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Friday, January 17, 2014 • Volume 118, Issue 73

University cleans tunnels of asbestos Officials found traces of asbestos too small to be harmful for students

LYLE MANION · Contributing Writer


acility Services began the process of cleaning asbestos from the steam tunnels under the Student Union last week. While the asbestos, which had insulated the pipes in the underground tunnel, isn’t harmful to students passing above, Dave Maharrey, associate executive director of Facility Services, said removing the asbestos will make repairs easier. Maharrey said the task will last three weeks and aims to “increase efficiency and save energy.” Once the project is complete, repairing the pipes will require far fewer resources in the form of protective gear, he said. Maharrey said current repairs are tedious because of the required protection against hazardous materials. Maharrey explained the asbestos in the tunnels has become friable, meaning it has deteriorated into particles small enough to implant themselves into the recesses of people’s throats and lungs if inhaled. Maharrey said asbestos in this form is carcinogenic. Vincent Wilson, School of the Coast and Environment undergraduate programs director, said mesothelioma, a severe cancer, is the signature disease caused by asbestos. “The problem with asbestos is the ASBESTOS, see page 11


Celebration for MLK kicks off Monday Michael Tarver Contributing Writer

RICHARD REDMANN / The Daily Reveille

Signs on black tents warn of dangerous asbestos being removed from the tunnels underneath LSU’s campus. Facility Services associate executive director Dave Maharrey said the traces of asbestos released from the vent are too small to cause any harm to students.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and the National Pan-Hellenic Council have collaborated on a weeklong celebration including speeches, a candlelight vigil and a day of service to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mass communication junior and President of NPHC Dominique McShan is one of the people responsible for planning the candlelight vigil, and he expressed his excitement for the events taking place from Jan. 20 to 24. The newly completed African American Cultural Center will be utilized for the first time for a reception after the vigil, and it will serve as a physical representation of the University’s support of the events. Allan Purcell, graduate assistant in African American student MLK, see page 11


Former Tiger football player holds book signing in BR

Signing will be at campus bookstore Alexis Rebennack Contributing Writer

Former NFL player Michael Clayton will return to the place he credits with making him the man he is today to sign his first self-published book at the University’s bookstore. Clayton, who grew up in Baton Rouge, played football for Christian Life Academy and went on to play for LSU before beginning his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants. His book, “Chasing My Rookie Year,” details the challenges, achievements and divine interventions in his life as an

NFL and even a United Football League (UFL) player. “The people of Louisiana and my supporters here are the reason why I am the man that I am today,” Clayton said. He said it’s an honor to be welcomed back to campus and to be shown so much love more than 10 years after graduation. The former NFL player’s inspiration for his book came from his belief that the best teaching point is helping others learn from his mistakes. He said he always wanted to write a book because he knew he was on this journey for a great reason; but not knowing how he would end it postponed any writing. “I never had the ending, so it was just a thought until God took me on a spiritual journey,” Clayton said. “It was life

changing for me, and he gave me an ending: winning a Super Bowl with the New York Giants.” Leading up to writing the book, Clayton said there was a definitive turning point in his life, which he attributes to his godmother. he said she has always been his liaison to God. “She called me one day after my rookie year crying, and she said to me, ‘Michael you are about to go through hell. You’re going to go through the fire,’” he recalled. “She warned me about the fire, but she also warned me, ‘Find your purpose in life, stick close to God and he will see you through.’” Clayton said he spent seven years in a fire stoked by ridicule and media attention. “I knew God wasn’t going BOOK SIGNING, see page 11

TREY MCGLOTHIN / The Daily Reveille

Former LSU football player Michael Clayton will hold a book signing event tonight at the University bookstore for his first self-published book.

The Daily Reveille

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INTERNATIONAL Vatican comes under sharp criticism for sex abuse scandal GENEVA (AP) — After decades of accusations that its culture of secrecy contributed to priest sex abuse, the Vatican was forced for the first time Thursday to defend its record in public and at length. In a stuffy U.N. conference room before an obscure human rights committee, the Holy See was interrogated for eight hours about the scale of abuse and what it was doing to prevent it. The Vatican was compelled to appear before the committee as a signatory to the U.N. Convention for the Rights of the Child. UN warns against delayed action on rising threat of global warming UNITED NATIONS (AP) — U.N. experts are warning that the level of global warming gases is rising rapidly, and delaying action will reduce options for dealing with the worst impacts of climate change. The findings were in the final draft of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.N.-sponsored body that provides the scientific basis for climate negotiations. The report says that global warming will continue to increase unless countries shift quickly to clean energy and cut emissions.

Nation & World

MARTIAL TREZZINI / The Associated Press

Charles Scicluna, former Vatican chief prosecutor of clerical sexual abuse, waits Thursday for the start of questioning over clerical sexual abuse of children.

Police find explosive at Palestinian Embassy where ambassador died PRAGUE (AP) — Czech investigators have discovered explosives at the Palestinian Embassy complex in Prague where a possibly boobytrapped safe killed the ambassador on Jan. 1, police said Thursday. Police found 12 illegal weapons following the explosion that killed Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal, but this is the first time that authorities said explosives also were found in the new complex that includes the embassy and the ambassador’s home. It remains unclear what caused the safe to explode.

Friday, January 17, 2014



Newtown Sandy Hook gunman apparently called radio in 2011

Audubon Zoo’s Asian elephant celebrates 50th birthday

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — The man who carried out the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre apparently called a radio station a year earlier to discuss the 2009 mauling of a Connecticut woman by a chimpanzee. The caller believed to be Adam Lanza speaks softly on a show on the University of Oregon’s campus radio station and blames “civilization” for the animal’s attack. The 20-year-old man killed 20 children and six adults at the school in Newtown on Dec. 14, 2012.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — How do you slice a birthday cake for elephants? You don’t — the elephant honoree gets an entire cake. At least, that’s what the Audubon Zoo did Thursday for Panya’s 50th birthday. The Asian elephant got one complete chocolate cake. The zoo’s other Asian elephant, 41-year-old Jean, got another. Other presents included pumpkins and melons. Both pachyderms wore giant party hats. Panya came to the zoo in 1980. Jean, has been there since 1978. Judge jails Orleans Parish DA spokesman over gag order

Congress again cuts funding for horse slaughterhouse inspections ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Congress has again cut funding for inspections at horse slaughterhouses, the latest blow to efforts to resume horse slaughter in the U.S. Congress on Thursday passed a $1.1 trillion budget bill that prohibits the Department of Agriculture from spending money for inspectors at equine facilities. The last domestic horse slaughterhouses closed in 2007, a year after Congress first cut funding for the inspections. Animal protection groups applaud the vote.


This undated identification file photo shows former student Adam Lanza. Lanza carried out the Sandy Hook shooting massacre in December 2012.

Google develops contact lens that can monitor glucose levels in tears MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Google unveiled Thursday a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears, a potential reprieve for millions of diabetics who have to jab their fingers to draw their own blood as many as 10 times a day. The prototype, which Google says will take at least five years to reach consumers, is one of several medical devices being designed by companies to make glucose monitoring for diabetic patients more convenient and less invasive.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A state trial judge has jailed the spokesman for Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro. The Times-Picayune reports that Judge Frank Marullo ordered Christopher Bowman jailed for speaking to the press about a decades-old murder case in violation of a gag order. Records show Bowman was booked at 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon.





59 41 MONDAY ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

Reginelli’s uses the “doge” meme to draw in customers Thursday. Submit your photo of the day to

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Friday, January 17, 2014

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Three UREC projects to finish this semester Construction to be completed in stages Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez Senior Reporter

Over winter break, the UREC set the tone for renovations to come, progressing on expansion plans that had been unveiled last year. Projects to be completed involve expanding the River Road sports fields to include four softball fields and eight multipurpose fields, adding more than 300 twohour parking spaces and replacing tennis courts to the north end of the UREC and the 150,000 square foot expansion, according to

UREC director Laurie Braden’s construction report. Three projects should be completed this semester. Weather permitting, the parking expansion and tennis court construction should be complete by the middle of this semester, according to Braden’s construction report. Braden said she is excited for students to be able to access the new courts and the UREC with the additional two-hour parking. The new sports fields will be ready for use in summer 2014, Braden said. Students will be able to enjoy pieces of the project as the total construction progresses, and they will begin to see returns on their investments, she said. Around spring break, the

UREC larger-scale expansion will take place, and the total expansion will be completed in 2016. The main UREC entrance will move to the south side of the building, and the climbing gym will be taken off temporarily. The change will start around spring break, Braden said in the construction report. “Our students are going to have the most cutting edge college recreation facility in the country,” Braden said.

Contact Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez at

RICHARD REDMANN / The Daily Reveille

Construction workers continue to update the UREC fields Thursday afternoon.


DredgeFest explores methods to save the wetlands William Morris Contributing Writer

South Louisiana is known across the world for its diverse ecosystem of wetlands, bayous and the delta of the Mississippi River. Such a unique environment comes with its fair share of challenges. DredgeFest Louisiana, a weeklong symposium exploring the ramifications of human manipulation of sediment in the south Louisiana environment, was held at the University this week. The University played host to various workshops to raise awareness of the issues of disappearing wetlands and the potential solutions being developed by scientists across the nation. Bradley Cantrell, associate professor and director of the School of Landscape Architecture, said Louisiana was chosen as the site for DredgeFest because of its unique geography, and his department was eager to take part in the event. “All dredging means is taking dirt from the river and moving it somewhere else,” Cantrell said. “This event is to raise awareness to a greater potential good we can do with moving the earth around.” Cantrell said events of the week focused on ways to use dredged materials to help rebuild disappearing land in south Louisiana. “Because the Mississippi River is being held in place by all these levees, it is not distributing sediment to the land surrounding the river and is causing erosion on a large scale,” Cantrell said. Cantrell said solutions ranged from small-scale systems that alter the flow of sediment in the river to larger projects which would alter the design of levees

to make them more friendly to the surrounding environment. Brett Milligan, professor of landscape architecture at University of California-Davis, is one of the founders of the Dredge Research Collaborative, the main organization responsible for DredgeFest. Milligan said hosting the event in Louisiana is special because sedimentary issues seem to be on the minds of its residents more than in other places. “The Mississippi River is a massive watershed and drains a large portion of the United States,” Milligan said. “All that sediment is carried down here and has helped shape the culture and environment.” Milligan said there has been a shift in thinking in regards to using dredged materials, and that is where the DRC is trying to make a difference. “People have realized that

dredged sediment is a resource that we can actually use to save the environment rather than just a mound of useless dirt,” Milligan said. Milligan said as much as humans have altered the environment negatively, we have the potential to make it right. “DredgeFest is designed to help us be more aware of the changes humans have made and to bring together the people who know how to solve these problems,” Milligan said. “We can work more intelligently and better affect the environment around us; that is what we’re all about.”

Contact William Morris at

LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

Ilya Lipov answers dredge model questions Thursday as part of the DredgeFest Louisiana symposium in the Design Building.

The Daily Reveille

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Friday, January 17, 2014

LSU Foundation building brings donation options Part of Nicholson Gateway Project James Richards Staff Writer

The LSU Foundation’s proposed building will be the first to be erected for the University’s Nicholson Gateway Project. LSU Foundation director of Communications and Donor Relations Sara Crow said the proposed two-story building is part of a broader strategy to increase donations to the University, especially those to the endowment. The LSU Foundation attracts and manages charitable donations to the University. The foundation’s office is currently located on West Lakeshore Drive. The Nicholson Gateway Project will be a mixed-use center located on the last undeveloped tract of land on the University’s campus across from Tiger Stadium, as previously reported by The Daily Reveille.

Crow said although more donations to the LSU Foundation are non-endowed, “endowed donations are better because they provide perpetual aid.” Crow explained that “99 percent of donations are donor directed,” meaning most of the time, donors will specify where their money will go. The new building, she said, will be financed through nondonor-directed donations Because the building will be financed through nondonor-directed donations, the money will not be taken from money allotted for scholarships, Crow said. The LSU Foundation’s website details the strategic plan that will direct its efforts: invest in people, redesign organization and operations, strengthen cross-campus collaboration and execute largescale fundraising efforts. Crow said the new building will help achieve all four priorities. Currently, the LSU Foundation staff is scattered at four different places around campus, making it harder to coordinate fundraising efforts, Crow said. She said the new

building will help efforts on the back end, like IRS compliance, in addition to front-end efforts like attracting new donors. The building’s proximity to Tiger Stadium and the prominence that comes with its location is a focal point for the LSU Foundation, Crow said. She said peer organizations to the LSU Foundation at the University of Florida and Texas A&M University have fundraising buildings across from their respective football stadiums and attribute some of their success to the prominence the location gives them. Crow pointed out these peers have much larger endowments than the LSU Foundation and hopes it can achieve the same kind of success. She said the LSU Foundation considers them a model in that regard. The LSU Foundation is expected to break ground this summer with completion projected for 2016. Contact James Richards at


The Nicholson Gateway, a 28-acre site located across from Tiger Stadium, will feature mixed-use retail housing, a student residential district and retail space, according to the project’s executive summary.

2014 OSCAR NOMINATIONS New church focuses


on simple approach Social media plays important role Michael Tarver Contributing Writer

A new church near campus, Progression Church, held its first service Sunday with 77 people in attendance. The church invites the millennial generation to take a simple approach to religion. The Sunday service proved a positive start for the church, said Lead Pastor Brian Crain. The church advertised its opening by sending fliers to the Baton Rouge community and posting on its Facebook page. The service also attracted some passersby near campus, Crain said. Progression Church, exemplifying its name, started when six families moved to Baton Rouge to start the new church with a special focus and emphasis on “progressing” toward being like Jesus Christ, Crain said. While the target demographic is people born between 1980 and 2000, the church encourages all people to join, Crain said. The normal Sunday service consists of three parts. The beginning to a normal Sunday is a general service including song and music, followed by preaching or “responding to the word.” The service ends with an opportunity to give to the church. The church is funded partially by the Louisiana Baptist Convention, other churches and

out-of-pocket funds from the leaders of the church. Being primarily modeled after a Baptist church service, Progression maintains many of the same ideals, Crain said. The difference between Progression and many others churches is the simple approach of evolving into a Christlike figure. “We want to come across as real and genuine,” Crain said. “Wherever you are in your faith journey, we have a place for you.” Crain said the leaders of Progression conducted a significant amount of research prior to starting the church to ensure a successful following. Being close to the University seemed to be a logical choice to reach the target audience, Crain said. Crain said while many churches across the country have not accepted people from different walks of life, Progression does not discriminate against anyone. “Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean we won’t love you,” Crain said. As well as conducting weekly services, Progression posts videos of its sermons on its website with bible readings displayed across the screen.

information from


· CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, 12 Years a Slave

· BRUCE DERN, Nebraska


· LEONARDO DICAPRIO, The Wolf of Wall Street



American Hustle

· JUDI DENCH, Philomena

· CATE BLANCHETT, Blue Jasmine


August: Osage County




The Wolf of Wall Street

· BRADLEY COOPER, American Hustle


Dallas Buyers Club

· MICHAEL FASSBENDER, 12 Years a Slave

SUPPORTING actress · SALLY HAWKINS, Blue Jasmine


August: Osage County

· JENNIFER LAWRENCE, American Hustle

· JUNE SQUIBB, Nebraska

Contact Michael Tarver at

· LUPITA NYONG’O, 12 Years a Slave


Matthew McConaughey (top left), Cate Blanchett (top right) and Lupita Nyong’o (bottom) are all nominate for Academy Awards.


Friday, January 17, 2014

page 5

Can’t Touch This

Sunday’s games could end in upsets THE SMARTEST MORAN JAMES MORAN Sports Columnist This is the first time in recent memory the two conference championship games have come down to the four best teams in the league. There are only two days of football games left, but with these matchups, the season is primed to go out with a bang. So sit back and enjoy it while it lasts. My apologies in advance for costing the teams I picked a trip to the Super Bowl. NEW ENGLAND VS. DENVER

31 - 28 TAYLOR BALKOM / The Daily Reveille

LSU junior forward Johnny O’Bryant III (2) stares down a referee Jan. 4 following a call during the Tigers’ 74-70 loss to the University of Rhode Island Rams in the PMAC.

Players, coaches adjust to new rules CHANDLER ROME · Sports Writer

After stepping off the court at the conclusion of each game, LSU junior guard Anthony Hickey expects a call from his father, Anthony Hickey Sr. “He don’t ever tell me the good things,” Hickey joked. “[He] always tells me what I do bad on defense.” Specifically, Hickey Sr. chides his son’s propensity to use his hands while defending, a more critical mistake now that the

NCAA rule changes regarding fouls are in place. Referees began a crackdown on handchecks and outlined a more rigid interpretation of the block-charge rule this season, resulting in early season games plagued by numerous whistles. FOULS, see page 7

All of the attention leading up to this game has focused on the matchup between quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. It’s not a surprise, of course, NFL, see page 7

Who’s going to Super Bowl XLVIII? Vote at


LSU faces A&M on senior day

Jack Chascin Sports Contributor

The LSU swimming and diving team is set to take on Texas A&M on Saturday in what will be a senior day meet for both squads. LSU swimming coach Dave Geyer said that senior day is his favorite dual meet of the year as it allows LSU to send off athletes who have represented the program well. Geyer also noted the importance of overcoming the emotion that senior day can bring and putting out a good performance. Texas A&M is ranked No. 2 in the country on the women’s side, and the squad includes Cammile Adams, who competed

in the 2012 Olympics. “[Texas] A&M is a top 5 program in the country on the women’s side, and on the men’s side they have a strong senior class. ... It’s going to be a heck of a dual meet on that side,” Geyer said. The LSU men are coming off a 185-112 win against SMU, while the women joined in on the victory against Oklahoma Baptist on Jan. 11. Senior diver Sean McKinney was a huge part of both of those victories, earning him Southeastern Conference Male Diver of the Week honors. “I think it’s very deserving for Sean,” said LSU diving coach Doug Shaffer in a press release. “He’s broken the record two times this year so it’s a show of

his improvement. We came off a grueling schedule. He deserved it another time this year, but he has continued to persevere and eventually it came around. I’m proud of him for continuing to push and try to reach his goals.” McKinney broke the school record on the 3-meter with a score of 425.70 against Oklahoma Baptist. This is the second time this season that McKinney has broken the record. In the meet against SMU, McKinney finished second on the 1-meter with a score of 349.35 and third on the 3-meter with a 360.23. However, both the women ‘s and men’s squads are going into Saturday’s matchup at less than SENIOR DAY, see page 7

courtesy of CHRIS PARENT / LSU Sports Information

LSU diver Sean McKinney is one of 13 graduating seniors competing in their last home meet on Saturday.

The Daily Reveille

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Friday, January 17, 2014

No. 2 Tigers to take on Georgia Marcus Rodrigue Sports Contributor

No matter where the LSU gymnastics team competes, the focus for every gymnast is staying in “the purple zone.” LSU coach D-D Breaux coined the term and urges her gymnasts to be aware of the purple zone — a metaphor for being focused on one’s own routine. The No. 2 Tigers (1-0) may need to heed Breaux’s advice when they travel to Stegeman Coliseum in Athens, Ga., tonight for a meet with No. 9 Georgia (0-2) at 6:30 p.m. Junior Lloimincia Hall said




the concept of the purple zone helps her and her teammates focus on what they can control and block out what their competitors are doing. Tonight also marks the first time LSU associate head coach Jay Clark returns to coach a competition in Athens, where he coached the Gym Dogs for 20 seasons. Clark spent his final four years at Georgia as head coach, and he produced 64 AllAmericans and seven NCAA bars champions during his time in Athens. “I recruited those kids over there, and I have a lot of relationships and friends that are still in the town,” Clark said. “I spent 27 years of my life in Athens, so it’s a place that has a lot of great memories. But the reality is that my focus is with this team and what we’re trying to do.” LSU jumped to No. 2, its highest ranking since 2005, after posting a 197.200 against Centenary last Friday night. The Tigers’ performance earned them the highest season-opening score in program history. “It was a tremendous beginning,” Breaux said. “People have been throwing stats at me ever since the competition, but the most important factor is we showed a lot of consistency and a lot of depth in our lineup.” LSU displayed its depth with

11 different gymnasts competing against Centenary. The Tigers go in to the meet against Georgia ranked second on vault with a 49.425, third on floor and beam with a 49.400 and a 49.250, respectively, and 10th on bars with a 49.125. Junior Rheagan Courville climbed to No. 1 in the all-around rankings following her 39.600 against Centenary. Courville tied with fellow junior Jessie Jordan for the top spot on balance beam with a 9.925, and Courville’s 9.950 on floor earned her the No. 2 spot in the country. Jordan claimed No. 3 in the all-around thanks to her careerhigh 39.500 last Friday. Senior Sarie Morrison received Southeastern Conference Event Specialist of the Week for her identical 9.925’s on vault and uneven bars. “There’s always room for improvement,” Courville said. “We come in the gym every day with an intention to focus on little things, and that’s what we plan to do. If we get a half-tenth better on everything we do, it’ll all add up.”

Contact Marcus Rodrigue at

TAYLOR BALKOM / The Daily Reveille

LSU junior all-arounder Jessie Jordan jumps between uneven bars Jan. 10 during the Tigers’ 197.2-181.275 victory against Centenary in the PMAC.


Tigers open season with doubleheader Team to take on Nicholls, Southern

joins three other freshmen on the team — Skylar Holloway, Gabrielle Otero and Abigail Owens. Separating Costa from the latter is that Sunday will be her debut in the purple and gold. Taylor Curet But Sell noticed another sepSports Contributor aration about Costa from the moLSU will look to brush off ment she recruited her — Costa’s whatever frost remains from a attitude and pride. chilly winter break and start its “She had a tiger on her season out hot in a doubleheader phone,” Sell said. “She had it on Sunday at W.T. “Dub” Robinson her Facebook page. She’s almost Stadium. more prideful of LSU right now The No. 66 Lady Tigers play than our kids that have been here host to Nicholls State at noon a while. That says a lot.” followed by Southern UniverWhatever nerves Costa or the sity. The events mark the season- other freshmen feel Sunday will opening matchbe a constructive es for all three ‘I told the girls that the thing, Sell said. schools. Playing in front of Coach Julia hardest thing for me to family and friends Sell’s squad has do this year will be to do is a new pressure been practicing Sell prefers the the lineup.’ on campus since Lady Tigers exthe first week of perience on their Julia Sell January, giving home court bewomen’s tennis coach LSU added time fore traveling on to prepare for the spring slate. the road, she said. “[Tuesday] was the first day Ending with a 9-16 record where I felt like they were start- last spring, improvement is ing to get sick of practicing and LSU’s chief goal going into the knew it’s time to play,” Sell said. season. Two of the Lady Tigers’ Perhaps benefiting the most wins last year came against Nichfrom the early practice start olls and Southern. was freshman Joana Vale Costa, And with a program-best No. who joined the Lady Tigers this 14 recruiting class introduced to spring. Baton Rouge last summer, the The Lisbon, Portugal, native greatest problem remaining for

Sell is deciding which players get to see the court. “We have a lot of depth this year and our chemistry is so good,” Sell said. “I told the girls that the hardest thing for me to do this year will be to do the lineup.” With a potential total of 12 singles and six doubles matches being played on Sunday, Sell and her coaching staff are able to

evaluate different doubles pairs and give other Lady Tigers playing opportunities. “I love it, the girls love it,” Sell said. “They’re going to get two good matches in right off the bat.” Contact Taylor Curet at



Read about the men’s tennis team’s return to action this weekend at

Friday, January 17, 2014 NFL, from page 5 as the two future Hall-of-Famers’ rivalry has been one of the defining storylines of the NFL for more than a decade, and Sunday will be the fourth and potentially final time these two legends meet in the playoffs. But who wins the AFC will be decided by more than quarterback play. Manning and Brady are both fantastic. Manning’s numbers dwarf Brady’s in part because he has far superior firepower around him, but Brady’s postseason success nearly makes the matchup a wash. It’s never as easy to throw the football in the playoffs as it is in the regular season, and New England will win this game because it is better in the two areas that always show up in January — running game and defense. Led by the combination of running backs LeGarrette Blount and Stevan Ridley, the Patriots’ ground game has been on fire lately. The duo combined for six touchdowns and more than 200 yards as the Patriots ran over the Colts on Saturday. That breakout has taken the pressure off Brady and gives New England a big advantage if the wind begins to howl on Sunday. Neither defense is healthy or playing particularly well, but the Patriots have been forcing more turnovers of late. A late turnover

FOULS, from page 5

LSU (10-5, 1-2 Southeastern Conference) wasn’t immune from the carnage, as it was whistled for 29 fouls in its season-opening 9290 loss at UMass. But since that foul-happy opener, the Tigers said they have settled in to the new rules. “I think we kind of get a feel of what’s really a foul and what’s not,” said senior guard Andre Stringer. “We just have to move our feet and play angles better than we have in the past.” Stringer said the team was introduced to the new rules in preseason scrimmages in Houston and Baton Rouge, and after the initial shock wore off, it was time to adjust. The Tiger coaches instructed the guards to practice with towels tied around their waist to put more emphasis on

could be the difference as New England runs the ball to keep it away from a frustrated Manning. San Francisco vs. Seattle

20 - 17

From the head coaches down through the players and fans, these two teams hate one another, and the rivalry is growing as quickly as any across the league. Every time the 49ers meet the Seahawks, it’s a defensive war from start to finish, so don’t expect Sunday to be any different. Seattle and San Francisco are mirror images of each other. They boast the league’s two most talented and physical defenses at all three levels, while relying heavily on power running games to help out dynamic young quarterbacks. The game should be close throughout because the teams are so familiar. With the defenses and running games being exceptional on both sides, the game will be won by the quarterback that can make plays down the field late in a close game. For my money, that’s Colin Kaepernick. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh has turned his quarterback loose in postseason games

The Daily Reveille

page 7

and Kaepernick has rewarded him. He played well against an elite Carolina defense Sunday and made plays with his legs late to defeat Green Bay the week before that. Throw in the dramatic comeback he led against Atlanta in last season’s NFC Championship Game, and Kaepernick has an impressive postseason résumé for a young quarterback. He’s struggled in both career starts at Seattle, but the return of receiver Michael Crabtree to complement playoff-machine Anquan Boldin will help. His counterpart, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, struggled to throw the ball against the Saints. He completed just nine passes in the game and couldn’t make plays late to put the game out of reach. In the end, Harbaugh is more comfortable asking Kaepernick to win the game than Pete Carroll is relying on Wilson. San Francisco will play to win while Seattle plays not to lose, and that will be the difference. James Moran is a 21-year-old mass communication senior from Beacon, N.Y.

Contact James Moran at; Twitter: @Moran_TDR

defending by moving their feet, by the time the offensive player which Hickey said was a helpful lifted off the floor. teaching tool. Texas A&M coach Billy For the frontcourt, though, Kennedy said Tuesday he hasn’t the adjustment took some seen consistency with the new time. rules. His Aggies — which sit The new block-charge clari- tied with Florida atop the SEC fication states a “defensive player standings — ranked 24th in the is not permitted to move into the NCAA for fouls, averaging 16.7 path of an offenfouls per game as sive player once ‘‘I think we kind of get a team. he has started his “I still think upward motion a feel of what’s really a it’s a work in with the ball to at- foul and what’s not. We progress,” Kentempt a field goal nedy said. “The just have to move our block-charge call or pass.” And if the been one area feet and plays angles has defensive playthat’s supposed er isn’t in legal better than we have in to have been guarding position cleaned up. The the past.’ at the time of the majority of them pass or shot, it’s a were going to be Andre Stringer defensive blockblocks [and] it senior guard ing foul. The would be real difprevious rule stated the defender ficult to call a charge under the must take legal guarding position new rules and I haven’t seen that

Jack Dempsey / The Associated Press

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hands the ball off in the second quarter of an NFL AFC division playoff football game Sunday in Denver.

consistently called.” Kennedy and LSU coach Johnny Jones agreed that consistency is attainable and will come with time, as both referees and players adjust to the new rules. For now, Hickey said he will continue to heed the advice of his father. On occasion. “[My dad] tells me I’m holding them a little bit too much, if [the opponent’s] back is against me, I am touching them a little too much,” Hickey said. “It is a foul, and they will call it.” “But I do it so fast and sneaky.”

Contact Chandler Rome at; Twitter: @Rome_TDR

SENIOR DAY, from page 5

full strength. “Our big obstacle this week is to get healthy,” Geyer said. “We’ve lost a few people already this week, and it seems that a bug is going around so I just hope we got a full roster come Saturday.” All eyes are on the SEC Championships as the team heads into the second semester, and Geyer said any meet this semester helps the team swim a little faster. “If we stay on focus and do what we need to do, it should be a great meet and the results will take care of itself,” Geyer said. The Saturday senior day meet begins at 1 p.m. in the Natatorium. Contact Jack Chascin at

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Driving a responsibility that deserves full attention BLUE COLLAR SCHOLAR Justin Stafford Columnist Getting your first car is something you’ll always remember. My first ride came in on a trailer, the engine didn’t start and it was 41-years-old. When I took the keys in my hand, my dad told me that I now had a responsibility. The LSU community is alltoo familiar with the risks that come with driving, especially while distracted. However, of all the safety education offered to the public, none really mention the duty of a driver to understand his or her vehicle. My dad’s statement to me was my introduction to automotive work and my obligations as a driver. Some students may not have had the in-depth experiences I’ve had, but that’s no excuse. All drivers, young and old, should have a respect for the machine. It’s a simple understanding of the beast and its habitat. You don’t need to know what the ideal lift of a camshaft is for a 426 Hemi to be a conscientious and alert driver. Instead, knowing when your brakes are weak and which street has prevalent jaywalkers could make all the difference. I believe this acknowledgement would assist in minimizing distracted driver-related accidents. It’s easy to forget the dangers and responsibilities of getting behind the wheel with technology increasing and creating the

Web comments The Daily Reveille wants to hear your reactions to our content. Visit, our Facebook page and our Twitter account to let us know what you think. Check out what readers had to say in our comment section: In response to Jana King’s column “Opinion: Disrespect for bodily autonomy a societal flaw,” readers had this to say: “Miss King, I read your article on body autonomy and wondered to myself if you recognize the hypocrisy of your opinion. You started off your piece with the story of

illusion that the car is driving you. Imagine a vehicle as an unloaded handgun sitting idle. It’s nothing more than a few metal components, as is a car parked in your garage. The pistol becomes dangerous when it gets loaded. Each time you start your engine, your vehicle also becomes “loaded” and a weapon capable of killing. A responsible person handles a gun—loaded or not—diligently and with care. I don’t text while I’m staring down the sights of my .38 Smith and Wesson or go to the firing range after a few beers, nor should you text looking down at your phone in your Honda Civic after leaving the bar., the official U.S. site for distracted driving, found 11 percent of all drivers younger than 20 involved in fatal crashes were distracted at the time of the crash. This may seem like a small percentage, but it’s this age group that makes up a significant portion of a college community. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011, 3,331 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver. The CDC notes three main types of driving distractions. The first is visual, which is taking your eyes off the road. The second is manual, taking your hands off the wheel. The third is cognitive, or taking your mind off of driving. My old ’67 was sold, but each car that came after was another project and responsibility. An understanding grew with my passion for mechanics. My Marlise Munoz. This part of the story is about a family suing a hospital that is keeping a family member, who is in a persistent vegetative state, on life-support against their wishes. You then throw out the term "bodily autonomy". Further down in the article, you imply how terrible parents are for violating the "bodily autonomy" of their infant males through circumcision. Do you see the hypocrisy yet? The family of Miss Munoz is responsible for her welfare just as the parents of a newborn are responsible for his. In both cases, the person in question can't make a decision for themselves. In both cases, the caretakers are doing what they think is best for their loved one. Yet, in the case of the infant the caretakers are wrong? When I make my son take

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Kevin Thibodeaux Morgan Searles Wilborn Nobles Gordon Brillon Megan Dunbar

Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Managing Editor, External Media News Editor Opinion Editor

photo illustration by LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

Studies have shown that distracted driving, even if just checking a text message, drastically increases the risk of an accident.

driving reflects this. Of the two accidents I’ve been in, both involved distracted drivers. One was drinking a soda and the other was changing radio stations. If more drivers had basic knowledge of automobiles rather than the stereo and that the oil eventually needs changing, then traffic injuries and fatalities would decrease. People should get to know their cars. My hope is that the possibility of injuring or killing yourself and others in a vehicle because of distractions is enough. In Louisiana, not only is it illegal to text

and drive, but it could also cost you $175. A first offense DWI will get you at maximum of six months in jail, $1000 in fines plus court and attorney fees and driving privileges suspended. Even more frightening, the current Louisiana statute for vehicular homicide states those charged “shall be fined not less than two thousand dollars ... And shall be imprisoned with or without hard labor for not less than five years ...At least three years of the sentence of imprisonment shall be imposed without benefit of probation, parole, or

suspension of sentence.” Mario Andretti, a retired world champion race car driver, said, “You’re safer in the race car than you are in cars going to and from the track.” I couldn’t agree more.

a bath, is that violating his "bodily autonomy"? Parents are charged with taking care of their children the best they can and do so in a manner that is consistent with their own upbringing. When my daughter was 14, I violated her "bodily autonomy" by telling her that she could not get her tongue pierced until she was at least 16. Sue me. I'm her parent not her best friend. When you have your own kids someday, you will realize that you decide (through your action or inaction) what happens to your child. You will understand that they have only the "bodily autonomy" that you give them.” -RLAndrews

travels potentially harmful to University,” readers had this to say:

pay our fair share..or do you just want the taxpayers to pay more?” -victoria

“We have reason to be alarmed, because Gov. Bobby Jindal gives us daily headaches with his outof-touch policymaking and official statements about trivial issues like A&E’s personnel decisions.... come on Megan your better thanh this! You may not like Our Gov, but this is out of line..daily headaches? Also still love to see the argumnet from you as to why LSU should have among the lowest tutions of ANY comparable Univ? So Bobby wanted to raise tution, but you (and many of your classmates) do not want to pay about we raise tution to the "average" of all our peir colleges so we can all

In response to James Moran’s column, “Opinion: Hill’s departure is costly, but not surprising,” readers had this to say:

In response to Megan Dunbar’s column, “Opinion: Alexander’s

Editorial Policies & Procedures

The Daily Reveille (USPS 145-800) is written, edited and produced solely by students of Louisiana State University. The Daily Reveille is an independent entity within the Manship School of Mass Communication. Signed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, paper or University. Letters submitted for publication should be sent via e-mail to or delivered to B-26 Hodges Hall. They must be 400 words or less. Letters must have a contact phone number so the opinion editor can verify the author. The phone number won’t be printed. The Daily Reveille reserves the right to edit letters and guest columns for space consideration without changing the original intent. The Daily Reveille also reserves the right to reject any letter without notification of the author. Writers must include their full names and phone numbers. The Daily Reveille’s editor-in-chief, hired every semester by the Louisiana State University Media Board, has final authority on all editorial decisions.

Justin Stafford is a 20-year-old mass communication junior from Walker.

Contact Justin Stafford at; Twitter: @j_w_stafford

“Hill is fantastic and obviously will be missed in the team but with Fournette, Hilliard, and Magee all on the roster next season, I’m not too concerned” -Xena2shoes Contact The Daily Reveille’s opinion staff at; Twitter: @TDR_opinion

Quote of the Day “I never look back darling. It distracts from the now.”

Edna Mode fashion designer “The Incredibles,” 2004

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Friday, January 17, 2014


page 9

Nuclear fission needs to be utilized for energy ATLAS HAS SHRUGGED Andrew Stolzle Columnist We are all environmentalists. Sparing a select few, all of us desire to live in a world of clean air, clear water and uncontaminated food. But as the need for energy constantly grows, our methods for extracting and transporting that energy must evolve as well. Although nearly everyone agrees we need an efficient, safe and economically sound method for producing electricity, our society is polarized by how to reach that end. However, the solution stares us in the face and has been awaiting the spotlight for almost a century. Nuclear fission, despite its potential for unparalleled production, continues to suffer abuse from Hollywood, the media and, most importantly, the general public. The nearby River Bend nuclear power plant is awaiting licensing for a new unit reactor, which could make the job market much more appealing for us. Engineers, computer scientists, biologists and even journalists could see openings in their fields

and an opportunity to put their degrees to work. While its opponents appeal primarily to emotions to justify their position, they typically avoid the facts surrounding fission and fail to address the current methods of extracting energy. Last Thursday, a chemical leak at a West Virginia coal-processing plant left more than 300,000 residents with a water supply contaminated with approximately 7,500 gallons of crude MCHM, a chemical used in washing coal. Despite the rational alternative that is nuclear power, mainstream media continues to paint the industry with an apocalyptic brush while refusing to address the advantages it presents. Fission differs fundamentally from other energy sources because it yields power from splitting atoms rather than burning chemicals; consequently, nuclear reactors produce zero carbon emissions. Adding to its appeal, fission can vastly expand job opportunities for LSU graduates who may be less than optimistic about the current economy. But when anyone mentions radiation, all hell breaks loose. With biased news reports and videos of Homer Simpson

aimlessly trying to operate a nuclear plant, it’s no wonder so many resent such a simple solution to our energy demands. You hear that a spill of radioactive waste can decimate a whole city, when in fact no deaths or serious illnesses have been directly attributed to fission in America’s history. In fact, for nuclear power to reach the threatening levels of coal burning, University of Pittsburgh professor Bernard Cohen estimates that there would need to be 25 reactor meltdowns per year. Since there hasn’t been a single complete meltdown in America’s history, I highly doubt we’ll come anywhere close to 25 per year. Retreating to Cabo during spring break will flood your body with more radiation than you’ll ever receive from a nuclear plant, but I don’t see anyone protesting vacations. Extracting, containing and transporting energy is innately a dangerous and difficult task, but it is a necessary one. Transitioning to an economy that embraces nuclear fission will not just affect corporations, it will improve the lives of each and every one of us. Oil and gasoline demands will drop, as will their prices. With tuition and fees increasing each passing year, we would

Steve Helber / The Associated Press

Workers inspect an area Monday in Charleston, W. Va. Chemicals leaked into the Elk River around a Freedom Industries storage facility.

much rather have the extra funds to cover those costs than spending hundreds of dollars filling up our vehicles. This will happen only if we, the consumers, demand a change in our energy policy; indeed, we possess that power. As we endeavor to meet the increasing demands of this growing world, we must embrace the

solution that has been sitting in front of us for decades. Andrew Stolzle is a 20-year-old mechanical engineering junior from Baton Rouge. Contact Andrew Stolzle at; Twitter: @AndrewStolzle

President Obama exceeding his constitutional powers BRACE YOURSELF Ryan McGehee Columnist By now, most Americans are fed up with the gridlock in Washington. Between the partisan and personal differences, it seems Congress and the Obama administration just cannot cooperate, even going as far as to cut veterans’ pensions to hash out a budget passed Wednesday. In response to what many in the Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill call an “obstinate,” Republican-controlled House of Representatives, President Barack Obama has threatened to take executive action, bypassing Congress altogether. His exact words were, “...we are not just going to be waiting for a legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need.” That’s something akin to what an autocrat would say. He also went on the record stating, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions … and I’ve got a phone that allows me to convene Americans from every walk of life.” That may sound good to some,

but there’s just one tiny hang-up: the Constitution. In our system of checks and balances, the president can only enforce the laws that Congress passes; he cannot summarily legislate with executive orders. Obama would do well to give some thought before plunging himself into a potential legal scandal; however, this is not the first time the president has come into some serious constitutional trouble. Most recently, the Supreme Court decided to take on the case of Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, where a lower court ruled the president’s actions unconstitutional. Basically, the Senate was not in recess, but it did not have a quorum of senators needed to confirm the appointments, so the president went ahead and appointed three new members. While the president does have the constitutional authority to make temporary appointments while the Senate is in recess, opponents of the appointments argue this was not the case, and the trio of appointments would probably not have made it past confirmation. In addition, thanks to the leaks of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, there is growing concern over the

agency’s violation of nearly every Americans’ Fourth and potentially Third Amendment rights. The argument for the latter is that the NSA’s constant surveillance of cellular metadata and the tracking of phone locations is actually a governmental presence in our homes. The outrage is so severe, there has actually been a lawsuit spearheaded by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Paul is actively encouraging every American to sign on to the suit. To top it all off, just a few months ago, there was a grave concern that the president would take military action and intervene in the Syrian Civil War. While arguing that the president had the right to take action without congressional authorization, Obama relented thanks to a sharp outcry from both Congress and the American people. Obstinate Congress or not, the president has no right to try to legislate from the Oval Office. He should also remember the GOP has control of the House directly because of the actions taken in his first two years as president. The American people wanted a full stop on his agenda after he rammed through the Affordable Care Act with his Democratic supermajority. It is disturbing that a president who ran on transparency and good governance would take and then

CAROLYN CASTER/ The Assoicated Press

President Barack Obama speaks Thursday in Washington in the South Court Auditorium.

threaten more action far outside his constitutional brief. Any actions made by executive order affecting anything other than the administration itself should always be seen as a violation of the Constitution. You would think a former constitutional law professor would have a better grasp of the extent of his powers as president.

Ryan McGehee is a 21-year-old political science, history and international studies senior from Zachary.

Contact Ryan McGehee at; Twitter: @JRyanMcGehee

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ESSARY, will train- gain VALUABLE experience for your resume! Apply ASAP for best chances! 225-921-9673 ________________________

Behavioral Intervention Group is looking for energetic people to provide Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children who have been diagnosed with autism and/or other developmental disabilities. Benefits, flexible hours, and a fun working environment. Experience with children preferred. Email resume to ________________________ MATH TUTORS NEEDED Mathnasium is looking for part-time tutors who have outstanding skill with math through the high-school level. We pay $12/ hour after training and offer a great work environment at both area locations. Call 744-0005 or email for more info. ________________________ Vet asst. needed-hosp. in Mid City 15 min. from LSU. Acadian Oaks Pet Clinic ________________________ GEORGES SOUTHSIDE 8905 HIGHLAND ROAD /BARTENDER-SERVER NEEDED/MUST HAVE BARTENDERS LICENCE/APPLY WITH-IN 11AM TO 2PM DAILY ________________________

STUDENT GRAPHIC ARTIST NEEDED PART TIME! Tiger People Clothiers is looking for a graphic artist for Part Time work starting February 3rd. Knowledge of Indesign, Photoshop, etc.. are all required. Email resume to sales@tiger-people. com. ________________________

PROGRAMS & YOUTH SPORTS COORDINATOR- P/T Coordinate, organize, and supervise youth sports leagues and other youth programs such as after school extended day, holiday and summer camps. This position will have supervision of sports practices, games, afterschool care sites, and camp programming. Previous experience with youth sports and childcare is preferred as well as computer skills in Microsoft Excel. Parttime 25-29 hrs/wk. Current CRP/First Aid Certification or ability to be certified by the Y within first 30days of employment. Must pass B/G check and drug screen. Contact Eddrick Martin @ (225) 344-6775 or apply in person to Baranco-Clark YMCA, 1735 Thomas Delpit Dr., Baton Rouge, LA. ________________________ Now hiring Part time sales clerk at Office Furniture World.M-F $10.00 Send resume to or fax 751-4952 nocalls or walk ins please ________________________

Fashion-Minded Sales Associate: Swap Boutique, Designer Consignment, is opening our newest location in Baton Rouge! Great opportunity for those interested in management and fashion merchandising. Full or part time. Duties include : selecting and pricing merchandise, servicing customers, meeting sales goals, and maintaining inventory. Email Resume: ________________________ Looking for an after school nanny for our two boys ages 11 and 14. Hours: 3:30 6:30 M-F (in BR).Must love dogs (and cat). If interested please call 225-772-6622 ________________________ Welsh’s Drycleaners (Perkins and college location) Part time afternoon counter clerk needed!! Great for students!! Flexible schedules. Apply in Person. 225-928-5067 ________________________ Part Time Sales Associate needed at Bowie Outfitters. Apply in person only at 8630 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA. No phone calls please. ________________________

EXTENDED DAY COUNSELOR Dependable and dedicated and must be able to work M-F, hours of 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. Experience working with youth programs. Part-time 15-20 hrs/wk. Current CRP/First Aid Certification or ability to be certified by the Y within first 30days of employment. Must pass B/G check and drug screen. Contact Eddrick Martin @ (225) 344-6775 or apply in person to Baranco-Clark YMCA, 1735 Thomas Delpit Dr., Baton Rouge, LA. ________________________ PERSONAL ASST. TO BATON ROUGE BUSINESS EXEC. RUN ERRANDS, DOMESTIC CHORES, MINOR FINANCE, ETC. COMMON SENSE A MUST PLEASE! $10/HR 10/15HRS PER WK. 225-448-0505 ________________________ New Year, New Fun Job! Great Starting Pay! Flexible Schedules, Scholarships and Internships available. Customer sales/service. Full training provided. All ages 17+ Apply Today! 225-803-8982 ________________________ HIRING STUDENTS! *$16 STARTING PAY* Customer sales/ service. PT/FT available with very FLEXIBLE schedules. NO EXPERIENCE NEC-

Vet Assistant Needed Weekend and night positions available. Exp. helpful but not a must. We can train the right person. Great for Pre-Vet Students Apply in person. M-F/ 9a-4p. 1514 Cottondale, B. R.,70815 225.927.994 ________________________

Local market research firm seeks several students for part-time face-to-face survey data collection this semester. Mostly weekends. Pay $20/hour. Can’t be shy. Must be able to approach people in public and conduct a survey or recruit for focus groups. If interested, email info@ You can also visit our website at for more information about our firm. ________________________ The License Coach Coaching Staff Support Team Member This position deals directly with customers by telephone and email. Responsibilities include responding promptly to customer inquiries, handle and resolve complaints, obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle inquiries / complaints, perform customer verifications, process orders / applications / requests, direct unresolved issues to designated resource. Outbound calls to customers currently preparing for exams, providing educational guidance based upon our predesigned systems and the customers strengths and weaknesses. This position would report directly to the Sr. Director of Educational Services and interact with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. We offer a chic high tech work environment in Allen, providing a flexible schedule to accommodate your course studies. Must be able to navigate a Mac computer and be PC proficient. Be able to work independently with minimal supervision. ________________________ Flexible part time schedule for LSU Student between 8:00am to 5:30pm MondayFriday. Warehouse shipping/receiving. Janitorial. Building, Grounds and Parking Lot Maintenance. $11.50/hour. Email days/ hours available to work with brief resume to: LaCour’s Carpet World 7421 Tom Drive. No phone calls please. ________________________ PART-TIME NUDE MODEL needed for MW 830-1130 life drawing class, spring semester. Pay $12/hr. Full-time students in good academic standing only. Send LSU ID to to apply. ________________________

Friday, January 17, 2014

Part-time sales/cashier needed. Candidate must be willing to work Saturdays, work multiple locations when necessary, morning and afternoon shifts available. Must be personable, outgoing, with strong communication skills. Please send resume to ________________________

Our hotel sets the standard in business travel, day after day. We are looking for energetic individuals who are passionate about customer service to join our team. We are seeking out dedicated individuals for the following positions: FRONT DESK AGENT must exceed our guest’s expectations and ensure revenue optimization through check in/out while assuring to the attentive coordination of hotel services for our guests. NIGHT AUDITOR perform the duties of a Front Desk Agent and complete, balance and file night audit reports on the various areas of the hotel to provide accurate, timely information in accordance with cash handling, credit card processing and accounting policies and procedures. BARTENDER will be responsible for delivering excellent guest experience in our bar area by missing drinks for both guests and servers. Other responsibilities include the complete set up and break down of the bar area. HOUSEKEEPING staff are expected to exceed our guest’s expectations by maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness of the guest rooms. Clean and prepare guest rooms and public areas by meeting our established standards. LAUNDRY ATTENDANT & DRIVER process the hotel’s laundry by folding, stacking and storing linen in compliance with hotel standards. Class D driver’s license is needed for driver applicants. If you want to join our dynamic team you will enjoy competitive salary, benefits, paid time off and a 401 (k) plan e-mail your résumé to Flexible hours, weekends and nights are required. ________________________


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Friday, January 17, 2014

RICHARD REDMANN / The Daily Reveille

Black tents and warning signs covered tunnels being cleaned of traces of asbestos Thursday on campus.

ASBESTOS, from page 1

size of the fibers it releases. It reacts with our cellular material in a way that is not totally understood,” Wilson said. He said the risk of illness resulting from asbestos depends on the dose. Any amount of asbestos fibers coming out of the vent would be insignificant, causing little to no harm, Wilson said. “Students aren’t in real

BOOK SIGNING, from page 1 to leave me,” he said. “I wanted to get back to the glory of the numbers and the touchdowns and I wanted people to love me again. Experiencing the fire was the turning point.” Clayton said his book highlights


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Thousands of Classic Vinyl Albums

danger,” Wilson concluded. Gill Industries, a business specializing in asbestos cleanup, was contracted for the job, which involves clearing steam pipes of asbestos that originally insulated them, Maharrey said. The asbestos will be replaced with new, safe insulation, he added. Students say the asbestos tent covering the vent, which usually spews forth a considerable amount of steam on the Parade Ground, has

them looking twice. Psychology freshman Madison Lusco said she trusts the University to keep students safe from any environmental hazards. “Officials would never allow anything like this to reach a point where students could be hurt,” Lusco said.

what he had to do to find his purpose in life and encourages readers to let obstacles propel them. “Football ends one day, and football was my comfort zone. That million dollar paycheck was my stability, but once I began to be obedient to that call to be a vessel, I had

a joy that no national championship could ever give,” he said.

Contact Lyle Manion at

Contact Alexis Rebennack at

page 11 MLK, from page 1

affairs, said the reception is a way for people to utilize the newly renovated space and raise awareness of its presence on campus. Purcell said he hopes the events will help to inform University students that the facility is for everyone to use, not just African American students. McShan said more planning went into this year’s events, such as sit downs with the council, advertising in the Student Union and Residential Life televisions, and organizers started working on the program earlier to ensure a substantial turnout. Cross-cultural affairs coordinator Krystie Nguyen said a food drive throughout the week was also included in this year’s celebration, with five days of donations going to the LSU Food Pantry during a special presentation. Civil rights activist Kimberlé Crenshaw will bring the week to a close as the 2014 MLK Commemorative keynote speaker. Crenshaw is the executive director of the African American Policy Forum as

well as a law professor at UCLA and Columbia Law Schools, and some of her work has been used in the drafting of the South African constitution. McShan said bringing in people with such vast experience and history supporting civil rights emphasizes the events the University is conducting. McShan and Purcell agreed that the almost weeklong celebration is unique to the University, whereas many universities just have a day off. Purcell recalled that when he was an undergraduate, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was simply a day off from class. The week will start with a day of service. Close to 200 volunteers will gather to do community work and have “a day on not a day off” according to the OMA. “[Martin Luther King Jr.’s] message has transcended even after his death,” Purcell said. “He was a servant and the day of service follows his example.” Contact Michael Tarver at


JAN. 23

DAY OF SERVICE · 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. CANDLELIGHT VIGIL · 6 p.m. · Memorial Tower

JAN. 24

PERFORMING ARTS NIGHT · 6 p.m. · Memorial Tower

COMMEMORATIVE SPEAKER · 3 p.m. · Lod Cook Alumni Center


THE Daily Commuter Puzzle ACROSS 1 Bundle of hay 5 Juice flavor 10 Arrange in advance 14 Press, as clothing 15 Nonconformist 16 Overdue 17 __ a hand to; assist 18 Exceed in importance 20 Remain behind 21 “Oh, for crying out __!” 22 Cairo’s nation 23 Forgo a right voluntarily 25 Plato’s “T” 26 Expensive 28 Most unusual 31 __ and raves; carries on 32 Berate 34 Light brown 36 Chances 37 __-trotter; world traveler 38 Create 39 Go to Kingdom Come 40 Mounds 41 Angers 42 Bizarre one of a kind 44 Woods 45 Koch & Asner 46 Tribal pole 47 Accuse 50 Get up 51 Pompous fool 54 One who signs up 57 __ sign; red octagon 58 Arden & Plumb 59 Door hanger’s metal piece 60 Sorrowful drop 61 Expansive 62 Tool for cutting a lawn’s border 63 Catch sight of DOWN 1 Invoice 2 Zone

by Jacqueline E. Mathews

Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

3 Like a motormouth 4 In the __; ultimately 5 “Cool!” to teens of the 1970s 6 Theater medley 7 Not up yet 8 __ person; apiece 9 Rail systems, in some cities 10 Deadly epidemic 11 Woman 12 Sitting on 13 Mr. Gingrich 19 Listened 21 Untruths 24 Goes on stage 25 Story 26 Nudge 27 AM/FM device 28 Steals from 29 Deadlocks 30 __ in; provides a home for 32 Kill 33 Policeman

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35 37 38 40 41

Home of twigs Understands Deep thick mud Conceals Learn by __; memorize 43 Death 44 Actress Jodie 46 Slight coloring

47 48 49 50 52 53 55 56 57

Make tea Mr. Strauss Like fine wine Pealed Daytime serial Lively; agile Definite article __ of; free from Sault __. Marie

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page 12


Friday, January 17, 2014

LSU sets 3-point record, downs Missouri, 87-68

Kenney, Pedersen score career highs Tommy Romanach Sports Contributor

Last season, the LSU women’s basketball team struggled on the road, losing its first four Southeastern Conference road games of the season. But with a new season comes a new team, and that team seems to have little fear away from Baton Rouge. LSU (14-3, 3-1 SEC) set a new school record with 13 3-pointers and improved to 2-0 in conference road games as it defeated Missouri 87-68 Thursday night in Colombia, Mo. The win, which was the fifth in the last six games for LSU, kept the team near the top of the SEC standings. It is LSU’s largest margin of victory over an SEC opponent since a Feb. 28, 2013, game against Alabama. Senior guard Jeanne Kenney led LSU with a career-high 30 points, shooting 6-of-9 from behind the arc. It’s the first time a Lady Tiger scored 30 points since Allison Hightower scored 31 in 2010. The first half saw a barrage of 3-pointers by both teams, with

18 made in the first 20 minutes of play. Both teams shot better from behind the arc than they did inside it in the first half. Mizzou (13-5, 2-3 SEC) got off to a hot start, scoring its first 15 points of the game through five 3-pointers and taking an early 10-point lead. But LSU used longrange shooting to take its first lead of the game with 8:22 left in the first half. While LSU continued its offensive prowess in the second half, Missouri struggled to keep it close as the game went on. The key was an improvement in LSU perimeter defense, as Missouri made nine less 3-pointers in the second half than the first. A 9-2 run gave LSU its first double-digit lead with 8:36 left in the second half, and LSU never looked back from there. LSU also received a tremendous scoring performance from its bench, getting 28 points from non-starters. Sophomore guard Anne Pedersen led all bench players, scoring a career-high 13 points along with three rebounds. The Lady Tigers continue play Sunday afternoon when they take on Vanderbilt (15-3, 4-1 SEC) at Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville, Tenn., at 1 p.m. Vanderbilt comes into the game winning 12 of its last 13



1ST 2ND 42 45 40 28


87 68

STAR PERFORMERS Jeanne Kenney - 30 points (career high) Anne Pedersen - 13 points (career high)

games, including a seven-game home winning streak. Senior guards Christina Foggie and Jasmine Lister lead the team, averaging more than 16 points per game. Foggie and Lister help form a high-powered offense that averages 79.3 points per game and shoots 48 percent from the field. Vanderbilt continued its winning ways Thursday, as it came back in the second half to defeat Ole Miss 80-74 in Oxford, Miss. Foggie and Lister were the main catalysts again, as the two combined for 45 points. CHARLES CHAMPAGNE / The Daily Reveille

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LSU senior guard Jeanne Kenney (5) dribbles down the court Jan. 9 during the Tigers’ 48-52 loss to Texas A&M in the PMAC. She scored a career-high 30 points during LSU’s 87-68 win against Missouri in Columbia, Mo.

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