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Camden Marcotte exonerated in Feb. Parade Ground attack Morgan Searles Staff Writer

The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office will not file charges against University student Camden Marcotte, according to a letter dated May 3 from Steve Danielson, prosecuting attorney for the case. The letter was forwarded to The Daily Reveille on Monday from Steven Moore, Marcotte’s lawyer. The case is in regard to an attack on a female University student along Highland Road at 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 26. Marcotte, a 20-year-old

kinesiology sophomore, was arrested by LSUPD March 1 for simple robbery in the case. Danielson’s letter, addressed “To Whom It May Concern,” was brief, stating charges will not be filed against Marcotte and listing contact information for any CAMDEN “questions or MARCOTTE problems.” LSU student “Please be advised that the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office has made the decision not to file charges in


the above referenced case against her shoes and ripped a necklace off Mr. Camden her neck, according to Marcotte,” the affidavit of probDanielson’s letable cause. ter said. The victim According fought off the suspect to the District before he fled on foot, Attorney’s Ofescaping between the fice, a alternate Faculty Club and the name has been Paul M. Hebert Law added as a susCenter building. pect in the case The Daily RevSteve Danielson file, but a court eille reported in prosecuting attorney date has not March that Marcotte been set. became a suspect folfor Marcotte case Following lowing a tip from anthe February incident, the vic- other student and security camera tim advised police that the suspect footage of Marcotte entering an threw her to the ground, removed on-campus residence hall after the

‘The East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office has made the decision not to file charges.’

Budget cut bills fail in House

attack. Sgt. Blake Tabor, LSUPD spokesman, told The Daily Reveille in March that LSUPD arrested Marcotte after he was identified by the victim. As of publication deadline, LSUPD could not be reached for further information regarding the investigation. Danielson could not be reached for comment Monday concerning the dropped charges against Marcotte or information about the case.

Contact Morgan Searles at


Survey matches students with orgs. T.N. “King”

Contributing Writer

File photo

Governor Bobby Jindal speaks April 25 at the State Capitol. Two bills that would have increased student fees were defeated last week.

Rep. claims Jindal is irresponsible Laura Furr Staff Writer

Two bills that would have increased tuition and fees for LSU students were defeated in the House last week. House Bill 97 called for an increase in operational fees,

which would increase student expenses by 4 percent. Only 10 congressmen voted to pass this bill. Louisiana requires a 2/3-majority vote to pass legislation on tuition increases, leaving this bill 60 votes short. Rep. Chris Roy, D-Alexandria, spoke out against the increase last Tuesday during session, targeting Gov. Bobby Jindal for not dealing with Louisiana’s budget responsibly. “Enough is enough. Quit

trying to put it on the backs of the students,” Roy said. Roy said he was particularly frustrated with Jindal’s veto of a bill that would renew the 4-cent tax on cigarettes. He said the veto essentially threw away $12 million that the state needs. “I was not willing to raise tuition on students under these circumstances,” he said. “I have two BILLS, see page 4

Defeated budget cut bills: • House Bill 97 - called for an increase in operational fees, would have increased student expenses by 4 percent. Needed 70 votes to pass, only 10 congressmen voted for it. • House Bill 448 - would have allowed colleges to charge extra for students taking more than 12 credit hours/semester.

Students can now find the perfect campus organization to join by the convenience of their computers. Student Government’s First Year Experience partnered with Campus Life to create a survey that will match students to organizations and clubs on campus. The survey –– which launched on Monday –– is available on the websites of Campus Life, SG and, pending approval, FYE. “Campus Life has given this a lot of attention, as they have been trying to do this for about two years now,” said Alli Robison, SG director of FYE. “Student Government and Campus Life had different visions for this survey, so we have combined forces and ideas to make one great survey.” The survey was inspired by SG members who attended the SEC exchange last spring at Mississippi State and heard the idea being utilized at Auburn University. SURVEY, see page 4

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Nation & World

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Hezbollah rise in Lebanon gives Syria, Iran sway in the Middle East

Ex-Army major pleads guilty to two water deal bribes with contractors

Monty Williams promotes Randy Ayers to lead Hornets assistant

BEIRUT (AP) — Hezbollah and its allies rose to a position of unprecedented dominance in Lebanon’s government Monday, giving its patrons Syria and Iran greater sway in the Middle East. Lebanon Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced a new cabinet dominated by the militant group and its allies after the country has operated for five months without a functioning government. The move caps Hezbollah’s rise over decades from resistance group to political force.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A retired U.S. Army major pleaded guilty to accepting $250,000 in bribes for contracts to supply water to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. While Derrick Shoemake served at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait in 2005 and 2006, he was in charge of delivering bottled water to troops. Two government contractors paid him to award them water contracts. The Justice Department says some of the money was delivered to his wife in Moreno Valley, Calif.

(AP) — New Orleans Hornets coach Monty Williams says current assistant Randy Ayers will be his lead assistant next season. Ayers fills a void created by Mike Malone’s decision last week to join the staff of new Golden State coach Mark Jackson. Williams says Ayers has spent a season in New Orleans and has been both a head coach and a lead assistant before. Ayers was Philadelphia 76ers coach for part of the 2003-04 season.

Behind barbed wire, Syrians find refuge in Turkey, fear Assad GUVECCI, Turkey (AP) — Syrians streamed across the border Monday into neighboring Turkey, finding sanctuary in refugee camps ringed by barbed wire and offering a frightening picture of life back home where a deadly crackdown on dissent is fueling a popular revolt. Turkey’s prime minister has accused Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime of “savagery” but said he would reach out to the leader to help solve the crisis. Still, many of the nearly 7,000 refugees in Turkey say they expect their government to inflict only more violence and pain.

photo courtesy of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

A Lebanese army soldier removes burning Tyre barricades which were set by supporters of Tara Arslan, blocking the southern highway.

Syrian blog hoaxer apologizes, hoped to draw attention to conditions LONDON (AP) — A 40-year-old American man living in Scotland said Monday he’s sorry for posing as a Syrian lesbian blogger who offered vivid accounts of life amid revolt and repression in Damascus, a hoax that has exposed the difficulty of sifting truth from fiction online. Tom MacMaster said he created the fictional persona of Amina Arraf and the “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog to draw attention to conditions in a Middle East convulsed by change.

Man dies while raping elderly South Texas woman at knifepoint REFUGIO, Texas (AP) — Investigators say a man has died while in the act of raping an elderly South Texas woman. The Refugio County Sheriff’s Office identifies the man as 53-yearold Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez. Sheriff’s Sgt. Gary Wright says the incident happened June 2 in the tiny coastal community of Tivoli. He says the man, weighing between 230 and 250 pounds, sneaked into the woman’s house and raped her at knifepoint. During the attack, he said he wasn’t feeling well, rolled over and died.

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Senate rejects bid to open Jindal’s records to the public Monday (AP) — Senators have overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to open more of the governor’s office records to public view. The Senate voted 22-14 Monday against the bill by Republican Sen. Robert Adley. Lawmakers sided with Gov. Bobby Jindal, who pushed to keep his records secret. Adley’s bill would keep communications between the governor and his staff confidential. But it would remove a provision that keeps secret those records pertaining to the governor’s “deliberative process.”

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Rep. trying to ban abortion in La. Bill would impact college-aged women Laura Furr Staff Writer

The anti-abortion bill by Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, is now being re-evaluated in the House Appropriations Committee. House Bill 645, formerly HB 587, would attempt to ban abortion in Louisiana by claiming life begins at conception. “I wrote this bill because of my belief that under the 14th Amendment we are all created equal and with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” LaBruzzo said. “That right goes to everyone, even those that have not yet been birthed.” He said the bill would force Louisiana citizens to be more responsible and “stop using abortion as birth control.” Medicaid federal regulations require states to allow abortions in the case of rape or incest in order to receive federal aid. However, the bill intends to ban abortions without exceptions. If this bill were to pass, Louisiana would lose the annual $4.9 billion dollars from Medicaid. Planned Parenthood opposes LaBruzzo’s bill. “If Rep. LaBruzzo is genuinely concerned about reducing the incidence of abortion, then he should focus on strategies that help women and men avoid unintended pregnancies,” said the organization

in a statement. “Providing access to devastating effects it has on women affordable birth control and accu- and on society at large.” College-aged woman would rate medical information are proven strategies that potentially feel the work. Abortion impact of this bill the bans do not.” most. M e d i a According to a Chair for Voices 2006 poll by census. for Planned Pargov, abortion rates are enthood on camhighest among women pus (VOX) Jesages 20-24, at 39 persica Allain said cent. the bill is a threat A study by Arito healthcare and zona Right to Life also Rep. John LaBruzzo women’s health shows that collegeR-Metarie, author of HB 645 in Louisiana. aged women receive “The House made the right de- 45 percent of all abortions in the U.S. History and Spanish junior Lescision in reevaluating the bill,” the lie Wheatley agreed that abortion English senior said. There is also concern that the is prominent among college-aged bill is unconstitutional under Roe woman. She said she has seen the efv. Wade, which made it illegal for fects of abortion but that college stustates to ban abortion before the 28th dents don’t openly discuss the issue. Wheatley does not support the week of a woman’s pregnancy. LaBruzzo disagrees the bill is bill because she thinks it would be unconstitutional, comparing abor- detrimental to women’s health. However, other students like tion to slavery. “Slavery was once constitu- biology sophomore Brandon Woolf tional … and everyone knew in their support the bill. hearts it was wrong,” he said. “Just “Abortion is ethically wrong because something is constitutional due to the fact that a fetus or an emdoesn’t mean you can’t challenge it.” bryo is not only a human being, but President of Students for Life a person,” he said. “Terminating the Joni Emmons also disagrees with the life of an embryo or a fetus is murbill, despite its anti-abortion senti- der. … If you hit a woman with your ments. car, some states rule it as murder.” “I completely understand Rep. LaBruzzo said he feels there is LaBruzzo’s desire to end abortion, support for his bill and that if it were but I think that HB 645 could do voted on now it would pass. But he more harm than good if passed,” the feels the lack of time this session English senior said. “Abortion isn’t may deter the vote. going to be stopped by any legislative ban. The status quo can only be Contact Laura Furr at changed by educating people about the realities of abortion and the


‘Just because something is constitutional doesn’t mean you can’t challenge it.’


‘No show’ fees in place to keep appointments open for others Penalties range from $10 to $30 Kaitlin Torke

Contribuing Writer

The Student Health Center has implemented a new fee system, urging students to cancel appointments to increase accessibility of appointment slots. Fees have increased to a $10 “no show” fee for a missed Primary Care Clinic appointment and $30 for a missed Mental Health Services appointment. Julie Hupperich, associate director of the Student Health Center, said the purpose of the fees is “to encourage students to cancel so it can open a spot for other students.” In the recent years, the Student Health Center increased the fees according to a recommendation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, which evaluates the practices and procedures of the Student Health Center.


Initial appointment fee

Follow-up appointment fee

Primary Care Clinic



Specialty Clinics



Health Promotion, dietitian Mental Health Services, clinician Mental Health Services, psychiatrist







The AAAHC recommended the increase in fee amounts to further urge students to cancel appointments. “The amount of money generated is not a huge factor in the budget; it’s not a large revenue,” Hupperich said. The Student Health Center is now sending out automated email reminders of appointments. Michelle Mobley, mass communication sophomore, says

source: Student Health Center

she “thinks the fees help the noshows,” but students who do not show up for appointments “are going to go broke.” Fees are assessed through the PAWS fee bill system and should be paid before the end of the semester in which the fees were charged. Contact Kaitlin Torke at

page 3

page 4 LA GRAD Act gives universities in Louisiana more conkids that will attend LSU. … The trol over financial matters in exchange for meeting accountrest of the House agreed.” Also on the floor last week ability standards such as admission and graduation was House Bill rates. 448, which In addition, would have alLA GRAD Act 2.0, lowed colleges passed in the Senate to charge extra Education Commitfor students tee last week, will taking more give the University than 12 credit more flexibility and hours of classwill help cut costs. es a semester. Rep. Chris Roy University For a student D-Alexandria Chancellor Michael to graduate in Martin was not 4 years, it is recommended they take 15 credit available for comment but sent an email to students last week hours a semester. Rep. Hollis Downs, R-Rus- updating them on the budget’s ton, wrote the bill in order to pre- progress. According to the email from vent students from signing up for classes they intended to drop and Martin and the Office of Comto prevent spending on unneces- munication and University Relasary classroom space or teachers. tions, as of now there have been However, most representa- no changes in the University’s tives saw this bill as a “tax on budget for next year, and LSU students,” and Downs decided to still has $20 million of unfunded mandates. revise the measure. The Senate Finance ComRep. Franklin Foil, R-East Baton Rouge, said he did not mittee is scheduled to vote on support the bill, which he saw House Bill 1, the general approas a “disincentive for students to priations bill for the state, this week. graduate on time.” Roy said finalizing the budFoil said the consensus he sees among students and fellow get will be a “slow process over representatives is that they would the next two weeks.” According to both Roy and support a modest increase in tuition if they were to see a gain in Foil, the state is not close to a resolution yet on the budget, but the quality in education. However, he said this bill “with major compromises things would not bring any gain to stu- will come together.” dents in his opinion. Foil estimated that his year cuts will be at a minimal 5-10 Contact Laura Furr at percent because of the LA GRAD Act passed last year.

BILLS, from page 1


‘Enough is enough. Quit trying to put it on the backs of the students.’

The Daily Reveille


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

they will receive an email from Mary Wallace said student inan FYE member in Student Gov- volvement is extremely important at LSU. Jackson Voss, Student Gov- ernment telling National data which ernment assistant director of them shows the more stuFYE, said he thought LSU should organizations dents are involved, implement a similar system when suit them. the more they are W h e n he first heard about the survey retained at a Univerthey receive an and its use at other universities. sity, she said. “Students often complain email, the reg“Student inthat they don’t know how to get istered presivolvement helps involved around campus,” he dent for that build confidence and said. “Though there are already o rg a n i z a t i o n commitment, which a lot of opportunities, this is just will be receivare great competenanother way of helping students ing a list of stucies to have in the find activities that suit their inter- dents who may post-LSU work exbe interested in est.” perience,” Wallace FYE modeled the survey their organizasaid. “Students who after the Texas A&M online in- tion. Jackson Voss are involved are enOnce stuvolvement survey. SG assistant director of FYE gaged in the Univerhave They plan on working with dents sity and impact the other schools to improve the Uni- been given all community in ways contact inforversity’s survey in the future. Once students take the sur- mation for the organizations they that only students can impact. vey, the Student Government are matched to, FYE will contact There is more joy, community FYE department will get their students again a week before the and pride in LSU. These are all Involvement Fair, phenomenal things that happen results in an telling them where when you are involved.” email form Though this survey is geared the organizations and manually they were matched toward new students, both transmatch them to fers and freshmen, FYE hopes to will be located. all registered The Involve- the software company, SymplicCampus Life ment Fair is an event ity, can produce an organizationorganizations. held at the beginning student match automated system “Manuof the fall and spring using the current technology so ally matching semesters by Cam- organizational matching will be each student pus Life. Organiza- open to everyone. will be hard Speaker of the Senate Aaron tions can recruit new work,” said Caffarel said student organizamembers. Kathleen BorWith more than tions have molded his experience delon, Student 400 student organi- at LSU. Campus involvement Government Mary Wallace zations, the Involve- has helped teach him more about vice president. Associate Dean of Students, ment Fair is the first himself than anything else, he “However, we Director of Campus Life opportunity of the said. are passionate semester for stuabout the need for this survey and are willing to dents to see all that is available put the time into seeing this sur- to them. Contact T. N. “King” at Associate Dean of Students vey succeed.” Once students are matched, and Director of Campus Life

SURVEY, from page 1

‘Students often complain that they don’t know how to get involved around campus. ... [The survey] is just another way of helping students find activities.’


‘Students who are involved are engaged in the University and impact the community in ways that only students can impact.’


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

page 5

[left] File photo, [right] ADAM VACCARELLA / The Daily Reveille

[left] Shortstop Austin Nola throws to first March 22 during the Tigers’ loss to ULL. [right] Infielder Tyler Hanover rounds second April 28 during LSU’s victory against Kentucky. Both have been drafted to the MLB.

Dunn hired as pitching coach for 2012 season Cameron Warren Contributing Writer

LSU baseball will start their 2011-2012 season with a home run — the hiring of Alan Dunn as pitching coach. Dunn not only has more than 20 years of experience, but has also proven he has what it takes to mold great players, with more than 25 of his pitchers advancing to the major league. Dunn started as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt but quickly found his stride with pitching, becoming the pitching coach on four single A teams throughout the nineties, all affiliated with the Chicago Cubs. Dunn then moved to double A, coaching the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx from 1998

to 2005, when he moved to the majors. The Diamond Jaxx were also affiliated with the Cubs. In 2006 Dunn became the pitching coach of the triple A Iowa Cubs. After a year he was promoted to the Chicago Cubs’ minor league pitching coordinator. From 2007 to 2010, ‘He’s a Dunn worked as the bullperfect fit, pen coach for the Baltimore Orioles, helping relief and it will pitchers warm up. Since help us in 2011, he has been the Oriminor league pitching recruiting.’ oles’ coordinator. In a press conference Paul Mainieri June 10, Paul Mainieri, LSU head coach LSU head coach, said he wanted former pitching coach David Grewe’s replacement to be someone with experience, DUNN, see page 7

Tiger players drafted, leave gaps in lineup Michael Harb Contributing Writer

The LSU baseball team finds itself in unfamiliar territory this week. While teams are vying for the final places in the College World Series, the Tigers are looking to regroup for next year after missing the postseason for the second time during Head Coach Paul Mainieri’s regime. The team’s roller coaster season resulted in neither an appearance in the SEC Tournament nor an at-large berth in an NCAA Regional. After bursting out of the gates en route to winning 16 out of 17 games, the team sputtered through the bulk of SEC play, beginning with a home sweep at Florida’s hands.

Though the team finished the year strong by sweeping both Kentucky and Tennessee, poor road play and inexperience sealed the young club’s fate. Five underclassmen were featured in the starting lineup, which helped contribute to a 4-11 SEC road record. But the young talent also displayed promise for 2012. Freshmen starting pitchers Kevin Gausman and Kurt McCune flashed ace potential, each finishing with mid-3 ERA, Gausman punching out nearly a batter per 9 innings. Junior Joey Bourgeois, sophomore Jordan Rittiner and freshman Forrest Garrett, pitchers who succumbed to elbow injuries, should return next season, forming what looks to be a formidable staff. Second baseman JaCoby Jones, named last week to the Freshmen All-American team, helped spur the team with his offense along with designated hitter Raph Rhymes and DRAFT, see page 7


Murphy backs out as Tiger coach ’Bama coach decides to stay with Tide Cameron Warren Contributing Writer

Just three days after he was named LSU’s newest softball coach, Patrick Murphy has decided to remain Alabama’s head coach. The three time SEC championship-winning coach would have replaced Yvette Girouard, who retired at the end of the season.

LSU has since re-opened the coaching search. Murphy previously worked under Girouard from 1990 to 1994, when he was an assistant coach at UL-Lafayette. He then became interim head coach of Northwest Missouri State University and was soon after hired at Alabama in 1996, working his way up to head coach in 1999. At Alabama, Murphy built one of the most successful softball teams in the SEC and the nation, taking Crimson Tide softball to seven Women’s College World Series appearances and 684 wins.

LSU hired Girouard in 2001, replacing Glenn Moore, who is currently the head coach at Baylor. At LSU, Girouard also set up a successful team that had two third place finishes in the NCAA World Series, three SEC Championships, four SEC tournament championships and 407 wins over ten years. Her LSU teams were also the SEC runners-up in 2003 and 2006. Midway through the 2011 season, Girouard announced her retirement. LSU finished the year MURPHY, see page 7

SUE OGROCKI / The Associated Press

Alabama pitcher Lauren Sewell talks with coach Patrick Murphy between innings of the Tide’s 16-2 loss June 5 during the Women’s College World Series against Florida.

The Daily Reveille

page 6


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


LSU reassesses gameday parking Cameron Warren Contributing Writer

File photo

Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU sophomore, runs the 4X200 meter relay on March 26th. She placed first in the 200-meter dash at the NCAA championship on Thursday.

LSU places in top four at NCAA championships Duncan sets third fastest 200-meter

Kaitlin Torke

Contributing Writer

LSU Track & Field finished in the top 4 in the 2011 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Des Moines in Saturday’s finals. LSU women ranked No. 3 behind Texas A&M and Oregon while the men finished No. 4 behind Texas A&M, Florida and Florida State. With 28 entries into the semifinals on Wednesday, four individuals and two relay team qualified for the finals on Saturday. Severe thunderstorms postponed the final two events on Thursday, but the championship resumed at 11:30 a.m. Friday. No. 1 seed for 200-meter dash Kimberlyn Duncan posted the third fastest time in the 200-meter dash in NCAA history and second in school history on Thursday. She clinched the 200-meter gold medal in Saturday’s finals, beating out teammate junior Semoy Hackett. Junior Barrett Nugent won

the gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 13.28. He is the first Tiger to win the 110-meter hurdles gold medal since 1987. Sophomore Damar Forbes won the silver medal for his top mark at 27 feet, behind Ngonidzashe Makusha of Florida State. LSU senior Walter Henning earned his sixth All-America honor in the hammer throw and finished his career as a three-time NCAA champion and six-time SEC champion. LSU Lady Tigers won the 4X100 relay on Saturday, making it the 13th national title in program history. LSU men’s 4X100 relay team took fourth place, and Horatio Williams took the bronze medal in the 200-meter dash. LSU Track & Field has won at least one event title at the Outdoor Championships for the past 14 seasons, and women have placed outside the top seven only once in the past 12 seasons.

Contact Kaitlin Torke at

After consideration, LSU has decided to re-evaluate some of the changes for the gameday parking plan for the 2011 football season. Adam Smith, parking manager for the Athletics Department, says the changes for 2011 were made to clean up procedures — such as overnight parking — and to make parking rules easier to understand. However, Smith also said the 2011 plan is not necessarily how future parking plans will look. He said there are no future plans outlined yet. Trailer parking will remain free, instead of a $50 fee to park. The only areas that will have that fee are the “game-to-game” areas around Highland Road and Tower Drive, which will have a $40 fee for vehicles and a $50 fee for trailers. Parking trailers overnight will require an Overnight Decal, which can be bought at the Alex Box ticket office, the LSU Visitor Center and the LSU Public Safety Building. The decals can be bought from noon on Friday before gameday until 4 a.m. Saturday. Overnight Decals will only be valid for parking until 4 a.m. Also, vehicles and trailers may not leave and re-enter restricted areas after 4 a.m. LSU has also decided to keep free parking in the Hayfield, Old Nine and Levee lots, instead of charging $20 a game. Smith said the reasons for the change were twofold. He said the

File photo

The new temporary set of rules for the 2011 football season will eliminate the overnight parking fees on the majority of LSU campus lots for tailgaters.

money that would have been received would have gone towards cleaning up after the games — money that was determined to be unnecessary. He said the second reason was traffic. Making the areas east of the stadium paid parking would cause more traffic for the already clogged area, he said. Starting this season, a new area west of Highland Road will be available for gameday parking with a $40 fee for vehicles and a $50 fee for trailers. Smith said season ticket holders will also be allowed to park in

the grassy area surrounded by lot O, which is on Nicholson Avenue and West Chimes Street, which used to be a free parking area. Season parking passes will not be available, and passes will be sold on first come, first serve basis. Full information on the parking plan for the 2011 season can be found on

Contact Cameron Warren at

The Daily Reveille

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

page 7

File photo / The Daily Reveille

Junior center fielder Mikie Mahtook prepares to bat April 17 during LSU’s 3-2 victory against Auburn in Alex Box Stadium.

DRAFT, from page 5

HEATHER MCCLELLAND / The Associated Press

Former Baltimore Orioles pitching coordinator Alan Dunn, recently hired by head coach Paul Mainieri as LSU pitching coach, speaks at a press conference Friday.

DUNN, from page 5

ability and recruiting prowess. When Mainieri inquired about Dunn, he heard praise from many people who have worked with and around him, including former LSU player Ryan Theriot, second baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals. In a June 10 news conference, Mainieri talked about the difficulties LSU had last season, from the change in bat material (which limits home runs) to running an all freshman rotation, which isn’t common in the SEC. According to Mainieri, bat material changes have emphasized pitching in college baseball. Mainieri also addressed Dunn’s

MURPHY, from page 5

with a 40-18 record, losing to the Texas A&M Aggies in the NCAA Regional. Girouard plans to become a softball analyst for ESPN. On June 9, Athletics Director Joe Alleva announced Murphy as LSU’s new head ‘We will softball coach. said he use this Alleva was happy with opportunity the pick. “ W h e n to find a Yvette retired, coach who we lost a Hall of will be the Fame coach,” he following right leader said Murphy’s hiring. for our “We feel like student- we are replacYvette with athletes, ing a future Hall of who will Famer.” Murphy also wear the seemed excited purple and to join the line gold with of LSU coaches. But on June 12, pride.’ before signing Joe Alleva a contract with the University, athletics director Murphy decided to remain at Alabama, saying Alabama is where he belongs and where his heart is.

recruiting ability, saying he has the intelligence, knowledge and experience to persuade potential players. “I think he’s a perfect fit, and it will help us in recruiting as time goes on,” Mainieri said. Dunn outlined his plans for LSU’s pitchers and said college baseball is becoming a more power pitching game. Dunn is also excited to be back in collegiate baseball. “To have an opportunity to come to LSU, it was obviously icing on the cake,”he said. “It’s where my heart is. I feel like that’s my passion.” Contact Cameron Warren at Alleva reopened the coach search and was disappointed with Murphy for letting the team think he was committed to LSU. “We will use this opportunity to find a coach who will be the right leader for our student-athletes, who will wear the purple and gold with pride and will lead the softball program with integrity,” Alleva said. Contact Cameron Warren at

outfielder Mason Katz, all of whom hit for high average. While these players will almost certainly be critical cogs in the 2012 team, there will also be visible changes. Last week head coach Paul Mainieri made a personnel adjustment, introducing former Baltimore Orioles pitching coordinator Alan Dunn as the team’s new pitching coach. Dunn has 22 years of experience logged as a pitching coach and will join the team after former pitching coach and recruiting coordinator David Grewe resigned last month. Junior center fielder Mikie Mahtook, a high choice in this year’s MLB Draft, has a decision to make regarding his status next year.

Chosen 31st overall by the Tampa Bay Rays, the loss of the star outfielder would put a hole in the lineup, as his bat was the driving force behind the offense this season. Mahtook’s exit, coupled with the dismissal of Trey Watkins, leaves glaring holes to be filled in the outfield. Beyond the uncertainty regarding Mahtook, the recent draft will play a large role in determining the 2012 lineup. The draft also saw the selections of junior pitchers Tyler Jones and Matty Ott in rounds 11 and 13, junior shortstop Austin Nola in round 31, and both Rhymes and junior third baseman Tyler Hanover in round 40. While players taken in later rounds are less likely to sign, nothing is certain until the signing deadline August 16th.

The draft also affected LSU’s recruiting class for 2012. Three touted recruits were selected within the first six rounds, with talented shortstop Trevor Story being plucked 45th overall. Baseball recruiting has been a recent topic of interest as Mainieri asserted that he needs to be more “involved” in recruiting. Before, Mainieri had assigned the management of the recruiting process to assistant coaches and coordinators but has now elected to take a more active role on the recruiting trail.

Contact Michael Harb at

The Daily Reveille


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Communism in China won’t survive against power of greed Last week, the BBC reported China now has more than one million millionaires. With a total population of 1.3 billion, that means roughly 1 out of every 1,300 Chinese citizens is at least a millionaire. According to the CIA World Factbook, China is a communist state. In a communist state, the general idea is to put everyone on an even keel. Theoretically, under communism each person would have a job to benefit the group as a whole. Under true communism, everyone is equal. Everyone makes the same amount of money, and if everyone is equal and making the same amount of money, theoretically there should be no jealousy or envy, and peace and harmony would prevail. Everything sounds better in theory doesn’t it?

Communism never happens as it’s supposed to. Prior to the rise of communism in Russia, the vast majority of people lived in poverty. The fall of the Russian aristocracy and the rise of communism promised change and bet- Parker Cramer Columnist ter lives for the Russian people. However, life under the Soviet Union was no different. They just swapped one dictator for another. The same thing happened in Cuba. Fidel Castro overthrew a U.S. backed dictator in Cuba and promised better lives for his people. He didn’t follow through either. Castro assumed absolute power until a few years ago when

he became ill and handed the country over to his brother. As for bettering the lives of his people, a 1955 Buick is considered a new car in Cuba. The problem with communism is the communist. Communism looks like a decent system on paper, but it never works out that way because greed is part of human nature. Greed is a survival instinct. I’ll prove it to you. Imagine you’re starving in the middle of the desert. Miraculously, you stumble across a Caniac with a large sweet tea. There’s 4 other people with you that you don’t know. What are you going to do? Let the others eat all the delicious Cane’s and leave you with a cup of sauce to lick? No, you’re going to be greedy and get what you need to survive. Greed is why communism fails. You have a country in which

the majority of the population is poor while the communist leaders are living in luxury. The people lose faith in the system — which causes the system to collapse. With a million millionaires living in China, the hundreds of millions who live in poverty are going to notice the brand new Bentleys and Ferraris rolling through Beijing — and they are going to want one, too. From an American perspective, they have an oppressive government. They also have a very rich elite. If one out of every 1,300 is a millionaire, the other 1,299 are not — a sure sign of disaster. Communism will fail in China just as it has failed elsewhere. Last year Fidel Castro said, “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.” He later withdrew that statement. The fact of the matter is that

when a population is comprised of mostly lower class or poverty stricken people who are controlled by a government that tells them they can’t ever be as rich as the man in the Bentley and they have to farm for the rest of their lives, it will lead to rebellion. The current system of China calling themselves communist while a small minority of their population lives lavishly will not last. The masses will wise up. There may not be a complete overthrow of the government, but reform is coming. That is a certainty. Parker Cramer is a 20-year-old animal sciences junior from Houston, Texas. Follow him on Twitter @TDR_pcramer. Contact Parker Cramer at


National Election Day would increase voter participation Atticus Bringham

Washington Square News

NEW YORK CITY (U-WIRE) — Regardless of who wins next year’s presidential election, the majority of Americans eligible to vote will not vote for the winning candidate. Given the intensity of public discourse and the enormous impact the executive branch, low levels of involvement cannot be said to stem from apathy or lack of an incentive. Yet every election cycle, Americans fail to turn up at the polls, allowing for increased centralization of political power among incumbents and the interests that support them. An electoral process in which so many do not participate is a weakened form of democracy. While voting is accessible to almost all, in reality higher-income Americans are better represented than our poorer countrymen and women at the polls. According to exit polls taken by CNN after the 2008 elections, people making over $150,000 a year represented 8.3 percent of the country’s population but 12 percent of the voting population. By contrast, those making under $15,000 a year made up 13 percent of the population but

merely 6 percent of voters. This disparity has logistical causes. Though poorer Americans have as much at stake (in the form of federal assistance), they are less likely to vote because of challenges such as taking time off from work and finding affordable transportation on Election Day. While some would like to increase voter turnout by implementing a system of compulsory suffrage, similar to the one currently in place in Australia, I believe that practice infringes on Americans’ rights to express their disapproval of the political process through non-participation. Instead, an effective way to increase civic participation (an integral aspect of any government calling itself a democracy) would simply be to make Election Day a national holiday. Making Election Day a national holiday would underscore the importance our society attributes to voting, reminding all that the purpose of the day is to focus on choosing who should represent their values in government. In addition, we need universal Election Day registration to enable more citizens to exercise their voting rights. If the addition of another holiday to the federal calendar worries some about another loss of

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Steven Powell Stephanie Giglio Adam Vaccarella

Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Multimedia Editor

productivity, Election Day could be moved to the second Tuesday of November and be combined with Veterans Day. This day might then emphasize the importance of civic involvement while honoring those who have fought to protect our right to it. Though the wealthy will always exercise undue influence in

our electoral process through unlimited campaign donations now equated with “First Amendment free speech,” making Election Day a national holiday would increase popular participation. As the results of NYU’s student elections come in and Republicans begin to announce their presidential bids, let’s think

of how we can strengthen grassroots democracy. This reform would help Americans realize the egalitarian principles codified in our founding documents.

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Quote of the Day “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011



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Visa, MasterCard and retailers playing silly card games The U.S. Senate passed legislation last week that allows the Federal Reserve to cap debit card fees. Specifically, the legislation means the Fed can regulate how much banks and credit card companies charge businesses for transactions. So, when you buy that cute little black dinner dress or snazzy, plaid tie with the card “more people go with,” about 44 cents goes to Visa. This legislation allows the Fed to cap the fees, and according to current proposals, 7 to 12 cents per transaction will be the new norm. So, as with all things in economics and finance, there’s a tradeoff here. By capping the fees Visa and MasterCard can pocket, retailers save a huge wad of cash. According to the industry reports, the fees make up some $20 billion annually.

At first glance, an income like that makes it seem like Visa has more money than God himself — but that may not be the case. In order to make the debit and credit card systems function properly, there’s an unbelievable amount of infrastructure to build, not to mention several Devin Graham Columnist intermediaries to pay off. Here’s how it works: You head into Urban Outfitters to buy a slick new skinny tie. On check-out, you hand your Visa to the merchant who swipes it, sending all your nitty-gritty bank info over to the acquirer, which is just a financial institution the store made a contract with to accept Visa. The acquirer sends an authorization request to

VisaNet — not to be confused with SkyNet — which contacts your card issuer (probably your bank). The issuer lets VisaNet know if you’re good for the purchase, and sends the okay message back through VisaNet to the acquirer and finally back to the early-20s hipster at the cash register. Debit and credit card companies argue that, after paying off banks to use their card, providing various customer services, advertising and building infrastructure to keep the whole process running, there’s little cash left. Any drop in fees they get from the Fed’s cap will be passed on to customer by banks, in the form of higher fees. Retailers and their lobbyists claim the card companies are making ridiculous amounts of money, essentially because they hold an oligopoly on the industry. Visa alone reported $2.2 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2011.

So, even after those hefty expenses, they’re probably doing alright. Retailers claim the saving will be passed on to consumers at the register. I’m calling shenanigans. Not just on Wall Street and Big Banking, but on the small retailers, too. Seriously, do you think WalMart is going to start putting a 30 cent discount on every purchase you make now? No way. Retailers will pocket the extra cash, not consumers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the break. Fees have been going up for years as companies like Visa and MasterCard gain more popularity. As for banks charging higher fees to the consumer for debit transactions, it seems unlikely as well. Big Banking will likely change its investments to more profitable endeavors or come up with a sly way to charge businesses the fees

to keep profits high while dodging the Fed’s cap — say, through a monthly base rate, or some equally ridiculous nonsense. For the average joe, this will likely make little difference, and that’s the point. The law is set to go into effect without delay on July 21, according to the Fed., with exemptions for banks with less than $10 billion in assets. So, when you see the flurry of ads banks have put up which make the law seem like a $12 billion dollar Christmas gift-basket to retailers, don’t buy it. Devin Graham is a 22-year-old economics senior from Prairieville. Follow him on Twitter @ TDR_Dgraham.

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Hey Michelle Obama, can you teach me how to Dougie? When Barack Obama ran for president of the United States, his wife Michelle Obama admitted she was really proud of her country “for the first time in [her] adult lifetime.” For the first time, she didn’t feel so “alone in [her] frustration and disappointment.” Thank goodness it only took her 26 years to feel proud of her country for once. In Obama’s defense, the media made the important distinction that she was “really” proud, not just proud. Who cares? By contrast, former First Lady Laura Bush gushed over the patriotism of Americans by recalling a story of a 60-year-old surgeon who obtained a waiver to serve in the military, an act she believed was “so typical” of the American people. Perhaps more telling about Bush’s story is how little media attention it drew. The media made a fuss over Obama’s remarks, both defending and bashing them. Even Bush defended her, asserting that “she probably meant ‘I’m more proud.’” Whether Obama truly meant what she said misses a more fundamental point: A first lady should avoid controversy. Obama still hasn’t grasped this important concept. In May, she invited poet and rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. — a.k.a. “Common” — to a poetry reading at the White House. One of Common’s poems, “A Letter to the Law,” compares former President George W. Bush to Saddam Hussein, asking, “Why they messing with Saddam? Burn a Bush.” In addition, his song “A Song for Assata” praises an

escaped convict for murdering a policeman. For Obama to invite someone who called for burning our former president and killing policemen to recite poetry at the White House is completely inappropriate. In 2003, Laura Bush Austin Casey planned her Columnist own poetry reading but with a different twist. Called “Poetry and the American Voice,” the

event was supposed to be a tea party to celebrate American poets like Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman. Bush’s event created a fuss among liberal poets who rejected her invitations requesting “the pleasure” of their company. The sickening request caused poet Sam Hamill to be “overcome by a kind of nausea.” Obviously, the only “legitimate” way to respond to such a heinous invitation was “to reconstitute a Poets Against the War movement,” as Hamill put it. Bush’s event was as innocuous as a baby — nothing about it legitimately elicited

negative attention. Obama picked a divisive poet who wanted our president burned and policemen killed to speak at the White House and thought it was appropriate. She could learn a thing or two from Bush about how to be a proper first lady. For example, at a middle school dance party in May, Obama danced the Cha Cha, the Running Man and the Dougie to a workout video by Beyonce. Bush doing the Dougie is as inconceivable as finding a parking spot on game day — and yet Obama thinks it’s a fitting public performance for a first lady.

Bush stood for everything proper and elegant, and her faith in the American people is one of her many examples of the attitude a first lady should have. Obama’s lack thereof reflects how unsuited she is for her title. Austin Casey is a 19-year-old medical physics junior from Mandeville. Follow Austin Casey on Twitter @ TDR_Austincasey.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

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