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Monday, December 5, 2011

A look back at some of the semester’s biggest news events Today on

Qaddafi dead after Sirte battle, first leader killed in the Arab Spring

700 arrested after Occupy Wall Street protest on Brooklyn Bridge

(CBS/AP) — Fugitive Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi was killed in fighting around his hometown on Oct. 20, Libya’s prime minister confirmed after hours of speculation surrounding his deathadmin. “We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Muammar Qaddafi has been killed,” Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril told a news conference in the capital Tripoli. Libyan fighters captured Sirte, Qaddafi’s hometown and the last bastion of loyalist resistance, earlier Thursday.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi stands during singing of the national anthem in 2007 at the Bab Azizia Palace in Tripoli.

(AP) — New York City police say about 700 protesters were arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours on Oct. 1. The group Occupy Wall Street was camped in a plaza in Manhattan’s Financial District for nearly two weeks staging various marches, and orchestrated an impromptu trek to Brooklyn on Saturday evening. They walked in thick rows, where some demonstrators spilled onto the roadway after being told to stay on the pedestrian pathway, police said.

Alan Collinge of Tacoma, Wash., founder of, holds a sign Nov. 29 expressing his views in New York.

NBA players authorize return of players association after negotiations

Herman Cain suspends campaign, shifting Republican race

Pa. law backs up Penn State’s fight for secrecy during child-abuse scandal

Pope said sex abuse ‘scourge’ for all society in response to abuse scandals

NEW YORK (AP) — NBA players have authorized the return of the players’ association, with more than 300 submitting the necessary signatures. With the union re-formed, negotiations with owners resumed Dec. 2 on the remaining issues that would be in the collective bargaining agreement, according to a person familiar with the plans. The hope is to complete the CBA this week to ratify it in time to open training camps Dec. 9.

ATLANTA (AP) — A defiant Herman Cain suspended his faltering bid for the Republican presidential nomination Saturday amid a drumbeat of sexual misconduct allegations against him, throwing his staunchly conservative supporters up for grabs with one month before the lead-off caucuses in Iowa. Cain condemned the accusations as “false and unproven” but said they had been hurtful to his family, particularly his wife, Gloria.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Penn State won’t release information that could shed light on the child sex abuse case involving a former assistant football coach because the state open-records law gives the school special status. That may soon change, as lawmakers question those protections while the university denies requests for records showing what key figures knew about the allegations before Jerry Sandusky was charged last month with molesting children.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI insisted on Saturday that all of society’s institutions and not just the Catholic church must be held to “exacting” standards in their response to sex abuse of children, and defended the church’s efforts to confront the problem. Benedict acknowledged at the Vatican that pedophilia was a “scourge” for society, and that decades of scandals over clergy abusing children had left Catholics in the United States bewildered.

MICHEL EYLER / The Associated Press

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Read about how the search for new faculty and administrators continues. Check out the tennis, golf and swimming teams’ seasons. Read a recap on transportation issues in Baton Rouge.

MARY ALTAFFER / The Associated Press



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Participants make their way through a giant mud pit on Sept. 17 during the Play Dirty Adventure Trail Run on the Baton Rouge Fairgrounds.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

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Harassment allegations end in LSU employee’s firing, dismissal in court Brian Sibille Staff Writer

A graduate student’s complaints of sexual abuse and harassment by a University staff member that began in October led to job termination and multiple court hearings this semester. Elizabeth Lum, animal science graduate student, told The Daily Reveille on Oct. 17 that she was granted a restraining order against Marc Boudreaux, assistant director of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine’s Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine Lab. Lum said she and Boudreaux became friends after working together at the BioMMED lab and began a romantic relationship in early 2010, but Lum tried to end the relationship when she found out Boudreaux was living with another woman. She said Boudreaux demanded she live with him and the woman and forced her to perform various sexual acts, claiming Boudreaux told her he would jeopardize her education and job if she refused. Lum said the abuse ended in September 2010 after friends moved her out of

Boudreaux’s house. Lum’s restraining order against Boudreaux was granted after she claimed he broke into her apartment and stole a laptop and a journal Oct. 14. Boudreaux was put on paid administrative leave by the LSU Vet School when the order was granted. A second woman claiming sexual harassment by Boudreaux soon came forward. Stacy Parker told The Daily Reveille on Oct. 19 that she was employed as a student worker in the same lab as Boudreaux in 2006. After bonding with Boudreaux, Parker said he began sexually harassing her at work, saying the abuse became severe enough that she had to quit. “We’ve had multiple people leave because of him,” an anonymous Vet School employee told The Daily Reveille on Oct. 19. Lum’s restraining order lasted until Oct. 25 when a court hearing was scheduled to determine whether an extended protective order should be granted. The hearing was rescheduled for Nov. 9 after Boudreaux’s attorney requested a continuance, and the hearing was moved a second time to Nov. 17 after a second continuance request

from Lum’s attorney. Boudreaux’s attorney Jill Craft told The Daily Reveille on Nov. 9 that Boudreaux received notification of his termination from the University that day. “He is devastated by this whole situation,” Craft said, denying all allegations against Boudreaux. The hearing proceeded Nov. 17 despite Lum’s initial desire to dismiss further legal action against Boudreaux. The request for a protective order was denied by Judge Pamela Baker with the East Baton Rouge Family Court, citing a lack of evidence to support the allegations. Lum was ordered to reimburse Boudreaux for court and attorney fees totaling $1,500. She told The Daily Reveille on Nov. 17 that while the decision was frustrating, the University’s actions were sufficient in making her feel safe. Craft said the decision proved Boudreaux’s innocence. “Marc’s now focusing on putting his life back together,” Craft said.

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

Former LSU School of Veterinary Medicine employee Marc Boudreaux and defense attorney Jill Craft speak to the media Nov. 9 outside of the Baton Rouge courthouse.

Contact Brian Sibille at

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Occupy New Orleans demonstrators marched through the streets in protest Oct. 6 as the New Orleans Police Department worked to avoid mishaps that occured in a similar protest in New York the week before.


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The Daily Reveille

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011



The Daily Reveille

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University Fall semester brings political notables to BR plans to merge programs Clayton Crockett Staff Writer

Andrea Gallo Staff Writer

While the outrage and clamor from the University’s budget crisis have slowed down in the past semester, administrators have established plans to merge University programs, some of which could be finalized on Friday. The LSU System Board of Supervisors will vote this Friday on a merger of the University’s College of Education, School of Social Work, School of Library and Information Science, School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, Department of Kinesiology and PK-3 program. If approved, the college will be named the College of Human Sciences and Education, and University officials will start seeking a dean. Current College of Education Interim Dean Laura Lindsay, who led the plans to combine the programs, said she envisioned it having a powerful and visible presence on campus. Students and faculty have been generally supportive of the provost’s decision to merge their programs. Suzanne Stauffer, library and information science professor, said while they will miss their autonomy, becoming part of a larger college gives them access to more resources. Robert Bostick, human resource education senior, said moving the School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development under the College of Agriculture will be a better realignment for the University. But not everyone has warmly welcomed the provost’s plans. Hamilton also proposed a merger between the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, causing complaints from students. The plans for this merger have not yet been brought to fruition. Dean of the College of Science Kevin Carman and Dean of the College of Engineering Richard Koubek said they were looking forward to working with each other, though Carman added he did not necessarily agree with the provost’s decision. The University chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery surveyed more than 45 computer science students to find a large majority disagreed with the department merger. The members sent their results to Chancellor Michael Martin, who said the students should not worry, and the department can retain its noteworthy national ranking despite being joined with another program. Contact Andrea Gallo at

With a gubernatorial election, an American Jobs Act, a homegrown presidential candidate and a raucous visit from his Texan counterpart, the fall 2011 semester brought a slew of political ideologies into the Tigersphere. “Gov. Bobby Jindal is going to be elected by a big margin regardless of what position he takes,” political science professor James Garand told The Daily Reveille in September, more than a month before the gubernatorial election Oct. 22. Garand’s prediction proved spot-on, as Jindal reclaimed his position as governor of Louisiana with approximately 66 percent of the vote. “It’s sad that money buys elections and media coverage,” said LSU public administration graduate student Androniki Papazoglakis as she discussed her bid for governor as a Democrat. Eight other Papazoglakis candidates would challenge Jindal’s tour-de-force reelection campaign, three of whom also ran as Democrats. But Papazoglakis’ plight proved suited for the national arena as well, as detailed by former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer when he discussed his presidential candidacy to an audience of fewer than 50 in October. “If you’re looking for an easy winner, go somewhere else,” Roemer said. With a refusal to accept money from political action committees and a campaign donation limit of $100, Roemer assured he understood the ramifications of politics without profit, especially considering his exile from the Republican presidential debates. “Everybody I’m running against has been in nine debates,” he said. “I know we might not win, but the truth is that we cannot lose.” Congressman Ron Paul, RTexas, who is also seeking the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, filled the Union Theater on Sept. 23 to kick-off the national Youth for Ron Paul movement. “We need a new system of economics, absolutely,” Paul said. “Freedom is economic liberty and personal liberty.” Both Paul and Roemer reserved criticism for President Barack Obama in their respective bids for the White House. Obama received criticism from as far away as the University when he released the controversial American Jobs Act. “The administration is inconsistent in its approach,” economics professor and department chair Robert Newman told The Daily Reveille shortly after the act’s release. “It can work, but [results] will be meager.” Associate Director for Employment Services Trey Truitt reserved hope for the act.


Gov. Bobby Jindal [left] celebrates his re-election Oct. 22 at the Renaissance Hotel, and Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul [center] and Buddy Roemer [right] made stops at LSU on the campaign trail Sept. 23 and Oct. 26, respectively.

“Anything that energizes hiring will benefit our students,” he told The Daily Reveille in September. But the run-of-the-mill political system has proven antiquated for some, from University students to Roemer, who have vocalized their support for the movement known as Americans Elect. “Young often feel stuck, and we kind of are,” Americans Elect delegate and early education junior

Mardi Gauthier told the Daily Reveille in October. “This allows people to choose who they think will be the best candidate, period — not just the best Republican or Democrat.” Gauthier’s argument — in solidarity with more than 2 million Americans nationwide who have joined the movement — resonated with the hopeful Roemer, as he announced Wednesday his intention to seek the Americans

Elect nomination. “I will seek the American’s Elect nomination as a proud Republican, but as an even prouder American,” Roemer said in a news release. “I will take my message of ending business as usual in Washington directly to the American people.” Contact Clayton Crockett at



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The Daily Reveille

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cell phone thefts become a trend throughout the semester

Investigations currently ongoing Brian Sibille Staff Writer

A string of cell phone robberies reported by the LSU Police Department before the fall semester began has continued as a trend over the past months, resurging with two more reported snatchings on Thursday. LSUPD Spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde said on Aug. 28 that LSUPD observed a rise in cell phone theft on and near the University campus. In 2011, 16 robberies were reported to LSUPD and 13 involved cell phone theft, Lalonde said. He said 10 of the 13 occurred since October, and seven

robberies this semester occurred Chimes Street when a young male approached her, asking to during daylight hours. use her phone to “It’s easier to call his mother. steal a cell phone. “It was the People make habit first day of oriof talking on the Cell phone robberies on entation, and I phone or using campus: thought he might the phone while have been lost,” they’re walking,” Keating said. Lalonde said. “Cell • 13 out of 16 robberies But the man phones are valuable. reported in 2011 involved cell took the phone They’re small and phone theft and ran when Keeasy to grab.” He said many • 10 cell phone robberies have ating allowed him to use it. victims were de- occurred since October One theft ceived by individuals who would ask • 7 robberies happened during became violent when two men to use a cell phone daylight hours walking down but run away with it Highland Road once it was in their were held at gunpossession. point. Meredith KeatNicholas Gautreaux, psying, communication disorders sophomore, said on Aug. 28 chology sophomore, said on that she was walking near West Sept. 6 that the suspect held a gun

to his stomach and demanded his cell phone. “I pushed the gun away and told him no,” Gautreaux said. He said he instead offered the man $10, and the man took the money and ran. Lalonde said instances also occurred where victims’ phones were quickly knocked out of their hands by thieves and subsequently stolen. A number of cell phone thefts occurred at football games, Lalonde said. Multiple thefts at the Western Kentucky game led to arrests, and the case is still under investigation. The Baton Rouge Police Department said in a Nov. 29 news release that recent attack and rape incidents both involved a suspect asking to use victims’ cell phones. The same individual is suspected in both attacks.

The most recent incident occurred Thursday when two similar incidents were reported to police. One occurred as a resident of Tiger Manor Apartments was walking down State Street and a man knocked his phone out of his hands, took it and quickly got into a vehicle. Lalonde said it’s uncertain at this point whether the recent thefts on were related to previous incidents, but a link is likely as LSUPD suspects several different groups of criminals are involved.

Read a first-hand account on the Out of Print news blog at Contact Brian Sibille at


Center undergoes improvements

Possible expansion in facility’s future Claire Caillier Contributing Writer

From heated debates to renovation projects, the University Student Recreation Complex received campus-wide attention this semester. The building underwent improvements during the course of the semester, and projects to enhance the facility have not ended. According to Brad Wilson, UREC associate director of Operations and Project Management, the UREC will replace its existing strength and training equipment with 90 new pieces. The carpeting will be replaced to match the existing floor in the cardio and weight room as well. Wilson said the project will begin Dec. 16 and conclude Jan. 13. Wilson said he hopes the much-needed update will “give excitement and a new vibe to the space.” At the beginning of the semester students witnessed renovations to the interior and exterior of the UREC as well as: a new front desk, eco-friendly water fountains and a redesign of the pool deck. Wilson said Aug. 26 he hopes

the improvements and changes will encourage students to continually visit the facility. “It is a small step in getting us to where we want to be,” Wilson said. “We want to be the type of place LSU needs.” Through meetings between UREC officials and Student Government, students learned of the proposed expansion of UREC facilities. UREC director Laurie Braden said Nov. 8 the expansion would raise student’s fees $45 each semester for three years, capping the fee at $200 per semester. The current UREC Student Recreational Complex provides 4 square feet per student, while the national average for recreational centers is 9 square feet per student. Students were polled on the proposed expansion. Of the 4,260 students that voted, “92 percent of the students agree that making LSU better for the future by improving recreation, fitness and wellness facilities is important to current and future students,” and 76 percent supported a raise in fees to

support the project, Braden said in an e-mail to SG president Cody Wells and SG Senate Speaker Aaron Caffarel. The SG Senate passed a resolution Nov. 16 in a 37-5-1 vote imploring the Chancellor to increase student fees to allow for the expansion project. “LSU can be better,” Wilson said. “LSU should be better.”

Contact Claire Caillier at

ZACH BREAUX / The Daily Reveille

Kelli Richard, pre-nursing senior, swipes University students into the UREC on Aug. 18. The facility underwent improvements throughout the semester.

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The Daily Reveille

Monday, December 5, 2011


page 7

Compromise on commuter spots met, bus routes added

Routes altered to be more efficient Laura Furr Contributing Writer

This semester, the Office of Parking, Traffic and Transportation dealt with rallies and petitions from Student Government in objection to the lack of commuter parking on campus. On Sept. 14, SG Senate drafted a bill to petition the change of one-third of commuter parking spots in the Hart Lot to residential spots. Meredith Westbrook, College of Music and Dramatic Arts senator, drafted the bill after finding that many of her constituents were no longer able to find parking in the lot. About a dozen students gathered Sept. 25 on the Parade Ground to rally against the lack of commuter parking.

Though the rally didn’t yield a large turnout, it gained the attention of students in Free Speech Plaza and collected 116 signatures. The day before the rally, Gary Graham, director of the Office of Parking, Traffic and Transportation, said he didn’t understand the concern. “I have no idea exactly what their issues are, I’ve just heard they are rallying about commuter parking,” Graham said. “I’ll be happy to show them where it is.” But, on Oct. 5, SG and the Office of Parking came to a compromise. Graham said it would be impossible to dedicate the front half of the Hart Lot to commuters, but he would look into splitting the North Kirby Lot between residents and commuters in order to ease parking problems on the north side of campus, Westbrook said. SG and the Office of Parking also reorganized bus routes

this semester. The Purple bus route, which previously stopped at East Campus Apartments, was altered to mirror the Gold route, which runs down Greek Row and onto campus. Other routes were also changed to be more efficient and serve students better, according to a broadcast e-mail SG president Cody Wells sent Aug. 16. The former Highland-Ben Hur Trail was changed to travel on Burbank, Ben Hur and Nicholson and make fewer stops. Its name was changed to the “Burbank-Ben Hur Trail.” The new services also cater to students during the weekend, providing them with opportunities to explore the city. Night Route B provides transportation to the downtown Baton Rouge area Monday through Wednesday from 6 p.m. to midnight and Thursday through Sunday until 3 a.m. “We wanted to connect


Construction to continue in spring Projects completed in summer and fall

Laura Furr Contributing Writer

Construction and renovations on several campus buildings will continue next semester with anticipated completion dates in the summer and fall of 2012, according to Jason Soileau, the assistant director of Campus Planning with Facility Services. The Business Education Complex will be completed on Dec. 26, Soileau said. The BEC will feature 156,000 square feet of new classrooms, offices and an auditorium. Construction is on track, and Facility Services will be able to occupy the building May 14 after final inspections have been completed. Soileau said summer school classes will most likely be held in the building. The construction of the Choppin Hall Annex lab facilities is scheduled to be finished in March 2012, Soileau said. The annex will include new lab technologies and roughly 90,000 square feet of lab space. Soileau said there have been no delays on the project and students will most likely be able to use the new facilities next fall. Renovations to the French House’s roof, windows and doors will be completed by the end of the year, according to Soileau. The renovations will help weatherproof the 76-year-old building. Soileau said another major project to renovate the interior of the building is being submitted for approval for the Capital Outlay project. However, the Raphael

Semmes Parking Garage and Bookstore has faced delays in construction. The anticipated completion date was originally March 2012, but Soileau said he predicts it will be done around May. He said the garage may be used sparingly in the summer, but the University can “count on the fall” for final completion. The building will feature a 60,000-square foot bookstore and a parking garage with 750 commuter parking spots. Soileau said a few minor projects will also begin construction and planning in the spring.

New bus shelters at the intersection of Tower and South Stadium drives and in front of Lockett Hall will be built with an anticipated completion date of March 2012. New entrance gateways were recently approved and will be built near the University Lakes as a part of Facility Service’s “wayfinding” initiative, which is aimed to improve signs and navigation around campus.

Contact Laura Furr at

Baton Rouge to the downtown area,” Wells said in August. “Other SEC schools are centered around or provide transportation to the downtown area.” In addition, a new route travels downtown to the Red Stick Farmer’s Market on Fifth and Main streets every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, except on holidays and during home football games. On game days, Tiger Trails buses also shuttles fans from the Tigerland and Highland-Burbank areas to campus. Despite these changes, online forums like Tiger Droppings and Twitter buzzed with complaints about wait time and overcrowding on the buses. “Sometimes it’s a long wait,” said Sarah Sandifer, nutrition sophomore, on Sept. 7. “Especially if you get there and one bus has already passed and it makes you late for class to wait for a second one.” Though the new routes send

more buses down Greek Row, even Greek students still saw room for improvement. Mary Allison Johnson, business sophomore and member of the Chi Omega sorority, said Sept. 7 that buses were too crowded. “The problem really isn’t always with waiting,” Johnson said. “But they are really crowded once you get on and you miss your bus because there are too many people on it already.” Overall, students thought the best solution would be to add more buses. Graham said budget concerns are the main reasons additional buses cannot be provided. The University would have to spend $4,500 a week to add another bus down the Ben-Hur route, which would increase student fees. Contact Laura Furr at

The Daily Reveille

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Community combats hate, focuses on anti-bullying legislation Lauren Duhon Contributing Writer

* The names of the victims have been changed in order to protect their identities. Throughout the semester, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community continued its fight for tolerance and equality. On Sept. 20, a panel of federal and local law enforcement officials and attorneys discussed hate crimes and possible legislation to combat them. The main focus of the forum was to have a complex conversation to define the meaning of hate crimes and what classifies a victim. The forum, held at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center, was sponsored by organizations including OUTLaw, LSU Law’s LGBTQ organization, and Spectrum, the University’s LBGTQ organization. Matthew Patterson, Spectrum activism committee chair, said the forum showed how hate crimes affect different forms of diversity, not just the LGBTQ community. Mandisa Moore, OUTLaw president, said it was important to have this conversation. “We want there to be a new understanding of gender-based crimes,” Moore said Sept. 21. “People should leave [the forum] with a clearer understanding of structural challenges.” The forum also served as an outlet to discuss possible hate crime legislation in the future. Shortly after the forum, a gay couple was allegedly attacked by employees at Reggie’s Bar in Tigerland on Sept. 23. The couple, Kevin* and Steve*, claim Reggie’s employees

assaulted them repetitively, punching one of them in the face and repeatedly kicking him. “It all happened so fast,” Kevin said Oct. 11. The victims said they believed the employees’ actions were motivated by prejudice toward their sexual orientation. “Obviously, Tigerland is not a safe environment for the LGBTQ community,” Kevin said. Patterson said Reggie’s management needs to have a total change of heart in order to talk to Spectrum and other LGBTQ organizations about how to clean up its act in general. Reggie’s Bar manager Bowdin Atchison said after investigating the incident, he developed another story. According to Atchison, there was a floor-walker working the night of the incident who spotted one of the alleged victims without a wristband. Atchison said everyone present who is able to drink must wear a wristband in order to possess an alcoholic beverage. “The bar’s floor-walker told him he couldn’t have the drink,” Atchison said Oct. 11. “The guy refused, so the floor-walker tried to grab his drink. This is when the couple grew confrontational.” Atchison said he was not aware of anything regarding the accusations of Reggie’s employees beating the victims. He said from his knowledge, nothing happened inside the bar. “I have no control over what happens outside of the bar,” Atchison said. The couple filed a police report, but it is unclear whether any charges have been made. In November, Equality

Louisiana, a LGBTQ coalition of 23 colleges, local and statewide organizations, supported the creation of possible new state anti-bullying legislation. The proposal will encompass a

list of characteristics aimed to protect all students, as the bill involves all communities and organizations in the state, not just those who identify as LGBTQ, said Tucker Barry, Capital City Alliance political director.

Read the rest of the story online at Contact Lauren Duhon at

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Monday, December 5, 2011


page 9


STEPHEN MORTON / The Associated Press

LSU coach Les Miles reacts after the Tigers’ 42-10 win against Georgia in the SEC Championship game on Saturday in Atlanta. The Tigers will head to the national championship in January.

Mark Clements

Tigers trounce Bulldogs to nab SEC title and shift focus to national championship

Sports Writer

It’s here. The game Tiger fans have been waiting for is finally on the horizon. With No. 1 LSU’s 42-10 stomping of No. 12 Georgia in the Southeastern Conference Championship game, the Tigers took home their fourth SEC title in school history and secured its spot in the Allstate BCS National Championship game Jan. 9 against No. 2 Alabama. “It means a lot to us,” said senior

quarterback Jordan Jefferson. “The seniors have been striving for four years to get to this moment and it’s finally here. We need to take control of it and take advantage of it.” It wasn’t the prettiest game for Jefferson and company, who compiled just 237 yards of total offense in the game — a mere 30 yards through the air — and only 12 coming in the first half. In a rerun of last week’s showdown with No. 6 Arkansas, LSU survived an early-game scare, coming out of the gates sluggish in all phases.

A feeling of deja vu set in late in the first half when sophomore cornerback Tyrann Mathieu returned a punt 62 yards for a touchdown and the Tigers’ first points of the game. Mathieu added four tackles, a fumble recovery and another shifty 47-yard punt return to his outing and was named the game’s MVP. “I just felt that I needed to change the momentum of the game,” said Mathieu, who became just the third defensive player to win the award. “A lot of credit goes to my team and to my coaches to put me in

the right position to make a big-time play for my team. I’m so blessed, just so privileged to represent LSU and win most valuable player.” The Bulldogs outgained LSU 134 yards to 11 in the first quarter and took an early 10-0 lead in the closing seconds of the quarter. But that would be the last time Georgia would reach the end zone. “We started really backed up, and we did not have great special teams play to CHAMPIONSHIP, see page 19

The Daily Reveille

page 10


Monday, December 5, 2011

Seven players suspended through course of undefeated season Hunter Paniagua Sports Writer

The 2011 football season almost became as much about who didn’t take the field for the Tigers as who actually suited up. While senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson’s suspension grabbed the majority of national headlines, seven different players were suspended for at least one game during the season. The problems began Aug. 19, when Jefferson and a number of other players were involved in an altercation outside Shady’s Bar. After Baton Rouge police conducted a search warrant in which they took 49 pairs of Jefferson’s shoes, police charged Jefferson and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns with seconddegree battery. The two players turned themselves in on Aug. 26, and LSU coach Les Miles suspended them indefinitely that day. Following an investigation, a grand jury convened Sept. 28 and reduced Jefferson’s charges from second-degree battery to firstdegree battery, a misdemeanor, while dismissing all charges facing Johns. Miles reinstated Jefferson and Johns immediately, and Jefferson returned to the field in LSU’s next game Oct. 1 against Kentucky. He continued to share time with senior quarterback Jarrett Lee, who replaced Jefferson as the starting quarterback during his suspension. Jefferson didn’t receive the majority of snaps







CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

Jordan Jefferson is escorted from East Baton Rouge Parish Prison ON Aug. 26 after posting bail following an altercation at Shady’s Bar.

until LSU’s Nov. 5 matchup with No. 2 Alabama. “I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be back,” Jefferson said after his reinstatement. “It was a tough situation for me and definitely a learning experience. I can’t imagine anybody else in the country has gone through what I went through, but everything happens for a reason.” Senior linebacker Ryan Baker missed the Sept. 10 game against Northwestern State for a team violation, and junior wide receiver Russell Shepard also missed the first three games of the season for an NCAA violation. Shepard reportedly discussed an ongoing investigation into Willie Lyles with a teammate. Lyles was accused of charging schools to

steer recruits to certain programs. Shepard returned Sept. 24 against West Virginia and had one reception for 16 yards. “It was hard. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve been through,” Shepard said. “When I see my brothers go out and give their all for this team, this city and this state — that hurt. It’s unfortunate that this happened to me, but at the same time, it’s going to make the team better, and it’s going to make me better.” LSU grabbed national headlines again when three players were suspended before LSU’s Oct. 22 matchup with Auburn. Sophomore cornerbacks Tyrann

Mathieu and Tharold Simon and sophomore running back Spencer Ware were reportedly withheld from play after failing a drug test for synthetic marijuana. The trio returned two weeks later for the “Game of the Century” against Alabama. “You have to grow up fast in this business,” Mathieu said. “You have to put a lot of things aside. You’re going to make mistakes. It’s really about you putting that to the side and moving forward to the positives.” Contact Hunter Paniagua at


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Monday, December 5, 2011


page 11

LSU beats eight ranked teams on road to BCS championship Tiger-Tide rematch set for Jan. 9

Hunter Paniagua Sports Writer

When ESPN College Gameday selects four games from one team to showcase in a season, it says something about the team and its schedule. No. 1 LSU defeated eight ranked teams — five on the road — en route to an undefeated SEC championship season and a spot in the BCS National Championship. The Tigers played one of the nation’s toughest schedules but outscored their opponents by a combined total of 363 points. LSU opened the season ranked No. 4 and appeared in a national showcase in Arlington, Texas, against then-No. 3 Oregon in the Cowboy Classic. Despite losing senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson to a suspension for his involvement in an altercation outside Shady’s Bar, LSU jumped into the national consciousness with a 41-27 victory. During the game against Oregon, sophomore cornerback Tyrann Mathieu led the team with 10 tackles and two forced fumbles, returning one for a touchdown. LSU followed up that season-opening victory with a 49-3 rout of Northwestern State in the Tigers’ home opener, then traveled to Starkville, Miss., for a Thursday night showdown with then-No. 25 Mississippi State. The LSU defense allowed just 193 yards, and helped take down the Bulldogs, 19-7, for their first Southeastern Conference victory of the season. The Tigers hit the road again the following week with a 1,075mile trip to Morgantown, W. Va., to face then-No. 16 West Virginia. LSU nearly surrendered a 27-7 lead, but eventually scored 20 unanswered points to defeat its third ranked opponent of the season, 47-21. LSU snagged the No. 1 ranking for the first time and cruised to three more victories against Kentucky, then-No. 17 Florida

and Tennessee, winning by an average margin of almost 30 points. Heading into a matchup with then-No. 19 Auburn, LSU coach Les Miles suspended three players — sophomore cornerbacks Tyrann Mathieu and Tharold Simon and sophomore running back Spencer Ware — for allegedly failing a drug test for synthetic marijuana. Senior cornerback Ron Brooks filled in admirably for the two suspended defensive backs, returning an interception for a touchdown, and helped LSU cruise to a 41-10 victory. Following a bye week, the “Game of the Century” arrived — a matchup between No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama. The hype built for two weeks before the two defenses battled to a virtual standstill. Aided by a flurry of missed Alabama field goals and a late interception by sophomore safety Eric Reid on the Alabama goal line, the teams went into overtime tied, 6-6. The LSU defense forced another failed field goal on Alabama’s first overtime possession, and junior kicker Drew Alleman nailed a 25-yard, game-winning field goal to give the Tigers a 9-6 victory. LSU rode that momentum to easy victories against Western Kentucky and Ole Miss before facing Arkansas, another matchup between two top-five teams. The Tigers fell behind, 14-0, to the No. 3 Razorbacks before roaring back to take a 41-17 victory. That win landed LSU in the SEC Championship game against then-No. 12 Georgia. The Bulldogs had won 10 straight games heading into the matchup, but Mathieu’s 62-yard punt return touchdown — his fourth score of the season — contributed to a 4210 victory and LSU’s 11th conference title. Now with a 13-0 record, the Tigers find themselves in the BCS National Championship on Jan. 9 in New Orleans, attempting to win their third title in eight years.

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[Left] CHRISTOPHER LEH [Above] BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

[Left] Kenny Hilliard (27) breaks through the line Nov. 25 during LSU’s 41-17 win against Arkansas. [Above] A group of LSU defensive players attempt to drag down Alabama running back Trent Richardson on Nov. 5 during the Tigers’ 9-6 victory in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Looking back: The semester in photos July 28

Aug. 19

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille


As season nine of Lifetime’s popular reality series “Project Runway” debuted, the University community saw a familiar face in alumnus Anthony Ryan Auld. Auld remained in the competition through week 10.

After the LSU community was riled by what became an infamous brawl at Shady’s Bar involving several football players, quarterback Jordan Jefferson and linebacker Josh Johns were arrested and suspended.

Sept. 23

Sept. 11

Sept. 3


Tyrann Mathieu’s forced fumble and return for a touchdown sparked LSU’s win against Oregon, his six forced fumbles and a 13-0 season.

illustration by LACYE BEAUREGARD / The Daily Reveille

The nation commemorated the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The University held a candlelight vigil.

Sept. 29

AMY BROUSSARD / The Daily Reveille

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul kicked off his national Youth for Ron Paul tour at the Union Theater.

Oct. 6

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

The Baton Rouge Police Department closed its investigation of the Shady’s incident after a grand jury reduced Jordan Jefferson’s second-degree battery charges and dismissed all charges against Josh Johns.

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

As the Occupy Wall Street movement proliferated, Louisiana cities were added to the long list of locales joining the efforts. Occupy New Orleans, seen above, kicked off Oct. 6, and Occupy Baton Rouge began Oct. 22.

The Daily Reveille

Monday, December 5, 2011

Oct. 22

page 13

Oct. 24


With about 66 percent of the vote, Bobby Jindal was elected to his second term as governor of Louisiana. In the same election, Jay Dardenne was reelected as lieutenant governor with 53 percent support.

BLAIR LOCKHART / The Daily Reveille

Universal Pictures’ upcoming film “Pitch Perfect” invaded the Quad. Directed by Jason Moore, the movie stars Anna Kendrick, above, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks. Students were able to join in as extras.

Nov. 5

Oct. 28 - 30

Oct. 26

EMILY SLACK / The Daily Reveille

BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

The annual Voodoo Experience took over New Orleans’ City Park with headliners including Snoop Dogg, Blink-182 and The Raconteurs, above.

The highly anticipated LSU-Alabama matchup, labeled the “Game of the Century,” ended in a thrilling 9-6 overtime victory for the Tigers.

BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

Swine Palace celebrated its 20th anniversary with the debut of Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play “August: Osage County.”

Nov. 17

Nov. 25

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

Following a series of sexual-abuse allegations, a restraining order and dismissal from the University, a protective order against Vet School employee Marc Boudreaux was denied in court.

CHRISTOPHER LEH / The Daily Reveille

The No. 1 LSU football team clinched the SEC West with a 41-17 victory against then-No. 3 Arkansas. The win provided LSU with a perfect regular season, the Golden Boot trophy and a spot in the SEC Championship.

Read more about the semester’s highlights at

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Underclassmen lead Tigers during rocky fall schedule Chris Abshire Sports Writer

If there was a theme song for the fall portion of the LSU men’s basketball team’s fall schedule, it would have been “On the Road Again.” The Tigers (5-3) played six of their first eight games away from the comfort of the PMAC to mixed, but promising results. A pair of underclassmen on the wing and a trio of dynamic newcomers have led the way for LSU thus far. Freshman point guard Anthony Hickey has burst on the scene early in his career. The former Mr. Basketball in the state of Kentucky has maneuvered past opposing players on both ends of the floor to the tune of 11 points, 4.6 assists and four rebounds per game and has totaled 18 steals. “We respect him a lot already,” said sophomore shooting guard Andre Stringer, who averages a team-high 12.1 points per game. “He’s our floor general, and he kind of gets us going energy-wise. His production and attitude has been great.” Transfer junior center Justin Hamilton has perhaps been the steadiest player through the fall, showing his passing acumen and versatile post game while averaging 10.9 points per game and leading the team with a 49.2 shooting percentage. Touted freshman forward Johnny O’Bryant entered LSU with hype galore this fall, and has shown flashes of brilliance while adjusting to the college game’s rigors.

“At times, I’ve been good, and others, we know I could do better,” said O’Bryant, who is averaging nine points and 6.4 rebounds per game. “I’m struggling right now scoring, but I think I’m ready for it to come together. I need some consistency.” That consistency has been sorely lacking from a gelling Tiger squad so far, as four different players have led LSU in scoring and the defensive efforts have been spotty. The Tigers have earned two wins, against Georgia Tech (5950) in the Charleston Classic and last week at Houston (59-58), with lockdown performances on defense. But LSU also gave up 88 points to Northwestern in a neutralsite loss, surrendered 79 to South Alabama in a brutal overtime home loss and has often failed to earn a key stop in the late stages of three single-digit defeats. “I don’t want to overanalyze it,” said LSU coach Trent Johnson of his team’s inconsistency. “There are three freshmen who are integral to our team, and they’ll have their struggles as young guys. The matchups have been tough, too, and that’s caused some of the issues.” In addition to playing away from home, the Tigers’ schedule has indeed been laced with tests against quality mid-majors and decent power programs. LSU went 2-1 in November’s Charleston Classic, taking fifth place by defeating the Yellow Jackets and perennial midmajor contender Western Kentucky following the opening-round loss against Northwestern and its second-team preseason All-American,

John Shurna, who dropped 37 points on the Tigers. In their first road test, the Tigers fell to Coastal Carolina — which has won two consecutive Big South titles and made the National Invitatational Tournament last season — after leading by 10 points in the first half. However, the Tigers concluded their travels on a high note, slugging out a key road victory Staurday night at Rutgers. LSU used a late 12-2 spurt behind eight points from Hickey and O’Bryant in the final three minutes to clip the Scarlet Knights, 55-50. The win gave the Tigers four wins in their final five games and some momentum heading into a holiday stretch that includes six home games, including tilts against a ranked Marquette squad, Virginia and the Southeastern Conference opener against Ole Miss. Johnson said the team will need to heed his constant emphasis on defense and rebounding to navigate the rest of a demanding non-conference slate and the Southeastern Conference schedule with success. “We don’t want to learn any more lessons the hard way,” said Johnson, who is in his fourth season at LSU. “There comes a point where the players figure out this game for themselves. That’s what good players do.”

BRIANNA PACIORKA / The Daily Reveille

LSU freshman guard John Isaac (32) moves past Nicholls defenders Nov. 12 during the Tigers’ 96-74 victory against the Colonels at the PMAC.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

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0 0 9 $ F O RS E L E C T




The Daily Reveille

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Tigers win SEC West for seventh year, fall short of national tourney Albert Burford

Sports Contributor

The LSU volleyball team’s 2011 season didn’t produce lucky number seven — the Tigers fell short of the NCAA tournament for the first time in seven years. In the end, the Tigers won most of the games they were supposed to, but couldn’t find a signature victory. LSU went 0-8 against RPI top-25 opponents, with two losses to Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida, respectively. But it wasn’t all bad news for the Tigers. LSU won the Southeastern Conference Western Division for the seventh straight year in a dramatic fashion with a sweep of Arkansas in the Tigers’ last match of the season. The match served as revenge for LSU, as the team was swept by Arkansas in its visit with the Razorbacks earlier in the season. Even though the Tigers didn’t make the NCAA tournament, the future appears bright for LSU. LSU’s team boasted 11 freshmen and sophomores on its 16-player roster. Two of those freshmen — setter Malorie Pardo and outside hitter Helen Boyle— were named to the All-SEC Freshman Team. LSU coach Fran Flory said Pardo set herself apart from most freshmen. “She just had all the intangibles that every player doesn’t have,” Flory said. “We weren’t surprised when she came in and had this impact. I just wasn’t sure how quickly she could learn and be able to run an offense.” Sophomore middle blocker

Desiree Elliott, junior outside hitter Madie Jones and junior libero Meghan Mannari were named to the All-SEC Second Team. Elliott was picked to the Preseason All-SEC Team and delivered, sending home 3.4 kills per set, best among middle blockers in the SEC. Jones pulled off double-digit kills in 20 of her 28 matches. Mannari proved to be the highlight of the Tigers’ defense, with 518 digs on the season, good for third in school history. Mannari also led the conference with 4.88 digs per set in conference play. Flory said Mannari had an offseason that set her up for a stellar junior season. “The No. 1 thing that happened with Meghan was that her fitness level finally caught up with itself,” Flory  said. “She really invested in being a great athlete, and a great athlete is balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.” The seniors played their part, too. Middle blocker Michele Williams broke the 1,000-kills mark to become the 18th LSU

Monday, December 5, 2011


player to reach the milestone, while senior defensive specialist Lauren Waclawczyk reached 1,000 career digs. “Usually, when you have players that are reaching 1,000 kills, those are outside hitters,” Flory said. “It’s not usual that middles get to do that. The fact that she’s worked so hard to be an option all the time is truly the defining factor.”

EMILY SLACK / The Daily Reveille

Contact Albert Burford at

Shaq shakes a fan’s hand at the book signing for his autobiography “Shaq Uncut” at Barnes & Noble at Perkins Rowe on Friday.

The Daily Reveille

Monday, December 5, 2011

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Louisiana On The Move


E. . . OV M



Whether it’s to grandmother’s house or shopping in New Orleans, now is the perfect time of year to hop on a clean, comfortable LA Swift coach! Enjoy satellite TV and Wi-Fi as you sit back, relax, and maybe check your holiday gift list twice while we deal with the commute! No traffic hassles or parking nightmares. No need to fill up the tank. No worries about driving home. And just $5 each way!


The Daily Reveille

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Farewell and thank you from a graduating Tiger faithful BODY SHOTS

ROB LANDRY Sports columnist It was in my blood from the very beginning. I was a Tiger from birth. I never had a chance to escape that fate. My parents both graduated from LSU. In fact, they met here. My grandparents both attended and met here as well. My grandfather played football for the Tigers from 1947 to 1950 and was a part of the Cinderella 1949 football team that finished No. 9 in the nation and played in the Sugar Bowl. There was never a question where I would one day come to school. I didn’t even apply to any other schools. LSU was always the place for me. And LSU sports were my greatest passion. I got my own season ticket to LSU games at three years old and was instantly hooked. I passed on

playing little league football so I could come to LSU games. As I grew older and moved on to junior high and high school, I joined the teams since games were no longer on Saturdays. When my high school career ended and it became obvious my football and baseball careers had come to a dead end, I had to find a way to stay involved in sports. So I picked up journalism. When I got to LSU, writing for The Daily Reveille was something I greatly aspired to do. Getting hired to write here was arguably the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I finally had the opportunity to be on the inside of LSU sports, even though I wasn’t talented enough to play for the Tigers. Being able to cover LSU teams has been a truly rewarding experience. And I have the coaches and players to thank for making that experience so incredible. First and foremost, I must thank LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux, volleyball coach Fran

Flory and their respective teams for dealing with me when I was a rookie. They treated me with the utmost respect despite the numerous times I flubbed interviews and tried to pass myself off as an expert on their sports, despite a complete and total lack of knowledge. As my time around those teams grew, so did my knowledge of their sports and the respect I have for what the athletes on those teams do. Without them and their patience, I never would have made it through. Then there’s the privilege of being the columnist covering an LSU football season. No matter what I end up doing after my impending December graduation, I will never have a job as entertaining as covering LSU coach Les Miles. Whether he does it intentionally or not, he has made being a sports reporter a true joy. There is never a dull moment around that team. I also owe a large chunk of gratitude to all the editors, colleagues and faculty advisers I

have had during my time at The Reveille. Your guidance and comments about my writing, both positive and negative, have helped me completely transform as a writer from when I first began. I know this goes against everything I’ve ever been instructed in a mass communication class at LSU, but being able to cover the football team’s on-field success this season has made this the most enjoyable fall I can remember. It’s been wonderful being able to walk out of a stadium every week — I’ve made it to every game this season — with a smile on my face after a Tigers’ victory. And nothing has made me happier than to have the opportunity to break down win after win for the Tigers. I know people have not always agreed with me. The e-mails, tweets and online comments have made that obvious, but I hope that even when readers have disagreed with me, they feel I at least made a valid argument and clearly expressed myself.

There’s no one out there who wants to see LSU be successful more than myself, but from time to time my responsibilities as a journalist trumped my fandom. Getting to write about LSU sports for The Reveille has afforded me so many wonderful opportunities, and I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped make that dream become a reality. As I enter the working world, I am unsure if I will be able to continue to cover LSU sports or if this is the end of my journalistic endeavors. But no matter what the outcome of my job search is, one thing is for certain — I’m a Tiger born, I’m a Tiger bred and when I die, I’ll be a Tiger dead. Rob Landry is a 23-year old mass communication senior from Mandeville. Follow him on Twitter @RobLandry85.

Contact Rob Landry at


Tigers rank No. 2 SEC, fall short in reaching conf. semi-finals Michael Gegenheimer Sports Contributor

Despite a No. 18 ranking, five players named to a postseason team and a Homecoming queen, in the end, the LSU soccer team came a few goals short. After going 13-6-1, LSU earned a spot in the NCAA tournament playing No. 17 Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. LSU coach Brian Lee would make a surprise move starting sophomore goalkeeper Megan Kinneman ahead of senior Mo Isom. Kinneman and the Tigers would go on to lose the match, 4-0, ending LSU’s season. However, before LSU traveled to Texas A&M, the team had to take a trip to Orange Beach, Ala., in hopes of avenging a 3-1 loss to Auburn earlier in the season. LSU procured the No. 2 spot in the SEC after finishing conference play 8-3, a game shy of South Carolina. But LSU’s streak of reaching the conference semi-finals was stopped at four. The Tigers lost to Auburn, 3-0, after having to play a man down for the final minutes of the game. The Tigers struggled to find the net early in the season, being outscored, 5-1, in three losses that put LSU at a 1-3 record. Like most teams, LSU was still struggling to find its playing style early in the season. Many of the younger players were competing for playing time and an earlyseason goalkeeper battle made for some uncertainty in Baton Rouge. “They’re competing every day, and eventually we hope a few will emerge as the clear starters,” Lee said in October. “They know they have to stay on their toes in every practice or else someone will

beat them out.” After a 1-0 double overtime loss to Rice, LSU went on a ninegame winning streak that included a 1-1 tie with No. 7 Pepperdine and a 2-0 victory against then-No. 10 Tennessee. LSU outscored opponents, 17-5, during the run.

That streak boosted the Tigers to a 10-3-1 record, including a perfect 4-0 in Southeastern Conference play and the conference’s top spot. “We know that you don’t win the SEC at home on a Friday night,” Lee said in October. “You win them on the road when you’re

tired in Sunday games.” The Tigers split the four-game road stretch, including a foreshadowing loss to Auburn. But LSU was able to remain tied for the No. 1 spot in the SEC after its 2-0 win against Alabama. “We’re better off after this season than we were entering it,”

2010-2011 LSU yearbook now available at LSU bookstore Available until Dec. 31st Buy it today for $50.

Lee said. “There’s a lot of youth on this team, and we’ll regroup this offseason to hopefully improve on this result going forward.”

Contact Michael Gegenheimer at

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Monday, December 5, 2011


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LSU finishes semester 3-3, looks to decrease turnovers Alex Cassara

Sports Contributor

The LSU women’s basketball team entered the season with high expectations after Nikki Caldwell, former UCLA coach and Pac-10 Coach of the Year, agreed to coach the team in April. Six games into the young season, Caldwell and her Lady Tigers haven’t yet lived up to the hype, starting the season 3-3. Although the team does have a signature win against No. 14 Georgetown, 51-40, the Lady Tigers have dropped out of the top 25 following its most recent loss Nov. 27 to No. 18 Ohio State, 7768, after starting the season ranked No. 21. “I don’t want their confidence to be shattered,” Caldwell said

after the Ohio State game. “I want them to understand that we’re going to have losses. It’s part of any sport. But the question is, ‘Are you going to turn this around?’” The other losses came to Tulane and Northwestern, which are now both 5-1. The competition may have been stiff to start the season, but that doesn’t excuse the Lady Tigers’ 122 turnovers so far, which is an average 20.3 per game. “Turnovers come from mental fatigue,” Caldwell said. “They come from different players at different points in the game and not being focused and in-tune. Sometimes you turn the ball over when you’re trying to force the action as opposed to let the game come to you.” The turnovers prompted Caldwell to demand that each

JOHN BAZEMORE / The Associated Press

LSU coach Les Miles speaks Saturday to sophomore cornerback Tyrann Mathieu in the second half of the Tigers’ 42-10 win in the SEC Championship game against Georgia.

CHAMPIONSHIP, from page 9 start,” said LSU coach Les Miles. “Offensively, we were not moving the football. Frankly, it was just a matter of time that this team would rebound and this team would get their feet underneath them and play.” From the second quarter on, LSU’s defense suffocated the Bulldogs, holding them to just 162 yards in the next three quarters combined. The Tigers also forced three turnovers in the second half, including a pick-six by junior cornerback Morris Claiborne late in the fourth quarter to seal the deal. Despite the putrid air attack, there were some bright spots on offense. Sophomore running back Alfred Blue and freshman running back Kenny Hilliard each carried the ball eight times, combining for 166 yards and four touchdowns. Hilliard’s three bruising touchdowns, coupled with Blue’s 48-yard scamper in the fourth quarter, took the wind out of Georgia’s sails and allowed LSU to run away with the game. “You’ve got Alfred Blue, Spencer Ware, they all can do it all,” said junior wide receiver Russell Shepard. “We’ve got a stable of backs back in Baton Rouge that nobody’s seen. To do what we did with Kenny Hilliard,

it’s a great feeling for him, and the rest of them can do the same thing.” The silverware may not stop there for the Tigers.

player dribble a small basketball around everywhere they go. Sophomore guard Jeanne Kenney is one of only three players with more assists than turnovers. “I’ve had weird looks,” said Kenney, who’s first on the team with 22 assists. “I’ve just embraced it.” Senior forward LaSondra Barrett has led the Lady Tigers so far, averaging 12.7 points per game. Her leadership extends past the statistics sheet however as she displayed her frustration at not being able to stay on the court to help team in a 44-43 loss to Northwestern. “It’s frustrating to be in foul trouble, not being out there,” Barrett said after only being able to clock 19 minutes in the game. “But that doesn’t have anything to do

Mathieu’s standout performance has his name again being thrown around in the Heisman talk — an honor the Honey Badger said he’s leaving in the hands of the experts. “I don’t think I should be the judge of that,” Mathieu said. “I just try to go out there, just play my best football for my team and my coaches.” Regardless of individual honors, LSU has a bigger goal — the national championship. “It feels good, but we have one more,” Claiborne said. “However it falls, we’re ready for it. We’re going to enjoy this victory right here and when it comes time for [the national championship], we’re going to prepare for it, whoever it may be. We’re going to try to go out and get another W.” Contact Mark Clements at

with rhythm. It’s all mental, and today was a letdown.” If the Lady Tigers eventually reach the NCAA Tournament, March Madness will coincide with the due date of Caldwell’s expected first child. “Hopefully we’re still playing games in March that matter a lot and we’ll see what happens when March rolls around,” said sports information director and associate

athletic director Michael Bonnette. “Everybody is excited for her, I can tell you that.” The Lady Tigers are currently on a two-week break and will resume action Dec. 11 against Alabama State.

Contact Alex Cassara at

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Economics hold hope for a better future after a taxing year

It’s been a long semester, LSU. Politically, the Republicans have been jostling for a candidate to topple Obama in the 2012 election. As of yet, no candidate has been able to hold a lead. Perhaps more concerning is the endless gridlock we now find ourselves in as both parties entrench themselves. Even in the face of financial ruin, our Super Committee failed to compromise. Occupy Wall Street blossomed into a national phenomenon. Far from a 2010 revival of ‘60s culture, Occupy Wall Street gained support from leading economists and politicians. The movement has largely died down now, which may be because of the disparaging lack of change from the intense, weekslong protests. It may very well become but a footnote in America’s history. But the Occupy crowd need not be completely discouraged. Billionaire investor Raj Rajaratnam was convicted guilty of 14

counts of insider trading — five separate charges of “conspiracy to commit securities fraud” and nine counts of “security fraud.” The May trial was considered a landmark case in discouraging insider trading, Devin Graham which effectively Opinion Editor turns the alreadyunpredictable stock market into something like a clever bank-robbing operation. While I certainly enjoy my digital fix, I was touched years ago by Steve Jobs’ passion for life, business and innovation. His relentless search for more intuitive products have catapulted us forward decades in terms of interfacing with an increasingly digital world. We lost a great man Oct. 5. More recently, Europe has been trying desperately to hold off

collapse. To a large extent, there’s too much debt and not enough cash around to finance it, and it doesn’t bode well for the world economy. But even as recently as Wednesday and Thursday, there’s reason for hope. Central banks from around the globe, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, have pledged to help. Germany proposed late Thursday the countries operating under the European Central Bank start national funds, with the goal of reducing their debt to GDP ratio to 60 percent over the next two decades. It may be a bit late in the game for a piggy bank to save Europe, but Germany has the right idea, and their 20-year goal is a reasonable amount of time to get their finances in order. We might benefit well from Germany’s example, if we could address our own debt in any productive way. Perhaps most disparagingly, politicians continue to contrive nonsensical economic plans which

ignore modern economic research in favor of voting power. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan may not be based on anything more than a popular computer game, but it sure is easy to remember. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Michelle Bachmann has also skipped the years of study and research economists need to productively contribute to national debate and has proposed to solve unemployment by removing the minimum wage altogether. The minimum wage, by the way, does not cause unemployment. Countless other factors, like the lengthy time it takes for employer and employee to find each other, have a far more significant impact on labor economics. If I seem critical, you’re right. Politicians, to a large extent, pick their economic plans based not on how likely the plan is to actually work, but if it sounds good enough to get votes. They are, after all, politicians, and they quite literally lose their job if they can’t get us to

share the dream. We must hold politicians to a higher standard. The ability for millions to find gainful employment and feed their families merits too much importance. So the cycle of electing flaky politicians with unsustainable economic plans cannot continue. Inform yourself about the basics and expect reasonable plans. Economic change is now our greatest tool for impacting humanity. If we are to see the world’s billions fed, employed and healthy, the only way to get there will be through sound economics. Devin Graham is a 22-year-old economics senior from Prairieville. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_Dgraham.

Contact Devin Graham at


Crazy semester evident through events on, off campus From the numerous Reggie’s that literally. scandals to the Tigers’ 13-0 seaThe event allegedly took son, the University has been busy place at Reggie’s, although it’s this semester. difficult to discern an exact locaBut quite a bit else took place tion based on the this fall that we should probably photograph. re-address. Here’s my list — I call I guess the it “stuff that needed to get pointed story with Regout again.” Enjoy. gie’s is that as Let’s start from the beginlong as you’re ning. Jordan Jefferson and some straight, anyother football players got in a thing goes. fight at Shady’s. What did we Parker Cramer How about learn from this? First off, we Tyrann Mathieu Columnist know that if Brad Wing had been and the synthetic the guy accused of kicking, we marijuana scandal? In the midwould have had a dead body on dle of Mathieu’s prime, he gets our hands. Secondly, nothing ever flagged for failing a drug test. I’m came of the incident and we got still skeptical about this whole our quarterback back. situation. Nobody really knows What next? How about the what’s in synthetic marijuana bealleged beating of two gay men cause the government bans cerby Reggie’s employees. The only tain chemicals on a semi-annual message this seemed to send to basis, so the formulas have to the community was that Reggie’s constantly change to be within the was not a safe place for homo- law. Yes, there are tests for certain sexuals. synthetic strains, but they are not While we’re on the Reggie’s on standard drug tests. topic, a photograph surfaced this So how can we test for it? past week of a young gentle- THC is what is on a standard drug man receiving what resembles test, and I’m still not fully cona handjob from a rather excited vinced it wasn’t the real stuff. looking young woman. But can But who cares? If the Honey you blame the guy for look- Badger can go hard on every ofing so happy about it? When his fense in the SEC and celebrate buddies were yelling “come on” purple and gold wins with some from the sidelines, they meant purp, more power to him.

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Don’t forget about “Pitch Perfect,” the movie filmed on campus. “Pitch Perfect,” from my understanding, is the bastard child of “American Pie” and “Glee.” And I don’t mean the decent “American Pies,” I mean the awful ones that only Eugene Levy bothered to stick around for. I don’t know about anybody else, but I would rather have some cooler celebrities on campus than the girl from “John Tucker Must Die.” She is attractive, don’t get me wrong. I’d just rather have Seth Rogen or the guys from “Workaholics” on campus. You know — stoners. Plus, we could see our school in a movie that’s actually good. How about on the national scene? What else happened outside of LSU? Well, the Republicans still have nobody strong to run against Obama. Herman Cain has turned out to be a tweaker of the George Bluth variety. And as for Romney, didn’t the “South Park” guys write a musical about him? I’m convinced Bobby Jindal was reelected by a landslide because we really had no better alternative. The Democrats didn’t even bother to endorse anyone. Kim Kardashian was married for about as long as it took her

husband to learn addition. Will we ever know if she did it for the money? Of course she did it for the money. All in all, an entertaining semester to say the least. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza. Let’s get drunk on some eggnog.

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Parker Cramer is a 20-yearold political science junior from Houston. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_pcramer.

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“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves.”

Dali Lama Tibetan leader July 6, 1935 - present

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Monday, December 5, 2011



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Tablets, video games top must-have gifts this holiday season The end of the semester is a magical time filled with cramming for finals, college football bowls and drunken Christmas parties. It’s easy to get lost in the commotion and find yourself doing frantic, last-minute gift shopping for your loved ones. Don’t be stuck buying socks for Christmas — or even worse, a Windows Phone 7 device. Take a look at my third annual holiday buyer’s guide and get them something they will truly enjoy. While the tech world is filled with fun gadgets and gizmos, there are two main categories topping the list of must-haves this holiday season: tablets and video games. The former starts with a device that impresses me more every time I read about it — the Amazon Kindle Fire. Released last month, the Fire is Amazon’s first full color device under the Kindle line. Unlike its brothers, the Fire boasts a gorgeous seven-inch, multi-touch color display as opposed to other Kindles’

eInk display. The Kindle Fire runs on a heavily modified version of Google’s Android OS and gives users full access to Amazon’s book and app library, as well as the company’s cloud service for streaming movies and music. Partner that with Netflix and Hulu Plus support, shoppers can’t go wrong with this tablet Adam Arinder priced for only $200. Columnist One downside of the Fire is the seven-inch display seems a bit small for viewing magazines and comic books. A nine or 10-inch screen would have been much better. Speaking of larger screens, an impressive tablet supporting a high resolution 10-inch is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Running Android 3.2 (aka Honeycomb), the tablet has a

snappy and responsive user interface. What makes the Transformer so distinctive is its ability to do just what its name says — transform. Aside from being a multi-touch tablet, it can also be plugged into a keyboard dock and used like a laptop. This helps with typing long papers or blogs while giving users the option of easier portability. The Transformer also features a dual-core processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, two USB ports, an SD reader and a decent battery. The Transformer runs around $400 and an extra $150 for the keyboard dock. But a fair warning: when buying an Android tablet, be sure to confirm it receives an update to the new 4.0 version (a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich) before you buy it. You don’t want to be left with an outof-date tablet only a month after purchase. Of course, the grand-daddy

of tablets is the iPad 2. But do you need me to tell you anymore about Apple’s Jesus Tablet? It’s clearly the most impressive tablet on the market, as much as that pains me to say, its price starts at $500. While all of the aforementioned tablets on the market can play games, real gaming takes place on the big screen. And I have a few good suggestions to make your loved ones happy while simultaneously causing them to never leave the couch again. Arguably the biggest game of this year is Bethesda’s “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” “Skyrim” is a fantasy RPG with unlimited quests, deep character building and enough content to last forever. The game hasn’t even been out a month yet and many gamers have already spent more than 100 hours exploring the lands of Skyrim. Another gorgeous game every PlayStation 3 owner should have is “Uncharted 3: Drake’s

Deception.” With stunning cinematics and fantastic gameplay, developer Naughty Dog continues to strike gold with its “Uncharted” series. Lastly comes a game I unfortunately have not had a chance to play, but I hear nothing but great things about “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.” Utilizing the enhanced motion control of the Wii Motion Plus controller, “Skyward Sword” pushes the envelope of what the Wii can really do. It received high marks from both critics and gamers around the globe. Now that I’ve got you covered for holiday shopping, good luck on finals, traveling safe during the break and have a Merry Christmas! Adam Arinder is a 22-year-old communication studies senior from Baton Rouge. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_aarinder. Contact Adam Arinder at


A plea to Republicans to find quality presidential candidate Republicans, there are very few people I would disagree with more than you. Whether it’s the usual Republican stance on taxes, national security, gay marriage or other viewpoints which mingle church and state, there simply isn’t much we agree on. While most of these posi- Zachary Davis tions are insane, I Columnist know my beliefs are seen as far more crazy by most of you. Differences of opinion cause a lot of frustration, but are vital for any political system in the long run. Although our two-party system may not be ideal, it sure beats the totalitarianism in most singleparty states. So while I criticize the Republican Party, I do acknowledge its importance to the system. But during this semester, there has been a certain something else — something insane and certainly not as beneficial for the political system as differing opinions. I’m referring to the jokes who are the Republican presidential candidates. Between the willfully ignorant Herman Cain, who suspended his campaign Dec. 3, the Bush 2.0 Rick Perry or the simply crazy Michelle Bachmann, there is no one who seems like a reasonable candidate. As it stands now, Mitt Romney seems to be the only candidate who can withstand the limelight for lon-

ger than a week without imploding. Without “oops” moments the other candidates had, his relative reasonability seems to have been enough to keep him afloat. But is not making a political faux pas the only requirement to take a shot at the presidency? Something more than this would be required if the Republican Party has any chance to beat Obama next year. Just look at how fierce the battle was between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the months leading up to Obama ultimately being decided as the Democratic nominee. Both candidates had to do their best to win over voters by debating and campaigning, not simply by an omission of mistakes. The worst thing is that this really should have been a one-term presidency for Obama. Disregarding his actual policies, the economic climate under which he took office should have sealed such a fate. But with no real contender from the Republican Party, this may not be the case. In the last few months of the 2008 election, the Republican Party started to go the wrong path. In choosing Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate, he stirred up a nest of insanity which had been dormant. Since then, the Republican candidates who get the most attention are those who flail about the most wildly. This isn’t to say all the candidates are without merit. Jon Huntsman seems to be one of the more reasonable politicians running, yet

he simply doesn’t get nearly as much attention. Between Huntsman and non-politician Herman Cain, it’s obvious who should be getting more support. This is all up to the Republican voters. You need to find a reasonable candidate. Obama needs to be

forced to fight for his second term, and clearly Republicans would like to see him out. But given the events of this semester, it definitely doesn’t seem likely. Get it together, Republicans. Democracy deserves no less.

Zachary Davis is a 21-year-old history junior from Warsaw, Poland. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_zdavis. Contact Zachary Davis at



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STUDENTPAYOUTS. COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In Baton Rogue. 100% Free To Join! Click On Surveys. P/T KENNEL HELP needed at small animal hospital. Apply in person at 1302 Perkins Rd. Must work holidays! PART TIME HOSTESS Gino’s Restaurant is seeking a part time hostess for evening shifts. Please call to setup an appointment. 225.927.7156 SCHOOL SHADOW for a child with dyslexia. M-F 8:00-1:00. Send resume to 225.757.8002 GAIN MORE @LSU THAN THE FR 15! Student Media wants to help expand your horizons! NOW INTERVIEWING SPRING INTERNS in event planning and marketing. Must be a full time student, able to dedicate at least ten hours a week. Send your resume at marketing@ or drop by B39 Hodges Hall to pick up and application MISCEL. HELP wanted girls or guys inside and some outside through hollidays 8-15/hr + meals flex hrs. must work Dec. 31 till 10:30pm no smokers call Ken or Cindy 225-366-1356 GO GETTER EVENT PLANNER We need an assistant manager to organize and execute the annual Living Expo!! This position will jumpstart your career. We need a go getter looking for more event planning and marketing campaigns experience. Must be a full time student able to dedicate at least fifteen hours a week. Stop by B39 Hodges Hall to fill out an application or send your resume to INTERVIEWING NOW for this position to start IMMEDIATELY. Don’t delay, apply today! UNIVERSITY CLUB GOLF COURSE grill staff and beverage cart attendants. Looking for friendly, motivated individuals seeking seasonal and part time employment in a great atmosphere. If interested please apply in person PARKVIEW BAPTIST PRESCHOOL Preschool Afternoon Teachers needed 3-6pm flex days. no degree required. Please email your resume to parkviewbps@ HOUSEHOLD AND CLERICAL helper for retired prof. Campus area, 10 flex hr/wk. Need computer skills. $8.25/hr. sims1166@bellsouth. net or 225.769.7921 NEED HANDYMAN FOR occasional yard and home upkeep. or 225.769.7921 $10/HOUR Nice retired professor needs nice helper. Very part time. Manuscript mailings, easy research, computer. REFERENCES. doclevy1@gmail. com WANT TO BE HEAD HONCHO LSU Student Media is looking for a motivated full-time sophomore or Junior to fill our Broadcast and External Media Sales Manager position. You will be responsible for managing a sales team and selling KLSU, Tiger TV, Transit, Online and Social Media advertising. Don’t miss this opportunity to work on campus, gain real-world experience and network with business elites. Must be a full-time student with transportation and available to work 20 hours/ week. Applications available at B39 Hodges Hall or email

KLSU IS HIRING Want to work in a music related field or gain broadcast experience? KLSU is currently hiring students for the spring semester staff. Positions include regular shift, specialty show and sport broadcasters as well as working behind the scenes in our music, productions, underwriting or promotions department. Applications can be found in B-39 Hodges hall or for more information check out our website at APPLEBEE’S @ PERKINS ROWE Now hiring Servers, Hosts and Bartenders! Apply at TheNEW Applebee’s Restaurant @ 7601 Bluebonnet Blvd in Perkins Rowe Shopping Center. Opening December 12, Hurry & Apply Today IN HOME ABA THERAPIST No experience needed, training provided. M&F 8-12 W 2-4. Resume 225.757.8002

the cabinet of a fictional country. A particular desire for those interested in Foreign Relations or Naval Warfare. Work hours on Sunday. 15/ hour for actual time logged 225.910.8861 BRIDAL SALES CONSULTANT Now hiring F/ P time @ Bridal Boutique. Must be able to work Sat. Email resume

START IMMEDIATELY AUTHORIZED SOLUTION PROVIDER FOR AT&T IS HIRING.CALL TO SET UP AN INTERVIEW: 225-288-5520 *******BARTENDING******* $300/Day PotentialNO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Training Available. AGE 18+ OK 1-800-965-6520 ext127 ATTENTION-HELP WANTED! $17 Base/Appt. Flex sched-temp/perm ideal for students, all ages 17+, conditions apply, training provided. sales/service, Call TODAY:225-383-4595 EARN $1000-$3200 A month to drive our brand new cars with ads. www. NEED TO JUMP START YOUR CAREER LSU Student Media is seeking go-getters who want to gain experience in marketing and event planning. Must be a full time student able to dedicate at least ten hours a week. Stop by B39 Hodges to fill our an application or send your resume to Don’t delay, apply today! *HOLIDAY HELP WANTED* Great Starting Pay Flex Schedules-FT/PT Cust.sales/svc. All ages 17+Apply Now! 225-383-4252 SEMESTER BREAK WORK! 1-5 week work program start now-or after finals $17 base-appt, flexible sales/svc, all ages17+ conditions apply, Call now! 225-383-4535 PAID INTERNSHIP Wanted: Poli Sci or International Relations majors to participate in government simulation. Participants will act as

overlooking the golf course, within walking distance of the Stadium. Extra-large 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with private balcony or walled patio, great closets and storage. Video surveillance security, on-site manager. Convenient and quiet, perfect for serious undergrad, grad and international students. No pets permitted. 7578175. http//

owner. LSU grad student/law student/working professional preferred. Room has large closet & hallway bathroom. House has common area furniture, kitchen supplies, wireless internet, washer & dryer. Rent is $560+half of utilities (electricity, cable and water), includes cleaning lady every two weeks. Contact Katie if interested 225.266.9700

3 BR, 3 bath gated townhome. Near LSU. $1500/mo. 225-752-8842. 225.752.4825

ROOMATE NEEDED Gates of Brightside Female $475 without utilities Can use deposit on file. 504.491.6791

WALK TO CAMPUS 1Br, 2Br, and Townhomes. Starting as low as $325.00. www. 225.346.4789

CONDO FOR SALE 3 BD/ 2B 1550 sq ft Gated community, 2 pools, quiet and 10min from campus text for tour or more information 337.258.0466 SENIOR SELLING STUFF Graduating senior selling refrigerator, microwave, and more. GOOD CONDITION 240.602.0050

SMOOTHIE KING-MANAGERS NEEDED Experienced Smoothie King franchisees with multiple area locations looking for managers and assistant managers. On the job training provided. Full or part-time. Fax resume’ to 2256644004 or email to YOUTH PASTOR P/T Must love teenagers, work well in ecumenical christian setting, & have good communication skills. Download app @

Monday, December 5, 2011

ROOMMATE WANTED 4 BR cottage looking for ROOMMATE. Lease lasts from Jan-Jul (Spring ’12). Furnished, 4 br/4 bath, 5x5 walk-in closet. GIRLS ONLY. Call or Text 214.534.9383

LOOKING FOR A ROOMMATE! 2 BR, 2 BA apartment at Southgate Towers great location - on bus route! Must love my dog and cat! Move in Dec. or Jan. 1

1ST MONTH FREE!! Luxury 2br $700-$950-pool-gym. On 3rd St.!! 225.295.3035

SEEKING LADY LOVE 21 yr old silly and outgoing soft butch seeking introverted attractive femme. Must be dtc (down to cuddle) and smell good. Ready to boo up and find a wifey:) or just ya know...e-mail for stimulating conversation and we can take it from there.

UNIVERSITY VIEW CONDO 3Br/2Ba-furnished @ 710 E. Boyd. $1,575/ mth. Minimum 7 mth. lease-starts 1-1-12. 504.452.6230

APTS/ CONDOS/ HOUSES BY LSU LSU area & greater BR areas! studios to 4+ bedrooms. $395 & up. bookmark our site: www. 225.751.8847

*SPECIAL* HUGE 2 BED/2 BATH Large 2/2 available ASAP! Students welcome, right by Webb Golf Course on College. Call (866) 9320887. Mention the Reveille and pay NO APP FEE and pay 1/2 normal deposit!

NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS Arlington Trace & Summer Grove Condos and Lake Beau Pre Townhomes 2 & 3 bedroom floor plans available DEAN FLORES REAL ESTATE 225.767.2227 COTTAGES ROOM FOR SUBLEASE Beautiful room at the cottages for sublease in spring semester. Monthly rent-$540, utilities about-$35 extra. Roommates are all girls., 985.778.6364 LAKE BEAU PRE HOUSE FOR RENT $525.00 3 BR/2 BA beginning January 504.451.3765 MASTER SUITE FOR RENT Quiet house mate, GIRL, Good character. PRIVATE: master bedroom, bath & bonus room, $450 985.974.0920 3 BR CONDO ON BRIGHTSIDE covered parking, w/d, fireplace, and fenced courtyard. Available Jan 1, no pets allowed 225.648.3115 GARDEN DISTRICT Quiet, 1 BR upstairs Apt. hrdwood floors. $650.00, move in now. 225.603.2532 SMALL 27-UNIT COMPLEX south of LSU

ROOMATE condo loft bdrm, 11’x12’ own full bath. Share full kitchen, living rm, washer /dryer, balcony, utilities lsu busline 3bdrm / 3bath, fem preferred $400 225.678.1806

3BR 2BA HOUSE FOR RENT Brand NEW Construction House For Rent. Near LSU and Mall of La. House located at 590 Westhaven Blvd. BR. House is complete with 2 Car Attached Garage, All Stainless Steel Appliances, Dining Room Table. All Wood Flooring and Tile in Bathrooms and Carpet in 3 Bedrooms. Nice Walk In Closets!! Fenced in Back Yard. Call to make appointment to see. Won’t Last Long. $1500 Deposit / $1500 Per Month. Available Now!! 225.315.1854

GIRL ROOMMATE NEEDED 5 person manor at Cottages for spring semester. Fully furnished, includes own bathroom, rent $555 not including utilities, on bus route. email

1,2 & 3 BR APTS NEAR LSU $700 & up 225.295.3035

FEMALE ROOMATE NEEDED University Crescent, 3rd roommate, $555, Preferred move in by 1/6/2011 985.209.8784

I AM BORED AGAIN 225-308-8628 Text me. Anybody. Everybody. Entertain me. Be Entertained. Or don’t, whatever. But please, do. I won’t pressure you though. You are probably stressed enough.

ROOMMATE NEEDED Large townhouse on Alvin Dark on LSU bus route. $400mo plus 50%utilities and cable. 713.254.9034

ROOMMATE NEEDED Gates at Brightside, needing 3rd roommate. $560, includes utilities. Female preferred. On bus route. 337.802.6936 ROOMATE NEEDED Need someone to take over lease! Campus Crossing at Brightside! MALE PREFERABLY! Call for more information 337.424.8359

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Tiger PC Repair $50 Flat-Fee for All Services Text: 225.308.9380 SANTA SAYS...”MASSAGE SPECIALS AAA MASSAGE PALACE...........1 hour Swedish Massage includes Reflexology...and foot moisturizer...... Must present LSU ID card to get specials.... $ for appointment....5555 HIlton Avenue SUITE....106... call in advance........ 225.927.1669

ROOMMATE SPOT REPLACEMENT The Gates at Citiplace on Corporate, $535, 2Bed/2Bath, Non-Smoker, 504.669.1100 or 985.209.8784


MALE ROOMMATE WANTED North Gate condo, bedroom with balcony. Utilities, cable, wi-fi included. $595 month, 225-241-9429.

SPANISH TUTORING SERVICES All Levels $30/hr 901.486.3425

ROOM FOR RENT: Room available for rent in renovated Southdowns house w/ female

Monday, December 5, 2011

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Monday, December 5, 2011

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