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Congressional district slated to be lost Count to create thousands of temporary jobs for state

U.S. Census

La. Population Estimates • April 1, 2000: 4,468,968 • July 1, 2008: 4,410,796

By Nate Monroe

BR Population Estimates

Contributing Writer

The upcoming 2010 census will have political and economic implications for Louisiana — including the possible loss of a U.S. congressional seat and temporary job creation. The census, taken every 10 years, will be counted for the first time since hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Political observers will be able to see census data documenting Louisiana’s altered demographics — a change political observers and lawmakers expect to result in the loss of one of Louisiana’s seven U.S. congressional seats. “It’s hard for me to see how Louisiana doesn’t lose a [U.S.] congressional seat,” said Kirby Goidel, director of public policy research for the Manship School of Mass Communications. Glenn Koepp, Louisiana secretary of the Senate, said CENSUS, see page 5

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Volume 113, Issue 94

• 2000: 228,063 • 2006: 229,553

La. Population Projection • 2010: 4,474,930 • 2030: 5,161,800

graphic by STEPHANIE CLARK / The Daily Reveille


Obama approves stimulus package By Liz Sidoti and Tom Raum The Associated Press

DENVER (AP) — Racing to reverse the country’s economic spiral, President Obama signed a mammoth stimulus package into law Tuesday and readied a $50 billion rescue plan for Wednesday’s announcement to help legions of homeowners who are facing foreclosure. There was no recovery yet for beleaguered automakers, who were back in Washington for more bailout billions. The United Auto Workers union said it had agreed to tentative concessions that should help Detroit’s struggling Big Three, but Chrysler LLC said it was cutting three vehicle models and 3,000 jobs — and still needed a new $5 billion cash infusion from the government. General Motors Corp. received a fresh $4 billion. Anything but reassured, Wall Street dove ever lower. The Dow Jones industrials fell 297.81 points, closing less than a point above their lowest level in five and a half years. Obama focused on the $787 billion stimulus plan, an ambitious package of federal spending and tax STIMULUS, see page 4


Guitar class gains popularity Contributing Writer


As video games like “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” continue to soar in popularity, interest in the real thing has increased as well. Everyone from children to

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7:20 a.m. 8:20 a.m. Noon 3:20 p.m. 4:20 p.m. 5:20 p.m.

want them to have an understanding of how the guitar works.” This semester, the guitar class consists of 27 students — a big jump from about 16 students last semester, according to Johns. Johns’ students range from a little girl with a pink guitar to a loving married couple who wanted to learn to play the guitar together. GUITAR, see page 5


By Mary Walker Baus

grandparents want to play like rock stars, and the Student Union Leisure Class Department gives people of all ages a chance to learn with its beginner guitar class. “I try to get [my students] prepared to be able to go on and start learning and playing songs on their own outside of class,” said Eric Johns, class instructor. “We learn chords, we learn songs and I talk about different guitar techniques. I


Instructor teaches basic playing, theory




MEGAN J. WILLIAMS / The Daily Reveille

Eric Johns, guitar leisure class instructor, teaches students and members of the Baton Rouge community guitar fundamentals Sunday in the Student Union.








Nation & World


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Marchers block border to protest army presence

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UN says Afghan civilian deaths jumped 40 percent last year



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KABUL (AP) — The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan’s worsening conflict jumped 40 percent to a new high last year, and more than half of the deaths were inflicted by Taliban insurgents and other militants, the United Nations said Tuesday. The report said insurgents increasingly use roadside bombs, car bombs and suicide bombers in attacks that are “undertaken regardless of the impact on civilians.” In the latest such attack, the U.S. military reported a roadside bomb killed five civilians Monday in Kandahar province.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — Hundreds of people blocked bridges to the United States in three border cities Tuesday, demanding the army leave in another challenge for the Mexican government as it struggles to quell escalating drug violence. The protests in Ciudad Juarez blocked traffic for at least an hour across three bridges connecting the city to El Paso, Texas. Similar protests broke out on bridges in the border cities of Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, while demonstrators blocked roads in the northern industrial city of Monterrey and the Gulf state of Veracruz.


Obama OKs 17,000 more Afghanistan troops


wednesday, february 18, 2009

bcm dinner & tnt worship Every Thursday night. Dinner (free) at 7:15pm. TNT Worship Service at 8:00pm. The BCM is at the corner of Highland & Chimes. All LSU students invited! confessions of a soldier African American Culture Center (AACC) Tuesday, February 17th at 7:14pm Genesis Tutoring-Free Monday-Thursday 5:00-9:00pm Office of Multicultural affairs Mr. & mrs. imani pageant LSU Student Union Cotillion Ballroom Wednesday, February 18, 7:30pm 2009 springfest team leader applications Due Wednesday, February 18th Pick up an application in 326A Student Union or For more info call 578.4339 alpha kappa alpha sorority, inc Tolietry Drive Feb. 4th-28th Drop Box in LSU Women’s Center. Contact Marissa Brewer, for a list of accepted items. society of women engineers meeting 2412 Patrick Taylor 6pm Refreshments will be served. lsu student real estate assn. Meeting Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 6:00pm 1118 P.F. Taylor Hall Contact

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama approved adding some 17,000 U.S. troops for the flagging war in Afghanistan, his first significant move to change the course of a conflict that his closest military advisers have warned the United States is not winning. “This increase is necessary to stabilize a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, which has not received the strategic attention, direction and resources it urgently requires,” Obama said in a statement. That was an implicit slap at his predecessor, George W. Bush, whom Obama has accused of slighting urgent national security needs in Afghanistan in favor of war in Iraq. The White House said the new commander in chief would send a Marine brigade and one additional Army brigade to Afghanistan.

ALLAUDDIN KHAN / The Associated Press

A U.S. soldier stands guard in front of an armored personal carrier Sunday in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Hundreds of T.V. stations Crash probe focusing on weather, crew’s training cut analog signals NEW YORK (AP) — About a quarter of the nation’s TV stations cut off their analog signals Tuesday, causing sets to go dark in households that were not prepared for digital television despite two years of warnings about the transition. Though most viewers were ready — and people with cable or satellite service were unaffected — some stations and call centers reported a steady stream of questions from frustrated callers. Many wondered how to get coupons for converter boxes that translate digital signals for older TVs — or how to get the devices working.


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CLARENCE, N.Y. (AP) — The man at the controls of a turboprop plane that pitched like a kite before crashing into a house last week had spent only 110 hours flying that model, and investigators said Tuesday they would look into the quality and quantity of his training. The pilot of Continental Connection Flight 3407 apparently ignored federal recommendations not to fly on autopilot as ice was building on his plane, though investigators so far say he violated no rules.

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Hoop Challenge winners to represent University in Tampa they’re “not good enough to do from March 12 to 15. “Quaker State … [is] trying it,” Milford-Hoyt said. Univerto reach out to the average stu- sity Recreation hopes to put these dent, not just the varsity athlete,” apprehensions to rest and attract said Matthew Boyer, University a bigger group of hopefuls next Recreation assistant director of year. By Natalie Roy The teams that were spirited leagues and tournaments. “[The Contributing Writer tournament] is open to any stu- enough to compete in the chalWith the clock dwindling in dents enrolled at LSU, as long as lenge, which started at 5 p.m., triple overtime, the MonStars and … they do not have an athletic went through a rigorous and exthe Manbearpigs scrambled to scholarship … and [are not] on citing five-hour pool play elimination process on the University score the seven points needed for any varsity team.” The challenge consists of a Student Recreational Complex a win. Leading 6-2, the all-freshmen MonStars saw an opening, 20-minute game or the first team basketball courts. “[In] a pool play tournament took the shot and won the title of to reach 24 points — whichever comes first. There … we randomly assign [each Hoop Challenge is a four-person team] to a pool of anywhere from winners. The Mon- ‘The teams that didn’t roster maximum, three to five teams,” Boyer said. three players “Inside the pool, they play each Stars, who had really stand out ... with on the court at a other team. Out of the pool, the been playing for champion or champion and runan exhausting five ended up giving us a time. Only four ner-up will advance to a singlehours, walked off run for our money.’ women’s teams elimination bracket.” the court as winThe pool play format makes registered for this ners of the 2009 Taylor Jacobsen year’s challenge, it easier to find the best teams Quaker State 3-on-3 Hoop landscape architecture freshman and though the in each pool, eventually allownumber of reg- ing the top teams to compete in Challenge, sponistered men’s teams was signifi- a smaller, more condensed toursored by University Recreation. “One word — Tampa,” cantly higher at 22, the lack of nament, Boyer said. The pools shouted an excited Darian Riley, contestants begged Tricia Mil- permit a large amount of teams business freshman and MonStar ford-Hoyt, University Recreation to have fun while eliminating the problems that team member, while celebrating associate director could arise with of marketing and after the game. all teams in one The MonStars’ all-freshman membership, to huge bracket. roster included Taylor Jacobsen, wonder where the “In a big avid Darian Riley, Cam Ballard and countless, bracket, a great Bryan Keley. The players, who basketball playteam might lose had never met before coming to ers who grace early,” Milfordcourts the University, came together be- UREC’s Hoyt said. “This cause of their fellow intramural on a regular baKourtni Brown is a great opportusis are, and why players’ suggestions. kinesiology senior nity for teams to “We’re on the same team aren’t they giving have two chancfor intramurals, so we’ve been the Hoop Chales.” playing together every Monday lenge a shot? When the MonStars and The “We haven’t had a big turn night,” said Jacobsen, landscape architecture freshman. “Even so, out, and we’re concerned about System compete in Tampa, they the [competition] was definite- that,” Milford-Hoyt said. “Stu- will play for an array of prizes ly hard. The teams we thought dents think that they have to be and the trophy that comes with would be at the end definitely the best of the best … [but] we being the SEC Fanfest winners. gave us a shock ... and the teams would really love if 100 teams that didn’t really stand out to us tried out, and based on what we the entire game ended up giving see out on the courts everyday, there are definitely 100 teams us a run for our money.” Thirty minutes before the that could participate.” Many students don’t MonStars won the men’s final, Contact Natalie Roy at the women’s final announced its know about the relatively new champion. Kourtni Brown, Rayya competition and may think Stevenson, Gaynelle Brown and Chelsea Ransom made up the woman’s winning team, The System, and won 24-15 over the Ballin’ Tigers. “Honestly, it [wasn’t hard],” said Kourtni Brown, kinesiology senior. “We never had to go through the whole 20 minutes. We’re definitely going all the way [in the SEC Fanfest Tournament].” The MonStars and The System will compete against other Southeastern Conference schools’ winners in Tampa, Fla.,

UREC aims for more teams next year



‘We’re definitely going all the way [in the SEC Fanfest Tournament].’

JARED P.L. NORMAND / The Daily Reveille

The MonStars compete in an intramural basketball tournament Tuesday night at the UREC courts for an all-expense-paid trip to the SEC basketball tournament.




Pinnacle gets delay for casino Company blames market for problems By Joy Lukachick Staff Writer

Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. has received a 90-day extension from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board for February construction deadlines at both the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles riverboat casinos. After Pinnacle executives asked to delay the Feb. 18 construction contracts deadline for the 550 acres of property in Baton Rouge, the Board unanimously voted Tuesday to grant the extension. The casino company asked to extend the time to continue working on the plans for the Baton Rouge casino and extend the time to finish preliminary work on the Lake Charles casino because of the shaky financial market. Carlos Ruisanchez, executive vice president of strategic planning and development at Pinnacle Entertainment, told the Board the gaming industry is fairing worse than other markets in the economy.

STIMULUS, from page 1 cuts designed to revive the economy and save millions of jobs. Most wage earners will soon see the first paycheck evidence of tax breaks that will total $400 for individuals and $800 for couples. The stimulus package was a huge victory for Obama less than one month into his presidency. But he struck a sober tone and lowered expectations for an immediate turnaround in the severe recession, which is well into its second year. “None of this will be easy,” he said. “The road to recovery will not be straight. We will make progress, and there may be some slippage along the way.” Still, he declared, “We have begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive in our time.” Underscoring energy-related investments in the new law, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden flew separately to Denver where the president signed it at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science before roughly 250 people, including alternative energy business leaders. Earlier, the pair examined solar panels on the museum’s roof. On Wednesday, Obama will outline another big piece of his recovery effort — a $50 billion plan to help stem foreclosures — in Arizona, one of the states hardest hit by the mortgage defaults that are at the center of the nation’s economic woes. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner mentioned the housing program last week as he rolled out a wide-ranging financial-sector rescue plan that could send $2 trillion coursing through the financial system. Obama is expected to detail how the administration plans to prod the mortgage industry to do more in modifying the terms of home loans

“Consumer confidence is at million Lake Charles complex in an all time low,” he said, explain- 90 days. ing the situation was one of many “We’re hesitant to say we’ll problems in the financial market. approve the construction,” GodRuisanchez read a report to frey said. the Board stating the casino inThe company wants to monidustry lost about $11.6 billion tor the financial market to ensure last year from it’s stable before canceled projects, entering a binding not including Las construction conVegas casinos. tract, he said. “We have Construction not been immune at Sugarcane Bay, to this,” he said, the Lake Charles explaining that casino project, Pinnacle has had started in August Carlos Ruisanchez some setbacks to and will also be their projects in Pinnacle Entertainment executive VP extended. the last year. Pinnacle exBoard Chairman Charles ecutives said construction to widGaudin asked Pinnacle executives en the road at the Lake Charles if Louisiana would remain a No. 1 location is underway. priority to Pinnacle. Plans are still in place to finJack Godfrey, executive vice ish both projects, but Pinnacle expresident, general counsel and ecutives said they could not guarsecretary at Pinnacle Entertain- antee they will secure the needed ment, said Louisiana is an “ex- funds. tremely high priority” for the Pinnacle’s proposed Baton company because the gambling Rouge gambling complex was apcompany has invested two proj- proved last February. ects in the state. But Godfrey said the gambling company could not guaranContact Joy Lukachick at tee it would be financially ready to continue full work on the $350


‘Consumer confidence is at an all time low.’

so borrowers have lower monthly payments. More than 2.3 million homeowners coast-to-coast faced foreclosure proceedings last year, an 81 percent increase from 2007. Analysts say that number could soar as high as 10 million in the coming years, depending on the severity of the recession. In Denver, Obama said the stimulus package had received broad support in Washington and elsewhere, though Democrats pushed it to passage with only three Republican votes in the Senate and none in the House. One of the biggest public spending programs since World War II, the new law is designed to create jobs in the short term and to boost consumer confidence to battle the worst economic crisis since the Great

Depression. It also makes down payments on Obama’s health care, energy and education goals. Taking the long view, Obama cast the law as just “the beginnings of the first steps” to jerk the country out of a crisis he inherited from GOP President George W. Bush. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, asked by reporters, would not rule out another stimulus in the future, though he said a sequel was not in the works “at this point.” He added, “The president is going to do whatever he thinks is necessary to get our economy moving again.” The nation’s distressed economy has dominated Obama’s first weeks in office. Contact The Daily Reveille’s news staff at


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2009 GUITAR, from page 1 “Our program is made of classes of a variety of topics that people like to do with their leisure time,” said Lynne Maxwell, leisure class coordinator. “This [guitar] class has been filling up each semester, and we’ve had to turn people away.” Johns has been playing the guitar for a decade, and he teaches outside of the leisure class. He also knows how to play the trumpet and the piano, but guitar is his favorite. “The sound is created by both hands,” Johns said. “It’s a type of

CENSUS, from page 1 losing a U.S. congressional seat “has been on the button since the last census” in 2000. Goidel, cited stagnation in Louisiana’s population growth as a reason for losing the seat. By 2008, Louisiana had lost more than 58,000 residents since the 2000 census — a loss of 1.3 percent, placing Louisiana last for population growth, according to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. Only one other state, North Dakota has an estimated loss of population. The U.S. Constitution mandates the 10-year census be used to re-apportion U.S. congressional seats to reflect changes in state-bystate populations and that each state redraw its own districts based on the results found by the census. “Redistricting is a tricky thing for political parties because it doesn’t always work out the way they plan,” said Wayne Parent, political science professor. Goidel said redistricting can get deeply involved in political interests, citing political parties’ fears of gerrymandering — purposefully drawing districts to give an unfair advantage to one party. But Koepp said there are multiple laws and regulations the government must to adhere to when redrawing districts. First, Koepp said, “you have to meet the Constitutional requirement of one person, one vote.” Guidelines provided by the


connection you don’t get with a piano or a trumpet.” As of now, the beginner guitar class is an hour on six Sundays of each semester. Johns said he would like the class to be over a longer period of time, and he would love to teach an intermediate class for students who have completed the beginner course. Rhonda Ancar, of Denham Springs, and her husband, Ashton Ancar, attend the class together. Rhonda Ancar has taken many Union leisure classes, such as calligraphy, art and jewelry making.


Ashton Ancar, a more advanced guitar player, chose to take the guitar class to learn more with his wife. “[My husband] learned to play some from his dad, so he took the class with me in order to play better,” Rhonda Ancar said. “Plus, I think he was scared I’d learn to out play him.” She said she hopes the class will help her build confidence so she will continue learning and playing songs. During class, Johns emphasized repetition was key to remembering hand placement for chords. He said after looking at the same

thing over and over, your brain will eventually remember it. Johns teaches his students to read music notation and guitar tablature, which is notation for finger placement on the strings. The music theory section of the class “seemed to blow over the students’ heads,” Johns said. The Union leisure class program has been around for 40 years and has offered more than 10,000 classes, Maxwell said. Ballroom dancing and guitar classes have been around since 1975, as far back as Maxwell’s records show. In the ’70s, the Union leisure class program offered square

dancing, wine tasting, yoga, meditation and outdoor-oriented classes. “It is fulfilling to see that people come back to the University, continue life-long learning and continue to support the community,” Maxwell said. “It’s nice to see education continuing through people’s life spans. We’re always looking for new classes to keep people interested.”

Supreme Court of the United States the count, which comprises the unand the Voting Rights Act also influ- dercount. The disagreement, Goidel said, ence how the Legislature begins to is whether it’s better to use the raw redraw districts. Koepp said two basic require- count and risk not including some or ments are ensuring each district has use the estimates and risk counting roughly the same number of people people who may not really be there. The estimates weren’t used and preventing retrogression — endfor the census in ing up with less minority districts 2000. The differthan before the reence affects urban drawing began. areas in Louisiana But the politilike New Orleans cal maneuvering — a city where doesn’t end there. the population loss Nationally, the from Hurricane politics surroundKirby Goidel Katrina is expecting the 2010 census were thrown Manship director of public policy research ed to lose the city representation in back into the spotlight when Sen. Judd Greg, R-N.H., the state Legislature. withdrew his nomination by PresiIn January, the U.S. Census dent Barack Obama as Commerce Bureau accepted a challenge of its Secretary, citing, among other rea- population estimate by Orleans Parsons, disagreement over the census. ish, resulting in an increase of more Karen Paterson, state demogra- than 48,000 to the estimated popupher with the Louisiana State Cen- lation for the parish — a total of sus Data Center, said the disagree- 288,113. The revised total, though, ment isn’t over the census itself, but is still thousands smaller than the “whether or not you adjust for the 2000 census count for Orleans of 484,674. undercount afterward.” Though the census is “a count Until the 2010 census comes of everyone living in the United out, Koepp said there’s “no way to States,” according to the U.S. Cen- know” how redistricting is going to sus Web site, Paterson said counting “come out.” everyone isn’t possible. Dense urban areas are particu- AFFECTING THE ECONOMY larly difficult to capture the true Paterson said the Census Bupopulation numbers for, Paterson reau is now hiring workers. She said said, especially among the homeless. the local census offices in LafayThe bureau estimates the number of ette and Baton Rouge have noticed those who may have been missed in interest in census jobs. The work,

Paterson said, is fitted well for college students, who have been hired in the past. “Thousands of census takers are needed to update address lists and conduct interviews with community residents,” according to the U.S. Census Web site. Paterson said the 2010 census is particularly important this time because of the damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Census data is used by the Federal government “to make decisions about what community services to provide, and to distribute $300 bil-

lion in federal funds to local, state and tribal governments each year,” according to the Census Bureau. “Knowing what the characteristics of the population are will help planning,” Paterson said. The data is also used by businesses for planning marketing strategies, Paterson said. “Businesses use it as much as government,” she said.


‘It’s hard for me to see how Louisiana doesn’t lose a Congressional seat.’

Contact Mary Walker Baus at

Contact Nate Monroe at



wednesday, february 18, 2009




Alex Attracts



Construction workers continue to work on the new Alex Box Stadium on Monday. The Tigers are set to open the regular season Friday in the stadium against Villanova. LSU coach Paul Mainieri said the new facility will act as a recruiting tool for baseball prospects.

LSU junior outfielder Blake Dean was a high school senior three years ago, and the attraction of playing in the new Alex Box Stadium lured the All-American to Baton Rouge. With the first pitch of the 2009 baseball season days away, the new Alex Box is not only shaping up to be one of the nicest stadiums on campus but one of the LSU baseball program’s best recruiting tools.

“You’re seeing beautiful facilities going up all over the place now,” said LSU coach Paul Mainieri. “If LSU is supposed to be the very best baseball program, it is only appropriate that we have one of the facilities that would rank in the same category.” Penn State’s Medlar Field at Lubrano Park was completed in 2006. Penn State coach Robbie Wine said the new stadium has helped keep talented athletes in the state. He said a lot of Pennsylvania’s talented prospects were heading South to play

baseball before it was built. “Having the stadium here has done wonders for our recruiting and done wonders for people even knowing we have a baseball team,” Wine said. Former LSU pitcher Kurt Ainsworth said recruits care about more than just tradition when they are deciding their baseball futures. “You have to show them better facilities, and you have to have the top-notch coaches and support staff with training,” Ainsworth said. “Now, not only do you have the

Sports Contributor

tradition that everybody knows about, but you have the best facility to go along with it.” Former LSU catcher Brad Cresse said even recruits who do care more about tradition may not be aware of LSU’s history. “People over in New York and California or Texas, when they come in for a recruiting trip, they are not quite up-to-date on all that tradition yet,” Cresse said. “So when they see this new stadium on top of the ALEX BOX, see page 11

ARKANSAS, see page 10

New Alex Box Stadium to act as recruiting tool, keep players in state Sports Contributor

By Amos Morale LSU men’s basketball coach Trent Johnson has subtle ways of keeping his team motivated. The newly ‘I love ranked Tigers, the Southeast- Courtney ern ConferForston. ence’s lone ranked team, There’s not travel tonight another to face a team guard in with only one conference vic- the country tory. But No. I want ...’ 23 LSU isn’t looking past its John Pelphrey opponent, and Arkansas’ men’s Johnson has of- basketball coach fered constant reminders about Arkansas’ potential. “If Pittsburgh beats [Connecticut], Oklahoma will probably be ranked No. 1,” Johnson said Monday afternoon before the No. 2 Panthers’ 76-68 win against the top-ranked Huskies. “They only have one loss. Guess who beat them? Arkansas did, in Fayetteville.” The Razorbacks (13-10, 1-9) defeated the Sooners, 98-88, on Dec. 30. And one week later, Arkansas beat then-No. 7 Texas at home, 67-61. The Tigers (21-4, 9-1) head to Fayetteville hoping to avoid the same fate those ranked teams suffered.

GRANT GUTIERREZ/ The Daily Reveille

By Amos Morale

Tigers staying focused for Arkansas


Cap space, injuries force McAllister off team Release gets mixed reactions from fans By Rowan Kavner Sports Contributor

ALEX BRANDON / The Associated Press

Former New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister waves to fans Nov. 24 after the Saints beat the Green Bay Packers, 51-29, in the Superdome.

The New Orleans Saints released running back Deuce McAllister on Tuesday after eight record-setting seasons and countless memories both on and off the field. McAllister is the Saints’ all-time leader in rushing yards (6,069), total touchdowns (55), rushing touchdowns (49) and 100-yard rushing games (27). He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2002 and 2003. But after tearing both of his anterior cruciate ligaments since

Peter Russo

French/international studies senior

‘I don’t know who they’re going to get to replace Deuce. He’s a legend.’

October 2005 and being due more than $7 million next season, McAllister is no longer a member of the team that drafted him. Student opinions are mixed as to whether releasing one of the most popular players in Saints’ history was the right move. “It was inevitable,” said

Amar Cumurovic civil engineering freshman

‘I like Deuce, but he’s old. He’s got two knee surgeries, and he can’t do it anymore.’

Ryan Thompson, political science freshman. “Deuce was a great asset to the franchise for a while, but in the end, he just got cast away by players like Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush and Aaron Stecker. We didn’t really need him as much.” DEUCE, see page 11



wednesday, february 18, 2009


Paul drives for game-winner in 100-98 win in OKC By Jeff Latzke The Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Chris Paul performed all kinds of amazing feats in launching his All-Star career in Oklahoma City. There was still something missing. “I don’t think I ever hit any game-winners here,” Paul said. Time to check that off of his list. Returning again to the city where his NBA career got started, Paul drove the lane for a layup with 2.7 seconds left to lift the New Orleans Hornets to a 100-98 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night. Paul won the Rookie of the Year award after his debut season, when the Hornets played most of their games at the Ford Center after being forced out of their home because of Hurricane Katrina. But all of the big game-winners that season and the

next were hit by David West, and not Paul. This time, Paul looked at coach Byron Scott after Kevin Durant’s tying 3-pointer with 13.8 seconds to play and urged him not to call a timeout. That allowed him to attack a Thunder defense that didn’t have a chance to catch its breath and develop a game plan for stopping him. He made up for a drive to the basket one possession earlier that ended with rookie Kyle Weaver swatting his shot to give Oklahoma City the chance to tie in the first place. “It was the same move I made when we were up three and he blocked it. I got my body on him a little bit more,” Paul said. The Thunder are now 1-7 in games decided by two points or less. “It’s tough, man, especially when the game was pretty much in your hands — guarding the guy that scores the last bucket,” Weaver said. “It’s going to sting a little bit.”

David West led the Hornets with 37 points and 13 rebounds, while Paul finished with 21 points and eight assists in the team’s first game since trading starting center Tyson Chandler to the Thunder earlier in the day for veterans Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox, plus second-round pick DeVon Hardin. Chandler was due to make about $12 million next season, and the move helps keep the Hornets under the salary cap. “It really bothers me the fact that it came down to a basketball decision as opposed to something dealing with basketball. Coach told us before the game, as much as he meant to this basketball team and as close as we were to him, it’s a business and when the games come before us, we’ve got to be ready to play.” Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at


Freshman pitcher ‘progressing rapidly’ Tigers travel to Southeastern La. By Rachel Whittaker Sports Writer

LSU softball coach Yvette Girouard said she is “very optimistic” about her team’s start but hopes the team can take greater advantage of clutch game situations and progress more on the pitching front. After going 2-2 in the Easton Tiger Classic in the new Tiger Park last weekend, No. 22 LSU (6-4) hits the road tonight for a game against in-state opponent Southeastern Louisiana. “In some areas, we’re just inches away from being really good, and then in other areas I wonder how we could have just done what we did,” Girouard said. Girouard said the performance of freshman pitcher Brittany Mack made her especially excited. “Brittany Mack has really emerged into someone I predict will have a great career at LSU and is progressing rapidly,”

Girouard said. “In softball, the softball gods giveth and the softball gods taketh away, but that usually evens out over your career.” Mack threw 176 pitches during her second career win Saturday against Texas A&M. She said she has concentrated the most on two pitches so far. “My changeup has been my best pitch, and my screwball is one I’ve been throwing a lot,” Mack said. “Against A&M, I probably threw [the screwball] about 90 percent of the pitches. Whenever I was in high school, I always thought you had to have a bunch of pitches to perform well, but Coach [Girouard] has said if I hit my spots, I can live off that.” Mack said it wasn’t too difficult to throw that many pitches Saturday and that she enjoys being on the mound for so long.

“I actually do better the longer I pitch. I don’t know why,” she said. “In high school, I was able to pitch 21 innings [in one game]. I’m just so used to throwing long games that my shoulder has never really gotten tired.” Mack’s lone loss of the season came Sunday against Sam Houston State when she gave up a home run in the eighth inning. That turned out to be the difference in the game. “Mack threw a great game but made one mistake,” Girouard said. “But if you don’t touch the dish, you never win, so I’m not blaming it on that one pitch.” Girouard said she is discouraged about the team’s lack of production at game-changing junctures. “Too many people are being SOFTBALL, see page 10

ALONZO ADAMS / The Associated Press

Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant (35) drives the ball past New Orleans forward Peja Stojakovic on Tuesday in the Hornets’ win in Oklahoma City.


wednesday, february 18, 2009


Tigers, Lady Tigers head to SECs Teams shooting for top-5 finishes By Amos Morale Sports Contributor

There’s a feeling of excitement throughout the LSU swimming and diving teams. “This is kind of the fun part where you roll the balls on the court and let them play,” said LSU swimming and diving coach Adam Schmitt. The No. 18 Tigers and Lady Tigers head to Auburn to compete in the Southeastern Conference championships today through Saturday. “This is the best part of the season for me,” Schmitt said. “We’ve gotten them ready to this point, and now, it’s about their goals and their ideas of what they want to do. “We’re going to let them dive in and go fast, and we’re shooting for fast times, school records, top-10 all-time school marks and getting as many people to NCAA [championships] as possible.” Both the Tigers and Lady Tigers finished sixth in the SEC championships last year and are hoping for top-5 finishes this year. “I expect some awesome things, especially in the relays,” said sophomore Hannes Heyl. “We’re looking sharp.” Heyl advanced to the NCAA championships and earned AllAmerican honors last year as a freshman. He is expected to match those performances this season. LSU freshman swimmer Ben Decker swam the sixth-fastest 200yard breastroke time in the conference this season in November with a 1 minute, 59.08-second performance. “We had some people pop out,” Schmitt said. “So what it allowed me to do was bring a couple alternates.” LSU seniors Katherine Noland and Katie Gilmore own the 10th and 11th fastest times 100 freestyle times in the conference this season. Noland also is in the top-10 in the conference in the 100 fly. LSU senior diver Niko Dalman scored the second-highest total in the one-meter event. “He’s competing at a higher level than he ever has,” diving coach Doug Shaffer said in a news

MAGGIE BOWLES / The Daily Reveille

Junior Sean LeNeave swims the 200 fly Jan. 10 against FSU. LSU’s swimming and diving teams will compete in the SEC championships today through Saturday.

release. “So I have nothing but optimism for his performance at SECs, and he’s demonstrated that he’s got the ability to contend for a championship.” The teams had a break before the championships, where they changed their training style and relaxed their routines. “It’s just a chance to recover form a long season of training,” Schmitt said. “So their muscles and their system to kind of shut down a little bit and recover, which they don’t get to do all year.” LSU senior Monica McJunkin said the Tigers and Lady Tigers focused on the details during the lighter period, which included starts, turns and finishes. “We want to get there and not have to think about everything,” McJunkin said. LSU left Baton Rouge on Monday to practice and get acclimated to the Auburn’s pool. “It’s a great pool, and it’s a great facility,” Schmitt said. “Once you get used to the lighting and the aesthetics, it’s going to be a good pool.”

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PAGE 10 SOFTBALL, from page 8

left on in what we call primetime situations,” Girouard said. “That’s really hurting us. We’re getting people on, but we just can’t drive them in. It’s coming back to haunt us. It haunted us against Sam Houston, and it haunted us against Hawaii.” Junior outfielder Rachel Mitchell, who is third on the team with a .267 batting average, said the youth of the team contributes to a slow start in some areas. “Pretty much every year I start

ARKANSAS, from page 7

“In our last game with them, we didn’t challenge them much in the first half,” Arkansas coach John Pelphrey said at his Monday press conference. “We competed better in the second half. We need more of that second half.” The Tigers held a 20-point halftime lead on their way to a 7969 win Jan. 31 in Baton Rouge. But both teams may be without players who played key roles in the teams’ first meeting. LSU sophomore point guard Bo Spencer has been sidelined with an ankle injury he suffered in the Tigers’ double-overtime victory against Mississippi State. Spencer hasn’t practiced since last Wednesday. “It’d be different if it was some of the other guys,” Johnson said. “Bo has a high pain threshold, and he is tough kid, so it’s not good.” Arkansas freshman guard

THE DAILY REVEILLE off pretty slow,” Mitchell said. “I just have to get back in that groove of feeling my swinging. It’s important to come out early and take extra cuts off tees ... trying to get muscle memory back and stuff. Our team is brand new; we just want to go out and prove ourselves. We have nine new freshmen, and one transferred and never played in this conference at this level.” After defeating a high-ranked Texas A&M team twice over the weekend, Girouard said the Tigers cannot overlook their matchup

against Southeastern, which is 4-2 on the season. “I have to reiterate to the team that every time you go to a state school, it’s a huge game for them, just like it was a huge game for Sam Houston to beat LSU,” Girouard said Sunday. “They’ve got to know that. It’s about the big ‘F’ word — focus. They’re going to have to be focused.”

Courtney Fortson, who scored 17 points and had 9 assists against LSU, missed his Razorbacks’ game against Kentucky on Saturday but practiced on Monday. “If he does the correct things, he will play on Wednesday,” Pelphrey said. “I love Courtney Fortson. There’s not another guard in the country I want playing our point guard spot. I anticipate having him back in the starting lineup. If he is in the lineup, it means the guy who is first or second on our team in every category will be back.” LSU senior guard Garrett Temple played the point guard position in Spencer’s absence Saturday. He scored 6 points and dished out 9 assists in a 73-66 LSU win against Ole Miss. “You can also trust Garrett at all times because he gives it his all in everything he does,” said LSU senior center Chris Johnson. “Defensively and offensively, he’s a leader out there. I have a high

comfort zone with Garrett.” Trent Johnson said Spencer’s presence helps spread the defense because his shooting ability creates lanes for Chris Johnson and LSU junior forward Tasmin Mitchell. “Now, when you take Bo out of the equation, with [the shooting percentages] of Garrett shooting the ball and Terry Martin shooting the ball [at] what they are, so teams are a little more reluctant to run at them and more reluctant to sag off on Tasmin or Marcus [Thornton].” Spencer matched a careerhigh of 21 points and was 5-of-6 from 3-point range in the team’s first meeting. “Bo Spencer is one of those guys who needs to be in the mix for most improved player [in the SEC],” Pelphrey said. “He was terrific [in the first meeting].”

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wednesday, february 18, 2009

wednesday, february 18, 2009 DEUCE, from page 7

With Stecker on injured reserve for the majority of last season, Thomas carried the bulk of the load with 129 carries. McAllister got 107 carries in 13 games, and Bush got 106 in 10 games. Amar Cumurovic, civil engineering freshman, said it was time for McAllister to go. “I like Deuce, but he’s old,” Cumurovic said. “He’s got two knee surgeries, and he can’t do it anymore.” While the injuries may have factored into the release, Kyle Richard, biological engineering sophomore, thinks money had a lot to do with it. “Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister both wanted a lot of money,” Richard said. “You can’t have both on a franchise team.” Thompson said the cap space for the Saints was a major cause for McAllister and the organization parting ways. “He was expendable because

ALEX BOX, from page 7

stories they hear about the past, that will lock them in.” Cresse likened the new facility to the Football Operations Center on Skip Bertman Drive, which was built in 2006. “It’s been a big help in winning those national championships,” Cresse said. “When those recruits come in and see the facility, they sign. It’s proven to work with them, so it’s time to put it to use in baseball.” The new Alex Box also features a larger locker room and indoor batting cages. “In today’s competition for recruits, coach Mainieri needs a bigger locker room than we had,” said Skip Bertman, athletic director emeritus and former LSU baseball coach. “He needs a player’s lounge, which we never had before. He needs a big team meeting room and a nice training room. In the old Alex Box, you couldn’t go to the locker room through the dugout, like other schools do it.” Bertman said the new stadium can “light up a recruit’s eyes.” Ole Miss’ baseball stadium underwent renovations last summer, giving it many of the same amenities of the new Alex Box Stadium. But Ole Miss coach Mike Bianco said he doesn’t feel recruiting will be drastically affected by the new stadiums. “I don’t mean this egotistically, but we’ve done pretty good without [the new stadium],” Bianco said. Baseball is one of the few sports

THE DAILY REVEILLE the cap situation was a concern for the team,” Thompson said. “In the end, he knows it’s a business.” Whitnei Williams, communication studies senior, thinks loyalty should have played a bigger role in the Saints’ decision. “It’s unfortunate that he had to be released,” said Williams. “I know a lot of fans are going to be upset.” Some fans were a little more vocal about the decision. “I’m pretty pissed off about it,” said Peter Russo, French and international studies senior. “I don’t know who they’re going to get to replace Deuce. He’s a legend.” Russo thinks this isn’t the first mistake the Saints management has made recently. “They’ve been messing up for a few years,” Russo said. “Once they let [former general manager] Randy Mueller go, that was their first mistake.” Though bitter about the situation, Russo isn’t surprised. “The coach [Sean Payton]

is going in a different direction,” Russo said. “I kind of saw this coming the whole time. I think most people did.” Richard said he thinks McAllister will retire, while Russo thinks he’ll play somewhere else in the league. Cumurovic said the most McAllister can get is a one-year deal, but Thompson thinks it’s possible McAllister could come back to the team that let him go. “I think Deuce really likes the Gulf Coast,” Thompson said. “Maybe he can renegotiate with the Saints and see if he can take a pay cut.” Even fans who thought it may be time for McAllister’s departure said the release is bittersweet. “It’s sad to see him go,” Richard said. “It will affect the fans more than the team.”

in which athletes can still bypass college and play professionally. Bianco said that facet of recruiting is what a newer facility will affect the most. “When a kid is choosing to go play baseball, is he gonna go to Billings, Montana, and play in an old, beat-up minor league park, or

is he gonna go to the Southeastern Conference where it is not just Ole Miss or LSU, but there are 12 nice stadiums?” Bianco said.

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Former Saint Deuce McAllister will be missed on, off field We don’t normally reserve this space to discuss professional athletes, but Deuce McAllister is oneof-a-kind. The New Orleans Saints released the running back after eight seasons with the organization. The team losing not only its touchdown record-holder, but also a constant leader for the city.

From mentoring underprivileged kids with his Catch 22 Foundation to lending a hand to those in financial need with his Nissan dealership in Jackson, Miss., McAllister has been a non-stop role model. But those foundations aren’t the only reasons Gulf Coast residents so appreciate McAllister. His continuous loyalty to New Orleans through

the city’s ups and downs cannot go without acknowledgment. At least he stayed by the city’s side after the storm — unlike our former president. Cocktails for Katrina, a charity event hosted by McAllister and former teammate Drew Brees, was just one of the ways McAllister gave back to New Orleans.

The event was established to assist those affected by Katrina, particularly children, and help them make a difference in their community. “Today, we start the process of trying to replace him and find that player that embodies what Deuce McAllister has meant to this team,” Saints’ coach Sean Payton said after releasing McAllister from the team.

We wish Payton good luck. We think he may have a tough time finding “that player.” To many of us, the No. 26 in black and gold will always symbolize great athletic ability — and even more importantly, great character. Contact the Editorial Board at


Jindal has prospects — but he’s still our governor It is now common knowledge among those who follow politics that our governor’s future looks bright. Republicans have tapped Gov. Bobby Jindal to give the party response to President Barack Obama’s upcoming address to a joint session of Congress. By choosing Jindal, the party is essentially putting him on the short list of Republican leaders. The choice is another in a long line of very public and high-profile visits the governor has made that indicate in no uncertain terms that he has national aspirations. Jindal is considered by many to be one of the most viable candidates to challenge the Democrats in either 2012 or 2016, depending upon how well Obama does as president. Writers everywhere are already dissecting his viability as a candidate, claiming he is best suited to reform

the Republican image and lead it back to competitiveness. They tout his youth and race as attributes Republicans have lacked entirely. They cite his excellent educational background and eloquence. They point to his strong health care background, lending expertise to an issue generally considered a Republican weakness. They talk about so many reasons he’s a good candidate for president they forget he still has a job to do. Namely, running our state.  In focusing so heavily on his national prospects, Jindal risks taking his eye off the ball.  His strongest supporters repeatedly claim if he’s able to make progress in a state as historically averse to change as Louisiana, he’ll be the perfect candidate for president. Of course, that assumes Jindal achieves success in Louisiana.  He

still has work to do before making that claim. So far, Jindal’s only major accomplishments are the ethics reforms and his response to Hurricane Gustav. His most fervent supporters claim these are already leaps and strides above the norm. Matthew While passAlbright ing an ethics reColumnist form bill in Louisiana sounds good, the reforms were by no means universally applauded and were not by any stretch of the imagination entirely comprehensive. The Public Affairs Research Council, among others, indicated the reforms may actually make it more difficult to prosecute violators.  The bill also entirely ignored

finance reform, which is convenient, considering Jindal and his party’s propensity for accepting large amounts of funds from monolithic corporations. Likewise, the administration’s response to Gustav is not nearly the achievement some might claim. Besides the obvious difference in scale — Katrina was a different animal entirely — Jindal’s administration had the tremendous benefit of hindsight. Even if we accept the significance of these achievements, Jindal still has little else to his credit. For example, much has been made of his health care experience and ability to talk about the issue fluently. But talk – and hype – is cheap. Jindal has done little for Louisiana’s health care system. In this respect, the state is actually rated lower now than it was before he took office. And let’s

not forget the bungled handling of the legislative pay increase – hardly the signature of an astute politician. This doesn’t necessarily make Jindal a bad governor. He just hasn’t proved himself the policy genius his supporters claim – yet. Before Jindal begins swinging for the political fences, he must work on his average. And we in Louisiana need to be his batting coach.  We need to watch carefully as he leads us into the coming budget cuts — we need to congratulate him when he succeeds, but we also have to criticize him when he strikes out.  It would be wonderful to have a Louisianian in the White House.  But first we have to make sure he does his job at home. Contact Matthew Albright at


Adult entertainer gets demoted from porn to politics There’s a whore-monger running for Senate in Louisiana. This candidate has disgraced our state by taking part in sexually perverse activity, eliciting negative scrutiny and directing more detrimental publicity to our state. And now he’s asking for our vote. Again. Sen. David Vitter has reportedly already started accepting donations for his 2010 re-election campaign — despite confessing his involvement with a Washington, D.C., call girl. The scandal initially broke in 2007 when Vitter’s number was found on the phone record of the notorious “D.C. Madam” agency, operated by Pamela Martin and Associates. The incident allegedly occurred some time before his initial Senate run in 2004. Subsequent press conferences sent shockwaves throughout the political spectrum as Vitter, who identified himself as a candidate of

“conservative family values,” publicly confirmed the accusation. Vitter later issued a statement to his largely religious constituents wherein he expressed remorse and sought reprieve: “Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling. Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there — with God and them. But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way.” Despite the apology, many still felt his actions were an embarrassment to the state and a far cry from the Christian values he promulgated while campaigning. Since Vitter has refused to resign, detractors have resorted to a more inventive way to push him out. In January, was created. The site sparked rumors that Baton Rouge-native porn



Editor Managing Editor, Content Managing Editor, External Media Opinion Editor Columnist Columnist Columnist

star Stormy Daniels was being pressured by grassroots organizations to present their platform against Vitter. Never one to let her fans down, Daniels later announced she was willing Scott Burns to “report for duty.” Columnist In an interview last week on CNN Today, she commenced her assault against Vitter. “I don’t see how I could possibly embarrass him more than he’s already embarrassed himself,” Daniels said. “Not only did he go against everything he preached and believed; he went against the law. I might be a porn star, but at least I haven’t done anything illegal.” When asked if she felt prepared to enter the political realm, Daniels

responded, “Politics can’t be any dirtier of a job than the one I am already in.” Policy is the ultimate barometer of a politician’s success or failure. But when a representative betrays his principles and then veils his illicit actions for political clout, he should feel obligated to resign. Admitting one’s mistake is the first step, but stepping down from office should have been Vitter’s next move. So, from now on, the humiliation he receives is fair game. Besides, the argument that Daniels isn’t qualified is false. Sex and politics have always had a symbiotic relationship — from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton — and they always will, so long as carnal instincts prevail. So why resist? Trying to separate the two is like trying to pry two magnets apart. They’re bound to collide. The problem isn’t so much the

actual deed itself. It’s the fact that politicians like Vitter not only mislead the public into framing an inaccurate portrayal, but they also neglect to take full accountability for reprehensible activity. No one is above the law, especially those elected to preserve it. Vitter is right to ask for our forgiveness. But that doesn’t mean he should expect our vote. Only time will tell whether the smear campaign will effectively oust Vitter from office. Soon enough, he might have to get on his knees, suck up his pride and swallow the consequences. For Vitter, that taste is called accountability. For Daniels, it’s called work.

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“Integrity simply means not violating one’s own identity.”

Erich Fromm American social philosopher March 23, 1900 - March 18, 1980






New Orleans recognizes Mencia’s identity gap Comedian Carlos Mencia was pulled earlier this month from one of the most popular Mardi Gras parades. The Krewe of Orpheus is one of the three biggest Mardi Gras parades – referred to as “Super Krewes” – alongside Carnival giants Endymion and Bacchus. The titanic embarrassment of being dropped from a list that offers top billing to Jim Belushi and Joan Rivers is an embarrassment wholly deserved. Barely three months after Hurricane Katrina swept through the Crescent City, Mencia couldn’t help but inject his infamously raciallycharged humor at a concert in New Orleans. “My take on it is, I think black people, you’re fucking funny. You’re hilarious. You will get on a bus to go to Million Man March, but you won’t get on a bus to get away from Katrina,” Mencia said. Later, he added, “I’m glad

Katrina happened. It taught us an important lesson: Black people can’t swim.” Seven months to the day after Katrina struck, Mencia even questioned whether New Orleans should be rebuilt. A brief, awkward silence from the studio audience ensued, followed by the typical laughter. But this isn’t the first time Mencia has caught slack for racial insensitivity. On multiple occasions, Mencia has been publicly condemned by comedian Joe Rogan for stealing material from other comics. The uproar over Mencia’s alleged ethical misgivings began when Rogan released a short video in 2007 documenting his charges against Mencia. Arranging a face-to-face confrontation with Jewish comedian Ari Schafir, Rogan aggressively taunted Mencia for allegedly stealing Schafir’s material. After flipflopping around different reasons for the perceived similarity in material, a

visibly ruffled Mencia, backed into a corner, came out swinging. “Do you really think a Jewish guy came up with this [joke]?” Mencia said. Mencia then claimed Schafir, star of “The Amazing Racist,” couldn’t have come up with the joke because racial humor was not Schafir’s forte – despite the fact Daniel that Schafir’s Lumetta prominence is Opinion Editor primarily a result of his notoriously racist humor. The list of comedians accusing Mencia of theft continues to grow. Among the most recent victims of Mencia’s alleged plagiarism are Bill Cosby and the late Same Kineson. At one point in Rogan’s video, Rogan calls out Mencia for hiding his real name. During the

confrontation over the validity of Mencia’s identity, one must appreciate its ironic symbolism. That argument is a metaphor for Carlos Mencia’s life. His real name apparently isn’t what he claims — it’s Ned. Rogan also claimed Mencia was half Mexican, half German – not Honduran. That got me thinking. Mencia shouldn’t be blamed for this because he can’t help it. Since he has no identity, he attacks everyone else’s. But his isn’t about limiting unpopular speech. It’s about stolen identity, or in Mencia’s case, absent identity. The point is not censorship but awareness. Mencia’s identity gap and the resulting thievery it always brings are not an instance of reinventing or repackaging aged philosophies but of intellectual copyright infringement. This is less recycling, more grand theft intellect — or more accurately, grand theft person. In some

instances, Mencia barely took the time to change the delivery of jokes, much less their wording. It’s good to know while the rest of America tolerated bigotry and ignorance, New Orleans didn’t fall for it. Thomas Jefferson once opined that when it comes to fashion, one should swim with the currents. But when it comes to principle, one should stand like a rock. I suppose Carlos Mencia is enjoying the currents. While his American counterparts bobbed like buoys on the Mississippi River, the Yats stood firm. Even though we cultural Neanderthals down South may not understand Mencia’s enlightened racial commentary, we sure as hell understand what it means to have an identity. Contact Daniel Lumetta at


Founding Fathers were human, abused their power Generally speaking, Republicans think government is bad — except when it’s run by Republicans. Likewise, many Democrats think government is bad — except when it’s run by Democrats. But both of these groups hold special places in their hearts for the Founding Fathers. Even libertarians — drivers of the “thinking government is bad” bandwagon — regularly embrace candidates who champion the Constitution. The Founding Fathers’ opinions are treated as examples to follow and authorities to consult. There is no denying British colonial rule was tyrannical and unjust, but the same judgment must be made of the early American presidents if consistent criteria are used. Before his presidency, George Washington led an armed rebellion against the British after the forceful imposition of taxation without representation. Once he assumed power, he immediately undertook actions not unlike the offenses of King George. Shortly after the Constitution was ratified, Washington’s administration instituted strong taxes on whiskey. Although the primary reason for the taxes was to pay off the nation’s war debt, Alexander Hamilton — the first Secretary of the Treasury — saw them as a way to secure the federal government’s power. Hamilton even said the tax would serve “more as a measure of social discipline than as a source of revenue,” according to a Jan. 27 report on on the anniversary of the tax. Because of its excessively high rates — and because it discriminated

between large and small producers of whiskey — many Americans felt this measure of “social discipline” was unjust, especially Americans on the western frontier who often used whiskey as a barter good — a liquid commodity. When Americans protested the tax on whiskey — using measures similar to the far smaller British taxes on tea — Washington personally led 13,000 troops and vioDaniel lently put down Morgan the rebellion. Columnist If Washington was willing to use force when the British levied taxes on Americans to pay for the French and Indian War, then his decision to use force to make Americans pay for the Revolutionary War can only be seen as hypocrisy. The fact that the whiskey tax was far higher and discriminatory only makes it worse. Fervent patriots might respond by pointing out that taxation was not the only cause of the American Revolution. The Constitution certainly granted sweeping powers to the federal government, but these powers were limited by the Bill of Rights. But these patriots will be the first to admit what little constitutional limitations placed on the government are often ignored. And this pattern did not begin recently. While fighting an undeclared war with France, John Adams, our second president, signed into law the Alien and Sedition Acts and imprisoned journalists critical of his policies. While it is true Adams’s

successor, Thomas Jefferson, gave a full pardon to all journalists arrested under the Sedition Acts, Jefferson engaged in policies that were just as questionable. In response to foreign policy pressures, Jefferson forbade exports to Britain and France through the Embargo Act of 1807 and gave this measure the Orwellian description of “peaceful coercion.” Forced to choose between smuggling and starvation, many exporters chose to smuggle. After seeing his policies rejected, Jefferson called on

the military to fire on the American traders and even made it illegal to even sail between American ports. Surrounded by public outcry against the embargo, Jefferson threatened to accuse all dissidents of treason, a crime punishable by death, according to Alan Pell Crawford’s “Twilight at Monticello.” In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama spoke highly of the “hope and virtue” found at Valley Forge — presumably to commend the sacrificial spirit found in the Revolution.

But the lesson of the American Revolution should not be a celebration of sacrifice, but a rejection of government power. Government power will always be abused, even by the Founding Fathers. Its expansion should be fought at every turn.

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REX BABIN / The Sacramento Bee



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Classifieds HELP WANTED EARN EXTR A MONEY Students needed ASAP Earn up to $150 per day being a mystery shopper No Experience Required Call 1-800-722-4791 N E E D E X T R A $CASH$? We are filling 8 positions ASAP-great starting pay, part-time/full-time available. We provide training, customer sales/service. Conditions apply-CALL NOW:225-927-7424 or apply at CAREGIVERS NEEDED St. James Episcopal Church Nursery is seeking dependable people for Sunday mornings 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. $10/hour Please send resume’ to PBRC S TUDY: PBRC is looking for people to participate in a new research study. The purpose of this study is to determine how your body weight today impacts your health in the future. Participants will be placed on a higher calorie meal plan for 8 weeks. All meals will be provided to you at no cost. Earn up to $3800. Call 763-3000 STUDENTPAY OUT S. COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In Baton Rogue. 100% Free To Join! Click On Surveys. ****ATTENTION**** ACCOUNTING Business Majors Incredible Job Opportunity!!!! Now Hiring Part-Time Accounting Assistant Work Directly Under the Controller of the Largest Supplier of Bedding in the Southeast. Great experience. Flexible Hours Competitive Pay Please email resume to: 225.231.1240 S TUDENT WORK Local BR company expanding Fast! *$15.00 Base/appt* Flexible Schedules No experience nec Customer sales/ svc Conditions Apply Ages 17+ Apply NOW 225-927-3066 PERFECT PAR T TIME POSITION Afternoon Preschool Teacher needed for child care center near LSU.2:30-5:30 M-F 225-7661159 SCHOL AS TIC ON CAMPUS Scholastic Book Fairs will be on campus 2/19/09 for interviews in Patrick F. Taylor Hall. We are looking for PT/Season workers 10a-5p M-F, flex fit to your schedule. Call 225-752-5445 or apply in person at: 18380 Petroleum Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70809. EOE/AA/H/V/DFWP BUSINESS OPPOR T U N I T Y Startup Publishing Company seeking a business partner. Part-time 8-10 hours a week. Fringe benefits and a share in profits. For more information email, PROFESSOR SEEKING MOTHER’S helper from 4:30 to 6:30 pm each day. Would assist with supervision of 3 young children and help around the house. Mother would be present at all times. Near Bluebonnet/ I-10. Must provide own transportation and references. 225.202.1528 CYPRESSMOUNDS BASEBALL COMPLEX Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex is currently accepting applications for the following positions: Administration, Retail, Ticket Sales, Food Services, Maintenance. Wages will be $7.00 - $10.00 per hour based upon qualifications and experience. Work will be on weeknights and weekends.

Flexible Scheduling. To apply, please contact Eric Wiethorn at 225-757-5550 extension 203 to set up an appointment. 225.757.5550

COMPUTER WORKER Off campus IT assistant for Microsoft environment needed. Some basic networking experience a plus. Great experience!

N S A L E S A S S O C I A TES NEEDED Massage Envy is looking for enthusiastic Sales Associates for our massage clinic. Must be willing to work nights / weekends. Contact Bobbie at 922-7000 or send resume to Wages + sales commissions paid.

PT S TUDENT WORKER Lewis Computer Services, Inc. is seeking a PT Student Worker. Excellent student opportunity. Will be responsible for completing company errands and basic clerical work. Clean driving record is required. Must have excellent communication skills and basic computer skills. Previous office experience preferred. No nights or weekends. Seeking candidates who are available on MWF. Please email resume and class schedule to

CASHIERS NEEDED AT Cashiers needed at Matherne’s Supermarket at 7355 Highland Rd. $7.00-$8.00 starting pay for part time. We have 10-6, 11-7 & 2-9 shifts available during the week as well as weekend shifts. Please apply online at Eoe. PRESCHOOL looking for loving and nurturing individuals to work AM shifts. Very Competitive pay. 225.924.6772 SWIMMING LESSONS INS T R U C T O R S NEEDED Great Part Time Afternoon Spring Semester Job-Full Time Summer Job- Great Pay! CRAWFISH AQUATICS, Louisiana’s Total Swim Program- If you are highly motivated, hard working, we can teach you the rest. Please fax resume to 225-706-1636 or e-mail to !BAR TENDING! Up to $300/Day. No Experience Necessary. Training Provided. Age 18+ OK 1-800-965-6520 xt127 H O R T AND L A N D S C A R C H S T U D E N T S Immediate P/ T and weekend Spring openings on Coursey in B. R., or on Hwy. 42 near Airline in Prvl. Sell the latest in plants, ponds, and gardening lifestyle products. Learn while you earn $9-$10/ Harb’s Oasis A. C. LEWIS YMCA OPENINGS Now hiring for the following positions: Extended Day Counselor. M-F afternoons 36pm. Pay Rate $7.25. Extended Day Site Director. Responsible for the oversight of the extended day school sites. M-F afternoons 3-6pm. Pay Rate $7.50-$8.50. Exercise & Game Room Activity Coordinator(XRKADE). Responsible for the scheduling of member challenges and events in the activity game room. M-F 38pm and some weekends. Pay Rate $7.50$8.50. Please e-mail resume, apply in person, or contact Eddrick Martin if interested. 225.924.3606 THE UNIVERSIT Y CLUB Golf Course is now hiring servers, beverage cart attendants, kitchen staff, and outside service staff. Call 819-0800 for more information. INTERVIEWING IN NOL A for Katrina Recovery. Join our LSU Sociology Research Team to conduct interviews of residents in New Orleans neighborhoods. Saturday trips to New Orleans, with full day of work. $9/ hr with free round-trip transportation. Interesting, meaningful teamwork on community recovery. Contact David Maddox, Y OUTH FUN-FITNESS INS T R U C T O R S Exerfit is looking for high energy, responsible instructors to run fitness/game oriented classes for youth. Spring/summer jobs available. Fax resume to (225) 706-1634. PARKVIEW BAPTIS T PRESCHOOL Preschool Teachers needed 3-6 p.m. flex days. no degree required 293-9447

WEEKEND LEASING A GENT Needed for apartment community on Jefferson Hwy. Compensation is an apartment. Great opportunity for a college student. Fax resume to 225-924-9893 CLERICAL/HOUSEHOLD WORKER. Good computer skills. flex hr, up to 10/wk.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2009 $8/hr. Near LSU. 225.769.7921 HIRING WAIT STAFF FOR full sevice menu, deli and host. Apply in person. La Bayou Bistro on La 1 in Brusly. 225.749.6354 WE PAY UP TO $75 per online survey. www. SURVEY TAKERS NEEDED: Make $5-$25 per survey. www. C H I M E S R E S T AU R A N T 3357 Highland Road Accepting applications for all positions. Apply in person, only. 11AM-5PM MondayFrid SURVEY RESEARCHERS NEEDED!! LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab is now hiring survey researchers for weekend and night work only. Must have a clear speaking voice, be friendly, willing to communicate with people over the phone, and to follow set procedures. Pay is competitive, $79/hour. Flexible hours! Great place to work! Prior experience a plus but not


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2009 required. Contact Kathryn Rountree, Operations Manager, to set up an interview.

MAS TER & REGUL AR BEDROOM pvt bath $370. Reg. room $260. Nice house. W&D. Alarm etc. No lease needed. $250 deposit. 225.921.1209

C R ACKING THE GRE!!! I need your HELP!!! Are you tired of studying for GRE alone? Do you wanna help me? I’ll appreciate that.

CHIMES EAS T IS hiring wait staff!!! Please come in and apply between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. 225.296.4981

FEMALE ROOMMATE 2br2ba townhouse Sharlo off Brightside. Now through end May June or July. $475 plus 1/2 utilities. Julie at

GLUTEN-FREE Gluten-intolerant student seeking to meet other participants of gluten-free lifestyle!

MALE GR AD Needs roommate to share 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Lake Beau Pre Townhouse minutes from class. Gated Workout Room, Pool, Tennis Court $625 ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED!! Vet student preferred. 225.247.0567

FASCIN ATED? Looking for a male senior too focused to read the personals and too cute to need the personals... yet too curious to not respond.

FOR SALE QUEEN PILLOWTOP MATTRESS Brand name queen pillowtop mattress set new in plastic $150. 225-924-5336 3/3 CONDO INCOME PRODUCING Gated: 3/3 1700SF $206,000 Almost New. The Gates At Brightside. 1.5 from campus. Income producing while your student lives free. 407-353-0564 Susan TIGER MANOR CONDOMINIUMS. U N I T S R E A D Y F O R S P R I N G & F ALL 2009!! Brand new 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units for sale s t a r ting at $124,900. Ask about our Guaranteed Buy -Back Program!! 3000 July St. 225-346-5055

FOR RENT WALK TO L SU CAMPUS 2BR/1B duplex just remodeled like new. $650/M Pet ok. Wood & Tile floors. Available Now!McDaniel Prop. 225.388.9858 HOMES FOR RENT, ALL AREAS NO CREDIT CHECK! Don’t drive all over town $20 per list, a new list every week 4968 UNDERWOOD Baton Rouge 70805 Rent King 225-355-6220 1 B R / 1 B A F O R L E A S E ! M U S T SEE!! $950/mo includes all utilities including electric, cable & internet. All appliances are included! Gated community. across from city park. 225.293.3000 TIGER MANOR CONDOMINIUMS. U N I T S R E A D Y F O R S P R I N G & F ALL 2009! Brand new 1, 2, & 3 bedrooms available. R e s e r v e y o u r u n i t t o d a y ! Wa l k t o c l a s s ! 3000 July St. 225-346-5055. www . t i g e r CRESENT CONDO FOR LEASE Luxury 1 bedroom condo with unbelievable ammenites for lease, at the Cresent at University Lake, $1500 a month. Please contact: 225.678.0133 3BR/2BA CONDO Like New. Free Cable. Community Pool. Extra Parking. Great Location at LSU. $1500/mo. 225.202.1148 DOWNTOWN RIVERVIEW CONDOS Renovated 2 BR/2BA, granite counters, cypress cabinets. Fresh paint. $1200/mo. Plus deposit. Call Don 368-3240 NEWLY REMODELED APT S small 20 unit cmplx w/ cntrl a/ h, ceramic tile flrs, tile kit cntr tops, otr micro, new appls, deck for fun, gated parking, on site lndry, nr lsu, brgh, brcc, dwntwn, &calandro’s 1 bdr 695.00 2bdr 850.00 225.955.3950 2BD1BTH SPACIOUS HOUSE. 368 Ardenwood. $1295. Fncd yd. New Remodel. PetsOk. 225.572.0463 T I G E R TOWN 1BR UNF 3299 Ivanhoe St. stove, fridge, AC 1BR $400 9275495 or 7660579 3BR/2.5BA 1500SQFT $1110 / M O N T H 5291 S. Brightside View Drive: On-Site Manager, Flexible Leasing Terms, Washer & Dryer, Ceiling Fans, Central A/C, Near Bus Stop, Small Pets Allowed, Master Bedroom has it’s own Bathroom and Walk-In Closet. Available Now 225.978.7400


PERSONALS SEEKING CHARITABLE, outdoor loving individual. Must love animals and the occasional hiking or camping trip. Drop me a message at LOOKING FOR MY Looking for my Durex hero.... Lets have more. Come find me at *BE MY LOVE* Tall, Dark & Handsome LSU Junior Guy looking to hang out with and possibly date an outgoing, smart & independent girl. Join me over Coffee! With Love! I NEED YOU! I’m a tough army guy looking for male to dig foxhole with. Ask for Gigglepants at 225.939.9916 T IM B ER ! FALLING downward is the lumber of my love. You grind your axe of passion into my endangered headlands. Don’t make me into a bureau. I want to be lots and lots of toothpicks. Looking for that someone to be my virgin white NEED MATH TUTOR AS AP Seeking Math Tutor for College Algebra. Email rates/availability.

LET’S MEET! Single, outgoing, very attractive, brown LSU Senior gal seeking to date

PAGE 15 interracially/ Internationally a mature, nice looking male student, Grad/ or non student (26-38) for coffee, museum dates, music, enjoyment of the Arts. If interested email me NICE GUYS FINISH FIRS T Tall, independent, blonde senior looking for smart, cute, sensible guy. I love reading, walks, and family. Email if interested: LF1M Quietly confident and fun male tired of gaming alone. Looking for shy guy to play with, hang out, and maybe date. Let’s take a chance. Hope you are out there!

I WANT TO BE YOUR DERIVATIVE so I can lie tangent to your curves. Nerdy ndn chick seeking an intelligent and attractive conversationalist. Ladies only, please—I’m tired of natural logs approaching the asymptote. LOOKING FOR MY SOULMATE I am a Business Major here at LSU. I am also AAmerican with shoulder length red hair, and full figured. Looking for guys ages 4560. Who enjoy full figured ladies. If you are interested send me an email. SEARCHING 4 SOULMATE 20yo Asian guy seeking masculine guy 18-23 to date. Races open. I’m a sweetheart!



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