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Chapter 1 - Iconography


Chapter 2 - Identity


Chapter 3 - Colour & Shape


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Communication is the basic principle of human interaction. Communication is the basic principle of graphic design. Effective communication of a message is the focus of all graphic design. The most effective communications are simple, clear and concise.

This book focuses on simplicity of form and shape in order to communicate effectively. It focuses on the designers and agencies that have specifically influenced my working practice through this current module. It is split into 3 sections: - Iconography - Identity - Colour & shape



Chapter 1




Aälejandro Díazs

Aälejandro Díazs is a graphic designer based in Dominican Republic, focused on minimalism, modernism, grid systems and typography. “My priority is designing with a strong concept in mind first, and art direction later, so the final piece can stand to the test of time. More than perfection, I strive to create something iconic, visually simple and recognizable. Usability and adaptability also have a really important role in my work, which can be best experienced in web and UI design. With all that said, I focus on poster and logo design, and love developing brands and designing for the web.”


Jan Feliks Kallwejt +34 657 230 227 (Barcelona) +48 500 404 505 (Warsaw)

Jan Feliks Kallwejt is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer originally from Warsaw, currently working out of Barcelona. Currently, Jan focuses on illustration, apparel design and personal art projects. What impresses about Kallwejt’s work is the level of detail that can be achieved with simple one-coloured images. His use of colour also adds meaning and tone to his illustrations.


WIRED Italia, WIRED U.S., Newsweek USA, Newsweek Poland, Effilee, RWE, Renfe, Eure Loir, Seven Squared, La Scala Milan, New Yorker, Nettwerk, Machina, Miligram gallery, Puls Biznesu

“Simple yet sophisticated forms are the essence of Jan’s work. He juxtaposes and multiplies them bringing to life the complex and tricky compositions, spiced up with attention to detail.” “He usually limits colour palette, operating within two or three tones. To render the reality he employs multilayered symbolism, occasionally dropping in a dose of perversion where not expected.”


Always With Honor

Tyler Lang Elsa Lang Portland, OR

Always With Honor is the collective work of Elsa, Tyler and Zoe. Their mission is “to create work that simplifies, synthesizes and clarifies.� Zoe is their dog. The icons they create do not necessarily depend on a singular level of shape and colour but involve many elements and layers to form far more detailed iconography.


GOOD, Monocle, Facebook, Money, New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Bon Appetit, Audubon, Fortune, Kiplingers, Esquire, Bloomberg Businessweek, WIRED, WIRED Italia, Sing Statistics, Cloudy Collection, Advice to Sink in Slowly, Chronicle Books, Harper Collins

“We’re both pretty easy going and light-hearted, so we’re thrilled when it’s reflected in our work. We try not to take ourselves or our work too seriously—if you can get away with it, it’s way more fun that way.” *

* Interview from:


HEY Studios

Verónica Strong Tilman Solé Ricardo Jorge Passatge de la Pau 7, 2-2 08002 Barcelona T +34 933 010 184

“Together we share the profound conviction that good design means combining content, functionality, graphic expression and strategy. We know that ideas are important, but we also know that the key is to make them real. Design means to transform good ideas into successful graphic solutions and appropriate for a particular project. We are passionate about our work and attention to important details. We offer all our multidisciplinary expertise to understand, pursue and fulfil your own goals and graphic design needs.”


Monocle Magazine, Santillana, MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Random House Mondadori, Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Employment, Oxfam, Edicions 62, Empúries, Kina, Fabregas & Mercadé, Imob, xic xac

Hey, a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in branding and editorial design, packaging and interactive. Their control over shapes and colours is admirable, as is their attention to even the smallest of details.

They also have a firm grasp on the adaptability of packaging design and the use of colours and icons within to create a more rounded range of physical materials and products.


Andy Mangold @andymangold

Andy Mangold is a freelance graphic designer “pursuing authorship and the power of ideas.” “(I) work side–by–side with some of (my) favorite people as Friends of The Web to make the internet a better place and am the proprietor of Folk Goods, a brand designed to encourage nourishing relationships between objects and the people that own and use them.”


Baltimore City Paper, Band Of Skulls, Instant Heirloom Supply Company, MICA

Alex Griendling 620 W 42nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55409 270.735.2351

Health Partners, FX Chanel, Intralink Film

Alex Griendling is a freelance graphic designer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After studying graphic design at Murray State University, he moved to Los Angeles, CA. and began designing movie posters for Intralink Film. After two years of creating posters he moved to Minneapolis. Griendling’s work has a strong influence of modern popular culture, and while one of his strengths lies in the creation of simple, understandable icons and graphics, his portfolio also shows a great variety of detailed and layered photographic-based work, showing great skill with photoshop and image manipulation.



Ashwin Patel

Grid is the online presence of Ashwin Patel, a freelance graphic designer from London. He works across a number of design disciplines including branding and print to digital design and pictography. Patel’s work can often appear to be more than just image making, being closer to image as image. An important part of his communication is the use of images and icons combining to deliver a singular message.

18 +44 (0) 7590 431 898

Computer Arts Magazine, Lea International. Employer Connections, Crestron, O-bit Telecom, Autodesk Design and Technology Show, Besttel, RUDI, Meadowrose

Christopher Conner 07914667523

Adam Dadswell Magic, Howies Organics, Jonas Brûlé

Christopher Conner is a Graphic & Motion Designer currently based in Manchester, England. Conner proves that complicated imagery isn’t necessary to deliver a message to an audience - the connection between the audiences knowledge and simple shapes and structures allow a dialogue of discovery between designer and audience. “I am a versatile designer that believes in concept design that has real depth and real meaning. I have a huge passion to design and I am always looking for new design projects to keep me.”



20 / +43.1.9562510 +43.676.6021815

Isovoltaic, 360Grad Architektur, Burgtheater, Rutter Immobilien Gruppe, Kraftwerk, ADEG, Telekom Austria, A-Tec Industries, Diva, Libro Journal, XAL - Light Magazine, AT&S Display, Airmici, Bank Austria

Founded in 1998, Exergian is a Vienna-based consultancy specialised in art direction, identity and design for a multitude of applications, media and environments. With a varied and extensive portfolio, what influences me most are their handling of basic shapes and colour to suggest rather than explain a concept or message. “In order to deliver high quality work for our clients, we work together with a team of talented professionals including photographers, motion designers, 3D artists and copywriters.�



Stefan Dziallas

Iconwerk is a custom icon design consultancy that specialise in bespoke pictograms. Their range of clients and work is diverse and substantial, and their work demonstrates serious skill and understanding of the simplification of actions and objects into useable and understandable pictograms, and I am a great admirer of their talent. “Show, don’t tell. Pictograms work in all languages.”


Cisco, Google, Mercedes, ESPN, Logitech, Corel, Acsys, bloomberg, WIRED magazine, The New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Disney, American Airlines, Siemens, Fortune Magazine, SAMC, Replenish, frog design, Fine Cooking magazine, Gigaset, Zara, IKEA, Plantronics, Merian, Deutsche Welle TV, Defa, Swedish Sea Rescue, HerffJones, AOL, Chip magazine, iCrete, Postbank, Terraverde, Native Prime, eLife, Popular Mechanics magazine, m-Support, AppFarms, Native Instruments

The Noun Project The Noun Project, LLC P.O. Box 480677 Los Angeles, CA 90048

The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world’s visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way. “Everyone likes simplicity. We want you to be able to come to our site and effortlessly find and obtain what you are looking for.”




chapter 2 ID

Chapter 2




Sloan Studio

Mark Sloan +1 310 993 0774 2918 Sanborn Avenue Venice, CA 90291

Film Institute Netherlands, Slow Energy, Nike Women, Heineken International, Perry Ellis, W+K International, Honda, Tanqueray, National Kidney Foundation, Pottymouth, The Hofstra Pride

Sloan Studio is the work of designer and art director Mark Sloan who has worked for a number of design agencies including W+K International and has bases in New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Sloan Studios work focuses on the simplification of structure and form to deliver meaning. One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from Sloan’s work is the application and adaptation of a given logo across various media and formats, and how, rather than just slapping it on, it can be changed and moulded and used to provide a link between the logo itself and the rest of the content of a product.


Anthony Lane

Anthony Lane is a freelance graphic designer working out of his home base in Minneapolis, Minnesota. +1 763 245 8243 @AnthonyLane

“Born and raised in a small Minnesota suburb, I currently live and work in Minneapolis. I enjoy designing identities, designing for print, page layout, and more tangible things like wood carving, and hand-lettering type. I live with my awesome wife to be and our two dogs. I can’t live without a good beer, time on the lake, and car to work on.”


Lane’s work exhibits a simplicity and clarity that is instantly recognisable and takes obvious influence from the great Stefan Kanchev. I have learnt, through my own work, that the most effective logo’s are those which at its core can exist and can successfully communicate as simple black on white, something Lane also practices.

TriCore AEA, Biblical Counselling Coalition, Cloudhouse

Studio MPLS

Dan Olson 612.916.5648 530 University Ave SE Minneapolis MN 55414

American Eagle, Aveda, BMW, The Bahamas, The Coca-Cola Company, Gander Mountain, Jet Blue Airlines, Purina, Susan G. Komen, Thymes, Toyota

Studio MPLS was founded by graphic designer and art director Dan Olson, who previously worked as art director for design firm Duffy & Partners. “To break through the noise, design must be surprising, fearless, honest and beautiful. By meticulously exploring, imagining, questioning and editing, we are able to create an artful palette of meaningful tools that invite curiosity and action.�


Because Studio

Because Studio is an independent design studio established by Loz Ives in 2008. “Offering a varied range of integrated services including branding, art direction, print and website design, the starting point for every project is an informed approach and an attention to detail, with the aim of creating engaging, well-crafted answers, whatever the brief.” “Working predominantly with clients from the creative industries and not-for-profit sector, Because Studio takes pride in collaborating with a range of organisations producing everything from complete visual identities to bespoke marketing materials.”


Loz Ives +44 (0)1772 821 460 Unit 5 The Watermark Studios 9 — 15 Ribbleton Lane Preston PR1 5EZ

Adaptavist, Carbon Co-op, Cooperatives UK, Creative Lancashire, DEA, Growing Our Future, Mines Advisory Group, Manchester Craft Mafia, Manchester University, New Economics Foundation, OpenSpace, The Pipeline Project, Rosie Anderson, SewSew, Substance Co-op, LowWinterSun, Single Cell, Tilt

Lotta Nieminen +1 347 302 2930 Brooklyn, NY @lottanieminen

Herald Tribune, United Airlines, Businessweek, Monacle Magazine, Parish Union of Helsinki, Uponor, Kela, Markkinointi&Mainonta, KI Kinnunen, University of Art & Design Helsinki, Rukku

Lotta Nieminen is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She has studied graphic design and illustration. After working for fashion magazine Trendi in Finland and Pentagram Design in New York, Lotta is now based in NYC, working for design studioRoAndCo. Nieminen works with distinct shapes and bold lines in her identities which, when added to a keen eye for colour, make her simple logos engaging as well as effective.


Burton Kramer 416.921.1078 Kramer Design Associates 103 Dupont Street Toronto, Canada M5R-1V4

Ontario Educational Communications Authority, Clairtone, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, Radio Canada International, National Research Council

Canadian Burton Kramer began his design career in the New York office of Will Burtin and went on to work at Geigy under Gottfried Honegger. In 1961, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, as Chief Designer at the E. Halpern Agency, where he created award-winning work. In 1965, Kramer moved to Toronto to work on graphics and signage for Expo 67. In 1967, he founded Kramer Design Associates, creating identity programs for the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Educational Television and in 1974, his well-known logo and identity program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Since about 2001, Kramer’s focus has shifted from design to painting. His abstract, geometry-based, lyrical, colourist paintings have been shown regularly in galleries in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and Canada.


* Images taken from Burton Kramer Identities: A Career Retrospective Book


Dan Osman +44 (0) 770101578

Tax Free Worldwide, Digital Arts Magazine, Ted Baker, B2B Marketing, AandN London, Rise, Carnell, Bizantra,

Bravo&Tango is the online identity of graphic designer Dan Osman. Bravo&Tango’s strengths in design lie in its communication through simple image, type and colour devices, using strong coloured stocks to really enhance the overall branding of its logo development. “I specialise in conceptualizing and branding. Every thing I design has to have a meaning and purpose and each project I have undertaken I continually aim to push the boundaries.�


Evan Nagan @nagan

Evan Nagan is a designer from Minneapolis currently working for design agency SevnthSin while also working on various freelance briefs. Being multidisciplinery, involving icon development as well as photographic manipulation, I can relate to Nagan’s work, and seeing the working career path he has taken gives me confidence that as a designer I can apply myself to a variety of projects and disciplines.


Neno, Science Museum of Minnesota, space150, AIGA Minnesota, Appleton Coated Paper, Iron Thrones

Benny Gold 415 814 3940

Huff, Freeman, 510, Body TuneUp, Oscar De la Hoya, Bows & Arrows, Simon Consulting, Album Magazine, DVS Shoes, Rather Gray, Addidas, Nike, Thunder Trucks, Real Skateboards, Wired US, Timbuk2

Benny Gold is a freelance artist and designer turned clothing brand owner. He started out in small design agencies before setting out on a business enterprise providing quality apparel for a skateboarder audience. “I constantly get asked by people about the trials and tribulations of starting a company. And while there are so many reasons not to take the risk, I can say that it honestly doesn’t take much to get started. I started with a sticker, and I am humbled to see the success of Benny Gold as it has expanded to become an international brand, sold in over a hundred retailers around the world, and with a flagship store and design studio in San Francisco.�


General Projects

Ben Pieratt 978 391-9787 @Pieratt

Ben Pieratt is a graphic designer who now runs creative exchange website Pieratt’s work has a very upbeat, positive tone to it, which runs well with the brands he has worked for. Strong, striking lines and shapes to clearly communicate, his work also has strength across a range of media and products.


Lunch League, Svpply, Childrens Relief International, The Denver Egotist, Oliver Sacks M.D., Other Press, Lookwork, Productaa, Wikipenny Press, Ready Mech

“I am the CEO of Svpply, Inc., a social shopping S-Corp operating out of New York City. My company has been the recipient of over half-a-million in investor dollars, for the stated purpose of building an unknown, 3,000-member web service into a cultural phenomenon.” “As a creative person, you’ve been given the ability to build things from nothing by way of hard work over long periods of time. Creation is a deeply personal and rewarding activity, which means that your Work should also be deeply personal and rewarding. If it’s not, then something is amiss.”


Six +44 (0) 116 238 6555 The Loft 20 Narborough Wood Park Desfod Rd Enderby Leicestershire LE19 4XT

Six are an independant creative agency based in Leicester, providing design and art direction for brand, print and screen. “We concentrate on strong ideas, solid research, clear strategic thinking and attention to detail. We develop collaborative relationships wth our clients and partners to create original, distinctive work that engages users, satisfies clients and meets the high standards of innovation and creative excellence that are central to our studio practice”


Gina, JTA, Dropyx, Amika, Brandfluent, XLNT, Loake, Groove Effect, MWP, Hellovon, Blast’d, SML, M&S, Soane, Speedo, Umbro

Mash Creative +44 (0) 203 225 5507 +44 (0) 788 153 7175 Suite 1, Forest House 186 forest Road Loughton Essex IG10 1EG

Design Museum, ICON Magazine, Black Watch Global, TVC Group, Cafe de Paris, NHS, Ministry Of Sound, The Guardian, Eskimo

Mash Creative is an independant design studio based in East London/ Essex. “We work on creative projects that include identity and branding, print media and web design. We don’t believe in just one approach, which is why our work is always unique - producing relevant and successful solutions which add value to our clients brands.”


We Recommend

We Recommend is a multi-disciplinary design agency focusing on developing visual identity and profile creating design. We Recommend have such a clear approach to identity design, using specific colour palettes and layout treatments to not only create a logo but an entire brand out of complimentary elements.


Martin Fredricson Nikolaj Knop Sweden: Ö. Kristinelundsvägen 13 217 48 Malmö Sweden +46(70) 4334598 Denmark: Hedemannsgade 8 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark +45 4159 4599

Douglas Entertainment, Fillet inc., Fivestarday, Fjällnäs, Furnco, Helsingborgs Stadsteater, Jane Marshall Whittaker, Leap, LazyLazy, Lovefilm, Microsoft, Moving images, Northsea Capital, Obs! / Publik, Plan8, Rützou, Shelta, Slurk, Streetlab, Svenskt Näringsliv, Ulrik Boel Bentzen, Upplevelseindustrin, Via, Snella, Woodwood, Zyb

“he client plays a pivotal role in the process and is, especially in the early phases of a project, an equally contributing factor to the effort as we are by providing information and contributing his expertise on his company and the specific field of business. We describe our design process through four phases: research, creative base, visual base and solution. The effort and expertise each individual phase requires is characterized by which of WE RECOMMEND’s core values is important to the phase and thus adds value to the project.”



42 44

chapter 3 COLOUR/SHAPE

Chapter 3



44 46

Tom Hingston +44 (0) 20 7287 6044 +44 (0) 20 7287 6048 76 Brewer Street London W1F 9TX

Alexander McQueen, Absolut, BBC, Christian Dior, Nike, Massive Attack, Mandarina Duck, LancĂ´me, Nick Cave, Robbie Williams, Nokia, Gnarls Barkley, The Rolling Stones

Established in 1997, Tom Hingston Studio is an independent multi– disciplinary design agency. Based in London, THS is comprised of five members and works across a range of fields spanning music, fashion, film, motion graphics, advertising and branding. Renowned for its innovative and highly thoughtful approach to art direction and design, the studio has won numerous awards for its work.


Olly Moss @ollymoss

Olly Moss is a designer and artist from Winchester who has had a successful career creating posters for many of the most successful films, television programs and video games of the past 5 years, working with the likes of Lucasfilm and ABC Studios. Moss’ work is clean and simple, using bold colours and forms that are linked to his subject matter. It involves specifc shapes and colours to convey the unseen connotations of his subjects to his audience. “I have no interest in doing anything else. And I know sometimes I get people accusing me of doing popular art just to sell but it’s not that at all. I’m just such a massive fan of this stuff and I really hope that comes through in the art itself. That the love of it is obvious and people don’t see it as transparent to sell pieces.”


Lucasfilm / Star Wars, Star Trek, ABC / LOST, Levis, The Alamo Drafthouse, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Puma, Penguin, Wired, GQ, The New, York Times, The Guardian, The Financial, Times, The Independent, Money Magazine, Threadless

Richard Hollis

Arts Council, Barbican Art Gallery, British Council, Crafts Council, National Museum of Photography Film and Television, National Trust, Tate, Britannia Row Recording Studio, Music Sales, Pink Floyd, Topic Records, Anvil Press, British Film Insitute, Crafts Council, Jonathan Cape, Faber & Faber, Penguin Books

Richard Hollis works as a general graphic and book designer. He has a small studio with never more than one assistant, working closely with clients – writers, editors, artists, curators and architects. “There is no particular style: each job acquires its own. For this reason no distinction is made between recent work and that which dates back several decades. His design aim is to engage the reader or viewer, and his experience as a printer allows him to exploit technical means in the interests of economy. The site shows a selection of work, list of clients, and bibliography.” Richard Hollis is also a writer and lecturer mainly on design history


Bold & Noble

Jane Tobitt David Wardle +44 (0) 1462 339 011 High Trees Offley Road Hitchin Hertfordshire SG5 2AZ

Bold&Noble is a specialist print house based in Hertfordshire. It’s co-founders Jane Tobitt and David Wardle are both designers specialising in design, illustration and typography for publishing. “After twelve years of designing bespoke items for clients, we thought we’d put our skills to work creating affordable designs for peoples’ homes. Artworks that are kind to the environment too, they’re all printed on recycled card and sent out in eco cardboard tubes.” ” Collectively, our work has been featured internationally in the design & interiors press (Creative Review, Living etc, Elle Decoration, The Observer, Times Style magazine… to name but a few!) and we’ve won industry awards. But most importantly we love being creative with words and pictures.”


Francisco Andriani

Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat (Fortabat Art Collection)

Francisco Andriani is a young graphic designer from Argentina, currently studying at FADU · UBA (Buenos Aires University) and working at NNSS studio. “Constantly looking for inspiration some years ago he found his love for typography, and has always been passionate for everything visual and arty, from photography to illustration. He is fond of geometric shapes, bright colours and clean structured design.”


Andy Gilmore

“New York based Andy Gilmore describes himself as a draftsman, designer and musician. With clients such as Wired Magazine and The New York Times, he has established a solid reputation with his works being featured in countless publications, shows and exhibits around the world. This brilliant and colourful art takes you on a geometric and kaleidoscopic visual experience. Being a musician, he’s inspired by the physics of sound and acoustics. The feeling is surreal, futuristic and feels out of this world.”


Wired UK, New York Times, Brummell, Zeit Magazine, Virgin Atantic, WARP,

Andy Gilmore is an artist and illustrator based in New York. He works with a multitude of bright colours and interlocking geometric shapes to create entire tapestries of colour.


Leif Podhajsky

“Leif is an artist and Creative Director. His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience. By utilizing these subjects he attempts to coerce the viewer into a realignment with themselves and their surroundings.” “Leif creates artwork for a number bands and record labels around the world such as Lykke Li and Tame Impala and has exhibited work in Berlin, The Netherlands, Sydney, and Melbourne. He has also spoken at the prestigious art & design conference Semi Permanent.”


Modular Records, Sony Music, Warner Records, Atlantic Records, Carpark Records, Tame Impala, Lykke Li, The Vines, Gypsy & the Cat, Young Magic, 55 Diesel, Miami Horror, Sun Araw

Gavin Potenza

Gavin Potenza is a graphic designer living in Portland, OR. His aim is to provide thought-provoking design that is both authentic and inspiring. Gavin often collaborates in endeavours such as Joug Downy Bird Art Kingdom, and is a member of The Graphic Design Collective. He’s also exhibited artwork in Miami, Portland, and San Francisco.


Martin Isaac

Martin Isaac is a London based artist, designer and blogger who focuses on angular shapes and interconnected lines. His blog, Planetary Folklore is a “visual collection of random bits and pieces”, where “artists and designers featured here receive full credit for their work.” His work with depth and perception makes use of simple lines and grids to create new shapes and forms.



Moviebarcode @moviebarcode

Moviebarcode is an anonymous project based upon taking a single frame from every minute of a film and extending it as a single pixel to form a coloured ‘barcode’ of each film.


Face Studios

Rik Dávilla Bracho Ricardo Tejada +52 (81) 8356 1001 Vasconcelos 204-B, 2nd Floor Bosques del Valle San Pedro Garza García, NL 66250 México

El Tinieblo, Siscti, House Of Balsamic, Page Magazine, Andatti, Queen, City Search, DLA, Bexel, Pastilla Digital, Trendsetter, Interiorista, Aura, Joffroy Group, Havana, Maldonado, SKYY Vodka

The members of Face have been working together as creative team of art directors since 2003, based in Monterrey, Mexico whose work range includes design solutions, advertising, editorial projects and custom publishing, corporate identity and brand development. “We directly approach each brand to know them integrally in order to build them customized solutions based on their unique and particular needs. As sensible creators, that understand brands and their undeniable emotional connection to humans, we form a close communion between our client and its target market.” 57


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honourable mention

Honourable Mention







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