see 3 links in a coloured box across the top and a selection down the right hand side.

These are

labelled ‘sponsored links’. In order to appear in these areas the search engines charge a cost per click. It could be 5p, or it could be £5 dependant on your key phrases competitiveness and your landing pages’ optimisation. Social media also has PPC offerings, these are demographically targeted for precision marketing.

What we do: •

Keyword research, finding the actual

words that people search for to maximise

relevant traffic to your site.

Campaign setup, including all areas of

PPC if required. e.g. Mobile adverts,

content network adverts.

Facebook PPC marketing

Linkedin PPC marketing

Once a campaign is running: •

We provide monthly campaign management

Focus on reducing cost per click

Focus on increasing relevant traffic

Focus on increasing conversions

Full reporting of monthly progress

Monthly call with recommendation

to improve site performance

Why us: Our








implemented by Damon Segal who is one of the leading authorities in this area. Damon has been managing PPC campaigns since 2003.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. John Wanamaker (1838 - 1922)


Emotio Services Overview



Email Marketing What is it: Because of the nature of e-mail marketing, results are quickly observed. E-mails go directly to your target’s desktop. They do not have to pass reception, PAs or the challenging envelope opening and you will see which offers are favoured and how many emails were opened.

What we do: •

Create and design your e-mail

or e-mail template

Provide an e-mail platform for distribution

or make recommendations based

on requirements

Source e-mail mailing lists

Manage the process of sending mails

Monitor and report on your sent e-mail

Why: Emotio’s team has a great deal of experience with e-mail systems. We can help you select the best platform for your requirements, plan and then execute your email marketing campaigns. We can also provide post campaign analytics to help you understand what worked and more importantly what didn’t work.

We also have our own recommended platform. We can set up an account for free and have you up and running in no time. We offer a monthly subscription to allow you to send email as often as you like or for the casual user we have a pay as you go option

“Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.” - Wendell Johnson


Emotio Services Overview



Link Building What is it: Inbound links form a critical part of search engine optimisation. Due to the democratic nature of the web, search engines give sites with inbound links a higher ranking.

Each inbound link acts as a vote for your

website. Based on the quality of that link it can be a small vote or a large one. So building links must be done carefully. There is no point building hundreds of links that have little or no value.

I just wanted to say thank you

and your team for many years of support and hard work you

have put into our marketing and

website. With you help the website is now firmly embedded in the search engines.” Joe Jones

What we do:

Sales & Marketing Manager -

Focus on building high quality


inbound links

Use keywords in anchor text to improve

your search engine rankings for those words

Link bait material

Blogger outreach (sharing content with select

bloggers to link back to site

Monitor and report on links built each month

Why: Emotio’s focus on building quality links

both within

articles and blogs and on page ranked sites. This mix of links will ensure a long term presence in the search engine. We follow 20 rules in link building to ensure your links are of a consistent high quality even when we are bulk building these links. We can provide as many as 100 links per month which will drive search engine positioning and your sites authority on the web.

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin (1879 - 1953)


Emotio Services Overview



Online PR and Articles What is it: Strategically publishing articles or distributing Press Releases on various websites over the Internet improves your businesses exposure as well as increases your sites inbound links. Using focused keywords in the content improves the value of those inbound links and hellps as part of your search engine marketing strategy.

What we do: •

Given a rough script, we can create your

article or press release

Given your article or press release, we can

optimise it

Once ready we can distribute your content

via syndication websites.

Finally we report on results

Why: For a fraction of the cost of traditional press releases, we can send your news release through syndication hubs and accomplish the following:

See your news on top-tier news sites like

Yahoo! News. Increase your visibility and rankings in search engines like Google. Get your news to top journalists and media outlets and drive qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your web site

Article syndication will help site rankings

in the same way that press releases do.


correctly article syndication can help build a personal or business reputation as an authority on a subject.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” Daniel J. Boorstin (1914 - )


Emotio Services Overview



“Damon and I have

worked together on

several projects now

and I have constantly found his enthusiasm and energy for his

subject compelling. He

is a fabulous presenter

with the deepest

understanding of

his marketplace and audience.”

Carolyn Henderson Managing Director Warren House


Emotio will provide a technical audit of your site covering issues such as site navigation, search engine spiderability, code analysis, URL’s, redirects and the inclusion of technical enhancements such as XML sitemaps. We would also outline various advanced SEO systems and inclusions that Emotio or your development company could build into your site to improve your rankings.

On page search engine optimisation is only half the battle. If the site is not structurely setup for SEO then whatever the work carried out on page (meta, headings, keyword density etc.) it will be less effective if the site is not set up properly for indexing by the search engines.

Our technical audit will ensure that if your site has not got all the elements to make it a success we will be able to let you know.


Often when your website is being built the people closest to it don’t see how difficult the site might be to use. It’s like having an old car. It becomes automatic to lift the door a little when opening it, then pumping the accelerator twice before turning the ignition.

Once the car starts you rev to 5000 for three

seconds and let it come down to a nice idle speed or it stalls. Now think what it would be like to give some one the keys to your car and tell them to go for a drive, they might not even get the door open! Some websites are like this and usability is often a key in getting conversions (sales, enquiries, downloads, etc) from a site.

Emotio’s team will provide a manual audit of a websites usability as well as an expert review of the sites usability.

Furious activity is no substitute for understanding. - H. H. Williams


Emotio Services Overview



Corporate Identity What is it: Looking the part is half the battle! In this fast paced world, decisions are made quickly. If your brand does not represent you in a positive fashion, your chances of attracting new business could be lost, just by handing a potential client one of your

diligently and hard with our business to develop a web site and corporate identity meeting our requirements, they have been innovative

and flexible in their approach,

delivering on time and on budget.

business cards.

We would recommend them to other business’s.”

What we do: •

Logo design

Brand Style Guides

Tom Martin

Stationery Design and Print

Managing Director

Product branding

Martins Properties

Brand management and marketing

Why: Branding is the major protection against your company being perceived as just another mundane supplier whose products and services are readily available






choice by price. With the worldwide web making it easy to locate your opposition by way of search engines, the need for products and services to be perceived as unique is imperative. The solution lies in projecting a brand image that has been carefully researched, dynamically created and finally applied in a manner that will increase market awareness, whilst enhancing your company’s image.

Emotio can help define what your brand represents to the eyes of your target market.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression”


“Damon and his team have worked

Emotio Services Overview



Design for Print What is it: A well-designed piece of literature will re-enforce your brand and when produced correctly could be a great help in raising your company’s profile. Emotio can design your flyers and brochure to give you the utmost credibility with your target market.

What we do: •

Brochure design

Direct mail




Why: Visually attractive design alone will not necessarily attract new business. To be successful many critical factors must be integrated into the design process. There are many ways to improve the results gained by the use of corporate literature. Emotio have spent years producing creative designs that have resulted in a positive response, to the benefit of our many clients.

For instance, we know it is important for your image to promote the main advantages to be gained by dealing with your company. No matter how well a brochure’s copy is put together, very few people will read every word. We also understand the need for your literature to be sufficiently dynamic to present a clear call to action. There are many other key issues when designing literature but for the best results specific guidelines must be followed.

“We make you look good between the sheets”


Emotio Services Overview



Intenix ERP Software Solutions What is it: Intenix is our technology company.

If you have a large

development requirement then Intenix can deliver the technical side of the project whilst Emotio handles the design and marketing side.

What we do: Intenix have a complete delivery solution, from, business analysis and scope documentation all the way through to functional specification, design development and delivery. Intenix can / will be solely responsible for the following


Business analysis

Project management


Quality assurance

On-going system support

Change control

The Intenix Project Management approach is based on “pragmatic PRINCE2”.

This means that the structure and

rigour of PRINCE2 methodology is followed, but in order to retain agility and reduce costs, the unnecessary bureaucracy is eliminated.

In practice, this means keeping project

management simple and not getting bogged down in large, unwieldy processes.

Why: Our team have experience delivering projects ranging from £50k to £1.8m. As a small run by experienced individuals with a history of over 20 years in this arena we manage just a few large projects each year ensuring that our customers are number one in our eyes. We fulfill solutions on a personal level as opposed to larger companies acting simply as suppliers.

Fred Brooks said “How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time.” at Intenix we make sure we keep track of every day carefully, this means we deliver on time and on budget.


Emotio Services Overview - - 020 8385 5050



Intenix Mobile App Development What is it: Intenix has a dedicated mobile application development team. The trend towards applications for mobile devices is growing and creating innovative, integrated solutions enable us to add value to your business or organisation.

What we do: With our history in application development and strict processes in project management, mobile was a natural extension to our development offering.

Development platforms include;



Windows Mobile

Google Android

Blackberry Mobile

We can manage the whole mobile application development cycle from initial requirements and architecture to development and integration into your existing systems.

Why: Our research and development team keep upto date on all technological advances. This means that our development will written using the latest techniques enabling your mobile applications to scale as technology changes. As per our ERP solutions, we ensure your mobile development is carefully planned and executed as per your business requirement. Most importantly we work to delivery your project on time and on budget.

“Always program as if the person who will be maintaining your program is a violent psychopath that knows where you live.”


Emotio Services Overview - - 020 8385 5050

Last Word This is not an exhaustive list of what we can do for you. After over 20 years in the marketing, design for print and web industry, we have worked on everything from product design for new toys to promotional items such as the finest leather wallets and binders for a private bank. If you have a creative requirement speak to us about it, you’ll find we can be very resourceful.

You scan all our contact details straight to your mobile with the above QRCode. We look forward to hearing from you. iPhone - Blackberry - Android -

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