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A story woven with every stitch and fibre The Dharma Door is globally recognised as a brand that has been making a tangible difference through design since 2004. An original thinker among lifestyle brands, our team continues to develop an actionable Fair Trade philosophy, connecting with talented artisans across continents. We combine contemporary design, lasting functionality and unfailing ethics to create products that tell a much bigger story than just the item itself.

How We Work The Dharma Door has been commissioning the incredible skills of female artisans in remote, rural communities of

Makingsince a difference design Bangladesh 2008. Bythrough working with not-for-profit The Dharma Door has been commissioning the incredible NGOs on the ground, we have developed an approach skills of female artisans in remote, rural communities of

that honours both artisans and buyers.

Bangladesh since 2008. By working with not-for-profit NGOs on the ground, we have developed an approach that honours

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By working within the skills of our artisans, with groups

By working within the skills of our artisans, with groups who

whotruly trulydodohave have their best interest at heart, have their best interest at heart, we we have created created an approach that empowers each person. Our an approach that empowers each person. Our ongoing, sustainable orders,orders, provideprovide consistent work andwork security ongoing, sustainable consistent and

for each artisan: proof proof that through good design, can security for each artisan: that through good we design, all make a meaningful difference.

we can all make a meaningful difference.

Bold and tactile, our Fringe and Tassel Wall Hangings are a statement maker for any space. ABOVE: Wall Hanging - Jute & Leather Fringe - 45cm x 65cms (18” x 26”) : DRS026L Jumbo Jute Wall Hanging - Jute & Leather Fringe - 100cm x 145cms (39” x 57”) : DRS027L

LEFT: Jumbo Jute Wall Hanging - Jute Fringe - 100cm x 145cms (39” x 57”) : DRS027 Wall Hanging - Jute Fringe - 45cm x 65cms (18” x 26”) : DRS026



Jumbo Jute Wall Hanging - Natural with Tassels - 100cm x 145cms (39” x 57”): DRS016

Jute Macrame Wall Hanging - Natural with Tassels - 45cm x 65cms (18” x 26”) : DRS005 (also available with a touch of indigo - DRS006)

Textural wall art adds warmth and interest to any room in the home. Our Mandala Wall Hanging is meticulously handwoven with natural jute and works beautifully in a bedroom, hallway or living room. Mandala Wall Hanging - 100cmD (39�) : DRS022

Jute Rugs & Runners Following years perfecting woven baskets, wall hangings and bags, The Dharma Door’s first floor covering collection has been a very natural next step. By adapting the weaving techniques used to craft our flagship baskets, three captivating designs have been developed; Saba, Bhola and Kasba are available in both rugs and runners, and look just at home in a rustic setting as they do any modern space.


Bhola Runner - 300cm (9.8ft) x 80cm (31.5�) : DBS007 Bhola Rug - 240cm (7.9ft) x 170cm (5.6ft) : DBS001 Bhola Rug - 300cm (9.8ft) x 200cm (6.6ft): DBS004

Each jute shape is handwoven by female artisans, before being assembled using

Kasba Kasba Runner - 300cm (9.8ft) x 80cm (31.5�) : DBS009 Kasba Rug - 240cm (7.9ft) x 170cm (5.6ft) : DBS003 Kasba Rug - 300cm (9.8ft) x 200cm (6.6ft): DBS006

a strong needle and fine jute thread. The result is like a contemporary patchwork, where shapes combine to form pleasing patterns. Completely natural, tightly bound and finished with incredible attention to detail, these timeless rugs brim with warmth and character.


Sunda Runner - 318cm (10.4ft) x 75cm (29.5”) : DBS008 Sunda Rug - 245cm (8ft) x 165cm (5.4ft) : DBS002 Sunda Rug - 318cm (10.4ft) x 200cm (6.5ft): DBS005

Style Tip

Shallow jute baskets offer a beautiful way to display collected curiosities from nature and your travels.

LEFT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Minikin Jute Bowl - Natural: DT050 Jute Bowl - Natural: DT047

ABOVE Trio of Round Jute Baskets - Natural: DT018NTL

Our smaller jute baskets are perfect for every room in the the entry for keys; in the bathroom for hand towels; toilet rolls and toiletries; in the office for pens and devices; on the coffee table for remote controls or for potted plants... The options are endless.

ABOVE Trio of Jute Baskets - Natural: DT037NTL

Jute baskets for laundry, storing pillows, blankets, firewood, toys, or shoes. LEFT: Laundry Jute Basket - Natural: DT005 ABOVE: Large Jute Basket - Natural: DT004NTL & Small Jute Basket - Natural: DT003NTL

Made by hand, completely unique and distinctly individual; we ensure quality throughout production while still preserving the little flourishes that make our products distinctly handmade.

Natural Dyeing Natural dyeing is an important part of both our design aesthetic and sustainable commitment. We partner with artisans who are specialists in the art of natural dyeing and you will find their skills in the charcoal, gold and indigo shades throughout our range. The palette and subtle variations that are unique to natural dyes combine well with our favourite fibres and suit the earthy, textural aesthetic that The Dharma Door is renowned for.

Fibres are hand-dyed and hand-woven in rural villages in Bangladesh. Dyeing cleanup is done in the village waterways - the same water that is used for washing clothes, fishing, food preparation and playing. We’re conscious of this. Our mission is for our products to have a wholly positive effect on the artisans who make them and their communities. This is why natural dyeing makes perfect sense to us.

LEFT Large Jute Basket - Charcoal: DT004CHL Round Jute Basket - Charcoal: DT090CHL

ABOVE Small Jute Basket - Charcoal: DT003CHL

Our artisan partners are proud to be creating products that are globally recognised for their impeccable handmade qualities.

With their chunky rope-like handles and unique weave, the Seafarers Baskets are destined to bring just the right amount of handwoven texture into any home.

LEFT: Seafarers Duo: DRS020

Empowering women The Dharma Door is committed to training more women each year and assisting them to trade their way out of poverty through meaningful work that maximizes their skills. Supporting the empowerment of women strengthens the fabric of their communities and develops confident, inspiring individuals.

The Trio of Woven Pots is ideal for potted plants or as storage baskets.

ABOVE: Trio of Woven Pots: DRS018NTL

Totes,Bags & Clutches Our bag collection is handcrafted from jute, hemp, cotton and vegetable-tanned leather, sourced locally within the rural communities where our artisan partners work. Always stylish. Always natural. Ethical fashion at it’s best.

St Kitts Tote: DRS028

Nimble fingers have been busy tying thousands of knots to create our latest collection of totes, bags and clutches. Our artisan partners have handcrafted each bag to the highest quality; using macrame and fringing techniques with natural jute, handloomed cotton and vegetable-tanned leather. Designed with versatility, functionality and style in mind, this collection will last across seasons for many years to come.

ABOVE (left to right) Dominica Tote: DRS024, Saba Clutch: DRS025, Saba Bag: DRS023, St Kiits Clutch (not pictured): DRS029

Hand weaving... Every Dharma Door shopper & tote creates an opportunity for artisans to preserve the handweaving traditions that have endured throughout their communities for centuries. A story woven with every warp, weft and fibre.

The Pacific Collection includes handwoven classic stripes in wide or thin and our much-loved diamond design. Choose from roomy cotton-lined totes with fabric shoulder straps or the versatile shopper with wrapped jute handles. Available in white, natural and indigo. ABOVE (left to right)


Pacific Tote - Thin Stripes Natural & White: DT079NTL

Pacific Shopper - Thin Stripes Natural & White: DT082NTL

Pacific Shopper - Two-tone Natural & White: DT083NTL Pacific Tote - Wide Stripes Indigo & White: DT079IN

To view our complete range of Shoppers and Totes, please visit our website.

String Bags Perfectly practical for market or beach trips, our string bags also look gorgeous hanging in a hallway, kitchen or mudroom when not in use.

ABOVE Our Jumbo Hemp String Bags with bold rope handles are both strong and sustainable. Jumbo Hemp String Bag - Natural: DP104NT (also available in Charcoal - DP104CL and Indigo - DP104IN)

LEFT The simplicity of natural knotted jute twine with an added touch of luxe vegetable-tanned leather handles. Natural Jute String Bag w/t tan leather handles: DRS008

“One of my favourite things about the artisan groups that we work with is their self-managed Savings & Loan Schemes. Each artisan group forms a committee, and each committee is given a money box with two keys, which are held by a democratically elected leader and co-leader. Every month, they meet and put 5% of their earnings in the box. During this meeting, the women are given the opportunity to present a loan request if needed. This might be for a new roof on their house, a toilet, an animal to provide food, books for their children, clothing or a medical procedure for a family member. There can only be one recipient each time and she is chosen according to the greatest need. This gives each woman the chance to have control over her finances and plan for her future.�

S h a n n o n S h e e d y. F o u n d e r, T h e D h a r m a D o o r

The Dharma Door e p (+61) 6629 1114 w a Byron Bary Hinterland, NSW, Australia @thedharmadoor The Dharma Door USA e p (+1) 707 332 0890 w a Benicia, California @thedharmadoorusa The Dharma Door EU e p (+45) 26 44 72 40 w a Aarhus, Denmark @thedharmadooreu

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The Dharma Door is globally recognised as a brand that has been making a tangible difference through design since 2004. An original thinker...