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It’s not just information, it’s your right


n a year that saw some of the most drastic measures to balance the state and university budget — including the planned cutting of eight athletic teams and a potential double-digit tuition hike — knowing exactly how the university’s dollars are spent has become more important than ever. We’re lucky to be members of a public institution — we have the right to see the university’s budget and just how our tax dollars are being spent. In uncer tain economic times, when students largely carr y the burden of the state’s and university’s budget deficits by paying higher tuition rates and fees, transparency is more critical than ever. It is in this spirit that The Diamondback publishes its annual salar y guide. While students, staff and faculty members enjoy perusing the guide and looking up administrators’, coaches’ or their professors’ salaries, we call on you to do something more with the numbers this year. We won’t analyze the numbers for you; we’ve laid them out for you to draw your own conclusions. But look closely at the number of administrators, faculty and staff and look at the salaries — and don’t be afraid to challenge something that doesn’t seem right. Earlier this month, legislators weren’t able to agree on a budget plan for the state next fiscal year, and if Gov. Mar tin O’Malley doesn’t call a special session, a “doomsday” budget will go into ef fect — meaning there will be across-the-board cuts amounting to $512 million. That means $50 million worth of cuts to the University System of Mar yland. How does that translate to

students? The cuts could result in some of the highest tuition hikes in years to balance the budget. When administrators learned of a potential $1.8 million cut to this university back in Februar y, university President Wallace Loh told The Diamondback it could mean not hiring some faculty members or cutting “any number of things to balance the budget.” With these budget slashes looming over students’ and faculty members’ heads, we should look at how the university is allocating its funding with a critical eye. The Diamondback publishes this salar y guide ever y year, but as members of this community, we have a right to request almost any documents relating to the budget. Members of a private university — where students shell out $40,000 to $60,000 a year in tuition — aren’t able to see where their money is going. All they have to rely on are administrators’ promises that their money is going toward funding an excellent education. But things are dif ferent here; we don’t need anyone to tell us whether the money is being well spent. We can look through the salar y guide, request that additional document and decide for ourselves. The salar y guide is a resource, one we all should use. So enjoy looking for your professors or comparing salaries, but don’t stop there — look through the guide, and if there’s still more you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Yasmeen Abutaleb is a junior journalism and microbiology major. She can be reached at

The Diamondback 2012 salary guide A. James Clark School of Engineering ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering Acad Adv "Law, Karen E." Admin Asst II "Berry, Julie Elizabeth" Advisor "Hindle, Susan Elizabeth" Advisor "Ware, DaFran M." Assoc Dir "Grubb, William F." Assoc Dir "Kamalidiin, LaWanda S." Asst Dean "McMenamin, James" Asst Dean "Meyer, Maureen L." Asst Dir "Hamilton, Tamara Nicole" Asst Dir "Hollywood, Nicole L." Asst Dir "McElroy, Bria Dianne" Asst Dir "Perrigan, Veronica A." Asst Dir "Roop, Nicole P." Asst Dir "Vidmar, Deborah" Asst to Dean "Robertson, Janet H." Asst to Dean "Williams, Sheron Yvonne" Coordinator "Beaver, Paula K" Coordinator "Berhane, Bruk Tesfai" Coordinator "Corley, Melissa Lea" Coordinator "Fuller, Tamara LaShay" Coordinator "Hicks, Diane E." Coordinator "Jabaji, Ramsey G." Coordinator "Mixa, Peter M." Coordinator "Murphy, Janet M." Coordinator "Perez, Lisa Diane" Coordinator "Prince Jimenez, Teresa D." Director "Dolan, Jenna" Director "Fines, Jane Frances" Director "Parker, Rosemary L." Director "Santos, Alan P." Director "Sauber, Heidi Winick" Director "Smith, Paige Elizabeth" Exec Adm Asst I "Ford, M Christine" Fac Res Asst "Shiffler, Christopher James" Fac Res Asst"Valente, Evandro Gurgel Do Amaral" General Assistant "Bryant, La'Shae" General Assistant "Carafelli, Nathan" General Assistant "Carey, Michael James" General Assistant "Seay, Kathleen Michelle" Lecturer "Beigel, Thomas Howard" Lecturer "Calabro, Kevin Michael" Lecturer "Dabelko, Kirsten L." Lecturer "Evans, William C." Lecturer "Jabaji, Ramsey G." Lecturer "Mendelsohn, Betsy" Lecturer "Perrigan, Veronica A." Manager "Bell, Richard E." Manager "Gibson, Kathleen A." Prof & Act Assoc Dean "Flatau, Alison" Prof & Assoc Dean "Fourney, William L." Prof & Assoc Dean "Shayman, Mark A." Prof And Dean "Pines, Darryll J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Densmore, Debra Susan" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Hosten, Rebeca" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Young, Trinette" Res Assoc "Hines, Kristen M."

"$45,500.00" "$38,257.46" $28.00 "$43,200.00" "$87,500.00" "$78,700.00" "$131,100.00" "$166,600.00" "$59,777.52" "$48,700.00" "$53,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$63,000.00" $50.00 "$62,700.00" "$52,500.00" "$50,327.00" "$80,900.00" "$50,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$60,800.00" "$60,704.00" "$47,500.00" "$43,000.00" "$71,500.00" "$87,500.00" "$84,700.00" $350.00 "$96,100.00" "$87,500.00" "$39,462.50" "$50,700.00" "$68,900.00" $7.25 $8.50 $21.16 $10.50 "$46,200.00" "$69,664.00" "$12,000.00" "$5,023.20" "$5,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$2,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$82,600.00" "$41,110.00" "$138,975.00" "$46,497.87" "$239,000.00" "$41,721.59" "$44,345.47" "$39,756.21" "$43,103.00"

ENGR-Aerospace Engineering Accounting Assoc "Thorsen, Laura Ann" Accounting Assoc "Williams, LaVita" Assoc Prof "Akin, David L." Assoc Prof "Baeder, James D." Assoc Prof "Cadou, Christopher" Assoc Prof "Humbert, James Sean" Assoc Prof "Martin, Pino" Assoc Prof "Sanner, Robert Michael" Assoc Prof "Sedwick, Raymond John" Assoc Prof "Winkelmann, Allen E." Assoc Prof "Yu, Kenneth H." Asst Dir "Aparakakankanange, Erika" Asst Dir "Hentz, Aileen Naoko" Asst Dir "Howard, Elton W." Asst Dir "Kassaee, Ahmad" Asst Prof "Jones, Anya" Asst Prof "Paley, Derek A." Asst Res Sci "Choi, Young Tai" Asst Res Sci "Hu, Wei" Asst Res Sci "Kwon, Soonwook" Asst Res Sci "Na, Suok-Min" Coordinator "Chandler, Debora Y." Coordinator "Ernst, Allison Renee" Coordinator "Sarni, Rebecca A." Dir Admin Srv "Fandino, Otto Eduardo" Director "Barlow, Jewel B." Engineer "Lewy, Kevin M."

"$33,825.00" "$33,529.50" "$153,709.00" "$120,035.76" "$120,468.00" "$102,157.68" "$78,750.00" "$112,218.05" "$93,660.00" "$76,445.06" "$130,192.41" "$49,554.00" "$51,600.00" "$70,008.31" "$93,012.66" "$75,000.00" "$84,750.00" "$83,220.66" "$55,000.00" "$43,050.00" "$54,386.91" "$62,216.45" $23.26 "$63,430.41" "$93,245.36" "$46,272.09" "$1,666.00"

Engineer "Lewy, Kevin M." Fac Res Asst "Grossenbacher, Howard Paul" Fac Res Asst "Grube, Nathan Elias" Fac Res Asst "Leiste, Ulrich H" Fac Res Asst "Perna, Michael" Fac Res Asst "Taylor, Leslie Corzine" General Assistant "Baeder, Kevin Wells" General Assistant "Hoskins, Aaron Bradley" Lecturer "Carignan, Craig R." Lecturer "Healy, Liam" Lecturer "McKinley, David Patrick" Lecturer "Palumbo, Dominic J." Prof "Celi, Roberto" Prof "Chopra, Inderjit" Prof "Flatau, Alison" Prof "Fourney, William L." Prof "Hubbard, James E. JR" Prof "Lee, Sung W." Prof "Leishman, John G." Prof "Wereley, Norman M." Prof & Chair "Lewis, Mark J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Hurst, Thomas Daniels" Res Assoc "Aparakakankanange, Hareen" Res Assoc "Benedict, Moble" Res Assoc "Conroy, Joseph Kim" Res Assoc "Diao, Qina" Res Assoc "Faruque, Imraan" Res Assoc "Ghosh, Amardip" Res Assoc "Hrishikeshavan, Vikram" Res Assoc "Koushik, Sudarshana N." Res Assoc "Park, Jung Jin" Res Assoc "Woods, Benjamin King Sutten" Sr Res Sci "Godfrey, Brendan Berry" Sr Res Sci "Nagaraj, Vengalattore T" Visit Asst Prof "Bowden, Mary L." Visit Prof "Rand, Omri" Visit Prof "Schmitz, Fredric H."

"$79,823.88" "$65,751.36" "$29,240.00" "$69,999.16" "$82,141.89" "$27,742.95" $8.50 $11.45 "$7,200.00" "$14,400.00" "$11,000.00" "$14,000.00" "$115,276.20" "$272,711.11" "$123,329.00" "$69,487.50" "$229,016.69" "$132,230.86" "$156,055.10" "$166,004.54" "$201,000.00" "$43,152.42" "$54,653.51" "$50,000.00" $21.52 $21.52 "$48,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$56,139.00" "$52,125.00" "$50,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$86,848.32" "$43,471.64" "$72,516.56" "$140,619.04"

ENGR-Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Assoc Prof "Dimitrakopoulos, Panagiotis" Assoc Prof "Raghavan, Srinivasa R." Assoc Prof "Wang, Nam Sun" Asst Dir "Lopresti, Kathleen A." Asst Prof "Klauda, Jeffery B." Asst Prof "Liu, Dongxia" Asst Prof "Sriram, Ganesh" Asst Prof "Wang, Chunsheng" Coordinator "Morris, Nina K." Dir Admin Srv "McNicholas, Michael J." Exec Adm Asst I "Lorenzana, Patricia C." Fac Res Asst "Satam, Chinmay Charuhas" Fac Res Asst "Walker, Justin Robert" Prof "Adomaitis, Raymond A." Prof "Anisimov, Mikhail A." Prof "Calabrese, Richard V." Prof "Choi, Kyu Yong" Prof "Weigand, William A." Prof & Chair "Ehrman, Sheryl H." Prof & Dir "Wachsman, Eric D." Res Assoc "Holten, Vincent" Res Assoc "Misra, Ashish" Res Assoc "Tu, Xiaomin" Res Assoc "Xu, Yunhua" Visit Assoc Prof "Chen, Yanjun" Account Clerk I "Morales, Oscar Armando"

"$102,505.92" "$95,531.00" "$87,015.00" "$72,776.00" "$83,445.75" "$82,000.00" "$83,446.00" "$86,537.00" "$69,014.00" "$106,014.00" "$35,990.85" "$35,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$89,842.00" "$115,416.13" "$141,266.00" "$159,697.00" "$104,265.00" "$170,000.00" "$44,082.00" "$33,427.00" "$42,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$36,071.00" "$6,408.32" "$30,488.84"

ENGR-Civil & Environmental Engr Account Clerk III "McGee, Charity R" Accounting Assoc"Jones, Christopher Michael" Admin Asst I "Neal, Ellen Marie" Assoc Prof "Austin, Mark A." Assoc Prof "Brubaker, Kaye L." Assoc Prof "Chang, Peter C." Assoc Prof "Gabriel, Steven A." Assoc Prof "Goulias, Dimitrios" Assoc Prof "Lovell, David J." Assoc Prof "Lovell, David J." Assoc Prof "Miller-Hooks, Elise" Assoc Prof "Zhang, Yunfeng" Assoc Res Eng "Pack, Michael L." Assoc Res Sci "Jacobs, Thomas Hans" Asst Dir "Paszkiewicz, Michael Alexander" Asst Dir "Peters, Stephanie L." Asst Dir "Peters, Stephanie L." Asst Dir "Poppler James, Kerri" Asst Prof "Cirillo, Cinzia" Asst Prof "Cui, Qingbin" Asst Prof "Forman, Barton" Asst Prof "Mi, Baoxia" Asst Prof "Wigginton, Krista Rule" Asst Prof "Zhang, Lei"

"$34,292.40" "$35,875.00" "$30,255.72" "$48,149.50" "$93,172.16" "$87,788.44" "$96,245.94" "$125,985.00" "$6,480.00" "$43,812.78" "$135,371.54" "$105,060.00" "$135,000.00" "$147,000.00" "$80,240.00" "$5,121.20" "$76,497.63" "$65,000.00" "$75,298.00" "$75,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$78,000.00" "$78,000.00"

Asst Res Schl "Dye, Richard R." Asst Res Sci "Hamedi, Masoud" Coordinator "Alessandrini, Janet L." Coordinator "Palma, Andrew Anthony" Coordinator "Toman, John" Director "Moscoso, Rodrigo E." Director "Santos, Alan P." Director "Schuetz, Lisa K." Fac Res Asst "Ahdi, Farshad" Fac Res Asst "Bhende, Ameya R" Fac Res Asst "Bituin, Alfredo L." Fac Res Asst "Brown, Matthew T" Fac Res Asst "Chang, Benjimin C" Fac Res Asst "Chen, Yen-Yu" Fac Res Asst "Couture, Michael" Fac Res Asst "Devries, Henry" Fac Res Asst"Douglass, Raymond Rennell III" Fac Res Asst "El Azhari, Dayana" Fac Res Asst "Farokhi Sadabadi, Kaveh" Fac Res Asst "Fontaine, David Michael" Fac Res Asst "Frankle, Kathleen M." Fac Res Asst "Fu, Chauling" Fac Res Asst "Huang, Qiang" Fac Res Asst "Hutchinson, Taran Lee" Fac Res Asst "Ivanov, Nikola" Fac Res Asst"Jennings, Christopher Matthew" Fac Res Asst "Ji, Mingyang" Fac Res Asst "Keane, Carlyn Leigh" Fac Res Asst "Kramida, Gregory" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Alan Jude" Fac Res Asst "Lees, Jenny" Fac Res Asst "Li, Juan" Fac Res Asst "Lu, Yujie" Fac Res Asst "Lucman, Walter" Fac Res Asst "Lund, Andrew Scott" Fac Res Asst "Martin, James Thomas" Fac Res Asst "McEwan, Ian" Fac Res Asst "Minisi, John Anthony" Fac Res Asst "Mushi, Andrew" Fac Res Asst "Nair, Rahul" Fac Res Asst "Pansare, Manoj" Fac Res Asst "Parker, Marygrace M" Fac Res Asst "Parnian, Dorothy Brown" Fac Res Asst "Patel, Tapan" Fac Res Asst "Shim, Yohan" Fac Res Asst "Stellfox, Edwin" Fac Res Asst "Thomas, Marvin E" Fac Res Asst "Twisdale, Denise H." Fac Res Asst "VanDaniker, Michael Robert" Fac Res Asst "Weeks, Valerie" Fac Res Asst "Zhu, Shanjiang" IT Coor "Gonzalez, Otto Raul" Lecturer "Barham, Thomas William Ault" Lecturer "Brantley, William" Lecturer "Britton, Kathryn" Lecturer "Davis, Jocelyn S" Lecturer "Garcia, Fernando" Lecturer "Groff, Mark J." Lecturer "Link, Lewis E. JR" Lecturer "Macrae, Scott Robert" Lecturer "Negahban, Sam Siamak" Lecturer "O'Connell, Kenneth J." Lecturer "Powell, Thomas J." Lecturer "Schulman, Neil R." Lecturer "Sibold, Randolph" Manager "Prince, Janette" Office Clerk I "Kress, Abigail Theresa" Office Clerk I "Kress, Michael Patrick" Prof "Aggour, Mohamed Sherif" Prof "Amde, Amde M." Prof "Ayyub, Bilal M." Prof "Baecher, Gregory B." Prof "Chang, Gang-Len" Prof "Davis, Allen P." Prof "Hao, Oliver J." Prof "McCuen, Richard H." Prof "Schonfeld, Paul M." Prof "Schwartz, Charles W." Prof "Torrents, Alba" Prof & Chair "Haghani, Ali" Prof Emeritus "Sternberg, Yaron M." Prog Coor "Byrd, Wanda M." Res Assoc "Broadhurst, Catherine L." Res Assoc "Gutierrez-Magness, Angelica L." Res Assoc "Lin, Cheng" Res Assoc "Young, Stanley Ernest" Res Coor "Montelara, Maritza A." Res Coor "Morris, N'kola Kirhene" Res Prof "Fu, Chung C." Res Prof "Galloway, Gerald E JR" Res Prof "Milner, Stuart Dennis"

"$136,591.38" "$80,000.00" "$52,931.18" $21.00 $26.70 "$130,745.00" "$69,790.26" "$93,403.59" "$32,500.00" "$35,000.00" "$56,005.36" "$56,000.00" "$56,000.00" $25.00 "$56,000.00" $44.50 "$74,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$47,047.50" "$77,165.43" "$98,117.39" "$36,375.12" $22.00 "$100,000.00" "$92,000.00" "$48,300.00" $25.00 "$49,449.60" "$50,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$40,500.00" $15.00 "$64,300.00" "$74,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$98,295.00" "$50,000.00" "$68,285.82" "$80,000.00" "$143,262.77" "$92,602.00" "$53,505.00" "$69,500.00" "$53,794.80" "$88,069.23" "$82,000.00" "$65,526.63" "$90,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$61,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$4,482.00" "$13,500.00" "$13,500.00" "$27,000.00" "$12,500.00" "$4,482.00" "$13,500.00" "$13,500.00" "$13,500.00" "$13,500.00" "$4,499.99" "$27,000.00" "$13,500.00" "$63,751.46" $10.25 $10.25 "$111,582.67" "$147,321.11" "$152,183.97" "$165,576.35" "$188,302.99" "$115,220.94" "$102,766.22" "$126,730.84" "$120,000.12" "$145,982.08" "$113,695.05" "$205,600.00" "$13,500.00" "$53,320.50" $21.33 $60.22 "$61,461.01" "$94,013.38" "$45,442.12" "$50,000.00" "$109,714.80" "$101,028.63" "$90,391.15"


3 Sr Res Eng Sr Res Eng Visit Asst Res Schl

"Cable, John Hart" "Schoener, George E" "Centofanti, Tiziana"

"$138,784.32" "$165,919.30" "$58,200.00"

ENGR-Continuing & Distance Learning in Engr Acad Prog Spec "Fatemi, Sania" Admin Asst I "Baker, Yasmine" Admin Asst II "Barnhart, Gabrielle A." Asst Dir "Ronning, Marty" Asst Dir "Shalini, Lalitha M." Coordinator "Brown-Darlington, Vinette" Coordinator "Hammad, Naji S." Coordinator "Headen, D'Mario" Coordinator "Libes, Sarah Hirschman" Coordinator "Lupo-McCauley, Erica M." Coordinator "Shelton, Sheri" Coordinator "Truedson, Catherine Marie" Coordinator "Yu, Sherrie" Director "Easterling, Paul A." Eng Tech III "Manzano, Susan L." Engineer "Adams, Douglas J" Engineer "Kelley, Adam L." Exec Dir "Syrmos, George" Exec Dir "Zahniser, Jim" Fac Res Asst "Morey, Dale" IT Coor "Ayensu, Kenneth M." IT Coor "Campbell, Glenn" IT Coor "Richmond, Jeffrey K." Lecturer "Amrane, Karim" Lecturer "Bahari, Seyed Farshad" Lecturer "Didion, David A." Lecturer "Eisenberg, Norman A." Lecturer "Etheridge, Jeffery M." Lecturer "Forsbacka, Matthew" Lecturer "Keating, Eugene L." Lecturer "Li, Teng" Lecturer "Mannion, Joseph David" Lecturer "Palmer, Larry C." Lecturer "Ravishankar, C." Lecturer "Treado, Stephen J." Manager "Bentley, Kenneth SR" Manager "Howe, Woodson" Manager "Mitchell, Bari B." Manager "Pelletier, Robert J." Prg Admin Spec "Rencher, Ruth Ann" PS Hg Sp Cp Op II "Lee, Edward Y" PS Hg Sp Cp Op II "Wang, Xun" Tech Consult "Seigel, Arnold E." Web Svcs Developer "Rodriguez, Heather" ENGR-Electrical & Computer Engineering Account Clerk III "Flannery, Patrick Sean" Accounting Assoc "Berry, Victoria L." Accounting Assoc "Jean, Ronald" Accounting Assoc "Wilson, Christina L." Admin Asst I "Flowers, Carolyn M" Admin Asst II "Kirlew, Althia Y." Assoc Dir "Mercado, Alejandra Victoria" Assoc Dir "Norton, Stephen Daniel" Assoc Dir "Shakuur, Asante Dumisani" Assoc Prof "Abshire, Pamela A." Assoc Prof "Barua, Rajeev K." Assoc Prof "Franklin, Manoj" Assoc Prof "Horiuchi, Timothy" Assoc Prof "La, Richard J." Assoc Prof "Martins, Nuno Miguel L C" Assoc Prof "Murphy, Thomas E." Assoc Prof "Papamarcou, Adrianos" Assoc Prof "Qu, Gang" Assoc Prof "Silio, Charles B. JR" Assoc Prof "Simon, Jonathan Z." Assoc Prof "Srivastava, Ankur" Assoc Prof "Yeung, Donald" Assoc Prof Emeritus "Tretter, Steven A." Asst Dir "Patel, Akta" Asst Prof "Khaligh, Alireza" Asst Prof "Munday, Jeremy N" Asst Prof "Rotkowitz, Michael C" Asst Prof "Waks, Edo" Asst Res Sci "Akturk, Akin" Asst Res Sci "Bose, Ranojoy" Asst Res Sci "Cho, Pak Shing" Asst Res Sci "Kalantari Khandani, Mehdi" Asst Res Sci "Kim, Hyochul" Asst Res Sci "Leng, Yongzhang" Asst Res Sci "Park, Dong Hun" Asst Res Sci "Plishker, William Lester" Asst Res Sci "Porkolab, Gyorgy" Asst Res Sci "Romero, Danilo B." Asst Res Sci "Shen, ChungChing" Business Manager "Devaney, Marion Moore" Coordinator "Hannah, Paul" Coordinator "Harris, Dolores Ann" Coordinator "Hilmer, Carrie Anne" Coordinator "Jackson, Jermaine Terrell" Coordinator "Johnson, Kia R." Coordinator "Kselman, Joseph" Coordinator "Lu, Yuan" Coordinator "Poklemba, Susan Veronica" Coordinator "Renner, Jay F." Coordinator "Tarter, Jeanette M." Director "Bell, Judith A." Director "Little, Kristin E." Director "McKinney, Jeffrey A." Director "Prange, Melanie Louie" Director "Quinn, Bryan Stephen" Director "Safar, Zoltan" Director "Young, LaShanna Lee"

"$37,275.15" $14.00 "$43,009.63" "$86,000.00" "$64,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$53,000.00" $20.00 "$55,000.00" "$53,000.00" $23.50 "$90,944.00" $22.76 "$63,000.00" "$76,000.00" "$137,200.00" "$168,000.00" "$92,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$14,800.00" "$18,944.00" "$14,800.00" "$16,872.00" "$14,800.00" "$14,800.00" "$14,800.00" "$7,400.00" "$14,800.00" "$14,800.00" "$14,800.00" "$14,800.00" "$77,000.00" "$96,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$74,000.00" "$43,121.66" $15.10 $15.00 $61.37 "$54,880.00" "$33,253.00" "$31,062.63" "$40,376.31" "$36,900.00" $13.87 "$32,640.00" "$100,000.00" "$88,332.00" "$81,524.73" "$84,732.00" "$79,596.10" "$135,138.35" "$47,458.08" "$73,073.00" "$83,593.09" "$47,730.00" "$97,504.37" "$77,126.66" "$78,933.97" "$77,234.89" "$84,104.64" "$131,182.00" "$12,024.00" "$55,657.00" "$119,334.00" "$110,000.00" "$113,330.00" "$25,875.94" "$8,983.80" "$60,000.00" "$36,135.00" "$41,563.76" "$63,000.00" "$107,567.53" "$87,000.00" "$7,388.50" "$90,000.00" "$114,437.00" "$69,000.00" "$59,824.00" "$39,478.00" "$34,481.17" "$50,500.00" "$47,040.00" "$53,000.00" "$51,545.00" "$51,040.91" "$44,370.00" "$66,895.90" "$56,883.74" "$80,830.00" "$116,835.00" "$146,938.79" "$74,000.00" "$115,949.00" "$125,000.00" "$99,246.00"

Dist Univ Prof "Ott, Edward" Eng Tech III "Mehrotra, Shyam K." Fac Res Asst "Brown, Steven E." Fac Res Asst "Castillo, Audie Magalit" Fac Res Asst "Clinger, Laura Elizabeth" Fac Res Asst "Crouse, Donald" Fac Res Asst "Di Pasquale, Joseph III" Fac Res Asst "Dusmez, Serkan" Fac Res Asst "Frizzell, Russell E." Fac Res Asst "Gutierrez, David" Fac Res Asst "Hackley, Justin C" Fac Res Asst "Olver, Laurence" Fac Res Asst "Palmer, Andrew" Fac Res Asst "Quick, Randall K." Fac Res Asst "Rakovic, Sasa" Fac Res Asst "Walsh, Curt Alexander" Fac Res Asst "Yun, Victor E." General Assistant "Mojica, Ruben" IT Support Assoc "Keehn, Patricia T." IT Sys Mgr "Thornton, Mark Allen" Lecturer "Balakrishnan, Krishnan" Lecturer "Eftekari, Reza" Lecturer "Etemad, Kamran" Lecturer "Hawkins, William" Lecturer "Levine, William S." Lecturer "McAvoy, Patrick Charles" Lecturer "Mendelsohn, Betsy" Lecturer "Nessaiver, Avisha" Lecturer "Patel, Vishal M" Lecturer "Raissi-Dehkordi, Majid" Lecturer "Thakker, Rikin" Lecturer "Wolk, Sheldon Ira" Lecturer "Zhang, Qinqing" Manager "Dill, Lon" Prof "Abed, Eyad H" Prof "Antonsen, Thomas M." Prof "Baras, John S." Prof "Barg, Alexander" Prof "Bhattacharyya, Shuvra S." Prof "Dagenais, Mario" Prof "Davis, Christopher C." Prof "Ephremides, Anthony" Prof "Espy-Wilson, Carol Y." Prof "Ghodssi, Reza" Prof "Goldhar, Julius" Prof "Goldsman, Neil" Prof "Gomez, Romel Del Rosario" Prof "Granatstein, Victor L." Prof "Ho, Ping-Tong" Prof "Iliadis, Agisilaos" Prof "Jacob, Bruce" Prof "JaJa, Joseph F." Prof "Krishnaprasad, Perinkulam" Prof "Makowski, Armand M." Prof "Marcus, Steven I." Prof "Mayergoyz, Isaak" Prof "Melngailis, John" Prof "Milchberg, Howard M." Prof "Nakajima, Kazuo" Prof "Narayan, Prakash" Prof "Newcomb, Robert W." Prof "Oruc, Yavuz A." Prof "Peckerar, Martin C." Prof "Shamma, Shihab" Prof "Shayman, Mark A." Prof "Tits, Andre L." Prof "Ulukus, Sennur" Prof "Vishkin, Uzi" Prof "Wu, Min" Prof & Act Chair "Chellappa, Ramalingam" Prof & Assoc Chair "Blankenship, Gilmer L." Prof & Assoc Chair "Lawson, Wesley G." Prof & Assoc Chair "Liu, KJ Ray" Prof Emeritus "Lee, Chi Hsiang" Prof Emeritus "Taylor, Leonard S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Hoo, Maria C." Prog Mgmt Spec I"McAndrews, Kathleen Gallagher" Res Assoc "Apiratikul, Paveen" Res Assoc "Ballarotto, Mihaela" Res Assoc "Bowen, David" Res Assoc "Burnette, James E." Res Assoc "Chen, Yan" Res Assoc "Dilli, Zeynep" Res Assoc "He, Lei" Res Assoc "Liu, Xiaoyong" Res Assoc "McAvoy, Patrick Charles" Res Assoc "Roy Choudhury, Kaushik" Res Assoc "Zhou, Xinhui null" Res Asst Prof "Dellomo, Michael R." Res Coor "Edgerton, Kristi A" Res Grad Asst III "Choi, Inseok" Research Mach III "Krusen, Peter" Systems Analyst "Flasinski, Gwen Bush" Systems Analyst "Luceno, Carlos"

"$86,087.60" "$58,790.53" "$89,601.81" "$56,988.00" "$50,000.00" "$57,200.00" "$89,460.00" $38.00 $31.50 "$90,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$107,279.83" "$52,000.00" $47.25 "$101,670.00" "$54,600.00" "$89,202.75" $11.00 "$52,277.37" "$90,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$61,666.00" "$18,000.00" "$12,450.00" "$18,000.00" "$4,138.00" "$8,300.00" "$18,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$99,500.00" "$21,240.00" "$68,396.51" "$95,208.10" "$83,496.34" "$119,859.57" "$158,969.77" "$215,480.27" "$148,161.00" "$104,422.94" "$42,200.00" "$162,114.54" "$163,756.00" "$166,842.00" "$217,882.00" "$95,418.00" "$129,198.63" "$165,799.00" "$73,426.00" "$82,485.57" "$62,691.00" "$161,181.00" "$203,587.76" "$55,810.82" "$36,944.00" "$94,997.12" "$63,432.01" "$96,853.33" "$88,941.40" "$130,541.00" "$59,312.13" "$141,502.13" "$67,673.97" "$101,574.90" "$98,049.57" "$110,671.03" "$251,404.00" "$158,456.00" "$166,258.00" "$208,653.00" "$9,667.80" "$13,204.88" "$41,668.15" "$33,077.76" "$60,000.00" "$54,888.50" "$75,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$50,400.00" "$59,828.35" "$120,936.00" "$66,400.00" "$60,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$96,500.00" "$52,640.00" "$3,804.00" "$32,160.05" "$52,763.89" "$92,505.84"

ENGR-Fire Protection Engineering Advisor Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Dir Admin Srv

"Ware, DaFran M." "Marshall, Andre Wendell" "Marshall, Andre Wendell" "Sunderland, Peter B." "Sunderland, Peter B." "Trouve, Arnaud C." "Trouve, Arnaud C." "Stoliarov, Stanislav I." "Holt, Mary L." "Hodgson, Sharon Ann"

"$3,517.38" "$7,500.00" "$86,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$120,146.66" "$5,000.00" "$89,500.00" "$87,000.00" "$36,053.00" "$88,500.00"

4 Eng Tech II "Zeller, Olga V" Lecturer "Hoskins, Bryan Lawrence" Lecturer "Hurley, Morgan James" Lecturer "Kuligowski, Erica Dawn" Lecturer "Simone, Joseph A." Prof "diMarzo, Marino" Prof "Quintiere, James G." Prof & Act Chair "Milke, James A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Baker, Patricia C." Res Assoc"Lecoustre, Vivien Renaud Francis Costia" Res Assoc "Ren, Ning" Res Assoc "Santangelo, Paolo Emilio" Res Prof "Baum, Howard"

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "$42,865.50" "$5,000.00" "$16,020.00" "$5,000.00" "$6,685.03" "$65,812.50" "$59,000.00" "$144,000.00" "$45,408.03" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" $24.02 "$37,000.00"

ENGR-Fischell Department of Bioegineering Admin Asst II "Noble, Ron G." Admin Asst II "Thompson, Deborah Marie" Advisor "French, Michelle" Assoc Prof "Aranda-Espinoza, Jose Helim" Assoc Prof "Fisher, John P" Assoc Prof "Herold, Keith E." Assoc Prof "Hsieh, Adam H." Assoc Prof "Montas, Hubert J." Assoc Prof "Shapiro, Benjamin" Asst Dir "Carroll, Catherine M." Asst Prof "Chen, Yu" Asst Prof "Matysiak, Silvina R." Asst Prof "White, Ian" Asst Res Sci "Chen, Xin" Coordinator "Anonsen, Ann M." Coordinator "Lasher, Karen A." Coordinator "Levine, Faye" Director "Chung, Tracy" Director "Moore, Teresa Susan" Elect Tech III "Hill, Melvin" Fac Res Asst "Abliz, Erkinay" Fac Res Asst "Kim, Hyunchul" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Roger" Fac Res Asst "Restaino, Stephen" Fac Res Asst "Wierwille, Jeremiah J" General Assistant "Errabah, Fatima-Ezzahra" General Assistant "Liba, Benjamin" Lecturer "Rahmoeller, Glenn A." Lecturer "Villanueva, Idalis" Prof "Kofinas, Peter" Prof "Tao, Yang" Prof & Chair "Bentley, William E." Prof Emeritus "Johnson, Arthur T." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Helene, Katherine A." Res Assoc "Burke, Jeffrey M" Res Assoc "Chatterjee, Debalina" Res Assoc "Han, Sang Kuy" Res Assoc "Hayenga, Heather" Res Assoc "Kim, Eunkyoung" Res Assoc "Komaee, Arash" Res Assoc "Nagarajan, Anu" Res Assoc "Probst, Roland" Res Assoc "Sarwar, Azeem" Res Assoc "Shen, Zhaolong" Res Assoc "Taraban, Marc B." Res Assoc Prof "Abts, Leigh R" Res Asst Prof "Bhadriraju, Kiran" Res Asst Prof "Tsao, Chen-Yu"

"$34,850.00" "$36,900.00" $28.79 "$91,505.63" "$121,367.04" "$89,903.49" "$91,647.60" "$73,344.00" "$75,000.00" "$79,768.28" "$84,000.00" "$81,000.00" "$110,666.66" "$23,180.00" "$54,896.40" "$57,578.31" "$66,831.00" "$86,266.00" "$117,314.90" "$50,508.59" "$40,000.00" "$51,408.00" $12.64 "$32,000.00" "$9,298.50" $7.25 $15.00 "$22,000.00" "$76,000.00" "$152,065.04" "$149,846.00" "$226,900.00" "$26,096.00" "$44,438.27" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$41,500.00" "$39,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$45,600.00" "$52,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$123,857.01" "$94,500.00" "$70,000.00"

ENGR-Institute for Systems Research Accounting Assoc "Dennis, Beverly A." Assoc Prof "Abshire, Pamela A." Assoc Prof "Austin, Mark A." Assoc Prof "Barua, Rajeev K." Assoc Prof "Cukier, Michel" Assoc Prof "Herrmann, Jeffrey W." Assoc Prof "Horiuchi, Timothy" Assoc Prof "La, Richard J." Assoc Prof "Lovell, David J." Assoc Prof "Martins, Nuno Miguel L C" Assoc Prof "Qu, Gang" Assoc Prof "Shapiro, Benjamin" Assoc Prof "Srivastava, Ankur" Assoc Prof "Zhang, Guangming" Assoc Res Sci "Depireux, Didier Andre" Assoc Res Sci "Fritz, Jonathan" Asst Dir "Copeland, Rebecca E." Asst Prof "Bergbreiter, Sarah E" Asst Prof "Chopra, Nikhil" Asst Res Sci "Aubailly, Mathieu" Asst Res Sci "Bandyopadhyay, Sharba" Asst Res Sci "Madhavan, Rajmohan" Asst Res Sci "Sterbing-D'Angelo, Susanne" Coordinator "Edwards, Kimberly M." Coordinator "Jenkins, Alexis M." Coordinator "Scarbor, Carla E." Coordinator "White, Pamela L." Director "Coriale, Jeffrey A." Director "Strahan, Jason Michael" Exec Adm Asst I "King, Regina M" Fac Res Asst "Bader, Abbas A." Fac Res Asst "Burke, Mary Ann" Fac Res Asst "Chang, YiShin" Fac Res Asst "Corrigan, Kristen Beth" Fac Res Asst"Elgueda Gonzalez, Diego Enrique" Fac Res Asst "Gnerlich, Markus Hans" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Roger" Fac Res Asst "McNeil, Julie Tricia" General Associate "Yang, Ka J" Lecturer "Austin, Mark A." Lecturer "Beaton, Bob" Lecturer "Sumrean, Nidak A."

"$38,710.25" "$50,584.00" "$48,149.50" "$47,687.90" "$45,405.97" "$79,665.00" "$79,284.78" "$79,943.00" "$44,260.26" "$50,371.91" "$46,276.00" "$46,624.00" "$50,462.03" "$81,446.89" "$92,485.00" "$99,519.00" "$74,500.00" "$40,990.00" "$38,695.00" "$80,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$122,000.00" "$58,387.50" "$71,396.15" "$57,730.72" "$43,803.90" "$56,607.77" "$109,029.76" "$108,872.73" "$39,350.53" $15.00 "$43,491.36" "$27,500.00" "$32,000.00" "$9,047.99" "$43,000.00" $12.64 $33.05 $10.00 "$14,000.00" "$20,048.00" "$16,016.00"

Lecturer Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof & Dir Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Coor Res Prof

"Yang, Shah-An" "Abed, Eyad H" "Adomaitis, Raymond A." "Ball, Michael O." "Baras, John S." "Barg, Alexander" "Cleaveland, Walter Rance II" "Cohen, Avis H." "Ephremides, Anthony" "Espy-Wilson, Carol Y." "Fu, Michael C." "Gupta, Satyandra K." "Krishnaprasad, Perinkulam" "Makowski, Armand M." "Marcus, Steven I." "Moss, Cynthia F." "Narayan, Prakash" "Nau, Dana S." "Raghavan, Subramanian" "Rubloff, Gary W." "Shamma, Shihab" "Tits, Andre L." "Ulukus, Sennur" "Ghodssi, Reza" "Ben-Yoav, Hadar" "Englitz, Bernhard" "Kyrtsos, Christina Rose" "Lanford, Pamela Jean" "Mesgarani, Nima" "Pomerantseva, Ekaterina A." "Predith, Ashley P." "Sell, Gregory Kennedy" "Sutton, Stephen J" "Winkowski, Daniel E." "Yang, Shah-An" "Yin, Ping-Bo" "Wheeler, Dawn V." "Vorontsov, Mikhail A."

"$9,000.00" "$21,240.00" "$53,685.00" "$71,302.00" "$189,913.85" "$75,359.66" "$35,574.20" "$47,974.13" "$82,819.00" "$62,662.06" "$49,472.00" "$58,478.00" "$153,234.43" "$105,171.00" "$96,453.00" "$50,437.52" "$107,935.72" "$64,790.29" "$73,430.00" "$89,819.00" "$112,529.87" "$109,914.79" "$60,749.10" "$159,800.00" "$42,000.00" "$39,360.00" "$15,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$44,800.00" "$83,000.00" "$48,325.00" "$100,000.00" "$49,138.50" "$65,000.00" "$51,130.54" "$65,000.00" "$43,400.00"

ENGR-Maryland Techonology Enterprise Institute Admin Asst I "Chapman, Ashley Noelle" Admin Asst II "Getek, Genia Rudisill" Adv Consul "Rizzardo, David J." Adv Consul "Schmitz, Paul F." Analyst "Dawood, Akbar" Assoc Dir "Karlson, Carolyn" Assoc Dir "Schurr, Eric L." Assoc Dir "Smith, Jay Andrew" Asst Dir "Pendleton, Edmund S." Asst Dir "Wallace, Kimberlee" Asst to Dir "Thornton, Candace P." Consultant "Ritz, Harold Eugene" Coordinator "Cohen Sherman, Alyssa E." Coordinator "Mapp, Shirley A." Coordinator "Shreeve, Carolyn B." Coordinator "Warner, Jaclin" Director "Barnes, William M." Director "Carafelli, Daniel J." Director "Chang, Dean" Director "Connolly, Martha J." Director "Dye, Craig Wallace" Director "Green, James Vaughn" Fac Res Asst "Campos, Erika Jacinta" General Assistant "Carrington, Brene" General Assistant "Pair, Chaunda D" General Assistant "Pair, Chaunda D" General Assistant "Strange, Shanita" General Assistant "Young, Jonathan T." IT Support Assoc "Kopanko, James Michael" IT Support Assoc "Sullivan, Kathleen A." IT Support Asst "Belew, Joseph A." IT Sys Analyst"De Dios, Roland Cesar Francisco" Lecturer "Antico-Majkowski, Amanda" Lecturer "Mortati, Joseph" Lecturer "Stanley, Annette" Lecturer "Warner, Jaclin" Manager "Allenza, Paul" Manager "Duh, Kai Y" Manager "Gist, Ronnie" Manager "Hudson, Peter" Manager "Hughes, Cherrie Melissa" Manager "Kerwin, John" Manager "Lawal, Olusola R" Manager "Naft, Joseph" Manager "Russo, Karen L." Manager "Sybert, Edward M." Manager "Taylor, Myron E. JR" Manager "Woodard, Barney B." Prof & Assoc Dean "Rabin, Herbert" Prof & Dir "Barbe, David F." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Black, Ericka P" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Gilbert, Cindy L." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Pekny, Jeanne M." Specialist "Ding, Haiwen" Specialist "Knapstein, Kevin Matthias" Specialist "Rich, Jahmal D." Tech Consult "Carr, Charles W." Tech Consult "Gietka, Paul M."

$16.60 $15.15 "$101,839.00" $50.00 "$57,226.00" "$89,408.00" "$101,113.00" "$100,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$68,740.00" $44.18 "$50,629.00" "$49,670.00" $22.00 "$46,250.00" "$120,000.00" "$144,558.00" "$169,440.39" "$177,784.00" "$119,500.00" "$133,000.00" "$42,000.00" $10.50 $8.50 $9.00 $8.00 $15.00 "$57,026.12" "$47,719.16" "$42,626.40" $50.00 "$12,000.00" "$14,000.00" "$12,000.00" "$3,469.00" "$133,288.00" "$121,993.39" "$85,680.00" $47.02 "$81,600.00" "$84,500.00" "$86,167.56" "$102,486.00" "$70,474.00" $62.57 $40.00 "$91,429.74" "$128,074.00" "$236,200.00" "$35,274.47" "$45,617.00" "$40,843.67" $28.00 "$53,550.00" "$48,500.00" "$86,088.00" "$97,342.00"

ENGR-Material Sciences & Engineering Adjunct Prof Adjunct Prof Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof

"Foecke, Timothy Jerome" "Rush, John J." "Hart, Kathleen C." "Noble, Olivia G." "Lloyd, Isabel K." "Martinez-Miranda, Luz J" "Pertmer, Gary A."

"$13,000.00" "$53,161.00" "$83,767.00" "$72,034.00" "$95,918.00" "$88,011.00" "$140,000.00"

Assoc Res Sci "Faraone, Antonio" Assoc Res Sci "Green, Mark A." Assoc Res Sci "Ibberson, Richard M." Assoc Res Sci "Qiu, Yiming" Assoc Res Sci "Yoon, Hee Sung" Asst Prof "Cumings, John" Asst Prof "Hu, Liangbing" Asst Prof "Rabin, Oded" Asst Prof "Seog, Joonil" Asst Res Sci "Azuah, Richard Tumanjong" Asst Res Sci "Chen, Wangchun" Asst Res Sci "Cheng, Guangjun" Asst Res Sci "Cheng, Yi" Asst Res Sci "Gnaupel-Herold, Thomas" Asst Res Sci "Henderson, Stephen" Asst Res Sci "Hodzic, Vildana" Asst Res Sci "Liu, Yonglin" Asst Res Sci "Rodriguez, Jose Abelardo" Asst Res Sci "Roh, Joon Ho" Asst Res Sci "Sharia, Onise" Asst Res Sci "Tyagi, Madhu Sudan" Asst Res Sci "Wu, Hui" Asst Res Sci "Zhao, Minhua" Asst Res Sci "Zhou, Wei" Business Serv Spec "Villeneuve, Ginette" Coordinator "Adams, Vincent G." Coordinator "Bishop, Jenna Star" Coordinator"Bonenberger, Robert Joseph JR" Coordinator "Kagle, JoAnne" Fac Res Asst "Brocker, Christoph W." Fac Res Asst "Castelo, Mercedes" Fac Res Asst "Gagnon, Cedric" Fac Res Asst "Huang, Zheng" Fac Res Asst "Maran, Ronald Ritesh Kumar" Fac Res Asst "Ren, Tong" Fac Res Asst "Tobin, Patrick" Fac Res Asst "Xie, Zhimin" General Assistant "Kierzewski, Iain Michael" IT Coor "Mateus, Annette B." Lecturer "Massoud, Mahmoud" Prof "Al-Sheikhly, Mohamad I." Prof "Ankem, Sreeramamurthy" Prof "Christou, Aristos" Prof "Oehrlein, Gottlieb" Prof "Phaneuf, Raymond J." Prof "Roytburd, Alexander" Prof "Rubloff, Gary W." Prof "Salamanca-Riba, Lourdes G." Prof "Takeuchi, Ichiro" Prof "Wuttig, Manfred R." Prof & Chair "Briber, Robert M." Prof & Dir "Wachsman, Eric D." Res Assoc "Akgun, Bulent" Res Assoc "Barron, Sara C." Res Assoc "Berk, Norman F." Res Assoc "Cho, Jae Hie" Res Assoc "Decaluwe, Steven Craig" Res Assoc "Fang, Lei" Res Assoc "Gao, Tieren" Res Assoc "Guo, Shy-hauh" Res Assoc "Han, Xiaogang" Res Assoc "He, Kai" Res Assoc "Hogg, Charles Robert III" Res Assoc "Hudson, Matthew" Res Assoc "Kneller, Larry R. JR" Res Assoc "Kothapalli, Karunakar" Res Assoc "Kusne, Aaron Gilad" Res Assoc "Lee, Dongwon" Res Assoc "Lee, Kang Taek" Res Assoc "Li, Xiang" Res Assoc "Liu, Ming" Res Assoc "Martin, Matthew Nichols" Res Assoc "Moon, Kil-Won" Res Assoc "Onuta, Tiberiu Dan" Res Assoc "Parks, Sarah" Res Assoc "Prask, Henry" Res Assoc "Singh, Deepak Kumar" Res Assoc "Vaish, Amit" Res Assoc "Weiland, Conan" Res Assoc "Wu, Yiming" Res Assoc "Zhang, Hailiang" Res Assoc "Zhang, Xiaohang" Res Assoc "Zhang, Xin" Res Assoc "Zhao, Yang" Res Assoc "Zhu, Hongli" Sr Res Sci "Krayzman, Victor" Visit Asst Prof "Li, Lan" Visit Asst Prof "Silin, Vitalii I." Visit Asst Res Sci "Debnath, Ratan Kumar" Visit Asst Res Sci "Sahin, Ismet"

"$96,484.00" "$125,473.00" "$125,000.00" "$86,815.00" "$78,500.00" "$110,213.00" "$90,000.00" "$80,801.00" "$108,720.00" "$87,396.00" "$94,000.00" "$72,800.00" "$47,000.00" "$80,661.00" $40.00 "$75,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$69,821.00" "$53,900.00" "$54,870.00" "$76,567.00" "$71,185.00" "$80,000.00" "$77,265.00" "$49,459.76" "$82,076.00" "$54,000.00" "$84,626.00" "$43,037.22" "$95,600.00" $30.00 "$60,947.00" "$80,887.00" "$26,370.00" $13.00 $42.00 $20.00 $8.75 "$53,893.00" "$13,000.00" "$153,413.00" "$130,672.00" "$101,525.00" "$153,855.00" "$160,012.00" "$152,568.00" "$150,054.00" "$115,963.00" "$160,000.00" "$200,280.00" "$206,700.00" "$190,918.00" "$63,454.00" "$68,000.00" $40.00 "$75,000.00" "$68,000.00" $15.99 "$45,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$62,500.00" "$65,979.00" "$68,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$74,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$70,100.00" "$68,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$84,876.00" "$42,000.00" "$60,000.00" $40.00 "$65,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$20,034.00" "$82,000.00" "$80,538.00" "$120,000.00" "$80,538.00" "$80,000.00"

ENGR-Mechanical Engineering Adjunct Assoc Prof "Schultz, Gregory Alan" Assoc Dir "Chen, Erin" Assoc Prof "Bigio, David I." Assoc Prof "Cukier, Michel" Assoc Prof "Desai, Jaydev P." Assoc Prof "Herrmann, Jeffrey W." Assoc Prof "Kiger, Kenneth T." Assoc Prof "McCluskey, Patrick" Assoc Prof "Schmidt, Linda C." Assoc Prof "Yang, Bao" Assoc Prof "Yu, Miao" Assoc Prof "Zhang, Guangming" Asst Dir "Harper, Lee Ellen" Asst Dir "Island, Terry L." Asst Dir "Wysling, Daniel"

"$38,556.91" "$65,141.00" "$121,494.00" "$75,678.97" "$171,808.93" "$49,063.00" "$124,521.16" "$135,155.00" "$133,110.99" "$123,387.00" "$95,606.00" "$52,189.00" "$60,000.00" "$66,482.00" "$59,734.00"

Asst Prof "Bergbreiter, Sarah E" Asst Prof "Chopra, Nikhil" Asst Prof "Li, Teng" Asst Prof "Riaz, Amir" Asst Prof "Solares, Santiago De Jesus" Asst Prof "Vaughn-Cooke, Monifa D" Asst Res Sci "Aute, Vikrant Chandramohan" Asst Res Sci "Azarian, Michael H." Asst Res Sci "Shooshtari, Amir H." Asst Res Sci "Svec, Petr" Asst Res Sci "Tsai, De-Hao" Asst Res Sci "Wang, Peng" Asst to Dir "Picard, Ania" Business Manager "Gumbs, Shandra" Business Manager "Komsat, Penny" Comp Eng "Hazelwood, Dylan Anthony" Coordinator "Arunkumar, Roy B" Coordinator "Brown, Isabelita S." Coordinator "Collins Baugher, Mary E." Coordinator "DaMata, Amarildo Carlos" Coordinator "Frye, Kimberley Lavin" Coordinator "Henderson, Billy F." Coordinator "Irvin, Juanita D." Coordinator "Lee, Joanyuan E." Coordinator "Stephenson, Felicia M" Coordinator "Walker, Fitzgerald" Coordinator "Wicker, Steven R" Director "Kennedy, Cornelia Grunwald" Dist Univ Prof "Bar-Cohen, Avram" Dist Univ Prof "Gupta, Ashwani K." Editor "Smith, Kelly Sievert" Editor "Warford, Elisa L." Editor "Zimmerman, Mark A" Editorial Asst "Henry, Christopher M" Exec Dir "Brumfield, Margaret Perron" Fac Res Asst "Aroom, Majid Reza" Fac Res Asst "Brooke, Benjamin L" Fac Res Asst "Eisner, David" Fac Res Asst "Leighton, Daniel Thomas" Fac Res Asst "Muehlbauer, Jan" Fac Res Asst "Patel, Swapnesh" Fac Res Asst "Pearl, Adam Timothy" Fac Res Asst "Riley, Peter Jonathan" Fac Res Asst "Smith, Gregory Travis" Fac Res Asst "Sood, Bhanu Pratap" Fac Res Asst "Todd, R Kyle" Fac Res Asst "Vinjumur, Jyothi K" IT Coor "Fields, Melvin" Lecturer "Arul, Senthil" Lecturer "Barrett, David J" Lecturer "Bell, R" Lecturer "Cleanthous, Aris Costaki" Lecturer "Findlay, David B." Lecturer "Gallant, Frederick M." Lecturer "Herrmann, Jeffrey W." Lecturer "Hoffman, Paul C." Lecturer "Hwang, Yunho" Lecturer "Keating, Eugene L." Lecturer "Sanders, Robert C" Office Clerk II "Galpoththawela, Dingiri B." Prof "Azarm, Shapour" Prof "Barker, Donald B." Prof "Baz, Amr M." Prof "Bernard, Peter S." Prof "Bruck, Hugh Alan" Prof "Christou, Aristos" Prof "Dasgupta, Abhijit" Prof "DeVoe, Don L" Prof "diMarzo, Marino" Prof "Duncan, James H." Prof "Fourney, William L." Prof "Gupta, Satyandra K." Prof "Han, Bongtae" Prof "Jackson, Greg" Prof "Kim, Jungho" Prof "Modarres, Mohammad" Prof "Mosleh, Ali" Prof "Mote, C D JR" Prof "Ohadi, Michael M." Prof "Pecht, Michael G." Prof "Radermacher, K Reinhard" Prof "Smela, Elisabeth" Prof "Zachariah, Michael R." Prof & Assoc Chair "Sandborn, Peter A." Prof & Chair "Balachandran, B" Prof Emeritus "Anand, Davinder K." Prof Emeritus "Dally, James W." Prof Emeritus "Dieter, George E. JR" Prof Of Practice "Firebaugh, Millard" Res Assoc "Chabalko, Christopher C" Res Assoc "Chakraborty, Purnendu" Res Assoc "Chatterjee, Kaushik" Res Assoc "Chen, Chaochao" Res Assoc "Cho, Tae Joon" Res Assoc "Choo, Kyosung" Res Assoc "Dabbeeru, Madan Mohan" Res Assoc "Das, Diganta" Res Assoc "Ebeling, Daniel" Res Assoc"Gomaa, Islam Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed" Res Assoc "Gorny, Lee J" Res Assoc "Kaipa Narasimha, Krishnanand" Res Assoc "Kendall, Eric" Res Assoc "Kootbally, Zeid" Res Assoc "Ling, Jiazhen" Res Assoc "Ma, Xiaofei" Res Assoc "Mani, Mahesh" Res Assoc "Morillo Silvera, Carlos Gabriel" Res Assoc "Nagaosa, Ryuichi"

"$40,900.00" "$38,660.00" "$77,920.00" "$82,500.00" "$76,967.00" "$79,000.00" "$98,700.00" "$127,279.06" "$56,023.00" "$73,000.00" "$67,500.00" "$72,800.00" "$59,702.71" "$49,500.00" "$43,142.28" "$88,095.08" "$46,000.00" "$50,671.56" "$50,000.00" "$44,132.45" "$75,000.00" $35.00 "$59,473.05" "$50,628.27" "$59,218.05" "$47,450.70" "$58,956.65" "$95,000.00" "$259,899.73" "$205,957.00" "$43,000.00" $35.00 "$48,000.00" $17.00 "$144,172.18" "$65,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$81,272.19" "$70,000.00" "$69,503.62" "$55,000.00" "$40,000.00" $17.00 "$68,000.00" "$76,254.21" "$48,000.00" "$67,000.00" "$58,811.98" "$10,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$3,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,447.29" "$10,000.00" "$26,000.00" "$31,131.66" "$167,327.00" "$106,797.00" "$209,491.00" "$41,141.90" "$136,823.34" "$60,994.30" "$163,861.00" "$167,570.31" "$65,812.50" "$164,738.00" "$69,487.50" "$118,659.00" "$137,675.00" "$147,077.00" "$91,173.12" "$209,254.84" "$207,763.00" "$387,166.67" "$184,618.57" "$165,640.28" "$201,430.00" "$152,033.00" "$193,547.80" "$159,702.00" "$195,000.00" "$53,016.22" "$26,093.08" "$31,114.11" "$50,000.28" "$83,802.96" "$45,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$59,500.00" "$69,003.00" "$42,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$112,870.85" "$50,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$67,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$72,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$30,017.44"

Res Assoc "Nguyen, Vincent Phuc" Res Assoc "Pant, Disha" Res Assoc "Thakur, Atul" Res Assoc "Tilton, Nils" Res Assoc "Zhang, Wenqi" Res Assoc Prof "Dessiatoun, Serguei V." Res Assoc Prof "Haslach, Henry W. JR" Res Assoc Prof "Hwang, Yunho" Res Assoc Prof "Liu, Xinan" Res Coor "Samowitz, Arlene R" Res Prof "Bergles, Arthur E." Senior Lecturer "Thamire, Chandrasekhar" Sr Res Sci "Osterman, Michael David" Visit Assoc Prof "Nazeri, Azar" Visit Assoc Prof "Shih, Tien-Mo" Visit Prof "Mulholland, George William" Visit Prof "Short, James M"

"$60,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$52,720.00" "$100,875.14" "$40,287.29" "$104,472.92" "$94,464.00" "$53,060.00" "$20,400.01" "$79,270.69" "$165,807.15" "$130,447.80" "$68,215.02" "$17,203.80" "$153,000.00"

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources AGNR-AES-Agriculture Experiment Station Accounting Assoc "Hall, Heather Lynne" Admin Asst II "Hopkins, Jean L." Admin Asst II "Yoash, Lisa M." Agric Tech "Almario, Theresa M." Agric Tech "Armentrout, Keith R." Agric Tech "Bodmer, Patrick Ryan" Agric Tech "Calder, Vivian A." Agric Tech "Cline, Roni A" Agric Tech "Dulin, John W." Agric Tech "Ovando, Jorge Adalberto" Agric Tech "Poet, Daniel E." Agric Tech "Reiff, David JR" Agric Tech Lead "Bodmer, Patrick Ryan" Agric Tech Lead "Bowman, David W." Agric Tech Lead "Cline, Ronald Jason" Agric Tech Lead "Gray, Michael William" Agric Tech Lead"Harrison, Raymond Thomas III" Agric Tech Lead "Katsuleres, Mattthew N." Agric Tech Lead "Lynch, James A." Agric Tech Lead "Morgan, Kevin W." Agric Tech Lead "Morrissey, Mary C." Agric Tech Lead "Pickett, Albert L." Agric Tech Lead "Price, Douglas A." Agric Tech Lead "Ridgley, Timothy D. SR" Agric Tech Lead "Sheils, Timothy Kyle" Agric Tech Lead "Stafford, Paul R. JR" Agric Tech Supv "Albaugh, Katie M" Agric Tech Supv "De Rico, Joseph W." Agric Tech Supv "Ellis, Timothy S." Agric Tech Supv "Embrey, Michael S." Agric Tech Supv "Hawkins, Alfred Edward" Agric Tech Supv "Murphy, Donald Lawrence" Agric Tech Supv "Senkbeil, Fred Adolph" Agric Tech Supv "Streett, Joseph I." Agric Tech Supv "Welsh, G R" Agric Tech Supv "Wyand, David L. JR" Agric Worker II "Conover, Theodore" Agric Worker II "Kenney, Ryan D." Assoc Res Sci "Staver, Kenneth W. JR" Asst Dir "Keshavarz, Hossein" Asst Dir "Taylor-Rogers, Sarah" Asst Res Sci "Yonkos, Lance T." Auto Serv Mech "North, John W. JR" Auto Shop Supv "Kelley, Michael L." Business Manager "Corbin, Sherry L." Business Manager "Gomez, Richard W." Business Serv Spec "Hill, Carol Ann" Coordinator "Nunn, Nancy K" Coordinator "Simmons, Theresa M." Coordinator "South, Barbara D." Engineer "Pinkard, Adam A." Fac Ext Asst "Clark, Andrew Joseph" Fac Mgr "Dwyer, Michael E." Fac Res Asst "Allnutt, Francis J." Fac Res Asst "Anderson, Ronald David" Fac Res Asst "Bassler, Robert E. JR" Fac Res Asst "Draper, Edward C." Fac Res Asst "Friedman, Diana" Fac Res Asst "Leibman, Dena" Fac Res Asst "Newell, Michael J." Fac Res Asst "Reeser, Vara J." Fac Res Asst "Ross, Marylee" Fac Res Asst "Turley, Steven D." Fac Res Asst "Ziegler, Gregory P." General Assistant "Clipp, Jacob Forsyth" General Assistant "Friedel, Elizabeth Anne" General Assistant"Melillo, Frederick Michael" General Assistant "Nealis, Hannah Elizabeth" General Assistant "Sandosky, Brandon M." General Assistant "Vincent, Emily M" Housekeeper "Flook, Lori Lee" IT Coor "Rodrigues, Amanda Mandy" Manager "Armentrout, David K." Manager "Conover, Kevin J." Manager "Funk, David H." Manager "Justice, David M." Manager "Killen, William D. JR" Manager "Muhleman, David R." Manager "Spielman, Brian Scott" Manager "Sultenfuss, Mark A." Prof & Assoc Dean "Shirmohammadi, Adel" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Cook, Jeri M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Mason, Cindy L."

$16.00 "$33,444.20" "$42,878.58" "$40,013.67" $13.87 $13.87 "$39,126.00" "$31,632.35" "$37,538.87" "$32,872.51" "$41,652.34" "$33,951.43" "$32,271.00" "$42,357.40" "$35,790.60" "$34,733.56" "$35,274.47" "$38,088.00" "$44,226.28" "$46,277.89" "$46,277.89" "$46,551.92" "$44,648.38" "$46,189.44" "$32,271.00" "$45,195.55" "$37,109.10" "$45,902.47" "$52,429.35" "$51,227.89" "$51,987.14" "$39,573.52" "$40,308.56" "$44,925.57" "$51,226.93" "$45,999.29" "$28,098.43" $12.02 "$82,581.04" "$70,751.42" "$83,302.23" "$17,811.75" "$41,778.17" "$51,896.91" "$57,103.51" "$58,263.40" "$34,238.16" "$44,000.00" "$52,156.58" "$53,183.57" "$47,562.19" "$84,428.17" "$60,016.69" "$90,084.99" "$44,851.84" "$85,825.28" "$53,664.10" "$42,793.66" "$69,616.00" "$59,098.67" "$44,319.89" "$35,957.28" "$48,326.20" "$45,986.32" $8.00 $12.50 $11.00 $9.00 $15.00 $9.00 $10.44 "$47,040.00" "$57,907.16" "$64,087.00" "$53,895.06" "$51,915.89" "$50,835.74" "$55,479.42" "$50,000.00" "$58,984.37" "$155,000.00" "$37,678.65" "$45,451.50"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Sr Res Sci Sr Res Sci

"Beste, C Ed" "Brinsfield, Russell B." "Dathe, Annette" "Hall, Lenwood W. JR" "Kroll, Kim S." "Singh, Shardendu" "Burton, Dennis T." "Fisher, Daniel J."

$24.74 "$127,775.18" "$54,000.00" "$93,778.90" "$113,509.45" "$45,000.00" "$62,949.65" "$30,818.65"

AGNR-Agricultural & Resource Economics Accounting Assoc "Gezelle, Margaret A." Accounting Assoc "Gezelle, Margaret A." Assoc Agent "Holzer Bilbao, Jorge G." Assoc Agent "Lane, Sarah E." Assoc Librarian II"Faulkner, Katherine Elizabeth" Assoc Prof "Alberini, Anna" Assoc Prof "Hanson, James C." Assoc Prof "Leathers, Howard D." Assoc Prof "Leonard, Kenneth L." Assoc Prof "Lipton, Douglas W." Assoc Prof "Williams, Roberton C III" Asst Dir "Parker, N Adaire" Asst Prof "Hoffmann, Vivian E." Asst Prof "Jakiela, Pamela" Asst Prof "Newburn, David Allen" Asst Prof "Towe, Charles Anthony" Coordinator "Lin, Pin-Wuan" Coordinator "Wilkinson, Linda L." Dir Admin Srv "Truneh, Melekte" Director "Cunningham, Jeffrey Joseph" Director "Koch, Liesl J." Dist Univ Prof "Just, Richard E." Dist Univ Prof "Nerlove, Marc L." Fac Ext Asst "Pee, Daphne G." Fac Res Asst "Ishaq, Samma" General Assistant "Shatila, Susan J" Prof "Chambers, Robert G." Prof "Lichtenberg, Erik" Prof "Lopez, Ramon E." Prof "Lynch, Loretta M." Prof "McConnell, Kenneth E." Prof "Musser, Wesley N." Prof & Chair "Olson, Lars J."

$21.05 "$22,008.92" "$58,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$59,378.67" "$139,389.80" "$128,763.47" "$87,105.85" "$47,172.50" "$107,792.72" "$165,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$100,000.00" "$125,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$56,455.50" "$80,000.00" "$101,032.89" "$75,032.52" "$212,671.19" "$175,148.00" "$32,095.50" $25.00 $11.00 "$201,211.22" "$130,450.84" "$147,129.64" "$113,447.00" "$115,466.39" "$114,239.09" "$180,000.00"

AGNR-Animal & Avian Sciences Assoc Prof "Angel, Clara Roselina" Assoc Prof "Bequette, Brian J." Assoc Prof "Burk, Amy O." Assoc Prof "Hamza, Iqbal" Assoc Prof "Keefer, Carol L" Assoc Prof "Song, Jiuzhou" Assoc Prof "Stricklin, William Ray" Assoc Prof "Woods, L Curry III" Assoc Prof "Yu, Liqing" Assoc Prof "Zimmermann, Nickolas G." Asst Dir "Dufour, Libby C" Asst Prof "Biswas, Debabrata" Asst Prof "Kim, Byung-Eun" Asst Prof "Orlando, Edward F" Asst Prof "Taneyhill, Lisa Anne" Asst Prof "Telugu, Bhanu Prakash" Asst Prof "Xiao, Zhengguo" Asst Res Sci "Proszkowiec-Weglarz, Monika" Business Serv Spec "Barber, Janice R." Business Serv Spec "Grey, Sheryl A." Coordinator "Black, Angela" Coordinator "Caldwell, Crystal" Coordinator "Finucane, Kiera A" Coordinator "Reynolds, Jennifer A." Dir Admin Srv "Nola, Sandra A." Fac Res Asst "Dey, Shuvra Kanti" Fac Res Asst "He, Jianming" Fac Res Asst "Jhingory, Sharon Gabriel" Fac Res Asst "Kim, Seon Woo" Fac Res Asst "Li, Lei" Fac Res Asst "Luo, Juan" Fac Res Asst "Ma, Yinyan" Fac Res Asst "Miao, Hongming" Fac Res Asst "Pinter, Katherine" Fac Res Asst "Samuel, Tamika Keisha" Fac Res Asst"Schiffmacher, Andrew Thomas" Fac Res Asst "Sun, Zhifeng" Fac Res Asst "Theisen, Daniel D." Fac Res Asst "Thompson, Nichola E." Fac Res Asst "White, Carine" Fac Res Asst "Wu, Chyong-Yi" Fac Res Asst "Zhao, Chunping" IT Coor "Gough, Aaron" Lab Animal Tech "Bruce, Daniel" Lab Animal Tech "Garcia, Karla" Lab Animal Tech "Reardon, Timothy Patrick" Lab Res Tech "Baltos, Leah Carpenter" Lecturer "Balcom, Sarah Anne" Lecturer "Hakenkamp, Christine Claire" Lecturer "Pittman, Erin D." Manager "Mobley, Michael W" Prg Admin Spec "Montague-Smith, Kimberly" Prof "Erdman, Richard A." Prof "Kohn, Richard A." Prof "Ottinger, Mary Ann" Prof "Peters, Robert R." Prof & Chair "Porter, Tom E." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Capotosto, Clare" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Lake, Victoria A" Res Assoc "Halperin, Janet R P" Res Assoc "Hasan, Khaleda Bhuiya" Res Assoc "Oleas, Telmo B."

"$111,769.28" "$107,884.65" "$99,739.26" "$127,783.46" "$113,092.14" "$92,754.98" "$114,000.00" "$102,664.81" "$105,000.00" "$89,946.48" "$49,546.21" "$82,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$83,000.00" "$87,510.00" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$50,710.00" "$44,826.42" "$49,150.66" "$81,603.60" "$42,500.00" "$50,841.40" "$43,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$31,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$34,650.00" "$50,000.00" "$27,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$37,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$52,529.61" "$54,915.00" "$40,000.00" "$42,550.00" "$20,000.00" $27.85 "$28,939.00" $13.87 "$32,160.88" $18.55 "$60,000.00" "$29,290.90" "$8,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$48,566.63" "$148,482.12" "$119,835.50" "$127,534.80" "$98,695.09" "$146,188.08" "$44,193.32" "$34,000.00" "$43,908.71" "$41,000.00" "$59,485.00"

Res Spec Res Spec Service Worker


"Ellestad, Laura E." "Shellem, Timothy A." "Dantley, Steven M."

"$48,818.54" "$57,095.95" "$20,241.05"

AGNR-College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Admin Asst I "Sapp, Sabrina D." "$34,727.00" Admin Asst II "Joseph, Eslyn L." "$40,267.29" Analyst "Sohns, David Adam" "$61,684.00" Assoc Prof & Assoc Dean "Slaughter, Leon H." "$142,444.00" Asst Dean "Cooper, Evelyn E." "$102,400.00" Asst Dean "Ramia, Daniel W." "$180,092.54" Asst Dir "Nitowitz, Patricia M." "$107,051.00" Asst Res Sci "Narrod, Clare" "$100,000.00" Asst to Dean "Carstens, Loretta P." "$70,297.70" Asst to Dean "Yeiser, Gail P." "$79,370.01" Asst to Dir "Petty, Vernora R" "$45,633.92" Business Serv Spec "Biery, Pamela K." "$41,086.00" Coordinator "Aubry, Christopher P." "$76,150.00" Coordinator "Cooper, Judy K." "$53,548.26" Coordinator "Grimley, Mary" "$65,150.22" Coordinator "Lapanne, Tim J" "$52,746.00" Coordinator "Leger, Ann J." "$37,500.00" Coordinator "Mazur, Angela Beth" "$48,000.00" Coordinator "Ode, David" "$73,234.96" Coordinator "Saunders, Tonya Sharyn" "$47,548.12" Coordinator "Stanley, Daphne G." "$57,044.60" Coordinator "Watters, Samantha" "$42,640.00" Coordinator "Weiss, Elizabeth Ann" "$67,779.08" Director "Duncan, Barbara V." "$100,000.00" Exec Adm Asst II "Canales, Glenda E." "$45,158.14" Fac Ext Asst "Hamilton, Joanne B." $40.85 Fac Ext Asst "Remsberg, Edwin Harlan" "$26,912.80" Fac Res Asst "Evancho, George M." "$30,095.00" IT Prog Analyst "McKillop, Kyle Allen" "$59,405.00" IT Support Asst "Guevara, Paul Alejandro" $17.36 IT Support Asst "Shaffer, Timothy Zane" "$37,652.00" Manager "Morales, Margarita R." "$68,882.29" Prg Admin Spec "Carroll, Janet M." "$53,794.43" Prof "Mazzocchi, Paul H." "$29,140.56" Prof "Miller, Raymond J." "$91,483.65" Prof & Dir "Buchanan, Robert L." "$205,000.00" Prof And Dean "Wei, Cheng-I" "$246,158.00" Prog Coor "Stoney, Dara Lynn" "$52,000.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I"Ahlgren-Stephanos, Marie Katariina""$38,725.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Fleming Paredes, Judy" "$50,147.12" Prog Spec "Boker, George A." "$42,620.03" Res Assoc "Dubois, Janie" "$100,000.00" Res Assoc "Lucas, Derick Michael" "$70,000.00" Res Assoc "Rushing, James W." "$84,000.00" Res Assoc "Weismiller, Richard A." "$37,500.00"

AGNR-Communication & Info. TechnologyAdministration Coordinator "Sargent, Christopher" Director "Hoang, Loc K." IT Coor "Asikin, Sjafrizal" IT Coor "De Silva, Suran" IT Coor "Hoy, Valerie" IT Prog Analyst "Buster, Calvin Jerome" IT Sys Analyst "Hammond, Tim" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Forbes, Rebecca Jungja" Systems Analyst "LaVigna, Ann S." Systems Analyst "Paleg, Bradley D."

"$73,070.17" "$102,346.05" "$60,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$57,000.00" $20.00 "$70,000.00" "$37,246.83" "$61,628.62" "$95,500.89"

AGNR-Environmental Science & Technology Admin Asst I "Abebe, Elsabeth" Admin Asst II "Jackson, Lou Jean" Admin Asst II "Robey, Maria L." Admin Asst II "Scites, Tina M." Agric Tech Supv "Schlosnagle, Stanley Paul" Assoc Prof "Baldwin, Andrew H." Assoc Prof "Felton, Gary Kent" Assoc Prof "Kangas, Patrick C." Assoc Prof "Momen, Bahram" Assoc Prof "Needelman, Brian A." Assoc Prof "Tilley, David R." Asst Dir "Whittemore, Wendy L." Asst Prof "Lansing, Stephanie Anne" Asst Prof "Leisnham, Paul" Asst Prof "McGrath, Joshua Michael" Asst Prof "Yarwood, Stephanie A" Asst Res Sci "Mironenko, Eugene V." Asst Res Sci "Yonkos, Lance T." Business Serv Spec "Koster, Elma Ruth" Coordinator "Adams, Sharon S" Coordinator "Anderson, Ina J." Coordinator "Burdette, Patricia A." Coordinator "Chavez, Sheri M" Coordinator "Councell, William S. III" Coordinator "Dawkins, Joseph Brooks" Coordinator "Dell, Sara Jane Lyons" Coordinator "Dowell, Christopher S." Coordinator "Eigmina, Kintija" Coordinator "Emhoff, Joshua Aaron" Coordinator "Hastings, Shirley" Coordinator "Hauser, Jill S." Coordinator "Hoopes, Patricia Ann" Coordinator "Kimbles VI, William James" Coordinator "Laudwein, Amanda Lee" Coordinator "Lewis, Helena DeMarco" Coordinator "Lyon, Adam" Coordinator "Mitchell, Krista Beth" Coordinator "Monahan, Kimberly" Coordinator "Patrick, Deborah L."

"$33,519.24" "$33,125.50" "$37,207.50" "$37,130.98" "$52,481.91" "$101,768.84" "$101,956.60" "$91,892.57" "$89,483.90" "$83,768.00" "$88,612.20" "$76,809.67" "$75,000.00" "$78,500.00" "$79,091.96" "$75,000.00" "$68,177.26" "$36,163.25" "$41,000.00" "$55,047.80" "$50,692.05" "$44,429.54" "$36,000.00" "$37,244.38" "$34,479.00" "$36,213.90" "$41,529.44" "$55,411.00" "$36,700.00" "$34,661.46" "$34,479.00" "$36,296.98" "$34,479.00" "$38,987.48" "$38,000.00" "$35,739.02" "$37,005.98" "$46,081.12" "$44,383.10"

Coordinator "Perdue, Maegan A" Coordinator "Scott, Catherine Ann" Coordinator "Spoonire, Richard A. SR" Coordinator "Vvedenskaya, Anastasia" Coordinator "Warring, Francis E." Coordinator "Yohn, Craig William" Dir Admin Srv "Carter, Robert D." Eng Tech III "Djamshidi, Ali A." Engineer "Seibel, Gary Edward" Ext Assoc "Steinhilber, Patricia M." Fac Ext Asst "Brosch, Christopher Forsythe" Fac Ext Asst "Dubin, Mark Phillip" Fac Ext Asst "Hutchinson, Heather Lynn" Fac Ext Asst "Shipley, Paul Richard" Fac Res Asst "Bejleri, Kreshnik" Fac Res Asst "Close, Stephanie M" Fac Res Asst "Hahn, Gene T" Fac Res Asst "Kariuki, Solomon" Fac Res Asst "Lowman, Joshua Keith" IT Coor "Bondar, Alexei" Lecturer "Archer, Becky G." Lecturer "Binder, Michael P" Lecturer "Gillan, Elizabeth Corinne" Lecturer "Goger, Joanna B." Lecturer "Iannuzzi, Timothy J" Lecturer "Murrow, Jennifer L" Lecturer "Winfrey, Brandon Kyle" Principal Agent "Tjaden, Robert L. JR" Prof "Coale, Frank J." Prof "Hill, Robert Lee" Prof "Kearney, Michael S." Prof "Rabenhorst, Martin C." Prof "Weil, Raymond R." Prof & Chair "Bowerman, William W" Prof & Dir "Harrell, Reginal M." Prof & Dir "James, Bruce R." Res Assoc "Li, Ji" Sr Res Sci "Fisher, Daniel J."

"$34,661.46" "$35,739.02" "$39,099.27" "$45,000.00" "$36,213.91" "$38,000.00" "$88,009.00" "$51,854.40" "$63,886.48" "$88,999.56" "$60,000.00" "$87,179.00" "$53,593.97" "$65,364.51" "$47,261.04" $15.00 "$43,000.00" "$46,703.00" $15.00 "$71,420.50" "$34,000.00" "$4,005.00" "$38,000.00" "$69,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$69,000.00" "$4,500.00" "$127,330.56" "$140,301.02" "$111,013.63" "$77,580.58" "$110,813.86" "$116,253.22" "$180,000.00" "$135,123.09" "$122,566.00" "$33,427.00" "$62,571.30"

AGNR-Institute of Applied Agriculture Business Serv Spec "Dingess, Carole A." Inst "Walls, Roy Smith JR" Lect & Dir "Hyman, Glori D." Lecturer "Gless, Raymond G. JR" Lecturer "Grady, Michael J." Lecturer "Ingram, Kenneth Bobby" Lecturer "Mathias, Justin K." Lecturer "Polishuk, Ellen"

"$47,500.15" "$79,222.36" "$82,736.00" "$50,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$95,576.03" "$25,000.00"

AGNR-MCE-Home and Garden Admin Asst II Business Manager Ext Prog Asst Fac Ext Asst Principal Agent Principal Agent Sr Agent & Dir

"Jacobson, J Lynn" "Malloy, Ria" "Ricigliano, Debra A." "Hessey, Robin M." "Clement, David L." "Malinoski, Mary K." "Traunfeld, Jon H."

"$17,529.60" "$48,363.16" "$24,213.37" "$48,486.16" "$77,412.47" "$74,605.00" "$73,565.25"

AGNR-Nutrition and Food Science Accounting Assoc "Vinogradova, Margarita" Admin Asst I "Fisher Dortch, Keisha" Admin Asst I "Pandian, Marythai Y." Admin Asst I "Wallace, Bettie Jean" Assoc Prof "Lo, Yangming Martin" Assoc Prof "Sahyoun, Nadine R." Asst Prof "Cheng, Wen Hsing" Asst Prof "Lee, Seong-Ho" Asst Prof "Pradhan, Abani K" Asst Prof "Wang, Qin" Business Serv Spec "Kieckhefer, Terri" Coordinator "Ashburn, Linda" Coordinator"Benoit-Moctezuma, Denise Ann" Coordinator "Butler, Lorraine Marie" Coordinator "Harris, Nenita R." Coordinator "Holland, Corey" Coordinator "Holovach, Nicole Ferring" Coordinator "Kao, Sara" Coordinator "McShane, Phyllis Elizabeth" Coordinator "Partridge, Natalie U." Coordinator "Pellechia, Kathleen M." Coordinator "Rivera, Maritza" Ex Nutr Asst "Baiyewu, Melissa Anne" Ex Nutr Asst "Bland, Monica R." Ex Nutr Asst "Bryan, Kimberly D." Ex Nutr Asst "de Perez, Ellen Howard" Ex Nutr Asst "Long, Karlene Edris" Ex Nutr Asst "Mendoza, Norma L." Ex Nutr Asst "Orantes, Marlene L." Ex Nutr Asst "Yuhn, Amy M" Ext Assoc "Mehta, Mira" Fac Ext Asst "Schneider, Janice K." Fac Ext Asst "Stapley, Desire" Fac Res Asst "Dharmarha, Vaishali" Fac Res Asst "Ge, Haiqin" Fac Res Asst "Qin, Jianwei" Fac Res Asst "Rump, Lydia Vanessa" Lecturer "Pellechia, Kathleen M." Lecturer "Udahogora, Margaret" Manager "Smith, Tara M." Prof "Castonguay, Thomas W." Prof "Jackson, Robert T." Prof "Lei, David K. Y." Prof & Act Chair "Yu, Liangli" Prof & Dir "Meng, Jianghong" Res Assoc "Anderson, Amy Louise" Res Assoc "Jeong, Jin Boo" Res Assoc "Kim, Eun Kyung"

"$44,209.62" "$26,045.00" "$42,765.21" "$30,044.80" "$104,953.10" "$102,522.00" "$76,039.80" "$80,000.00" "$77,500.00" "$76,500.00" "$37,660.16" "$58,900.00" "$60,613.49" "$36,600.00" "$63,981.59" "$62,990.48" "$55,000.00" "$46,800.00" "$69,350.36" "$35,852.71" "$67,957.50" "$54,000.00" "$31,085.85" "$23,314.39" "$23,315.19" "$29,733.00" "$22,208.45" "$29,733.00" "$33,733.00" "$31,452.64" "$76,126.23" "$80,239.72" "$78,954.12" "$50,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$61,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$65,057.00" "$74,002.76" "$100,422.80" "$107,464.80" "$146,442.11" "$143,788.08" "$185,084.54" "$45,000.00" "$37,000.00" "$35,000.00"

Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc

"Mondal, Arpita" "Shen, Cangliang" "Wang, Bing" "Wang, Fei" "Yang, Yang" "Zhou, Bin"

"$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$49,000.00" "$45,000.00"

AGNR-Plant Science & Landscape Architecture Acad Prog Spec "Cortez, Dora Diana" Accounting Assoc "Kilroy, Rosalind M." Adjunct Asst Prof "Leonard, John G. JR" Admin Asst II "Joseph, Sellumi M." Admin Asst II "Rodriguez, Gina Lynne" Agric Tech Lead "Hailegiorgies, Naod B" Agric Tech Lead "Islam, Moynul M" Agric Tech Lead "Watkins, Patrick Howard" Agric Tech Supv "Cooper, Aaron R." Agric Tech Supv "Wallace, Sydney F." Assoc Prof "Carroll, Mark J." Assoc Prof "Coleman, Gary D." Assoc Prof "Costa, Jose M." Assoc Prof "Ellis, Christopher David" Assoc Prof "Forseth, Irwin N. JR" Assoc Prof "Glenn, Donald Scott" Assoc Prof "Grybauskas, Arvydas P." Assoc Prof "Kratochvil, Robert James" Assoc Prof "Myers, David N." Assoc Prof "Neel, Maile C" Assoc Prof "Sullivan, Jack" Assoc Prof "Turner, Thomas R." Asst Dir "Nola, Dennis R." Asst Prof "Balci, Yilmaz" Asst Prof "Chanse, Victoria" Asst Prof "Chaverri, Priscila" Asst Prof "Duempelmann, Sonja" Asst Prof "Kweon, Byoung-Suk" Asst Prof "Micallef, Shirley Ann" Asst Prof "Zhu, Jianhua" Business Manager"Pridmore, Michelle Louise" Coordinator "Burk, Susan E." Director "Bryer, Marie G." Fac Mgr "Faulkner, Shaun Selby" Fac Res Asst "Nemes, Attila" Fac Res Asst "Pahl, Donna Marie" Fac Res Asst "Reed, Elizabeth Ann" Fac Res Asst "Ryan, Christopher Patrick" IT Support Asst "Behnke, Christopher L" Lab Res Tech "Belayneh, Bruk E." Lecturer "Anderson, Ann Slovak" Lecturer "Bathon, Colleen Erin" Lecturer "Davies, Douglas A" Lecturer "Ison, Arlie Marion" Lecturer "Petroff, Karen A" Manager "Morgavan, Betty M." Prof "Dernoeden, Peter H." Prof "Everts, Kathryne L." Prof "Lea-Cox, John D." Prof "McIntosh, Marla S." Prof "Sullivan, Joseph H." Prof "Walsh, Christopher S." Prof & Chair "Kenworthy, William J." Prof Of Practice "Cohan, Steven M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Hunt, Kathleen W." Res Assoc "Bienapfl, John C." Res Assoc "Che-Castaldo, Judy P" Res Assoc "Hwang, Eun-young" Res Assoc "Islam, Nazrul" Res Assoc "Kim, Jongyun" Res Assoc "Lin, Rongshuang" Res Assoc "Ma, Hongmei" Res Assoc "Majsztrik, John Christopher" Res Assoc "Parmentier-Line, Cecile M." Systems Analyst "Beach, Patrick Matthews"

"$37,275.15" "$45,759.20" "$10,000.00" "$42,032.13" "$20,800.00" "$33,739.33" "$34,249.61" "$32,271.00" "$42,599.71" "$38,608.31" "$83,070.37" "$85,731.99" "$89,188.48" "$87,000.00" "$93,947.73" "$86,919.38" "$88,230.12" "$92,810.65" "$75,488.48" "$60,385.39" "$81,681.39" "$68,807.23" "$91,472.10" "$80,580.00" "$72,000.00" "$82,620.00" "$71,307.00" "$75,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$71,000.00" "$49,361.00" "$43,749.00" "$65,015.75" "$58,711.00" "$58,215.33" "$31,200.00" "$33,775.88" "$35,000.00" "$44,531.13" "$32,271.00" "$9,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$4,704.00" "$62,220.00" "$118,977.89" "$97,756.00" "$102,971.00" "$141,576.19" "$101,256.92" "$111,453.31" "$129,848.00" "$103,898.63" "$48,508.50" "$42,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$47,500.00" "$45,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$52,020.00" "$73,950.00"

AGNR-UME-1980 Admin Asst II "Mbye, Ida F." Asoc Prof &Assoc Dir "Brooks, Henry M." Asst Prof "Zoumenou, Virginie" Coordinator "Rogers, Berran L. JR" Coordinator "Street, Suzanne T." Director "Kuennen, Daniel S." Ex Nutr Asst"Douglas-Schwarz, Melinda Ann" Exec Adm Asst I "Hudson, Hermetta Olivia" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Harmon, Stephanie T." Sr Agent "Kuennen, Daniel S." Visit Asst Prof "Escobar, Enrique Nelson" Visit Prof "Handwerker, Thomas S"

"$36,134.68" "$132,185.76" "$66,193.85" "$52,275.00" "$29,263.50" "$59,720.77" "$27,000.00" "$44,862.52" "$43,607.67" "$62,158.36" "$30,380.00" "$19,013.75"

AGNR-UME-East Region Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst I Admin Asst II Admin Asst II Admin Asst II Admin Asst II

"Brown, Patricia C." "Browning, Georgeann" "Collison, Deborah A." "DiBastiani, Lynne W." "Fitzhugh, Norma H." "Fleming, Jamie L." "Germuth, Christie K." "Golden, Beverly M." "Mack, Doris Pamela" "Mohler, Donna L." "Rich, Theresa A." "Sabur, Doris" "Schenck, Janet M." "Wakefield, Marcia A" "Arnold, Deborah G." "Barnhart, Rhonda R." "Bevan, Carole W." "Cannon, Martha J."

"$25,431.29" "$19,884.61" "$15,342.41" "$35,267.83" "$29,662.48" "$31,442.23" "$32,771.76" "$22,326.15" "$32,523.42" "$15,145.57" "$30,675.34" "$19,724.58" "$17,110.96" "$31,967.62" "$32,476.04" "$35,470.15" "$37,070.14" "$41,972.94"

Admin Asst II "Chollet, Pamela Sue" Admin Asst II "Clarkston, Verna B." Admin Asst II "Colvin, Carla W." Admin Asst II "Dant, Deborah D." Admin Asst II "Dionne, Kathleen E." Admin Asst II "Harrison, Alicia P." Admin Asst II "Kimbles, Catherine L." Admin Asst II "Milligan, Martha L." Admin Asst II "Potter, Wendi L." Admin Asst II "Riall, Kay A." Admin Asst II "Shorter, Shelia Rena" Admin Asst II "Smith, Norrine E." Admin Asst II "Taylor, Carol M." Admin Asst II "Wigley, Robin S." Admin Asst II "Wolff, Susan C." Agent "Aspinwall, Karen" Agent "Bailey, Elaine Long" Agent "Barczewski, April Dawn Hall" Agent "Clark, Brian Paul" Agent "Hutson, Thomas Lee" Agent "Mathew, Sudeep A." Agent "Nottingham, John R." Agent "Raqib, Naeemah Aminah" Agent "Rhodes, Amy Lynn" Agent "Rhodes, Jennifer Lynn" Agent "Ristvey, Andrew George" Agent "Stokes, Shante'" Agent "Terhune, Crystal A." Agent "Timmons, Jennifer R" Agric Tech "Breeding, Francis A." Assoc Agent "Dawson, Nevin S." Assoc Agent "Harrison, Susan R." Business Manager "Thomas, June T." Coordinator "Balch, Christie" Coordinator "Morris, Cindy D." Director "Reddersen, Karen D." Director "Valentine, Aly J." Ex Nutr Asst "Pryor, Tammy L." Ext Prog Asst "Barga, Barbara J." Ext Prog Asst "Bowling, Dale E." Ext Prog Asst "Browning, Joyce S." Ext Prog Asst "Davis, Jeanne F." Ext Prog Asst "Dobbins, Barbara L." Ext Prog Asst "Harper, Lenora M." Ext Prog Asst "Horton, Jennifer L." Ext Prog Asst "House, Deborah" Ext Prog Asst "Porcella, Kathleen" Ext Prog Asst "Schwinn, Ruby J." Ext Prog Asst "Skorobatsch, Nicole Ramirez" Ext Prog Asst "Stone, Victoria E." Ext Prog Asst "Strahl, Ariana R" Ext Prog Asst "Turner, Kerry M." Ext Prog Asst "Whitney, Alice Gail" Fac Ext Asst "Behnke, Doris Ann" Fac Ext Asst "Buritsch, Heather C" Fac Ext Asst "Chesser, Amanda C." Fac Ext Asst "Douthit, Jay A" Fac Ext Asst "Ensor, Donald Michael" Fac Ext Asst "Hill, Elizabeth M.S." Fac Ext Asst "Howley, Janna" Fac Ext Asst "Maynard, Patricia Marie" Fac Ext Asst "Meagher, Sara Elizabeth" Fac Ext Asst "Melvin, Rachel J." Fac Ext Asst "Renshaw, Jessica Lynn" Fac Ext Asst "Rosenkranz, Virginia L." Fac Ext Asst "Stanley, Deborah K." Fac Ext Asst "Wahle, Amanda Marie" IT Coor "Stenzel, Nanarelle Z." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Boyden, Bonnie K." Sr Agent "Harley, Thelma Lorraine" Sr Agent "Johnston, Christine M." Sr Agent "Mackey, Liat L." Sr Agent "O'Neil, Megan" Sr Agent "Pahlman, Sharon L." Sr Agent "Webster, Donald W." Sr Agent & Dir "Arnold, Conrad N." Sr Agent & Dir "Beale, Benjamin" Sr Agent & Dir "Dill, Shannon Potter" Sr Agent & Dir "Dyson, Karol W." Sr Agent & Dir "Lewis, James William JR" Sr Agent & Dir "Miller, Thomas H." Sr Agent & Dir "Myers, Ronald David" Sr Agent & Dir "Reed, Herbert E." Sr Agent & Dir "Warner, Cynthia L."

"$36,469.42" "$42,879.65" "$42,878.94" "$37,071.45" "$37,524.21" "$34,017.35" "$42,925.78" "$33,125.49" "$37,630.82" "$41,884.45" "$42,970.68" "$42,719.86" "$31,794.32" "$45,370.69" "$36,055.29" "$56,500.00" "$60,311.10" "$47,844.36" "$49,906.79" "$58,128.00" "$45,500.00" "$50,988.00" "$48,885.00" "$48,885.78" "$47,844.36" "$70,895.00" "$47,000.00" "$48,884.76" "$60,168.00" "$40,735.02" "$37,780.00" "$54,941.13" "$57,641.08" "$47,000.00" "$41,516.58" "$78,384.00" "$68,160.00" "$30,479.14" "$33,973.81" "$35,547.36" "$24,204.58" "$15,127.86" "$29,662.51" "$35,905.43" "$15,127.86" "$16,884.50" "$33,968.99" "$32,634.44" "$32,766.65" "$31,439.00" "$19,154.53" "$31,695.43" "$30,255.72" "$36,000.00" "$37,848.48" "$35,000.00" "$35,739.02" "$34,777.57" "$37,509.71" "$52,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$26,370.00" "$35,000.00" "$47,719.78" "$40,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$51,981.71" "$39,195.41" "$63,062.00" "$66,392.00" "$61,137.00" "$63,856.62" "$62,716.00" "$72,520.00" "$70,129.91" "$56,628.48" "$61,288.26" "$69,749.84" "$71,895.69" "$140,691.60" "$63,617.17" "$63,994.90" "$55,501.00"

AGNR-UME-University of Maryland Extension Adjunct Assoc Prof "Lazur, Andrew M." Admin Asst I "McIntee, Nancy W." Admin Asst II "Burns, Dany T." Adv Consul "Meritt, Donald W." Agent "Anderson, Christopher" Agent "Wilson, Kristen M" Asoc Prof &Assoc Dir "Place, Nick T." Assoc Agent "Archer, Deborah" Assoc Agent "Braunscheidel, Erin Michelle" Assoc Agent "Buritsch, Heather C" Assoc Agent "Coleman, LaTasha Denise" Assoc Agent "Dindinger, Jennifer" Assoc Agent "Gonzalez, Lisa Carolina" Assoc Agent "Harris, Quinney" Assoc Agent "Humberson, Tammy Sue" Assoc Agent "Kifer, Abbi N." Assoc Agent "Kostenko, Jane Frances" Assoc Agent "Lachenmayr, Lisa A." Assoc Agent "Miller, Carol R." Assoc Agent "Morgan, Lainie" Assoc Agent "Mowl, Emily"

"$125,000.00" "$19,392.52" "$22,009.10" "$30,680.95" "$69,360.00" "$65,499.76" "$150,325.00" "$51,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$46,144.53" "$48,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$44,500.00" "$37,903.36" "$37,114.06" "$96,000.00" "$39,200.00" "$52,000.00" "$44,000.00"

6 Assoc Agent "Norris, Kimberly" Assoc Agent "Parker, Matthew D" Assoc Agent "Riley, Michelle R." Assoc Agent "Robinson, Charese L" Assoc Agent "Rockler, Amanda Katherine" Assoc Agent "Rooks, Mary E" Assoc Agent "Rubin, Lynn R." Assoc Agent "Serio, Theresa L." Assoc Agent "Staruk, Haylee Nicole" Assoc Agent "Turner, Karen E." Asst Dir "McCoy, Teresa K" Business Manager "Abrams-Payne, Mindy D." Business Serv Spec "Reynolds, Dominique" Coordinator "Boone, Constance" Coordinator "Ritchie, Stephanie Mary" Coordinator "Winkleblack, Katherine A." Dev Ofc "Clougherty, Amanda Brown" Dir Admin Srv "English, John P." Fac Ext Asst "Carrasco, Virginia" Fac Ext Asst "Dennis, Elizabeth Ann" Fac Ext Asst "Fitzgerald, Jayne Ellen" Fac Ext Asst "Frederick, John Adam" Fac Ext Asst "Gray, Jacqueline C." Fac Ext Asst "Targonski, Alisha R" Graph Art Design "Yocum, Kurt Joseph" IT Support Asst "Garner, Linda Camille" Library Tech II "Largess, Mariette V." Manager "Braun, William J." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Brady, George Michael" Principal Agent "Rippen, Thomas E." Principal Agent "Terlizzi, Daniel E." Prof "Braun, Bonnie" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Wilson, Timmeca M." Sr Agent "Corridon, Cassandra S." Sr Agent "Dennis, Lisa M." Sr Agent "Frebertshauser, Denise Elaine" Sr Agent "Takacs, Jacqueline Urban" Sr. Agent & Asst Dir "Ezell, Patsy" Sr. Agent & Asst Dir "Howard, Jeff W."

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "$70,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$32,300.00" "$46,500.00" "$43,000.00" "$26,400.00" "$44,379.29" "$55,703.77" "$44,446.80" "$75,700.00" "$53,101.44" "$38,950.00" "$55,000.00" "$52,670.99" "$44,000.00" "$58,267.51" "$75,009.84" "$48,403.95" $22.00 "$42,000.00" "$67,734.74" "$32,292.19" "$41,500.00" $30.00 "$38,950.00" "$30,255.73" "$68,153.00" "$37,851.28" "$88,803.08" "$82,403.62" "$98,686.00" "$34,440.00" "$83,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$70,000.14" "$59,227.51" "$120,000.00" "$118,000.00"

AGNR-UME-West Region Admin Asst I "Bell, Corey A." Admin Asst I "Brueckmann, Amy R." Admin Asst I "Ford, Sheila E." Admin Asst I "Kulp, Carolyn A." Admin Asst I "Scarlett, Barbara L." Admin Asst I "Schiazzi, Jennie P." Admin Asst I "Shriver, Jeannine I." Admin Asst I "Simmons, Amy" Admin Asst I "Waters, Linda N." Admin Asst I "Weiner, Debra A." Admin Asst II "Allen, Dee Dee" Admin Asst II "Barnes, Susan L." Admin Asst II "Campbell, Portia M." Admin Asst II "Cocoros, Kriss" Admin Asst II "Coddington, Susan B." Admin Asst II "Dilworth, Wendy M." Admin Asst II "Guard, Wanda Marie" Admin Asst II "Marsh, Jaclyn A." Admin Asst II "Parrish, Jody A." Admin Asst II "Smith, Linda L." Admin Asst II "Thomas, Pamela K" Admin Asst II"Woodring, Diane Montgomery" Agent "Ashby, Lacie" Agent "Axline, Donielle R" Agent "Bennett, Sheryl" Agent "Concannon, Mary M." Agent "Elonge, Michael N." Agent "Fields, Nia Imani" Agent "Gordon, Kathy" Agric Tech Lead "Klick, Suzanne" Assoc Agent "Myers, Ginger Secrist" Business Manager "Cunningham, Debby G." Business Serv Spec "Hill, Cheryl L." Ex Nutr Asst "Barnard, Sara A." Ex Nutr Asst "Fisher, Barbara A." Ex Nutr Asst "Huertas-Miranda, Diana I." Ex Nutr Asst "Kinsman, Katheryn G." Ex Nutr Asst "Manfull, Lois J." Ex Nutr Asst "Morgan, Eileen" Ex Nutr Asst "Scruggs, Nancy A." Ext Prog Asst "Schultz, Bridget Mary" Ext Prog Asst "Wood, Karen B." Fac Ext Asst "Allgeier, Stephen D." Fac Ext Asst "Bender, Derrick W" Fac Ext Asst "Blank, Leta S." Fac Ext Asst "Bodkins, Ashley D" Fac Ext Asst "Cornelius, Linda S." Fac Ext Asst "Eacker, Georgia L." Fac Ext Asst "Gordon, David Glenn" Fac Ext Asst "Jordan-Baker, Charlene C." Fac Ext Asst "Kenton, Jamie L." Fac Ext Asst "Lear, Arnold A." Fac Ext Asst "Lewis, Nancy J." Fac Ext Asst "Murphy, Dwayne S." Fac Ext Asst "Rhoades, Deborah" Fac Ext Asst "Ridgeway, Becky" Fac Ext Asst "Sechler, Karen" Fac Ext Asst "Serfass, James M." Fac Ext Asst "Trice, Susan" IT Coor "Rogowsky, Steven M." IT Coor "Ross, Debbie" IT Support Asst "Kinnamon, Brett D" Principal Agent "Fiola, Joseph A." Principal Agent "Gill, Stanton Andrew" Principal Agent "Johnson, Dale Maurice" Principal Agent "Kays, Jonathan S."

"$35,000.00" "$29,662.46" "$17,363.40" "$37,584.23" "$39,552.31" "$31,020.16" "$25,895.24" "$29,662.48" "$19,421.35" "$30,255.72" "$34,199.85" "$31,062.81" "$42,065.92" "$16,562.75" "$36,274.54" "$34,200.15" "$32,071.08" "$19,152.14" "$38,435.96" "$42,926.15" "$32,499.84" "$31,442.22" "$44,000.00" "$47,794.60" "$56,887.37" "$58,311.86" "$56,100.00" "$51,944.54" "$54,119.16" "$43,279.38" "$53,017.00" "$56,243.91" "$41,414.43" "$31,853.51" "$33,183.32" "$33,235.83" "$33,965.02" "$35,302.96" "$33,974.42" "$35,300.03" "$30,000.00" "$34,727.00" "$37,856.52" "$38,696.82" "$64,988.47" "$19,200.00" "$21,325.72" "$43,387.20" "$44,064.72" "$38,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$18,935.58" "$42,432.00" "$35,187.50" "$32,738.96" "$34,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$41,302.26" "$50,212.99" "$54,825.35" "$39,573.52" "$97,464.82" "$87,967.99" "$87,488.66" "$86,327.24"

Principal Agent "Schoenian, Susan" Sr Agent "Bell, Michael R." Sr Agent "Brust, Gerald Edward" Sr Agent "Butler, Bryan R. SR" Sr Agent "Davis, Rebecca L." Sr Agent "Fultz, Stanley W." Sr Agent "Lantz, William D. JR" Sr Agent "Little, Lynn F." Sr Agent "MacLachlan, Wanda Yvette" Sr Agent "Piechocinski, Alganesh T." Sr Agent "Semler, Jeffery W." Sr Agent "Sherrard, Ann Carroll" Sr Agent & Dir"Bentlejewski, Jennifer Thorn" Sr Agent & Dir "Brown, Manami J." Sr Agent & Dir "Martin, David A." Sr Agent & Dir "Schuster, Charles" Typist Clerk "Abbott, Melanie J."

"$76,929.07" "$64,132.92" "$80,784.69" "$71,728.53" "$65,764.25" "$68,137.19" "$60,331.56" "$77,161.00" "$67,713.77" "$64,794.57" "$64,697.36" "$74,338.00" "$75,200.00" "$76,155.00" "$65,421.93" "$65,056.44" "$33,217.00"

AGNR-Veterinary Medicine Program Assoc Prof "Pal, Utpal" Assoc Prof "Perez, Daniel R." Assoc Prof "Tablante, Nathaniel L. JR" Assoc Prof "Zhu, Xiaoping" Asst Prof "Belov, Georgiy A." Asst Prof "Bossis, Ioannis" Asst Prof "Shi, Meiqing" Asst Prof "Zhang, Yanjin" Business Manager "Morales, Ricardo M." Business Serv Spec "Knight, Judy M" Coordinator "Barott, Margaret Lee" Coordinator "Wang, Yunsheng" Dir Admin Srv "Lepley, Kevin E." Fac Mgr "Ferrero-Perez, Andrea R" Fac Res Asst "Viktorova, Ekaterina G." IT Coor "Ong, Tam Nhut" Lab Animal Tech "Lavigne, Johanna" Lab Animal Tech "Stillwell, Jeffrey Alan" Lab Res Tech "Chen, Qiong" Prof & Chair "Samal, Siba K." Res Assoc "Chen, Hongjun" Res Assoc "Kariu, Toru" Res Assoc "Li, Weizhong" Res Assoc "Nayak, Baibaswata" Res Assoc "Ragan, Valerie E" Res Assoc "Sutton, Troy Clavell" Res Assoc "Vroegindewey, Gary" Res Assoc "Wilder, Cara N." Res Assoc "Xiao, Sa" Res Assoc "Xu, Kemin" Res Assoc "Yang, Xiuli" Res Asst Prof "Khattar, Sunil K." Res Asst Prof "Kim, Shin-Hee" Res Spec "Araya, Yonas Z" Res Spec "Rockemann, Daniel D."

"$81,773.46" "$98,625.36" "$97,610.42" "$84,873.11" "$75,000.00" "$72,852.20" "$75,000.00" "$75,405.35" "$62,000.00" "$35,247.43" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$39,000.00" "$56,020.67" "$30,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$32,271.00" "$199,694.70" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$115,000.00" "$37,000.00" "$86,666.67" "$35,000.00" "$50,212.31" "$35,000.00" "$43,556.00" "$67,542.00" "$68,786.00" "$45,000.00" "$63,221.22"

College of Arts and Humanities ARHU-American Studies Admin Asst II Admin Asst II Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Prof Prof Prof & Chair

"Yuen, Manwah Betsy" "Yuen, Manwah Betsy" "Paoletti, Jo B." "Parks, Sheri L." "Sies, Mary C." "Williams-Forson, Psyche A" "Farman, Jason A." "Guerrero, Perla M" "Hanhardt, Christina B." "McCune, Jeffrey" "John, Julia C." "Chester, Robert Keith" "Gordon, L Suzanne" "Hughes, Ellen Roney" "Metcalf, Greg" "Pramschufer, Susan" "Caughey, John L." "Kelly, R Gordon" "Struna, Nancy L."

"$36,500.00" "$39,573.72" "$79,696.64" "$84,013.09" "$76,489.33" "$79,378.84" "$70,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$67,344.00" "$33,950.00" "$45,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,308.00" "$10,000.00" "$97,574.43" "$99,902.47" "$134,190.36"

"Curtis, Danielle M." "Boyle, Kathleen M" "Craig, Patrick M." "Elahi, Hasan" "Gavin, Dawn" "Humphrey, Margo" "Kehoe, Patrice I." "Klank, Richard E." "Lozner, Ruth J." "Morse, Brandon" "Thorpe, James G." "Buck-Coleman, Audra K" "Strom, Justin" "Montgomery, Jojo E." "Romanow, Jerry Peter" "Berns, Leslie A" "Boilini, Lauren Marie" "Burrowes, Jesse Harris" "Conover, Emily Susan" "Craig, Patrick M." "Devore, Sora" "Georgievska-Shine, Aneta" "Hoover, Lillian Bayley" "Jacobs, Wendy A." "Jones, Steven Robert" "Knobel, David William III"

"$30,255.72" "$33,125.50" "$73,377.27" "$83,600.00" "$62,330.95" "$67,396.10" "$68,481.12" "$70,881.29" "$71,187.47" "$65,472.87" "$60,890.91" "$60,165.00" "$51,408.58" "$58,664.58" "$45,129.39" "$23,040.00" "$22,800.00" "$7,000.00" "$15,776.00" "$4,000.00" "$15,176.00" "$8,302.00" "$14,000.00" "$91,437.75" "$15,776.00" "$14,000.00"

ARHU-Art Admin Asst I Admin Asst II Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer

Lecturer Lecturer Prof Prof Prof & Chair

"Ratnapala, Narendra D" "Weil, Rex" "Ruppert, John H." "Sham, Foon V." "Richardson, William C."

"$25,704.00" "$24,906.00" "$111,100.00" "$76,104.60" "$108,980.74"

ARHU-Art Gallery Director Manager

"Shipman, John Bernard" "Watson, Jewell B."

"$75,000.00" "$42,000.00"

ARHU-Art History & Archaeology Admin Asst I "Morse, Theresa Bernadette" Admin Asst II "Down, Deborah A." Assoc Dir "Gregory, Henry Duval" Assoc Prof "Ater, Renee D." Assoc Prof "Colantuono, Anthony" Assoc Prof "Gill, Meredith Jane" Assoc Prof "Shannon, Joshua A" Assoc Prof "Volk, Alicia" Asst Prof "Hill, Shannen" Asst Prof "McEwen, Abigail" Asst Prof "Suzuki, Yui" Director "Sails, Lauree Jean" Director "Waller, Anna M." Lecturer "Bland, Beryl Curry" Lecturer "Georgievska-Shine, Aneta" Lecturer "Martinez, Louise Elizabeth" Lecturer "Metcalf, Greg" Prof "Hargrove, June E." Prof "Kuo, Jason C." Prof "Mansbach, Steven" Prof "Venit, Marjorie S." Prof "Wheelock, Arthur" Prof & Act Chair "Pressly, William L."

"$31,382.89" "$34,811.72" "$65,505.00" "$77,728.00" "$89,859.36" "$87,343.60" "$73,207.00" "$71,005.00" "$66,504.80" "$63,000.00" "$66,353.44" "$66,744.48" "$61,228.47" "$19,500.00" "$19,500.00" "$19,500.00" "$9,750.00" "$121,607.15" "$95,175.95" "$137,951.00" "$106,309.14" "$48,430.20" "$156,000.00"

ARHU-Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Assoc Dir "Asher, Bobby D." Assoc Dir "Stamler, Gayle Crum" Assoc Dir "White, Andrea J." Asst Mgr "Alvarez, Lizzet" Asst Mgr "Coughlin, Marilyn" Asst Mgr "O'Connell, James Richard" Asst Mgr "Pile, Alexander W." Asst Mgr "Roberts, Nicholas James" Asst Mgr "Solomon, Laura" Business Serv Spec "Henderson, Fay" Coordinator "Burgess, Lisa Parkel" Coordinator "Chiang, Susan K." Coordinator "Chismar, Ann" Coordinator "Edelman, Michael B." Coordinator "Gibson, Kate E." Coordinator "Gore, Lyndsey R." Coordinator "Hoem, Emily" Coordinator "Homer, Tricia D." Coordinator "Hulbert, Jarl Olaf" Coordinator "Ogus, Simon M." Coordinator "Reckeweg, Jeffrey David" Coordinator "Snyder, Leighann" Coordinator "Warren, Collin Randall" Coordinator "Warren, Monica" Coordinator "Workman, Steven R." Director "Bondarev, Erica Lee" Director "Brohan, Paul" Director "De Liefde, Jeanne" Director "Kweder, Kyle Patrick" Director "Valdivia, Pia C." Exec Adm Asst I "Thorne, Kimberly" Exec Dir "Farr, Susan S." Manager "Brandwein, Bill" Manager "Dasher, Jennifer E." Manager "Eichinger, Scott S." Manager "Hirshberg, Jane" Manager "Jones, Timothy Jerome" Manager "Knapp, Ryan Nathaniel" Manager "Lanks, Mark" Manager "McTamney, Michele M." Manager "Pollins, Kelly" Manager "Shimon, Jonathan" Prog Mgmt Spec I"Gutrick, Jacquelyn Yvette" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Martin, Caroline E." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Sicchitano, Renee A." Proj Mgr "Brown, Maxwell" Tech Dir "Rapach, Mark"

"$67,264.00" "$64,821.00" "$67,238.00" "$47,500.00" "$42,000.00" "$46,500.00" "$49,208.00" "$47,298.00" "$42,750.00" "$44,051.76" "$37,207.00" "$38,872.00" "$47,543.00" "$46,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$33,979.00" "$46,500.00" "$48,103.00" "$45,680.00" "$42,597.00" "$46,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$42,500.00" "$89,000.00" "$93,000.00" "$93,000.00" "$88,000.00" "$93,000.00" "$40,827.47" "$212,015.00" "$48,623.00" "$49,000.00" "$57,678.00" "$59,000.00" "$51,439.00" "$67,270.00" "$53,500.00" "$60,000.00" "$63,036.00" "$49,000.00" "$43,548.12" "$35,000.00" "$36,000.00" $212.50 "$60,000.00"

ARHU-Classics Acad Prog Spec Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Prof Prof Prof Prof & Chair

"Rhodes-Kelly, Patricia A." "Rutledge, Steven H." "Staley, Gregory A." "Bednarowski, Keith Paul" "Burton, Joan B." "Marquis, Mary Christine" "Metz, Jeremy" "Hallett, Judith P." "Lee, Hugh M." "Stehle, Eva Marie" "Doherty, Lillian E."

"$33,125.50" "$66,011.94" "$72,576.98" "$8,400.00" "$5,500.00" "$8,000.00" "$2,500.00" "$101,447.37" "$92,176.67" "$79,023.47" "$103,291.00"

ARHU-College of Arts & Humanities Acad Adv Acad Adv Advisor Advisor Assoc Dean Assoc Dir Asst Dean Asst Dean

"Leathers, Tanesha Anne" "Moore, Thomas W." "Bachert, Amanda L" "Crane, Robert Edward" "Jacobs, Wendy A." "Greene, J Darius" "Cavanaugh, Kathleen R." "Downing, Audran M."

"$41,000.00" "$57,332.82" "$42,500.00" "$48,498.00" "$30,479.25" "$62,933.10" "$119,839.69" "$96,000.00"

Asst Dean "Wright, Julie O." "$135,000.00" Asst Dir "Boone, Jon K" "$80,959.19" Asst Dir "Nadler, Paula F" "$57,849.62" Asst Dir "Patterson, Jennifer Lyn" "$56,038.17" Asst Dir "Weng, Megan S.J." "$76,200.54" Asst Prof & Assoc Dean"Rutherford, Charles S." "$141,000.31" Asst to Dean "Owen, Lori" "$96,000.00" Coordinator "Carpenter, Donna G." "$51,000.00" Coordinator "Crawford, Brian H." "$43,092.00" Coordinator "Fenlon, Matthew Edward" "$53,233.50" Coordinator "Filteau, Joseph Charles" "$42,905.65" Coordinator "Friedman, Lauren Deborah" "$47,913.00" Coordinator "Herrera-Osorio, David" "$45,000.00" Coordinator "Koles, Karla J." "$82,499.96" Coordinator "Kuhn, Nathaniel" "$52,745.02" Coordinator "Schmidt, Johnna Marie" "$53,000.52" Coordinator "Watkins, Christopher J." "$55,501.12" Coordinator "White, Jessica Carmel" "$52,418.32" Coordinator "Zachmann, Jennifer" "$50,530.27" Director "Adams, Jacqueline T." "$80,000.00" Director "Everette, Monique Sheree" "$75,000.00" Exec Adm Asst I "Rivas, Heather A." "$38,257.00" Exec Adm Asst II "Angier, Barbara H." "$25,491.60" Grad Asst III "Olsen, Porter Wayne" "$5,522.00" Lecturer "Burgess, Harold F. II" "$54,813.58" Lecturer "Caballero, Krista L." "$57,750.00" Lecturer "Carluccio, Dana" "$55,000.00" Lecturer "Cooperman, Bernard D." "$8,708.17" Lecturer "El Amine, Zein" "$4,000.00" Multi Media Tech "Milstead, Monica Lynn" "$35,093.95" Prof & Assoc Dean"Loizeaux, Elizabeth Bergmann" "$108,000.24" Prof And Dean "Dill, Bonnie Thornton" "$228,284.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jones, Karen Denise" "$37,628.22"

ARHU-Communication Account Clerk III "Allen, Antoinette Simone" Admin Asst II "Sullivan, Lillie M." Assoc Prof "Hample, Dale Jay" Asst Prof "Khamis, Sahar Mohamed" Asst Prof "Liu, Brooke Fisher" Asst Prof "Liu, Meina" Asst Prof "Liu, Meina" Asst Prof "Maddux, Kristjana Lyn" Asst Prof "Nan, Xiaoli" Asst Prof "Ofulue, Nneka Ifeoma Nwabuje" Asst to Dir "Bokal, Carlin Ellen" Coordinator "Baltz, Lindsi" Coordinator "Gowin, Julie S." Director "Waks, Leah" Lecturer "Briones, Rowena Lyn" Lecturer "Cionea, Ioana Andreea" Lecturer "Coleman, Robert Richard" Lecturer "Gordon, L Suzanne" Lecturer "Grant, Pamela" Lecturer "Hoffman, Jon Brian" Lecturer "Hoffman, Jon Brian" Lecturer "Hubbard, Susan Elizabeth" Lecturer "Jang, Ahnlee" Lecturer "Lawson, William Harrel" Lecturer "Lipman, Lois" Lecturer "Liu, Brooke Fisher" Lecturer "Novitsky, Sanja Marija" Lecturer "Olson, Jade Carty" Lecturer "Payne, David Anthony" Lecturer "Simon, Susan Whyte" Lecturer "Tenney, Judith" Lecturer "Toth, Richard Joseph" Lecturer "Underhill, Stephen Michael" Lecturer "Whiting, Frederic L." Prof "Fink, Edward L." Prof "Klumpp, James F." Prof "Parry-Giles, Shawn J." Prof "Wolvin, Andrew D." Prof & Chair "Toth, Elizabeth L." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Chang, Raymond"

"$35,817.60" "$44,845.46" "$86,149.00" "$56,459.00" "$68,000.00" "$5,767.50" "$57,674.70" "$56,044.00" "$67,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$58,596.72" "$79,427.97" "$4,500.00" "$21,120.00" "$25,200.00" "$20,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$4,500.00" "$45,000.00" "$12,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$6,800.00" "$42,240.00" "$4,500.00" "$18,000.00" "$48,780.00" "$41,255.00" "$37,316.25" "$27,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$141,216.32" "$90,305.29" "$83,863.67" "$114,972.73" "$154,885.00" "$36,156.32"

ARHU-Consortium on Race, Gender & Ethnicity Fac Res Asst Prog Mgmt Spec I

"Logie, Laura Ann" "Hall, Wendy"

"$54,570.00" "$40,964.88"

ARHU-David C. Driskell Center Admin Asst II"McDougal-Bartholomew, Veronica C" Assoc Prof & Dir "Steele, Robert E." Asst Dir "Yaron, Dorit" Proj Mgr "Eidson, Jennifer G" Proj Mgr "Hutto, Margaret Ann"

"$37,507.31" "$127,799.99" "$72,754.85" "$43,500.00" "$37,500.00"

ARHU-English Acad Prog Spec "McClung, Helen J." Assoc Dir "Nelson, Karen L." Assoc Dir "Remmell, Kevin M." Assoc Prof "Arnold, Elizabeth" Assoc Prof "Bauer, Ralph Robert" Assoc Prof "Casey, Maud" Assoc Prof "Chico, Tita" Assoc Prof "Coleman, Linda K." Assoc Prof "Enoch, Jessica" Assoc Prof "Israel, Michael" Assoc Prof "Jelen, Sheila Elana" Assoc Prof "Kirschenbaum, Matthew G." Assoc Prof "Lindemann, Marilee" Assoc Prof "Mallios, Peter Lancelot" Assoc Prof "Moser, Thomas Colborn JR" Assoc Prof "Nunes, Zita Cristina" Assoc Prof "Rudy, Jason R" Assoc Prof "Wang, Orrin"

"$41,668.15" "$55,699.89" "$62,375.82" "$66,766.95" "$108,513.38" "$65,958.33" "$76,574.46" "$64,542.51" "$85,000.00" "$65,053.37" "$35,725.91" "$59,057.00" "$81,102.61" "$95,000.00" "$62,805.22" "$93,178.61" "$63,707.00" "$100,885.73"

Assoc Prof "Weiner, Joshua" Assoc Prof "Wong, Edlie L." Assoc Prof & Dir "Coles, Kimberly Anne" Assoc Prof & Dir "Wible, Scott" Asst Dir "Ashlock, Jennifer Melissa" Asst Prof "Feitell, Merrill Beth" Asst Prof "Gaycken, Oliver" Asst Prof "Kill, Melanie" Asst Prof "Macharia, Keguro" Asst Prof "Ontiveros, Randy James" Asst Prof "Passannante, Gerard" Asst Prof "Valiavitcharska, Vessela" Asst Prof "Walter, Christina" Business Manager "Sommer, Rebecca" Business Manager "Sommer, Rebecca" Business Serv Spec "Ali, Masooma Zohra" Coordinator "Crussiah, Grace Juliet" Coordinator "Eklund, Scott Colin" Coordinator "Suri, Manju" Dist Univ Prof & Dir "Plumly, Stanley" Grad Asst III "Sillin, Sarah Jullie" Inst "Robinson, Eugene S." IT Coor "Saremi, Shawn" IT Sys Prog "Phillips, Gary B." Lect & Dir "Ryan, Leigh" Lecturer "Angeline, Karen" Lecturer "Berger, Donald W." Lecturer "Berman, Barbara" Lecturer "Bernal, Lindsay Anne" Lecturer "Binkley, Adam Ross" Lecturer "Black, Andrew Louis" Lecturer "Blake, Sarah Ludlow" Lecturer "Blumner, Ellen L." Lecturer "Bolton, Frederick David" Lecturer "Box, Rachel L." Lecturer "Bracken, Ann C." Lecturer "Brookshire, David J." Lecturer "Buursma, Joshua Graham" Lecturer "Calloway, Alexandra" Lecturer "Collinge, Maura Elford" Lecturer "Colson, Elizabeth C." Lecturer "Conroy, Marianne" Lecturer "Crane, Christopher E" Lecturer "Crane, Robert Edward" Lecturer "Cresap, Kelly Mark" Lecturer "Crider, Richie Allen" Lecturer "Cunningham, Rebekah Ann" Lecturer "D'Angelo, Kathleen A" Lecturer "Davis, Willie" Lecturer "Decarlo, Carolyn Cecelia" Lecturer "Denevi, Timothy J" Lecturer "Desai, Aditya" Lecturer "Earles, Thomas" Lecturer "Earnest, Robin" Lecturer "El Amine, Zein" Lecturer "Faith, Melanie" Lecturer "Fitzgerald, Mark T" Lecturer "Fixsen, Elizabeth Anne" Lecturer "Forrester, Mark A." Lecturer "Freeman, Linda Reiss" Lecturer "Gabriel, Gerald D" Lecturer "Gannon, Shaun Patrick" Lecturer "Gerhardt, Pamela Jean" Lecturer "Goldberg, Ceil" Lecturer "Goodwin, James Michael" Lecturer "Hall, Joseph Christopher" Lecturer "Haynos, Paul Vincent" Lecturer "Heath, Jocelyn Ann" Lecturer "Heckscher, Zahara" Lecturer "Helfers, Edward D" Lecturer "Hennessee, Alison Emilia" Lecturer "Herman, Katherine Hayley" Lecturer "Hijazi, Nabila Abdullah" Lecturer "Hilliard, Lyra Pamela" Lecturer "Hinc, Danuta" Lecturer "Hodapp, James" Lecturer "Holden, Rebecca J" Lecturer "Hollar, Glenn Pierre" Lecturer "Inukai, Connie" Lecturer "Izsak, Katherine Worboys" Lecturer "Jerome, Timothy Joseph" Lecturer "Karp, Amy Tara" Lecturer "Katzel, Amy Susan" Lecturer "Kern, Douglas Sherman" Lecturer "Keyser, Linda Migl" Lecturer "Kleinman, Steven Daniel" Lecturer "Knoll, Gillian Beth" Lecturer "Knollmueller, Marit" Lecturer "Knorr, Walter L." Lecturer "Koerner, Michelle R" Lecturer "Lape, Kisa Marie" Lecturer "Lloyd, Adam Matthew" Lecturer "Lowderbaugh, Thomas E." Lecturer "Macri, Linda C." Lecturer "Magearu, Mirona" Lecturer "Mancini, John Anthony" Lecturer "Marsh, Andrew David" Lecturer "Maskell, Shayna" Lecturer "Mason, Ann Michele" Lecturer "Matthews, John Rosser III" Lecturer "Mattson, James H" Lecturer "McClure, Elizabeth Ann" Lecturer "McNeilly, Donald P." Lecturer "Moll, Ellen A." Lecturer "Mooney, Joan H" Lecturer "Moreland, Heather L." Lecturer "Moriel, Liora" Lecturer "Moses, Phillip Scott"

"$67,990.26" "$107,000.00" "$64,940.81" "$80,000.00" "$49,000.00" "$56,304.93" "$75,000.00" "$71,000.00" "$64,000.00" "$58,598.52" "$70,000.00" "$61,914.93" "$64,000.00" "$2,088.58" "$75,316.65" "$39,975.00" "$62,730.00" "$40,444.12" "$67,385.04" "$140,348.02" "$4,000.00" "$58,049.29" "$58,960.21" $50.00 "$74,411.90" "$15,976.00" "$8,660.00" "$7,988.00" "$36,441.63" "$19,970.00" "$3,994.00" "$15,000.00" "$25,980.00" "$17,320.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$25,980.00" "$8,660.00" "$3,994.00" "$25,980.00" "$12,000.00" "$17,320.00" "$3,994.00" "$18,412.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$23,964.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$8,660.00" "$15,976.00" "$31,952.00" "$34,640.00" "$23,964.00" "$25,980.00" "$17,320.00" "$7,988.00" "$27,618.00" "$8,660.00" "$16,000.00" "$15,976.00" "$36,824.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$23,964.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$23,964.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$15,976.00" "$18,412.00" "$4,330.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$19,970.00" "$31,952.00" "$8,660.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$9,206.00" "$17,320.00" "$23,964.00" "$7,988.00" "$27,618.00" "$58,137.24" "$17,320.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$34,640.00" "$17,320.00" "$17,320.00" "$25,980.00" "$18,412.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$31,952.00"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Lecturer "Mozafari, Cameron Nazer" Lecturer "Mudan, Kavita Vidya" Lecturer "Nelson, Karen L." Lecturer "Novotny, Janet A." Lecturer "Olson, Amanda Lynne" Lecturer "Orsetti, Candace Green" Lecturer "Parsons, Clare" Lecturer "Pellegrini, Adam" Lecturer "Pendick, Daniel A." Lecturer "Pittman, Wiliam Francis" Lecturer "Pleydell, Sarah Rowena" Lecturer "Pramschufer, Susan" Lecturer "Ritzel, Rebecca Joy" Lecturer "Robinson, Katherine Julia" Lecturer "Roby, Joanne Willen" Lecturer "Ronan, Megan" Lecturer "Saalfeld, Daniel A" Lecturer "Saklas, Rosalia A." Lecturer "Satelmajer, Ingrid I." Lecturer "Schatz, William John" Lecturer "Schubert, Robert Kurt" Lecturer "Sells, Erin D." Lecturer "Semaj, Isis Nailah" Lecturer "Shaifer, Candice Ann" Lecturer "Shea, Mary E." Lecturer "Steed, Anna Kathleen" Lecturer "Turner, Mary D." Lecturer "Von Euw, Michelle Helene" Lecturer "Wappel, Joseph F." Lecturer "Wellman, Jennifer Jean" Lecturer "Wilkins, Caroline A." Lecturer "Wilson, Katherine McGann" Lecturer "Winett, Michael S." Lecturer "Yetman, Shanna" Lecturer "Young, Katherine Elizabeth" Lecturer "Zuehlke, Karl William" Office Supv III "Clement, Louise" Prof "Auchard, John" Prof "Auerbach, Jonathan D." Prof "Carretta, Vincent" Prof "Coletti, Theresa M." Prof "Collier, Michael R." Prof "Collins, Merle" Prof "Donawerth, Jane L." Prof "Fahnestock, Jeanne D." Prof "Flieger, Verlyn B." Prof "Harrison, Regina" Prof "Kauffman, Linda Sue" Prof "Leinwand, Theodore B." Prof "Norman, Howard" Prof "Pearson, Barry L." Prof "Peterson, Carla L." Prof "Richardson, Brian" Prof "Rosenthal, Laura J" Prof "Smith, Martha Nell" Prof "Washington, Mary Helen" Prof "Wyatt, David M." Prof & Assoc Chair "Cohen, William A." Prof & Chair "Cartwright, Kent" Prof & Dir "Fraistat, Neil R." Prof & Dir "Levine, Robert S." Prof & Dir "Logan, Shirley W." Prof & Dir "Ray, Sangeeta" Prof Of Practice "Olmert, Michael" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Moulton, Isabella" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Orlando, Jacqueline M" Visit Asst Prof "Taylor, Jesse Oak" Visit Prof "Dirda, Michael"

"$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$4,330.00" "$8,660.00" "$15,976.00" "$7,988.00" "$17,320.00" "$23,964.00" "$7,988.00" "$15,976.00" "$23,964.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$7,988.00" "$15,976.00" "$25,980.00" "$18,412.00" "$8,660.00" "$27,618.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$15,976.00" "$17,320.00" "$27,618.00" "$3,994.00" "$27,618.00" "$17,320.00" "$36,824.00" "$15,976.00" "$27,618.00" "$25,980.00" "$27,618.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$15,976.00" "$43,493.35" "$85,299.44" "$104,219.07" "$132,964.00" "$114,958.29" "$130,000.00" "$104,560.53" "$92,018.09" "$50,931.88" "$75,698.16" "$26,195.05" "$121,142.78" "$91,547.33" "$110,232.68" "$97,374.81" "$68,653.97" "$85,659.23" "$90,250.45" "$131,228.55" "$132,348.08" "$93,639.61" "$95,491.30" "$131,370.00" "$175,200.00" "$150,074.32" "$96,626.74" "$99,000.55" "$56,000.00" "$43,379.12" "$38,393.43" "$50,000.00" "$40,000.00"

ARHU-History Admin Asst II "Barriga Sanchez, Paula" Assoc Prof "Barkley Brown, Elsa" Assoc Prof "Brewer, Holly" Assoc Prof "Caneque, Alejandro" Assoc Prof "Cooperman, Bernard D." Assoc Prof "Cooperman, Bernard D." Assoc Prof "Freund, David" Assoc Prof "Gao, James Z." Assoc Prof "Giovacchini, Saverio" Assoc Prof "Landau, Paul" Assoc Prof "Lyons, Clare A." Assoc Prof "Mar, Lisa Rose" Assoc Prof "Milam, Erika Lorraine" Assoc Prof "Moss, Alfred A. JR" Assoc Prof "Muncy, Robyn Leigh" Assoc Prof "Rosemblatt, Karin" Assoc Prof "Ross, Michael" Assoc Prof "Ross, Michael" Assoc Prof "Rowland, Leslie S." Assoc Prof "Sicilia, David B." Assoc Prof "Soergel, Philip" Assoc Prof "Sumida, Jon T." Assoc Prof "Wien, Peter" Assoc Prof "Williams, Daryle" Assoc Prof "Zeller, Thomas" Assoc Prof Assoc Chair"Ridgway, Whitman H." Asst Dir "Keane, Katarina" Asst Prof "Bell, Richard James" Asst Prof "Bianchini, Janna" Asst Prof "Borrut, Antoine" Asst Prof "Bradbury, Miles L." Asst Prof "Dolbilov, Mikhail" Asst Prof "Jones, Hilary" Asst Prof "Sartorius, David A." Coordinator "Lanier, Courtenay Dahkota" Director "Toala, Catalina" Dist Univ Prof "Berlin, Ira"

"$31,062.62" "$47,643.70" "$105,000.00" "$70,300.00" "$5,000.00" "$87,081.73" "$77,300.00" "$70,503.60" "$79,828.42" "$78,077.79" "$77,324.80" "$62,175.57" "$67,000.00" "$66,087.53" "$72,375.69" "$103,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$87,000.00" "$79,092.86" "$75,256.46" "$93,098.27" "$81,359.42" "$75,257.56" "$90,352.86" "$78,318.99" "$67,226.31" "$30,000.00" "$63,313.65" "$58,674.00" "$82,040.00" "$44,734.72" "$68,000.00" "$75,353.79" "$61,977.00" "$33,316.78" "$74,602.10" "$175,013.20"

Fac Res Asst "Miller, Steven F." Grad Asst I "Ashktorab, Zahra" Lecturer "Corcoran, John" Lecturer "Hoefer, Peter Darr" Lecturer "Keane, Katarina" Lecturer "Lambert, Nicholas" Lecturer "Landau, Emily" Lecturer "Lilley, Charles R." Lecturer "McNeilly, Donald P." Lecturer "Parascandola, John Louis" Lecturer "Rush, Anne Spry" Lecturer "Smead, Howard" Lecturer "Tomblin, David" Prof "Chernela, Janet" Prof "Eckstein, Arthur" Prof "Friedel, Robert D." Prof "Greene, Julie" Prof "Gullickson, Gay L." Prof "Harris, James F." Prof "Herf, Jeffrey C" Prof "Holum, Kenneth G." Prof "Lampe, John R." Prof "Lapin, Hayim" Prof "Michel, Sonya Alice" Prof "Rozenblit, Marsha L." Prof "Sutherland, Donald" Prof "Zilfi, Madeline C." Prof & Chair "Price, Richard N." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Angelopoulos, Stavroula" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Hall, Jodi L" Visit Assoc Prof "Taddeo, Julie" Visit Asst Prof "Baron, Sabrina Alcorn" Visit Asst Prof "Rodriguez-Santana, Ivette"

7 "$63,754.74" "$2,100.00" "$20,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$18,240.00" "$18,441.60" "$9,200.00" "$24,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$20,400.00" "$10,000.00" "$46,129.00" "$102,907.26" "$89,286.68" "$114,614.00" "$93,414.42" "$228,284.29" "$116,880.08" "$91,248.30" "$124,937.82" "$42,240.00" "$117,984.76" "$102,057.08" "$93,848.72" "$104,532.08" "$179,186.00" "$35,362.50" "$35,852.71" "$57,909.98" "$30,564.32" "$37,200.00"

ARHU-Linguistics Asst Prof "Feldman, Naomi Hannah" Asst Prof "Hacquard, Valentine C" Asst Prof "Williams, Alexander" Asst Res Sci "Zukowski, Andrea L." Business Serv Spec"Faulkingham, Kathleen M." Dir Admin Srv "Kwok, Kimberly C." Dist Univ Prof "Lasnik, Howard B." Fac Res Asst "Bennett, Erin" Fac Res Asst "Dudley, Rachel E" Fac Res Asst "Kajtar, Csilla" Fac Res Asst "Mease, Tara M." Fac Res Asst "Oppenheim, Nora" Fac Res Asst "Smith, Cybelle M." Fac Res Asst "Younathan, Daniel E." Lecturer "Antonisse, Margaret J." Lecturer "Bleam, Tonia" Prof "Idsardi, William" Prof "Lidz, Jeffrey" Prof "Phillips, Colin" Prof "Pietroski, Paul M." Prof "Resnik, Philip S." Prof & Chair "Hornstein, Norbert R." Res Assoc "Takahashi, Masahiko" Res Assoc "Yu, Kristine M"

"$70,000.00" "$67,250.00" "$32,500.00" "$58,312.31" "$52,289.34" "$70,000.00" "$164,598.28" "$26,500.00" "$26,500.00" "$70,810.00" "$26,500.00" "$28,520.00" "$28,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$45,900.00" "$46,133.00" "$110,284.17" "$105,088.08" "$135,990.20" "$71,657.27" "$28,388.00" "$163,970.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00"

ARHU-MD Institute for Technology in the Humanities Asst Dir "Brown, Travis Robert" Asst Dir "Guiliano, Jennifer Elizabeth" Business Manager "Lambert, Christina C." Fac Res Asst "Denbo, Seth Jeremy" Fac Res Asst "Dickie, James Grant" Fac Res Asst "Keister, Kirsten" Fac Res Asst "Lester, David C." Fac Res Asst "Millon, Emma M" Fac Res Asst "O'Brien, Karen M" Programmer "Smith, James G."

"$66,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$54,880.00" "$65,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$32,760.00" "$15,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$23,000.00" "$75,000.00"

ARHU-Meyerhoff Program & Center for Jewish Studies Admin Asst II "Kirsch, Debra Ann" Assoc Prof "Grossman, Maxine" Assoc Prof "Jelen, Sheila Elana" Asst Prof "Manekin, Rachel" Asst Prof "Suriano, Matthew" Business Manager "Jones, Michael L." Coordinator "Kilberg, Jennifer Elizabeth" Lecturer "Gazit-Rosenthal, Aharona" Prof "Lapin, Hayim" Prof & Dir "Peri, Yoram" Visit Assoc Prof "Feuer, Avital" Visit Assoc Prof "Feuer, Avital" Visit Asst Prof "Benziman, Yuval" Visit Asst Prof "Peri, Pnina" Visit Asst Prof "Scham, Paul" Visit Lecturer "Legutko, Agnieszka" Visit Prof "Elbedour, Salman" Visit Prof "Roumani, Jacques"

"$37,507.32" "$65,746.23" "$34,004.75" "$62,271.00" "$67,000.00" "$45,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,583.27" "$198,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,000.00"

ARHU-National Foreign Language Center Admin Asst II "Johnson, Naomi P." Admin Asst II "Pickrel, Erica M." Assoc Prof "La, Richard J." Asst Dir "Andrade, Manuel Morales" Asst Dir "Baker, Cristina J." Asst Dir "Ford, Thomas W" Asst Dir "Kilday, Kathleen Anne" Asst Dir "Regan, Theresa A." Asst Dir "Rice, Margaret C." Asst Dir "Rose, James" Business Serv Spec "Schuler, Teri L."

"$39,025.00" "$36,300.00" "$25,739.89" "$95,000.00" "$42,044.64" "$83,962.26" "$90,000.00" "$87,360.00" "$87,025.12" "$87,000.00" "$46,478.56"

Coordinator "Boone, Danette" Coordinator "Choi, Novy" Coordinator "Edwards, Jane A." Coordinator "McRoy, Tavia" Coordinator "Mushkat, Amir" Deputy Dir "Ellis, David Paul" Director "Anderson, Bryan D." Director "Grover, Deborah E" Director "Hart, Mary Elizabeth" Director "Ingold, Catherine W." Editor "Jenkins, Matthew Christopher" Editor "Wyler, Brian Christopher" Fac Res Asst "Adams, Nina V." Fac Res Asst "DiJohnson, Constance May" Fac Res Asst "Fam, Miranda Abadir" Fac Res Asst "Harb, Christina Nicole" Fac Res Asst "Hu, Guiling" Fac Res Asst "Mana, Mouna" Fac Res Asst "Meyer, Gregory L" Fac Res Asst "Pien, Joshua H." Fac Res Asst "Valiullina, Gulnur" IT Network Engineer "Hickman, Michael A." Manager "Aguayo, Natalie" Manager "Cords, John" Manager "Khan, Taimur" Manager "Kirkbride, Jenny Renee" Manager "Martin, Amy Michele" Manager "Nichols, Scott Francis" Manager "Rumeau, Nicole Vernice" Prog Coor "Corbin, Natalie Denae" Prog Coor "Ford, Aynoor Ismailova" Prog Coor "Macken, Kyle M." Prog Coor "Menjivar, Amy Seidel" Prog Coor "Reed, Acacia" Prog Coor "Soler, Sharon A." Programmer "Eichman, Peter Matthew" Programmer "Lin, Pinling" Programmer "Poedjosoedarmo, Krisnadi" Proj Mgr "Matterson, Mujgan O." Res Assoc "Robinson, Jennifer L." Specialist "Brown, Daniel Lawrence" Specialist "Buckhout-White, Michael John" Sr Res Sci "Jackson, Frederick H." Sr Res Sci "Lampe, Gerald E." Sr Res Sci "Wang, Shuhan C." Systems Analyst "Reed, Christopher E." Systems Analyst"Salaam, Olubukola Adebamike"

"$50,000.00" "$57,000.00" "$54,038.99" "$47,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$134,400.00" "$96,900.00" "$111,400.00" "$125,000.00" "$141,521.13" "$40,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$67,957.50" "$87,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$20,860.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$82,160.00" "$60,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$78,500.00" "$49,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$41,125.00" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$54,880.00" "$50,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$84,000.00" "$67,969.15" "$60,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$55,829.70" "$12,225.00" "$150,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$73,000.00"

ARHU-Philosophy Admin Asst II "Spier, Kaarin" Assoc Prof "Dwyer, Susan Jane" Assoc Prof "Frisch, Mathias F" Assoc Prof "Kerstein, Samuel J." Assoc Prof "Morreau, Michael P." Assoc Prof Assoc Chair "Stairs, Allen" Asst Prof "Eaker, Erin Lovenia" Asst Prof "Lyon, Aidan" Asst Prof "Moller, Dan" Asst Prof "Singpurwalla, Rachel" Asst Prof "Williams, Alexander" Business Manager "McDuffie, Renee Denise" Dist Univ Prof "Bub, Jeffrey" Dist Univ Prof "Levinson, Jerrold" Exec Adm Asst I "Gilman, Louise H." Lecturer "Fanselow, Ryan" Lecturer "Gibson, Joel Evans" Prof "Carruthers, Peter M." Prof "Darden, Lindley" Prof "Greenspan, Patricia S." Prof "Horty, John" Prof "Pietroski, Paul M." Prof "Rey, Georges" Prof & Chair "Morris, Christopher W." Prof & Dir "Manekin, Charles H." Res Assoc "Segal, Jerome M." Visit Assoc Prof "Maffie, James"

"$33,125.50" "$90,000.00" "$42,966.61" "$67,579.14" "$67,905.04" "$77,000.22" "$62,090.00" "$65,000.00" "$63,104.00" "$62,217.00" "$32,500.00" "$55,000.00" "$135,708.76" "$132,999.63" "$38,081.56" "$20,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$146,188.33" "$91,364.42" "$116,634.18" "$147,097.30" "$69,001.00" "$105,999.76" "$150,113.00" "$90,250.00" "$6,304.69" "$50,000.00"

ARHU-School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Asoc Prof &Assoc Dir "Strauch, Gabriele L." Assoc Dir "Clough, Lauretta Catherine" Assoc Dir "Goebeler, Claire E." Assoc Prof "Black, Cordell W." Assoc Prof "Campangne, Herve T." Assoc Prof "Demaria, Laura" Assoc Prof "Eades, Caroline" Assoc Prof "Falvo, Joseph D." Assoc Prof "Frisch, Andrea Marie" Assoc Prof "Hitchcock, Donald R." Assoc Prof "Jiang, Nan" Assoc Prof "Lacorte, Manel" Assoc Prof "Lacorte, Manel" Assoc Prof "Lavine, Roberta Z." Assoc Prof "Lavine, Roberta Z." Assoc Prof "Lekic, Maria D." Assoc Prof "Martin, Cynthia L." Assoc Prof "Merediz, Eyda M" Assoc Prof "Moyer, Alene" Assoc Prof "Naharro-Calderon, Jose M." Assoc Prof "Papazian, Elizabeth A." Assoc Prof "Rodriguez, Ana Patricia" Assoc Prof "Scullen, Mary Ellen" Assoc Prof "Zakim, Eric" Assoc Prof "Zhou, Minglang" Assoc Prof &Chair "Gor, Kira" Asst Prof "Abasi, Ali Reza" Asst Prof "Anishchenkova, Valerie"

"$108,319.58" "$87,903.00" "$91,250.00" "$122,690.00" "$83,161.85" "$70,568.75" "$72,069.60" "$75,597.98" "$34,641.49" "$60,234.38" "$70,000.00" "$8,400.00" "$64,103.27" "$10,311.00" "$80,558.91" "$72,540.75" "$75,696.73" "$62,289.87" "$67,951.07" "$75,094.04" "$62,564.35" "$64,437.37" "$68,280.87" "$72,138.10" "$84,000.00" "$73,408.23" "$65,000.00" "$65,000.00"

Asst Prof "Arsenjuk, Luka" Asst Prof "Benharrech, Sarah" Asst Prof "Chao, Fang-yi" Asst Prof "Elsisi, Sayed A" Asst Prof "Elsisi, Sayed A" Asst Prof "Glanville, Peter" Asst Prof "Koser, Julie" Asst Prof "Landa, Marianna" Asst Prof "Mason, Michele" Asst Prof "Naito, Satoko" Asst Prof "Penrose, Mehl A." Coordinator "Brennan-Tillmann, Janel" Coordinator "Brennan-Tillmann, Janel" Coordinator "Deane, Pamala S." Coordinator "Maurer, Jeffrey Daniel" Coordinator "Maurer, Jeffrey Daniel" Coordinator "Yaramanoglu, Naime" Coordinator "Yen, Mildred P." Director "Liu, Phoenix F." Director "Sypher, Chelsea" Fac Res Asst "Madgavkar, Mohini" Fac Res Asst "Tarshizi, Amir H." Grad Asst III "Finney , Victoria Ingeborg" Inst "Krausen, Karen" Inst "Miura, Eiko" Lecturer "Akikawa, Kumiko" Lecturer "Alkebsi, Lutf Y." Lecturer "Almutawakel, Fatima" Lecturer "Amodeo, Stefania R." Lecturer "Canabal-Torres, Evelyn" Lecturer "Cherrouk, Meryem" Lecturer "Clough, Lauretta Catherine" Lecturer "Cohen, Michelle Fram" Lecturer "El Amine, Zein" Lecturer "Elzaawily, Basem" Lecturer "Faccio, Fabian" Lecturer "Falvo, Joseph D." Lecturer "Finch, John D." Lecturer "Fleri, Maria S." Lecturer "Gerus-Vernola, Zhanna R" Lecturer "Gerus-Vernola, Zhanna R" Lecturer "Golkar, Hadi" Lecturer "Gomez-Montoya, Carolina" Lecturer "Hidalgo, Chila Beatriz" Lecturer "Jendi, Sahar Masri" Lecturer "Jendi, Soulaiman" Lecturer "Libber, David B." Lecturer "Lin, Shueh-Fang" Lecturer "Lozinsky, Elena" Lecturer "Lozinsky, Elena" Lecturer "Moussavi, Mahsa" Lecturer "Onate, Carla Patricia" Lecturer "Pimentel, Carlos L." Lecturer "Polanz, Dorothee" Lecturer "Rudolf, Katharina" Lecturer "Salagh Massey, Loubna" Lecturer "Seya, Rika" Lecturer "Soltani, Delaram" Lecturer "Wang, Yuli" Prof "Beicken, Peter U." Prof "Benito-Vessels, Carmen" Prof "Brami, Joseph" Prof "Cypess, Sandra M." Prof "De Keyser, Robert M." Prof "Elgibali, Alaa" Prof "Frederiksen, Elke P." Prof "Harrison, Regina" Prof "Igel, Regina" Prof "Karimi-Hakkak, Ahmad" Prof "Long, Michael H" Prof "Orlando, Valerie K." Prof "Ross, Steven J" Prof "Sosnowski, Saul" Prof & Chair "Oster, Rose-Marie G." Prof & Chair"Quintero-Herencia, Juan Carlos" Prof & Chair "Ramsey, Samuel Robert" Prof & Dir "Mossman, Carol A." Prof Emeritus "Aguilar-Mora, Jorge" Prog Asst "Leight, Katlyn G" Prog Coor "Eaves, Caitlin" Prog Coor "Meldrim, Linsey" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Alam, Nabeela" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Dove, Michelle" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Guy, Margaret M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "McAllister, Beth Marie" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Watson, David C." Res Assoc "Akbari-Saneh, Nahal" Res Assoc "Hassan, Inas Mahmoud" Res Coor "Dang, Jennie" Senior Lecturer "Acedo Garcia, Ana Isabel" Senior Lecturer "Canabal-Torres, Evelyn" Senior Lecturer "Deigan, Federica Brunori" Senior Lecturer "El-Hefnawy, Dina A" Senior Lecturer "Inoue, Makiko" Senior Lecturer "Kong, Mei" Senior Lecturer "Lee-Heitz, Jungjung" Senior Lecturer "Ramsey, Younghi K." Senior Lecturer "Yamakita, Etsuko" Visit Asst Prof "Guzman, Talia" Visit Prof "Gerli, Michael"

"$60,000.00" "$56,598.00" "$60,611.58" "$3,068.19" "$62,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$58,140.00" "$56,100.00" "$55,000.00" "$56,100.00" "$3,332.00" "$66,646.28" "$50,646.34" "$3,332.00" "$42,500.00" "$44,823.73" "$73,304.10" "$69,086.29" "$84,000.00" "$1,040.00" "$22,500.00" "$2,400.00" "$50,181.94" "$48,370.56" "$35,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$53,516.67" "$2,916.66" "$36,414.00" "$3,347.00" "$35,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$2,517.41" "$9,000.00" "$32,354.36" "$1,000.00" "$29,142.87" "$55,000.00" "$15,300.00" "$22,950.00" "$45,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$25,714.00" "$36,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$24,300.00" "$22,500.00" "$22,011.00" "$54,000.00" "$8,250.00" "$16,500.00" "$45,000.00" "$17,500.00" "$52,500.00" "$30,600.00" "$107,779.38" "$90,903.10" "$96,713.79" "$61,513.54" "$105,315.28" "$100,931.08" "$108,183.76" "$27,084.37" "$82,904.30" "$102,518.66" "$129,151.00" "$80,062.68" "$100,000.00" "$167,048.00" "$102,787.30" "$85,186.52" "$109,313.16" "$144,000.00" "$25,948.78" "$38,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$35,875.00" "$38,437.50" "$35,000.00" "$36,941.00" "$39,693.13" "$90,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$35,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$36,700.00" "$36,000.00" "$39,100.00" "$43,800.00" "$37,850.00" "$36,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$30,000.00"

ARHU-School of Music Acad Prog Spec "Guerrant, Theodore Mikell" Admin Asst II "Edwards, Tawanaka" Admin Asst II "Hoitt, Tina M." Assoc Art-In-Res "Gilliam, Jauvon" Assoc Art-In-Res "Guilford, Matthew T."

"$18,794.11" "$43,554.27" "$39,702.72" "$27,072.00" "$15,205.32"

Assoc Art-In-Res "Heineman, Susan" Assoc Prof "Fry, James H." Assoc Prof "Gekker, Paul C." Assoc Prof "Gowen, Bradford P." Assoc Prof "Haldey, Olga" Assoc Prof "Hanninen, Dora A." Assoc Prof "Hewitt, Michael P." Assoc Prof "King, Richard G." Assoc Prof "Miller, Gregory" Assoc Prof "Murdock, Katherine H." Assoc Prof "Ross, James E." Assoc Prof "Sparks, Lowell Richmond" Assoc Prof "Stern, James O." Assoc Prof "Tsong, Mayron" Assoc Prof "Wilson, Mark E." Asst Dir "Arnold, Craig Scott" Asst Dir "Lang, Jenny Louise" Asst Dir "Scerbo, Richard A." Asst Prof "Carter, Bruce A." Asst Prof "Elpus, Kenneth" Asst Prof "Warfield, Patrick R." Business Manager "Oliver, Jeannette Lee" Coordinator "Everett, Laura Lee" Coordinator "Fleck, Cara Natalie" Coordinator "Johnson, Laurinda Ann" Coordinator "Li, Ming" Coordinator "Muller, Aaron D." Coordinator "Powell, David G." Coordinator "Wakefield, Mark E." Director "DeBoy, Lori Johnson" Lecturer "Alvi, Diba Naureen" Lecturer "Ames, Frank Anthony" Lecturer "Baldwin, Thomas R." Lecturer "Barber, Richard C." Lecturer "Cavallaro, Giorgia E." Lecturer "Cigan, Paul" Lecturer "Diamond, Patrick" Lecturer "Dudley, Christopher" Lecturer "Dumaine, Stephen E." Lecturer "Edwards, Mahiri Badilifu" Lecturer "Evans, William C." Lecturer "Foster, Daniel H." Lecturer "Fry, James H." Lecturer "Fuller, Sarah" Lecturer "Galvin, Eugene J. Jr." Lecturer "Gero, Edward S." Lecturer "Hendrickson, Steven E." Lecturer "Hewitt, Michael P." Lecturer "Hinkle, Lee Wilkerson" Lecturer "Jones, David W." Lecturer "Kellner, Paul Steven" Lecturer "Kunkel, Gerard F." Lecturer "Layton, Richard Douglas" Lecturer "Lee, Justina" Lecturer "Long, Timothy" Lecturer "Manzo, Anthony L" Lecturer "Matthews, Wendy K." Lecturer "McReynolds, Robert T." Lecturer "Mentzel, Michael Gentry" Lecturer "Mulcahy, Craig Charles" Lecturer "Okamoto, Kyoko M." Lecturer "Olcott, Nicholas I.J." Lecturer "Oppelt, Robert J." Lecturer "Osterloh, Elijah Rael" Lecturer "Ozment, Jon David" Lecturer "Powell, Timothy John" Lecturer "Randall, Martha Lee" Lecturer "Redd, Charles R." Lecturer "Regni, Albert G." Lecturer "Sandstrom, Boden C." Lecturer "Sandstrom, Boden C." Lecturer "Shaw, Lewis" Lecturer "Slowik, Kenneth" Lecturer "Suadin, I Ketut" Lecturer "Teie, David E." Lecturer "Trahan, Kathleen F." Lecturer "Volchok, Mikhail" Lecturer "Wang, Sebastian S" Lecturer "Wiedel, Kevin" Lecturer "Wilson, Gran" Lecturer "Wiltz, Alcine J." Lecturer "Zimmerman, Daniel J." Prof "Balthrop, Carmen A." Prof "Cossa, Dominic F." Prof "Dedova, Larissa" Prof "DeLio, Thomas J." Prof "Elsing, Evelyn L." Prof "Fischbach, Gerald F." Prof "Haggh-Huglo, Barbara H." Prof "Hill, Mark D." Prof "Mabbs, Linda" Prof "Maclary, Edward" Prof "Major, Leon" Prof "Montgomery, William L." Prof "Moss, Lawrence K." Prof "Page, Cleveland L." Prof "Provine, Robert C." Prof "Salness, David" Prof "Sloan, Rita" Prof "Vadala, Christopher J." Prof "Votta, Michael JR" Prof "Wexler, Richard" Prof "Witzleben, John Lawrence" Prof "Ziegler, Delores" Prof & Dir "Gibson, Robert L." Prof Of Practice "Montgomery, Janet" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Kuckuda, Deborah A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Wyant, Virginia S."

"$35,058.03" "$113,211.41" "$95,636.19" "$79,524.07" "$61,800.80" "$73,634.02" "$72,353.87" "$78,390.20" "$80,459.69" "$76,000.00" "$89,629.87" "$78,732.87" "$79,235.44" "$84,000.00" "$79,198.86" "$62,270.44" "$53,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$55,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$64,976.29" "$58,299.70" "$44,500.00" "$43,973.62" "$59,836.62" "$50,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$47,220.55" "$98,775.00" "$10,005.33" "$13,872.00" "$11,961.60" "$10,497.60" "$6,400.00" "$31,708.80" "$14,000.00" "$11,616.00" "$8,400.00" "$9,999.99" "$5,000.00" "$6,432.00" "$5,000.00" "$14,016.00" "$8,988.09" "$8,400.02" "$12,816.00" "$3,000.00" "$28,239.60" "$35,294.40" "$2,572.80" "$21,203.33" "$16,478.44" "$47,000.00" "$20,025.00" "$8,371.20" "$4,800.00" "$44,840.00" "$3,000.00" "$8,640.00" "$8,667.40" "$25,017.22" "$10,800.00" "$47,754.36" "$8,970.88" "$10,651.20" "$65,786.34" "$13,221.86" "$17,971.20" "$3,500.00" "$51,068.74" "$6,000.00" "$8,645.47" "$5,000.01" "$11,534.40" "$10,252.80" "$25,626.97" "$4,999.99" "$5,599.99" "$38,953.32" "$16,000.00" "$19,655.36" "$90,699.34" "$100,013.98" "$85,812.01" "$85,806.39" "$91,870.63" "$115,000.00" "$91,525.55" "$88,333.93" "$107,186.03" "$101,318.36" "$123,829.85" "$94,214.42" "$90,352.60" "$107,723.77" "$95,250.58" "$94,499.67" "$86,424.88" "$102,476.01" "$94,000.00" "$88,549.22" "$88,731.00" "$99,646.22" "$125,068.71" "$76,621.00" "$39,808.99" "$40,789.09"

8 Visit Asst Prof



ARHU-School of Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies Accompanist "Johnson, Isiah Oscar" Accompanist "Novak, Robert" Assoc Prof "Bradley, Karen Kohn" Assoc Prof "Conway, Daniel" Assoc Prof "Felbain, Leslie C" Assoc Prof "MacDevitt, Brian" Assoc Prof "Pearson, Sara R" Assoc Prof "Smiley, Leigh Wilson" Assoc Prof "Widrig, Patrik" Asst Art-In-Res "Fang, Adriane" Asst Prof "Ashizawa, Izumi" Asst Prof "Carpenter, Faedra C" Asst Prof "Frederik Meer, Laurie A" Asst Prof "Kachman, Mikhail" Asst Prof "Mansur, Sharon F." Asst Prof "Phillips, Miriam" Asst Prof "Smith, Ashley H." Coordinator "Gillett, Cary L." Coordinator "Glasspatrick, Erin C" Coordinator "Phelps, Marguerita Frances" Director "Jackson, Sandra S." Exec Adm Asst I "Bergwall, Stephanie S" Inst "Mayes, Alvin" Lecturer "Chiang, Susan K." Lecturer "Chismar, Ann" Lecturer "Gillett, Cary L." Lecturer "Glasspatrick, Erin C" Lecturer "Jackson, Paul D." Lecturer "Messer, Kristen Anne" Lecturer "Posner, Aaron C." Lecturer "Rohd, Michael P" Lecturer "Smith, Julia Grace" Prof "Hebert, Mitchell P." Prof "Hildy, Franklin J." Prof "Huang, Helen Q." Prof "Reese, Scot M." Prof & Assoc Chair "Nathans, Heather S." Prof & Assoc Chair "Warren, Anne W." Prof & Dir "Wagner, Daniel MacLean" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Blandford, Karen Sue" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Schlegel, Camilla P." Sr Art-In Res "Dallas, Walter" Visit Asst Prof "Rothman, Korey R."

"$46,602.14" "$46,284.00" "$70,226.71" "$76,641.25" "$60,987.98" "$84,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$61,401.21" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$58,293.94" "$56,647.91" "$54,769.52" "$55,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$59,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$59,103.72" "$73,467.13" "$35,875.00" "$60,148.44" "$3,500.00" "$3,500.00" "$3,750.00" "$4,000.00" "$60,039.12" "$10,010.00" "$10,000.00" "$13,000.00" "$17,160.00" "$84,555.47" "$97,068.34" "$87,608.38" "$87,294.88" "$39,091.40" "$77,536.46" "$175,001.00" "$47,586.53" "$36,436.00" "$87,500.00" "$24,012.05"

ARHU-Women’s Studies Assoc Prof "Barkley Brown, Elsa" Assoc Prof "Kim, Seung-Kyung" Assoc Prof "King, Katie" Assoc Prof "Schuler, Catherine A." Assoc Prof "Tambe, Ashwini" Asst Dir "Nichols, Laura T.E." Asst Prof "McCune, Jeffrey" Asst Prof "Rodgers, Tara S." Asst Prof "Rowley, Michelle V" Coordinator "Carter, Annie M." Prg Admin Spec "Royals Howard, Cliffornia D." Prof "Bolles, Augusta Lynn" Prof "Rosenfelt, Deborah S." Prof "Zambrana, Ruth Enid"

"$46,394.71" "$90,583.00" "$72,781.72" "$74,374.61" "$85,500.00" "$68,189.96" "$33,150.00" "$70,000.00" "$65,281.00" "$51,946.63" "$41,702.08" "$96,372.85" "$96,320.00" "$143,875.04"

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences BSOS-Afro-American Studies Program Assoc Prof "Harley, Sharon" Asst Prof "Chateauvert, Melinda" Asst Prof "Dinwiddie, Gniesha Yvonne" Asst Prof "Johnson, Odis D. JR" Asst Prof "Madhavan, Sangeetha" Asst Prof "Richardson, Joseph B JR" Dir Admin Srv "Skeeter, Valencia L." Fac Res Asst "Jackson, Chayla C" Lecturer "Choflet, Robert Thomas" Lecturer "Clark, Joseph W." Lecturer "England, Jonathan William" Lecturer "Kargbo, Ibrahim" Lecturer "Nichols, Jason Anthony" Lecturer "Semper, Jerry L." Lecturer "Terry, David Taft" Lecturer "Ward, Brian Wayne" Prof & Act Chair "Falk, William W."

"$120,370.00" "$70,428.43" "$75,000.00" "$75,651.94" "$76,105.88" "$77,067.20" "$70,477.47" "$26,400.00" "$4,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$52,020.00" "$16,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$219,563.55"

BSOS-Anthropology Advisor "Hanson, Erik" Assoc Dir "Russell, Katherine Ford" Assoc Prof "Freidenberg, Judith N." Assoc Prof "Freidenberg, Judith N." Assoc Prof "Paolisso, Michael J." Asst Prof "Brighton, Stephen" Asst Prof "Shaffer, Laura Jean" Asst Prof "Stuart, William Taft" Dir Admin Srv "Paige, Sybil A." Grad Asst I "Van Dolah, Elizabeth Rebecca" Grad Asst II "Sullivan, Kristin Marie" Grad Asst II "Trombley, Jeremy" Lecturer "Freidenberg, Judith N." Lecturer "Furlong, Mary Margaret" Lecturer "London, Marilyn R." Lecturer "Palus, Matthew M."

"$37,000.00" "$1,250.00" "$2,500.00" "$80,029.35" "$90,506.27" "$61,126.37" "$65,000.00" "$69,199.13" "$59,000.00" "$2,656.00" "$2,913.30" "$2,656.00" "$3,000.00" "$3,967.00" "$9,000.00" "$10,016.00"

Lecturer Lecturer Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof & Chair Prog Coor Res Prof

"Russell, Katherine Ford" "Steen, Susan L" "Chambers, Erve" "Chernela, Janet" "Leone, Mark P." "Whitehead, Tony L." "Shackel, Paul A." "Tablada, Archilline R." "Fiske, Shirley J."

"$8,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$123,286.05" "$53,186.56" "$147,807.75" "$112,687.88" "$132,000.00" "$47,170.00" "$33,770.00"

BSOS-College of Behavioral & Social Sciences Account Clerk II "Smith, Earlene" Accounting Assoc"Reynolds, Robeya Barmin" Admin Asst II "Lockett-Landis, Tonya L." Administrator "Bandyopadhyay, Sarbartha" Administrator "Spriggs, James Edward III" Advisor "Lewis, Troy D. II" Advisor "Lloyd, TC" Advisor "Myat, Klihsree" Assoc Dean "Beardsley, Katherine Pedro" Assoc Dir "Izsak, Katherine Worboys" Assoc Dir "Roberts, Andrew B." Assoc Dir "Rodgers, Tykia Monya" Assoc Dir "Zhao, Song" Assoc Res Scholar "Sadat, Jehan" Asst Dean "Holmes, Ann M." Asst Dean "Nickerson, Kim J." Asst Dir "Anderson-Howell, Rosalyn E." Asst Dir "Bethke, Kimberly Anne" Asst Dir "Gray, Thomas Andrew" Asst Dir "Hunsaker, Rebecca I" Asst Dir "Komarek, Pam" Asst Dir "Leffson, Rebecca Ashley" Asst Dir "McClure, Kevin Richard" Asst Dir "Pie, Michael T." Asst Dir "Randolph, Julie Lynn" Asst to Dean "Goff-Tlemsani, Sarah Elaine" Asst to Dean "Romanoff, Joyce" Asst to Dean "Schupbach, Carolyn A." Business Manager "Middledorf, Donna Jean" Business Manager "Tana, Maria R." Coordinator "Bynoe, Julianna" Coordinator "Cooper, Christa L" Coordinator "Fennie, William" Coordinator "Glover, Carolyn S." Coordinator "Goebel, Sheila M." Coordinator "Kasnadi, Asdie" Coordinator "Kier, Bailey M" Coordinator "Lassalle, Nicholas David" Coordinator "Marks, Peggy L." Coordinator "Marth, Ellen Fitzsimmons" Coordinator "Martinez, Elizabeth" Coordinator "Rivinius, Jessica Stark" Coordinator "Showerman, Stacey L." Coordinator "Vinski, Natalie A." Coordinator "Walker, Paulanne" Coordinator "Weber, Margaret K." Coordinator "Williams, Jody Derezinski" Coordinator "Ye, Yeats" Dir Admin Srv "Sewlall, Grace Pamela" Director "Cradock, Christie S." Director "Morgan, Dona-Leigh" Director "Navarro, Dan" Exec Dir "Braniff, William" Fac Res Asst"Abbasciano, Suzzette Smiley Lopez" Fac Res Asst "Baruah, Surajit" Fac Res Asst "Behlendorf, Brandon Paul" Fac Res Asst "Bikle, Charles Joseph" Fac Res Asst "Blevins, Robert Lance" Fac Res Asst "Chen, Aizhen" Fac Res Asst "Dravis, Michael" Fac Res Asst "Fishering, Sarah" Fac Res Asst "Gorski, Judith Cohn" Fac Res Asst "Johns, Mila Ashley" Fac Res Asst "Kennedy, Jonathan Wallace" Fac Res Asst "Khalil, Karim" Fac Res Asst "Lisanti, Dominic" Fac Res Asst "Madden, Stephanie Lynne" Fac Res Asst "Miller, Erin Elizabeth" Fac Res Asst "Pinson, Lauren" Fac Res Asst "Shoemaker, Jaime" Fac Res Asst "Smaliy, Alexei" Fac Res Asst "Tunney, Janet" Fac Res Asst "Uphoff, Stephen S." Fac Res Asst "Wood, Dennis H." Grad Asst II "Distler, Michael Robert" IT Coor "Luzin, Dmitri A." IT Support Assoc "Villas, Christopher James" IT Support Asst "Huger, Orienta Sheree" IT Sys Prog/Net Supp "Diab, Eamon" LAN Sys Admin "Suskey, John" Lecturer "Briggs, Sue" Lecturer "Johnson, Brian D" Manager "Gates-Liden, Marie Nicole" Manager "Khoury, Bernard Charles" Office Supv I "Pickles, Amanda Jaye" Prof & Assoc Dean "McIntosh, Wayne V." Prof And Dean "Townshend, John R." Prog Coor "Hillinger, Barbara J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Bolden, Chaz Ector" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Pittman, Tiffany L" Res Assoc "Ackerman, Gary A" Res Assoc "Pate, Amy E." Res Assoc "Sawyer, John Paul" Res Assoc Prof "Sandberg, John F" Res Asst Prof "Rosenbaum, Janet E" Res Asst Prof "Zhan, Wang"

"$16,400.00" "$32,144.00" "$35,978.50" "$95,814.27" "$52,635.50" "$43,680.00" "$44,811.20" "$44,800.00" "$152,061.29" "$81,025.19" "$70,000.00" "$68,500.00" "$107,953.69" "$54,483.41" "$161,115.00" "$117,272.80" "$63,175.20" "$59,792.48" "$63,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$58,068.00" "$51,619.23" "$52,560.00" "$61,029.98" "$53,000.00" "$85,000.00" $45.00 "$94,000.74" "$55,888.00" "$44,501.13" "$50,500.00" "$42,000.00" "$55,620.00" "$53,412.70" "$55,641.52" "$53,650.38" "$43,500.00" "$37,740.00" "$50,263.50" "$50,000.00" "$63,500.00" "$56,000.00" "$44,248.30" "$45,500.00" "$45,776.64" "$23,100.00" "$41,000.00" "$66,580.00" "$65,000.00" "$68,002.74" "$63,000.00" "$130,250.00" "$112,967.00" "$41,250.00" "$55,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$39,500.00" "$81,681.04" "$40,000.00" "$38,941.16" "$33,000.00" "$67,500.00" "$35,000.00" "$47,197.50" "$47,850.00" "$47,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$54,360.00" "$50,000.00" "$39,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$35,148.87" "$45,000.00" "$187,536.53" "$3,740.00" "$49,649.80" "$44,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$62,624.47" "$83,107.58" "$5,000.00" "$81,491.00" "$89,006.43" "$27,684.59" "$149,167.00" "$230,000.74" "$84,945.77" "$34,500.00" "$37,060.23" "$109,517.59" "$55,080.00" "$75,000.00" "$38,295.00" "$43,225.00" "$82,000.00"

Res Prof Emeritus Tech Consult

"Bushrui, Suheil B." "Kuhafa, Mashish T."

"$27,865.00" "$68,147.67"

BSOS-Criminology & Criminal Justice Advisor "Jackson, Nicole" Advisor "Tana, David Vincent" Assoc Prof "Dugan, Laura J." Assoc Prof "Johnson, Brian D" Assoc Prof "McGloin, Jean M" Asst Prof "Loughran, Thomas A." Asst Prof "Maimon, David" Asst Prof "Nakamura, Kiminori" Business Serv Spec "Owens, Donna J." Coordinator "Akas, Marlene Y." Director "Werner, Charlene Kay" Dist Univ Prof "Sherman, Lawrence William" Exec Adm Asst I "Allen, Paula M." Fac Res Asst "Porter, Pamela K." Inst "Brooks, Laure Weber" Lecturer "Ahlin, Eileen Mi" Lecturer "Conroy, John" Lecturer "Cotter, Ryan S" Lecturer "Davis, Samantha Yvette" Lecturer "Dooley, Brendan D" Lecturer "Dykstra, Laura Garnier" Lecturer "Fisher, Cortney Lyn" Lecturer "Fleming, Matthew H" Lecturer "Flower, Shawn Marie" Lecturer "Foust, John T" Lecturer "Gaston, Arnett W." Lecturer "Hamill, Russell E. III" Lecturer "Horner, Jay Paul" Lecturer "Janney, Mark Edward" Lecturer "Lehman, Alan Robertson" Lecturer "Malm, Stan" Lecturer "Mauriello, Thomas P." Lecturer "Pendzich, Margaret Mae" Lecturer "Roberts White, Christine A" Lecturer "Roberts White, Christine A" Lecturer "Romeiser, Nicole" Lecturer "Rorie, Melissa Lynn" Lecturer "Salem, David Ira" Lecturer "Shusko, Robin A." Lecturer "Smith, Barry P." Lecturer "Stickle, Wendy Tobie Povitsky" Lecturer "Zumbrun, Alvin J" Prof "Gottfredson, Denise C." Prof "LaFree, Gary D."

"$43,680.00" "$37,500.00" "$81,666.00" "$81,440.00" "$80,000.00" "$71,000.00" "$71,000.00" "$69,000.00" "$47,583.67" "$46,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$140,000.00" "$40,731.18" "$94,000.00" "$75,443.00" "$6,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$41,000.00" "$3,100.00" "$7,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$16,282.07" "$7,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$14,593.42" "$3,000.00" "$3,500.00" "$35,522.49" "$7,000.00" "$3,100.00" "$7,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$68,058.00" "$22,950.01" "$205,200.17" "$250,907.00"

Prof "Paternoster, Raymond" Prof "Reuter, Peter H." Prof "Thornberry, Terence P" Prof "Wellford, Charles F." Prof & Chair "Simpson, Sally S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Johnson, Rebecca Linn" Res Assoc "Najaka, Stacy Brooke" Res Assoc "Soule, David Alan"

"$197,674.48" "$39,522.41" "$208,000.00" "$180,388.00" "$174,675.00" "$34,000.00" "$68,250.00" "$100,225.00"

BSOS-Ctr for Substance Abuse Research Assoc Prof & Dir "Wish, Eric D." Director "Griffith , Debra D." Fac Res Asst "Artigiani, Eleanor E." Fac Res Asst "Billing, Amy Susan" Fac Res Asst "Carcamo, Sandra I." Fac Res Asst "Hauser, Wanda" Fac Res Asst "Hsu, Margaret H." Fac Res Asst "McCandlish, David" Fac Res Asst"Peko-Spicer, Amohelang Abigail" Res Assoc "Wagner, Michael A."

"$203,247.71" "$92,533.22" "$110,102.30" "$69,326.25" "$47,388.96" "$43,527.89" "$36,792.50" "$48,157.60" "$33,880.00" "$102,057.67"

BSOS-Economics Advisor Advisor Advisor Assoc Dir Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Dir Asst Dir Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Coordinator

"Edinger, Shanna" "Nalezyty, Nancy Su" "Nalezyty, Nancy Su" "Evans, Ruth M." "Aruoba, Sadik Boragan" "Chao, John C." "Coughlin, Peter J." "Jin, Zhe" "Kearney, Melissa Schettini" "Limao, Nuno" "Shea, John" "Nalley, Heather M" "Nalley, Heather M" "D'Erasmo, Pablo Nicolas" "Dix Carneiro, Rafael" "Filiz Ozbay, Emel" "Goldberg, Jessica" "Guiteras, Raymond" "Kaplan, Ethan Daniel" "Korinek, Anton" "Lee, Soohyung" "Ozbay, Erkut Yusuf" "Urzua, Sergio" "Vlaicu, Razvan" "Fletcher, Vickie A." "Fox, Kelly Virginia"

"$44,203.41" $711.72 "$41,340.00" "$99,655.71" "$109,471.00" "$113,395.95" "$71,779.34" "$138,745.00" "$132,000.00" "$132,540.00" "$114,170.78" "$1,280.64" "$55,795.04" "$105,000.00" "$115,000.00" "$101,475.00" "$115,000.00" "$102,000.00" "$115,000.00" "$67,683.83" "$105,000.00" "$101,475.00" "$125,000.00" "$97,129.20" "$52,510.07" "$43,000.00"

Dir Admin Srv "Kimbrell, Dorinda K" Director "Hayek, Marianne Ley" Dist Univ Prof "Cropper, Maureen L." Dist Univ Prof "Haltiwanger, John C." Dist Univ Prof "Oates, Wallace" Fac Res Asst"Adekanmbi, Adebimpe Maureen" Fac Res Asst "Almanzar, Miguel" Fac Res Asst "Haas, Sherri" Fac Res Asst "Leegwater, Anthony Peter" Fac Res Asst "Nischan, Ulrike" Fac Res Asst "Pena, Josefina D" Fac Res Asst "Romero, Jose" Fac Res Asst "Rutherford, Diana D." Fac Res Asst "Shaw, James Arthur" Fac Res Asst "Wittek, Troy Anthony" IT Op Mgr "Singh, Veer" Lecturer "Belenkiy, Maksim" Lecturer "Catilina, Eliane" Lecturer "Clement, Cindy" Lecturer "Greenberg, Warren" Lecturer "Hulbert, Jason" Lecturer "Leibtag, Ephraim S." Lecturer "Neri, John" Lecturer "Phillips, Bruce D" Lecturer "Sarna, Naveen" Lecturer "Scandizzo, Stefania" Lecturer "Straub, John" Prof "Ausubel, Lawrence M." Prof "Cramton, Peter" Prof "Drazen, Allan" Prof "Ham, John" Prof "Hellerstein, Judith K." Prof "Hulten, Charles R." Prof "Mendoza, Enrique G." Prof "Moon, Hyungsik Roger" Prof "Prucha, Ingmar R." Prof "Rust, John Philip" Prof "Schwab, Robert M." Prof "Vegh, Carlos" Prof "Vincent, Daniel R." Prof "Wallis, John J." Prof & Chair "Murrell, Peter" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Davis, Theresa V" Res Assoc "Horst, Ronald Lee" Res Assoc "Khatiwada, Lila Kumar" Res Assoc "Meade, Douglas Shannon" Res Assoc "Nagarajan, Geetha" Res Assoc "Nyhus, Douglas E."

HOUSE FOR SALE 6409 Queens Chapel Road – $469,000 Renovated Stately Brick Colonial, Finished 3rd level w/2 BRs, 2nd Level w/2 BRs, 2 BAs, Spacious Kitchen w/Island and Breakfast Room, Full Finished Lower Level, Hardwood Floors on Main & 2nd level, FP in LR, Main Level Family Room & Powder Room, New Washer/ Dryer, New CAC. Fenced Back Yard, Garage, Convenient to Metro, New Whole Foods, & Parks! Not a busy road, private no through street.

ERIC PEEK Broker, Peek Properties 301-728-7426 Peekproperties

"$78,400.00" "$70,000.00" "$189,034.00" "$254,881.00" "$79,698.98" "$42,000.00" "$22,414.50" "$41,731.00" "$60,637.50" "$42,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$75,312.16" "$46,084.51" "$18,000.00" "$66,069.47" "$14,999.99" "$58,000.00" "$88,250.00" "$16,999.99" "$58,000.00" "$25,525.52" "$54,509.02" "$51,944.43" "$54,054.04" "$58,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$122,545.09" "$101,715.45" "$207,739.54" "$250,000.00" "$169,345.05" "$118,255.02" "$220,500.00" "$225,000.00" "$200,884.00" "$248,492.18" "$178,416.23" "$102,083.27" "$136,119.67" "$129,641.68" "$233,024.00" "$38,621.82" "$37,865.96" "$62,500.00" "$56,118.02" "$108,160.00" "$74,301.21"


"Werling, Jeffrey F."


Accounting Assoc "Groves, Carol A." Admin Asst I "Johnson, Wilhelmina" Administrator "Hu, Jenny Yanwen" Assoc Prof "Geores, Martha E." Asst Dir "Crossgrove, Robert" Asst Prof "Kellner, James Robert" Asst Prof "Loboda, Tatiana V." Asst Prof "Silva, Julie Ann" Asst Prof "Yeo, In-Young" Asst Prof "Zhou, Naijun" Business Manager "Jones, LaNettra E." Dir Admin Srv "Bell, Vivre A." Exec Adm Asst I "Smith, Liz A." Fac Res Asst "Altstatt, Alice Louise" Fac Res Asst "Bach, Suzanne M." Fac Res Asst "Becker-Reshef, Inbal" Fac Res Asst "Brolly, Matthew" Fac Res Asst "Channan, Saurabh" Fac Res Asst "Cheng, Xiaoguang" Fac Res Asst "Collins, Kathrine Maria" Fac Res Asst "Dimiceli, Charlene M." Fac Res Asst "Fedele, Emilie" Fac Res Asst "Fisk, Justin" Fac Res Asst "Guinn, Jenifer Kai" Fac Res Asst "Harf, Carolyn Hight" Fac Res Asst "Heleniak, Timothy Edmund" Fac Res Asst "Jiang, Bo" Fac Res Asst "Molinario, Giuseppe" Fac Res Asst "Nackoney, Janet Ruth" Fac Res Asst "O'Bannon, John" Fac Res Asst "Oesterling, Robert Anthony" Fac Res Asst "Peck, Meredith Elaine" Fac Res Asst "Prentiss, Lydia" Fac Res Asst "Ramirez, Fernando Andres" Fac Res Asst "Riter, Joyce Christine Alexis" Fac Res Asst "Schleeweis, Karen" Fac Res Asst "Sohlberg, Robert Allen JR" Fac Res Asst "Sullivan, Mark Brandon" Fac Res Asst "Wang, Dongliang" Fac Res Asst "Wong, Min Minnie" Lecturer "Ellicott, Evan Andrew" Lecturer "Eney, Allen B." Lecturer "Giglio, Louis" Lecturer "Lim, Eunjung" Lecturer "Luna, Ronald W." Lecturer "Ma, Jianguo" Lecturer "Nagol, Jyoteshwar R" Lecturer "Song, Kuan" Lecturer "Zlatic, Mila" Prof "Dubayah, Ralph O." Prof "Goward, Samuel N." Prof "Hansen, Matthew C." Prof "Hubacek, Klaus" Prof "Hurtt, George C." Prof "Kasischke, Eric S." Prof "Liang, Shunlin" Prof "Prince, Stephen D." Prof & Chair "Justice, Christopher Owen" Res Assoc "Feng, Kuishuang" Res Assoc "Feng, Min" Res Assoc "Guindin, Noemi" Res Assoc "Kim, Wonkook" Res Assoc "Nagol, Jyoteshwar R" Res Assoc "Ni, Wenjian" Res Assoc "Song, Kuan" Res Assoc "Swatantran, Anuradha" Res Assoc "Turubanova, Svetlana" Res Assoc "Wang, Dongdong" Res Assoc Prof "Boschetti, Luigi" Res Assoc Prof "Giglio, Louis" Res Assoc Prof "Hofton, Michelle" Res Assoc Prof "Huang, Chengquan" Res Assoc Prof "Potapov, Petr V." Res Assoc Prof "Torrens, Paul" Res Assoc Prof "Vadrevu, Krishna" Res Asst Prof "Chini, Louise Parsons" Res Asst Prof "De Bremond, Ariane" Res Asst Prof "Ellicott, Evan Andrew" Res Asst Prof "Li, Mengxue" Res Asst Prof "Pinto, Naiara" Res Asst Prof "Sexton, Joseph Owen" Res Coor "Bobbitt, Shannon Renee" Res Prof "Sun, Guoqing" Res Prof "Vermote, Eric F." Visit Asst Prof "Pang, Yong" Visit Asst Res Sci "Rosette, Jacqueline" Visit Res Assoc "Nara, Atsushi" Visiting Assoc Rsch Prof "Baraldi, Andrea"

"$36,447.31" "$34,941.09" "$78,122.45" "$77,465.75" "$59,260.26" "$65,000.00" "$67,500.00" "$86,000.00" "$61,343.20" "$62,820.04" "$47,000.00" "$102,567.38" "$39,474.25" "$55,226.00" "$43,500.00" "$57,176.00" "$57,500.00" "$100,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$99,733.71" "$50,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$35,128.80" "$20,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$52,247.00" "$85,930.80" "$41,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$47,468.94" "$52,670.00" "$29,835.00" "$42,500.00" "$76,402.51" "$92,602.60" "$7,200.00" "$23,867.20" "$4,877.00" "$53,487.28" "$4,877.00" "$52,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$4,877.00" "$1,220.00" "$34,920.00" "$181,076.97" "$199,456.00" "$127,000.00" "$130,000.00" "$190,667.00" "$117,586.11" "$133,889.57" "$165,262.59" "$215,917.00" "$55,000.00" "$24,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$78,138.20" "$100,000.00" "$90,784.59" "$90,343.88" "$90,000.00" "$153,295.00" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$57,750.00" "$75,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$56,250.00" "$116,246.68" "$148,012.49" "$24,750.00" "$82,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$75,000.00"


BSOS-Government & Politics Acad Adv Acad Adv Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Dir

"Bussie, Christina" "Johnson, Jacqueline" "Birnir, Johanna K" "Calvo, Ernesto F." "Hanmer, Michael J." "Haufler, Virginia Ann" "Kaminski, Bartlomiej K." "Karol, David" "Kastner, Scott" "Kaufmann, Karen M." "Reed, William Lawton III" "Soltan, Karol E." "Swistak, Piotr T." "Pimpawathin, Apitchaya"

"$42,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$97,828.00" "$85,230.73" "$79,251.98" "$95,000.00" "$85,283.94" "$84,917.17" "$115,000.00" "$83,177.57" "$79,603.62" "$52,143.00"

Asst Prof "Allee, Todd" Asst Prof "Banks, Antoine Jevon" Asst Prof "Bond, Kanisha De Ann" Asst Prof "Corstange, Daniel" Asst Prof "Croco, Sarah Elizabeth" Asst Prof "Cunningham, David E." Asst Prof "Cunningham, Kathleen Gallagher" Asst Prof "Hadden, Jennifer" Asst Prof "McCauley, John F." Asst Prof "McKenzie, Brian D." Asst Prof "Miler, Kristina" Asst Prof "Rouse, Stella" Asst Prof "Simmons, Joel" Asst Prof "Ward, Ian A M" Asst Prof "Wohlfarth, Patrick Charles" Asst Res Sci "Fridl, Daniella" Asst Res Sci "Wong, Kelly" Business Manager "Wist, Denise E." Coordinator "Charlebois, Mike A." Coordinator "Clark, Ann M." Coordinator "Roberts, Cissy" Coordinator "Wise, Andrea L." Dir Admin Srv "Mansfield, Michael Thomas" Fac Res Asst "Burk, Kellie Anderson" Fac Res Asst "Ellis, Devin Hayes" Fac Res Asst "Hendricks, Lisa" Fac Res Asst "Howard, Ted L." Fac Res Asst "King, Brian Michael" Fac Res Asst "Nucete, Jayne A." Fac Res Asst "Papp, Evan Matthew" Fac Res Asst "Seitz, Nikole Lynne" Fac Res Asst "Sellers, Awet" Fac Res Asst "Tetteh, Audrey R" Fac Res Asst "Williams, Kayla Michelle" Lecturer "Alcaniz, Isabella" Lecturer "Fridl, Daniella" Lecturer "Glass, James M." Lecturer "Martins, Christy Anne" Lecturer "Nemeth, Alan Scott" Lecturer "Nusraty, Temim Hashim" Lecturer "Spivey, Michael Odell" Prof "Alford, Charles Frederick" Prof "Gimpel, James G." Prof "Glass, James M." Prof "Herrnson, Paul S." Prof "Huth, Paul K." Prof "Lee, Frances" Prof "Morris, Irwin Lester" Prof "Pearson, Margaret M." Prof "Telhami, Shibley" Prof "Tismaneanu, Vladimir" Prof "Uslaner, Eric M." Prof & Chair "Lichbach, Mark" Res Assoc "Scham, Sandra A." Res Prof "Alperovitz, Gar" Visit Assoc Prof "Kaufman, Edward Edy" Visit Assoc Prof "Koulish, Robert E."

9 "$95,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$72,500.00" "$75,000.00" "$79,000.00" "$79,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$92,000.00" "$87,500.00" "$67,500.00" "$82,500.00" "$60,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$71,120.00" "$94,776.44" "$55,393.21" "$45,000.00" "$58,579.09" "$54,281.76" "$60,480.00" "$63,616.94" "$89,927.00" "$40,000.00" "$38,080.00" "$128,118.06" "$50,445.68" "$50,300.00" "$62,467.00" "$35,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$48,684.60" "$27,999.99" "$10,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$7,500.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$119,236.96" "$107,119.97" "$135,666.83" "$213,063.66" "$205,111.47" "$118,917.38" "$102,654.73" "$48,873.32" "$221,501.04" "$110,631.43" "$126,116.30" "$213,790.38" "$105,211.00" "$180,280.06" "$48,324.01" "$55,080.00"

BSOS-Hearing & Speech Sciences Admin Asst II "Brownlee, Valerie S." Assoc Prof "Newman, Rochelle S." Assoc Prof "Shah, Yasmeen Faroqi" Asst Prof "Goupell, Matthew Joseph" Asst Prof "Huang, Yi Ting" Clinic Coord "Holloway, Theresa R" Dir Admin Srv "Beasley, Rachelle L." Fac Res Asst "Thakkar, Tanvi D" Inst "Worthington, Colleen K." Lecturer "Berndtson, Deborah Lynne" Lecturer "Bonelli, Phyllis Josephine" Lecturer "Brewer, Carmen C." Lecturer "Dixon, Maria Vernice" Lecturer "Fitzgibbons, Peter J." Lecturer "Handy, Dianne J." Lecturer "Handy, Dianne J." Lecturer "Herder, Carl Lawrence" Lecturer "Lingaraj, Arpana" Lecturer "McCabe, Margaret M." Lecturer "Nguyen, Nicole Kristen" Lecturer "Palmer, Sharon S." Lecturer "Rickard, Lisa" Lecturer "Schauer, Paula" Lecturer "Sherlock, LaGuinn Parsons" Lecturer "Sisskin, Vivian D." Lecturer "Sisskin, Vivian D." Lecturer "Skinker, Kathleen Battles" Lecturer "Williams Walker, Tonya L." Lecturer "Wood, Esther Jane" Lecturer "Worthington, Colleen K." Office Supv III "Coon, Elizabeth I." Prof "Gordon-Salant, Sandra" Prof & Chair "Ratner, Nan Bernstein" Res Prof "Sonies, Barbara C." Senior Lecturer "Fitzgerald, Tracy"

"$38,566.47" "$78,259.15" "$77,181.18" "$70,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$36,366.00" "$62,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$79,495.31" "$51,334.79" "$52,000.00" "$10,062.50" "$54,000.00" "$4,586.29" "$5,336.33" "$53,663.29" "$8,364.00" "$54,000.00" "$80,205.19" "$1,942.20" "$56,647.13" "$65,000.00" "$54,503.80" "$6,216.60" "$3,021.10" "$60,421.96" "$47,327.40" "$8,000.00" "$35,128.80" "$5,962.15" "$45,195.55" "$140,000.40" "$158,533.05" "$25,954.74" "$28,580.00"

BSOS-Joint Program in Survey Methodology Assoc Prof Coordinator Director IT Sys Analyst Prof Res Coor

"Kreuter, Frauke" "Gebremicael, Sarah" "Jethwa Eapen, Rupa" "Gilbert, Duane A." "Lahiri, Parthasarathi" "Hsu, Yi Yao Gina"

"$88,500.03" "$47,741.10" "$66,219.38" "$45,547.06" "$166,897.43" "$60,000.00"

BSOS-Psychology Admin Asst II Admin Asst II Admin Asst II

"Churn, Maranda D" "Coldren-Walker, Julia D." "Henry, Merle A."

"$32,000.00" "$38,467.99" "$33,125.50"

Admin Asst II "Lockwood, Ellen R." Admin Asst II "Verdugo, Carmen B" Advisor "McGann, Kevin J." Advisor "Young, Steven D." Assoc Prof "Chronis-Tuscano, Andrea M." Assoc Prof "Dougherty, Michael R" Assoc Prof "Herberholz, Jens" Assoc Prof "Murnane, Kevin" Assoc Prof "Norman, Kent L." Assoc Prof "O'Grady, Kevin E." Assoc Prof "Yager, David D." Asst Dir "Gorham, Carol" Asst Dir "Kader, Lori J." Asst Prof "Beier, Jonathan" Asst Prof "Carlson, Thomas Aaron" Asst Prof "De Los Reyes, Andres" Asst Prof "Dougherty, Lea Rose" Asst Prof "Glasper, Erica Renee" Asst Prof "Gray, Kurt" Asst Prof "Jaeggi, Susanne" Asst Prof "Mohr, Jonathan J." Asst Prof "Redcay, Elizabeth" Asst Prof "Riggins, Tracy" Asst Prof "Roesch, Matthew Ryan" Asst Prof "Slevc, Robert" Asst Res Eng "Smith, Edward Wilson" Asst Res Sci "Harbison, J Isaiah" Business Manager "Liden, William Harper" Business Serv Spec "Malone, James" Coordinator "Leffson, Joanne E." Coordinator "Tabor, Meredith" Dir Admin Srv "Bugenhagen, Gaye" Dir Admin Srv "Schmidt, Kimberly J." Dist Univ Prof "Kruglanski, Arie W." Dist Univ Prof Emeritus "Hodos, William" Elect Tech III "Chan, Anthony H." Fac Res Asst "Blankenship, Sarah Louise" Fac Res Asst "Bruss, Christopher Bayan" Fac Res Asst "Burton, Amanda Claire" Fac Res Asst "Cacic, Kelsey" Fac Res Asst "DuBose, Brooks Edward" Fac Res Asst "Goldstein, Brandon Lee" Fac Res Asst "Haque, Enamul" Fac Res Asst "Harrell, Nailah" Fac Res Asst "Hauser, Meir David" Fac Res Asst "Hoffman, Elana Michelle" Fac Res Asst "Kinnison, Joshua Andrew" Fac Res Asst "Kurdziel, Gretchen" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Tiane" Fac Res Asst "Lewis-Morrarty, Erin" Fac Res Asst "Malik, Asia" Fac Res Asst "Mathews, Ronneal Denise" Fac Res Asst "Mathis, Andrew M." Fac Res Asst "Mohr, Rebecca" Fac Res Asst "O'Young, Daniel R." Fac Res Asst "Padmala, Srikanth" Fac Res Asst "Pickover, Alison Marisa" Fac Res Asst "Schori, Noa" Fac Res Asst "Smith, Vanessa M" Fac Res Asst "Spechler, Philip" Fac Res Asst "Tovar-Argueta, David A." Fac Res Asst "Townsend, Joanna Marley" Fac Res Asst "Tyson, Antonio M" Fac Res Asst "Xian, Wei" Grad Asst II "Muhammad, Rabiah Sahara" Grad Asst II "Ochalek, Catherine Elizabeth" Grad Asst III "Saffer, Mark Ian" Lect & Dir "Roberts, Scott P." Lecturer "Blumenrath, Sandra Helene" Lecturer "Cregg, Veronica Lee" Lecturer "Curtis, Ryan Dean" Lecturer "Hall, Frank S." Lecturer "Kopetz, Catalina Elena" Lecturer "Lee, Susan" Lecturer "Leiman, Andrea" Lecturer "Maniatis, Lydia" Lecturer "Miller, Margaret Ann" Lecturer "Risco, Cristina Maria" Lecturer "Salahuddin, Nazish M." Lecturer "Selterman, Dylan" Lecturer "Sheveland, Anna Cecile" Lecturer "Tomlinson, Tracy Darlene" Prof "Blanchard, Jack J." Prof "Brauth, Steven E." Prof "Cassidy, Jude Anne" Prof "Dooling, Robert J." Prof "Gelfand, Michele Joy" Prof "Gelso, Charles J." Prof "Hill, Clara E." Prof "Lejuez, Carl W." Prof "Moss, Cynthia F." Prof "O'Brien, Karen Mary" Prof "Ostroff, Cheri" Prof "Pessoa, Luiz" Prof & Assoc Chair "Hanges, Paul J." Prof & Assoc Chair "Stangor, Charles G." Prof & Chair "Wallsten, Thomas S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Bell, Patricia J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Brooks, Charlene" Res Assoc "Atkins, Sharona Miryam" Res Assoc "Bissonette, Gregory Blair" Res Assoc "Blumenrath, Sandra Helene" Res Assoc "Hu, Frank K." Res Assoc "Langeslag, Sandra" Res Assoc "Lun, Janetta" Res Assoc "Risco, Cristina Maria" Res Assoc "Shlomi, Yaron" Res Assoc "Uma, Divya B"

"$40,825.03" "$36,877.75" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$105,000.24" "$100,001.91" "$98,683.38" "$82,021.80" "$81,299.76" "$83,408.00" "$89,393.72" "$52,849.00" "$53,872.50" "$75,000.00" "$76,500.00" "$88,750.00" "$78,750.00" "$78,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$76,500.00" "$74,000.00" "$79,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$88,099.33" "$7,800.00" "$42,640.00" "$36,749.39" "$53,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$63,120.68" "$90,000.00" "$260,000.00" "$23,516.51" "$50,508.74" "$30,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$30,096.86" "$29,682.00" "$33,000.00" "$52,810.78" "$48,962.00" "$29,000.00" "$29,682.00" "$45,000.00" "$29,682.00" "$30,000.00" "$45,599.00" "$40,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$29,682.00" "$29,280.00" "$31,500.00" "$73,486.00" "$29,682.00" "$32,000.00" "$29,280.00" "$32,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$29,682.00" "$29,682.00" "$51,851.00" "$4,323.00" "$4,246.00" "$4,567.20" "$88,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$66,666.66" "$9,000.00" "$4,500.00" "$9,000.00" "$9,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$4,500.00" "$59,333.32" "$50,000.25" "$2,906.40" "$66,666.67" "$130,321.40" "$132,090.90" "$150,385.29" "$203,962.08" "$160,000.01" "$130,969.77" "$131,399.28" "$229,980.43" "$169,420.67" "$91,227.98" "$133,630.88" "$200,000.00" "$150,136.40" "$116,051.26" "$230,062.62" "$40,683.24" "$37,987.16" "$51,318.00" "$40,000.00" "$27,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$36,500.00" "$40,548.00" "$36,000.00" "$36,000.00"

Res Assoc Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof Res Asst Prof

"Yu, Erica Catherine" "Brittan-Powell, Elizabeth" "Byrne, Mary Colleen" "Iwamoto, Derek" "Kofeldt, Miranda Garay" "Kofeldt, Miranda Garay" "Kopetz, Catalina Elena" "MacPherson, Laura" "Yi, Richard"

"$35,922.60" "$72,402.18" "$74,278.08" "$65,000.00" $250.00 "$65,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$95,877.00" "$95,877.00"

BSOS-Public Safety Training & Tech Assistance Program Admin Asst I "Santos, Linda Lee" Admin Asst II "Wirth, Antoinette T." Asst "Darcy, Lynn" Asst "Graham, Stephanie I." Business Serv Spec"Johnson , Amy Elizabeth" Business Serv Spec "Spier, Lori" Coordinator "Atkinson, Annetta D." Coordinator "Carroll, Kimberly R." Coordinator "Newson, Shawn A." Coordinator "Pallutch, Veronica Ann" Coordinator "Wise, Elizabeth R." Dir Admin Srv "West, Dawn L." Exec Dir "Carr, Thomas H." Fac Res Asst "Adhikaram, Cyril" Fac Res Asst "Alicea, Michael A." Fac Res Asst "Almeida, Lawrence J" Fac Res Asst "Alston, Ora L." Fac Res Asst "Berruz, Edwin" Fac Res Asst "Brady Iii, James M." Fac Res Asst "Canterbery, Adam K." Fac Res Asst "Chan, Tak Fung" Fac Res Asst "Chaungoc, Dangkhoa" Fac Res Asst "Christian, Lewis K." Fac Res Asst "Cibor, Jacek" Fac Res Asst "Clahane, James H. III" Fac Res Asst "Cotton, Joseph B" Fac Res Asst "Cox, Russell Alden JR" Fac Res Asst "Craven, Robert F" Fac Res Asst "Crossley, David D" Fac Res Asst "Desai, Rajendra V." Fac Res Asst "Eppley, Stephen" Fac Res Asst "Fedd, Suzette J." Fac Res Asst "Gibson, Lisa W." Fac Res Asst "Gordon, Carolyn S" Fac Res Asst "Green, Robert J." Fac Res Asst "Gruebel, Richard" Fac Res Asst "Hall, John T." Fac Res Asst "Harrigan, Jillian Juanita" Fac Res Asst "Herold, Carroll W." Fac Res Asst "Jackson, Chanene L." Fac Res Asst "Jenkins, Ricco E." Fac Res Asst "Jew, William R." Fac Res Asst "Jones, Ronald E." Fac Res Asst "Kafi, Md Abdullahel" Fac Res Asst "Khawaja, Amir A." Fac Res Asst "Klarman, Caren Louise" Fac Res Asst "Kotov, Alex" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Sanggil" Fac Res Asst "Lombardo, Ryan L." Fac Res Asst "Maduchukwu, Aham" Fac Res Asst "Martin, Michael K." Fac Res Asst "May, Erin" Fac Res Asst "Meth, Ricardo" Fac Res Asst "Moore, Brenda B." Fac Res Asst "Morton, John G." Fac Res Asst "Munnangi, Nalini" Fac Res Asst "Nabors, James E." Fac Res Asst "Nattans, Arthur J." Fac Res Asst "Nejman, Anna" Fac Res Asst "Newcamp, Jessica A." Fac Res Asst "Nugent, James M." Fac Res Asst "Ohnoutka, Linda K." Fac Res Asst "Parker, Linda D." Fac Res Asst "Patel, Mitalben" Fac Res Asst "Phillips, Ruth" Fac Res Asst "Riggin, Alison Amato" Fac Res Asst "Smith, Neil" Fac Res Asst "Sullivan, Jessica M." Fac Res Asst "Sunukjian, Lacy Detwiler" Fac Res Asst "Tran, Bau N." Fac Res Asst "Vasiluk, Sergei" Fac Res Asst "Vaughn, Lori M" Fac Res Asst "Velayudham, Paul R." Fac Res Asst "Williams, Victor C." Fac Res Asst "Witenstein, Shelley L." Fac Res Asst "Yoshida, Kenneth J." IT Coor "Beiter, John E." IT Coor "Edinger, Matthew T." IT Coor "Keck, Claude Wesley JR" IT Coor "Strauss, Eric F." IT Coor "Williams, Rita M." IT Op Mgr "Shumaker, Erik A." Manager "Bouland, Robert W." Manager "Larkin, Selma M." Manager "Lonick, Sherae"

"$30,255.72" "$32,112.04" "$29,149.00" "$32,774.00" "$34,238.00" "$40,561.54" "$40,955.20" "$40,955.20" "$40,995.20" "$56,663.63" "$58,961.55" "$52,540.20" "$198,645.80" "$80,000.00" "$81,600.00" "$62,215.69" "$88,605.76" "$96,900.00" "$65,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$86,367.56" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$58,262.40" "$82,252.80" "$79,560.00" "$84,397.24" "$40,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$56,805.84" "$90,315.58" "$50,000.00" "$67,626.00" "$90,389.34" "$99,878.40" "$75,000.00" "$82,742.40" "$60,000.00" "$38,507.04" "$70,000.00" "$72,217.60" "$80,000.00" "$88,184.30" "$65,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$39,346.84" "$67,871.61" "$72,500.00" "$32,864.00" "$75,000.00" "$73,527.58" "$70,000.00" "$78,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$86,411.37" "$54,688.76" "$47,212.46" "$47,400.99" "$89,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$40,650.06" "$65,000.00" "$103,215.28" "$73,000.00" "$72,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$64,639.64" "$54,837.49" "$46,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$86,240.00" "$76,587.42" "$78,000.00" "$49,011.77" "$50,648.00" "$56,012.98" "$58,440.90" "$51,167.52" "$76,185.98" "$110,063.16" "$84,287.70" "$76,455.50"

BSOS-Sociology Assoc Prof "Chen, Feinian" Assoc Prof "Fisher, Dana R" Assoc Prof "Kahn, Joan R." Assoc Prof "Kestnbaum, Meyer" Assoc Prof "Lucas, Jeffrey W." Assoc Prof "Neustadtl, Alan" Assoc Prof Assoc Chair "Pease, John" Asst Prof "Kleykamp, Meredith A."

"$100,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$76,835.61" "$71,762.68" "$107,000.00" "$75,048.38" "$75,000.00" "$80,000.00"

Asst Prof "Marsh, Kris" Asst Prof "Park, Julie" Asst Prof "Prell, Christina" Coordinator "DeLoatch, Nicole T." Coordinator "Havrilla, Karina J." Coordinator "McLeigh, Jill" Coordinator "Rajan, Mini P." Dir Admin Srv "Bernales, Hypathia D." Dist Univ Prof "Collins, Patricia Hill" Dist Univ Prof "Presser, Harriet B." Dist Univ Prof "Ritzer, George" Lecturer "Andrist, Lester Howard II" Lecturer "Daczo, Zsuzsa" Lecturer "Dean, Paul" Lecturer "Forsythe, Ann E." Lecturer "Lengermann, Joseph J." Lecturer "Moghadam, Linda L." Lecturer "Pagnucco, Nicholas" Lecturer "Threlfall, Perry" Prof "Cohen, Philip N." Prof "Desai, Sonalde B." Prof "Finsterbusch, Kurt" Prof "Korzeniewicz, Roberto Patricio" Prof "Milkie, Melissa A." Prof "Presser, Stanley" Prof "Rendall, Michael S." Prof "Robinson, John P." Prof "Segal, David R." Prof & Chair "Vanneman, Reeve" Word Proc Supv "Todd, Geraldine D."

"$68,500.00" "$72,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$48,401.92" "$105,360.00" "$85,541.16" "$162,988.15" "$161,884.34" "$20,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$125,000.00" "$155,000.00" "$85,843.62" "$95,469.99" "$105,053.39" "$143,737.00" "$150,000.00" "$57,716.25" "$142,155.13" "$142,272.00" "$33,050.00"

College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences CMNS-Astronomy Assoc Prof "Richardson, Derek Charles" Assoc Prof "Ricotti, Massimo" Assoc Res Sci "Arnaud, Keith A." Assoc Res Sci "Bandler, Simon Richard" Assoc Res Sci "Farnham, Tony L." Assoc Res Sci "Immler, Stefan Max" Assoc Res Sci "Kutyrev, Alexander S" Assoc Res Sci "Kutyrev, Alexander S" Assoc Res Sci "Loewenstein, Michael" Assoc Res Sci "Loewenstein, Michael" Assoc Res Sci "Nixon, Conor A." Assoc Res Sci "Pound, Marc William" Assoc Res Sci "Shaya, Edward J." Assoc Res Sci "Teuben, Peter J." Asst Prof "Bolatto, Alberto" Asst Res Sci "Achterberg, Richard K" Asst Res Sci "Bodewits, Dennis" Asst Res Sci "Buzulukova, Natalia" Asst Res Sci"Dorodnitsyn, Anton Vladimirovich" Asst Res Sci "Feaga, Lori M." Asst Res Sci "Golla, Thejappa" Asst Res Sci "Hewagama, Tilak" Asst Res Sci "Huard, Tracy L" Asst Res Sci "Li, Jianyang" Asst Res Sci "Livengood, Timothy A." Asst Res Sci "Numata, Kenji" Asst Res Sci "Richardson, Ian G." Asst Res Sci "Sasaki, Makoto" Asst Res Sci "Shaposhnikov, Nikolai V" Asst Res Sci "Witthoeft, Michael C" Business Manager"Cortes Mora, Luisa Fernanda" Business Manager "Susanto, Yovita Mona" Business Manager "Tucker, Natalie Ann" Comp Eng "Sebok, William L." Coordinator "Hansborough, Barbara A." Coordinator "Newman, Adrienne M." Coordinator "Phillips, MaryAnn" Dir Admin Srv "Snider, Jeffrey Allen" Fac Res Asst "Barnes, Tilden Fletcher IV" Fac Res Asst "Kunde, Virgil G." Fac Res Asst "McLaughlin, Stephanie Anne" Fac Res Asst "Nagdimunov, Lev" Fac Res Asst "Parry, Owen" Fac Res Asst "Raugh, Anne Catherine" Fac Res Asst "Ritchie, Jacob Albert" Fac Res Asst "Segura, Marcia E" Fac Res Asst "Warner, Elizabeth M." Fac Res Asst "Watanabe, Tomomi" Fac Res Asst "Williams, Jade Laurin" Inst "Deming, Grace" Lecturer "Hudson, Reggie Lester" Lecturer "Melville, Kenneth Joseph" Lecturer "Peel, Alan C" Lecturer "Sheets, Holly Ann" Prof "Deming, Leo Drake" Prof "Hamilton, Douglas P." Prof "Harris, Andrew I." Prof "McGaugh, Stacy S." Prof "Miller, M. Coleman" Prof "Mushotzky, RIchard" Prof "Ostriker, Eve C." Prof "Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Dennis" Prof "Reynolds, Christopher S." Prof "Sunshine, Jessica M" Prof "Veilleux, Sylvain" Prof & Chair "Vogel, Stuart N." Prof & Dir "Mundy, Lee G." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Lehr, Susan" Program Dir "Holdridge, David Vance" Res Assoc "Besse, Sebastien Pascal" Res Assoc "Bogdanovic, Tamara"

"$106,136.82" "$109,327.69" "$111,182.33" "$105,704.00" "$81,844.00" "$82,000.00" "$2,500.00" "$113,300.00" "$2,500.00" "$106,030.08" "$94,200.00" "$83,999.71" "$57,256.67" "$95,300.00" "$100,587.00" "$100,300.00" "$62,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$60,006.98" "$80,096.18" "$83,292.80" "$79,830.00" "$58,000.00" "$106,000.00" "$83,291.17" "$88,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$69,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$56,752.80" "$67,000.00" "$56,710.00" "$75,328.70" "$49,949.66" "$51,671.58" "$61,598.60" "$100,531.20" "$34,720.00" "$115,947.06" "$57,384.00" "$32,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$97,763.74" "$29,000.00" "$130,000.00" "$50,111.93" "$50,400.00" "$36,000.00" "$79,825.28" "$12,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$54,120.01" "$19,133.00" "$180,000.00" "$122,452.74" "$131,313.23" "$114,662.87" "$118,775.00" "$187,000.00" "$141,367.62" "$97,128.00" "$155,016.28" "$152,500.00" "$67,022.72" "$164,794.62" "$172,761.79" "$48,504.76" "$132,930.00" "$51,000.00" "$52,100.75"

10 Res Assoc "Chornay, Dennis J." Res Assoc "Dion, Michael" Res Assoc "Donato, Davide" Res Assoc "Ferrara, Elizabeth C" Res Assoc "Fisher, David B" Res Assoc "Garcia Martinez, Javier Adolfo" Res Assoc "Iping, Rosina C" Res Assoc "Kalapotharakos, Konstantinos" Res Assoc "Kelley, Michael S." Res Assoc "Koss, Michael James" Res Assoc "Luna Bennasar, Manuel" Res Assoc "Matsumura, Soko" Res Assoc "McConnochie, Timothy H" Res Assoc "McKenzie, Eric Howie" Res Assoc"Melendez Hernandez, Marcio Baal" Res Assoc "Olling, Rob P" Res Assoc "Parry, Owen" Res Assoc "Protopapa, Silvia" Res Assoc "Rauch, Kevin P." Res Assoc "Salter, Dem" Res Assoc "Samuelson, Robert E." Res Assoc "Shao, Xi" Res Assoc "Sheffer, Yaron" Res Assoc "Tan, Lun-Chang" Res Assoc "Tombesi, Francesco" Res Assoc "Trippe, Margaret L." Res Assoc "Vasudevan, Ranjan Vilas" Res Assoc "Wellnitz, Dennis D." Res Assoc "Zheng, Qiuhua" Res Assoc "Zoghbi, Abderahmen" Res Asst Prof "Miller, Neal A" Res Prof "A'Hearn, Michael F." Senior Lecturer "Hayes-Gehrke, Melissa N" Sr Res Sci "Fixsen, Dale J" Sr Res Sci "Kolokolova, Lioudmila" Sr Res Sci "Milikh, Gennady M." Sr Res Sci "Moiseev, Alexander" Sr Res Sci "Sharma, A Surjalal" Sr Res Sci "Skinner, Gerald Keith" Sr Res Sci "Wolfire, Mark G." Visit Assoc Res Sci "Edelson, Rick" Visit Asst Res Sci "Bonnell, Jeremiah T." Visit Asst Res Sci "Hesman, Brigette E" Visit Asst Res Sci "Hesman, Brigette E" Visit Asst Res Sci "Phillips, Nicholas G." Visit Asst Res Sci "Tyler, Robert H" Visit Sr Res Sci "Ali, Ashraf" Visit Sr Res Sci "Lampe, Martin" Visit Sr Res Sci "Share, Gerald Harvey"

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "$98,633.35" "$52,500.00" "$65,000.00" "$117,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$117,300.00" "$58,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$51,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$71,400.00" "$55,000.00" "$43,047.40" "$47,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$72,699.76" "$52,000.00" "$49,677.42" "$60,436.76" "$47,500.00" "$32,640.00" "$52,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$59,000.00" "$124,627.88" "$56,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$34,666.84" "$151,815.76" "$49,659.94" "$152,000.00" "$104,531.92" "$100,231.06" "$140,000.00" "$134,151.06" "$153,000.00" "$91,351.61" "$50,000.00" "$91,326.88" "$2,500.00" "$75,000.00" "$74,613.00" "$92,000.00" "$55,800.00" "$12,000.00" "$108,779.33"

CMNS-Atmospheric & Oceanic Science Assoc Prof "Zeng, Ning" Assoc Res Sci "Allen, Dale John" Assoc Res Sci "Yang, Kai" Asst Prof "Ide, Kayo" Asst Prof "Miyoshi, Takemasa" Asst Res Sci "Canty, Timothy" Asst Res Sci "Chepurin, Gennady A." Asst Res Sci "Ruiz-Barradas, Alfredo" Asst Res Sci "Stehr, Jeffrey W." Business Manager"Gatewood, Bernadette Apolo" Coordinator "Hendershot, Tamara Elizabeth" Coordinator "Junek, Sonja C." Dir Admin Srv "Sherer, June S." Dist Univ Prof "Kalnay, Eugenia E." Exec Adm Asst I "Paolino, Tammy L." Fac Res Asst "Baker, Debra Ratterman" Fac Res Asst "Kunii, Masaru" Fac Res Asst "Li, Chuan" Fac Res Asst "Yanuk, David J." Fac Res Asst "Zhu, Lin" Prof "Busalacchi, Antonio J." Prof "Dickerson, Russell R." Prof "Hudson, Robert D." Prof "Li, Zhanqing" Prof "Liang, Xin-Zhong" Prof "Murtugudde, Raghu" Prof "Nigam, Sumant" Prof "Pinker, Rachel T." Prof "Salawitch, Ross J." Prof "Zhang, Da-Lin" Prof & Chair "Carton, James A." Res Assoc "Greybush, Steven J." Res Assoc "Kang, Ji Sun" Res Assoc "Ma, Yingtao" Res Assoc "Penny, Stephen Gregory" Res Assoc "Wonsick, Margaret M." Sr Res Sci "Grodsky, Semyon A." Sr Res Sci "Vinnikov, Konstantin" Sr Res Sci "Zheng, Quanan"

"$77,830.74" "$99,257.00" "$125,000.00" "$40,833.10" "$100,000.00" "$87,822.00" "$65,819.51" "$76,577.96" "$83,774.08" "$48,250.00" "$47,348.19" "$57,074.00" "$103,417.00" "$114,482.18" "$49,629.91" "$33,000.00" "$23,996.70" "$49,150.00" "$100,704.96" "$18,000.00" "$99,307.20" "$144,320.21" "$55,098.50" "$53,750.53" "$71,250.00" "$53,995.00" "$98,266.46" "$95,406.51" "$77,850.00" "$120,000.00" "$119,661.00" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$58,150.67" "$55,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$88,496.18" "$58,940.13" "$76,942.99"

CMNS-Biology Account Clerk III "Wanenchak, Robert JR" Assoc Prof "Ades, Ibrahim Z." Assoc Prof "Bely, Alexandra Eve" Assoc Prof "Carleton, Karen" Assoc Prof "Cummings, Michael P" Assoc Prof "Dudash, Michele R." Assoc Prof "Haag, Eric S" Assoc Prof "Higgins, William J." Assoc Prof "Lips, Karen R." Assoc Prof "Machado, Carlos A." Assoc Prof "Quinlan, Elizabeth M." Assoc Prof "Simon, Jonathan Z." Asst Dir "Morrin, Deborah J." Asst Lab Anm Tech "Thompson, Narbeth A." Asst Prof "Araneda, Ricardo C."

"$29,662.48" "$137,118.85" "$70,819.29" "$78,129.16" "$54,418.86" "$83,577.71" "$81,046.17" "$109,148.48" "$100,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$96,000.66" "$46,339.11" "$4,224.48" "$37,717.73" "$69,125.97"

Asst Prof "Butts, Daniel A." Asst Prof "Kanold, Patrick" Asst Prof "Singer, Joshua" Asst Prof "Soares, Daphne De Freitas" Asst Res Sci "Macleod, Katrina M." Business Manager "Selby, Patricia Lynn" Coordinator "Endlich, Jan F." Coordinator "Harper, KeCia L." Coordinator "Lemke, Hans D." Coordinator "Maugel, Timothy K." Dir Admin Srv "Beard, Catherine J." Exec Adm Asst I "Johnson, Lindsey E" Exec Asst to Prov "Rodgerson, Beverly C." Fac Res Asst "Ahn, Jheeyae" Fac Res Asst "Bloom, Shelley" Fac Res Asst "Caruso, Nicholas" Fac Res Asst "Conte, Matthew" Fac Res Asst "Eaton, Nicolette Cameron" Fac Res Asst "Evans, Benjamin D" Fac Res Asst "Lane, Hillary Anne" Fac Res Asst "Lantz, Crystal" Fac Res Asst "Michaelis, Adriane" Fac Res Asst "Parkhurst, Amy" Fac Res Asst "Santiago, Laurelis" Fac Res Asst "Schulte, Jane Elizabeth" Fac Res Asst "Shell, Wyatt" Inst "Opoku-Edusei, Justicia" Lab Animal Tech "Greene, Cecily Tenisha" Lecturer "Beaucher, Michelle L." Lecturer "Bierman, Hilary Susan" Lecturer "Fox-Moon, Sandra May" Lecturer "Knight, William Edward" Lecturer "Parent, Beth" Lecturer "Sandstrom, David J." Lecturer "Villamagna, Amy Marie" Lecturer "Woodham, Hadiya Atasha" Manager "Chan, Wan" Prg Admin Spec "Jordan, Cecilia A." Prof "Borgia, Gerald" Prof "Carr, Catherine Emily" Prof "Cohen, Avis H." Prof "Colombini, Marco" Prof "Fagan, Bill" Prof "Fenster, Charles B." Prof "Inouye, David W." Prof "Jeffery, William Richard" Prof "Kocher, Thomas David" Prof "Payne, Richard" Prof "Popper, Arthur N." Prof "Reaka, Marjorie L." Prof "Sukharev, Sergei I." Prof "Via, Sara" Prof & Chair "Wilkinson, Gerald S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Parker, James Richard" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Shetler, Larry W." Res Assoc "Ashida, Go" Res Assoc "Austgen, James R." Res Assoc "Casper, Brandon M" Res Assoc "Eren, Busra Duygu" Res Assoc "Fleming, Christen Herbert" Res Assoc "Goricki, Spela" Res Assoc "Jarsky, Timothy M." Res Assoc "Ke, Jiangbin" Res Assoc "Ma, Li" Res Assoc "McFarland, James Monroe" Res Assoc "McKinney, Amy M." Res Assoc "Meng, Xiangying" Res Assoc "O'Brien, Conor Savage" Res Assoc "O'Quin, Kelly E" Res Assoc "Pearson, Yanthe" Res Assoc "Yoshizawa, Masato" Res Coor "Brown, Janie L." Senior Lecturer "Compton, Reid S." Senior Lecturer "Jensen, Jeffrey S."

"$75,000.00" "$80,345.95" "$80,000.00" "$79,750.38" "$62,000.00" "$44,640.00" $30.00 "$49,515.93" "$48,044.91" "$90,490.16" "$82,882.74" "$39,729.00" "$6,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$23,733.00" "$72,000.00" "$37,030.00" "$35,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$37,740.00" "$39,200.00" "$45,372.92" "$37,000.00" "$31,200.00" "$31,000.00" "$54,053.12" "$32,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$57,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$11,001.34" "$63,984.65" "$8,000.00" "$57,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$72,824.08" "$42,016.32" "$95,348.98" "$150,000.00" "$52,548.39" "$119,063.80" "$114,176.13" "$83,551.03" "$100,047.71" "$181,536.78" "$149,289.41" "$129,709.98" "$212,678.09" "$93,402.37" "$103,496.60" "$89,673.47" "$161,718.13" "$32,271.00" "$35,790.60" "$44,209.13" "$47,000.00" "$48,603.86" "$38,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$44,275.00" "$48,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$40,548.00" "$19,500.00" "$38,496.00" "$38,500.00" "$37,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$42,550.00" "$57,500.00" "$88,000.00" "$65,897.72"

Director "Class, Kenneth" Director "Shah, Raju H." Exec Adm Asst I "Stover, LaJeune P" Fac Res Asst "Beck, Nicholas A" Fac Res Asst "Chen, Arlene Janet" Fac Res Asst "Cooper, Endymion Dante" Fac Res Asst "Dambach, Michael David" Fac Res Asst "Edwards, Lanelle Oni" Fac Res Asst "Ellis, Grace" Fac Res Asst "Geretz, Aviva Chana" Fac Res Asst "Goodson, Jonathan" Fac Res Asst "Hasan, Nur A" Fac Res Asst "Huang, Xiaomeng" Fac Res Asst "Kabir, Sara" Fac Res Asst "LaDana, Christina Laura" Fac Res Asst"Sousa, Louisa Maria De Andrade E" Fac Res Asst "Thierer, James Henry" Fac Res Asst "Traver, Edward Conan" Fac Res Asst "Yu, John" Fac Res Asst "Zimmerman, Lindsey Ilene" Lecturer "Buchner, John" Lecturer "Moctezuma, Edgar" Lecturer "Shields, Patricia Ann" Prof "Allewell, Norma M." Prof "Cooke, Todd J." Prof "Delwiche, Charles Francis" Prof "DeStefano, Jeffrey J." Prof "Dinman, Jonathan D." Prof "Hutcheson, Steven W." Prof "Mosser, David M." Prof "Simon, Anne E." Prof "Stein, Daniel C." Prof "Sze, Heven" Prof "Wolniak, Stephen M." Prof & Assoc Chair "Chang, Caren" Prof & Chair "Andrews, Norma Windsor" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Biancardi, Sarah" Res Assoc "Abdalla, Hana Khidir" Res Assoc "Ben Othman Aniba, Rym" Res Assoc "Chang, Jianhong" Res Assoc "Choi, SeonYoung" Res Assoc "Concepcion, Gregory Tomas" Res Assoc "Corrotte, Matthias Jurgen" Res Assoc "Fernandes, Maria Cecilia" Res Assoc "Flannery, Andrew" Res Assoc "Gao, Feng" Res Assoc "Gurses, Serdar Abidin" Res Assoc "Hu, Heng-Cheng" Res Assoc "Jack, Lucinda J." Res Assoc "Jammes, Fabien" Res Assoc "Kang, Chun-Ying" Res Assoc "Kong, Dongdong" Res Assoc "Le Breton, Yoann Stephane" Res Assoc "Leshin, Jonathan Andrew" Res Assoc"Menezes, Juliana Perrone Bezerra De" Res Assoc "Miguel, Danilo Ciccone" Res Assoc "Mittra, Bidyottam" Res Assoc "Shin, Joung-Ho" Res Assoc "Sijacic, Paja" Res Assoc "Stupina, Vera A" Res Assoc "Taviani, Elisa" Res Assoc "Van der Weele, Cornelia Maria" Res Assoc "Vandergaast, Rianna Lynne" Res Assoc "Villiers, Florent L.J." Res Assoc "Xiong, Zheng-Mei" Res Assoc "Ye, Songqing" Res Assoc "Yuan, Xuefeng" Res Assoc Prof "Meskauskas, Arturas" Res Asst Prof "Wang, Yan" Res Prof "Huq, Anwar" Research Asst "Amsalu, Firew T." Storekeeper II "Dunton, Jeffrey J" Storekeeper III "Downing, Douglas D."

"$69,360.00" "$90,260.00" "$40,422.17" "$35,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$29,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$29,000.00" "$26,370.00" "$29,000.00" "$37,996.00" "$30,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$26,370.00" "$10,800.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$31,000.00" "$43,200.00" "$60,000.00" "$61,714.79" "$60,222.56" "$225,672.02" "$109,865.18" "$92,628.93" "$91,654.42" "$99,898.74" "$109,715.64" "$155,489.46" "$120,209.84" "$106,077.33" "$114,879.12" "$124,430.54" "$100,063.10" "$210,000.00" "$39,191.49" "$41,796.00" "$39,756.00" "$33,427.00" "$35,000.00" "$39,360.00" "$40,960.00" "$41,380.00" "$46,849.92" "$36,927.00" "$33,427.00" "$39,650.00" "$40,804.39" "$35,700.00" "$33,427.00" "$38,500.00" "$42,500.00" "$43,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$20,500.00" "$54,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$35,015.12" "$45,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$39,000.00" "$37,605.00" "$45,000.00" "$41,148.84" "$40,151.38" "$52,933.86" "$78,000.00" "$109,965.68" "$40,000.00" "$33,220.76" "$31,683.88"

CMNS-Chemical & Life Sciences CMNS-Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics Admin Asst II "Jenkins, Margaret J." Admin Asst II "Lord, Victoria G." Admin Asst II "Thompson, Teresa M." Assoc Prof "Benson, Spencer A." Assoc Prof "Briken, Volker" Assoc Prof "El-Sayed, Najib M." Assoc Prof "Hannenhalli, Sridhar" Assoc Prof "Kwak, June M." Assoc Prof "Liu, Zhongchi" Assoc Prof "McIver, Kevin S." Assoc Prof "Mount, Stephen M." Assoc Prof "Song, Wenxia" Assoc Prof "Stewart, Richard C." Assoc Prof "Straney, David C." Assoc Prof "Winkler, Wade C." Asst Prof "Cao, Kan" Asst Prof "Frauwirth, Kenneth" Asst Prof "Fredericksen, Brenda L" Asst Prof "Jose, Antony Merlin" Asst Prof "Lee, Vincent T." Asst Res Sci "Padmanaban, Senthilkumar" Asst Res Sci "Tam, Christina Cung" Business Manager "Stauder, Kathleen M." Business Serv Spec "Chow, PeiLei" Coordinator "Chelliah, Nalini" Coordinator "Lin, Yen" Coordinator "Ma, Meei Ching" Coordinator "O'Toole, Dorothea" Coordinator "Philpott, Errica D." Dir Admin Srv "Ainsworth, Pamela A." Director "Beaven, Amy Elizabeth"

"$41,555.28" "$42,905.49" "$18,694.61" "$96,046.84" "$82,615.64" "$54,293.96" "$51,637.50" "$84,302.57" "$83,000.22" "$92,020.08" "$88,442.75" "$80,840.81" "$86,068.63" "$91,151.38" "$95,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$71,628.11" "$67,865.20" "$80,000.00" "$68,069.20" "$40,000.00" "$52,470.88" "$54,672.00" "$40,120.15" "$47,111.19" "$44,800.00" "$50,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$80,937.94" "$58,337.55"

Acad Adv "Celedon, Nicholas E" Acad Adv "Nero, Justin R." Acad Adv "Yap, Lani R" Admin Asst I "Macfarlane, Kasey" Admin Asst II "Carrington-Brown, Stephanie" Admin Asst II "Grunberg, Michael" Admin Asst II "Thomas, Alicia Nicole" Admin Asst II "Wilson, Michelle" Assoc Dean "Infantino, Robert L." Assoc Dir "Brooks, Michelle" Asst Dean "Bradley-Klemko, Lisa D." Asst Dean "Hollister, Olcan C." Asst Dean "Presson, Joelle C." Asst Dir "Kenemuth, Rebecca Z." Coordinator "Garosi, Eden Michelle" Coordinator "Gilliam, Curtis S." Coordinator "Kuo, Loretta Eve" Coordinator "Mijares, Fabiola N" Coordinator "Wise, Elizabeth R." Director "Davis, Sean" Director "Grimes, Amanda C." Director "Kramer, Jonathan G." Director "Landavere, Mike G." Director "Loughlin, Wendy Richards" Director "Thompson, Katerina V." Director "Woycheck, Stacy E." Fac Res Asst "Bambarger, Matthew M" Fac Res Asst "Burrell, Travis J." Fac Res Asst "Evans, Matthew Corey" Fac Res Asst "Knighton, Russell Paul" Fac Res Asst "Marx, Jessica Caryn" Fac Res Asst "Schenk, William R"

"$50,813.14" "$41,479.94" "$40,000.00" "$31,262.50" "$34,292.00" "$32,071.36" "$35,055.00" "$35,000.00" "$143,437.09" "$74,800.00" "$107,268.82" "$115,000.00" "$97,001.51" "$50,583.00" "$61,162.00" "$45,238.00" "$57,000.00" "$51,542.81" "$55,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$105,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$119,145.60" "$67,492.75" "$87,808.35" "$68,200.00" "$7,200.00" "$58,000.00" "$7,600.00" "$7,600.00" "$32,000.00" "$47,500.00"

Fac Res Asst "Smorul, Michael A." Lecturer "Andalibi, Sassan Amir" Lecturer "Keller, Michael John" Lecturer "StLeger, Raymond J." Manager "Gray, Magna S." Prof & Dir "Palmer, Margaret A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Cade-McAllister, Chirice" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Dalo, Linda A." Res Assoc "Nelson, Karen Catherine" Res Assoc "Svoboda, Julia" Res Assoc "Turpen, Chandra Anne" Res Asst Prof "Ad-Marbach, Gili"

"$105,000.00" "$7,200.00" "$56,941.50" "$3,000.00" "$70,668.51" "$113,675.00" "$39,870.21" "$49,547.54" "$24,960.00" "$25,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$50,055.72"

CMNS-Chemistry & Biochemistry Accounting Assoc "Boone, Ruth Margaret." Accounting Assoc "Chang, Ernest Leng" Admin Asst II "Canter, Diane F." Admin Asst II "Donnellan, Thelma A." Admin Asst II "Iseli, Debra E." Assoc Prof "Dayie, Theodore Kwaku" Assoc Prof "Julin, Douglas A." Assoc Prof "Kahn, Jason D." Assoc Prof "Lee, Cheng S." Assoc Prof "Lee, Sangbok" Assoc Prof "Papoian, Garegin" Assoc Prof "Vedernikov, Andrei" Assoc Res Sci "Gaskell, Karen" Asst "Wang, Yinde" Asst Prof "LaRonde-LeBlanc, Nicole A." Asst Prof "Nie, Zhihong" Asst Prof "Paukstelis, Paul" Asst Prof "Sintim, Herman O" Asst Prof "Tugarinov, Vitali" Asst Prof "Wang, YuHuang" Asst Res Sci "Chiara, Christopher John" Asst Res Sci "Tonjes, Marguerite" Coordinator "Guloy, Ellen G." Coordinator "Madoo, Joyce R." Director "Jackson, Dolores E." Director "Li, Yue" Director "Walters, Caedmon W" Director "Womack, Carl A" Director "Zappasodi, Linda M." Director "Zhang, Daoning" Dist Univ Prof "Alexander, Millard H." Dist Univ Prof "Lorimer, George H." Dist Univ Prof "Thirumalai, Devarajan" Dist Univ Prof "Weeks, John D." Editorial Asst "Phelps, Shirl A." Editorial Asst "Takacs, Jenny" Eng Tech III "Taylor, Scott A." Exec Adm Asst I "Fisanich, Catherine Clark" Fac Res Asst "Dawood, Farah" Fac Res Asst "Echeverria, Ignacia" Fac Res Asst "Kumi, Bryna Christine" Fac Res Asst "Qian, Yu" Fac Res Asst "Reeds, Jonathan Paul" Fac Res Asst "Sabasovs, Dmitrijs" Fac Res Asst "Tskipuri, Levan" Fac Res Asst "Wang, Daoyong" Fac Res Asst "Zhang, Peng" HVAC Mech I "Grant, Angel Alfredo" Lecturer "Dixon, Bonnie Lynn" Lecturer "Dixon, Bonnie Lynn" Lecturer "Friedman, Lee" Lecturer "Jones, Maryann McDermott" Lecturer "Kipnis, Irving M." Lecturer "Steffek, Daniel J." Lecturer "Stone, Earle" Lecturer "Walters, Barbara S." Lecturer "Watson, James A. JR" Lecturer "Watson, James A. JR" Lecturer "White, Natalia L." Manager "Lam, Yiu-Fai" Manager "Zavalij, Peter Y." Prg Admin Spec "Moran, Sara B." Prof "Ammon, Herman L." Prof "Beckett, Dorothy" Prof "Blough, Neil V." Prof "Davis, Jeffery T." Prof "DeShong, Philip R." Prof "Eichhorn, Bryan W." Prof "Falvey, Daniel E." Prof "Fenselau, Catherine" Prof "Fourkas, John T." Prof "Fushman, David" Prof "Isaacs, Lyle D." Prof "Jarzynski, Christopher" Prof "Mignerey, Alice C." Prof "Mullin, Amy S." Prof "Ondov, John M." Prof "Reutt-Robey, Janice" Prof "Rokita, Steven E." Prof "Salawitch, Ross J." Prof "Sita, Lawrence R." Prof "Walters, William B." Prof "Zachariah, Michael R." Prof & Chair "Doyle, Michael P" Prog Coor "Frazier, Paulette J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Diaz, Carol A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Rosenfelder, Catherine G." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Smith-Best, Tia" Res Assoc "Berlin, Konstantin" Res Assoc "Bharath, Satyaveda C" Res Assoc "Bobyk, Kostyantyn" Res Assoc "Cao, Liping" Res Assoc "Castaneda, Carlos"

"$21,578.00" "$33,312.50" "$45,903.77" "$33,808.28" "$46,742.96" "$91,000.00" "$80,699.23" "$78,361.08" "$122,888.26" "$90,581.60" "$108,333.33" "$81,692.61" "$80,000.00" "$57,859.40" "$72,522.80" "$68,000.00" "$69,000.00" "$72,522.80" "$71,060.00" "$68,000.00" "$53,500.00" "$68,750.00" "$37,500.00" "$46,322.97" "$100,319.58" "$71,094.00" "$78,795.00" "$90,000.00" "$80,726.46" "$64,000.00" "$123,597.05" "$139,778.74" "$82,000.00" "$51,817.07" "$35,875.00" "$21,014.55" "$47,461.43" "$42,529.14" "$42,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$18,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$33,500.00" "$44,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$39,907.78" "$11,008.00" "$64,106.24" "$58,700.00" "$67,494.91" "$68,000.00" "$60,846.49" "$63,000.00" "$7,489.82" $200.00 "$48,917.56" "$51,665.93" "$105,570.06" "$100,222.52" "$43,935.52" "$129,505.47" "$104,530.45" "$106,541.88" "$104,048.58" "$125,894.87" "$151,926.17" "$128,944.39" "$171,066.82" "$119,368.42" "$128,892.20" "$93,946.30" "$91,218.76" "$103,303.90" "$139,667.49" "$102,695.72" "$105,621.16" "$133,822.00" "$38,750.00" "$127,215.58" "$144,689.68" "$20,141.13" "$217,836.41" "$60,956.40" "$48,465.94" "$39,258.97" "$36,941.00" "$36,960.00" "$44,000.00" "$37,838.00" "$40,000.00" "$37,000.00"

Res Assoc "Chen, Bin" Res Assoc "Dutta, Samrat" Res Assoc "Gigault, Julien" Res Assoc "He, Jie" Res Assoc "Hu, Longhua" Res Assoc "Huang, Jia" Res Assoc "Hurley, Matthew Thomas" Res Assoc "Jack, Karen D." Res Assoc "Kim, Sung Kyoung" Res Assoc "Lin, Jong-Chin" Res Assoc "Liu, Qingnan" Res Assoc "Liu, Yang" Res Assoc "Muramoto, Shinichiro" Res Assoc "Nakayama, Shizuka" Res Assoc "Peng, Yang" Res Assoc "Popov, Konstantin" Res Assoc "Quan, Haitao" Res Assoc "Rivera, Christopher" Res Assoc "Schwalbach, Edwin" Res Assoc "Shanahan, Charles" Res Assoc "Singh, Rajesh" Res Assoc "Sun, ChuanFu" Res Assoc "Thakur, Chandar s" Res Assoc "Toro, Carlos" Res Assoc "Wang, Chunyan" Res Assoc "Xu, Xinfang" Res Assoc "Zhang, Chunjuan" Res Assoc "Zhang, Ning" Res Asst Prof "Klos, Jacek Antoni" Senior Lecturer"Montague-Smith, Michael P" Sr Res Sci "Khachik, Frederick" Storekeeper II "Gayatao, Levi D" Storekeeper II "Griffin, William A" Teaching Lab Tech "Coles, Amy" Teaching Lab Tech "Sitnova, Vera A." Visit Asst Res Sci "Merey, Gokce" Visit Prof "Okada, Morihiro"

"$42,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$38,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$37,438.24" "$35,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$36,000.00" "$41,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$36,000.00" "$35,360.00" "$36,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$35,640.00" "$45,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$96,169.14" "$62,186.39" "$27,807.41" "$31,730.55" "$36,690.73" "$37,424.54" "$30,084.30" "$12,000.00"

CMNS-College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences Assoc Dir "Leung, Judy H.C." Assoc Prof & Assoc Dean "Smith, Paul J." Asst Dean "Kitchen, Dean W." Asst Dean "McMullen, Thomas M." Asst Dir "Affolter, Melissa" Coordinator "Coleman, Ritzie M." Coordinator "Holder, Lisa Ann" Coordinator "Kearney, Mary" Coordinator "Lontok, Al" Dev Ofc "Liff, Lawrence Michael" Director "Alexander, Amy Ginty Ryan" Director "Ferrick, Gene" Exec Adm Asst II "Fuller, Christine L." Prof & Assoc Dean "Lathrop, Daniel Perry" Prof And Dean "Banavar, Jayanth R." Res Assoc "Volkov, Igor"

"$71,364.06" "$135,000.00" "$170,813.72" "$135,643.20" "$55,000.00" "$56,186.40" "$50,000.00" "$62,700.00" "$49,377.32" "$56,657.97" "$69,820.00" "$93,355.00" "$52,528.56" "$75,000.00" "$331,000.00" "$60,000.00"

CMNS-Computer Science Acad Adv "Nolan, Andrew Joseph" Admin Asst II "Bangura, Fatmata A." Assoc Prof "Arbaugh, William" Assoc Prof "Deshpande, Amol" Assoc Prof "Duraiswami, Ramani" Assoc Prof "Foster, Jeffrey S." Assoc Prof "Getoor, Lise" Assoc Prof "Katz, Jonathan" Assoc Prof "Keleher, Peter J." Assoc Prof "Kruskal, Clyde P." Assoc Prof "Memon, Atif M." Assoc Prof "Pop, Mihai" Assoc Prof "Purtilo, James M." Assoc Prof "Spring, Neil" Assoc Prof "Sussman, Alan L." Assoc Prof "Tseng, Chau-Wen" Asst Dir "Adams, Brandi Kristine" Asst Dir "McElroy, Sharron D." Asst Prof "Corrada Bravo, Hector" Asst Prof "Daume, Hal III" Asst Prof "Froehlich, Jon Edward" Asst Prof "Hajiaghayi, Mohammad Taghi" Asst Prof "Kingsford, Carleton" Coordinator "Chick, Brenda K." Coordinator "Combs, Tracy" Coordinator "Story, Jennifer" Director "Ipavich, Patricia A." Director "Ransom, Geoffrey Matthew" Fac Res Asst"Bassily, Raef Bahi Youssef Bahi" Fac Res Asst "Chen, Ray Sun" Fac Res Asst "Degabriele, Jean Paul" Fac Res Asst "Mandic, Vladimir" Lecturer "Emad, Fawzi JR" Lecturer "Golub, Evan B." Lecturer "Herman, Laurence Alan" Lecturer "Hugue, Michelle M." Lecturer "Katz, Jonathan" Lecturer "Padua-Perez, Nelson" Prof "Agrawala, Ashok K." Prof "Aloimonos, John" Prof "Bederson, Benjamin B." Prof "Bhattacharjee, Samrat" Prof "Cleaveland, Walter Rance II" Prof "Dorr, Bonnie J." Prof "Gasarch, William" Prof "Jacobs, David" Prof "Khuller, Samir" Prof "Mount, David M." Prof "Nau, Dana S."

"$43,200.00" "$36,109.68" "$58,682.80" "$102,438.62" "$58,729.00" "$113,981.05" "$112,986.55" "$112,753.37" "$152,756.10" "$74,473.03" "$75,180.71" "$54,347.04" "$189,658.00" "$99,164.01" "$95,882.01" "$103,338.75" "$65,100.00" "$64,375.00" "$36,562.00" "$66,667.00" "$78,333.00" "$103,542.00" "$51,091.00" "$49,352.35" "$35,200.00" "$67,543.82" "$111,831.79" "$92,954.00" "$50,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$27,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$67,431.00" "$66,819.99" "$68,907.00" "$76,142.00" "$12,000.00" "$66,359.00" "$99,727.50" "$67,979.51" "$68,932.68" "$128,474.35" "$135,557.18" "$182,466.00" "$116,561.09" "$86,981.00" "$143,116.07" "$82,115.26" "$135,891.46"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Prof "O'Leary, Dianne P." Prof "Perlis, Donald R." Prof "Porter, Adam A." Prof "Reggia, James A." Prof "Roussopoulos, Nicholas" Prof "Samet, Hanan" Prof "Shankar, A.U." Prof "Shneiderman, Ben A." Prof "Srinivasan, Aravind" Prof "Subrahmanian, Venkatramanan" Prof & Assoc Chair "Elman, Howard C." Prof & Assoc Chair "Hollingsworth, Jeffrey K." Prof & Chair "Davis, Larry S." Prog Coor "Gray, Jodie M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Findlay, Adelaide B." Res Assoc "Ahn, Jae-Wook" Res Assoc "Choi, Seung Geol" Res Assoc "Guts, Nataliya" Res Assoc "Huang, Bert" Res Assoc "Liao, Qifeng" Res Assoc "Monner, Derek David" Res Assoc "Zhou, Hong-Sheng" Res Assoc "Zikas, Vasileios" Res Coor "Simms, Joann Pilkerton" Res Prog "Phongsuwan, James Anthony" Senior Lecturer "Plane, Jandelyn Dawn" Specialist "Holden, Todd J" Visit Res Assoc"Schroeder, Dominique Nikolai"

"$87,645.10" "$69,615.73" "$93,917.10" "$109,314.00" "$102,890.00" "$99,295.81" "$115,816.55" "$126,282.49" "$128,202.86" "$105,000.00" "$125,102.08" "$125,477.52" "$283,885.00" "$50,464.89" "$37,072.15" "$75,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$60,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$25,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$64,742.25" "$78,591.80" "$60,000.00" "$30,904.00"

CMNS-Ctr for Scientific Computation and Math Modeling Asst Prof "Ide, Kayo" Asst Prof "Tiglio, Manuel Humberto" Coordinator "Lum, Valerie NeeTzeShin" Dist Univ Prof & Dir "Tadmor, Eitan" Fac Res Asst "Henrikson, Jeffrey" Manager "Alipio, Jolanta Agatha" Prof "Balan, Radu Victor" Prof "Jabin, Pierre-Emmanuel" Prof "Levy, Doron" Res Assoc "Bae, Hantaek" Res Assoc "Davis, Courtney" Res Assoc "Motsch, Sebastien"

"$17,499.94" "$42,075.00" "$46,000.00" "$154,788.15" "$66,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$74,967.00" "$82,923.86" "$95,833.00" "$48,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$48,000.00"

CMNS-Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center Admin Asst II "Hardaway, Kimberly" Assoc Dir "LaFonta, Jean" Assoc Prof "Evans, Michael N." Assoc Prof "Zeng, Ning" Assoc Res Eng "Ji, Qiang" Assoc Res Sci "Birkett, Charon Melissa" Assoc Res Sci "Gu, Guojun" Assoc Res Sci "Kidd, Christopher" Assoc Res Sci "Matsui, Toshihisa" Assoc Res Sci "Molod, Andrea Mara" Assoc Res Sci "Tian, Yudong" Assoc Res Sci "Wang, Jian-Jian" Assoc Res Sci "Wang, Xiujun" Assoc Res Sci "Yu, Hongbin" Asst Dir "Tolentino, Arlene M." Asst Prof "Ide, Kayo" Asst Prof "Kaushal, Sujay" Asst Res Eng "Lee, Hai-Tien" Asst Res Eng "Wang, Nai Yu" Asst Res Sci "Chen, Junye" Asst Res Sci "Cullather, Richard Ian" Asst Res Sci "Del Vecchio, Rossana" Asst Res Sci "Farrell, Sinead Louise" Asst Res Sci "Hansell, Richard Allen JR" Asst Res Sci "Harris, Andrew Robert" Asst Res Sci "Harrison, Kenneth W." Asst Res Sci "Kongoli, Cezar" Asst Res Sci "Li, Can" Asst Res Sci "Liu, Yuqiong" Asst Res Sci"Mittaz, Jonathan Patrick Duncan" Asst Res Sci "Schroeder, Wilfrid" Asst Res Sci "Shen, Bo-Wen" Asst Res Sci "Tzortziou, Maria A." Asst Res Sci "Vintzileos, Augustin" Asst Res Sci "Wang, Likun" Asst Res Sci "Yang, Wenze" Business Manager "Harrigan, Iris Venetta" Business Serv Spec "Sliter, Cheryl J." Coordinator "Bandy, Rashida Lucy" Coordinator "Carter, Linda M." Coordinator "Jones, Rosalie M." Director "Brewer, Victoria Lea" Dist Univ Prof "Kalnay, Eugenia E." Fac Res Asst "Bali, Manik" Fac Res Asst "Beauchamp, James G." Fac Res Asst "Beaudoing, Hiroko Kato" Fac Res Asst "Borak, Jordan S." Fac Res Asst "Cribb, Maureen C." Fac Res Asst "Foti, Gregg Salvatore" Fac Res Asst "Hackert, Eric C." Fac Res Asst "Hernandez-Aldarondo, Cecilia" Fac Res Asst "Janowiak, John" Fac Res Asst "Kang, Xianbiao" Fac Res Asst "Liu, Jianjun" Fac Res Asst "Maddox, Michael Charles" Fac Res Asst "Meyers, Patrick Charles" Fac Res Asst "Negri, Andrew John" Fac Res Asst "Peng, Jie" Fac Res Asst "Qi, Chengli" Fac Res Asst "Reagan, James Richard"

"$33,831.38" "$99,000.00" "$41,650.00" "$25,943.00" "$94,015.48" "$92,801.00" "$101,000.00" "$125,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$95,000.00" "$111,320.00" "$95,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$112,224.00" "$65,703.00" "$17,500.00" "$74,040.00" "$82,168.00" "$90,000.00" "$80,870.00" "$72,000.00" "$27,452.45" "$75,000.00" "$64,400.00" "$117,012.51" "$105,000.00" "$94,000.00" "$64,400.00" "$87,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$90,334.00" "$71,252.98" "$100,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$74,700.00" "$50,000.00" "$53,291.11" "$42,000.00" "$54,100.35" "$55,662.44" "$81,514.22" "$43,785.00" "$55,000.00" "$66,319.06" "$53,253.01" "$86,500.00" "$55,548.48" "$65,000.00" "$102,690.75" "$50,000.00" "$73,440.00" "$34,200.00" "$52,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$18,300.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00"

Fac Res Asst "Stephens, Catherine OBrien" Fac Res Asst "Su, Shenjian" Fac Res Asst "Swaim, Travis Lester" Fac Res Asst "Tsai, Tzu-Chin" Fac Res Asst "Uz, Stephanie Schollaert" Fac Res Asst "Wang, Xin" Fac Res Asst "Wind, Bradley Patrick" Fac Res Asst "Yan, Hongru" IT Admin & Plan Mgr "Baith, Mark R." Prof "Carton, James A." Prof "Dickerson, Russell R." Prof "Farquhar, James" Prof "Li, Zhanqing" Prof "Liang, Xin-Zhong" Prof "Nigam, Sumant" Prof "Pinker, Rachel T." Prof "Salawitch, Ross J." Prof "Zhang, Da-Lin" Prof & Dir "Busalacchi, Antonio J." Prof & Exec Dir "Murtugudde, Raghu" Res Assoc "Barrie, Daniel Bennett" Res Assoc "Casey, Sean Patrick" Res Assoc "Chen, Li-Chuan" Res Assoc "Chen, Ligang" Res Assoc "Devaraj, Chabitha" Res Assoc "Duan, Shuiwang" Res Assoc "Folmer, Michael Jason" Res Assoc "Hain, Christopher Ryan" Res Assoc "He, Yuxiang" Res Assoc "Iguchi, Takamichi" Res Assoc "Jin, Daeho" Res Assoc "Koner, Prabhat K." Res Assoc "Kumar, Anil" Res Assoc "Kurum, Mehmet" Res Assoc "Lee, Jaehwa" Res Assoc "Lei, Hang" Res Assoc "Li, Bailing" Res Assoc "Li, Zhongxian" Res Assoc "Liu, Shuyan" Res Assoc "Liu, Yuling" Res Assoc "Loughner, Christopher Paul" Res Assoc "Ma, Zaizhong" Res Assoc"Mathukumalli, Bala Krishna Prasad" Res Assoc "Moradi, Isaac" Res Assoc "Munchak, Stephen Joseph" Res Assoc "Newman, Thomas" Res Assoc "Petrenko, Maksym" Res Assoc "Ren, Li" Res Assoc "Sun, Ninghai" Res Assoc "Tang, Ling" Res Assoc "Wang, Kung-Hwa" Res Assoc "Wu, Huan" Res Assoc "Xu, Min" Res Assoc "Xu, Weixin" Res Assoc "Yatheendradas, Soni" Res Assoc "Yegorova, Elena Andreyevna" Res Assoc "Zhang, Bin" Res Assoc "Zhang, Feng" Res Prof "Berbery, Ernesto H." Sr Res Sci "Adler, Bob" Sr Res Sci "Arkin, Phillip Alan" Sr Res Sci "Riishojgaard, Lars Peter" Sr Res Sci "Zhang, Rong-Hua" Visit Assoc Research Engineer"Blonski, Slawomir" Visit Assoc Research Engineer"Pan, Chunhui" Visit Sr Res Sci "Liu, Quanhua"

11 "$85,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$8,262.00" "$36,853.41" "$20,000.23" "$40,000.00" "$6,534.00" "$97,667.08" "$38,287.00" "$48,107.00" "$63,570.33" "$88,260.96" "$118,750.00" "$60,042.09" "$31,802.00" "$38,800.00" "$40,000.00" "$240,693.00" "$111,057.00" "$65,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$59,500.00" "$52,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$52,374.00" "$62,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$91,000.00" "$36,207.86" "$62,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$64,000.00" "$45,900.00" "$55,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$89,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$66,500.00" "$120,000.00" "$152,999.98" "$174,354.35" "$185,000.00" "$131,698.74" "$114,536.00" "$114,000.00" "$100,000.00"

"Raupp, Michael J." "StLeger, Raymond J." "Thorne, Barbara L." "Via, Sara" "Mitter, Charles" "Palmer, Margaret A." "Armstrong, Paul" "Beard, Jennifer J" "Breisch, Nancy L." "Crivat, Georgeta" "Derunkov, Alexander V." "Fang, Weiguo" "Febria, Catherine M" "Feng, Siqian" "Goldstein, Paul Zoltan" "Jennings, David Edward" "Koch, Benjamin" "Kolb, Lauren" "Lekveishvili, Mariam" "Liao, Xinggang" "Lu, Hsiao-Ling" "Martinson, Holly Marie" "Mehdiabadi, Natasha" "Wilson, Erin Elizabeth"

"$160,012.62" "$108,705.57" "$147,545.00" "$30,966.04" "$127,783.87" "$42,572.00" "$45,760.00" "$43,500.00" "$46,936.88" "$34,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$43,434.81" "$49,000.00" "$25,200.00" "$47,000.00" "$39,973.00" "$46,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$35,720.00" "$35,720.00" "$18,500.00" "$25,000.00" "$38,000.00"

CMNS-Geology Admin Asst II "Romeo, Sandra M." Assoc Prof "Evans, Michael N." Assoc Prof "Prestegaard, Karen L." Assoc Prof "Zhu, Wenlu" Assoc Res Sci "Puchtel, Igor S." Asst Prof "Hier-Majumder, Saswata" Asst Prof "Kaushal, Sujay" Asst Prof "Lekic, Vedran" Asst Prof "Martin, Aaron J." Asst Prof "Montesi, Laurent G." Asst Prof "Penniston-Dorland, Sarah C" Asst Res Sci "Hebert, Laura Baker" Business Serv Spec"Patterson, Joanna Lynn" Fac Res Asst "Ash, Richard" Fac Res Asst"Bermingham, Katherine Russell" Fac Res Asst "Hoek, Joost" Fac Res Asst "Karwoski, Todd Matthew" Fac Res Asst "Puchtel, Valentina A." Lecturer "Centorbi, Tracey Lynn" Prg Admin Spec "Brown, Dorothy A." Prof "Brown, Michael" Prof "Candela, Philip A." Prof "Farquhar, James" Prof "Kaufman, Alan Jay" Prof "Lathrop, Daniel Perry" Prof "McDonough, William F." Prof "Walker, Richard J." Prof & Chair "Rudnick, Roberta L." Prog Coor "Martin, B Suzanne" Prog Coor "Montero, Michelle" Res Assoc "Gaschnig, Richard" Res Assoc "Liu, Jingao" Res Assoc "Ougier-Simonin, Audrey" Res Assoc "Peng, Yongbo" Res Assoc "Sramek, Ondrej" Res Assoc "Touboul, Mathieu" Senior Lecturer "Holtz, Thomas Richard JR" Senior Lecturer "Merck, John W JR" Sr Res Sci "Piccoli, Philip"

"$28,435.77" "$67,150.28" "$78,659.33" "$124,906.66" "$66,254.69" "$85,932.58" "$45,960.00" "$106,667.00" "$68,196.88" "$99,253.33" "$80,835.07" "$60,000.00" "$36,373.10" "$59,857.62" "$50,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$34,939.16" "$22,500.00" "$28,024.02" "$50,227.90" "$184,160.49" "$126,308.70" "$78,909.02" "$112,761.66" "$12,284.00" "$126,639.12" "$150,118.93" "$200,000.00" "$69,480.89" "$59,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$82,308.00" "$60,038.48" "$86,951.58"

CMNS-Inst for Physical Science & Technology

CMNS-Entomology Account Clerk II "Jewison, Eileen" Admin Asst II "Koeiman, Avis Madeline" Adv Consul "Dively, Galen P. II" Assoc Prof "Armstrong, Earlene" Assoc Prof "Hawthorne, David J." Assoc Prof "Lamp, William O." Assoc Prof "Neel, Maile C" Assoc Prof "Nelson, Judd O." Assoc Prof "Shrewsbury, Paula M." Assoc Prof "Shultz, Jeffrey W." Asst Prof "Gruner, Daniel S." Asst Prof "Hooks, Cerruti RR" Asst Prof "Wang, Jian" Asst Res Sci "vanEngelsdorp, Dennis" Business Manager "Hammond, Tamma A." Coordinator "Rane, Karen K." Coordinator "Smith, Jo Ann" Director "Katsereles, William C." Exec Adm Asst I "Lewis, Joanne C." Fac Ext Asst "Patton, Terrence W." Fac Res Asst "Bozarth, Rachel Anna" Fac Res Asst "Eversole, Heather K" Fac Res Asst "Harding, Nancy Marie" Fac Res Asst "Hess, Gregory Adam" Fac Res Asst "Jin, Zhaoqing" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Kathleen V." Fac Res Asst "Marshall, Danielle R" Fac Res Asst "Rennich, Karen Denise" Fac Res Asst "Sancomb, Elizabeth Jo" Fac Res Asst "Sargent, Chris" Fac Res Asst "Smith, Margaret Campbell" Fac Res Asst "Snyder, Robert" Fac Res Asst "Stitzinger, Jennie Mae" Fac Res Asst "Zwicker, Susan Mara" Inst "Kent, Bretton W." Lecturer "O'Brien, Tammatha" Prof "Brown, Amy E." Prof "Ma, Michael C." Prof "Pick, Leslie"

Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof & Chair Prof & Dir Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Assoc

"$15,732.16" "$38,971.19" "$20,400.00" "$91,006.20" "$80,484.47" "$93,752.92" "$29,327.70" "$80,039.17" "$91,751.52" "$87,209.84" "$78,080.00" "$84,260.00" "$76,067.30" "$75,000.00" "$51,560.18" "$75,495.00" "$50,439.52" "$99,536.20" "$36,280.41" "$64,011.36" "$35,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$58,171.89" "$40,000.00" $20.00 "$15,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$28,370.00" "$40,000.00" "$38,000.00" $20.00 "$38,000.00" $27.81 "$72,863.01" "$55,000.00" "$104,399.02" "$96,175.92" "$106,192.00"

Assoc Prof "Losert, Wolfgang" "$31,356.00" Assoc Prof "Margetis, Dionisios" "$21,434.00" Assoc Prof "Papoian, Garegin" "$65,000.00" Assoc Res Sci "Zimin, Alexey V." "$120,000.00" Asst Prof "Girvan, Michelle" "$41,301.00" Asst Prof "Ide, Kayo" "$17,499.94" Asst Prof "La Porta, Arthur" "$40,891.00" Asst Prof "Upadhyaya, Arpita" "$70,204.78" Asst Res Sci "Lee, Moo Hyun" "$61,232.64" Business Serv Spec "Wynn, Patricia A." "$50,226.04" Coordinator "Ratke, Sandy" "$49,726.08" Dir Admin Srv "Lauer, Albert L." "$93,375.29" Dist Univ Prof "Alexander, Millard H." "$13,946.43" Dist Univ Prof "Fisher, Michael E." "$165,644.05" Dist Univ Prof "Kalnay, Eugenia E." "$17,859.10" Dist Univ Prof "Lorimer, George H." "$34,944.69" Dist Univ Prof "Novikov, Sergei" "$143,441.02" Dist Univ Prof "Sagdeev, Roald Z." "$40,918.47" Dist Univ Prof "Tadmor, Eitan" "$64,214.16" Dist Univ Prof "Thirumalai, Devarajan" "$118,000.00" Dist Univ Prof "Weeks, John D." "$119,583.33" Dist Univ Prof "Yorke, James A." "$64,541.02" Eng Tech III "Cole, Edward J." "$61,538.77" Fac Res Asst "Gupta, Mayank" "$50,000.00" Fac Res Asst"Marcais, Guillaume Jean-Pierre Patrick" "$66,666.66" Fac Res Asst "Nava-Tudela, Alfredo" "$72,240.45" Fac Res Asst "Wu, Jayoung" "$32,924.85" Office Clerk II "Ives, Regina Lynn" "$24,585.94" Prof "Anisimov, Mikhail A." "$11,729.00" Prof "Drake, James F." "$66,865.74" Prof "Fourkas, John T." "$39,769.47" Prof "Hill, Wendell T. III" "$157,877.00" Prof "Hunt, Brian R." "$55,523.00" Prof "Jarzynski, Christopher" "$52,467.24" Prof "Kaloshin, Vadim" "$37,358.00" Prof "Kirkpatrick, Theodore R." "$89,606.00" Prof "Lathrop, Daniel Perry" "$8,618.00" Prof "Levermore, Charles D." "$70,708.94" Prof "Milchberg, Howard M." "$64,197.17" Prof "Seo, Eun-Suk" "$85,901.05"

Prof & Dir "Coplan, Michael A." Prof & Dir "Roy, Rajarshi" Prog Coor "Fisher, Caricia J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Abu-Laban, Denise M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Bremerman, Stacey L." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jenkins, Debbie A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Stewart, Catha Marie" Res Assoc "Denesyuk, Natalia" Res Assoc "Huh, Hyun-Gue" Res Assoc "Kim, Ki Chun" Res Assoc "Korotova, Galina" Res Assoc "Malinine, Alexandre" Res Assoc "Ngo, Toan Minh" Res Assoc "Picot-Clemente, Nicolas" Res Assoc "Reddy, Govardhan" Res Assoc "Samanta, Himadri Sekhar" Res Assoc "Shin, Taeksu" Res Assoc "Yoon, Young Soo" Res Assoc "Zhuravlev, Pavel" Res Coor "Min, Sokhan" Sr Res Sci "McCracken, Kenneth G." Sr Res Sci "McDonald, Frank B." Sr Res Sci "Reames, Donald V." Sr Res Sci "Yoon, Peter H."

"$164,513.33" "$226,762.64" "$48,800.00" "$47,757.46" "$44,553.55" "$41,848.87" "$36,570.00" "$34,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$33,427.00" "$88,850.75" "$60,168.00" "$38,293.00" "$50,000.00" "$35,838.00" "$34,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$40,308.00" "$45,536.00" "$40,080.00" "$75,970.00" "$16,032.00" "$96,377.68"

CMNS-Inst for Research in Electronics & Applied Science Admin Asst II "Kaul, Mohini" Assoc Prof & Act Dir "Murphy, Thomas E." Assoc Res Sci "Bernal, Santiago" Assoc Res Sci "Rodgers, John C." Assoc Res Sci"Swisdak, Michael Marchand III" Asst Dir "Delabar, Leslie Ann" Asst Prof "Rabin, Oded" Asst Prof "Waks, Edo" Asst Res Sci "Koeth, Timothy W." Asst Res Sci "Motayed, Abhishek" Asst Res Sci"Romero Talamas, Carlos Alejandro" Asst Res Sci "Sinitsyn, Oleksandr V." Asst Res Sci "Wheeler, Daniel" Asst Res Sci "Zhou, Lei" Coordinator "Bellamy, Carol A." Coordinator "Boone, Nancy L." Coordinator "Defendini, Roxanne D." Dir Admin Srv "Hess, Margaret C." Fac Res Asst "Abrahams, John Henry III" Fac Res Asst "Ballew, Nolan Alexander" Fac Res Asst "Brawn-Cinani, Barbara Ellen" Fac Res Asst "Condon, Edward Michael" Fac Res Asst "Fonda, Enrico" Fac Res Asst "Guo, Feng" Fac Res Asst "Hummel, Jonathan A." Fac Res Asst "Kinney, Robert Adam" Fac Res Asst "Layer, Brian David" Fac Res Asst "Loughran, Thomas C." Fac Res Asst "Mair, Lamar Odell" Fac Res Asst "Mobaidin, Alice W." Fac Res Asst "Plunk, Gabriel" Fac Res Asst "Triana, Santiago Andres" Fac Res Asst "Young, William" Fac Res Asst "Zhang, Tong" Fac Res Asst "Zimmerman, Daniel S." IT Coor "Brosius, Dorothea F." IT Coor "Cleveland, Ernie" Manager "Chiou, Wen-An" Manager "O'Connor, James M." Prof "Fuhrer, Michael Sears" Prof "Melngailis, John" Prof "Oehrlein, Gottlieb" Res Assoc "Abashin, Maxim" Res Assoc "Agha, Imad Housam" Res Assoc "Aschenbach, Konrad Hsu" Res Assoc "Ates, Serkan" Res Assoc "Balk, Andrew" Res Assoc "Ballihaut, Guillaume" Res Assoc "Beaudoin, Brian Louis" Res Assoc "Beeler, Matthew Charles" Res Assoc "Berro, Adam Joseph" Res Assoc "Chae, Jungseok" Res Assoc "Chia, Han-Jong" Res Assoc "Cooke, April L." Res Assoc "Cox, Cassiah Joyce" Res Assoc "De Leoz, Maria Lorna Arao" Res Assoc "Deng, Zhao" Res Assoc "Du, Kan" Res Assoc "Gradoni, Gabriele" Res Assoc "Gueye, Assane" Res Assoc "Ha, Jong-Yoon" Res Assoc "Han, Yong" Res Assoc "Jung, Suyong" Res Assoc "Kang, Myung-Gyu" Res Assoc "Klimov, Nikolai N" Res Assoc "Knuffman, Brenton" Res Assoc "Ko, Seung-Hyeon" Res Assoc "Krylyuk, Sergiy" Res Assoc "Kumar, Gagan" Res Assoc "Lahiri, Basudev" Res Assoc "Lai, LiChung" Res Assoc "Lee, Jane" Res Assoc "Leite, Marina Soares" Res Assoc "Lemaillet, Paul" Res Assoc "Liu, Yuxiang" Res Assoc "Lo, Shu Zee Alencious" Res Assoc "Long, Christian John" Res Assoc "Lu, Yang" Res Assoc "Mailman, Mitchell" Res Assoc "Marvel, Jeremy"

"$42,031.07" "$87,511.00" "$70,782.42" "$104,543.82" "$86,232.00" "$68,000.00" "$26,000.00" "$89,530.06" "$80,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$53,469.73" "$42,341.84" "$58,000.00" "$97,374.25" "$71,636.00" "$62,000.00" "$53,333.00" "$69,438.08" "$27,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$71,675.16" "$65,600.00" "$42,500.00" "$77,655.91" "$65,000.00" "$34,458.04" "$55,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$26,370.00" "$64,700.00" "$45,000.00" "$56,773.34" "$40,569.07" "$92,044.40" "$141,284.96" "$27,876.00" "$44,915.20" "$52,107.00" "$63,404.00" "$65,600.00" "$65,600.00" "$65,600.00" "$65,600.00" "$68,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$64,700.00" "$63,404.00" "$68,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$63,404.00" "$64,700.00" "$60,300.00" "$68,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$61,800.00" "$63,400.00" "$76,357.00" "$64,903.45" "$63,404.00" "$65,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$57,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$76,357.00" "$68,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$68,000.00" "$55,250.00" "$68,000.00"

Res Assoc "Matei, Ion" Res Assoc "Mathai, Pramod Pappachan" Res Assoc "Miao, Houxun" Res Assoc "Montgomery, Eric John" Res Assoc "Nordstrom, Kerstin N." Res Assoc "Nurse, Asha Kianga" Res Assoc "Palanisamy, Prakash" Res Assoc "Palastro, John Patrick" Res Assoc "Picher, Matthieu Claude" Res Assoc "Popescu, Adrian" Res Assoc "Potbhare, Siddharth V." Res Assoc "Ruzmetov, Dmitry" Res Assoc "Seif, Mina" Res Assoc "Steele, Adam" Res Assoc "Thomay, Tim Oliver" Res Assoc "Xu, Ting" Res Assoc "Yoon, Heayoung" Res Assoc "Yue, Andrew Tsung-Tse" Res Assoc "Zhao, Yue" Res Assoc Prof "Kishek, Rami Alfred" Sr Res Eng "Fiorito, Ralph B." Sr Res Sci "Nusinovich, Gregory S." Sr Res Sci "Shkvarunets, Anatoly G." Tech Sprv "Martin, Donald H." Tech Sprv "Pyle, John A." Visit Assoc Prof "Liu, Judy" Visit Assoc Res Sci "Lamas-Linares, Antia" Visit Assoc Res Sci "Lee, Kyung Jin" Visit Asst Prof "Dutton, Gregory J." Visit Asst Prof "Tanase, Mihaela" Visit Asst Res Sci "Centrone, Andrea" Visit Asst Res Sci "Tan, Kar Tean" Visit Sr Res Sci "Cornacchia, Massimo" Visit Sr Res Sci "Haber, Irving" Visit Sr Res Sci "Jacobsen, Ruth L." Visit Sr Res Sci "Pernstich, Kurt" Visit Sr Res Sci "Sutter, David F." Visit Sr Res Sci "Ukraintsev, Vladimir" Visit Sr Res Sci "Walter, Erich C." Visit Sr Res Sci "Wang, Shuangzhen"

"$68,000.00" "$61,557.00" "$61,557.00" "$63,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$63,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$65,600.00" "$34,000.00" "$63,404.00" "$68,000.00" "$64,903.45" "$68,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$65,600.00" "$68,000.00" "$65,600.00" "$110,499.50" "$103,442.28" "$115,280.68" "$84,229.03" "$61,088.43" "$61,677.36" "$61,861.60" "$88,500.00" "$54,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$80,010.00" "$80,000.00" "$25,351.48" "$64,056.62" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$12,093.12" "$80,000.00" "$91,400.00" "$80,000.00"

CMNS-Institute for Advanced Computer Studies Admin Asst II "Perrone, Janice M." Assoc Prof "Arbaugh, William" Assoc Prof "Cummings, Michael P" Assoc Prof "Deshpande, Amol" Assoc Prof "Duraiswami, Ramani" Assoc Prof "El-Sayed, Najib M." Assoc Prof "Foster, Jeffrey S." Assoc Prof "Getoor, Lise" Assoc Prof "Hannenhalli, Sridhar" Assoc Prof "Katz, Jonathan" Assoc Prof "Martin, Pino" Assoc Prof "Memon, Atif M." Assoc Prof "Pop, Mihai" Assoc Prof "Spring, Neil" Assoc Prof "Sussman, Alan L." Assoc Prof & Act Dir "Hicks, Michael W." Assoc Res Sci "Fermuller, Cornelia M." Assoc Res Sci "Yacoob, Yaser Fahim" Assoc Res Sci "Zotkin, Dmitry Nikolaevich" Asst Dir "McCall, Frederick J." Asst Dir "Valenzuela, Yerty D." Asst Prof "Boyd-Graber, Jordan Lee" Asst Prof "Corrada Bravo, Hector" Asst Prof "Daume, Hal III" Asst Prof "Froehlich, Jon Edward" Asst Prof "Hajiaghayi, Mohammad Taghi" Asst Prof "Kingsford, Carleton" Asst Prof "Rand, William Michael" Asst Res Sci "Abd-Almageed, Wael" Asst Res Sci "Cardone, Antonio" Asst Res Sci "Jiang, Zhuolin" Asst Res Sci "Mundur, Padmavathi" Asst Res Sci "Patel, Vishal M" Asst Res Sci "Yeh, Pei-Hsiu" Comp Spec "Gray, Timothy Paul" Coordinator "Brinkley, Norma L." Coordinator "Cross, Denise M." Coordinator "Gedra, Margit S." Coordinator "Schenk, Arlene E." Coordinator "Walker, Edna Gallardo" Coordinator "Walker, Edna Gallardo" Director "Weinstein, Johanna C." Director "Zapf, Petra Susanne" Dist Univ Prof Emerita "Colwell, Rita R." Fac Res Asst "Bazinet, Adam L." Fac Res Asst "Earp, Damon Nicholas" Fac Res Asst "Erdman, Brad A." Fac Res Asst "Harwood, David A." Fac Res Asst "Kachaev, Dmitry" Fac Res Asst "LaRocque, Daniel" Fac Res Asst "Lent, Jonathan D" Fac Res Asst "Lewis, Barbara" Fac Res Asst "Lewittes, Becky Tamar" Fac Res Asst "Mannes, Aaron Wolf" Fac Res Asst "Nagel, Margo K" Fac Res Asst "Newlin, Jennifer Papp" Fac Res Asst "Puertas Calvo, Maria" Fac Res Asst "Rose, Anne Townsend" Fac Res Asst "Schuetzle, Brittany Elizabeth" Fac Res Asst "Smorul, Michael A." Fac Res Asst "Sommer, Daniel" Fac Res Asst "Thomas, Christopher J" Fac Res Asst "van Opstal, Mike" Fac Res Asst "Yarnell, Derek T." Fac Res Asst "Zotkina, Elena"

"$43,884.50" "$49,771.20" "$89,625.67" "$35,506.00" "$102,359.33" "$52,164.78" "$24,558.76" "$41,223.45" "$83,362.50" "$24,813.38" "$26,250.00" "$28,756.03" "$78,693.96" "$38,447.46" "$57,261.10" "$139,289.00" "$51,872.74" "$114,509.02" "$43,743.74" "$118,283.04" "$77,742.01" "$25,200.00" "$78,438.00" "$80,833.00" "$47,000.33" "$43,958.00" "$84,495.94" "$40,500.00" "$41,721.47" "$95,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$100,775.80" "$85,000.00" "$71,667.00" "$40,000.00" "$79,305.23" "$48,093.02" "$49,229.49" "$63,127.91" "$3,000.00" "$54,104.08" "$121,290.73" "$87,846.95" "$102,921.00" "$63,513.30" "$61,200.00" "$90,394.54" "$112,079.78" "$50,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$42,500.00" "$42,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$49,266.10" "$36,000.00" "$61,113.63" "$26,370.00" "$83,877.30" "$36,000.00" "$105,000.00" "$91,645.02" "$70,000.00" "$85,305.00" "$101,132.00" "$50,490.00"



IT Coor "Ridge, Edward Joseph" Lecturer "Maxwell, Robert F" Prof "Agrawala, Ashok K." Prof "Aloimonos, John" Prof "Bederson, Benjamin B." Prof "Bhattacharjee, Samrat" Prof "Bhattacharyya, Shuvra S." Prof "Cleaveland, Walter Rance II" Prof "Elman, Howard C." Prof "Hollingsworth, Jeffrey K." Prof "Jacobs, David" Prof "JaJa, Joseph F." Prof "Khuller, Samir" Prof "Mayergoyz, Isaak" Prof "Mount, David M." Prof "O'Leary, Dianne P." Prof "Oard, Douglas William" Prof "Perlis, Donald R." Prof "Porter, Adam A." Prof "Raschid, Louiqa" Prof "Reggia, James A." Prof "Resnik, Philip S." Prof "Roussopoulos, Nicholas" Prof "Samet, Hanan" Prof "Shneiderman, Ben A." Prof "Srinivasan, Aravind" Prof "Subrahmanian, Venkatramanan" Prof "Vishkin, Uzi" Prof "Wu, Min" Prof & Dir "Varshney, Amitabh" Res Assoc "Aniba, Mohamed Radhouane" Res Assoc "Astrovskaya, Irina" Res Assoc "Beh, Jounghoon" Res Assoc "Bellay, Jeremy" Res Assoc "Carl, Joseph W JR" Res Assoc "Chapman, Eric M" Res Assoc "Hu, Yang" Res Assoc "Lin, Henry Chih Heng" Res Assoc "Mah, Matthew Yew Mun" Res Assoc "Moon, Taesun" Res Assoc "Morariu, Vlad Ion" Res Assoc "Nutanong, Sarana" Res Assoc "Otstott, Charles P" Res Assoc "Puzis, Rami" Res Assoc "Seitz, Kristina Hollingshead" Res Assoc "Temanni, Mohamed Ramzi" Res Assoc "Thaw, David Bernard" Sr Res Sci "Doermann, David Scott" Sr Res Sci "Gumerov, Nail" Sr Res Sci "Plaisant, Catherine" Visit Assoc Res Sci "Cox, Michael" Visit Sr Res Sci "Klavans, Judith L"

"$73,258.06" "$5,000.00" "$66,706.79" "$58,977.40" "$55,337.92" "$33,064.00" "$24,457.43" "$20,170.00" "$70,261.92" "$45,733.55" "$79,151.00" "$165,904.00" "$30,633.00" "$54,118.24" "$41,299.74" "$87,644.43" "$34,043.68" "$44,292.61" "$34,440.44" "$41,931.19" "$36,471.00" "$72,800.00" "$62,199.00" "$165,492.68" "$28,853.92" "$46,040.31" "$175,000.00" "$67,293.02" "$46,183.97" "$210,087.00" "$40,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$155,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$37,500.00" "$71,000.00" "$88,200.00" "$50,000.00" "$52,250.00" "$70,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$137,413.55" "$97,250.89" "$117,418.78" "$80,000.00" "$11,213.65"

CMNS-Marine & Estuarine Environ Sci Prog Asst Dir Director

"Morrin, Deborah J." "Paynter, Kennedy T. JR"

"$56,636.37" "$89,727.05"

CMNS-Mathematics Admin Asst II "Berry, Linette Denise" "$35,153.14" Admin Asst II "Hidalgo, Haydee V." "$37,049.74" Admin Asst II "Hopkins, Martha R." "$42,910.51" Assoc Prof "Cerrai, Sandra" "$125,332.99" Assoc Prof "Czaja, Wojciech" "$115,713.07" Assoc Prof "Koralov, Leonid" "$104,478.54" Assoc Prof "Margetis, Dionisios" "$88,308.00" Assoc Prof "Mellet, Antoine" "$110,212.00" Assoc Prof "Okoudjou, Kasso A." "$95,188.56" Assoc Prof "Ramachandran, Niranjan" "$91,128.07" Assoc Prof "von Petersdorff, Tobias" "$82,466.74" Assoc Prof "Warner, C. Robert" "$67,508.67" Assoc Prof "Winkelnkemper, Horst E." "$69,269.97" Assoc Prof Emeritus "Berg, Kenneth R." "$28,080.00" Asst Dir "Gumbs, Rhyneta H." "$71,910.00" Asst Prof "Cameron, Maria K." "$82,000.00" Asst Prof "Gholampour, Amin" "$82,000.00" Asst Prof "Melnick, Karin Hanley" "$80,000.00" Asst Prof "Zickert, Christian Krogager" "$113,333.33" Business Manager "Welton, Sharon D." "$43,726.63" Coordinator "Allen, Sandra" "$51,612.00" Coordinator "Carrigan, Jamie A." "$59,170.00" Coordinator "Chan, Ida Kalai" "$62,545.88" Coordinator "Gonzalez, Liliana S." "$52,020.00" Coordinator "McCoy, Alverda G." "$44,544.46" Coordinator "Regalado, Milagro Celeste" "$50,626.94" Coordinator "Schildknecht, William R." "$79,664.04" Coordinator "Smith, Stephanie M." "$67,383.60" Coordinator "Wincek, Elizabeth A." "$32,671.35" Director "Katz, Rachel D." "$102,470.00" Dist Univ Prof "Freidlin, Mark I." "$196,904.56" Dist Univ Prof "Novikov, Sergei" "$72,343.48" Dist Univ Prof "Tadmor, Eitan" "$64,214.16" Dist Univ Prof & Assoc Chair"Antman, Stuart S." "$225,067.00" Dist Univ Prof Chair "Yorke, James A." "$192,213.00" Fac Res Asst "Frazier, Jeffrey Russell" "$18,302.00" Fac Res Asst "Rostami, Sean" "$23,000.00" IT Sys Analyst "McQueen, Aaron Lee" "$70,000.00" Lecturer "Baker, Jack T." "$5,984.00" Lecturer "Bezejouh, Ben Nkafu" "$14,436.00" Lecturer "Fouche, Kimberly A." "$31,552.00" Lecturer "Galagate, Douglas" "$19,200.00" Lecturer "Hamilton, Eric" "$17,116.00" Lecturer "Himmelsbach, Joshua Luke" "$15,632.00" Lecturer "Hollenbeck, Richard Mark" "$11,500.00" Lecturer "Huang, Yu-Ru" "$19,200.00" Lecturer "Jarchow, Marguerite E." "$14,436.00" Lecturer "Ji, Ran" "$8,558.00" Lecturer "Kachari, Geetanjali" "$17,116.00"

Lecturer "Koprowski, Paul James" Lecturer "Lauser, Benjamin John" Lecturer "Long, Terence Dyer" Lecturer "Martin, William James" Lecturer "Nam, Kijoeng" Lecturer "Orsetti, Santuria" Lecturer "Pilachowski, Timothy John" Lecturer "Rosca, Raluca I." Lecturer "Sanders, Bradford Alexander" Lecturer "Schildknecht, William R." Lecturer "Schwartz, Jeremy Robert" Lecturer "Sykes, Christian Matthew" Lecturer "Tchetcherina, Natalia F." Lecturer "Terpos, Colleen Marie" Lecturer "Terpos, Colleen Marie" Lecturer "Williams, Brett Thomas" Lecturer "Wilson, Elizabeth McLaughlin" Lecturer"Yacoubou Djima, Karamatou Adjoke" Lecturer "Zardi, Saida" Office Supv I "Kinne, Fletcher G." Prof "Adams, Jeffrey D." Prof "Balan, Radu Victor" Prof "Benedetto, John J." Prof "Boyle, McBlaine Michael" Prof "Brosnan, Patrick" Prof "Cohen, Joel M." Prof "Dolgopyat, Dmitry" Prof "Fitzpatrick, Patrick M." Prof "Forni, Giovanni" Prof "Glaz, Harland M." Prof "Goldman, William M." Prof "Grillakis, Manoussos" Prof "Gulick, Denny" Prof "Haines, Thomas J." Prof "Halperin, Stephen" Prof "Hamilton, David H." Prof "Hunt, Brian R." Prof "Jabin, Pierre-Emmanuel" Prof "Jakobson, Michael" Prof "Kaloshin, Vadim" Prof "Kedem, Benjamin" Prof "Kueker, David W." Prof "Laskowski, Michael C." Prof "Levermore, Charles D." Prof "Levy, Doron" Prof "Machedon, Matei" Prof "Millson, John J." Prof "Nochetto, Ricardo H." Prof "Ren, Joan JianJian" Prof "Rosenberg, Jonathan M." Prof "Schafer, James A." Prof "Slud, Eric Victor" Prof "Tamvakis, Harry" Prof "Washington, Lawrence C." Prof "Wentworth, Richard Alan" Prof "Wolfe, Peter" Prof "Wolpert, Scott A." Prof "Yang, Grace L." Prof & Dir "Kagan, Abram" Prof & Dir "Trivisa, Konstantina" Prof Emeritus "Alexander, James C." Prof Emeritus "Auslander, Joseph" Prof Emeritus "Lipsman, Ronald L." Res Assoc "Antil, Harbir" Res Assoc "Dobrosotskaya, Julia Albertovna" Res Assoc "Goerner, Matthias Rolf Dietrich" Res Assoc "Pal, Koushik" Res Assoc"Salgado Gonzalez, Abner Jonatan" Res Assoc "Truman, Kathryn E." Senior Lecturer "Cremins, Casey" Senior Lecturer "Daberkow, Julie A." Senior Lecturer "Daberkow, Julie A." Senior Lecturer "Franklin, Debra Gray" Senior Lecturer "Gulick, Frances F." Senior Lecturer "McLaren, Karen" Senior Lecturer "Stone, Jacqueline" Senior Lecturer "Stone, Jacqueline" Senior Lecturer "Stone, Jacqueline" Senior Lecturer "Wyss-Gallifent, Justin Olav" Visit Asst Prof "Macasieb, Melissa" Visit Lecturer "Xu, Jian Lun"

"$15,632.00" "$15,632.00" "$15,632.00" "$19,200.00" "$19,200.00" "$26,404.00" "$26,715.99" "$24,000.00" "$24,432.00" "$7,469.00" "$15,632.00" "$15,632.00" "$17,116.00" "$5,984.00" "$23,936.00" "$15,632.00" "$49,000.00" "$17,116.00" "$17,116.00" "$38,069.22" "$132,868.94" "$63,433.00" "$205,259.58" "$117,451.00" "$160,000.00" "$108,480.90" "$121,384.46" "$190,010.11" "$176,512.00" "$97,525.22" "$144,599.48" "$122,626.57" "$117,729.35" "$101,453.00" "$248,550.00" "$99,661.70" "$58,190.93" "$82,923.86" "$124,649.85" "$162,417.88" "$143,179.62" "$90,411.78" "$104,284.38" "$71,775.66" "$57,499.87" "$107,708.02" "$145,281.82" "$175,301.80" "$126,000.00" "$131,312.45" "$91,051.47" "$54,566.99" "$121,939.64" "$113,307.65" "$183,333.00" "$104,703.78" "$165,459.20" "$161,058.55" "$125,642.14" "$156,883.00" "$178,184.00" "$14,000.00" "$15,085.92" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$32,130.00" "$58,560.00" "$3,285.00" "$52,552.00" "$46,679.00" "$63,851.00" "$50,827.00" "$3,153.50" "$6,307.00" "$50,461.00" "$73,785.20" "$50,000.00" "$14,000.00"

CMNS-Physics Acad Prog Spec "Hessing, E Jane" Acad Prog Spec "O'Hara, Linda K." Accounting Assoc "Dudley, Jean E." Accounting Assoc "Megonigal, Sarah W." Admin Asst I "Sutton, Mary B." Admin Asst II "Robinette, Loretta A." Assoc Dir "Conners, Mark C." Assoc Dir "Dooley, Cynthia M." Assoc Dir "Gleason, Thomas" Assoc Dir "Hammer, Donna M." Assoc Prof "Appelbaum, Ian" Assoc Prof "Bedaque, Paulo Sergio Fortes" Assoc Prof "Chacko, Zackaria" Assoc Prof "Galitskiy, Victor M" Assoc Prof "Hoffman, Kara" Assoc Prof "Ouyang, Min" Assoc Prof & Dir "Losert, Wolfgang" Assoc Res Sci "Blaufuss, Erik K." Assoc Res Sci "Breuer, Herbert F." Assoc Res Sci "Cullen, William G" Assoc Res Sci "Schmadel, Don Cronin JR" Assoc Res Sci "Smith, Andrew James" Asst Dir "Dahms, Robert E." Asst Dir "Monroe, Allen R."

"$42,030.54" "$45,956.14" "$22,047.40" "$29,837.44" "$30,750.00" "$46,709.21" "$102,702.88" "$98,560.00" "$64,858.43" "$95,546.58" "$140,000.00" "$123,889.95" "$126,984.00" "$129,142.21" "$125,054.76" "$126,917.27" "$94,068.00" "$98,241.92" "$59,790.84" "$84,181.93" "$94,127.44" "$90,444.81" "$75,346.00" "$76,844.93"

Asst Dir "Rirksopa, Pornshuda" "$62,562.80" Asst Mgr "Foster, Alania" "$48,200.00" Asst Mgr "Wang, Zeng Guang" "$41,200.00" Asst Prof "Agashe, Kaustubh Sadanand" "$116,249.00" Asst Prof "Girvan, Michelle" "$68,835.00" Asst Prof "Hall, Carter" "$104,851.36" Asst Prof "Kim, Ki-Yong" "$105,000.00" Asst Prof "La Porta, Arthur" "$41,898.65" Asst Prof "Levin, Michael A." "$113,333.00" Asst Prof "Paglione, Johnpierre" "$112,200.00" Asst Prof "Shawhan, Peter" "$110,865.00" Asst Prof "Tiglio, Manuel Humberto" "$62,271.00" Asst Prof "Upadhyaya, Arpita" "$43,053.65" Asst Res Sci "Campbell, Wesley C." "$64,515.00" Asst Res Sci "Fan, Jingyun" "$93,205.00" Asst Res Sci "Hwang, Euyheon" "$55,000.32" Asst Res Sci "Jenkins, Gregory S." "$67,500.00" Asst Res Sci "Marino Valle, Alberto M." "$68,000.00" Asst Res Sci "Polyakov, Sergey" "$87,088.00" Asst Res Sci "Saha, Shanta Ranjan" "$69,971.00" Asst Res Sci "Stewart Jr., Michael D." "$75,000.00" Asst Res Sci "Sushkov, Andrei B." "$53,846.00" Asst Res Sci "Vispute, Ratnakar D." "$44,532.00" Business Manager "Ekstrom, Cheryl A." "$40,990.24" Coordinator "Bensen, Douglas M." "$80,282.61" Coordinator "Britton, Melissa" "$39,507.40" Coordinator "Hammer, Nick" "$44,322.34" Coordinator "Key, Claudia S." "$50,000.00" Coordinator "Kiger, Carole Cuaresma" "$44,613.94" Coordinator "Rowley, Bruce Lee" "$53,081.03" Coordinator "Shukla, Sonali J." "$52,000.00" Coordinator "Straughn, Brian Lamont" "$95,278.03" Coordinator "Woodworth, Robert Thomas" "$44,368.46" Director "DeSalvo, Lorraine C." "$111,121.65" Director "Myers, Dawn Gough" "$112,201.60" Director "Suplee, Anne" "$63,668.08" Dist Univ Prof "Fisher, Michael E." "$44,115.00" Dist Univ Prof "Ott, Edward" "$150,755.40" Dist Univ Prof "Sundrum, Raman" "$280,000.00" Dist Univ Prof "Yorke, James A." "$25,594.16" Dist Univ Prof & Dir "Das Sarma, Sankar" "$330,000.00" Dist Univ Prof & Dir "Sagdeev, Roald Z." "$183,864.84" Elec Eng "Bard, Robert L." "$21,276.63" Eng Phys "Lasley, Scott E." "$88,454.32" Eng Phys "Touart, John R." "$68,430.40" Exec Adm Asst II "Noel, Stephanie Jane" "$47,120.40" Fac Res Asst "Amorim Perez Filpi, Luisa" "$12,051.09" Fac Res Asst "Bao, Wenzhong" "$49,999.99" Fac Res Asst "Burr, Mark Rockwell" "$92,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Callis, Julie" "$43,670.07" Fac Res Asst "Capano, Collin" "$45,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Cheng, Benjamin" "$18,459.00" Fac Res Asst "Christy, Brian John" "$32,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Corzo-Trejo, Neil Vladimir" "$26,370.00" Fac Res Asst"Da Cunha Pereira, Marcelo Vitor" "$12,024.72" Fac Res Asst "Das Sarma, Janet" "$26,125.00" Fac Res Asst "Fields, Brian Michael" "$22,620.00" Fac Res Asst"Ghohroodi Ghamsari, Behnood" "$56,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Glorieux, Quentin Caedwaller" "$54,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Jang, Chaun" "$26,370.00" Fac Res Asst "Jimenez-Garcia, Karina" "$26,370.00" Fac Res Asst "Kim, Myoung-Hwan" "$46,500.00" Fac Res Asst "Kolberg, Ted Ritchie" "$53,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Kubota, Yuri" "$31,285.71" Fac Res Asst "Lee, Kenneth W" "$22,620.00" Fac Res Asst "Li, Kai" "$30,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Menjivar, Cindy Stephanie" "$29,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Miller, David J." "$27,780.60" Fac Res Asst "Norton, Ronald S" "$47,499.93" Fac Res Asst "Oaks, Kathryn Denise" "$35,000.00" Fac Res Asst"Ojeda Aristizabal, Claudia Marcela" "$45,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Olivas, Alexander R." "$95,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Pechkis, Hyewon K" "$54,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Redl, Peter Christian" "$32,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Russo, Naomi" "$42,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Sawtelle, Vashti" "$48,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Schwettmann, Arne" "$54,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Sullivan, Brian G" "$36,000.00" Fac Res Asst "Vogl, Ulrich" "$29,700.00" IT Coor "Cotsalas, Alex" "$51,000.00" Lecturer "Baker, Frederick Douglas" "$1,987.88" Lecturer "Bantu, Hailu Gebremariam" "$12,500.00" Lecturer "Buehrle, David C." "$11,250.00" Lecturer "Goldenbaum, George C." "$12,560.00" Lecturer "Hertz, Daniel" "$24,499.99" Lecturer "Kerwin, James D." "$1,749.33" Lecturer "Lavine, James Philip" "$12,499.99" Lecturer "Nandikotkur, Giridhar" "$12,500.00" Lecturer "Pennington, Gary Wayne" "$25,000.00" Lecturer "Peritt, Harvey Lewis" "$1,749.33" Lecturer "Roosevelt, Sharon" "$12,500.00" Lecturer "Singhal, Sat" "$2,534.55" Lecturer "Springuel, Rene Padraic" "$24,999.99" Lecturer "Tata, Darayash" "$37,500.00" Lecturer "Tonwar, Suresh Chandra" "$24,500.00" Manager "Anderson, Jesse James" "$61,427.30" Manager "Baldwin, Thomas M." "$56,467.06" Manager "Bobrowsky, Matthew" "$98,000.00" Manager "Giza, Thomas E." "$57,548.52" Manager "Owens, Harold L. JR" "$70,397.00" Manager "Seal-Filiatreau, Bonnie Jean" "$61,000.00" Manager "Zhao, Xiao Ning" "$3,967.08" Manager "Zhao, Xiao Ning" "$53,185.52" Phys Sci Tech II "Daetwyler, Clay M." "$34,238.00" Phys Sci Tech III "Lynch, Donald" "$43,156.60" Phys Sci Tech III "Norwood, Billy D." "$52,485.20" Prg Admin Spec"Alejandro, Paulina Candelaria" "$41,621.54" Prof "Anderson, James Robert" "$113,832.02"

Prof "Anlage, Steven Mark" Prof "Antonsen, Thomas M." Prof "Bhagat, Satindar M." Prof "Brill, Dieter R." Prof "Buonanno, Alessandra" Prof "Chen, Hsing-Hen" Prof "Drake, James F." Prof "Einstein, Theodore L." Prof "Eno, Sarah C." Prof "Goodman, Jordan A." Prof "Greenberg, Oscar Wallace" Prof "Greene, Richard L." Prof "Hadley, Nicholas J." Prof "Hamilton, Douglas C." Prof "Hassam, Adil B." Prof "Hu, Bei Lok" Prof "Jacobson, Theodore A." Prof "Jawahery, Abolhassan" Prof "Ji, Xiangdong" Prof "Kirkpatrick, Theodore R." Prof "Lathrop, Daniel Perry" Prof "Liu, Chuan Sheng" Prof "Lobb, Christopher J." Prof "Milchberg, Howard M." Prof "Mohapatra, Rabindra N." Prof "Monroe, Christopher" Prof "Orozco, Luis A." Prof "Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Dennis"

"$63,944.00" "$127,752.91" "$103,816.32" "$114,201.23" "$150,104.29" "$36,553.51" "$146,633.26" "$139,638.67" "$135,736.29" "$222,032.78" "$104,061.76" "$233,122.55" "$154,574.37" "$131,050.83" "$141,569.13" "$121,746.93" "$98,071.87" "$188,341.00" "$177,141.16" "$48,416.28" "$104,098.00" "$132,717.88" "$179,588.00" "$66,561.00" "$180,368.03" "$271,022.00" "$147,941.55" "$59,727.00"

Prof "Redish, Edward F." Prof "Seo, Eun-Suk" Prof "Skuja, Andris" Prof "Wellstood, Frederick C." Prof "Yakovenko, Victor M." Prof & Assoc Chair "Cohen, Thomas D." Prof & Assoc Chair "Ellis, Richard F." Prof & Assoc Chair "Sullivan, Gregory W." Prof & Chair "Baden, Andrew R." Prof & Dir "Fuhrer, Michael Sears" Prof & Dir "Gates, Sylvester James JR" Prof & Dir "Rolston, Steven" Prof Emeritus "Currie, Douglas George" Prog Mgmt Spec I "La, Anh L." PS Fin/Bind Spec"Woodworth, Margaret Marie" Res Assoc "Abergel, David" Res Assoc "Anderson, Brandon" Res Assoc "Barnes, Edwin" Res Assoc "Barnett, Ryan" Res Assoc "Baughman, Brian" Res Assoc"Becerra-Chavez, Francisco Elohim" Res Assoc "Bishop, Lev Samuel" Res Assoc "Borhani Bahabadi, Massoud" Res Assoc "Boyd, Gregory Raymond" Res Assoc "Braun, James R." Res Assoc "Bronsgeest, Merijntje Saskia" Res Assoc "Calizo, Irene" Res Assoc "Candia, Julian M."

"$154,771.50" "$50,871.59" "$139,298.19" "$144,791.13" "$92,952.00" "$157,105.83" "$138,541.27" "$221,946.22" "$191,604.72" "$120,068.00" "$253,788.00" "$204,784.18" "$42,301.44" "$39,433.90" "$33,125.50" "$48,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$52,000.00" "$64,300.00" "$58,055.54" "$53,000.00" "$63,400.00" "$58,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$56,874.98" "$45,000.00" "$64,992.00" "$60,000.00"

THE ORENBERG LAW FIRM, P.C. ALLEN H. ORENBERG - Class of 1977 - College Park • 30 Years Experience in State & Federal Courts • Criminal Defense & Appeals • DWI - DUI - MVA Hearings - Underage Drinking • Student Honor Board Investigations & Hearings

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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Res Assoc "Cenci, Riccardo" Res Assoc "Choi, Taeyoung" Res Assoc "Clark, Susan M." Res Assoc "Cui, Yanou" Res Assoc "Dana, Rami" Res Assoc "De, Subhadeep" Res Assoc "Di Ciolo, Andrea" Res Assoc "Dreyer, Michael" Res Assoc "Edwards, Emily Elisa" Res Assoc "El Haddad, Darine" Res Assoc "Field, Scott Edward" Res Assoc "Flagg, Edward B." Res Assoc "Franceschini, Roberto" Res Assoc "Frazier, Matthew" Res Assoc "Gladchenko, Sergiy" Res Assoc "Glebov, Boris L." Res Assoc "Hafezi, Mohammad" Res Assoc "He, Minqing" Res Assoc "Herrmann, Frank" Res Assoc "Hinderer, Tanja" Res Assoc "Hristov, Rousko T." Res Assoc "Hu, Binhui" Res Assoc "Hu, Rongwei" Res Assoc "Jang, Hyounguk" Res Assoc "Jin, Kui" Res Assoc "Kemiktarak, Utku" Res Assoc "Kestner, Jason" Res Assoc "Khasawneh, Mazin Alaya" Res Assoc "Kim, Zaeill" Res Assoc "Koppinen, Panu Jaakko Ylermi" Res Assoc "Kumanchik, Lee Michael" Res Assoc "Kuo, Paulina" Res Assoc "Le Tiec, Alexandre" Res Assoc "Leblanc, Lindsay Jane" Res Assoc "Lee, Jongmin" Res Assoc "Li, Xiao" Res Assoc "Littenberg, Tyson" Res Assoc "Liu, Xiongjun" Res Assoc "Lobos, Alejandro Martin" Res Assoc "Mahmud, Khan W" Res Assoc "Munoz Fregoso, Benjamin" Res Assoc "Nakahara, Kazutaka" Res Assoc "Nandikotkur, Giridhar" Res Assoc "Nicholson, Amy" Res Assoc "Olmschenk, Steven" Res Assoc "Pan, Yi" Res Assoc "Powell, Stephen Christopher" Res Assoc "Satz, Alejandro" Res Assoc "Schewe, Phillip F" Res Assoc "Sensarma, Rajdeep" Res Assoc "Soykal, Oney O" Res Assoc "Stiffler, Kory" Res Assoc "Stolarski, Daniel" Res Assoc "Stoutimore, Micah" Res Assoc "Sun, Kai" Res Assoc "Sung, Ilmo" Res Assoc "Takei, So" Res Assoc "Temple, Jeffrey" Res Assoc "Twedt, Elizabeth Walsh" Res Assoc "Twedt, Kevin Allen" Res Assoc "Wang, Xin" Res Assoc "Wang, Yilin" Res Assoc "Williams, Ross Alexander" Res Assoc "Wissing, Henrike" Res Assoc "Wright, Kevin C." Res Assoc "Wrubel, Jonathan P." Res Assoc "Wyllie, Robert IV" Res Assoc "Yan, Jun" Res Assoc "Yang, Shuo" Res Assoc "Zhai, Yanhua" Res Asst Prof "Gupta, Ayush" Res Asst Prof "Scherr, Rachel E."

"$50,000.00" "$57,500.00" "$63,400.00" "$49,999.99" "$55,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$72,759.05" "$70,200.00" "$91,500.00" "$49,999.99" "$53,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$49,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$41,538.00" "$45,950.00" "$53,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$62,500.00" "$67,140.00" "$49,999.99" "$45,080.00" "$52,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$65,600.00" "$55,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$54,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$46,093.00" "$64,300.00" "$47,000.00" "$61,999.00" "$50,000.00" "$57,000.00" "$49,000.00" "$49,999.99" "$86,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$46,093.00" "$52,020.00" "$50,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$46,093.00" "$45,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$67,000.00" "$65,992.00" "$54,000.00" "$46,093.00" "$46,093.00" "$54,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$26,479.14"

Res Coor "Lukomska, Margaret B." Res Prof "Drew, H Dennis" Res Prof "Paik, Ho Jung" Res Prof "Wallace, Stephen J." Specialist "La Dieu, Donald V JR" Sprv Tech Supp Srv "Cogswell, David R." Sr Res Assoc "Restelli, Alessandro" Sr Res Assoc "Wahlstrand, Jared K." Sr Res Sci "Ipavich, Fred M." Sr Res Sci "Kane, Bruce E." Sr Res Sci "Kellogg, Richard G." Sr Res Sci "Moody, Martin Vol" Storekeeper III "Godinez, Alvaro N." Visit Assoc Res Sci "Behr, Bradford B." Visit Lecturer "Kulin, Simone-Gunde" Visit Res Assoc "McKinney, Jonathan C" Visit Sr Res Sci "Dudnikova, Galina Ilinichna" Visit Sr Res Sci "Sadowski, Walter Louis" Visit Sr Res Sci "Su, Jao Jang" Visit Sr Res Sci "Tonwar, Suresh Chandra" Visit Sr Res Sci "Usikov, Daniel A."

13 "$66,285.68" "$30,688.11" "$50,101.18" "$32,742.90" "$85,000.00" "$63,199.40" "$62,733.00" "$70,000.00" "$37,576.72" "$111,919.50" "$102,598.40" "$109,720.25" "$34,341.82" "$13,020.00" "$12,510.00" "$37,408.00" "$24,480.00" "$16,974.12" "$40,000.00" "$9,810.41" "$24,000.00"

College of Education EDUC-College of Education Acad Prog Spec "Acevedo, Amparo M." Accountant I "Britt, Alisha Sharel" Asst Dean "Patty, April N." Asst Dir "Berman, Amy Beth" Asst to Dean "Greenberg, James D." Business Manager "Walukonis, Robin L." Coordinator "Brown, Lisa K." Coordinator "Freedman, Elaine Robin" Coordinator "James, Diane C." Coordinator "Johnson, Elizabeth E." Coordinator "MacLean, Cheryl L. G." Coordinator "McKoy, Rochella Katrina" Coordinator "Mosley, Julia E." Coordinator "O'Rourke, Jacqueline M." Coordinator "Poore, Dian F." Coordinator "Yerby, Ronald L JR" Dir Admin Srv "Pinkard, Rosalind" Director "Cherif, Halima" Director "Costantino, Patricia M." Director "DeGeorge, James M." Director "Driver, Elizabeth" Director "Pragel, Steven B." Exec Adm Asst I "Carroll, Eppie Aida" Exec Adm Asst I "Fleming, Rhonda C." Fac Res Asst "Niehaus, Elizabeth Kathleen" Lecturer "Bushey, Caralyn" Lecturer "Coon, DeAnna" Lecturer "Corbin, Christy Tirrell" Lecturer "Draganescu, Marilena" Lecturer "Duquette, Charles Medard" Lecturer "Galletta, Annelies" Lecturer "Gould, Susan" Lecturer "Hernandez, Diego F" Lecturer "Hernandez, Diego F" Lecturer "Knapp, Glenn Lee" Lecturer "Liakos, Nina T." Lecturer "Nilanont, Minna" Lecturer "Smith, Raymond" Lecturer "Smith, Raymond" Lecturer "Turner, Deborah" Lecturer "Wagner-Loera, Daniela" Lecturer "Walker, Eric" Lecturer "Wilder, Amanda Michelle" Lecturer "Williams, Laurie" Lecturer "Wolchok, Carol Leslie" Manager "Robertson, Joseph C."

"$38,725.00" "$37,507.31" "$102,303.05" "$52,467.37" "$79,543.38" "$65,117.35" "$54,854.64" "$50,000.00" "$42,964.91" "$47,707.00" "$31,009.53" "$44,800.00" "$75,363.60" "$35,000.00" "$52,963.01" "$49,000.00" "$66,300.00" "$69,000.00" "$45,739.34" "$65,164.76" "$80,500.00" "$84,471.83" "$37,087.03" "$44,493.04" "$49,300.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$8,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$43,091.37" "$40,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$14,000.00" "$51,641.19" "$17,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,231.17" "$40,000.00" "$5,760.00" "$5,760.00" "$58,000.00"

Prof & Assoc Dean "Koziol, Stephen M" Prof & Assoc Dean "McLaughlin, Margaret J." Prof And Dean "Wiseman, Donna L." Prog Coor "Montgomery, Tamika" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Eastman, Mary M" Prog Mgmt Spec I"Izursa, Maria Concepcion Sian" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Moore, Jennifer J." PS Hg Sp Cp Op II "Gomez, Abel M." Res Assoc "Brown, Stephanie Timmons" Res Assoc "Williams, Letitia Marion" Specialist "Webb, Rosalia K."

"$169,522.00" "$168,918.67" "$215,220.00" "$48,711.94" "$38,375.00" "$38,135.99" "$41,456.48" "$16,481.31" "$92,094.84" "$62,000.00" "$66,000.00"

EDUC-Counseling & Personell Services Adjunct Assoc Prof "Lee, Vivian" Assoc Prof "Lucas, Margaretha S." Assoc Prof "Strein, William O." Asst Prof "Bryan, Julia Anita" Asst Prof "Gold, Paul B." Asst Prof "MacDonald-Wilson, Kim L." Asst Prof "Miller, Matthew J." Asst Prof "Park, Julie J." Asst Prof "Phillips, Pepper E." Asst Prof "Quaye, Stephen John" Business Serv Spec "Henry, Elaine B." Coordinator "Scott, Caroline Ordiales" Coordinator "Teklegiorgis, Amleset" Lecturer "Humphrey, Marja J.B." Lecturer "Judge, Ann B." Lecturer "Kaiser, Lauren Tracy" Lecturer "Nebbergall, Allison Joan" Prof "Fabian, Ellen S." Prof "Gottfredson, Gary D" Prof "Hoffman, Mary Ann" Prof "Komives, Susan R." Prof "Lee, Courtland" Prof "Lent, Robert W." Prof "Teglasi-Golubcow, Hedwig" Prof & Chair "Kivlighan, Dennis M. JR" Res Assoc Prof "Abts, Leigh R"

"$6,000.00" "$18,190.32" "$79,384.78" "$86,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$72,927.09" "$72,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$15,111.74" "$68,544.00" "$42,432.79" "$40,530.36" "$43,960.00" "$6,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$89,706.45" "$113,259.08" "$96,471.58" "$96,382.88" "$134,883.56" "$116,654.00" "$92,466.18" "$209,603.00" "$13,761.89"

EDUC-Curriculum & Instruction Admin Asst I "Schroeder, Meagan Marie" Assoc Prof "Campbell, Patricia F." Assoc Prof "Chazan, Daniel I." Assoc Prof "Elby, Andrew" Assoc Prof "Ketelhut, Diane Jass" Assoc Prof "McCaleb, Joseph L." Assoc Prof "O'Flahavan, John F." Assoc Prof "Slater, Wayne H" Assoc Prof "Turner, Jennifer Danridge" Asst Prof "Brantlinger, Andrew Morgan" Asst Prof "Clark, Lawrence" Asst Prof "Edwards, Ann Ryu" Asst Prof "Hughes, Sherick Andre" Asst Prof "Hyler, Maria" Asst Prof "MacDonald, Victoria Maria" Asst Prof "Martin-Beltran, Melinda" Asst Prof "Monte-Sano, Chauncey" Business Serv Spec "Stradley, Penny Marie" Coordinator "Jones, Joy A." Director "Goodwin, Stephanie D." Fac Res Asst "Khalil, Deena" Fac Res Asst "Stokes, Charlotte Eubanks" Fac Res Asst "Walsh, Brianne Michele" Grad Asst II "Shafey, Dina" Lecturer "Bailey, Mary A." Lecturer "Balis, Shelley Lashenick" Lecturer "Barnes, Saroja R" Lecturer "Belyea-Doerrman, Jo Ellen" Lecturer "Bradley, Dianne F." Lecturer "Brown, Dorothy R."

"$29,000.00" "$97,212.68" "$93,057.17" "$75,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$71,911.72" "$35,914.93" "$77,367.62" "$72,592.09" "$66,000.00" "$71,400.00" "$54,650.03" "$67,430.54" "$68,000.00" "$73,094.71" "$65,933.58" "$66,825.28" "$38,474.40" "$51,533.80" "$76,773.04" "$24,665.20" "$67,252.00" "$60,000.00" "$4,059.40" "$49,800.00" "$6,000.00" "$66,666.68" "$3,000.00" "$50,483.29" "$8,400.00"

Lecturer "Denvir, Susan S." Lecturer "DePlatchett, Susan E." Lecturer "Dunheimer, Tracy Lynn" Lecturer "Eaker, Lisa" Lecturer "Fleurquin, Fernando" Lecturer "Flythe, Diane A" Lecturer "Funk, Warren H." Lecturer "Gallagher, Colleen" Lecturer "Gettier, Leslie Ellen" Lecturer "Gutierrez, Rodrigo Jorge" Lecturer "Haines, Eugene G." Lecturer "Haley, Shirley A." Lecturer "Hall, Louise Sarah" Lecturer "Hollenbeck, Richard Mark" Lecturer "Johnson, Edward F." Lecturer "Kaplan-Wassell, Gail" Lecturer "Lake, Paula" Lecturer "Liedahl, Barbara Jo" Lecturer "McCall, Catherine Elizabeth" Lecturer "Morris, Carrie Stephan" Lecturer "Newell, Nancy" Lecturer "Pailen, Lillian" Lecturer "Peckerar, Nancy Elaine" Lecturer "Pritchett, Stacy Renee" Lecturer "Quintos, Beatriz" Lecturer "Rehder, Karen" Lecturer "Schaefer, Peter" Lecturer "Schweighofer, Ann" Lecturer "Seelke, John Louis" Lecturer "Stein, Hollis G." Lecturer "Stein, Howard Nathan" Lecturer "Talbot, Suzanne Adele" Lecturer "Trenkamp, Kara Karch" Lecturer "Walker, Margaret Anne" Lecturer "Wilson, Peggy Lynn" Lecturer "Worland, Kelly" Lecturer "Zhang, Ying" Prg Admin Spec "Pratt, Elsie" Prof "Afflerbach, Peter P." Prof "Dreher, Mariam Jean" Prof "MacSwan, Jeff" Prof "McGinnis, James Randy" Prof "Saracho, Olivia N." Prof "Sullivan, Denis F." Prof "Valli, Linda R." Prof Emeritus "Hawley, Willis D." Prof Of Practice "Imig, David" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Moon, Kay" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Sanderson, Jennifer L." Res Assoc "Buchbinder, Orly" Res Assoc "Katz, Phyllis F." Res Assoc "Maggioni, Liliana" Res Assoc "Nishio, Masako" Senior Lecturer "Blejer, Perla" Senior Lecturer "Bote, Lisa A." Senior Lecturer "Codling, Rose Marie" Senior Lecturer "Hendricks, Susan M." Senior Lecturer "Travers, Kathleen A." Visit Assoc Prof "Rolstad, Kellie" Visit Asst Prof "Ad-Marbach, Gili" Visit Asst Prof "Baccus, Ayanna Asha" Visit Asst Prof "Landa, Melissa Simone" Visit Asst Prof "Levin, Daniel Matthew" Visit Asst Prof "Snell, Jean Louise"

"$48,989.51" "$52,995.10" "$46,263.42" "$51,936.77" "$7,600.00" "$7,200.00" "$9,600.00" "$52,000.00" "$52,037.35" "$7,200.00" "$26,042.04" "$13,200.00" "$9,600.00" "$9,010.00" "$10,800.00" "$7,200.00" "$10,800.00" "$2,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$15,600.00" "$8,400.00" "$3,600.00" "$7,200.00" "$45,467.01" "$65,000.00" "$45,126.07" "$21,640.32" "$40,000.00" "$48,048.05" "$10,281.60" "$10,281.60" "$9,600.00" "$2,541.98" "$48,690.72" "$45,985.68" "$2,029.70" "$65,000.00" "$37,851.28" "$102,351.80" "$104,321.45" "$115,000.00" "$98,712.00" "$94,050.50" "$75,788.01" "$103,267.50" "$15,734.99" "$105,496.73" "$36,210.00" "$36,953.00" "$55,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$29,108.88" "$54,600.00" "$64,755.92" "$54,489.54" "$51,563.28" "$75,474.04" "$72,153.49" "$85,000.00" "$14,449.07" "$54,100.80" "$54,040.00" "$65,000.00" "$71,933.25"

EDUC-Education Policy Studies Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Lecturer

"Croninger, Robert G." "Herschbach, Dennis R." "Ahn, June" "Hall, Lattisha" "Homana, Gary Alan"

"$83,254.56" "$108,419.94" "$37,500.00" "$45,830.00" "$9,006.00"


Lecturer Prof Prof Prof Prof & Act Chair Prof Emerita

"Stakland, Steven Keyes" "Malen, Betty L." "Rice, Jennifer K." "Selden, Steven" "Hultgren, Francine H." "Finkelstein, Barbara J."

"$7,000.00" "$119,264.32" "$104,692.48" "$108,887.15" "$147,508.17" "$33,979.21"

EDUC-Educational Leadership, Higher Educ & Intnl Educ Assoc Prof "Fries-Britt, Sharon LaVonne" Assoc Prof "Mawhinney, Hanne B." Assoc Prof "O'Meara, KerryAnn" Asst Prof "Davis, Thomas Edward" Asst Prof "Drezner, Noah D" Asst Prof "Titus, Marvin A." Lecturer "Villarreal, Rebecca Catherine" Prof "Cabrera, Alberto F." Prof "Klees, Steven J." Prof "Lin, Jing" Prof "Stromquist, Nelly" Prof Of Practice "Parham, Carol Sheffey" Prof Of Practice "Richardson, Patricia M." Senior Lecturer "Cohen, Helene Kalson"

"$80,000.00" "$94,571.95" "$87,818.00" "$63,500.00" "$65,500.00" "$85,122.88" "$4,000.00" "$123,844.13" "$117,819.37" "$91,070.00" "$124,272.00" "$124,323.97" "$110,245.09" "$78,062.00"

EDUC-Human Development Assoc Prof "Cabrera, Natasha J." Assoc Prof "Jones Harden, Brenda P." Assoc Prof "Klein, Elisa L." Assoc Prof "Marcus, Robert F." Assoc Prof"Robertson-Tchabo, Elizabeth Anne" Assoc Prof "Wang, Min" Asst Dir "Battle, Ann Arlene" Asst Dir "Daniel, Anne Williams" Asst Prof "Bolger, Donald Joseph" Asst Prof "Miele, David B." Asst Prof "Ramani, Geetha B" Asst Prof "Rowe, Meredith L." Coordinator "Kramer, Eileen E." CYC Teacher "Blorstad, Kelsey Elizabeth" CYC Teacher "Ciardi, Lorelei" CYC Teacher "Daly, Meghan Elizabeth" CYC Teacher "Denaro, Michela" CYC Teacher "Flanders, Katharine Chaney" CYC Teacher "Fowler, Cecilia Ramos" CYC Teacher "Hurst, Alison Jane" CYC Teacher "Kain, Stefanie Rose" CYC Teacher "Keville, Kelly A" CYC Teacher "Leyton, Kristen Anne" CYC Teacher "Mooney, Dawn M." CYC Teacher "Oppenheimer, Leslie C." CYC Teacher "Penland, Stefanie" CYC Teacher "Person, Sara Lehman" CYC Teacher "Wiest, Vera" CYC Teacher "Young Gonzalez, Janice H" Dir Admin Srv "Peng, Tung Lee-Choo" Director "Favretto, Francine Grace" Dist Univ Prof "Fox, Nathan A." Fac Res Asst "Barrios, Emily S." Fac Res Asst "Blakely, Mary E." Fac Res Asst "Bowen, Amanda" Fac Res Asst "Kaplan, Ellen M." Fac Res Asst "Mash, Jamie A." Fac Res Asst "McPeake, Jennifer" Fac Res Asst "Mullan, Bridget E." Fac Res Asst "Rodrigues, Nikita P." Fac Res Asst "Schulz Begle, Annie K." Fac Res Asst "Shishilla, Erin" Fac Res Asst "Tavassolie, Tanya" Fac Res Asst "Wong, Stuart Leland" Lecturer "Ellis, Christopher Michael" Lecturer "Johannessen, Brita Christina" Lecturer "Keightley, Susan L." Lecturer "Kelly, Megan Clark" Prg Admin Spec "Haislip, Jennifer Lynn" Prof "Alexander, Patricia A." Prof "Dunbar, Kevin N." Prof "Killen, Melanie A." Prof "Rubin, Kenneth H." Prof "Torney-Purta, Judith" Prof "Wigfield, Allan L."

"$74,555.00" "$91,693.55" "$81,219.84" "$76,758.48" "$72,679.79" "$76,004.00" "$108,127.29" "$65,275.79" "$65,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$65,720.00" "$68,000.00" "$58,371.00" "$31,910.00" "$32,731.87" "$31,500.00" "$35,834.50" "$15,500.00" "$31,401.90" "$33,500.00" "$37,459.34" "$22,739.61" "$33,000.00" "$35,500.00" "$52,977.04" "$36,000.00" "$37,398.52" "$31,007.63" "$21,304.80" "$106,550.07" "$102,965.36" "$266,666.67" "$30,000.00" "$36,592.50" "$43,500.00" "$43,278.96" "$30,000.00" "$69,883.86" "$33,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$41,432.00" "$148,179.27" "$150,000.00" "$123,832.07" "$170,266.61" "$73,759.69" "$163,202.34"

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14 Prof & Act Chair "Wentzel, Kathryn R." Prof Emeritus "Guthrie, John T." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Snowden, Cornelia" Res Assoc "Klauda, Susan Lynn Lutz" Res Assoc "Lahat, Ayelet" Res Assoc "Lamm, Cornelia A." Res Assoc "Walker, Olga Lydia" Res Asst Prof "Cannon, Erin" Res Asst Prof "Degnan, Kathryn Amey" Res Asst Prof "Reeb-Sutherland, Bethany C." Senior Lecturer "Corbin, Christy Tirrell"

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "$200,000.00" "$60,490.54" "$39,020.72" "$19,000.00" "$37,740.00" "$47,300.00" "$37,740.00" "$46,164.00" "$47,300.00" "$47,300.44" "$73,542.78"

EDUC-Measurement, Statistics & Evaluation Adjunct Assoc Prof"Alvestad, Kathryn Anderson" Assoc Prof "Rupp, Andre A." Assoc Prof "Stapleton, Laura Marie" Asst Prof "Harring, Jeffrey" Asst Prof "Jiao, Hong" Business Manager "Araneta, Antonio D" Director "Lintz, Elizabeth M." Lecturer "Dardick, William" Lecturer "Fidelman, Carolyn Grim" Lecturer "Yumoto, Futoshi" Prof "Hancock, Gregory R." Prof "Lissitz, Robert W." Prof "Macready, George B." Prof "Macready, George B."

"$50,400.00" "$80,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$72,808.61" "$72,876.51" "$53,320.50" "$91,924.00" "$7,400.00" "$7,400.00" "$8,000.00" "$114,750.00" "$148,637.54" "$18,027.60" "$90,138.14"

EDUC-Special Education Admin Asst I "Foster, Valerie" Admin Asst II "Wyatt, Susan J" Assoc Prof "De La Paz, Susan" Assoc Prof "Kohl, Frances L." Assoc Prof "Maccini, Paula" Asst Prof "Silverman, Rebecca" Asst Prof "Wexler, Jade" Business Serv Spec"James, Ylesia Stefanie C." Director "Brown, M Lynn" Director "Lim, Blesilda L." Fac Res Asst "Butler, Anne Barsky" Fac Res Asst "Domenici, David" Fac Res Asst "Drang, Debra Michal" Fac Res Asst "Hoffman, Benjamin Polk" Fac Res Asst "Meyer, Anna Genevieve" Fac Res Asst "Riccobono, Donna J" Fac Res Asst "Ruedel, Kristin Lee" Lecturer "Allcock, Heather Christine" Lecturer "Barnwell, Deirdre Ann" Lecturer "Danehey, Agnesanne J." Lecturer "Dunham, Michael" Lecturer "Fink, Carolyn Molden" Lecturer "Greig, Diane L." Lecturer "Jamison, Patricia" Lecturer "Livelli, Paul" Lecturer "Montanaro, Elizabeth Ann" Lecturer "Palombo, Kimberly" Lecturer "Ulf, Patricia S." Lecturer "Williams, Stacey C." Lecturer "Wright, Kenneth" Prof "Beckman, Paula J." Prof "Egel, Andrew L." Prof "Leone, Peter E." Prof "Lieber, Joan" Prof "Moon, Sherril M." Prof "Neubert, Debra Ann" Prof "Speece, Deborah L." Prof & Chair "Burke, Philip J." Res Assoc "Case, Lisa Pericola" Res Assoc "Halloran-Tornquist, Elizabeth" Res Assoc "Kelly, Diane Marie" Res Assoc "Newcomb, Sandra O" Res Assoc "Page-Voth, Leslie V."

"$34,222.88" "$32,071.06" "$84,228.00" "$97,621.83" "$78,108.16" "$62,080.74" "$68,000.00" "$37,219.78" "$70,515.84" "$107,789.81" "$27,669.34" "$75,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$62,805.07" "$23,000.00" "$7,000.00" "$37,975.00" "$15,671.60" "$6,400.00" "$26,672.10" "$50,860.00" "$15,000.00" "$16,276.05" "$6,400.00" "$3,200.00" "$45,156.00" "$23,292.50" "$6,400.00" "$99,871.51" "$86,788.27" "$100,255.63" "$96,398.02" "$97,487.82" "$89,837.85" "$155,500.00" "$173,534.65" "$33,144.02" "$24,877.26" "$69,604.81" "$60,838.07" "$83,028.28"

"$39,160.75" "$17,500.00" "$35,750.00" "$30,255.72" "$70,258.22" "$119,380.30" "$48,796.80" "$36,000.00" "$49,280.00" "$50,000.00" "$57,283.20" "$74,941.44" "$48,133.98" "$50,000.00" "$28,098.33"

College of Information Studies INFO-College of Information Studies Acad Prog Spec "Jackson, Star" Adjunct Prof "Kurtz, Michael J." Admin Asst II "Mason, Daisy Cristina S" Assoc Prof "Butler, Brian" Assoc Prof "Fleischmann, Kenneth Robert" Assoc Prof "Wang, Ping" Asst Dean "Fominaya, Kathleen M" Asst Prof "Ahn, June" Asst Prof "Boyd-Graber, Jordan Lee" Asst Prof "Findlater, Leah" Asst Prof "Golbeck, Jennifer Ann" Asst Prof "Jaeger, Paul T."

"$68,770.40" "$89,500.00" "$86,500.00" "$85,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$81,671.40" "$70,400.00" "$41,650.00" "$42,000.00" "$43,500.00" "$38,416.00" "$76,000.00" "$12,480.00" "$15,600.14" "$51,694.68" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$67,500.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$14,730.00" "$135,000.00" "$120,700.32" "$115,275.13" "$213,402.00" "$104,040.00" "$109,538.43" "$24,000.00" "$82,600.00" "$75,000.00" "$31,500.00" "$70,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$71,571.31" "$14,400.00" "$67,500.00" "$70,000.42" "$71,000.00" "$74,500.00" "$62,000.00"

Facilities Management VPAA-FM-AVP Facilities Management Admin Asst II "Philpott, Latara T." Assoc Vice Pres "Colella, Carlo" Asst Dir "Yeroshefsky, Nancy L." Coordinator "Carman, Terry L." Coordinator "Clarke, Mariellen F." Coordinator "Hottel, Christine Marie" Exec Adm Asst I "Stewart, Audrey A." Manager "Bagley, Charles A." Manager "Simmons, Sharon D." Office Clerk II "Davis, Monet D" Prg Admin Spec"Miller, Stephanie Matthews" Prg Admin Spec "Payne, Jeanette M." Prg Admin Spec "Thompson, Vandaliah J"

"$33,005.00" "$197,000.00" "$102,822.22" "$62,645.27" "$77,212.73" "$50,184.00" "$40,578.24" "$72,663.36" "$84,239.68" "$27,670.00" "$39,634.39" "$41,237.50" "$40,180.00"

VPAA-FM-B&LS Building & Landscape Services

EDUC-Special Services Acad Adv "Froh, Jennifer C" Acad Adv "Hurley, Megan McCale" Acad Adv "Mackintosh, Bonnie B." Admin Asst I "Stevens, Anita L" Assoc Dir "Dowdell, Patricia Ann" Asst Dean "Angeletti, Kathleen Ann" Asst Dir "Sherman, Dawn Marie" Coordinator "Chick, Krystle E." Coordinator "Cooks, Christopher Alphonse" Coordinator "Coughlin, Clarissa" Director "Bancroft, Jessica" Director "Cornell-DeMoss, Janis" Prg Admin Spec "Wedge, Valerie C." Prog Coor "Foster, Judy A." Secretary "Morton, Derrick A."

Asst Prof "Kraus, Kari" Asst Prof "Mitchell, Erik Thomas" Asst Prof "Shilton, Katie" Asst Prof "St Jean, Beth L" Asst Prof "Subramaniam, Mega M" Asst Prof "Xie, Bo" Asst Res Sci "Cavallo, David" Asst Res Sci "Dryden, Jean" Coordinator "Carroll-Mason, Mary E." Coordinator "Kosoko, Adedayo A" Coordinator "Rodriguez, Margarita Yochabel" Director "Briscoe, Joanne" Fac Res Asst "Dammeyer, Sarah Lucile" Fac Res Asst "Kettnich, Karen Marie" Fac Res Asst "Ramos, Mary Anne" Lecturer "Baron, Jason R." Lecturer "Bradley, Rachael Leigh" Lecturer "Cavanaugh, Jean Marie" Lecturer "Choquette, Mary E" Lecturer "Dearstyne, Bruce W." Lecturer "Hayden, Carla D." Lecturer "Heger, Kenneth William" Lecturer "Jacobs, Paul S" Lecturer "Killam, Howard William" Lecturer "Lawley, Kathryn Ann Newton" Lecturer "Massey, Sheri A." Lecturer "McGilvray, Jessica Ann" Lecturer "Prentice, Ann E." Lecturer "Roderer, Nancy K" Lecturer "Salvadore, Maria B." Lecturer "Shuler, John A" Lecturer "Simmons, Wendy A." Lecturer "Srikantaiah, Taverekere" Lecturer "Strange, Julie" Prof "Bertot, John" Prof "Bertot, John" Prof "Oard, Douglas William" Prof & Assoc Dean "Druin, Allison J." Prof And Dean "Preece, Jennifer J." Prof Of Practice "Hahn, Trudi Bellardo" Prof Of Practice "Weeks, Ann Carlson" Prog Coor "Reinke, Vicky H." Res Assoc "Barlow, Diane Ledbetter" Res Assoc "Clegg, Tamara Lynnette" Res Assoc "Guha, Mona Leigh" Res Assoc "Wagner, Earl J." Res Assoc "Webber, William Edward" Senior Lecturer "Diker, Vedat Guclu" Sr Res Sci "Maher, Mary Lou" Tech Coor "Baugh, David Steven" Visit Prof "Ambacher, Bruce I." Visit Prof "Paquette, Raymond Scott" Visit Prof "Srikantaiah, Taverekere" Web Svcs Developer "Goodwin , Robert E"

"$35,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$33,500.00" "$145,000.00" "$90,045.00" "$45,378.28" "$87,863.10" "$37,500.00" "$84,000.00" "$97,000.00" "$82,350.60" "$82,320.40"

Admin Asst II "Osorio, Jessica" Asst Dir "Dykes, Sandra B." Asst Dir "Monan, William F." Asst Dir "Petroff, Karen A" Asst Mgr "Bryant, Thomas J." Asst Mgr "Echols, Frederick A." Auto Serv Tech "Lepore, Mary Louise" Auto Serv Tech "Perera, Suneth M" Auto Serv Tech "Sloan, Alonzo L." Auto Shop Supv "Young, Michael S." Brick/Stone mason "Brown, Kevin P." Coordinator "Celebuski, Carin A" Coordinator "Guididas, William P." Coordinator "Keen, Taylor" Coordinator "Stewart, Anthony R.L." Director "Teabout, Harry A. III" Exec Adm Asst I "McNair, Karen S." Grounds Supv "Addison, Steven D" Grounds Supv "Biedzynski, John" Grounds Supv "Ferrer, Oscar E." Grounds Supv "Kyle, Anthony" Grounds Supv "Perez, Miguel Angel" Grounds Supv "Ramos, Carlos F." Grounds Supv "Stroman, Anthony" Grounds Supv "Sullivan, Paul L." Grounds Supv "Villatoro, Julian" Groundskeeper"Batchaji Kouatchoua, Rabelais" Groundskeeper "Berrios Montiel, Miguel V." Groundskeeper "Bowling, Keith" Groundskeeper "Bridges, Tavon A" Groundskeeper "Graham, Rondel I" Groundskeeper "Green, Christopher W" Groundskeeper "Green, Derrick E. SR"

"$33,456.00" "$97,813.75" "$92,018.34" "$91,434.00" "$62,595.50" "$54,821.27" "$53,946.12" "$49,761.31" "$44,075.00" "$56,524.67" "$46,234.16" "$52,286.00" "$80,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$71,268.86" "$131,192.69" "$47,680.28" "$27,604.28" "$40,539.79" "$29,437.48" "$35,678.75" "$30,005.85" "$32,321.24" "$37,209.43" "$38,733.03" "$31,579.28" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$22,815.96" "$21,280.00" "$22,815.76" "$22,805.82" "$21,280.00"

Groundskeeper "Green, Lowell E" Groundskeeper "Kuiken, Bleriot M." Groundskeeper "Lisier, Marcus H." Groundskeeper "Luftman, Robert Evan" Groundskeeper "Mason, Anthony" Groundskeeper "Nketcha, Clovis N." Groundskeeper "Nono, Andre D." Groundskeeper "Pearson, Reginald" Groundskeeper "Scott, David S." Groundskeeper "Simons, Donnell H." Groundskeeper "Stewart, James E. JR" Groundskeeper "Tchaba, Bienvenu" Groundskeeper "Tchana Nana, Licky A." Groundskeeper "Teruel, Michael A." Groundskeeper "Yanze, Francois T" Groundskeeper Ld "Bautista, Sixto D" Groundskeeper Ld "Cross, Vascoe R." Groundskeeper Ld "Garner, Keith Y." Groundskeeper Ld "Kwali, Jules Bertrand" Groundskeeper Ld "Lipson, Paul I." Groundskeeper Ld "Nana, Jean G." Groundskeeper Ld "Stoute, Daniel L." Groundskeeper Ld "Tapet, Fidele" Horticulturist "Alfonzo, Luis Jose" Horticulturist "Bahr, Sam A" Horticulturist "Nadler, Joshua Daniel" Horticulturist "Weiser, Jeffrey W." Housekeeper "Aguila, Cristela del Carmen" Housekeeper "Aguilar, Adelina" Housekeeper "Aguilar, Ana C." Housekeeper "Aguilar, Ena E" Housekeeper "Aguilar, Eva Lidia" Housekeeper "Aguilar, Rosa L." Housekeeper "Alarcon, Heladia R." Housekeeper "Alfaro-Paz, Nery Yolanda" Housekeeper "Alvarado, Argentina" Housekeeper "Alvarenga, Maria I" Housekeeper"Alvarez de Flores, Fredesvinda" Housekeeper"Ascencio Hernandez, Lorena D" Housekeeper "Avelar, Lilian M" Housekeeper "Aviles, Alejandra" Housekeeper "Ayala, Maria M" Housekeeper "Ayala, Roxana" Housekeeper "Beltran, Sonia" Housekeeper "Bond, Melvin L." Housekeeper "Bonilla, Lucia" Housekeeper "Briscoe, Eric E." Housekeeper "Burgos, Hilda M." Housekeeper "Calix, Kelly M" Housekeeper "Campos, Maria E." Housekeeper "Canales, Maria E" Housekeeper "Carbajal, Gilma Arely" Housekeeper "Carcamo, Miriam C" Housekeeper "Carranza, Luz" Housekeeper "Carranza, Maria C" Housekeeper "Castro, Iris" Housekeeper "Catalan, Angelica E" Housekeeper "Corrales, Vilma T" Housekeeper "Council, Bertha M." Housekeeper "Cruz, Nora A." Housekeeper "D'Costa, Helen" Housekeeper "De Borda, Juana Gutierrez" Housekeeper "DeConstanza, Maria B." Housekeeper "Diaz, Juana E." Housekeeper "Diaz, Maria M." Housekeeper "Diaz, Miriam R." Housekeeper "Diaz, Sonia A" Housekeeper "Dinkins, Geraldine" Housekeeper "Dubon, Zoila R." Housekeeper "Duran, Dora Osbelia" Housekeeper "Escobar, Antonia Isabel" Housekeeper "Escobar, Zulma R" Housekeeper "Felix, Reynita" Housekeeper "Fernandez, Elsa A" Housekeeper "Flores, Maria D." Housekeeper "Flores, William A" Housekeeper "Fuentes, Ana E." Housekeeper "Garcia, Faustina" Housekeeper "Garcia, Juana" Housekeeper "Garcia, Maria Magdalena" Housekeeper "Garcia, Maria G." Housekeeper "Gastanaga Huarayo, Pilar" Housekeeper "Gastanaga, Rosario" Housekeeper "Giron, Rina M" Housekeeper "Goni, Oscar Armando" Housekeeper "Gonzalez, Alba M." Housekeeper "Granados, Maria C" Housekeeper "Guardado, Yolanda Orellana" Housekeeper "Guevara, Maria A." Housekeeper "Gutierrez, Anselmo" Housekeeper "Gutierrez, Clara" Housekeeper "Harris, Clyde T." Housekeeper "Herder, Ellen M." Housekeeper "Hernandez, Santos Isabel" Housekeeper "Herrera, Eleazar G" Housekeeper "Ibanez, Manuel D" Housekeeper "Ibarra, Rosa M." Housekeeper "Iraheta-Martinez, Anabell" Housekeeper "Jackson, Nadine J." Housekeeper "Jefferson, Norma M." Housekeeper "Jefferson, Pamela F." Housekeeper "Johnson, Diane M." Housekeeper "Joly, Symphonie" Housekeeper "Joseph, Francisca" Housekeeper "Joseph, Sheryl F" Housekeeper "Kemmel, Mildred L." Housekeeper "Larios, Natividad I" Housekeeper "Larry, James E."

"$21,280.00" "$21,378.57" "$21,813.31" "$23,375.97" "$21,813.31" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$22,259.28" "$21,764.43" "$22,259.28" "$27,482.71" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$22,815.96" "$21,280.00" "$23,070.00" "$31,577.47" "$25,836.25" "$23,070.00" "$31,577.47" "$23,141.88" "$31,577.47" "$22,557.00" "$52,402.50" "$60,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$25,058.25" "$22,805.82" "$24,717.52" "$22,358.64" "$22,805.82" "$25,057.92" "$21,385.60" "$22,358.64" "$22,358.64" "$22,358.64" "$22,805.82" "$22,805.82" "$22,815.76" "$25,058.25" "$22,805.82" "$22,249.58" "$21,385.60" "$29,891.89" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$29,108.76" "$21,812.00" "$22,815.96" "$21,385.60" "$22,358.64" "$22,805.82" "$29,108.76" "$22,805.82" "$21,385.60" "$22,358.64" "$21,385.60" "$30,047.14" "$23,874.80" "$21,812.00" "$22,805.82" "$25,637.12" "$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$29,108.76" "$22,358.64" "$30,047.14" "$24,717.57" "$22,805.82" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$25,057.91" "$21,385.60" "$25,057.91" "$22,358.64" "$25,058.25" "$22,805.82" "$28,846.40" "$21,385.60" "$21,385.60" "$21,812.00" "$22,815.76" "$29,891.89" "$21,385.60" "$22,805.82" "$29,108.76" "$22,358.64" "$22,815.76" "$28,846.40" "$29,108.76" "$23,840.18" "$22,815.76" "$23,840.19" "$22,358.64" "$22,358.64" "$28,915.34" "$28,963.74" "$29,891.89" "$30,047.24" "$22,805.82" "$24,160.68" "$21,385.60" "$30,047.14" "$21,812.00" "$29,282.91"

Housekeeper "Lee, Richardine" Housekeeper "Lemus Arenivar, Mariela" Housekeeper "Lopez de Kery, Rosa Virginia" Housekeeper "Lovo, Lucia L." Housekeeper "Majano, Rosa Lina" Housekeeper "Maldonado, Elizabeth P." Housekeeper "Maletta, Leslie A." Housekeeper "Manzanarez, Felicita" Housekeeper "Marius, Lucy C." Housekeeper "Martinez, Ana G." Housekeeper "Martinez, Rosmary D." Housekeeper "Medrano Chavarria, Luz E" Housekeeper "Mejia Castro, Daysi N" Housekeeper "Mejia Gutierrez, Noemy" Housekeeper "Melgar, Ana R." Housekeeper "Melgar, Irma D." Housekeeper "Molina, Marta J." Housekeeper "Monge, Angela R" Housekeeper "Montano, Delma L." Housekeeper "Montano, Dora C." Housekeeper "Montoya, Luisa V" Housekeeper "Moorman, Jacqueline M." Housekeeper "Orantes, Ana F" Housekeeper "Palacios, Zuleima M" Housekeeper "Pharr, Timothy E" Housekeeper "Pierce, Francine H." Housekeeper "Portillo, Elsy M" Housekeeper "Portillo, Nohemy Dela Paz" Housekeeper "Portillo, Xenia L." Housekeeper "Prudencio, Dina M." Housekeeper "Rajo-Aguilar, Silvia Y." Housekeeper "Ramos, Juana" Housekeeper "Reyes De Perez, Vicenta E." Housekeeper "Reyes, Magaly A" Housekeeper "Reyes, Petrona D" Housekeeper "Reyes, Sebastiana" Housekeeper "Rodas, Moreno" Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Ana D" Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Maria Antonia" Housekeeper "Rozario, Rebecca" Housekeeper "Salguero, Miriam E." Housekeeper "Salmeron, Irma I." Housekeeper "Sam, Anthony K." Housekeeper "Santos, Armida" Housekeeper "Seijo De Reyes, Isabel" Housekeeper "Shicopena, Rosie M." Housekeeper "Shirley, Hyacinth" Housekeeper "Sierra, Nancy" Housekeeper "Sosa, Edith G." Housekeeper "Stevenson, Darlene" Housekeeper "Thorne, Frances M." Housekeeper "Tineo, Agustina" Housekeeper "Tocora, Emiliana" Housekeeper "Turcios, Elva M" Housekeeper "Tyson, Ailene" Housekeeper "Viera, Elsa N." Housekeeper "Villeda, Maria" Housekeeper "Vivar, Rosa I" Housekeeper "West, Reginald I." Housekeeper "Zelaya de Villalta, Sandra C." Housekeeper "Zelaya, Victor M." Houskeeper Supv II "Argente, Leon B." Houskeeper Supv II "Bran, Mario Roberto" Houskeeper Supv II "Brown, Samuel C" Houskeeper Supv II "Burgos, Maria J" Houskeeper Supv II "Castro, Cesar B." Houskeeper Supv II "Chavez, Blanca I." Houskeeper Supv II"Fernandez, Leidy Mercedes" Houskeeper Supv II "Hardy, Diane E." Houskeeper Supv II "Holmes, Ann R" Houskeeper Supv II "Martinez, Edy D." Houskeeper Supv II "Martinez, Griselda L." Houskeeper Supv II "Moore, Tibe Zeggai" Houskeeper Supv II "Neal, Keith M." Houskeeper Supv II "Ockimey, Marlene P" Houskeeper Supv II "Perdomo, Vilma I." Houskeeper Supv II "Proctor, Beverly E." Houskeeper Supv II "Sosa, Nolvia R." Houskeeper Supv II "Spencer, Karen" Houskeeper Supv II "Thomas, William J" Houskeeper Supv II "Vasquez, Maribel" Houskeeper Supv II "Webster, Olga D." Landscape Tech Sv "Abbey, Penny D." Landscape Tech Sv "Brown, Vincent E." Landscape Tech Sv "Davis, Darrick E." Landscape Tech Sv "Hargadon, Raymond F" Landscape Tech Sv"Humphrey, Christopher J." Landscape Tech Sv "Newman, Craig E." Landscape Tech Sv "Rector, Bryan C." Landscape Tech Sv "Tapp, Rodney Page" Landscape Tech Sv "Villatoro, Julio C." Manager "Barahona-Roldan, Jose A." Manager "Coleman, Byron E." Manager "Geraghty, Lisa A." Manager "Gibson, Alvin E." Manager "Manspeaker, Joel E." Manager "Palmer, Solomon K" Motor Equip Op III "Barker, Calvin H" Motor Equip Op III "Beshir, Mohamed F" Motor Equip Op III "Goines, Damien R" Motor Equip Op III "Green, James M." Motor Equip Op III "Veney, Harrison Odell" MT Maint Aide I "Haynes, Bernard" MT Maint Aide I "Melgar, Francisco A." MT Maint Aide I "Newman, David J." MT Maint Aide I "Sellers, Johnny" MT Maint Mech Ld "Bell, Renay A." MT Maint Mechanic "Barnes, Danny C"

"$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$22,805.82" "$25,058.25" "$10,640.00" "$25,058.25" "$24,717.55" "$22,805.82" "$29,108.76" "$29,282.91" "$23,840.19" "$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$24,717.55" "$25,058.25" "$24,717.55" "$25,058.25" "$22,358.64" "$23,840.18" "$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$21,812.00" "$22,815.96" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$29,891.89" "$21,385.60" "$22,805.82" "$22,358.64" "$25,058.34" "$22,358.64" "$25,057.91" "$25,058.25" "$21,812.00" "$21,812.00" "$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$23,375.19" "$22,805.82" "$25,058.25" "$29,282.91" "$24,717.52" "$28,538.00" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$21,812.00" "$21,385.60" "$12,529.13" "$21,385.60" "$29,444.02" "$30,884.75" "$21,812.00" "$25,057.91" "$21,385.60" "$30,047.14" "$25,057.91" "$25,058.25" "$22,319.23" "$28,033.10" "$25,058.25" "$25,058.34" "$31,967.34" "$31,632.35" "$29,662.48" "$31,632.35" "$36,809.21" "$36,677.65" "$31,012.12" "$34,623.53" "$29,662.48" "$37,066.20" "$32,201.92" "$31,632.35" "$43,859.70" "$29,662.48" "$31,012.11" "$35,384.88" "$29,662.48" "$29,662.48" "$29,662.48" "$31,012.12" "$31,967.34" "$46,702.04" "$39,300.82" "$37,977.74" "$40,807.96" "$50,822.95" "$53,945.96" "$42,963.61" "$46,517.59" "$39,300.82" "$57,087.00" "$60,000.00" "$59,510.88" "$62,000.00" "$82,074.77" "$60,000.00" "$33,124.93" "$32,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$37,209.43" "$32,000.00" "$31,383.14" "$26,303.55" "$26,734.18" "$32,083.08" "$37,876.99" "$28,156.36"

MT Maint Mechanic "Garner, Larry" MT Maint Mechanic "Jefferson, Larry P." MT Maint Mechanic "Montoya, Luis F." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Epps, Kevin" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Ankrom, Scott A." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Landes, Morris E." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Carter, Andre M." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Chance, Sandra C." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Climes, Doris K." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Martinez, Besi V." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Martinez, Ruben" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Moses, Collotta B." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Newman, Jenifer" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Shamblee Carter, Sheryl C." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Stubbs, Charles F. JR" MT Strc Trd Chf I "Reddick, John C." Office Clerk II "Sirleaf, Ellen Celeste" Pest Control Spec "Gholston, James Earl" Pest Control Spec "Hemmings, Paul Douglas" Pest Control Spec "Khoo, Kelvin Teng Jin" Pest Control Spec "Kramer, Travis J SR" Pest Control Spec "Oliver, Phillip William" Pest Control Spec"Wright, Bryan Mckinley SR" Phys Plant Sprint "Cook, Joseph JR" Phys Plant Sprint "Sirleaf, Melton" Prg Admin Spec "Salvatierra-Sinn, Millaray" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Williams, Edward F. JR" Specialist "Small, Adrienne W."

"$37,104.12" "$42,447.90" "$35,725.73" "$37,199.30" "$56,457.00" "$52,374.81" "$43,012.32" "$41,140.43" "$41,963.23" "$44,029.78" "$52,275.00" "$42,478.03" "$41,140.43" "$48,337.90" "$56,625.85" "$41,762.28" "$35,757.66" "$45,008.78" "$52,607.85" "$42,772.19" "$41,000.00" "$53,319.24" "$43,388.25" "$65,793.85" "$59,756.86" "$40,495.09" "$39,327.58" "$45,100.00"

VPAA-FM-CAP-Capital Projects Admin Asst II "McHale, Dawn M" Admin Asst II "Nogar, Helen L." Architect "Green, Mark W." Assoc Dir "Salvador, Enrique A." Asst Dir "Agorsor, Glenda M." Asst Dir "Clark, Linda" Asst Dir "Fisher, Louis" Asst Dir "Olen, William E." Coordinator "Meek, Isiah J" Coordinator "O'Connor, Julie" Engineer "Grey, John Patrick" Engineer "Jantac, Lubomir" Engineer "Paulison, Robert P." Engineer "Qaimmaqami, Hassan" Manager "Bhatt, Nilkanth J." Manager "Cleary, James N." Manager "Coffey, John M." Manager "Joiner Fleming, Jocelyn" Manager "Padgett, Karen B." Manager "Shrader, Martha" Planner "Smith, Susan B." Prog Mgmt Spec I"Johnson, Lashaun Denise" Proj Mgr "Chang, We Lin" Proj Mgr "Clarke, William Benton" Proj Mgr "Marcu, Valer Larry JR" Proj Mgr "Martinazzi, Robert II" Proj Mgr "Merrill, Earl O." Proj Mgr "Moshogianis, Manuel M." Proj Mgr "Muraskin, Carolyn Gail" Proj Mgr "Ossi, Mary D." Proj Mgr "Pierce, Daniel R." Proj Mgr "Poley, Richard M." Proj Mgr "Stauffer, Keith E" Proj Mgr "Still, Brian LeGrand" Proj Mgr "Tucci, Richard J." Proj Mgr "Vij, Lila K." Specialist "Romero, Paul Marie D" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Cole, Stephen Edward" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Dean, Edwin D. JR" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Fitrell, Kendall S" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Klenner, Daniel B." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Malcolm, John Leo" Sprv Cnstr Cont "McDonald, Paul M." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Newcomb, Arthur N." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Restivo, Gregory Adkins" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Towns, Lawrence A." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Williams, Woodrow B."

"$32,926.38" "$44,846.34" "$84,349.52" "$128,971.00" "$105,698.51" "$119,000.93" "$111,749.66" "$117,214.62" "$38,390.76" "$49,481.00" "$90,922.92" "$83,053.41" "$89,869.95" "$79,584.80" "$93,250.00" "$93,819.63" "$86,541.95" "$98,599.50" "$58,079.02" "$53,264.41" "$77,810.19" "$36,996.12" "$94,694.92" "$88,536.59" "$83,857.72" "$95,142.69" "$89,000.00" "$86,638.00" "$59,360.00" "$92,247.83" "$94,000.00" "$99,013.51" "$59,360.00" "$96,808.70" "$96,000.00" "$95,469.93" "$75,000.00" "$76,586.28" "$79,987.40" "$71,998.86" "$75,390.20" "$76,607.21" "$73,806.93" "$72,923.55" "$75,012.84" "$63,515.16" "$72,000.00"

VPAA-FM-CMP-Campus Projects Admin Asst II "Goldsmith, Chris M" Architect "Akinola, Olumide A." Architect "Gossett, Hilary" Architect "Khan, Irfan A." Architect "Sydney, Esmond Clynton" Asst Dir "Bunting, Thomas A." Asst Dir "Davis, Tyrone Michael" Asst Dir "Wilson, Marshall D." Asst to Dir "McClelland, James E." Coordinator "Hall, Kathleen R." Director "Kostecky, Kristen" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Jones, DuRay Lavar" Elect High Volt "Bell, Michael" Elect High Volt "Lyttle, Mark A." Elect High Volt "Middleton, William P." Elect High Volt "Reyes, Douglas A" Engineer "Atrifi, Mahmood" Engineer "Bustamante, Blasito Atangan" Engineer"Harris, Rajathalal Puthukulangara" Engineer "Pho, Hoang Tung" Manager "Saurwein, Susan Kay" MT Maint Mechanic "Childs, Blair G." MT Maint Mechanic"Jones, Cornell Lorenzo" MT Maint Mechanic "Reisler, Philip M" MT Maint Mechanic "Vega, Daniel A" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Walker, James E." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Frischholz, Dennis A. JR" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Rayman, James E."

"$35,875.00" "$56,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$71,552.12" "$77,588.35" "$113,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$113,500.00" "$110,951.96" "$56,886.91" "$129,018.19" "$44,696.71" "$43,050.00" "$43,570.00" "$42,000.00" "$43,050.00" "$95,927.43" "$93,513.19" "$89,942.97" "$88,979.17" "$73,185.00" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$32,317.00" "$32,317.00" "$41,188.57" "$44,433.75" "$41,000.00"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK MT Mlt Td Chf II "Sullivan, Keith W." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Walker, Daniel S." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Westcamp, Scott T." MT Mlt Td Chf III "Mendez, Rolando E." MT Mlt Td Chf III "Montgomery, Robert A." Painter "Fuentes, Arturo" Planner "Gately, Catherine A." Planner "Kyriacos, Zoe A" Prog Mgmt Spec I "McCraith, Mary E." Proj Mgr "Bannourah, Marwan I." Proj Mgr "Cunningham, Thomas W." Proj Mgr "Meske, Philip G." Proj Mgr "Orban, Gabriella" Proj Mgr "Smedley, Webb L." Project Architect "Frazier, Anthony Michael" Project Architect "Wegmann, Jennifer L" Specialist "Brown, Anthony F" Specialist "Goodwin, Abraham M." Specialist "LeVons, Selvin E." Specialist "Marcellino, Frank F. JR"

"$41,000.00" "$44,883.08" "$41,597.86" "$40,308.58" "$53,895.52" "$33,951.87" "$68,000.00" "$77,407.84" "$42,219.70" "$95,627.27" "$89,900.00" "$84,562.05" "$80,344.05" "$91,802.69" "$80,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$82,000.00" "$81,385.80" "$77,912.42"

VPAA-FM-Facilities Planning Admin Asst II Architect Architect Asst Dir CAD Spec II Coordinator Director Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Planner Planner Planner Planner Proj Mgr Specialist

"Lovejoy, Demetrius J." "Cho, Ray Allen" "Munroe, Scott K." "Mughal, Arshad M." "Barrett, Robert G. JR" "Schuelke, Virginia T." "Testa, Brenda D." "Brenner, Terry P." "Brownlee, Angela N." "Cannistra, Mary Katherine" "Del Pino, Wayne Anthony" "Mallari, William P." "Roerig, William Ronald JR" "Azonobi, Leonard M." "Becker, Frances E." "Charde, Seth John" "Hayes, Daniel FC" "Tjaden, Robert Lee III" "Hyder-Adam, Munira A"

"$34,500.00" "$50,412.00" "$81,460.00" "$108,738.22" "$54,297.72" "$89,990.02" "$139,411.26" "$92,031.85" "$58,385.39" "$70,000.00" "$53,579.00" "$98,462.61" "$58,133.34" "$73,362.14" "$29,401.27" "$50,412.00" "$81,237.90" "$60,000.00" "$55,381.20"

VPAA-FM-O&M-Operations & Management Ap Sk Tr VIII A "Tyson, Jo L" Assoc Dir "Vucci, John I." Assoc Dir "Wildesen, Laura M." Asst Dir "Austin, John S" Asst Dir "Fahey, James K." Asst Dir "Hermstein, Robert M" Asst Dir "Hogan, James J. JR" Asst Dir "Nickels, Richard B." Asst Dir "Robinson, James Neal" Asst Dir "Ross, James L." Asst Dir "Sumner, David A." Asst Mgr "Abell, Thomas C." Asst Mgr "Anderson, Jacalyn" Asst Mgr "Brotherton, James E. JR" Asst Mgr "Clatterbuck, Alvin L." Asst Mgr "Dennis, William J. JR" Asst Mgr "Farrell, Mark E." Asst Mgr "Klotz, Vincent A." Asst Mgr "Laumann, Joseph E." Asst Mgr "McNamara, Michael A." Asst Mgr "Nugent, Thomas H. JR" Asst Mgr "Pucci, Andrew Anthony" Asst Mgr "White, Joseph A." Asst Mgr "Wilburn, Charles H. JR" Asst to Dir "Cosner, David D SR" Business Manager "DeOrnellas, Michelle" Business Serv Spec "Baltazar, Nestor Sakay" Business Serv Spec"DiGuiseppe, Michele Jean" Carpenter "Lammers, Robert W." Carpenter "Lang, Gary S." Carpenter "Richards, Enrique Keith" Carpenter "Rivera, David JR" Carpenter "Ross, Robert E." Carpenter "Thompson, Brian A" Coordinator "Amos, Thomas H." Coordinator "Ayensu, Francis K." Coordinator "Beard, David W" Coordinator "Brown, Clarence L. JR" Coordinator "Brown, William E" Coordinator "Daniel, Isaac I." Coordinator "Fitzhugh, James P." Coordinator "Fletcher, James" Coordinator "Gentry, Earl Dean JR" Coordinator "Hawkins, Nathan O." Coordinator "Henson, Wayne Thomas" Coordinator "Jackson, Donald" Coordinator "Jester, Kenneth Edward" Coordinator "Lee, John E." Coordinator "Mistichelli, Roberto" Coordinator "O'Dea, Christopher M." Coordinator "Pence, James William JR" Coordinator "Sandifer, Randall T. JR" Coordinator "Scali, John T" Coordinator "Schaub, Alex G." Coordinator "Tuttle, Charles K." Coordinator "Worley, Ronald K." Director "Baker, Jack T." Elec Eng "Flores, Monico L." Elec Eng "Santiago, Andre M" Elec Eng "Thaker, Jagdish R." Elec Sys Rel Tech "Cooke, John C." Elec Sys Rel Tech "Corbin, John Joseph" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Joseph, Reuben A" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Joyner, Bruce A."

"$42,669.42" "$128,977.68" "$128,797.09" "$105,000.00" "$95,370.00" "$111,501.00" "$92,850.48" "$92,318.11" "$87,353.15" "$78,662.40" "$92,296.58" "$64,121.40" "$63,505.94" "$65,300.00" "$57,151.60" "$81,691.13" "$57,351.26" "$58,972.11" "$70,027.80" "$73,000.00" "$73,403.13" "$60,588.00" "$58,835.64" "$73,589.88" "$96,778.89" "$62,093.52" "$37,588.20" "$46,944.63" "$44,846.34" "$34,582.82" "$34,094.03" "$33,739.33" "$43,924.37" "$35,740.66" "$67,985.00" "$77,958.20" "$78,000.00" "$67,918.60" "$76,808.80" "$71,158.24" "$69,546.81" "$62,640.97" "$84,458.66" "$67,500.00" "$68,327.00" "$69,416.00" "$63,820.00" "$75,861.50" "$76,257.00" "$68,616.96" "$79,354.80" "$69,732.80" "$70,546.00" "$78,195.00" "$69,416.00" "$59,834.84" "$163,734.08" "$91,862.55" "$95,100.00" "$96,240.00" "$52,693.20" "$49,880.08" "$46,022.62" "$49,880.08"

Elec Sys Rel Tech "Judge, Harold Burke" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Mitchell, Alvin" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Molina, Erick A" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Navarrete, Jose Miguel" Elec Sys Rel Tech"Rodriguez, Gustavo Aurelio" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Rojas, Victor H." Elec Sys Rel Tech "Rosenfelder, Paul William" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Seegobin, Russell D" Elec Sys Rel Tech "Simmons, Tariq M" Elec Tech II "Braxton, Michael J." Elec Tech II "Dickerson, Robert Thomas" Elec Tech II "Garde, Arthur E III" Elec Tech II "Nugent, Kenneth Henry" Elec Tech II "Pucci, Robert Scott" Elect High Volt "Griffin, James E III" Elect Tech III "Schultz, Mark S." Electrician "Hernandez, Larry A. JR" Electrician "Reardon, Jason D." Electrician "Velazquez, Alejandro Manuel" Eng Tech III "Coston, Richard" Eng Tech III "DuBois, Eric S" Eng Tech III "Machala, Matthew E." Eng Tech III "McAlister, Kasper B." Eng Tech III "McMahon, Lawrence K." Eng Tech III "Wilson, Daniel J" Engineer "Dizon, Ruben Landas" Exec Adm Asst I "Kott, Kathleen A." Fac Mgr "Brookman, Larry J." Fac Mgr "Johnson, James Charles" Graph Art Design "Johnson, Jessica C." Graph Art Design "Juneau, John K." Graph Art Design "Vogts, Marc David" Housekeeper "Davis, Donnie" Housekeeper "Molina, Mahena A" Housekeeper "Reyes, Olga L" Housekeeper "Reyes, Reyna" Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Jorge E." Housekeeper "Rosa, Blanca D" Housekeeper "Smith, Melvin A." Housekeeper "Torres, Maria E." Housekeeper Lead "Marroquin, Yelba C." Housekeeping Supv I "Marroquin, Oscar" Houskeeper Supv II "Canu, Jose D." Houskeeper Supv II "Petaway, Forlinda P." Houskeeper Supv II"Smallwood, Thomas Clarence" HVAC Chief "Adams, Hank C." HVAC Chief "Breakiron, Julius E." HVAC Chief "Breitenother, Frederick C." HVAC Chief "Brown, Tyrone Augustis" HVAC Chief "Clark, Michael Andrew" HVAC Chief "Coffman, Joseph M." HVAC Chief "Czebotar, John Bernard" HVAC Chief "Davis, Alvin Wendell" HVAC Chief "Davis, Frank James" HVAC Chief "Durham, Timothy B." HVAC Chief "Hart, Robert Paul SR" HVAC Chief "Hohenshilt, William Alfred" HVAC Chief "Ivey, Charles W." HVAC Chief "Janicki, Darrin J." HVAC Chief "Kelly, John J. III" HVAC Chief "Koltko, Joseph H." HVAC Chief "Larkin, Wesley P." HVAC Chief "Lowe, George L." HVAC Chief "Mack, James V." HVAC Chief "McCormick, Michael Wayne" HVAC Chief "McQueeney, Jerome Vincent" HVAC Chief "Ming, Ty" HVAC Chief "Neal, Stewart A." HVAC Chief "Nelson, Scott G." HVAC Chief "Newman, William" HVAC Chief "O'Keefe, Thomas" HVAC Chief "Olds, Ronald W." HVAC Chief "Poling, Roger E." HVAC Chief "Poore, Scott A." HVAC Chief "Radl, John J." HVAC Chief "Reed, Gary Curtis" HVAC Chief "Reinhardt, John C." HVAC Chief "Simmons, Sherwin L." HVAC Chief "Takara, Thierry Tamo" HVAC Chief "Thews, Steven S." HVAC Chief "Thuya, Moe" HVAC Chief "Walters, Patrick W." HVAC Chief "Warner, Michael J." HVAC Chief "Whitaker, Timothy Duane" HVAC Chief "Whitmer, Matthew Carlton" HVAC Mech I "Bonkosky, Carol Marie" HVAC Mech I "Diaz, Nestor S." HVAC Mech I "Galeas, Germain A." HVAC Mech I "George, Michael G." HVAC Mech I "Hart, Anthony L." HVAC Mech I "Hart, Renard A." HVAC Mech I "Loving, Mark A." HVAC Mech I "O'Neill, Brian Carl" HVAC Mech I "Smith, Kenneth R." Hvac Mech II "Drake, James Ashley" Hvac Mech II "Fray, Karl A." Hvac Mech II "Jabonete, Jeffrey L" Hvac Mech II "Mallardi, Robert V." Hvac Mech II "Mosely, Donald E JR" Hvac Mech II "Seibles, Derrick E." Hvac Mech II "Smith, Decarlo E." Hvac Mech II "Yee, Ronny D." HVAC Mech III "Adams, Michael Paul" HVAC Mech III "Calhoun, Robert B" HVAC Mech III "Ho, Sam" HVAC Mech III"Jagodzinski, Thomas Gerard" HVAC Mech III "Johnson, Micheal A." HVAC Mech III "Kaippallil, Joy V."

15 "$50,856.40" "$46,022.62" "$53,566.46" "$46,022.62" "$53,566.46" "$58,314.05" "$53,566.46" "$46,022.62" "$50,948.94" "$36,690.73" "$35,795.83" "$35,875.00" "$45,229.59" "$36,690.73" "$45,479.25" "$52,275.00" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$53,872.35" "$47,827.19" "$43,156.60" "$48,020.56" "$60,118.86" "$51,250.00" "$74,507.77" "$47,561.52" "$92,768.42" "$99,377.01" "$45,000.00" "$57,567.00" "$48,884.00" "$29,282.91" "$22,805.82" "$22,358.64" "$22,358.64" "$25,058.25" "$22,954.48" "$29,282.91" "$24,717.52" "$31,447.64" "$35,515.32" "$31,012.12" "$44,931.61" "$31,967.34" "$65,922.29" "$71,397.90" "$58,280.93" "$54,283.52" "$66,605.16" "$64,354.63" "$56,027.04" "$66,031.72" "$66,677.29" "$60,310.20" "$69,618.92" "$61,849.89" "$52,230.96" "$55,078.46" "$58,153.41" "$57,322.07" "$55,506.67" "$57,898.57" "$47,827.43" "$57,782.51" "$67,683.67" "$50,349.36" "$50,582.32" "$66,724.58" "$50,110.74" "$54,283.84" "$54,872.28" "$58,025.27" "$53,553.12" "$56,905.42" "$69,618.92" "$67,649.77" "$57,069.39" "$56,686.62" "$72,139.50" "$52,230.96" "$58,025.26" "$60,310.19" "$56,733.60" "$51,735.73" "$50,424.81" "$48,948.76" "$50,424.82" "$47,002.02" "$50,607.00" "$50,607.00" "$50,607.00" "$50,424.81" "$50,607.00" "$43,872.55" "$46,559.28" "$43,872.55" "$51,876.88" "$41,140.43" "$46,002.00" "$46,233.69" "$52,655.38" "$45,033.70" "$45,814.13" "$50,581.82" "$47,150.00" "$56,375.00" "$49,061.17"

HVAC Mech III "Latham, James A." HVAC Mech III "Mackall, George D" HVAC Mech III "Vargas, Carlos Javier" HVAC Zone Suprv "Eller, William J." HVAC Zone Suprv "Howard, Robert J." HVAC Zone Suprv "Ivey, Robert O." IT Sys Prog "Clark, Anthony DaShawn" IT Sys Prog "Smith, James L." Manager "Brevig, Brian J" Manager "Campbell, Daniel F." Manager "Corrigan, William John" Manager "Henson, Michael K." Manager "Jenkins, Chauncey A. SR" Manager "Kerby, Christopher K." Manager "Mechak, Linda C." Manager "Propst, Delbert A." Manager "Sallet, Stefan D." Manager "Smith, Robert W." MT Maint Aide I "Dunkley, Warren D." MT Maint Mech Ld "Fenwick, Ronald C." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Balannik, Yefim David" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Ballard, Lionel David" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Clute, James Glenn" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Guerra, Guillermo E." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Johnson, James W." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Jones, David R." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Ober, Jesse M." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Outten, Anjeannette M." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Snyder, John H. III" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Steele, James H." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Wagner, Charles L." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Boccabello, Stephen J." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Brooks, John Thomas" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Buddington, Kevin" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Coleman, Tony N." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Dudley, Frank Dion" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Fuller, Stephen V." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Grondalski, John C." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Hall, Elijah SR" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Henson, Melvin" MT Mlt Td Chf II"Lawhead, Charles Christopher" MT Mlt Td Chf II "McBeth, Lewis" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Mendenhall, Ronnie A." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Nutt, Larry H." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Paschall, Paul G." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Riley, Kenneth L." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Seifert, Joseph E" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Spero, Laura L." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Thomas, Burton A." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Tregoe, Roger M." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Warner, Mark A." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Howard, Wanda M." MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Bruce, Michael A." MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Burton, Paul S." MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Dowdell, Lee P" MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Hartley, Anthony Michael" MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Roros, James" MT Mlt Trd Sv III "Smith, John B" MT Mlt Trd Sv III"Taylor, Donyele DeShawn SR" MT Strc Trd Chf I "Dove, Timothy E." Painter "Alvarez, Jose E." Painter "Butler, Richard L." Painter "Calix, Joel A." Painter "DeFontes, Robert Kirk" Painter "Gilmore, Clinton Verlon" Painter "Oliver, Barbara Jean" Painter "Zabala, Jose M" Phys Plant Sprint "Burcham, James R." Phys Plant Sprint "Coletta, Peter J." Phys Plant Sprint "Contreras, Carlos F." Phys Plant Sprint "Gilmore, James G" Phys Plant Sprint "Hill, Donald L" Phys Plant Sprint "Kungis, James M." Phys Plant Sprint "Mistichelli, Orlando" Phys Plant Sprint "Rivas, Jorge A." Phys Plant Sprint "Taylor, Richard B." Phys Plant Sprint "Tiller, Andre W" Phys Plant Sprint "Wasef, Anton" PL - Piped Sys Tech "Banks, Alonzo J. III" PL - Piped Sys Tech "Chapouris, Anthony A" PL - Piped Sys Tech"Eberhard, Joseph Andrew JR" PL - Piped Sys Tech "Everly, James F." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Forney, Jim A." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Knox, Roger L" PL - Piped Sys Tech "Nicholson, Mark T." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Spilis, Jason A." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Spivey, John L." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Steinbrenner, Scott A." PL - Piped Sys Tech "Yates, Donald R" Plumber "Crutchfield, Damon T." Plumber "Frey, Andrew J." Plumber "Harris, Alonzo L. JR" Plumber "Moore, Randy L." Plumber "Simpson, Darren E." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Ayers, Fonytina E." Prog Mgmt Spec I "King, Jacqueline P." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Pratt-Istvan, Lisa K." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Velasco, Oscar Ernesto" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Williams, Sheila Dean" Prot Cov Mechanic "Lapole, Lloyd A." Prot Cov Mechanic "Patterson, Charles D." Prot Cov Mechanic "Whiters, Clinton M." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Abresch, Stefan G." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Boswell, William O." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Brady, John O." Sprv Cnstr Cont "Cooke, Samuel Jennings" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Culp, Martin A" Sprv Cnstr Cont "Easterly, Glenn Eugene"

"$54,325.00" "$48,762.12" "$46,452.60" "$66,958.19" "$65,884.27" "$68,182.45" "$51,968.82" "$57,946.33" "$94,084.90" "$74,460.00" "$72,103.76" "$78,038.86" "$81,600.00" "$75,000.00" "$66,189.86" "$81,863.50" "$66,981.54" "$89,445.74" "$25,140.62" "$38,588.83" "$36,637.71" "$36,156.33" "$35,795.83" "$36,925.64" "$45,229.59" "$40,736.97" "$47,422.70" "$38,027.24" "$46,711.01" "$47,908.66" "$48,252.06" "$48,636.28" "$48,175.00" "$38,891.58" "$51,540.68" "$40,879.05" "$45,562.65" "$39,757.75" "$43,872.55" "$37,851.28" "$48,523.92" "$53,456.00" "$51,815.00" "$42,291.84" "$43,589.00" "$48,283.90" "$38,892.17" "$47,032.96" "$42,212.70" "$45,550.94" "$52,224.17" "$42,321.25" "$52,691.46" "$54,730.98" "$45,120.22" "$43,156.60" "$58,023.76" "$43,156.60" "$44,684.74" "$49,363.14" "$33,287.65" "$38,383.79" "$34,501.50" "$40,722.22" "$35,867.71" "$40,722.23" "$33,825.00" "$80,538.40" "$70,829.57" "$80,030.00" "$88,313.45" "$86,486.04" "$75,000.00" "$81,020.83" "$75,000.00" "$81,018.60" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$49,037.71" "$48,175.00" "$64,630.33" "$61,433.19" "$55,983.58" "$57,868.43" "$59,450.00" "$56,375.00" "$59,450.00" "$62,718.32" "$56,375.00" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$47,827.20" "$35,362.66" "$35,790.60" "$44,433.60" "$44,692.64" "$40,448.10" "$36,218.52" "$34,582.82" "$34,582.82" "$61,913.71" "$70,480.56" "$68,559.62" "$68,500.00" "$74,716.99" "$65,903.50"

Sprv Cnstr Cont Sprv Cnstr Cont Sprv Cnstr Cont Sprv Cnstr Cont Tech Sprv

"Laumann, Vernon JR" "Sherman, David L." "Williams, Julius R." "Wilson, Richard H." "Buchanan, Dawn O."

"$78,858.41" "$72,530.00" "$73,940.00" "$67,516.88" "$64,643.62"

VPAA-FM-OFM-Office of Facilities Administration Accountant I "Largaespada, Tomasa" Accountant I "Wilson, Patricia A." Accountant I "Windsor, Susan I." Accounting Assoc "Hedgecoth, Judith A." Accounting Assoc "Wooddell, Rita" Analyst "Furlong, Cindy Lee" Asst Dir "Burgan, Edward S." Asst Dir "Coughlin, Mary F" Asst Dir "Kowal, Joan D" Asst Mgr "Beall, David B." Asst Mgr "Franklin, Richard Mark" Asst Mgr "Rychwalski, Michele A." Auto Serv Tech "Brown, Larry M" Auto Serv Tech "O'Neal, Wilbert" Auto Serv Tech "Schweiss, Anthony J." Business Manager "Amos, Quajalyn S." Business Manager"Mekkaraparambil, Anitha G." Business Serv Spec "Gardner, Patricia A." Business Serv Spec"Hoke-Ludlum, Lelia Pauline" Coordinator "Cannon, Joan G." Coordinator "Hong, Li Ping" Coordinator "Kromkowski, Julie A." Coordinator "Liversidge, Suzanne" Coordinator "Smith, Thomas R." Director "Riebert, Kenneth M." Engineer"Enwesi, Ifechukwudegeme Uzodima" Engineer "Ni, Li" Fac Supv "Pugh, Michael I." IT Data Base Admin "Griffie, Damian" IT Sys Analyst "Day, Timothy E." IT Sys Analyst "Maisel, Raymond B." IT Sys Analyst "Moomey, James R." Manager "Corry, Susan C" Manager "Dory, Marie A." Manager "Laubach, Erika A." Manager "Lue, Huey Y." Manager "Maloney, James F JR" Manager "Oaks, Cathy J." Manager "Salisbury, Karol A." Manager "Shaughnessy, David S." MT Mlt Trd Sv I "White, Cleveland E." Office Clerk II "Doty, Jill C." Office Clerk II "Smith, Ryan R." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Blake, John M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Goodson, Kenneth E." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Howard, Sheavaun M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Purnell, Sherrell C." Prog Mgmt Spec I"Rwemera, Alexis Mbagariye" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Sardelli, Annette J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Thomas, Loretta P." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Velazco, Martin E" Proj Mgr "Benhaim, Brian A." Storekeeper II "Hoke, Alvin L." Storekeeper II "Iwasa, Taku" Storekeeper II "Kreilis, Edward M." Storekeeper II "Ladieu, Richard A" Storekeeper II "Logan, Courtenay A." Storekeeper II "Romero, Roberto A." Tel Sys Admin "Hamilton, Donna Lee" Work Controller "Chin, Chen L." Work Controller "Hill, Venus T." Work Controller "Marshall-Main, Eric David" Work Controller "Messineo, Steve Wayne" Work Controller "Turri, James M."

"$42,007.21" "$39,337.67" "$49,717.37" "$44,092.84" "$36,825.98" "$63,500.00" "$108,499.79" "$101,599.62" "$140,000.00" "$59,025.79" "$62,305.00" "$52,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$49,761.31" "$49,761.31" "$58,000.00" "$59,457.00" "$50,665.89" "$38,856.96" "$76,900.95" "$59,157.30" "$82,884.54" "$52,459.01" "$85,861.82" "$129,459.97" "$87,510.12" "$97,188.60" "$62,718.61" "$84,131.40" "$60,802.14" "$74,819.55" "$55,616.24" "$92,310.00" "$78,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$98,214.49" "$102,821.70" "$78,413.00" "$76,844.00" "$85,607.11" "$40,122.35" "$16,805.95" "$20,407.00" "$46,189.44" "$40,645.30" "$40,711.32" "$36,888.24" "$36,592.50" "$48,504.76" "$48,252.06" "$36,657.51" "$70,772.00" "$28,884.74" "$29,682.93" "$27,793.30" "$20,406.63" "$27,792.53" "$33,610.83" "$58,650.59" "$35,609.09" "$31,632.35" "$31,632.35" "$37,902.19" "$39,958.19"

Graduate School GRAD-Graduate School Asst Dean "Hale, Cynthia R." Asst to Dean "Worthington, Kathleen R." Business Serv Spec "Best, Denise M." Coordinator "Ferguson, Barbara A." Coordinator "McLean, Matthew F." Coordinator "Oguntolu, Olutoyin O." Coordinator "Williams, Joseph A" Dir Admin Srv "Woodwell, Patricia Aileen" Evaluator "Van Son, Megan" Fac Res Asst "Kocerha, Gabriela Alessandra" Prof And Dean "Caramello, Charles A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Sensing, Gregory M." Proj Mgr "Kotzker, Robyn Beth" Res Assoc "Maher, Justin Thomas" Res Assoc "Myers, Shaundra J."

"$175,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$51,250.30" "$65,722.86" "$47,832.32" "$55,360.24" "$64,000.00" "$82,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$219,555.00" "$41,000.00" "$45,920.00" "$60,000.00" "$45,000.00"

Libraries LIBR-Libraries Account Clerk III "Kumar, Kesavan Retna" Accounting Assoc "Sarin, Deepshikha" Admin Asst II "Tsegay, Hiewet" Admin Asst II "Warner, Lisa M." Asst Dean "Rivard, David" Coordinator "Alie, Ingrid L." Coordinator "Barnachea, Lutgarda" Coordinator "Becker, Roz" Coordinator "Brooks, Tonita Smith" Coordinator "Carson, Chamisa I." Coordinator "Cleary, Laura Elizabeth"

"$31,632.35" "$34,952.60" "$34,518.86" "$38,198.79" "$132,000.00" "$46,074.81" "$51,243.87" "$37,585.31" "$49,568.56" "$52,194.12" "$26,204.89"

Coordinator "Edwards, Jamie" Coordinator "Fosse, Jill M." Coordinator "Gibbs, Tracy" Coordinator "Hammett, Kevin G." Coordinator "Jenkins, Kana K" Coordinator "Koh, Yeo-Hee" Coordinator "Leffler, Scott R." Coordinator "Norris, Andrea D." Coordinator "Quintilian, Steven M." Coordinator "Rice, Ruthener T." Coordinator "Rosamilia, Nichole Michelle" Coordinator "Ruffner, Malissa" Coordinator "Schnitker, Laura Beth" Coordinator "Shrivastava, Shweta" Coordinator "Sorrell, Cynthia E." Coordinator "Wilkerson, Mark S." Coordinator "Wilson, Rebecca" Coordinator "Wong, DunYee D." Coordinator "Wright, Charles Edward" Coordinator "Wunsch, Diane" Coordinator "Yocco, Evelyn T." Dean "Steele, Patricia A." Director "Bartheld, Eric" Director "Brown, Phillipa" Elect Tech III "Chan, Anthony H." Exec Adm Asst I "Wheeler, Lisa M." General Assistant "Karurwi, Aderinola" IT Architect "Chang, Shian-Chih Lin" IT Data Base Admin "Hammer, Paul B." IT Support Spec "Johnson, Charette" IT Sys Analyst "Eldred, Brandon" IT Sys Analyst "Walker, William Ottawa" Librarian I "Chen, Chin-Yin" Librarian I "Gannett, Leahkim Ariel" Librarian I "Langholt, Joscelyn" Librarian I "Speck, Jason Grant" Librarian I "Whittaker, Thomas Allen" Librarian II "Archer, Joanne" Librarian II "Glenn, David B." Librarian II "Hackman, Timothy" Librarian II "Hemhauser, Mark" Librarian II "Henry, Stephen" Librarian II "Hudak, Ann L." Librarian II "Ippoliti, Cinthya" Librarian II "Mallett, Bobbie J." Librarian II "Manildi, Donald E." Librarian II "Munoz, Trevor" Librarian II "Nichols, Celina V." Librarian II "Novara, Elizabeth A." Librarian II "Novara, Vincent J." Librarian II "Ohler, Lila Angeline" Librarian II "Otis, Lara" Librarian II "Owen, Terry M." Librarian II "Park, Geraldine B." Librarian II "Patterson, Karen E." Librarian II "Pike, Robin C." Librarian II "Ruttenberg, Clara Ann" Librarian II "Tchangalova, Nedelina" Librarian III "Baker, Jeanne Arnold" Librarian III "Baykoucheva, Svetla" Librarian III "Brown, Lauren R." Librarian III "Chadley, Otis A." Librarian III "Cossard, Patricia Kosco" Librarian III "Cunningham, Margaret M." Librarian III "Diaz, Zaida M." Librarian III "Epps, Sharon K." Librarian III "Foudy, Geraldine" Librarian III "Greene, Louise Weaver" Librarian III "Griner, Lily G." Librarian III "Guay, Beth" Librarian III "Hanson, Heidi" Librarian III "Herron, Patricia J." Librarian III "Howell, Chuck" Librarian III "Jackson, Carleton L." Librarian III "Kackley, Robert Alan" Librarian III "Knies, Jennie Anne Levine" Librarian III "Lindquist, Eric Nils" Librarian III "Love, Johnnieque B." Librarian III "Luckert, Yelena" Librarian III "Markowitz, Judith S." Librarian III "Mattlage, Alan R." Librarian III "Mayer, Constance" Librarian III "McElrath, Douglas P." Librarian III "Miller, James C." Librarian III "Montori, Carla Q." Librarian III "Moreton, Glenn M." Librarian III "Sakaguchi, Eiko" Librarian III "Saponaro, Margaret Z" Librarian III "Schalow, John M.T." Librarian III "Seguin, Linda" Librarian III "Turkos, Anne S." Librarian III "Vikor, Marlene W." Librarian III "Wilt, David E." Librarian III "Zdravkovska, Nevenka" Librarian IV "Glennan, Kathy" Librarian IV "Hamidzadeh, Babak" Librarian IV "Ruschoff, Carlen M." Librarian IV "Vikor, Desider L." Librarian IV "Williams, M Jane" Librarian IV "Wray, Tanner" Library Tech I "Bhagat, Sudesh" Library Tech I "Choorakuzhy, Joshy P." Library Tech I"deLaubenfels, Martha Patricia" Library Tech I "Duan, Miao-Feng" Library Tech I "Gaffke, Kirsten M." Library Tech I "Harris, Cynthia R." Library Tech I "Nishihama, Keiko" Library Tech I "Pickard, Kathryn L."

"$49,237.28" "$60,255.71" "$52,000.00" "$50,500.00" "$35,000.00" "$46,124.61" "$44,802.94" "$58,000.00" "$44,965.71" "$66,631.64" $15.00 $18.36 "$32,254.85" $17.84 "$50,478.50" "$44,363.32" "$63,610.48" "$40,000.00" "$63,695.53" $15.00 "$49,159.81" "$200,000.00" "$88,000.00" "$88,600.42" $36.34 "$31,910.28" $12.00 "$85,200.00" "$76,851.31" "$46,637.50" "$67,000.00" "$66,000.00" "$38,078.65" "$40,000.00" "$49,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$38,185.02" "$46,772.59" "$55,133.70" "$55,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$30,222.95" "$75,000.00" "$47,544.82" "$60,335.43" "$88,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$49,343.25" "$62,144.22" "$63,074.32" "$46,000.00" "$64,036.53" "$65,140.45" "$80,335.77" "$50,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$51,402.33" "$62,536.86" "$93,074.43" "$84,841.99" "$72,830.23" "$74,361.12" "$64,862.76" "$66,576.05" "$71,045.47" "$76,282.31" "$54,299.51" "$72,251.51" "$53,281.54" "$67,200.42" "$71,536.63" "$52,556.30" "$72,925.49" "$55,983.18" "$62,131.76" "$57,919.05" "$76,693.66" "$67,520.11" "$67,083.41" "$62,093.41" "$74,948.42" "$76,669.29" "$72,446.20" "$80,500.00" "$54,692.73" "$86,315.75" "$71,127.45" "$69,267.40" "$63,500.00" "$74,491.39" $33.00 "$69,754.58" "$81,497.96" "$72,924.43" "$160,000.00" "$130,306.50" "$130,000.00" "$134,117.56" "$121,015.00" "$36,194.35" "$32,368.74" "$40,539.80" "$33,062.89" "$29,437.48" "$16,160.16" "$16,160.54" "$16,160.16"



Library Tech I "Qureshi, Adnan" Library Tech I "Schepers, Robert F." Library Tech II "Armstrong, Peter V." Library Tech II "Beatley, DonnaRae M." Library Tech II "Bunn, Christopher Kyle" Library Tech II "Bushmiller, Paul Manley" Library Tech II "Carps, Ken" Library Tech II "Chadley, Aldrawina Marie" Library Tech II "Colburn, Karen Michelle" Library Tech II "Contreras Reate, Antonina E." Library Tech II "Farmer, Douvonte" Library Tech II "Guo, Ying" Library Tech II "Jaleel, Mohammed Y." Library Tech II "Kearney, Miriam K." Library Tech II "Kulp, Lawrence E." Library Tech II "Laguerre, Rossely" Library Tech II "Larimer, Cynthia J." Library Tech II "Meekins, Frederick B." Library Tech II "Nguyen, HuyenTran Thi" Library Tech II "Ramsey, George E." Library Tech II "Redmond, Rinette P." Library Tech II "Savage, Lydia V." Library Tech II "Schill, Cheryl J." Library Tech II "Stephenson, Warren F." Library Tech II "Tennant, Bruce" Library Tech II "Tesfaye, Kebebush" Library Tech II "Thistle, Ian James" Library Tech II "Thomas, Ponnamma" Library Tech II "Tung, Paul" Library Tech II"Weiland, Jerome Edmund JR" Library Tech II "Williams, Michelle A." Library Tech II "Winters, Christopher A." Library Tech II "Witoszka-Swistak, Karyna D." Library Tech II "Wu, Jean Y.J." Library Tech II "Zeliff, Michael Gary" Library Tech III "Balannik, Alla" Library Tech III "Beygo, Mutlu Pinar" Library Tech III "Caldwell, Nancy A." Library Tech III "Chopra, Kamal" Library Tech III "Greenwell, Paula N." Library Tech III "Kaur, Amrita J." Library Tech III "King, Donna M." Library Tech III "Rumper, Gail" Library Tech III "Scott, Mary C." Library Tech III "Stefany, Deborah J." Library Tech III "Taavoni, Shahram" Library Tech III "Tatum, Loretta L." Manager "Coleman, Pearl E." Manager "Draper, Bryan L." Manager "Enwesi, Uche K." Manager "Hess, Grant E. III" Manager "Morris-Sumlin, Christine" Manager "Wasserstrom, Amy" Manager "Wright, Denise M." Multi Media Tech "Godinez, Juana C." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Henry, Michael" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Turner, Valerie Jean" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Wilson, Ethel Lee" Proj Mgr "Brown, Maxwell" Proj Mgr "Foutz, Jeremy" Proj Mgr "Wallberg, Ben" Systems Analyst "Breitenlohner, Hans J." Tech Consult "Flug, Janice Lynn" Web Svcs Developer "Zhao, Cindy"

"$31,633.03" "$35,619.14" "$35,304.92" "$42,285.80" "$25,463.51" "$34,260.57" "$31,632.36" "$34,146.18" "$30,255.72" "$35,356.62" "$31,983.83" "$31,632.35" "$17,839.52" "$39,162.75" "$42,285.80" "$34,941.09" "$42,285.80" "$34,752.56" "$33,070.92" "$39,162.36" "$43,114.39" "$32,705.78" "$33,951.43" "$21,164.60" "$31,983.82" "$34,146.17" "$30,000.00" "$33,999.00" "$28,939.00" "$33,951.33" "$33,951.43" "$39,184.06" "$27,702.37" "$39,653.05" "$24,539.59" "$41,866.62" "$38,390.86" "$47,208.28" "$42,357.40" "$45,195.55" "$42,773.67" "$45,824.45" "$35,747.39" "$46,841.90" "$45,631.62" "$40,445.73" "$37,133.46" "$47,698.76" "$48,570.11" "$100,045.00" "$63,358.32" "$48,948.67" "$63,609.86" "$78,302.12" "$46,554.88" "$39,542.20" "$45,856.26" "$37,507.31" "$33,513.80" "$41,905.53" "$113,252.61" "$114,250.95" "$58,400.13" "$68,900.00"

Office of Extended Studies EXST-Freshmen Connection Lecturer Lecturer

"Chang, Dean" "Smead, Howard"

"$8,000.00" "$14,000.00"

EXST-Office of Extended Studies Acad Prog Spec "Polser, Minda" Admin Asst II "Gregory, Quesada L." Asst Dir "Johnson, Eric Van" Asst VP "Wilson, Chuck" Business Manager "Soni, Alka D." Business Manager "Wenger, Marianne L." Business Manager "Woolery, Janet Marie" Coordinator "Curry, Allison M" Coordinator "Nathaniel, Brittney" Director "Hruzd, Terrie" Manager "Baum, Anne Marie" Manager "LoBiondo, Janet Hannan" Manager "McKissic, Stephanie C" Manager "Sazama, Hilary L." Prog Coor "Tripp, Randy Kentrell JR"

"$30,305.00" "$36,742.61" "$61,634.12" "$170,544.00" "$56,361.52" "$62,060.94" "$50,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$109,526.14" "$65,713.00" "$47,337.42" "$67,000.00" "$50,551.00" "$46,700.00"

EXST-Professional Programs Assoc Prof Coordinator Coordinator Grad Asst II Inst Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer

"Higgins, William J." "Gilliam, Curtis S." "Lemke, Hans D." "Chmil, Alice T N" "Kent, Bretton W." "Ades, Ibrahim Z." "Anderson, Alan" "Compton, Reid S." "DeShong, Philip R." "Fribush, Howard M." "Friedman, Lee" "Higgins, William J." "Higgins, William J." "Kent, Bretton W." "Kipnis, Irving M." "Lontok, Erik Tugna" "Mallya, Ajaya"

$500.00 "$3,600.00" "$3,600.00" "$3,600.00" "$15,750.00" "$6,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$2,814.00" "$11,000.00" "$1,833.00" "$2,579.50" "$6,000.00" "$7,035.00" "$3,800.00" "$11,000.00" "$11,000.00"

Lecturer "Opoku-Edusei, Justicia" Lecturer "Potts, Mark" Lecturer "Read-Connole, Elizabeth Lee" Lecturer "Rollins, David M." Lecturer "Shofner, Marcia A." Lecturer "Sniezek, James Henry JR" Lecturer "Udeochu, Uche C." Lecturer "White, Natalia L." Lecturer "Yaros, Ronald A." Prof "Simon, Anne E." Prof Emeritus "Mazzocchi, Paul H." Res Assoc "Abdalla, Hana Khidir" Senior Lecturer "Compton, Reid S."

"$5,500.00" "$10,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$11,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$3,800.00" "$5,000.00" $500.00 "$24,999.99" "$3,600.00" "$3,600.00"

Office of Information Technology OIT-ETI-Enterprise Technical Infrastructure Asst Dir "Barks, David" Asst Dir "Cooper, David L." Asst Dir "Gopalaswami, Sridhar" Asst Dir "Watkins, Dean Allen" Comp Eng "Ford, Paul" Comp Eng "LaRosa, Joseph Anthony" Comp Spec "Hopkins, Peter" Coordinator "Allen, Madeleine Marie" Coordinator "Kasamatsu, Lori M." Coordinator "Mishra, Atul" Coordinator "Neal, Bruce" Coordinator "Sawhney, Jyoti" Coordinator "Townsend, Laura L." Director "LoPresti, Frances F." Fac Res Asst "McNabb, David A." IT Com Op "Ford, Linda Victoria" IT Com Op Lead "Brennan, Mark J." IT Com Op Lead "Kitchen, David B." IT Com Op Sh Supv "Sanders, Cleveland" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Walters, Larry A." IT Com Op Sr "Bloch, Ronald I." IT Coor "Newlin, Thomas J." IT Coor "Schilingno, Michael Joseph" IT Data Base Admin "Lien, Shih-Chun" IT Data Base Admin "Lin, Ai-Chu" IT Data Base Admin "Rahim, Khalid" IT Data Base Admin "Sokolov, Irina" IT Data Base Admin "Wu, Fang" IT PC Spec II "Bernat, Mary A." IT PC Spec II "Hutchinson, Lisa Lorraine" IT Prog Analyst "Cosby, Tracey Leigh" IT Support Assoc "Bhuiyan, Rajib Raihan" IT Support Assoc "Ellis, Arnold J." IT Support Assoc "King, Tracy Irvin" IT Sys Analyst "Arensburger, Andrew" IT Sys Analyst "Dharmasena, Prasad K." IT Sys Analyst "Fowkes, Laurie L." IT Sys Analyst "Fuentes, Sergio O." IT Sys Analyst "Hildebrand, Kevin M." IT Sys Analyst "Hilmer, Richard" IT Sys Analyst "Hsu, Shu-Ching Joesph" IT Sys Analyst "Manogaran, Yuvaraj" IT Sys Analyst "Payerle, Thomas M." IT Sys Analyst "Sam, Augustus II" IT Sys Analyst "Spencer, Spence Richard" IT Sys Analyst "Stark, Chris" IT Sys Analyst "Sturdivant, Eric Ransom" IT Sys Analyst "Vechery, Robert D." IT Sys Analyst "Wilson, Jeffrey Joseph" IT Sys Prog "Blumgart, Ian L." IT Sys Prog "Leung, Roger K" IT Sys Prog "Pfeifer, John C." Manager "Cavanaugh, Christopher V." Manager "Hamilton, Adam Clay" Manager "Langford, Kyle W." Manager "Martinez, Jorge L" Tech Consult "Johnson, Craig E."

"$128,700.00" "$103,000.00" "$132,000.00" "$64,042.94" "$95,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$76,800.00" "$43,000.00" "$80,806.17" "$95,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$70,293.96" "$69,058.81" "$167,539.16" "$94,853.68" "$33,951.43" "$47,711.72" "$47,244.54" "$52,941.43" "$53,002.34" "$44,570.32" "$67,526.78" "$67,226.53" "$83,000.00" "$83,000.00" "$83,048.96" "$86,185.54" "$75,900.00" "$50,583.27" "$43,977.58" "$59,791.82" "$50,606.22" "$47,741.72" "$48,887.02" "$83,033.46" "$98,749.71" "$78,759.15" "$86,462.00" "$111,249.77" "$94,000.00" "$86,000.00" "$95,000.00" "$85,411.00" "$103,000.00" "$82,626.41" "$76,417.16" "$89,101.79" "$92,500.00" "$89,373.87" "$83,361.02" "$83,050.00" "$96,278.09" "$109,894.88" "$107,500.00" "$115,452.69" "$88,181.00" "$97,367.74"

OIT-LTE-Learning Technologies & Environments Coordinator "Reese, Amelia Jill" Coordinator "Sokoloski, Lisa" Coordinator "Yang, Jun" Inst Designer "Mateik, Deborah J." Inst Designer "Roushdy, Sharon E." IT Coor "Bass, Francis G." IT Coor "Jackson, Akilah C." IT Coor "Neimeyer, Lauren" Manager "Clabaugh, Susan R." Manager "Higgins, Christopher J." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Morgan, Cherry J." Specialist "Khan, Ryan H." Specialist "McDaniel, Allen F." Specialist "Schrecengost, Harry Allen IV" Specialist "Shore, Brian Michael" Specialist "Wilkins, Matthew W." Specialist "Winters, Francis Jerome" Specialist "Zhu, Li" Tech Coor "Rossman, John" Tech Coor "Worden, Jeanine E."

"$70,625.26" "$57,000.00" "$67,485.80" "$85,739.21" "$85,239.02" "$68,177.39" "$61,643.20" "$62,000.00" "$97,955.18" "$92,300.70" "$49,546.69" "$49,300.00" "$49,300.00" "$48,000.00" "$51,727.00" "$48,000.00" "$51,727.00" "$55,052.77" "$70,000.00" "$95,498.15"

OIT-NTS-Networking & Telecommunication Services Admin Asst I Assoc Dir Asst Dir Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator

"Marcher, Karen E." "Wolfe, James D. JR" "Hutchison, Debora A." "Faulkner, Tania A" "Hawkins, Francis Xavier" "Nicholas, Cheryl P."

"$30,750.00" "$126,405.94" "$89,911.14" "$56,177.40" "$55,205.76" "$61,359.20"

Coordinator "Pearson, Nuray K." "$52,442.16" Coordinator "Phillips, Lee A." "$44,624.79" Coordinator "Stevens, Jeshawna Joanna" "$37,375.00" Coordinator "Stoecker, Miranda L" "$41,618.02" Coordinator "Tabili, Kristine Biado" "$37,091.00" Director "Sinha, Tripti" "$158,168.00" Engineer "Adams, Zachary William" "$63,000.00" Engineer "Bielamowicz, Nathan" "$104,000.00" Engineer "Castonguay, Jason Thomas" "$72,800.00" Engineer "Chew, Lip Jen" "$85,000.00" Engineer "Gregory, Eric" "$108,000.00" Engineer "Hopkins, Jane Lisa" "$65,703.02" Engineer "Juba, Cheryl-Anne" "$96,000.00" Engineer "Regassa, Robel Ketema" "$59,000.00" Engineer "Reuss, Karl" "$128,781.89" Engineer "Wicker, David" "$90,000.00" IT Coor "Bartlett, Scott J." "$87,074.05" IT Coor "Carter, Kareem C." "$47,040.00" IT Coor "Gaekwad, Aniruddha" "$49,546.00" IT Coor "Graham, Tashawn L" "$47,040.00" IT Coor "Moore, Chauncey Alexander" "$53,000.00" IT Coor "Reid, Ryan" "$47,820.00" IT Coor "Ward, Donald W." "$70,000.00" IT Coor "Warwick, Raymond L. II" "$81,781.02" IT Coor "Wiafe, James" "$47,040.00" IT Coor "Winter, Lauren Anne" "$48,480.00" IT Network Engineer"Willett, Steven Thomas" "$110,258.80" IT Telecom Spec "Archer, S. Brian" "$55,640.62" IT Telecom Spec"Brittain, James Franklin JR" "$54,306.44" IT Telecom Spec "Fisher, Anthony J." "$55,640.62" IT Telecom Spec "Folkee, James E." "$57,133.05" IT Telecom Spec "Mast, Thomas K." "$66,989.59" IT Telecom Spec "Moore, Gary Alexander" "$59,609.59" IT Telecom Spec "VanHouten, Jonathan T" "$52,009.04" Manager "Alexander, Colleen M." "$67,500.00" Manager "Azarsa, Ardavan" "$106,000.00" Manager "Davila, John M." "$87,648.53" Manager "Shortall, Timothy" "$131,287.08" Manager "Wagner, David Allen" "$80,000.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Mast, Cynthia L" "$34,312.60" Storekeeper III "Hall, Damien G." "$36,000.00" Storekeeper III "Steinfuhrer, Judith R." "$32,238.88" Tel Sys Spec "Lu, Anqi" "$28,000.00"

OIT-Office of Information Technology Accounting Assoc "Wade, Linda P." Asst Mgr "Hooker, Michael Alan" Asst to VP "Mullineaux, Lynn" Asst VP "Vogler, Thomas D." Business Manager"Charlery, Tessa Donnalyn" Business Manager "Walker, Julia D." Coordinator "D'Souza, Roshan" Coordinator "Ginther, Amy" Coordinator "Hoffman, Cynthia M." Coordinator "Howard, Erin A." Coordinator "Hurd, Tiombe J." Coordinator "John, Manu Mary" Coordinator "Kernan, Chris" Coordinator "Redd, Wes" Director "Brown, Willie L." Director "Dickerson Johnson, Phyllis" Director "Sneeringer, Gerry" Engineer "Tsonis, Christopher George" Exec Adm Asst I "Smith, Latoya Jovena" Fac Res Asst "Battou, Abdella" Fac Res Asst "Flidr, Jaroslav" Fac Res Asst "Pillai, Balasubramania N" Fac Res Asst "Schuresko, Stephen" IT Consult "Maxwell, Robert F" IT Coor "Gunzburg, Steven M." IT Sr. Network Engineer "Bach, Quang K." IT Sr. Network Engineer "Diller, David Alan" Manager "Arsenault, David R." Manager "Eismeier, Michael" Manager "Elvove, Jay" Manager "Walker, Angela A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "White, Thomas C II" Public Rel Assoc "Speakes, Megan Elizabeth" Res Assoc "Denman, Chip" Specialist "Shivers, Kevin Thomas" Sr Graph Art Design "White, Cheryl L." Tech Coor "Davies, John" Tech Coor "Lingolu, Suneetha" Tech Coor "Siddique, Omar" VP & CIO "Voss, Brian D"

"$36,415.79" "$33,371.00" "$62,724.81" "$159,120.00" "$80,726.15" "$41,338.85" "$102,240.00" "$67,459.07" "$71,001.51" "$69,672.96" "$50,000.00" "$37,500.00" "$90,597.00" "$42,247.56" "$130,880.12" "$99,998.73" "$145,012.06" "$97,791.33" "$35,055.00" "$155,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$135,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$98,749.86" "$62,500.00" "$133,424.42" "$120,976.36" "$74,300.05" "$125,000.00" "$131,900.00" "$71,501.00" "$35,062.18" "$42,842.76" "$107,694.80" "$78,735.44" "$61,585.34" "$58,366.00" "$70,000.00" "$88,140.01" "$285,000.00"

EXST-SWE-Software Engineering Admin Asst II "Gray-Upson, Cherry I" Asst Dir "Fell, Charles Laurence" Asst Dir "Goebeler, Robert P. SR" Asst Dir "Lemich, Jeffrey K." Coordinator "Almaw, Elias Fantahun" Director "Robinette, John" IT Architect "Symms, Lawrence Conrad" IT Coor "Lam, Dolores" IT Prog Analyst "Mankiw, William JR" IT Prog Analyst "McDonald, Michael Craig" IT Prog Analyst "Yun, Sarah Yunhi" IT Sys Analyst "Bergsten, Jeffrey A." IT Sys Analyst "Campanella, Lori Jean" IT Sys Analyst "Chen, Johnny Ping" IT Sys Analyst "Cohen, Jay Arthur" IT Sys Analyst "Cronauer, Patricia S." IT Sys Analyst "Hauser, Carl Tedder" IT Sys Analyst "Hoke, William G." IT Sys Analyst "Liberatore, Patricia" IT Sys Analyst "Needle, Leon"

"$31,062.63" "$105,033.64" "$110,189.75" "$122,186.00" "$74,868.00" "$81,000.00" "$100,277.72" "$90,146.97" "$63,537.58" "$50,629.50" "$50,800.00" "$66,045.71" "$73,147.02" "$72,292.04" "$70,870.85" "$75,220.50" "$77,007.64" "$83,615.62" "$81,082.02" "$73,571.72"

IT Sys Analyst "Scenna, E Josie" IT Sys Analyst "Shankarakrishnan, Suresh" IT Sys Analyst"Swartzfager, Brian Christopher" IT Sys Analyst "Taylor, Martin Anthony" IT Sys Analyst "Vaught, Robert H." IT Sys Analyst "Yang, Chulho" IT Sys Mgr "Fleming, Shaun P." Manager "Bredenkamp, Carrie F" Manager "Davis, Richard S." Manager "Drasin, Joseph" Manager "Gibson, Scott W." Manager "Jeng, Jing" Manager "Lentz, Paul H." Manager "Warnick, Skip" Programmer "Zhang, Jane" Tech Consult "Phelan, Sean Joseph" Web Svcs Dev Sr "Baldwin, Yang Wei" Web Svcs Dev Sr "Epstein, Daniel S" Web Svcs Dev Sr "Gadiyak, Valeriya G." Web Svcs Dev Sr "Gomes, William J." Web Svcs Dev Sr "Mann, Christopher David" Web Svcs Dev Sr "Taylor, Garey Patrick" Web Svcs Dev Sr "Yun, David B." Web Svcs Developer "Adari, Adi Rajesh" Web Svcs Developer "Lin, Charles" Web Svcs Developer "Moyer, Rick"

"$71,929.08" "$70,869.16" "$79,399.10" "$83,395.20" "$78,462.06" "$69,471.58" "$113,834.54" "$89,408.62" "$85,350.92" "$130,000.00" "$100,356.00" "$83,616.20" "$88,208.91" "$98,908.53" "$73,620.00" "$74,877.00" "$95,000.00" "$82,500.00" "$80,000.00" "$82,500.00" "$86,467.80" "$89,936.00" "$88,000.00" "$71,000.00" "$77,000.00" "$100,022.00"

OIT-US-User Support Assoc Dir Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator Fac Res Asst Fac Res Asst IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Coor IT Sys Analyst Manager Manager Manager Manager Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Clerk II Office Supv II Specialist Specialist

"Saxton, Wayne" "Gold, Ira" "Madarang, Antonio M. SR" "Morris, Fred" "Blake, Elizabeth Lynn" "Jonas, Alexander Robert" "Al-Ahmary, Judy Talat" "Amoonarquah, Jonas" "Byrd, Eric Andrew" "Clark, Ian" "Galan, Leeroy Armstrong" "Henderson, Diane" "Henry, Russell" "Jeng, Philip ShiouPyng" "Jenkins, Josh" "Kavoosi, Sussan" "Laborde, Guehenno" "Lyons, Teri L." "McCauley, Mark k" "Nemil, Patrick" "Oscal, Fredy B" "Pasquini, Walter Mauro" "Porter, Samuel Langford" "Ramey, Karen" "Taylor, Schelly William" "Thomason, Maria" "Warrington, Carol L." "Bulka, Thomas M." "Byrne, William T." "Gregor, Jeanne Louise" "Rossi, Linda" "Tender, Steven H." "Baum, Robert B." "Franchi, Julia Maria" "Hyman, Shirley Jean" "Keating, Beatrice A." "Lardner, Patricia Ellen" "Santosa, Lisa" "Sisson, Charlene B." "Deaton, Megan Lynn" "Arnold, David" "Williams, Robert O."

"$108,542.63" "$109,934.14" "$71,645.95" "$79,408.45" "$30,423.75" "$65,130.22" "$54,400.00" "$53,600.36" "$63,730.96" "$50,000.00" "$59,852.98" "$60,500.00" "$64,220.80" "$62,391.47" "$62,228.21" "$35,170.05" "$48,658.40" "$48,322.91" "$45,500.00" "$54,400.00" "$50,000.00" "$84,675.70" "$45,500.00" "$42,432.00" "$68,194.14" "$43,000.00" "$67,847.52" "$90,116.98" "$90,906.80" "$60,868.47" "$94,453.64" "$89,485.42" "$35,380.18" "$34,614.20" "$27,144.94" "$31,164.65" "$27,144.94" "$25,625.00" "$29,966.58" "$31,632.35" "$82,302.51" "$76,786.62"

Office of the President PRES-Intercollegiate Athletics Admin Asst II "Anglemyer, Linda Dolores" Admin Asst II "Bianchini, Kim" Admin Asst II "Long Thomas, Cleo Y." Admin Asst II "Shamwell, Carmen T." Admin Asst II "Smith, Alison Orr" Admin Asst II "Williams, Britta" Assoc Athletic Train "Charvat, Matthew R." Assoc Dir "Batt, J" Assoc Dir "Batt, J" Assoc Dir "Fischer, Patrick" Assoc Dir "Harrison, Cheryl K." Assoc Dir "Lofaro, Nicholas B." Assoc Dir "Mehrtens, Kelly L." Assoc Dir "Pearman, Donald A." Asst "Gowin, Brady" Asst "Kancher, Zachary I." Asst Athletic Dir "Bowles, Ryan A" Asst Athletic Dir "Levin, Dahlia Devorah" Asst Athletic Dir "Monroe, Matthew J." Asst Athletic Dir "Trump, Daniel E." Asst Coach "Adkins, David B." Asst Coach "Beckerman, Todd F." Asst Coach "Brattan, Thomas H." Asst Coach "Burton, Daniel S." Asst Coach "Campbell, Christopher Guy" Asst Coach "Carney, Quinn McCaffery" Asst Coach "Catullo, Michael C." Asst Coach "Chinn, Marlin" Asst Coach "Clark, Dustin" Asst Coach "Clark, Evan N." Asst Coach "Crowton, David Gary"

"$33,885.18" "$41,805.51" "$44,846.34" "$35,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$34,000.00" "$64,294.59" "$3,534.44" "$110,000.00" "$63,797.09" "$149,065.87" "$85,000.00" "$172,500.00" "$77,085.97" "$54,424.16" "$29,149.00" "$66,092.51" "$55,986.53" "$68,000.00" "$119,210.24" "$83,560.00" "$50,000.00" "$168,750.00" "$35,000.00" "$63,560.00" "$50,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$91,560.00" "$100,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$375,000.00"

Asst Coach "Davidson, Tom" Asst Coach "de Guzman, Ronaldo Paolo A." Asst Coach "Dello-Russo, Michael James" Asst Coach "Desonier, Roland" Asst Coach "Dooley, Erinn C." Asst Coach "Dormandy, Kelly Lee" Asst Coach "Dudzinski, Keith J." Asst Coach "Dunham, Desmond Lamont" Asst Coach "Dunn, John C." Asst Coach "Emmert, Matthew A." Asst Coach "Ferreira, John J. III" Asst Coach "Fleece, Lura Darsey" Asst Coach "Foley, Francis S." Asst Coach "Gattuso, Greg" Asst Coach "George, Laurie Pells" Asst Coach "Hill, Dalonte A." Asst Coach "Hull, LeOtha D." Asst Coach "Jackson, Amber Nichole" Asst Coach "Johnson, Lyndon F." Asst Coach "Kay, Serela" Asst Coach "Kenis, Lauri M." Asst Coach "Kenny, Sean C." Asst Coach "Kwiatkowski, Brent Andrew" Asst Coach "Landry, Christine M" Asst Coach "Langley, Tina M." Asst Coach "Little, Jamie Lynn" Asst Coach "Matias, Dianne V." Asst Coach "Matias, Dianne V." Asst Coach "McGuyre, Ryan" Asst Coach "Moran, Ryan Christopher" Asst Coach "Morgan, Charlotte" Asst Coach "Morgan, Jonathan O." Asst Coach "Pontz, John" Asst Coach "Powell, Marshall Andre" Asst Coach "Prats, Tiffany" Asst Coach "Ranson, Orlando" Asst Coach "Rattan, John Scott" Asst Coach "Rizzo, Dina" Asst Coach "Rowland, Brian B." Asst Coach "Siebert, Danielle Lynn" Asst Coach "Spencer, Kyle P." Asst Coach "Spinelli, Scott A." Asst Coach "Stewart, Brian" Asst Coach "Szemborski, Michael Burton" Asst Coach "Tarp, Kyle" Asst Coach "van Herwaarden, Tjerk" Asst Coach "Warne, Kevin John" Asst Coach "Weber, Alan H." Asst Coach "Wright, Laura A" Asst Coach FB "Locksley, Michael A." Asst Coor "Fertig, Brittany Marie" Asst Coor "Peppard, Annmarie" Asst Dir "Altum, Matthew J." Asst Dir "Arianna, Heather I." Asst Dir "Bertoletti, Joseph R." Asst Dir "Blankenship, Carrie L." Asst Dir "Braeuer, Matthew R." Asst Dir "Brown, William A." Asst Dir "Coy, Jared R." Asst Dir "Criss, Natasha Nicole" Asst Dir "Dull, Douglas G." Asst Dir "Ellington, Paul David" Asst Dir "Gambler, Cody" Asst Dir "Jones, Ryan H." Asst Dir "Nestor, Shawn" Asst Dir "Uchacz, Christopher P." Asst Dir "Wainwright, Troy Ellis" Asst Mgr "Ahner, Timothy M." Asst Mgr "Brown, Marie E." Asst Mgr "Knight, James J." Asst Mgr "Park, Nathaniel" Asst Mgr "Russell, Deborah L." Asst Mgr "Tiffany, Allen Lee" Asst Sport Info Dir "DiPaula, Rose" Asst to Dir "Bush, John J." Asst Train "Boll, Allison L." Asst Train "Martinez, Michael A" Asst Train "Sesma, Amelia Rosalita" Asst Train "Worth, Sandra P." Athl Equip Spec "Bowie, John T. JR" Business Manager "Magosin, Ashlee" Business Manager "Palumbo, Jon" Coach "Bakich, Erik Michael" Collections Supv "Jones, Eloise E." Coordinator "Bobbitt, John H." Coordinator "Bowden, Michael S." Coordinator "Daniel, John L." Coordinator "Darville, Robert Stephen" Coordinator "Deskins, A Beth" Coordinator "Eaton, Alex" Coordinator "Ellis, Patrick J" Coordinator "Evoy, Jenn" Coordinator "Fick, Jodi L." Coordinator "Franck, Mathew James" Coordinator "Hall, Allie" Coordinator "Harris, Michael A." Coordinator "Hodges, Edward T. III" Coordinator "McKesey, Jessica Emily" Coordinator "Moore, Justin" Coordinator "O'Rourke, Denise" Coordinator "Rezendes, Casey Joseph" Coordinator "Staples, Sharon K." Coordinator "Steinberg, Ryan Michael" Coordinator "Thompson, Katie" Coordinator "Vengroski, John A. III" Counselor "Appel, Elysa R." Counselor "Drake, Carrie" Counselor "Fusiak, Mark"

"$42,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$30,391.00" "$39,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$112,500.00" "$39,500.00" "$39,500.00" "$19,500.00" "$110,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$100,000.00" "$131,250.00" "$40,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$37,000.00" "$52,500.00" "$105,745.00" "$27,179.00" "$3,756.70" "$33,000.00" "$64,500.00" "$53,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$49,188.16" "$57,000.00" "$142,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$146,500.00" "$40,000.00" "$46,200.00" "$40,000.00" "$44,832.00" "$68,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$262,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$50,856.45" "$70,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$37,500.00" "$350,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$73,438.77" "$87,500.00" "$65,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$73,500.00" "$42,000.00" "$61,684.50" "$94,311.47" "$42,000.00" "$32,670.00" "$62,000.00" "$61,585.18" "$107,500.00" "$90,000.00" "$38,141.09" "$38,860.21" "$48,770.17" "$31,218.58" "$72,333.02" "$41,833.59" "$42,000.00" "$77,129.50" "$40,000.00" "$42,500.00" "$42,500.00" "$82,936.60" "$40,712.35" "$60,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$53,945.94" "$50,613.00" "$53,000.00" "$43,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$48,632.89" "$39,000.00" "$65,500.00" "$43,857.22" "$60,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$47,040.00" "$70,000.00" "$34,620.00" "$39,200.00" "$34,000.00" "$53,866.50" "$45,000.00" "$38,347.83" "$58,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$78,030.00" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$40,000.00"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Dir of Athletics "Anderson, Kevin" Director "Abdur-Raoof, Azizuddin" Director "Conway, Darryl P." Director "Ebihara, Lori A." Director "Glover, Kevin B." Director "Kaplan, Joshua H." Director "Unterman, Gabriel Michael" Head Coach "Chiriaco, Laura Elizabeth" Head Coach "Cirovski, Sasho" Head Coach "Edsall, Randy D." Head Coach "Horsmon, Timothy" Head Coach "McCoy, Kerry" Head Coach "Meharg, Missy" Head Coach "Morgan, Jonathan O." Head Coach "Nelligan, Brett" Head Coach "Reese, Cathy" Head Coach "Rodenhaver, Jason Barry" Head Coach "Salyer, Carl" Head Coach "Schimmel, Sean W." Head Coach "Tillman, John" Head Coach "Turgeon, Mark" Head Coach "Valmon, Andrew O" Head Coach "Watten, Laura A." Head Coach "Wilson, Andrew C." Head Coach BB "Frese, Brenda S." Head Coach BB "Williams, Gary B." Head Train "Robinson, William Wesley" Manager "Ohringer, Ronald" Manager "Robinson, Preston B." Office Supv III "Stephens, Kellie A." Prod Asst "Sherwood, Mark Thomas" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Curran, Patricia" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Elkonoh, Jennifer C." Specialist "Blaine, Cassidy" Specialist "Hutchinson, Christina" Sport Turf Tech "Franck, James C." Sport Turf Tech "Kelly, Neville A." Sport Turf Tech "Wallace, McNeciol" Sr Assoc Athl Dir "Pine, Nathan Alan" Systems Analyst "Packett, Lisa Dawn"

"$401,015.00" "$87,500.00" "$100,812.66" "$160,000.00" "$60,316.99" "$100,000.00" "$85,680.00" "$47,000.00" "$191,142.00" "$400,000.00" "$142,500.00" "$110,000.00" "$122,884.59" "$95,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$119,307.03" "$69,760.00" "$70,090.95" "$103,000.00" "$195,000.00" "$400,000.00" "$106,246.43" "$94,901.96" "$140,000.00" "$364,647.91" "$400,000.00" "$73,899.00" "$72,143.00" "$72,525.29" "$38,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$39,251.21" "$38,103.58" "$49,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$34,946.30" "$34,921.40" "$37,038.69" "$150,000.00" "$94,148.86"

PRES-Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute Accountant I Accountant I Admin Asst II

"Conover, Mellisa V." "Ross, Kathy E." "Bennett, Tracy L."

"$36,387.50" "$17,948.31" "$35,393.85"

Admin Asst II "Berraho, Erica Christine" "$33,125.49" Admin Asst II "Clauss, Holly D." "$34,174.45" Admin Asst II "Cornell, Deborah Connally" "$33,125.50" Admin Asst II "Desper, Rhonda LaSharn" "$33,125.49" Admin Asst II "Gannon, Betty Jane" "$33,125.50" Admin Asst II "Jay, Jenilee M" "$32,475.98" Admin Asst II "Margolis, Donesia Dofat" "$34,294.16" Admin Asst II "Sklodowski, Deborah L." "$34,760.14" Admin Asst II "Snyder, Karen Close" "$32,475.98" Admin Asst II "Webster, Timea M" "$32,500.00" Auto Serv Mech "Poe, Andrew A." "$42,865.50" Business Manager "Logan, Raquel A." "$43,000.00" Coordinator "Brown, Paul D." "$54,373.88" Coordinator "Dwyer, Robyn L." "$38,500.00" Coordinator "Layton, Karen Lee" "$40,100.06" Coordinator "Melgarejo, Ana" "$63,586.32" Coordinator "Moltz, Stacey Taylor" "$39,455.71" Coordinator "Robinson, Billy" "$45,436.73" Coordinator "Washington, Deanna" "$40,002.55" Coordinator "Yerby, Patricia Ann" "$38,050.43" Director "Edwards, Steven T." "$151,569.23" Editor "Ryburn, Annette M." "$35,113.04" Eng Tech II "Hannah, Barry Clifton" "$37,424.54" Eng Tech II "Wong, Yun Kit" "$37,424.54" Fac Supv "Hodgson, Ramon E. JR" "$54,833.29" Inst "Colburn, Wayne R. JR" "$57,525.63" Inst "Hearn, James N." "$73,320.84" Inst "Himes, Rebecca Spicer" "$99,033.00" Inst "Levy, Andrew I." "$74,753.79" Inst "Marlatt, F. Patrick""$124,465.86" IT Coor "Fuselier, Brian Riehl" "$72,969.17" IT Coor "Sweeting, Thomas G." "$71,745.22" Lecturer "Alexander, John G" "$51,229.50" Lecturer "Alvarez, Antonio" "$48,450.00" Lecturer "Armstrong, Richard D." "$52,020.00" Lecturer "Eagle, Leeanne R" "$48,450.00" Lecturer "Edwards, Angela L. B." "$74,650.00" Lecturer "Fairfax, George R." "$55,701.01" Lecturer "Frye, Steven K." "$53,319.23" Lecturer "Hassan, Ronald George JR" "$69,014.00" Lecturer "Hobbs, Edward William JR" "$52,733.22" Lecturer "Kernan, Michael S." "$59,025.79" Lecturer "Leizear, Amber Leigh" "$49,661.25" Lecturer "Lewis, David Wayne" "$57,485.98" Lecturer "Luck, Sheri J" "$54,000.00"

17 Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Manager Office Clerk II

"McBride, Darl R." "McNeece, John T." "Poole, C Kingsley" "Preston, Lawrence L." "Preston, Michael F" "Ward, Joseph C." "Williams, Allen S" "Wood, Scott J" "Burke-Robinson, Audrey E." "Graf, Evelyn E."

"$84,247.00" "$55,855.74" "$54,781.62" "$94,208.00" "$48,450.00" "$50,526.50" "$69,014.00" "$52,018.75" "$63,250.00" "$22,423.00"

PRES-Office of Diversity Education and Compliance Advisor Assoc Dir Camp Compl Ofc Coordinator Couns Adv Exec Dir

"Hanson, Erik" "Brimhall, Mark G." "Candelaria, Roger M" "Graham-Fisher, Mary K." "Middleton, Dario" "Bouis, Gloria J."

"$1,000.00" "$73,469.72" "$76,473.94" "$44,106.62" "$1,000.00" "$86,997.09"

PRES-Office of Legal Affairs Admin Asst II "Leclercq, Elaine M." Coordinator "Turnbull, Janet P." Exec Asst to Pres "Roach, Jack Terrance" Sr Staff Attorney "Krejsa, Diane" Staff Attorney "Anderson Wright, Laura" Staff Attorney "Andrews, Denise A." Staff Attorney "Bowden, Anne R." Staff Attorney "Maginnis, Edward John JR"

"$33,633.80" "$53,287.18" "$203,554.91" "$135,915.08" "$125,460.00" "$125,460.00" "$125,460.00" "$125,460.00"

PRES-President's Office Asst "Frisby, Charlotte R." Asst Pres & Chief of Staff"Eastman, Michele A." Asst to Pres "Barone, Sapienza" Asst to Pres "Grad, Rae K." Asst to Pres "Marinoff, Susan" Asst to Pres "Stern, Ross Allen" Asst to Pres "Tucker, Cynthia E" Business Manager "Matthews, Diane" Coordinator "DeHarde, Amina E." Coordinator "Jacobson, Jess" Coordinator "Oetken, Albert Stephen" Houskeeper Supv II "Wimbish, Irene" Ombuds Ofc "Scholnick, Ellin K."

"$60,447.66" "$201,000.00" "$103,436.00" "$166,151.03" "$75,000.00" "$137,415.00" "$98,000.00" "$73,000.00" "$54,107.16" "$40,309.90" "$62,291.90" "$41,389.63" "$25,000.00"


"Loh, Wallace"


Philip Merrill College of Journalism JOUR-Philip Merrill College of Journalism Assoc Dean "Reid, Olive D." "$104,960.00" Assoc Prof "Chinoy, Ira H." "$101,850.00" Assoc Prof "Hanson, Christopher T." "$90,000.00" Assoc Prof "Newhagen, John E." "$81,650.02" Assoc Prof "Zanot, Eric J." "$82,149.41" Assoc Prof & Assoc Dean"McAdams, Katherine C." "$137,500.00" Asst Dean "Hartz, Emily Rachel" "$110,000.00" Asst Dir "Madden, Joshua Whitney" "$46,453.00" Asst Dir "Taylor, Caryn Marie" "$46,200.00" Asst Prof "Chadha, Kalyani" "$75,000.00" Asst Prof "Yaros, Ronald A." "$75,000.00" Business Manager "Lee, Vanessa E." "$60,000.00" Coordinator "Gormally, Bernadette" "$48,843.30" Coordinator "Rada, Serap Deniz" "$66,118.00" Coordinator "Wolfe, Olivia Frary" "$40,000.00" Director "Bucco, Clinton Paul" "$93,304.00" Director "Fleeson, Lucinda S." "$67,266.62" Lecturer "Andrews, Wilson" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Barnes, Audrey" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Baxter, James Michael" "$3,246.00" Lecturer "Beecher, William" "$18,680.00" Lecturer "Burnett, Chartese" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Calogero, Albert Joseph" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Cimons, Marlene" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Clayton, Cassandra L." "$85,368.00" Lecturer "Coleman, Linda K." "$4,302.80" Lecturer "Davidsburg, Joshua" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Davidson, John" "$12,984.80" Lecturer "Duin, Julia C." "$6,492.88" Lecturer "Ebinger, Jonathan" "$14,000.00" Lecturer "Fantis, Manny" "$4,382.64" Lecturer "Flynn, Adrianne M." "$75,115.00" Lecturer "Frank, Thomas L." "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Goldenbach, Alan Michael" "$12,984.80" Lecturer "Grover, Robert O." "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Harvey, Christine D." "$87,079.00" Lecturer "Heist, Stanley Harrar III" "$3,246.40" Lecturer "Heist, Stanley Harrar III" "$32,464.00" Lecturer "Incollingo, Jacoba Soteropoulos" "$6,492.88" Lecturer "Jacobs, Daniel Scott" "$6,492.88" Lecturer "Jacobsen, Timothy" "$6,492.40" Lecturer "Katcef, Susan Kopen" "$68,461.00" Lecturer "Lanum, George Calvin III" "$12,984.80" Lecturer "Lightman, David" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Linthicum, Thomas G. JR" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Lorente, Rafael" "$3,246.00" Lecturer "Lorente, Rafael" "$73,106.00" Lecturer "Matthews, Robert Guy" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "McCaffrey, Raymond Michael" "$3,246.00" Lecturer "McIntyre, James Jon" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Morin, Richard" "$6,492.88" Lecturer "Murphy, Richard" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Mussenden, Sean L" "$95,000.00" Lecturer "Newman, Alexandra" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "O'Malley, Sharon Rose" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Overly, Steven Michael" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Paddock, Stanton" "$3,246.00" Lecturer "Potts, Mark" "$10,000.00" Lecturer "Povich, Elaine S." "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Pyles, Alexander Aaron" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Rieder, Jeremy" "$110,000.00" Lecturer "Rossman, Megan" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Sachs, Robert" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Sausser, Lauren" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Sham, Jonathan Aaron" "$6,492.88" Lecturer "Siegel, Andrew F" "$7,934.00" Lecturer "Stepno, Kelly Marie" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Swain, Bethany" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Tittle, Jeremiah James" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Weber, Joseph" "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Wright, Cindy" "$19,478.40" Lecturer "Young, Jeffrey R." "$6,492.80" Lecturer "Young, Mark" "$6,492.80" Manager "Perry, Alvin L." "$58,000.00" Prof "Feldstein, Mark" "$145,000.00" Prof "Johnson, Haynes B." "$165,500.00" Prof "Moeller, Susan D." "$108,118.00" Prof "Steiner, Linda" "$126,113.40" Prof "Stepp, Carl Sessions" "$114,099.21" Prof And Dean "Klose, Kevin" "$236,000.00" Prof Emerita "Beasley, Maurine" "$30,255.00" Prof Of Practice "Rogers, Carol Lombard" "$93,694.00" Prof Of Practice "Solomon, George" "$65,000.00" Senior Lecturer "Fuchs, Penny Ann" "$96,237.00" Senior Lecturer "Huffman, Diana L." "$61,207.11" Senior Lecturer "Nelson, Deborah J." "$114,292.00" Supervisor "Parker, William D." "$84,009.00" Visit Prof "Banisky, Sandra A." "$110,000.00" Visit Prof "Blackistone, Kevin" "$65,000.00" Visit Prof "Walker, Leslie A." "$82,500.00"

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Asst Prof "Lee, Hyun Ah" Asst Prof "Seybert, Nicholas Andrew" Asst Prof "Staihar, Jim C" Coordinator "Hall, Diane P." Editorial Asst "Lewis, Katherine Ann" Lecturer "Basu, Progyan" Lecturer "Bulmash, Gary F." Lecturer "Cantor, Eugene Herschal" Lecturer "Finch, Michael Lester" Lecturer "Folsom, Elizabeth J" Lecturer "Johnson, Jodell Marie" Lecturer "Linsley, Colin A." Lecturer "Linsley, Colin A." Lecturer "McKinney, James J" Lecturer "Mostow, Leslie A" Lecturer "Pfeiffer, Gregory A." Lecturer "Rose, Sandra Lee" Lecturer "Sandler, Perry L." Lecturer "Siegfried, Alan N." Lecturer "Webb, Nile Junior" Prof "Gordon, Lawrence A." Prof "Kim, Oliver" Prof & Area Chair "Loeb, Martin P." Prof & Dir "Loeb, Stephen E."

"$180,000.00" "$200,000.00" "$120,000.00" "$43,293.13" "$25,511.14" "$130,200.00" "$171,202.00" "$23,000.00" "$132,999.46" "$36,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$32,410.00" "$138,900.00" "$111,498.00" "$30,000.00" "$106,000.00" "$39,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$58,500.00" "$31,620.00" "$212,293.86" "$162,605.34" "$175,639.14" "$185,017.14"

BMGT-Ctrs-Ctr for Executive Education Assoc Dir "Fine, Elana Rachel" Assoc Dir "Watts, Karen R" Asst Dean "Hanifee, William James Gregory" Asst Dir "Hankin, Jennifer Susan" Asst Dir "James, Samantha Mae" Asst Dir "Lui, Michelle" Asst Dir "Olivos, Guillermo Christopher" Director "Barnard, Lisa A." Director "Barron, Elizabeth" Director "Carrier, Melissa K." Director "Johnson, Sharon Rogers" Manager "Corey, Alla" Manager "Hankin, Jennifer Susan" Manager "Robertella, Kimberlee" Prof "Lamone, Rudolph P." Prog Coor "Boatswain, Kianna" Prog Coor "Coil, Caela" Prog Coor "Olson, Christopher" Specialist "Zhang, Hongyi"

"$126,000.00" "$82,467.00" "$165,000.00" "$56,397.38" "$53,673.13" "$82,000.00" "$80,700.00" "$93,572.00" "$154,000.00" "$140,000.00" "$101,113.60" "$65,000.00" "$50,354.81" "$62,000.00" "$20,020.00" "$43,500.00" "$44,500.00" "$38,000.00" "$86,536.33"

BMGT-Decision, Operations & Information Technologies Admin Asst II "Cavanagh, Janet K" Assoc Dir "Crowley, Patrick Kenyon" Assoc Prof "Alt, Francis B." Assoc Prof "Elmaghraby, Wedad Jasmine" Assoc Prof "Gopal, Anand" Assoc Prof "Hann, Il-Horn" Assoc Prof "Mithas, Sunil Kumar" Assoc Prof "Stewart, Katherine Josephine" Assoc Prof "Tunca, Tunay" Assoc Prof "Viswanathan, Sivakumar" Asst Prof "Gao, Guodong" Asst Prof "Huang, Peng" Asst Prof "Ryzhov, Ilya O." Asst Prof "Wang, Xiaoqing" Asst Prof "Xu, Yi" Coordinator "Baker, Zanetta F." Coordinator "Wang, D Danielle" Lecturer "Armstrong, Pamela" Lecturer "Bailey, Joseph P." Lecturer "Corwin, Barnet C." Lecturer "Hudson, Scott E." Lecturer "Ibrahim, Hassan" Lecturer "Lazar, Radu" Lecturer "Lazar, Radu" Lecturer "McCue, David J" Lecturer "Mithas, Sunil Kumar" Lecturer "Raschid, Louiqa" Lecturer "Ruhi, Kazim" Lecturer "Srikar, Bellur" Lecturer "Weiss, Peter" Lecturer "Yoon, Ilchul" Lecturer "Yoon, Ilchul" Prof "Agarwal, Ritu" Prof "Frank, Howard" Prof "Fu, Michael C." Prof "Golden, Bruce L." Prof "Lucas, Henry C. JR" Prof "Raghavan, Subramanian" Prof "Raschid, Louiqa" Prof "Riley, Donald R." Prof & Area Chair "Chen, Zhi-Long" Prof & Assoc Dean "Ball, Michael O." Res Assoc Prof "Bailey, Joseph P." Res Prof "Prasad, Kislaya" Senior Lecturer "Ibrahim, Hassan" Senior Lecturer "Lele, Shreevardhan" Senior Lecturer "Ruhi, Kazim" Visit Assoc Prof "Zhao, Rui" Visit Asst Prof "Bjarnadottir, Margret" Visit Asst Prof "Karake, Zeinab A"

"$39,511.66" "$117,600.00" "$118,619.76" "$147,676.76" "$151,174.88" "$160,000.00" "$150,438.51" "$146,050.00" "$175,000.00" "$141,826.28" "$128,579.79" "$135,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$122,350.00" "$155,000.00" "$59,128.86" "$50,960.00" "$120,000.00" "$22,933.33" "$102,000.00" "$10,024.06" "$22,298.16" "$20,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$10,050.00" "$15,043.86" "$4,659.02" "$19,120.00" "$12,000.00" "$98,350.00" "$5,333.33" "$80,000.00" "$240,050.10" "$225,581.00" "$208,463.00" "$287,128.67" "$239,350.00" "$93,928.56" "$97,839.43" "$239,703.34" "$195,000.00" "$148,698.00" "$137,600.00" "$100,940.00" "$111,490.80" "$144,520.00" "$95,600.00" "$110,000.00" "$210,000.03" "$75,000.00"

BMGT-Entrepreneurship Robert H. Smith School of Business Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof

"Cheng, Shijun" "Hann, Rebecca N" "Kimbrough, Michael D" "Brown, Stephen" "Johnson, Derek C"

"$208,500.00" "$205,000.00" "$235,000.00" "$185,000.00" "$180,000.00"

Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof

"Baum, J. Robert" "$69,241.24" "Goldfarb, Brent" "$126,326.70" "Kirsch, David A." "$170,000.30"

BMGT-Executive MBA Assoc Dir

"Larsen, Christine A."


18 Assoc Dir Director Director Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Manager Manager

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "Lavino, Amanda Stowers" "Brookshire, Shelbi N." "Sheehan, Robert M JR" "Basu, Progyan" "Boroumand, Jahangir" "Boroumand, Jahangir" "Boroumand, Jahangir" "Russell, Joyce E A" "Coakley, Tammi" "Spriggins, Lakycia"

"$82,415.27" "$89,920.00" "$156,423.31" "$20,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$13,500.00" "$16,500.00" "$7,680.00" "$52,000.00" "$50,000.00"

BMGT-Finance Assoc Prof "Heston, Steven Lawrence" Assoc Prof "Hoberg, Gerard Tanimichi" Assoc Prof "Loewenstein, Mark V." Assoc Prof "Prabhala, Nagpurnanand" Assoc Prof "Wermers, Russell R." Asst Coor "Ward, Candice" Asst Prof "Cohen-Cole, Ethan B" Asst Prof "Faulkender, Michael" Asst Prof "Fresard, Laurent" Asst Prof "Kadyrzhanova, Dalida R." Asst Prof "Mathews, Richmond David" Asst Prof "Obizhaeva, Anna" Asst Prof "Skoulakis, Georgios" Asst Prof "Wang, Yajun" Coordinator "Drummond, Michele Dexter" Deputy Dir "Grovic, Mark" Lecturer "Colantuoni, Joseph A" Lecturer "Hallows, Karen Swenson" Lecturer "Hallows, Karen Swenson" Lecturer "Kass, David I." Lecturer "Kiss, Elinda F" Lecturer "Kiss, Elinda F" Lecturer "Kroncke, Sarah H." Lecturer "Kroncke, Sarah H." Lecturer "Lee, Michael Justin" Lecturer "Perfetti, Joseph" Lecturer "Rinaldi, Joseph F." Lecturer "Rossi, Clifford V." Lecturer "Sherman, Andrew J." Lecturer "Taranto, Mark A." Lecturer "White, Susan A." Lecturer "White, Susan A." Prof "Bakshi, Gurdip S." Prof "Kyle, Albert S." Prof "Madan, Dilip" Prof "Senbet, Lemma W." Prof "Unal, Haluk" Prof & Area Chair "Maksimovic, Vojislav" Prof & Area Chair "Triantis, Alexander J." Prof Of Practice "Wallenstein, Stephen" Senior Lecturer "Kass, David I."

"$188,129.98" "$193,250.13" "$95,765.00" "$195,020.00" "$200,116.29" "$35,360.00" "$190,000.00" "$190,000.00" "$200,000.00" "$182,290.00" "$200,000.00" "$180,450.00" "$182,290.00" "$195,000.00" "$53,001.79" "$119,499.60" "$9,983.00" "$9,600.00" "$96,000.00" "$8,500.00" "$12,377.30" "$123,773.00" "$12,397.47" "$92,981.00" "$68,068.08" "$104,533.32" "$20,000.00" "$105,000.00" "$24,000.00" "$124,100.00" "$39,986.21" "$133,287.36" "$268,450.17" "$299,956.00" "$118,818.71" "$315,000.00" "$204,950.54" "$338,166.75" "$212,150.30" "$97,500.00" "$85,000.00"

BMGT-IT Smith Administrator "Gleeson, Christopher M" Assoc Dir "Soffronoff, Ernest C. III" Asst Dir "Gupta, Vinesh" Asst Dir "LaHaie, Charles Henry" Asst Dir "Lo, Freeman" Asst Dir "Maxson, Mary E." Coordinator "Ewing, Theresa Marie" Coordinator "Pressley, Michael E." Coordinator "Zhang, Hua Alice" Director "Mann, Holly" Director "O'Rourke, Thomas Robert" Elect Tech III "Pointer, Warren Randall" IT Admin & Plan Mgr "Mazzotta, Michael S." IT Coor "Hull, Gregory James" IT Coor "Hurley, Suzanne Yee" IT Coor "Veihmeyer, Jesse D" IT Coor "Veihmeyer, Joel Christopher" IT Coor "Williams, Arimah A." IT Support Asst "Owens, Harold Lee" Manager "Corona, Harold L. JR" Manager "Rose, Lloyd Benjamin III"

"$81,205.05" "$135,037.39" "$99,986.40" "$103,713.43" "$75,000.00" "$87,520.83" "$46,865.11" "$55,568.24" "$59,831.05" "$111,955.52" "$76,729.65" "$47,499.39" "$81,371.90" "$58,705.43" "$50,099.84" "$42,281.12" "$46,294.20" "$49,615.24" "$43,936.63" "$76,551.04" "$78,120.34"

BMGT-Logistics, Business & Public Policy Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Assoc Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer

"Anenson, T Leigh" "Chung, Wilbur C." "Evers, Philip T." "Sampson, Rachelle" "Zelner, Bennet Andrew" "Dezso, Cristian" "Dong, Yan" "Eckerd, Stephanie Nicole" "Mark, Gideon E." "Zhou, Yue" "Fox, Dianne P." "Boroumand, Jahangir" "Carrier, Melissa K." "Cohen, Gary A" "Corsi, Thomas M." "Daniels, Richard C." "Evers, Philip T." "Gardner, Leland" "Harrington, Lisa" "Hutchins, Richard A." "Jain, Vinod Kumar" "McAdam, William J" "McClenahan, William M. JR" "Miller, Jeff" "Nagata, Koki" "Nelson, Brian L." "Nelson, Brian L." "Turner, Hugh Stetson" "Wilkerson, Taylor"

"$135,000.00" "$156,698.98" "$162,525.45" "$156,835.72" "$180,000.00" "$130,010.00" "$130,510.00" "$140,000.00" "$125,000.00" "$143,000.00" "$51,281.48" "$129,540.00" "$10,500.00" "$103,500.00" "$24,753.02" "$10,800.00" "$5,417.52" "$11,100.00" "$10,400.00" "$16,700.00" "$110,000.00" "$10,000.00" "$79,800.00" "$41,600.00" "$30,000.00" "$11,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$106,970.00" "$10,050.00"

Prof Prof Prof Prof Prof & Area Chair Prof Emeritus Prof Of Practice Res Prof

"Corsi, Thomas M." "Grimm, Curtis M." "Morici, Peter G." "Windle, Robert J." "Dresner, Martin E." "Leete, Burt A." "Olson, Charles E." "Boyson, Sandor L."

"$185,647.64" "$191,916.45" "$143,635.31" "$166,290.09" "$159,272.09" "$35,987.00" "$119,247.86" "$153,101.00"

BMGT-Management & Organization Assoc Prof "Liao, Hui" Assoc Prof "Reger, Rhonda K." Assoc Prof "Seo, Myeong-Gu" Assoc Prof "Stevens, Cynthia Kay" Assoc Prof "Tangirala, Subrahmaniam" Asst Prof "Corredoira, Rafael A." Asst Prof "Ding, Waverly" Asst Prof "Venkataramani, Vijaya" Asst Prof "Waguespack, David M." Coordinator "Chipman, Barbara A." Coordinator "Scarpulla, Erica Ann" Lecturer "Aberman, Jonathan Moss" Lecturer "Armstrong, Jennifer" Lecturer "Axelrod, Ruth H." Lecturer "Chen, Gilad" Lecturer "Coomber, Nicole Marie" Lecturer "Dastidar, Protiti" Lecturer "Gabriel, Kenneth A." Lecturer "Graser, Carol J." Lecturer "Knight, W Donald JR" Lecturer "Kressler, David J." Lecturer "Langa, Gosia Anna" Lecturer "Langa, Gosia Anna" Lecturer "Prochno, Paulo" Lecturer "Russell, Joyce E A" Lecturer "Sanders, James B." Lecturer "Schlake, Oliver" Lecturer "Schlake, Oliver" Lecturer "Shapiro, Debra L." Lecturer "Silverman, Paul" Lecturer "Spina, James D." Lecturer "Spina, James D." Lecturer "Spina, Lori" Lecturer "Wellman, Mark" Lecturer "Wellman, Mark" Lecturer "Wouters, Karen" Lecturer "Wouters, Karen" Prof "Bartol, Kathryn M." Prof "Chen, Gilad" Prof "Gupta, Anil K." Prof "Shapiro, Debra L." Prof "Taylor, Mary Susan" Prof "Tronetti, Rajshree Agarwal" Prof Of Practice "Courtney, Hugh George" Prof Of Practice "Suarez, Jose G."

"$200,000.00" "$149,999.65" "$140,349.16" "$130,433.15" "$143,061.20" "$140,000.00" "$180,000.00" "$137,000.00" "$141,290.07" "$49,872.39" "$43,472.00" "$48,000.00" "$25,300.00" "$10,000.00" "$7,027.10" "$10,000.00" "$135,000.00" "$21,600.00" "$8,710.02" "$65,905.00" "$21,848.10" "$8,666.67" "$56,500.00" "$97,600.00" "$150,133.67" "$9,226.42" "$45,322.20" "$151,074.00" "$13,600.03" "$39,000.00" "$7,185.00" "$71,850.00" "$9,200.00" "$24,350.00" "$121,750.00" "$11,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$215,000.79" "$210,813.00" "$232,319.25" "$204,000.49" "$200,050.09" "$270,000.00" "$160,000.00" "$169,000.00"

BMGT-Marketing Assoc Prof "Biehal, Gabriel J." Assoc Prof "Godes, David B" Assoc Prof "Hamilton, Rebecca Warme" Assoc Prof "Krapfel, Robert E." Assoc Prof "Moe, Wendy W." Assoc Prof "Ratner, Rebecca K." Assoc Prof "Wagner, Janet" Assoc Prof "Zhang, Jie" Asst Prof "Chen, Tao" Asst Prof "Ferraro, Rosellina" Asst Prof "Joshi, Yogesh Vijay" Asst Prof "Ma, Liye" Asst Prof "Pocheptsova, Anastasiya" Asst Prof "Rand, William Michael" Asst Prof "Trusov, Michael S." Coordinator "Cron, Carol E." Dist Univ Prof "Rust, Roland T." Lecturer "Bensimon, Simon C." Lecturer "Boyd, Henry Clifford III" Lecturer "Ferraro, Rosellina" Lecturer "Fiddler, Robert S." Lecturer "Harms, Mary Beukema" Lecturer "Harms, Mary Beukema" Lecturer "Lefkoff, Roxanne" Lecturer "Lefkoff, Roxanne" Lecturer "Rhee, Megan G." Manager "Haines, Kathleen" Prof "Khawaja, Amna Kirmani" Prof "Srivastava, Joydeep" Prof "Wedel, Michel" Prof & Area Chair "Kannan, Pallassana K." Visit Assoc Prof "Andreassen, Tor Wallin" Visit Asst Prof "Whitney, Diane"

"$125,697.36" "$180,000.00" "$155,695.98" "$144,000.00" "$179,999.76" "$186,536.00" "$136,330.68" "$163,221.40" "$135,000.00" "$136,666.48" "$144,350.00" "$145,000.00" "$135,000.00" "$94,500.00" "$136,850.00" "$56,000.00" "$334,210.23" "$23,124.20" "$114,420.00" "$9,111.10" "$28,000.00" "$12,868.80" "$64,344.00" "$10,557.30" "$105,572.95" "$14,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$198,672.03" "$205,000.00" "$340,350.00" "$200,000.69" "$20,000.00" "$111,969.17"

BMGT-Other Programs-IBM/Quest Asst Dir Manager Manager

"Coomber, Nicole Marie" "Ashton, Melanie Natasha" "Donnelly, Claudia C"

"$61,758.14" "$42,700.67" "$44,844.81"

BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business Account Clerk II "Hopkins, Jaclyn K" Account Clerk III "Lamon, James A." Accountant "Athey, Jamie Christina" Accounting Assoc "Bartolome, Lea L" Accounting Assoc "Gillespie, Valorie Jenean" Admin Asst II "Forsythe, Mary Susan" Admin Asst II "Keifline, Susan Elizabeth" Assoc Dean "Cleveland, Patricia L." Assoc Dir "Baker, Amanda R"

"$28,280.00" "$20,189.56" "$40,888.35" "$32,475.98" "$32,287.50" "$33,294.85" "$36,366.00" "$153,179.72" "$49,280.00"

Assoc Dir "Bartholomay, Brian" Assoc Dir "Berberabe, Maria K" Assoc Dir "Dagnall, LeAnne M." Assoc Dir "Hetherington, John" Assoc Dir "Moon, Susan D." Assoc Dir "O'Brien, Cynthia V." Assoc Dir "Radice, Christina Lynne" Assoc Dir "Salters, Bobvita S." Assoc Dir "Salters, Bobvita S." Assoc Dir "Strange Lewis, Sharon" Assoc Dir "Thibodeau, Phyllis Pouyat" Assoc Dir "Weedon, Richard Terrence" Asst Dean "Horick, Brian L." Asst Dean "Marcellino, Michael Robert" Asst Dean "Stewart, Christine" Asst Dir "Chase, Bridget Kathleen" Asst Dir "Clyburn, Moneca Surida" Asst Dir "Cortes, Karmin" Asst Dir "Fullwood, Ebony" Asst Dir "Hardin, Ranetta Nicole" Asst Dir "Hodgson, Dustin" Asst Dir "Jones, Jason William" Asst Dir "Leland, Cynthia Denise" Asst Dir "Mays, Christopher Ken" Asst Dir "McLarty, Angella" Asst Dir "Riddle, Evan" Asst Dir "Rowan, Elizabeth Hannah" Asst Dir "Salinas, Gabriele M." Asst Dir "Simpson, Jeanni N" Asst Dir "Snider, Jeanette Cristine" Asst Dir "Winner, Rebecca D" Asst Mgr "Rollason, Tina Marie" Business Manager "Fatah, Daega Salah" Business Manager "Lewis, Edren" Business Manager "Lintz, Michele L." Business Serv Spec "Tong, Fuping" Coordinator "Berry, Denise Parker" Coordinator "Blanco, Justina L" Coordinator "Broughton, Shannon Denise" Coordinator "Deckelboim, Susan Kim" Coordinator "Doane, Emily Catherine" Coordinator "Gonzalez, Ana Lizeth" Coordinator "Guay, Lisa" Coordinator "Hansard, Kecia Ciana" Coordinator "Harvey, Monica" Coordinator "Hester, Rachel Nicole" Coordinator "Huddy, Kristin" Coordinator "John, Kimberly" Coordinator "Krakower, Julie" Coordinator "LaRiviere, Kristin Elizabeth" Coordinator "Muraski, Gregory" Coordinator "Noguchi, Aki" Coordinator "Richards, Anthony M" Coordinator "Sani, Morounmubo H." Coordinator "Taylor, Amy Michelle" Coordinator "Tong, Lufandia Wai" Coordinator "Wagner, Mary" Director "Arford, Alissa Ann" Director "Belsinger, Melissa J." Director "Clay, Rosetta L." Director "Comstock, Leland" Director "Corpus, Rowena" Director "Davies, Jessica D." Director "Drake, Terrill Lopez" Director "General, Leroy" Director "Glasgow, Luke J." Director "Kang, Sam" Director "Kudisch, Jeffrey D." Director "Lavino, Edward" Director "Loock, Rachel" Director "Miller, Don" Director "Nichols, Kimberly" Director "Zito, Julia" Exec Dir "White, Kenneth" Manager "Adams, Dakia Kelly" Manager "Coughlin, Caroline" Manager "Crowe-Kokonis, Mary S." Manager "Dellinger, Julie" Manager "Fineran, Jeanne M." Manager "Graddy, Mark Andrew" Manager "Graves, Gabrielle Jane" Manager "Handwerker, Carolyn Anne" Manager "Kerkhoff, Ashlee Marie" Manager "Locke, Millicent Noel" Manager "Smith, Chalvonna" Manager "Sparrow, Michael Steven JR" Manager "Staub, Sandra Louise" Office Clerk II "Lynn, Charles M." Office Clerk II "Wilson, Miloyka Yovanna" Office Supv I "Hagans, Tyrone A. SR" Office Supv III "Owens, Amy E." Prof And Dean"Anandalingam, Gnanalingam" Prog Coor "Duffy, Kathryn" Prog Coor "Frazier, Sonja T." Prog Coor "Gill, Jessica" Prog Coor "Lennon, Molly M" Prog Coor "Meadows, Sarah" Res Analyst "Fisher, Daniel B." Specialist "Gunter Robinson, Kasandra S" Specialist "Morris, Andrea" Specialist "Pavlovsky, Julie Alex" Specialist "Sharma, Anitha R" Writer/Editor "Smith, Jessica Evelyn"

"$73,023.83" "$62,344.57" "$76,257.48" "$85,295.42" "$62,735.87" "$90,000.00" "$69,581.15" "$1,794.72" "$79,399.31" "$81,712.00" "$66,130.68" "$116,500.00" "$100,370.51" "$153,153.00" "$200,861.54" "$56,000.00" "$75,633.23" "$47,809.44" "$49,998.54" "$50,000.00" "$61,000.00" "$55,810.58" "$55,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$75,774.00" "$52,182.54" "$70,000.00" "$53,384.60" "$54,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$69,585.48" "$57,590.76" "$69,500.00" "$70,246.40" "$59,886.02" "$35,919.59" "$47,000.00" "$54,880.00" "$41,459.29" "$38,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$39,840.68" "$55,000.00" "$70,048.50" "$50,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$71,500.00" "$54,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$56,500.00" "$42,800.00" "$53,580.00" "$41,056.40" "$41,820.00" "$40,735.35" "$38,000.00" "$95,725.31" "$94,819.20" "$94,270.36" "$87,056.48" "$106,837.49" "$97,778.02" "$83,395.20" "$145,000.00" "$77,834.26" "$82,493.29" "$180,000.00" "$83,600.00" "$92,400.00" "$124,000.00" "$104,160.00" "$108,000.00" "$145,000.00" "$47,500.00" "$53,500.00" "$59,212.47" "$60,000.00" "$68,639.31" "$85,132.54" "$54,636.99" "$50,594.54" "$46,000.00" "$60,180.00" "$40,320.00" "$58,650.00" "$85,312.80" "$31,886.40" "$28,361.75" "$38,457.23" "$44,438.82" "$340,200.00" "$45,000.00" "$28,362.54" "$45,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$67,400.00" "$100,000.00" "$72,224.00" "$110,000.00" "$61,408.57" "$36,053.00"

School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation

ARCH-School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation Admin Asst II "Earls, Matthew M" Admin Asst II "Grant, Lauren Alexis" Assoc Prof "Bovill, Carl H." Assoc Prof "Dawkins, Casey J" Assoc Prof "Ding, Chengri" Assoc Prof "Eisenbach, Ronit" Assoc Prof "Gournay, Isabelle J." Assoc Prof "Kelly, Brian Paul" Assoc Prof & Dir "Linebaugh, Donald W." Assoc Prof & Dir "Simon, Madlen" Asst Dean "Farrell, Ingrid" Asst Dir "Cotting, Jennifer Anne" Asst Prof "Ambrose, Michael Allen" Asst Prof "Draper, Powell" Asst Prof "Iseki, Hiroyuki" Asst Prof "Koliji, Hooman" Asst Prof "Quiros Pacheco, Luis Diego" Asst Prof "Williams, Isaac S" Business Manager "Green, Dawn Denise" Coordinator "Boggs, Tameka" Coordinator "Brown, Paul W." Coordinator "Gallivan, Patricia" Coordinator "Herrera, Monica Mora" Coordinator "Hinojosa, Christine Cestello" Coordinator "Oliver, Jaime Lee" Coordinator "Petrone, Ann G." Coordinator "Williams, Cynthia B." Director "Frank, Cynthia G." Director "McFarland, Margaret" Director "Throwe, Joanne Mathews" Exec Adm Asst I "Thorne, Kathy" Fac Res Asst "Casey, Jonathan Patrick" Fac Res Asst "Hayhurst, Raymond Tyler" Fac Res Asst "Hughes, Megan" Fac Res Asst "Johnson, Matthew Charles" Fac Res Asst "Tettelbaum, Emily Lynn" Fac Res Asst "Wise, Jennifer Hart" Lecturer "Barr-Kumar, Raj" Lecturer "Daugard, Michael Patrick" Lecturer "Day-Marshall, Maria K" Lecturer "Escobal, Lester" Lecturer "Field, Cynthia R" Lecturer "Fry, Kristen" Lecturer "Gomez, Germano Jay" Lecturer "Hartman, George E" Lecturer "Johnson, Michael" Lecturer "Kimmel, Devin Stewart" Lecturer "King, James B" Lecturer "Konsoulis, Mary" Lecturer "Lamprakos, Michele" Lecturer "Lashley, Douglas" Lecturer "Mallory, Steven C" Lecturer "Mishra, Sabyasachee" Lecturer "Mortensen, Paul Robert" Lecturer "Naughten, Christopher F" Lecturer "O'Malley, Matthew Daniel" Lecturer "Pugh, Emily" Lecturer "Ramirez, Constance" Lecturer "Rogers, Jacqueline H." Lecturer "Rubeling, Albert William Jr" Lecturer "Scharmen, Frederick C" Lecturer "Smith, Julie" Lecturer "Stachura, Frederick C" Lecturer "Stanton, Michael" Lecturer "Tetrault, Alfred R" Lecturer "Winters, Jason C" Lecturer "Yazdanseta, Farzam" Prof "Bell, Matthew J." Prof "Rockcastle, Garth Carl" Prof "Vann, Robert L." Prof & Act Assoc Dean "Howland, Marie" Prof & Act Assoc Dean "Knaap, Gerrit J." Prof & Dir "Knaap, Gerrit J." Prof And Dean "Cronrath, David" Prof Emeritus "Bennett, Ralph D. JR" Prof Emeritus "Du Puy, Karl F.G." Prof Of Practice "Noonan, Peter Vincent" Prog Coor "Fried, Lisbeth S" Proj Mgr "Grieb, Brian" Res Assoc "Erdogan, Sevgi" Res Assoc "Nees, Daniel T." Res Asst Prof "Mishra, Sabyasachee" Specialist "Hines, Jeffrey Alexis" Sr Res Schl "Kugler, Daniel E" Sr Res Sci "Ducca, Frederick W." Supervisor "Swift, Thomas W"

"$34,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$85,858.51" "$56,500.00" "$52,583.88" "$73,034.00" "$75,849.12" "$92,582.00" "$95,387.95" "$95,048.00" "$110,583.35" "$68,000.00" "$71,143.62" "$75,000.00" "$38,500.00" "$64,500.00" "$61,000.00" "$68,646.89" "$41,166.99" "$48,600.00" "$70,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$52,513.03" "$47,500.00" "$51,750.00" "$60,391.68" "$56,500.00" "$46,317.85" "$165,000.00" "$89,437.72" "$39,462.50" "$46,153.00" "$46,153.00" "$61,118.40" "$46,153.00" "$46,153.00" "$46,153.00" "$19,600.00" "$12,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,500.00" "$14,700.00" "$21,000.00" "$6,611.10" "$29,400.00" "$10,000.00" "$10,500.00" "$20,000.00" "$20,016.00" "$15,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$13,000.00" "$6,000.00" "$29,400.00" "$20,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,500.00" "$16,000.00" "$20,000.00" "$14,700.00" "$16,400.00" "$20,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$21,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$25,000.00" "$9,998.00" "$79,659.57" "$161,160.72" "$101,783.09" "$35,674.43" "$37,119.68" "$86,283.45" "$206,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$72,000.00" "$32,710.96" "$40,889.06" "$16,000.00" "$67,500.00" "$80,000.25" "$75,000.00" "$61,000.00" "$26,500.00" "$90,000.00" "$58,187.25"

ARCH-Urban Studies & Planning Program Assoc Prof "Chen, Alexander" Assoc Prof "Dawkins, Casey J" Assoc Prof "Ding, Chengri" Asst Prof "Iseki, Hiroyuki" Lecturer "Craze, Celia W." Lecturer "Falk, David" Lecturer "Frank, Andrew B." Prof "Baum, Howell S." Prof "Hanna, William John" Prof "Knaap, Gerrit J." Prof & Act Assoc Dean "Howland, Marie" Senior Lecturer "Cohen, James R."

School of Public Health

"$99,041.00" "$56,500.00" "$52,583.88" "$38,500.00" "$9,000.00" "$10,028.00" "$4,008.00" "$103,980.17" "$93,788.72" "$74,041.87" "$107,023.57" "$78,470.18"

SPHL-Behavioral & Community Health Admin Asst II "Monis, Beverly O." Assoc Prof "Desmond, Sharon M." Assoc Prof "Holt, Cheryl L." Assoc Prof "Howard, Donna E" Assoc Prof "Sawyer, Robin G." Assoc Prof & Dir "Aldoory, Linda" Asst Prof "Butler, James III" Asst Prof "Daughters, Stacey B." Asst Prof "Fryer, Craig Scott" Asst Prof "Garza, Mary Alice" Asst Prof "Green, Kerry M." Business Manager "Madoo, David" Fac Res Asst "Anderson, Katelyn" Fac Res Asst "Bellows, Denise Marie" Fac Res Asst "Geiger, Tanya" Fac Res Asst"Ignaczak, Magdalena Katarzyna" Fac Res Asst "Lindberg, Briana Michelle" Fac Res Asst "Ryan, Jonathan Steven" Fac Res Asst "Santos, Sherie Lou Zara" Fac Res Asst "Saunders, Darlene Renee" Fac Res Asst"Seitz-Brown, Christopher Jonathan" Fac Res Asst "Sharma Acharya, Eva" Fac Res Asst "Walker, Arthur Reymound" Fac Res Asst "Wilson, Alexis Page" Lecturer "Anderson-Sawyer, Anne" Lecturer "Bayley, Allison" Lecturer "Debnam, Katrina Joy" Lecturer "Gilbert, Geoffrey B." Lecturer "Heffernan, Kimberly P." Lecturer "Hodgson, Jennifer Roche" Lecturer"La Touche-Howard, Sylvette Antonia" Lecturer "Reynolds, Martha Sue" Lecturer "Sharp, Katherine" Lecturer "Smith, Nancy Gray" Lecturer "Zeeger, Tracy Marie" Lecturer "Zeeger, Tracy Marie" Physician "Albert, Barbara Jean" Prof "Beck, Kenneth H." Prof "Boekeloo, Bradley O." Prof "Feldman, Robert H." Prof "Wang, Min Qi" Prof & Chair "Glover, Elbert D." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Kennedy, Tracy" Res Assoc Prof "Voorhees, Carolyn Clymer" Res Prof "Clark, Pamela Irene"

"$42,029.81" "$74,517.36" "$103,800.00" "$72,856.52" "$100,616.43" "$120,000.00" "$78,800.00" "$90,000.00" "$78,800.00" "$78,800.00" "$82,470.00" "$54,320.00" "$33,000.00" "$32,957.00" "$38,272.00" "$33,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$33,000.00" "$44,200.00" "$55,252.09" "$31,000.00" "$37,014.00" "$44,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$28,014.00" "$54,640.00" "$50,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$5,951.08" "$101,618.44" "$110,753.76" "$87,080.83" "$100,618.02" "$187,352.13" "$36,848.64" "$43,347.22" "$143,800.00"

SPHL-Epidemiology & Biostatistics Assoc Prof "Carter-Pokras, Olivia Denise" Asst Prof "He, Xin" Asst Prof "Lee, Sunmin" Asst Prof "Wu, Tongtong" Coordinator "Mackey, Karen L." Prof & Chair "Lee, Mei-Ling Ting" Res Asst Prof "Cruz-Cano, Raul" Res Asst Prof "Dyer, Typhanye Penniman" Res Asst Prof "Saksvig, Brit Irene" Visit Asst Prof "Khan, Maria" Visit Prof "Young, Deborah Sue Rohm"

"$103,459.20" "$96,600.00" "$104,932.80" "$87,540.68" "$50,184.00" "$200,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$65,333.80" "$32,000.00"

SPHL-Family Science Assoc Prof "Kim, Jinhee" Assoc Prof "Leslie, Leigh A." Assoc Prof "Roy, Kevin M." Assoc Prof "Shenassa, Edmond" Assoc Prof "Smith-Bynum, Mia Anaya" Assoc Prof "Wallen, Jacqueline" Assoc Res Sci "Arria, Amelia" Asst Prof "Jones, Marian Moser" Business Manager "Richardson, Doris V." Coordinator "McClure, Erin" Coordinator "Okolo, Zainab" Fac Res Asst "Ashton, Sharina" Fac Res Asst "Baron, Rebecca Anne" Fac Res Asst "Caldeira, Kimberly M." Fac Res Asst "Carr, Kathryn Vincent" Fac Res Asst "Speirs, Katherine Elizabeth" Fac Res Asst "Winick, Emily R." Inst "Werlinich, Carol A." Lecturer "Bernards, Reena" Lecturer "Blair-Brown, Merlene" Lecturer "Guidorizzi, Maria Christina" Lecturer "Hoskins, Lindsey Megan" Lecturer "Jimenez De Tono, Norma Cecilia" Lecturer "Knight, William Edward" Lecturer "Lindberg, Shawna Marie" Lecturer "Scheiner, Ann Caroline" Lecturer "Schull, Christine Pegorraro" Lecturer "Tripp, Kerry W." Lecturer "Wilcox, Wendy J" Lecturer "Zeiger, Robyn S." Prof "Epstein, Norman B." Prof "Hofferth, Sandra L." Prof "Koblinsky, Sally A." Prof & Chair "Anderson, Elaine A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jones, Nacie K." Res Assoc "Grutzmacher, Stephanie Kristen" Res Assoc "Maring, Elisabeth Fost" Secretary "Starr, Sherry"

"$69,378.76" "$73,152.22" "$76,858.77" "$90,780.00" "$80,000.00" "$70,913.95" "$64,102.00" "$75,000.00" "$57,224.82" "$50,400.53" "$40,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$28,000.00" "$51,662.49" "$38,810.06" "$50,000.00" "$21,000.00" "$76,447.27" "$2,747.92" "$4,200.00" "$4,597.95" "$8,000.00" "$2,730.00" "$16,720.00" "$2,745.83" "$2,730.00" "$16,720.00" "$16,720.00" "$4,590.00" "$17,974.00" "$101,429.63" "$132,413.28" "$170,833.00" "$160,000.00" "$37,925.00" "$70,000.00" "$56,865.00" "$18,860.32"

SPHL-Health Services Administration Assoc Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof

"Simon-Rusinowitz, Lori" "Dagher, Rada" "Mortensen, Karoline"

"$77,331.92" "$71,000.00" "$75,000.00"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Coordinator "Swartz, Sue A." Fac Res Asst "Carroccio, Jean" Fac Res Asst "Loughlin, Dawn Marie Shoop" Fac Res Asst "Siegel, Linda L." Fac Res Asst "Steele, Jack D." Lecturer "King, Christopher Jerome" Lecturer "Laird, Shivonne L." Prof & Chair "Wilson, Laura B." Prof & Dir "Thomas, Stephen B." Res Prof "Simson, Sharon P."

"$58,400.00" "$19,737.25" "$50,000.00" "$69,997.26" "$87,000.00" "$8,460.00" "$8,400.00" "$193,960.94" "$200,000.00" "$38,750.20"

"$67,829.87" "$69,332.23" "$86,001.00" "$95,348.20" "$78,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$72,676.20" "$69,706.80" "$38,346.56" "$63,815.54" "$55,000.00" "$37,744.29" "$17,640.00" "$38,000.00" "$85,627.00" "$66,514.25" "$9,424.00" "$35,072.00" "$14,389.93" "$15,300.00" "$87,040.00" "$39,289.86" "$9,424.00" "$32,450.00" "$13,531.23" "$5,856.85" "$26,304.00" "$8,890.25" "$4,056.03" "$1,352.00" "$9,718.25" "$50,000.00" "$94,625.78" "$141,270.00" "$141,195.58" "$125,250.53" "$86,811.50" "$98,206.17" "$160,000.00" "$35,062.44" "$42,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$41,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$68,476.44" "$85,000.00"

SPHL-MD Institute for Applied Environmental Health Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Asst Prof Coordinator Fac Res Asst Fac Res Asst Prof & Dir Res Assoc Res Asst Prof

"Puett, Robin" "Sapkota, Amir" "Sapkota, Amy Rebecca" "Turner, Paul C." "Wilson, Sacoby" "Rocque, Maurice Charles" "Grove, Ryan Charles" "Sievers, Jacqueline" "Milton, Donald K." "Jiang, Chengsheng" "Grantham, Michael L."

"$75,000.00" "$72,649.50" "$72,649.50" "$75,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$49,500.00" "$198,000.00" "$61,500.00" "$63,750.00"

SPHL-School of Public Health Acad Adv "Bauer, Joy A." Adjunct Asst Prof "Banda, Deliya Rose" Adjunct Asst Prof "Banda, Deliya Rose" Asst Dean "Farmer, Colleen M." Asst Dean "Kivlighan, Mary Suzanne" Coordinator "Cobb, Marquita D." Coordinator "Friedgen, Gloria S." Coordinator "Garcia, Katherine E" Coordinator "Peterson Naude', Leona F" Coordinator "Quinn, Sandra J" Coordinator "Stern, Lauren Coffren" Director "Blake, Kelly Elizabeth" Director "Nobleman, Christina Renee" Director "Pomietto, Blakely Ruth" Director "Shervanian, Adam Steven" Director "Springfield, Vanessa Greer" Director "Thiel, Erin Patricia" Director "Todd, Jennifer L." Director "Welsh, Scott Jerome" Fac Res Asst "Maybury, Catherine" Fac Res Asst "Passmore, Susan R." IT Coor "Wilson, Quinten" IT Support Asst "Knott, Wesley" Lecturer "Cook, Lynn C." Lecturer "Ducey, Sara Bachman" Lecturer "Pomietto, Blakely Ruth" Lecturer "Saperstein, Sandra L." Lecturer "Todd, Jennifer L." Lecturer "Wood, Walter R." Prof & Assoc Dean "Kleinman, Dushanka V."

"$185,000.00" "$249,465.00" "$40,000.00" "$43,066.96" "$37,000.00" "$63,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$65,781.84" "$32,858.57"

School of Public Policy

SPHL-Kinesiology Assoc Prof "McDaniel, Stephen R." Assoc Prof "Rogers, Marc A." Assoc Prof "Roth, Stephen M." Assoc Prof "Shim, Jae Kun" Asst Prof "Chin, Eva R" Asst Prof "Jette, Shannon Leigh" Asst Prof "Smith, J Carson" Asst Prof "Spangenburg, Espen E." Asst Prof "Thomas, Damion L" Business Serv Spec "Duque, Jessica" Coordinator "Clary, Regina B." Coordinator "Sebastian, Polly Regina" Exec Adm Asst I "Han, Joanna" Fac Res Asst "O-Phartkaruna, Tippawan" Fac Res Asst "Ober, Janelle" Inst "Brown, Elizabeth Y." Inst "Scott, Marvin W." Lecturer "Friedman, Michael" Lecturer "Ginsberg, Andrew Anderson" Lecturer "Klotz, Kenneth W." Lecturer "Kogut, Susan Peters" Lecturer "Palla-Kane, Ana" Lecturer "Phillips, Jennie A" Lecturer "Plotkin, Larry" Lecturer "Romeo, Andrea B" Lecturer "Rush, Laura A." Lecturer "Shums, Anne A." Lecturer "Sterling, Jennifer Jill" Lecturer "Vacante, Dennis F." Lecturer "Welsh, Scott Jerome" Lecturer "Wiest, Amber Lynn" Lecturer "Zavaglia, Angela Marie" Lecturer "Zimmerman, Jo B." Prof "Andrews, David Lawrence" Prof "Clark, Jane E." Prof "Hagberg, James M." Prof "Hurley, Ben F." Prof "Iso-Ahola, Seppo E." Prof "Jeka, John J." Prof & Chair "Hatfield, Bradley D." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Garcia, Bianca Carolina" Res Assoc "Auyang, Arick G" Res Assoc "Hwang, Sung Jae" Res Assoc "Kwon, Hyun Joon" Res Asst Prof "Deglau, Dena A." Res Asst Prof "Gentili, Rodolphe J." Res Asst Prof "Kiemel, Timothy L." Res Asst Prof "Oliveira, Marcio Alves De"

Prof & Assoc Dean "Quinn, Sandra Crouse" Prof And Dean "Gold, Robert S." Prog Coor "Saravanapavan, Sivan" Prog Mgmt Spec I"Adedotun, Falade Michael" Proj Coor "Radice, Sarah Diane" Res Assoc "Brown, Natasha A." Res Assoc "Casper, Erica T." Res Assoc Prof "Haider, Muhiuddin" Res Assoc Prof "Horowitz, Alice Munkhoff"


"$40,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$104,000.00" "$135,915.00" "$51,500.00" "$52,276.05" "$42,640.00" "$47,000.00" "$42,560.00" "$40,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$84,309.12" "$82,600.54" "$75,209.90" "$70,257.60" "$66,900.00" "$72,800.00" "$75,649.25" "$60,000.00" "$64,500.00" "$54,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$2,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$4,000.00" "$12,000.00" "$197,712.41"

PUAF-Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise Coordinator Director Fac Res Asst Fac Res Asst Lecturer Res Prof Sr Res Schl Coordinator Fac Res Asst Sr Res Schl Sr Res Schl

"Williams, Dionne" "Pulliam, Caroline Dawn" "Harrington, Lisa" "Rigilano, John Paul" "Chapman, Eric M" "Nolte, William M." "Lucyshyn, William" "Perry, Francesca" "Siegel, Jonas Elliott" "Gallagher, Nancy W." "Crocker, David A."

"$43,723.69" "$80,355.59" "$57,413.24" "$49,920.00" "$4,000.00" "$92,130.56" "$174,515.40" "$55,453.32" "$50,000.00" "$102,500.30" "$104,550.64"

PUAF-School of Public Policy Acad Adv "Durril, Kenneth A." Admin Asst I "Cheek, Talisha Nyree" Admin Asst II "Harrell, Desiree Caroline" Admin Asst II "Zager, Bonnie" Assoc Dean "Powers, William L." Assoc Dir "Daigler, Aphi" Assoc Dir "Hinson, Elizabeth A." Assoc Dir "Kempton, Christopher B." Assoc Prof "Sprinkle, Robert H." Asst Dean "Savia, Anthony Philip" Asst Dir "Faulkner, Taryn F." Asst Dir "Goodhart, Michael" Asst Dir "Harris, Nina P." Asst Dir "Mayo-Brown, Adrienne Jene" Asst Prof "Afzal, Madiha" Asst Prof "Gilmore, Elisabeth" Asst Prof "Hultman, Nathan Eric" Asst Prof "Levine, Daniel Harold" Asst Prof "Petrescu, Ioana" Coordinator "Becton, Eugina Melody" Coordinator "Logan, Karen C." Coordinator "Lopez, Mary E." Coordinator "Taylor, Katherine Jean" Coordinator "Williamson, R Denise" Director "Kennedy, Thomas" Dist Univ Prof "Schick, Allen" Exec Dir "Ross, Kimberly M." Fac Res Asst "Blohm, Andy John" Fac Res Asst "DeRuyver, Debra Lynn" Fac Res Asst "Olsthoorn, Mark F." Fac Res Asst "Queen, Janay Yvonne" Fac Res Asst "Siegel, Jonas Elliott" Fac Res Asst "Tran, Phuong Lien" Fac Res Asst "Williamson, Sean Russell" Fac Res Asst "Wilsey, Shelly" Grad Asst III "Yuravlivker, Dror Itzhak" Lecturer "Busse, Michael D." Lecturer "Call, Douglas M." Lecturer "Gallagher, Nancy W." Lecturer "Germanis, Peter" Lecturer "Glendening, Frances Hughes" Lecturer "Gonzalez-Marcos, Miguel" Lecturer "Graham, Carol" Lecturer "Grimm, Robert Thornton" Lecturer "Haaga, John G." Lecturer "Harris, Nina P." Lecturer "Helkie, William L." Lecturer "Jones, Kevin Dewitt" Lecturer "Lahneman, William James" Lecturer "Malone, Elizabeth L." Lecturer "Manuel, Paul C." Lecturer "McCann, Samuel Anthony" Lecturer "McGoff, Christopher J." Lecturer "Messick, Richard" Lecturer "Morris, Russell" Lecturer "Pitchford, John M." Lecturer "Riley, Catherine Irene" Lecturer "Short, Charles L." Lecturer "Siegel, Jonas Elliott" Lecturer "Varholy, Stephen J." Lecturer "Weissman, Seth" Lecturer "Winegrad, Gerald W." Lecturer "Zhou, Naijun" Manager "D'Souza, Ravi Vikram" Manager "Sloane, Leigh M." Prof "Besharov, Douglas J." Prof "Destler, I M Mac" Prof "Fetter, Steve" Prof "Foreman, Christopher H. JR" Prof "Gansler, Jacques S." Prof "Joyce, Philip G." Prof "Nelson, Robert H." Prof "Reuter, Peter H." Prof "Ruth, Matthias" Prof "Ruth, Matthias" Prof "Schwab, Susan C." Prof "Steinbruner, John D." Prof "Swagel, Phillip L."

"$57,000.00" "$30,996.00" "$35,000.00" "$33,547.60" "$143,000.17" "$71,650.00" "$81,867.31" "$64,087.29" "$94,596.17" "$123,624.00" "$52,077.20" "$67,957.50" "$109,489.39" "$60,547.20" "$87,000.00" "$77,500.00" "$78,795.00" "$52,020.00" "$90,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$52,982.70" "$52,000.00" "$38,192.00" "$58,372.96" "$106,812.85" "$81,393.79" "$29,483.41" "$36,720.00" "$61,774.00" "$40,000.00" "$27,448.20" "$7,500.00" "$32,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$69,643.33" "$3,750.00" "$15,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$10,250.03" "$15,000.00" "$9,237.12" "$15,000.00" "$30,099.51" "$11,500.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,948.93" "$30,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$10,020.00" "$10,020.00" "$7,500.00" "$7,500.00" "$15,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$15,000.00" "$6,100.00" "$54,060.00" "$65,000.00" "$145,348.90" "$164,561.46" "$186,573.30" "$120,894.36" "$203,403.23" "$160,000.00" "$123,058.51" "$118,592.14" "$14,300.00" "$143,481.45" "$98,755.64" "$168,051.82" "$195,000.00"

Prof And Dean Prof Of Practice Prof Of Practice Prof Of Practice Prog Asst Prog Coor Prog Coor Prog Mgmt Spec I Res Assoc Res Assoc Res Prof Res Prof Senior Lecturer Specialist Sr Res Schl Sr Res Schl Sr Res Schl Sr Res Schl Tech Coor

"Kettl, Donald F." "Apfel, Kenneth Stephen" "Grimm, Robert Thornton" "Meyer, Jack A." "Brown, Margaret Butler" "Lou, Jiehong" "Washington, Aisha" "Monroe, Kathleen M" "Cherrey, Cynthia" "Goddard-Truitt, Victoria" "Hilde, Thomas Christian" "Zhang, Mengzhong" "Duke, Elizabeth" "Kamuiru, Michael" "Brown, Marita B." "Feinstein, Fred" "Field, Charles G." "Rogers, Jacqueline H." "Corvah, Samuel J."

"$257,000.00" "$130,432.80" "$115,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$41,059.00" "$48,354.38" "$37,925.00" "$16,768.80" "$33,257.39" "$60,000.00" "$97,797.60" "$90,702.00" "$58,000.00" "$35,275.77" "$11,064.61" "$81,479.54" "$40,267.50" "$73,186.00"

Sr VP Academic Affairs & Provost Office of Inst Research, Planning & Assessment Assoc Dir "Phillips, Pamela M." Assoc Vice Pres "Levine, Mona" Asst Dir "Passarella-George, Michael" Coordinator "Denz, Kathleen S." Coordinator "Ellison, Eowyn Susan" Coordinator "Snyder, Renee Baird" Director "Appel, Michelle Seibert" Director "La Voy, Sharon Anne" Manager "Olewa, Tom" Res Analyst "Burczek Dreier, John" Res Analyst "Williams, Donna Jean" Research Asst "Dobrosielski, Thomas" Sr Res Anlst "Howard, Kyland W."

"$74,110.74" "$161,349.56" "$69,992.91" "$49,350.00" "$53,131.06" "$62,730.00" "$90,958.70" "$99,251.76" "$75,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$70,256.67" "$35,136.00" "$72,991.54"

SVPAAP-Center for Leadership & Organizational Change Admin Asst II Asst Dir Coordinator

"Smith, Theresa M." "Scott, Laura D." "Masterson, Patrick"

"$27,600.00" "$79,458.11" "$58,000.00"

SVPAAP-Enrollment Services Operations Accountant "Reinhold, Jesse A" Analyst "Fung, Lap-Hang K" Analyst "Hendrickson, Rachel" Assoc Dir "Lemma, Dawit" Assoc Dir "Reinhold, Jesse A" Assoc Dir "Riggs, Robert C." Asst "Argueta, Nathalie Cecilia" Asst "Ferguson, Adina Elizabeth" Asst Dir "Heng, Malina" Asst Dir "Nero, Maria Lenora" Asst Dir "Symonds, Daniel Wayne" Asst Dir "Tan, Michelle Giok Ling" Asst Dir "Vander Velden, David L." Asst to Dir "Wu, Teddy ChenTung" Asst VP "Bauder, Sarah" Coordinator "Free, Breanna R." Coordinator "Jewett, Jeffrey S." Counselor "Rennie, Valerie T." Counselor "Wood, Judy F." IT Coor "Viapiano, Kimberly S" IT Sys Prog "Orhelein, Kathryn M." Office Clerk II "Twigg, Thomas E." Office Supv I "Walden, Cheree Dominique" Prg Admin Spec "Adams, Deborah J." Sr Fincl Aid Couns "Sorensen, Scott" Word Proc Op "Gingerich, Catherine L."

"$63,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$100,000.00" "$76,000.00" "$70,560.00" "$95,967.68" "$36,000.00" "$37,000.00" "$52,758.00" "$58,000.00" "$71,651.66" "$58,500.00" "$104,635.36" "$85,036.08" "$156,500.00" "$40,600.00" "$110,252.59" "$41,706.23" "$42,329.00" "$58,834.00" $45.00 "$35,757.66" "$34,200.00" "$46,580.77" "$46,777.93" "$37,455.55"

SVPAAP-Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research Admin Asst II "Burke, Molly McFarland" Admin Asst II "Zamora, George P" Administrator "Horton, Joyce K." Administrator "Silsbee, Greg" Agric Tech Lead "Cooper, Ryan" Assoc Prof "Eisenstein, Edward" Assoc Prof "Wu, Louisa P." Assoc Prof "Xiao, Shunyuan" Asst Lab Anm Tech "Kobea, Viviane Sarah" Asst Prof "Edwards, James L" Asst Prof "Li, Shuwei" Asst Prof "Muro Galindo, Silvia" Asst Prof "Nelson, Daniel C" Asst Prof "Walsh, Scott Thomas" Asst Res Sci "Altieri, Amanda Suzanne" Asst Res Sci "Giulian, Gary" Asst Res Sci "Hoopes, James Todd" Asst to Dir "Garlena, Lisa" Coordinator "Leathers, Rochelle L." Coordinator "Varela, Rita Fernandes" Director "Presley, David Christian" Director "Shea, Alison Michele" Elect Tech III "Diaz, Darwin" Fac Res Asst "Alexander, Patrick A." Fac Res Asst "Brown, Adam D." Fac Res Asst "Chen, Yihong" Fac Res Asst "Fisher, Kathryn E." Fac Res Asst"Gutierrez Razo, Sandra Abigail" Fac Res Asst "Jiang, Kongyi" Fac Res Asst"Kerzic Deshautelle, Melissa Corinne" Fac Res Asst "May, Sarah L" Fac Res Asst "Pilitt, Kristina Louise"

"$40,150.00" "$35,457.14" "$60,447.18" "$162,306.31" "$37,000.00" "$155,750.00" "$100,354.30" "$102,501.00" "$15,674.38" "$85,000.00" "$86,015.89" "$114,286.00" "$96,757.20" "$105,000.00" "$94,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$59,862.43" "$51,520.00" "$109,126.93" "$111,450.25" "$67,289.42" "$70,216.70" "$36,070.46" "$44,500.00" "$46,645.63" "$36,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$51,036.68" "$50,000.00" "$46,132.88"

Fac Res Asst "Wang, Qian" Fac Res Asst "Wu, Junlin" IT Coor "Ngo, An T" IT Prog Asst "Ford, Steven Andrew" Lab Assistant"Aluvihare, Channa Upul Bandara" Lab Helper "Wu, Wei" Manager "Harrell, Robert A." Manager "Sari, Nese" Manager "Schettino, Dawn Rode" Manager "Zhao, Suwei" Prof "Bryan, Philip N." Prof "Culver, James N." Prof "Herzberg, Osnat" Prof "Mariuzza, Roy A." Prof "Moult, John" Prof "O'Brochta, David A." Prof "Orban, John P." Prof "Payne, Gregory F." Prof "Regier, Jerome C." Prof & Dir "Nuss, Donald" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Taylor, Donna M" Res Assoc "Aduri, Raviprasad" Res Assoc "Blasic, Joseph Richard Jr" Res Assoc "Carter, Karen K." Res Assoc "Chao, Kinlin L." Res Assoc "Chen, Chen" Res Assoc "Chen, Junjun" Res Assoc "Deng, Lu" Res Assoc "Galkin, Andrey G." Res Assoc "Gorlatova, Natalia V" Res Assoc "Holland, Paul Jonathan" Res Assoc "Kulakova, Liudmila" Res Assoc "Lim, Kap" Res Assoc "Liu, Yi" Res Assoc "Luo, Xiaolong" Res Assoc "Ma, Xianfeng" Res Assoc "Mane, Viraj" Res Assoc "Mitchell, Michael Scott" Res Assoc "Palavesam, Azhahianambi" Res Assoc "Ray, Lipika" Res Assoc "Robalino, Javier A" Res Assoc "Velikovsky, Carlos Alejandro" Res Assoc "Wang, Meiyao" Res Assoc "Wang, Xiao" Res Assoc "Wang, Xin Xiang" Res Assoc "Wei, Wei" Res Assoc "Yuan, Wei" Res Assoc "Zhang, DongXiu" Res Assoc "Zhang, Yi" Res Asst Prof "Choi, Gil H" Res Asst Prof "Mihailescu, Mihaela" Res Asst Prof "Parsons, James F." Research Asst "Alford, Robert Tillman jr" Research Asst "Bhowmick, Tridib Kumar" Specialist "Leser, Mark D." Specialist "Weinstein, Debra L." Specialist "Zuhl, Maya" Sr Res Asst "Shi, Diane" Sr Sci "He, Yanan" Sr Sci "Li, Yili" Sr Sci "Spiering, Martin Jurgen" Sr Sci "Zhang, Xuemin" Storekeeper I "Petrov, Alexander E."

"$51,037.00" "$48,677.37" "$56,338.11" "$18,125.00" "$36,329.71" "$31,172.58" "$79,913.67" "$61,971.12" "$58,240.00" "$60,000.00" "$119,288.50" "$115,591.00" "$177,484.29" "$236,376.52" "$182,284.84" "$124,527.60" "$115,093.59" "$157,406.40" "$126,962.54" "$235,000.00" "$43,043.69" "$40,800.00" "$42,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$68,626.57" "$39,542.48" "$39,000.00" "$51,224.30" "$77,557.00" "$63,459.96" "$38,000.00" "$48,976.55" "$61,247.82" "$41,387.11" "$41,954.00" "$38,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$39,990.38" "$50,610.26" "$40,000.00" "$48,000.18" "$51,000.00" "$37,740.00" "$45,900.00" "$50,184.00" "$39,900.00" "$40,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$71,744.42" "$80,000.00" "$68,378.84" "$36,720.00" "$38,000.00" "$57,680.00" "$95,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$45,308.05" "$55,000.00" "$86,773.78" "$56,100.00" "$55,997.44" "$26,000.00"

SVPAAP-Institute for International Programs Accounting Assoc "Whitney, Mary P." Act Asst Dir "Kielman, Elizabeth J." Admin Asst II "Cortes, Francisca" Admin Asst II "Kuhn, Margaret V." Advisor "Gong, Nancy Lee" Advisor "Heckman-Bose, Jody S." Advisor "Hoffman, Sue" Advisor "Knudsen, Katrina" Advisor "Morgan, Louisa" Advisor "Price, Meridith H." Advisor "Richmond, Meg" Assoc Dir "Scholten, Joseph B." Assoc Dir "Varsa, Barbara J." Asst Dir "Donohoe, Catherine L" Asst Dir "Jesse Lira, Connie J" Coordinator "Covey, Lucie M." Coordinator "Hayward, Vivian" Coordinator "Hunter, Kenneth W." Coordinator "McGinnis, Rebecca W." Coordinator "Peterson, Soren M" Coordinator "Ruszczyk, Lauren Elizabeth" Coordinator "Thangpijaigul, Kobkan" Coordinator "Wilson, Hilary" Coordinator "Young, Deidre D." Dir Admin Srv "Simms, Heather" Director "Daly, Robert" Director "Dougherty, Susan-Ellis" Director "Ulrich, Michael J." Fac Res Asst "Cui, Jianxin" Office Supv II "Soumare, Marvella L" Prg Admin Spec "Ramirez, Jeanette" Prof Act Assoc VP "Wilkenfeld, Jonathan" Prog Asst "Gombin-Sperling, Jeremy" Prog Asst "McDermott, Nicole" Prog Asst "Trotta, Malissa Marie" Prog Asst "Zeutenhorst, Conrad" Prog Coor "Bao, Lei" Prog Coor "Dai-Wang, Jeannette Jing" Res Dir "Koehler, Laurie J."

"$42,500.00" "$48,706.93" "$36,900.00" "$37,425.56" "$26,126.66" "$26,158.72" "$46,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$40,500.00" "$79,127.62" "$94,613.96" "$47,264.68" "$47,169.07" "$66,912.00" "$51,400.00" "$44,385.28" "$50,326.54" "$46,142.00" "$45,142.00" "$55,000.00" "$45,152.00" "$45,142.00" "$67,957.50" "$115,005.00" "$102,000.00" "$102,346.00" "$54,300.00" "$35,149.49" "$43,294.30" "$207,743.58" "$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$45,000.00" "$44,789.00" "$85,960.41"

SVPAAP-Nyumburu Assoc Dir

"Carswell, Anne Reese"


Asst Dir "Comissiong, Solomon" Business Manager "Lorick, Valentina L." IT Support Asst "McGrew, Aaron Charles" Lecturer "Gregory, Dewayne R."

"$47,895.10" "$42,548.54" "$41,752.71" "$10,500.00"

SVPAAP-Office Multi-Ethnic Student Educ Admin Asst II "Tomas, Norma D." Assoc Dir "Payne Gold, Shaunna Lynette" Asst Dir "Chicquelo, Dottie H." Asst Dir "Ortiz, Yanira Pacheco" Asst Dir "Sawyer, Tunji" Director "Lester, Christopher" Prg Admin Spec "Dawson, Abimbola S."

"$33,905.66" "$68,000.00" "$56,352.23" "$53,600.00" "$53,630.15" "$108,100.00" "$43,964.93"

SVPAAP-Office of the Registrar Assoc Registrar "Riggs, Jennifer Ann" Assoc Registrar "Vander Velden, Jackie" Asst "Anderson, Christina Rose" Asst "Baer, Suzanne Louise" Asst "Ballard, Marva" Asst "Carter, Krista A." Asst "Grove, Shawn M" Asst "Jimenez, Rommel Javier" Asst "Laureys, Nicholas Thomas" Asst "Leyton, Cynthia Anne" Asst Dir "Yokoi, Linda M." Asst Registrar "Cartledge, Ernest Belton" Asst Registrar "Sturtevant, Rebecca J" Coordinator "Beatty, Addie L." Coordinator "Cunningham, Connie S." Coordinator "Flagg, Kismet" Coordinator "Garrett-Williams, Toya V." Coordinator "Malone, Timothy G." Exec Adm Asst I "Curtis, Dona Allyson" IT Ctl Ck Lead "Marcos, Teresa L." IT PC Spec II "Thomas, Debra A." Office Supv I "Dunbar, Osker Zestolavont JR" Office Supv I "Peregoy, Kate" Office Supv I "Toussaint, Marissa" Office Supv III "Williams, Robyn S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Barrett, Dianne A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Lauer, Kevin" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Pruett, Deborah P." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Toussaint, Sandra R." Registrar "Cornelius, Adrian R."

"$73,034.91" "$86,985.60" "$35,000.00" "$46,945.80" "$40,000.00" "$66,689.97" "$35,000.00" "$35,706.53" "$35,500.00" "$37,796.37" "$74,928.09" "$52,050.00" "$53,550.00" "$54,257.88" "$46,628.45" "$51,736.06" "$52,509.60" "$47,949.67" "$37,750.00" "$17,838.88" "$50,889.06" "$29,800.00" "$30,545.00" "$29,800.00" "$43,367.81" "$38,117.79" "$34,338.17" "$38,117.44" "$43,608.03" "$122,000.00"

SVPAAP-Student Financial Aid Client Services Assoc Dir "Boyd, Monique" Asst Dir "Saxton, Claudine J." Collections Spec "McHale, Brenda M." Coordinator "Dawkins, Peggy C." Director "Boyd, Monique" Fincl Aid Couns "Brice, Nakeyva E." Fincl Aid Couns "Bridges, Venesha" Fincl Aid Couns "Dollar, Nicolas" Fincl Aid Couns "Hansberry, Jemika Ovonia" Fincl Aid Couns "Hollingsworth, Sharon" Fincl Aid Couns "Jauregui, Cecilia" Fincl Aid Couns "Orgil, Enerel" Fincl Aid Couns "Shinagawa, Sunyong" IT Ctl Ck Lead "Durham, Fenile L." Office Assistant "Washington, James Alvin" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Smith, Denise M." Sr Fincl Aid Couns "Saxton, Claudine J." Sr Fincl Aid Couns "Tran, Lisa Loan Thi"

"$80,963.52" "$48,160.00" "$49,804.15" "$38,566.33" "$90,679.14" "$37,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$36,500.00" "$35,615.00" "$42,595.40" "$39,000.00" "$34,384.00" "$34,577.86" "$33,588.58" "$23,401.71" "$40,552.24" "$43,000.00" "$43,200.00"

SVPAAP-SVP Sr VP Academic Affairs & Provost Administrator "Andrews, Sylvia B." "$133,290.80" Analyst "Khan, Siemy" "$47,734.53" Assoc Dir "Hamilton, April" "$57,500.00" Assoc Dir "Sakurai, Nicholas" "$59,000.00" Assoc Vice Pres "McLean, William F." "$190,530.58" Assoc VP & Spec Asst to Pres"Waters, Robert E. JR" "$180,137.57" Asst Dir "Bonner, Marla" "$44,244.43" Asst Dir "Passarella-George, Michael" "$10,499.00" Business Manager "Smith, Rhonda L." "$51,941.80" Chief Diversity Officer & AVP"Shorter-Gooden, Kumea" "$186,000.00" Coordinator "Colson, Michael D" "$72,000.00" Director "Appel, Michelle Seibert" "$13,643.00" Director "Arnold, Mark" "$70,000.00" Director "Bobich, Angela" "$97,014.00" Director "Jensen, Luke S." "$87,500.00" Director "Lee, Jacqueline Wheeler" "$77,376.30" Director "Malone, Rhonda Jan" "$98,744.43" Director "Marcellino, Michelle Gordon" "$89,503.56" Director "Zeigler, Ronald" "$95,990.74" Exec Adm Asst II "Moore, Donna" "$41,045.38" Exec Asst to Prov "Rodgerson, Beverly C." "$95,142.26" Manager "Richardson, Roderick E." "$97,461.95" Manager "Wineke, Elizabeth Ann" "$68,774.72" Prof & Assoc Prov "Beise, Elizabeth J." "$170,400.00" Prof & Assoc Prov "Straszheim, Mahlon R." "$224,028.00" Prof & Assoc Prov "Uriagereka, Juan" "$168,000.00" Prog Coor "Corneilse, Carol" "$63,000.00" Res Analyst "Hinkle, Margaret Mary" "$63,100.40" Sr VP & Provost "Wylie, Ann G." "$310,740.00" Staff Asst "Davis, Sandra L." "$50,000.00"

SVPAAP-University Senate Coordinator "Benincasa, Chelsea Terese" Coordinator "Skinner, Abbe" Coordinator "Walker, William Harris" Exec Sec & Dir CP Sen "Montfort, Reka S."

Undergraduate Admissions

"$44,800.00" "$36,960.00" "$38,000.00" "$99,523.20"



Adm Couns "Brohawn, April Elizabeth" Adm Couns "Cottrell, Garrett Benjamin" Adm Couns "Dimas, Christal Joem" Adm Couns "Hesse, Erwin Carlos" Adm Couns "Hyppolite, Monique" Adm Couns "Norris, Lauren Ashley" Adm Couns "Reid, Karina Lauren" Adm Couns "Unglesbee, Ruth" Advisor "Tomlinson, Colleen M" Asst "Purcell, Jane A." Asst Dir "Bair, Ashley Nicola" Asst Dir "Davis, Derrick L." Asst Dir "Lom, Jacqueline Kay" Asst Dir "Massey, James B JR" Asst Dir "Newman, Colleen Patricia" Asst Dir "Robinson, Michael Anthony" Asst VP "Gill, Barbara Ann" Business Serv Spec "Zloch, Jacqueline H." Coordinator "Baxter, Sara Josephine" Coordinator "Bell, Mary" Coordinator "Bowen, Jesse M" Coordinator "Brooks, Kimberly D." Coordinator "DeFord, Meghan Marie" Coordinator "Jones, Matthew Justin" Coordinator "Levine, Amy Schoen" Coordinator "Stamps, LaChelle Louise" Coordinator "Sutton, Shivani Kackar" Coordinator "White, Amanda Catherine" Director "Gundy, Shannon R." Director "Reynolds, D Britt" Editorial Asst "Grzesiak, Kerrie L." IT Ctl Ck Lead "Johnson, Bernice L." Office Supv I "Bouwkamp, Diane Lynn" Office Supv I "Whitehead, Rosemary D." Sr Adm Couns "Rogers, Elizabeth Loraine" Sr Assoc Director "Bell, Allison Elizabeth"

"$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$33,000.00" "$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$34,500.00" "$33,000.00" "$46,206.49" "$42,829.46" "$41,674.00" "$56,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$60,109.00" "$60,000.00" "$57,077.00" "$162,052.00" "$41,463.60" "$45,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$45,245.00" "$52,560.00" "$49,980.00" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$46,727.00" "$50,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$117,009.75" "$117,010.00" "$42,838.31" "$38,818.52" "$29,682.92" "$34,309.40" "$38,640.00" "$90,000.00"

Undergraduate Studies UGST-Academic Achievement Programs Admin Asst I "Amusat, Muniru G." Admin Asst II "Compton, Mary Ellen" Assoc Dir "Beyene, Tilahun" Assoc Dir "Wright, Terri" Asst Dir "Boseman, Angela M." Asst Dir "Cox, Tiffany Cardiss" Coordinator "Acevedo-Ortiz, Antonio" Coordinator "Sow, Pathe" Coordinator "Vanwright, Sharon Carmen" Couns Adv "Foreman, Danielle Lynn" Couns Adv "Gonzalez-Velazquez, Edna I." Couns Adv "Jackson, Q T. JR" Couns Adv "Middleton, Dario" Director "Lewis, Jerry Lee" Editorial Asst "Smedberg, David H" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Botts, Marsha"

"$34,610.04" "$21,250.00" "$82,568.41" "$67,000.00" "$57,000.00" "$56,000.00" "$58,333.39" "$49,725.52" "$49,661.25" "$45,479.25" "$47,253.77" "$48,896.74" "$46,947.35" "$122,720.36" "$38,000.00" "$40,996.78"

UGST-AFROTC-Air Science Admin Asst II

"Rich, Yolanda E."


Asst Dir "Hill, Vickie" Asst Dir "White, Caitlin" Coordinator "Deal, Karen Marie" Coordinator "Lebrun, Liza" Coordinator "Milton, Lauren Courtney" Lecturer "Adomaitis, Raymond A." Lecturer "Agarwal, Ritu" Lecturer "Aloimonos, John" Lecturer "Aranda-Espinoza, Jose Helim" Lecturer "Baz, Amr M." Lecturer "Bequette, Brian J." Lecturer "Bossis, Ioannis" Lecturer "Briken, Volker" Lecturer "Carlson, John B." Lecturer "Carr, Charles W." Lecturer "Chellappa, Ramalingam" Lecturer "Felton, Gary Kent" Lecturer "Fisher, John P" Lecturer "Grant-Wisdom, Dorith" Lecturer "Grutzmacher, Stephanie Kristen" Lecturer "Hammond, William M." Lecturer "Hsieh, Adam H." Lecturer "Hutcheson, Steven W." Lecturer "Lazur, Andrew M." Lecturer "Mallios, Peter Lancelot" Lecturer "McCarthy, Colman J." Lecturer "Newman, John M. JR" Lecturer "O'Sullivan, Sylvia G." Lecturer "Ottesen, Andrea Ruth" Lecturer "Prasad, Kislaya" Lecturer "Purtilo, James M." Lecturer "Roesch, Matthew Ryan" Lecturer "Rothman, Korey R." Lecturer "Rothman, Korey R." Lecturer "Sahyoun, Nadine R." Lecturer "Satelmajer, Ingrid I." Lecturer "Schotland, Sara" Lecturer "Shim, Jae Kun" Lecturer "Slocum, Tyson T." Lecturer "Smead, Howard" Lecturer "Srinivasan, Aravind" Lecturer "Thompson, Katerina V." Lecturer "Tilley, David R." Lecturer "Turley, Steven D." Lecturer "Wang, Chunsheng" Lecturer "Wang, Nam Sun" Lecturer "Yu, Miao" Lecturer "Zachariah, Michael R." Prof & Dir "Dorland, William Douglass" Prof & Dir "Wallace, James M." Prog Coor "Horvath, Nicole Frances" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Bielec, Lucille M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Torchia, Margaret H."

"$58,588.32" "$50,379.84" "$54,075.00" "$57,599.75" "$45,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$2,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$18,523.28" "$5,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$32,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$16,000.00" "$17,333.56" "$18,521.24" "$5,000.00" "$2,500.00" "$6,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$7,680.00" "$8,160.00" "$5,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$24,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$8,000.00" "$9,261.36" "$5,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$5,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,500.00" "$5,000.00" "$5,000.00" "$164,056.00" "$98,481.40" "$43,000.00" "$28,018.03" "$27,363.34"

UGST-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies Program Asst Dir Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer

"Sapinoso, J V." "Goodwin, James Michael" "Moesch, Jarah Wendy" "Perez, Christopher James" "Samek, Alyssa Ann"

"$49,772.71" "$9,000.00" "$4,172.55" "$4,172.55" "$4,297.36"

UGST-Asian American Studies Program Admin Asst II "Kim, Jessica Jisun" Assoc Prof & Dir "Shinagawa, Larry Hajime" Fac Res Asst "Wang, Ying" Lecturer "Daus, Gemirald P" Lecturer "Nash, Philip Tajitsu" Lecturer "Oh, Christian H" Lecturer "Otsuka, Shuji" Prog Coor "Lee, Grace H"

"$35,875.00" "$150,252.77" "$50,000.00" "$7,500.00" "$9,600.00" "$3,500.00" "$16,000.00" "$51,000.00"

UGST-College Park Scholars Admin Asst II Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Asst Dir Business Manager Coordinator Exec Dir Lecturer

"Metrenas, Nancy E." "Eubanks, David Basil" "Wilmes, Martha Baer" "Hernandez, Brent M.W." "Seward, Carolyn J." "Parks, Benjamin" "Stewart, Greig" "Garber, Robert M."

"$35,266.69" "$64,400.00" "$78,854.01" "$52,743.32" "$54,689.12" "$48,500.00" "$126,304.21" "$8,000.00"

"$42,840.00" "$42,840.00" "$42,840.00" "$42,840.00" "$41,380.00" "$76,762.00" "$131,628.45" "$51,968.00" "$68,793.78" "$50,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$45,864.00" "$50,000.00" "$1,500.00" "$59,824.50" "$38,725.00"

UGST-Honors College Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Asst Dir

"Barks, Cathy W." "Dula, Traci L.M." "Quimby, Byrn Booth" "Russell, Katherine Ford" "Thomas, Rebecca E." "hebert, dean osmar"

Asst Dir Business Serv Spec Coordinator Dir Orient

"Squire, Dian Drew" "Frey, Deborah Lynn" "Truesdell, Chelsea E" "Strumpf, Gerry B."

"$63,994.01" "$38,500.00" "$42,160.00" "$114,519.44"

UGST-Pre-Col Prog in UG Studies Admin Asst II "Hardy, Shauntaye T" Assoc Dir "Foster Ahmed, Annie E." Asst Dir "Miller, Patrick William" Business Serv Spec "Miles, Adrienne M." Coordinator "Malcolm, Moya Nikisha" Counselor "Arrindell, Janis" Counselor "Hill, Ryan Christopher" Counselor "Rizzo, Emily L." Director "Hardy DeJesus, Georgette" Res Coor "Mayers, Alissa Ann"

"$35,000.00" "$63,429.56" "$50,000.00" "$42,519.39" "$46,818.00" "$42,000.00" "$38,250.00" "$40,000.00" "$98,974.17" "$40,000.00"

UGST-Undergraduate Studies

UGST-Division of Letters & Sciences Acad Adv "Castillo, Thomas A." Acad Adv "Pryor, Elizabeth J." Acad Adv "Sass, Julie" Advisor "Ceasar, Iceney M" Advisor "Freeman, Vanessa Frierson" Assoc Dir "Bisese, William M" Asst Dean & Dir "Bryant, Deborah Reid" Asst Dir "Bevilacqua, Theresa Flynn" Asst Dir "Steen, Thomas Joseph" Coordinator "Hogan, Amelia M." Coordinator "Howe, Nichole R." Coordinator "Pfister, Corri Lynn" Coordinator "Yoshioka, Miki Madoka" Lecturer "Draper, Jordan Leigh" Prog Coor "Shaffer, Gregory Jay" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Brown, Laurie Christina"


"$70,084.05" "$71,903.32" "$75,000.00" "$82,446.03" "$80,262.00" "$62,327.57"

Admin Asst II "Dolet, Nakita Carmen" Admin Asst II "Garner, Deanna S" Admin Asst II "Shaw, Cynthia E" Advisor "Forbes, Megan Michelle" Advisor "Howell, Leah R" Assoc Prof "Armstrong, Earlene" Assoc Prof "Coleman, Linda K." Assoc Prof "Slater, Wayne H" Assoc Prof & Assoc Dean"Roberts, Douglas A." Asst Dean "Kiely, Lisa J." Asst Dean "Robinson, Kathryn T." Asst Dean "Smith, Ann C." Asst Dir "Haugen, Caitlin Secrest" Asst Dir "Kramer, Sabrina Renee" Asst to Dean "Slavin, Laura G." Coordinator "Brice, Leslie Anne" Coordinator "Cao, Lei" Coordinator "Del Rios, Melissa" Coordinator"Feaster, Keonna Ayeisha Nadine" Coordinator "Glover, Patricia M." Coordinator "Jusiewicz, Lori Marie" Coordinator "Monserez, Megan Alesia" Coordinator "Shear, Jennifer J." Coordinator "White, Whitney" Director "Burton, Joan B."

"$33,825.00" "$35,875.00" "$38,224.82" "$58,000.00" "$58,000.00" "$1,500.00" "$1,500.00" "$1,500.00" "$137,368.00" "$130,113.08" "$97,731.25" "$98,789.97" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$91,684.69" "$55,000.00" "$46,500.00" "$53,000.00" "$58,800.00" "$45,560.70" "$50,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$89,600.00"

Director Director Director IT Coor Prof Prof & Assoc Dean Prof And Dean

"DuVinage, Francis P." "Riker, James V." "Selfridge, Ashley N" "Kuhn, Mark S." "Amde, Amde M." "Gaines, Robert N." "Hamilton, Donna B."

"$96,000.00" "$93,676.80" "$70,933.32" "$69,650.16" "$1,500.00" "$134,080.00" "$209,974.83"

Universities at Shady Grove SGC-Shady Grove Center Accounting Assoc "Mojtahedi, Amir" Admin Asst II "Lagowala, Chhaya S." App Mgr "Schlosburg, Russell" Assoc Dir "May, Isabell Cserno" Assoc Dir "Rader, Julia Seaton" Asst Dir "Goetz, Paul K." Budget Analyst I "Tharkur, Sharon Sophia" Business Serv Spec "Marquez, Melissa" Business Serv Spec "Smolen, Brandon J" Coordinator "Campbell, Valerie" Coordinator "Charles, Shanna Lee" Coordinator "Chrapaty, Erin" Coordinator "Criss, Erica A" Coordinator "Fisher, Elysa" Coordinator "Gallagher, Mary Jessica" Coordinator "Kalotra, Gloria Paguia" Coordinator "Lenz, Karen Jane" Coordinator "Mirgon, Joann" Coordinator "Nardi, Jessica" Coordinator "Nuredini, Raimonda" Coordinator "Singh, Madhu M" Coordinator "Wildy, Caron Maurice" Coordinator "Williams, Troy L" Coordinator "Yackley, Elizabeth Anne" Director "Brown, Ricardo Antonio" Director "Bucci, Joseph C." Director "Dinicola, Robyn M." Director "Lang, Mary C" Director "May, Carl F." Director "Mitchell, Karen L." Director "Schlossenberg, William Morris" Electrician "Woods, Brian R" Exec Dir "Edelstein, Stewart L." HVAC Mech I "Carter, Charles D. JR" HVAC Mech III "Goldberg, Lawrence" IT Architect "El Muwaqqat, Mohamed A" IT Network Engineer "Moran, James Kevin" IT Support Assoc "Gomez, Fabian" IT Support Assoc "Haque, Maksudul M." IT Support Asst "Cobb, James A" IT Support Asst "Mantilla, Mauricio" IT Support Spec "Delane III, Milton E" IT Sys Mgr "Camacho, Juan Pablo" Librarian II "Wright, Robert" Librarian III "Munster, Irene" Library Tech II "Grijalva, Stacey" Library Tech II "Negro, Antoinette C." Library Tech III "Leishman, Alice Marie" Library Tech III"Montgomery, Rebecca Johanna" Manager "Mack, Columbus Pate JR" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Tracy, David Lee" MT Mlt Td Chf III"Isenburg, Lawrence Arthur" Office Supv I "Khan, Rafiq Ahmad" Office Supv III "Faulks, Ilona" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Akaigwe, Obioma" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jones, Tameka I" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Lampos, Maria P" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Odim, Tracy" Pub Rel Spec "Villarreal, Andrea S"

"$36,900.00" "$42,503.79" "$83,444.74" "$69,000.00" "$69,479.47" "$106,905.42" "$43,473.28" "$35,990.86" "$41,086.00" "$61,300.00" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$61,000.00" "$47,754.50" "$42,000.00" "$50,400.00" "$48,747.57" "$40,322.00" "$48,357.30" "$44,000.00" "$39,317.48" "$45,000.00" "$60,465.60" "$45,000.00" "$140,000.00" "$103,986.45" "$107,316.80" "$103,305.00" "$72,135.78" "$122,967.39" "$100,000.00" "$47,840.00" "$190,180.00" "$48,707.21" "$54,144.49" "$69,500.00" "$81,500.00" "$41,140.43" "$44,969.36" "$41,000.00" "$39,462.50" "$44,500.00" "$81,867.24" "$55,000.00" "$91,000.00" "$31,285.71" "$37,718.65" "$34,183.12" "$38,481.43" "$93,050.41" "$45,421.85" "$47,695.66" "$29,427.67" "$36,156.33" "$33,000.00" "$39,650.59" "$39,462.50" "$38,480.00" "$34,508.57"

VP Administrative Affairs VPAA- Business Services Assoc Dir "Nash, Susan K." Asst Dir "Raeder, Matthew F." Asst Dir "Walsh, Marjorie Anne" Asst to Dir "Solter Evers, Michelle Renee" Auto Serv Mech "Le, Andy C." Auto Serv Mech "Nguyen, John Van" Business Serv Spec "Connors, Anna C." Coordinator "Baumann, Carol J." Coordinator "Denson, Joseph Otis JR" Coordinator "Sharpe, Christopher H." Coordinator "Simmons, John R. JR" Coordinator "Walsh, Patrick" Director "Breen, Karen T." IT Coor "McGlew, Jeffrey" IT Coor "Woodall, Mathew Kenneth" Manager "Beasley, Lance Gregory" Manager "Masiulis, Robert Edward" Manager "McHenry, Darius Thomas" Manager "Remz, Leigh" Manager "Siska, Michael K." Manager "Thacker, Teresa M" Motor Equip Op I "Chase, Ronald U" Office Clerk II "Dennison, Sarah Jeanne" Office Clerk II "Jenkins, Krystal Lynn" Post Serv Supv I "Gray, Stephen M." Post Serv Supv I "Greene, Matthew L." Postal Serv Proc"Bermudez, Wenceslao Lozano" Postal Serv Proc "Biagas, Brian J" Postal Serv Proc "Goard, Cynthia Marie" Postal Serv Proc "Hill, Ryan Orrete"

"$111,400.00" "$97,232.00" "$98,760.00" "$35,280.00" "$46,944.63" "$46,944.63" "$41,149.29" "$65,520.00" "$42,100.00" "$51,600.00" "$52,300.00" "$45,000.49" "$127,483.05" "$57,500.00" "$45,230.00" "$50,450.00" "$81,549.00" "$88,000.00" "$92,750.00" "$72,930.00" "$80,345.00" "$28,554.00" "$27,000.00" "$24,710.00" "$40,539.79" "$41,254.13" "$24,058.22" "$23,838.00" "$25,983.37" "$24,536.00"

Postal Serv Proc "Kane, Gary Lemar" Postal Serv Proc "Kincius, Kevin G." Postal Serv Proc "Krug, Erik D." Postal Serv Proc "Logan, Daniel P." Postal Serv Proc "Stevenson, Arthur C." Postal Serv Proc "Stevenson, James L." Postal Serv Proc "Teehan, Scott Bryan" Postal Serv Proc "Vines, Delvin" Prg Admin Spec "Weiss, Maureen R." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Apperson, Joyce K." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Gore, Rebecca" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jabonete, Ma Cecilia A" Prog Mgmt Spec I"Johnson, Jonathan Shanley" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Mate, Laura L." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Newman, James D." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Nguyen, Thai Q." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Prince, John Stephen" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Weickert, Margaret A." PS Hg Sp Cp Op II "Cosbert, Angela Natasha" PS Photolithogph "Benedict, Erik Brandon" PS Photolithogph"Chapman, Richard Arthur" PS Photolithogph "Gerding, Jacob Edwin III" PS Press Op I "Anand, Vishnue" PS Press Oper II "Ermer, Thomas F." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Cannon, Sharon L." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Delauter, Sandra" PS Prt Serv Sv II "Gregory, Robert D." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Payton, Dennis C." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Rice, Robin D." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Wilson, Frank E." PS Prt Serv Sv II "Woods, Billy R. JR" PS Prt Srv Sv I "Burch, Gregory Robert" PS Prt Srv Sv I "Kovach, Kenneth P."

"$33,217.00" "$33,881.34" "$27,595.77" "$33,881.34" "$34,356.41" "$33,217.00" "$21,702.00" "$23,256.00" "$46,995.00" "$45,257.43" "$38,098.96" "$34,583.00" "$35,074.00" "$36,500.00" "$44,226.28" "$45,402.88" "$34,583.05" "$43,722.40" "$28,860.00" "$44,029.00" "$48,263.42" "$40,360.00" "$44,721.92" "$47,742.80" "$46,971.00" "$45,972.09" "$48,127.50" "$54,633.43" "$45,239.83" "$45,080.91" "$52,481.57" "$36,156.00" "$48,252.06"

VPAA-Comptroller Accountant "Belshay, Gail L." Accountant "Campbell, Derrick Harlan" Accountant "Cornell, Linda S." Accountant "Daley, Muriel B." Accountant"Logan-Boyce, Gertrude Rosalyn" Accountant "Moody, Kathy Lisa" Accountant "Morrison, Carmen LaRosa" Accountant "Thomas, Nurrehan E." Accountant "Wechsler, Diane Sara" Accountant "Williams, Kimberly Nicole" Accountant "Wong, Patricia N." Accountant "Xu, Holly Huiling" Accountant I "Bowman, Michelle Y." Accountant I "Fahey, Karla J." Accountant I "March, Zennis L." Accountant I "Mickles, Edna P." Accountant I "Roane, Jonathan D" Accountant I "Spencer-Smith, Geraldine M." Accountant I "Webster, Sheila F." Accounting Assoc "Belt, Lisa R" Accounting Assoc "Downs, Melody M." Accounting Assoc "Grimley, Diana L." Accounting Assoc "Guloy, Amadeo M." Accounting Assoc "Handy, Vitaline C." Accounting Assoc "Hennessy, Suzanne T." Accounting Assoc "West, Elizabeth M." Admin Asst II "Bishop, Natalie" Analyst "Salem, Muddu K." Assoc Bursar "Ryan, Angela D." Assoc Comptroller "Baino, Juancho B." Assoc Comptroller "Patterson, Chenise A." Assoc Vice Pres "Phelps, Julie K." Asst Bursar "Trangsrud, John" Asst Comptroller "Cohen, Jeffery M." Asst Comptroller "Tanner, Trina Alicia" Asst Comptroller "Taylor, Frank J. III" Asst Dir "Mason, John Franklin JR" Asst Dir "Moynahan, Helena A." Asst to Comptroller "Funes, Olga M." Bursar "Landi, Michael J." Business Manager "Webster, Tatia S." Business Serv Spec "Coates, Gloria L.R." Business Serv Spec"Dougherty, Catherine R" Business Serv Spec "Hanberry, Mary Ann" Business Serv Spec "Kery-Grant, Elsa nidia" Business Serv Spec "Parks, Mary M." Collections Spec "Achey, Regina C." Collections Spec "Fletcher, Andre M" Collections Spec "Harrah, A Jane" Collections Spec "Jones, Carol A." Collections Spec "Rivera, Florfina" Collections Spec "Robinson, Florence C." Collections Spec "Shaw, Yvette S." Collections Spec "Sussewell, Camille" Collections Spec "Terry, David" Coordinator "Berry, James B. III" Coordinator "Damiano, William A." Coordinator "Estrada, Vito T." Coordinator "Hanumara, Syamala" Coordinator "Hoffman, Joan M." Coordinator "Madoo, Jacqueline Elizabeth" Coordinator "Mandelblatt, Amy B." Coordinator "Poling, Elizabeth D." Coordinator "Salers, Laura J." Coordinator "Suber-Leach, Tracy" Coordinator "Walker-Reed, Cynthia" Director "Carpenter, Frank M." IT Coor "Castillo, Carlos R" IT PC Spec I "Owens, Suzanne Marie Wade" IT Support Assoc "Garcia, Josephine" IT Support Spec "Montelara, Jehovan A" IT Sys Prog "Mallari, Alain Ronquillo"

"$60,181.02" "$52,000.00" "$53,127.11" "$52,476.01" "$46,500.00" "$57,732.00" "$50,827.77" "$57,732.00" "$51,500.00" "$54,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$46,500.00" "$38,392.74" "$47,551.84" "$39,470.76" "$38,392.74" "$33,210.46" "$43,886.11" "$29,302.98" "$33,978.75" "$44,208.00" "$44,846.34" "$35,213.00" "$45,759.21" "$42,686.83" "$37,275.15" "$37,275.15" "$125,000.31" "$100,000.00" "$135,000.00" "$125,000.00" "$206,988.00" "$64,575.77" "$115,233.44" "$106,389.22" "$110,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$110,000.00" "$56,779.21" "$123,400.00" "$48,771.84" "$42,955.41" "$39,500.00" "$50,306.29" "$41,195.63" "$40,694.94" "$47,458.63" "$37,424.54" "$19,215.18" "$47,583.75" "$44,572.89" "$47,583.75" "$43,380.14" "$42,113.15" "$35,621.22" "$53,075.69" "$47,809.49" "$51,604.65" "$56,548.52" "$53,016.44" "$46,000.00" "$57,694.26" "$51,524.83" "$47,047.50" "$46,113.46" "$56,433.33" "$180,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$39,564.26" "$41,963.23" "$45,120.22" "$64,821.00"

LAN Sys Admin "John, Rajesh David" Manager "Barnes, Cynthia L." Manager "Blount, Melvin L" Manager "Dowd, Tina Maria" Manager "Elliott, Susan H." Manager "Fernandez, Josefina" Manager "Jenkins, David JR" Manager "Jin, Yi" Manager "Kilgore, Jacqueline E." Manager "Kirby, Jeffrey T." Manager "Martel, Rachel Anne" Manager "Oakley, Janice G." Manager "Okoro, Adrienne Johnson" Manager "Streicher, Gwen K." Manager "Yan, Mary Yuet Sheung" Office Clerk II "O'Neal, Mona R." Office Clerk II "Rajesh, Jeenvasantha P" Prog Mgmt Spec I "LoBiondo, Brittany" Sr Accountant "Hall, Thomas" Sr Accountant "Kenney-O'Reilly, Patricia L." Sr Accountant "Nair, Sri Latha" Sr Accountant "Thompson, Robert S." Systems Analyst "Ambrose, Russell B. JR" Systems Analyst "Henderson, Marc" Systems Analyst "Howell, Delonte M." Systems Analyst "Lederman, Joseph Philip" Systems Analyst "Rennie, Sally A." Tech Coor "Eriki, Narmada Gopalchetty" Web Svcs Developer "Livingston, Thurston"

"$74,832.04" "$85,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$67,567.96" "$93,863.02" "$64,504.40" "$64,287.30" "$72,809.32" "$81,615.90" "$91,688.52" "$66,872.53" "$86,115.00" "$78,175.28" "$68,887.12" "$71,000.00" "$26,650.00" "$27,705.60" "$39,694.00" "$78,045.21" "$63,731.00" "$57,607.05" "$76,178.38" "$99,633.25" "$84,724.87" "$94,359.93" "$82,237.13" "$91,689.75" "$91,885.77" "$80,000.00"

VPAA-Environmental Safety Admin Asst II "Boardman, Tracy" Assoc Dir "Lupin, Richard S." Asst Dir "Dorman, Mary J" Asst Dir "Gilson, Susan" Asst Dir "McMahon, Donna M." Asst Dir "Peterson, Janet S." Asst Dir "Sactor, Alan H." Business Manager "Small, Dennis Anthony" Chemist "Taylor, Cleveland JR" Coordinator "Avendano, Frances Mesina" Coordinator "Bowen, Lewis E" Coordinator "Case, Edward Q" Coordinator "DeLeon, Sally" Coordinator "Dyer, Jacques Merton" Coordinator "Grosser, Saul B" Coordinator "Hart, Lonniesha Rena" Coordinator "Heaney, Hallie H." Coordinator "Hicks, Matthew Allan" Coordinator "Jeter, Deloris" Coordinator "Miller, Richard Edwards" Coordinator "Rhodes, Jeysha R." Coordinator "Sinn, Christopher J" Coordinator "Toews, Aynsley" Director "Furr, Russell" Engineer "DeFrank, Robert F." Engineer "Foote, Andrew Brian" Engineer "Lippincott, Keith Scott" Envir Spec "Curtis, Charles Kevin" Envir Spec "Guffey, Bill" Envir Spec "Muldoon, Ryan Michael" Health Physicist "Hand, Steven Thomas" Health Physicist "Zidek, Bryan Keith" IT Sys Analyst "Douglass, Gregory Charles" Manager "Atchison, Kevin" Manager "Dailey, Phyllis L." Manager "Ferreira, Luisa Carlotta" Manager "Follum, John Edward" Manager "Kelley, Karen S" Manager "Lupin, Kristen N." Manager "Wizorek, Martin William" Prog Coor "Clay, Theresa E" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Jan, Cathy" Proj Mgr "Stewart, Mark" Specialist "Williams, Keith E."

"$36,366.00" "$147,977.53" "$120,000.00" "$105,000.00" "$102,627.49" "$108,563.57" "$102,032.81" "$68,000.00" "$74,259.57" "$46,000.00" "$53,500.00" "$85,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$52,020.00" "$63,451.40" "$52,500.00" "$62,103.79" "$39,603.20" "$41,093.62" "$55,925.86" "$63,252.86" "$53,040.00" "$49,000.00" "$160,000.00" "$75,749.00" "$69,500.00" "$97,625.00" "$78,937.48" "$66,626.56" "$45,650.00" "$90,407.17" "$68,020.80" "$95,345.14" "$74,648.70" "$82,000.00" "$80,799.81" "$96,377.61" "$97,000.00" "$91,004.14" "$88,105.08" "$47,124.22" "$34,582.82" "$60,111.02" "$53,610.96"

VPAA-Office of Budget & Fiscal Analysis Analyst Analyst Asst Dir Asst VP & Dir Coordinator

"Boblitz, Susan H." "Choy, Siu-Fai" "Beck, Theresa Gill" "Platky, Robert A." "Simms, Michael K."

"$64,258.25" "$79,000.00" "$117,826.38" "$160,000.00" "$79,000.00"

VPAA-Procurement & Supply Account Clerk III "Mauck, Leslie Marie" Accounting Assoc "Contee, Melvin E. JR" Assoc Dir "Haley, James Patrick SR" Asst Dir "Newman, Marty" Business Manager "Sheets, George H. JR" Business Serv Spec "Harris, Kathryn L." Business Serv Spec "Yanulevich, Tammy L." Buyer "Butner, Patricia" Buyer "Elliott, R Denise" Buyer "Mandelman, Paula R." Buyer "Sanchez, Lucy F." Buyer "Schlegel, Tracy A" Buyer "Stoner, Vicki L." Buyer "Underwood, Vickie J." Buyer Associate "Ireland, Jennifer E." Buyer Associate "O'Brien, Christine" Buyer I "Barrett, Kathleen K." Buyer I "Simpson, Carole" Buyer I "Sombatpium, Tanida P." Buyer I "Turner, Jeffrey J" Coordinator "Blanchard, Thomas JR" Coordinator "Brewer, Bruce D." Coordinator "Falkinburg, Joyce L."

"$31,632.35" "$46,322.91" "$122,945.82" "$96,439.62" "$56,835.45" "$51,543.15" "$50,230.00" "$64,757.89" "$63,740.00" "$68,705.16" "$61,540.86" "$38,720.00" "$48,573.00" "$62,806.86" "$41,587.82" "$33,125.50" "$49,754.37" "$42,356.86" "$45,195.55" "$35,990.90" "$87,547.25" "$84,913.08" "$50,000.00"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Coordinator "Fitch, Rex N." Coordinator "Gentry, Belle Vee" Coordinator "Leatherwood, Victoria" Coordinator "Weimer, April D." Coordinator "Zimmerman, Mary Ann" Director "Stirling, James S." IT Coor "Libby, Kristina M." IT Support Spec "Shettle, George M." Manager "Elvidge, Karen P." Manager "Painter, Russell Mike" Manager "Salazar, Sidney" Manager "Waterman, Douglas A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Stenson, Kristin A." Specialist "Thompson, Lisa L." Storekeeper II "Koehnlein, Charles Allan" Storekeeper II "Teabout, Harry Anthony IV" Storekeeper III "Merica, Carl J." Storekeeper III "Timmons, Lamont Alphonzo" Storekeeper III "Trainor, Nicholas M." Storekeeper III "Williams, George W. JR"

"$87,547.01" "$85,000.00" "$89,776.96" "$74,069.00" "$68,095.84" "$148,371.53" "$57,843.17" "$56,624.56" "$75,000.00" "$64,060.64" "$47,941.74" "$69,813.02" "$33,530.00" "$66,498.66" "$27,413.10" "$28,343.81" "$38,424.16" "$30,305.00" "$45,424.19" "$42,359.75"

VPAA-Public Safety Assoc Dir "Blake, Howard S" Asst Dir "Consoli, Carolyn Jeanne" Asst Dir "Gruber, Jay Nathaniel" Asst Dir "Jagoe, Christopher J." Business Serv Spec "Lau, Sai Hung" Business Serv Spec "Wong, Kathy C." Coordinator "Buchanan, Jeffery" Coordinator "Fowler, Kenneth Charles" Coordinator "Kwok, Lisa L.C." Coordinator "McGuigan, Mark" Coordinator "Parker, Ashlee D" Coordinator "Renner, Deanna Marie" Coordinator "Stimpson, Jayne S." Coordinator "Trimble, Terry L." Coordinator "Wastler, Franklin E" Director "Mitchell, David Bruce" Elec Tech I "Joutz, Andre Joseph" Elec Tech I "Morris, Kyle David" Elect Tech III "Baker, Marco Roshawn" Elect Tech III "Hall, John E." Elect Tech III "Marinari, Patrick S. SR" Elect Tech III "Murray, Vincent P." Elect Tech III "Parham, Brian Patrick" Elect Tech III "Thompson, Jene W." Elect Tech III "Wilson, Conrad A." IT Com Op Sh Supv "Arthur, Tiffany Lynn" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Banks, Denise" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Busbee, Joel Benjamin" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Cox, Carolyn Mackie" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Long, Adam David" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Morrison, Emily D." IT Com Op Sh Supv "Pedrick, Andrew Scott" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Pedrick, Brian Mark" IT Com Op Sh Supv "Walker, Penny Sue" IT Com Op Sh Supv"Williams, Sharnette Denise" IT Data Enty Supv "Lind, Dorothy" IT Data Enty Supv "Wimbish, Dana" IT Programmer I "Gabri, Amitoz S" IT Programmer II "Eskin, Stephen" IT Support Assoc"Anderson, Michael Thomas" IT Sys Mgr "Singh, Apaar" Locksmith Elect "Ross, William Parker" Office Clerk II "Stukerjurgen, LuAnn" Office Supv I "Ryder, Ashley Elise" Office Supv III "Asbury, Barbara A" Office Supv III "Lane, Steven Philip" Office Supv III "Norton, Jesseanne Marie" Office Supv III "Russell, Courtney Caryn" Pol Comm Supv "Barth, Michelle ODea" Police Com Op "Richardson, David Lee" Police Comm Op Ld "Taylor, Kelly" Prg Admin Spec "Breeden, Lisa Church" Prg Admin Spec "Limansky, Elaine Beth" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Spencer, Timothy" Univ Pol Off I "Deere, Vincent C" Univ Pol Off I "Dykstra, Patrick John" Univ Pol Off I "Familia, Sheena F" Univ Pol Off I "Man, Eddie C" Univ Pol Off I "Mead, David Paul" Univ Pol Off I "Moser, Daniel J" Univ Pol Off II "Balagtas, Michael John" Univ Pol Off II "Brown, Clayton Paul" Univ Pol Off II"Davis, Aaron Reginald O'Garro" Univ Pol Off II "Eller, Jason C" Univ Pol Off II "Hurtado, Luis Fernando" Univ Pol Off II "Iversen, Christopher William" Univ Pol Off II "Leadbeter, Michael R" Univ Pol Off II "Meekins, Brian Edmund" Univ Pol Off II "Morningstar, Colin Alexander" Univ Pol Off II "Powers, Joel Frederick" Univ Pol Off II "Smith, Dominic Antonio" Univ Pol Off II "Walcott, Kristopher E" Univ Pol Off II "Williams, Dillon George JR" Univ Pol Off II "Yates, Edward William" Univ Pol Off III "Bona, Marc Christopher" Univ Pol Off III "Bradley, Thjuan Tamika" Univ Pol Off III "Brown, Shawn Zachariah" Univ Pol Off III "Campbell, Medford John III" Univ Pol Off III "Culhane, Katherine Maria" Univ Pol Off III "Diggs, Garwood Anthony" Univ Pol Off III "Ellis, Jonas" Univ Pol Off III "Fields, David Michael" Univ Pol Off III "Fitzgerald, John Paul" Univ Pol Off III "Forbin, Enoch E" Univ Pol Off III "Franklin, Dwight H JR"

"$120,000.00" "$84,436.00" "$111,051.53" "$95,927.80" "$41,771.36" "$49,317.80" "$68,913.53" "$50,000.00" "$72,653.52" "$71,465.71" "$39,375.40" "$55,014.90" "$47,787.32" "$72,134.51" "$59,900.00" "$177,000.00" "$27,604.25" "$27,604.25" "$50,508.74" "$52,231.77" "$53,685.36" "$57,002.22" "$46,022.62" "$55,095.95" "$50,508.74" "$39,891.00" "$47,337.27" "$49,995.35" "$39,830.90" "$37,328.10" "$39,670.00" "$37,328.10" "$39,830.90" "$50,585.40" "$39,573.52" "$37,424.54" "$36,657.75" "$39,500.00" "$46,449.20" "$43,442.50" "$85,299.20" "$32,271.00" "$26,404.00" "$30,364.60" "$36,048.85" "$40,112.40" "$38,441.30" "$36,048.85" "$37,289.80" "$29,662.45" "$32,595.00" "$44,456.25" "$46,443.55" "$35,133.20" "$42,049.00" "$42,049.00" "$42,049.00" "$42,049.00" "$42,049.00" "$42,049.00" "$45,412.92" "$45,412.92" "$45,412.92" "$45,412.90" "$48,000.00" "$45,412.92" "$48,000.00" "$45,412.90" "$45,412.92" "$45,412.90" "$45,412.90" "$45,412.90" "$45,412.92" "$45,412.90" "$53,542.72" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$53,136.00" "$62,154.79" "$49,045.95" "$50,190.87" "$49,045.95" "$48,767.40" "$49,045.95" "$50,190.87"

Univ Pol Off III "Galster, Keith Alan" Univ Pol Off III "Glouchkov, Victor" Univ Pol Off III "Glushkov, Maxim" Univ Pol Off III "Hampton, John Lawrence" Univ Pol Off III "Heng, Julia R." Univ Pol Off III "Hill, Roy Harvey JR" Univ Pol Off III "Hoaas, Rosanne Kathleen" Univ Pol Off III "Jenshoej, Robert E." Univ Pol Off III "Jones, Samuel William" Univ Pol Off III "Jones, Scott Nathaniel" Univ Pol Off III "Kelly, Garfield" Univ Pol Off III "Lesniewicz, Brian Anthony" Univ Pol Off III "Lilly, Joseph Clemens" Univ Pol Off III "Mable, William Louis III" Univ Pol Off III "Martin, Jerry M." Univ Pol Off III "McCann, Evan M" Univ Pol Off III "McLaughlin, Tonya Denise" Univ Pol Off III "Miller, Nathan L." Univ Pol Off III "Ottey, Jason Lee" Univ Pol Off III "Pak, Min" Univ Pol Off III "Pena-Ariet, Richard R" Univ Pol Off III "Rabold, Sean Wesley" Univ Pol Off III "Rodowsky, Michael" Univ Pol Off III "Santana Vargas, Zenobia" Univ Pol Off III"Smallwood, Alexander Michael" Univ Pol Off III "Stine, Seth Thomas" Univ Pol Off III "Suthard, Matthew Fredrick" Univ Pol Off III "Thompson, Derrick" Univ Pol Off III "Wehage, Joseph Harry JR" Univ Pol Off III "Wittkopp, Mark A" Univ Pol Off IV "Brown, Gregory John" Univ Pol Off IV "Brown, John Paul" Univ Pol Off IV "Chapman, Cassandra L." Univ Pol Off IV "Elliott, Shawn Martell" Univ Pol Off IV "Kenner, August D." Univ Pol Off IV "Leonard, Kenneth T." Univ Pol Off IV "Miller, Paige H" Univ Pol Off IV "Moss, Raphael D" Univ Pol Off IV "Mugerwa, Richard" Univ Pol Off IV "Payne, Elizabeth Marie" Univ Pol Off IV "Peters, Jeffrey A." Univ Police Officer"Ardovini, Joanne O'Hagan" Univ Police Officer "Calvert, Kenneth E." Univ Police Officer"Cassady, John Kenrick IV" Univ Police Officer "Dyer, Laura E." Univ Police Officer "Ecker, Kenneth Eugene" Univ Police Officer "Goldsmith, James" Univ Police Officer "Jenkins, Barbara E." Univ Police Officer "Killion, Jeffrey S." Univ Police Officer "Kowa, Steven Robert" Univ Police Officer "Limansky, Marc" Univ Police Officer "Lintz, Brian K." Univ Police Officer "Mueck, Robert P." Univ Police Officer "Tou, Philip P"

21 "$49,986.58" "$49,045.95" "$48,767.40" "$54,990.65" "$51,913.58" "$55,202.01" "$48,767.40" "$49,869.50" "$49,045.95" "$55,202.40" "$50,190.87" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$69,613.35" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$49,045.95" "$50,190.87" "$48,767.40" "$49,045.95" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$48,767.40" "$67,990.49" "$49,045.95" "$54,155.68" "$53,868.00" "$53,868.00" "$59,618.15" "$56,066.65" "$59,618.15" "$56,561.40" "$56,265.00" "$54,206.13" "$54,206.13" "$56,561.40" "$75,276.78" "$69,960.36" "$85,666.00" "$78,277.89" "$74,514.48" "$65,460.39" "$82,412.03" "$80,081.56" "$85,686.96" "$84,049.43" "$89,811.42" "$84,353.82" "$91,329.73" "$74,803.00"

VPAA-University Human Resources Assoc Dir "Trimble, Carolyn G." Asst Dir "Colbert, Kim L." Asst Dir "McDonald, Karen C." Asst Dir "Pugh, William B." Asst Dir "Rieger, David R." Asst Dir "Stone, Maurissa D." Coordinator "Hopkins, LaDonna F." Coordinator "Laden, Patrick R" Coordinator "Meyers, Zahira Esther" Coordinator "Moore, Shirleen S." Coordinator "Ross, Shirley K." Coordinator "Sims, Stacy L." Coordinator "Vogler, Lidia A." Coordinator "Williams, Brinda C." Coordinator "Zook, Susan M." Dir Personnel "Anderson, Dale O." Director "Forster, Cherie R." Human Res Assoc II "Coates, Sherria" Human Res Spec I"Gallagher, Daniel Michael" Human Res Spec I "Ganey, Lori S" Human Res Spec I "Modeste, Norma C" Human Res Spec I "Rieger, Barbara R." Human Res Spec I "Taylor, Phyllis J." IT Coor "Fukui, Christopher D" Manager "Costello, Sherry L." Manager "King, Wallace M." Prg Admin Spec "Torres, Natalie M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Clifford, Cynthia L." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Gonsalves, Monica" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Smith, Janice D."

"$140,000.06" "$97,642.88" "$106,932.73" "$89,160.00" "$97,564.67" "$86,623.00" "$56,911.00" "$66,950.00" "$61,650.00" "$51,475.00" "$70,941.55" "$70,244.60" "$63,047.88" "$71,091.19" "$49,838.21" "$177,358.11" "$124,642.00" "$38,423.15" "$41,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$35,763.00" "$42,597.16" "$39,270.97" "$50,500.00" "$69,434.00" "$74,545.23" "$47,909.00" "$49,042.03" "$40,722.23" "$35,879.84"

VPAA-VP Administrative Affairs Assoc "Briggs, Jane A." Asst to VP "Aparicio Blackwell, Gloria" Asst to VP "Mulliken, E Jane" Asst VP "Farley, John Norman" Asst VP "Redmiles, Irene Boehm" Coordinator "Schnitzer, Ari David" Exec Adm Asst II "Bennett, Catherine D." Vice Pres Admin Aff "Specter, Robert M."

"$100,362.16" "$102,409.99" "$68,363.97" "$173,810.89" "$148,845.00" "$60,410.00" "$42,762.90" "$290,000.00"

VP Research VPR-UM Ctr Applied Pol Studies Admin Asst II "Jennings, Antonietta Maria" Assoc Dir "Bilanin, Jeanne E." Asst Dir "Hong, Joseph" Asst Dir "Keys, Patricia Ann" Coordinator "Babukiika, Grace"

"$33,995.76" "$96,169.54" "$71,920.13" "$71,349.00" "$50,000.00"

Coordinator "Beurkens, Jessica" Coordinator "Chatman, Charina La Dawn" Coordinator "Cush, Glenna E" Coordinator "Grantham, Doris A." Coordinator "Rasul, Iftekhar" Counselor "Gist, William" Counselor "Kolich, Mary Lee" Counselor "LeFlore, Arthenia J" Counselor "Olsen, Christian R." Counselor "Turner, Henry J." Counselor "Villamil, Marisela" Director "Cox, Robin Parker" Director "Sprow, Renee C." Fac Res Asst "Betsinger, Sara Linn" Fac Res Asst "Bridgers, Janet" Fac Res Asst "Burns-Heffner, Laura E" Fac Res Asst "Carter, Charese" Fac Res Asst "Chang, Shinyu" Fac Res Asst "Cooper, Sharon Gibbs" Fac Res Asst "Falls, Benjamin J" Fac Res Asst "Fogg, Heather Van Wyk" Fac Res Asst "Lester, Kathleen S." Fac Res Asst "Liu, Mark P." Fac Res Asst "Mandelcorn, Seymour" Fac Res Asst "McCloskey, Megan Marie" Fac Res Asst "Moulton, Yvette" Fac Res Asst "O'Reilly, Jonathan" Fac Res Asst "Shapiro, Leeza" Fac Res Asst "Stubbs, Janae Derita" Fac Res Asst "Van Brakle, Mischelle L." Fac Res Asst "Zhou, Guangchen" Fac Res Asst "Zwiesler, Theodore W" IT Consult "Robinson, Kevin Garfield" IT Support Spec "Black, Dovella P" Program Dir "Bayliss, Bret Kyle" Program Dir "Brown, Lora Maria" Program Dir "Warner, Denise" Proj Mgr "Smith-Funn, Jennifer" Res Assoc "Sherman, Stephan A." Res Assoc "Wyckoff, Laura Ann" Res Assoc "Young, Douglas" Specialist "Blakeney, Ralph S." Specialist "Willson, Lester S"

"$41,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$68,034.00" "$38,213.38" "$71,000.00" "$65,000.00" "$68,500.00" "$67,940.43" "$59,360.00" "$60,000.00" "$62,468.08" "$131,210.44" "$128,774.33" "$56,000.00" "$78,317.18" "$50,068.35" "$70,000.00" "$79,116.00" "$84,661.58" "$50,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$49,168.69" "$33,692.89" "$94,582.67" "$30,400.00" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$77,500.85" "$62,500.00" "$50,000.00" "$81,050.26" "$71,441.55" "$63,776.00" "$42,104.00" "$77,650.00" "$106,300.42" "$81,760.00" "$65,000.00" "$125,753.15" "$79,188.70" "$127,691.05" "$86,175.41" "$86,175.40"

VPR-VP Research Accounting Assoc "Elliott, Thomas Lewis JR" Admin Asst I "Gillette, Doris N." Admin Asst II "Dragan, Andrea Lynn" Admin Asst II "Kerr, Yolanda" Admin Asst II "Simmons, Suzanne M." Assoc Dir "Bauer, Mariah M.L." Assoc Dir "Tonggarwee, Kanitta C." Assoc Res Sci "Bradley, Petra Anne" Assoc Res Sci "Brugman, Claudia Marlea" Assoc Res Sci "Bunting, Michael Francis" Assoc Res Sci "Gnanadesikan, Amalia E." Assoc Res Sci "Haarmann, Hendrik J." Assoc Res Sci "Michael, Erica B." Assoc Res Sci "Miller, Corey Andrew" Assoc Res Sci "Novick, Jared M" Assoc Vice Pres "Clark, Denise J" Assoc Vice Pres "Darmody, Brian P." Assoc Vice Pres "Gertz, Ken S." Asst Dir "Anderson, Monique" Asst Dir "Anderson, Monique" Asst Dir "Crierie, Evan L." Asst Dir "Donley, Bobbi L." Asst Dir "Ebaugh, Joseph L." Asst Dir "Hunsaker, Rebecca I" Asst Dir "Jackson, Marchon John" Asst Dir "Lee, Meredith P." Asst Dir "Lepore, Lisa Marie" Asst Dir "Montgomery, Wendy T." Asst Dir "Morse, Pamela R" Asst Dir "Perkins, Vonnie Y." Asst Dir "Persaud, Axel S." Asst Dir "Vines, Aye Jamika" Asst Dir "Vines, Aye Jamika" Asst Mgr "Bell, Tykisha" Asst Res Sci "Adams, Nikki" Asst Res Sci "Berens, Melody S." Asst Res Sci "Blok, Sergey Victor" Asst Res Sci "Bloodgood, Michael E" Asst Res Sci "Bloomfield, Amber N." Asst Res Sci "Boutz, Jennifer" Asst Res Sci "Bowles, Anita R." Asst Res Sci "Chang, Charles B." Asst Res Sci "Clark, Martyn Keeler" Asst Res Sci "Conners, Thomas J." Asst Res Sci "David, Anne Elizabeth" Asst Res Sci "Golonka, Ewa" Asst Res Sci "Green, Christopher Ryan" Asst Res Sci "Harbison, J Isaiah" Asst Res Sci "Hefright, Brook Emerson" Asst Res Sci "Jackson, Scott Russell" Asst Res Sci "Linck, Jared" Asst Res Sci "Maloney, R Shawn" Asst Res Sci "Morrison, Michelle" Asst Res Sci "O'Rourke, Polly Lee" Asst Res Sci "Purvis, Tristan" Asst Res Sci "Rytting, C Anton" Asst Res Sci "Saner, Lelyn D" Asst Res Sci "Silbert, Noah Haskell" Asst Res Sci "Tare, Medha" Asst Res Sci "Twist, Alina E" Asst Res Sci "Vatz, Karen L" Asst Res Sci "Zajic, David Michael"

"$36,868.15" "$32,344.00" "$36,000.00" "$37,275.15" "$35,105.78" "$91,073.98" "$79,520.28" "$92,176.10" "$120,000.00" "$106,950.00" "$88,000.00" "$107,121.16" "$115,000.00" "$120,000.00" "$88,200.00" "$192,000.00" "$173,000.00" "$188,000.00" "$4,104.65" "$100,986.71" "$99,804.14" "$58,000.00" "$48,480.00" "$2,967.12" "$95,000.00" "$78,185.00" "$88,250.00" "$100,924.46" "$90,832.65" "$100,130.79" "$127,000.00" "$3,978.00" "$80,000.00" "$67,675.22" "$75,000.00" "$78,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$101,000.00" "$77,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$83,000.88" "$80,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$85,000.00" "$78,000.48" "$80,000.66" "$75,000.00" "$70,200.00" "$100,000.00" "$88,500.00" "$72,000.00" "$80,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$77,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$95,400.00" "$75,000.00" "$77,000.00" "$77,000.00" "$78,000.00" "$38,500.00" "$106,080.00"

Asst to VP "Pesce, Susan M." Cont Admin "Averilla-Chin, Muriel" Cont Admin "Bradley, Takeia M." Cont Admin "Frankenfield, Jill A." Cont Admin "Gossman, Susan M." Cont Admin "McKeon, Kathleen M." Cont Admin "O'Malley, Barbara L." Cont Admin "Snyder, Marcine D." Cont Admin "Swann, Stephanie Monique" Cont Admin "Wish, Angela Joy" Coordinator "Averilla-Chin, Muriel" Coordinator "Clay, Elsbeth Anne" Coordinator "Ellison, Carolyn J." Coordinator "Givens, Cheryl K." Coordinator "Howard, Bret B." Coordinator "Jung, Joyce W." Coordinator "Kamins, Sarah Brooks" Coordinator "Maranto, Anthony Joseph" Coordinator "Moore, Melissa E" Coordinator "Nalley, Holly Elizabeth" Coordinator "Phan, Willis" Coordinator "Rooks, Jennifer Figgins" Coordinator "Saba, Fernande S." Coordinator "Slye, Debora Sue" Coordinator "Swartz, Stephanie Anne" Coordinator "Thomas, Danica Marie" Coordinator "Thomas, Maria P" Coordinator "Umaru, Crystal" Coordinator "Vernon, Shirley J." Coordinator "Whitman, Cory Malcolm" Coordinator "Zajic, Naomi Chang" Director "Elliott, Sharon G." Director "Frame, Michael J" Director "Geronimo, Anne" Director "Knight, Ted" Director "Lawson, Antoinette" Director "Powell, Douglas A." Director "Romano, John Arthur" Director "Tise, Mark" Director "Vander Wall, Dale E." Engineer "Bartsch, Gerhard Uwe" Engineer "Burns, William" Engineer "Gump, Thomas C." Engineer "Jaucian, Joe Vincent Yatco" Engineer "Taylor, Christopher" Exec Dir "Varma, Gayatri" Fac Res Asst "Barnes, Molly" Fac Res Asst "Benson, Susan Dianne" Fac Res Asst "Browne, Evelyn" Fac Res Asst "Castle, Shaina Louise" Fac Res Asst "Cook, Janet G." Fac Res Asst "Corbett, Ryan Patrick" Fac Res Asst "Crabb, Erin Smith" Fac Res Asst "Donavos, Dimitrios" Fac Res Asst "Fox, Melissa K" Fac Res Asst "George, Timothy G." Fac Res Asst "Goff, Sara Grace" Fac Res Asst "Grunewald, Kristin E" Fac Res Asst "Gynther, Kassandra Blondine" Fac Res Asst "Jansen, DeLaura" Fac Res Asst "Karuzis, Valerie Patricia" Fac Res Asst "Kramasz, Debra" Fac Res Asst "Madgavkar, Mohini" Fac Res Asst "McGowan, Rebecca" Fac Res Asst "Meyers, Jacob" Fac Res Asst "Mishler, Alan E." Fac Res Asst "Mislevy, Meredith Anne" Fac Res Asst "Osthus, Peter Daniel" Fac Res Asst "Rhoad, Kathryn Ann" Fac Res Asst "Rodrigues, Paul" Fac Res Asst "Strong, Rachel Diane" Fac Res Asst "Wall, Daniel Gregory" IT Coor "Cocchiarella, Dana" IT Coor "Lerie, Elizabeth Caralena" IT Coor "Mainolfi, James Vincent" IT Coor "Sigler, Richard M." IT Network Engineer "Shoemaker, Brian K" IT Support Assoc "Davis, Louise" IT Sys Prog "Gaertner, Justin Lawrence" Lab Animal Tech "Williams, Nathaniel" Lab Res Tech "Gilliam, Lauren A" Manager "Egloff, Sally" Manager "Ferrari, Pasquale" Manager "Garrett, Carolyn A." Manager "Letscher, George" Manager "Raghavan, Sangeetha" Manager "Smith, Joseph M." Manager "Underwood, Amanda Margaret" Manager "White, Jason Edward" Prof "Weinberg, Amy S." Prof & Dir "Brecht, Richard Domenick" Prog Mgmt Spec I "McLean, Agnes M." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Mullen, Theresa A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Renibe, Zanaki Fito" Proj Mgr "Allen, Amira" Proj Mgr "Cook, Janet G." Proj Mgr "Falk, Michelle Christine" Proj Mgr "Hamedani, Nina G" Proj Mgr "Masters, Megan Christina" Proj Mgr "Randrian, John Rija" Proj Mgr "Wadhwa, Shuchi" Res Assoc "Buckwalter, Timothy" Res Assoc "Campbell, Susan Grace" Res Assoc "Cushen, Patrick J." Res Assoc "Sprenger, Amber Marie Lehman" Res Prof "Danks, Joseph H." Res Prof "Glazer, Sharon" Res Spec "Jackson, Dawn"

"$60,000.13" "$63,974.40" "$68,040.00" "$93,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$84,644.50" "$93,220.39" "$81,600.00" "$61,770.03" "$77,000.00" "$57,120.00" "$45,500.00" "$55,000.00" "$49,860.75" "$67,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$57,120.87" "$55,000.00" "$51,540.60" "$50,000.00" "$56,500.00" "$45,434.59" "$61,300.59" "$51,946.55" "$53,500.00" "$45,946.00" "$53,200.00" "$70,000.00" "$56,221.02" "$63,500.00" "$65,000.00" "$109,280.00" "$117,000.00" "$113,960.00" "$125,000.00" "$150,000.00" "$166,400.00" "$173,700.69" "$117,565.00" "$137,006.36" "$97,948.61" "$88,480.00" "$116,830.00" "$92,000.00" "$69,870.00" "$121,072.00" "$43,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$61,925.82" "$40,800.00" "$52,000.00" "$40,800.00" "$45,000.00" "$90,000.00" "$56,637.46" "$48,246.00" "$55,000.00" "$43,500.00" "$43,000.00" "$43,500.00" "$44,500.00" "$60,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$40,800.00" "$48,000.00" "$44,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$43,125.00" "$61,545.90" "$62,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$53,100.00" "$74,256.00" "$65,000.00" "$65,922.00" "$82,000.00" "$47,554.58" "$91,144.00" "$32,161.99" "$34,440.00" "$77,382.65" "$71,000.00" "$60,539.00" "$71,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$88,000.00" "$61,600.00" "$100,372.00" "$199,000.00" "$252,632.53" "$42,501.78" "$50,749.46" "$35,062.00" "$64,600.00" "$64,560.00" "$64,560.00" "$64,560.00" "$76,581.12" "$72,000.00" "$68,000.00" "$99,750.00" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$196,857.00" "$120,000.00" "$64,653.36"

Research Asst "Medley, Krystal Lynn" Sec Spec "Alzin, Ryan Christopher" Sec Spec "Brown, Sean D" Sec Spec "Campanello, Patrick Charles" Sec Spec "Davis, William E.E." Sec Spec "Garlock, Zachary R" Sec Spec "Martin, Devan A." Sec Spec "Paige, Shadawn" Sec Spec "Rodgers, Kristin Miya" Sec Spec "Scott, Frank Edward" Sec Spec "Stuckey, Lance N" Sec Spec "Whitaker, Alandrea J" Sec Spec "Williams, Brenda Marie" Sec Spec Ld "Johnson, John Gilbert JR" Sec Spec Ld "Weeks, John F" Specialist "Kaatz, Steven Leslie" Specialist "Kaatz, Steven Leslie" Specialist "Metz, Felicia Anne" Specialist "Skerritt, Mosi A" Sr Editor "Campbell Dougherty, Jill" Sr Res Anlst "Flick, Paul Kurt JR" Sr Res Sci "Dien, Joseph" Sr Res Sci "Doughty, Catherine J." Sr Res Sci "Kimzey, Charles H." Sr Res Sci "Maxwell, Michael B" Sr Res Sci "Wayland, Sarah C." Systems Analyst "Friedman, Zachary I" Vice President "O'Shea, Patrick" Web Svcs Developer"McGrath, Michael James"

"$44,000.00" "$35,000.00" "$21,305.65" "$35,875.00" "$36,218.51" "$35,875.00" "$35,875.00" "$35,875.00" "$35,274.47" "$21,202.35" "$35,875.00" "$35,000.00" "$35,274.47" "$41,598.70" "$42,325.69" "$54,000.00" "$56,700.00" "$75,000.00" "$54,000.00" "$42,336.00" "$75,988.77" "$118,000.00" "$163,023.00" "$179,152.00" "$129,560.00" "$125,400.00" "$98,153.18" "$300,000.00" "$69,500.00"

VP Student Affairs VPSA-Campus Recreation Services Accounting Assoc"McQueen, Annette Denise" Admin Asst II "Gover, Grace Marie" Assoc Dir "Aiken, Barbara D." Assoc Dir "Eddy, Wallace L." Assoc Dir "Flynn, Brent Allen" Assoc Dir "Thompson, Andrea C." Assoc Dir "Tupper, Carrie A." Asst Dir "Cabellon, Earlbert Torrelino" Asst Dir "Cegledy, Rebecca J" Asst Dir "Doyle, Michael Kane" Asst Dir "Eckert, Kimberly Margaret" Asst Dir "Flumbaum, David R." Asst Dir "Hagen, Kathryn Lee" Asst Dir "Klier, Kurt D." Asst Dir "McBean, Vania Michelle" Asst Dir "Mires, Mary E" Asst Dir "Phaneuf, Michael Paul" Asst Dir "Rowh, Brianne Nicole" Coordinator "Arnal, Jessica L" Coordinator "Cecil, James Edward" Coordinator "Even, Amanda Mary" Coordinator "Ferdinand, Natalie J." Coordinator "Kearns, Lance Patrick" Coordinator "Legg, Kristin Marie" Coordinator "Maloney, Kate Marie" Coordinator "Morgan, Tiffanie Rose" Coordinator "Schmitt, Emily Renee" Coordinator "Sullivan, Mary Kathryn Ann" Coordinator "Zilke, Joseph Edward" Director "Gilchrist, Jay P." IT Sys Analyst "Jang, Dong Ju" Manager "Bell, Robbie" Manager "Delaney, Amanda Dawn" Manager "Dennis, Shawn Patrick" Manager "Moody, Lawrence P. JR" Manager "Whipple, Christopher Robert" Media Spec "Whitty, Alison Mary" Sport Turf Tech "Reinohl, William A."

"$41,820.00" "$45,888.62" "$97,821.93" "$76,047.58" "$94,123.00" "$94,122.38" "$75,538.83" "$57,544.95" "$62,000.00" "$57,215.72" "$66,670.00" "$69,252.46" "$55,425.00" "$64,438.98" "$72,350.81" "$56,875.44" "$54,060.00" "$58,325.00" "$47,000.00" "$44,765.00" "$57,451.04" "$45,500.00" "$47,940.00" "$46,306.22" "$46,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$46,300.00" "$47,940.00" "$41,145.00" "$119,753.72" "$71,185.00" "$63,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$53,471.72" "$64,746.77" "$51,500.00" "$56,500.00" "$43,050.00"

VPSA-Chapel Office Assistant

"Hawkins, Janice M."


VPSA-Conferences & Visitor Services Accounting Assoc "Prempeh, Jeremiah A" Admin Asst II "Thornton, Donna" Assoc Dir "Flynn, Thomas J." Asst Dir "Evans, Jean E." Asst Dir "Press, Lisa Michelle" Coordinator "Huber, Kelly Marie" Director "Perfetto, Patrick C." IT Sys Mgr "Patel, Mitul C" Manager "Eddy, Matt" Manager "Hemphill, Kisha Rochelle" Manager "Sazama, Christopher Beck" Manager "Seifried, Denise C." Manager "Spengler, Betty E." Manager "Witherspoon, Malia Mariama" Sr Assoc Director "Warren, Susan Dale"

"$36,366.00" "$43,453.32" "$91,500.00" "$71,950.00" "$71,950.00" "$47,000.00" "$117,000.00" "$53,021.00" "$49,275.00" "$55,080.60" "$62,700.00" "$48,700.00" "$60,500.00" "$56,000.00" "$92,500.00"

VPSA-Counseling Center Account Clerk III "Evano-Williams, Virginia C." Admin Asst II "Tran, Kim" Assoc Prof "Lucas, Margaretha S." Asst Dir "Hutchinson, Jo Ann" Asst Dir "Kandell, Jonathan Jay" Asst Dir "Kinney, Judith M." Asst Dir "Marinelli, Marcia Vajner" Business Serv Spec "Wang, Lin Jun" Business Serv Spec "Wilcox, Kathleen C." Coordinator "Adam, Amina" Coordinator "Hamilton, Evalyn R." Coordinator "Lytle, Cassandra" Coordinator "Newsome, William Daniel"

"$39,775.24" "$37,507.31" "$74,561.54" "$90,117.65" "$96,105.25" "$84,000.00" "$88,000.00" "$40,171.25" "$52,135.40" "$48,171.41" "$47,988.45" "$51,456.75" "$57,538.90"

22 Counselor "Bethea, Kimberly A." Counselor "Bledman, Rashanta" Counselor "Browner, Shirley C." Counselor "Chiao, Hung" Counselor "Collins, Noah Matthew" Counselor "Gast, Linda K." Counselor "Green, Carlton" Counselor "Hunt, Patricia F." Counselor "Lin, Yi-Jiun" Counselor "Mebane, Sarah" Counselor "Merson, Erica Shawn" Counselor "Oslin, Yvonne Delores" Counselor "Petersen, David A." Counselor "Phillips, Pepper E." Counselor "Pickett, Theodore JR" Counselor "Scalise, Dominick A." Counselor "Seo, He Weon" Counselor "Sigall, Brenda Alpert" Counselor PT "DelPino, Heather Victoria" Counselor PT "Goldberg, Barbara J." Counselor PT "Greenfeig, Beverly R." Dir Counc Cnt "Kirkland-Gordon, Sharon E." Interpreter "Stilwell, Francy" Office Clerk II "Molina, Francisca R." Office Supv I "Gibbs, Margaret M." Psychometrist "Mitchell, Alice A"

THE DIAMONDBACK | SALARY GUIDE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 "$68,000.00" "$60,000.00" "$52,520.05" "$30,475.00" "$65,618.00" "$78,054.61" "$30,475.00" "$29,704.86" "$63,860.00" "$60,000.00" "$30,475.00" "$85,508.48" "$76,084.00" "$51,083.92" "$66,648.00" "$60,000.00" "$30,475.00" "$22,352.34" $38.00 "$43,907.55" "$45,402.87" "$130,000.00" "$35,180.16" "$35,757.66" "$40,776.96" "$61,423.13"

VPSA-Dining Services Account Clerk I "Cole, Winston J." Account Clerk II "Forney, Sarah K." Account Clerk II "Hussain, Naila N." Account Clerk II "Keats, Carol E." Account Clerk II "Lisane, Carolyn" Account Clerk II "Saylor, Ciara M" Account Clerk II "Williams, Brenda" Account Clerk III "Alburqueque, Virginia" Account Clerk III "Atkins, Cheryl I." Account Clerk III"Flory, Felicisima Caayohan" Account Clerk III"Fonrose, Marie Bernadette" Account Clerk III "Pineda, Rosa C." Accountant "Deornellas, Joseph Michael" Accounting Assoc "Orme, Debra Lynn" Accounting Assoc "Saylor, Sheila J." Assoc Dir "DiPrima, Lorraine K." Asst Dir "Bennett, Jean D." Asst Dir "Bullock, David Michael" Asst Dir "Chase, Shirlene T." Asst Dir "Fuoss, Wendy A." Asst Dir "Hipple, W Bartram" Asst Dir "Ming, Fuller JR" Asst Dir "Thompson, Gregory K." Baker "Anson, Elaida A." Brick/Stone mason "Barrett, George S." Business Serv Spec "Braxton, Corey LaMar" Business Serv Spec "Dye, Teresa J." Business Serv Spec "Keenan, Patricia M." Business Serv Spec "Martinez, Emma Isabel" Cabinetmaker "Jabe, Wassenu D." Cabinetmaker "Molokin, Mikhail Victor" Carpenter "Barnes, Peter O." Carpenter "Langdon, David Lee" Collections Supv "Kimmel, Karen Kristine" Cook "Alexander, Mikel A." Cook "Artayet, Patricia" Cook "Arteche, Reynaldo M" Cook "Barker, Leonard Andrew" Cook "Belt, Jo Ann" Cook "Canada, Michelle Esther" Cook "Cornelius, James" Cook "Deogracia, Felipe" Cook "Dorsey, Nelson T." Cook "Esguerra, Gerardo C." Cook "Esser, Anthony J" Cook "Fu, Jianxiu" Cook "Gilchrist, Ray Charles" Cook "Hui, Geoffrey Gan Min" Cook "Josephs, Genepha E." Cook "Mohammed, Eion M." Cook "Mohammed, Nathalie Vanessa" Cook "Munoz, Aricelda" Cook "Munoz, Rosa L." Cook "Reich, Rajena Merylene" Cook "Singh, Ranjeet D." Cook "Smith, Mary R." Cook "Tirado, Valencia" Cook "Villatoro, Vilma" Coordinator "Coates, Cheryl A." Din Serv Coord "Belay, Laikemariam" Din Serv Coord "Bisnath, Robert" Din Serv Coord "Cadet, Fenol" Din Serv Coord "Christie, Andre A." Din Serv Coord "Edwards, Mario A." Din Serv Coord "Haqq, Shaikh Abdul" Din Serv Coord "Harris, Brian" Din Serv Coord "Hawkins, Crefe Aldos" Din Serv Coord "Massiah, Tessa M" Din Serv Coord "McFarlane, Andrea" Din Serv Coord "Stone, Denise D." Director "Wright-Riva, Colleen" Elect High Volt "Bogale, Tesfaye" Electrician "Andre, Gethro" Electrician "Brown, James F. JR" Electrician "Sahiry, Gnahoua G." Exec Adm Asst I "Nolan, Kathleen Shipley" Fac Supv "Cavanaugh, Kevin" Food Serv Aide I "Arriaza, Fidelina" Food Serv Aide I "Barnes, Faye R."

"$28,306.36" "$38,457.37" "$31,286.31" "$39,077.25" "$36,954.82" "$30,847.38" "$27,413.10" "$32,718.86" "$30,703.00" "$35,154.27" "$35,154.13" "$34,496.95" "$63,984.60" "$35,795.83" "$40,284.95" "$99,039.94" "$89,000.00" "$89,000.00" "$82,972.00" "$91,351.27" "$81,683.73" "$94,000.00" "$83,538.00" "$32,321.09" "$45,759.21" "$40,344.33" "$47,488.64" "$45,550.94" "$37,424.54" "$35,453.72" "$41,521.28" "$33,739.33" "$34,344.25" "$53,945.96" "$33,951.43" "$31,200.00" "$29,662.48" "$29,662.48" "$39,958.00" "$31,967.34" "$38,294.37" "$26,625.40" "$30,750.00" "$31,632.35" "$30,750.00" "$31,632.35" "$31,200.00" "$32,139.72" "$37,537.61" "$33,951.87" "$31,200.00" "$28,939.00" "$31,632.00" "$29,662.48" "$34,734.43" "$27,836.48" "$28,939.00" "$22,138.34" "$55,700.00" "$31,062.63" "$40,640.35" "$34,920.82" "$30,305.00" "$37,493.84" "$32,500.00" "$33,125.50" "$33,125.51" "$31,062.63" "$38,913.86" "$33,134.62" "$162,102.00" "$40,122.00" "$36,204.00" "$36,204.00" "$38,026.95" "$35,274.47" "$48,171.61" "$29,108.76" "$28,853.68"

Food Serv Aide I "Bautista, Ana A." Food Serv Aide I "Caminero, Bolivar" Food Serv Aide I "Carrillo, Rosa E." Food Serv Aide I "Cerna, Maria V." Food Serv Aide I "Chandler, Jean Evelyn" Food Serv Aide I "Chi, Zhongjing" Food Serv Aide I "Cohen, Brian M." Food Serv Aide I "Coreas, Concepcion" Food Serv Aide I "Elias Castellon, Mirna C" Food Serv Aide I "Erazo, Juana M." Food Serv Aide I "Escobar, John Gilbert" Food Serv Aide I "Euceda, Azucena" Food Serv Aide I "French, Christine" Food Serv Aide I "Georges, Samuel" Food Serv Aide I "Gray, Rita M." Food Serv Aide I "Griffin, Kathlynn D." Food Serv Aide I "Hussain, Khadim" Food Serv Aide I "Kelly, Daniel R" Food Serv Aide I "Kissoon, Sheila" Food Serv Aide I "Lopez, Sara R." Food Serv Aide I "Mehalic, Keith F." Food Serv Aide I "Metis, Silvie" Food Serv Aide I "Moscoso, Nohemy" Food Serv Aide I "Orellana, Maria C." Food Serv Aide I "Oxley, Richard R." Food Serv Aide I "Patrick, Cynthia A." Food Serv Aide I "Posey, Barbara O." Food Serv Aide I "Ramos, Jose O." Food Serv Aide I "Rawlings, Barbara" Food Serv Aide I "Rice, James H" Food Serv Aide I "Rivadeneira, Nancy M." Food Serv Aide I "Rodriguez, Jaime E" Food Serv Aide I "Young, Betty A." Food Serv Aide II "Castellon, Beatriz Y" Food Serv Aide II "Castro, Manuel Antonio" Food Serv Aide II "Colato, Ana Raquel" Food Serv Aide II "Davila, Carmen E." Food Serv Aide II "Elira, Benita Tia" Food Serv Aide II "Garcia, Nora R" Food Serv Aide II "Jacobs, Garfield A." Food Serv Aide II "Mendez, Michael A" Food Serv Aide II "Menendez, Sandra L." Food Serv Aide II "Palma, Ana Maria" Food Serv Aide II "Quartey-Papafio, Regina" Food Serv Aide II "Reyes, Norma M" Food Serv Aide II "Simpson, Barbara J." Food Serv Aide II "Syphus, Dawn M." Food Serv Aide II "Veluz, Narciso Yu" Food Serv Aide II "Worsham, Evelyn Marie" Food Serv Spec "Li, Miaolan H." Food Serv Spec "Munoz, Maria J." Food Serv Sprv "Abdur-Rahim, Jamila" Food Serv Sprv "Abebe, Selamawit T." Food Serv Sprv "Bailey, Dawn Elizabeth" Food Serv Sprv "Beete, Elvis A." Food Serv Sprv "Birch, Nanita L" Food Serv Sprv "Bolden, Cynthia J." Food Serv Sprv"Brophy, Christopher Michael" Food Serv Sprv "Brown, Alice L." Food Serv Sprv"Carcamo-Rodriguez, Ana Haydee" Food Serv Sprv "Cruz, Filimon SR" Food Serv Sprv "Davis, Sherry A." Food Serv Sprv "Duran, Elba C." Food Serv Sprv "Duron, Edith M." Food Serv Sprv "Funes, Claudia E." Food Serv Sprv "Garcia, Fredis A" Food Serv Sprv "Greaves, Gloria I." Food Serv Sprv "Hailu, Yohannes L." Food Serv Sprv "Hernandez, Vicky R. SR" Food Serv Sprv "Huitz, Joseph A" Food Serv Sprv "Lopez, Maria I." Food Serv Sprv "Lopez, Maria O." Food Serv Sprv "Machado, Digna L." Food Serv Sprv "Manzano, Marta A." Food Serv Sprv "Marousis, Haralambos" Food Serv Sprv "Molina, Sonia H." Food Serv Sprv "Nassirou, Yarnell" Food Serv Sprv "Negga, Yemenu" Food Serv Sprv "Perez, Laura Yaneth" Food Serv Sprv "Pierre, Micheline" Food Serv Sprv "Ratke, William Patrick" Food Serv Sprv "Rivera, Violeta D." Food Serv Sprv "Scott, Priscilla Jean" Food Serv Sprv "Umanzor, Reyna D." Food Serv Sprv "Ward, Rev C" Food Serv Sprv "Washington, Deborah K." Food Serv Sprv "Weir, Kathy A." Food Serv Sprv "Weir, Marva C." Food Serv Sprv "Wolde, Aynalem K." Food Serv Sprv "Zelaya, Dina I." Food Service Mgr "Aldridge, Charles T." Food Service Mgr "Botvin, Carlotta" Food Service Mgr "Carroll, Beverly Ann" Food Service Mgr"Christie, Michael Augustus JR" Food Service Mgr "Draley, Samantha Lynne" Food Service Mgr "Fahey, Robert" Food Service Mgr "Ford, Nettie E." Food Service Mgr "Gurganus, Jason Ryan" Food Service Mgr "Johnson, Durce A." Food Service Mgr "Kornegay, Ivory" Food Service Mgr "Lazowski, Cheryl" Food Service Mgr "Lockerman, Curtis E." Food Service Mgr "Mangrum, Jeffrey Wayne" Food Service Mgr "Mejia, Imelda G." Food Service Mgr "Michel, Marie J." Food Service Mgr "Mohler, John R." Food Service Mgr "Patterson, Clarence" Food Service Mgr"Priadilnikova, Lioudmila N"

"$25,366.90" "$17,969.76" "$16,359.00" "$20,069.11" $10.18 "$20,410.84" "$29,224.50" "$16,894.00" "$16,768.77" "$20,691.88" "$15,960.00" "$17,322.14" "$24,302.54" "$15,960.00" "$26,641.40" "$28,189.64" "$21,991.15" "$15,960.00" "$25,366.90" "$20,280.97" "$19,968.00" "$20,691.88" "$22,249.33" "$22,805.81" "$16,687.00" "$23,788.27" "$17,321.04" "$25,519.29" "$26,540.34" "$15,960.96" "$25,918.14" "$16,359.00" "$28,846.40" "$16,038.75" "$22,764.80" "$16,038.75" "$16,038.75" "$16,038.75" "$24,652.69" $15.05 "$16,771.00" "$17,190.45" "$16,439.72" "$23,783.44" "$16,038.75" "$20,170.13" "$16,038.75" "$19,948.00" "$16,038.75" "$41,177.02" "$33,739.33" "$25,079.00" "$26,403.49" "$29,375.87" "$33,270.41" "$22,069.52" "$32,916.96" "$22,069.52" "$23,535.00" "$25,494.18" "$25,079.00" "$27,039.66" "$27,367.94" "$23,073.68" "$27,039.66" "$23,323.47" "$26,403.49" "$24,123.53" "$24,384.68" "$24,872.22" "$23,535.16" "$26,956.21" "$25,494.18" "$25,494.18" "$31,464.32" "$26,403.27" "$22,069.52" "$24,123.53" "$27,368.36" "$26,403.49" "$22,069.52" "$24,872.39" "$26,067.15" "$26,220.53" "$22,069.52" "$27,039.68" "$30,474.65" "$33,966.32" "$25,494.18" "$27,137.13" "$61,500.00" "$70,750.00" "$44,500.00" "$48,500.00" "$45,000.00" "$62,500.00" "$52,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$45,750.00" "$53,320.00" "$57,000.00" "$50,000.40" "$45,000.00" "$43,500.00" "$45,500.78" "$53,040.00" "$57,000.00" "$47,000.10"

Food Service Mgr"Quinones, Maureen Denise" Food Service Mgr"Robertson, Daniel Vincent" Food Service Mgr "Rogers, William R" Food Service Mgr "Russo, Jeffrey S." Food Service Mgr "Sablack, Dan A." Food Service Mgr "Schillinger, Bernhard" Food Service Mgr "Schrimpe, Maureen C." Food Service Mgr "Simon, Luckmann J." Food Service Mgr"Stone, Kathleen Antoinette" Food Service Mgr "Tilton, Sean Karl" Food Service Mgr "Tumlin, Larry W. SR" Food Service Mgr "Vogel, Philip Aubrey" Food Service Mgr "White, Mack W." Graphic Artist II"Underwood, Thomas Cooper III" Grounds Supv "Millar, Jason C." HVAC Chief "Birch, Dwight E. SR" HVAC Mech I "Deweese, Michael J." HVAC Mech I "Hoyle, Milton Cyrus JR" HVAC Mech I "Olagunju, Musibau Ayodele" HVAC Mech III "Villanueva, Saul Antonio" IT Com Op Sr "Sechler, Nancy A." IT Coor "Cron, Michael B." IT Coor "Johnson, Tarjia M." IT Prog Analyst "Cha, Joo Kyoung" IT Prog Analyst "Egan, Luisa Fernanda" IT Prog Analyst "Kim, Gi Ho" IT Support Asst "Cranfill, Brent D" IT Support Asst "Haile, Benyam" IT Support Asst "Peters, Zabbar" IT Support Spec "Gonzalez, Fidel Enrique" IT Sys Analyst "Chow, Chris S" IT Sys Analyst "Goodall, Angelita" IT Sys Analyst "Kim, Austin" IT Sys Mgr "Mozingo, John Wilson" Manager "Albright, Kenneth Wayne" Manager "Comoglio, Jason S." Manager "Dominick, Lori Annette" Manager "Gray, John T" Manager "Raymond, David A." Manager "Schraa, Thomas J." Manager "Small, Timothy Brian" MT Elc Trd Chf I "Flores, Raul A." MT Maint Aide II "Gebrekidan, Seifu G" MT Maint Aide II "Wilson, Lester anthony" MT Maint Mech Ld "Molina, Manuel R." Office Clerk I "Aviles de Garcia, Lilian M" Office Clerk I "Bonilla, Zuleima Lissette" Office Clerk I "Rejouit, Elcie Pharaon"

"$43,000.00" "$46,000.00" "$70,000.00" "$75,000.00" "$53,000.00" "$50,000.48" "$56,285.70" "$45,001.00" "$48,749.79" "$61,500.90" "$59,750.00" "$46,843.00" "$52,000.00" "$44,846.34" "$31,772.49" "$54,283.76" "$45,884.30" "$38,171.00" "$39,907.78" "$52,275.00" "$44,571.62" "$50,000.00" "$49,054.86" "$65,599.26" "$66,304.00" "$54,060.00" "$37,851.20" "$37,851.20" "$37,851.20" "$45,120.22" "$86,700.00" "$58,764.52" "$72,333.81" "$70,000.00" "$76,000.00" "$67,000.00" "$61,500.00" "$82,500.00" "$75,500.00" "$58,000.00" "$53,300.00" "$42,599.71" "$22,868.08" "$24,106.63" "$46,709.21" "$16,038.75" "$19,289.27" "$18,914.33"

Office Clerk II "Brooks, Margueritte N." Office Supv III "Shields, Jessica T" Painter "Rugamas-Magana, Jose" Phys Plant Sprint "Lindee, Joseph V." Phys Plant Sprint "Maynard, William C." Phys Plant Sprint "Robinson, Keith L." Plumber Spec "Kabran, Howard A" Plumber Spec "West, Gary S." Prep Cook/Baker "Chin, Shew" Prep Cook/Baker "Warren, Christine" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Saavedra, Vivian Louise" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Voigt, Melissa TK" Service Worker "Briscoe, Tiara S" Service Worker "Morales, Josefa" Service Worker "Palacios, Berta" Sheet Metal Wrk "Worrell, John S." Sr Assoc Director "Mullineaux, Joseph F." Sr Assoc Director "Pesce, Joseph" Sr Graph Art Design "Martin, Raquel G." Storekeeper I "Arredondo, Victor E." Storekeeper I "Barnett, Tony Andrew" Storekeeper I "Bryant, Jeffery L." Storekeeper I "Feliciano, Eduardo" Storekeeper I "Habebo, Wondimu W" Storekeeper I "Velasquez, Rolando A" Storekeeper I "Wilson, Lennox I." Storekeeper I "Woldetensay, Yetnayet S" Storekeeper II "Baiete-Williams, Claude" Storekeeper II "Smith, Corey" Storekeeper II "Williams, Francis" Storekeeper III "Bullock, Kelvin Otis"

"$24,115.00" "$32,271.00" "$31,683.78" "$69,500.00" "$69,750.00" "$60,400.00" "$41,140.43" "$46,081.44" "$24,592.47" "$23,058.00" "$36,931.65" "$35,274.47" "$21,280.00" "$29,891.81" "$15,960.00" "$32,125.14" "$126,612.10" "$126,600.00" "$53,717.79" "$29,171.17" "$16,276.50" "$22,142.19" "$25,000.88" "$20,951.75" "$16,276.50" "$20,365.55" "$19,097.76" "$29,912.33" "$29,422.88" "$26,067.15" "$33,125.50"

VPSA-Fraternity & Sorority Life Asst Dir "Gioia, Corin Ann" Asst Dir "Nichols, Robert" Business Manager "Twitty, Tawana E." Coordinator "Biffl, Heidi Kappeler" Coordinator "Brown, Elizabeth Marie" Coordinator "Pitt, Kevin Laurence" Director "Supple, Matthew L."

"$66,500.00" "$74,446.00" "$48,000.00" "$49,840.00" "$45,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$98,000.00"

VPSA-Golf Course Asst Asst Asst Dir Asst Mgr Director Grounds Supv

"McGrain, Michael B" "Shih, Arthur J." "Piper, Terry L." "Turner, Allen Keith" "Maynor, Jeff S. JR" "Blanco, Hermes Armando"

"$36,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$67,932.78" "$36,000.00" "$105,875.16" "$30,387.41"

Landscape Tech Sv Manager MT Mlt Trd Sv II

"Bondaruk, Dana D." "Long, George N" "Riemer, Dale C."

"$44,571.62" "$74,920.41" "$51,532.15"

VPSA-Office of Student Conduct Admin Asst II Asst Dir Asst Dir Director Exec Adm Asst I

"Briscoe, Chanel A." "Bond, James E." "Saunders, Tamara M." "Goodwin, Andrea J." "Stubbs, Leslie Y."

"$34,168.38" "$52,000.00" "$57,219.62" "$95,000.00" "$44,619.70"

VPSA-Resident Life Admin Asst II "Benedek, Carol B." Admin Asst II "Bernhard, Robert Edward" Admin Asst II "Dicks, Charlotte L." Admin Asst II "Sheppard, Lynda L." Assoc Dir "Felice, Jacinta L." Assoc Dir "Martin, Amy Beth" Assoc Dir "Petkas, Steven N." Asst Coor "Daniels, Candace Joy" Asst Coor "Hairfield, Daniel Jeffrey" Asst Dir "Metz, Donna A." Asst Dir "Passarella-George, Dennis" Asst Dir "Patterson, Tatiana L." Asst Dir "Tan, Laura S." Asst Dir "Tran, Dai-An" Asst Dir "Young, Scott D." Asst Mgr "McCubbin, Michelle A." Asst Mgr "Smith, Glenn A" Asst to Dir "Glowacki, Michael J." Business Serv Spec "Rhoan, Patricia Alice" Comm Dir "Conway, Genevieve" Comm Dir "Crenshaw, Kenyatta L" Comm Dir "Schlegel, Erin Elizabeth" Comm Dir "Turner, David" Comm Dir "Williams, David S. II" Comm Dir "Wu, Hannah" Coordinator "Bempong, Edward K.M." Coordinator "Carpenter, Meredith D" Coordinator "Gaines, Tiffany" Coordinator "Jackson, Angela" Coordinator "Kiras, Tracy" Coordinator "Lay, Trisha" Coordinator "Tobin-Robertson, Ashlei" Coordinator "Weeden, Kia" Director "Grandner, Deborah Francis" Director "Prosser, Joann Patricia" Exec Adm Asst I "Archer, Janet P."

"$33,125.50" "$31,500.00" "$33,125.50" "$34,172.00" "$95,824.61" "$93,315.54" "$96,012.05" "$38,000.00" "$36,000.00" "$77,563.15" "$82,227.38" "$60,357.32" "$83,530.89" "$72,928.46" "$78,423.46" "$51,045.87" "$49,000.00" "$66,375.04" "$46,515.92" "$44,568.40" "$46,796.82" "$43,000.00" "$45,150.00" "$43,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$50,500.00" "$47,000.00" "$51,000.00" "$38,899.90" "$47,052.32" "$43,500.00" "$43,500.00" "$129,841.59" "$62,621.33" "$43,285.87"

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Open Houses TODAY (4/25) MONDAY (4/30) TUESDAY (5/1)

3 pm Noon 10 am

Stop by Room 3136 S. Campus Dining Hall We promise we’ll BRAG! Or email

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 | SALARY GUIDE | THE DIAMONDBACK Graph Art Design "Wong, Jason" IT Coor "Molina, Ronald Joseph" IT Support Spec "Nguyen, Linh" IT Support Spec "Rosenthol, Gidon E." IT Support Spec "Sparrow, Nicholas E." IT Sys Prog "Barnes, Tiaa S." IT Sys Prog"Romero, Deanna Theresa Ongoco" Manager "Garrett, Olan Bryant" Manager "Iverson, Erin M." Manager "Lamp, Thomas Smith" Manager "Martone, Keira" Manager "Vu, Quan" Prg Admin Spec "Holt, Margaret L." Prg Admin Spec "Prosseda, Anthony J." Prg Admin Spec "Rizvi, Huzoor R." Prg Admin Spec "White, Janice B." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Forte, Jiema T." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Gooch, Carole" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Morsberger, Ann B." Program Dir "Voorhees, Rhondie L." Res Dir "Ach, Daniel" Res Dir "Alexander, Lisa Ann" Res Dir "Bryant, JaQuan M" Res Dir "Edwards, Katrina" Res Dir "Edwards, O'Juan" Res Dir "Ellis, Chamika L" Res Dir "Hibbetts, Cory Neil" Res Dir "Hinga, Lee" Res Dir "Leets, Craig Stuart JR" Res Dir "Major, Angie" Res Dir "Manning, Ryan J" Res Dir "Matsumoto, Laura Elizabeth" Res Dir "Melnyk, Michael" Res Dir "Panila, Allison" Res Dir "Ridings, Kelly Ann" Res Dir "Scott, Dennis William" Res Dir "Torres, Amanda R" Res Dir "Ward, Raymond" Res Dir "Welsheimer, Jacklyn K" Res Dir "Werbin, Lauren R"

"$40,000.00" "$45,116.80" "$44,243.55" "$44,889.16" "$44,889.16" "$45,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$61,685.00" "$63,189.00" "$69,926.57" "$61,685.00" "$53,152.69" "$51,595.30" "$44,335.45" "$50,620.47" "$42,591.01" "$42,624.14" "$35,274.47" "$38,613.45" "$58,732.61" "$30,913.14" "$32,637.24" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$31,840.14" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$32,637.24" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00" "$30,913.00"

VPSA-Residential Facilities Account Clerk III "Strong, Elizabeth Norma" Admin Asst I "Jackson, Carin Anita" Admin Asst I "Schlichtig, Marlene" Architect "Berry, Bill Joseph" Architect "Peskin, Sheldon David" Asst Dir "Amick, Melissa A." Asst Dir "Ballantine, Sean J" Asst Dir "Feige, Gregg G." Asst Dir "McGee, Jeffrey A." Asst Dir "Moore, Christopher R." Asst Dir "Smith, Keith" Asst Dir "Van Der Stuyf, Andrew Francis" CAD Spec II "Umali, Sean P." Coordinator "Ryan, Kelly L." Coordinator "Smith, Mary Jacqueline" Coordinator "Sowers, Catherine E." Coordinator "Welcher, Brennitta M." Director "Dooley, Jon M." Elect Tech III "Reese, Ernest K." Elect Tech III "Young, Timothy L." Electrician "Baney, Gary Allen" Electrician "Kremer, Scott D." Electrician "Torres, Ronald I" Envir Spec "Bukovsky, Jerome Paul" Envir Spec "Hain, Brian G." Exec Adm Asst I "Turner, Carol-Lynn M." Housekeeper "Alexander, Brandon Chris" Housekeeper "Amaya, Simona" Housekeeper "Bailey, Carroll L." Housekeeper "Berrios, Martha Guadalupe" Housekeeper "Bharat, Ramsarran" Housekeeper "Bharat, Tarramatie" Housekeeper "Brackins, Valerie" Housekeeper "Brown, Joyce B." Housekeeper "Bunsie, Beverly" Housekeeper "Cabral, Jacqueline E" Housekeeper "Campos, Reina I." Housekeeper "Cantor, Hermelinda" Housekeeper "Carreto, Yolanda D." Housekeeper "Castro, Maria D." Housekeeper "Castro, Mercedes" Housekeeper "Chicas, Maria E." Housekeeper "Choto Rauda, Maria Isabel" Housekeeper "Conie, Michael A." Housekeeper "Corleto, Sandra P" Housekeeper "Crisp, Gary W." Housekeeper "Dang, Ho N" Housekeeper "Dely Jeanty, Marie Alice" Housekeeper "Demissie, Nigist" Housekeeper "Desalvo, Ruth M." Housekeeper "Diaz Umana, Mirna Edith" Housekeeper "Du, Be-Hai Thi" Housekeeper "Ebbess, Lilia B." Housekeeper "Echavarria, Olga Melania" Housekeeper "Fontem, Lawrence A." Housekeeper "Garay, Aracelly E." Housekeeper "Gardner, Jerome" Housekeeper "Gizaw, Ruth Tessema" Housekeeper "Gonzalez, Gliny Andeley" Housekeeper "Gould, Kristine M." Housekeeper "Gray, Robert D." Housekeeper "Hamlett, Randy" Housekeeper "Hamme, Ralph C." Housekeeper "Harrigan, Kevin D." Housekeeper "Hernandez, Jose A."

"$40,116.83" "$35,556.94" "$40,837.94" "$77,140.00" "$83,722.40" "$87,119.34" "$91,267.35" "$90,030.79" "$94,673.60" "$82,968.62" "$69,847.40" "$100,580.50" "$46,125.00" "$54,802.16" "$62,465.73" "$72,000.00" "$48,093.00" "$130,000.00" "$52,275.00" "$51,083.11" "$38,000.00" "$38,000.00" "$38,950.00" "$49,115.00" "$49,865.00" "$40,578.24" "$21,280.00" "$28,098.86" "$25,342.97" "$21,812.00" "$27,481.41" "$29,108.76" "$28,538.00" "$30,884.75" "$23,305.23" "$21,813.31" "$24,771.53" "$22,233.72" "$26,943.33" "$24,771.53" "$27,481.41" "$24,717.77" "$22,805.82" "$22,815.76" "$21,806.15" "$28,818.06" "$23,840.18" "$22,815.76" "$23,305.23" "$26,943.33" "$21,280.00" "$23,840.18" "$28,915.34" "$21,812.00" "$23,840.18" "$23,840.18" "$29,891.89" "$22,805.82" "$22,815.76" "$21,812.00" "$29,282.91" "$28,464.99" "$22,358.64" "$21,280.00" "$24,771.53"

Housekeeper "Hussain, Aleya N." Housekeeper "Jackson, Ronald" Housekeeper "Jordan, Rachael A" Housekeeper "Jordan, Sampson D." Housekeeper "Josing, Betty G." Housekeeper "Juarez, Maria Guadalupe" Housekeeper "Kennon, Guy A" Housekeeper "King, Toloria J." Housekeeper "Koroma, Borboh B." Housekeeper "Leneski, Rhonda" Housekeeper "Lenyear, Eddie" Housekeeper "Leon, Marina E." Housekeeper "Lukuka, Felicienne Senga" Housekeeper "Lyons, Shernette A." Housekeeper "Machado, Angela D." Housekeeper "Marshall, Patricia Powell" Housekeeper "Martinez, Rubia E." Housekeeper "Matamoros, Maria E." Housekeeper "McFadden, Rodney D." Housekeeper "Medhen, Genet A." Housekeeper "Miles, Lossie M." Housekeeper "Narukundo, Beatrice" Housekeeper "Nguyen, Mailam" Housekeeper "Osorio Muzzun, Marta L" Housekeeper "Palacios, Luisa A." Housekeeper "Pham, Phung Thi" Housekeeper "Pham, Vinh T." Housekeeper "Phillips, Paulette Teresa" Housekeeper "Powell, Mario S." Housekeeper "Proctor, Alfreda V." Housekeeper "Quang, Duong Cam" Housekeeper "Queen, Gloria M." Housekeeper "Roberts, Sherma C." Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Maria O." Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Pedro A." Housekeeper "Rodriguez, Sussy E" Housekeeper "Russell, Winona Lee" Housekeeper "Sackey, Priscilla Pearson" Housekeeper "Say, Saroeuth" Housekeeper "Sifuentes, Luz Susana" Housekeeper "Smith, Larry" Housekeeper"Soto De Ramirez, Ana Margarita" Housekeeper "Swaray, Adija" Housekeeper "Taylor, Rosalie A." Housekeeper "Tejada Pineda, Maria Angela" Housekeeper "Thomas, Kenneth P" Housekeeper "Thomas, Ronald A." Housekeeper "Timms, Martha J." Housekeeper "Truong, Hoa T." Housekeeper "Truong, Lan T." Housekeeper "Umana, Yanci Aleyi" Housekeeper "Valladares, Carmen C." Housekeeper "Velasquez, Margarita V" Housekeeper "Williams, Wilfred N" Housekeeper "Wilson, Lance L" Housekeeper "Wilson, Laurian C." Housekeeper "Zelaya Robles, Mirna" Housekeeper "Zelaya, Maria" Housekeeper Lead "Chavez, Lizeth" Housekeeper Lead "Dominguez, Juan A." Housekeeper Lead "Garmendez, Dinora R." Housekeeper Lead "Jaipersaud, Kamla" Housekeeper Lead "Kelly, Kimoy I." Housekeeper Lead "Ledezma, Rebeca L." Housekeeper Lead "Molina, Yanira E." Housekeeper Lead "Pearson, Marilyn M." Housekeeper Lead "Perez, Maria P." Housekeeper Lead "Smith, Roy C." Housekeeper Lead "Thomas, Adebayo O." Housekeeper Lead "Turcios, Silvio" Housekeeper Lead "Villegas, Maria Oralia" Houskeeper Supv II "Butler, Rickey A." Houskeeper Supv II "Chapman, Sheila A." Houskeeper Supv II "Isler, Michelle" Houskeeper Supv II "Kissoon, Ronald" Houskeeper Supv II "Ramos, Merci G." Houskeeper Supv II "Roberts, Teressa A." Houskeeper Supv II"Santana, Juan Sanchez" Houskeeper Supv II "Timothy, Shirley" Houskeeper Supv II "Turner, Keenan L." HVAC Chief "Diamond, James E. III" HVAC Chief "Roberts, Antonio" Hvac Mech II "Ellinger, James R." Hvac Mech II "Mitchell, William D." Hvac Mech II "Tyler, Donald Patrick" HVAC Mech III "Ramlogan, Omkar P." HVAC Mech III "Xu, Xinhong" Manager "Alther, Todd" Manager "Bay, Laurie Cairnes" Manager "Dawes, Sharon Y." Manager "Delgado, Rodrigo H." Manager "Garcia, Christine M." Manager "Hamilton, Kenneth Michael" Manager "Martucci MSPM, Colleen A." Manager "Norman, David" Manager "Schwartz, Jim" Manager "Scott, Brandon Alex" Manager "Williams, Christa I." MT Mlt Td Chf I "Bolton, Leonard Alan" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Hohl, Eric B" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Rose, James Michael" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Bheemaswarroop, Ramay S." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Byron, Donald L." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Cursio, Brian M" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Duckworth, Edward" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Gillespie, Patrick Thomas" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Hough, Dale Allen" MT Mlt Td Chf II"Johnston, John Christopher"

23 "$22,358.64" "$21,813.31" "$21,812.00" "$28,915.34" "$29,891.89" "$22,358.64" "$22,358.64" "$28,915.34" "$21,280.00" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$26,420.45" "$23,305.23" "$21,812.00" "$24,717.58" "$29,891.89" "$21,280.00" "$24,771.53" "$21,280.00" "$22,815.76" "$30,884.75" "$23,840.18" "$24,771.53" "$21,280.00" "$24,771.53" "$23,840.18" "$24,771.53" "$21,812.00" "$22,358.64" "$21,280.00" "$23,840.18" "$29,891.89" "$21,806.15" "$24,717.77" "$24,716.35" "$21,812.00" "$22,358.64" "$21,750.86" "$22,802.66" "$21,812.00" "$21,280.00" "$22,815.76" "$22,815.76" "$23,840.18" "$22,815.96" "$22,815.76" "$29,108.76" "$27,481.41" "$27,056.37" "$23,840.18" "$21,812.00" "$29,891.89" "$21,812.00" "$22,815.76" "$22,805.82" "$21,812.00" "$21,280.00" "$23,840.18" "$31,396.82" "$29,231.80" "$28,563.35" "$25,902.36" "$29,390.14" "$26,855.99" "$25,321.14" "$29,858.55" "$25,902.35" "$31,001.50" "$22,556.80" "$21,385.00" "$30,389.12" "$35,421.91" "$37,080.92" "$28,939.00" "$32,718.86" "$36,677.71" "$33,606.48" "$29,662.47" "$28,939.00" "$36,117.00" "$61,523.97" "$60,000.00" "$48,337.90" "$45,529.59" "$47,764.72" "$54,837.50" "$44,714.60" "$93,773.67" "$69,000.00" "$55,517.14" "$96,500.00" "$69,037.10" "$63,861.76" "$55,092.70" "$79,000.00" "$59,604.35" "$45,000.00" "$82,580.00" "$37,199.58" "$37,199.59" "$35,000.00" "$44,531.13" "$39,351.49" "$38,950.00" "$37,851.28" "$38,950.00" "$49,055.59" "$38,000.00"

MT Mlt Td Chf II "Jones, Yusef Nathaniel" MT Mlt Td Chf II"Khammoungkhoun, Phengsavanh" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Liang, Kim Lin" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Livingston, Ivor" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Malitzki, Randy A." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Nguyen, John" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Norsworthy, John B" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Proctor, Stanley J." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Roush, George W." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Sakamoto, Martin" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Sherman, Joseph" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Stanfill, Lester W" MT Mlt Td Chf II "Stickell, Joseph L." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Trozzo, Stephen P." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Walker, Saul E." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Wilson, Gary E." MT Mlt Td Chf II "Yan, Kenneth Kincheong" MT Mlt Td Chf II "York, Timothy F" MT Mlt Td Chf III "Bounds, Daniel Scott" MT Mlt Td Chf III "Burch, John Russell JR" MT Mlt Td Chf III "Gaines, Frank J." MT Mlt Td Chf III "Hunt, Jeffrey Neal" MT Mlt Td Chf III "Vaughan, Wendell James" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Butler, Rex M." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Grant, Val D.P." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Gyurov, Valeri A." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "John, Cheryl J." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Kincer, Teddy R." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Leiva, Gladys E." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Marius, Jonathan" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Matthews, Jolinda" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Propalis, David C." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Soto, Eleuterio M." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Stubbs, Veronica L." MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Werre, Michael K" Mt Strc Td Chf II "Bookhultz, Lawrence E. II" MT Strc Td Sv II "Keely, David Kevin" MT Strc Td Sv II "Mobley, Haywood" Painter "Butler, Maurice" Painter "Liang, Bao Sanh" Phys Plant Sprint "Brown, Edward E. JR" Phys Plant Sprint "Escobar, Juan Manuel" Phys Plant Sprint "Hill, David W." Phys Plant Sprint "Homan, Robert H." Phys Plant Sprint "Rhodes, Patrick H." Phys Plant Sprint "Tisdale, Tremmele Daryle" Phys Plant Sprint "Wheeler, Timothy Olin" Plumber "Godsey, James Landon II" Plumber Spec "Miles, Allen W. SR" Proj Mgr "Gourley, Anthony Lawrence" Proj Mgr "Reich, Ryan Anthony" Storekeeper I "Wedderburn, Linford" Storekeeper III "Nichols, Larry" Tech Sprv "Kim-Norris, John A."

"$37,851.28" "$46,117.06" "$39,212.19" "$38,797.56" "$38,950.00" "$40,695.80" "$37,109.10" "$38,950.00" "$46,971.89" "$42,103.99" "$41,761.95" "$37,943.58" "$40,722.23" "$51,240.95" "$40,695.21" "$38,000.00" "$37,943.58" "$38,950.00" "$41,820.00" "$44,546.50" "$43,794.32" "$45,061.05" "$41,472.52" "$46,234.30" "$45,082.50" "$45,920.00" "$43,012.32" "$59,168.22" "$44,531.13" "$41,140.43" "$45,083.79" "$46,233.65" "$41,963.23" "$41,963.23" "$44,500.00" "$48,560.93" "$49,081.00" "$52,940.45" "$42,142.93" "$31,683.88" "$80,932.00" "$62,190.00" "$64,249.18" "$67,398.94" "$64,270.00" "$60,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$48,497.57" "$69,000.00" "$71,060.00" "$29,604.93" "$34,409.30" "$71,303.27"

VPSA-Shuttle UM Admin Asst II "Tazelaar, Amber Cathryn" Assoc Dir "Basar, Myra E." Asst Dir "Smith, Shayna" Auto Serv Mech "Borrayo, Jorge E." Auto Serv Mech "Dalton, Harry Matthew" Auto Serv Mech"Fickes, Shawn Richard Bacon" Auto Serv Mech "Harris, Natalie Elisabeth" Auto Serv Mech "Hoang, Tam K" Auto Serv Mech "Noyes, Geoffrey Albert" Auto Serv Mech "Quijano, Jose Antonio" Auto Serv Mech "Todorov, Neda Peter" Auto Serv Mech "Tran, Than Dinh" Auto Serv Mech "Tran, Trong Quy" Auto Serv Tech "Dang, Truong Xuan" Auto Shop Supv "Agustin, Peter Edward M" Auto Shop Supv "Brown, Edwin O. SR" Auto Shop Supv "Brown, Herbert Wallace JR" CDL Instructor "Alcendor, Patrick Bernard" CDL Instructor "Davey, James Walter" CDL Instructor "Johnson, Demetrius L." CDL Instructor "Mosley, John F." CDL Instructor "Moten, Troy Anthony" CDL Instructor "Shell, Charles Harding" CDL Instructor "Smith, Kevin William" CDL Instructor "Stevenson, Tyrone" Coordinator "Brown, Robert Lee JR" Coordinator "Carter, MeChale' T." Coordinator "Gierisch, Stephen Charles" Coordinator "Hassan, Abul" Coordinator "Jackson, Peter Alexander" Coordinator "Shearman, Robert Madison JR" Coordinator "Shilling, Daniel Lee" Coordinator "St Armand, Donald R." Coordinator "Steichen, Roman Paul" Manager "Scala, Armand A" MT Elc Trd Chf I "Allman, Glenn Edward" MT Maint Aide I "Koroma, Walter Gbanka" MT Maint Aide II "Robinson, Eric Lamont" Office Supv III "Quarles, Shannon L." Sr Assoc Director "Davitaia, David"

"$30,305.00" "$76,761.96" "$59,253.15" "$48,118.25" "$41,000.00" "$48,118.25" "$35,093.95" "$41,000.00" "$48,118.25" "$34,238.00" "$48,118.25" "$43,937.14" "$43,937.14" "$49,761.31" "$48,164.00" "$51,789.90" "$58,103.67" "$37,645.34" "$31,818.66" "$34,440.00" "$42,085.31" "$31,818.66" "$37,645.34" "$39,744.07" "$36,007.03" "$51,500.00" "$46,500.00" "$38,576.58" "$40,523.58" "$38,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$39,729.00" "$63,090.97" "$41,536.67" "$56,661.00" "$42,588.73" "$24,658.67" "$25,000.00" "$33,739.33" "$88,410.59"

VPSA-Stamp Student Union Accountant I "Tellor, Mary Patricia" Admin Asst II "Laumann, Karen E." Assoc Dir "Gilchrist, Carol Grant" Assoc Dir "Gnadt, Stephen K." Assoc Dir "McShay, James Christopher" Asst "Schepf, Whitney Josephine" Asst Dir "Clemm, William L. II" Asst Dir "Dula, Brandon C." Asst Dir "Lim, Donna"

"$46,796.97" "$46,892.79" "$96,000.00" "$94,246.51" "$99,640.00" "$30,931.00" "$74,500.00" "$58,156.87" "$80,000.00"

Asst Dir "Mathews, Evonne Goulart" Asst Dir "Mrusko, Andrew F." Asst Dir "Payne-Roberts, Stephanie" Asst Dir "Wicker, Adrienne Hamcke" Asst Dir "Wray, Daniel Lawrence" Business Manager "Weeks, Robin E." Coordinator "Clough, Wyatt Coley" Coordinator "Eichenbaum, Pamela S" Coordinator "Franze, Damien Justin" Coordinator "Hegwood, Christopher Lee" Coordinator "Jackson, Kristie Pope" Coordinator "Jenkins, Marie Ann" Coordinator "Martinez, Judith Suyen" Coordinator "O'Rourke, Nancy Lynn" Coordinator "Salazar, Mark Alex" Coordinator "Slosberg, Deborah" Coordinator "Terrill, Kelly Dale" Coordinator "Venneman, Ashley" Coordinator "Zacker, Terry York" Director "Guenzler-Stevens, Marsha A." Housekeeper "Ayele, Mulu Birhan" Housekeeper "Betru, Tengne Seifu" Housekeeper "Bonilla, Carmen S." Housekeeper "Boursiquot, Ernst" Housekeeper "Gonzalez, Victoria" Housekeeper "Kallon, Kadiry" Housekeeper "Leonard, Richard Andre" Housekeeper "Lopez - Lazo, Juan E" Housekeeper "Lyles, Bobby" Housekeeper "Mundwa, Jonathan A." Housekeeper "Ramos De Cruz, Ana E." Housekeeper "Roberson, Terence Neal" Housekeeper "Sankoh, Yusufu" Housekeeper "Weng, Ding Jin" Housekeeper Lead "Dieudonne, Noel" Housekeeper Lead "Williams, Albert L." Housekeeping Chf "Teckham, Letticia S." Houskeeper Supv II "Hernandez, Dina E" Houskeeper Supv II "Hill, Dennis" HVAC Mech III "Ball, John Franklin" IT Support Spec "Blake, Devin H" Manager "Hegwood, Lisa" Manager "Heidenblad, Donal" MT Maint Aide II "Du, Gavin" MT Mlt Td Chf I "Molina, Jose R." MT Mlt Td Chf III "Clemons, Derwin Alonzo" MT Mlt Td Chf III "Steffan, Gary J" MT Mlt Trd Sv II "Webbert, Alan R." Multi Media Tech "Gewain, Robert Gorden" Prog Coor "Adams, Andre J." Prog Coor "Lim, Merz Roy" Prog Coor "Milad, Jacqueline Maria" Service Worker "Castor, Marie Rose" Service Worker "Cea, Maria" Service Worker "Dews, Wallace Donnell" Service Worker "Gebrehiwot, Tigist B." Service Worker "Giday, Lemlem A." Service Worker "Guzman, Sulma Elsy" Service Worker "Legese, Beletu M" Service Worker "Lopez, Ema" Service Worker "Maricela, Michaca Cordero" Service Worker "Moran de Rivera, Alicia" Service Worker "Mualim, Suaad M." Service Worker "Smith, Paul E." Service Worker "Washington, Marion F." Service Worker "Zhang, Ying" Storekeeper II "Shade, Curtis"

"$72,971.55" "$65,242.95" "$80,000.35" "$60,033.88" "$74,500.00" "$66,020.21" "$44,433.75" "$49,000.00" "$42,000.00" "$45,857.18" "$48,200.00" "$45,461.62" "$43,000.00" "$43,911.00" "$42,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$45,700.00" "$43,000.00" "$52,518.46" "$127,000.00" "$21,813.31" "$21,923.08" "$21,813.31" "$21,280.00" "$29,902.47" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$11,927.90" "$28,538.00" "$26,856.29" "$21,280.00" "$21,280.00" "$21,813.30" "$24,703.60" "$26,913.04" "$49,000.00" "$30,000.00" "$35,337.78" "$42,302.24" "$50,000.00" "$45,495.09" "$62,500.00" "$27,667.98" "$47,712.69" "$39,907.78" "$41,850.00" "$60,610.02" "$34,238.00" "$46,265.31" "$43,000.00" "$45,676.68" "$23,305.24" "$23,305.24" "$21,280.00" "$22,358.64" "$21,280.00" "$22,805.82" "$22,805.62" "$22,805.82" "$22,805.82" "$22,805.81" "$21,280.00" "$22,805.81" "$22,358.64" "$22,805.82" "$27,552.73"

VPSA-SU-Campus Programs Asst Dir "Calizo, Joseph Bruno" Asst Dir "Slack, Craig" Coordinator "Barlow, Alison Hannah" Coordinator "Kim, Julie Choe" Coordinator "LaHoud, Valerie Jean" Coordinator "McHugh, Denise Lorraine" Coordinator "Ostick, Daniel T." Coordinator "Schiffman, Darian Elise" Coordinator "Vanterpool, Tasha Marie" Grad Asst I "Ortenzi, Kathryn" Grad Asst II "Witt, Evan" Office Supv III "Lupo, Josephine I." Office Supv III "Martin, Irene" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Bishop, Alice M."

"$69,760.00" "$82,852.21" "$43,000.00" "$52,467.37" "$50,600.00" "$43,000.00" "$52,540.20" "$43,000.00" "$43,000.00" "$4,713.80" "$9,825.20" "$45,195.55" "$42,408.24" "$34,000.00"

VPSA-SU-Student Activities Accounting Assoc Asst Director Grad Asst I

"White, Polly" "Boyer, Sarah Rose" "Jones, James Joseph" "Rowan, Zachary"

"$37,719.59" "$42,640.00" "$70,001.74" "$2,200.00"

VPSA-Transportation Services Account Clerk I "Levesque, Joseph Michael" Account Clerk II "Brown, Teresa Jeanette" Account Clerk II "Whiting, Megan E" Account Clerk III "Lawson, Robyn V." Account Clerk III "Williams, Mildred Y." Accountant "Nashid, Salim" Admin Asst II "Alston, Traci M" Admin Asst II "Goubeau, Valerie Christine" Admin Asst II "Pennington, Karen" Admin Asst II "White, Malaka Nicole" Assoc Dir "Johnson, Darryl E" Asst Dir "Daniel, Beulah Vasanthi" Asst Dir "Malone, Beverly Joy" Asst Dir "Rucker, Alan M" Business Manager "Riddick, Matthew Dale" Business Serv Spec "Mamo, Tameirat"

"$24,700.00" "$33,026.36" "$13,110.05" "$31,632.35" "$35,948.29" "$45,000.00" "$33,825.00" "$32,800.00" "$34,424.53" "$32,802.02" "$74,193.66" "$76,500.00" "$63,974.40" "$64,988.28" "$56,000.00" "$39,429.73"

Coordinator "Baker, Andrew Allen" Coordinator "Hyon, Phillip T." Coordinator "Metta, Victor C." Coordinator "Robinson, Timothy D" Coordinator "Solorzano, Joel Amilcar" Coordinator "Taylor, Anita E." Director "Allen, John David" "Driver, Bus" "Ashkar, Amine Saleh" "Driver, Bus" "Baker, Mayumi" "Driver, Bus" "Bholai, Ian S." "Driver, Bus" "Booker, Kathleen" "Driver, Bus" "Bosquet, Jean Matthania" "Driver, Bus" "Boswell, Jeffrey Jay" "Driver, Bus" "Brooks, Lovette Yvonne" "Driver, Bus" "Brophy, Amanda" "Driver, Bus" "Brown, Benjamin W." "Driver, Bus" "Brown, Renee Martinette" "Driver, Bus" "Bunn, Nicole Vaelishia" "Driver, Bus" "Cagle, Hal Lorenzo" "Driver, Bus" "Coburn, Carl A" "Driver, Bus" "Cole, Arvell Charles" "Driver, Bus" "Collins, Ernest" "Driver, Bus" "Colt, Jasper J" "Driver, Bus" "Da Silva, Carlos G" "Driver, Bus" "Diaz, Vilma Yolanda" "Driver, Bus" "Everett, Lynette" "Driver, Bus" "Fisher, Robert Grimm" "Driver, Bus" "Forrester, Bernard Carlton" "Driver, Bus" "Frey, Grady" "Driver, Bus" "Fritzsche, Bruce Edwin" "Driver, Bus" "Geneste, Jean Dominique" "Driver, Bus" "Gould, Nicholas Kerry" "Driver, Bus" "Gutierrez, Oscar Maximino" "Driver, Bus" "Haber, Derek L." "Driver, Bus" "Harris, Angela L" "Driver, Bus" "Henry, Alfreda Christine" "Driver, Bus" "Hinton, William" "Driver, Bus" "Holland, Nicki R" "Driver, Bus" "Iriarte, Alberto III" "Driver, Bus""Jean-Pierre, Markys Henry Max" "Driver, Bus" "Johnson, S G Ross" "Driver, Bus" "Keshiah, Anilkumar s" "Driver, Bus" "King, Patricia JC" "Driver, Bus" "Knox, Calvin Roscoe" "Driver, Bus" "Kwezituka, Emmanuel M." "Driver, Bus" "Lamprey, Dennis Wayne SR" "Driver, Bus" "Leveille, James" "Driver, Bus" "Mack, Elbert" "Driver, Bus" "Mann, Elizabeth Rose" "Driver, Bus" "Martinez, Valerio" "Driver, Bus" "Mayo, Edward Lewis" "Driver, Bus" "Medina, Misael" "Driver, Bus" "Monahan, Molly Jean" "Driver, Bus" "Mori-Ramos, William Lemuel" "Driver, Bus" "Murray, Charles Jason" "Driver, Bus" "Murray, Jason G" "Driver, Bus" "Nyakondo, Liza N" "Driver, Bus" "Price, Leonard C." "Driver, Bus" "Rawlinson, William Bryant" "Driver, Bus" "Saintvil, Jackson" "Driver, Bus" "Shyovitz, Benjamin Chanan" "Driver, Bus" "Simison, Daniel P" "Driver, Bus" "Small, Darnaya Darice" "Driver, Bus" "Smith, Edward G" "Driver, Bus" "Smothers, Darren Jamal" "Driver, Bus" "Taddese, Rediet Kifle" "Driver, Bus" "Tax, Alexander Thomas" "Driver, Bus" "Thomas, Avallon V" "Driver, Bus" "Tran, Hoai-Duc N" "Driver, Bus" "Vanhorne, Kiana McLean" "Driver, Bus" "Vargas, Juan Carlos" "Driver, Bus" "Wessel, Matthew C." "Driver, Bus" "White, Frederick JR" "Driver, Bus" "White, Jacob SR" "Driver, Bus" "Young Neverson, Kiana Alise" IT Com Op "Chasten, Evelyn Rita" IT Com Op "Small, Talishia" IT Com Op "Ticas, Sandra Lorena" IT Coor "Fiory, Jeffrey D." IT Support Assoc "Darr, Dawn M." IT Support Assoc "Manessis, Polymnia" IT Support Asst "Fisher, Natasha Latrice" Manager "Smith-Wiley, Deborah M." Manager "Thompson-Bynum, Colleen" Motor Equip Op III"Marth, Richard Bowling JR" MT Maint Aide II "Joya, Oscar B" MT Maint Aide II "Paz, Roger A" MT Maint Aide II "Wood, Steven Michael" MT Maint Mech Ld "Gomez, Jose N." MT Maint Mech Sr "Arrington, Dannie W." MT Maint Mech Sr "Cooper, Steven James" MT Maint Mechanic"Luna-Bonilla, Medardo A." MT Mlt Trd Sv III"Oliver, Gordon Hamilton JR" Office Clerk II "Johnson, Shirley A." Office Clerk II "Pierre, Patricia C." Office Supv I "Holmes, Alan L." Office Supv I "Powell, Daniel Wesley" Office Supv I "Sydnor, Dora L." Office Supv II "Richardson, Paulette P." Office Supv III "Carpenter, Earl R." Parking Enforcement Assoc"Branch, Katrina Louise" Parking Enforcement Assoc"Delaney, Lawana L" Parking Enforcement Assoc"Lonon, Brylan Ternell" Parking Enforcement Assoc"Peebles, Elliott A." Parking Enforcement Assoc"Roach, Anthony J." Parking Enforcement Assoc"Smith, Nashanta Noelle" Parking Enforcement Assoc "Stith, Brian T." Parking Enforcement Assoc "Tsai, Li-Ling"

"$54,165.67" "$42,128.90" "$52,549.41" "$53,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$57,236.79" "$145,057.50" "$32,898.80" "$28,409.52" "$31,053.61" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$34,210.65" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$30,444.70" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$32,898.80" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.62" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$30,444.70" "$32,898.80" "$32,898.80" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$29,119.76" "$28,409.52" "$30,444.70" "$28,409.52" "$29,119.76" "$31,053.61" "$33,925.74" "$28,409.52" "$36,623.41" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$29,702.15" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$35,138.39" "$35,138.39" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$29,119.76" "$31,053.61" "$29,119.76" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$28,409.52" "$29,119.76" "$28,409.52" $13.62 "$31,829.94" "$32,898.80" "$28,409.52" "$31,933.07" "$34,713.96" "$29,662.48" "$48,732.94" "$56,383.87" "$43,000.00" "$39,026.65" "$58,289.67" "$54,177.63" "$31,829.95" "$24,000.00" "$26,233.69" "$25,000.00" "$35,381.52" "$33,359.62" "$32,423.17" "$31,579.28" "$45,746.00" "$36,408.00" "$35,146.80" "$28,860.27" "$28,860.27" "$33,481.69" "$39,958.19" "$40,308.06" "$25,760.00" "$25,760.00" "$25,760.00" "$37,203.04" "$31,070.57" "$25,760.00" "$25,760.00" "$26,404.00"



Parking Enforcement Assoc"Williams, Alvin T. JR" "$32,099.37" Parking Enforcement Supvsr"Blackburn, Annette R." "$35,428.23" Parking Enforcement Supvsr"Boland, Luke Anthony" "$33,600.00" Parking Enforcement Supvsr"Washington, Crystal M." "$34,128.90" Prg Admin Spec "Agustin, Carol-Ann Wood" "$44,084.48" Prg Admin Spec "Hawkins, Sadel L." "$45,735.26" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Cotton, Stephany" "$37,100.15" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Muir, Andrew S" "$37,000.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Thompson, Alexis S." "$32,926.39" Security Guard "Tucker, Antwan M." "$24,652.08" Signage Tech II "Frisby, Joseph Anthony" "$34,440.00"

VPSA-University Career Center Admin Asst II "Mills-Womack, Tracilynn R" Assoc Dir "Jones, William Alfred JR" Assoc Dir "Rooney-Eckel, Erin Anne" Asst Dir "LeNoir, Linda J." Asst Dir "Weir, Rebecca A." Asst to Dir "Brault, Erin E." Asst to Dir "Jensen, David N." Coordinator "Bradford, Adrianne Elizabeth" Coordinator "Embrey, Erik G" Coordinator "Martucci, Michael S." Director "Hearin, Rick" IT Data Entry Opr "Walters, Katharine L." Lecturer "Ostick, Daniel T." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Green, Leila C." Program Dir "Allen, Pamela M." Program Dir "Brown, Stacey Marvetta" Program Dir "Juhl, Kate Anne" Program Dir "Monical, Carol J." Program Dir "O'Rourke, Megan Ann" Program Dir "Sehlke, Crystal C" Program Dir "Wobrak, Rachel Elizabeth" Word Proc Op "Clevenger, Theresa M."

"$31,442.00" "$64,344.00" "$86,977.00" "$74,955.00" "$74,889.00" "$56,777.00" "$62,705.92" "$48,028.00" "$40,000.00" "$49,500.00" "$120,000.00" "$28,017.31" "$1,500.00" "$46,314.42" "$50,323.65" "$26,857.70" "$52,000.00" "$53,595.35" "$46,838.00" "$52,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$19,196.75"

VPSA-University Health Center Account Clerk III "Anderson, Audrey Marie" Admin Asst I "Altafi, Maysam" Admin Asst II "Thornton, Amy B" Asst Coor "Bellsey, Joan E." Asst Coor "Groom, Robin M." Asst Coor "Harris, Nancy L." Asst Coor "Leib, Jennifer Francyne" Asst Coor "Parsons, Julie F." Asst Coor "Sherman, Jennifer F." Asst Dir "Hopkinson, Marta Jean" Asst Dir "McPhatter, Hope A" Asst Dir "Younger, Deirdre A." Business Manager "Doneff, Linda F." Clinic Coord "Crowe, Rosemary Kathleen" Clinic Coord "Gholston, Jazinda M" Collections Spec "Rubenstahl, Jo Ann" Coordinator "Beckwith, Jenna Lynsey" Coordinator "Bennett, Allison V" Coordinator "Boliek, Jeri" Coordinator "Boykins, Douglas L." Coordinator "Brown, Ronnie M." Coordinator "Cohen, Meghan Michael" Coordinator "Giannakos, Rebekah Goldstein" Coordinator "Heckman, Nancy E" Coordinator "Hernandez, Arlene" Coordinator "Jakubczak, Jane Frances" Coordinator "Kargbo, Alhaji Sallu" Coordinator "Long, Amanda G" Coordinator "Matute, Julia Argentina" Coordinator "McDonald, Jeffery B" Coordinator "Miller, Sonja Suzanne" Coordinator "Powell-Daly, Marie T." Coordinator "Ruggieri, Thomas N." Coordinator "Smith, Susan C." Dir Stud Health "Bodison, Sacared A." Housekeeper "Thomas, Maggie M." Housekeeper "Viera, Teresa" Houskeeper Supv II "Jefferson, Watt" IT Coor "Kleppinger, Donald Edward" Medical Aide "Madramootoo, Peter E" Medical Aide "Quarles, Rickea Shante" Medical Asst "Ciriaco, Juanita Manuela" Medical Asst "Dickerson, Sheila L." Medical Asst "Robinson, Deborah" Nurse "Czan, Mary A" Nurse "Devens, Rita S" Nurse "DiGiovanni, Patricia Gill" Nurse "Duncan, Shobha Dandeker" Nurse "Lee, Esther Taein" Nurse "LeGrand, Linda" Nurse "Ritter, Joanne D" Nurse "Sykes, Miriam A." Nurse "Thorburn, Theresa Marie" Nurse Pract "Jacobs, Donna F." Nurse Pract "Jacobs, Penny" Nurse Pract "Lefler, Karen J." Nurse Pract "Orth, Diane S." Nurse Pract "Perrotta, Maria A." Office Clerk II "Bell, Dominique" Office Clerk II "Mallari, Jehmima" Office Clerk II "Merica, Doreen C." Office Clerk II "Payne, Carly S" Office Clerk II "Sargusingh, Unita Celina" Office Supv I "Greenwood, Tamara L." Office Supv I "Kornegay, Roxanne" Office Supv III "Kirschner, Summer Marie" Office Supv III "Weiss, Denise" Pharmacy Tech "Daniels, April Janelle" Physician "Fahey, Stephen R." Physician "Henry, Anise"

"$31,632.35" "$29,662.48" "$31,683.88" "$60,119.00" "$68,348.00" "$46,808.96" "$54,999.60" "$61,510.27" "$47,600.00" "$166,780.26" "$65,000.00" "$107,000.19" "$60,509.38" "$30,305.00" "$30,305.00" "$38,022.88" "$50,000.00" "$55,000.00" "$52,000.00" "$40,230.17" "$60,780.05" "$45,000.00" "$47,966.62" "$45,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$52,721.48" "$67,200.00" "$45,000.00" "$51,374.28" "$52,000.00" "$50,000.00" "$92,000.00" "$91,529.38" "$37,971.60" "$191,720.02" "$30,577.48" "$24,583.94" "$36,201.16" "$70,265.46" "$23,408.00" "$23,408.00" "$9,522.32" "$30,365.56" "$27,670.00" "$55,000.00" "$62,000.00" "$27,979.65" "$42,123.20" "$27,446.50" "$55,000.00" "$42,400.00" "$27,295.87" "$62,706.54" "$67,085.92" "$79,533.73" "$49,127.06" "$85,296.32" "$87,627.05" "$16,874.99" "$26,000.00" "$28,762.32" "$26,650.00" "$26,978.00" "$37,361.93" "$39,653.67" "$32,271.00" "$47,298.03" "$26,931.00" "$65,060.42" "$125,725.34"

Physician "Herman, Robert Alan" "$65,319.64" Physician "Howard, Joy Linda" "$128,707.72" Physician "Lee, Amelia Gail" "$134,637.81" Physician "Standard, Gina Lynette" "$127,999.82" Physician "Woods, Stacy B." "$67,000.00" Physician's Asst "Perez, Jessica Susan" "$70,000.00" Physician's Asst "Teitelbaum, Heather Ilana" "$56,430.06" Physician's Asst "Vilas, Carol" "$79,254.69" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Daly, Nicole Marie" "$32,271.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Johnson- Anderson, Kit L." "$39,873.54" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Joyner, Katrina Gabriolle" "$32,500.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Oliver-Cross, Pamela" "$33,825.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I"San Buenaventura, Amparo Sabino""$33,500.00" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Trejo, Sabina Elvira" "$33,739.33" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Turay, Osman A" "$33,739.33" Prog Mgmt Spec I "Zapata, Elizabeth" "$38,330.44" Psychiatrist "Stabler, Diane" "$154,000.00" Res Spec "Webster-Sesay, Stephanie R." "$62,606.99" Service Worker "Wilson, Linden F" "$22,805.82" Specialist "Arrol, Jason" "$51,000.00" Specialist "Do, Thieu" "$50,000.00" Specialist "Mugerwa, Simon Kiyaga" "$51,792.58" Storekeeper II "Barbee, Nancy A." "$39,114.08" Supervisor "Whittles, Patricia A." "$34,332.22"

VPSA-VP Student Affairs Admin Asst II "Kroop, Ari M" Asst Dir "Kesler, Kelly Lynn" Asst Dir "Shefet, Keren" Asst to VP "Broady, Katherine L." Asst VP "Hummel, Mary L." Asst VP "Kelley, Warren L." Asst VP "Zacker, John" Business Manager "Catalano, Daniel J." Coordinator "Bisnath, Chandra N." Coordinator "Diaz, Zimri" Counselor "Hunt, Patricia F." Dir Development "Rychner, James J." Director "Watkins, Brian L" Exec Asst to VP "Supple, Brooke Lecky" IT Sys Prog "Carroll, Lisa M." Specialist "Lonsbury, Maria" Vice Pres Stud Aff "Clement, Linda M."

"$34,250.00" "$68,200.00" "$65,000.00" "$61,700.12" "$150,000.00" "$170,644.00" "$150,000.00" "$69,500.00" "$50,570.25" "$50,047.50" "$27,563.01" "$112,656.55" "$79,080.00" "$118,441.98" "$90,511.27" "$60,145.49" "$233,146.75"

Coordinator "Beaver, Kenneth Patrick" Coordinator "Besong, Laura M." Coordinator "Brock, Pamela G." Coordinator "Brown, Chelsea R." Coordinator "Cabnal Hernandez, Maria R." Coordinator "Cabnal Hernandez, Maria R." Coordinator "Walter, Christopher Benjamin" Coordinator "Woods-Suku, Frances Estella" Dev Ofc "Fuenmayor, Lara" Dev Ofc "Grebow, Sarah H." Dev Ofc "Magness, Brian William" Dev Ofc "Popat, Sameer Iqbal" Dev Ofc "Welsh, Mary Katharine" Dir Development "Brown, Laura Whitmore" Dir Development "Cocoltchos, Laura M." Dir Development "Fowlkes, Carl Alfonso" Dir Development "Jones, Veronica" Dir Development "Rhebergen, Deborah N." Director "Borak, Leslie W." Director "Coleman, Leslie P." Director "Coleman, Leslie P." Director "Ellinghaus, Deborah A." Director "LeGrand, Jason J." Director "Lewis, Edward James III" Director "Logue, Brian" Director "McKee, E John" Director "Morris, Andrea E." Director "Onkst, Heidi Anne" Director "Ray, Carla Maxwell" Director "Schwartz, Jennifer Leed" Director "Silipigni, Stephan A." Director "Tracy, Regina" Director "Wang, Patricia G." Exec Dir "Shook, Brian D."

"$43,000.00" "$45,000.00" "$47,000.00" "$55,686.00" "$2,640.00" "$44,400.00" "$48,000.00" "$48,000.00" "$117,704.54" "$80,138.24" "$94,210.92" "$78,000.00" "$53,337.00" "$118,297.30" "$89,000.00" "$122,500.00" "$110,823.00" "$95,000.00" "$166,000.00" "$6,356.64" "$158,916.00" "$108,500.00" "$103,198.70" "$121,500.00" "$125,000.00" "$134,400.00" "$121,823.06" "$150,000.00" "$120,000.00" "$112,000.00" "$86,751.00" "$164,000.00" "$95,760.00" "$165,398.20"

VPUR-Development Alumni Info System Asst Dir Director IT Support Asst Manager Systems Analyst Systems Analyst

"Jennings, Elizabeth B." "Jirinec, Vladimir" "Means, Sylvia J." "Tippett, Melody A." "Lefkowitz, Sharon R." "Sutjahjo, Heru N."

"$100,556.31" "$109,905.55" "$41,917.59" "$58,517.76" "$75,000.00" "$75,000.00"

VPUR-Financial Management

VP University Relations VPUR-Development Admin Asst II "Mayorga, Nicole D." Assoc Dir "Andrews-O-Hara, Carla" Assoc Dir "Loomis, Stacey D." Assoc Dir "Robinson-Slemp, David D." Assoc Dir "Schofer, Greg S." Asst Dean "Martens, Anne E." Asst Dean "Miller, Lucy K." Asst Dir "Vargas, Debra A." Asst Dir "Zakrewsky, Jacqueline R." Business Manager "Hakulin, Ruth Perez" Cont/Grant Assoc "Waldrop, Sandra Kay"

"$33,100.00" "$87,100.00" "$78,400.00" "$87,000.00" "$89,000.00" "$115,600.00" "$138,500.00" "$73,500.00" "$48,000.00" "$44,864.54" "$36,992.63"

Account Clerk II "Cristaldi, James M." Account Clerk II "Shameem, Naima Ben Ali" Account Clerk III "Ward, Beverly" Accountant "Ellis, Malik L." Accountant "Harris, Vonetta LaVelle" Accountant "Hunter, Prince Clifton" Assoc Dir "Bayle, Carolyn Ann" Assoc Dir "Trombly Allen, Cynthia" Asst Dir "Ayala, Ileana Emi" Asst Dir "Gifford, Kristin A." Asst VP "King, Michael W." Coordinator "Hassan, Abbas C." Coordinator "Vicencio, Christine J." Director "Silver, David Scott" Exec Adm Asst I "Nerret, Emily S." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Guizado, Angelica I."

"$29,200.20" "$28,487.34" "$34,570.89" "$45,000.00" "$55,769.00" "$50,586.16" "$90,759.22" "$89,706.06" "$53,320.00" "$115,000.00" "$195,408.93" "$52,000.00" "$42,590.80" "$145,000.00" "$43,760.63" "$34,582.82"

Prog Mgmt Spec I

"Moss, Judith J."


VPUR-Univ Alumni Association Admin Asst II "McCombs, Sandra P." Admin Asst II "Tucker, Dawn M." Asst Dir "Peraza, J Mario A" Asst Dir "Simpson, Josefina Padlan" Asst Dir "Temple, Kourtney Jo" Coordinator "Goff, Alyson K." Coordinator "Harris, Troy M." Coordinator "Mudd Rahmani, Angela" Director "Dinbokowitz, Andrew Joseph" Director "Jones, Joycelyn Elizabeth" Director "Morgen, Beth Anne" Director "Roberts, Jessica Kline" Director "Tadlock, Stephanie Lee" Manager "Chiddo, Robin Kelly" Manager "Sharp, Helen Elizabeth" Sr Writer "Boardman, Amanda Lee"

"$34,116.76" "$39,701.29" "$66,800.00" "$70,000.00" "$65,770.00" "$42,500.00" "$63,378.56" "$41,328.00" "$80,653.81" "$70,053.60" "$97,431.65" "$78,000.00" "$65,375.57" "$65,256.93" "$51,590.82" "$57,500.00"

VPUR-Univ Communicat/Marketing Assoc "Ottalini, David Guy" Assoc "Tickner, Neil A." Assoc Dir "DeArmond, Holly Noelle" Assoc Dir "Harless, Joshua G." Assoc Dir "Themne, Tracey M." Assoc Dir "Tune, Leon J. II" Asst "Rupert, Gail Marie" Asst Dir "Azarm, Mira" Asst Dir "Nelson, Jeanette" Asst Dir "Nelson, Murray C. JR" Asst VP "Ullmann, Brian Scott" Coordinator "Nichols, Catherine Suzanne" Coordinator "Payne, Brian G" Director "Consoli, John Thomas" Editor "Brown, Lauren M." Exec Adm Asst I "Sosa, Claudia M." Exec Dir "Hall, Margaret Allison" Exec Dir "Martin, Linda H." Exec Dir "Williams, Millree JR" Graph Art Design "Look, Patricia Ann" Manager "Lambird, Katerina Batselos" Media Spec "Cavanaugh, Elizabeth" Prg Admin Spec "George, Sandra A." Prog Mgmt Spec I "Lloyd, Pamela L." Specialist "Corbin, David Alan" Specialist "Pearson, Joanna Nicole" Web Svcs Developer "Chen, Min" Writer/Editor "Bailey, Monette Austin" Writer/Editor "Ventsias, Thomas R."

"$65,946.14" "$70,023.71" "$71,881.52" "$77,325.54" "$78,500.00" "$75,228.80" "$52,000.00" "$56,223.84" "$52,423.90" "$77,191.15" "$180,000.00" "$45,705.54" "$56,196.44" "$86,897.76" "$73,000.00" "$39,206.25" "$129,816.37" "$116,157.31" "$117,818.42" "$36,320.00" "$56,247.70" "$65,343.75" "$40,172.85" "$39,189.78" "$130,000.00" "$63,722.00" "$60,000.00" "$63,373.01" "$57,083.28"

Asst Dir "Tsai, Ling-Ling L." Asst to VP "Marsanopoli, Nancy L." Asst VP "Quinn, Barbara C." Coordinator "David, Maureen A." Coordinator "Reed, Debra Ann" Dev Assoc "Baker, Eric Keith" Director "Diemer, Kathleen Mary" Director "Murphy, Tina M." Director "Potter, Julie" Director "Thornton, Karen Sutterer" Director "Watson, Pernell JR" Exec Admin Asst III "Whelton, Terry" IT Coor "Daniere, Rose Marie B." IT Data Base Admin "Yang, Jie" IT Sys Analyst "Libes, Lori Sharon" IT Sys Analyst "Mansour, Alamir A." IT Sys Analyst "Tsai, Laura L." Manager "Curtis, Geoffrey C." Prg Admin Spec "Hill, Janice M." Prg Admin Spec "Kugler, Virginia M." Prg Admin Spec "Lei, Su-Hui" Research Asst "Kalkanis, Sophia J." Research Asst "Makelele, Sonia Nora Astrid" Research Asst "Smith, Lindsay Nicole" Research Asst "Williams, Aaron John" Sr Res Anlst "Jaffe, Marc W." Vice President "Remington, William B."

"$39,755.06" "$63,290.87" "$185,553.25" "$52,243.52" "$55,629.53" "$32,800.74" "$80,000.00" "$83,486.59" "$97,000.00" "$128,000.00" "$78,000.00" "$41,000.00" "$46,331.51" "$70,000.00" "$59,637.76" "$80,999.58" "$67,760.00" "$55,112.65" "$49,832.41" "$55,313.14" "$42,681.89" "$43,729.40" "$40,000.00" "$40,000.00" "$36,620.73" "$89,884.29" "$282,045.01"


VPUR-VP University Relations Admin Asst I Analyst Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Assoc Dir Asst Dir

"Scobell, Stephanie Rose" "Chen, Li - Di" "Evans, John Howard SR" "Fort, Allison E." "Johnson, Gregory A." "Ngugi, Kevin N" "Callahan, Gina L."

"$31,980.00" "$32,039.22" "$95,759.65" "$43,200.00" "$63,841.05" "$106,700.00" "$67,760.00"

2012 Salary Guide  

The Diamondback, 2012 Salary Guide, April 25, 2012

2012 Salary Guide  

The Diamondback, 2012 Salary Guide, April 25, 2012