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The Devil’s Dozen


What Repealing the ACA Will Mean

for Addiction Treatment in Akron

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Spotlight: The Optics of Memory

COMMUNITY & CULTURE 18 Meet the Homeless of Akron


25 How Akron’s Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Got its Start

26 What Kevin Locket Wishes He Knew

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MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT 33 Six Akron Bands We Think You

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35 Sound Guys Sound Off


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15 Meet Sweetie Girl! She arrived at our shelter after being found by a Good Samaritan with an injured back leg. Sweetie Girl has received the necessary medical care needed to make her better and she is now ready to find a forever home! Sweetie Girl's leg has healed up wonderfully and she is feeling better than ever! She can sometimes take a few moments to warm up to new people and places, but once Sweetie Girl knows you she enjoys being pet and loved on! Sweetie Girl especially enjoys being pet around her head, cheek and chin area. Sweetie Girl may have potential with other laid back cats and calm dogs. Sweetie Girl is shy and will need some time to adjust and feel comfortable before coming out of her shell. If you're interested in meeting Sweetie Girl, please stop by our shelter and ask to meet her today! Remy is around 6 years old and weighs about 45 pounds. This pretty little lady is a snuggle bug and loves to cuddle up for belly rubs. When Remy is feeling a little chilly, she can often be found snuggled up under a blanket to keep warm. She loves to play with tennis balls and will chase them around until she is all wore out. Remy shows potential with the right dog but wouldn't mind being the only canine companion in the home. Remy would do best in a home with older children. PAWSibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron 7996 Darrow Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087 | 1.888.588.8436 | 330.487.0333 | |

FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


Pub Notes

How the real news can be a bigger threat than fake news (And an argument for argument)

Pub Notes >> W

ithout sounding too much like Kellyanne Conway, I kinda like the idea of “alternative facts.” Not the spreading falsehoods part but how multiple sets of verifiably true facts can coexist without contradiction. A sort of twist on the old “two sides to every story” trope where my kind of “alternative facts” aren’t different sides but rather a complement or context.

For example, it is a fact that there were 50 homicides in Summit County in 2015. My kind of “alternative fact” is that hundreds of works of art were created in the same time frame. Thousands of Akronites had a great meal in 2015 too. Scores suffered through ringing ears and hangovers, which they won by experiencing live local music and perhaps too much local brew. So is Akron this horribly dangerous place where murder is on the rise? Or is it a city whose creativity is blossoming into more vibrant scenes for the arts, music and culture? The answer, of course, is that it’s both. And more. We know that, logically, but our brains get hijacked by what we recall most easily, which is usually whatever we saw last. That becomes a problem when we’re assembling the story we tell ourselves about our city (or ourselves, or our neighbors) from headlines and Facebook posts. Even when these things are true, they’re still just fragments that omit or obscure the greater context. This is what concerns me most about how local journalism typically works now. Our local dailies and TV stations can’t regularly deliver that context because, after decades of cutbacks and layoffs, news outlets have maxed out


the capacity of their reporters. The result is a broken narrative about where we live and the price of that for a community like ours is, in my opinion, severe. While limited resources are one problem, the way we think about the news is another, potentially larger, problem.

The broken narratives we assemble from headlines and posts eventually erodes our compassion for our each other, and our understanding of and connectedness to each other. However, the remedy is relatively simple.

This is how comedian Aziz Ansari put it on When the alarms sound about journalism’s Saturday Night Live recently: “I think part of future, the attention typically goes to the problem is a lot of these people, they how very important the news just haven’t interacted with media really is because who any brown people in their else can be trusted to normal life. The only inform the public? people they see are But this ignores these monsters that it takes more in the news than geographic who are just boundaries and a drop in the a newspaper ocean. Maybe subscription what needs to make the to happen is public a public. when they do The public conthe news report, notes a sense of they should do engagement, civic a second report responsibility and about some other — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. community. It isn’t simply brown people that are (1967) a grouping of human beings just up to normal stuff…” who happen to live in the same place. If we don’t grapple with how to foster That kind of thinking could describe the ethos social capital then the handwringing about fake of The Devil Strip. Let’s flesh out the narrative news and homilies about the sacred duty to you have of Akron. Let’s round out the picture inform fall flat. you’re painting of this place. Let us tell you about the Akron we know. Local journalists are the chief storytellers of every community they serve. I don’t think Until recently, that’s largely been about our that’s something we acknowledge enough. As arts and culture because, especially in the journalists, we’re trained to be objective and beginning, it was obvious too many Akronites dispassionate, which we sometimes confuse have been missing out on the fun. The more with separating ourselves from what we cover, we’ve grown, the more dedicated we’ve even when it’s where we live too. Don’t we become to telling stories about the people who have a stake in the future of these places? If make Akron unique. We care about the events, so, we should we act like it. We should care the performances, the food and the art but professionally about our neighbors, not just not as much as the people responsible for personally after we’ve clocked out. those things.

We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We are made to live together because of the interrelated structure of reality.

| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

Of late, this orientation around human beings has increasingly meant standing alongside people whose voices are otherwise underrepresented, be they opioid addicts who found hope in recovery, a group of professional women marching in Washington, DC, the homeless on our streets or our immigrant and refugee neighbors. Some will only see this as another communist/ leftist/liberal/etc. getting political, but what I ultimately want is a conversation. That’s why we put our ideas, our reporting and our opinions out there. We want to start, contribute to or continue a conversation about what’s best for the city of Akron. That’s our baseline, our standard: Is it good for Akron? But I’m not stupid enough to think I alone know what’s best. I depend on the knowledge, experience and perspectives that others are willing to share. That’s why we don’t need to always agree, why it’s better when we don’t. Whether we engage in this debate for Akron, for America or just because there’s something to that treating others as we would want to be treated thing, if we start with the same basic purpose, we’ve got a better chance of connecting and maybe even making progress together. Then we’d be another step closer to the kind of social cohesion that makes us “the public” instead of individuals raging against each other in comment sections, fighting for points in a game no one wins because no one is keeping score. —


Pictured above: A group, including my awesome wife, represents Akron at the Women's March on Washington (photo courtesy of Shane Wynn)







ì é


µ è

The Devil’s


å Be Mine: Marbled Valentines

é EarthQuaker Devices –

Thursday, Feb 2


Monday, Feb 6

Friday, Feb 10

The Akron Civic Theatre, 182 S Main St • 8pm Need a laugh? “Here’s Your Sign.” Put a Band-

Impress your valentine with something a little more crafty and thoughtful this year. The Akron Art Museum will be hosting a marbling

Space Spiral Launch Party Thursday’s Lounge, 306 E Exchange St • 6-9pm Rig Alert! “EarthQuaker Devices” is releasing their newest product to add to your pedal board. On Monday, “EarthQuaker Devices”

workshop, led by local artist Claire Marks. The workshop will focus on a marbling method called aqueous surface design which produces patterns similar to smooth marble or stone by

will be hosting a launch party for their newest pedal named “Space Spiral”. “The Space Spiral is a dark and dreamy modulated delay that’ll take you across the highways of fantasy

part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, stand-up comic, Bill Engvall will be bringing his southern humor to the Akron Civic Theatre this month. In the midst of a NE Ohio winter, wearing real

using colored paint and water. The event is $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers.

with delay times ranging from a tight 30ms to a fast and loose 600ms, recalling the dreary

pants after work is a tough commitment, but don’t let that be a deal breaker. After years of

Registration is required at

echoes produced by old oil can delays or the ethereal sound of a well-loved tape delay.” The launch party will consist of demos, clinics, Q&A sessions, exclusive “Space Sprial” product colors and most importantly, discounted products. Be among the first to drift in and out of reality by getting your hands on the Space Spiral.

putting up with Larry the Cable Guy, Bill’s last concerns are your sweatpants. For event and ticket information, please visit

w/ Claire Marks Akron Art Museum, 1 S High St • 6:30pm

Friday, Feb 3

ç PechaKucha Akron, Volume VI Akron Urban League, 440 Vernon Odom Blvd Doors open at 7pm – Starts promptly at 8pm Enjoy complimentary refreshments and a cash bar as some of Akron’s most creative visionaries showcase their passion, stories, artwork, and much more. Doors open at 7vpm and show starts promptly at 8 pm- key word being “promptly,” as each speaker will be presenting

Thursday, Feb 9

è Yoga in the Galleries

20 slides that last for 20 seconds each. In

Akron Art Museum, 1 S High St • 6:30 pm

other words, each speaker will have roughly 7 minutes in the spotlight. Registration is required to attend the event and seating is limited. PechaKucha is asking for a small donation of $5 with intent to cover hosting expenses. Tickets and registration can be found on eventbrite.

Grab your mat and head to the Akron Art Museum for “Yoga in the Galleries”. A certified Nirvana Yoga instructor surrounded by vibrant and eccentric art work will be teaching

com or by visiting

Aid on your seasonal depression with the help of Grammy Nominated and multi-platinum selling recording artist Bill Engvall. Formerly

Saturday, Feb 11

ë Wesley Bright & the Honeytones: “A Love Story” BLU Jazz +, 47 E Market St, Akron • 7-10:45pm Roses only go so far. If you really want to spice your Valentine’s Day up, check out Wesley Bright & the Honeytones on Valentine’s weekend. Make sure to wear your finest apparel and expect nothing less of the band, as their style is just as smooth as their music.

and Max Brady (trombone). Expect to hear new tunes and potentially get your hands on some old school 45 rpm vinyl records. Tickets start at $25.

Feb. 11 – May 7

í Art Exhibit - “Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose” Akron Art Museum, 1 S High St Popular Art Magazine Hi-Fructose celebrates 10 years this month by showcasing over 50 contemporary artists in their “Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-fructose” exhibit. The only Midwest showing of the exhibit will begin this month at The Akron Art Museum. Experience the original artwork outside the magazine’s perspective and gain a larger appreciation for this multifaceted display of excellence. If anything, this event will expand your cultural knowledge and taste with international artists ranging from Amsterdam to Canada. The Akron Art Museum will host a free opening party on February 10 at 7:30 pm. For additional information and a complete list of related programs, please visit

Leave your jacket in the car, because this 8-man band sold out their last show at BLU Jazz +.

Saturday, Feb 11

a beginner friendly class at 6:30 pm to help you find your zen. The yoga lesson is $10 for non-

Wesley Bright’s soulful, reminiscent and near perfect voice will be tastefully accompanied by Jimmy Parsons (guitar), Matthew DeRubertis

members and free for members. Registration is required at

(bass), Dan Fernanadez (drums), Matt Garrett (trumpet), Nathan-Paul Davis (alto saxophone),

John S. Knight Center, 77 E Mill St Doors open 5pm, Bout at 6pm Babes in blades, beer and high speed collisions; need I say more? The Akron Roller Derby kicks (continued on page 38)

Oddmall presents: Dream Worlds Convention

ì Akron Roller Derby Home Opener

guests, and purveyors of all things odd, fun,

of contemporary realism through the guise

unusual, and wonderful. The Dream Worlds Convention is centered around the “Dream Worlds: The Art of Imaginative Realism”

of surrealism. Their creations are now a fundamental component of both the fine art world and the commercial art industry.

The Dream Worlds Convention will feature

exhibition that is on display inside the Canton Museum of Art galleries, featuring awardwinning artists from around the country

Dream Worlds is produced with CMA guest-curator and Canton native, Chris Seaman, an award-winning artist-illustrator.

amazing fantasy art, tabletop games, kids activities, live music, costumes and costumers, panels and workshops, live art demos, special

who play a pivotal role in the art of cinema, television, set design, 3D animation, gaming, and costume design—pushing the boundaries

Admission is $5; Museum Members are Free. Admission includes entry into the convention and galleries.

Canton Museum of Art, 1001 Market Ave N Saturday, Feb 11, 10am - 6pm Sunday, Feb 12, 10am - 5pm


ê Comedian Bill Engvall

Saturday, February 11 12pm O’Brian, Musician

Sunday, February 12 11am Sean Benjamin, Musician

1-1:30pm 2pm 3pm 4-5pm

Antarctic Antics Children’s Play Michael McFarland, Musician The Oddmall Costume Contest & Parade

1pm 2pm 3pm

Kevin Conaway, Musician The Oddmall Costume Contest & Parade New Goblonian Live Radio Show with Gandersnitch the Goblin

Loveline with HP Lovecraft


Michael McFarland, Musician

FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


the agenda

There's Nothing to Do in Akron The Devil Strip’s comprehensive, monthly argument that there’s plenty of fun to be had in Akron

Thursday, Feb 2 - March 2 Jewelry Making at Summit Artspace

WONE presents the ultimate Led Zeppelin tribute band, joined by opening acts Ravenwood and The Joe Vitale Jr. Tickets are

Summit Artspace, 140 E Market St • Learn basic $22.50. metal-working techniques in a jewelry making course offering five consecutive classes. Classes will be every Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm. For enrollment info visit

Saturday, Feb 4 Northside Market Valentine’s Day Market Northside Market, 106 N Main St • 5 - 10 pm The Northside Market is a local shopping experience including handmade goods, fine art, vintage items and more. This is the inaugural market. The lower level gallery will have a one night only curated show called “Transitus” with sculptures by local artist Jeremy Jenkins. SmART Studio will offer "Freedom: A George Michael Portrait Painting Party" from 6 - 8 pm.

Sunday, Feb 5 Brian Henke-Virtuoso Guitar • Mustard Seed Market & Café, 3885 W Market St. • 12-3pm

Tuesday, Feb 7 Open Mic Night w/ Gretchen Pleuss Uncorked Wine Bar, 22 N High St • 7pm Come play a few tunes every Tuesday evening at Uncorked Wine Bar with lovely host, Gretchen Pleuss.

Wednesday, Feb 8

Bourbon & BBQ Tasting – Winter Edition Annabell’s Bar & Lounge, 784 W Market St 6 - 9 pm • Diageo Brand Representative, Kelsey Stallman and Southern Glazers Wine and Sprit’s Jim Fandrich, will walk you through a tasting

Hidden In Plain Sight – An Awareness Program for Parents and Other Adults St. Hilary Elementary School, 645 Moorfield Rd “Snoop and Search” 6pm / Presentation 6:30pm • Parents are invited to an interactive bedroom exhibit containing 150+ items indicating risky behaviors followed by a presentation in Horning

flight of 5 Bourbon Selections as BBQ plates/

Hall at St. Hilary Elementary School. The event is

appetizers are served throughout the evening. Desert? A complimentary cigar of course. Tickets are $35 at

presented by the Copley and Bath Police Forces, Summit ADM Board and Child Guidance & Family Solutions.

Saturday, Feb 11 • 330.835.9945 Welshly Arms w/ Nick D & the Believers Musica, 51 E Market St • 8pm • Tickets $10 • Soulful, bluesy, authentic rock. Tickets are $10 at Musica. Wesley Bright & the Honeytones: Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience A Love Story • BLU Jazz+, 47 E Market St Akron Civic Theatre, 182 S Main St • 8 pm 7 pm • For this very special Valentine’s

Ongoing thru February 25 Biosynthesis: The art of Jonah Jacobs and Betsy Cavalier-Casey curated by Lehr. Downtown Gallery is located at 141 E. Main St. in Kent, Ohio. Gallery hours are Mon - Wed, 9:30am - 6pm; Thurs 9:30am - 8pm; Fri 9:30am - 7pm; Sat 10am - 4pm; and Sun noon - 5pm


the agenda Weekend show, Wesley will be joined on stage by the musical talents of Jimmy Parsons (guitar), Matthew DeRubertis (bass), Dan Fernandez (drums), Matt Garrett (trumpet), NathanPaul Davis (alto saxophone), and Max Brady (trombone).

Friday, Feb 17 Verb Ballets present Works Reimagined:

Nuance A Capella with Rhythm and

Continuing the Legacy of Heinz Poll Akron Civic Theatre, 182 S Main St • 8 pm

Roos and Kanga Blue • E. J. Thomas Hall, 198 Hill St • Nuance, Rhythm and Roos, and Kanga Blue take over for their first combined concert.

Verb Ballets continues the legacy of Heinz Poll with Work Reimagined at the Akron Civic Theatre, featuring new ballets inspired by

Tickets available at E. J. Thomas ticket office now.

Poll’s choreography as well as re-stagings of his classic works. Tickets are $32 and available online or at the box office.

Sunday, Feb 12

Saturday, Feb 18

Valentine’s Day Feline-Friendly Yoga Release Yoga, 880 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd 1:30 – 2:30pm • Can’t make this stuff up folks! On Sunday, Release Yoga will be bringing their mindfulness exercises to a whole new level by teaming up with the Stark Co. Humane Society to host a feline friendly yoga class. $10 donation.

Tuesday, Feb 14

Benefit Show: Babybear w/ Stiletto & Jeff Klem and the Letters • Musica, 51 E Market St • 8 pm • $7 suggested donation • Some Akron blooded talent flying into town for this live music event. wearebabybear;

Verb Ballets “The Carnival of the Animals” Akron Civic Theatre, 182 S Main St, Akron, Ohio 44308 • 3:30 – 4:30 pm • Experience Animals turn to life in “The Carnival of the Animals” ballet! Verb Ballet’s Associate Director, Richard Dickinson exemplifies lessons in compassion and friendship portrayed by Marcus Anderson’s Valentine’s Day Celebration • BLU Jazz +, 47 E Market St • 8 - 11pm • Pop/R&B sax sensation & member

a beautiful Swan learning to appreciate one another’s differences. The story is told by the music of Camille Saint-Saens; exemplified in artisan theatre inspired by animals. Tickets are

of Prince’s New Power Generation, Marcus

$10 for adults, $5 for children. Admission is

Anderson returns to Akron.

free for all children under 2 years old.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party • Annabell’s Bar &

Tuesday, Feb 21 University of Akron Spring 2017 Career Fair

boxes of chocolates or handmade valentines allowed.

302 Buchtel Common • 10am – 3pm Admission is free. Business attire recommended.

Wednesday, Feb 15

Wednesday, Feb 22 Poetry in Akron Poetry Reading • WhollyJoe Coffee House and Bakery, 1720 Merriman Rd • 7:30 - 9:30 pm • Poetry reading featuring poets Marisa Shepard, Jessica Kaisk, Andy Michael, Maggie Jackson and Ruth Chapman. Fiction from Scott Piepho will follow. An open mic for the public will also be happening after the readings.

Wednesday, Feb 23 My Own Will w/ The Creatures in Secret Annabell’s Bar and Lounge, 784 W Market St Doors open at 6pm. Admission is free.




Sunday, Feb 19

Lounge, 784 W Market St • 9 pm • The name says it all. No kissy-face lovebirds, heart-shaped

Opening February 10th – Be the one on Oscar night that gets why the short film categories matter.

Thrift Store Painting with Jen Davis Akron Art Museum, 1 S High St • 6:30 - 8 pm (continued on page 9)


the agenda

Epidemic uninterrupted What happens to these 2,000 Akronites in addiction treatment when Obamacare is repealed?

written by M. Sophie Franchi

“It’s been a godsend for our patients.”

Pictured above: Desperate but energized crowds gathered in Lock 3 over the summer to rally for solutions to defeat the opioid epidemic. (Photos by

“But they’re not going to be able to pick that up across all of the agencies that they fund,”

so that they can so that they can support the increased capacity of uninsured patients. “It

Wagner says.

may involve defunding some programs that are less of a priority than others,” he says.

Of the 3,755 Summit County residents who received treatment through the ADM board in

One scenario that has been floated as a

2016, Mary Alice Sonnhalter, ADM’s Manager of Community Relations, says 2,062 had some sort of Medicaid eligibility.

possible replacement for the ACA would turn Medicaid into a block grant program, which would mean federal funding would go to the

ADM executive director Jerry Craig says that

states to use for Medicaid as they see fit. Craig says the block grant plan is “rife with caveats,”

Shane Wynn)

That’s how Jan Wagner, Chief Operating Officer at Community Health Center (CHC), describes the 2014 Medicaid expansion that

“So, if that goes away, there are going to be a lot of people who have maybe started down

prior to the passage of the ACA, their agency was

came through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare. In a show of political defiance, the governors of several states refused to expanded their Medicaid programs under the Obama administration, but Governor John Kasich fought his own party to push it through for Ohioans.

the road of recovery, or are on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and have their life stable, that won’t be able to continue treatment because they won’t be able to afford it,” Wagner says.

spending about $12 million per year in treatment for people who had no insurance coverage. Many of them became insured through the Medicaid expansion so the ADM board was able to put those resources elsewhere, like increasing their residential and detox programs, hiring more recovery coaches and starting an addiction helpline.

“I hope they don’t take it away,” Wagner says. “It will be a disaster for our state.”

In a state that leads the nation in opioid overdose deaths, repealing the Medicaid expansion could pour gas on the fire just as officials have marshalled their resources to fight the epidemic.

so his concern is how funds would be allocated and how states will decide who gets what. That same latitude was given to states through block grants for welfare funds as a part of the 1996 reform bill that led to TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). As a result, the Center for Investigative Reporting found that today only 25 percent goes toward essential assistance, and in some states welfare money pays for relationship classes, scholarships to private colleges and clinics that steer women away from abortions.

Before Medicaid expansion, only mothers and children were eligible for Medicaid. After Medicaid expansion, single women and men became eligible as well. That means that single people suffering from opiate addiction

If the ACA is repealed without an adequate replacement, Wagner says the CHC would turn for help to the Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services

were able to seek treatment, which can be

Board (ADM) to help cover whoever loses their

board will have to make “difficult and careful

prohibitively expensive without insurance.

coverage through Medicaid.

decisions about what programs to defund”

WHAT'S YOUR BIG IDEA? A new neighborhood map for the City of Akron,

way, we were able to harness the wisdom of crowds to help inform where we drew our new

not just with “Akron” in general). I thought it was important to tease these perceptions

created through crowdsourcing.

neighborhood boundaries, using geographic

out, and to have that passion and pride help

information technology, and did it for free.

inform where we should be going as a city. In neighborhoods where the identity is weaker, there is a good opportunity to work together

If the ACA is repealed, Craig says the ADM

(continued on page 37)

WHY PURSUE IT? The City of Akron hadn’t taken a fresh look at its neighborhood


boundaries in nearly 20 years. I knew this going in to my new job as Planning Director

BIG IDEA IS A GOOD IDEA? Neighborhood to strengthen it, through creating an authentic identity is an incredibly important, personal (and sense of place.

last January. Mayor Horrigan and I felt that it was important to take a fresh look at our

surprisingly fluid) thing. Akron, like all larger cities, is a city of unique neighborhoods. There


neighborhoods, so as we embarked on this project, I wanted to engage the public in the

is a lot of pride and passion for each of our neighborhoods. There are also disagreements

HELPS AKRON GROW? So much of what is right (and wrong) with a city happens

neighborhood identification process. Defining neighborhoods is more art than science, and there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. It’s

about where each of these neighborhoods are located and what they should be called. That is actually very healthy. Two signs of a

at the neighborhood level. In Akron, we identified 24 neighborhoods through the initiative. Each

very much based on self-identification. As

neighborhood with an identity crisis are: 1)

of them has a unique set of opportunities

such, we thought crowdsourcing would be a great approach. I worked with Will Skora, a civic hacker and geographer in Cleveland,

it doesn’t have a name; or 2) people are not arguing about its boundaries. Highland Square has a strong identity, and people argue about

and challenges. Our neighborhood map will give us a framework for navigating our socioeconomic environment in the city; working

Mapping our Community

who I know, to use a pre-existing web-based tool he had already created to allow people

where it starts and stops. Kenmore has a strong identity, and people don’t argue much

with citizens and stakeholders; and identifying goals and objectives for strengthening each

Name: Job Title:

to draw their neighborhood and describe it. The city got Will’s permission to do a redirect to his site, and secured the domain

about where it is, but that’s because its identity is so strong. There are other neighborhoods in Akron where people (even the ones that

of our neighborhoods. In the future, I’m very interested in working with our community to better connect thought-leaders in our

Development, City of Akron Hometown: Akron, Ohio

name We got free publicity through a story that the Akron

live there) aren’t sure what the area is called. neighborhoods with one another, building on Akron is a large enough city that people identify the success of initiatives like Akron2Akron and


Beacon Journal wrote about the effort. In this

very closely with their neighborhood (and


Jason Segedy Director of Planning and Urban

| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

500 Plates.


the agenda (continued from page 7) Here’s your chance to liven up your grandma’s

Tuesday, Feb 28

favorite Thomas Kinkade scene with the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man. Bring your most

Fat Tuesday Fais Do Do Annabell’s Bar & Lounge, 784 W Market St

garish artwork to the class or choose from those provided to create a one of a kind weird

9 pm • Get festive this year at Annabell’s Fat Tuesday Fais Do Do Cajun dance party. Cajun

masterpiece inspired by Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose. $15 for AAM

food and $1 drafts will be available. Of course, live music is expected…it’s Annabell’s! More

members and $20 for non-members. Register via Eventbrite.

info TBA.

Sunday, Feb 26

Gage Brothers – Americana • Mustard Seed

Monday, Feb 27 - Feb, 28

Auditions – Marry Poppins the Musical The Akron Civic Theatre, 182 S Main St

Market & Café, 3885 W. Market St • 12-3 pm • Mon, 6:30 – 9:30 pm; Tues, 6:30- 9:30pm Enjoy your Sunday brunch with live music from No walks-ins accepted. To schedule the Gage Brothers Americana at the Mustard Seed Market & Café in Highland Square.

appointment, please email


Friday, Feb 17

Mushroomhead Valentines Masquerade Party w/ Special Guests • The Outpost Concert Club, 4962 State Route 43, Kent • Doors at 6pm • Special guests include SYKOSIS, The Woovs and Hey Monea

When We Return, Twysted Asylum, Bound By

Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, 331 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton • 9pm • Ticket Prices TBA

Fate, Goodnight Irene, KEVLAR, A Punch’s Pilot, Fight For a Dream, Highland Rose, and All Is Faded. Tickets are $20 in advance / $25 at the

door - All ages welcome.

Friday, Feb 10

Saturday, Feb 18

Heal Your Heart Lucheon Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium, 2345 Fourth St, Cuyahoga Falls Oh 44221 • Doors Open 11:15am SOLD OUT

Saturday, Feb 11 - Feb 12 Oddmall presents: Dream Worlds Convention Canton Museum of Art, 1001 Market Ave N • Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 10am-5pm See page 5 for

TEDxKentState: Rewind, Rethink, React. Kent State University, 800 E Summit St, Kent,

more information.

Ohio 44240 • 8:30 am – 5 pm • Over 20 speakers will be presenting at the first annual TEDx event at Kent State University. The event will have a Rewind, Rethink, React theme. Check is 8:30– 9:15 am. For tickets and

The most epic night IN ADVERTISING, PROBABLY.



additional information visit


learn more and RSVP at

women's March “This is a moment we’re always going to remember,” says Nicole. “He’s being sworn in right now.” We sit silently, the beat of the windshield wipers clashing with the violin concerto coming from the radio. I stare at the line of traffic in front of us, a steady stream of women ready to raise some hell.


“Turn around! The trains are full! Turn around!” We continue descending the escalator, fingers crossed. Sure enough, the first train speeds past

Scenes from the

Women’s March on WashingtoN by Heather Roszczyk, special to The Devil Strip photos courtesy of Shane Wynn/ For more photos, visit

THE BIG IDEA What is Raquel Hagman’s “Women Proclaim” project?

Raquel Hagman

without stopping. It looks as though every square inch is awash in pink. The crowd on the landing cheers loudly. We wait through four more trains before we finally squeeze on. Pussy hats (pictured above) are everywhere and I briefly regret turning one down. The male Metro driver is even sporting one. When women behind us ask one of the security guards where his is, he laughs and says, “I don’t think my supervisors would look too kindly on that. But I’m with you!” The stream of people exiting our train joins others coming from who-knows-where until we reach the ocean of humanity gathered near the mall. There is nowhere to go. Masses of people stretch

oversexualized, manic pixie dream girls. I became very critical of this "standard" and would create progressive female characters. When I moved up here after graduating, I

*clap* OKAY *clap* We need to change the way women are viewed in the media, especially marginalized women. Fear, hate, and biased opinions are plaguing the news. The Women’s

knew I wanted to branch out from narrative

March was a great start, but we can’t just

filmmaking and focus on documentary. I wasn't quite sure on the subject, but I felt drawn to the idea of keeping dynamic women visible

walk and be done. There is still so much to do. We need all voices to be heard and Women Proclaim will be that positive platform for

onscreen. While living in the Akron area, I was quite surprised by the... well… pride. No

intersectional women to shine.

offense, but who would have thought people from Northeast Ohio had so much love for their

How do you hope your big idea helps Akron grow?

city? I sure didn't. I've never experienced this in my hometown and it was inspiring. I don't

Akron is the perfect city to launch this project. It's diverse and scrappy, with so much heart.

remember how it came to me, but I knew that I had to capture this pride within the community. So, I decided to combine the ideas.

I think it will open up a network of fearless women within the city and build upon the positive community. I hope this will further

Job Title: Filmmaker

make women visible in the media, share untold

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

stories, and unify communities. Each episode

Contact me at: or check out

will be a short documentary spanning from 10 to 20 minutes, a vignette of women from Akron.

When did you start to think this big idea is a good idea? When this past

What's your big idea? Women Proclaim is a documentary project

Why pursue it?

election was unfolding, I knew

focused on all-inclusive women and their lives. The web series will feature diverse women of all nationalities, race, religion, professions, and

Growing up Latina, my mother would remind me how important culture and diversity was to our society, even if it wasn’t often celebrated.

I had to get the ball rolling. I don't care what your political views are, we can

models. People need to see these untold stories

background. By breaking the stereotypes, it highlights how women need to be depicted

While studying cinema and film production in university, I became very aware of the typical

all agree that the way our new POTUS talks about women and minorities is inappropriate,

because let’s face it, Akron women are strong as hell.

and represented on screen. The focus is to

female character tropes: one dimensional,

disrespectful, and degrading. IT'S *clap* NOT


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

connect local women, influence young girls to be ambitious, and showcase genuine role

“No offense, but who would have thought people from Northeast Ohio had so much love for their city? I sure didn't. I've never experienced this in my hometown and it was inspiring.”


Women's March out in every direction, the mood festive yet

women still face a 20 percent pay gap. And

determined. We spend the next five hours moving within a two-block area and I will not grasp the enormity of the crowd until hours

that the celebrated record number of female CEOs of the S&P 500 in 2016 was a measly five percent. And that despite women making

later when I see the overhead shots.

On the largest single day of protest in During our long walk home, I overheard Washington, D.C.’s history, there wasn’t a single someone lamenting the fact that the experience arrest. The world carried on — people were born and died, the sun set, and Donald Trump

felt anticlimactic. And while I understand their feeling, in truth, I’m glad. The march didn’t

up 51 percent of the American population, we make up less than 20 percent of the seats in

remained President. One of the most powerful signs I saw was one that simply said, “we are

serve as the catharsis I thought it might; I’m still angry. Which is good because there’s still

To be one part in such a massive group is

Congress. Oh, and that out of 50 states, only


work to do.

strange. There are moments — hours even —

five will be led by female governors.

when we cannot see or hear the speakers. We point out clever signs to one another, eavesdrop I’m disgusted that same-sex partners enjoying on and talk to our fellow marchers, take turns decades of a loving, committed relationship backing out of the crush of bodies, finding warmth and bathrooms. We lose each other

live in fear of having their marriage stripped away by lawmakers who want to “protect the

and find each other over and over again.

sanctity of marriage,” while our country elected a man, twice divorced, who has a long history of publicly degrading women and a record of extra-marital affairs.

p The reasons I attended the march are countless. I’m angry that after years of running solo, safety is still at the top of my concerns every single time I lace up my shoes. Angry that murders of female runners last year scared countless women indoors. And let’s be clear: I’m not afraid of other women. Margaret Atwood once said, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” I’m sad that as I send my young son outside to play, another mother across town is having “The Talk” with her son. The one where she tells him how to survive an encounter with law enforcement. Not because those in law enforcement are bad — I respect those men and women tremendously — but because they’re human, with hundreds of years of implicit bias running through their veins, and because the statistics are stacked against that mother and her son.

And yes, there were critics who said that the crowd’s message was too fractured, the reasons for marching were too disparate. Well, that’s because there are just so dang many to choose from.

p We stand shoulder to shoulder against the barriers, each clutching a piece of Akron. As we look to Shane Wynn’s camera, an anonymous marcher yells, “Hey! Ohio!” and the joy of being recognized bubbles up and erupts in a laugh, captured forever on film. That moment, the Pavlovian pleasure of being seen and recognized, stays with me for days, because isn’t that exactly what we were all doing there? Saying “I see you” to the millions of women who are abused, underpaid, devalued, dismissed or otherwise marginalized on a daily basis? I see you, and I stand with you.

I’m disheartened that despite years of progress,


Collectibles Antiques Nostalgia

intage ault

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216-513-0918 Valentine's Special - all month save 20% on all jewelry AKRON MUSIC, ART & CULTURE

Open 7 days a week 10-5 Located in the Pat Catan's parking lot FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

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{February Comics}


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


The Palette



Understanding the art on this month's cover, in the artist's own words by Deborah Shapiro, special to The Devil Strip NOTE: The following has been adapted from artist Deborah Shapiro’s blog, which detailed her thinking behind the creation of “Political Quagmire”, which adorns our cover this month. We’ve edited for clarity and space, but not content. You can see “Political Quagmire” in person through mid-February in the Fresh Show at the Summit Artspace. See more of Deborah’s work by visiting her website at

I created “Political Quagmire” in July of 2016. That’s important to note because new issues were popping up everyday during the primaries. The day I was about to apply the finish, news stories came out about Russia’s involvement with our candidates. So in the upper corner, I added a tiny printed word “Russia”. Had I made this today, it would certainly be much larger.

Being in my fifties, I’ve lived through several presidential elections. This one is like no other. Everyday there seems to be something new to discuss and not necessarily something beneficial regarding the problems facing our country and how the candidates plan on solving them. Adding to all the craziness, the mainstream media and social media are adding fuel to the fire.

“Political Quagmire” is the fifth piece in my leg series and it represents the choices the American voter faced in the 2016 presidential election.

• The woman represents the voter and the choices she faces.

fears and gobs more.

• The blue dress is for the Democrats, the red shoes are for the Republicans.

You’ll also see an Indian Head nickle on the chair, which reflects the history of our country

• The downturned flag represents the sad state of this political season. • The bird represents Bernie. He’s flying away because when I made this, it was obvious he wasn’t the likely Democratic candidate. • The pen in her hand represents a possible write-in vote. • The drops of green ink from the pen represents third party candidates including the Green and Libertarian parties.

and where we started. On the right edge is a question mark, which is me questioning the sanity of the campaigns and of our choices. That is not visible on this flat image. It needs to be seen in person, to be able to read what’s on the sides of the canvas. Prints are available, but some of the fine print near the top will be hard to read in the smaller sized prints.

The background is made up of words and sentences regarding mostly Clinton and Trump. There are a lot, but here is a sample: Minimum wage debate, the first (representing Hillary as the first female candidate of a major party), law on the border, barring people on the basis

of religion, Muslim immigrants, Latino voters, So, as a statement about this election cycle, I Hillary accepting money from Goldman Sachs, created this piece. Here’s what to look for in the Trump saying he should shoot someone on fifth big picture: avenue and wouldn’t lose voters, exploiting

// Collage artist Deborah Shapiro stumbled onto her style after having major jaw surgery in 2013 and looking through magazines as she recovered. She was drawn to the colors and thought about how she could use that as “paint”. Her collages are made with ripped and cut bits of paper from magazines to encourage the viewer to study the details that comprise the main subjects of her art, which itself reflects her love of animals and the everyday experiences of her “middleaged, midwest suburban life.” Before collages, she was a corporate videographer for more than 35 years and in that time made fewer than 10 pieces of art with oils and acrylics. She lives in Bath Township with her cameraman husband, two dogs and a cat. All are rescues, she notes, except for the husband. Get updates on her work and exhibitions at deborahshapiroart


Wim Delvoye, Cement Truck (detail), 2010, laser-cut stainless steel, 32 x 78 x 17 in., Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie Perrotin © Studio Wim Delvoye


Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose is organized by the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Generous funding is provided by the City of Virginia Beach, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Virginia Tourism Corporation, as well as other MOCA supporters. Its presentation in Akron is supported by Ohio Arts Council, the Calhoun Charitable Trust, Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs and the Akron / Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau. Media sponsorshipPictured is providedabove: by Western Reserve PBS and 91.3 The Summit. Karen Starr, Jonathan Morschl and Anita Marron, some of the

creative visionaries behind the PorchRokr festival. (Michelle DeShon / The Devil Strip) PorchRokr designed by Anita Marron. One South High I The Akron, OH logo 44308 I (Image courtesy of Anita Marron / The Devil Strip)


FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


The Palette


he colors demand attention. The surreal renditions of nature, animals

You might have already seen Matt Miller’s artwork while driving along Main street in

and humans stand out in the paintings Downtown Akron. He designed the mural and helped lead the of Akron team which painted artist Matt Miller. These the 3000-square-foot paintings take us on a American inspired mythology and mysticism.

mural on the side of the Downtown Laundromat building.

Open now through

Pictured left: Looking

February 18 at The BOX Gallery, Matt Miller

through the window into

has on display seventeen paintings filled to the brim with

colorful bison currently in

journey through Native

the gallery we see the most Akron. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Koenig)

story and character. He along with Elisa Matt says he is inspired by the healing power of earth and wants to depict this in his artwork. One painting entitled, “And so it Began,” depicts a turtle, his back covered in a growth of crystals, mushrooms, trees, flowers and skulls. It’s not exactly a happy scene, and it’s not sad either. The turtle, holding a flower in his mouth, has been on a journey. Looking around the gallery, a story begins to unfold. Each piece stands strongly on its own, and also feels connected to the other paintings in the room. The paintings have an adventurous feel. Looking at them creates a desire to get to know the characters and creatures on the canvas.

Gargarella, director of Arts LIFT and the Art Bomb Brigade, worked together with 24 local high school students to create what Matt says is the largest piece he has ever done. Though his paintings at The BOX Gallery are smaller in size, they are just as big in aesthetic pleasure. Look closely and see the detailed backgrounds, the striking foregrounds, and listen to the paintings as they tell you their story. Adventure awaits on East Market Street. The Box Gallery is open every Friday and Saturday from 12 pm - 5 pm. It’s free, it’s beautiful, and it’s local.

Pictured left (top to bottom): Artist Matt Miller awaits the next visitor to the gallery.; The “Shaman” is an example of the Mystical influences from which Matt draws his inspiration. Pictured below: Matt says

To schedule a personal tour of the paintings with the artist, send an email to Matt Miller at

this piece reminds him of a myth where earth is on a turtle’s back who is floating through space. (Photo

// Jonathan Koenig is a Vegan Buddhist Hipster Writer

courtesy of Jonathan Koenig)

who is uncomfortable with labeling himself. email

Oil Markers, Acrylic and Spray Paint:

Matt Miller 14

at The BOX Gallery

140 East Market Street (3rd Floor of Summit Artspace)

by Jonathan Koenig

Akron, Ohio 44308 Open Fri - Sat 12 pm - 5 pm


the Palette


by Melanie Anderson

“What happens to a dream deferred?” asked Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes

He has rewritten the play with

in the 1951 poem that inspired the play “A Raisin in the Sun.” He presents several possible

the goal of dealing with

instrument for

community here. This show represents those

outcomes for the deferred dream, ending with the question, “Or does it explode?”

“what it means to be caught at the intersection

change, and it is, “above all, a commu-

people and those of us living in the aftermath of the countless tragedies.”

Drawing from the questions of this poem and the play it inspired, Akron-based Ma’Sue

of being black, male, and Amer-

nicative and educational

Aliya hopes that his work can help to make things better for people living on the edges of

Productions presents an original play, “Or Does It Explode?” Director John Dayo Aliya originally

ican in 2017 as unflinchingly

tool. The way we tell stories

the city. He hopes that it will inspire the people of Akron who don’t feel associated with the art

co-wrote the play alongside John Smith, around the time of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, before Black Lives Matter and the events that would unfold over the following years. Now, at the dawn of 2017, a year shrouded in uncertainty, Aliya has rewritten the play to reflect the events and feelings that have built up since the time it was first written and performed.

and painstakingly as possible.”

Pictured right: Vince Tyree and John Dayo Aliya (Photo courtesy of Emily Durway).

“Right now, for me, is a time of anger and confusion, but mostly deep and profound hurt,” Aliya says. "This show reflects that spirit."


Pictured left: Deandre Hairston Karim, Dontez James, Tames Hilton, and Joshua Woodson. (Photo courtesy of Emily Durway.)

about who we are and the world we live in. It is how we make ourselves known to one another.”

The play, starring four young black male actors, utilizes various art forms in a series of vignettes which each present a different perspective on what it is to be a black male in America. The creators have drawn from various sources of inspiration, from the chorus of Greek dramas to the more contemporary piece, Ntozake Shange’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide: When the Rainbow is Enuf,” and have combined poetry, music, traditional monologues, and choreographed movement to tackle difficult subjects in an artistic and moving way. The choice to address the difficult subject matter through art is noteworthy. Aliya states that art is an important

While the play addresses matters that are being faced by black men across the country, the content is unique and specific to Akron. Aliya, a native of Akron, has drawn most of the stories in this show from his own experiences or from those of people close to him within the community. The play features real people and places of Akron. However, viewers can expect to see a broader perspective than the university and art scene.

scene to find and create channels to present their work, and that it will bring about a change to the segregation he often sees between white and black communities. He hopes that audiences will be challenged by the production. He wants people to leave the performance with questions, “not so much about the show,” he says, “but about the way we live. About what it means to be American. About what does it mean to do justice to one another.”

“Akron is not just downtown or Highland Square to me. Akron is sometimes a hard place

"Or Does It Explode?" will run from

for me to love,” Aliya confessed, “because I am very much aware of a lot of the abject misery here. Many of the people I grew up close to did not make it to thirty due to the problems of the

February 3 through February 27 at the Balch Street Theater in Akron. Tickets can be found at

FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


the Palette

GESTURE AND EMOTION ON LOOP In this interactive project, the audience is the participant and the art by Megan Combs This art isn’t art until you stand in front of it… literally. This is one way to describe “The Optics of Memory,” the Knight Arts Challenge project developed by Akronite Diane Davis-Sikora and artist Kasumi.

“Being a challenge winner is a great opportunity,” Davis-Sikora said. “It’s important to get your ideas out there and be a part of the growing art community.”

Set up in two storefronts in the downtown

In terms of the project’s broader impact, DavisSikora said it will bring the community together

Akron area, these interactive displays

in a couple different ways.

will capture the emotion of the onlooker and transform it into looped images. The installations use gaming technology to capture a person’s emotions and gestures and then

“The performance and interactive displays are a way to build upon the public art experience,” she said. “We want the public to be the

immediately display a loop of those images in a

audience and the collective user. We want

tessellated pattern, Davis-Sikora said.

them to think about the notion of identity as a shared experience.”

“I’m excited for the pieces to allow the audience to be both a participant and the art,” Davis-Sikora said. “Their looped material will be captured and archived into an online gallery. It will be available to share and the public can be

For more information and to donate to the project, visit the website at D I A N E D AV I S - S I K O R A


a part of the broader collective.” Davis-Sikora and Kasumi hope to launch the project in the summer or fall of 2017. Right now, they’re still in the fundraising phase to

// Follow Megan on

match The Knight Foundation’s $37,000 grant.

Davis-Sikora and Kasumi have been busy

All challenge winners must match the Knight grant before the Foundation will release funds to the project.

looking for funds from private foundations and applying for regional grants. Anyone interested in donating can do so through their website.

Twitter at @


KNIGHT ARTS CHALLENGE 2017 OPENING SOON The Knight Arts Challenge is ready to fund another round of ideas to keep Akron’s art scene thriving. Individual artists, businesses and nonprofits are all welcome to apply, but there are three rules. • The idea must be about the arts. • The project must take place in Akron. • You must find other funding to match the Knight Foundation grant. Submissions open in March 2017, and the application is only 150 words. For more information on past winners or to apply for this year’s challenge, visit


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


community & Culture



PechaKucha Volume VI PechaKucha Volume V took place at the Bit Factory and had yet another great turnout. The International event, now in its second year in Akron, provides creatives, speakers and performers the opportunity to tell their stories and make their art in an interesting format: their short presentations are accompanied by a visual slide-show. Each presenter has less than seven minutes with the audience. Make sure to check out PechaKucha Volume VI at Akron Urban League on February 3. For more information, see “The Devil’s Dozen” on page 5. (Photos courtesy of Svetla Morrison)

The Ghostlight Project On January 19, New World Performance Lab joined over 500 theaters, ensembles and companies, high school and university theater programs who gathered across the country to light a light and make a pledge to stand for and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone — regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Inspired by the theatrical tradition of keeping a “ghost light” on in a darkened theater, they created light for the challenging times ahead. (Photos courtesy of Svetla Morrison)

Experience Akron’s newest community for climbing, yoga & fitness 677 Carroll St. Akron, OH. 44304



FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


community & culture

Seanlay Carey

When did you fall for Akron? I moved here in 2002 and to be honest I was quite miserable for three years. I began work at ASIA, Inc. and started to become involved

Occupation: Founder of Sweet Dreams Infertility Awareness 5k

in community efforts related to helping

Hometown: West Akron

immigrants and refugees adjust and adapt to

Neighborhood: Goodyear Heights

Akron. I realized then that this community has lots of gems - people, places, etc. It just takes

When did you fall for Akron?

some time to find them. Once you do, you feel

I was born and raised in Akron. However, I

at home. Where in Akron do you like to escape?

Michael Byun

The Towpath trail off Memorial Parkway is just

Occupation: CEO of Asian Services In Action (, a local nonprofit helping immigrants and refugees

rides up to Peninsula from

Hometown: Seattle, WA

trail when I need to

Neighborhood: Highland Square

decompress or think.

down the road from where I live. I enjoy


find me walking the

What do you wish was more on

Why should

Akronites’ radar?

everyone try

A great appreciation for the outdoors. The

your favorite local

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is only 10-15


minutes away. The Summit County MetroParks

Edgar's Restaurant at the

has parks wherever you look. This is something

Good Park golf course. The

you take for granted.

chef I believe is Southern trained.

until I was an undergraduate student at the University of Akron. I began to explore different neighborhoods like Merriman Valley, Highland

What do you wish was more on Akronites' radar?

running or starting my long bike there. It's also where you'll

didn’t begin to appreciate the Rubber City

New / Native

You can tell the food is made with a lot of

I would have to say the local nonprofits and small businesses that are

Square, Downtown Akron and University Park. Merriman Valley has excellent recreational opportunities through the Cuyahoga River Valley, and Highland Square has such a diverse population and great specialty shops. There is

quietly shaping Akron

always something to do in the West Market

and helping so many

Street District! Some of the places that I enjoy in


Downtown Akron include: Lock 3, Canal Park, the library, Peanut Shoppe, Diamond Deli, and

What is your favorite

walking the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

local cultural asset?

The Don Drumm Gallery in University Park

I love Lock 3! Lock 3 has

is awesome!

been one of my favorite places in Akron since I was a child. You can enjoy fun with your

family, ice skating, concerts, great food,

Where in Akron do you like to escape? My absolute favorite place to escape in Akron is the Burning Bush Church. My pastor is

What is your favorite local cultural asset?

love. Portions are very generous. Their cocktails

and much more! Lock 3 is a great place to go

De’Juan Kelker. The mission of the church is to

I think Akron's Summit Artspace is pretty cool.

are also pretty strong. People might write it off

if you just want to take a walk downtown.

“effectively affect the world.” I love this place

You can check out talented artists at work and

because it sits on a golf course. It's definitely

It is also the venue where the Sweet Dreams

because you feel so much love as soon as you

enjoy the local offerings at Crafty Mart among

worth a visit or two or more.

Infertility Awareness 5k is held in September!

walk through the door. (continued on page 19)

Photo by Todd Biss Productions

other offerings.

Ready to fight your addiction? We’ve got your back. Call the ADM Addiction Helpline to connect with treatment and join the 23 million Americans in recovery. No one fights alone. CALL 330.940.1133. Recovery Starts Here |


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


community & culture

Homeless of Akron

Through Feb. 20th $3 skate rental.

Name / Age: David / 49 Hometown: Tampa Occupation: Currently unemployed. Previous Occupation: General labor, line cook, singer, songwriter, dancer, writer, computer graphic design.

Why don't you have "a job"? Can't afford

Do people treat you rudely? Not really. Been

the cost of all the identification I need and unable to get reliable transportation.

a few over the years.

How long have you been homeless? 5 years What lead you to homelessness? Economic inflation and businesses shut down.

What does the word "home" mean to you? A place to dwell.

What do you think is the cause of most homelessness? Economic, political, religious and social ignorance.

What's the best thing that's happened to you this week? I was given $70.00 for cleaning a garage out. The couple enjoyed hearing me sing along to the songs that I was listening to on the radio. They ended up giving me more money than they were going to.

Where did you sleep last night? A tent. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 3-6 depending on the weather. Do you feel safe? Yes

What is something you want people to know about YOU? I'm very blunt and honest. I'll say it like it is (I have no chill). I'm extremely well read. I don't white wash anything. Strong scriptural values but I'm not in no means perfect and always right. Is there anything else you want to tell us/ want people to know? That if you can't financially help someone in need, at least help

What is your biggest fear? Not finding safe shelter from a bad storm or a Sub-Zero night.

them in the best way physically possible. Spread

Are you usually able to have 3 meals

Is there anything you need right now? Clean long johns/thermal underwear. A Verizon

a day? No

9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. with Paw Police and Paw Fireman and visits from other 4-legged friends

Unlimited All-Day Pass Where can people find you during the day? I can't really say. I live day to day.

What brought you to Akron? My dad was from Ohio and as a child I always loved the arts, music, the history and the scenic beauty of the area. Also, it doesn't snow in Florida. The Ohioan roots in me enjoys the cold.


Akron Children’s Museum Ice Skating • 9-Hole Indoor Polar Putt-Putt Sled Hill • Choice of Pancake Breakfast, Hot Dog or Mac N Cheese Lunch



Birthday Party Packages, Private Rentals, Group Sales & Fundraising Opportunities. Call 330-375-2877

FEB 18th 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.

18 & older.

$10 Includes Skate Rental, Putt-Putt, Sled Hill, 1 Drink Ticket, Hot Dog & Chips

Live DJ, sledding contest, dizzy golf, giveaways and more!


Want to give your business a boost in 2017?

unconditional love unto others in All that you do.

wireless prepaid phone card so I can turn my What 3 words would you use to

phone on for employers to contact me.

describe being homeless? Exposed, depressed and abused. How do you feel people who have never faced homelessness view the homeless? As low life scumbags who are too lazy to help themselves. What do you think is the biggest misconception about the homeless? That they are dirty, unwashed, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc...

(continued from page 18)

in five years?

Why should everyone try your favorite

I hope to see Akron continue to grow in new

local restaurant?

and innovative ways. I would like to see Chapel

You have not experienced Akron until you have

Hill Mall and Rolling Acres Malls revitalized and


transformed into something that would benefit our youth or economically disadvantaged

How do you hope Akron will be different



Find out how to reach Akron's most loyal customers by contacting TJ at 330-329-5757 or Ads start at as little as $150 a month.

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t has sharp teeth. It can weigh up to about 150 pounds. It has 3/4 of the word “bear” in its name.

All three of these things are true of the capybara, the largest rodent in the world. While gifs on Twitter might make them out to be some of the most relaxed animals on the planet, they could secretly just be waiting for an opening to attack. “They’re actually really easygoing,” says Matt Mills, keeper at the Akron Zoo, where he watches their capybara, Atlantis. “Most capybaras, if they’re afraid of people, they would just walk away from you.” But you can never be too prepared, even though wild capybaras live far away, mostly east of the Andes Mountains in South America. Here’s how to survive a few of the most (possibly) likely dangerous encounters with the capybara: - A capybara chases after you in a dark alley, holding a knife in its teeth. What do you do? First, a capybara isn’t likely to have a knife in its teeth, because its teeth are dangerous on their own. Their teeth grow continuously, and capybaras wear them down by chewing on bark, shaping them “like little chisels,” says Mills. They’re thick and sturdy, but come to a point. If one did decide to bite, it could do some damage. But they’re mostly content to eat grass, aquatic plants, fruits, vegetables and occasionally nuts or bark. They’re also surprisingly swift runners, with powerful, longer hind legs that let them “kind of bound like a rabbit,” up to about 30 miles per hour over short distances, says Mills. “If you had a good head start and keep going, they’d tucker out,” he says, “but in the first 15 feet, they’d probably get after you if they felt like it.” Even then, it’s not likely because they’re more apt to be using that burst of speed to run away, rather than at you. But if an armed capybara does corner you in a dead-end alley, you only need one big step to get clear, as long as it’s on top of something. Capybaras are poor climbers, says Mills, and those back legs are good for leaping forward, not up. Get a few feet off the ground, and the unlikely assailant will get frustrated and move on. -A huge group of capybara swarm around you, sniffing, like a small, fuzzy zombie apocalypse.

How to survive three (not really) dangerous capybara encounters. by Kyle Brown


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

As social animals, it’s also not uncommon for capybaras to gather in herds, especially while foraging, says Mills. “They usually live in groups of 10 to 20 in the wild,” he says. “In the dry season, those groups will congregate to find water, so you can have a herd of 100 capybaras.”


community & culture But that herd is usually more to help protect the group rather than to look for a defenseless target.

The water seemed safe, but now a capybara in scuba gear and armed with a harpoon gun is headed your way.

eaten during Lent, when it’s usually forbidden to eat red meat.

In the off chance that you do actually see a capybara in the wild, there’s an easy way to avoid conflict: Just avoid it altogether.

“Their strength lies in numbers. When they get

A capybara would never wear scuba gear,

Out of these situations, this one might be the worst, according to Mills, since capybaras

in groups, there’s always a couple somebodies watching out to see what’s going on,” says

mostly because they’re already wearing it all the time. They’re a semi-aquatic species, and

are very capable swimmers. Even without the harpoon gun, it’d be easier for one to bite

want to stress it out. Give it some space.”

Mills. If a lookout feels stressed or unsafe, it barks to warn the group.

are well-suited to handle the water with wiry, brush-like fur that allows quick water runoff

when it doesn’t have to climb anything to reach you. The easiest way to get out of this situation

Just don’t give it an opening to strike.

It’s also possible the herd just likes your

rather than a dense coat that will get wet and heavy, says Mills.

is to literally get out – of the water. Then maybe find something to climb on.

scent, since capybaras have a strong sense of smell, and rely on it more than their eyesight.

“They have webbed feet, which makes them

Under most conditions, capybaras are relaxed,

“Just leave it alone,” says Mills. “You don’t

v “They’re actually really easygoing. Most capybaras, if they’re afraid of people, they would just walk away from you.” – Matt Mills, Akron Zoo keeper

v Capybaras have scent glands on their bodies (all have anal scent glands, and males have scent glands in a bald patch above their noses), and they use those scents to communicate and set up territories.

great swimmers. When they’re feeling scared, that’s their natural place to go,” Mills says.

social animals, says Mills. He’s witnessed an exhibit where a capybara shared space with a small crocodile, turtles and flightless birds. “They all got along with the capybara,” says Mills. “They’re not aggressive. They have no reason to be.”

They can swim almost wholly submerged with just their ears and nose above water, similar to a hippopotamus, and when it’s time to dive, So if you find yourself surrounded by capybaras, they can hold their breath for a remarkable five keep calm, and remember that they’re minutes at a time. While underwater, they look That said, they’re still wild animals, and vegetarian. Even if they were zombies, they’d for aquatic plants to snack on, or just wait out a shouldn’t be considered for pets. Though be more interested in grains than the other thing. Since you’re among some of the most easygoing animals on the planet, maybe relax

danger at the surface. They spend so much time in the water that

capybaras aren’t native to the U.S., there’s still the occasional report of one being spotted in the wild after someone attempted to keep

a bit yourself. Try not to smell like a cut of

the Vatican classifies the capybara as a fish.

it captive and realized they were in over

delicious South American grass.

This gives the added bonus of allowing it to be

their head.

United Way of Summit County

500 Edgewood Ave. Akron, OH 44307 @akronzoo

TOGEThEr wE caN rEwrITE ThE fUTUrE sTOry fOr ThE chILDrEN Of sUMMIT cOUNTy United way’s imagination Library provides free books from birth to age five and improves early childhood literacy across summit County.


whaT ThIs pLacE NEEDs Is EarLy rEaDErs.

great things happen when we LIVE UNITED! United Way of Summit County UwsUMMIT.OrG


FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


community & culture

The Trouble with Old People

"Ask an Old Person" column by Steven Van Auken

Today we return to a regular feature of this

will eventually give up on trying to force

what to do. I had been using my own phone,

grandkids? Instead of maybe making some

column, our advice department, "Ask an Old Person." Letters from concerned readers

you into conversation. In the meantime just smile pleasantly and go find a nice cat

an I Phone 7, but I lost it. So I tried to use this old phone I inherited from my Uncle Harry. It

dreadful mistake with someone she doesn't even know? I guess she might be mad at me at

are welcome.

video to watch. Eventually they will give up and bring you some dessert.

didn't work at all. Then one day recently my two year old, Oscar, and I put on our raincoats

first, but don't you think she'd thank me later for reminding her of her responsibilities as an

and boots and went out to play in the rain. When Oscar jumps around in his boots in the

older person?



Dear Old Person: The people in my family are nice enough, but they have a real problem with communication. All my friends' parents text in

puddles he splashes water everywhere and some of it got in my jacket pocket and onto the phone. When we got home we took off

— Worried in Wadsworth DEAR WORRIED: No.

a normal way. Mine don't. They have all kinds of rules about where I should text and where

Dear Old Person: Like you, I am old. I can remember what life was like before people in

our coats and boots, and I took the old phone out of my jacket pocket, and I noticed it was

I shouldn't. It's embarrassing and I'm kind of ashamed to tell anybody about it.

this country started looking to the government to do things for them . We kids played outside.

actually working! But that only lasted a few days. Now it won't turn on and I have no idea

We made our own fun. We caught bugs and we caught fish. We didn't need grownups to do everything for us. We didn't expect a trophy every time we showed up for something. We respected our neighbors. We listened to older people. We stayed off their lawn. We helped our parents in the garden. We made our own soap. Now this younger generation sits indoors all day and plays video games. It's disgusting. What can be done about this sorry state of affairs? — Mad in Mogadore

what to do with it. Any suggestions? Correction: In the most recent edition of "Ask — Off-line in Orrville an Old Person," my response to "Fraught in Firestone Park" contained an error. I said that DEAR OFF-LINE: Have you and Oscar tried research has shown that the avocado is a re-booting? good dietary resource for building short-term memory. In fact, it is something else that does that. It's that other vegetable with the funny name. It's about this big. It's purple. You know the one I mean.

Please don't suggest I tell my school guidance counselor. He would probably be required to tell the authorities and the police would come. I don't want my parents to go to jail but I can't go on like this. Just yesterday at dinner when I was texting with my friends about what they would be wearing to school tomorrow I happened to look up. My parents were staring at me. I sensed that they had said something and they were waiting for me to say something back. So I said, "Pass the salt." I thought that would do it. But it didn't seem like that was enough for them. I know they couldn't have been talking about anything important or they would have just texted me like a normal person.



DEAR MAD: Turn off Fox News. Get off the couch. Go outside. Catch some bugs. Catch some fish. Start a garden. If you're lucky

Dear Old Person: My grandmother lives alone since my grandpa died three years ago. I always enjoy visiting her. She makes the best cookies. She tells me funny stories about the latest things the ladies in her church group have said. They get together to knit mittens

If you have a question for "Ask an Old Person," write it on a postcard and mail it to our address. Our address might have changed, but I don't think so. It's the same

This is not the first time this has happened.

maybe someone will notice and come play

for people who live high in the Andes. But last

one I told you before. Our building is the one

What do you think is going on here? Could this be signs of Alzheimer's? Both my parents are well into their forties. What do you think I should do?

on your lawn.

week she said something that worried me. She asked me how to get on a dating website she heard about. It was called Grannies Who Get Some. I pretended I didn't know how to

right beside the place where they keep that big dog in the yard all the time. I will write back.


— Concerned in Copley

do it, but I'm afraid she will ask me again. Do

DEAR CONCERNED: Ask them if the house is on fire. If it's not, then your parents are

Dear Old Person: I am having a terrible time getting my Smart-phone to work. It is old, an I

you think I should have a talk with her about what is appropriate behavior for someone her age? How can I help her refocus on her true

probably just going through a phase. They

Phone 2, so I thought maybe you would know

values, which lie in service to her kids and

The Akron RubberDucks are holding two job fairs for the upcoming 2017 season for game-day and part-time positions. Both job fairs are at Canal Park from 5 pm to 7 pm. Candidates should enter Canal Park through the administrative office entrance at 300 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44308. To expedite the process, the RubberDucks have an applications for both job fairs on its team website, Applicants can print, if possible, and complete the application before coming to the job fairs.

Wednesday, Feb. 15 Food & Beverage Job Fair Available positions include bartenders, cashiers, cooks, in-seat servers, in-seat vendors and runners for Concessions; bartenders and cooks for Suites; and bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, hosts/hostesses, servers and supervisors for The Game Grill + Bar. Applicants are asked to bring a resume and prior experience is preferred.


Tuesday, Feb. 21 Annual Akron Baseball Job Fair Available positions for the 2017 season (70 home games) include: Clean Team, FunZone Attendants, Gate Security, I.D. Checkers, Merchandise Associates, Suite Lobby Attendants, Ticket Takers, and Ushers. No interviewing for Food & Beverage Job Fair positions will take place during the Feb. 21 Akron Baseball Job Fair.


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2




ap arnie’s public house

Elegantly Casual Dining featuring Modern Twists on Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Classic Cocktails 1682 W. Market St at Westgate Plaza in Akron 330-867-0154 Open 7 days a week 11:00am-2:30am


Akron’s Home of the All Day Breakfast featuring a Bloody Mary Menu, Mimosas and much more...

Maddy, Chris Horne's 6-year-old daughter, takes a stab at Rock Mill's wall. Learn more about the entrepreneur journey that led Nathan and Liz Yokum to open this indoor climbing and yoga gym. (Photo by Ilenia Pezzaniti)


1688 W. Market St at Westgate Plaza in Akron 330-867-1114 Open 7 days a week 6:30am-3:00pm Sundays 8:00am-3:00pm

akron biz

Tip Sheet

Question: What advice do you have for small business owners as we approach tax season?

Jim Macchiarola Owner, Macchiarola Enterprises LLC “My best advice is to stay as organized as possible throughout the year with compiling and filing all of your business expenses and receipts, especially for small business owners.”

Michael Horning

Podcast Pullquote The secret to doing big, meaningful work in Akron “The only way that path works is if you’re doing something you are absolutely passionate about and have figured out a way to earn a living doing it because you never want to stop and figure out what you’ve earned on an hourly basis. You’ll have probably been better off going to (work at) McDonald’s. But, you get to spend your life with your passion, with people who share your passion, with people who are in their own passions finding their traction — and you all work off their energy. That’s the greatest thing going in Akron right now.” — Michael Owen, developer

“Owner, Michael Horning Design Build “Like most small business owners I wear many hats as the owner, and taxes are something that is more fear than reality. I try very hard not to procrastinate too long. The amount of work seemed to be a mountain when I did in the past. In reality when I set aside an hour or so a day to meet the deadlines, it seems to be no big deal. If your business does the same thing every year, you already know what’s coming, but you should always check with , or your tax professional to be sure. The key I have found for me is to be organized with all the invoices and expenses neatly compiled and totaled to make the process go smoothly. I wish the whole process was easier, but it is not, and the sooner we accept that fact and get the work done you will find that it amounts to less stress. The most important thing in my opinion is to file on time as your chances of being audited are reduced. Taxes are never going to go away, so it’s better to get it behind you and focus upon marketing, sales and growing the business, as this will take care of the inevitable taxes you have to pay.”

In January, we launched, with the support of The Fund for Our Economic Future and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, our first podcast, a series produced and hosted by Roger Riddle that features the stories behind creative locals whose talents led them into business where they’ve been shaping the city and our culture with their entrepreneurial mindset. Developer Michael

Joshua Nice

Owen joins Roger for episode one, talking about how far downtown Akron has come and where

preparing your self-income taxes, then you need to ensure that you are

he thinks the city is going. Listen at Pictured above: Michael hanging out in Florida wearing a little bit of his Akron pride for the world to see.

Pitching Specialist, Independent Contractor & Baseball Trainer “Make sure that you know which tax bracket you fall within. If you are not placing income aside for tax purposes. That way you will not be surprised when you file, as you will have an outstanding balance due. Pre-planning well in advance will prevent future headaches.”

(Photo courtesy of Yoly Miller)


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


akron biz Kent State, got pregnant. They looked at their situation, sized up their future and went all-in

overcoming the obstacles that come your way as a small business owner.

on Rock Candy. “It’s been challenging,” Liz says. “This is the

ORIGIN STORY Try harder with Nathan and Liz Yokum, co-founders of Rock Mill Climbing and Rock Candy Holds written by Chris Horne; photos by Ilenia Pezzaniti


For a while, the Yokums operated a climbing wall co-op in Kenmore where their community

busiest I’ve ever been, but I love it.”

could could test the holds on one side while Nathan made more on the other. Then the

That makes more sense when you remember that climbing teaching you to make your best

business got too big and they had to choose between the climbing wall or using the space to accommodate their growing enterprise. They

effort the competition you’re trying to topple.

went with the extra space, but they knew one day they would open another gym.

harder. Try harder.”

As Nathan tells himself when he climbs, “Try

In the meantime,

It leads you to an unending cycle of

Liz says they slowly learned to think

trying to improve. For the Yokums,

differently about how they ran the

that means being responsive to the

business. For most of Rock Candy’s early years, their

growing community of climbers, both new and

decisions were reactive or made

experienced, that come to Rock Mill.

spontaneously. It had worked out for them, generally speaking,

One way you see the difference in their gym is in the weight room

but she knew they could do more if they planned better, directed their growth more intelligently and improved their cash flow. So they tinkered with the business the way Nathan does each hold, crafting and sculpting it into a better form.

and the yoga classes offered on site — as you watch the most skilled climbers, you realize it’s pretty much vertical yoga. This is not just so the climbers can get a well-rounded workout, but it’s the kind of thing that friends can setting aside a couple hours to do, taking a class and then a climb, socializing the whole time.

Rock Candy continued to grow, even as their family grew too with the addition of another baby boy, but their itch to open another facility — to work amongst their community again — kept nagging at them. Over five or six years’ time, they won a business plan writing competition, sought out partners and had a few false starts. Having learned from other indoor climbing gyms that plans can evaporate in a

// The Devil Strip’s small business and entrepreneur

flash, they were careful about when and how

hat in the world led an art student and a graphic designer to start a rock

That’s in part because of the community that has formed around climbing. The competition

they announced their opening. That proved wise because, even after they found the right building and lined up the right partner, there were road-bumps like budget overruns on

climbing gym/yoga studio just outside of

And that’s where Rock Mill’s strength lies. Its attention to community.

reporting has been made possible thanks to the support of The Fund for Our Economic Future and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. You can learn more about being an Akron entrepreneur by visiting

is internal — you’re not really trying to beat


downtown Akron? The short answer: To serve a community of local climbers they’d joined and fostered as they grew a company that has

anyone but your own best effort — so support comes freely from the friends (and strangers) who climb with you. Naturally, when the

The Devil Strip recently launched its new video series by filmmaker Ilenia Pezzaniti about local

This gave them another opportunity to put the mindset they developed as climbers to work

become one of the nation’s highest ranked for the climbing holds they make.

Yokums built a climbing wall in their garage after college, they opened it up to friends.

as entrepreneurs. When you’ve practiced your resilience by clinging to the face of a rock cliff

creatives whose talents led them on a journey of entrepreneurship. In our first episode, we visit with Nathan and Liz Yokum at their Rock

without a net, you have a little easier time The huh? What? Yeah, that’s correct. Rock

Here’s the twist. They quickly figured out how

Candy Holds, based right here in Akron, is among the industry’s best. Co-founder Nathan

expensive the climbing holds (those colorful bumps that allow you to scale the walls) can

Yokum still sculpts and forms the molds in his workshop at the Rock Mill, the indoor climbing and yoga facility he opened with his wife Liz a

be. An art student, Nathan figured he could make his own. He was right, but to keep his costs down he had to order enough materials

year ago.

to create more holds than he needed. So, to

Mill climbing gym and yoga studio. To watch that video, visit

pay for this new hobby, they started selling his But which came first: the climbing or the holds? holds to area gyms and friends who had walls The climbing. In fact, that’s how Nathan and Liz of their own. met at the indoor climbing wall at Kent State. While it’s still a great introduction for beginners, “It’s sort of a hobby that got out of control,” back then serious climbers used indoor walls as practice for the real rock formations they encounter in the wilds of Northeast Ohio. Now,

Nathan says.

indoor climbing is it’s own sport, even though there’s plenty of crossover, and the people who

a casualty of the recession, was downsized from the position he held at a local ministry.

do it are passionate.

Liz, who was working as a graphic designer at


The hobby got out of control after Nathan,

FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


akron biz

WHAT I WISH I KNEW... by Chris Horne

social media campaign for Lock 3 Park and my

some of the best lessons you learned from

life hasn’t been the same since.

that experience? Some of the lessons I learned from my Digital

What are you glad that you didn’t know? That it is not impossible to create a coding

Life with Kevin Lockett podcast experience includes:

class without being a coder. A few years ago, I saw documentary called “Code Oakland”

• While having great studio would be ideal,

about urban youth learning how to code in Oakland California. I was so inspired by the documentary that I wanted to do something

having a decent microphone, a phone and great questions is all you need. Great research trumps an expensive microphone

similar for African-American youth in Akron, so I came up with the idea of “Code Akron” (real

any day.

inventive right?). The problem was I didn’t have a lot of money and I wasn’t a coder. However,

• Interviewing is easy, but building an audience takes time.

I remembered that in the documentary, CNN commentator Van Jones was not a coder, yet he • Being an introvert, Twitter has been a great was very community-minded and he launched “Yes We Code.” I figured if Van Jones could

Kevin Lockett Occupation: Content Producer, Lockett Media

How did you get into the work you do? In January 2008, I was struggling to find my place in media. I had freelance jobs, but the assignments were inconsistent and I wanted to

tool for me in booking guests.

do it, why couldn’t I do it? So I reached out to Mario Armstrong from Today Show to get some advice, found a partner with the Launch

• Editing takes a lot of work, but I wanted my podcast to feel like an NPR mixtape show.

have my own voice. By chance, I heard about a

League (which helped in securing the computer lab at Akron-Summit County Public Library),

• Fiverr was crucial in finding voice over talent and a logo design for only five bucks!

guy presenting a free event on social media at E. J. Thomas Hall. I never heard of social media,

created a plan for the workshops, found some volunteers who were willing to teach coding

• Most of my audience is not from Akron, but

but the event information mentioned I could learn how to control your own media. After I saw the presentation, I bought a used copy of the book “New Rules of Marketing & PR” off of Amazon, traveled in a snow storm and lied my way into a social media workshop in Cleveland (long story) and by the spring, convinced then Deputy Mayor Dave Lieberth to let me try a

and by the end, found satisfaction that the kids who attended the Code Akron workshops were exposed to new ideas, technology and professionals that otherwise might not have encountered. After doing dozens of episodes of The Digital Life over three years time, what are

Columbus, New York, California and Africa. • Creating content is great, but it is OK to stop, take a break and re-energize yourself. • I love interviewing! Not the best move when it comes to dating



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Follow us #AAADiscounts


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

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{The Dish} A romantic evening out, Akron-style

Mary Sutter Restaurant: D’Agnese’s Trattoria and Cafe Dish: Chicken D’Agnese

We asked our readers to tell us their favorite restaurants for a romantic evening out, and what their favorite dishes are. Here’s what they had to say.

Jessica Anshutz Restaurant: The Lockview Dish: Mac and cheese, house salad with white French dressing, and

Brian Harrell Restaurant: Vaccaro’s Trattoria Dish: Homemade Gnocchi

Holly Lewis Restaurant: Ken Stewart’s Tre Belle Dish: Scallops and charcuterie board

bourbon for dessert.

Kari Lyn Marino Restaurant: Chop & Swizzle Akron Dish: They have delicious drinks and for dinner their noodle bowls or sharing a variety of their great, fresh appetizers all in a dark, classic, dreamy atmosphere.

How to Mardi Gras without leaving Akron Celebrate Mardi Gras every time you visit Creo's Cajun Steakhouse with French Quarter Jazz in the background as you enjoy their casual fine dining, welcoming bar and rich desserts. Located where Gus’ Chalet once reigned in North Hill, Creo’s menu is inspired by the Acadian provinces of the Atchafalaya basin, whose rich history and multi-layered cultures informs the spirit of New Orleans. For more information, visit them at or find them at Hours: Monday: closed • Tues. - Fri.: 11am - 10pm • Sat.: 3 - 11pm • Sun.: 3 - 9pm 938 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio

(234) 334-0703 AKRON MUSIC, ART & CULTURE




"We had such an amazing time last night at dinner! Luke was an excellent server and our meal was phenomenal! I ordered the percha based on his recommendations and I was in heaven with every single bite. Our entire group loved their meals, loved the atmosphere, and of course loved our drinks. Thank you so much!"

54 East Mill St. Akron 44308 (330) 762-8000 Hours: M-Th 11-10, F 11-11, Sat 3-11

food & drink

: E N T S P R E S

One Special Valentines Dinner and Two Exclusive Brunches

FRONT OF THE HOUSE BACK OF THE HOUSE Arnie's Public House words and photos by Krissy O’Connor


Martin Redle

Sunday, February 12th

10:00am - 2:00pm | Reservations Accepted


How long have you been at Arnie’s? 3 1/2 years

What are your top three drinks to make? And while we are at it, what about the three you hte the most? Okay, first I should note that making the drink that someone will appreciate is always the best. My personal top three would be a proper Manhatten; a Nigeroni, a classic cocktail with only three portions of gin, sweet vermouth and campari; and a Sucker Punch, a new drink on our menu made with our housemade shrub and bitters.

For those of us who don’t know, the Johnny Marzetti is cavatappi pasta in a cheddar and meat sauce. Sounds perfect for a chilly day! What do you do on your day off here in Akron? If I have been working a lot, I don’t leave my house. If I do leave, I love heading out to the MetroParks. What is a hope or wish for your 2017? I am getting married in May 2017 and looking

You have ended up on a deserted island and come across a magic genie-in-a-bottle

Sunday, February 14th Reservations Accepted

ready to grant you three food-related wishes. What are they? • A never-ending bowl of Pho. • My homemade “Carolina Reapers” hot sauce. Carolina Reapers are the hottest peppers you can get. • My Grandfather’s homemade fudge.


Matt Trainor

Arnie’s Public House 1682 W Market St., Akron OH 44313 (330) 867-0154

that they had created. I used to beg my Mom to cooking and it is a great meat eater’s dish. What do you like to do in Akron on a

If we came to your house for dinner what would you make for us?

day off? When I had days off I would go fishing a lot. The spots I like are Silver Lake and Indigo Lake,

Probably Sunday Brisket or Short Ribs.

though I got kicked out of Silver Lake. I like

Something cooked low and slow with mashed potatoes. If it were in the summer maybe a Blue Crab, spicy boiled with bread to soak up

hiking, too. The Top of the World trail in Bath is great.

the juice. Either one served with lots and lots of beer.

What would you like to see happen in 2017?

Did you always want to cook? Who was an inspiration to your becoming a Chef? I have always wanted to cook. As a kid I asked

What is your favorite dish at Arnie’s? My favorite here, well I made the menu, but

I would love to see my business double, and I want to be voted the best hamburger in Akron. That would be really cool.

for an Easy Bake Oven. My inspirations were my Mother and my Grandmother. I remember

hands down the best here is the cheeseburger. For an nostalgic factor the Apple Cider Pork

sitting at the table with some amazing meal

Shank is good too. I love that low and slow

Sunday, February 26th

778 North Main Street Akron, Ohio 44310

Favorite Arnie’s dish? There is very little that I don’t like, but the Johnny Marzetti is warm and comforting.

forward to the day after the wedding when all the planning and wedding obligations are over.

make Johnny Marzetti and my Grandmother to make her potato salad.


10:00am - 2:00pm | Reservations Accepted

For more information or to make a reservation please call, 330-230-6656

The three drinks I hate the most to make are Bloody Mary’s, they are easy to make but I hate them; cream-based drinks, messy and sticky to clean up; and always on the list, blender drinks.

How long have you been at Primo’s? about a year


food & Drink

Photography by Ilenia Pezzaniti

The Wanderer A Progressive Wine Dinner


words and photos by Holly Brown

"Tradition meets Innovation" As you all know by now, food is absolutely one

salmon caviar. The whole dish was so light and

of my greatest passions. That’s why I was totally thrilled when I was surprised with tickets to

fresh and the bursts of the pomegranate seeds along with the crisp outside of the plantain

the Crave/Nuevo progressive wine dinner this January. And let me start by saying, it certainly

were perfect together.

lived up to my hype.

Next, we were given fois gras served on peach chutney with smoked hazelnuts and a chipotle gastrique. The fattiness of the fois gras was oh so decadent but when cut with the tart sweetness of the peaches, a slight spice and the crunch of the smoky hazelnuts, it was never overly rich.

On a brisk January evening, Ryan (boyfriend/ roomie/partner in all things food and otherwise) and I made our way to Nuevo. We were seated alongside others in attendance and in front of each of us were three wine glasses, one already full of a beautiful golden white. Though visibly dying to taste the first wine, I decided to exhibit my will power and wait for the first course to begin. Pictured right: Ryan and I en route from Crave to Nuevo via trolley (looking very excited)

The last dish served at Nuevo was Tuna, crusted in cumin, and served on a bed of polenta, but this polenta was unlike any I had ever had. Just as the wine experts at Bottle to Glass had taught us about the wines, the chef/owner of Nuevo, Zack Hirt, gave extensive insight to

However, once I was presented

his food pairings. This polenta

a Nuevo drink menu and asked if I wanted anything to drink before the evening started, I had to order a jalapeno-cilantro

was inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, champurrado. The polenta was chocolatey but definitely semi-sweet (which in

margarita. One does not simply

my opinion is the best kind of

go to Nuevo without ordering a jalapeno-cilantro margarita (smoked salt rim).

chocolate) and accompanied by an ancho chili espresso sauce to die for. Though I certainly loved each and every dish

Happy to wait with margarita in hand, the tables slowly began filling with the other

(picking a favorite is literally impossible) this one was certainly the most memorable from

foodies/winos who would be taking this culinary journey alongside us. The wine for

Nuevo. Not to mention it was paired with my favorite wine of the night, Vision Cellars 2013

the evening was picked and supplied by Bottle to Glass, a boutique wine distributor located

Pinot Noir.

in Akron, whose specialty includes, among many things wine, presenting a selection of smaller wine producers who aren’t normally

Once we finished up at Nuevo, a street trolley awaited us outside to shuttle us all to Crave. We arrived and were immediately given more

available at larger retailers in Northeast Ohio.

wine with the promise of another stellar course.

The owner, Alan, and sole saleswoman, Jerica, were extremely knowledgeable about all of the showcased wines and presented us with both

Just as Zack had shepherded our palates at Nuevo, chef/owner Aaron Hervey was at Crave to do the same.

background on the vineyards and winemakers themselves as well as each wine’s characteristics

The first course was (if I absolutely had to pick)

from flavor to aroma and beyond. And so, with the blessing of all, the meal began

my favorite at Crave. It was seared salmon (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I adore salmon of all kinds) which was oak smoked and served

with the first course at Nuevo: a scallop placed delicately on a fried plantain with pickled

with chili roasted butternut squash and morello cherry pomegranate BBQ sauce and

radish, pomegranate seeds, and a sprinkling of


(continued on page 37)

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Saturday Large sashimi combo


Mon.-Thurs. 5-9pm, Fri.-Sat. 5-10pm 1446 N. Portage Path • Akron 44313 (located behind the Getaway Pub in Merriman Valley)



Serving Authentic Italian Cuisine for 86 years!

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555 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave. Party Room Available Up To 35 People Call and Reserve Today Akron, Ohio 44310



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Papa-Roni’s in Barberton is a new discovery for us. The shop has only recently come to our

margherita; it wasn’t as overcooked and the margherita toppings added flavor. Though the

attention. Its location on the corner of W State and Wooster Rd N makes for a convenient stop

pizza would suit us better with a regular style crust..


for a pizza.

Papa-Roni’s has been around since 2010, and they are fiercely proud of their status as an independent pizza restaurant; their motto is “un-chain your pizza,” and they are proud of their connections to the community. Papa-


Roni’s shares the building with Katie’s Korner, an ice cream shop, and you can get ice cream

by Stephanie Baker, Kevin Wirth and Justin Lyons (@akronpizzatf)

delivered with your pizza. Papa-Roni’s has something we’ve never seen before, a pizza with seven cheeses, The 7 Cheesy Cheese. Cheeses included were mozzarella, provolone, muenster, smoked gouda, cheddar, feta and parmesan. The flavor combination of the cheeses worked out nicely and was one of our favorites. The crust was crisp but also soft and chewy. This was our favorite crusts of all the pizzas.

We’d like to try the margherita again sometime with the regular crust because it made all the difference on the 7 Cheesy Cheese. I don’t think we’ll be ordering the thin crust again because it seems just too easy to overcook because of how thin it was. // Akron Pizza Task Force - In pizza we trust.. Photos by Kevin Wirth

Papa-Roni’s is very proud of its margherita pizza, devoting a whole page to it on their

website. Somehow after placing our order we ended up with what appeared to be a thin crust version of the margherita. The pizza had half slices of tomato and chopped basil spread over it. The basil was a little strong but it didn’t ruin it. The thin crust worked better on the

twisted her ankle. So she had to leave and I was the only person there on staff. Fortunately, I had been watching bartenders over the years

for a “hot” Bloody Mary, which of course means spicy. However, this girl disappeared for a minute. I figured she needed an ingredient

when the kitchen was slow, so I worked the

from the kitchen, when all of a sudden I hear

rest of that shift. By the end of the year I had transitioned from cook to bartender. That was fifteen years ago and I’m still at it and love

“What the fuck?!” from back there. She had microwaved the Bloody Mary, rather than adding some Tabasco and pepper to spice it.

Talk about a time when this job felt truly rewarding or worth it. There have been too many times in my fifteen years behind the bar

what I do.

Needless to say, she did not last long.

that have made the job feel rewarding. It’s hard to pick one. Just having the ability to cheer

Best tip you ever received? This is a great story. One of my regulars who was a friend

Strangest or most eye-widening conversation you've ever overheard?

people up in a short amount of time – whether they’ve just lost someone or are pissed about a

of my owner wanted to fuck with him. So at the end of the night he asked me how much

We're elite eavesdroppers as bartenders of course. Beware, readers. Two women I

breakup – this job is constantly gratifying just as often as it is stressful and draining.

money I had in my drawer—which was about 400 not counting the change. So he tipped me 400 on his credit card. (We got our credit card

had been serving were discussing a prank they pulled on a friend. One of the women had recently just had a baby, and ordered a round

Confession time. It’s only right that I admit something too. A couple years ago I was

tips at the end of each night.) This obviously

of shots while one friend was in the bathroom.

going on twelve straight hours and just

Nikki Ballantyne

left my owner about 15 dollars in loose change for the next day. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but the next day was Sunday and the

When he came back, apparently, she served him a shot of her breast milk. I walked over and asked, “what did you say?” And she said

was NOT going to make a trip for regular sugar. So I said “fuck it” and rimmed a martini glass for a lemon drop with

Hometown: Richfield Bar: Annabell’s Highland Square

banks were closed. We all got a kick out of this for years.

basically he was so drunk he didn’t even know what he was drinking.

Splenda. Sometimes if I’m in the weeds or just feeling lazy and a keg blows, I’ll tell someone

What was your first night tending bar like? How did you become one? I fell into

Tell me about a funny mistake or a time you’ve been embarrassed behind the bar.

What's your poison when on the other side? I can admit, I’m like our neediest

bartending unexpectedly. I was a cook and at 12:30 I shut down and went to the bar to have

This is better—I was embarrassed FOR a girl I trained. I had shown her how to properly

customers. I need a shot but chilled and a chaser and a water no ice oh and let me buy

// Sam DePaul is newly a Highland Square resident. A

a drink. Before I could even order the bartender

make a Bloody Mary. Once a guy asked her

this person and that person a drink and make

aspiring screenwriter by day and bartender by night.

Behind the Bar

Interview and photo by Sam DePaul


The thin crust cheese divided us two vs one over the crust. The crust was shockingly thin and cooked beyond flavor with the bottom having a texture of cardboard. The crispness was nice, but that was the only thing. This pizza also had minimal sauce. The top of the pizza was cooked nicely and had some light charring on crust edges. More flavor was needed to combat the flavorless crust.

| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

Papa-Roni’s 68 W State St, Barberton


you run back and forth back and forth. But I tip well for it. You can always tell who is in the industry by how they tip.

we’re out of that beer rather than go change it right then and there. Oops.

recent UA grad, she’s a daydreaming potty-mouthed


food & Drink


zzatf ngs?


When I saw a post on Twitter about the 2nd

winter beers. All the usual suspects attended—

annual Cottage Crawl at Lock 3 Park, I had to do a double take. “January 14,” I thought.

Thirsty Dog, Lagerhead’s, Ohio Brewing Co, Fat Head’s, Scenic Brewing Co, and Moerlein. There

“That can’t be right. It’ll be freezing.” As it turns out, the post was correct. Leave it to fearless Akronites to disregard the weather and

was also a new kid on the block, HiHo Brewing Co, who just opened shop in Cuyahoga Falls and came out to flex.

gather together to sample some fresh local beers. I

All the beers I tried

decided I had to see it with my own eyes, as skeptical

were good, but a couple stood out as

as I was. Lock 3 is pretty animated on a winter Saturday—the ice skating rink is full, cheery music plays over the speakers, and kids sail down the sled hill. It’s a pleasant, familyfriendly spot to spend the afternoon without spending a bunch of money. Not surprisingly, the Cottage Crawl aligned perfectly with this atmosphere. Cottages (actually tiny wooden shacks, but whatever) were set up in the corner of the park, each dispensing a different local brewery’s favorite

the perfect match to standing around outside in January. Lagerhead’s new oatmeal stout called Savage Stout made me feel warm inside. OBC’s Jingle Bell Ale reminded me that we had survived another holiday season. Thirsty Dog’s Old Choco, a creamy mint chocolate milk stout, satisfied my craving for a hot chocolate. Each brewery brought two to four different styles to the party, and patrons could get a 2-ounce sample for two tickets or a whole 16-ounce glass for five (continued on page 37)

30 CRAFT BEER TAPS RUSTIC AMERICAN FOOD M-TH: 4-11pm • FRI: 4-12am • SAT: 2-12am • SUN: Closed



Beer of the Month River Styx Monster DIPA Words and Photos by Sam DePaul Wadsworth Brewing Co.’s River Styx Monster DIPA

more than the beer was the environment. Never have I

Apparently, Wadsworth, Ohio has had various reports of

walked in a craft brewery to find two women behind

Bigfoot sightings. And that is what they named their

the bar. As one of the only female bartenders at an

delicious DIPA after. It’s a 9.4% double IPA—filled with hops and a citrusy crisp

Akron brewery, I find myself often feeling like an inferior in a seemingly man’s game.

finish. Wadsworth Brewing Company has been open for about two weeks, and I was delighted to find they give a little love to Akron with their Buckets Coffee Porter. They use beans from Pearl Coffee Company, whose owner played basketball at the University of Akron, garnering his nickname “Buckets.” What impressed me


Cheers! // Sam DePaul is newly a Highland Square resident. She recently graduated from the University of Akron studying the three things very few people care about: books, writing and feminism.

Join us and enjoy our large selection of craft beer, bourbon and cocktails.


Check Out Bourbon Night


Enjoy Discount Wine Night


$5 Moscow Mules until 9

Visit Wadsworth Brewing Company 126 Main St, Wadsworth, OH 44281 Hours: Wed & Thurs 3-9pm, Fri & Sat 12-11pm, Sun 12-8pm, closed Mon & Tues.

1947 W. Market Street Find us right behind the CVS

Food & Drink In the last issue, I wrote about the five biggest events of 2016 that inspired an evening

é The Cleveland Cavaliers return to the playoffs. I’m thinking they have a very good

of getting schnockered for yours truly. This issue, I’m going to predict these events for 2017. No. I am not a descendant of Nostradamus, but I do predict things all the time.

chance to repeat as champions. All I know is, it is impossible for me to watch any Cavs Playoff game sober. I’ve tried. Doesn’t work.

I love trying to predict events. I’m wrong most of the time, but it sure is fun.

ç We all know the dangers of talking politics, so this prediction is going to be a bit ê It happens every year. We lose one of our idols or an artist whose talent brought us

vague. Something, some kind of decision or action by our government is going to

much joy. I predict that it won’t be as bad as 2016 as far as volume, but the inevitable will happen. I’m not predicting any one celebrity is leaving us, because that would not

incite serious backlash from someone. Probably an unpopular decision against its own people that will have the masses fuming. Even worse, pissing off one of our allies

be cool of me, and I do believe in karma. I know at some point though, I will be very bummed at the news of some celebrity passing in 2017. Allright, this is morbid and

or enemies, while flexing our muscles or not minding our own damn business. Or maybe, just looking like a big buffoon to the rest of the world. Whatever it is, I know

depressing. Let’s move on. Shall we?

that our leader/leaders will make some decision to tarnish our patriotism. It makes me sad that I can actually guarantee this one.

è The Cleveland Browns will…..drum roll please… more games than last year. Bold prediction for a team that won one game last year. I know. However, if all the extra draft picks we have stockpiled start to pay off, it could get exciting. If we could

å The Cleveland Indians are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. It will

be 4-4 half way through the season after finally settling on our starting quarterback, things could get hopeful, like we are actually headed in the right direction for the first

their 69-year World Series Pennant drought? I’m not sure on this one. I predict the post-season is going to be more nerve racking than last year and what better way to

time since Seinfeld was still on the air. Then of course, just after we start getting our hopes up, our dreams of the playoffs are hanged, drawn and quarterbacked. Happens

enjoy the ride than in an obnoxiously drunken fashion.

make for a fun summer of baseball. They will make the playoffs, but will they end

Cheers and enjoy responsibly,

every year. Stevie Wonder could see this coming.

Leslie Nostradamus Nielsen *Dive Bar Pick

Heights Cafe 1325 Newton St. 330-813-5719

*Dive Bar Pick

Helen's Rainbow Lounge

On Tap at The Harbor

Papa Don's Pub

K & D's Lounge

562 Portage Lakes Dr. 330-644-1664

1891 E Market St. 330-784-2400

1881 E Market St. 330-733-1633

805 Upson St. 330-794-7988


Goodyear Heights

Portage Lakes

East Akron

East Akron

East Akron








Always Happy Hour

11 am - 6 pm

4 - 9 pm

9 am - 1 pm

4 - 8 pm


Bud / Absolut

Craft Beers / Titos

Bud Lt. / Fireball

Bud Lt. / Black Velvet

Bud Lt. / Fireball


Pool / Darts


Outdoor Arcade / Live Music

Karaoke / Pool / Darts / Keno

Pool / Darts


No Food

Full Menu

Full Menu

Bar Menu

Booze and Beer


An empty lot

The Harbor Inn, Mellinger's Hotel

Clubhouse Lounge

J.D.'s / Leo's

The Blood Bucket (no, I'm not making this up)


Robert Mitchum meets Tom

Jimmy Buffet meets George Clooney

Toby Keith meets Carol Kane

Christopher Lloyd meets Beverly D'Angelo

Ozzy Osbourne meets Adrienne Barbeau


After surviving for decades on Newton St, it is now in jeopardy. The city is planning new housing along this stretch of road. Go get some while you still can.

This place looks majestic when approaching in a boat or submarine.

Cool outdoor patio with lots of games.

Some like there pilsner with short glass and a salt shaker. They offer that service here.

This joint has absolutely nothing to do with rainbows of any kind or use. You have been forewarned.

Adopt-a-bar Queen's Lounge Area of Akron: East Akron Address: 75 N Case Ave Sitting right around the corner from the East Akron renewal project sits a future cash cow. The Queen’s Lounge has been out of service for a long time now. This baby is going to take some extra elbow grease. Think of the possibilities though. Brew house? Martini bar? Tiki bar? Better yet, turn it into one of those bars from the ’70s where every table had a red phone at it with a number above it. The idea was to randomly call someone at a table that you found attractive. Not sure how effective this method of dating was, but it couldn’t have been worse than Tinder. I think the real fun would be in getting all jacked up on malt liquor and fucking with the other tables. I see real potential here.


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


Music & Entertainment THE AKRON SCENE

Highland Square


ANDING ROOM LINEUP å ST ... Six Akron bands we think you should know by Floco Torres


å White Pines (Rock, Folk, Pop) White Pines is Joseph Scott. Constantly in flux, the band lineup changes from year to year and sometimes from show to show. For their upcoming show at the Beachland Ballroom on February 21, Joseph Scott will share the stage with Ben Vaughan on bass, Jayson Benn on guitar, and Dan


Kshywonis on drums. White Pines has been on the scene since 2009. The debut 10 track album “The Falls” released on Yer Bird Records sounds like the soundtrack to finding yourself amongst the natural setbacks of life. The follow up “Plume Of Ash” was recorded in two weeks in Scott’s new (at the time) home in Akron and in my opinion is his best work. (Photo courtesy of White Pines)


ç WallCreeper (Metal, Punk) Let them tell it: Shawn, Joe, Nick and Tony are just some dudes playing music. The four make up the Metal/Punk band WallCreeper. Their newest record “Kill What Keeps You Tame” was engineered by Akron musician Joey Sprinkles and boast a cleaner more professional sound than you’re used to hearing on metal records. Be sure to catch their next show at Annabell’s on February 4 and be ready to thrash when “Isopropyl & Tonic” comes on. (Photo courtesy of WallCreeper)

é Failed Astronauts (Alternative, Indie, Pop, Punk)



nothing any een

Ben, Alex, Bill and Drew are four sad and wild dudes (depending on the day) that formed the band Failed Astronauts. Their 3 song EP “Burn This CD and Give It To All Your Friends” should’ve be on the next NCAA College Football game soundtrack. This seems appropriate since their bio on bandcamp says “We like to drink beer and play Madden, we also play music”. Although they experienced some lineup changes back in October, look for a new Failed Astronauts album in 2017. (Photo courtesy of Failed Astronauts)

è Daniel Rylander (Singer/Songwriter/Acoustic/Pop) Daniel Rylander has made a career for himself by fighting through adversity and turmoil. The singer/ songwriter lost his brother to battle in Afghanistan in 2012 and has been inspired to find the keep pushing and make his brother proud. His new single "Understanding" was released in January is an uplifting tune about "not letting our mistakes define who we are as people." The song was revamped from the version that lives on The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance EP released in 2015. Daniel and his band The Best Dressed) are looking to make themselves more marketable in 2017. They'll be playing a


few shows in February so be on the lookout. (Photo by Mitch E. Jendrisak) February 4 - Barrel Run Crossing - Rootstown OH February 2 - Halliday’s Winery - Lake Milton OH

ê Zander One (Electronic/Ambient/DJ/Producer) Joe Mass aka Zander One is a melting pot of styles throughout his production. With over 100 songs on his soundcloud page from funk/soul samples to video game and spacey sounds, his “ZODIAC BEATS” project shows his supreme versatility. ZODIAC 2 has a crazy groove and I’d be interested to know if Biggie and Method Man’s “The What” instrumental inspired 7 ZODIAC 8. In 2017, Zander is

Friday, 2/3 • 9pm – Midnight Umojah Nation – Reggae Saturday, 2/4 • 9pm – Midnight DJ Naeno – Funky Dance Party Sunday, 2/5 • 12 – 3pm Brian Henke – Virtuoso Guitar Friday, 2/10 • 9pm – Midnight Brandon Coleman Trio – Jazz & Eclectic Saturday, 2/11 • 9pm – Midnight Morning Star – Americana & Bluegrass Sunday, 2/12 • 12 – 3pm Pete Cavano – Fingerstyle Guitar Friday, 2/17 • 9pm – Midnight Zach & The Bright Lights – Soul & Inspiring Indie Folk Rock Saturday, 2/18 • 9pm – Midnight DJ Roger Riddle – Funk & Soul – 70s & 80s Sunday, 2/19 • 12 – 3pm Little Steve O – Blues Friday, 2/24 • 9pm – Midnight Dave Sterner Quartet – Jazz Traditional, Latin, Blues Saturday, 2/25 • 9pm – Midnight Erin Nicole Neal & The Chill Factors – Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz & Soul

looking to play more gigs and enhance his DJ/Live set while incorporating more of his material. (Photo courtesy of Brian Sloan Art)

ë Godhead (Electronic/Experimental)


Godhead is truly an intriguing mystery. Intriguing because of the only track you can find from them is 25 minute long noise track titled “1116.” A mystery because I couldn’t find ANYTHING on this band other than this song while searching. No Facebook, Twitter, IG or website and I’m positive I’ve made it onto a very special list by googling GODHEAD over and over. If you spook easy, do not and I repeat DO NOT listen to this track in headphones in the dark. (Photo courtesy of Godhead)

Sunday, 2/26 • 12 – 3pm Gage Brothers – Americana

*NO COVER CHARGE HIGHLAND SQUARE: 867 West Market Street Akron, Ohio, 44303 • 330-434-7333


music & entertainment



Highland Tavern

that are Gabriel, Schray’s upcoming release (February 10) from London-based

Tuesday Uncorked Wine Bar

Last Resort.

22 N High St, Akron, OH 44308 7 pm w/ Gretchen Pleuss

With the exception of some guest musicians on “All


Featurless Corridors,” “The Unused Detail,” and “Duskers,

The Getaway Pub 1462 N Portage Path, Akron, OH 44313

After Dark,” all instruments were played by Schray. Entirely instrumental,

8 pm Open Jam Night w/ Charlie and the Poor Boys

Thursday 2704 Front St, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 8 pm w/ Andrew Shepherd and Landon Kearns

Friday Aqueduct Brewing 529 Grant St #106, Akron, OH 44311 7 - 11pm bi-weekly

Saturday - Sunday Bailey Road Tavern 2920 Bailey Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

It took Schray over a year to compose, put together, and hone down the eight tracks

808 W Market St, Akron, OH 44302 8 pm – midnight w/ Chris Edwards

Silver Swan Tavern

by Dawson Steeber





Looking for an Open Mic Night to Showcase your talents?

Sad Touch” to the wistfulness of “Goblin Year.”

.S. Schray has been making music for

favoring delicacy and understated invention, the album is a gauzy, willowy collection of academic aesthetics.

decades. In his own words, he’s been in “about a zillion bands…” most

Take for instance the seven-plus minute,

One would be hard-pressed to pigeonhole any of these tracks in a particular genre. The

notably Houseguest, and Beaten Awake. He’s also played on the last two Strand of Oaks

strangely melancholic yet hopeful “Placeholder Areas”. It’s light and yet self-conscious and

ambient nature of Gabriel has a timeless almost classical feel while keeping absolutely

albums and worked with Six Parts Seven. He’s also composed and played soundtracks for several documentaries and short films like “The Bubble,” “Out of Place,” “The Darkside of Disney,” “Transworld Snowboarding’s 20 Tricks” series and he’s currently working on a Goodyear Blimp documentary for public television.

haunting and mature in its resistance to slip into hippy synth-noodling.

and freshly unique. It’s art and it’s technique… Mellow and contemplative, it is pure sonic architecture imbued with cascading Rhodes piano and shimmering guitar riffs which transport listeners into some crystalline alternative universe.


The entirety of Gabriel secretes a certain sense of nostalgia I can’t quite put my finger on with its synthetic textures from the almost acid house reggae feel of “The Unused Detail” or the sea-soaked keys swathed in reverb on “One


Then there is the beatific, bath-warm swell of the final track “Duskers, After Dark.”

LUVABSTRACT’S “Lovely” now on Spotify LuvAbstract’s new EP, “Lovely” is now available on Spotify for all you music streamers. Don’t get confused though: despite it’s sweet name and the pretty rose on its cover, this isn’t

TICKETS: $20 | $25 | $30


necessarily an album you want to buy your lover as a token of your affection. Unless your lover is into really good hip-hop, that is. The closest thing to a love song on the album is “Roses,” which is all about how “boys want a bad bitch; men want a good girl.” The lyrics go on to explain how the singer’s girl is “so good,” how he’s “found the reddest rose, and they’re all mad,” because she’s all his. Awww. How romantic. Maybe send your lady friend a link to that one when you want to remind her how special she is. Catchy beats and clever rhymes make this local album well worth the 7 bucks on iTunes, if you’re not a Spotify member.


| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2


music & entertainment


HOT NEW RELEASES showing up every Friday in February, plus tons more.

Be Nice to Your Sound Engineers ... AND THEY'LL BE NICE TO YOU words and photo by M. Sophie Franchi

Everyone in the music industry knows the “grumpy sound guy” stereotype. Is it true? Are

There are ways to get on a sound engineer’s bad side, obviously.

Pictured above: Jayson Benn (left) and Joe Scott with

Joe Scott of White Pines and Relaxer is the resident sound engineer at BLU Jazz+ and

“My biggest pet peeve is bands who don’t know how to use their equipment,” says Joe. “Like, if you’re bringing stuff with you, don’t ask me how to use it. Because that’s not my

are career musicians, and that’s really nice, because they totally understand that they’re not at Lincoln Center right now, they’re probably going to have to change in the bathroom and

Musica. Jayson Benn of Shivering Timbers runs

job. That’s your job. We each have a job to do,

they don’t get to throw shit.”

sound at Annabell’s. Perhaps together they can clear up some misconceptions.

and as long as everyone is taking it seriously enough to do it, everything goes great. The second that somebody starts not doing their

Jayson explains how career musicians who have played practically everywhere know club

“I feel like sound guys get a bad rap, like it’s one step above carny or something” says Joe.

job is when things get messy. So, you know, guitarists who don’t know how to use their

etiquette and how to behave. They know how to operate on the stage. They set up their

“Really, if you take it seriously, it’s a pretty good way to make money. There’s not a lot of people


gear and get out of the way. “You don’t stand around, you don’t talk to your girlfriend on the

who do it. And there’s less people who do it well.”

“Bass players who show up without an amp at all…” Jayson adds.

stage,” he says.

“There’s nobody who wants to do it, really,” Jayson adds.

It’s also frustrating when a band doesn’t know the etiquette of the club where they are

Joe says that getting invited back to a club is pretty simple. All you have to do is show up on time, set up and take down your equipment

his son, Eliot (right)

all sound engineers inherently assholes? And what can you do to get on their good side?

playing. “Some bands—and it’s usually the

quickly, and know how to use it properly, and if

“I mean it is pretty thankless,” Joe says. “It’s especially thankless at Annabell’s, I think, because it’s a bunch of punk rock and metal

ones that don’t play a lot—show up and think that because they’re playing, because they’re actually at a place, playing a show, getting paid

you’re the middle band, don’t get upset if you don’t get a soundcheck. “You will get asked to come back to the venue and the sound guy will


a little bit of money, that gives them sway to start asking for special things,” Joe says.

love you,” he says.

But Jayson doesn’t mind. He doesn’t have to worry about people coming to the sound booth and asking about vocal levels. “At Annabell’s

“It gives their ego a pass,” Jayson agrees.

“Even if your music is shitty,” Jayson adds.

it’s like a fucking punk rock show or a metal show—nobody can hear anything anyway.”

“And it doesn’t. The people who do play a lot know that,” Joe continues. “Which is why I like

“Even if your music is shitty,” Joe agrees. “And

BLU, because most of the people we get


if you have a good sound guy, he’ll make you sound good even if your music is shitty.” (continued on page 37)

2721 W. Market Street • Fairlawn

(234) 334-7484 Mon Closed Tue-Sat 10am-8pm • Sun 12pm-5pm

The Scene the entire cat and mouse chase that comprises the movie. So much so that the detective

sex with his wife to make love to courtesans. A bit later, his first wife is found by the police.

realizes that he is merely a supporting character in the saga. The only way that he will achieve

They convince her to go on the radio to declare him a bigamist. He owes her back alimony

renown is by capturing someone who is already of note. Otherwise, he remains a nameless,

which has accumulated because he has fallen behind making payments. However, once on

faceless government employee.

the air, she admits that he owes her money but refuses to besmirch him. Despite leaving her

The first third of the film is shot in soft focus. Most of the scenes are in darkened settings. The more comfortable, and urban, that

and moving on to another woman, she insists that he is a good man with a good heart. She won't cloud the people's perception of him.

Neruda's life is at the time, the hazier and dusky Is this because he was truly a decent man it is visually represented on screen. Perhaps this with similar politics? Is it because she realized


The Unfamiliar "Neruda"

is in reaction to his Communist leanings being in contrast to his comfortable lifestyle?

the importance of the position he held in the people’s hearts? Is it because women in late-

As the noose tightens around Neruda's neck,

1940s Chile didn't speak out against prominent men? The answer isn't revealed.

by Ted Zep

the chase leads to the countryside. It is here that his surroundings are stark white, austere,

Neruda (2016)

influential poet in La Republica de Chile. He

and decidedly less agreeable. In Neruda's world exposure and discomfort seem to represent purity.

Showing at The Nightlight, February 10-16

was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said that The black/white, dark/light manifests itself in

The most moving scene in the film takes place between Peluchonneau and a cross-dressing

(R, 1 hr 47 min, Biography/Drama, Subtitles, Director: Pablo Larrain, Writer: Guillermo

Neruda was the greatest poet--of any language- other sections of the film, as well. There is a -of the 20th Century. scene in which Neruda's wife Delia wants to

prostitute. Neruda once again finds himself at a bagnio. Upon entering, the escort notices him

Calderon, Starring: Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Alfredo Castro) The Plot Heralded poet Pablo Neruda was the subject of a manhunt in 1948 after being decried by the Chilean government for joining the Communist Party. The story focuses on a littlediscussed time of his life. It takes viewers on a ride traveling from plush, high-class soirees to the bitter, unforgiving cold of the Andes. As the plot unfolds, fact and fiction become

The film opens by detailing the rift between Neruda (Luis Gnecco), at the time a senator, and the then-current Chilean regime. His politics were not appreciated. He mocked the government, trumpeted the Communist way, and was soon deposed. When he went underground, a mandate for his arrest was issued. The narrative shifts between following Neruda and the policeman assigned to catch him, Óscar Peluchonneau (Gael García Bernal).

...the black eyes stare through the black night. progressively blurred, leaving a broad, yet oddly specific, portrait of the heralded bard. Pablo Neruda was the most popular and


make love to him. He declines. We soon find him leaving his apartment dressed in solid black from head to toe. He goes to a brothel where he frolics with multiple prostitutes. It is clear that he loves his wife, he is just no longer attracted to her. Perhaps his fame poisoned that? Perhaps time? Money and celebrity offer him options that often create caverns in the physical relationships of well-known individuals.

Much of the film concentrates on building the legacy and mystique of Neruda. He was already a heralded writer but Guillermo Calderon's script

Later, the detective is hot on his tail. Neruda is at a tailor shop having a white suit custom made for him. He leaves the shop in his new outfit and runs into a homeless girl. He has no money to give her but he warmly embraces her, in a grander sense embracing the people of

moves to canonize him as an Ideal. He

Chile. He leaves her with the white jacket. He

is represented as surpassing mere mortaldom by becoming his art. Even though he and Peluchonneau don't meet until the end of the picture, Neruda is portrayed as orchestrating

| THE Devil Strip / AUGUST FEBRUARY 2016 2017• •VOL VOL 2 3• •ISSUE ISSUE #8#2

leaves her with a piece of his privilege. The gender/sexual politics of the film are a bit troubling. As mentioned earlier, he declines

Tonight I can write the saddest lines

and began to sing a song for the famous guest. The other prostitutes mock the man's singing but Neruda appreciates the gesture. The two share a moment. Later, the brothel is raided. Neruda avoids arrest by dressing in drag. He narrowly escapes. The crossdressing whore is taken into custody and interrogated by Peluchonneau. He tells the officer it was a miracle to see someone of Neruda's stature where he worked. He sang to Neruda and Neruda recited a poem to him in return. The poet showed interest in him as a person. He called him an artist. He treated him with respect, as an equal. This was a powerful and mesmerizing scene. It is moments like this in the film that give its richness. The tenderness he offered the prostitute and homeless girl counterbalance the (continued on page 37)


back of book (continued from page 36) sourness of his ego and infidelity. It may not

play the part. All pretense has been dropped. It's terrifying, to say the least.

(continued from page 29) a bacon buerre blanc, a bacon

be a literal representation of who Neruda was...but it paints the intended picture with

Neruda is the Chilean entry for the Best

butter sauce (bacon is basically tied with salmon on my list of

you to everyone at Crave, Nuevo and Bottle to Glass.

Foreign Language Film at the forthcoming 89th Academy Awards. The picture soars

favorites). The salmon was fresh and also smoky, and with

This take on their Progressive Wine Dinner barely scratched

life and dimension.

To write well, one must know how to erase. I screened Neruda twice before reviewing it.

on the backs of Gnecco and Bernal's dual performances. They are earnest and

passionate in their portrayals of the poet and the pursuer. The reality of the script may be splattered with healthy doses of fiction

the rich bacon buerre blanc, the best of all flavors were brought out. The last savory course was a braised short rib atop whipped turnips and a sage and roasted

I want to say a personal and deeply heartfelt thank

the surface. The nuances and complex flavors of each dish and wine could take up pages, and I was lucky enough to not only be in attendance but to be able to attempt to do justice to such an

Each time that I watched it I couldn't help but think about the present-day United States. I

but it works as both cinema and propaganda.

tomato demi (pictured above). It was, beginning elaborate menu in this allotted space. to end, absolutely delicious. Whipped turnips

can't even imagine a society where a poet is afforded political clout by people en masse.

It's nearly impossible to balance someone's image and intentions with who they truly

are underutilized in my opinion. A touch lighter than mashed potatoes, it was an ideal

I would one-hundred percent recommend any specialty event at Crave or Nuevo to anyone.

Picture a United States where a writer could command the respect to stop workers in their

are. Even the best and brightest people have flaws or secrets that drag them back to being

accompaniment to the saucy short rib.

Lucky for you, they happen more often than I think you know. Check up on both of these

tracks to enrage, motivate, or inspire them. We have celebrities with political leanings but they

mere humans sooner than later. Pablo Larrain attempts to paint a picture of Neruda that frees

stellar establishments often and get in on one if you can.

are self-serving monstrosities like Donald Trump him of these tethers by highlighting his talent, and Kanye West. There is no one with both the passion, and vision. And it works. Neruda (the intelligence, power, and voice behind them who film) has an ethereal quality to it that elevates have the interests of society as a whole in mind. We don't even have figures who PRETEND to

Neruda (the concept) to rarefied air. 43 E. Market St. Suite 200 330-303-1800

(continued from page 31) tickets (1 ticket cost $1). If you got there early enough, you got a free Lock 3 Winterfest coffee mug. Score!

Finally, for dessert, we were served blue cheese ice cream (pictured above). Let me say that again, blue cheese ice cream. Embedded in the ice cream were small chunks of blue cheese: savory surprises amid the sweet cream and warm strawberry pink peppercorn compote topped with chocolate dipped phyllo. Delicious and the perfect ending to an incredible meal.

Maybe it was all the smiling faces, or the fires warming our bums, or the alcohol, but nobody seemed too cold. There was a cozy feeling in the cottage corner. Strangers were making small talk around the fires while they sipped beer and waited for the kiddos to get done skating, and couples snuggled on the chilly benches. This was the perfect cure for those dreaded winter blues we all experience to some

everyone who came to this event. It was really cool to see people bearing the cold to try new beers and support our local breweries. And, big shout out to the real MVPs—the men and women working in the cottages from 1-7

degree this time of year, and a happy reminder

pm in freezing weather. Bundled up in hats

that cold weather doesn’t have to mean staying inside.

and scarves, they were definitely some of the friendliest pourers I’ve ever come across at a beer event. Cheers to you guys, and see you next year!

All that being said, I’d like to give a toast to

54 East Mill St M - W: 11am - 9pm Th: 11am - 10pm F: 11am - 11pm Sat: 5 - 11pm

(continued from page 35) Venues can do a lot to make a sound engineer’s job easier. The most important thing is buying the proper equipment and updating or repairing older equipment.

57 E. Market St M - Th: 11am - 10pm F: 11am - 11pm Sat: 5 - 11pm But it takes more than good music taste and great hugs to make a quality sound engineer. Being a good listener is one of the most important skills required to run sound. “There’s a lot of sound guys who know a lot

“Generally if you see a venue with a really about gear, but if you can’t hear when somegnarly looking sound guy who’s not doing a thing’s wrong, nobody can help you,” Joe says. very good job and everything sounds terrible, that’s probably a venue that’s not updating their Jayson adds that paying attention is also equipment very often,” Joe says. “Because if

important. And not getting wasted. “I think

(continued from page 8) Even if the states appropriate the funds

and their lives,” Hardy says, “their ability to have that currency to access the goods

they were, they’d have a better sound guy. You tend to not stick around places too long when it’s that frustrating.”

just paying attention and loving music, really, is what makes the whole thing work,” he says. “And being respectful of the bands who are

more judiciously than they have for TANF,

and services they need for their family is huge.”

But at a place like Annabell’s which largely

there. Even if you don’t like ‘em. Most of the time I don’t like ‘em.”

Wagner wonders whether block grants

If these Ohioans lose their

caters to more destructive punk rock and metal bands, it can become costly to keep the

And as a customer, whatever you do, don’t try

could handle the volume of need. The

coverage, they may be forced to decide between treatment

latest numbers from the governor’s office shows 702,000 Ohioans are covered by the Medicaid expansion.

equipment up to date.

to tell a club’s sound engineer how to do the job. “I always think of it like this: everybody at

and keeping their homes or feeding their families, which means Ohio’s chances of beating the opioid epidemic takes a

“You’ve got singers who slam the mic on the ground,” Jayson says. “So you’ve gotta deal with that. And if that’s not getting fixed on a

the club works for the customers, right? I work for the band,” Joe says. “I don’t work for the customers. It’s not my job to be nice to them

significant step back.

consistent basis, then you’re like, ‘Okay, now

or keep them entertained. It’s my job to make sure everything sounds good. And I also have to keep the band happy.” “Which in the end serves the customers,” says Jayson.

James Hardy, Chief of Staff for the Akron mayor’s office, says the uninsured rate in Summit County has fallen by almost half since

The ADM board’s newly launched Addiction Help Line is up and running. Anyone

I have two mics that work and five cables. Alright, what can I do with that?’ So you have to be a little creative.” Thankfully, Annabell’s

2010 — from around 11 percent to 5.9 percent in 2015 — because of the ACA. The Medicaid

suffering from addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling can call the helpline for advice, help,

has been purchasing new equipment and making important changes which make

expansion gave half of the unemployed in Summit County access to health insurance, which he says means they can spend their

and pre-screening. If you need help, please call the Addiction

Jayson’s job easier. But really, he’s just happy that he gets to play whatever he wants to hear between bands, as loud as he wants to play

money on essentials.

Helpline at (330) 940-1133 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

it. “There’s this one dude—every time Ween comes on he just loses his mind and comes up

“You think about the impact for those folks


and gives me a hug.”

FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2 /

THE Devil Strip |


back of book

Urine Luck: From Sea to Shining Pee: Women’s Bathroom in Washington D.C.

review column. Everyone pees

Hold me Closer, Tiny Dancer by Emily Dressler and Marissa Marangoni

access was denied to those without room keys.

and poos.

port-a-pot was nearly full. Meaning the toilet was almost entirely full of bathroom waste.

We passed a bank of port-a-pots with a long For a number of reasons, women line but we pressed on toward the National

After I was finally able to use the restroom, I

are more likely than men to face bathroom duress, and this is

Mall. It’s worth noting that the port-a-pot company was called Don’s John’s. We did

worried I was getting a UTI from holding it all day. All in a day’s work, I guess.

by Emily Dressler

often compounded by a lack of public restrooms. Admittedly,

not get far before realizing we should pee somewhere before waiting in line for the rally.

The bathroom situation at the women’s

On Jan. 21, 2017, I joined hundreds of thousands of

the public bathroom situation at We found the eventual end of the longest portthe women’s march was made a-pot line that has ever existed. This line was

march in D.C. earns a total of 2 out of 5 very full toilets.

wonderful people in D.C. and raised my voice in unity. The event was

worse by the sheer number of people, regardless of which bathroom they

mostly women.

awe inspiring and made my heart feel full to bursting.

needed, but I couldn’t help thinking how odd it was that so many women were stuck in a bathroom line when they were supposed to be

While waiting, my friend went to a nearby CVS for some Depends. She was serious, but I knew I could not de-pants in a port-a-pot in order to

Question 1: You’re a man who really has to urinate, and the wait time for the urinal is about two hours. Do you wait in line or do

And my bladder. I did not go pee the entire time. From 10 am until about 5 or 6 I did not

protesting the patriarchy. The man is always going to find a way to hold us back.

put on an adult diaper. I have limits. CVS was out of adult diapers anyway.

you find a discreet corner to pee in?

When we arrived in D.C., my friends and I

After that, I decided I could not spend my

joined a throng of people and headed toward an entry point to the rally area. Two of the people in our group had to use the restroom, so we went to a Holiday Inn that was listed as a warming station/bathroom stop. It seemed like a place that had it all, and it probably did, but

time waiting in a never ending bathroom line. The urge to go was not that bad, so I went on toward the march with another friend and decided to avoid water for the day. And now, the grossest thing you will ever hear: my friend Kay reports that the Don’s John’s

in front of the kitchen, and this makes me think a bathroom at the front of the building might better suit this place because when it is busy (First Watch is ALWAYS busy), you have to risk running into the wait staff while traveling to your end destination. Not that I would ever awkwardly collide with wait staff.

me. Some decorative flair and the opportunity to eat-on-the-go (yes, that is what I mean) might make this a solid 5.

On the wall of the women’s restroom at First Watch, there are some artistic renderings

picking up what I’m putting down here. I went to First Watch in Fairlawn first thing in the morning on a recent Saturday. By first thing in the morning, I mean 11. I enjoyed a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal while trying to keep my child’s hands

of milk, bakery items,

out of the hot food, drank a lot

The bathrooms here are small and humble but

find yourself in PRINT next month!

and pears. Maybe food shouldn’t be the fare advertised in a bathroom, but

of water out of the rather tiny glasses (what’s up with those anyway? Just give every person their own pitcher), and then

classy and calming, featuring earth-toned paint and the aforementioned wall art. They’re your standard setup--one handicapped stall, one regular stall, two sinks, a changing table, clean,

1. What single thing would have improved your worst bathroom experience ever? 2. Urinal cake vs. ice? What’s the deal?

I did appreciate the

headed to the small bathroom in

and comfortable. The basic bathroom needs are

3. If your life had a soundtrack, what song

subliminal messaging of the pear. I won’t say what the pear looks like, but, Dear Reader, I am pretty sure you’re

the back corner.

all met here. The pancakes are a bonus.

Depending on your seat, you may have to cross

The First Watch thrones get a 4 out of 5 from

// Photo by Marissa Marangoni/The Devil Strip

(continued from page 5)

first; or not – the choice is yours. FREE Admission

Mother’s Day 5k in Munroe Falls Metro Park

ticket information please visit

Friday, Feb 24

use a restroom. I am allowed to be bitter. This is my health we’re talking about. Maybe I sound like a privileged idiot complaining about bathrooms at a women’s march, but we all view things through the lens of our own experience, so shut up. Also, this is a freaking bathroom

First Watch, Morning Pee by Marissa Marangoni

off their home opener Saturday, Feb. 11th. This will be the team’s first home appearance after

Question 2: Men: have you ever had to wait in line TWO HOURS to use the restroom? Tweet @Urin3Luck with your answers, and we will be super happy. // Photo by Emily Dressler/The Devil Strip

And now, some burning questions from your good Urine Luck friends! GIve us your replies on the Twitter, @Urin3Luck, and you might just

would play when you enter the bathroom?

Thursday, Feb 16

on May 14. For more information please visit

merging The NEO Roller Derby and The Rubber City Rollergirls to compromise one mega

F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm Auditorium

Wednesday, Feb 22

team and a single fan base. Come out and support Akron’s only Roller Derby League. For tickets and additional information, please visit

1828 Smith Rd • 7-8pm ï Saturday Night Fever – The Musical Get off your tochus and start committing to The Akron Civic Theatre your New Year resolutions. Now in its third year, 182 S Main St. • 7:30pm

182 S Main St. • 5-11pm Come out and be a part of the advertising industry’s largest competition, The 72nd Annual

Summit Metro Parks “Couch to 5k” will begin

Get down and boogie to the devil’s music this

American Advertising Awards (ADDYs). The

Tuesday, Feb 14

its training series by hosting an information session on Feb. 16. The park district will host an informational meeting followed by a Q&A

month somewhere new as opposed to mom’s basement. This month- Saturday Night Fever: The Musical- will be making a pit stop in Akron

ADDYs is annually conducted by the American Advertising Federation and will take place at the Akron Civic Theatre. A reception will take place

Annabell’s Bar & Lounge, 784 W Market St, 9pm session with Elizabeth Kresse from 7-8:00pm. Remember last year on Valentine’s Day, when Moving forward participants will meet every

during their New National Tour. The musical chronicles Brooklyn deviant Tony, and his iconic

from 5-7:30 prior to the Awards beginning at 7:30-9pm. Call it an early night or stay for the

you sat on the couch binge watching gossip girl? This year, rather than binge watching Netflix, Annabell’s Bar & Lounge invites you to binge

Sunday morning at 9 am beginning on March. 5. No registration is required to attend the informational meeting. However, registration

dance moves inspired by nostalgic Bee Gee hits after party on stage at The Civic until 11pm. of the 1970’s. If you’ve been looking for excuses Cash bar and gallery present. To RSVP tickets to bust out that white, bell bottom pant suit please visit

drink for a celebratory “Anti Valentine’s Day Party.” Expressing hatred towards your ex is

will be required for the actual training series. Registration costs $40 per person which

or simply enjoy theater, this event is perfect for you. Contrary to the hit film, this stage

expected, just make sure they are not present

includes a training shirt and admission to the

production is suitable for ages 10 and up. For

‹ Anti-Valentine’s Day Party


î Couch to 5K Training Series

| THE Devil Strip / FEBRUARY 2017 • VOL 3 • ISSUE #2

µ The Akron-Canton ADDYs The Akron Civic Theatre



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Artists Angie Haze and todd v are collaborating on a brand new project. This series of online videos is a ground breaking endeavor that acts as a reality series showing the life of a musician working hard to break through to the next level. In addition, the series “May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats”, is a visual album to coincide with the systematic release of a full double disc set of songs created by Angie that tells her life story, lyrically. Bells around her ankle, a handmade tambourine shoe, drums encircling her piano, a guitar, melodica cowbell and a kazoo… we give you, Angie Haze, the Italian American, singer songwriting entertainer, who brings a caravan of energetic vaudevillians with her on the stage! Haze says, "With our folk and worldly musical style and rhythm, we make the crowd feel like they’re the ones dancing with bells around their ankles!” A prolific artist and content creator, todd v has been working and celebrating all things Akron for a long time now. Whether its creating paintings live on the spot for local charities, or documenting another moment in Akron history, todd along with his partner Erin Ludlam, at Wasted Talent Media, can always be found around the city in the middle of the action.